Today Is The Brexit Vote—Did The Global Elite Fumble By Allowing It?

Today, British citizens will vote on Brexit—whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union. The debate leading up to the vote contains valuable insights into the tactics of the globalists. It also demonstrates that the globalists can make mistakes. These are valuable pieces of knowledge for men who are committed to building a healthy society.

What is the European Union?


Konrad Adenauer

The idea of European Union (EU) came about after the horror of World War II. Christian men such as Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman and Winston Churchill dreamt of a Europe at peace, united by its Christian faith and common ancestral heritage. The EU started off as merely a free trade zone—the European Economic Community. The EU itself came into being in 1993 when the Maastricht Treaty became operative. The treaty created something like a “United States of Europe” with the concept of European citizenship.

What’s wrong with the EU?

Ironically, becoming the United States of Europe is the biggest problem of the EU. Just as the original 13 American colonies gave up their individual sovereignty to form the United States, each EU country will gradually have to give up its sovereignty.

What makes it worse is that they will yield their sovereignty to an undemocratic institution. While the EU does have an elected Parliament, it is a sham intended to make the EU look like a democratic body. The real power resides in the EU Commission, a body of 28 unelected bureaucrats. The individual member countries do have an opportunity to vote against EU Commission proposals, but unless a majority of the 28 member states also oppose the proposal, it becomes EU law. In other words, the EU can dictate not just trade between EU countries, but also what goes on within those countries.

In no area is this more evident that when it comes to immigration policy. For example, the EU member countries are currently negotiating a deal where Turkey will temporarily prevent a certain number of “refugees” from entering Europe in exchange for granting Turkey 1,500,000 visas. While Turks are probably preferable to some of the other “refugees” it would still mark a big step toward the Islamization of the UK.

The Left’s Method of Debate—Instill Fear

Most of the benefits of being a member of the EU are economic. Being a member of the EU means that you don’t need to negotiate separate trade deals with 27 other countries. It also means that the EU can negotiate better trade deals with other countries such as the United States. Being part of the EU means you have more leverage when it comes to trade.

The natural fear is that if the UK leaves the EU, the other nations will impose tariffs on it. That’s an unlikely scenario as the UK is the second largest economy in the Europe and could easily retaliate by imposing tariffs of its own. Still, it is a rational argument.

But the “Remain” side of the debate has not been making rational arguments. Make-up wearing “comedian” Eddie Izzard implied that World War III awaits if UK leaves the EU.

The Labour Party suggested that leaving the EU could cause workers to lose their vacation.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer was busy tweeting German threats:

The Guardian stated that the voting to “Leave” would make the UK the world’s most hated nation.

And our old friend, arch globalist George Soros wrote an opinion piece claiming that Britons would see their living standards crater.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 6.41.35 PM

Why should you care?


It is important to know about the EU and Brexit even if you are not a British citizen. First, it demonstrates how trade treaties can serve as a precursor to taking away a country’s sovereignty. The EU started as a trade agreement but it has now reached the point where EU trumps the laws of the individual nation.

The United States faces a similar challenge as globalists use NAFTA as a starting point to turn Canada, the United States, and Mexico into one “North American Community.” The massive influx of illegal immigrants into the US, aided by both Central American governments and the US, is the tip of the spear to achieve a single North American state.

Second, it gives a glimpse into how our elites control us by fear. Fear is the primary tool in the arsenal of elite control techniques. Sometimes these take the form of threats against our physical safety—as when the Muslim mayor of London threatened the US with Islamic terror attacks if Trump imposes a ban on Muslim immigration.

Third, it shows the growing use of the tactic of calling anyone who stands in the way of the globalist agenda a ‘racist’ or ‘far right wing.’  In this way, anyone who wants to vote in his self interest is automatically branded as being an extremist, worse than any actual terrorist. This is by design. It lays the groundwork for police action against these “dangerous” elements in society.

The final lesson of Brexit is that there is still some small possibility of democratic change. It is a miracle—or a big miscalculation—that the globalist elite have allowed the UK to have a referendum on whether to leave the EU. It would be a stunning blow to the globalist agenda if the UK leaves the EU as it opens the door to a healthy nationalist government.

This means that the globalist lock on power is not yet complete. Now is the time to do everything in our power to wrest control from them.



One thing is certain: This is the last time that Britons will have a chance to vote to leave the EU in a generation. If the UK votes to remain, the future will look less English, Scottish, and Irish and more African and Islamic. That’s not scare mongering. That’s an inevitable consequence of how demographics are shaping up in the third world. The destiny of any nation that fails to control its own borders is to get inundated by that rising wave.

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244 thoughts on “Today Is The Brexit Vote—Did The Global Elite Fumble By Allowing It?”

  1. Simple answer – if the vote had ever a chance of succeeding then the elite would not given the useless eaters a choice. So no – there never was a chance. All their careful calculations obviously stated that a Brexit was out of the question. In fact – even if the majority voted for it, then they would simply rig the votes. There are numerous ways of doing that.

    1. Good point. The elites could simply show that the people were given the opportunity to vote on it and they voted not to leave. They just rig the votes.

      1. Again – they may not need to rig the votes. Most media, all academia, most politicians, most big business, almost all foreigners, all Muslims etc. – all of them have been energized to vote according to top-down propaganda.
        If all that fails, then they can always manipulate the votes eve if they would have lost 60-40.

        1. UK polls closed about 1/2 1n hour ago; there are no reliable exit polls. I’m going to be looking at Drudge and some UK sites in about 1 1/2 hours for the results to come in.

    2. True to an extent…. and almost certainly true (according to the ‘elite’s’ calculations) when they set out on it, but it appears that they miscalculated the number of us that would vote the leave route and it has looked close at times.
      At least at my voting station this morning the marker given to us to check our favoured box was pencil, so they should have too much trouble ensuring the right outcome if all else fails…

    1. Non binding? I was unaware of that. If that’s the case then, what’s the point? Seems like a lot of trouble for nothing.

      1. If they vote to leave but can’t, they are shown their impotence. If they vote to stay then they “agreed” to whatever. Either way, if voting made a difference then they wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

      2. From what I understand it was a standard referendum planned a while ago. Just so happens anti-EU sentiments have been growing the last little while so it looks like a real democratic move by the people.
        As much as I hope to see a Western country grow some balls I’m not holding my breath.
        I think Trump is the highest stakes right now in terms of Western nationalism/preservation.

        1. If “leave” manages to win, whether the elites decide to acknowledge it or not, I’m convinced Trump has more than a solid chance of winning. If “remain” wins, however, there is no doubt in my mind that Trump will lose.

        2. With this vote, I really want the English of a bygone era to reassert themselves against this globalist plague, but deep down I am concerned it may be an Arthurian fantasy. And wouldn’t be shocked that the recent killing wasn’t a willful sacrifice of an under-powered pawn to play for time if not successfully gin up sentiment for remaining.
          Still, the symbolism a majority vote would represent is important, not to mention the inability to deny what is really happening and being taken away from them any longer might awaken some of the comfortable ostriches, though the window of opportunity will only close further as time passes.
          I am also worried that we’ll “elect” Clinton (or some other same said sycophant) here anyway whether she/they “win” or not.

        3. I’m seeing more and more evidence that Clinton isn’t well. Rumor mill says she’s got early-onset dementia, but it doesn’t take a doctor to know she’s not going to make it a full four years.
          Look at who they pick for VP, because that’s the candidate that’ll probably end up ruling if Clinton is elected.

        4. This reminds me of when the EU had the people vote for a pan European state in the early 00’s after the Euro was introduced. The people overwhelmingly said no, yet the EU keeps putting it’s mitts into countries that it shouldn’t have any control over.

        5. The problem with Trump is his focus. He gave a really powerful speech the other day, where he disposed with the “Bill Clinton is a sexual predator” nonsense and ignored building a New Berlin Wall in America and instead focused on attacking Hillary’s honesty, integrity, hawkishness, and sellout to big business, while appealing to the Bernie Sanders voters with platitudes of reforming military spending, rearranging trade negotiations, and becoming more efficient.
          The problem is, this was one powerful speech (that I didn’t hear about covered in mainstream media), which resonated strongly, and in targeted swing state areas, is helping him peel away votes, but Trump is all over the board. Today I suspect him to be back taunting protestors “Get ‘Em Outta Here!” and talking about more religious fearmongering.
          He is on to some truths, but seems struggling to come up with a consistent message. Which plays well into Clinton’s hands, as she portrays herself as the consistent, reliable, old hag in contrast to Trump’s rambling. I honestly don’t know if he would team up with Putin or press the red button and nuke him. He’s a little scary and unstable in that regard. Whereas with Hillary, we know she will just continue more of the status quo, we would continue the absurd alliances with Israel and Turkey and Saudi Arabia, continue “protecting” Germany and South Korea with our militaries, possibly starting a few more wars with some tribal nations of brown people we can drop a few trillion $ worth of bombs on for a few years, and at the end claim victory for destroying a bunch of infrastructure and killing a bunch of farmers and shanty towns.
          Article on Trump’s speech here:

        6. I’ve been saying it from the beginning… I don’t take seriously at all Trump’s Wall. I don’t think it really makes sense to take Trump’s policy ideas too seriously at all.
          Trump’s strength is working in the present. It takes a special kind of off-the-cuff wit to walk into the GOP Presidential Race and AMOG the entire panel. He’s going to challenge the system, as well as world governments, in new and unpredictable ways. I think Trump is relevant because he can relate to the average common-sense person in America, who is seeing the West get sold out by non-patriots. Trump is a natural leader, and will inspire action in the nation.
          If you want “stability”, more bureaucracy, and an America that is losing its vision and identity, vote Clinton.
          Call it zealotry, but at this point Trump could say that he is going to blow up the moon and I’d still be outspokenly in favour of him.

        7. I’m generally skeptical of false flag claims but damn if that Cox murder wasn’t perfectly timed to paint the Brexit camp as a bunch of murderous lunatics.

        8. Somehow those sexless Japanese living in fairy-tale land are less cucked than America.
          EDIT: I take that back… Japanese girls fantasizing about The Donald is pretty cucked actually…

        9. Yeah, sometimes my skepticism, cynicism, pragmatism, and strict adherence to chaos theory conflict with one another, but it is what I am and so I can’t fully discount it either.

        10. I would support pan-European trade agreements, but not pan-European government.
          Many in the US simply don’t realize how culturally different an Englishman and an Austrian are.

        11. Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? The timing was perfect, as it cut down the growth “leave” was experiencing, while denying any reasonable time to campaign back.
          And then, the morbid publicly held “birthday homage”…
          Who cared about Jo Cox before she was dead? A man shouting “britain first”? Like “america first”, by Trump?

        12. The problem is, this was one powerful speech (that I didn’t hear about covered in mainstream media)

          The attempt on his life was barely covered in MSM, as well.

        13. I generally detest conspiracy theories, but this one really was suspiciously timed….
          We’ll never know, but yeah… perfect timing to mobilise the sloppy, risible sentimentalism of the unwashed xfactor-watching masses that masquerades where *reason* should be …

        14. She is looking for a way out. Because when Trump gets started with her it will be a disaster. A big fat disaster.

      3. Because the globalist a don’t lose either way. Either Britain bends over for more unlubricated Muslim enrichment, or they vote to leave and are ignored. The British are too wussy to have a revolution over something as small as the complete loss of their freedom to a dictatorial super state, so the globalist a can safely ignore the will of the people. Not that the British are allowed to have any weapons with which to start such a revolution anyway.

        1. The issue is apathy. Amongst us are still great fighters, leaders, statesmen who could inspire a revolution. Unfortunately the masses do not give a fuck.

    2. They’ve done the same with Ireland didn’t they? Ignored the first referendum and acknowledged the second one which was in favour of staying in. I’m counting down the days till Ole Junker passes a law to have his portraits on every wall in the EU.

    3. Yeah, I was going to point that out. They can keep having referendums till they get the result they want 🙂

  2. This vote doesn’t matter one tiniest of shits.
    The pro EU MP’s have already said they would block it if the Leave camp wins.
    I checked some non Uk European media and it’s not even front page news precisely because everyone in Europe knows it’s irrelevant what the outcome is.

  3. Thousands of years ago, Athens created a trade-and-protection league with other city-states and called it the Delian League. They all agreed that the meeting place and treasury would be on the neutral ground of Delos so that Athens wouldn’t dominate the league.
    Then Athens moved the treasury to Athens twenty years later, and the Athenian Empire was born.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” comes to mind.

      1. Well looks like Islam is getting its wish of dominating Europe. Only a matter of time before Saint Peters basilica is converted into a mosque.

  4. I hope that Brexit prevails, but with how much money and power is invested in the EU I don’t see it happening. Its such a shame really if this vote were conducted only by real British men, not women or immigrants, then of course Britain would regain its sovereignty. It just goes to show that the more people that are allowed to vote the more the people are slaves. Yet I will hold onto hope even in the face of these facts, for without hope we are doomed.

  5. I’ve heard about a third of UK voters think M15 is going to rig the vote.

    1. The last Austrian presidential election (where the alt-right candidate was defeated by a narrow margin a few weeks ago) was rigged, up to the point that right now it’s being considered if the whole election must be repeated.
      Expect Austrian Presidential Election Rerun
      Austria’s far right claim presidential election was RIGGED after their gun-toting anti-immigration candidate is narrowly beaten on postal votes

  6. I’m a Brit, and first thing this morning I cast my LEAVE vote.
    I hope the result is leave, but I doubt it. The standard of ‘debate’ here has been, frankly, shit, and the prevailing current of sanctioned opinion is that we should remain.
    All tricks have been played… they even wheeled out David ‘Goldenballs’ Beckham, that noted intellectual and expert on the politics and economics of pan-national superstates, to tell the sheep what they think.
    What can I say? We have a Muslim mayor of London, a rabid marxist/sjw/feminist brainwashed compliant public, and a political elite that are pro-EU.
    So long as the TV keeps playing XFactor/’Britain’s got Talent’ (SIC) and everyone can vote for the cute jumping dog or the singing transvestite everything is fine…
    Compare what Britain was just over a century ago and what we are now and you’ll see the future of the US too…

    1. Yes, I am seriously thinking we’re f*cked.
      I was back in the UK these last few days, using my holidays to fulfill my deepest patriotic duty and trying to remember my nation what Good Queen Bess, Churchill and pretty much every hero this country ever had were trying to do…

      The Muses, still with freedom found,Shall to thy happy coast repair;Blest Isle! With matchless beauty crown’d,And manly hearts to guard the fair.
      “Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:”Britons never will be slaves.””
      Where are those manly hearts? Fear, superficiality, laziness, barbaric hedonism, I find them plenty.
      I’ve done what I could, but my hope is next to zero.

      1. That just makes me sad…
        What we were…. what we are….
        A few of us remember, the rest tune in to XFactor…

        1. “but when you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow…”
          what happened?

    2. That David Beckham part makes me sick. It is such a transparent manipulation.
      As wife Victoria is proud of decision.
      It is deeply sickening to me that people flock to some pretty idols. But then, they always did that. If things were ever better, it was probably because the idols had better ideas. Or? What do I know.

      1. Yup… about right…
        That was the part I really rolled my eyes and puked at too…

        1. Ranting, but lost all respect for him. Again it’s this “I know what’s best for you commoners attitude” that drives me nuts!

    3. WE DID IT!!
      52% to 48% want to leave! We shall now see if our political ‘masters’ renege…
      Now it’s up to you guys, my American cousins, to elect Trump!

      1. good one, despite all the “yes to EU” propaganda and possible vote fraud (i expected like 70% to vote brexit, but i was pessimistically/realistically expecting 49,9% brexit, 50,1% against to be the “official” result).
        Now let’s see how much respect they have for the vote, unlike for eg. catalonia. what kind of trick will the gov pull?
        will the gov procrastinate to leave the EU through “negotiations”,
        to stall the exit, then whicever gov is there in 2-3 years will make you vote agaian to make sure you don’t vote the wrong answer, but vote correctly to stay in the EU?
        let’s hope there is enough pressure on the gov to make sure you leave for real.
        the battle is only partly won.

        1. I think the most likely scenario is for it to be made an issue for the *General Election*, as it looks like the date for withdrawal will be coincided with that.
          Then it will be made the primary decision point for which party to vote for (splitting the Conservatives at a stroke of course).
          However with the EU saying we need to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty as soon as possible (which needs all member states to reverse once triggered) this may be by-the-by. Of course they may be double-daring, but that didn’t work out for the referendum!
          We may actually get to leave!

    4. What you people fail to realize, now that we have a block of Europeans entering the UK, who do you think the Brits will turn to to fill jobs? Aussies, and Asians (Indians and Pakistanis). Did you folks really get bothered that there were more Europeans in your country? I was more aghast by seeing a lot of Indians and Pakis in your country. That’s where we should be focused on removing from your country. Now, you’re going to see a bigger surge of Indians and Pakis being invited over.

      1. Personally, I like Europeans, and Aussies, and Asians.
        I have a major problem with my country being governed by a bunch of unelected, untouchable, uninvolved bureaucrats in another country insulated from the consequences of their decisions however…

        1. Thanks man! I can’t either, perhaps the tide is turning!
          Now we need President Trump!

        2. Seriously, it blows my mind! It has given me faith that DT can become president, but I’m still very skeptical. I know a guy from England that was bitching and moaning about how all the people that voted to exit were ‘bigoted and uneducated’. I told him “well, maybe you should have flown home to vote? Are you for or against democracy?” “I’m against letting idiots vote” was the best he could come up with. Tough shite mate!

        3. Heh… Bigoted I’ve been called before, but never to the best of my recollection ‘uneducated’… amusing…

  7. China: 1.3 billion people and united
    India: 1.3 billion people and united
    Europe: 850 million people divided over 50+ countries
    USA: 324 million people and united
    Europe needs some kind of union if it wants to compete with gigantic countries like China or India. If I were an ethnic European, I would vote for the EU and create something like a new Roman Empire, BUT with a decentralized policy, because the European population is not homogeneous.
    Europeans are extremely selfish and egocentric people. They only care about their own little countries and think they’re on top of the world. You’re all fucked, because African countries form unions, Islamic countries form unions, Southeast Asian countries form unions and little European countries will eventually lick their asses, just like they do now with the USA and Israël, because they don’t have a bargaining position.

    1. African countries are not united. They are heavily divided along tribal lines and routinely engage in tribal warfare within their own countries.
      Neither is the Islamic world. Again, had the US not intervened in their affairs, they would be engaged is massive tribal wars more brutal than the African ones.
      And East Asians all believe they are each a superior race. The Japanese believe they are better than everyone else. The Chinese state that their country is the center of the world as a matter of fact. Their selfish egoism puts Europeans to shame.
      Your arguments are stupid. Try to look past the economic reasons and take up praxeology as a discipline.

      1. Doesn’t change the fact that Europe NEEDS some kind of union to stay ahead. The UK and Germany are probably the only ones who can be strong without the EU, but this doesn’t hold for the rest of Europe. Just a bunch of little countries without any significant value.
        No wonder there’s so much disunity and hate among Europeans. They probably have the same mentality as you.

        1. Different people are different. The EU was more or less destined to fail from the start. Everybody makes a big deal on how different races can’t get along, but seem to ignore the fact that ethnic groups WITHIN races STILL can’t get along.

        2. You act like hatred is a bad thing. Hatred, like Love, is amoral as far as emotions are concerned.
          And who are you to tell Europeans what they should and shouldn’t do? If a small country wants to leave the EU and just be a small country, what is wrong with that?

        3. Why does Europe need a union to be ahead? Ahead in what? Ahead of whom? Last time I checked the European countries have been the World Leaders (sans US) in all meaningful fields for the last 300+ years

        4. How come every country was better off before the EU then you twat?
          Europe NEEDs to get the stone yoke of the EU off their backs.
          What Europe doesn’t need is your fucking stupid opinions.
          And yes I’m. European in case you wonder.

        5. This is true.
          Italy is a tiny country, yet it still has regionalism. Northerns and Southerners see each other as less truly Italian for example.
          The EU is so big and multifaceted though that it legitimizes its globalist weaknesses (like mass-immigration) across the board. It’s on the path towards no longer being European at all.

        6. Europe does not need union, it needs protectionism which will make companies exporting jobs to East Asia and other regions (with lower labor costs) a lot more difficult.
          Europe does not need bureaucrats in Brussels. It needs competitive exchange rates and different, “customized” fiscal regimes.
          Europe does not need rapefugees, who abuse the social security systems and imbalance the market value of labor. It needs more support for native families, which should be incouraged to have children and safe jobs.

        7. Look at the United States. It’s been more than 200 years, and the “whites” in the north and the south still don’t get along, for the most part.

      2. The Japanese are mostly correct about their superiority though. You need only travel to Japan to realize this.

        1. The Japanese are cucked beyond belief. More of their men would rather virtua-beat-off than fuck their gorgeous women. Their population will flat-line, and China will buy their islands within 200 years. Japan has a lot of potential, but is going nowhere fast. Plus they’re a drone society.

    2. Lol @ethnic European. Ethnic Pakistanis aplenty are voting, man most “ethnic Europeans” don’t get to vote.
      Seriously are you so brainwashed by the globalist fucktards to think any of this?
      If you want to live as a slave to unelected fatcat bureaucrats in a different country than yours, you need your head checked stat.

    3. From what I can gather, I assume you’re Indian. Indians and Europeans are the same race. They (you) are both Caucasians.

    4. Ancient Athens circa 350BC – maximum population 10,000 – invented and said pretty much everything there is to say about philosophy, politics, economics, taxonomies, logic, geometry, analysis, theatre, music, art, etc… etc…
      Built an empire that dominated the Ancient World.
      Initiated an age of *reason* that Alexander spread across the known world.
      Created *the* template for Western Civilisation for the next 2000 years.
      You were saying?

      1. It depends on how many people were running around in the other nations for a comparison.
        Now I’m thinking about the army logistics in the Illiad. Thanks.

        1. Their achievement stands irrespective of other nation’s populations I think.
          Iliad army logistics is quite fascinating. So clear on some things (number of boats, commanding officers and soldiers) and so murky on others…

        2. I am just considering that if other nations had similar populations, the social forces affecting them would be different. A contemporary example would be wondering why America doesn’t have healthcare like in, say Tunisia. Different population sizes and demographics make things different.
          Were the Athenians a homogeneous population?
          I’ve found myself laughing at a few parts of the Iliad: like jove’s tangential ranting about all the women he had (to juno, no less), or Agamemnon’s rant about how one of his buddies -his name escapes me- would be honored in his death, but turns out the arrow just nicked the guy.
          Unfortunately the audiobook I was listening to had some great narrators and some that were hipsters who could barely read.

        3. Athenians? Homogenous? Pretty much…. the basic political unit, according to Aristotle (himself Athenian) in the Ancient World was the city state and Athens was one of the finest.
          The scale (circa 10k) was such that it was still possible for everyone to know, at least by sight, everyone else over the course of a lifetime. Certainly the Alpha Thinkers all knew each other…

      2. Very true. But to be fair, what exactly have the Greeks done in the last 2000 years besides run their country into the ground?

        1. Also very true. Perhaps the initial effort exhausted them?
          It took Alexander to spread their ideas, and Rome to make them practical and tested in the real world of course…

        2. The Greeks are no longer masters of the world, and sure, with success and achievement, every society becomes lazy. But I don’t buy the media story of “the Greeks are dregs of society”.
          The Greeks are victim to the same problem plaguing every modern nation–namely the mass adoption of credit. In the USA, total debt per family is over $800,000. The median family income is less than $52,000. That means if you confiscated 100% of the income from everyone in America (leaving them nothing for food, housing, transportation, or any life-essential spending), it would take over 15 years before these debts were extinguished. This ignores the fact that every year a deficit is run, so that at the end of that 15 years, there would be many tens of thousands of dollars in new debt which had accumulated. And of course ignores the obvious effect that we could only live for about a week on Zero Income, much less 15 years.
          The point is the US is also in insurmountable debt. It is impossible to pay off said debt; the only solutions are default or dollar devaluation (make the dollar so worthless that it is actually possible to pay off your dollar denominated debts).
          In other words, there but for the grace of God goes Greece. The Greeks are no paragon or ideal of humanity. But they are above an average, intelligent, functioning modern society. They own and control the world’s largest merchant shipping fleet, and over a quarter of all oil is transported on their tankers.
          Without debt, they would probably be sitting high and talked about as the Jewel of Europe. And, blame them, or absolve them for taking on the debt, but everyone is doing it. The US is in the midst of spending $5 trillion and counting by removing secular peaceful (but violent) dictators in the Mideast and replacing them with radical religious democracies. A terrible idea, but also a costly one. The mere expenditure on this misadventure is another nail in the coffin of America; it’s aftereffects may prove too much to handle.
          America is larger and has more economic power than Greece, and is able to forstall its decline, but make no mistake, the numbers are just as bad for America, and getting worse every day. And the same arguments of “laziness” “malplanning” etc. that are pointed at Greece are also valid here, where the roads and bridges are crumbling while one in 4 citizens is fed by food stamp government cheese.

        3. You should seriously consider writing articles for ROK.
          Not all of us have as sophisticated understanding of global finance/economics as you.

        4. Thanks, I have submitted articles before. I’m considering another topic now.

        5. Greece doesn’t produce jack shit though. Its biggest industry belongs to the past. There is no innovation going on there whatsoever.
          I love the culture, but debt isn’t the only problem it has.

        6. Followed by a flowering of Greek culture in the Eastern Empire, AKA the Byzantine Empire which lasted until the Turks knocked it out in the 1200s.

      3. Yeah and they were conquered by Rome in less than a century and their “empire” ended with the last breath of its founder (Alexander)…

        1. Um… no…
          Alexander was Macedonian.
          Rome finally conquered Greece in 146BC with the battle of Corinth being the final act.
          Apart from that you are spot on…

        2. Alexander was “Macedonian” but for all intents and purposes his empire was Greek, he was educated by Greeks (Aristoteles) and his empire exported Greek culture (religion and language). Moreover Ancient Macedonia was a Greek kingdom and gave that land (Greece) their name.

        3. Not going to argue with you. The facts you just stated are correct so leaving it there…

        4. My apologies if I sounded rough. My point was that ancient Greece was not a good analogy. The future of the U.K. should be in the hands of its populace, however I don’t know if your countrymen are too poisoned to take their own decisions…

        5. And my apologies if I did too! Looks like I was splitting hairs, but in truth you do know your history of this period…
          Yes Ancient Greece is not a good analogy for the UK, but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. Really I was trying to counter AryaVarta’s notion that ‘bigger is better’ in terms of political units, a notion with which I fundamentally disagree…

    5. How does uniting under a corrupt nepotist central government give Europe strength? How does amalgamating and eviscerating distinct cultures bring about unity? How is an Italian, Frenchman, Pollack unified with a bureaucrat from Brussels?
      Saying that Europe needs a central government because larger nations have a central government is a weak argument.
      Saying the European Union needs a decentralized policy is like saying a Lion needs to only eat Tofu.

    6. Britain seems to be getting the best of both worlds from the EU.. they get the ease-of-trade and-travel that EU membership gives them, while they retain their own currency and operate more independently than the other states (I actually like the idea of a unified currency both because it further eases trade and competition, and lessens the ability of central banks to print excess fiat currency).
      The EU is similar and akin to (but also different in important ways to) the USA. I think a weak federal alliance, like what the EU started out as, and what the Articles of Confederation (precursor to the current USA, from 1776-1789) were, is a good idea.
      The problem is power and government and control always grow. Mankind has so far been unable to develop a method to control this out-of-control growth. The best example of controlling power and growth was the European monarchies, who already had absolute power, and lifetime rule, so they didn’t crave more, and also had to contend with the aristocracy who opposed and would often reject any overreaching power reaches by the king.
      If there is any hope for a positive outcome on the Brexit vote, it is neither that Britain will stay, or that Britain will leave, both of which have negative ramifications, but that the EU itself will respond to Britain’s unhappiness with the state of things and the EU will change to be a more effective system. The EU some type of economic union is a good idea for Europe, IMHO. It is simply implemented badly.

      1. You have a very strange view of the EU.
        It’s an army of bureaucrats numbering 10.000 plus, all unelected, and all writing laws and regulations forced down the throat of all citizens of member countries.
        It’s completely un democratic,and there are almost no countries in the EU where the majority thinks it’s a good thing. The only ones are the recently joined poor eastern countries who actually get money and access through it.
        The EU was the death of Europe and a good part of European culture, and will lead to the extinction of Europeans as peoples.
        I have lived most of my life in the EU and I have hated it since the beginning. And no, there are virtually no advantages from it at all, the only difference is now EU citizens in other EU countries than their own save themselves a trip every couple of years to the immigration office to get a stamp.
        That’s it. 100% loss of sovereignty, massive loss of wealth, total annihilation of any semblance of democracy— to save a couple of hours of queuing?!?!?
        Fuck the EU, if I ever meet any of those fucking rat bastards I’ll kill them with my bare hands before they have time to blink.

        1. I don’t live in the EU. What I like about the EU:
          Common currency.
          Free crossing of borders.
          Free to live and work in any EU country without bureaucracy.
          Those are actually issues in favor of freedom and against government control.
          As I said, I don’t live there, and don’t understand all the ramifications of its power. I don’t know if all its negatives outweigh those positives. But I do know the EU is far less powerful and taxes far less than the US federal government does.

        2. Freedom to work and of crossing borders so long as you have a valid passport existed before this.
          Common currency is destroying economies by removing any ability to balance trade/work/living standards.
          I lived and worked in Europe before this bullshit, so did my parents, in fact I was born in a country not my own where my parents moved to work long before either country was in the EU.
          EU is far more powerful here than the US government simply because none of the lawmaking dung bags can be removed, fired, or even slapped on the wrist regardless of what gigantic cockups they create.
          As for taxes, depends on which country you are in. It’s not uniform.

        3. Most of our states and districts are polarized. Of course the incumbent will win every time in California (D) and Georgia (R) because the vast majority of those citizens in a state election always vote for the same party.

      2. “EU will change to be a more effective system” They don’t currently have the ability to change. Believe me, the average Eurocrat is so far up his or her own posterior that don’t just cannot comprehend how any of the ordinary plebes in Europe don’t adore the marvelous treaties and laws they write.
        Look at this wonderful 484 page document called the EU Constitution and not a single reference to God, Christianity and any of the historic European values mentioned, because the Brussels Eurocrats who drew it up feared it would offend minorities.

    7. China: united but weak military and controlled big brother state.
      India: very united but corrupted beyond belief
      Europe: not united but will come together if the shit hits the fan. However, the trend propagated by the elites aims to dissolve the nations.
      USA: on the path to absolute shit. Debt and divided people, massive immigration but some localised pockets of decent people.
      China and India are ethno-states, each with homogeneous populations and own history. Their economies are still below that of Europe and North America.
      Europe is indeed divided but our economies are still going. A few countries fall, others boom.
      USA is the least of ethno state with divisions along the racial lines. The first to fall and become fully mental. The Marxist shit that comes out of LA and NYC shit is a reflection of the insanity.

      1. The silent majority in the US is a silent minority in Western Europe. We may have crazier cucks here, but we have more of their polar opposites lurking in the weeds.

  8. I’ve read that the UK Government does not consider today’s vote binding upon its decision — that it might elect to submerge Britain wholly in the EU even if the vote is heavily for Britain to disassociate itself. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. I can confirm, do a web search “pro eu mp block bre it” you’ll get BBC, telegraph, dailymail etc from 6th of June and newer.

    2. That would be very foolish on their part to ignore it. Revolutions have started over much, much less grievances and with less people.

      1. Sense has never been their thing. They don’t and never will give a fuck about the opinions of the unwashed plebiscite.

        1. I’m afraid that will only happen if they turn against the immigrants.
          Europeans have long since lost the will or interest to give a shit enough to fight.
          Not even one in a thousand would resort to violence to protect their own family, let alone something like a revolution.
          I wish things were different but they aren’t.

        2. Would be the rational response, yes.
          The majority of British ‘men’ have been thoroughly and comprehensively feminised, and can be seen giggling and crying over ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (SIC) to the same extent as our glamorous, virginal and disease-free young ‘english roses’ (™)…

        3. Western Europeans, yes. Eastern Europeans have not. (Although they’re starting to believe in feminism, so we’ll see what road that takes them down in the coming years.) North-western Europeans are the only group of people in the world who both do not seem to have a high in-group preference and believe in universalism. This state of events was probably inevitable for western civilization.

        4. I think I understand why a family friend bounced from the U.K. and decided he’s never going back. I’d be pissed if I saw the same happening to my countrymen as well.

        5. Sadly, from my time there this looks like the case for Western Europe. Makes me wonder what the fuck happened to the countries that helped to civilize several continents.

        6. It’s not so much a lack of in-group preference, more like a lack of will to live.
          Anyone with two working neurons can see where things are headed if they keep doing what they are doing but these supposedly high IQ societies have chose en masse to commit suicide. Coincidentally it happened as soon as they left their faith, forgot their history and took a leave of their senses.

        7. If not lack of in-group preference, certainly the belief in universalism has led the west to this state. Virtually every other group of people, from Eastern Europeans to Africans, acknowledge that people are different and do not believe in the same things. Western Europeans do not seem to acknowledge this. This is why the west developed women’s suffrage, the biggest mistake of all time, and why the US is “spreading democracy” around the world, when it is clear that democracy simply does not work for the majority of human populations. This includes Eastern Europe.

        8. Oh, what a beautiful dream you weave. One hopes that you’re correct.

        9. It’s why we left in the late 1940’s after the war. My grandparents on both sides had the sense to see what was coming down the pike and took sensible precautions.

        10. What is universalism? Is Imperial expansion? That has been practiced by every people of Earth with the opportunity to do so.
          If you are talking about the belief that all men are equal, that is not Universalism, that is Equalitarianism if I am not mistaken about the term. Moreover the trends one can observe in Europe just came after the French Revolution and the subsequent abandonment of Christian faith in Western Europe. European people of the early 1800s and before didn’t show this tendencies and weren’t infected by the mental sickness you described.

        11. I like the US Federal system. It allows for strong regional differences on fundamental issues of law and costumes.

        12. Yeah I think when the U.S. constitution was written they got it right to a point. Sadly, the eternal debate is State vs Federal power and has been raging since the constitution was adopted in the late 18th century. But you’re right, as it allows individual states to have their own sovereignty up to a point in what is basically an alliance of smaller individual nations.

  9. I like that trump proposing tariffs is moronic yet eu threatening UK with tariffs is a rational argument against leaving.

  10. The chance of BREXIT is an absolute zero.
    If the vote is 50 / 50 leave or a little bit more, then they will simply steal it and rig the election.
    If the vote is 60 / 40 through 70 / 30 leave, they will still simply steal it, there will be “talks” and “allegations” of rigging, and these people will just be called conspiracy theorists and will be ignored and the whole thing blows over in a few weeks.
    If the vote is > 70 / 30 leave, They will announce that “Brexit will happen per the will of the voters (hahahah)” and then talk about how “serious” the matter is and how they can’t mess it up, and then will form 1,000 committees studying Brexit to do it properly, and, nothing in reality will ever be done. You will hear “news” once in a while from the fake committees about their “progress”, but in reality nothing will be done.
    I mean if any of you are not following European news, they routinely rig even high-profile elections now with no consequence…
    Just another publicity stunt to soothe a few outspoken voices of dissent among the politically correct sheeple of western nations…

    1. Or they will simply keep holding elections, like they did in Ireland, until people vote the the “correct” way.

      1. Or they’ll just ignore the result and stay. Like they did in France.

      2. That was a shameful and typically Irish (Government) and subservient response to their masters in Brussels and Frankfurt.

    2. Absolute zero eh? Well, Brexit is official. How many other things on here have you been “absolute” about that were false? Goes to show that a lot of people here don’t know piss about what they are talking about.

      1. I think what he meant that even if they voted exit, they would never be allowed to leave for real. You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave.

      2. All the hype is to scare the public (including those of other EU nations) into eventually staying in the EU. Just look at what’s already happening in Scotland now.
        A few heartfelt speeches of solidarity and relief rally across the board in equities are coming up next week.
        Go back to your mommy and drink your tall glass of milk before writing here again clueless kiddo…

    1. The vote is giving them the illusion of choice, nothing else.
      MPs have stated they will not allow brexit even if Leave vote wins.

  11. Oh no! If Brexit happens it’ll be as catastrophic as Y2K was! You’ve been warned!

      1. Then again, I wouldn’t mind a little bit of Y2k happening now. Mind you, I wouldn’t be having lovely conversations with the rest of the ROK forum, but at least, no more people sharing their selfies with me, no more people attempting to shame me because I didn’t like a pic of a burned boy. And definitely, no more having to drive like Speed Racer around morons texting and driving.

  12. In or Out? The choice is between getting shot in the back or in the front.
    The biggest reason to vote OUT is to break the whole EU and prevent them from assimilating Turkey as well. But as usual they’ll rig it and call it close.
    There are far better methods to oppose globalization than voting.

  13. Mind you, I love capitalism, but this is what happens when that’s all you’re focused on. I mean, even that guy who wants to make America great again has business in Asia.

  14. The vote will go one of two ways. Here’s what’s up:
    Fixed Vote: 52% to stay, 48% to leave
    Fair Vote: 43% to stay, 57% to leave

  15. The vote will go one of two ways. Here’s what’s up:
    Fixed Vote: 52% to stay, 48% to leave
    Fair Vote: 43% to stay, 57% to leave

    1. That’s my prediction as well. Polls haven’t been kind to the Remain types.

      1. With 2/3s in, they’re projecting Leave at 60%. We’ll see if that holds. Kingdom media is already declaring Leave Victory. I’m stunned, to be honest.

  16. The charade of democratic actions. The fix was in before this bullox all started, but the carthasis of doing something just makes it easier for most. May your chains lay lightly upon your skins Britania.

    1. Unfortunately true. If the west actually cared about the future of Africa, it would end all foreign aid to African nations and allow natural selection to take its course. There are millions and millions of intelligent Africans, but they are outnumbered by their r-selected brethren.

      1. Not sure if this changed under Obama, but under our last president, condoms and birth control were prohibited to Africa (I actually do think Obama reversed this).

        1. If that were to count as “aid” it’s the only kind that is acceptable. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to Africans or Africa, but what’s happening now bodes poorly for everyone.

        2. Yeah, when I see those videos of starving people with flies on them, I do feel some bit of empathy, but mostly I’m thinking… if there is that little food why the hell are you having kids? Hell, I live in a 3 bedroom house with air conditioning and modern appliances and have my shit together, and I’m still not ready for kids.

        3. There is no doubt in my mind that aid to Africa was done with nothing but the best of intentions. But it’s because of this aid that those kids are starving. If not a majority, certainly a very large percentage of Africans are r-selected. They never developed large systems of agriculture because they never needed to. There was an abundance of food available, and climate conditions were favorable for survival. All they had to do was avoid being gored by animals. This is why Africans and people of African descent tend to dominate in activities requiring reaction, like sports and music.

    2. Let them stand on their own or fall. Only private charities allowed. It’s as simple as that. By the way the world’s population by 2100 is gonna be considerably less numerous than what we have today one way or another, so relax.

      1. The elites seem to be too busy scheming on how to depopulate the West, while turning the blind eye to Africa, India, and China.

        1. No, they will depopulate them in time. In latin America feminism is rampant and feminist bS propaganda is non-stop. There is a reason why fertility in that region flatlined and is following the Western patterns, with a time lag. It’s tragedy since in those countries there is not a “manosphere” yet so we will see. I suspect Africa will be depopulated by mass poisoning (vaccines and GMO), hunger and war since those societies can’t sustain yet an all-out feminist campaign.

  17. I’m pessimistic about this, for the sole reason that the political elite usually has a way of fixing controversial voted to work in their favor.
    To make matters worse, the brits don’t have a second amendment that they can fall back on.

  18. Other opinions are appreciated.
    First, what I find thought-provoking about this whole situation is that the liberal elite of the UK would even waste time putting on a show for the British people. We all know that the vote could be 90% leave and 10% stay, but the voter fraud in the system is so massive that somehow the socialist higher-ups will find a way to keep the UK in the socialist experiment doomed to fail that is the European Union. Perhaps the global elite wants to take a census of the people — just how much of the public really distrusts the government? This of course will be a number that is displayed as a rough percentage of those who will vote to leave the EU, a meaningless choice.
    It’s like when Henry ford said: “You can have any colour, as long as it’s black.” The global elite of the UK is now saying: “We will count any and all votes equally, as long as it is to remain.”
    Here is what I think is going to happen.
    1) No matter who wins (and I mean discounting voter fraud), the UK is clearly divided on the matter, as most polls (assuming they aren’t lying) illustrate roughly a 50-50 split. These numbers the government favors, as they are the easiest to contort.
    2) The UK will remain, but this will spark greater nationalist riots than ever before, as we will see a rise in right-wing politicians and their votes.
    3) There will be newfound resistance to the ways of Islam. This is the beginning of the downfall. The global elite dangled the carrot of choice in front of the people of the UK — there is no turning back from that. Even when they pull it back up again.
    4) Germany will rely on the UK to help fund for mass immigration, as will all other countries in Europe. Just like Greece, each country will default one at a time, because the UK will discover that they, too, are losing money to the failed cause of housing the rapeugees.
    5) You guessed it. Total collapse. Possible war. Estimated time: 10 years before the EU is fully collapsed and Europe begins to rebuild.
    The fall begins when the people of the UK see what they DON’T have (in this case, a choice). That was the global elite’s biggest mistake — to show them just that.

    1. Maybe.
      I am not sure about 2 and 3. The timing of 5 seems a little too soon. I would say 15 to 20 years. But then again, things are moving increasingly faster.

  19. I only have one question: when is the American vote to leave? I want my state out of this Banana Republic.

    1. Hell fucking yes. I’m so tired of cuckservatives pretending to speak for me and utterly failing to fight leftism. As much as it pains me to say it, the US my grandfathers fought and bled for is dead.
      And I don’t owe the current US a fucking thing.

  20. Did anyone else see the population projection chart?
    Africa is a continent full of shitty Islamic and backwards cultures that can barely maintain their soul crushing standard of living as is even with massive outside aid.
    Imagine how bad it will be when there are 4X as many? Where you think they will go?
    A straight up Nigger bomb.

  21. Why would people hate the UK for making a free choice to leave? That’s childish and – in the bad way – selfish. Reminds me of that saying about collectivism where everybody is imprisoned in a cage. If one tries to climb out, all others drag him back in.

    1. Because the globalists (mostly Jewish) have invested in the EU and a Brexit threatens it. You think they’re gonna let their golden goose be poisoned just because some stupid goyim are tired of being raped by Muslims?

    2. The EU is a giant, stinking rotten symbol of globalism, progressiveness and all their efforts over the years. Le Pen, Trump, the Brexit and the Austrian election all threaten this illusion of civilization that the Left has built up.

      1. You know, I have been thinking about how it makes me angry that they manipulate us like that. But I realized that, in the end, even Trump is manipulating us in the same way. Politicians all rely on a worship of collectivism. What is better about nationalism than about globalism? That it is a smaller unit? But then, you may ask whether each state of the United States should not be having their own laws. And then you may ask whether not each county should have their own laws. Go farther and you may ask why not everyone should just live their life as they please, without authority.
        So, on a scale from total individualism to globalism, which size of groups is the best? And why? And for whom?

  22. very depressing comments down here. it’s hard to fathom how effed western civilization is.

  23. While I’m interested to see how the vote turns out, I’m more interested to see the peoples’ reaction when the elites ignore the vote.
    And they will, if it doesn’t go to their liking.

  24. It must be remarked that whenever the left is about to loose an important vote, an assassination takes place that ensures the public will vote the proper way. This is the way they work.

    1. It did-they had that member of Parliament killed for nothing.

    1. None of this would have happened if the (western) Europeans hadn’t willingly bought into it in the first place.

      1. True but when you’ve been brainwashed since WWII to accept cultural Marxism and diversity you tend to lose your racial and nationalistic cohesiveness as a people.

    2. They did so by selling the canard that by not accepting Cultural Marxism you are effectively a Fascist and try to invoke the scare of the Nazi ghost coming back whenever you stand up for your culture, your heritage, your land and your people. Fuck Socialists and fuck the EU-may all those who believe it will roast in a special circle of Hell.

        1. Thank you, Sir-I take it your profile picture is the flag of the People’s Technocratic Republic of Vinland?

        2. You know it! The best fictional country in existence haha. Been a Type O fan since the 90’s

        3. Awesome. It was sad when Pete passed-he had just conquered his demons too and regained his faith. It’s almost like he knew-or his body was so accustomed to drugs that when he did come off then he could not function without them. We lost a great mind, a great talent and a sharp intellect with a great sense of humour and warmth.

        4. He was such a deep individual and truly one of a kind. There will never be another Peter Steele! I rejoice that he found himself again before he passed.

    1. If 95% of the British electorate voted “Leave” we’d still see a “Remain 51%, Leave 49%” polling result. I have zero confidence in this vote. If I’m proven wrong, and I hope I am, I really do, then I’ll perhaps regain a bit of hope.

      1. You are 100 percetn right but then again the brits did just that to scotland !!

        1. I don’tk now about that, Scotland has veered so hard Left as of late that it wouldn’t surprise me if they voted as they did. Apparently all of the good, right thinking type Scots left for North America long ago.

        2. Scotland is so far left that it’s approaching Swedish levels of stupidity.

        3. Both Scotland and Ireland are far more left wing than England. (with the single exception that abortion is still illegal in Ireland).

        4. We couldnt disagree more. The scots that left are the Britis and puritans and conservatives which I detest.And before you say it I’m neither liberal nor conservative.

  25. Well, whether or not Brexit wins, the globalists will still have to be killed.

  26. “Whereas you saw the feet and toes, partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; yet the strength of the iron shall be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay. And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile. As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.”
    Daniel 2:41-43
    Stop trying, European Union. Just stop.

  27. The one important thing here is the referendum has split Britain in two, and no matter who wins it will be a long ass time before that split is mended.
    I’m absolutely sure Remain will win, so what you will have is a generation of anti EU people calling the other half traitors and sell outs from now until they are 6ft under pushing daisies.
    So basically my thought is that this was done on purpose to splinter everyone, to make them suspect their neighbors voted to remain or to leave whichever way is opposite.

    1. It’s the downfall of the UK and the EU in general, as now Italy, France and the Netherlands are demanding their own referendums. How can a country remain stable if both halves hate each other?

      1. France needs to free itself from the yoke of Paris and the EU. Much of the country is very conservative, and pleasant.

    2. I think your prediction held a lot of merit. It seemed very suspicious, especially with the mp stabbing. Ill await eagerly the development of any further policy related to this matter.
      How much does it suck that I can’t help but think ‘too good to be true’ about literally any and every positive outcome in contemporary society?
      That aside, a glimmer of hope still flickers among the ashes in my heart. Maybe America can rise again.

  28. I’ve never seen such heavy weaponry brought out against one side as in this debate. Everyone from Obama, George Soros, Bob “big mouth” Geldof, Merkel and at whole array of other global elitists who are not mostly even British denounce a leave choice as something akin to an apocalypse.It shows you who really runs our world.
    It’s sad if Britain decides to remain out of this fear mongering as they will have abdicated their costumes, traditions and soul to the homogenized, increasingly totalitarian dictates of a globalised world run unelected self serving elitists.

  29. “What is the European Union?”
    Information is available:
    – Relay of Life. What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’, But no one dared to tell you
    – BREXIT: The Biggest Trigger Event of the Decade
    – BREXIT VOTE FIXED: Pre-Referendum Polls Skewed, Politicos Fear-mongered For BREMAIN


    – EU Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe


  30. I voted Out. I can see the result being remain, though. I’m growing in a way that embraces being seen as far right wing. May as well shock the bastards. Riots in the streets tomorrow night, with either result.

  31. “It is a miracle—or a big miscalculation—that the globalist elite have allowed the UK to have a referendum on whether to leave the EU.” If you’re not cynical you’re not paying attention. I believe the elites would never jeopardize their position by “allowing” a vote. Not unless the fix was in.
    My scenario is that they have the votes counted prior to the event but let the peeps go through the motions anyway to let off steam and give them the impression the still have a voice. I would like to see them successfully exit and tell the elites to pound sand. I would like a miracle to happen.

  32. I’m not European. But goddammit, can Europe really be this cucked?

    Damn it, Britain, get out! GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!

  33. If it`s a close win for remain (like 52-48), then you know it`s rigged.
    Watch out for it,
    I don`t belive they can steal an election if it`s LEAVE by a wide margin.

    1. Some more results have just come in giving leave a slight edge. Just checked my currency app, I’ve never seen the currency so volatile over short periods. Whether there’s anything fixed about this I don’t know, but I’m sure there are a lot of people making money out of the uncertainty. I wonder which way Soros bet, and exactly when?

      1. I bet he’s got bets on vote and remain. That old crook never loses.

        1. It’s all about timing. I was watching the pound fall and then rise and then fall again. Anticipate and leverage that right and you’re in the money (the opposite applies but not to Soros)

  34. This election result program has been filled with suspense. I know I should go to bed soon but I’m so excited for result I may just stay up all night to hear it.
    A massive thank you to out British readers who had voted leave today. Without your votes we will not be able to do it.
    God bless you all.

  35. They said before the count that if Sunderland comes in at 6% to leave then that means the whole country will be balanced.
    Well Sunderland has come in at 12% to leave. So in my mind that suggests a countrywide 6% Brexit vote.
    Fantastic news!

  36. Following the results as they unfold and the Leave campaign has close to 54%-for the sake of its future the UK needs to scrap the EU as do the other nations and regain their sovereignty and stick it to those evil motherfuckers pulling the strings.

  37. British Pound is down 11% since the early reports are showing the polls were wrong and Leave now looks like it will win(unless the election is stolen). George Soros and the other elitists want you to believe the Pound will crash. Opposite is true. Time to bet on the Pound.

    1. God I hope you’re right. I’m living in Europe and at current levels the currency rout is bad news and it could get worse. Hope it will rally

    2. Wish I’d bet on Leave!
      Interesting observation from Zero Hedge a couple of days ago:
      “In other words, a few large bettors are skewing the bookie
      odds dramatically in the favor of Remain, even as the mass of bettors is
      betting on Leave, albeit with smaller cash amounts. Another way of
      putting it: a substantially outsized influence by a wealthy minority over the poor majority, just like in every other aspect of life.
      Moments ago Ladbrokes confirmed as much when it pointed out that
      while the probability of Brexit remains at only 24%, two thirds or 62%
      of all bets being placed today are for Leave, the same as yesterday.”

    1. I raise a glass for England tonight. May you once again be a free country

      1. May we follow in their footsteps on the path toward defiance of tyranny, and the destruction of globalist oppression.
        Can somebody in the know clue me into how London voiced such strong remain support? Is it a demographic shift?
        In yer ‘onna oil be cockneyed da FFFUCK up fer da next couplea days mates.
        (Though I’d be lying blatantly if I said I didn’t already do that a couple of times a month already anyway…)

        1. Wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily ‘in the know’ but I would say that demographics had to be a factor: indigenous Brits are a minority in London. 45% iirc, according to the last census.
          Happy Independence Day, btw. 🙂

  38. Congrats boys, you’re getting your country back! Set the world example for true patriotism. And for fuck’s sakes, keep those muzzies out!

  39. I raise a glass for England tonight. May you once again be a free country!

  40. And so the new revolution begins.
    Congratulations UK.
    Thank you to those who voted for the BREXIT!

      1. Go UK!
        (No offense, green hair and all; I think Churchill looks good as a punk rocker.
        I’d delete this if I could figure out Disqus. [Just ‘hover your cursor’, right.])

  41. Next step is for Camoron to go-they need a true conservative leader to return them to their greatness.

    1. Although I am a gun toting, flag waving, American patriot, I do like this song and Scotland the Brave. I’ll take “Let Freedom Ring” over “God Save the Queen,” though; a man’s got to know his limitations.

  42. I would like to give a hardy handshake to my British chums on a job well done! Millions of citizens of other European countries were behind you on this. You have led the way to a brighter future for us all…. again….

  43. Driving into work I heard the news. LOL. Brussels is threatening consquences and the media newsheads are quacking like ducks.

  44. I’ll be honest, the nuances of this went and continues to go over my head. Gut instinct said leave was what should happen, while knowing it was highly unlikely. So pleased to see how it has played out. Especially in the wake of that mp being killed last week, i thought for sure that would sinch the remain vote.

  45. Wow. Unexpected outcome.
    Now I’m curious as to how this will be handled.
    Over a million more votes for Leave.
    My prediction was incorrect, maybe this really is the beginning of the end of the EU project.
    I’m fairly sure that if Britain can actually exit and manage it well, many other countries will follow, and in the end Germany’s fourth reich will fall.
    Grab some popcorn boys, this will get interesting for sure!

  46. Well done, Britain! Now it’s time to see if democracy is allowed to run its course, or Brussels tries everything it can to put the leash back around your collective throats.
    Feeling a little more sanguine about Trump’s chances in the US elections now. The people are starting to wake up, and make their voices heard!

  47. He did it Nigel Farage took on the Establishment and won, David Cameron’s already resigned effective October 2016 lets hope they get positive legislation passed as law as quick as possible.

  48. Too all the naysayers we have Brexit!
    David Cameron has announced he will resign n the Fall after the “leave” campaign won %52 to %48.
    To answer the question of the title in this article “Did The Global Elite Fumble By Allowing?”
    Yes they did. Suffering from tremendous hubris typical of left wing socialists they believed themselves omnipotent.
    So much for that. What a crushing defeat for the “Globalist narrative” and a huge victory for the “Nation State.”

    1. They certainly did, now the pressure is on in several other EU member countries to follow Britain and have a vote.

  49. Maybe it was the hordes waiting in Calais put people off. I wonder if EU would have made them run a bus service.

  50. There is already talk of what kind of punishment the rest of Europe is going to hand out for this. If it was all a big”cooperative” effort where no one was forced in, why would there be punishment for wanting out?
    Leftists love everybody…… long as they cooperate.
    Now the pitchforks are being sharpened and the rainbow colored torches are being lit.

    1. Heh, I live in NL.
      They had referendum about the Euro, people voted No. Politicians did it anyway.
      Referendum on Lisbon treaty – people voted No. Politicians did it anyway.
      Referendum on Ukraine – people voted No… Again doesn’t change the politicians.
      So in that light this is highly unusual, generally referendum outcomes are ignored by the politicians…

      1. Amazing how often western politicians use the term ” democracy” isn’t it?

      2. Let’s just hope that Geert Wilders wins and delivers. He’s the man and so was Pim Fortuyn; even if he was gay and all.

      3. It used to be ” the will of the people” now it’s ” for your own good”.

      4. It’s a small nation, I’m certain that the addresses of the politicians can be easily traced. My suggestion is lots of rope and lampposts.

  51. Brexit and Obama’s immigration policies stymied by the Supreme Court tie, all in one day!

  52. Does this mean Germans are left to fund the PIIGS’ pensions?
    perhaps they will dissolve it…
    And nothing much will change in the world…

  53. Europeans have never been united. Even during ancient times you had Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Italic and Greek people who all engaged in tribal warfare against their own people and their own race. All attempts in European history to unite countries resulted in a big failure.
    With that in mind you can already expect that the European Union will fail. Europe is too diverse and the people only care about their own interests and not the collective interest.

  54. The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !!
    Chicken little a.k.a. the “respected” piece of shit in the merdia !

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