6 Types Of Men That Women Would Rather Be With Than A Normal Man

Back in the 1950’s, when men oppressed women by working all day and paying for everything, things were a lot simpler for men who wanted to attract women. The only requirement that a young man needed to find his sweetheart was that he be a decent and hard-working man. But fast-forward to today—things have changed a lot about the type of men women are attracted to.

Women today tend to hold off marriage so that they can spend their prime years slutting around focusing on their precious education and careers, and due to the deregulation of the sexual marketplace and the toxic effects of the media, modern women have developed a rather peculiar taste for dark triad men.


The consequence of this is that most men, who are merely average or normal, are considered too “boring” for the modern women to be bothered with. So, until these women are too old for bad boys and ready to “settle down,” many decent men—who would otherwise be considered good boyfriends or husbands—are forced to sit and watch on the sidelines.

So, if you are one of those average men struggling to figure out how to spark attraction in modern women, take a moment to gander at some of the types of men that women find irresistible.

1. Degenerate Entertainers


Modern women’s penchant for anyone famous is well-known. This is especially true in our degenerate society that worships talentless entertainers above thousands of ordinary individuals who work in the service of society. So it comes as no surprise that many women worship these musicians and actors regardless of how reckless, drugged-up, and sleazy they are. You have a better chance scoring an attractive woman as an unstable and shitty bass player who snorts cocaine for brunch than if you’re a medical student with a stable life and traditional family values.

justin bieber

Like hogs on truffle.

2. Abusive, Dominant Men


What nice guys, white knights, and male feminists can’t seem to get through their thick skulls is that women are not attracted to men who respect them. Modern Western women would rather be with a strong, dominant man who occasionally abuses them than be bored to death by a nice, supplicating beta who worships them. These same betas would be aghast to find out just how many women have fantasies of getting dominated and raped.


3. Serial Killers And Mass Murderers


Charlie Manson with his new wife. He’s happy because he knows that she can’t divorce rape him.

If women are attracted to dominant and abusive men, then it should be no surprise that there are also many who are drawn to violent criminals. In fact, the phenomenon of women being attracted to violent killers is so widespread that there is a term for it: hybristophilia.

Famous serial killers such as Ted Bundy (who was also a necrophile) used to receive hundreds of love letters from women on a weekly basis until his execution in 1989. Even homosexual killers like Jeffrey Dhamer and Luka Magnotta have been the subject of adoration from their female fans. That’s more attention than any normal man will get in his lifetime.

4. Drug Lords


On the left, we have the infamous “El Chapo,” the head of the Sinaloa Cartel. On the right is his wife, Emma Coronel. She married him when she was 18. He was 54 at the time, three times her age.

Enough said.

5. Communist Dictators


Living in a Communist utopia has its perks—especially if you’re the one in charge. It’s been known since the dawn of mankind that women are attracted to power. So, when you happen to monopolize all the power within the state, you know that you’re pretty much guaranteed an unlimited supply of pussy.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea, just like his father before him, has the privilege of having a large pool of young harems designated as the “pleasure troupe” to entertain him. And even before the Kim dynasty, the aging chairman Mao was rumoured to have had a line of young women willing to pleasure him—often more than one at a time.

20111106-Wiki C Mao_Zedong_with_women_in_1950

What’s important to note here is that most—if not all—of these women probably did feel an immense attraction to their dear leaders. It’s safe to say that no brute force was necessary to make these women worship them in bed.

6. ISIS Fighters


While millions of Syrians fled their country to escape from ISIS, these Austrian teens decided to go there to find their soulmates.

Given their worse-than-medieval treatment of women—not to mention their global reputation for barbarism and brutality—you would think that the so-called “Islamic State” would be the last place on Earth that any woman would venture to start a new life. But that’s exactly what hundreds of young women from the West have done.


Jihadi brides from the US and Australia posing with a BMW they’ll never be allowed to drive.

To be fair, some of these so-called ‘jihadi brides‘ have since regretted their utterly moronic decisions and have expressed their desire to return home. Whether or not their new husbands will grant them their wish is to be seen.


Seeing all this, I can already imagine many women (and some men) protesting that these are just a small minority of naive and “damaged” women who don’t represent the female population as a whole. However, study after study only confirm that the vast majority of women are indeed attracted to men with the traits listed above. This includes a study that examined the types of characters that women are attracted to on television shows and another study that was conducted with 35,000 people in 57 different countries.

With that, I think it’s safe to say that women are simply hard-wired with a deep subconscious desire for dark triad men on an evolutionary basis. No amount of denying or rationalizing will change that fact. The sooner that men realize this truth, the sooner their lives will improve.

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        1. Methinks you’re doing the math wrong:
          $87 x 24 x 365 = $762,120
          If you’re sleeping on kratom you’re doin it wrong.

        2. of course there is no sleeping, but you do need to put aside time to high five yourself

  1. In short, women need a man to add value to their mundane life. A man can have value w/o a woman, a women for the most part looks for a man to give her value. I’d rather have life of the most boring man on Earth in comparison to the majority of women that spend their time doing absolutely nothing.

  2. Now more than ever women are begging men to answer one simple question. Can you bend me over? The less you can tow the line with your answer, and the more domineering you voice your YES, the more women you will have open to you. This has never really changed. The only thing that keeps changing is the mental gymnastics that a man must go through to convince himself that he can bend the woman over, social status, and if he wants to.
    By far, serial killers seem to be the biggest one. A lot of women ask if you are one before lay one.

    1. haha- One time years ago I was chatting up this woman, said “relax, its not like Im a serial killer”, and she had this disappointed look on her face…
      Next time: “Relax, I AM a serial killer.”

      1. Like that scene in “American Psycho” when Bale’s character tells the girl that he works in Murder and Executions which she hears as Mergers and Acquisitions.

      2. It’s funny, now that I think of it girls always find a way to ask if I’ve ever killed someone. It’s always done in this tongue and cheek kind of way which Interpreted as them just being silly — but it is frequent enough to bear thinking about.
        It has happened often enough that I have a stock response: “not yet but if you keep asking questions that might change”

        1. Thats never happened to me- do you pick up women waiting for the bus to Riker’s Island?
          Maybe mugshots.com should merge with tinder?

        2. I just give them the answer my father gave me “no son I just shot in their direction…”

        3. That’s actually similar to my other stock answer “only the people who asked too many questions…”

        4. of course I do…but in other places as well.
          Seriously though, I have had multiple girls in a joking way ask if I’ve ever killed someone.

        5. I have had multiple girls in a joking way ask if I’ve ever killed someone
          Anyone experience this? that is fucking bananas

        6. I was a samurai butcher. I killed less people, but always brought home the bacon

        7. I am not saying they all have, but as I think back enough have that I wonder if there is something behind it.
          I don’t think any of them were actually seriously asking if I had ended peoples lives. I wonder if it is something I say that prompts them.
          I am pretty much on script at this point. I haven’t met a girl worthy of original material in a long time. Maybe it is something in my script that brings it out.

        8. Oh, yeah, I get that, only a few women have asked you that.
          Its just such an insulting thing to say to a man- it woulda pissed me off.

        9. My life before that I was a Samurai Farmer. I was out standing in my field.

        10. It might be some form of shit test. I am never insulted by women I date. They could say anything. A person needs to be pretty impressive for their words to have enough weight to hurt me. For most of these girls, sucking my dick will be the biggest achievement in their absurd little lives. Their words couldn’t possibly mean enough to hurt me.

      3. I recently wrote an angry message to a girl who once rejected me. Poor girl went to her boyfriend and he called me. I told him to come fight me if he wants to play hero.
        He said: ‘Sorry, I made a promise not to kill anyone anymore.’
        He spoke in a believable manner. I laughed.

        1. Felt like I needed to work through all those unresolved emotions and become more honest. Seemed like the most obvious way to do it. A bit embarassing, yeah, but kinda worth it.

        2. I wouldn’t say embarrassing, but I think the right time to address that situation passed. Try to be more in the moment. Fuck her, it appears she found her soul mate.

        3. dude stop doing that.
          Write your grievances down on toilet paper. wipe your arse. then flush it down the toilet.
          no harm, no foul that way

        4. Yeah, but it is pointless to do it to ‘punish’ her. I just wanted to express what I felt. That was pretty pathetic, but hey, honest at least. After a few of those messages, I hardly feel ashamed of anything anymore.

        5. Yeah, that is the point. It was embarassing because it was long past. But that was part of the challenge. To not care whether it appears cool or confident. Just do it.

        6. The problem is this. The point of telling someone is for them to understand. You could show up to a bitches house with a dry erase board and spend 6 hours making charts and diagrams explaining exactly why she is a cunt, she simply will never get it. Women aren’t introspective enough to understand how their behavior effects other people.
          That said, yes…some bitches need to know…but since they can’t you are only wasting your time by telling them.

        7. actually it wasn’t intended to be. It was intended to mean you might die of laughter at his threat. However, it does work both ways so I’ll keep it.

        8. Everything you say is correct. But sometimes it just feels good to beat an ignorant bitch’s head against the wall.

        9. You have a right to express yourself man. Look I told a woman the other day her behaviour was rude and unnecessary. I don’t think it made an impression but I felt good telling her.

        10. It isn’t that they don’t get it. It is more they seem entertained that you wish to educate them at all. And that’s regardless of you actually trying to be helpful.

        11. Women aren’t introspective enough to understand how their behavior effects other people.

          ABSOLUTELY TRUE 100%!!!!
          Which is why I no longer feel bad about just being a dick and if there is an argument, I always put 100% of the blame on them, and tell them this is how it has to be. If they talk back, asking further? “Because I said so!”
          They can’t be reasoned with, so the only way you try to change their behavior is just making rules for them. They don’t even have to be logical rules. Just “do this” “Don’t do that” “This is what I expect”. They will comply, or you move on.

        12. it is the only way to be. She will eventually threaten to leave you for being such a dictator. Pass this shit test and you own her. Point to the door and just say “ok…get the fuck out. I will find someone who can listen”
          Watch how quick their attitude changes.
          I don’t do LTR’s but any girl I am dating knows the deal. I am fully in charge. Where you want to eat, what movie you want to see, how and when you want to be fucked…put that shit on facebook if you want, but don’t bother telling me because it doesn’t mean a thing.
          If they misbehave they get tossed over a knee and spanked like a child.
          They are also free to leave whenever they want. You would be shocked the number of them who are truly hurt when I move on. I get text messages months after I kill contact just trying to get one more shot.

        13. Receiving text messages months after you dropped them… Contrast that with my final beta relationship, ex-fiance who had already thrown away all our photos several days before she called me on the phone to break up, I guarantee I didn’t enter her thoughts once from that moment forward.

        14. Dogs don’t chase rocks, they chase rabbits. That’s just the way it is.
          I got a text from a girl I ended communication with months ago that said “working in your neighborhood now and I think about you. lets get together” I have no response. None. 2 weeks later “is it annoying that I still randomly text you” no response a week later (last night) “thinking about you. say hi some time”
          She was fun and a total freak but I started to smell attachment and I cut it off. I did it clean. Explained I didn’t want to see her anymore. You know, that honesty women are always lying about wanting from men.
          She will keep messaging me until someone else gives her the tingles. Then when he moves on she will message me again.
          This is totally normal behavior. The constant texts I get from former girls keeps me flush with confidence that I don’t need to work to get laid which is very attractive to new women….and the circle of life continues.

        15. why did you send an angry message to kunt who once rejected you?
          seems like you could have done 1000 better things with your time and energy.

        16. i saw after i posted.
          seems like you just wanted to release it, which is good, if thats what works for you.
          i just hope you dont spend too much time dwelling on such things.

        17. None yet, but its early days yet. I have cut off contact with her because its too painful and I know its futile.
          That’s said, I hope I hear from her soon because I want my balls back.

        18. Early days? Dude, it has been a year.
          If I may propose an idea – a good painful one – write her everything you feel about her. It is painful because you come off as a weakling for breaking off contact and then coming back and painful because of the emotions and thoughts that are to be admitted.

        19. Ah mate, there’s been another one since then. 🙂
          But the old one is back in touch with me! Life is funny sometimes.

    2. Chick I’m banging told me I’m a sexist. I said “you know you love it”. With a sexy grin she replied “yeah I do…”

      1. I had a woman tell me about the first time she met me. She said, while laughing “and you walked in and said something horribly offensive”. A few days later she was sucking my balls.

    3. God damn, THIS. Ive never really paid much attention to it or I just thought it was weird but a girl I used to date had this strange penchant for me being a serial killer. It was kind of like an ongoing joke where she would always ask me if i was planning to kill her and I always responded with something like “bitch i might be”. Last October we were visiting a friends farm and she wanted to play hide an seek with me inside his barn in the dark.
      It’s all starting to make sense now.

      1. Far too many women ask that question for it not to be a standard shit test question. I think every man needs a stock answer to the “Are you a serial killer?” question.

    4. Damn, this was somewhat mind=blowing. I’ve been asked several times if I was a serial killer when chatting with a girl to get her to come over. Now it all makes sense, girls actually do want serial killers.

        1. They usually show resistance by saying “I don’t even know you, you could be a serial killer”….and I reply with “I’m inviting you to my place, and I don’t even know you, you could be a serial killer also” and that’s usually when the light turns green

    5. I talked with a girl on a plane years ago and when she asked where I was flying to I said, “to prison.”
      I ended up getting her number and e-mail, so I guess there’s something to that whole girls dig criminals thing.

  3. Women for a long time, have always been enticed by the very nature of the so called “bad boy.” The attributes possesed by these so called “alpha” males include violence and thuggery which are all the symptoms of a degenerate culture, which is only permeated and reinforced by the very fact that women are attracted to these types of men.
    Why is it that women are always getting knocked up by these types of deadbeats, and then they have the audicity to tell their sons that their fathers were not around because he was an “asshole” or a “jerk” yet somehow, it makes these women an exception to that rule? To make matters even worse, these boys are then raised to become emasculated wimps when they are told by these women that they should let out their feelings and to always be nice (the exhibits of the beta male) only to find out that most women including their own single mothers, prefer to be around the degenerate thug type men, who you see all over society.
    The truth of the matter is that today’s society has collapsed in all aspects, and despite many men trying to instill all the right values in their daughters, it only becomes more difficult to do so, when the culture they are exposed to, only continues to define and embody these very bad values in today’s girls. From watching the Disney propoganda about girls being “special” and “princesses” to watching the “bad boy jocks” in teenage films, all of this corroborates and symbolises the very fact that today’s girls are all susceptible towards being moulded and manipulated in the very wrong way.
    Heck, even in religious texts such as the Bible, it was very much explained that Eve was manipulated and seduced by the snake to break the rules, only to then influence and ruin Adam. Which is why it is important for men to ensure that they stay strong and vigilant in the face of deceit and manipulation which today’s women all use. How many times do we hear about women wanting to “settle down” (aka: have a beta provider) after having all of “her fun” (aka: sleeping around with as many “alpha” losers and deadbeats.)
    Remember, women have many tricks up their sleeves, and the truth is, all of it is now being exposed in the manosphere. From Tom Leykis to PUAs and mens right advocates, all these sources have unravelled and uncovered the insane bullshit and drama that today’s modern day women like to cause, and they do not like it. They do not like it that they have been shown for their true colors. Which is I advocate for men to continue to remain aware of all of this, as it will serve them with the necessary guidance and wisdom to stay a step ahead of the endless mindgames and shit tests that men are put through on a everyday basis.

    1. Single women are the root cause of poor childraising. Women are the ones raising their sons to be weak beta chumps, and these same single women are raising their daughters to be slutty prepubescent whores, buying them stripper outfits, and often doing drugs and alcohol together with them.
      The father is needed in order to instill discipline, skills, sport, and resilience in the son, and to provide a roll model for the daughter on what type of male she should seek, as well has giving a strong set of rules for her to follow.
      I don’t even want to see the stats on single motherhood and when that really exploded, because a couple of decades later (which I imagine we are close to hitting now) society really hits a new low. If Bruce Jenner (born 1949, raised in the 50s and 60s), Madonna (born 1958, raised in the 60s and 70s) and Gloria Steinem (born 1934, raised in the 30s and 40s) were raised in a more traditional, moral culture, can you even imagine what children raised in single mom households in the 2000s will give us?

        1. Hardly, if you’re a poor single black woman, the most profitable thing you can do is have 4 kids from 4 fathers, the gruberment will be happy to pick up the tab.

        2. Not anymore, you mean child support. Welfare don’t pay that much and there are limits now a days

        3. Yeah, but hasn’t it just been divvied into several other programs by leftists in order to subdue taxpayer anger? So the welfare stats seem under control but there is all kinds of WIC funding, housing, health, education, food stamps etc. Thoughts?

        4. Poor single black woman ????? You want to see profitablr, u try being a poor single white woman……Whites get far more in payouts than Black

      1. Modern women also expect all the old chivalrous goodies of the 1950’s in 2015. Sexism when they don’t like it — Chivalry when they do.
        I’m presently at my grandfather’s and for whatever reason he has the Meredith show on. They just had a “modern woman” on who can’t find a man. Should have heard her laundry list of demands she needs in a guy while she went off on all the “bad dates she’s had.” She proceeds to say one guy used a coupon on the date and that was a deal killer for her. I’m just shaking my head watching this — forget that we’re in a bad economy and women are taking more jobs away from men, damnit … I “deserve” all those old traditions guys in the 1950’s gave women!

        1. Women didn’t have it too good in the 1950s it was all about the husband and never ever about the wife. They had to follow certain rules having dinner ready and dressed with make up on the house clean and the kids clean before the husband came home. Wives were
          told never to complain to your husband or talk first because your problems are less than his. Wives were also expected to not get upset if the husband doesn’t come home all night. If the husband was upset with his wife the husbands were encouraged to spank her. 1950s was a terrible time if you were a women they were more like slaves then they were a wife.

        2. The coupon thing–I think an article could be written on that. In what society in the world would a guy who isn’t frugal with his money–who has the opportunity to take advantage of a bargain while entertaining a lady– in what possible way is that a bad thing? That woman is broadcasting to the world that she expects men to blindly waste money on her.

        3. Feminism wants all the benefits of the patriarchy as well as all the privileges of the men who make it possible.

        4. BEWARE THE HAMSTER! Women will complain half the time that you are not spending enough money, and the other half complaining that you spend too much! Spend too much and you are an unreliable wastrel; spend too little and you are unappreciatively cheap or else have no style.
          There are two basic reasons for this. First is simply a way to shame a guy into letting her control his finances. She gets to decide what is worth spending (lots of) money on and where to cut corners or simply not spend any money at all. If you don’t agree with her, then let the shaming begin. It’s the old “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine.”
          The other reason is the hamster: she is upset with you about something totally unrelated to money issues, and she needs to pick a fight with you over something – anything. My girlfriend did that too me recently. We went on a weekend getaway and I paid for the train tickets, the hotel, the food: everything. Of course, we were eating at restaurants the whole time an I decided to opt out of $50 steak dinners.
          At the time she was telling me that I was spending too much money. A few days later we go out to a modest restaurant and she was able to find an online deal that effectively gave us a free appetizer. She paid online through her phone and then I gave her the money back.
          I didn’t have any small bills to I gave her a c-note and she goes to give me back the change. She digs into her handbag, which as with many women is full of tonnes of crap, and rummages around for her purse. After a few minutes of this she is struggling to extract it from the bottom oh her bag and I start laughing. Then I say jokingly: “You do that on purpose – bury your wallet so it is hard to get out. Then you never have to pay!”
          Well holy fuck, if we didn’t spend the next hour arguing followed by her going home in a huff. Classic hamster because she accused me of insulting her as being a gold digger and at the same time calling me cheap, citing the fact that I didn’t go in for steak dinners on the weekend. I would have none of this and told her that she was being irrational and that no reasonable person would mistake my joke for an insult. I finally gave up and told her to go home, and that she knew where to find me. The next day, she came to my apartment, admitted she was upset about something totally different and that she was picking a fight with me. . .and then we fucked like rabbits for the next several days straight.

        5. According to women’s twisted perspective:
          -A man ALWAYS spends too much in things to sustain the household, tools and lastly anything connected to the man’s pastimes.
          – A man ALWAYS spends too little on anything indulging for her enjoyment only.

        6. Actually we want to dismantle the patriarchy and replace it with an egalitarian society.
          But, sure. You can go ahead and think what you said.

        7. Keep proving how monumentally stupid you are. Also, this is a year old article. No one is paying attention to your idiocy. Except me.

        8. And you can go ahead and actually believe what you wrote. Egalitarian as defined by whom? Feminists?

        9. You can look it up and see. We support the idea that everyone is equal and deserves equal rights. Men, women, male-to-female trans, female-to-male trans, intersex, genderless/a-gender, and gender neutral people are all equal.
          We do not want to take away the rights or privileges of men. We simply want to bring everyone else up to the level that you have been enjoying for so long. It’s not a matter of bringing people down, but a matter up supporting people and lifting them up. There are no logical reasons for there to be a divide between white straight men and everyone else.

        10. There can never be an egalitarian society. All advancement has relied on hierarchy, structure, and then performance. The reforms made first in the American Revolution, and followed by others, were about methods for removing bad rulers, and binding all rulers in chains of law. But in every effort, or venture, some one must lead. This is especially true of marriage.

        11. “White straight men?” Huh? Anyway, 3 simple questions: Who defines “equal,” when are we all exactly “equal,” and who decides?

        12. it seems like women only want the equality in areas or subjects that benefit them, but they want to retain all privileges they get simply because of their gender. Free drinks, dinner, movies ect for the privilege of meeting them. Free to make ridiculous list of demands and expectations, but not be called unreasonable or be criticized for their own flaws.
          The Princess Mentality is in full effect and hypergamy is worse than ever before. So many fat lazy, average or worse looking slobs that are also mental basket cases, who think they deserve a hot guy with an upper middle class lifestyle. And if a girl is even slightly attractive, a guy better be Mr Perfect in every aspect of his life if he wants to have any chance with her.
          I’ve had some hookup/dating/relationship/fwb success over the years despite this growing trend. But I’ve watched with horror as it’s gotten worse and worse. Women aren’t looking for an egalitarian society, they’re looking for complete and total domination. In the dating scene they’ve pretty much achieved it.

        13. No, actually, that’s not true. I know very few women who let men pay for their dates. And if the man gets it one time, she’ll pay next time. We don’t like feeling that we owe anyone anything – especially a “gentleman” who is trying to fuck us, in more than just a literal sense.
          My advice to you is to actually get to know different kinds of women. Seek first to understand.

        14. As a guy you risk ruining your chances if you don’t pay. It’s just expected by most women. The cost of getting the privilege of meeting them. The guy has to plan the date and make it special and bust open his wallet for her on every first date. Until this ends your talk of equality is BS. No woman wants to give up this girl privilege.
          I’ve met hundreds over the years and if you actually pratice what you preach you’re a rare exception. My advice to you is to not assume I haven’t had a broad range of experiences

        15. You need to understand that men and women ARE NOT EQUAL. get that through your damn skull. We men have had enough of your feminazis turning this nation into an orgy of faggots……all thanks to your shit democrat savior Obamaladingdong.

        16. A leftist, mentally ill egalitarian society where people (men) have almost zero incentive to take risk and to achieve? A society that is governed by an endless stream of irrational, illogical rules, technology hits a wall, everything is “fair”, sterile and corrupt?

        17. Your premise is flawed. Everyone is NOT EQUAL. There is no well in hell that an inner city drug dealer with a 50 IQ is anywhere equal to a research scientist making $150k a year, who aced Calculus in 7th grade. NOT equal. Never equal. Primate and mammalian societies in general are based on a pecking order. That is NEVER GOING to change. People need to lift themselves up. Nobody is a victim. They either choose to make the best out of the hand they’ve been dealt and find a way to kick ass or they earn their loser stripes.

      2. Nothing would have altered Gloria Steinem. She is a jewess and as Yashua~Christ said, a leopard cannot change it’s spots. She like all her kind are cultural termites

        1. It’s funny. I’ve had a number of Jewish men with a dead serious expression outright tell me not to marry a Jewish woman.

      3. I agree there is a problem with many single mothers. On the other hand, too many guys are simply not good father material. They are clueless and/or ball-less.
        I personally am not religious but the best way for society to deal with fucked up people is lead them to or impose religion on them.
        The most remarkable thing I ever saw was my. . .step uncle (mother’s second husband’s younger brother). He was a petty criminal and general layabout until a woman got her hooks into him. She was Mormon and all of a sudden the whole family and congregation rallied to straighten him the fuck out. Inside of two years he went from being a degenerate to having a steady job, owning a house, and being a father. You can’t rely on the state to transform or even manage people that way.
        However, it is the same with women. Mormon chicks don’t drink and don’t fuck around. They know who is boss. A Catholic girl who is an actual believer (not the “cafeteria Catholics” who ignore everything they don’t like about sex, abortion and such), she understands her place. When they are not flying planes into buildings, the Muslims have one thing right: you can have up to 4 wives if you can provide for them, and you own the bitches!
        The atheists here might comment that you don’t need god to be a good person, and maybe they are correct, but you need a fucking brain between your ears. Most atheists are fairly intelligent and can make some decent life choices. The problem is that half the people have an IQ under 100, and they make fucked up choices unless they have a structure to guide them. Our secular governments have largely withdrawn from trying to tell people how they should behave. We can see the results of this.

        1. So true. We are witnessing the retreat of both the state and religion in the realm of morality and ethical guidance, to great peril.

        2. I would add here, likely to the ire of the atheist/agnostic readers, that Will Durant saw religion as a key element in sustaining civilizations.
          “Conduct, deprived of its religious supports, deteriorates into Epicurean chaos; and life itself, shorn of consoling faith, becomes a burden alike to conscious poverty and to weary wealth. In the end a society and its religion tend to fall together, like body and soul, in a harmonious death. Meanwhile among the oppressed another myth arises, gives new form to human hope, new courage to human effort, and after centuries of chaos builds another civilization.”
          He saw this as a cyclical process, with secular intellecutalism suceeding religion after a perod of mutal support, then failing together, and the process begins again. Shades of Hegel

        3. The men might stick around if the women were actually femine and respectful of their child’s father.
          Most single moms I hook up with eventually admit they pushed the dude away to prove they didnt need him… All while complaining for being abandoned!

      4. The level of disrespect I hear these days is appalling. My neighborhood was rough (some gangs) but in a lot of homes, you had best be home but the time the street lights came home. A belt or a switch was always in play. Hard heads made for soft behinds. Even some of the wanna-be gangsters, I saw get their comeuppance on occasion when parents got wind of their attitudes.

    2. “Why is it that women are always getting knocked up by these types of deadbeats, and then they have the audicity to tell their sons that theirfathers were not around because he was an “asshole” or a “jerk” yet somehow, it makes these women an exception to that rule?”
      I’m counseling young men on a regular basis that if a woman has kids that should be an iron rule…get out (don’t bother with her). There are too many situations, today, where women will try to blame the man for the split but in reality the woman wasn’t happy, was bored in her life, etc… She will divorce rape the man, tell her potential new man that he left her, he was bad, did drugs, etc…(blame all on the man) and you’ll never know the truth.
      I tell younger men to just walk away…don’t take the risk. You could end up as one of the ex-husbands paying more alimony to this woman and maybe even a little child support (depending on the state)…doesn’t matter if they are your kids or not. There is too much of a risk at stake for men.
      If she has kids, then she’s out…..iron rule.

      1. Not to mention how vulnerable it makes you to ANY accusation of abuse, molestation of her child etc if you ever piss the woman off or if she just wants to shake you down if you break up with her. The kid can be brought on board so easily; “Did he ever touch you?” “Well, yeah. We wrestled.” “Did he ever make you feel uncomfortable?” “Uh. Yeah.” The whole legal system has a collective hard-on for any mention of those kind of offenses, true or not. Their appetite for pseudo heroism has been honed on the internet and then it gets to play out in real life. Same mechanics as rape culture on campus.

      2. I’m counseling young men on a regular basis that if a woman has kids that should be an iron rule…get out (don’t bother with her).
        Not so hasty.
        I made an exception, once, for a 39 y.o. MILF and her HB9 18 y.o. daughter, so I could have a MILF-HB9-Mistral threesome.
        It was worth it. *grins*

        1. Hey, as long as your not footing the bill for the kids (at that point, an adult) then I say go for it.
          Sounds like it paid off in your case. Nice.

        2. As a follow on, Roosh wrote a piece a few years back about how loose pussy is better than tight pussy. The above could take pounding in her pussy, a pounding up her ass, and a pounding down her throat (not necessarily in that order). My present girlfriend has never sucked cock, nor taken it in the back door, and I have to be really gentle with her tight, Chinese pussy. Guess which makes me happier, all in?

        3. But the difference in your situation is that the daughter is 18 – a legal adult which means MILFIE mom could not extort child support from you.
          Hope you enjoyed that the threesome and didn’t get the herp.

      3. This is gold: women choose shitheads to knock them up and then complain to their child about what a shithead their father is.

    3. You have to be a jerk sometimes. If you are a “nice guy” 24/7 then she WILL dump you for some asshole. About once a month you have to refuse an otherwise reasonable request or else make an otherwise unreasonable demand.

        1. Probably a lot more than YOU are, Krazy Kat Lady. Oh, and enjoy your toxoplasmosis.

        2. I highly doubt that to be honest.
          And toxoplasmosis… that is a truly bizarre thing to bring up. I can give you a freebie: I’m not enjoying the costochondritis

      1. Typical. Encouraging female manipulation.
        And then men get frustrated when women give them ‘shit tests’.

    4. As the flip side of what I put in another post, if women are complaining about their jerk ex, that is them insulting themselves, their own intellect, choices and judgment.
      It is a sad fact that if you are a nice guy all the time, you will get walked on and then discarded. My rule is to have a “me day” once a month. For 24 hours you become a self-centered asshole who wants what he wants, wants it now, and is not open to negotiation. Have a guys night out, make unreasonable sexual demands, and/or just say no to anything that she wants. And whatever you do, don’t apologize later. Hit the nice guy reset button and put her in her place.
      If you lose her, then she was lost already. More likely, the next day there is a boost to your relationship as she will appreciate the nice guy rather than taking him for granted.

      1. So… it’s be a nice guy, then flip the switch because you’re a two-faced sociopath who likes to intimidate his partners, and then “reset” and be nice again?
        That’s emotional abuse and manipulation. You are one of those jerks – you’re not a jerk sometimes, or only an asshole for a day. You’re just an asshole.

        1. Just checked, not wet. I peed a little from laughing at you, but that’s not really the same thing, is it?

        2. you really seem irrational when you throw around words like abuse and sociopath. Being a little bit annoying, obnoxious or demanding is not the same as what you’re describing. As the article states, so many women have a bad boy/dangerous guy fetish, and being a decent male who doesn’t normally behave like that you have to throw some red meat to the dogs occasionally to keep em happy. It’s out of character but you do little extra things to keep the fire burning, stay unpredictable. Be a brat, then have hot make up sex. Being an asshole is several steps above what he is describing.

        3. You really have no idea what you’re talking about. Being nice unpredictable like that is not the same as being spontaneous and fun. I really hope you grow up and learn a thing or two about being a decent person.

        4. I do know what I’m talking about. Some women really like the argue & fight, then make up cycle. I don’t, find it too stressful. I’d rather just get along and be happy. But to them that’s boring. I am the decent person who grew up and that’s not what people want. It’s what they say they want but what people say and what they actually go for are two different things.
          Describe your ideal guy, what attributes he would have, and then contrast that with what you’ve actually dated. You instinctually go for guys with attributes that are quite different from or even opposite of what the rational part of of your brain theorizes would be best.
          This is what guys have to figure out in order to win at the insane dating game women have created.

        5. Hmm let’s see. I’ve always wanted an educated man, one with a sense of humour, one who liked to cook, one who would be honest with me, and one who was sensitive to my feelings.
          1) Andrew – educated with an honours degree in Chemisty and Physics. Enjoyed cooking and had a sense of humour. Was distant from his and my feelings. So that ended pretty quick.
          2) Cameron – educated with a degree in Civil engineering. Also enjoyed cooking, but didn’t have a sense of humour. Was not an honest man and used me as the other woman (news to me). So that ended.
          3) Ryan – educated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Loves to cook. Has a great sense of humour. Is extremely sensitive to my feelings and does everything he can to make our relationship work even though it’s long distance now. He’s very honest, and very caring. And it’s been two years and still going.
          So, no. We don’t like the turbulence. We may sometimes try to make things work with bad men, or men not ready for a serious relationship, or just an asshole. But we will call it quits and be with the person who works just as hard as we do and actually makes us feel good about ourselves and feel fulfilled by our relationships.

        6. Well that’s a short list, leaving a lot out. How long were these relationships? Probably short, few weeks, few months. You’d get bored of them treating you well after a while, women always do. Then you’d see some tattooed body builder in ripped clothes or some guy playing in a band and get all hot for him, need that danger excitement and bad boy rush.
          What are successful guys doing with an average looking girl like you? All you could be for them is a convenient slam-pig until they get bored and or find someone hotter.
          Ryan is banging other women. While the cat’s away, the mice will play.

        7. They didn’t last because they were assholes. They are successful people, but they weren’t nice to me or to other people so I ended it. I don’t miss them, I hope they have grown up a little since we were together, and I hope they’re happy doing whatever they’re doing.
          I know you’re trying to make me feel bad by calling me “average looking” because obviously a woman’s worth comes from how she looks. But it doesn’t bother me. Sorry. Please play again.
          He’s not, but it’s nice of you to try and needlessly put worry in my head. Too bad for you, our relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding. Sorry. Please play again.

        8. You’re deluding yourself. Guys take average looking girls as a convenience to get them through after a tough breakup or during a dry spell. Sort of slump busters. The lack of attraction kills any long term potential unless you are an amazing fuck, that’s really the only way women like you can keep them unless they are lonely desperate emotionally broken ugly guys with no confidence who will settle for anything.
          Your looks are only part of your worth to a guy, but it’s a big part. And going by that pic you have up you’re not too easy on the eyes. I’m not trying to make you feel bad but with your attitude I think you should have a realistic appraisal and be knocked down a few pegs. The worst thing is average or ugly girls who think they are cute or hot. Know thyself, self delusion is the path to ruin. Then you can be more realistic in your expectations and standards for others. Know what your strengths are and what you bring to the table, and what your weaknesses are, like your appearance and how to work around it or compensate for it.
          You call them assholes but going by your aggressive, arrogant posts, I’m guessing you’re as much at fault or perhaps more so. You’re on here looking to pick fights with every man who has an opinion different than yours, I’m sure that approach goes over well with the guys you date.
          There’s a line between being passionate or feisty, and just being a sniveling bitch. You seem to not understand that. Oh look a guy said something I don’t like, I’ll call him an idiot! Good one, you’re so clever.

        9. Wow, comeback of the century there, average slump buster slam pig. Maybe Ryan will forget to clean off the other womans spit and juices and you’ll taste that next time you go down on him. The perils of being a side ho and not knowing about the main girl.
          Long distance is so perfect for that, you’ll never even know all the fun he is getting up to, with so many dating sites and apps, so many women looking to jump onto the dick of a successful guy. You really believe you’re the special one, all he wants and needs? Guys say that to every girl to get what they want. He said it to the girl he’s in bed with right now who has a tighter pussy and prettier face than you. Guys crave variety and you’re just a convenience until he grows bored of you.
          You’re so sure of yourself, that it’s not the case. Hah.

        10. 1…..2….3…….121. Mike. 122. Deshawn 123. Montel 124. In a curry mode, so let’s do Chandra Bawawawawadong. ….201. St. Bernard with heavy tongue.

        11. Can’t handle the truth? I guess the truth would sound crazy to a woman whose life is built on delusions of love and stability and worth. Castles in the sky that will come crashing down the moment you find out where you really stand and what is really going on.
          Is he really that down on himself to think you’re the best he could do? So many easy girls around he could have like quick snacks while you’re gone.
          Women are so flakey and moody that guys line up multiple options at all times.

    5. I’m starting to think there may be good reason why Taliban keep their women covered and restrained at all times.

    6. You write of ‘alpha losers’. How is an alpha a ‘loser’? How can a loser be an ‘alpha’?

      1. it’s all bullshit terms, we aren’t wolves, and even wolf packs have more complex dynamics than was suggested back when this alpha beta nonsense got popularized. Nobody is 100% one or the other. And how many people do you know that go around attacking each other to demonstrate dominance?

  4. After a brief perusal, it appears that women are attracted to men with a belief in their own power to do whatever the Hell they want to do.

  5. One of the most consistent things I hear from women I date is that they like me because “[You] are not boring like many other guys.” And it is not that I am some sort of motorcycle riding dare devil bad boy wearing a leather jacket decked out with tattoos. I just do stuff. And by stuff I mean I don’t sit in front of the television and watch professional sports all weekend long. I will take a weekend trip to the country, have tickets to a show, go to the gala for my favorite non-profit. I just literally do stuff and apparently this sets me apart from 95% of other men out there in my metro area.
    My advice to guys, other then learn standard game, is make sure you have an active social life. If you are the kind of guy that just watches TV and professional sports or plays video games I would suggest you throw away the television and sell the game console. After a month you won’t regret it.

    1. “I will take a weekend trip to the country, have tickets to a show, go to
      the gala for my favorite non-profit. I just literally do stuff and
      apparently this sets me apart from 95% of other men out there in my
      metro area.”
      Dude, have you considered the possibility that the women are on you like flies on dogshit because you’re paying for them and you give them access to stuff they can’t be bothered getting off their arses to get for themselves? If so, that’s provider game you’re running, not bad boy game. Just a thought?

      1. I think you might have misunderstood my post. I am certainly far from your traditional “bad boy”. That was the point I was looking to make. I’m definitely confident, walk up right, and don’t take shit, but I’m hardly some tatted out ripped dude pulling “bad boy” style game.”
        I just like to go out and do stuff and apparently that is far from the norm for most guys these days. Sure sometimes if I have an extra ticket I don’t mind slipping it to a lady, but I rarely will ever pay for drinks before or after and try to stay away from dinner type situations. If giving a woman a $50 ticket to the Gala which I had to buy two tickets too anyway gets me a date to come out then get laid afterward that’s not so bad.
        I was also just saying I didn’t realize so many guys had absolutely no active social life. And I was just recommending that it might be something worth giving a try for some guys out there. Just get out there and start doing stuff other then just going to bars and clubs. It just might up your SV.

    2. Right on, but do all this for yourself. If it naturally attracts women (as you and I can attest to) then great, but that’s not the primary motivator. I’m not interesting or fun because it attracts women. That’s just a side benefit.

      1. I have mostly built into my character identity game, but yes I do it for mostly myself and for fun. Being able to incorporate into my “pick up personality” though has been a great side benefit. Not many women get invited to black tie galas at some of the top notch places in the city by your average Joe.

    3. Very well said. ‘Nice guys’ is really code for ‘boring guys’. Most women don’t really want a scumbag. And those who do, you don’t need in your life.

  6. And if all men get the message and they become like this, then what kind of society do you think we will have? A society run by psychopaths obviously, who only care about themselves no matter who gets the shaft. Women are extremely malleable and if society tells them its cool to want to be with these types, you are in effect enhancing her natural propensity to be attracted to men who don’t play by the rules of civilization. If current trends continue and all signs are pointing to that direction, the outcome will not be something pleasant to behold.

    1. Bingo. The thug, hood rat, white trash, gangster gene spreads throughout the next generation and the future looks like the sole of a bully’s motorcycle boot stomping on a nerd’s face forever and ever while stealing the nerd’s money through excessive taxation to pay for Johnny Thugspawn’s bail and other accoutrements of his Jersey Shore lifestyle. As someone who was bullied this is a dystopia for me

    2. I’d say the self improvement side of the manosphere is doing good work towards reconciling both things. Men learning to be masculine and assertive again (not boring and exciting in itself to women, as a nice side benefit), while also cultivating discipline and higher values that make for a good society.
      In the end women want someone they can brag about to their circle of friends and get envied for (oh goshhhh .. that bitch must be having so much fun!) There are many ways to be ‘that guy’ without being a sociopath dirt bag.

    3. “A society run by psychopaths obviously, who only care about themselves no matter who gets the shaft.”
      Don`t we have that already!
      (Atleast with political leaders)

      1. Not only the political but also the business leaders as well. We are there already but really its always been the case..its just that we had a respite from it for about 50 years or so and now its back to the default.

  7. Girls DGAF about riskless guys. Not to say the guy himself has to be super risky, but they want to be with men who’ve proven they’ve taken risks. I.E.”You have a better chance scoring an attractive woman as an unstable and shitty bass player who snorts cocaine for brunch than if you’re a medical student with a stable life and traditional family values.” <<Why?
    1) Women are stupid and typically don’t know real talent, and buy into the look, the “character” you present them. In the existential sense, they remove themselves and view themselves from an overhead aerial view, walking through life with this “rock star,” and feel a false sense of fame by association… the same high they get when the buy a new purse, or pair of shoes. And 2) What risk is there in taking the boiler plate route in life of an institutionalized, government-associated field like medicine, higher ed, or gov’t work? There isn’t risk. Just finish your damn studies with decent grades, and it’s the same “safe” path for all those who followed before you, already laid out.
    Girls like guys who take risks, think for themselves, and live by their own set of rules.

  8. Girls DGAF about riskless guys. Not to say the guy himself has to be super risky, but they want to be with men who’ve proven they’ve taken risks. I.E.”You have a better chance scoring an attractive woman as an unstable and shitty bass player who snorts cocaine for brunch than if you’re a medical student with a stable life and traditional family values.” Why?
    1) Women are stupid and typically don’t know real talent, and buy into the look, the “character” you present them. In the existential sense, they remove themselves and view themselves from an overhead aerial view, walking through life with this “rock star,” and feel a false sense of fame by association… the same high they get when the buy a new purse, or pair of shoes. And 2) What risk is there in taking the boiler plate route in life of an institutionalized, government-associated field like medicine, higher ed, or gov’t work? There isn’t risk. Just finish your damn studies with decent grades, and it’s the same “safe” path for all those who followed before you, already laid out.
    Girls like guys who take risks, think for themselves, and live by their own set of rules.

    1. They definitely like a little bit of risk. Combat sports, shooting guns, mountain climbing, etc. Girls melt when they see you doing this stuff.

    2. Or appear like they do so, considering that HIM, My Chemical Romance, and lowest common denominator Nazi poseur black metal like Burzum and Graveland outsell good, solid music that actual musicians listen to.
      Nobody thinks the guys from TesseracT are hot, lol.

    3. The normal guys will always be there.
      They need to keep their eyes open for the next big thing.

      1. Women turn on their phone in the morning and there’s another 10 messages from betas who all look and say the same thing, and and they get bored.

    4. The truth is that most doctors are likely doctors because their mommy wanted them to be that and they did it to satisfy their helper syndrome and get lots of approval from society from being so helpful. Helpful is not fuckable.

    1. You’d be surprised how many women are disciplined by their husbands still..even weirder it’s a Christian thing. Literally over the knee and spanked. It’s crazy. But back in the 50s it was normal. On the other hand abuse is completely different women don’t want to be abused. Some just want to be submissive.

      1. My experience is that they all want to be submissive. No matter how tough they seem at first, they all want to be under your control.

  9. Of course women love abusive men. Even after the deadbeat baby daddy abandons them they will dress their bastard child to look like him. It’s properly messed up.

  10. The conclusion I draw is to wonder why anyone would waste their time even trying to pull one of these women.
    Better to just buy a fleshlight, focus on yourself and make money. Then when all the used up single moms come your way, ignore them like they ignored you and bang out 18 year olds.
    When ready for kids, find a sexy foreign girl with traditional values.
    Any man sitting on the sidelines and waiting for such slores deserves to take care of another mans kids.

  11. Women follow a very predictable pattern, almost exactly to a T, and with very few exceptions….
    Age 15-30: Shun/ignore “nice” guys. Bang alphas, jocks, druggies, bad-boys, felons, etc. Maybe even get knocked up by one of these lovers. Lots of partying, drugs, alcohol, etc. Lots of “ice princesses” and “spoiled brats” in this age range. General attitude is hostile to most men with implied “don’t look at me”.
    Age 30-45: Start looking for a beta male/everyday Joe to pay her bills. Most of them start to lose their SMV in this age bracket. If she doesn’t yet have a child, start considering “oops! pregnancy” or cuckolding of nearby male. General attitude is somewhat better and more acceptable with implied “please look at me”.
    Age 45+: Slow gradual descent into dementia or crazyness, menopause, etc (if single). If married, she’ll probably still be unhappy anyways and will probably get divorced and be single again. Attitude gets progressively worse and worse with each year. Lots and lots of “perma scowls” and “hostile” looking faces in this group.
    It’s amazing how barring a good culture, traditions, religion, etc most women turn out almost exactly the same. In America we are seeing this experiment play out in real time.
    This is the exact opposite of men. Men seem to be a diverse group of all kinds of extremes…. some end up as homeless bums or druggies, others extremely rich, and everything in between.

      1. Speak for yourself………………You must have a good reason for that suggestion which only applies to the situation that led you to proffer it.
        Mine ain’t!

        1. I guess my mother was never too open about this stuff, but she did tell me of this guy she was with. He was the loudest guy at the pub and made music she hated. From what I read between the lines, he was also an asshole and a drunk.
          But she always told me to be nice. As if.

        2. No, no. It ain’t a fun thought, but women marry (and procreate) for resources. Just as men marry (and procreate) for looks.
          Both sexes have something the other want. Things have just gone kablooie in recent decades.

        3. I met a wealthy man ($100 mill plus. 50 year old) and his wife via my gf. Whilst being dined and schooled at a Shangdi La she piped up. I met him when he had oogatz. In fact I took up a part time job to cloth and feed him. I stammered some nonsense as he, rich man, squirmed. He made his fortune 30 years after meeting her…..I doubt she married him for anything other than pity perhaps. Yep, she is being rewarded now. Lambs, Ferraris, Mercs (garage is like a forecourt) and a stunning house. The man wouldn’t leave her for all the salt in India. is he getting tail allover the place behind her back? How would I know. He was visibly irritated when I asked her to visit here on her next vacation.
          If you look in the right places, you might find a jewel. Not all women are resources hungry despite that myth about animals looking for the best mating partner:)
          I was drinking outside this place when this chap came round and asked if I could hand him a fiver blah blah as his car ran out of juice and his wife and kid are in the car blah blah.. No I said. I thought he was spinning a yarn until he came through with his wife and son in tow. I gasped like a fish as I couldn’t fathom what a girl (stunning) like that was doing with this chap. He was at least 20 years older as well. There’s a moral in there somewhere

        4. Which makes you a mind reader, bravo! Give the man a hand. A man with a beard like that will not speak of ignorance 🙂

        5. temper temper, you failed a classic simple exercise as i knew you would. You cannot withstand a small interrogation without turning into a foul mouthed yob. interesting
          I always had you down as a doofus. Thanks for proving me right. You were actually a subject of a small joke in my office and have won me £100 🙂 bravo

        6. Come here and tell me to my face so I can shave your beard off with a scapel 🙂 see how brave you’d be after that.
          I won’t touch your tongue, I promise.

        7. What are you, a barber? I can not be bothered to visit every dude on the internet that bothers me, but if you ever pass by Munich, give me a note.

        8. Munich? Are you serious? People go there to die, no thanks! Why would I live London for Munich?
          Nope, doctor’s use scapel. Relax, unclench your butt, Don’t be so uptight!

        9. We are indoctrinated since an early age to pedestalize women, all of them. We should not.
          Every woman on the planet has a inner whore, whether the whore comes out of the shell and commands the empty vessel that is the woman depends on the society and cultural environment(in certain countries her true nature is repressed by social mores and duties).

    1. Maybe it’s because I live in the South and people get married a little younger down here, but I would change the first 2 ages ranges to 15-25 and 25-45. But, otherwise, yeah, that’s exactly on point.

      1. Rollo is great to read. I think about 75% of what he says is complete nonsense but there is that kernel of truth to his insights that make it all worthwhile.

      1. Very true.
        Take away the monthly government check(s) in the mail and I bet a lot of these slores become “nice” and “approachable” literally overnight.

        1. It’s coming fast with the collapse of the world economy. If you’re a bible believer, read Revelation 18.. we are in the last stages of Babylon 2 and only those who are prepared for it are going to have a chance of survival. Single women will be utterly powerless

      2. Women are paid to fail at relationships in american culture. Feminism has incentivized it.

        1. I’m going to remember your comment. Very well said.
          American society seems to encourage divorce or ending LTRs with no shame, as Dalrock pointed out. It’s like it’s perfectly fine to ruin your family because you don’t feel like “you’re getting what you really deserve, girl!”

        2. ‘You go girl, you deserve better,’ is what she’s told no matter how fat, ugly, used-up, or shitty she is.

    2. “Age 45+: Slow gradual descent into dementia or crazyness, menopause, etc
      (if single). If married, she’ll probably still be unhappy anyways and
      will probably get divorced and be single again. Attitude gets
      progressively worse and worse with each year. Lots and lots of “perma
      scowls” and “hostile” looking faces in this group.”
      Isn’t that the truth. I see this more and more (these groups of women out, together) and they all have a permanent scowl on their face. They hate younger, hotter women because they used to be there and now they are old (used cars, high mileage). But, they brought it all on themselves. They believed in feminism and feminism pretty much fucked them. Now, they can only get these “wine dates” with friends…others in the same age range who have no men. These women can’t get dates because they have such a shitty attitude, in general.
      And yes, many of them are going crazy (whether menopause or not). They are at the age where reality sets in…and it’s ugly.

      1. Boys/men figure out that no one gives a shit about them between the ages of 15-20.
        Women figure out that no one gives a shit about them between the ages of 45-55.
        Guess which one tends to stay sane as they enter their later years? It’s no secret that the majority of anti-depressant/pharma users are older women.
        Women seem to stay in a “teenager mindset” perpetually even as their bodies deteriorate, sag, wrinkle up, etc. I’d wager that the overwhelming majority of women don’t mature mentally past the age of say, 20 or so.

        1. It has to do with peaking also. The brain just kind of stops growing when an apex is hit. For males, if you know any noteworthy former athlete, you can see this in their mental state. They peaked (doesn’t matter how long ago) and their brain was kind of cast in amber at that point. Their whole life, framework, perspective comes from that exact same brain. There is no new growth nine times out of ten. Do you think that right now Dan Marino is losing himself in a novel about 17th century explorers? Or is he in some way returning to his peak years, gladhanding people at his restaurant, being recognized for who he once was? I’m not trying to slam Dan Marino, it’s just brain physiology. Peak self-satisfaction kills the brain. I have family members with laughably minor college athlete histories who suffered the same fate.
          Now, look at women. Most of them peak hard at age 17. They have grown men kneeling before them and begging, figuratively and sometimes literally. PEAK. Brain stops growing. It explains a lot.Women peak so early. When they are slaying males in their teens, their brains are just in a placid state of owning the world with ease. Every since those bumps grew out of their chest, they have just owned it. No need for the brain to do much. That’s why they have a teenager’s brain for life.

        2. Can you imagine, the madness setting in when they realize their only asset is depreciating rapidly and there is absolutely nothing to replace it. Can you imagine what it means for them to become invisible? As much as we bitch about women and how easy they have it, damn if I want to switch places..

        3. Hi omega man. My goodness I think you have it backwards. It is the old saggy man -farts that keep a teen- aged mindset. Read the ROK comments. Bragging about banging a girl young enough
          to be your great grandaughter?Barf.!!!
          And if one is human- a decent one anyway- they DO give a shit about others no matter their age. I think teen aged boys and middle aged women are peachy. Both are overly prescribed pharmaceuticals that are often times not needed.

        4. any single dude in america who has no debt, a decent job and can save money will have a very bright future (relatively speaking) if he plays his cards right.

        5. 16 is their mental maturity limit. They say “girls mature faster” and it’s true… albeit for an inferior product. Boys mature throughout their entire lifetime to become adults while females are forever teenagers.

        6. “”Boys/men figure out that no one gives a shit about them between the ages of 15-20.””
          Some do I bet the messed up ones are disproportionatley raised by single mothers though..

        7. Yep you should be a debt killing / saving machine at that phase.
          A pad of paper and a calculator are all you need to do a budget..

        8. I think you need to read a book. Not just on women, or mental health. Just read. It’s good for your mind.

        9. But now you have to project affluence, even if you don’t have it yet. Doing well for yourself isn’t considered good enough anymore as hypergamy accelerates beyond reason

        10. if you’re the hottie or the jock or the tough/mean bad boy you can clean up in those years. Sometimes even the average kids who come from rich families get a hot girlfriend simply because they can throw money around. But everyone else is shit out of luck.
          I wasn’t any of those things in that age range, getting a car and having spending money changed the game quite a bit though.

      2. “And yes, many of them are going crazy (whether menopause or not). They are at the age where reality sets in…and it’s ugly.”
        Oh man, I’ve seen this with my own two eyes. It is indeed extremely ugly. Even looking from outside. I can only imagine things going on in her head, if anything besides madness.

        1. I see it, often, when I’m out. I find it hilarious when these women over 39 try to compete with younger women (18 to 24). When they figure out that they can’t compete, then they get together for wine with the girls. I just shake my head when I see them…a bunch of old, used cars that no one is taking home (no matter how good the sale).

    3. With the rampant alcoholism and shitty diet/lifestyle these girls live, their looks are fading at 25. There are few really hot girls over 26 in America. Their faces are wrinkled from alcohol, drugs, late nights, and stress. Think about how many times a modern woman gets pumped and dumped or broken up with. That stress ages them rapidly. By 30, its all over.
      The amount of sexual partners is really out of control. I meet 19-20 year olds with 40+ partners. Their sexual peak occurs at 18, and she has to suffer through a lifetime of insecurity about her gina being loose and stretched. Beta hubby literally gets scraps at 25, and his sexual life is just beginning. This is a crazy world we’re living in.

      1. Sadly that’s when most women hit the wall only a sad beta or omega would hook up or marry her then. Her self-entitled increases at that age until she realizes how old and ugly she’s gotten.

    4. Pretty much. Also, please add for “Age 30-45” higher likely hood of developing a mental disorder.

    5. That last group post 45 also creates an huge number of :cat ladies: or simply married layabouts that are neither good mothers, housewives and certainly not workers.
      These women seem to retire from life and become self absorbed leeches on either society, their husband (or ex) or both…

  12. Communist dictator seems like a reasonable life goal.
    Oh and never forget 7: The man who does not give a damn rotten shit what kind of man a woman wants.

    1. I think youd have to shave the logger’s beard if you choose dictator life goal- I think its against the rules

        1. Most dictators are clean- shaven or have moustaches(at least, the awesome ones). Maybe a handlebar stache would work too.

        2. Handlebar mustache is always gay or dictator.
          Gay or dictator would make a hilarious game.

        3. LOL!! get it wrong, do a shot of bacon-infused vodka.
          Rollie Fingers, the greatest reliever of all time, is not gay!

        4. Last year girl I was with told me I should do a mustache for Movember. I didn’t shave the last week of October and then on November 1st I came out of the bathroom rocking the hitler mustache. The girl I was with was mortified. I pulled the whole ignorant “what? whats wrong? I’m supporting prostate cancer awareness”
          The fact that she didn’t find it funny was a good hint that she wouldn’t be around for the holidays.

        5. If Rollie Fingers, the greatest reliever of all time, is not gay then he is, in fact, a dictator. However, here are three facts about him.
          1) His name is Rollie Fingers
          2) He is a pitcher
          3)He has a handlebar mustache.
          He better be one hell of a dictator, but that sounds pretty queer to me

        6. Heres my contribution to movember- get more zinc in your diet.
          your prostate cells need 10X what the rest of your body does.

        7. nah, just for a few minutes. I never leave the house without a clean shave.

        8. Right…only 50% of people with mustaches are gay. The other 50% are dictators.

        9. golf clap for all the mofos on the site today- most fun Ive had a this site in months- later

        1. Why you ungrateful boy. Gran sends you a pic of a gal who can take care of your banana and that’s the thanks I get! You need a spanking.

  13. A man shouldn’t aspire to be any of the types mentioned in this article, and don’t be the guy that takes her in and supports her after the carousel ride. DON’T BE THAT GUY.

    1. Takes her and her bastard spawn from different ner-do-wells in and fucks her used snatch without protection because she “can’t get pregnant”.

  14. I’ve found that if you can tell a few jokes, don’t live live with your parents, and wash your face once in a while then you’re set. Seriously the expectations have dropped wonderfully over the last 15 years.

  15. If you want to make your tinder profile stand out you need to be satanist vegan with neck tattoo. Otherwise you’re just plain vanilla sex.

    1. Misunderstood ex-con “trying to get my life together and all I need is a solid woman” is also sexy.

  16. I think this is one of the initial discoveries that sets off the “red pill rage” phase that most of us went through.
    You’re lied to your ENTIRE life and told that women want nice guys, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

  17. And what is the point of this article, exactly, apart to enrage/depress us further? (I admit I never really left the “red pill rage” phase and a depression has hit me these last few days)
    I’ve got my life reasonably together, secure job and good savings, but I’m not a bad-boy. I’m not a mangina by a long shot, but I’m not some stoic psychopath either.
    So is this article saying that we should do what – pretend to be ‘bad-boys’? Fuck this, I’m almost 32 and I can’t be bothered with that kind of shit any more. Or is this just one of those “aint it awful” kind of articles where we’re just supposed to lament how horrific the situation is, in one big manosphere echo-chamber?
    We need less of this kind of stuff on the manosphere – it’s all been said before and we all know it well – it’s time to concentrate on how to make our lives better, with or without women.

    1. This is click-bait designed to piss off the “I wish women liked dweebs like me” crowd. Honestly, this site is meant (allegedly) for “manly men” yet so much of what I see on the threads is just plain whining.

    2. I think that’s been mentioned 100 times already; enough with the doom and gloom and feeding this feeling of hate and more article with a more positive vibe.

    3. Even though yiou aren’t some kind of stoic psychopath now, just wait till you have been royally screwed over by some woman with the aid and encouragement of all of society. You will find it to be a real growth experience. You will love being a stoic psychopath, it is very liberating.

      1. Or you could teach the woman you are with how society works, and how jews have taken it over and pushed their anti-family, degenerate agenda, and she will be jew-wise enough to not fall for their plans.

    4. Just don’t give 2 shits about women. Don’t cater to them, don’t listen to them. Look down upon them. Think parasite.
      You can kid with them but never give out your heart. Show them no emotion.

  18. “Famous serial killers such as Ted Bundy (who was also a necrophile) used to receive hundreds of love letters from women on a weekly basis until his execution in 1989.”
    The list of serial killers getting female adoration is long. Richard Ramirez, Kenneth Bianchi, etc. It’s pretty much a given that if you kill a lot of people, chicks will dig you.

  19. One thing that pisses me off is feminists sounding off about levels of domestic violence
    Yeh, domestic violence is fucking wrong but all the female victims of it I’ve known deliberately married and co-habitated with men the knew were violent.
    They shacked up with these men BECAUSE they were violent.
    If any lurking feminist thinks I’m victim blaming etc, you can fuck off.
    What I’m saying is true. A significant amount of women choose to be with violent, unpredictable and disfunctional men.
    Old Joe Smith doesn’t one day decide to break his wife’s face after 20 years of bliss.
    It’s the same violent men assaulting the same “forgiving” women, all the time. These women stick around because they perceive his alpha dickness. Given the choice between nerdy accountant and thug bruiser, they very deliberately and repeatedly choose the latter.
    Ive seen it played out more times than I wish to recall.

    1. Quite true. A male domestic abuser (a true abuser) is NEVER without a woman. If you state facts such as in your comment above on MSM , you will be given the boot.
      I use to work in corrections and saw this first hand. Squirting out baby after baby for different abusive men then whining about how you have been abused rates a kick up the ass. These women don’t live in caves without access to a phone and can open the door.

      1. It’s the great unsayable truth.
        My pal used to be a social worker (not sure what the US equivalent is called. It’s basically outreach for disfunctional families) and told me that 95% of battered women refused to leave their husbands. Always “but I love him, he’s special” shit.
        They got off on violence. Bottom line.

        1. Yeah a lot are mentally ill.
          But a lot are straight up physical abuse cases, where the abused can’t detach from the abuser because of what I described above
          The kids are the real victims

        2. Erin Pizzey opened the first modern DV center over 50 years ago. She wrote a book, PRONE TO VIOLENCE available somewhere on line telling how crazy women are that seek violent men.

        3. The children are the next generation of inmates. Any time i hear blabbering about bad fathers, I quickly point out about bad mothers. Tom Leykis is a master of this when women call up and yap about dead beat dads.

        4. Most men that are emotionally abused by their wives wont leave them. Us humans seem to have a masochistic desire to be mistreated. Go to bpdfamily.com and read the horror stories of men sticking by their demented wives.

    2. Exactly right.
      Lucas, you asked me when my next article would be. It’s going to be the first week of December from the looks of it. A lot of what has been talked about in this comment thread—especially what was touched on in your post—will be covered in it.

    3. You said it. These women are usually attracted to these types of violent characters and then cry foul when one of them takes a beating. Plus, they’ll run back to them and the cycle starts all over. I’ve heard this one over and over again through the years. Women are their worst enemy but they are never held responsible for their actions. These are damaged women and men should never try to fix them.
      A woman who is damaged will never make a good wife and there will always be issues (problems) with her. It’s as though they get off on the violence (like a drug) and need it (even after they’ve left an abuser).
      Don’t ever try to wife up one of these women…it won’t work. They are victims (perceived in their minds), forever.

    4. The higher likelihood of women developing more mental disorders than men can play into account. More mental disorders have more female sufferers in them. Not to mention, 3rd Wave Feminism and the ‘You Go Girl’ attitudes they have. Coincidence that women are less likely to pick a normal male?! I think not.

  20. Just one problem with #5 – dictators can force people to do stuff. All those women clinging to Mao or Kim Jong Un were probably told “do this or you and your whole family get tortured”. Everyone in North Korea cried when Kim Jong Il died, but it wasn’t because they missed him.

  21. I don’t know about #3. Serial killers get fan letters from girls because they are in the public spotlight. It’s basically a numbers game — if that many women know who you are, some are going to be attracted to you.

    1. The female brain confuses the excitement from a near death experience to sex. Makes them masturbate. If prison allowed conjugal visits for death row inmates men would be doing the crimes just for the unlimited pussy.

    2. Take note. Most of these women are ugly, fat crazy bitches who crave attention. There was a reality program called “prison wives”. It was sad to watch because the children were dragged around by these hambeasts. It was obvious these cons were using these women. Just painful and predictable.

    3. That guy that shot up the theater in Aurora colorado has an entire wall covered with autographed pics from instagram models.
      And they are actually debating giving him conjugal visits.

      1. Yep and the guy was total omega male before, completely shunned by women. Now he could fuck different women every day for the rest of his life. And the women who fucked him would post pics with him on facebook, with other women making comments like “i’m so jealous”.

    4. Anders Brevik has loads of women lining up for his action. But he openly murdered lots of little kids, which no matter how you cut it is horrific, so I don’t think it’s just exposure to fame that does it. Jeb Bush is famous and powerful and married an ugly dwarf and I’ll bet had *zero* other prospects (if he did, he wouldn’t have went for the ugly, angry dwarf, amirite).

  22. Sometimes girls try to slander an ex-boyfriend’s name by referring to him as a “psychopath” or “rapist”.
    The first thing I think of is “damn she must really miss that guy.”.

    1. Women are attracted to psychos because they are crazy themselves. The modern woman is more likely than a modern man to have a form of a mental disorder. Anyone with a mental disorder can’t function right and that happens to be the modern woman.

      1. That’s why we need to change the mindset of modern woman from liberty to duty.
        When they know their duty as women, they do not indulge in these destructive impulses.
        That’s why my recomendation is: if you happen to meet a girl that puts duty over liberty, marry her. They’re a species in extinction.

      2. As I have pointed out numerous times; 25% of women are taking psychoactive drugs, the other 75% remain untreated.

    2. The only exes I have that would say that were themselves BPD. They loved that shit while it was happening.

      1. Pretty much all of my exes tried to spread lies against me.
        Always when their credibility was at risk though.

        1. I rarely dated a girl who walked in the same circles so I never had fallout after a break up. As they say “don’t shit where you eat”. Maybe I have taken that a bit far by going 10,000km from home to find a girl, but the principle seems to work.
          Edit: In high school and university you tend to end up with a group of people who – assuming they are coed – end up playing musical partners over the course of time. Lord knows that is almost a trope of any television series involving a group of people under the age of 30.
          Of course, “The Sun Always Shines on TV”, so you get what makes for a good story and a narrative that maintains cast integrity and favourable prospect for renewal the next season. You don’t see the way it can be divisive, fracturing groups into factions, ending friendships, and generally entailing all sorts of bullshit that you would be better off without.
          I only dated one girl in high school and one in university where we dated briefly – maybe a month – and then we broke up and they moved on to one of my friends. There was no problem there, at least in part because I didn’t bang them. My first serious (3-1/2 year) relationship was with my sister’s best friend. After we ended, she and my sister never really talked again.
          Telephone dating in the ’90s and then online dating in the 21st century has been rather liberating, although I’m sure developing a strong cold approach is also a good way to find new women who don’t know the same people that you do and won’t fuck with your shit if you have a bad break up.
          I suppose a follow in topic is to discuss the pros and cons of letting your girlfriend into your circle and how to manage that.

        2. Just working and trying to figure out how to make more money. It’s rough because I got posted to another city and have not seem my girlfriend for a month and a half and will not see her again until February. However, I booked us a vacation to Thailand and this weekend we will discuss just how debauched we will get when we go there.

        3. Same here…
          Waiting til February definitely is a bit of a wait…
          You’re gonna have to make your Thailand vacation count my friend ;P

        4. I think I have bagged my unicorn so four months out of the next 35 years is good return on investment.

        5. Never take sand to the beach.
          do not take a woman to Thailand, you will regret it every minute you are there.

    3. In the end, anything bad you have to say about your ex is you insulting your own taste, judgment or intellect.

      1. Some girls do shit like that. Especially when they feel threatened or angry.
        Women are great but don’t act surprised when you find out they lied about some shit.

    4. Men do the exact same thing by referring to their ex-partners are “psycho” and “crazy”.

      1. In my case, with my ex, it was not my prejudiced opinion but the considered opinion of mental health professionals.

        1. Women by their very nature are emotionally unstable. Hence, crazy. Few exceptions. How many male Lena Dunhams are out there?

        2. I don’t know know. Do Rob Artest, Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Nic Cage, Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Kanye West, and Shia LaBeouf count? Cause, they don’t seem super stable.
          At least Lena Dunham hasn’t melted down.

        3. Lena Dunham hasn’t melted down? Her most recent meltdown was after Trump was elected. This is where we men can tell you are a leftist. How many real men are attracted to leftist chicks and want to settle down with them? Your leftism to us looks childish and delusional, casually ignoring how humans have done business for thousands of years. Your egalitarian idealism is an economic threat to a man and men with intellect can’t possibly take you seriously. Hence, why in the past relationships you’ve mentioned, men were emotionally distant. They grew weary of your endless doggerel about collecting $21 in the 7th grade to help save some rare species of minnow or something

        4. Also, I’m not leftist… I’m a libertarian verging on ararchist. Liberty for all, not just for some.

        5. Isn’t it more efficient to invest this passion into the economy rather than pet causes? Imagine the money you could make.

        6. I suppose that would depend on how you define “intellect”. My intellect for understanding the leftist mind is limited, for example.

        7. You see Count, there’s this thing called biodiversity and the food chain. You like eating animals and having a healthy environment, right? Keeping species from going extinct is kind of a good a thing. Too many die off and the food chain can collapse leading to mass extinctions. Like if the honey bees all die off, what will polinate the fruit you eat? I don’t even know what to call a simpleton ignoramus like you who doesn’t know much, doesn’t learn, and doesn’t want to, and gets all their ‘information’ from alt-right sources which are full of shit. It’s the height of projection and hypocrisy to call others childish, delusional ect. Then you talk about intellect while displaying a severe lack of it. I’m glad you’re having a good time up here in the tree house with a bunch of angry know nothing dudes who share the same views and the same exact beliefs, but it might be time to venture outside of this infantile echo chamber and expand your knowledge base. It might be uncomfortable to face the cognitive dissonance that will inevitably occur as reality comes crashing down on all the regressive beliefs you’ve been indoctrinated with, but that will lead to growth. “Leftist” this, leftist that – clear sign of a mind enslaved by conservative propaganda. Maybe throw in some ‘libtard’ and ‘cuck’ too.

        8. I am having a great time. I hope you liberals continue to lose so badly you become irrelevant. Why? Because your group is a bunch of negative ninnies constantly worrying about stuff you have no control over, and that would include the environment. To me, your kind is so divorced from reality, having meaningful conversations with you guys only involves smoke signals, crayons, and a safe room where you can spell your names on the padded walls in your own excrement.

    5. Sometimes men try to slander their ex-girlfriends by calling them “bitch” or “psycho”.
      The first thing I think of is “damn he must be really insecure.”

      1. some of them really deserve it. When they get their mood swings and flip out, screaming, yelling, spitting, hurling every insult, clawing, slapping, throwing random household objects at you. It’s a sight to behold, the PMSing psychopath. Just hold them down until they stop flailing around and behaving like a rabid animal, for their own safety. Eventually they run out of energy and calm down.
        The stereotype is that men are more violent, but we tend to be able to deal with violence from women without having to call the police.

  23. You needn’t be all that, just be you. I once told a girl that came to ask if if I was ok after rowing with my gf (in a club) to fuck off. I was atop her within an hour ridding myself of my annoyance. Trying to understand anyone is a waste of valuable time.If you care, you join the Salvation army.
    Would you want to be the girl that turned down el Chapo? lol

  24. The counterpoint to the “Whore-Madonna Dichotemy”, I see it as the “Thug-Provider dilemma”. Alpha genes are superior, and so females attracted to men like that have offspring with a better chance of survival. Problem is that thugs rarely care about their offspring since, as they have access to many vaginas, odds are a few will survive. So the female takes the bastard to a beta provider for provision/protection and the schmuck gets one or two lesser offspring in the bargain. Perhaps this is the basis of the Rights Of First-Born Sons who are usually favored. One can even think, from the standpoint of perfection of the species, that betas have a DUTY to ensure the survival of the best genes available. Simone DeBouviere lamented that “the human life cycle sets up business in the female body”; It seems I have found the counterpart of that view regarding males.

  25. One of the nice things about having made it to your 40s with a home and a business and without a failed marriage and the often associated money drain. is that you can see the whole charade in another, more wise and introspective light.
    Still finding women attractive and getting laid, while not being a slave to your high testosterone days mixed with constantly being in a high estrogen environment all of the time, with mothers, girlfriends, and sisters giving you input about women want, most of it being wrong, is great..
    You can also see why beta schlubs don’t get laid and accept that fact that you too were once like that but took the “red pill” while you still had some good years left.

      1. Here’s what they get. Female mind delusions.
        Do you smell something? Yes, wet dirty goat mixed with feces.

  26. many women worship these musicians and actors regardless of how reckless, drugged-up, and sleazy they are.

    It’s worse than that. At least famous musicians and actors usually have some level of talent. The modern women will be fascinated with a “youtube hero”, a local dj, a Kardashian slut, or anyone who holds above average attention levels. No talent needed.

    Ted Bundy used to receive hundreds of love letters from women on a weekly basis…more attention than any normal man will get in his lifetime

    Let that sink in.

    communist dictators

    OK You named one person here. I’d say women are attracted to any political leaders, with bonus points given to how oppressive and harsh that leader is. Women fawned over Clinton, and the numbers would only be greater for Trump or Putin who are more aggressive (Putin being the only one who has attractive looks).
    You can look at Charlie Sheen as further evidence.. He’s publicly banging porn stars, reportedly kept a huge jar of condoms right by the bed, well known drug abuser. So any girl getting with him knows shes one of probably dozens of others of cunts he’s tapping that week, and his behavior is out of control and wreckless, and yet they still go for it. He has reportedly banged 2 women bareback after publicly acknowledging his HIV.
    The article’s final point, that women have an evolutionary basis for wanting dangerous dark triad men. I sincerely hope this is not the case. I like to believe it is modern culture that is creating this in women, and indeed as the author points out, women in the past did respect and love men who were hard working and honest.

    1. Not sure why this post came the way it did. If you repeat the statement often enough women won’t become chaste. Hypergamy is the rule not the exception. Only through open discussion can we take the traits that women love and tool them in a way that serves us all better.
      Edit: All that you’ve said is all the more proof that the “red pill” needs to get out there and we need to re-tool all that is working to make it work for us. Clearly women are best served when dominated. Start working out with a clear focus and you will see this pan out quickly. And you need not exert one iota of physical strength.
      On serial killers, there is a very interesting love for men who are obsessively driven. They don’t care for the drive at all, just to see you crush whatever obstacles lie in your way. You have little control over how all of life’s variables increased or decreased the attraction the next woman you talk to will have more this obsessive trait, so just be mindful.
      End of the day, what should be the big take away, and is lost on the casual observer, is that to get women you must be dangerously obsessed with getting your goals met and activity in life. It has nothing to do with killing any person, dominating a nation, faking some drug induced stupor, or being deranged. You just have to want your life to burn bright enough to be seen from space. That’s what will energize you and stomp out all the other ludicrous aspects you’ll hear, see, read, or experience.

    2. Know what’s missing in modern day women? A sense of SHAME! My mother drilled into my head not to be the slut that everyone pointed at and no decent person would want to be around.

      1. Absolutely. Modern women do not possess shame. Or even introspection. My last LTR in my beta days wasn’t even able to apologize. I had to teach her, a 28 year old grown woman, and she still didn’t get it right “I’m sorry I made you feel that way.” She had literally never apologized to anyone before, never taken any responsibility, just sneaked and shirked through life always focused on herself.

        1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, if that is what you taught her and she said it exactly as such, she didn’t learn to apologize but to placate you. Been involved in sales for a bit. Saying what she said is just verbiage to assuage the listener long enough for her to get to your real issue and off blaming her.

        2. Like Schopenhauer stated, women stop maturing mentally at 18 and men at 28. Therefore, women are forever children mentally. All 18 year olds. Many 18 year olds do not know how to apologize.

        3. Exactly why I say they are unable to learn or even recognize that their actions affect others, or to take any type of responsibility. I told her that’s not even a shitty apology, and at that moment I realized that was honestly the best she could do. She was literally unable to realize she could ever feel remorse or regret for any action, no matter how large or small, no matter how right or wrong, that she did.
          And this is why I don’t feel bad about blaming them 100% for any disagreement. There is simply no meeting them half way. There is no using logic or reason or discussion to get through an issue. They cannot understand or accept any responsibility. You must berate them, and demand they behave a certain way, and never accept any responsibility or apologize to them yourself. It doesn’t matter if you forgot something–they should have reminded you once more. It doesn’t matter if you made a mistake–it’s going to be her fault for not already doing the thing for you. Yeah, it sounds like being an asshole, but it’s the only way that works.
          And it works. Maybe not on all of them, but then you avoid the bad ones like my ex. It’s not even about treating them poorly–I’ve found when you take that attitude there are VERY FEW disagreements or arguments, whereas in a typical beta whiny apologizing relationship, she wants to “win” verbal arguments all the time and will start them over nothing.

  27. Yeah, but look at the people we men idolize. It’s the same. We watch thugnificent football players. Buy the albums of drugged up rock n rollers. College boy bros worship movies like Scarface, Goodfellas, Boondock Saints, American Psycho, and Natural Born Killers. No wonder why women go for the assholes.
    Let’s form a society were we listen to Rush before the prime time chess match comes on and then watch who women flock to.

    1. There is a distinct lack of heroes or role models in modern society. I have thought about it for a long time and the closest I can come to one is science guru Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

      1. So true. Bill Nye is up there too. He raised a generation on science and is remaining active.
        I’m a space nerd. There was a time when astronauts were treated like rockstars. Scott Kelly has like 400+ days in space, but where the hell is the press and the t-shirts and memorabilia?

        1. Yeah, I actually prefer Nye to Tyson but he is less of a public figure today. I was a huge space nerd. Even wrote a letter to Alan Shepherd in grade school (mom is still upset he didn’t write me back). So sad that America of 2015 can’t even send astronauts to space without carpooling with the Russians. I think that’s symbolic of how we are squandering all the capital we accumulated (scientific, industrial, human, and financial) over the past 50 years.

    2. Good point. I’ve mostly stopped watching professional sports and I very rarely buy any music (maybe 1 album every 4 years).

  28. It can be argued that domestic violence doesn’t really exist.
    In 98% of cases of so-called “domestic violence”, the woman had DELIBERATELY chosen a violent/dark triad male because he gave her the tingles. In other words, she KNEW beforehand he could be physically violent but she didn’t care and stayed with him anyways.
    It is EXTREMELY rare for a beta male/everyday Joe to actually put his hands on a woman. Most betas are harmless wussies and wouldn’t hurt a fly. In the manosphere we talk about these guys all the time, for example the many examples of these beta guys being present in the living room while their GF or wife is getting banged out by Chad in a bedroom upstairs. These guys are wussies, they don’t “snap” even when they are getting cucked.
    Of course, we are only human, there is that 2% of beta males/everyday Joes who do indeed “snap”…. usually after SEVERE injustices inflicted upon him (kids stolen, false rape charge, excessive support payments, court-caused homelessness, etc). Even still, most betas will remain tame/docile EVEN under such severe injustices.
    The 98% instances of a bad-boy/thug doing what he does (domestic violence) is entirely a woman-caused “problem”. Women just can’t help themselves, they will tolerate EVEN physical violence to be with these “alpha” guys. It’s just their biology and DNA, it really seems to be subconscious and the woman doesn’t even know why she gets wet for these violent guys.

    1. Women are by far the verbal oppressors in most households. Most married men I know are bossed around, told where and when to go, (it seems to be the more wealthier they are the worse it is), lucky if their wife offers them the pussy once in a month for some dry missionary style passionless sex. These men are so emasculated they forget how to be the patriarch and the woman develops that role.
      And then there are the actual female abusers, who attack their men. I think there is some domestic violence in some younger couples, especially roid head 20 year old guys and their girlfriends, but most men can’t raise a hand to the woman they love and chose to marry.

      1. When you dig deeper into these common women’s sob stories of “asshole ex-boyfriend” and “all men are violent”, you usually find a stereotypical bad-boy/thug in the picture – NEVER a regular beta/everyday Joe.
        When they say “all men are violent” what they REALLY mean is “all the men I date are violent”.
        OF COURSE you’re going to think “all men are violent” if you exclusively date/bang violent bad-boys, thugs, and dark-triad types….

        1. That’s exactly correct. Every time I hear a female claiming “Every guy I end up with is a jerk” I correct her and say no every guy you PICK is a jerk. Any girl who’s a six and up has her choice of literally hundreds of guys to choose from but she’s the one that consistently picks the loser with the neck tattoos and the prison record because they’re “exciting.”
          Also I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation:
          Female: I was in an abusive relationship. I used to get beat up and belittled constantly.
          Me: Well how long did you put up with that?
          Female: I was with him for 9 years.
          Me: So why did you put up with that for 9 minutes much less 9 years?
          Female: I loved him/had no where else to go/I felt ashamed/insert bullshit excuse here
          Me: :shrug: I wouldn’t put up with that.
          Female: Ugh you men are all the same you just don’t understand
          Me: …

    2. “I couldn’t leave!” bullshit. Open the door, dial the phone, yell out the window, buy a gun.

      1. Oh they can leave…. they just don’t want to.
        HUGE difference between being “trapped” in a situation and “willfully staying”.
        We’ve seen how quickly women will discard “boring” beta boyfriends. When a woman TRULY wants to get rid of a man, she does so with lightning speed.

        1. I’m not sure where you got your information from, but the police reports and various studies show otherwise.

  29. In other words, you need some badassery to get the pussy. Being all rainbows and sunshine will just leave you with the leftovers.

      1. Probably the ones that revolve their lives around a tv show about ponies and friendship but even their heterosexuality is questionable.

    1. I have a friend who told me about this guy who he used to work with. The guy was living in his truck because his wife put him out of the house and moved another man in. All while he was still paying the mortgage on the house. He says the reason he still pays the mortgage is so his kids have a place to stay.
      I thought to myself no wonder his wife did that to him. He’s a total pussy. He doesn’t even have balls to stop paying the mortgage. He’s paying for the room and board of another man who’s fucking his wife in the house he owns, in the bed he probably bought while he lives outdoors in a truck. I’m sure he had to beg his wife to even touch her ass while this other man living in his house gets it whenever the urge strikes him. If he had any pride left, he’d go to that house with a gun and put his soon to be ex wife out and her new boyfriend. He could at least stop paying the mortgage.

      1. If he had any spine, he would tell his wife to shut up because he’s paying the bills which means he owns the house. But if he doesn’t want to make a good example, he can always be a horrible warning.
        I really don’t understand how anyone can be such a massive cuckold. Even in my highschool days, the nerds weren’t afraid to tell females to fuck off if they tried their head game crap. Back then, stories like the one you’ve posted were just jokes. Years later, and pussy husbands seem commonplace. It’s like I woke up in a different planet.

  30. Re: Jihadi brides realising their mistakes.
    Typical forgetting that actions have consequences. And they say Men think with their penises!?

  31. FAME + MONEY + POWER + SUCCESS + STATUS Triumps Looks,… shit it might even triump height…. I mean look at El Chapo. The guy is a 5’6″ or possibly less midget, looks ugly but he has leadership skills, violent, has money, status and power. So a decent looking girl is going to be with him. I seen plenty of dudes who looked like El Chapo waiting in front of home depot at 5AM looking to get picked up in a van for one day worth of work. And I saw them again throughout the day (the ones who didn’t get lucky to get picked up for work). I seen some pretty looking girls with look of disgust whenever the men eye fucked them.
    Brad Pitt although not in this list but applies to him as well. He is average looking at best and I seen many white college students who look like him but has average girls and do horribly with women. Brad Pitt does well because he has massive FAME + STATUS + MONEY…
    ISIS fighters and other psycho killers have that STATUS among their region they control. Plus with media giving them attention, they got semi-fame and ISIS has A LOT of money just like Los Zetas and other violent organization.
    Women are sheep-like and will follow like herds. That is their true nature.
    You can be as ugly as fuck but once you gain that MONEY + STATUS + FAME + POWER then you won’t have trouble getting women. If Donald Trump was poor, people didn’t know who he was and he was out in the cold on the streets looking like a hobo, would women want to be around him?

  32. I just want a White man that will beat the shit out of enwards that try to talk to me. I get so grossed out just hearing them go “yo yo” or whatever that ghetto bullshit is. Yucko.

    1. Those days are gone, we’ll go through your social media presence, if you have been a good girl you are with saving and will be protected otherwise you will be thrown into battle strapped with explosives.
      Sorry, shitz getsing realz

  33. You’d be surprised how many women are disciplined by their husbands still even weirder it’s a Christian thing. Literally over the knee and spanked. It’s crazy. But back in the 50s it was normal. I don’t think women like abuse but I think that some want to be submissive.

  34. I’m looking at that pic of Justin Bieber above and then I remembered a certain article by Athlone McGinnis about Youtube heartthrob Nash Grier (link below) and the backlash he suffered. Then I reflect on the irony of how modern women still expect men to have a sense of chivalry and looks, yet they don’t care how they themselves are perceived. Also, McGinnis mentioned that Grier had a base of 25 year old female fans, even though he was 16. Makes me think that, while older men lusting over 16 year old girls can indeed be morally questionable, by women no less, when it comes to them lusting (and it is lusting, don’t give me that butterflies in the stomach bullshit) over Grier and Bieber, it makes me laugh. Also, check out the South Park episode where they parody Disney and the Jonas Brothers.

    Why Famous Men Become Outspoken Feminists

  35. “With that, I think it’s safe to say that women are simply hard-wired with a deep subconscious desire for dark triad men on an evolutionary basis. No amount of denying or rationalizing will change that fact. The sooner that men realize this truth, the sooner their lives will improve”
    Excellent insightful article.
    Do you have suggestions on how a normal guy can proceed today? Most ‘normal’ men are simply not cut out to be any of the men in the categories you mention.

  36. I can definitely relate to number one on this list. I cant even count the number of times ive seen good looking guys i know that make good money and have their life together…get flaked out because the girl would rather get banged out by some loser in an Aerosmith cover band. Or even worse, hang with a no talent DJ iPod whos only job is to just clicks a play button on his computer.

  37. What no woman dating these kinds of assholes realize until it’s too late that there are consequences. Horrible consequences. Like what I’m about to show you in the link below from site Bestgore. This happened in my adopted hometown of CD Juarez Mexico, across the border from my actual place of birth El Paso, Texas (one of the safest cities in the U.S….go figure!). By the way NSFW! Seriously, these images are really strong and graphic, so click the link at your own risk. But if there are women reading this, for your own good, please look at it. Maybe it’ll change your mind about the whole YOLO philosophy. You’ve been warned.

  38. M’kay. But drugs are bad, m’kay? This entire article comes off as “sour grapes” and my experience is nothing like this. “Yeah, women are only attracted to fucked up people, so women are fucked up, right?”
    Just doesn’t sound the least bit healthy on your part either. Angry and misguided is no way to go through life, son.

  39. I live in Mexico. I was a Father’s Rights, Men’s Rights activist since the early 70’s, and went public with it first in 1978. So, I came to Mexico with some knowledge above average of men and women.
    But, it still took me till two years ago, to understand something that is different in Mexico. To wit: in Mexico older men are respected. Old men are hated in the USA, not respected.
    And, this is true for men as well as for women.
    Since old men are respected in Mexico, a small number of women are seriously attracted to older men. And, I do not mean just mentally ill women and just for billionaires.
    In the words of an 18 year old girl who asked my wife’s cousin when he was in his 50’s, if she could have his baby, “Older men treat their wives better. They are more responsible. and, they are more affectionate.” She actually wanted an older man.
    So, Chapo’s 18 year old wife is totally logical, just not to you folks who live in a culture which teaches you young women and older men together is a perversion.
    The rich, old bastard in my village had a baby with a 20 year old ranch girl when he was 78. There was no mocking, no laughter. Since they both were getting what they wanted, it was deemed reasonable This would never happen in the US.

      1. Filipinos in particular are known for this. My Filipino GF is 26, I’m 51. She has several friends also with older American guys.

    1. I have a friend in his 50s who travels to Mexico City on business and tells me he gets hit on by young women often. The down side is when they find out he orignally from Chile.
      “Old men are hated in the USA, not respected.”
      My father is about your age and would agree with you. The exaltation of youth in the US started wth Boomer generation from what I have read. It’s disturbing.

      1. Eh, I’d put it a bit further back than that. Think about the time that the silver screen came about is when I would peg it.

        1. Maybe, but I didn’t see Gable or Stewart as particularay young guys (as least they served in combat) or John Wayne.

        2. Sure they were young, when they started, and all the rage. And Errol Flynn, the consumate Player Extraordinaire (dude was a notorious womanizer) was chosen specifically because of his young lady killer looks (actually, Clark Gable as well was coveted by women across the spectrum when he was younger). And then the women, who of course except for “aging spinster” or “ugly socialite” roles were all nearly 19 years old and uber hot. I think this is where the focus on it all started, as younger looked “better” on the camera where fantasy was supposed to be indulged in.

        3. Nah, in the movies it’s always 40-50 yr old men are the star. banging 20-25 yr old hotties.
          The way nature intended it to be.

    1. Women have a good nose for sniffing out the level of courage and confidence in a man. Confidence is has been the fundamental key to game and life from my experience.

      1. It seems to be something women, especially hot women figure out very quickly. All me will lie and say they are rich or accomplished(men lie even more to hot women!). Few men can pass a shit test well.

  40. Don’t blame women for making poor decisions and abusing their freedom. They were never meant to make decisions or to have freedom. As much as we may love freedom, solitude, independence and power, they hate all of these things. And, just as our brains are our greatest asset, they regard their brains as their worst of enemies. Do not scorn or condemn women for not being men. Rather, enslave and oppress them, according to their heart’s desire, and appreciate them for being women.

  41. This is why Western men are stupid, the stupidest of all maybe, sure they criticise the Slavs, Arabs and others as backwards amidst their nihilism, science and decadence and although the West has had the technological impetus for a few hundred years they turn around and liberate women. Not realising that your enemies which you cradled in your bosom for so long as friends (YKW) had fed your society poisonous theories about women, fostering the belief that women or men could be something beyond their biological programming which many do, and this in fact can be described as mental illness or abnormal psychology which transgenderism should theoretically also be classified under. So yes all the warning signs the ancients laid bare before you about the true nature of women through allegory (Eve, nice guy Adam, apple-temptation, bad boy-serpent) you laughed off, and now Western society will reap what it has sown, freeing women from the necessary division of labour, making them believe they can have semi-diseased children as a result of aged uteruses because they’re competing with men in the labour markets. Yes of course this is what women veer towards because everyone of them is an Eve, and veers toward that destructive path and if not ruled by father and then husband and if need be son(s), they’ll take us all along with them as they have you, in the West.

  42. Shit is real. Not going to fight you on it. My one longterm fuck buddy should be a beta and is with everyone else but pulls mad aloof game on me, so the drama keeps me into it. I’ve told him the best way to get rid of me is be too nice, smother me with attention, constantly tell me I’m beautiful so that it feels empty. He thinks NAWALT but he’s wrong. Everyone I’ve ever accepted a date from I haven’t fucked them. I’ve gone out with plenty perfect on paper guys: 6’4 Serbian Columbia grad I asked to go to a strip club to see how down in life he was, he paid the $60 to get in. I got the overpriced beers as to not be a bitch. He begged me to let him into my apartment, went down on me, I was Sahara level dry. My fuck buddy and I banged 14 times before I said it was embarrassing at this point and to take me out. Which was to IHOP. I’m still chasing him for sex. So there you go. That’s how girls work. Being a perfect on paper guy you can take home to mom will get you nowhere.

        1. Surprisingly low notch count. If that’s honest, you’re probably fixated on that one guy and that makes other men seem awkward.

        2. Being fixated on one person is possibly more painful than having enough sense to realize you’re being a slut and letting anyone and everyone inside of you.

      1. 3 if you consider letting someone else go down on me, not returning the favor and then telling them to leave as attributing to partner count, but only 1 that has penetrated anything.

    1. My fuck buddy and I banged 14 times before I said it was embarrassing
      at this point and to take me out. Which was to IHOP. I’m still chasing
      him for sex.

      Money shot right there, men. Pay attention.

      1. IHOP…total cost, $15. And you know she paid her half.
        All the guys that take girls on fancy dates, wine and dine a broad at a nice restaurant, and buy the girl drinks…take f’n notes.

        1. If you take a chick out take her where you like to go Jack in the box is my cool spot. I also dig Chinese buffets

        2. Chinese buffets are money. Especially when they have soft serve ice cream. Bitches love that shit.

      2. It’s real. That’s what happens, and he’s a male 4 and has had sex with possibly one or two other girls. But he pulls the aloof game, tells me he doesn’t give a shit if I stick around or not, has never begged me for anything sexual ever, I beg HIM to send nude photos of myself. That’s what happens. Don’t look desperate or nice and girls who would normally be out of your league will be into it.

    2. So basically, you’re all just horrible human beings… Okay… So why would I want to be with any of you then? I mean, aside from the whole not-being-gay thing. Is “pussy” the only real motivating factor for men now? Or is there any hope that women will change? Because I don’t want to have to change my entire personality just to keep a woman around… That’s not what I call “happiness”–I don’t care how wet my dick is.
      Also, I don’t feel embarrassed to say that I shouldn’t *have* to change. I’m already smarter and more skilled/talented than most of the women I hit on. I for damn sure take better care of myself. You are the ones who suck, YOU change.

  43. So ?? You are telling us the most broads are STUPID??? Most thinking with their heads men, know that !

  44. That is pretty funny with the girls going for serial killers had no idea, not about the communist dictator or the drug lords either

    1. I am of the acquaintance of a 25-ish year old absolute hotty who told me, for God only knows why, that she had for a long time a huge crush on Chuck Manson. Wrote him love letters and sent them to his prison. She said it with a charming giggle and flash in her eyes and was absolutely serious. It totally turned around how I viewed her from there forward.
      I figure that if I ever bail on the wife, this chick will be first on my list to bang and I know I will be able to do it by simply being a huge “dangerous” asshole.

      1. Ah well attraction is not a choice, not everyone can recognize their own perversions or know what’s good for them. Had a look at some pictures suppose he looked alright back in the day but of course it’s not his looks that’s driving her. Yes, would be a good skill to be able to switch on the “asshole” persona for certain occasions…

        1. Back in his day her mom was probably a kid, so yeah, it wasn’t based on looks that much is certain.
          Yes, would be a good skill to be able to switch on the “asshole” persona for certain occasions…
          More along the lines of “dangerous” would get her I’m betting with just enough asshole to let her know you don’t give a fuck if she stays or goes.

  45. “Seeing all this, I can already imagine many women (and some men) protesting that these are just a small minority of naive and “damaged” women who don’t represent the female population as a whole. ”
    Yes they are the minority, but i have noticed that usually the chicks that gravitate to abusive scumbags are among the most beautiful (slender, feminine, very attractive). This is why we read articles such as the one you wrote. We all are interested in learning about the behaviors of pretty women. Nobody cares who fat chicks gravitate to.
    And to add to this, apparently one of the Menendez brothers had a pen-pal relationship going with a Playboy model. She pursued him, after he was thrown in jail.

  46. Women who are allowed to run around footloose and mingle with other women are ‘unkept’ and will fight amongst each other over the time that each is able to spend with the triad alphas, and that’s the extent of their tunnel vision, focusing on the ‘time’ primarily, not expressing loyalty. Loyalty is fleeting at best.
    To lay the blame on alphas for not keeping their women corralled, allowing them to depart and soil themselves elsewhere is intrinsicly due to laws that police the sexual state of matters in society. It is adjunctly the ‘fault’ of the system for laying such hard thought feminist mores into law that lay such a heavy hand upon formation of a loyal and ‘kept’ harem. It’s like using heavy weight state attorneys and international trust busting law to annihilate and lay to waste a kid’s lemonade stand. The bitch smack brigade vies globalist dominance.
    THE POLITICS of sexuality, natures politics allows harems to develop where women within one harem are free to mingle amongst themselves but to cross and mingle with women from another harem is disassociation of the patriarchal order. Women within one harem compete with each other to please the head, the patriarch, whereas women run aloose FIGHT over scraps or scrappy time spent with alphas, just the converse of the current state of marital malady where the state polices the betas by contracting them with a pool of used leftover ‘scrap’ women.
    THE ORDER of patriarchy lays that women be governed by their master on a micro level by their patriarch much in the way that nation states on a macro level govern their populace and secure borders. European states with dissolved borders suffer a dual fate with a breach of alphas, the wild radical element uncontained, so called alphas that would stick their dick into a goat, ‘prison element’ alphas but not in any way noble patriarchs, where controlled sexuality is proportional to hegemony. The state can only control betas with browbeating and the state can only contain or jail these non patriarchal fuana alphas (actually omegas) with jailbars. The hegemony, the autonomy, both are lost as predicted and predicated with feminism.
    ALAS – Like gods over women, the true and natural order of patriarchs will rise and forever crush the bitch order into rubble, and that rubble will in turn be tamped into a perma layer of foundation stone for the coming patriarchal order of man. A grand eternal order awaits us. A new day is dawning for our great species. Hail the patriarchy.

  47. The problem with being a nice guy is that it doesn’t add any value to women in developed countries, because everything is already nice for women in the west. Women don’t live threatened by any real danger despite what all the feminist propaganda says. Modern societies have been growing safer and safer in the last century and all basic living needs and possible security concerns are covered by the state in the end. At least in Western Europe where i live. It is not a coincidence that feminist started to grow in popularity paralel to the growing of social democracies and welfare state.
    Not only is it very difficult for a woman to die of starvation today, or to be raped or abused, but also all the responsibility from women actions are proyected away into men, so women don’t have to fear social exclusion or shaming repercusions for their actions as well. So what is it for woman opting for a nice guy? Nothing, nice guys don’t add anything to a western young woman’s life. Maybe a woman with her SMV dropping after her 30s will have a sudden need for emotional security, but it will be temporarily, and this will not apply for the hotties anyway…
    But that is not the complete picture. Society is so so safe, that it made us western men weak. Yes, that is true. Very few men have the balls even to defend theirselves, it reminds me of that Fight Club movie, in the scene where Tyler Durden asks their subordinates to provoque reactions in the men they meet on the streets. No one fights back. So true. Almost all nice guys have given away their dignity in exchange for security. Women unconsciouslly sense that.
    On the other hand, drug dealers, thugs, etc, have exciting lives, they don’t live through rules imposed by others, they have ambition and they show no fear and risk prone behaviours. Even if they don’t meet the ethic and moral standards shared by us they still act as men, we don’t.
    The irony is that have all men been like them women would lose everything. All their empowerment pride gone… Although, they encourage that behaviour in men with their choices. You are a nice guy, you are not going to get laid. But as Rollo Tomassi says, you can’t negotiate desire. They still crave for real men, and most women are looking forward only short term.
    The main problem is women still owe everything to nice guys but they don’t know it. The life they enjoy is provided by all the honest and hard worker men that support modern welfare societies. But the state acts as an intermediary. Women don’t feel like they owe nothing to the nice guys because it is the state who provides them. But they need them.
    In my opinion, the state is the worst enemy of a nice guy. It takes away everything they produce and gives nothing in return. A nice guy is only valuable when the environment is unsafe. Sexual market is also a market.

  48. It’s funny how El Chapo looks just like my history professor, who was a mewling, SJW, male feminist who would often “boast” in class of how pussy-whipped by his presumably fat bitchy wife. This is like seeing what he’d look like in a parallel universe.

    1. I am disgusted when men refer to their wives or girlfriends as the “boss” or say they need to ask permission from them before doing things or making decisions. In the US today, that’s most guys, depressingly.

      1. I don’t think all of them believe it. I use that line as an excuse to not do an event or participate in something. It also plays over well with the HR department and a few execs. Example:
        Head of HR: “Hey Rob, would you like to go to (some random) charity event” [where I’d be expected to donate money]
        Me: “Thanks for the invite! I’d love to come but I have to check with my wife, aka the boss – I think she mentioned we had dinner plans with some of her friends that night. If I have the dates wrong though I’ll let you know”
        I never use this line in front of my wife, though, and I very rarely give her a choice (and she doesn’t usually want to make a choice, anyway).

        1. My professor would sometimes tell anecdotes that highlighted his wife’s “wit,” which was invariably her making some snarky remark on how he was wrong about something and stupid. Kinda like the typical sitcom bitchy wife/girlfriend on steroids.

  49. Women with options (ie. physically attractive) like a guy who she feels is better than her. That’s all.

  50. A result of jew influence in Western society. Women are brainwashed to love degeneracy, and men are emasculated. The jew fears the traditional Western Man because he is the only one who can stand in the way of jewish world domination.

    1. It’s too bad, but it’s an Example of how women in affluent countries fantasize about the Bad boy’s and when the Fantasy doesn’t meet Reality there in Lies the Wake up call. My theory for ISIS girls is modern western woman is simply not turned On by the Beta’s around her so she seeks Masculine Men, unfortunately women are not a good Judge of Male character and misinterpret Bad Boys and Thugs as Masculine, so off she goes to get herself a “Masculine” Man and her results are disastrous.

      1. Very similar to the link I posted earlier about the dismembered narcogirlfriend. I’m not trying to be a white knight, and in fact I tend to be cynical about how these girls behave in regards to bad boys, but I hope it’s a warning for any girl reading this, and for any parent. The signs are there. As simple as, when frats put signs saying “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal”, that’s a giveaway. It’s too late for this girl and maybe for her friend, but ladies, as I said before, you’ve been warned.

        1. “No means Yes, yes means Anal” ha! I’m Glad somebody else heard about that one, I have to admit, I do get a bit of a Chuckle whenever I think about that one. Nothing really white Knight about it, just an understanding of how the world works, unfortunately some women don’t have that kind of common sense, and they wind up ISIS brides.

  51. The Bad Boys, the Degenerates, The Druggies, the Loser’s. Unto her own will a Woman tends towards chaos and whether it be for a thrill or to Rebel she’ll seek the misfits the Outcasts and the Depraved of Society.

  52. “That is the whole point of the feminist agenda. Most of those women are nuts and also inferior. They tend to be ugly, combat boot wearing deviants on the very bottom of the pecking order. Their hope is that by weakening us all, their position will rise. It just ain’t gonna happen. The only way to rise in the pecking order is to be more important to society… to provide something, preferably something rare. The assholes provide nothing and take quite a bit. They are unworthy of respect in every way. ”
    Bonecrker #28
    “With rare exceptions, a woman who marries a scumbag does it because she’s nuts. So even if the divorce is his fault, it means she is bad news.”
    Bonecrker #118
    “However, that being said, you cannot change women, you cannot change women, you CANNOT change women. Your relationship is time limited. There is no way around that. You cannot make decisions about women that contradict that fact. If you do you most certainly will suffer. Your ability to enjoy that time with the woman is strictly dependent on how vigilant you are and how much power you cultivate in relationships. Once your power is gone, it’s gone, and you can’t get it back. If you allow a woman to stay when you have no power over her, she will destroy you (dump any woman you don’t have power over, immediately).”
    Bonecrker #81

  53. While I did apply for the position as Kim Jong Un’s successor, I never got a call back.
    Guess it will just have to be dominant and abusive for me then gents.

  54. I noticed number 2 last Friday when guy was drunk he attacked the car with a crowbar
    and broke a window and she still was with him.
    Same girl and guy a few month’s ago he broke the girls cat lag and she took him back.

  55. Give women the right to choose, and in a few generations all males are going to be talentless retards with 60 IQ and murderous tendencies.

    1. Keep in mind that something like 60% of white women and 60% of married women chose Romney over Obama. Not that Romney is some saint but he would have been a whole fuckload better for America.
      Just as a though experiment, maybe women should only be allowed to vote if they are married or are not recent immigrants.

  56. FWI: of the two ISIS fighters, one was caught while trying to escape and beaten to death.

  57. “men oppressed women by working all day and paying for everything”
    Fucking classic. But let’s take inventory:
    1) Degenerate Entertainers
    I didn’t loose my cherry until I was 18 and only after I fronted a rock band. If you are 18 and have blue balls, put down the Hustler mag, put down the X-box controller and pick up a microphone or a guitar.
    2) Abusive, Dominant Men
    There were several years where I was into BDSM specifically and several more where my relationships just sort of went that way. The most humorous example is where I hooked up with a girl from a phone chat line and after about two hours of conversation we agreed to meet and have some serious sex if upon meeting we didn’t find each other particularly odious.
    So we meet and yes she was a 5’4″ with a nice body and we go back to her place. The first thing I noticed was the she had a chin-up bar installed in the space between her kitchen and living room. She didn’t strike me as some workout goddess so I asked about it and she said flat out: “that is where you tie me up”.
    To fast forward over all the debauchery of the next few hours, I ended up with her hands tied behind her back and otherwise naked on her knees with her face to the ground. I told her “bark like a dog”.
    She said “fuck you” and so we engaged in a test of will over the next few minutes. Every time she refused I gave her a good whack on the ass, but still she said “fuck you” and called me all sorts of names. After the third or fourth round of this, my hand was sore from beating her ass so I can imagine what her ass felt like.
    She finally said “Woof, okay? Woof, woof, okay? Are you happy now?”
    A few more spankings and a few woofs later I untied her and we cuddled for the rest of the night.
    3) Serial Killers and mass murderers
    Joining the army and having my government-sanctioned license to kill brown people was a total chick magnet. It’s not the uniform but rather the culture behind the uniform that makes chicks wet. While I was with the military for a decade and accumulated several years of martial arts training, all that actually taught me was how to avoid fighting and killing, despite being rather good at it if pressed. Still, just having that on the table seemed to impress women.
    4) Drug lords
    Nope, Fuck that shit
    5) Communist Dictators
    If my current unicorn hunt turns out to be a bust then maybe I will set up a cult. I think that I and a few of the guys here, collectively, have some fraction of the creativity of L Ron Hubbard and such.
    Otherwise, communism is fucking stupid.
    6) ISIS Fighters
    They embody #2 and #3 and maybe 4 and 5.

  58. lol, i cant wait until the islamic invasion and all these arab girls go western and are fucking chad thundercock and jamal johnson

  59. so what about non-degenerate entertainers? do they attract women – or it’s only the “degenerate” ones? or are all entertainers degenerate?

    1. You mean like Michael Buble? Yeah he’s real popular with the ladies.. Those with blue rinse and support hose, that is 😉

  60. “Communist dictators”.. And that, friends, is why college feminist professors get all the pussy 😉

  61. From Dominant to abusive and from BDSM to rape is a HUGE leap. Abuse of females is a show of weakness and rape is a crime of desperation. Tradcons seem to love judeo-christian hypocrisies…

    1. You’re entirely free to sample the delights of Islamic hypocrises in Syria if you think that’s any better than bashing religions that don’t fight back.

    2. LOL. Rape is a sign of power, or strength.
      Its the stronger, dominant who rapes the weakling.
      Be it man or women who is raped.
      In old times just as in our modern times the victorious army often goes on raping the losers nation women. Often to re-populate the region with their own kin.

  62. these Austrian teens decided to go there to find their soulmates.

    Not Austrian, but Bosniaks living in Austria.

  63. I used to listen to and sympathize with women who would bitch about their bad boyfriends but after my Red Pill transformation my standard response is “Well, serves you right, idiot. How many decent guys did you turn down because they weren’t “exciting” enough for you?” Then the really f***ed up part is then they become attracted to me. Typical. The #1 lesson is whatever you think is rational, logical and correct as a man, a woman will actually think the opposite despite her protestations by saying otherwise. The #2 lesson is to always remember this fact and to never put yourself in a position where you have to rely on them or trust them.

  64. Roosh, the world is not divided between nice guy submissive beta pussies and abusive assholes. Do You think women are NOT attracted to dominant, assertive men, who respect girls WITHOUT BEING A SUBMISSIVE PUSSY? (yes, they exist, very few of them though)

    1. “Do You think women are NOT attracted to dominant, assertive men, who respect girls WITHOUT BEING A SUBMISSIVE PUSSY?”
      Not before the age of 30. That’s rather the point.

      1. You can not be an alpha and “respect girls” get the shit out of your mind. You respect other alphas who are strong and good captains on their turf.
        You can not whatsoever respect “girls” – what for? What did they do in their young lifes to ear this respect?
        New concept for you? But yes, respect has to be earned – you are not born with it and not every human deserves it. In fact only a selected few do. The majority does not.
        You dont treat hot young girls with “respect”. You treat them like children, what they are.

    2. They’re boring altough, the best boring men are still boring men.
      Sure you can find a special girl every once in a while that thinks about her future and is looking for husband/BF material but most of the hot ones ain’t looking for that, they’re looking for vagina tingle material.

  65. You want some free advice on women? Being a good man does cut it. It’s YOU who doesn’t cut it. Because the men on this website are not good men. Do not for one second believe that you are.

    1. Nah. My own experience begs to differ. Not proud of it, but I even called my ex a bitch before kicking her out of my car and her trying to sweet talk me back. Of course, when I was the nice guy, my bank account suffered, I was the target of emotional blackmail, temper tantrums, I even had to invite her family to dinner numerous times. And then there’s the ex lover who she kept talking to even though I forbid it. Oh yeah, and she wanted me to express my feelings, unless I cried in desperation because I couldn’t pay my bills, then I wasn’t allowed to cry. And you wonder why nice guys don’t exist. They do, until you piss them off. Then they go away. Good luck with Kevin Federline ladies.

    2. Taking advice from a woman on how to get with a woman is sure to leave a man a virgin his whole life. Judge women by their actions, not their words.

      1. yes, even this “woman” is hanging around men she deems “bad”.
        stay deplorable my friends.

    3. There is one thing and one thing only to judge is a man is a good man or not.
      If he has sex with hot babes frequently (or with ONE hot babe for a long time) he is a good man.
      Why? Because women are very competitive. If he was not good, she would replace him. Hot women have no shortage of options and if you manage to lock one done or you get a lot of different quality pussy – you mustabegood.

  66. Remember Osama Bin Laden, had multiple young wives. The more the media hypes skanks hooking up in a berka the more will vaginally approve of ISIS. True ISIS has an extreme embargo of pretty much everything and under constant attack, a shooting war zone. No better place for a skank to go. More media hype!!
    Yanomami tribe in the Amazon, men brand there women to show there dominance over them and they beat them to keep them in line. While not politically correct it is becoming clear by archaeological evidence violence was common among hunter gather societies. Most women are hard wired to respond very positively to a dominate guy who humiliates them into submission. Women will unconsciously shit test any way they can, no changing hundreds of thousands of years of evolution in a generation.
    Buffalo ’66 a movie example of how positively a women respond to a bad boy

  67. Men want to get marriaged with feminists who treat them as shit. This is a scientific truth that all of us know

  68. Or maybe they just want men who respect them and see them as people and not objects but what do I know?

  69. Meanwhile, Europe slanders people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who could have told the moronic woman-children exactly what awaited them.

  70. A very good article, only a very minor correction concerning the jihadi-girls: These girls were Bosnian, which means that they were Muslim Slavs on their origin.
    So these girls are not a good example.

  71. “Seeing all this, I can already imagine many women (and some men) protesting that these are just a small minority of naive and “damaged” women who don’t represent the female population as a whole. However, study after study only confirm that the vast majority of women are indeed attracted to men with the traits listed above”
    Some major ugly truth laid down in this article. And has anybody noticed that it’s usually the prettier chicks that are going for theses types of guys? If the women who pursued Dark Triad Fucked-up men were blue haired fatties this article wouldn’t even exist.
    So the question is: what can a normal guy do to get laid by these hotties without being a fucked-up psychotic?

    1. Pretend to be one. Ultimately that’s what is behind game, mimicking various behavioral traits of these sort of men to one degree or another.

      1. “Pretend to be one”
        Yet I get the impression that a chick can pick up as to whether or not one is faking Dark Triad.

  72. “Famous serial killers such as Ted Bundy (who was also a necrophile) used to receive hundreds of love letters from women on a weekly basis until his execution in 1989”
    Lyle Menendez was pursued by a Playboy model after he was thrown in jail.

  73. Especially relevant is the case of Alicia Machado, the Venezuelan beauty queen that defamed Trump in exchange for a Clinton-trafficked US passport. I grew up in Venezuela and clearly remember the scandal in 1998 in which she supposedly was an accomplice of an ex-boyfriend who tried to murder someone, then threatened to kill the judge in charge of the case. She also allegedly had a daughter with Mexican drug lord Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, AKA “El Indio”

  74. I hear ya loud and clear Mr. Savage.
    Any advice on how normal decent men can get with a female? Or is the decent man doomed to simply pursuing escorts?

    1. He needs to be decent with a little streak of batshit insane.
      Hell I have no idea in fact I haven’t gotten tired of escorts… Yet.

    2. You are one of a million. Nothing special.
      The good news is
      that there are tons of plain jane who may dream to get some quality
      father but will settle for you once they are near 30.
      You may not be
      their dream guy, rather her last chance but in the end you will get your
      pussy like the other 999.999 guys just like you.
      If you want quality pussy you have to offer something special.
      can be blue blood or top genes. This can be success in the form of
      money or fame or both. This can be stunning looks or a gold medal in
      Anything that makes you one of a million. The unicorn women crave.
      If they wanted a joe average they wouldnt need to wear heels or a skirt
      or get a boob job or keep an hourglass figure. They do this to get
      prince charming. not for the stableboy.
      Advice? Improve yourself! Up your passive value. It is not that hard to get a 5 or 6. When we are talking 7/8 range you have to bring a lot more to the table. If we are talking 9/10 range, or beauty queen level you better be a male 10 yourself, cause the competition in this range is brutal.

      1. I hear you – buy I need to give some data about me: 1.) I never plan on getting married 2.) I never settle for females in beauty range in 5, 6 or 7.
        I have a few younger male friends asking advice – where do you send a young guy to up his passive value?

        1. 1) up to you. A lot of guys change their viewpoint once they hit 40+ though. You never know.
          2) Younger guys with low value can do these things:
          a) settle for girls 4-6 to get at least some sex
          b) target older women, as in 40+ for some sex without relationship danger
          c) STILL have to up their value to make a+b happen. But it might be enough to have a good body and some basic game.
          Be realistic though. If a 22 year old pool boy wants to compete with a 36 year old doctor for a relationship with miss bikini he is wasting his energy. He may be able to snach a ONS or even a fling if he is hot and has tigh game. But a relationship? He wouldnt be able to afford her for 1 month…hot women cost a lot of money to maintain.

        2. Good thing about banging older but still hot women isn’t they have no problem picking up the bar tab. when you are a broke 25 year old that shit is amazing

        3. Good thing about banging older but still hot women isn’t they have no problem picking up the bar tab. when you are a broke 25 year old that shit is amazing. Just give em a taste of the ol sweet dick and you never have to worrying about paying for a night out.

      2. ” If we are talking 9/10 range, or beauty queen level you better be a male 10 yourself, cause the competition in this range is brutal”
        Maldek – I forgot to mention this and inquire with you – but it has been my observation that the hot “9” s + have boyfriends less attractive – that is to say that the majority times I see stunning women with somewhat ugly men. Is that pairing strictly a matter of the female chasing after a man’s resources and status?

        1. The top end 9s and 10s do have so many options, that it is there when we can see most clearly how women think. Male looks matters little to them (other than for a ONS) when it is looks alone. On the other hand good genes DO count – women have the quality of their future potential babies in their hindbrain all the time. Point is – these so called “ugly men” may have good genes. I bet none of these is a skinny dwarf with asthma.
          That said; resources and status for a man is what big boobs and a firm ass combined with long hair and an hourglass figure is for us men.
          When I was a freshman in south america I did hear this explanation how south american women think. (sidenote: You must know lots of expats 55++ do marry/live with hot SA women in their 20s).
          “You have to realize these women are not liars. It is true, they may not love this guy body but they DO love to sit next to him when he drives his cool car downtown and all her peers see her sit there. She loves his big house and the pool and the envy in the eyes of her sister who come visit. She loves her shoes and cloths and nights in the most expensive clubs in town. Her mom and dad in their early 40s love her new son in law (in his 60s) because they know when someone gets sick in the family, the doctors bill will be paid. They do not fake it – these feelings are real. Women can love more than one thing in their new partner.”
          At first I did not fully understand this. Thought what a crap, they are in for the money and hope the old sucker dies soon. This was false. I now know they do indeed love their new life and the guy who made this all possible.

  75. number 6? Holy shit, women would literally rather get decapitated than be with a normal guy

  76. Women would rather donate one of their limbs or organs to a charismatic cannibal than be with a normal guy.

    1. I don’t think that’s necessarily true for most women. Just speaking from experience often the “dark triad” traits are kept hidden for several months in the initial dating stage (goes for both men and women). Love bombing (or the honeymoon stage) reels you in. So you believe you’re getting this kind, genuine, upstanding person that doesn’t like drama in the beginning…THAT’S who you fall in love with. And then once they know you’re hooked slowly start showing their true traits. By then you’re so in love that you make excuses for their behavior or when you finally get the nerve to leave them, seeing that something isn’t quite right….that person shows a glimmer of who they were at the beginning and you give them another chance…you know, because of love and all that lol. Lather, rinse, repeat.
      I’m not saying it’s a healthy cycle, just human to want to see the best in the people we love or loved.
      Am only speaking on the dark triad traits or #2 on this list because I don’t get and never will understand the serial killer, drug lords, and ISIS ones. Yeah, those women are just plain crazy and need to be locked up themselves if not for their own safety then for the general publics safety.

      1. Most of these are normal men who like variety and grow bored with any woman after the challenge is gone and they then want a fresh conquest. Lather, rinse, repeat. Many will be honest about this (bye Felicia) when it’s quitting time, but not all, especially married fathers who love their children and want to avoid divorce rape.

        1. So what is a girl to do? Are we supposed to play games to keep men interested?
          Would that also mean that guys like ‘bad girls’ or girls that demonstrate dark triad tendencies too?

        2. No game keeps a man or woman when it’s quitting time. Normal women get bored, too. It is what it is. Making laws and shaming and blaming may drag out the meter, but even if they’re physically there, they’re emotionally absent. Sucks, but it’s so and always has been.

        3. “So what is a girl to do?”
          If you are lucky to get a quality man, like 1%er, make sure the sex is good and frequent.
          After a few months in your relationship make it very clear you want children and you want them asap. If he is adamant in his “no” or “sure, but in xyz year when xyz happens” -> dump him, you are wasting your time. And time is the least you have because every passing year past 21 your value goes down.
          If you get married and a few children you should be fine. Just make sure you keep your looks as good as possible and the sex at a level no less than 1/week.

        4. Be the hot fuck who gives it to them like you were a porn star in heat. Take an interest in their interests. Make it so they have to keep winning you over, instead of being in the bag. Keep mixing it up and surprising them, trying new things. Change yourself, so you’re growing and evolving, impressing yourself and them.
          Stagnation is the death of relationships. Once a person gets bored, it’s over.

    1. You are one of a million. Nothing special.
      The good news is that there are tons of plain jane who may dream to get some quality father but will settle for you once they are near 30.
      You may not be their dream guy, rather her last chance but in the end you will get your pussy like the other 999.999 guys just like you.
      If you want quality pussy you have to offer something special.
      This can be blue blood or top genes. This can be success in the form of money or fame or both. This can be stunning looks or a gold medal in sports.
      Anything that makes you one of a million. The unicorn women crave.
      Remember: If they wanted a joe average they wouldnt need to wear heels or a skirt or get a boob job or keep an hourglass figure. They do this to get prince charming. not for the stableboy.

      1. Why settle for mediocre western women who will want “stableboy” when they are near 30? When I can simply go overseas and enjoy better quality women who aren’t tainted and corrupted by American liberal culture. Some of these women will settle much earlier age at early 20s and who actually enjoy “stableboy”. Other words, Society shapes women.
        I scored number of pussies in the west by being inauthentic and trying to be “cool”, “hip” and act like “top guys”. I think it’s just messed up Anglo American mentality and this can be seen from both men and women.
        As long as I avoid Anglo dominated society like US, Australia, New Zealand, UK and parts of Canada, I’m fine. I do enjoy South American and Eastern European women and these areas don’t produce a lot of fat women like the typical pudgy and puffed up Anglo white women.
        I may be one in a million and that’s fine by me but it’s also liberating to know that I can travel to different countries and not be stuck with old hag American cunts.

        1. Some readers may know. I am living in south america since 2009 so i can understand your point very well.
          What is worth to note is that the women down here are no different than the women in the US or EU.
          What is different is our value as men. If you come to south america (or asia or eastern europe) with a passport from EU or US your default value is much higher than back home, everything else beeing equal.
          On top of that comes the fact that an average american (european) income bring you to the top 20% of earners in most other places of the world.
          These two factors combined can make it appear, the women are different because they TREAT YOU differently, because your relative worth has gone up considerably without you doing anything like bodybuilding or earning more.
          It is your comperative advantage.
          PS: If you happen to be white you get an extra bonus because many asians and south americans know very well what race is on top of the food chain.

        2. “What is different is our value as men…….. the women are different because they TREAT YOU differently, because your relative worth has gone up considerably without you doing anything like bodybuilding or earning more. It is your comperative advantage.”
          ^ I can’t disagree with that as I seen it myself before.

  77. Putting women out of their inherent design to cook, clean and later suck out seed and reinforce the children is going to create mental disorders in them.

  78. Most of the women pictured above are hotter than the average American male will ever have access to. This should be thrown in the faces of betas, until they relent. Look at the quality of poontang AL Queda and Charlie Manson are getting. Now wake the fuck up.

  79. As for the Serial Killers and Mass Murderer aspect, an excellent example are the bizzare group of freaks known as “Columbiners” who worship the fags who did that attack. They’re mostly mentally ill teenage girls on dumblr so It should come as no surprise how degenerate they are. But even freaks like the sandy hook kid have hundreds of fangirls.

  80. The only reason women get away with their shitty behavior is because supplicating, beta, white knight, cuckolded, effeminate, pussy worshipping ‘men’ enable it. This is why we so badly needed someone like Trump to guide men away from that pathetic way of life.

  81. I think there’s a direct correlation between being a man who is aware of female nature and also conscious and wise.

  82. The sixty million dollar question is how to be deemed as exciting and yet not become a loser within a decade. I went the adrenaline junkie route. Find a niche and expound on it. Everyone is normal in 90% of what you do. Part of being a man is having the fortitude to press on where most others will quit. Whatever you do, go past the point that it hurts. Instead of getting a motorcycle to ride on the weekends, go on the road for a year or two. Instead of being able to strum a few chords, practice until you can make money as a side gig (or not). Whatever you do, you will have some exciting stories to tell and become interesting.

  83. Meh, I’m a chick (not overweight or ugly by the way) and I sometimes think my boyfriend is pretty bland. Except my problem is I just wish he was more submissive instead of vanilla. I’d very much like to fuck him in the ass with a strapon.

  84. Females do not make their own decisions or decide who they are attracted to. They base their decisions and what they are attracted on what other people think or what is perceived as value or trendy. If a typical modern day females goes to a movie and sees the movie “Knocked Up”, she is being brainwashed that it is cool funny and trendy to get “knocked up” by a loser fat low IQ jobless pot smoker. IF a female turns on the TV and sees some diva on MTV with some scumbag with earrings in both ears that’s on steriods and has tattoos ratted up and down his arms, she will then seek out those kinds of guy to date because she will then perceive that has having status based on trendiness.
    The only solution to the problem is for a complete apocalyptic collapse to occur where the monetary system is evaporated and all laws are evaporated. Therefore, affirmative action disappears, welfare disappears, and child support disappears. Once natural law is re-established and men rule once again like we are supposed to, meaning we hold 100% of the job market and women DO NOT have jobs, that will force females to become attracted to responsible men that make a living. The “bad boy” that does drugs and cannot mentally handle working a steady job, will be no longer sought after by women. Because a guy like that cannot support a female and kids, and every dollar he does get, he would spend on himself anyhow.
    Because females have affirmative action jobs and because they can collect welfare, this allows for them to go chase after jobless low life scum.

  85. This article is a load of crap generalizations. Just as an example, among 100 million women, for instance, is it surprising that there might be a few hundred who would be attracted to, say, Ted Bundy? Why try to make that apply to the 99,999,900 other women out there who almost certainly are not. Does that really make any sense?

  86. women go after successful and powerful alphas they perceive as strong? who would have guessed??
    I swear sometimes this page seems more a bluepilled crybaby safe space than a page about social realism.

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