4 Reasons The “Ban Bossy” Campaign Is Mindless Narcissism

A hilariously predictable social campaign has kicked off in America. It is to ban the usage of the word “bossy.” Apparently, what holds girls back from pursuing their dreams of becoming 1%er’s is being referred to as bossy when they are growing into adulthood.

To properly understand this social idiocy, understand the ideological posture that leads to censorious campaigns such as these. Proponents of this avenue of thinking think they that words greatly matter and effect oppressed populations in ways that their oppressors cannot understand. Further, they make the assumption that you can glean what a person thinks of X, Y or Z simply based on usage of one word alone.

Usually, the afflicted believers will lead commentary on “Banning Bossy” with the glib assertion “words matter” and then go on to cite studies they never have read nor considered their statistical methodology. Usually, as seen in the video above, inherent sexist bias that values male leadership at the expense of female leadership results in the usage of the word bossy. This is to dissuade females from becoming the leaders they would have been without being violently verbally assaulted by the word bossy.

These sorts of campaigns are based out of female political narcissism: feminism. Feminists think that any reason they or other females never became the millionaire space-cowgirl rock stars they thought they would become while growing up is because of anything but themselves. The most alluring and most used social fiction is the folder of male misdeeds towards women: sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, sexual harassment, rape and anything that women only understand as coming from men towards themselves. “Banning Bossy” utilizes this framework, as the untold assumption is that this is done from men towards girls. Even if they are to admit that women do this to girls, the default retort would be that those women suffer from sexist “Stockholm Syndrome” and are just reflections of male sexism.

To fully understand the ignorance and narcissism behind the movement, consider these points:

the blank slate

1. There Exist Real Biological Differences Between Men And Women

Ideologies like feminism usually assume that men and women are not different biologically at all—aside from their genitals—so they assume any perceived difference in the behavior of the average man or woman to be a social fiction. This mindset has a limited but useful approach in certain professions—namely, psychology. Psychologists often assume their patient’s issues are resultant of social forces in their lives; assuming this means they believe every person that walks through their door can be healed. Naive? Yes, but necessary to avoid morally judging clients and writing off seriously damaged individuals.

That being said, any social movement aimed at “equalizing” males and females that ignores biology is completely deluded. The “Ban Bossy” movement isn’t chock full of neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists or anything at all. It is dominated by celebrities, businesswomen like Sheryl Sandberg and female college students. You think these people are familiar with basic evolutionary theory? You think they understand what the Baldwin Effect is? From a pop culture standpoint, have they read Steven Pinker’s brilliant book “The Blank Slate?”

No, they have little desire to pursue the hard sciences like biology, ironically proving Pinker’s views on gender. They consider life to be a social construction, so that any individual woman has the desire and ability to compete with the top dogs of men. Not only does this deny simple genetic differences between humans (IQ, for instance) but also assumes that men and women do what they do simply because of socially enforced norms. Yeah, that’s why lesbians in America place less emphasis on physical appearance than heterosexual females, and gay males place a hyper-emphasis on physical appearance that heterosexual men do not.

Still, while they ignore biology, they also have a massive blind-spot on who socializes boys and girls.

lesbian couple 2

2. The Campaign Ignores The Supreme Primacy Of Females Raising Children

As I observed in my post “A 3 Point Primer In Female Privilege,” women have the privilege of dominating the homes of America. Women run most all homes, have a level of control over children that men do not enjoy. Media reinforces this, often portraying men as latter day Elmer Fudd’s, stumbly and befuddled man-children, not fit to tie their own shoes. Men who are not men until they have the approval of a woman and are not considered civilized until they exist under the watchful and morally superior yoke of a female.

However, this is just the beginning. Women overwhelmingly dominate the compulsory educational system and are increasingly making up the administration of said institutions. They are the social workers, babysitters and other family members that usually help care for children are female. The feminist rebuttal would be that this a social construction, but the Mosuo of China suggest that women—even when free of patriarchy —are incredibly interested in raising children with other women, with fathers as an afterthought.

What this means for the campaign isn’t just that women are biologically predisposed to want to care for children, this influence means that women have a greater impact on the future of children. How can the campaigners speak truthfully about girl’s self-esteem being harmed by the word with the not-so-implicit premise that this comes from boys and men? Either the harm comes from mostly women, or the harm isn’t there at all. If the campaigners truly wanted to help women, they would need to narrow this campaign’s scope to women. Yet,  they don’t do this and they refuse to address the real concern the women are increasingly becoming the only influence in children’s lives.

black girl

3. The Educational System Has Been Promoting Girls For Many Decades

Narcissists love to pretend that the world starts and ends with their lives. What most of these “Ban Bossy” believers don’t understand is that the school system has been promoting girls for decades.

We can fudge with the dates a bit, but I think it would be clear by the 1960’s, the school system has been obsessed with turning women into better capitalists. Women overtook men as enrollees in college in the early ’80’s and TV shows have been shaming men for decades for thinking any profession or undertaking isn’t for girls or women. The system—for almost a half century– has been doggedly and ruthlessly promoting girls into every profession. As a side note, I cannot understand why girls and women need so much encouragement, support and resources to do what they want. People do what they want—the heart wants what the heart wants, after all—if anybody needs so much assistance, something is amiss. And, no, it’s not patriarchy, sexism or misogyny.

“Ban Bossy” adherents don’t seem to understand that girls have been strenuously promoted for over two generations now. Maybe, just maybe, the reason there aren’t as many leaders (translation: women wanting to climb the corporate level till they reach their level of incompetence) is that women either don’t want to be “leaders” or they wisely realize it to be the rat race most men realize. To pretend that the reason that girls and women haven’t risen up the ranks as Beyonce and Sheryl Sandberg would want them to is because the system doesn’t want them to is hogwash.


4. “Ban Bossy” Is The Narcissistic Apogee Of Female Egos

If you think the reason you didn’t reach your potential is due to the usage of one word towards you as a child, you need a long, hard look in the mirror. More specifically, if you are a woman and didn’t get to wear snappy black Prada heels with your Dolce & Gabbana dark azure power suit at your high-status job — not too manly, but creative and expressive — where you do really important stuff on things is because of sexism, well…

First, that so-called retrograde sexism died long ago. As previously noted, schools and media have been beyond vigilant to police and smoke out any notions that women shouldn’t do things men do.

Second, and most importantly, this isn’t about girls. You see any girls in the video? All I saw were grown women, women with powerful careers, money and status. What are they complaining about – do they think they deserved more than they have acquired in life? No, this is about the women and mothers watching. You know, those stuck in a crappy, low-effect marriages, with a clutch of disoriented kids and a boring job that they wish would appreciate them more, you know, as a human.

“Banning Bossy” is no more than disaffected female egos who thought they were going to smash the glass ceiling of capitalistic, creative or any sort of high-status endeavors. They thought they would be Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce or Jane Lynch — a CFO, famous musician or actress. Those narcissistic dreams didn’t get burned off in college, nor dashed by reality in their later 20’s. No, they ended up surrounded by the normalcy of middle class, not the high-brow world of money, power and fame. They have to suffer the utter indignity of marrying a regular man, having regular children, and having a regular, middle-class job where they know they are increasingly expendable.

Campaigns like this serve two confluent purposes: one, to give purpose they are going to change the world for the better (read: forcing their daughters to become the women they couldn’t be) and also assuaging their own ultimate narcissistic wound of not becoming everything in a world where they were taught they could be anything.

Trapped in a world far more interested in exploiting them via gaining an income and blowing it on media-created wants, girls and women pass not from father to husband, but from schools to corporations and government, with the ever-present eye of the media guiding and influencing them. Girls and young women justify all this with the vainest of all hopes: that they accede into the 1%. At best, they land in the comfortable and privileged aspirational 14%, but that is agonizingly close to their dreams. They may brush elbows with women whose lives they think they should be living. At worst, they mire away in the banality of a middle-class life.  The height of their boring day job might be gossiping about whose marriage is collapsing or if that ugly bitch from HR is cheating on her husband with the head of Legal.

In sum, the “Ban Bossy” campaign is little more than repackaged narcissism through the lens of gender and male-blaming. The lonely hearts that take up with the movement are young women beginning to spin a defensive web of why they will never become CEO of a fashion company. For older women, it is those who want to use girls and young women as objects to act out their own failed lives, while pretending it was untoward socialization that they never got to wear sexy but tasteful suits as the head of HR at Goldman Sachs.

TL;DR: Women to Sheryl Sandberg: “You stole my life!!!” Also, blame patriarchy. And men. And words.

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188 thoughts on “4 Reasons The “Ban Bossy” Campaign Is Mindless Narcissism”

  1. I just couldn’t bring myself finish watching that excruciating one minute plus video.

  2. Absolutely reprehensible. It’s an all out attack now by the feminists. Men on RoK make up probably less than 5% of the total American male population. These women know that with so many beta-simps out here in American society, they can push through with anything. Our forefathers would have laughed these bitches out, slapped them on the ass and would have told them to get their bossy asses back in the kitchen. This is one big prelude to reign of terror we’re about to undergo under Hillary Clinton. Our numbers (real men) are simply not large enough to resist these bullshit Soviet style campaigns. Banning words now with Obama-esque marketing video shows who’s really in charge. It wasn’t that long ago when these subversives would have been hung, shot or decapitated in the West. Oh and that Sheryl Sandberg! My God, yuk!

    1. As Instapundit and others have pointed out, this idiocy has another purpose: battle-space preparation for Hillary’s run for President. If any woman personifies cu–I mean bossy–it’s her. It has always been an issue with her-she isn’t very likable. They want that issue neutered by the time she runs, hence this. See also the recent talk about age-ism in Silicon Valley. Hillary the harridan will be as old as Reagan was at same point by the time she runs. Clever, if obvious…

      1. The Selling of a Pantsuit 2016.
        Or, “Does this pantsuit make me look bossy?”

    2. “Men on RoK make up probably less than 5% of the total American male population.”
      I reckon even less than 0,001%. Never underestimate the sheer number of enabling simps out there. Thirst…it’s one helluva disease.

  3. If you can’t override such a word over the age of 12, you don’t deserve to be a leader of anything.

      1. Exactly right. People in leadership positions should expect the harshest criticism. They should WELCOME it. It tests integrity and ensures they stay on top of their game.
        In order to be worthy of “respect” (and to be considered a PEER) you have to embrace criticism, and you have to be willing and able to HANDLE it. If you can’t handle criticism …. then you’re not in the big leagues.
        A woman can have “special treatment”….
        OR she can have respect.
        She can NOT have both.

        1. On a related note, do you know WHY the Army has failed to win even a brush war in the last 40 years?
          Because criticism, even constructive feedback, is unofficially outlawed by virtue of the promotion system. The only thing looked it is how your boss rates you so those officers who are critical of the system have no chance of advancing past Captain……for the same reason we’ve clung to failed strategies and continually tell ourselves that we are “making progress” in Afghanistan as the Taliban claims control over more and more of the country.
          Most of the current Army “leaders” are not “leaders” in the veign of the generals of old but are merely sleazy bureaucrats with little real world knowledge or strategic abilities.
          The good news is that the Chief of Staff is well aware of this issue and is trying to implement some corrective steps(I’ve got some connections).high ranking officers will soon be rated by the subordinates and peers as well as superiors, but the good old boy network is fighting these changes.

  4. So let me get this right. One word is the main cause in preventing the ambition of woman?! Honestly, feminists never cease to amuse me with their idiocy and contradiction. If words are so instrumental in influencing a woman, then why do so many men rise to power even by being called a variety of ‘labels’ throughout the lives. e.g. loser, nerd, thug, criminal, etc..
    Why didn’t names stop the ambition of Napoleon Bonaparte?
    Why didn’t names stop the ambition of Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    Why didn’t names stop the ambition of Martin Luther King? e.g nigger, porch monkey etc
    “by middle school,girls are less interested in leadership than boys”
    Maybe because they realize their not fit for leadership. Dumbass broads

    1. If words affect a person that much they by definition shouldn’t hold high positons. Positions of authority shouldn’t be held by the weak minded and the easily fazed.

    2. Being a leader isn’t as fun as going shopping or having sex with all the cute boys. Leaders actually have something called responsibility.

    3. That’s what it comes down to with these feminist types: feelings are everything.
      Honestly, if you gave up on being a leader because someone called you a name, you probably aren’t cut out to be a leader in the first place

    4. Agreed. Pretty soon we’ll only have a few words left in the dictionary. So many words…so many hurt feelings….lol.

    1. This whole ‘bossy’ thing really came out of left field. Has this actually been a feminist ‘big deal’ this entire time? Have I been living under a rock?
      This isn’t some epic troll job? These people actually care about something this inane, AND have the audacity to think they should be leaders of anything?
      Words fail me.

  5. Nice piece. Regarding the “glass ceiling” you reference: women put that ceiling there to begin with because they not only prefer to date and marry more powerful men, but use such men’s power to keep society running. Remove the glass ceiling and 1). Women have no one to marry and 2). The infrastructure of society collapses. Women are the last people who would want that glass ceiling smashed — because it’s their lives that would be shattered.

    1. feminism has to perpetuate the things that justify its existence. The regulated flow of wealth from men to women requires that men have the wealth to pay the taxes in question….or at the least the appearance

    2. Right. Women can shatter that glass ceiling all they want…and they can get down there and clean it up as well.
      Isn’t that only fair and equal?

  6. If being called “bossy” is all it takes to prevent you from succeeding, YOU DONT DESERVE TO SUCCEED.
    I heard far worse on the playground in my early childhood getting thrown around to boys, but they get no social movement to ban words.

    1. Deserve’s got nothing to do with it. If you let someone’s name-calling affect your entire life, you’ve got much larger problems than narcissism

  7. Feminists are now, explicitly and joyously, pro-censorship, and against free expression.
    This is deliberately stupid on every front, and I applaud 2Wycked for having the patience to try to address some of them.
    The best part: “Feminists think that any reason they or other females never became the millionaire space-cowgirl rock stars they thought they would become while growing up is because of anything but themselves.”
    The “Ban Bossy” (and other censorship campaigns that will surely follow in its wake) could well be feminists preemptively covering their asses for all the unemployed, unmarried, and childless women they foster. There are only going to be more and more useless, unemployed “Women’s Studies” graduates out there, and feminists don’t want these women wising up and realizing, “Whoa: I’ve been fooled all this time.” Now, they’ll think, “My degree in Lesbian Erotica is awesome, I’m just unemployed because I got called names by the Patriarchy!”

      1. Ha ha. Actually, such a degree (it probably DOES exist) would be more useful than a Women’s Studies degree: It’s actionable. You know what to do: write lesbian erotica.
        What do “social justice” and “women’s studies” graduates DO? It’s reactionary and fundamentally dis-empowering.

      2. nothing would surprise me anymore after learning that there is such a thing as “Fat Studies”

    1. sometimes I think we all have a degree in lesbian erotica. Its the foundation of a modern education. But its not always certificated

      1. Yeah, I definitely have seen lots of “lesbians”….but I’ve been Porn Free (as much as I can be; I do sometimes lapse) since I saw this video and visited Reddits NoFap community a few years back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU
        (Actually, I’d tried to quit porn before seeing this, but it REALLY slapped me in the face and inspired me to try harder.)

        1. good link. Pornography seems to weaken us. It is often highly addictive and degrades purpose and will power (perhaps not always). It can also been used as a means of propaganda, psy-ops for this reason. The jury’s still out but sometimes pornography seems like a firmware update designed to rewire our minds. Limit if you cannot avoid

  8. People are waking up. Any woman right of Jezebel is criticising the hell out of this, saying that this cock-a-hoop campaign is inherently critical smug wankery from women. If a woman wants to take a leadership role but can’t hack the word bossy then she clearly lacks the fortitude and leadership qualities to be a leader. People get called bossy when they take leadership roles without showing common courtesy to those they are trying to guide, not simply trying to coordinate.

    1. Right. When we were kids we would call someone “bossy” for trying to boss people around without the authority to do so. If we didn’t call someone out for being overly authoritative, the person might not have known that it’s offensive & annoying and that it makes people less likely to follow. We did the person a favor. These dumb feminists don’t realize that.

    2. Agreed. If you don’t have enough of a thick skin to take on a work like ‘bossy, then you shouldn’t lead anyways.
      Angry customers, alone, aren’t going to care what words they use to describe you…lol. Do you think they’ll hold back on the work ‘bossy’ because it will hurt your feelings? Nope, they’ll probably hit you with a few other words…a little harder (lol).

  9. yall know no matter what man females gone find something to complain about and rebel against. they dont even take this shit serious theyself lol,

  10. I honestly don’t even have words. The ignorant, scapegoating, externalizing narcissism of the feminist agenda in the Western World is ceaselessly amusing at best and staggeringly counter-productive and degenerate at worst. Bossy bitches need to be told – end of story. Fuck your censorship campaigns and overt attempts to stifle our rights (and your own). Sickening to think how many great men of the centuries have fought and died for basic human freedoms and these agenda-pushing selfish ignorant hags are purposely trying to give them back up for such shallow and pointless reasons. It’s amazing I don’t drink.

    1. When I first heard this story,I was reminded of George Carlin’s Seven Words You Can Never Say .
      Mother fucker.
      Which is precisely the set of words to describe anyone associated with this campaign.

    1. That may be true, but words hurt women more than a punch in the mouth, which is why you should always tell them WHAT they are.
      Speak up, gentlemen. Never hide the truth under the cloak of PC femenazi BS.

  11. The higher the ego the harder the fall. I’d like to see what an American male exodus would look like. The consequences to society and economy.

  12. This is a ridiculous article. This whole site actually. How can you possibly complain that an oppressed minority wants more equality and opportunity? Maybe it’s because men are actually the most narcissistic creatures on the planet. If you’re so strong-willed and good-natured, stop squirming when women try to counter patriarchy with self-empowerment.

    1. they are the majority. In other countries they are oppressed. You have been lied to

      1. In social terms, a minority is “a group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society.” This is empirically true of women in most societies.

        1. do you really want to defend a definition that involves describing a majority of people as a minority of people. That sounds a lot like defending a lie. Even if you factor in the ‘power’ factor, you may well find that just as some men are alleged to hide away their wealth from the wives who are divorcing them, feminism purposely seeks to hide the power that it, and women have in society. Feminism measure only those forms of power that men have traditionally enjoyed. This allows it to exercise unchallenged control of every other dominion

        2. Again, “minority” refers to a group’s power and influence in a society relative to other groups; whether you like it or not, that’s what we mean when we use that word in this context. And feminism makes no attempt to disguise it’s purpose of elevating the influence and power and women to a level equal to that of men. True, some hardcore feminists may assert that women ought to take a turn at being the oppressors and men the oppressed, but middle-road feminists like myself reject that claim. By-and-large, feminists work for equality and fairness. If you deny that there is an imbalance of political and social power then you should spend some time educating yourself and listening to the viewpoints of others without judgement or vitriol.

        3. “If you deny that there is an imbalance of political and social power then you should spend some time educating yourself and listening to the viewpoints of others without judgement or vitriol”
          If I disagree with you then I need to educate myself?
          Lots of feminists may try to be fair and just and work towards equality but in fact there are no middle of the road feminists, to reference yesterday’s article there are however ‘useful idiots’ (its a designation for a function not an insult) who are unaware of how they are being used.
          In the West the imbalance of political and social power you refer to is largely illusory. Wages, boardrooms, and political office, has frontmen, who are actually useful to feminism because they can be used to demonstrate that women are under-represented in certain fields. Women will always be under-represented in certain fields, not because of sexism (have you ever sat on a recruitment panel?) but because of the choices women make.
          You mistake equality, for equality of outcome, which is impossible even with social engineering, something which actually works to feminisms advantage because it can point to any lack of equality of outcome as evidence of structural disadvantage.
          It is true there is structural disadvantage. It is the structure of biology

        4. and I would add that defining any majority as a minority is always going to be double-speak, regardless of real or imagined power differentials

        1. he’s not, I checked his FB: he’s a mangina, so its allowed. Isn’t offering red pill to blue pill men outreach work. Are we not missionaries of a kind?

        2. Sorry at first glance it looked like what would be a womans screen name .Ive had a few drinks today haha.

      2. Sorry man I really thought you were talking to a woman at first.Good on you for steering him in the right direction.

    2. I’m probably breaking some site rules by not ignoring obviously ignorant fem drones; but feminism has never been women’s “self improvement.” Rather, it has, from the get go, been about restricting “men’s” choices.
      If feminism was about “improving” women so that they got more leadership roles, feminists would be designing curricula for these women to follow, that would then result in them being obviously better suited for the role than men. So that those companies that broke rank with the “patriarchy”, would be better led, and hence prosper. While companies led by “mean, ignorant” patriarchs, would be go out of business.
      But instead, all of feminism’s focus, is to restrict men, and many women, from doing what they feel like. Like hiring who they feel like, firing who they feel like; and for whatever reason they feel like etc. ….
      IOW, all it is, is an effort to restrict freedom. By propping up ever more totalitarian governments promising to inject themselves ever more tightly into the lives and decisions people that once were free. In practice, no different from any other totalitarian ideology.

  13. blank slate feminism is all about discourse theory. Without discourse theory feminism wouldn’t have been able to twist its smelly knickers round our minds. Sapir-Whorf more or less argued that language limits and determines the thoughts we are able to have – made famous by Orwell in 1984. Words cannot be removed from dictionaries but they can be anathematised, ruled out of play as hate or hurt, or politically undesirable.
    Since the early 20th century words are rarely seen as merely representation or descriptive of an external reality. Feminists have bound everything they have to the insights of languages theory, and to the extent those theories hold water they have been very successful in remoulding our language – although I think talking of PC language doesn’t begin to describe the ambitiousness of their machiavellian project
    I often think that men who pride themselves on being reality oriented and scientific minded have too often been dismissive of discourse as a weapon. A knowledge of Foucault (relativism) and marxist discourse theories (as in ‘hegemonic ideology / dominant discourse etc) should be studied carefully to understand both its strengths and weaknesses. Discursive theory (in particular) permits feminism to simply designate those parts of reality they don’t like as discursive constructions that hold women back. That would include ‘constructing’ women as ‘bossy’ when all they are doing is telling everybody what to do, which of course is their goddamn right on account of their having tits.
    These theories are yet to be reconciled with ‘realist’ theory, possibly because a lot of it is nuts, however its not going to go away, and is enormously influential. There are some moreover in more traditional camps who already starting to use these techniques against the hard left.
    Foucauldian ‘genealogy’, based on Nietsche’s genealogy (as in genealogy of morals) can be used for instance as a technique to show how the left, feminism etc has manipulated discourse & rhetoric towards its own ends, something which it always carefully hides, seeking instead to present, changes achieved as natural evolutionary / progressive changes that ‘have just happened’
    So it isn’t enough to just say these women are crazy manipulators, who are wrong to think a nasty word is hurting them, we have to reveal what it is they are doing ‘over time’ and with what end.

    1. “we have to reveal what it is they are doing ‘over time’ and with what end.”
      Improving their SMV by pulling the rest down? The crabs in a bucket phenomenon.

      1. evolutionary biology probably explains all of this, but it may not always be that direct. Also I don’t see how Sheryl Sandberg’s SMV goes up by saying this. Maybe its just about good old fashioned power – in the form of course of women getting to behave like men

  14. I’m on board with this campaign. Ban bossy! Use the more apt title ‘cunt’ instead.
    Uppity bitch works too.

    1. I worked contract for a female CEO for a while not long ago…. and let me tell you, others revered(!) her as “demanding and the first to admit it. She knows exactly what she wants”. My response: “ANYBODY can be demanding and know what they want. It doesn’t require any genuine talent or skill. Nor does it command any respect.”
      “I know what I want” is splattered all over female dating profiles. I have read that shit and wondered who brainwashed these cunts?
      Ban “bossy”? OK. I ban you. Satisfied?
      Where the fuck in sam hell did women get it into their heads that “knowing what they want” is any mark of a good character? “I WANT”. Yeah so fucking what. Just because you WANT something…. doesn’t automatically mean it’s anyone else responsibility to drop what they are doing to give it to you.
      Imagine introducing yourself to someone that way. “Hi. I know what I want.”
      Jesus Christ it’s unbelievable.

      1. Agreed. The fact that you are not an indecisive twit does not make you exceptional or special.
        In regards to that CEO’s employees: they’re sycophants.

        1. They ARE! I attest to that. I didn’t finish my story, but after 18 months of loyal servitude an building and excellent reputation for being reliable… she took advantage and emailed me on Friday night at 11PM to “demand” something as quickly as possible which she needed for Monday.
          She put on a good show. Pretending to be light and fun in her messages, but i know the evil cunt behind the mask already. Little does she know I am about to pull the rug out from under her.
          I didn’t say no right away. I thought it to be more fun to play with this one. So I listened to her demands as we exchanged emails until 2:00 AM. Then I dropped the bomb. “You should call me directly and speak to me like an adult instead of this silly typing back and forth for 3 hours. Don’t worry, I won’t bite …. until I know you better.”
          I know this message threw her against the wall. There was no reply. Not even a playful or fun retort. Looks like men are not “threatened by a successful women” as much as women like to pretend. And I went to bed smiling.
          On Monday I emailed the manager before 10 AM and said Its “inappropriate to contact me after business hours when you won’t even approach me to discuss it in person while I am there in person . Are you out of your mind??? You had all week to discuss this with me. Why wait until Friday night at 11PM? Bad planning??”. Exact words. And I attached an invoice for triple time. They paid it. And I never heard from that demanding coward bitch again.
          Fucking EXCELLENT.
          Ban Bossy? You bet I will, “ladies”. You’re BANNED.

        2. Love it, and that’s why I love your posts: You give real-life stories that illustrate how to use the bullshit to your advantage.

        3. I feel like your comments should be automatically made into articles. You could have your own section on this site.

        4. Excellent story, tom.
          Yep, I’ve used that same exact phrase at work one time when she came into my office. I said “you should ask me, yourself, like an adult…” – versus having another coworker ask me (I guess I intimidated her?).
          She never came in my office, again, either….lol.

  15. As long as the self-identity of females is influenced by discourse as being the subordinate in a binary hierarchy between male/female (as it always will), they will be predisposed to point to this dynamic in diagnosing their perceived problems. It’s much like the white/black binary in American culture; wherein black people perceive themselves as being victimized because of their skin no matter how much progress has been achieved, because they imagine that this makes them subordinate; or because through discourse they have been conditioned to believe that their skin is the root of all of their problems. (I don’t care if what I’m saying seems discriminatory; I imagine it does, though I mean to display pragmatism, not bigoted sentiment.) Women believe that they are at odds with men. So they harbor this generalized feminist identity in which women becomes “we,” and in which we see mirrored multitudes of individual qualms being, which have nothing to do with being female but with classicism or personal failure. But since it is so commonly identifiable, female is the identity under which these women choose to become enfranchised in order to rationalize and project their discontent. Of course being female is not the problem today. Nor is having black skin. We all have the same problems to different degrees, but not all of us have access to a subordinated group identity, one which has found widespread confirmation culturally, that can be engendered in order to rationalize a lack of power. Again, no matter how much power a female gets, as long as this spectacular binary exists and she is perceived subordinate, she may use this to vie for more power. Luckily, in a capitalist economy power is established individually or through a tight network of individuals, because it is monetary not social. So the failures as individuals compose large groups and whine.

    1. The modern left is organised around binaries: male / female; black / white; homosexual / heterosexual. A binary may be a hierarchy or an equality, but the left identifies such binaries as systems of oppression, and typically in doing so identifies them as ‘permanent’ systems of oppression. For instance Andrew Dworkin thinks patriarch will take 400 years to be killed off. What that means is that however much equality is introduced, it will never be enough. Binaries as systems of oppression (oppressed / oppressor) permit permanent re-distribution of resources from one group to another. In other words feminism, affirmative action, gay rights etc these will be function as a permanent infrastructure, where wealth, power etc flows in one direction only.
      At the same time, the left seeks to erase or level those binaries – hence gender theory and gender neutral policies whereby sex roles are liberated from biology.
      There is one area though where we should be careful. Binaries are means of defining ourselves and others. There is always a trap one can fall into, which is “I am a man” = “I am the opposite of woman”, “I am heterosexual” therefore I am un-gay”. While it is inevitable that we may define ourselves in that way, the risk is that one that defines oneself against a negative, rather than creating a positive definition.
      I’ll stop as I am beginning to sound like a cultural marxist

  16. 1. There Exist Real Biological Differences Between Men And Women”
    It’s pathetic that there are people who actually need this pointed out to them.

  17. I have replaced the word bossy with the word bitch. I plan on replacing bitch with cunt. Who else is with me? Let’s make cunt a socially acceptable word.

  18. “Ban bossy” is another public example of female solipsism. The female mind is so limited to itself that of all the pertinent issues facing the world today, the most pressing issue that feminists can think of is the use of a word. Never does it occur to them that criticism is applied to both genders. It’s also a form of projection. People commonly call feminists names like “irrational”, “liars”, and “hypocrites” so is it really a mistake that suddenly now the greatest threat facing girls is being criticized? Solipsism rarely fails to rear its ugly head when dealing with women.

  19. I have found the further I remove myself from females – and those associated, married or in relationships with them – the further and faster I advance in life; In my career, in my health and my emotional well-being.
    Pity I wasnt informed of these lies earlier in my life – but better late than never.
    No need to dwell on their copious platitudes of drivel. Marginalize all females in your life.
    All of them.
    Cleanse yourselves of this foul disease and realize the full pontential that lies within each and every one of you.

    1. Amen. I found it improved my relationship with my mom, sisters and wife- you know, the only ones worth keeping around. Best thing I ever did was choose a second career in an all-male environment- working on ships.

  20. Interesting analysis applicable to so many, many efforts at public indoctrination and propagandizing by the Progressive left (including but not limited to feminism).
    But in the specific case of “Ban Bossy” – as well as renewed focus on “ageism”, and this bizarre upwelling of sympathetic articles on adultery in the state media – what is happening is much simpler to explain: it’s just battlespace preparation for Hillary Clinton running in 2016.
    These propaganda efforts are tailored at:
    1) taking off the table any criticisms of Hillary that address her arrogance, shrillness, pettiness and other negative personality attributes that might be used to call into question her ability to lead (“Oh, so you’re saying she’s ‘bossy’, then? That’s sexist and misogynistic!”);
    2) taking off the table any criticisms about her age and health, which might undermine confidence in her ability to withstand the physical and mental stress of the office;
    3) taking off the table any references to her husband’s numerous affairs, which might call into question her broader judgment – for staying with him after being betrayed numerous times as a wife, and worse, for her active role in facilitating the suppression of information about Bill’s habits and assisting the destruction of the “bimbos” who did attract media attention.
    Should be interesting to see what the next perceived weakness in her candidacy gets this treatment. As with “racism” and Obama in 2008, the effort is to label any substantive criticism of Hillary as “sexist” or “misogynistic”, so one of the upcoming treatments will probably involve the “strong and independent women scare insecure and sexist men” trope – “Real men aren’t afraid of strong and independent women!”
    That said, of course 2Wycked is correct in how and why these sorts of efforts are perceived and internalized by rank-and-file feminists and ordinary women who don’t see the broader picture, people also known as “useful idiots” and “gullible suckers”.

    1. very good. Although it follows that there’s a need to ‘head her off at the pass’. Still even that is defensive. I hope someone’s got a strategy of attack?

      1. Of course. The GOP is right now devising a clever and effective stratPPPPPPPHHTTTT!
        I almost typed that with a straight face, but just couldn’t do it.

    2. Fantastic analysis, Glunder. This Ban Bossy campaign has Hillary 2016’s fingerprints all over it.
      How else could a nobody like Sandberg get several mega-star women to be in these stupid ads? You couldn’t get Beyoncé or Garner to do a spot about ending genocide in the Ukraine, but if Hillary’s people asked, they’d jump.

  21. Apparently feminists believe that anything anybody says completely controls the minds of females. Isn’t that akin to believing in magic spells?

    1. There’s some truth to that. Just replace the word “anybody” with “women” and you’d be very close to the truth. Women could care less about the opinions of men, except for when they want something (i.e. sex, marriage).

      1. They do care what men think if you don’t believe in their feminist mythology word for word or have any dissenting opinions. Then it seems they care very much.

    2. Feminism and magic are interrelated.
      Both have links to each other, as feminism has occult origins from Judaism.

  22. I wouldn’t call Biology a hard science anymore; college classes are dominated by women and it seems pretty easy.

  23. ROK has balls. I love this site, but lets take it a notch further at some point and start asking the “Jewish Question.” We’re all thinking it.

    1. The most red pill question of them all – “The Jewish Question”.
      First, they brought pornography. Then they introduced feminism.
      The Jews are the scum of America. As long as they’d be here, America will never return to traditional feminine roles for women.

      1. Excuse me. The white European guys who promoted “Enlightenment” starting in the 18th Century gave us feminism, though as a kind of afterthought. By contrast Orthodox Jews, especially, still enforce traditional patriarchy in their own communities. You can’t get any whiter than the early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

        1. Indeed Jews enforce traditional patriarchy in their own communities. And release their scum women to peddle feminism to the goyim Christian women of America.
          That’s what the goyim Christian women of America have been trained to become: worthless, skanky sluts for society and pornography. Jews have trained goyim Christian women to lose their sense of modesty and shame.
          The Jew spreads peace in his own home, while spreading disorder in the world to watch it burn. And he runs the Matrix in which every goyim idiot in America plugs himself into. The destruction of the goyim in America is 100% complete. The best thing America can do is to banish all Jews to Israel to eat their own scum in a war torn situation. That’s when America will actually begin to work on the problems which have plagued itself, thanks to Jewish scum since the end of WW2.

        2. Yes, the Orthodox Jews have the right idea, but their soldiers (secular Jews) are tasked with dismantling Christian values so that their princes (Orthodox Jews) can maintain superiority.

        3. Put down the tinfoil, people.
          If you knew anything about Jewish life in America you would know that secular and orthodox Jews barely communicate. They might as well live on different planets. Aside from all of the other insanity involved in blaming all of your problems on 2% of the population, the idea that secular and orthodox Jews are capable of colluding in any way is even more insane.

        4. Of course not every Jew is in collusion with weekly meetings, but there is a smaller percentage of extremely powerful Jews that have an agenda against Christianity and Christianity’s power structure. Read or at least look into “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay. The book provides names…many Jewish names and their roles.

        5. What a coincidence — so does Mein Kampf. You should really do something about that!

        6. Shawn-
          The title included “Ban Bossy,” not “Burn Books.”
          So it seems your interest for this article might have been peaked due to a momentary lapse of reading comprehension

        7. Holy fuck.
          Detroit is a ghost city ovverrun by raccoons, and while half of you is busy wondering how appropriate it is to define someone “bossy” based on their gender, the other half is whipping out their tablets and typing hysterically on ROK, trying to decide whether girl X is an 8 or an 8.2 or debating the influence of “Jewish princes” (wut?) on society.
          Get a fucking job.

      2. An interesting article about the Jewish role in pornography, written by a Jew.
        Gotta hand it to them, they’re great at making fortunes from practically nothing: Hollywood, porn, some of the biggest net companies, etc.; basically all built from scratch with relatively little investment. They created brand new industries where before there were none. They own Disney, Star Wars, etc. and the endless licensing of them! That friggin’ Disney Channel is programming our kids’ minds and we end up buying them the shit they see advertised on it (trust me, I know).
        You can’t knock them for innovating and giving the public what they want and making huge sums of money while doing so. You can envy them, but hate them for their success? I don’t think so. It seems like more of a club than a religion, where they help only other Jews get a leg up.
        And hey, the orthodox ones keep their women in the damn back of the bus where they belong. 😀

        1. Ummm… did you research any of this?

          They own Disney

          The Walt Disney Company (DIS)
          Major Holders
          % of Shares Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners: 65%
          Top Institutional Holders
          Vanguard Group, Inc. (The)
          State Street Corporation
          Massachusetts Financial Services Co.
          FMR, LLC
          BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.
          State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co
          Top Mutual Fund Holders
          Fidelity Contrafund Inc
          Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund
          Vanguard Institutional Index Fund-Institutional Index Fund
          Vanguard 500 Index Fund
          SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust

        2. Who’s pulling the levers? Name(s) include(d) Michael Eisner, Robert Iger, Michael Ovitz.
          The Federal Reserve seems to be a modern Jewish dynasty as well since 1987: Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and now Janet Yellen.
          It’s like a tight knit club!

    2. Yeah, we all know Jews wield evil magical powers behind the scenes, like witches or something.
      Sheesh. A bunch of christian European white guys started the process of destroying traditional Western civilization during the Enlightenment and in the following generations. A few Jewish intellectuals hitchhiked along, but gentiles inflicted most of the damage.

      1. Of course they do. Jewish Cabalist black magic is well known,
        It doesn’t get more red pill than asking the “Jewish Question”. They are in fact running the Matrix in which sadly every American is psychologically plugged into.

        1. “It doesn’t get more red pill than assassinating the person with the username Jack Reacher.”
          see what can be done with that “logic”?

        2. “Assassination”?
          Talk about freedom of speech.
          No wonder Jews expect us to be politically correct at all times – even condoning the scum they’ve spewed into Christian goyim America.

      2. Research the issue further. A lot of what Europeans think of as “jews” are not actually jewish by blood.

    3. The Jews, at the helm of America, have created laws to ban Anti-Semitism.
      And then they continue to pollute the goyim population of America with feminism and pornography.
      Classic case of having your cake and eating it too. Shame on us for encouraging these parasites among us.

    4. Jewish poison for the 20th century: pornography and feminism.
      Jewish poison for the 21st century: facebook and other social networking sites.
      Things for what the average red piller combats.
      Know the real enemy.

    5. Yeah I tackled the Jewish question on another post a few days ago on RoK. Their role in proliferation has long been ignored in the manosphere. All Jews of course are not accountable, but there seems to be a large contingent of Jews in very subversive movements. Homosexuality, feminism, pornography, degenerate Hollywood movies.

      1. I can’t believe they got duped and became England’s lapdogs, to the point they’re even pushing England’s agenda.
        Yes, the same England where Guinevere cuckolded at King Arthur’s expense, Victorianism (read: sexual repression)–the time period where Jack the Ripper was its biggest criminal, especially when he’s a murderer and serial rapist, used two World War ‘victories’ as political leverages to turn Palestine into Israel in name only and the ongoing mess in the Middle East, declared the media as its “Fourth Estate” long before Hollywood was established, went Medieval on them during The Crusades and a millennium later, had an assimilation program where England got the latter into acting like them as the ultimate insult.
        Nevermind the fact they had to be told all the evidences why they’re being accused of so, to the point they are England’s favorite red herring to serve to the rest of the world.

  24. There’s another aspect to this. Girls learn quickly at the feet of their mothers and female teachers to call authority to enforce petty rules. Unpopular girls wield this against their classmates, especially boys, and are thus universally despised. They attempt to control other when they have no authority to do so, but invoke the threat of tattling to get their way. Hence they are called “bossy” and other epithets. Many of these types become insufferable co-workers that can’t be trusted and often spread lies and accusations to damage their peers.
    Now the moron Sandberg, who was called bossy in the 9th grade and has since dedicated her life to exacting revenge over this slight, wants to outlaw the word bossy. How she expects to enforce this remains to be seen, but you can bet HR departments across the land will inflict this on workers already fed up with PC threats against their livelihood.
    It’s a perpetual motion machine : create controversy where none existed, then sell bromides in the form of workshops, studies, consulting services, and ultimately careers (“Diversity Consultant” for example) to correct the non-existent problem.
    BanBossy may be the glass shard that breaks the feminists back.

    1. Sandberg is another Jewish feminazi cunt.
      Realistically speaking, getting rid of Jewish women will end the drivel of feminism in one shot.

    2. Can someone please explain to me all the hype around Sheryl Sandberg!
      Looking at that Ban Bossy video only confirmed the following:
      Beyonce got rich and famous for being a singing ,dancing onstage whore.Any other accolades to her are pure fiction.
      Condi Rice clawed her way through Govt via the affirmative action ladder.
      Jennifer Garner.Pretty enough but not much more going for her.Even in this video her acting skills prove below mediocre since she cannot convince me of her cause.
      Jane Lynch?Sure,but suffocation might be better.
      But Sheryl Sandberg? Did she write one line of code for Facebook?Did she come up with the ‘click like’ button? What the fuck did this CuntBoss do to increase the success of Facebook?Fucking nothing.She used her privileged connections to board this gravy train and now she is proclaimed queen of the world who gets to ban words she does not like.

  25. In France, the use of the term “Miss”” (Mademoiselle) in the administration forms is legally banned. A woman must must be addressed as “Madame” wether she’s married or not.

    1. The Swedes have supposedly gone one further; now teaching schoolchildren to replace references to both “him” and “her”, by a made up pronoun. Which, incidentally, is called “hen.” You can’t make this up! So now, it is improper to refer to one of those “strong, liberated” bikini team members as a her or she. But it’s OK to call her a hen!
      Now, in order to play follow the feminist leader, America needs to do something similar. I’d suggest no longer pretending the different amoeba making up the peasoup of manginas and non bossy bosses that constitute contemporary America can be reliably referred to as him and her. And instead simply, and suitably, refer to them as sheep.

      1. Lol
        “She had a hen with her to cook” would now become “Hen had a hen with hen to cook”.
        Talk about Swedish feminuts raping the English language.

  26. The “Ban Bossy” campaign might be all of those things, but it is a great disservice to claim it is mindless or emotional. Thinking that results in underestimating the enemy, or what we need to do to fight back. A useful set of categories to describe the campaign would include:
    Carefully planned.
    Well-coordinated across multiple entities and formats.
    Promoted at multiple levels of the educational matrix.
    Championed by key players in a variety of settings.
    Politically motivated, and driven by tangible political goals.
    Hard-wired into the Leftist political/media establishment.
    So, let’s resist the comfortable temptation to scoff and call it stupid. The highly experienced sociopolitical activists, agitators, organizers, and operatives behind it are not “stupid” at all, and they’ve got the successful track record to prove it.
    We trivialize that at our peril.

    1. agree 100%. There is an evolved methodology that is anything but spontaneous or haphazard, and that methodology needs to be mapped, and the networks clearly delineated (exposed – there is a website somewhere that does that I’ve forgotten which. There are also many academic ‘centres’ for the study of rhetoric, which think work through presentation issues (one such is at Loughborough UK).
      These campaigns are presented by ditzy women who seem to be spontaneously mouthing off. They are frontwomen.

      1. You may be thinking of “Discover the Networks”
        Excellent point about the ditzy talkers being frontwomen. The Left divides up the market, and designated influencers go after their respective slice. Vogue and the NYT herd the highbrows. Al Sharpton covers the entitlements plantation. Al Franken talks to people with two years of college. Bill Clinton handles folks who think they’re smart for watching David Letterman. Rachel Maddow preaches to groupthinking coeds and recent grads. Obama covers the white liberals.

        1. Sharp analysis. The devil is in the detail. There is unfortunately a lot of detail.
          Re. discover the networks – that’s the site I was thinking of. Its a good site for information. No surprise then that the Southern Poverty Law Centre has blacklisted the guy who runs it, even though its as intelligent reasonable journalism as far as I tell

    2. Anyone suggesting an adjective should be banned is most certainly stupid. By any meaningful measure of stupidity.
      And honestly, what is just as stupid, is the ridiculous buy-in, even by supposed red pillers, into the notion that just because something is popular enough amongst stupid people to be influential, is somehow not stupid. And, the related idea that if someones stupid acts are popular enough amongst stupid people to make him wealthy, his stupid acts therefore somehow do not make him stupid.
      Intelligent people are definitionally those that harbor intelligent thoughts. And hence say, and do, intelligent things. Whether those thoughts, words and deeds are appreciated by the (now stupid) masses, are rather irrelevant.
      Of course, over time, the intelligent will be proven right. In this specific instance, by the kind of cultures that encourage their women (and men) to champion banning adjectives rather than procreate and raise kids, going under and being replaced by cultures that do not do that. And whose members are hence less stupid.

  27. Like you can’t be “the boss” and still be bossy. But I guess simple minded idiotic garbage that isn’t even coherent if you think about it is what appeals to women these days, which is why I can’t watch TV without feeling sick.

  28. More PC fuck shit. Why must society continue to delude itself into thinking people give a rats fucken ass about you? Real men take a good long hard look in the mirror and see what they need to improve on in order to navigate through this treacherous society. Women and beta bitch faggots who need to be coddled complain about shit like this all day but don’t take any action on fixing it. When shit hits the fan in life as it usually does about 2345788 times it’s always up to the man to not be a bitch and do something about it. Xx chromosome cunts and other hamster brained queer bait alike wait till real men deal with the actual fuck shit and get the wheels of this retarded society rolling again. With all these toxic western pro female PC fuckship ideals. The real men who solve the problems must continue to listen to all the fuck shit in the “communities” they live in. And if you want to get anything accomplished as a man you can’t say ANYTHING about how fucken gay society is. As a result being a man in today’s society boils down to you being alone with your own truthful views. No allies will come to your aide. No government bail outs for you. If you want hot bitches to fuck you must improve yourself and your game. Thru pure and applied effort/knowledge/sound principles. If you want money you must work hard and or smart. If you want friends or understanding then you’re being a bitch. Life as a man equates to working hard at everything and being alone with the spoils of your victory. I used to think this was not a healthy way of thinking but then my mind cleared of all the retarded programming it received k thru 12 and I let truth and applications of principles founded on truth guide my penis into dirty whore bag vaginas to satiate my unholy biological curse of needing pussy. My only consolation is that one day this heart will stop and I won’t have to worry anymore about satisfying my primal urges. I would have finally found peace. I never asked to become apart of this universe but here I am. So I gotta make the best of it don’t i? Can’t bitch out too early. Fuck the one time.

  29. Real leadership has nothing to do with telling people what to do. It’s getting people to want to follow your vision. You have to inspire, set an example with your own deeds, not bark orders.

  30. Huh I heard of ban bossy from people I try my best to ignore. From there incoherent jibberings I thought someone was trying to ban the act not the word. Any I support them banning bossy that way we are free to use its synonymous phrase “uppity cunt”

  31. There has to be another agenda from the makers of the ad. The useful idiots article compensates this article very well I think…

    1. There is — the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016. They polled her biggest negatives and came up with bossy, old and adulterous marriage.
      So, the professional propagandists who are working for her (yes, that’s a real job) are taking the topics of bossiness, old, and failed marriages out of the realm of acceptable public conversation.

      1. That was my initial impression as well, it seems tailor made to boost that hag “Hillary!”, and given Bey-on-say’s clear Democratic shill status it just seems a shoe in to me. That said, was there an actual study as you mention, that you can provide a link to? Would love to have that to throw out in a debate if possible.

        1. I don’t have a link — I am presuming this Ban Bossy campaign was a reaction to Hillary polling data, only because politicians are constantly polling for that kind of data. It’s no secret. It’s an industry. But it wouldn’t be public. That kind of market analysis (even for politicians) is proprietary.
          But the signs are clear — how would it be possible to get Beyonce and other A-list stars to do a PSA for something this stupid, if it weren’t being orchestrated by someone with some serious credentials?

  32. Yes, let’s ban uppity cunts. They are always bossy and generally want to hold men down, unless that man is giving them money and jewelry.

  33. When asked for comment, a young girl in Africa, in the process of be sequentially DP’d by the forty-odd militiamen of the Warlord Du Jour, as a run up to having her genitals surgically mutilated and contracting AIDS (but fortunately dying of starvation) was quoted as saying:
    “Girls in America are called bossy!? Wow, just wow. What kind of insecure basement dwelling douchecanoe would label a woman asserting herself as ‘bossy’? What the actual fuck?”

    1. western feminism exploits the suffering of women in those countries. When feminists in the west say feminism is needed because of the situation of women in third world countries, they benefit themselves only, and sometimes, as in Afghanistan etc make things worse for the women they want to ‘help’. Its no different to a multinationals transferring wealth from a satellite country back to the home country. Western feminists wears the victimhood stolen from the women of poor countries just like the previous generation wore exotic furs

  34. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me……..oh wait I’m a girl/woman/victim.

  35. I agree…how about instead we just call bossy women what they are:

  36. Haha. Just watched the ad then. How’s that short haired thing at the end blowing into the megaphone.
    The embodiment of what American women are becoming. And people wonder why the men are packing up and finding wives elsewhere.

  37. The number of potentially great female “leaders” who have been marginalized by “the patriarchy” over the past 100 years is probably in the teens. The number of unqualified, narcissistic bitches who have been promoted ahead of more-qualified males simply to provide a veneer of “social equality” is in the millions.

  38. The main point of campaigns like these is not to literally achieve the objective but to create a political base for the purpose of nagging through the other more specific parts of the feminist agenda. If this shit doesn’t stop then soon even rape will be illegal.

  39. This whole campaign is proof of how modern day feminists have completely run out of anything meaningful to be pissed off about, and are now just making shit up to justify their existence.

  40. In a better world, anyone, man or woman, who argues for banning anything, would simply be exterminated like the worthless roaches that they are. And honestly, so would anyone trying to pull rank by claiming “I’m the boss.”; which never neither was, is, nor will be anything but a desperate attempt by those with no innate authority to lean on the only thing they do have; which is some cheap title.
    I have to admit, Beyonce is one gorgeous woman, with an even more spectacularly gorgeous voice. As far as well indoctrinated and uncritical stooges for the oppression go, she’s one choice specimen.
    What really stands out in this clip is, as famous as she is for the power she hits her high notes with, Beyonce’s speaking voice also has more, and richer, resonances in the lower registers, than those of any of the so called men partaking in this video…… As compared to those whiny little cretins, that in and of itself is pretty darned Boss 🙂

  41. Men need to be prepared to recognize women for who they really are biologically. Men and women really are almost two completely different species. Western men have lost the ancient forbearance of their predecessors in recognizing women for who they were. A number of different movements caused this, The Enlightenment, Romanticism and Cultural Marxism. The Germans and Eastern Europeans were unique in still recognizing women for who they were with esteemed men such as Arthur Schopenhauer and Feodor Dostoevsky calling bullshit on the then European infatuation with romance. Woman to be organized efficiently within society should be held a little above a slave, ideas the Romans, Greeks and other early Euro cultures knew all too well.
    Women can never biological be loyal, honorable, reasonable or courageous like men because they aren’t programmed to be that way. Men make the first mistake by evaluating women on men’s terms, mistake number 1. Ban bossy is not really a criticism of men by women, but an internal hatred of themselves and their true nature. Men do not need women period, not for shelter, food, survival or anything. We are a completely autonomous species. We do need them however to continue propagating the species, and in that they parasitically seize the opportunity to take advantage of us.
    You cannot trust women, they will never do what you what them to do (being decent mothers, loyal etc) out of want, they do these things under the sword. Going forward, Cato the Elder was right, we should have never let go of the reins. Women have no remorse or guilt about their ways, they will snap if being held accountable for their actions. I’ve seen these men with shattered hearts and souls after a woman just crushed his soul, the men take longer to recover because men are actually loyal and honorable. Women are not honestly capable of reciprocating these feelings. Therefore, you all must understand, if we are to have strong families again, there should not be such thing as “female compliance,” they should be forced into their roles. Women rather were not liberated or freed, because as a group they cannot collectively comprehend the gravity and nature of freedom, women were rather unleashed.

  42. So Sheryl Sandberg has unwittingly told anti-misandrists exactly how to get under her skin…..
    Where is the ReturnofKings strike force? They should attack Sheryl ‘Bossy’ Sandberg on Twitter and……Facebook!
    Drown her with the word ‘bossy’ every day. That’ll learn-‘er…..

  43. Wow, I live abroad. At first I didn’t think this was serious. But it seems legitimate. Americans are now policing their own so called freedom of speech – and guess who is leading the charge? The so called tolerant left. What’s funny is that to me “bossy” has absolutely no negative or positive connotation. I have heard this word used maybe 10 times in my whole life of almost 30 years. It’s about as random and insignificant a word as “book jacket”. Unless I missed something and the kids are using this word on the street to mean something else in the ghetto, which is plausible.
    Could someone cue me in?
    P.S., fuck that country. What’s wrong with it?

    1. “Bossy”, from a dictionary definition, refers to people who are domineering and attempting to exercise authority they do not have. If you’ve ever had a friend who always tried to get the group to do what they themselves (and no one else) wanted to do, you know what being bossy is.
      In my experience, bossy boys and bossy girls operated differently. Bossy girls went to their teachers and complained until they got their way, with the implicit threat of the teachers’ authority hanging over your head (i.e. “Ms. Smith says you have to”). Bossy boys used personal power to threaten until they got their way, with the explicit threat of the authority of pain via their fists – and possibly their buddies’ fists – hanging over your head (i.e. “Gimme your lunch money or I beat you up, nerd”).
      In both cases, the bossy person pretends to have authority they do not have. The main difference is that the girls pretended that they possessed their teachers’ genuine authority (when in truth they didn’t), and the boys pretended that their fists granted themselves genuine authority (when in truth they didn’t).
      The latter is, of course, commonly referred to as bullying.

  44. The comments on YouTube give me hope as they are vastly against and mock this vid. I spent about one hour scrolling thru the comments and easy 95% + are against

  45. I don’t even get what the problem is. They can’t be successful because someone called them bossy and made them feel bad? It’s like these people are emotionally invested in making themselves look like victims as much as possible.

    1. Aye, quite right. Any woman without the mental ability to absorb one word without imploding is not leadership material to begin with, no matter what the propaganda says otherwise.
      It’s rather funny in a way. Men have shit happen to them all the time, many times violence, on their climb to dominance, and come to view these as challenges that he looks forward to overcoming. Women hear the word “bossy” and scream, yell and cry to the world about how they’re victimized and gosh darn it, it’s stopping them from going further in life! Of the two, which makes a better leader, and which makes a better victim?

  46. Christian men need red pill the most, followed by Muslim men, Buddhist, Hindu and men of other faiths living in westernized societies. The Jewish man does not; because he spreads the blue pill/feminism disease in the goyim societies using his women.
    The goyim populations of Christian Europe bred the hidden enemy within their own society following WW2. With more and more anti-Semitic actions being outlawed, the world is being run in proxy by the Jews. And they continue to peddle degenerate Hollywood movies, Pornography and feminism to the world, to corrupt the goyims even more. The Christian goyim porn actress woman choosing to be willingly sodomized by Jewish performers is testament to that. Sex with a goyim woman amounts to having sex with an animal for the Jew. So the goyim , whether he/she might be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or any other faith, is nothing but an animal for the Jew. And we fight and have fought wars, spend aid to protect this scum of people who are eating away the fabric of our society, how ironic is that.
    More irony? Since Jews themselves claim to be patriarchal, it seems logical and intriguing to note that how come Jews managed to stay “red pill”, in spite of the fact that the staunchest and most vocal proponents of feminism are Jewish women. So the cat is out of the bag; the Jew uses his hypocritical women to corrupt the goyim women of the world.

    1. Take your anti-semitism crap elsewhere. This is a site discussing issues regarding men and masculinity, not a site that incites racial, religious or ethnic hatred.
      Also, by scapegoating and blaming a certain group for the world’s problems – that’s exactly what feminists are doing (blaming men for the world’s problems, claiming that no men=better world).

  47. Ban bossy campaign is just clearing the mind space for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential run.

    1. The sad part is so many people are brainwashed sheep these days that she’ll probably win

  48. 2. Must be why children of single mothers and lesbian couples are always turning out so well and have such nice, enviable childhoods.

  49. In the 20th century they burned books. In the 21st century they algorithmically deny the propagation of restricted ideas between peers through social media.

  50. Their perfect world involves the whole of the human race devolving into a single puddle of androgynous goo. Thats why they are “for” sensitizing and feminizing men and they are “against” women being feminine. Disgusting. Kudos to 2wycked for this excellent analysis.

  51. I can’t believe this is actually a campaign. Is this the latest ‘micro aggression’ that can get you fired? LOL the degradation of western society never ceases to amaze me

  52. Just a thought…
    Even if this one word is having an effect then why should we care? Don’t we want our leaders to be fearless when failure is around the corner? Don’t we want our leaders to be strong and have the ability to fight through adversary? True leaders don’t get discouraged. The people that are meant to be leaders will eventually become leaders. Those that are not meant to be leaders may be given the chance, but they will certainly do a terrible job. Just like creativity, one is born a leader… they are not taught to lead.

  53. I’ll tell you what, jewess.
    I will not call you “bossy” but I reserve the right to refer to you as a Cunt. Is that better?

    1. Is it really another kike pushing this? Surprise, surprise. Der Juden always weasel themselves into things like this.

  54. These comments by women make me think that not all hope is lost. This ship called our civilization is yet salvagable. Read the comments of the video, they are incredible. I believe feminists have started the arduous task of digging their own graves.

  55. “but the Mosuo of China suggest that women—even when free of
    patriarchy —are incredibly interested in raising children with other women,
    with fathers as an afterthought.”
    You mean the Chinese people who
    live like savages? Yep that’s matriarchy for ya! And fathers as an
    afterthought? No way. Maybe the Mosuo think like that but normal women (most
    women)? Nope. Most women (without feminist influence) would put great emphasis
    on a father in the family.
    “this influence means that
    women have a greater impact on the future of children.”
    Not really. Men still have a large influence on children in other aspects
    of life. You’re retarded if you don’t know that.

  56. Another telling example of females’ belief in the power of magic words.

  57. If words carry no weight and are basically innocuous, why is everyone getting so upset about the words of feminists? I’ll tell you why: there is a rapid cultural shift that is leaving timid, ignorant white men in the dust and their own insecurity is to blame. Hatred is no longer the norm. This is America; act like an American. Accept that differing viewpoints and ideas (ideally) get equal protection in the eyes of the law.

  58. Putting aside all political alignments, the biggest issue I have with this article (and many, many articles on this site) is that while they tout the importance of the STEM fields, they don’t seem to have many links or mentions of scientifically relevant data to back up many of their claims. I am not asserting that they are wrong, there are some common sense ideas here that do not need the reinforcement of external studies or articles.
    Exhibiting the critical thinking required of any man in this day and age, I have to question the validity of this article. One who is wholly devoted to the scientific process will not only look for research supporting their ideas, but research that is against it, too. I see evidence of neither here. This is not science, this is rhetoric meant to feed the angry masses, not educate them.

  59. The obvious threat being all the more indicated by the fact that my initial comment has been deleted. In under 10 minutes, no less. Message received. Carry on, boys.

  60. I respectfully disagree – the ban bossy campaign is the first step in a 24 month promotion of Sheryl Sandburgs good friend Hillary Clinton – Hillary was called “Bossy” in 2008 and has quite a history of being very “bossy” toward her staff over the last couple of decades. She does not want this to be an issue in the next election.
    The argument needs to be re-framed by the pro-Hillary crowd. If they can get any criticism of Hillary labeled as mysogyny, she will be pushed right to the front of the line. This is going to be a cornerstone to female power – criticism of female power will be mysogyny.
    I would like to see ROK do a piece on my homestate fraud – Wendy Davis – and how she is running for Governer – Has her husband cash out his 401k and take care of the kids while she is off in college cheating on him, then coming back, losing custody of her kids to him and ending up with a parenting plan that requires no overnight visitors or being drunk or on drugs when the kids go to her house.
    She is carrying 40% of the vote with this personal record. Astonishing….

  61. When they try to ban the word “pussy” because it dehumanizes the organ where they bleed and pee through, it’s going to be revolution time. I’m gonna use my shotgun and shoot fatso Lindy West in the belly button.

  62. Ban bossy? Is this the best these self-absorbed people can come up with? How about banning girls dropping out of high school, or banning girls from having babies until they are age 18 and have received a high school diploma? This video shows how gullible and stupid women can be, thinking that by banning a word, they can somehow change the world. I think they have succeeded at that, they are changing the world, by disillusioning women and girls in telling them that they can be a boss, when in reality, only 1 in a million has the actual brains, talent, and willingness to suck the right dick in order to be a boss.
    Great article. Keep truckin’.

  63. Excellent article. It’s interesting because all of your points are using logic so I don’t think women will ever get it. The points need to have more of a feel good (emotion) theme to them…lol.
    It’s sad, but we’re seeing the cause and effect playing out that started decades ago. Many women are mad because they didn’t ‘make it’ so let’s find a reason (men or other) to blame.

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