The Reign Of The Useful Idiots

In my last post, I introduced you to Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a Soviet KGB propaganda agent that defected and came to America in 1970 when he became disillusioned with the communist system and saw it for what it actually was: totalitarianism.  I broke down the first part of his 1984 interview about ideological subversion and how the Soviets used it in their attempt to destroy the “decadent Imperial West.” 

I also showed how the tactics they were using then, namely promoting the myth of equality and destroying the nuclear family, are the same ones being used now to subvert our capitalist system here in America to usher in what will eventually become a totalitarian regime.

In this post I’ll break down the middle section of the video and show the correlation between what Yuri describes and what is happening now in the West.

The Useful Idiot’s Role

We begin at 31:50.  Gentlemen, meet the Useful Idiot.  In layman’s terms, a useful idiot is a puppet.  They are true believers, thinking that they are working towards “progress” and “equality”, all the while blissfully unaware that they are demoralizing their country from within.

As Yuri explains, these are people (or their flunkies) who hold positions of influence and power across a broad spectrum of people within society.  Their purpose is to infect the rest of the civilization using said influence, destabilizing not only moral values, but also the economy, defense systems, and any other essential facet of a strong nation.

By inciting moral decay and economic catastrophe, the demoralization, destabilization, and inevitable collapse of the society is assured, creating a power vacuum and transition of authority to the new totalitarian rulers.  As I stated earlier, useful idiots can be found in almost every major aspect of society.  Let’s break them down.


These useful idiots are the so-called leaders of academia.  They are people who have spent years and what amounts to the price of a small condo in any major city to attain a worthless degree in a practically useless field. Unlike STEM fields or trade schools, these subjects have limited real world or pragmatic use, and the accolades heaped upon their practitioners are excessive for the actual good they do society.  Examples of said fields include, but are not limited to:

1. Women’s Studies


2. Gender Studies

*Rrrrawk!* Gender is a social construct!   *Rrrrawk!* Gender is a social construct!

3. Fat Studies

4. Anything That Ends In Studies, Evidently

5. Political Science

1) Be reallyreallyreally good at lying. 2) Possess no soul.  Congratulations, you just saved 200 grand.

6. Anything In The Liberal Arts

The word liberal is IN the name.

7. Psychiatry

A.k.a. Grifting 101, or how to sucker women and weak mangina males into paying you $200 an hour to tell them what they already subconsciously know but their Warp 10 rationalization hamster won’t let them accept.  Congratulate them on their “breakthrough”, but remind them they still have a long way to go and you’ll see them next week.  Rinse and repeat. This field is mostly made up of feminists and pussified BetaMax™ nerds who, in the very definition of irony, are emotionally crippled themselves and can’t deal with their own inadequacies.

The above idiots tend to be the loudest when screaming about equality.  This is because the educational system in the West is nothing more than a collection of leftist indoctrination camps that are run by radfems and betas and comprised of roughly 60% women who’ve been raised on feminist theory and believe The Patriarchy is real.  Radical feminists want equality because that’s their way of moving the goalposts closer to give the illusion that they’re men’s equals.  Betas want equality because women said so.

These people have spent the last 50 years brainwashing our youth in communist propaganda.   The principals and deans who run these camps today are the same hippies who were in college during the Woodstock era.  They’ve risen through the ranks, poisoning three generations of our young people with their asinine notions of feminism, free love and experimentation, rampant drug use, and the hippie version of “freedom”, which apparently is doing anything you want with zero accountability.

These radical notions have resulted in a plethora of man-eating harpies and emasculated men, open sexual perversion and confusion in the form of LGBTQXYZ;-)!%whatever-the-fuck, legalizing drugs (marijuana’s just the start), and millennial females.


True investigative journalists have been replaced by talking head political pundits whose sole job is to disseminate propaganda to their followers.  The problem is most of the time these people aren’t actually journalists, just useful idiots with useless degrees, who fit a certain mold that gives them some sense of credibility with their base.

Take Rachel Maddow.  She doesn’t have to know what she’s talking about because she hits every single Popular Leftist Pundit branch on the tree.  Let’s see, bull dyke lesbian with a severely short haircut, man-jaw, complete lack of femininity, and a ridiculously low voice for a woman?  Check.  Lack of factual knowledge compensated for by snark and shitty jokes?  Check.  Female?  Jury’s out.

Lesbihonest, the people who listen to her don’t care if she’s right.  All that matters is she feeds their hamsters by regurgitating the same tired feminist rhetoric in a sarcastic and condescending way that makes them feeeeel intellectually superior, while still being completely wrong.

Yuri mentions that one of his first assignments was working for the Novosti Press Agency, which was a propaganda front for the KGB tasked with disseminating Marxist/Leninist ideology.  Of course we have similar agencies, but the number of publications in Western print media being used for the purposes of subversion is far too long to list here.  However, if you really want the perfect example of such a publication, you need look no further than this rag.  This collection of glorified toilet paper was founded by this woman, who has the audacity to call herself a journalist.  She is without a doubt one of the greatest contributors to the demoralization of our great society.

An admitted asset of the CIA and self-proclaimed Marxist, she’s used Ms. Magazine as a front to spread communist ideology to Western women for decades in the form of “women’s liberation”.  Ms. Magazine was founded in 1971.  Within two years abortion was legal in the United States due to Roe v. Wade.  Slutty women were now free to kill their children simply because they got pregnant, but weren’t done riding the cock carousel and wanted to keep the party going instead of taking care of their responsibilities like an adult.

Every bitchy attitude present in American women that acts as a turn-off for any sane man with half a ballsack is a direct result of her influence.  “You go girl.  You don’t need a man girl.  You’re a strong, sexy, independent woman girl.  Your man ain’t shit girl.  It’s your body girl.”  Reality check, girl.  Unfortunately, her aging carcass probably won’t be around for the transfer of power to our new totalitarian masters, so she won’t get to experience it firsthand in all its horror.  All I can hope is that she’s allowed a brief reprieve from her torment in whatever circle of Hell she lands in to witness what her efforts have wrought.

Political Prostitutes

We’d be here all day.  These useful idiots are found here and here, among other places.  Apparently being in a firefight in 120 degree heat wearing over 100 lbs. of gear is the same thing as sitting on your fat ass in an air-conditioned room answering some questions.



Being an actor or entertainer is still on par socially with prostitution, like it was in Ancient Rome.  To re-emphasize what I stated in my earlier post, if you study history you’ll find that with each new rise and fall of an empire, there are the same patterns.

When a new empire is in its early glory phase, actors are shunned, mocked, and looked down on.  This is because the more practical and pragmatic professions are the ones looked at by society with the most respect, since they play the greatest role in accelerating the empire’s prosperity.

In keeping with Rome, these would be soldiers, doctors, stonemasons, architects, politicians, blacksmiths, farmers, even butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers.  These professions were respected because they actually provided a useful service to society.  Actors and entertainers did not, and were rightfully viewed as little more than distraction.

On the flip side, as each empire starts its inevitable decline, acting and other frivolous entertainment that started as a brief escape from the harsher realities of everyday life suddenly become the focal point of discussion and culture.  People who were once considered no better than street whores are suddenly paragons of perfection and beauty, worshipped like the Pantheon of Olympus as some coterie of divine beings whose lifestyle you should now spend all your time trying to emulate.

As it was already pointed out, 99% of these people are lucky to be hard 8’s in the real world.  I’m not saying they’re useless, but when you basically have the same job as a six-year-old child and play make-believe for a living or can’t actually play a musical instrument but can push some buttons on a beat machine that makes the sounds for you, then the amount of money, fame, attention, and praise you receive is ridiculously disproportionate to your worthwhile contributions to society.

Since we’ve already established that feminism is simply communism in drag, all you have to do is look at Hollywood and the media to see the plethora of demoralizing and subversive ideas being shoved in our faces every day.  There are now successful “men” who are no longer just letting their wife hyphenate her last name, which is bad enough, but engaging in some serious simpology by taking their wife’s last name and putting her name first.  Jay-Z’s an alpha my ass.

Soon you won’t be able to use any word that “shames” a woman or gay person, joking or not, without being brought up on charges, even if you aren’t talking to them.  Saying slut, fattie, whore, lezbo, bitch, fag, or cunt will be a punishable crime.  Douche(bag), asshole, rapist, pig, loser, pinky-dick, creep(er), motherfucker, fat-ass and their synonyms will not only be acceptable to say, but will be encouraged and cheered.

America: The New Never-Never Land

How does all this tie in with communism and ideological subversion?  Make sure to watch at 49:55, where Yuri speaks about how the KGB was very fascinated with a con artist religious leader who was charging useful idiots from America like Mia Farrow 500 bucks to come to his school and “meditate.”  In this case, meditation consisted of getting high as fuck and sitting around staring at your navel.  These idiots would take this nonsense back to America and soon everyone was doing it to emulate a celebrity.

The key point is made at 52:12, when he says that the goal is to demoralize a nation by distracting its citizens’ opinions, attention, and mental energy from problems in the real world, and to instead have them focus on non-issues and basically live in a fantasy world.

When you combine legalizing drugs, a childish you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do attitude, and zero accountability with feminism, a cult of celebrity worship, internet porn, video games, comic books, and the movies based on them, what you get is a populace that becomes stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence.

Children in adult bodies who are content to get high and then immerse themselves in a fantasy world instead of being productive all day in business or engaging in self-improvement are now celebrated.  These people are easy to manipulate and control as long as you keep the mindless entertainment flowing.

There is no other group of useful idiots in the Western world more complicit in its demoralization than those in pop culture.  They have been anointed as the sanctioning body of what’s acceptable and cool in society and what isn’t, and have made cultural Marxism in all its forms the cool and acceptable thing to do.  These poor souls believe what they’re doing is progressive and that they’re leading us toward the Great Egalitarian Socialist Utopia.  What they don’t realize is that they’re being played like a cheap guitar, and soon the song will be over.

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  1. uhm, to me it looks like you are butthurt because you are ugly and need to slave away in a 9/5, while those guys are living the dream.
    also, gfto with your political faggotry. It’s just so fucking funny that everybody on here see being “conservative” with being masculine or getting pussy lol, as it had anything to do with that.
    inb4 typical faggot butthurt responses: fat lady / omega male / male feminazi, stuff that I don’t give a shit about since I’m not even an americunt like you fags and I don’t give a shit about politics.
    Europe masterrace

    1. What a lolocaust. If it wasn’t for Americans you’d be wearing a red armband and speaking German.
      The article just says that many Americans are falling into a habit of listening to idiots instead of learning the facts and thinking for themselves.
      Calling out intellectual laziness in favor of self improvement is butthurt?
      Europe’s nations are banding together hoping that as a continent they can wield comparable influence to our one nation. We’re not impressed.
      Also, if Europeans are a “master race” then feel free to kiss my German-Irish American ass.

      1. Who got to Berlin first? The USSR.
        Where did the majority of the fighting and deaths occur? The Eastern Front, because of the USSR.
        Who got a shit load of Eastern Europe after WW2? USSR.
        Doesn’t sound America did as much as you think it did.

        1. Who carved up Poland with Nazi Germany? The USSR.
          Who took Polish officers out into the woods and shot them all? The USSR.
          Who supplied the Nazis the materiel they required to conquer Europe? The USSR.
          Who sought to join the Tripartite Pact and create a Eurasian Axis? The USSR.
          Communists fought hard… once the beast they helped unleash with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact turned on them. A Russian nationalist can boast to an American that his people fought bravely, but a Communist can’t claim to a Western liberal democrat that his side took a principled stand against Fascism.

        2. Berlin was GIVEN to the Soviets by SHAEF for logistical reasons and also due to political considerations from Yalta which already gave East Germany to the Soviets.
          “After General Omar Bradley warned, however, that capturing a city located in a region that the Soviets had already received at the Yalta Conference might cost 100,000 casualties,[5] by mid-April Eisenhower ordered all armies to halt when they reached the Elbe and Mulde Rivers, thus immobilizing these spearheads while the war continued for three more weeks. 21st Army Group was then instead ordered to move northeast toward Bremen and Hamburg.”

          The Soviets did not have the resources to “go it alone” in 1941/42. Without lend-lease supplies from the US, the Soviets would not have had the resources they did to beat back Army Group Center after the initial setback at the Battle of Moscow, which occurred because of the rapid mobilization of troops (to Stalin’s credit). Troops needs weapons, divisions need trucks, trucks need fuel, and trucks need air cover which could not be provided by a devastated Red Air Force (don’t forget the Luftwaffe systematically destroyed the Red Air Force in the first two months of Barbarossa).
          “The most successful and numerous use of the P-39 was by the Red Air Force (Военно-воздушные силы, Voenno-Vozdushnye Sily, VVS). They received the considerably improved N and Q models via the Alaska-Siberia ferry route. The tactical environment of the Eastern Front
          did not demand the high-altitude performance RAF and AAF did. The comparatively low-speed, low-altitude nature of most air combat on the Russian Front suited the P-39’s strengths: sturdy construction, reliable radio gear, and adequate firepower.”

        3. I was employing the opposite of the corporate “compliment sandwich.”
          I opened with an insult, made my logical point, and them closed with an insult. Thanks for ignoring the meat of my comment.
          Also, while the USSR handled a great deal of the heavy lifting in the push to Berlin, do you really think they’d have done so alone without the US coming to Europe?
          I was being glib on purpose, youve shown yourself glib whilst attempting to be thorough.
          Congrats on bring a great contrarian.

        4. Jesus, if that’s your list of ‘successes’ you’re not helping yourself.
          It’s always odd when you meet a masculine European- like meeting a black heart surgeon, you just didn’t expect it to happen, even though you know they exist. It’s like meeting a muscular non-mincy homo. He’s the last person in the world that you would have expected to love the cock, but you know they’re out there, just… rare.

    2. We’re all really impressed by how edgy and devil-may-care you are.
      Really, we are.

    3. You can’t be an alpha and a socialist at the same time. Socialists are pussies who rely on everyone else, and Alphas are self-sufficient.
      Europe is an even worse faghaven than the USA. Get your head out of your ass, but first remove the big black dildo.

  2. Hey there Samson, thanks for the insightful article. I’ve been aware of Bezmenov for some time yet don’t remember having read a good article about this issue apart from your two write-ups. Here in Europe we’re seeing the same developments, just 5-10 years behind the US, so soon we’ll be there too 🙁
    My only point of disagreement is where you say “… our capitalist society …”. Just want to make the point that “capitalism” is an ideology from the marxist spectrum too – it is comparable to feminism in that it promotes the primacy of “capital” in the economic process (feminism promotes the primacy of women in society) to the detriment of the other factors necessary in an economy (these being labor, energy, capital and recently information).

    1. Gosh, you mean when we let Marxism define capitalism on its own spectrum, it comes out looking bad? Gee, why don’t we let feminism define masculinity or other similar reduction to absurdity.

  3. This is excellent. What is fascinating is I knew most of this was true I did not realize how deep it went. It is scary.

  4. Yup, anyone who’s carrying the water for “fundamental transformation” nowadays will be rudely awakened when they’re no longer “useful”… leave that mess alone, you’ll never be “rewarded” like you expect.

  5. “When you combine legalizing drugs”
    Sorry but legalizing drugs is a good thing not a bad thing. It was the idiotic silliness of some religious nuts that got us alcohol prohibition during the 1920s. Result? The creation of organized crime in the US. Sorry but prohibition never works. It only CREATES not only crime but a police state. Look at what’s happened with the militarization of the police. Prohibition created that monster.
    And for the record (before some idiot speaks) I don’t take drugs. I don’t even drink or smoke. They’re nasty habits.
    Most of the rest of the OP was good though.

    1. I’d add that it’s more the opposite of a “you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do attitude” that plagues the US. The typical person in the US slavishly obeys what leftist academics and the government tell them to. These people pillory anyone who refuses economic and cultural Marxism for their “you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do attitude”

      1. Ah, but it’s the insidiousness of how those leftist academics and the government achieve that. The leftoids promote just enough bad, self indulgent, consider-no-consequences, I-can-do-anything-I-want behavior that it makes it easy for the sheeple to want to obey the stupid stuff that sounds so lovely (diversity, equality, blah blah blah), but a moment’s thought reveals the failure of the ideology.
        So you have en entire generation now of people whose lives are purposeless, valueless, and meaningless, raised to think they are free spirits, and are good people doing good things because they have blackGayBiLesboTrans???hispanicWhateverTheFuck friends.

      2. Where do you live that you think that the “typical” person slavishly obeys leftist academics?? You must be in a very specific bubble that is not representative of the country.
        In my neighborhood, it seems to me that most people spend their days stuffing their face with McDonalds and Pizza Hut, getting into domestic disputes which results in the cops coming and ticketing them for keeping three unlicensed pit bulls, and watching hours upon hours of sports, nascar, and trashy reality TV shows. When they do occasionally get the notion to get some exercise and fresh air, that means a game of corn hole in the front yard with a Keystone Light before returning to the TV. I highly doubt this is all what leftist academics want them to do, or even the government.
        Leftist academia is a problem but let’s keep a sense of perspective here.

    2. There’s no need to start off your post by saying sorry, you don’t need to apologise for an opinion. Prohibition can’t work with alcohol because it is culturally ingrained within Western Civilization, society as a whole has to pay the price for the effects that this poison creates. Legalizing other poisons which are not yet ingrained into our culture is a bad idea and will create more social problems that are avoidable. Cannabis is a great example of a drug which was not widely used until relatively recently, which has been heavily promoted via popular culture to the point where effective deterrence is increasingly becoming difficult. Virtually nobody goes to prison for possession of small amounts of cannabis alone these days, the result is the inevitable legalization of a drug that stupefies the brain and seems to correlate with mental illness particularly amongst younger users. This adds a further burden upon society, which was avoidable.

      1. Cannabis is a drug not widely used until recently???? What world are you living in? Legal or not it has been widely used for generations upon generations. Everyone who wants to use marijuana is already using it and matters not that’s its illegal. legalizing it is not suddenly going to make a larger portion of our population users.
        Also, our country is sorely in need of new industries and revenue. Right now the majority of the billions made from U.S marijuana consumption is going to other countries. There is also a large amount of crime and jailed youth as a result of the current illegal Marijana trade. Black males are being disproportionately targeted and jailed for the sale and use of Marijuana. Statistically White males sell and use marijuana just as much but, are not targets of the police and judicial system.
        I don’t use Marijuana and wont start if it becomes legal but, there are numerous reasons while it should be legalized.

        1. I’m living in the UK actually, maybe that is a different world to you. We had no serious cannabis culture prior to the 1950s, after then the use of the drug exploded. Prior to the 1950s the only people using cannabis were a handful of middle aged ladies, arty types and Indian sailors passing through our ports. Fast forward to the present approximately 30% of adults in the UK have used cannabis. Therefore, cannabis was not widely used until recently.

        2. George Washington grew the stuff – and not just for cordage. He talks about seeds of certain strains of it that are “not the common hemp”.

      2. People like you ought to be whipped in the streets.
        “Legalizing other poisons which are not yet ingrained into our culture is a bad idea and will create more social problems that are avoidable.”
        1. No they won’t. Show proof that they “will”.
        2. Cannabis IS “ingrained” in your culture you fuckwit. An astounding number of people are smoking it.
        “Virtually nobody goes to prison for possession of small amounts of cannabis alone these days,”
        Even a single person going to jail for posession of cannabis is too much. It is quite literally less harmful than both alcohol AND tobacco and yet, retards out there believe sending people to jail over it is just. Faggots.
        “a drug that stupefies the brain and seems to correlate with mental illness particularly amongst younger users.”
        Then don’t let “younger users” get it. Furthermore, that is still only really a problem when you smoke frequently. One joint a week isn’t going to do much.
        If you wanted to be consistent, you’d also ban soda and processed meat, because those foods are also hazardous to ones health. But that would require you to not be an irrational doofus.

        1. 1. Portugal softened its drug laws and saw an increase in drug use and the associated negative effects that go with it.
          2. Cannabis was uncommon prior to 1950 in the UK where I am from, it’s explosion in use coincides with large scale immigration which brought the drug into the country and an glamorization process by the music industry.
          3. Alcohol and tobacco are hugely damaging and society would benefit if people didn’t use them, but it is impossible to ban them now because they have been part of the culture too long. Why would you want to legalize more substances that cause damage? Yes, you should go to prison for smoking cannabis.
          4. Young people smoke and drink, despite both being heavily regulated and legal. Given that, how do you propose to stop young people using it?
          5. The suggestion that in order to be consistent soda should be banned is disgusting. Take a look at what you want to legalize and tell me if it you seriously compare that to drinking soda or eating ham?

        2. I’m sorry – did you just appeal to government propaganda?
          Why yes, you did.
          The main “adverse effect” is that if you legalise it, more people smoke it. So what? And it talks about “drug-induced deaths” as if that had the slightest thing to do with cannabis and not – for instance – misprescribed medication.
          Absolute rubbish.

        3. “People like you oughta be whipped in the streets” ??!! The overreaction from a true pothead. Pot smokers are similar to pro choice people. Both zealots. Single issue types. Why POT LEGALIZATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE EVER YOU GUYS…

        4. muzchina, I appreciate that you’re thinking about the physical and mental health of the population. Your intentions are good. But you know what they say about the road to hell…
          Fact is, no amount of laws can prevent people from doing drugs. It will only make the problem worse. That is my main issue with the ‘war on drugs’: it is ineffectual. A much better way is to educate people on these matters so that they know how harmful drugs are.

        5. You’re making a connection based on two events happening at the same time. You neglect that the recession happened after Portugal softened drug laws. Drug use increased after the recession began and this is more likely the reason for increased drug use. If drug users were still punished severely in court, do you think they would have refrained from spiraling into despair and seeking solace in drugs? Have harsh laws ever prevented this? Even if the laws could prevent it, there is a strong likelihood those same people would hit the bottle hard to drown the pain.
          “Since liberalizing its drug laws, Portugal has made remarkable progress. The share of injection drug users has halved, to 0.5 per cent of the population. Overall drug use is lower than the EU average. In 2011, only 6.6 per cent of Portuguese 15- to 24-year-olds used cannabis, compared to 29.7 per cent in the Czech Republic and 23.9 per cent in Spain. And Portugal’s courts have been
          freed up to deal with more serious offenses.”
          ” Dr. Carlos Fugas, a psychologist who treats drug addicts in Lisbon, …says, “’ there has been an increase in drug users since the recession began.’”

        6. “But you know what they say about the road to hell…”
          That it’s usually backed-up at this time, so what you wanna do is take route 9 instead, then turn left at the ol’ Johnson place, take that road another 7 miles…

        7. Appreciate the reply, but my main issue is that there has been no effectual war on drugs. Supply and demand must be targeted, cops target the supply but not the demand. One way to prevent demand is to enforce deterrents, like in China under Mao who imposed the death penalty for opium use (which was destroying generations of Chinese youth). After a few executions overnight millions of people stopped using opium. I’m not advocating the death penalty, only using it to show that real action on demand does work.
          Interestingly, drug use in Portugal increased before the recession at a time of economic growth. Also look at the UK which in the 1960s adopted the advice of the wooton report which advocated that the police not take action on cannabis use, since that period usage has increased almost yearly.

        8. Two points:
          1. We have never been more knowledgeable on drugs than now and it hasn’t worked.
          2. No effective war on drugs has been fought because the demand side of drug use has been neglected. The fact is existing drug laws are barely enforced, particularly on cannabis.

        9. 1). Bath Salts. Krokodil.
          2). And in so doing, an ‘astounding’ number of people are excluding themselves from gainful employment in professional trades and fields which must test for chemical abuse. Too bad, but someone’s got to ring me up at the register, I guess.
          I see where you forgot to mention where THC is linked to equal or greater genetic damage than tobacco.
          Not that I have a beef with recreational smoking among casual users, if they so choose. But lets not wax poetic about the stuff. It’s not a panacea. It’s just a drug.

        10. eh, everyone knows that heroin is horribly addictive and terrible for your health, yet heroin addiction is on the rise.
          It’s just not that simple.

        11. Not a smoker, but people actually advocating against it are idiots. Plain and simple. Smoking weed doesnt negatively effect your job performance so there is no need to test for it. And it’s a hell of a lot better than these shitty prescription meds people are given. People who are against weed are brainwashed by the government.

        12. Are you comparing meth to marijuana? The fact is many illegal substances are less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Why should people be denied access to healthier drugs than those that are already legal? Pointing to an article on the Daily Fail relating to meth use when he was clearly talking about marijuana, is a ridiculous counter argument and shows that really you don’t have a clue what your on about.

      3. Smoked daily for 20 years… Clear 6 figures… Soon to be 7. Great physical shape… Generally refered to as the or one of the smartest person they met.
        If a smart person smokes you get a calm creative smart person with outstanding ideas.
        If a dumb person smokes you get a calm dumb person with retarded ideas.
        Though with anything you give and take. For cannabis the reward heavily outweighs the risk.

        1. You are clearly a rare case because most people I’ve met that smoke pot are idiots.

        2. Good to hear. Most smokers I’ve met are complete slackers, half dead or complete morons.

        3. I am in the same boat at you. I smoked since I was 22 ( I am 38 now). I have a STEM degree and have been pulling in 6 figures from my main gig as well as side business for years.
          What you said rings very true with my own observations. Marijuana seems to be detrimental to people that are generally lazy, un-creative, and stupid as it only aggravates those qualities. On the other hand, if you have been genetically blessed with a good head on your shoulders and are emotionally stable, it can enhance your creative potential.

        4. haha, I will say though it’s detrimental for me to be high while out gaming… at least up until you get them back to the spot…

        5. Yes, legalization is a wrong choice. I would rather have small amounts decriminalized as is done in the left coast states. The short term benefits of legalization are obvious (extra taxes), but I believe that in the long term it’d be detrimental to a society.

      4. In Victorian England you could mail order heroin and coke and the syringes to inject with….. drugs are a part of our culture since the year dot. The two most powerful heroin and coke – IF used with respect and self discipline are far less detrimental than alcohol and tobacco.
        It costs less than a loaf of bread for a junkie to get a day’s supply of heroin, a drug that does him no real harm, other than by way of him committing crimes because he can’t afford it, or OD because the supply is unreliable.
        A person can take smack for years and be a productive member of society, better than any pothead of alcoholic can.

        1. Junkie is a junkie, and not a productive member of a society. It is a problem/harm when a person is dependent on a drug to a point when he or she is ready to commit crimes for it.

        2. Mail-order heroin and coke? Not if you were working-class, I’ll bet. As racism is to the USA, snobbery is to the UK. Nothing that happens there makes any sense unless you take it into account.

        3. A person dependent on – for instance – insulin would commit crimes to get it if it weren’t legally available. Should we ban insulin?

        4. Heroin and coke used with respect and self-discipline? Now I know you’re joking.
          You’re either an idiot or you don’t give a fuck about people. Either way, you’re wrong.

        5. learn a little history… opium was widely available and widely used and ‘could’ become a problem to people…. IF they abused it… it’s much like alcohol only way better in every way…
          Marcus Luttrell complains that after getting shot up in afganistan the opium the villagers gave him was far more effective than the morphine the doctors gave him when he was rescued….
          I’ve taken opium every day for a month while living in India…. small amounts every morning… mellow dose, i was perfectly (if not more) functional… when i left the country i had less withdrawls than from quitting smoking tobacco….. none at all really….

        6. I kicked a junkie to the curb a couple of weeks ago. This piece of shit had been my friend since I was 15, I’m now 40. He started off on prescription pills, morphine and other opiates. He had a hard time finding a steady supply, which is where heroin came into the picture.
          When I first discovered he was smoking heroin (mind you, neither of us has been very afraid of substances), I was worried and I told him so. I don’t go around telling people what to do, unless I care and am genuinely concerned for this person, which I was. He got tangled up in some shit and ended up narcing his way out of it. So he moved away to another city. We kept in touch a little bit, he was still loving heroin I could pick up on that, but the first year he was still my buddy that I always knew. I thought, he’s a big boy he can handle it, he knows better than to mess around too much. I wasn’t really worried too much until another mutual friend who had went to visit him told me he was shooting up, and was just “slipping” in general. Basic shit like hygiene, was being neglected. A few months later, he was beaten and robbed in his apartment by some “pals”, they stole some firearms.
          Now, for this to happen his judgment had to be severely impaired. These “pals” of his, come to find out, had been in and out of prison for years. He knew this too, before he was robbed. That set off some alarm bells, we never associated with people like that before, for the obvious reasons. Why in the hell was he hanging with these guys? Why did he believe they were his “pals”? Just bizarre…
          A few months later, he crashes his truck, and he’s telling me how “there’s no work down here, the economy is just slow”, so he can’t afford to get his truck fixed, all this BULLSHIT excuse-making, ducking his responsibilities. He was 17 when I met him, I was 15, and this guy always took pride in how self-reliant he was, how he could handle shit and overcome challenges. Now I’m listening to all this…shit, so I start hinting around, in a not so subtle manner. “It might be time to chill out a little bit on the partying bro”, “You don’t want to end up like so-and-so do you? Might need to up your honesty man”. No mother-hen bullshit, no nagging or anything like that.
          A couple months later, he texts me, he’s going to lose his guitar to the pawn shop Tuesday if he can’t come up with some dough *hint hint*. Now, you have to understand a couple of things, it was metal that got us talking the first time we met. We both played guitar, and started jamming together and hanging out a lot. Best friends before too long. He worked his ass off and saved some loot, and bought a beautiful, brand-spanking new Gibson Flying V. He paid over $800 for it, back in 1988 or 89. This guitar…I’ve never felt such a fast fretboard, and the pickups just had the sickest crunch, he loved that guitar and so did I. That guitar was special, it was fucking awesome.
          I had just taken care of some unforeseen financial matters, didn’t have much EXTRA cash, and had some doubts if sending him money was a good idea. Well, dammit, its his guitar and I’m not going out on a limb, I decide. I explain I’m tight on cash (the truth), and can’t really help him sorry bro.
          Mind you, neither of us ever asked to borrow a nickel from each other until then, that was just weird. $80 is what it took to get the Gibson out of pawn. And he had four days…I assumed he’d figure it out.
          I figured wrong. The pawn shop got his V for eighty goddamn dollars!!?! He texted me the bad news…I couldn’t even respond man. I didn’t know what to say, it broke my damn heart. Something is wrong, seriously wrong here. About a week later, I call him, I tell him man…I think you should come back here and get out of that shit-hole. I told him, looks like its time to start over, and told him I’d handle shit financially for the first three months, then rent would be $550 a month. Now, that’s a damn bargain considering this includes 30mb internet access, cable TV, utilities, everything. I live a fairly humble lifestyle, my bills amount to about $1100 a month, I was thinking how this could be a win-win. Plus it would give me the opportunity to do something generous and compassionate.
          I expended capital to go pick him up, get some of his shit out of pawn, put gas in his truck, I mean I totally stepped up for this guy. After 10 minutes around him, I’m so damn irritated and annoyed by his bullshit, I said the following “Dude, you need to pull your head out of your ass and get the fuck on point, asap.” “I am man, I’m totally on point!!!” Holy shit? “You’ve been hanging around these retards way too damn long if you think you’re anywhere close to being on point”. Later that night, back at my house, he’s asking me if I went insane and I’m screaming at him to “Listen to the fucking words I’m saying, you fucking idiot!” It was like he turned into a fucking moron! Like he didn’t hear or understand where I was coming from at all.
          Six weeks later (six annoying as hell weeks, very aggravating!) he FINALLY goes to work. When he comes home, bitch bitch bitch, pissing, moaning, like a loser-bum!
          Less than a week he lasted. Keep in mind I skipped the whole nightmare of dealing with his initial withdrawls, I wanted to beat his ass so bad…goddamn.
          After 3-4 days of losing his job, and I’m not seeing any effort being exerted, I give him a heads up. “Dude, you need to get a damn job or I’m going to kick your ass out.” “Oh I know, blah blah blah…”
          He didn’t even pretend to pretend to be trying to look for a job. The only help he offered was helping me smoke my cigarettes, helping eat my damn food, and helping me be constantly annoyed. So many little things…obvious things, holy shit this fucker did the dishes ONCE the whole time he was here! Took out the trash TWICE! WTF!
          A little over a week after I gave him the heads up, I get up and go to the bathroom to take a piss. And find my bare foot in a puddle of…was it piss?
          I lost my shit so bad, I had to take a walk and keep telling myself “Calm down man, calm down!” I have some anger issues…like serious anger/rage I just barely keep in check sometimes. A story for another day. I calm myself down by thinking about how much of a relief it will be to see that fucker hit the road. I walk back to the house, open the door to his bedroom, he’s napping, his eyes open. “Dude, get your shit, and get the fuck out.”
          Amazingly enough, he had a brain-cell left and didn’t utter a word of protest or defense. I gave him eight bucks for gas, half a pack of smokes, and didn’t bother with saying even “Later” when he took off.
          A couple of hours later, he texts me. He forgot some of his food, can he come by and pick it up. “Dude, just stay the fuck away. Friendship ended.
          That’s the real shit, folks. This just happened a couple weeks ago. I don’t know, and frankly don’t give a damn where he is, or if he’s alive or dead. You see, my friend of 25+ years? Yeah, that fuckers GONE. His body is still going through the motions of a human being, but he’s a vampire, a leech, a shameless blood-sucking piece of shit.
          As far as legalization, I’m all for it. If you’re stupid enough to fucking throw your damn life away “having fun”, well then good riddance. If you’re adult enough to play responsibly, well that’s your damn business.
          I’m only citing one example, I’m presenting anecdotal evidence, but I really can’t say it strongly enough, stay away from that shit for your own damn good. Heroin can turn ANYBODY into a goddamn retard, at least be very careful and cautious. Its some nasty, nasty shit guys.

      5. True. In Russia no one talks about smoking weed (they never had “hippies”), but in US it’s the talk of the town. Anything that causes dependence/high should not be legal. Combining drugs with immorality (which is the case for most people in the West) is a formula for disaster. Drug exploration is very popular in Western countries and is exactly the type of demoralization Yuri talks about is his other video.

        1. btw Russia has recently decriminalized possession of small amounts. And make no mistake Russia is full of potheads. Just mention the word “anasha” to any Russian speaker and they will tell you all about it.

      6. Hear the dog-whistles, people? Drugs are ok, so long as they are “our” drugs, not “their” drugs. Drug prohibition is basically disguised racism. It always was.
        If you are going to be racist, just round wrong-coloured people up and put ’em into camps. Far less bullshit than charging them with drug offenses.

        1. Believe me, as a White person, we would all be delighted if all you non-whites left the North American/European continent. Maybe the economy would improve and we could begin to own nice things once again…

      7. On that note, certain drugs were actually staples of american life more than alcohol. Abraham Lincoln said this, “my two favorite things to do in life are to sit on my front porch, and smoke the sweet hemp. ” smoking weed was something that most people did when the majority of the population was based in the countryside rather than in the cities. Hemp was a cash crop, so theyd smoke it too…. Heres the problem with prohibition. Instead of weed being an everyday thing, the limited access has encouraged people to bow down to it. A whole subculture has developed around it that wouldnt be there if it was never criminalized in the first place. George Washington smoked it, Thomas Jefferson smoked it. It really is amazing how little thought was put into making it illegal or even that it was in some way morally wrong 200 years ago.

      8. The drug war itself has destroyed society far more than any of these drugs could ever have done. $50B+ a year in taxpayer $, massive government bureaucracy, erosion of civil and private rights, imprisoning people who haven’t harmed anyone (making it harder for them to ever get jobs and become taxpaying citizens) while shortening sentences for people who actually commit violent crimes because there isn’t any room in prison, etc etc. It’s just another way the politicians control our lives. Ironically, that makes pro drug war fanatics the useful idiots.
        And no I don’t do pot or anything illegal. My drug of choice is alcohol. I tried pot 2x a bit over 10 years ago and did not enjoy it.

    3. I agree with you, I take an Austrian approach to drugs – that they’ll self-regulate, people will jettison the harmful ones like crocodil and crack-cocaine when they have the option of less harmful ones – but the issue with marijuana legalization isn’t the drug itself, but HOW it’s being legalized.
      I want the thing legalized, but I can’t stand the advocates for legalization. They’re sell-outs who’d happy elect any communist pinko so long as he supports legalization.

      1. Agree with drug legalization in that prohibition is worse than legalization. It’s one of those “hold your nose” and/or “lesser of two evils ” situations. Potheads can be a pain though. Single issue obsessives. If we do legalize drugs be prepared for an onslaught of junkies. People can’t stop eating Count Chocula for fuck’s sake. Let’s see people quit heroin….

    4. Some of the loudest advocates for prohibition were women. That’s what happens when slimy politicians hungry for more votes allow dumbass females to have voting power and stupid fucking beta faggots approve.

    5. Oh, Jesus, now you’ve done it. Here come the potheads. Break out the list of textiles and justifications and prepare for glassy-eyed lecturing. Prepare to lose an hour of your life in the name of copy-and-paste counterargument.
      You know what saddens me most about smoking weed? How it is principally use as a massive crutch- like alcohol, in that respect, but with the social controls eroding rather than holding fast. Use may be self-regulating, as @Aurini:disqus claims, but that doesn’t make it easier to watch the impact it has on young men- self-medicating to avoid confronting issues like anxiety, depression or addictive personality comes to mind. Worse is what it does to a portion of users- ridiculous or not, many forms of employment test for drug use for good reason.
      I recruit men for entry-level jobs on tugboats, oilfield boats and merchant ships. These jobs pay VERY well- no college needed, just common sense and a good work ethic for a rewarding interesting job that pays $250-350 a day to start, where promotion is based purely on individual drive and kids are making 6 figures working 2 weeks a month pushing ships around NY. Only caveat is that you have to take a piss test. I have friends who have been on unemployment or taken minimum wage jobs in retail who won’t take a super-secure job because they can’t give up on smoking weed. If you want anecdotal support on the premise that smoking weed makes you stupid? Well, it’s not proof, but it’s certainly not helping the counterargument.

      1. Too many “men” these days are all about the feels. If it feels good, you should do it, ya know?
        Chicks in dudes’ bodies, the lot of them. And that includes most of the PUAs of the manosphere.
        I can’t even conceive how far one’s life must have gone astray to give a shit about something like marijuana legalization. Oh wait, I forgot, weed just feeeeeeeels soooo good, and it’s all about the feels! Legalize muhfeels!!!

        1. “There’s enough alcohol in one year’s yeild of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years.” – Henry Ford
          Hemp economically is the most sound and reasonable resource.

        2. If you aren’t an idiot and are reasonably social, it’s very easy to obtain weed safely almost anywhere, and yet there are still buffoons who actually determine who they’re going to vote for based on who they think will be more likely to “legalize it.”
          Fucking nimrods

        3. i think you should give a shit about it, because it’s a massive multi billion dollar industry that fuels crime, Govt. black ops, and feeds the blue pill society…. fuels stupid counter cultures, and etc….

        4. This. Why did La Cosa Nostra rise to power so quickly? Prohibition. You kill illegality and the criminal profits go away. The criminal element can’t pay well? They lose a big chunk of power.
          The “Drug War” has wasted billions, costs are lower than ever and purity is higher. Add in the bonus criminal organizations fighting, and it’s just ridiculous.

        5. You are right, it is the same case for heroin; let’s legalize this one as well.
          Think of weed as a firewall to the other drugs; it is best to forbid something weak in appearance than the hard drugs.

        6. Why shouldn’t you do something you enjoy? Denying yourself something pleasurable doesn’t make you a better person, it just makes you a mug for denying yourself pleasure. I could derive pleasure from the joint I’m currently smoking, or from a nice whiskey on the rocks, a bag of charlie, some MDMA, eating a massive rare steak or banging some young Asian hottie. Who the fuck are you to tell me that I would be wrong in making any of those choices? Whinging about other people having fun is pure Beta.

      2. “Prepare to lose an hour of your life in the name of copy-and-paste counterargument.”
        Already too late for me, wish i hadn’t bothered now. Wish there were a few jobs that you recruit for around where i live, they sound decent.

        1. @muzhchina, many of them are flyout jobs where the company pays for travel. If youare a US citizen and live near a port or major river there are often jobs there. The kids I do get are often from the Midwest or deep south. Better work ethic than ones from the northeast.

      3. Aren’t potheads fun? You should hear them go on about how weed is AWESOME!! Why pot is GOOD for you. Like Vitamin D or fish oils. Of course weed cures cancer and can be used to make rocket ships….

    6. I don’t think that legalizing pot in colorado for example is a bad thing. Whether or not pot is long term any worse than cigarettes remains to be seen, but I am pleased to see the power of choice be given to the people as opposed to government making the decision for you telling you that you can’t consume it.

  6. “Accounts of the Soviet labor system should be suppressed even if true, since otherwise the French working class might become anti-Soviet.”
    — Jean-Paul Sartre, 1933
    Responding to criticisms that he and Khrushchev did not do enough to expose Stalin’s crimes, former first deputy premier Anastas Mikoyan reportedly said: “We couldn’t do that because then everyone would have known what scoundrels we were.”
    That, too, is the difference between Communism and Nazism: the Communist scoundrels understood who they were because they realised the gulf separating them from the ideals they revered; the Nazis liked being scoundrels – that was their ideal.
    — Alexander Mekhanik, Rossiyskaya Gazeta

  7. simply put just think for yourself. don’t worry about being conservative or liberal. both extremes are idiotic. if you need an entertainer or politician or anybody on tv or radio to tell you what you should be doing, you already fuckin up lol

    1. AGREED! If you let someone else do your thinking for you, you end up not being able to think for yourself. And you are then SOL!

  8. There were a lot of reasons for the decline of Rome and it wasn’t because people were getting too fucked up or having too much fun. Rome had a major problem with resource depletion, had a bunch of wars that was basically within itself, and Rome’s borders were way too large. The primary reasons civilizations collapse are almost always economic in nature–and this was certainly the case in Rome. Rome didn’t continue to have the technological advances to take care of an empire that large. Bigotry and racism was actually a huge problem in Rome because it creating infighting within the empire when the empire could least afford it. Persecution and coercion are very expensive ways of getting things done, which leads me to my second point. People aren’t going to have lots of kids in times of political distress–it just isn’t gonna happen. No idiot would raise a family during a time of war or social upheaval, which happened rather frequently in the Roman empire towards the end.
    As for increases in population, the world cannot handle many more people. There’s already lots of stresses on the world’s natural resources and environment as it is. In places like Europe, it’s taken about 100-200 years to change from the high fertility rates of being poor to the low fertility rates of today. Today, Iran is trying to do it in around 50-60 years and Iran is less than a tenth as productive as Europe. It’s not just Iran, but a very large fraction of the Middle East and the poor parts of the world. All of this is happening while countries like India and China continue to get richer and more productive rather quickly and will soon start demanding higher quality food and more meat. This means something will have to give at some point. If you get some sort of a spike in food/energy prices or water resources become an issue, you will see wars break out and we could see whole populations die out. Let me put it this way: if a world war or major wars break out and 50-60% of the world’s population dies out, productivity would be a much larger factor in helping survival than high birth rates, especially considering that the places with high birth rates tend to be very poor and unproductive, which would probably result in the entire populations of those areas being completely wiped out in such a scenario. Basically, it all just depends.
    By the way, I’m extremely politically incorrect and I don’t really see political correctness as being a big movement either. By the way, MSNBC is just the left wing equivalent of Fox News. The entire point of both is to create a political rallying cry for people on either side. It’s all just puppetry that really doesn’t matter. Most of the government is basically run by technocrats anyways.

    1. “Bigotry and racism was actually a huge problem in Rome because it creating infighting within the empire when the empire could least afford it. ”
      Diversity always ends in failure. When the SHTF, people will flock to other people who look like them. Always.

      1. It can, but it doesn’t have to. It just depends. You’ve gotta remember that empires are inherently way more diverse than nation states. So if what you say is true, then nation states are more robust than empires and republics (which I don’t believe to be the case). By the way, you don’t have to only discriminate by racism or bigotry. You can also discriminate by religion along with other forms of discrimination. There’s many ways tribalism can work; it doesn’t just have to show up as racism. I do agree that tribalism is inherent to human behavior though. Tribalism is a survival mechanism to divide resources.
        With regards to the racism of Rome, Rome was forced to accept some of the Goths to fight for them because they were running low on soldiers to fight. Initially, all Roman soldiers were landowners, but Rome got far too large to protect by only using people who held Roman land, so Rome was forced to take in other parts.

    2. The economic nature behind Rome’s collapse was the excessive level of government provisions designed to placate the population.

    3. Only that you forget that our ancestors when the world had just 100 million people didn’t live in paradise. Most lived in constant squalor and died prematurely (especially if they were male). The point is no one has proven scientifically that the world is overpopulated, some countries are overpopulated (from the point of view that a country must be able to feed and house its population) and moreover we know that currently if logistics actually work there would be no hunger If resource depletion is your concern, space is the only option, your rivers in NorthAmerica would be as dirty as they are today even if only USA, Canada and Europe existed, due to your industrialists short term vision and outright stupidity.
      By the way if the family units fades away,unless technology comes to the rescue your society IS DOOMED, that happened to Rome whether you like it or not and the same is happening now, however unlike the world of the distant past, we have a wildcard, automation…

  9. Of course our western empire is collapsing! We are in the middle to last part of the decadence phase. I for one, can’t wait! I am eager to see the outcome.

    1. Honestly, though, all the people who “can’t wait!” don’t realize that they’re just as fucked as everyone else when the shit hits the fan. Personally, I like having easy access to heat, electricity, food, water, and indoor plumbing. Maybe that’s just me, though. But don’t get me wrong; if it does go down, it’ll certainly be interesting to watch.

      1. Yeah, plenty of chumps tends to believe they’d be king of the hill in a world with no rules and no governance. Wishful thinking.
        To be fair though, some of us just want to see our enemies burn, no matter the personal cost.

  10. This is without a doubt the best article ever written.
    However, the cognitive dissonance kicks in when you talk about “rappers” not being worthless but yet they don’t do anything to further society.
    Meditate on that please.

  11. Shit, I’m going to university for film and business. Tell me how you take your coffee now in order to save time in the future.

    1. LOL good one. You want a business degree? Here’s all you need to know: The more you pay for advertising… the higher your sales will be.
      I just saved you $60K.
      In the mean time, I’ll have a triple-shot Americano, thanks.

    2. Self-awareness is a good start. But seriously, join the navy or something first. At least they’ll pay for it, and you can learn a trade to pay your loans back.

    3. Join the marines.. seriously. Get fit. Become a badass. Blow some shit up. Looks good on a resume. Charles Bronson was in the military…nuff said….

      1. With the way Obama is handling the military, I’d be crazy to join the military right now.

  12. Good article. I think the explanation under psychiatry should be under psychology though. There are people such as psychotics, ones truly with major depression or organic brain disorders who need psychiatrists and prescribed drugs and should be followed. I think psychologists/counselors are the politicized feminist types you described under psychiatrists. They love years and years of useless sessions based on liberal indoctrinations and provide questionable results.

  13. Great article, minus the point on legalizing drugs. The govt on any level (Feds, state, local) have ZERO right to tell its citizen what they can/cannot ingest. Smoking the herb is way more alpha than drinking alcohol anyway.

  14. “6. Anything In The Liberal Arts
    The word liberal is IN the name.”
    Mathematics, Logic and Natural History (i.e., science) are liberal arts. “Liberal” may not mean what you think it does.

  15. I disagree with this article in so many ways.
    1.There is nothing wrong with Psychiatry/Psychology, in fact its needed in this country with all the psychos shooting up schools.
    2. Being an entertainer is a respectable profession as we do need to be entertained when we are not working.
    3. There is nothing wrong with comic books or the movies based off of them.
    4. Legalizing Weed is not gonna destroy the country.
    5. True Journalist still exists they just won’t be found on Fox New or any of those other crap cable news channels.

    1. 1. There may not be anything morally wrong with them but psychology is practically useless by definition. Its a black box, even Jung said so. 90% of it is far to subjective to be respected in any empirical sense.
      Walk through any school campus and talk to random girls, good chance at LEAST 35% of the girls will be majoring in psych.
      As for america, psychology will do absolutely nothing to fix the issues there. It is a shitty band-aid on a gash that needs amputation. A few articles on ROK have likened america to ancient rome – rotting from within. That is exactly the problem. civilisations have life cycles, and america is just waiting for the last nail to be put in its coffin. no hate, just truth.
      to be honest, im canadian. ya canadas fucked up. but in a way, im more pissed off about america than here. America had everything it needed to be great and it still flopped. it could have been so amazing so it sucks to see it turn into such a cesspool of bullshit and homos. anyway i will stop there.
      3. there is nothing wrong with comic books yes, but you are missing the context of them in this article. comics have their own culture, vastly made up of the most omegas of omegas. Comics seem to have an all comsuming power over some people in a way that drugs do almost. ive seen it with many people ive gone to school with.
      Its not what they are doing thats the problem. no one cares if you like comics, go for it. Its an example of something that keeps men from doing something in the first place – a distraction. Thats why its being used as an example in an article about ‘useful idiots’.

      1. Psychology is simply the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. Do you care to explain how that’s useless by definition? Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. Is that useless by definition too? Yes, women aren’t going to succeed in computer science, but the crux of your argument (for it to have any validity) is that they’re going to succeed in psychology. Why don’t you look up the numbers for how many of them actually end up getting a Ph. D in the field (or even a high paying job in the field) and get back to me. It also seems like there’s a lot of confusion you have here over first-tier, second-tier and third-tier schools. If you need some information on poor majors and second and third-tier schools:
        I get it. I get it. The author likes to complain about a lot of things, even when it doesn’t make a lot of sense when you break it down. No need to defend every claim the author made.

        1. well, my comment was aimed towards psychology. not psychiatry.
          I think you’re missing my point. i wasnt saying anything about men/women. nor was I arguing women succeeding or not in sciences and psych.
          i am simply stating the fact that every woman in north america seems to think themselves a professional armchair psychologist nowdays and its quite pathetic.
          which in turn is (in my eyes) under mining the small amount of credibility the discipline had to begin with. (due to the fact that psych is such a grey field of study. everyone is different, therefore it cant give black and white data like the pure sciences can)
          as for your high paying and ph.d argument, no idea why you mentioned that.
          all im saying is that modern psych is pretty much a joke. psych is only something that we can draw general trends from, we cant study 7 billion people. therefore, by its very nature, psych shouldnt be taken that seriously…

        2. If you’re talking about the importance of a major field of study, you have to look at the experts. Your “attack” on the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors was based on women who study it at third tier universities and aren’t even good enough to move on. By bringing up the lack of Ph. D females, I would actually think it would show the opposite of your conclusion: that woman don’t understand the material well, have a poor understanding of human behavior, and can’t grasp objective truths (so in no way do they represent anything about the field other than people who failed at it.)
          I gave you the definition of psychology. I didn’t mention psychiatry. I get it, you’re emotionally against it. Your theory is that if a lot of women study and/or major in some field that that field has little or no credibility. I’m afraid that that level of argumentation (weak premise) won’t even fly in those liberal arts classes you hate so much. There are objective truths about human behavior, and defense mechanisms can be observed in nearly every area of human endeavor (including the rationalizations in your comment – i.e. “you’re missing the point”). That was a cool way to prove the importance of psychology. I wondered at first if you just did that on purpose to troll me and prove my statement’s validity.
          The only people who argue against objective truths about human behavior are blue pill liberals who believe in moral relativism. But lucky for you, you’re in the right place. It seems that everyone else here in this thread agrees with this position completely. Are you sure you’re on their side? Better man up. Come off it liberal boy !

        3. once again you’re missing my point. you are the one who keeps talking about such and such uni’s and ph.d’s. psych is useful obviously. I am simply drawing a line and saying it can only do so much. and by ‘do so much’, i mean not a whole lot. obviously it should be studied but I think its a relatively small field as to what can actually be studied. due to the fact that there are so many relative factors from person to person how can it ever continue to be studied as the way jung did?
          Jung mapped out the basic psychological functions and patterns, came up with the mbti test, and since then what major advances has psychology had? I personally dont think any, but perhaps im wrong. it sure as hell didnt put us on the moon, help invent the television, or create the basis for the foundation of the internet. YES, psychology plays a role in those things, but how can it not? everything is psychology at its foundational principle. but theres a line to where studying it becomes pointless. Its philosophers that drove themselves mad trying to think of the meaning of life. are you going to sit and ponder the benefits of psychology for the rest of your waking years in any significant amount? no, you will not. because while it can be applied therapeutically, it really does dick all in terms of progressing civilization forward.
          I really do not understand how you conclude I am a liberal from me saying arguing against the notion that psych can benefit society in any significant way, as I was relating the original comment I replied to:
          There is nothing wrong with Psychiatry/Psychology, in fact its needed in this country with all the psychos shooting up schools.
          I am a liberal humanist for ‘bashing’ psych and praising the EMPIRICAL sciences such as psysics and biology? and you are conservative and red-pill for promoting the fantastical benefits of the study of one of the most over saturated schooling faculties in the western hemisphere? LOL
          walk into a psych class, of any fucking uni in the country and you will be up to your eyeballs with liberals. fuck, walk into any uni alone and you will be.
          I honestly don’t even know what point you’re trying to argue lol. psych will save america from psychos, (as the original comment seems to imply)? give me a break lol you are creating your own arguements I dont even make, tearing them apart, and saying “I win!” lol eassyyyy

    2. “”I disagree with this article in so many ways. “”
      Because you’re a useful idiot.

      1. I suppose it’s better to give a real argument than a random ad hominem, but okay if that makes you feel better.

    3. >>There is nothing wrong with Psychiatry/Psychology, in fact its needed in this country with all the psychos shooting up schools.<> Being an entertainer is a respectable profession as we do need to be entertained when we are not working.<> Legalizing Weed is not gonna destroy the country.<<
      If by legalizing you mean decriminalizing,then absolutely.But if you mean ,to put under Government control then no.

  16. I don’t even know who the fuck half of those celebrities in that retarded fucking picture are. It’s hilarious to see the hamsters going nuts over a picture of some people who don’t actually DO ANYTHING productive other than pretending to be other people on TV – they’re pretty much the embodiment of a woman’s psyche – a psyche built around creating a fantasy, with the rest of the world there to fulfill a role for her, namely to propagate her own self image.
    I think you should mention athletes too. Athletics in the ancient times were largely linked to war and to get rid of untermensch and slaves and useless criminals (gladiators), and as a way to harness a healthy respect for fitness among boys and men. Nowadays athletes are just overpaid thugs (yeah, I said it) who are hyped up ever since their nuts drop at 13, given extra privileges, and treated as gods by millions of cuckolded, beta, quasi-faggot white boys who enjoy seeing these 6’8″ black dudes throw a ball around and go on to foster additional mixed race bastards, which we clearly have enough of now. The people who love athletes are the lowest of the low; who the fuck cares about this guy because he dunks a ball? Does he pay my rent? No. Would he try to fuck my sister? Yea. Does he care if I live or die? No. So why am I verbally fellating him every night and cheering him on when whether he wins or loses or how he performs has any bearing on my motherfucking life? How pathetic is that?
    Modern sports is one of the biggest goddamn waste of times and as pathetic as women watching romantic comedies; these dumb motherfuckers going to bars wearing other men’s names on their backs chanting as their team “wins” and then crying if they lose, while the team just goes on to do exactly the same shit the next year and still get paid more money than 99.9% of us will EVER see in a lifetime – FUCK that. Fuck athletes, fuck celebrities who try to tell me how to live my life, buying their luxury goods and pretending that they are more than the rest of us just because they can memorize a couple lines in front of a camera. And that isn’t even to mention the egregious amount of garbage that is found in 2 minutes of modern television: multiculti, pro-feminist, pro-abortion, bullshit of the absolutely highest order.
    12 Years a Slave? How about the nuking of two Japanese cities, when more Japanese died than there ever were slaves? How come that isn’t in the fucking movies?

    1. Dude you’re spot on with this comment. The thing is these sports-star worshiping beta males are everywhere, it’s overwhelming. I think that beta males have to find something/someone that they think is great, or the best, to praise, because they don’t have any pride in themselves.

    2. Post of the day.
      If you still give a fuck about pro sports by the time you’re out of your teenage years, you’re doing it wrong.

    3. This is just one of the things I love about the manosphere.
      I’ve always found watching sports to be the most tedious activity imaginable. I don’t understand the purpose. Martial arts? Bodybuilding? Racing motorcycles? Those are fun – chasing after a ball isn’t.
      Whenever I see some dipshit wearing a jersey with a number on it, I tell the guy that it’s cool how he got his double-digit IQ printed on his shirt.

      1. Although it isn’t my thing I can see where chasing after a ball could be considered fun by some.
        Watching someone chase after a ball is something different.
        “Whenever I see some dipshit wearing a jersey with a number on it . . .”
        that isn’t his I dismiss him in my mind as a nobody trying to be a somebody through sympathetic magic.
        Then I put the hammer down on my bike and he is forgotten, I have other things to think about.

        1. Same. I won’t watch five minutes of tennis but I’ll play for a couple of hours (badly). Football, backyard style, is fun as shit. Watching steroid freaks smash into each other? Pointless.

      2. I also believe the fascination with sports is sick….while men like Mozart died broke. I’m serious. If you play a music instrument (like I do)…. and have ever sat down to play (i.e) Chopin on the piano….. the genius and beauty in those notes is overwhelming.
        It instantly puts certain things in perspective. While I REALLY appreciate Gretsky-esque strategies when men compete for excellence in any field, it doesn’t have the same impact. I don’t even know how it’s possible for that music to come out of one man’s head. Stunning.

        1. There is a parallel with Professional Sports,Cooking shows ,political talk shows/debates and Porn.Each of these are now a proxy to the actual activity.The collective mass of idiots who genuinely feel they are part of a professional sports league is no different from the guy who,from his laptop, projects himself in porn clips.These are all forms of masturbation.Sure,it gives you temporary pleasure but does zero to improve your skill in that activity.
          Heck I even consider Facebook to be similar.A form of escapism that is now actually a way of life.

        2. Thats why being a single guy in America is like being an abandoned lost soul with nowhere and nobody to turn to.
          Your married friends will either talk only about boring dumbass sports, or about the product specifications of the latest high-tech baby stroller or car-seat they just purchased.
          Lone wolves have to be strong, resourceful and aware. Its a dark, cold and lonely world out there.

      3. Martial arts, bodybuilding, racing, fencing and whatever else are all sports that are accessible to the vast majority of men and require dedication and intelligence to do and I approve. The rest simply require you to be born from a single mother in the ghetto and be larger than the rest. Fuck that.

        1. Sports are just another silly myth propagated by those greedy male and female vermin that want the only thing we men have of value.
          Our money.
          The people that propagate the organized sports sell you a momentary dream, just like the false dream of a romantic relationship leading to a loving marriage and a happy family.
          All bullshit, all for gullible malleable fools that look to these institutions as a way out of their boring, mundane, and directionless lives.

      4. Again, it’s one of those things that the clueless people do because of imitation. If you’re actually someone who’s inquisitive and intelligent the subject of watching sports for ‘entertainment’ doesn’t even enter your mind.

      1. I made it halfway through #2, its just bullshit don’t waste your energy defiling your brain with this garbage. Its clearly targeted at pussies.

    4. Finally someone who shares my sentiments about professional sport. These dumb Fuck athletes and the accolades they get from society is ridiculous.
      In oz the AFL players are like fucking gods and started going to anti gay discrimination marches, crying for weeks cause someone called them an ape and have women’s respect classes etc. The only thing I will say about these imbeciles is every single one of them has a 9 or 10 under his arm at some official function.
      It must send that hamster wheel into overdrive when your a somebody and they are fucking taking advantage of it. Good on em too.

      1. No, every single one of them has a cum dumpster for a partner. I’ve had a lot contact with the so called ‘wags’ of these men.

    5. Fantastic post! The only ‘sport’ videos I watch are have to do with learning often with some entertainment value in the mix. For entertainment, K1 comes to mind. Just this afternoon I fucked away no less than an hour watching Billy Robinson catch wrestling technique videos on YouTube. Why people watch toothless Canadians on ice chase around frozen rubber, I’ll never know. At least examining your neck crank technique can do something for you.

    6. “How about the nuking of two Japanese cities, when more Japanese died
      than there ever were slaves? How come that isn’t in the fucking movies?”
      For my fellow RoK readers I recommend reading the book Hiroshima by John Hersey. Its not a pleasant read, but as important enlightenment is to us I think you would all find it beneficial reading.

  17. Equality and Social Justice and Fairness:
    From each according to their dicks
    To each according to their pussies

  18. Words like “fascism,” “marxism,” “socialism,” etc are thrown around pretty casually and with little intellectual rigor in society in general and the manosphere in particular. Having said that, this article is as pure an expression of fascist thinking as I’ve seen. Remember, there’s always a difference between an ideology and how the ideology is translated into a political system. So I’m not talking about making war or gassing people or authoritarian control. But this is the fascist belief system – especially the ideas about art and artists being useless.

    1. This article could have been 10,000 words long, citing multiple examples and comparisons, and you still would have said that it lacked intellectual rigour.
      Obvious intellectual troll is obvious. Go seal-clap something at the HuffPo.

      1. Because I disagree it must therefore mean I have some alignment with HuffPo? It’s precisely that type of simplistic thinking that is on display in this article and a lot of the rhetoric that bounces around the manosphere. Don’t ape the feminist mistake of crafting theories to align with your feelings.
        “Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”
        ― Adolf Hitler

    2. Except the author did not state that Art and Artists were useless,just overvalued and disproportionate in their appeal.
      And contrary, the Fascist system extensively supported the Arts specifically as propaganda,and censored anything that was not in line with their thinking which is what is happening today.So this article is anti-fascist if anything.
      If you value intellectual rigor then by all means start showing some.

      1. Ok, if not useless then on par with prostitutes.
        Fascists saw art in two categories – degenerate and utilitarian. Degenerate art is basically art that is individualistic or abstract and does not “serve” the purpose of society. Utilitarian art is rigid in form, conventional and propagandistic.
        In essence, its a value placed on art by its pragmatism. That is what is reflected in this article. The Nazis hated and persecuted “frivolous artists”.
        This is not a defense of the entertainment industry, mind you. It is atrocious. But I would argue that’s because of commodification. Art now is mostly product, not creation. But the idea that in and of itself art is of little value against practical pursuits is fascist.
        The greatest civilizations have always combined industry with creativity. In fact, they are interwoven. What is an architect if not an artist?

        1. Let me quote from the article
          “I’m not saying they’re useless, but when you basically have the same job as a six-year-old child and play make-believe for a living or can’t actually play a musical instrument but can push some buttons on a beat machine that makes the sounds for you, then the amount of money, fame, attention, and praise you receive is ridiculously disproportionate to your worthwhile contributions to society”.
          Therefore your accusation is unfounded.And what the Author seems to be talking about is where current society places entertainers in the hierarchy of hero worship.The author is not even talking about the value of art itself,but you somehow think he is.Rest of your comment is interesting but irrelevant.

        2. Yes, and he also said:
          “When a new empire is in its early glory phase, actors are shunned, mocked, and looked down on. This is because the more practical and pragmatic professions are the ones looked at by society with the most respect, since they play the greatest role in accelerating the empire’s prosperity.”
          His entire frame is the value of any activity is measured by how it advances a society’s imperial prosperity. But what about the cultural and spiritual enrichment of people beyond their utilitarian value to the society? Fascism disdains art outside of its role in contributing to a “powerful” society.
          And perhaps most importantly, embedded in fascist thought is the idea that this cultural degradation is all part of a plot from some hostile outside force. Just replace Jews with leftists.

  19. The point of University isn’t just to get people jobs. Traditionally, the University was to instill the highest culture and traditions in its graduates, creating educated citizens who would become leaders. Philosophy, literature, art, etc aren’t “useful” in the practical sense but they speak to the soul of a civilization. The problem with women’s studies, race studies, etc isn’t their usefulness as much as the fact they are empty of thought and downright poisonous to society.

    1. Yeah, there was a time where the liberal arts weren’t the abomination they are today (quite the opposite in fact).

    2. Thank you. I actually got a degree in Comparative Religion and studying all the world’s spiritual traditions introduced me to some of the greatest thinkers in history. Reading the classics of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism introduced me to the ideas that have made civilization work for millenia. And it allowed me to develop a working philosophy of my own life which made taking the red pill a natural step in my journey (indeed, “The Matrix” was just a modern adaptation of traditional mysticism stories from these religions).
      A broad mind with a knowledge of history is critical to a mature man seeking to make his way. That can be only obtained by studying the classics and ancient wisdom. We should be careful not to equate traditional liberal arts that build the mind and character with modern nonsense such as Womyn’s Studies.

      1. I should add that our very own Quintius Curtius demonstrates on this website every week a profound knowledge of ancient religion and philosophy. His posts are the living proof of the wisdom imparted by studying the classics.

        1. yeah but you don’t need a $250k debt and 3 years of your life wasted to do that… you can visit the local library or today use the internet….. switch of the TV and the Netflix and simply do some hard study every evening…. no piece of paper or title proves your intelligence….
          especially when it comes to history, classics, literature, history of art etc. … this shit you can study in your own time…..
          only hard science and scientific research / cutting edge technology needs university…. there might be some merit for a very few highly intellectual academic types to get into the Arts, but frankly it should be about 1 in 10,000 university places….. not a booze cruise for the masses.

        2. I’ve got to agree here. I’ve been a voracious student of History since childhood, and I have encyclopedic on vast tracts of our past. But I can’t stomach the sort of History subjects they teach at University nowadays: ‘Feminist perspectives of Indigenous experiences in the Colonial era’, or ‘Gender studies in the 19th century’, its all just a bunch of bullshit.
          I guarantee, if they had such topics as ‘The 10 Most Epic Battles of the Ancient World’, or ‘Medieval Warfare 101’, men would be much more interested in studying History at University. But what are the chances of a University offering such subjects nowadays?
          Actually, just thinking about this: that wouldn’t be a bad business idea… Opening up a Manosphere-approved University, with lecturers and subjects on The Classics and Military History and Proper Philosophy (not wishy-washy feminist friendly philosophy)… That would be cool.

        3. need a lot of funding for that, not to mention academics prepared to step forward and support an institution antithetical to progressive causes. Something like MIT opencourse ware . future learning on the internet might be an idea, with affiliation to existing universities or particular departments. I’m sure there would be huge take-up for the classics / some kind of canonical studies (that word ‘studies’ though), if real qualifications could be gained – but could you have a course with ‘guaranteed no PC bullshit’ as a selling point?

        4. It couldn’t be on the internet, it would need to be real and solid and traditional, it would need to have a physical basis in reality.

        5. this^^^right….Think I read that Texas has 16 doctorate programs for philosophy.

        6. Texas also has Rice university, University of Texas and Texas A&M.Their graduate programs rank top 20 in the nation.

        7. QUOTE: “I should add that our very own Quintius Curtius demonstrates on this website every week ”
          He sure does. And it is also good to see article at ROK regarding the arts as a way to balance out the site.

    3. Thatcher and Reagen pushed higher education to bring down the unemployment numbers in the 80s and it went into over drive in the 90s with dozens of crappy colleges that barely cut the grade of providing education being turned into ‘universities’.
      They also cut back on grants, rolled out student loans big time, and turned university into a consumerist / marketed product…. hence all the crappy courses…
      If you want to be a civil engineer, chemist, pharmacist, get into genetic, computer design etc. etc. etc. high end science, then university is the place… MIT, Imperial College London, certain other high end science universities including certain courses at Oxford and Cambridge etc…. OK fine….
      Some research and PhDs are fine….
      everything added post 1980 is just garbage….

    4. The sad part is that universities and colleges have been turned into a business, first, and a learning institution, second.
      We do it with everything in this country (if you really think about it). It’s always money, first, and anything else, second.
      Take a minute and apply this formula to anything in the U.S., today.

      1. And wouldn’t you know it, you pay more and more for less and less quality along the way. Quite the right direction to be heading in now.

  20. Damn, this was some pretty hard hitting stuff. This is a very important topic. It needs to be addressed more in the manosphere and on ROK. This article in a great way to get the ball rolling. Well done.

  21. “Children in adult bodies
    who are content to get high and then immerse themselves in a fantasy
    world instead of being productive all day in business or engaging in
    self-improvement are now celebrated. These people are easy to
    manipulate and control as long as you keep the mindless entertainment
    This is an excellent point and quite true.

  22. Well spoken, Samson. These people are basically those who could die off tomorrow and go completely unnoticed as far as I’m concerned.

  23. While the author manages to make a handful of decent points, this article as a whole reeks of ignorance. The definition of psychology and psychiatry is reversed, political science is lambasted while being a politician/lawyer is praised (even though most politicians and lawyers majored in poly sci), people who don’t want the government telling them what to do are called “childish,” etc. This reads as more of a rage-fueled, poorly researched rant than a well-written article. I hope this is not indicative of the direction in which RoK is heading…

    1. Astute points. As usual, there are a handful of intelligent comments, all of which get only a couple of upvotes. This is one of the downsides of RoK nowadays; there’s a massive herd mentality in the comments section that’s practically the definition of blue pill. They emotionally want their beliefs to be true, even though they’re not. People need to step up to the plate and point out pseudoscience and poor arguments in the articles.

  24. Children in adult bodies who are content to get high and then immerse themselves in a fantasy world instead of being productive all day in business or engaging in self-improvement are now celebrated.

    And then see guys like Elon Musk, who read way more than his share of science fiction while growing up, and then he realized, “Wait a minute. I can build some of the cool things in those stories!”

    1. Yeah, but hard SF (Heinlein & co.) was serious SF for the most part and injected political and social thinking (of many varieties) as well cool science shizzle that was often based on something foundational. It inspired many of us to do real things in the real world. The coolest thing is that it created a self-feeding cycle. The authors read something that inspired them to imagine, say, a handheld computer that can do a bazillion things, and many inspired, smart people over the decades worked on bringing such things to life.
      Then, there’s the Star Wars crowd. Look, I love the original SW (I was a kid, mmkay), but you will never see me overweight or in a costume, or even probably at a damn convention. Yeah, I’m generalizing here, but you see the point.

  25. A source of demoralization for the past 50 or so years has been the use of science not as a source of knowledge and beneficial technology but to demean and degrade people. Evolution, as well as showing relationships and processes in biology, is used to claim that we’re “nothing but fish”. Biology has just discovered that various animals, mammals and birds especially, are conscious, have feelings, and can solve problems and that we are probably nowhere near as competent and good as they are; what farmer or hunter didn’t know that to begin with — what sane pet owner didn’t? But the gist is that despite being able to cure diseases, go to the moon, discover the distant past we’re not as good as other creatures. And of course, whatever we do is destroying the environment because we’re no good unless we have a rigid totalitarian state to control our every thought, er, save the climate. This from the same persons who’ve shown fluctuations in climate long before humans existed…
    Science communication has to be freed from negative leftist propaganda.

  26. Psychiatry is something way different than what you described,they are doctors motherfucker,they studied medicine,they dont just talk to people…Read up on things before writing an article,thanks.

  27. Assessment of the difference between psychology and psychiatry is pretty wide of the mark. Psychologists can be (but are not always) therapists. Psychiatrists can be (but usually are not) therapists. Psychiatrists have been to med school, and can prescribe drugs. In my experience, that is the bulk of what they do.

    1. Writing a prescription takes 5 seconds +2 to scribble a signature on it. Pretending to listing to someone while billing +$250 an hour is the bulk of what they do. They are counting on it.
      Perscription medication commercials always start with a question. Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you constipated? They list off these questions hoping that at least one of them will make you think “Hmmm… yes I haven’t been feeling myself these days”. And bingo! You need to start taking meds. It’s a JOKE.
      I was in a pharmacy looking for razor blades and a “pharmacist” was taking questionnaires about what meds people take. “What kind of medications do you take?” she asks me.
      “What do you mean. I don’t take any.”
      She looks at me like Im from another planet. (Another useful idiot.) “Well you must take SOMETHING for ailments”. No. I don’t take medication for anything. “Not even aspirin for a headache?” No. I drink a litre of water and take a nap. You should try it some time.
      She was floored. Another useful idiot who accomplishes nothing of any value.

      1. +1 Bravo psychiatry is such bullshit and so true most people I know are on some form of medication.

      2. I read your comments everywhere and keep wondering when are you going to write an article?I love your irreverent style and no bullshit,subversive narratives.Do it man.

        1. Been meaning to. Have been looking for exactly the right topic and exactly the right timing. Recently had a knee injury and now playing catch-up, but it’s coming. Very big thanks for the manspiration.

  28. I think presence of psychologists when working with children and in police force is invaluable. Hell, they are backbone of it.
    As for socialist systems behind iron curtain – nowhere was nuclear family as stable, which was evident in high natural growth all the way until collapse of Berlin wall. Even more, gender roles and type of labour sexes were involved in was pretty traditional. Women were either in some easy manufacture, or were secretaries and at the front. Males were in industry, army, manual labor etc…
    Useful idiots – they were more of a political weapon, then a weapon towards some goal of mass destruction or whatever.
    Westerners generally have to understand that all of socialism after Stalin had nothing to do with liberalism anymore. Actually, Stalin, Mao, Che, Castro – they were sworn enemies of liberalism, social-democracy and third path. Socialist marxist-leninist societies were quite paternalistic, and it’s leaders highly disliked all kind of revolutionary social changes (with exception of asian leaders and their cultural revolutions and massacres)
    Pulling parallels between post WWII socialism and today’s liberalism is very very very inaccurate, wrong, and screams that person is very uneducated and read zero on the topic.
    Yes, you can compare today’s liberals with commies of the 20’s and 30’s, but with USSR and eastern bloc ? No resemblance. Absolutely no resemblance. In USSR, liberals would be first in line to gulags.

    1. The reason the nuclear family was stable in Russia, was because they moved fast to destroy it after the revolution – and quickly realized how disastrous it was. Lenin was a huge advocate for feminism – the man was an ideologue and held true to his beliefs, a monster but not a hypocrite. It was after his depth and the rise of totalitarian tyrants like Stalin that feminism was put on the back burner. Stalin didn’t care about ideology, but about power: and competing with the West forced him to adopt traditional values in some places.
      He *was* pushing feminism in the West, however. And modern pinkos are ideologues, not power tyrants, who seek the mass destabilization of civilization to install communism.

      1. Stalin was quite conservative with his personal preferences. His idea was to create a system, socialist system, not for USSR to exist as some rogue embattled communist state. In fact, he wanted it to be a proper state, with it’s allies/satellites. So he returned things “to normal”, even allowing church some more liberties. That demanded a stable paternalistic society, with labor being at first place. There was no place for liberalism or feminism there, because press was owned by state, and press – well, they were anything but feminists. Stalin and his successors even less.
        My point is, socialism was as far from todays liberals as it could get. Only early commies, such as Lenin, Kautsky, Trotsky etc, shared “radical” beliefs. Stalin and post-Stalin, was a total shift from that. Feminism is complaining, and complaining (publicly) was no-no.

      2. “And modern pinkos are ideologues, not power tyrants . . .”
        At least not until they have all the guns.

  29. *SLOWCLAP* You not only walked off the reservation you gave it the bird and mooned it on the way out. One of the best articles I’ve seen on ROK.

  30. One quibble, psychiatrists are physicians. Not all of them are ninnies or reprobates. Some of them actually treat the mentally.

  31. This has been one of the most honest and forthright articles ever. Since we’re at it, let’s go one step further into the realm of political incorrectness otherwise known as the brutal truth. There has been a deliberate, planned and well executed culture war against the West. It is so mind numbing as to the scale and scope of it, that the average Western plebian would spew the most ridiculous PC vitriolic pabulum. I would like to state, I am not criticizing all Jews, Blacks or Anglos just the trash out of each selective group.
    Whether you want to call them the Jews, les Juifs or Die Juden, the Jews are now the absolute masters of the West, everything west of Crimea is theirs. My problem is not that Jews are necessarily in power, but what Jews who obtain positions of power, do with that power. Whether it’s pornography, neo-conservatism (whose authors were nearly all Jewish ex-Communists), media masters, record executives, or Hollywood purveyors of absolute moral degeneracy, the Jews have perverted American Culture and made it into a filthy cesspool, they reign from on high. This permeating of degeneracy is a neat little tactic to keep the Anglos from being competitive again, against the Jews that is.
    Needless to say, someone should tell Mr. Redstone or Mr. Spielberg that white women as a whole in America/Anglosphere don’t respect white men anymore and will do the job for them. In fact the biggest stab in the back to the Anglos have been their women. Anglo-Saxons have been some of the worst traitors to Europe, and were disparagingly called “Yids” by the last Tsar of Russia. The Anglos rejected numerous peace overtures from Germany during both World Wars which caused profuse and needless bloodletting on battlefields such as Ypres and the Somme, that’s because England and America’s nationalisms were always tied to capitalism instead of the tribe. Europe, especially Germany should never forgive England.
    The blacks, most of them in America are half my blood (if that, due to all the plantation fucking), are on the whole some of the most useful of all the idiots (some are very decent people, but I cannot identify with the vast majority of them). The vision and planning to behave like niggers is set in some record studio somewhere. Needless to say, the biggest buffoons and useful idiots are the white liberals. Dear God, there hasn’t been a stupider group in history than these people. These people would pay you for the right to jump off a cliff and smile while doing it. They kill their children in the wombs, spread feminist poison to decent countries, and are generally contemptible people. These are the people who tow the line, the die-hards, the degenerates and who deserve the wrath of a resurgent patriarchy. As men, we must face up to hard and bitter truths, it will make you wiser and also turn you into steel.
    There are ethnic, monetary and even spiritual dimensions to this continued breakdown of Western Civilization. The mistake anyone of you can make is to single out everyone from a group but don’t be mistaken groups do exhibit, group behavior; a nasty and hard truth that was hard for me to follow. Never apologize for speaking the truth. Recognize the myths we’ve been told and dismantle them. Democracy, political correctness and Cultural Marxism should all die violent deaths. It’s always nice and refreshing to read the symptoms of the disease from articles like this, but no one ever talks about the root cause of the disease. The buildings remain, things may seem normal, but it’s an illusion, the buildings have lost the essence and élan of the spirit of their builders, and the people are hallowed out narcissists. The family is an institution of the state and art and music have been debased to a few blotches of paint thrown against a canvas and digitized beats with no talent entertainers. The outside appears normal but on the inside, spiritually, this place looks like Berlin, May, 1945. We are on the whole void of spiritual life, communal life and are empty. We are being tortured spiritually, as the Slavs were tortured physically in the gulags. I encourage you all to listen to Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor. A requiem for the death of Western Civilization. My favorite recording of this piece, by Herr Bohm.

    1. Psssh. Jews and Anglo-Saxons have contributed more than any other contemporary peoples to the advancement of science, medicine, law, democracy, literature, and just about everything else good in the world.
      Then your apologia for Nazi-era Germany is even further off the rails. If it wasn’t for England standing bravely alone for two years, the world would have been divided between Hitler, Stalin, and Tojo, ushering a thousand years of darkness.

      1. “the world would have been divided between Hitler, Stalin, and Tojo, ushering a thousand years of darkness.”
        Highly speculative and hyperbolic. Try not to go off the rails yourself there champ.

      2. Yes, and Churchill was SOO brave and patriotic. Those Brits stood alone and held out, blah, blah, blah.
        Stop watching the History Channel, bro. It’s not accurate. It has an agenda.
        History is grey at best, not black and white.

      3. you do recall that we were stalin’s ALLY during wwII right?
        the world, post hitler victory, likely would be almost exactly the same as it is now.

        1. Before Hitler broke the Molotov-Rippentorp pact, Stalin and Hitler were allies. Learn about it.

        2. yes, I am aware… they were both fighting to become the ‘better socialists’ which was, in essence, a primary motivator behind world war 2.
          What of it?

      4. Anglo-Saxons have only contributed recently but for the most part scientific and literary contributions of the west were done by Central and Southern Europeans.

      1. don’t blame the whole lot on a count of a few ‘bad apples’..they are a persecuted race…

        1. Why are jews ‘persecuted’ ?
          Anyone who has been ‘persecuted’ for 2000 years is doing something wrong.

        2. I definitely agree with Mr. Christopher that by and large they are largely in control of The West. It’s not hard to see, if you’re willing to look, whether it be gun control, open immigration, pornography (cultural corruption, etc.), and the bankster elite in control of every Western country, that this group, more than any other, are firmly in control.
          I don’t know if this because they come from a communist background or that it’s part of a larger conspiracy for global ethnocentric domination, but it is worth our attention.
          But I don’t want to lump all Jews in with the crowd, as there are many who don’t subscribe to these ideas.
          Maybe just could call them the Progressive(ly communist) ones….

        3. its a larger conspiracy but again…as I said don’t “lump” the blame game…one has to consider that the “power that be” may want us to see it that way…

        4. hmm’ one could say that about any people group, but hateshaming didn’t get anyone anywhere…or do we have to revisit history again.

        5. Nobody has the monopoly on suffering but I can’t think of any other group that continually whines about their ‘suffering’ and ‘persecution’ and has now has raised 3rd Generation trauma survivors.

          Seriously, how would any man here get treated if he whined about being a 3rd Generation Iwa Jima survivor (for example) and focused on the suffering of his great grandparents ?
          If someone tells me he got kicked out of the local pub and told not to come back because the barman didn’t like him, I’ll take his word for it.
          However if you’ve been kicked out of every pub in every city you’ve lived in maybe the problem isn’t the bar staff but the problem is yourself.

          Am I an ‘anti-semite’ ?
          Yes, if by ‘anti-semite’ you mean being annoyed by the continual bleating about ‘endless suffering’ by a group of racial supremacists who believe they literally are God’s gift to the World and who I am expected to worship or be ‘cursed by God’.

        6. look…what is ROK’s task (throwing around anti-semetic statements) around is not going to woo’ the wider populace…thats all im saying..Hitler already made that thepoint to convince that ‘the jews were to blame for everything’ lets pretend that for one second, thats the only sole reason why we are all here…free will can still be exercised by any individual, even if it be the 20yr hypergamous gal often described…

    2. I’m glad you chimed in. This seems like your topic. I’m also very glad that the Manosphere is beginning to tackle this particular topic; the long-term orchestrated destruction of Western Civiliation as we know it, and the players/actors who are responsible for it.
      The information available regarding this topic is murky, at best. Getting any truthful info on the topic is very difficlut. I appreciate it when people who understand this topic put forth info on it.

    3. you know, a lot of people overcomplicate the concept of ‘conspiracy’ and try to look at the little corruptions instead of the big picture. If you look at all of the corruption that has happened to western society, there is one recurrent theme.
      Those in power wish to stay in power.
      the destruction of the middle class and all of the attendant atrocities clearly points at a desire to ensure that upward mobility is nonexistent. Upward mobility is the true threat to the elite… it always has been, because each achiever and new member of the power elite either dilutes the power of the rest, or knocks one of the elite off their pedestal.
      This has always occurred throughout history.. the powerful elite rise, and the first thing they do is try to burn the bridges of those following them, in the mistaken belief that they can make their elite status, and the status of their heirs, last ‘forever and ever’.
      Once you analyze the reasons, you begin to understand the insanity that is Marxism. ‘all struggle is class struggle’ is utterly true, except when it is not… Marxism had it’s roots in a very logical conundrum… progress is created by the same ‘class’ that eventually destroys it… and humanity has no way out of the eternal cycle of class warfare. Of course, the failure of Marxism was in attempting to ‘fix humans’ and make this natural behavior impossible, rather than attempting to create a society where paths to power cannot be so easily removed.
      if you wish to see a ‘raw’ form of this behavior, play any MMO with a ‘player based’ economy or the ability to monopolize resources… EVE is a perfect example of this. All of the struggles of the ‘early players’ to destroy the ability of ‘newbies’ to rise in power and influence is laid bare….
      Many Jews, because of their gift with grift, are on the pedestal of the power elite.
      is for two reasons. Number one, the very same evolutionary twist which
      has gifted them with asperger’s syndrome has also given them a natural
      gift for mathematical manipulation. This is not neccessarily bad, as math is the core of
      engineering, and engineering is a field where jewish domination has provided dramatic improvements to technology.
      second factor is that culturally, goyim are not human. Socially, it is
      always perfectly fine to betray, rip off, tattle, lie, dishonor, or
      otherwise treat with the ‘infidels’ in a dishonorable fashion…they are
      not going to heaven after all, so why bother treating them as people?
      the jewish problem has to be handled with care. They are both the
      creators and destroyers of the future… the mistake we have always made
      is that of giving them unlimited freedom to manipulate others. We need
      them, but we cannot allow them a free hand to become the cultural elite and start destroying the trail of goyim they trampled on their way up.

    4. +1 Nice post. Like to see some references on the Jewish thing as well.

    1. yes, brilliant article… it’s long been my theory that the KGB engaged in social manipulation and the installation of socialist machinery to pull down the free world….
      The big question is whether the KGB machinery is running on autopilot with no one at the helm, or whether it’s still being implemented actively…
      One could argue that the best way for the USSR to win the cold war was by losing it on face value, and carrying on implementing their ideals.
      You could even argue that the entire 1917 Soviet revolution and USA / Israel etc. is manipulated out of London….. the brits originally colonized most of the world and controlled the financial system…. law, banking etc. is all British design….. post WW2 the UK was very socialist, and today it’s practically a police state…… what better cover than pretending their day is done…. while pulling strings and setting the ideology of the entire planet….. ?
      Sometimes collapsing when an opponent pushes on your causes the opponent to collapse…
      It’s curious that Russia is being run by an EX KGB guy.
      The only thing the article misses out is that economists and all economics has been completely subverted…. It’s one thing to have journalists as mouth pieces promoting the system, and universities rammed with garbage courses….. its quite another to actually block and tear down real science….
      the guys that run the FED and other economists are hopeless academics, that have learned a pseudo science…. useful fools for sure…
      one could argue that even law and lawyers these days actually promote mistrust and interfere with business relationships that should be run on honor and trust….

  32. I get sick of people who don’t bother taking the time to understand what “Liberal Arts” are. The fact that leftists are too stupid to use the term correctly, doesn’t mean that we should write off the actual Liberal Arts, which are the basis of Western learning and the intellectual heart of the Patriarchy.
    The Seven Liberal Arts are: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric (the Trivium); Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy (the Quadrivium). They are called the “Liberal Arts” because they were the skills that taught a man how to live well and independently, and how to be a person that knew something valuable and created something valuable, as a “free man” (from liber, free-man). Slaves were trained to do specific tasks, like office work, manual labor or fast-food drudgery; free men learned the Liberal Arts, and could make their own future. They were the basis of all learning. Nobody studied anything specialized until they had acquired competence in these fields. And whatever specialized studies they had, were their own affair. There was no department of “English Lit.” It was assumed that if you had mastered the Liberal Arts, you were smart enough to understand and write intelligently about a subject as simple as English Lit, and nobody offered or cared about credentials in such pursuits. You were an educated man; that was enough. Now, of course, “Liberal Arts” is misused by leftists to mean “anything not sciency.” They are idiots. Don’t speak like them.
    Finally, the drug problem is easily solved. Legalize the drugs, but impose harsh penalties – I vote for the death penalty – upon anyone committing a drug related crime. I.e., if you break into someone’s house for crack money, even if you don’t harm anyone, we kill you. If you kill an innocent while driving drunk or high, we kill you. If you commit fraud, spending welfare money on drugs, having become a liability to society and requiring us to house and feed you because you are a drug-addled welfare junkie, we kill you. That way, the losers who wanna puff on a bong every now and then rather than enjoying the truly good things in life, can be left alone until and unless they become a problem. And when they do become a problem, they have only themselves to blame, and we have one less problem to worry about.

    1. Time was, getting a liberal arts degree meant learning latin. It’s that simple, and it’s a fine way to filter out genuinely intelligent people.
      Now, it seems like these degrees are handed out as a badge to certify that you come from a certain class. They permit employers to legally hire only the “right” kind of people.
      If you genuinely have a skill, you can get by without one. Never finished my computing degree (failed the “human Communications” unit, among others). Doesn’t matter.

      1. I agree; I was just peeved that the author made the basic mistake of saying that “liberal arts” were inherently liberal because “liberal is right there in the name.” I hear this often, and I can only assume that people honestly believe the “liberal” in “liberal arts” comes from a mistaken belief that these arts are *politically* liberal.
        I’m getting my Master’s in Classical Greek and Latin philology. I think the PhD is a waste of time, unless you just happen to love Greek and Latin and have free time and plenty of money. A Classics professorship is driven by the same absurd “publish or perish” mentality that drives all of academia, and it leads to professors who spend their whole lives cranking out books and articles on subjects nobody cares about (including themselves). But a Master’s Degree can be a good set-up to Law, Philosophy, Theology, Linguistics, Literature, History or Archaeology work. Most of all, there is a resurgence of interest in Classical education at the Jr.- and Sr.- High levels right now, so there is actually a good chance of getting employed at a Catholic or charter school with a Master’s degree in Classical languages. Those on the PhD track would think of this as a step-down. I’m planning on the priesthood in the Dominican Order, however, so I’m less concerned with status!
        Anyways, in short: I agree that most “liberal arts” degrees are worthless now, and were I an employer I would actually prefer a kid fresh out of high school, to a kid with six-eight years of “progressive” nonsense clogging up his brain. To me, a degree in one of the pseudo-humanities that now passes for “liberal arts” indicates two very clear things: 1) a complete idiot who fancies herself an intellectual; 2) a lazy git who never worked a day in her life. I truly wouldn’t trust these people to clean toilets. But the real Liberal Arts are noble enough, and I wish that men writing articles for a website called “Return of Kings” knew enough, not to think the foundational arts of the Western Patriarchy were actually “liberal” arts, politically speaking.

  33. >Fat Studies
    I thought this was a joke and had to google it to make sure it’s real.

  34. when i see these protesters i thinking a mental evalutation is needed for them. what they say may seem nice to some but their body language tone and subtle ondicaters suggest theirs something wrong. not just protestors but anyone that preachs some sorta fantasy world….ey anyone notice when we are blitz outta our minds is when we get kinda hiipie like. such as dude i luv u is my bro or we should do this n wed be in perfect world etc. the real idiots are the ones that take it seriously when sober.

  35. o u should look into this youtube video of india is a regresdive state and look at the comments on the women supporting her(think its malika shrwet). look at her body language an tone its like shes bipolar or something. i ask my mum about her she saud in bollywood she is known to be a lil crazy. think thats what all these feminsts or.progressives seem to have in common. ..the film industry has to much power,athletes whom are more hard working deserve more praise espically pugilists then some actors. at the end of the day we gotta get away from the sctreens of our lives and use em as tools not entertainment.

  36. What a retarded article. “adults in child bodies”, in other words “MAN UP, BOYS!”
    Fuck you asshole. What motivation is there to stop watching anime, stop watching porn, and “grow up” and get married and start a family? Feminism and the anti-male legal system has destroyed any motivation for men to become responsible adults.
    Women and beta males made their bed. Let them lie in it. Smart men will just drop out of society. A smart man will never be a slave to society or to women.

    1. I don’t think Samson was pointing a finger at you. We assume that most RoK patrons are of the stripe you aspire to; those who don’t tolerate the people described in the article. I was an early MGTOW member. I went John Galt – MGTOW in the 1980s.

  37. What perfect puppets from the perspective of a ventriloquist. So ignorant and easy to control, while actually believing it.
    So the bigger picture question here is who are the puppetmasters, and what’s their plan?
    A little research and you’ll find the answer.
    On a final note, this article is perhaps the most truthful realist shit ever and Samson did not mince his words. Well done.

  38. We shouldn’t neglect the influence of these people on business. Steve Jobs was one of the biggest useful idiots. He made Apple, which is ensnaring people today in a fantasy land, and while he stated that LSD was one of the most important things in his life, he also attributed much of his success to meditation retreats in India- going as far as to say that if Bill Gates had opened up and done that (as well as LSD, which, oddly enough, Bill Gates had done quite a bit of) he’d be a broader guy with a better company. Every time you read about a successful guy who did a retreat in India durin the 60s, be wary of anything he says, does, or creates. He’s likely a pawn.

  39. I agree with much of this article, except the emphasis on legalizing drugs.
    Frankly, I am very much in favor of legalizing drugs. Not because of the fact that it’s an issue of freedom, but because free availability of drugs tends to kill the stupidest and most entitled part of society.
    Of course, this is impossible as long as crackwhores have access to ‘public medicine’, but when the free healthcare gravy train comes to an end, Legalize the stuff… sure, we may have a lot of bodies to bury, but it will be worth it.

  40. Comicbooks were a great intellectual stimulation for my young mind. The good ones stretch your imagination to see bigger worlds and to think about ideals, essences, and aspects of the universe otherwise relegated to archaic and byzantine philosophies. They are stories by men, for men, and about men. They are our modern day myths and legends, important learning tools for the young mind and simply enjoyable stories for the older and wise amongst us. Marijuana, in moderation, is not a bad way to keep the demons at bay. Better than what big-pharma offers those of us with unbalanced neuro-chemistry. Don’t tell me what to put in my body.

    1. really bro comicbooks, our culture and country is going to shit and I should just read comicbooks ?
      I think your need to take more acid or perhaps meditate and forget about everything.
      Maybe I misunderstood you.

      1. “For my young mind…”, is the specific context which I stated. I read books, certain magazines, and the internet now. I occasionally pick up a comicbook now and then. I have a very high IQ buddy, and yes, maybe I’m a little Asperger, but I assure you, most people would have done themselves well to follow my intellectual upbringing. The country isn’t as bad off as people think. Have some historical context, and see that in the past peoples lives were brutish and short. And I’ve only dabbled in acid, as all things in moderation, even moderation. I haven’t meditated since I was a pre-teen. Now I just take pills as needed. Isn’t biochemistry wonderful.

        1. And if Behold a Pale horse is in reference to the Conspiracy Theory book, than me and you aren’t even in the same intellectual league. That book is for wackadoos.

  41. Great Post Samson what is really scary to me is that no one here is really talking about the important points presented in the video. Just more proof of what Yuri was explaining in regards to the propaganda which has distracted the average American.
    I love the lines:
    “You can present proof, pictures evidence about what is really going on, but they will refuse to believe it.”
    “They won’t get it until the soviet military boot is crushing their balls!”
    I think we’re quickly approaching stage four and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  42. “instead of being productive all day in business”
    You had me right up till that point. “Business” is a circle-jerk powered by printing-press money injected straight into the share market.

  43. Having been raised up in the KGB, it seems very likely to me that Putin sees exactly what you are talking about in this article Samson. (As well as what Yuri was talking about in the video). He sees that Americans are so self-obsessed and focused on meaningless nonsense that he can do whatever he wants without fear of any consequence. He knows our military is still strong, but twisted in knots and in any case will not be used. Military action is too ugly for Americans now.
    The remarkable thing is that these civilization killing infestations are now so deeply ingrained in our un-society that we are now doing it to ourselves. It’s like watching a disturbed but attractive young woman cutting herself with a razor and thinking it feels good.
    The election of Obama is the pinnacle of self-destruction and a turning point from which this country can never reverse course. I assume that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency in 2016 and push this country further down the slope of decline.
    Really, there is nothing to do at this point. This country is over.

    1. Overblown Obama alarmism is the most cliche form of emotional catharsis in the manosphere, second only to Putin dick-sucking. If anything, Obama’s presidency is remarkable in its unflichling mediocrity. His only real accomplishment is that he followed the disaster of his predecessor’s presidency with a measure of stability. In 20 years his name will be the placeholder for “post-Bush president” and nothing more. His social policies are token nods to his progressive base pushed through on his lingering hype without an iota of political or social consensus. They will not last, and rest assured, the Democrats will be absolutely destroyed this November. His foreign policy has been a failure, but the foreign policy of literally every president since Eisenhower has been a failure except for Reagan and maybe HW. As for Putin, his main success was that he managed to forestall the inevitable breakup of Russian Federation maybe a decade, tops. Much of his power on the international stage comes from the fact that the US blew its wad during the War on Terror and will take decades to regain its post-Cold War level of influence, if it ever does. Also, the level of centralization he’s introducing to the Russian economy will undoubetdly hurt Russia in the long run.

  44. Considering how poorly Chateau Heartiste interprets psychology studies I’m sure some people still need a professor to explain things to people.

  45. 8. Psychiatry
    Incidentally, these people tend to graduate near the bottom of their medical school class.

    1. One could say you don’t even need a whole century to make the same point. 1980 USA was badass, the Soviet Union was a joke that wasn’t even funny anymore. Now Russia has a strong leader they love, are full of national pride, and are just on the up-and-up in so many ways. And we’re the joke now, led by people who believe borrowing more money is the intelligent way to get out of debt (seriously, you’re stupid if you don’t agree with this…), that every dollar in food-stamps results in 3 dollars worth of economic activity (Nancy Pelosi explained the magical food stamp multiplier a few years ago, smart lady, that one!), that profitable businesses and people need to be punished, and that starting some shit with Russia, in Russia, is totally worth it because Crimea, all of us Americans really care a lot about Crimea you know? There’s too much at stake!
      Embarrassing as hell, and what a great damn shame. Such a waste.

  46. Let’s look at modern(ie, post WW2) feminism for what it is:
    It’s little more than bullshit peddled for the purpose of tearing down traditional American society and replacing it with something a bit more controlled. I’m getting somewhat out of most people’s depth here, but the end-game is something that will resemble Brave New World.
    And it’s been very successful.

  47. one of the best articles on ROK and best articles I have ever read. Truthful. Good thing to know that a few good men like us cannot be controlled by them due to the way our brains are wired. We can see them for what they truly are. Looking back in History, it is amazing how such a small number of men have made a big difference in stopping evil and changing the course of History. “If there’s something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action”
    Thomas Jefferson

  48. Yet some of the most idiots are athletes which is usually glossed over on ROK.
    8th grade edumacated lebron pimpin obamacare? The NFL wholesale selling the socialist liberal agenda?

  49. Everything was spot on unit you started going against “drug use”. The resurgence of psychedelics may very well be the only fruitful thing to come out of Psychiatry in the coming years and could be the only thing that can save this cesspool from breaking past the event horizon of becoming a full-blown ThirdTierToilet.
    -J Dilla

    1. 1 – Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
      2 – So you have the freedom to suck cock, smoke crack and pierce the body part of your choice. Do you have the freedom to earn money without having it stolen? Do you have the freedom to keep the fruits of your labor? Do you have the freedom to exchange goods or services with other consenting adults, without anyone else forcibly interjecting themselves into the transaction?
      Without real liberty, the “freedom to do drugs” is little more than bread and circuses.

      1. There are so many logical fallacies in this reply I won’t address the content since it provides it’s own retort by virtue of its existence.
        If this is your brain without drugs, I recommend you start imbibing more.

        1. No one is remotely addressing freedom, or said individual pursuit of cock/crack sucking/smoking.
          What is not being addressed adequately is the validity and scientific merit of INNUMERABLE scientific studies showing that psychedelics (mainly the tryptamines) may very well form the foundation for the hard reset necessitated to prevent the inevitable societal demise that true red-pillers see is just a cunt-hair around the corner.
          As per the Psychiatry argument, take a look at the MAPS research being headed by several academic institutions. Psychiatry may very well be the only medical specialty set to right this sinking ship if the proper fork in the road is taken in the very near future and not placed in the hands of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.
          -J Dilla

        2. Drugs are tools like any other.
          “None are so enslaved as those who believe they are free.”

  50. People should take Yuri Bezmenov’s ideas with a grain of salt. While he was probably the most interesting Soviet defector, he quickly ended up a John Birch Society hack, paying the bills by telling aging cold warriors what they wanted to hear. A lot of what he claimed turned out to patently false. The KGB didn’t increase tensions within Communist parties in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India. They spent more time trying to smooth over internal party struggles from existing ethnic and tribal factions. Amin assassinated Taraki against Soviet orders not because of Soviet policy. And there is absolutely zero evidence that Soviet agents created or influenced US counter culture.

    1. You are not denying ‘counter culture’, you only want to argue about who exactly is behind it.

  51. I gotta disagree about drugs being legal. I am a grown ass tax payer I do not need the government telling me what I can and cannot put in my body.

  52. useful idiots were either raise by women or in households with men bowing towards women which in todays society is most men. they have no idea how to be men. they think if I do this and get a gold star for society like my female teachers and my single mommy taught me is great…means i’m a good man. If you want to be a good man now a day then do what your natural instinct tells you to do and if modern society says…you’re not a good man…you’re on the right path to being a man.

  53. I agree with everything except about legalizing drugs. The drug war is a waist of money and has helped leave countless children without fathers for the state to raise. The war on drugs has really helped the feminist movement alot. People use the drugs and drink regardless of the laws.

    1. Hey, you are totally right, that entire cracked article was a perfect example of a useless idiot!
      oh wait, I thought we were talking about ‘useful’ idiots.

  54. I don’t really understand the prohibition stance.
    Drugs being illegal has done absolutely nothing to help addicts recover or return to being functional members of society.
    Prohibition makes the addict a criminal that requires punishment instead of a patient that requires treatment.
    Legalizing isn’t about getting people high , there are 100s of legal drugs to get high on already. It’s about a medical issue being poorly addressed and exacerbated by the criminal justice system.

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