How Zionism Has Strongly Influenced Both The Left And The Right

This is a continuation from Part I of the Article. Be sure to read that first if you haven’t.

Left, Right, And Zionism


We are at an important transition point where the political spectrum of left and right is being reshaped and redefined. Along with populism, globalism, nationalism, and anti-establishment trends, Zionism is also changing and adapting. And I believe that the general movement of Zionism today is the shift from the left to the right.

Zionism And The Left

To understand Zionism’s move to the right, we need a brief historical context.

In much of the 19th and 20th centuries, the left served as a useful vehicle for the Zionists to defy the white, Christian societies of the West that was often hostile to the Jews. The leftist ideas of progressivism, tolerance, and social equality was beneficial to the Jews who lived in Europe as aliens. In Russia, the Bolshevik revolution was led mainly by Jews (as mentioned in Part I) to overthrow the repressive Tsarist rule. (Again, I’m generalizing a trend. There were, of course, Conservative Jews in Europe like the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli).

In the United States, Jews became especially prominent after many fled Europe with the rise of Nazism. Stalin’s rise to power and Trotsky’s downfall also meant that the Soviet Union was no longer a haven for Jews that it used to be. America was the future for the Jews to thrive. After WWII, for the rest of the century, Jews continued to play a prominent role in the leftist movement of America including the civil rights movement, feminism, multiculturalism, etc. And at an official level, the Zionists influenced both parties of the US, but generally leaned more towards the Democrats.

But then, around the turn of the century, something happened.

The Left’s Betrayal And The Zionist Move To The Right


Even though they were the ones that helped foment the modern leftist movement, a new generation of young liberals emerged that sympathized with the Palestinian cause against Israel. The leftist monster turned against its creator once again (the first being the Soviet Union). This also coincided with the rise of the Bush administration and Neo-cons who proved to be more than faithful to the Zionist interests. This was the first turning point.

I should note here that there are still many leftist Jews in America. But they are mostly remnants of the old left and are more of leftist Americans who happen to be Jews than Zionist Jews—a distinction many anti-Zionists fail to make. I highly doubt that some no-name liberal journalist with a Jewish background is actively collaborating with globalist Zionists even if their views overlap in certain areas. As prominent examples, Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald are both leftist Jews who, to their credit, have been openly critical of both Israel and the globalist elites. And it is with this generalization and counter-reaction that is making the leftist Jews and anti-Semites feed each others’ stereotypes.

More recently, Obama’s administration hasn’t exactly been too supportive of Israel (making him a level 1 anti-Semite) and caused great offense by signing a deal with Iran instead of destroying them like Netanyahu wanted (he of course wants the US to do all the dirty jobs for Israel). In Europe, the growing number of Muslims in the West, who have no love for the Jews—along with their leftist sympathizers—are also seen as a grave threat to the Zionists. These recent trends is what I believe is causing the Zionists to shift to the right.

Zionism And The Right

The Zionists are currently capitalizing on the right’s hatred of Islam to re-establish themselves in their base—they can’t afford to alienate both left and the right. They need to convince the dumb and naive among the conservatives that Israel is the greatest ally for the West in their fight against radical Islam (I’m not saying that anti-Islam sentiments are right or wrong, just that it is being exploited). And considering the number of “conservatives” who can’t shut up about their undying love for Israel, I’d say the Zionists have been quite successful in their efforts.

But to say that having Israel as an ally is great for the West is a complete joke because:

(1) Zionists couldn’t care less about what happens to the West as long as they get their financial and diplomatic support from the US. They want us to keep a straight face and nod when the same individuals are promoting strong ethnic identity for Israel while attacking Europeans who do the same. Even if Europe bans all Muslims from entering the continent, it will still be flooded with other non-Muslim migrants. The multiculturalism experiment (along with feminism and progressivism) will continue and Israel will not bat an eye as Europe’s identity becomes erased.

(2) Israel has a history of telling the US to knock out secular Arab regimes that keep Islamists at bay. Knocking out Saddam and Ghaddafi while trying to destabilize Syria has led to massive number of migrants to flood Europe while giving rise to various Islamic terrorist groups. Do you think Israel and the Zionists really care if another terror attack happens in Europe? No, they’ll see it as another opportunity for exploitation—they won’t even wait until the blood is dry to tell you that Israel is also a victim of terror attacks that requires sympathy and support of the West. Their national interests always comes first before that of Europe or the US. Really, what has Israel ever done to be considered an ally?

(3) Even as the US government gives them billions of dollars in aid every single year and go to war with countries that Israel tells them to, Israel won’t stop spying on the US and has already been caught few times stealing military secrets. Yes, they’re the greatest ally the shills can’t seem to stop praising. The entire relationship between the two nations have been extremely one-sided ever since modern Israel came into existence.

(4) Given their history, Zionists will most likely shift back to the left if white nationalism ever becomes prominent in the West. This will especially be true if the globalist Hillary Clinton becomes president after she practically gave the AIPAC a blowjob. A performance that was criticized even by her own supporters. The fact is this: the Zionists have no loyalty except towards themselves. Heck, they’ll even help out Islamic militants if it means taking down a stable and secular Arab country. No one should be surprised if they suddenly decide to ally with Islam to defeat rising European nationalism. Divide and conquer is their favorite strategy that they’ve used effectively thus far.

The Pro-Israel Cucks

Pro-Israel “conservatives”: They’re all about freedom of speech until it’s their Zionist overlords who are doing the censoring, then you won’t hear a peep from them. Let’s face it, these lapdogs will sell out their own country at a blink of an eye if it means pleasing their masters—and they do.

While I accept that Zionists are simply doing what is in the best interest of their group, I can’t comprehend the listless pro-Israel “conservatives” who don’t even realize they’re being toyed as the useful idiots (and these are not just the Christians who listen to Pat Robertson religiously). These naive and petulant individuals are probably just going along with the enemy of my enemy (Muslims) is my friend logic after gobbling up some Zionist propaganda.

You can easily recognize these shills by the way they try to manipulate you into brown nosing Israel as much as they do—they essentially use the tactics their Zionist masters taught them. For example, if they sense that you’re a Christian, they’ll tell you that Israel is such a great country for Christians. If they sense that you have a thing against leftists and Muslims, they’ll tell you to support Israel because Israel is such a sorry victim of anti-Semetic Leftists and Islamofascists. And we all know that Zionists and Jews in general would never do the same to defend these pawns who pedestalize Israel.

The degree to which these shills white-knight for Israel is actually downright pathetic. They’ll jump on you on topics that barely have anything to do with Israel and accuse you of being “Stormfront” or white supremacist just for mentioning Zionist influence on US foreign policy. They will not stop in their efforts to appeal to your emotions by telling you what a victim the poor Israelis are.

At a fundamental level, the pro-Israel lackeys are no different from white people who support Black Lives Matter or the self-hating male feminist patsies in spreading victim narrative on behalf of another group. They openly mock liberals for screaming “racist!” and “Islamophobe!” but they don’t seem to realize that they do the exact same thing to anyone who dares question the glory of Israel by crying “Nazi!” and “anti-Semite!”

These cucks for Israel are so brainwashed and out of touch with reality that you can show them proof of Israel supporting radical Islamists destroying secular Syria (which protects Christians and has Christian soldiers fighting for it) and they’ll still parrot the same propaganda about how Israel is the greatest protector of Christians in the Middle East. And if you tell them that Israel is allying with Saudi Arabia, a brutal and corrupt theocratic state that spreads its radical Salafist ideology around the world, they’ll come up with dozen excuses on behalf of Israel to justify its alliance with the “Islamofascists.” Actually, the cowards probably wouldn’t even acknowledge it. Just note how empty the Breitbart article’s comment section is as these “conservatives” can’t face the fact that their dear Israel would ally with the evil Muslims.

The pro-Israel shills must be called out and shut down like the lunatic social justice mob. In fact, both groups are equally rabid and damaging to Western societies as a whole: both are enemies of free speech, both support an outside group above their own, and both resort to defamation and hysteria to control other people’s views. If the SJW’s are puppets for the globalists bringing about disastrous cultural consequences, the pro-Israel zealots are puppets for the Zionists bringing about disastrous social and political consequences for the world.

The Future of the Right and the West

Along with the “Cuckservative”-“Paleoconservative” divide, I foresee a pro-Zionist and anti-Zionist conflict to soon arise within the right. The two are simply not compatible and there is not enough room in the right for both to co-exist. Whatever the outcome, the synthesis of that conflict will be crucial for the future development of the right-wing ideology. In fact, that conflict may have already begun.

I’m not really sure about Trump’s stance on Israel, but I don’t have any great reason to believe that he will be different from the previous presidents (assuming he even gets elected). America just can’t seem to get loose from the Zionist grip. But if the people of the West want sovereignty and place their own national interests above that of Israel and globalism, they need to have an honest and open discussion about Zionism and decide whether its influence is positive or not—a discussion that is currently forbidden.

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462 thoughts on “How Zionism Has Strongly Influenced Both The Left And The Right”

  1. You can see Zionism switching over from left to right in the great inroads the Zionists have made in the religious right. Whereas 100 years ago the Zionists were strongly influential in the communist movement. Now they have convinced the evangelicals and the other fundamentalist protestant churches that the modern state of Israel is the supreme fulfillment of scripture, and the Jews are the chosen people. Which is theologically silly since the Jews reject Jesus.

    1. The Jews are not the real Israelites. The former come from Eastern Europe and are not Semites at all.

      1. The House of Ham (pronounced Kam) is the house of the true Israelites. Ham has hair like wool. After accepting this bit of literature, the rest becomes elementary.

        1. That seems odd to me as the house of Ham is accursed.
          When Ham and his brothers Shem and Japheth (because Noah was the ancient world’s answer to Frank Zappa on the being terrible at naming children score) were taking a leisurely walk past Noah’s tent, Noah had his drunk on and junk out and Ham took a lookie loo at the Noah’s polearm, as it were.
          After Ham saw the patriarch’s sausage, in one of the most dramatic over reactions ever, Noah brought down a curse on his son Ham and all his subsequent generations.
          Ham’s son Kush had to deal with some pretty rough shit and then Ham’s grandson, Kush’s son, Nimrod (because yeah, with the naming again)….really ate it when he tried to have a tower built using non union labor with roof top amenities such as a platform one could stand on and punch god in the nose.
          That tower, the tower of babel, ended….poorly.
          So why would the “true Israelites” be from the house of ham which is cursed by Noah? You would think they would pick a slightly less cursed house?
          It would seem more likely that the “true Israelites” are of the house of Jacob. Jacob, of course, was famous for wrestling God to a draw (kratom obvs) and then god renamed him Israel which means wrestles with God (apparently having god change your name was a big deal….understandable given the routines Noah threw out while naming kids). He, Israel nee Jacob, had 12 sons who each are responsible for one of the tribes.
          Now Jacob is the son of Isaac who is the son of Abraham. Abraham can be traced back to Noah but not through the line of Ham, rather through Noah’s eldest son Shem.
          So wouldn’t it be the house of Shem, rather than the house of Ham?
          Also, is this why jews don’t eat ham?

        2. yes, but after lunch.
          Get prepped. I plan on beating you with a cheap trick. Hopefully no national masters will be looking on.

        3. Most likely a huge mixture since the bible explains they were spread to the four corners of the world so with mixing and whatnot who knows at this point but the original were most likely dark skinned since they were mistaken as Egyptians.

        4. All those curses were fulfilled by the Roman Empire so the whole slave trade association with Deuteronomy 28 doesn’t make sense because they say Egypt in that scripture actually means bondage when nothing else in that scripture is a metaphor and that’s implying the Old Testament didn’t make sense till America was around which isn’t spread across the four corners like the bible says. I do believe the original Hebrew people were a dark skinned people but not just the ones involved in the African slave trade. Also the end of that scripture says “and no man shall buy you” which would be wrong because slaves were purchased in the Atlantic slave trade and a Roman historian wrote that after the fall of Israel all the Jewish slaves that weren’t sold (which was many) were sent to Egypt to serve the empire there.

        5. Watch how he will spar with you for 50 comments to clutter the page view and derail the thread. Ignore him
          See thru the lies in 3 minutes

        6. I believe the darkies would be called Cushites…from the family of Kush. If you look at my post above, it seems pretty clear that Israelites are not Kushites (as Kush is descendent from Ham) but rather Shemites as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (who would later be given the name Israel by god) were descendent through Noah’s son Shem.
          It isn’t a far leap to say that Israelites and their 12 tribes are decedents from a man named Israel with 12 sons.

        7. goyim ass
          You mean “goy” ass. “goy” is singular, “goyim” is plural.

        8. Ha! Can you imagine? I’d do it right. All fire and brimstone. Banging the bible on the pulpit and, without a doubt, I would wear a bolo tie.

      2. You are talking about the Khazar theory. Pragmatically speaking, I don’t give a damn if the jews are khazars, semites, or whatever. The important point is what they are doing.

        1. Pragmatically speaking, their claim for being descendant from the real Israelites is what gives them this special immunity against prosecution. Plus, they play as the eternal victims.

      3. The Catholic Church is actually the real Israel as it is a continuation of the religion of Israel. Judaism rejects the Messiah and is therefore not the same religion as Abraham, Moses, and David.

  2. But of course D. Trump is different, only no one can explain his speech in front of the AIPAC.

    1. attacking Trump to help Hillary win the election.
      Nice try but too late.
      Whats the weather like today in Tela viv?
      לזיין אותך

      1. Who Hillary? She’s one of them too (even more so) and you’re quite paranoid.
        p.s. it’s spelled Tel Aviv not Tela viv

        1. I guess it’s his only hero and he finds hard to let go of his teddy bear.

        2. What about Hillary? I’ve never seen someone who has as much Jewish money as her although Jeb Bush came in at a close second. Strangely Hillary’s enemies say she is an anti-Semite I don’t believe it.
          What makes Trump so awesome is that he did not accept donations or support independent PACs to help him win the Republican nomination. At this point no one controls him. That is about to change since he is now reaching out to donors. Hillary is expected to spend up to one billion dollars on her campaign even Trump can’t match that on his own. He still the better choice as he will be his own biggest donor.

      2. Stop using Google Translate, it’s embarrassing. That isn’t even remotely close to the Hebrew expression.

  3. I lost count of the times White Nationalists who literally worshiped Trump and thought that there was a “Jewish conspiracy against the West” blocked me on Facebook and Twitter when I pointed out that he is extremely pro-Israel and his daughter has converted to Judaism.

    1. Friedrich Drumpf, Donald’s great-grandfather. had two sisters listed as
      Elisabetha Freund and Syblia Schuster. Those are both Jewish surnames.
      F. Drumpf’s mother is named Katarina Kober – also Jewish surname.

    2. No one can at this time speak out against israel/jews. Not even Trump. They own the money and the media..and have too much political influence. To do so would be political suicide. You never know what might happen AFTER he gets elected though..
      That his daughters are beyond stupid (well most women are) is not his fault.

      1. This used to be the case here and on the forum. Only in the last year when Roosh started digging down the rabbit hole we started seeing articles like this one being allowed.
        Roosh is still fooled by Trump but I’ll just wait for the day when he gets it. And he will especially if Trump gets elected.

        1. No one is fooled by Trump. We just understand that a) politics is the art of the possible and b) The alternative is Hillary.
          P.S. Hillary for Prison 2016

        2. It does not really matter who will deliver the speeches in the WH, the policies are decided elsewhere.
          If a candidate has made it thus far, they must be kosher proof.

        3. Except, that isn’t entirely true because Obama could clearly give a shit about Netanyahu or Israel. So, based on that logic, we should love him…yet, we do not. Why do you think that is?

        4. Just curious, why do you think Obama took us to Syria, assisted in removing Qaddafi in Libya and negotiated a nuclear deal with Iran?
          Do you think it was for Americans?
          Holy shit, the Israelis really have done a good job of confusing everybody.

        5. 1. The plans to go into Syria pre-date Obama
          2. Israel has been trying to quash Iran’s nuclear program, since day one.
          3. Gadhafi’s gold-money plan would have devastated dollar.

        6. I also posted the General Wesley Clark comment I think it’s the biggest indictment out there.
          But you are proving my point, like #1 above, this was already planned by the Israelis, we are the implement of their policy decisions and Obama went along with it.
          He’s one of them, they are all whoring themselves out to aipac!

        7. You can’t honestly believe that it’s possible for anyone to a) run as an anti-Israel candidate, b) Tell AIPAC to fuck themselves then/or c) alienate an entire voting block…and still have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming POTUS.
          You want every box checked upfront, from the onset, as though that’s how politics works. Which is laughably unrealistic. That’s not how the left won the culture; they did it in increments over decades; they know how to pick their battles at a given time. Trump is the same in this regard.

        8. I swear to god. When I see right wing Iron March autists telling not to vote Trump because of muh Evola and true hardcore 1488 fascism brah I just face palm.
          Trump called for a temporary ban on all Muslims, a wall on the Mexican border, killing free trade, etc.
          But no, since he did not stand at AIPAC screaming “gas the kikes , race war now” he is a shill. (Forget that he gave a very lukewarm speech to Jews, going as far as hinting that they want to buy him, etc.)
          I’m sorry Sinead McCarthy told me Putin and Trump are Jews. And anyone not calling for global Aryan supremacy is a Jew or Shabbos goy( and anyone who is pro is also a Jew, because).
          I respect far right people, but sometimes autism makes them myopic and makes them fight good things because it is not hardcore enough or something.

        9. Exactly, it’s the horseshoe theory, revealed in all its glory.
          On one side, we have ultra-nationalists who can’t seem to fathom that a businessman, who has spent better part of the decade in the entertainment industry, might have made a few Jewish connects.
          Meanwhile, on the opposing side, we have a group of people who seem to believe that Trump is a sellout because he isn’t reading excerpts from Mein Kampf, at his rallies or addressing the Jewish Question at presidential primary debates.
          Both sides fail to see the bigger picture; Both sides fail to realize that Trump is limited by the current political framework (for now).
          It’s hard to strike a balance with extremists on both sides.

        10. When Israel ‘s actions are seen as threatening US hegemony (e.g. Israel’s failed efforts to start a war with Iran), Israel loses out. When Israel’s actions are seen as reinforcing US hegemony, Israel gets all the aid it wants.

        11. Ok you sound reasonable, just quickly, what do you think is wrong with Trump ?

        12. “we started seeing articles like this one being allowed”
          Why wouldn’t articles such as this be allowed?

        13. “Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday that Iran, Libya and Syria should be stripped of weapons of mass destruction after Iraq. “These are irresponsible states, which must be disarmed of weapons mass destruction, and a successful American move in Iraq as a model will make that easier to achieve,” Sharon said to a visiting delegation of American congressmen.
          Sharon told the congressmen that Israel was not involved in the war with Iraq “but the American action is of vital importance.”
          – Feb 18 2003

      2. I guess thats why youre all crapping yourselves, sweetheart.
        Rally around your witch,
        she will save you

      3. One of the principal differences is that white nationalism is vilified in the media, whereas black pride groups (along with other nationalituies) receive a free pass. The school I work at is currently having a black pride event.
        That’s why the contradictions of white nationalists are not as relevant in terms of national dialog.

        1. Wow imagine a Black Tranny Pride parade. The world would go insane, the most wonderful awesomest thing EVA !

      4. So if you are black and a nationalist..then what are you ? and if you are not nationalist then what are you ?
        What has color to do with something ?

    3. For Western European nationalists it is a way of avoiding being seen as racist and just a mere islamophobe! And the Muslims have their fare share of idiots to keep the islamophobia bandwagon at bay.
      For that dude whose daughter converted is nothing more than a case of in-group preference as his grandkids will be Jewish as well.

    4. Trump isn’t “pro-Israel,” he’s pro-Cash. In 2015 alone, $4,189,000 was spent on Pro-Israel lobbying; AIPAC accounted for roughly $3,400,000 of that. You’re being naive if you think we’ll ever have a president that isn’t “Pro-Israel,” as long as big money plays a role in American politics.

      1. So you are pretty much confirming what this guy is saying. What exactly is going to improve if we elect this man? He can’t even tell the Israelis who have destroyed our economy, got our people killed and radicalized enough Muslims to seriously disrupt our communities…to fuck off!
        The speech he made in front of aipac completely ended it for me. I was willing to give him a pass on the Mexicans are rapists comment, believing it to be rhetoric designed to get the white nationalist vote, but if he is going to be a neocon, FUCK HIM!
        I am completely baffled by white nationalists supporting this man

        1. 1. I’m not a White Nationalist.
          2. For someone who is anti-White Nationalism, you’re especially obsessed with Israel.
          3. The Israelis aren’t the only ones using money to but political favors (see: the House of Saud).

        2. I am 100% obsessed with this country that loots my country’s treasury (a trillion in Iraq alone), gets my people killed, creates dissension in societies all around the world, wreaks havoc on the economy I work in, and on and on.
          And if you think I’m pro Palestinian, you are wrong, I have a big middle finger for them too!
          And there are many people using money to subvert our democracy, but none if them are nearly as destructive as the Israelis.
          If trump is just going to continue this, then he is a traitor too! Stop appeasing these people

        3. “And there are many people using money to subvert our democracy, but none if them are nearly as destructive as the Israelis.”
          Again, the House of Saud would like to have a word with you:

          Saudi Arabia has funded Wahhabi mosques around the world to spread the sect, and King Salman offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for Syrian refugees.

    5. The entire alternative right movement has been subverted and turned into a cuckservative circle jerk over Trump.
      These guys literally think that the Zionist elite’s powers are at risk over one guy, the same guy who also hobnobs with the rich elitists of Jew York City and constantly boasts about how hes the “best candidate for Israel”. Its pure mental masturbation.
      Even in the truth movement today, its very rare to see people smart enough to realize that elections are a fraud.

    6. Machiavelli has something to say about this in The Prince:

      The choice of servants is of no little importance to a prince, and they are good or not according to the discrimination of the prince. And the first opinion which one forms of a prince, and of his understanding, is by observing the men he has around him; and when they are capable and faithful he may always be considered wise, because he has known how to recognize the capable and to keep them faithful. But when they are otherwise one cannot form a good opinion of him, for the prime error which he made was in choosing them.

      So look at whom Trump chose to become his VP, one of those Christian nuts who supports Israel, probably because he has some kind of belief about bible prophecy and the end times.

      1. Yes, Trump has been doing stupid stuff lately. Over the top arrogance and the D in the A logo, he’s practically pushing for Hillary. Dumb vice pick as well, should grabbed a conservative hispanic or female. He doubled down on the hard right vote, which isnt enough

  4. The entire USSA is controlled by the jews: media, tech, finance, FED, minority industrial complex, LBGTQRJCLISASOFK…

    1. Wait a minute that’s not possible. Certainly not the Media that can’t be Jewish can it? I know that the head of the Federal Reserve has to be a church going Christian, on second thought when was the last time a Christian actually ran the Federal Reserve?

  5. Understand this- The mind of US evangelical christianity has has been surgically grafted over the last 70 years with a story of jewish specialness and Christian rapture as a harbinger of a second coming of Jesus that proclaims the safety of Israel to be a duty of evangelical Christians, hence all the Pat Robertsons, Republicans and so called conservatives falling over themselves in government, breitbart etc professing their twisted cuckservative devotion to an alien desert vampire homeworld they have never even been to.
    Also there is a schism in jews between US jews and israeil jews. When either side doesnt get what they want they routinely call each other antisemitic, nazi, etc, its quite tiresome.
    Obama (probably because he cant be reelected) differentiated israeli interests from US interests thereby creating an existential panic in israel- since their whole existence is based upon vampirism of the US goyim.
    US jews do not live under that kind of threat as they are part of a greater civilized society here and prefer not to bleed their host dry all at once and enjoy the security made possible by their cloak of invisibility in a multicultural land.
    Israelis (who have no cloak of invisibility) prefer instead to live in the midst of the flames and chaos of the middle east behind walls and gun barrels- as harmony and regional stability they believe will lead to pan arab cooperation to destroy them, thus they fan all sectarian rivalries. Iran, being the only stable country in the middle east, poses the only serious perceived threat.

    1. I grew up in “rapture ready” Tulsa in the 1970’s, and after that experience I’ve had it with this “end times” nonsense promoted by the dumber churches.
      I have to wonder if elite Jews go along with this delusion somehow because it makes it easier to play these American Christians for suckers so that they support pro-Israel policies.

        1. Hi, Theodora,
          I’m replying to the great post you made on BB re discussions in general. I realize that talking alone doesn’t accomplish everything. But I see these discussions as diplomacy and propaganda (I mean propaganda in the original and positive sense of the term). The diplomatic corps and the propaganda ministry alone can’t win a war but they are important.
          We are never going to win over people who are dead-set against us or make them admit they’re wrong and that’s OK with me. I’m just trying to advance the argument to the best of my ability, concentrating on the undecided.
          Thanks for being understanding.

        2. You’re a champ, dear Joseph. Thank you for all you do, here and on YouTube too. I appreciate your appeal to reason; don’t think I meant to minimize that at all. To me, it’s less like a courtroom and more like trying to drag people out of an opium den. But I’m very glad you’re on my team. 🙂

        3. Thanks and exactly right, Theodora. You are a dear champ too. We all have different roles to play according to our temperament and our abilities. But we are definitely on the same team.
          I get pretty ticked off when I see you being insulted and my instinct is to come to your defense. But you acquit yourself so well that I ‘m afraid it might seem patronizing to interject myself. What are your thoughts?
          And for a heathen I know a few Bible passages myself!
          1 Corinthians 12:12-27

        4. I do appreciate your concern. And don’t see it as patronizing in the least. I admit, the visciousness of being told to kill myself caught me off guard. But does go to show the nature of the beast. They are not nice people; and they are not playing by the rules we are. Think of how not nice Bolsheviks were.
          A couple of the distinctions Bill Warner makes about Islam is its dualistic ethics, in contrast to Christianity’s Golden Rule. Another is it’s rejection of objective reality, in contrast to Christianity’s belief in Jesus as Logos Incarnate. Basically, it’s okay to treat non-Moslems with whatever expediency you wish; likewise anything that doesn’t accord with the Koran is rejected. Something I’d like for people to understand is Judaism has the same two odious premises. I’d like to tie the two together as much as possible.
          Another thing I was thinking about after our discussion on angels, speaking of beast, is … apart from whether they or demons etc exist or not, is it not useful to think in terms of agency where evil is concerned? Are we not apt to be too reticent, too complacent otherwise?

        5. Exactly!
          I do not like Bolsheviks. I know they did lots worse stuff but for some reason their murder of the Russian Royal Family really gets to me. I’m anti-monarchy and don’t mind that they were overthrown but they were (from everything I know) perfectly nice people. Only real monsters could treat them that way.
          I love Bill Warner and need to read/watch more of his stuff.
          It’s tragic but almost laughable that most Christians (even those who are serious about their religion and study the Bible) don’t realize that the Pharisees that Jesus heaped such scorn on and who demanded his crucifixion are today’s Jews.
          Could you elaborate on “agency.” I have a very vague idea of what you mean by it.
          I’m still watching John Romer videos. He has done such great work. He knows his stuff and I love his voice and style of delivery.
          You are very generous with your time so don’t rush to get back to me. I’m not going anywhere 😉
          Thanks again for everything you do, Theodora.

        6. By the by, I just finished watching the first episode of Tudor Monastery Farm. It’s awesome! Thanks so much for recommending it. And despite myself I have a huge crush on Ruth Goodman. The guys are great also.
          You’re the best, Theodora.

        7. Thanks for your ” Blind Faith ” up-vote 😉
          My reply was to a poster using the moniker Katherine McChesney who received a rather enormous amount of up-votes for replying to the commenter shown here…since then he/she either deleted it themselves or a Breitbart mod did.
          deleted reply = “Sons of Obama”

          guest should read Katherine McChesney

          Those breitbart commenters and up-voters are a hard nut to crack.

        8. You’re welcome, RR. But not so blind perhaps; didn’t know what the question was figured SoR was an apt answer. I’ve encountered KM before, as we’ve had a difference or two about church alas. Don’t know what she said, and no way to find out as I believe she keeps her comments hidden.

        9. ^^^^^ Another excellent analogy (i.e., the opium den). It is an involuntary addiction: they do not even realize they have been impregnated because they will never actually be preggers. The most that can be hoped for is that they will develop a morning sickness.

        10. Hey Colonel Gunter Brumm. It’s your favorite Mathematician! *wink* *wink*. Troll on my brother~

      1. What is there to wonder about? Of course that’s why Jews do it? Does anyone actually think Jews give a toss about Evangelists or Christians in general?
        They’re looking out for their own interests. Something that is often at conflict with the host nations Jews live in. If we really want masculinity to come back, then we’re going to have confront the impact Judaism is having in our societies.

        1. Notice how tirelessly 2 jews on this stupid thread rack up around 80 comments. Smell the desperate.
          “The highest law is Nature.
          And the greatest wisdom, forever lives in its eternal Fascism.”

        2. The deeper issue here is the impact of Judaism and thus, as an aggregate the impact of Jewish people on European civilizations. I really don’t care that much about the actions of some individual Jewish posters who are trying to manipulate public opinion. Plus, now that the stranglehold on information is broken , the truth is coming out.

        3. The real kicker is I believe most Jews secretly despise Christians. It doesn’t take too much prodding to reveal the indoctrinated hatred they harbor.
          With a little research you will find this so called promise land for Christians in Israel is actually very hostile to them.

        4. I’m not surprised by this. Christians have respect for Jews as God’s chosen people and many believe that the Kingdom is still coming for the Jews with Jesus at the healm, or that Jews and Christians will both be included in the Kingdom somehow.
          On the other hand, Christians are just stupid useful patsies for the Jews. We have a basterdized version of their religion in which we claim that their Messiah already came and we are the stupid idiots who believe this, when they know that Jesus was either an imposter or never existed in the first place. (This would be the view of many religious Jews).
          So how could they not mock us behind our backs? The religious ones think we have been taken in by some trick and are making a mockery of their religion, and the non-religious ones, well they also think we have been taken in by some trick. Further, all they have to do is play nice in public and say we are people of the book together, and we’ll get on board with almost anything they want.
          I wouldn’t respect a person who made it that easy for me to take advantage of them either.
          The other side of this is what Christians read and think. The bible does say, I believe, that those nations that help the Jews will prosper as well. That has been true for us on the average, financially. Although that seems to be crashing down. But you can’t be surprised when men whom take God and Jesus at blind faith, take other parts of the bible at blind faith as well, since that is what you are told to do with it.

        5. It’s an interesting question you raise. Do Jewish people inherently carry animus towards Christians? I do believe that Judaism is inherently anti-Other (Christians included) but, don’t think that Jews secretly despise Christians. I just think they come from a culture of supremacist teachings with strong matriarchal overtones which lead to unbalanced individuals.

        6. The best is when they use the term Judeo Christian. It’s a made up term that has really only appeared in the last past century or so.

        7. You say “we”. Are you Christian or Jewish because what you just said could be interpreted different ways. Almost subliminal mockery to be honest.
          Jesus the so called fake prophet boils in excrement as far as the Jewish scriptures are concerned. His mother Mary denounced as a whore.
          Lord Satan.. sorry, the Messiah is said to return to the world and reward the Jewish people with Goyim slaves and their silver and gold.

        8. But does this “God’s chosen people” label give them carte blanch to behave however they wish, and still be held up as better than everyone else? I think even from a Biblical context, one could argue that the “God’s chosen people” bit was only relevant thousands of years ago in the past. I mean, if you said in 1700 that Brits are inherently the smartest race, would that still hold true for an American in 2016?
          I would argue that times, circumstances, and other cultures, have changed, not to mention that the British themselves are no longer on the cutting edge of technology, military, philosophy, etc. They are not “entitled” to be the smarted people in the world for the rest of history.
          Likewise with the Jews. If they continued to be God fearing, holy, loving, obedient people, then sure, you could argue that they are still a special chosen race. But they don’t get to behave however they wish, and flash the Jew card and get zapped up to Heaven. Only an odd, narrow interpretation of the Bible would lead one to believe this.

      2. The rapture idea was started in the mid 1800’s. There is a book called the Messianic Church, which I own a copy of. This is part of a movement to restore the church to its Jewish roots.

    2. Explaining this will do nothing. The best way to redpill whites who have been conditioned is to attack the shame used to condition them.
      Second picture is the deathblow.
      Jews are pathologically dishonest, and violently sociopathic. That is why they have been kicked out of every country, not because we are evil. God even abandoned the jews in 160 AD, and named them golems.

        1. Only 5% of slaves went to north america during the slave trade.

          That amounts to around 300,000 people. 600 or so to a ship means 500 voyages. Here is how long it took to cross the atlantic at the height of the slave trade, in a link.

          So the amount of slave ships above is enough to cover the entire slave trade by itself if they ran nonstop without running into problems. That is not the point I was trying to make however; the point is that jews, as a small minority of the population, where once again vastly overrepresented in degenerate behavior. And, once again, they used their own sins as a weapon to destroy another group by forcing them to take the blame through propaganda.

    3. Iran is trying to invade all it’s neighbors, and wipe Israel off the map. The issue here is is that jewish PTSD is why they don’t cooperate openly. Many Arab countries prefer Israel over Iran, including many Palestinians, but Israelis are too tribal and traumatized to be able to work with Sunnis who share common enemies like Iran and ISIS. Separadic and Mizrahi jews (Arab ones) are great people, but the Ashenazis have post traumatic stress from persecution since the Middle Ages, and thus they keep trying to divide and conquer goyim in the west.
      1) There seems to be a pattern of Ashkenazi atheist jews playing Good Cop, Bad cop with the left and right goyim, dividing and conquering. For example, when do you hear Pam Gellar, Ezra Levant who even lose libel lawsuits for libel against Muslims from their hate…. they are 100% silent on the jewish leftist feminist enablers of Islamists. As an Arab, we had a problem with leftists radicalizing our youth, then our youth do stupid shit, then organizations like CAMERA and Jewish Athiest right wing groups try to make sure Muslim naive university students who listened to jewish leftist atheist professors never find a job. So I went and spoke to the Canadian Israel association and even wrote an article for them, asking them for help combatting jewish leftists. Silence. And when there is a terrorist attack, lots of criticism of Islam, religion.
      2) Second observation, on the left, the loudest supporters of gun control, loudest critics of Gamer Gate, Loudest Critics of Roosh V and masculinity seem to have jewish last names and act “triggered” as in have Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Because Einstiens are smarter than the average Sarah Palin, this mental illness of Post Traumatic Stress disorder isn’t treated but lauded and seen as a status symbol, so mindless feminist goy harpies copy and say they are “triggered”.
      3) I noticed that atheist Ashkenazi jews behave very differently from religious jews, who I have found to be normal, and quite a few Israelis are decent. I think the sharp difference between atheist vs theist Ashkenazi jews and their collective Post Traumatic Stress from the Spanish Inquisition should be studied further. There is no conspiracy, just a group of traumatized very smart people (all the stupid ones died in inquisition, pograms, etc) who settled in the US and are pushing their post-traumatic stress on everyone instead of getting it treated.
      4) the article was wrong about Arab dictator regimes, they are marxist and unsustainable. The Arab spring was the echoes of the fall of the Berlin wall… but if the Berlin wall fell under Jimmy Carter instead of Reagan. If Reagan was president now, all these Arab spring countries would be strong western style democracies like Bosnia is today. The problem with Israeli foreign policy is it’s Fortess Israel mentality – it doesn’t meddle, doesn’t help, hence has no friends in the region openly, only behind closed doors. To have friends, you have to help each other… and that’s a lot to process of a country of traumatized people.
      5) Most “zionists” are dead unless you are referring to Shia “zionists” Khomeni’s people who want Iran from Nile to Eurphates, were behind the coup in Turkey. There is no conspiracy, just a lot of atheist jews traumatized from a history of persecution, compelled to make money, gain influence, and weaken religion in societies they live in and divide those societies, keep them fighting… not out of malice, but out of trauma. They are traumatized by the fact that the feudal lords who robbed them and persecuted them for their money in the Middle Ages were MASCULINE, ARMED and RELIGIOUS. They are triggered and fear masculinity, arms, strong families and religion in any society… because in Medieval Europe, it meant they were more likely to be persecuted.
      6) There is no conspiracy, only very brilliant people who survived persecution- survival of the fittest (and smartest) – who have Religiophobia, Masculinophobia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from centuries of persecution. They act in what seems a coordinated way because they all suffered the same collective trauma and are tribal, but they don’t coordinate except a couple who might be friends. There is no Bilderberg.
      7) Atheist (not religious) jews are tribal, and when the Right is tired of Hollywood’s corruption of the youth and vices… then begins to read the last names of the people behind it and its beginning to go onto something, that they are tired of liberal jewish leftist athiest propaganda, Sam Harris, Pam Gellar, Ezra Levant come to the rescue, attack Muslims, Mexicans, religious minorities, just to get the guillable Right wing’s attention away from their leftist atheist fellow tribesmen. No other minority is as tribal as secular jewish atheists. Religious jews are much more likely to denounce the leftist atheist behavior, especially in Israel. Atheist leftist jews hate Israel for being religious and continually try to wipe it off the map, like Soros of the Iran Deal and Medea Benjimin of Code Pink. Notice they hate Christians and Muslims as much as Israel, again for religion, and like to defame all theists.
      8. Israelis are not the same as Western secular jews, as Israelis had to build a country, and thus learned the importance of religion, masculinity in men, femininity in women in a society. While secular athiest jews play Good cop, Bad cop, leftist cop, Islamophobic cop, their behavior is often very damaging for Israel’s interests, revealing how it is a result of Post Traumatic Stress, Trauma, Mental Illness, coddling by mothers & society, not out of reason.

      1. Swallowed the blue pill you have. How are we going to stop Sunni Wahhabist terrorism by attacking secular shias and arming Sunni militants? Our war policy only benefits the wealthy who want the US further in debt so they can collect more interest. In other words, Jewish bankers.

        1. If you want to understand politics, follow the money. And remember politics is merely interests in terms of power, nothing more.
          Sunni Wahabist terrorism? That’s naive. Imagine Saudi has oil and is an ally of the most powerful country in the world, US. Now imagine if you are corrupt as f*ck and don’t want to stop stealing, the only way to hide your corruption is for the economy to depend on something you can’t screw up, oil. When it comes to stealing, if you are corrupt as hell, you will screw up foreign investment and businesses will flee. Logically, you’ll try to make a wedge between Saudi and America, Saudi and the west, then take over their oil and drive up the oil prices, right? Follow the money, it always leads to the truth.
          Politics is interests in terms of power. Saudi hasn’t developed its military and had relied on the US until Obama’s recent marxist crap and his marxist defamation along with the defamation of militant athiest feminist jews who likewise defame Christians and are framing the discussion to divide and conquer Christians and their allies. Dictators find their fear of religion and how they push progressivism and dividing naive Christians & their allies a useful idiot for their schemes of taking over the oil for higher oil prices. Ex KGB agent Suvorov wrote about it extenisvely. Also to weaken the west, they push homosexuality, radical feminism, defame Roosh V like they defame Saudi.
          Politics is not so simple like you think. SJWs harm society, so how come they got to the White House? Think. Saudi’s military was designed to be depedent on the US. Russia and Iran turned all of Saudi’s missionary schools to attack Mecca, to attack Saudi, to attack Saudis’ allies like America that Saudi depends on militarily. Only now Saudi is thinking in terms of self-sustainability.
          Appeasing Taqqiyah Alt-Right atheist marxist jews and saying “religion is bad, Sunnis are bad” is just going to allow dictators using those PTSDed scared cows to divide and conquer the west. And when it comes to Israel, many Israelis are religious and normal, and are attacked by those very same atheist marxist jews and defamed by them.
          The world is a lot more complex than your overlords in the media tell you.

        2. Swallowed the jewish atheist PTSD divide and conquer strategy ? The idea is to get the Christians and Muslims fighting, divide and conquer. The big fear of Jewish atheists is they know that Muslims are red pilled and refused any guilt trips to blue pill their religion.
          Jewish atheists on the left make excuses for every Muslim crminal that Muslims arrest or attack themselves, but have a double standard that every Christian is a terrorist to them. It’s a martix, of course this unfairness triggers anger, and some jewish atheist marxists infiltrate the right, and they push dividing Christians from patriarchal religions and conquering. So on the right, they blame Sunni Muslims because they yield the least to them, though all the evidence show that the attacks were created by Shia, Russians raise oil prices as Saudi is lowering oil prices. Russia is allied with israel. Also they push hate of other traditional groups with patriachy like Mexicans. The whole point is to divide Christians from any allies, force them to accept feminism, homonormativity, SJWs, etc. and not be able to even pray in their own army and stay weak. It comes from post traumatic stress disorder for being persecuted for their money in the middle ages by thuggish kings who wanted to wage wars. Religious jews handled it better, but athiests do not handle that much persecution stress well, resulting n PTSD and weird behaviors like promoting weakening a Christian host society. Because Muslims did not persecute jews in the Middle Ages, Separdic, Yemenite and Mizrahi jews are chill, religious and don’t push secularism down the throat of goyim.
          You got the jewish banker theory mixed up. Soros wants to wipe Israel off the map because he is mad that they are religious so he supports the Iran Deal and Isolationism. You have to make a distinction between Ashkenazi atheists, that push feminism secularism, etc., and other jews that do not like Yemeni jews, who are good upstanding religious people.
          War policy? Sounds weak. War is not a policy. If there is a criminal who wants to rape you in the ass then rape your wife in front of you, rob you all then kill you both, because there is no law and nothing stopping him, he will. You have grown fat, weak and lazy. Criminals see weakness, they see someone has loot worth looting and looks too weak to protect it or protect his friends, first they will loot his friends than come after him. ISIS attacks the west because who is behind it looks at all the gay parades and how the west doesn’t help its allies, judges the west to be weak and attacks. Behind most anti-war movements are jewish athiest names, because they are afraid that it promotes Christian masculinity and patriarchy. When barbarians in the Middle Ages who called themselves Christian were strong in the Middle Ages, they persecuted jews when they needed to pay their bills. When those kings were busy with drink and debauchery, they didnt. Now is not the Middle Ages, but the trauma is there none the less
          I had to fight 6 men, to protect my mother’s home in Yemen. I had to be the man of the family when dad wasn’t home, my mom was foreign. When criminals come to take your land, you man up and fight to the death. A real man fights for his family, for his friends. John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” You have to remember that your might ancestors once sang “Onward, christian soldiers,
          Marching as to war,
          With the cross of jesus,
          Going on before!
          Christ the royal master,
          Leads against the foe;
          Forward into battle,
          See his banners go!”

        3. You don’t need to sperg out, I play coy and slowly release information in order not to overwhelm people. If you communicate the way you do, you aren’t going to red pill anyone and instead completely galvanize them against our ideas. If you are going to do it this way, use infographics, but this is not /pol/, you are going to run into a brick wall posting that way here. I am quite aware the problem is with jews, and I do not watch the mainstream news.

        4. Don’t listen to men with small balls who use ad homenium arguments out of fear of being challenged rather than prove their point. It’s about following the money, not the propaganda that makes you feel good but is used to manipulate you

        5. Show PROOF Russia and Israel are allies lol
          Is it the fact Russia is supporting Assad and Netanyahu the rebels?

        6. That changed now. Netanyhu and Erodogan are allying with Putin to piss off Obama. Go look it up.

        1. Actually Arab populations do to. Israel isn’t trying to kill our families. Iran is.

    4. 1967 kinda shows they were right about pan-arab cooperation. for my part I detest Muslims totally and fail to see how their cooperation/harmony could in anyway help us

    5. I don’t disagree. but essentially aren’t zionists just doing what they think is necessary to survive?

    1. Well they are white now. Or more accurately, a raceless people with a common culture. Thanks for praising the white race (because white jews are the only ones showing intelligence). They only became intelligent after mixing with white people for 2000 years. They are just whiteys thinking they are jews.

        1. Don’t most white nationalists concede that Jews are very high-IQ? Therefore, if the Jews used to be dumb but are now among the most intelligent people in the world after mixing with white Indo-Europeans, aren’t you saying that race mixing can elevate a “lesser” race to the point of superiority?

        2. Too long of a discussion for a comment thread Bucky (all jews, most jews, some jews, etc its hard to speak to all of that, see?) but I will say this. When 2 beings of different biological orders mix, their offspring attain the midpoint between them, thus will stand higher than the parent in the lower order but not as high as the higher parent. See it in plants and animals and humans as well. Higher IQ than whites? No White Nationalist has ever conceded that.

        3. Oy vey, you should have waited for my response before passing out laurels.

        4. Oh, I see what you did there. Nice! I offer you this Laurel and Hearty Handshake!

        5. No most WN do not concede that Jews are very high IQ. In fact this was shot down quite well by others. There was a thread on Takimag on this subject matter.
          The IQ of Israelis is solid middle of the pack.

        6. “Hybrid Vigor”, like “Diversity is a Strength™ right?
          The lengths you guys go to would be comical if it wasnt so malevolent

        7. White Nationalists have conceeded though. Ashkenazi jewish IQ is about 115. To say that jews were “lesser” before mixing with whites would make sense if Ashkenazi Jewish IQ was somewhere in between European and Arab IQ – instead, it is even higher than East Asian IQ. Either they were never dumber than Europeans or they evolved past Europeans in a couple thousand years. There’s nothing offensive or non-PC or false about this, Jared Taylor, David Duke and Kevin McDonald have admitted this. Ashkenazi intellectual achievement in the west and in Israel is further evidence of this.

        8. Not especially. Jews are several thousand times overrepresented in Ivy League and typically high-IQ careers. By their own admission though, they practice nepotism at every opportunity. All the while, using any means available to convince White people to work for the good of everyone but themselves.

        9. Intelligence (g) is generally assumed to depend on heritability at around 80%. Two people who made bad life choices and never learned much could, in theory have a kid with a high IQ potential and a strong desire to learn…I could also win the lottery.

        10. ..welllllll Ashkenazi intellectual “borrowing” is certainly prevalent (Jonas Salk, Einstein), as well as the readiness of Jewish media to promote anything Jewish as”genius”.

        11. …compared to being born talented and interested when both parents are lazy morons? Crime stats in the Affikan-Amehhkin Kuhmoonity say otherwise.

        12. The parents level of intelligence is not really important unless they are retards. Every genius had mediocre parents.

        13. Sure, in Imagination Land, where things just magically happen and nothing has anything to do with anything else.

        14. Ancestors in general has a lot to do with it, NOT the actual parents. Many times you see two parents with relative low IQ give birth to a high iq child. And vice versa. That is not Imagination Land.

        1. It says in the very first seconds, in English no less:
          “Hassidic ANTI-ZIONISTS.”
          Are you so retarded by your hatred of Israel that you can’t even think straight? The title of the article we’re commenting on is “How ZIONISM Has Strongly Influenced Both The Left And The Right”
          Think about it.

        2. They quote scripture dumb ass.
          They are orthodox, keeps of the faith.
          The belief is embedded in the whole edifice of zionism, judasim, etc.

        3. Strange. The talmud says that gentiles can convert, then they are just as jreish as everyone else. A gentile who renounces idolatry is to be accepted lobed and supported. Its in the talmud and the Torah. Read the book of Ruth.

        4. Please dont make me cut and paste. Its a tedious exercise. Can’t you just google it? A convert is called a ger.

        5. Why are anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews more legitimate than Zionist Orthodox Jews in your book?
          Simple, because you will side with anyone that gives credence to your sneering.

        6. Because they dont hide. Their scrpture says so and they stand by it. Theres no smokescreen with them.

        7. Have you read the scripture? How do you know that their interpretation is the definitive one and not a Zionist interpretation?

        8. Oh they’ll happily let you convert, and charge you for the conversions. Exactly why you have a sizable portion of “jews” in Africa.
          They paid Rabbis to teach them the “jewish secrets”.
          Jews hold firm to their BLOODLINE. It’s not about what you believe.

    2. Read about it yourself:
      Investigation–Example 2: Internet hate sites, as well as Fisk, attribute this derogation of Palestnians as “two-legged beasts” to former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The source generally given is:
      Menachem Begin, as quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts,”New Statesman, June 25, 1982
      Indeed, the radical French-Israeli journalist, Amnon Kapeliouk, did attribute such a quote to Begin in his New Statesman article criticizing Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. The author posited:
      For this reason the government has gone to extraordinary lengths to dehumanise the Palestinians. Begin described them in a speech in the Knesset as “beasts walking on two legs”.
      However, further investigation by CAMERA reveals that the actual speech upon which Kapeliouk based his quote, as well as news reports at the time demonstrate that the journalist distorted the quote, giving it a completely different tone and meaning. Begin was talking, not about “the Palestinians” but about terrorists who target children within Israel.
      On June 8, 1982, Begin addressed the Knesset in response to a no-confidence motion over Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. He talked about defending the children of Israel, and according to a June 9, 1982 AP report, “his voice quaver[ed] with anger and sadness.” According to the minutes of the session, Begin stated:
      The children of Israel will happily go to school and joyfully return home, just like the children in Washington, in Moscow, and in Peking, in Paris and in Rome, in Oslo, in Stockholm and in Copenhagen. The fate of… Jewish children has been different from all the children of the world throughout the generations. No more. We will defend our children. If the hand of any two-footed animal is raised against them, that hand will be cut off, and our children will grow up in joy in the homes of their parents.
      Kapeliouk neither recanted nor apologized for his deception.
      Summary: Distortion by an Israeli critic of a Begin speech discussing terrorism and terrorists.

    3. Is there some context here? Any references or links showing proof that Begin said this and exactly when and where?

      1. Of course there aren’t. There are multiple fake quotes supposedly uttered by Jews made into memes by the Islamist/neo-Nazi/far left/alt-right crowd.

        1. Reminds me of a hoax that went around FB a few years ago about a white woman supposedly refusing to sit next to a black guy on a plane. SJWs were indignant, and much virtue was signaled. I asked if anyone had a time, date, or location for this story, or a flight # or even an airline. Silence, except for one butthurt “well America is still full of racists.”

        2. Ah a Jewish apologist rides to the rescue to White Knight this article.
          So tell me when Begin was in a terrorist group that attacked Christians and killed Brits and Swedes was that also made up?
          When he said that greater Israel (a region that includes numerous sovereign nations) will be ‘restored’ regardless of the bloodshed because G#D gave Jews the land was that made up?
          When he said that no nation has the right to critique Israel as Israel is a divine nation was that made up?

        3. Chased out of country after country for 2000 years.
          Couldnt have had anything to do with their behavior right?

        4. Because dumbass people believed anything they were told and the Jews were and continue to be the ultimate scapegoat. Why require facts and evidence when you can just blame the Jews? Working out great for the poverty-sticken, illiterate Muslims, isn’t it?

        5. I’m not white knighting anything; the fact that Israel certainly has the capability to expand, but hasn’t–and in fact, has actually shrunk (giving back Sinai and Gaza)–should say something that it does favor peace.
          Yes, Begin’s quote was fake, but I’m not denying the shit caused by the Irgun, Haganah, and the like (and that was only because the British severely limited Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine–had that not happened, the number of Holocaust victims would have been greatly reduced).

        6. Right.. So youre saying that Jewish terrorism, (Irgun, Haganah, Stern gang) etc.. was justified because the British restricted Jewish immigration into Palestine and increased the numbers of Jews who died in WW2.
          You know that the King David bombing was in 1946 right? You know that Count Bernadotte was assassinated in 1948? AFTER WW2 was over. And thats just two of the most egregious cases of terrorism caused by Jews with respect to Israel.
          So to sum up; Jewish terrorism=A-OK. but, Muslim terrorism=Pure evil. Gotcha.
          And also Israel is much larger than it;s original borders. Much.

        7. What “Jewish terrorism” has there been since the 1940s? Pretty much anyone who hates Jews/Israel has to keep going back to the King David bombings. Find some examples in line with the literally thousands of attacks carried out by Muslims and get back to me.

        8. “Sorcery.” That’s funny. Great refutation. And still, your Begin quote is fake. It’ll get the upvotes from the alt-right antisemites that come out of the woodwork whenever an article mentioning the Jews or Israel is published, but that shit doesn’t fly.

        9. Jewish terrorism tended yo focus on military targets. The king David hotel was the headquarters of the manditoty government. Dear basin wad a base of operations for attlacks on conveys to Jerusalem. And Israel is bigger because Israel won a defensive war. Israel gave a lot of the land back.

        10. We’re we not discussing Begin and Irgun and Stern gang? Last I checked they were during the 40s so please stop deflecting and stay on point. You stated Jews didn’t really execute real terrorism and I clearly proved they did.
          If you want to discuss modern events, more than happy to do so in a different thread.
          And this whole “they hate Jews” narrative is so tired and non factual. If anything, Jews discriminate towards Christians.

        11. C’mon seriously. Is that the best ROK’s Jewish apologists have? You guys are like femiturds who aren’t used to debates where facts matter.
          But, I’ll play along this time. So all those bombs that Irgun put in cafes, markets and buses were against the military? And the assassination of Folke Bernadette who was a Swedish diplomat was also a military action?
          And we both know that Israel doesn’t win much of any wars without the White man backing them.

        12. How do Jews discriminate towards Christians when Israel is the safest place in the Middle East to be a Christian? The Christian population in Israel has actually grown.

        13. Dude, I’m trying to not offend you but, have you ever spoken to Christian Israelis (Arab, Greek or Armenian)? Most of them will enlighten you on how discriminatory day to day life as a Christian in Israel is. Or Ask the 500K Arab Christians who now live in Chile.
          And you know what two of the safest nations for Middle East Christians were? Syria and Iraq.
          Additionally at Israel’s core, it discriminates against Christians by not allowing Christians to immigrate to Israel. Can you imagine the outcry if say, Australia did not allow Jews to immigrate there?

        14. I won’t deny that there is a contingent of Orthodox Jews who disdain anything and anyone not Jewish; that’s not in dispute. But that is not state policy, and by and large, Israel is easily the safest place in the Middle East to to practice whichever faith–or lack thereof–you choose.
          How else would you explain the Christian population of every country surrounding Israel dropping rapidly and growing in Israel? The Jewish state must be doing something right if said population grows and can worship freely. The Bahais, a roundly persecuted religious minority largely found in Iran has its headquarters in Haifa, Israel. To also add that most Arabs living in Israel would rather stay there than live in any prospective “Palestinian” state also speaks volumes.
          And for God’s sake, man, a baby Hitler avatar? Enough said.

        15. …totally. Its all fake. And the fact that it all correlates to exactly what’s going on right now is tooootal coincidence.

        16. Dude he DID AN INTERVIEW about the King David Hotel bombing! …if you’re not familiar with that, you might be in waaaay over your head here.

        17. USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Dubai assassination, and a very strong possibility of JFK and 9/11.
          …and who knows what else.

        18. What do you mean “no”? That’s a fake map that’s been debunked countless times. Completely ignoring the British Mandate period from 1917-1948, the Arab rejection of UN Resolution 181, or that Jordan and Egypt occupied West Bank and Gaza. The last representation actually portrays the first time in history of any “Palestinian” land.

        19. ….riiiiiight. All that talk about “settlements”, tell me more about how Palestinians keep building on Israeli land, or shutting off Israeli water supplies…fake map.
          Flip through that hasbara playbook a little faster, you’re falling behind!

        20. I see. Now it was in retaliation but, when Arabs do it, they’re just savages who are instigating. Forget the fact that the Arabs lived there before modern day Israel was created.
          Do you guys ever take ownership of the wrongs you’ve committed against others? Or are you always the victim?
          I guess Genrikh Yagoda was victimized by those evils Ukranians…

        21. Does baby Adolfo offend you??
          Israel is not the safest place to practice religion for non Jews. Non Jews do not have the same rights in Israel as Jews. I defy you to challenge this.
          Again Syria was safe haven for Christians in the middle east. But, the American neo cons and Israelis wanted Syria transformed and no the Christian population of the middle east is in shambles.
          And you’ve never really addressed any of points, I’ve made. If Israel is so great for Christians, why are there approx 500K of them living in Chile after they were exiled from Israel? Why does the Orthodox community give their priests warning before they take assignments in Israel?

        22. That’s a total lie; there are Arab Christians in Chile, but they are not Israeli. Chile has the largest “Palestinian” Christian population, but that nationality itself is questionable, given that said people identified as largely Syrian and Egyptian until the 1960s.
          If you think the declining Christian population in the Middle East is because of “American neocons and Israelis” and not radical Islam, then you’re dumber than I thought.

        23. So youre saying that the Palestinian Christians in Chile arent Israeli because Israel didn’t exist? This is seriously your argument? That because Israel kicked out the Palestenian Christians before there was a formal Israel means that Israel is somehow good to Arabs. And youre being serious??
          And this clearly refutes that the Palestinian Christians in Chile did consider themselves as Palestinian WAY before 1960.
          “Club Deportivo Palestino is a soccer club in Chile. It was founded on 20 August 1920 by a group of Palestinian immigrants, the name of the club reflects the origin in Chile’s large Palestinian community:
          And no one is excusing Islam for their animus towards Christians, you are merely the one who is making excuses for Jewish animus towards Christians.
          Now I dont blame you for sloppy debating, you guys have not really had anyone to debate in Europe and America for over 40 years as you controlled the media narrative and in Europe criminalized anyone who had a contrasting.
          Thus, you guys have gotten sloppy but, buckle up sunshine, the men are back and things are changing.

        24. Palestinian Christians in Chile aren’t Israeli because they’re not Israeli. Any Arabs that remained after the 1948 war of independence were assimilated into Israeli society and they and their descendants make up roughly 20% of that country’s population, Christian and Muslim alike. Those that fled–so-called “Palestinian refugees” –aren’t Israeli because they did so from what is now the West Bank and Gaza; territories that Israel captured in 1967 Six-Day War from Jordan and Egypt. Why said Arabs are called “Palestinian” instead of Jordanian or Egyptian is a mystery.

      1. Youre the liar.
        Youve had a nice run. Had to end sometime though.

      2. Youre the liar.
        Youve had a nice run. Had to end sometime though.

        1. I show you a link directly contradicting your bullshit and you send me a video of some fat black man talking more shit.
          Well played “Colonel”, well played.

        2. Come on dude, arent you tired of this crap? You know its true, just come clean. There are serious problems ahead with China and africa and the middle east etc, massive ecological disasters and this squabbling will seem nostalgic. Do you think jews will somehow be able to cut a deal with the Chinese after Europeans have been destroyed?
          Is every jew alive in on it? Of course not.
          But youre being played by a small group of your powerbrokers for centuries that use most of you as human shields.
          The world is circling the drain, Im sure you see all the degenerate dysgenic crap they push down our throats (yours included)
          You know its wrong. Dont defend them.
          What do you think you owe them?
          Dont die for them.
          Blow the whistle.

        3. could be just jewish humour? If Seinfeld or Sacha Baron Cohen were town-planners that’s what exactly what they’d build

        4. michael, what would have been your reaction if there was a star of David in the middle of that base?
          What do you think “Colonel Gunter Brumm the Second” would be saying if there was a building shaped like a giant star of David in the middle of a US base that the Navy Seals train at? Do you think I would ever hear the end of that crap? But it’s his beloved Reich, so now I’m a tinfoil hatter.
          You want the truth? The truth is the US and by extension the world is run by Nazis. It’s been run by them going on about 100 years now.
          Maybe not national socialists, but the corporate entities, the guys who ran the banks, the guys in the occult societies, the guys who funded the eugenics and forced sterilization programs in New England in the 30’s as a precursor. The guys who came within a hairsbreadth of taking over the US in ’34.
          That’s who runs the show. They collapsed the German economy and got the Germans to fight a war, they worked to keep the communists afloat when the soviets should have collapsed. They brought in all the German spies and put them in upper positions of the CIA via Operation Paperclip.
          Notice for the most part, I’m just linking to wikipedia pages about accepted history.
          You can say whatever you like, but the fact is the US fought a major war in the 1940’s over this. Many of the men who became generals had friends or were themselves directly involved in combat operations against the government represented by that symbol. Forget about the holocaust, forget about whether it’s anti semitic, forget about any of that emotional shit.
          Just ask yourself: does it make any logical sense at all for the United States to put that symbol smack into the middle of a US base?
          Seriously, put aside the jokes and think about it for a minute. Think about what it means. If this is a “Zionist Occupied Government” how the fuck is that symbol still there? If this was even the America we think it was, how could that symbol be there? Think about what it means.

        5. I thought you were done?
          Is this comment from a new user of your sock puppet account?

        6. And here I thought we were now good buddies.
          See how it shows an arrow to “michaelmobius” next to my name? That means I was replying to something michaelmobius wrte.
          Is that OK? Do I have your permission? More importantly, do you still have more videos of the fat black man talking about Hitler?

        7. Woops?
          Im at the convention roasting and didnt see the arrow on my phone.
          Oh and no fat jokes OK?

        8. Did you just say “forget about the holocaust”? Clearly you’ve had one too many Heinekin after all those testing exchanges earlier on.
          I wasn’t actually making a serious point there as perhaps you’re aware. Seinfeld / Sacha Baron Cohen & co are favourite comedians of mine, and I’m pretty sure the latter at least would quite happily do something like that. Your post is interesting, and I will check out the links more thoroughly when I get a chance, although to some extent it does amount a bit to ‘its not us, its them’. The worlds a complex place and single-factor explanations rarely campture very much although on balance my feeling is that just denying or diverting from uncomfortable issues isn’t always the best way to handle things. Many of the issues that you get on pages like this would be tackled fairly candidly (with all their complexity) in the Israeli press etc. I do think that has a lot to do with it being a relatively comfortable and more intimite environment. My feeling is that if such things need to be managed then however tricky it might be there needs to be some attempt to work on greater openness, and maybe down the line even trust. Even if zionism is innocent of everything it is sometimes charged with by conspiracy theorists, the paranoid, or anti-semites etc it is still the case that an enormous amount of effort goes into trying to manage information with respect to that, and that in itself is something people pick up on. There’s an example in one of the comments of some Haredi saying something pretty dire and offensive and instead of trying to explain the difference between the ‘phobic’ opinions of some such more traditional jews and other Israelis, the response is simply a diversion: every community has issues and controversies (muslims come to mind) and suspicion and mistrust tends to fester most when such things are swept under the carpet rather than being discussed with at least some degree of candour.
          I don’t know that much about what you’ve linked to. Personally I’m not sure what to make of the nazi idea. There have been some like Waton who considered fascism was an absolute inevitability as socialism and capitalism tried to resolve itself (although he was a communist) and saw fascism as merely a necessary stage. I was only aware that operation paperclip involved nazi scientists being brought in to give the US a technicological advantage over the soviets but who knows maybe it involved spies, and a nazi as opposed to commie ‘marching through the institutions. Power is rarely concentrated absolutely. The 30s clearly saw a lot of fascist sympathisers, including people like Prescott Bush (at least I think he was involved in funding nazi industry etc). It’s here where it gets rather complicated and I have no doubt that the subsequent history is more complex than – to quote you – the systematic installation of a ZOG government (I repeat your phrase not mine).
          As for the appearance of the swastika maybe its as you say – but the swastika is actually an extremely common and ancient symbol with meanings that predate the nazis and any kind of racist ideology.
          It’s good that we’re having these discussions. I think a lot of the ‘thinking the worst’ about jewish conspiracy etc comes about because there is often a kind of blanket avoidance of discussion. If someone notices for example that Patricia Arquette is complaining about male dominance in Hollywood (as she was a while back) while completely ignoring the fact that the group she’s a part of is also a dominant group in Hollywood then there’s a problem in transparency. If that problem with transparency relates moreover to a fear of being called an nazi or an anti-semite then there’s an even bigger problem. You guys who post here and perhaps have sympathy or at least understanding of why such issues can be irksome could do a lot of good by opening up some of the discussion instead of always playing defence.
          Having said all that I will certainly look at the links you’ve provided. Power politics is of course multi-party affair…..I’m actually quite interested in the Rhodes / Milner group actually, which is mostly ‘anglo-saxon’.

        9. Thanks for thinking about it. I have nothing to add except one thing, yes, the swastika is common, but a swastika rotated 90 degrees isn’t, that’s unique to one occult group. And the one at Coronado is also rotated 90 degrees relative north.

    4. I couldn’t find a source for this quote. Now, he did say people who murdered children are two legged animals.

  6. Corey Savage, another great article. One of the reasons I quit using facebook, years ago and even commenting on sites like Breitbart (who likes to censor) is because any time I would bring up these things, I’d automatically be assumed by the right to be a libtard and by the left to be some cuckservative. (and usually some kind of nazi too) Even if when I was being critical of someone who I didn’t even know was jewish in the first place. SJW types would do a quick drive-by comment in my fb inbox then block me so I couldn’t respond, while the more right-leaning people would try to talk to me about how wonderful Israel is, yet could never give me any realistic reasons outside of some Hollywood fantasies they had about a war movie or a FAUX News story that only ever made claims with no proof like they like to do. Eventually I realized that if I wanted any lip for the RINOs, I’d have to get to off of Israels zipper. So I closed my fb account for good. I think the rights defense of Israel is just one of their version of virtue-signaling, like they (rightfully) make fun of leftists for. The hypocrisy is stunning.

  7. “(1) Zionists couldn’t care less about what happens to the West as long as they get their financial and diplomatic support from the US. They want us to keep a straight face and nod when the same individuals are promoting strong ethnic identity for Israel while attacking Europeans who do the same.”
    WRONG. Leftist Jews who hate America promote this double standard, just as they promote every other double standard.
    Right-wing Jews in America, and the vast majority of Jews in Israel who are centre-right are aghast at the Western suicide by invasion.
    But that would go against the anti-Israel narrative the author is trying to spin.

    1. They need to be more vocal about it. These foreign invasions of the West by the third world are being blamed on the Jews. It could have something to do with so many Jews who are involved with various immigrant and refugee resettlement programs. Maybe it’s the high profile Jews who are constantly calling for tolerance, when the time for vigilance is now. Some Jews have even been interviewed and support third world invasions but when asked about Israel and it’s exclusion policies they say that is different.

      1. No, actually what we need to do is to collectively get up and move back to our homeland, build a big giant metal wall and kill anything that even thinks of climbing over it.

      2. “They need to be more vocal about it.”
        Easier said than done. The mainstream media gives quality air time to all Leftists and demonises anyone who supports Western civilisation. Zionists have been trying for years to warn Americans and Europeans about what they’re doing to their countries, but few are willing to listen.

      3. “Maybe it’s the high profile Jews who are constantly calling for tolerance, when the time for vigilance is now. Some Jews have even been interviewed and support third world invasions but when asked about Israel and it’s exclusion policies they say that is different.”
        Yes, those Jews are Leftists, who pretend to be Zionists.
        They are also the same ones who say, because they supposedly have Israel’s best interests at heart, that when Jews are murdered by Palestinians we have to show tolerance and restraint.

    2. Yawn. Is ROK the division 4 of Jewish apologists? Seriously. You guys would crushed with your “facts” on most other sites.

  8. “(2) Israel has a history of telling the US to knock out secular Arab regimes that keep Islamists at bay. Knocking out Saddam and Ghaddafi while trying to destabilize Syria has led to massive number of migrants to flood Europe while giving rise to various Islamic terrorist groups.”
    Firstly, Israel has to look out for itself, just as any country in a dangerous region.
    Secondly, Israel neither supported nor opposed knocking out Ghaddafi, that was Clinton and B. Hussein Obama’s mad scheme.
    Thirdly, Iraq actually attacked Israel with long-range missiles in the first Gulf War and openly boasted he would use chemical and nuclear weapons on Israel if he got the chance. So sorry if it hurts your feeeeeeeeelings that Israel wasn’t keen on having him around.
    Fourthly, before Germans got to enjoy the #CulturalEnrichment from Syria, Israel had to put up with repeated attacks both on the Syrian border and from Lebanon. If the Syrians weren’t raised to howl for Jewish blood, they’d be far better off.
    AND BY THE FUCKING WAY it’s not Israel’s fault that the European sheeple allowed millions of these vermin to simply march across their border.
    Take care of your own business before blaming ZE JEEEWS for all your ills.

    1. The only issue that I have with Israel right now is the fact that you don’t hear stories of the Israeli Air force or the IDF killing ISIS fighters.
      Given their history of preemptive strikes on groups that threaten them, this is something they should be doing. Yet all I seem to hear is how its Assad, Russia, and a token effort on our part.

      1. 1) I’m pretty sure Israel is taking out ISIS targets that threaten them, but probably keeps it under wraps. Russia had a propaganda interest in publicising its efforts against ISIS, Israel the opposite.
        2) Israel has its hands full with the Palestinians.
        3) People outside Israel who don’t speak Hebrew really have no idea how cucked the government is most of the time. If only the Israeli government were are as brutal as people make it out to be — the Arab problem in Israel would have been solved long ago. For more on this, look up HaTzel ( to get a taste of the battle between civilisation and the Left in Israel.

        1. Isn’t it great how we get blamed for the globalists and at the same time get fucked by them?

        2. This as reply I’ve put earl;ier this week about the fact hat Isreal is in large part responsable about the situation in France please look at the video and tellme what you think:
          No this is not what I say. It is a lot more complicate then that.
          France want to destabilizes Syria ( enemy of Israel, France = Province
          is Israel, Israel ask for it, should be as easy as for Lybia)
          2. They send some Muslim crazies and weapon to Isis to help the job (got rid of a few extremist at the same time)
          Things where going fine till the Russian kick the shit out of Turkey (
          another suporter of Issi) and destroyer their money income : oil. (
          passing form Isis to Turkey to Israel)
          4. Sensing the wind turning the French Muslim crazies ( now well formed by war) head back to France, maybe among the migrants.
          France having a large number of Muslim and for many other reasons still
          support Palestinian fight against Israel occupation decide to
          recognize on paper only the Palestinian State despite the warning of
          Natanayu (prime Minister of Israel).
          6. Now we have a government
          hated by the people because of it’s external politic made in the favor
          of Isreal now seen as responsible of the situation of war they have on
          their hands. It is also in part the same situation Turkey and Saudi
          Arabia have with Issis because they will not attack Israel but will
          attack any country who tries to get back from the deal of not supporting
          them anymore. Not a chance neither they will Attack Russia because the
          US are probably not far behind them also and this would be oppen another
          can of worm.
          7 A lot of people have a lot of reason to destabilize
          France and are ready to use anything . The present Muslim Crazies is
          great because they don’t have any other usefulness and also who will
          said anything when Isrealli soldiers will torture kid in Gaza ?
          Does t sound better now ?
          be frank I’m Catholic, I don’t care that much about Muslims, but I do
          not accept the way Israel is torturing kids. Sorry not my cup of tea. I
          do not approve in any way Muslim killing people. The answers is more
          complex and the problem come from higher level of the states.

        3. The French have gone insane. EU obligations or not, they should be shutting their damn borders, if necessary putting their troops on the borders and shooting illegal immigrants on sight.

  9. (3) Even as the US government gives them billions of dollars in aid every single year and go to war with countries that Israel tells them to, Israel won’t stop spying on the US and has already been caught few times stealing military secrets.
    Firstly, everyone spies on everyone else. This isn’t a James Bond movie.
    Secondly, the US has stabbed Israel in the back plenty of times over the years, so it would be negligent for the Mossad not to keep tabs on a fairly unreliable ally.
    As Kahane said, Israel should cut the aid, she doesn’t need it and would do much better without it. If the Yanks want to use Israeli airspace, ports, facilities, and military personnel as guinea pigs for their latest equipment, they should pay for it.

  10. “(4) Given their history, Zionists will most likely shift back to the left if white nationalism ever becomes prominent in the West.”
    NO. Israel got over Leftism in 1979, and besides three disastrous years under Rabin (1992-1996) it hasn’t elected a Leftist government since. What retarded American Jews do is another concern, but as the author repeatedly demonstrates he alternately calls anyone he disagrees with Zionists.

  11. Why does the author insist on talking about “Zionists” rather than Israelis? Does he put in the same category an Israeli nationalist and a Leftist who marches with Palestinians and mourn “Al-Naqba” but calls herself a Zionist?

  12. You can basically sum up America’s love affair with Israel down to three things:
    1. The Holocaust, and the feels that we’ve been conditioned to exhibit whenever it’s mentioned (even though it wasn’t our fault and the fact that the Jews themselves played a role in their own destruction).
    2. Lobbyists affiliated with AIPAC and others, who vehemently promote Jewish nationalism but venomously attack anyone else who wants to go that route as well.
    3. Idiotic American Christians (the ones in my sect that don’t interpret what the Bible actually teaches) who think that Jews are like us because we share maybe 30% of the same scriptures. They forget that our religion is predicated on the New Testament, and that Jews will always consider us to be different from them because of this.
    **And if we wanna truly be pro Israel, we should treat them just like any other nation that we deal with. That means no foreign or military aid, and punish their mossad operatives that spy on us. Even one of my best friends, who is a jew, but is ultra right wing and basically a Christian anyways… agrees with me on this.**

    1. You forgot to talk about the long since disappeared and unavailable for DNA testing, shruken heads and human soap.

      1. I tend to rely on evidence with an actual factual basis, as opposed to a youtube video that is nothing more than a one sided monologue.

        1. IF you only rely on factual information then surely you can’t believe in the holohaox.

        2. I have to wonder, which Holocaust denier category do you fall in? The ones who say it wasn’t as bad as history says or that it didn’t happen at all?
          It’s kind of hard to refute piles of corpses, testimony from SS guards and non Jewish survivors, and the accounts of US, British and soviet troops, but I’d love to see your best attempt.

        3. Actually its quite easy. No forensic evidence for the holocaust has ever been submitted in a court of law. NEVER
          Plus no german has ever been tried using forensic evidence in a court of law.
          Plus no experts or surveys of the concentration camps have ever been carried out. Except for a couple, 50 years after the camps closed down …
          The lack of hard evidence is what discredits the holocaust.
          The same cant be said for the genocides, commited by the jews against the 60 million dead christians & catholics in Russia …
          & the fused to pavements german people in the jewish holocaust of europe in ww2, by the bankers to ensure no european country ever tried to print their own money …

        4. Perhaps you need to enroll in this program as you are one of those holohoax disciples who believe in stories of lampshades, soap, 6 gorillions of souls and shrunken heads –

          Don’t waste our time with your lies and pleas of persecution. Educate yourself, spend a little time researching the topic and you won’t post such stupid remarks.

        5. Present facts not speculation. You rely solely on kangaroo court testimony whereby the SS soldiers that you profane have been systematically tortured and abused.

        6. Piles of bodies and emaciated survivors don’t count as evidence? By forensic evidence I’m assuming you mean stuff you saw on CSI that linked one person yo one murder. Thaydoesnt mean it didn’t happen. What the forensic evidence for 600000000 people killed by the Bolsheviks? Know some of those. People might have been Jews, like the people Stalin wanted to kill in the doctors plot.

        7. Do piles of empty zyclone b canisters count? HOw about cyanide residue on the walls of the gas chambers?

        8. “Piles of bodies and emaciated survivors don’t count as evidence?”
          What is at question here is whether or not there was a National Socialist plan for mass extermination of the Jews in Europe, and (if there was), by what method were Jews exterminated under NS controlled territories. The official narrative now claims that most alleged “mass gassings” took place at Auschwitz, Majdanek, and within Operation Reinhardt Camps (Bełżec, Sobibór, and Treblinka). In other words, within Polish camps.
          The piles of bodies you are likely referring to are from the American liberation of Dachau. It is accepted now by both “regular” Holocaust historians and revisionists and/or deniers that there were no homicidal gas chambers within German camps.
          The bodies you see in the photos from such German camps are mostly victims of starvation/dehydration, typhus and other diseases, and overwork/overexertion that occurred near the end of the war as German supply lines were devastated by allied bombing campaigns; such bombing campaigns and other destructive effects of war rendered Germany’s infrastructure and ability to supply the camps with food, water, and medical supplies depleted.
          Here’s another interesting fact: A common photo shown as “proof” of a Holocaust is from the Nordhausen-Dora camp in Germany (a sub-camp of Buchenwald). However, the dead bodies you see in the photo are almost exclusively the fault of the allied forces bombing the camp! It just goes to show that if we are going to talk about photos of dead bodies, we need to be *specific* and we need to propose the method(s) by which the inmates perished. As for the photo of Nordhausen-Dora, you can easily see the destruction from allied bombings in the following photo:

        9. If we’re going to talk about Zyklon B, Nathan, then again (as in my reply above) we need to be *specific*. You are likely talking about the empty canisters shown on the Auschwitz tour. Piles of human hair are also shown to tour patrons.
          It must first be noted that the alleged “gas chamber” shown at Auschwitz today was constructed *after* the war by the communists. The original “gas chambers” were destroyed; in other words, we don’t have the ability to properly gather hard scientific evidence with regard to the “homicidal purpose” of such destroyed chambers.
          The empty canisters and the piles of hair are related in the context of a well-known and deadly disease during WW2:
          Typhus is spread by lice, and as such, camp inmates would be shaved and their clothing would be deloused in special delousing chambers using Zyklon B to help prevent the outbreak of the deadly disease. Also used were hot air/hot steam delousing chambers. The active component of the Zyklon B itself is Hydrogen Cyanide. The Hydrogen Cyanide is adsorbed onto the surface of another inert material, such as diatomaceous earth.
          Upon heating, the Hydrogen Cyanide vaporizes and escapes into the atmosphere where it is able to function properly as a pesticide. You want *elevated* temperatures to properly vaporize Hydrogen Cyanide completely from its inert surface to which it is adsorbed. On its own (in pure liquid form), Hydrogen Cyanide will boil at 78.1 degrees Fahrenheit at one atmosphere of pressure, but with Zyklon B higher temperatures speed the vaporization process.
          In Dachau, they used the apparatus (shown in the photo below) to properly vaporize and circulate the gas.
          Zyklon B was a pesticide used to prevent the outbreak of Typhus in the European theater during WW2. Special mechanical devices were used to vaporize the Hydrogen Cyanide component.
          I’d like to see a thorough study that documents the effects of simply dumping pellets of Zyklon B onto the cold floor (in ambient temperature) in a room that is not air-tight. How much of the Hydrogen Cyanide would vaporize if the temperature was well below 78.1 degrees, and would there be a sufficient concentration of the gas to theoretically kill a room packed with people within the relatively short amount of time that is claimed?

        10. I made a slight edit to the original post. The image I posted appears to be the apparatus used for the vaporization of Hydrogen Cyanide for delousing purposes at Dachau. I’m still researching the extent to which the chemical was used in Auschwitz.
          Apparently at Auschwitz (to my current understanding), they also used hot air/hot steam chambers for delousing of clothing, bedding, and mattresses.

        11. And you knew the biggest gas chamber in the world had to be in….Texas!
          This train fumigation tunnel in El Paso from the 1930’s could accommodate a total of fifteen cars at a time on three parallel tracks!
          The photo comes from an article by Dr Gerhard Peters which was published in 1937. He was sentenced to five years in prison after the war because….he was a German fumigation expert.

        12. And isn’t it strange that we make the effort to do this research while the other side just sits back complacently and barely lifts a finger to prove their case. They have all the mainstream historians and multi-million dollar tax-payer funded holocaust museums at their disposal. It should be so easy for them. And by any fair standard the burden of proof should be on them as they are the ones alleging a monstrous crime.
          Thanks again for all your good work, Dank One.

        13. Great link. Thanks! And good for Steve King!
          Do these White Lefties really think that the West will not got to hell if Whites become a minority? That we can somehow win points with POC if we throw up our hands and surrender? Are they that dumb?
          Signing off for now.

        14. Luckily our numbers are growing. The traditional enemies of the truth and their useful liberal idiots, Magic Dirt (TM) immigrants, and robust rapefugees just can’t help but blatantly cross the line time and time again when their best option is to simply *wait patiently* and call for peace and quiet until the demographics better suit their anti-White agenda.
          They would’ve gotten away with it too, had it not been for those meddling neck-bearded anime-loving internet Nazis! 😉

        15. I threw it together yesterday afternoon. The idea came to me randomly and I rushed home to bring it to life!
          I’m signing off as well, Mr. Martin. We’ll soon meet again on the front lines!

        16. Well done, sir. Very impressive. You are a man of many talents!
          Time to get some shut-eye.

        17. You mean the “confessions” about gas chambers and soap and lampshades and furnaces that have since proved physically impossible? Or do you mean the “survivors” that have since been proven to be frauds…the truth doesn’t doesn’t need laws against investigation.

        18. Zyklon B was used for delousing, and was used in conjunction with an apparatus designed to treat clothing. Those devices have been recovered. The “gas chambers” found by soviets were clearly a fraud (external unconnected chimneys, no ventilation systems, no airtight doors)
          Holocaust™ research by (((David Cole))) covers all this and more; being Jewish got him more answers than you orni could get…also got him targeted by the ADL.

        19. …true. But if they recant, that means “we” killed millions of our German cousins on a lie…Little Johnny would think twice about enlisting if he knew that, and then who would go to war for the Bush….er, uh, for Freedom, I mean.

        20. Exactly, Boss. I’m always disappointed that they are so lame in their defense of the standard narrative. They obviously care about the issue but they don’t have very good talking points. It’s all emotion based, anecdotal and predictable.

        21. Lampshades, soaps and shrunken heads…sounds like the script to an Indiana Jones movie. Not the most efficient ethnic cleansing excersize….oh wait soap. I get it now

        22. Ilya Ehrenburg, A soviet Jewish chief propagandist attended U.S political events peddling this rubbish with his fake bars of soap.
          Some of his other work.
          “The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime … If you have already killed a German, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! … – Kill the Germans! Kill!” And in another leaflet: “The Germans must be killed. One must kill them … Do you feel sick? Do you feel a nightmare in your breast? … Kill a German! If you are a righteous an conscientious man – kill a German! … Kill!” This is typical of the steady diet of pathological hate fed to millions of Soviet troops by this Jew, safely ensconced far from the front. But it wasn’t only the ordinary German soldier Ehrenburg was talking about, whom he accused of the very atrocities the Communists were themselves committing. Ehrenburg’s incendiary writings were, in fact, a prime motivating factor in the orgy of murder and rape against the civilian population that took place as Soviet troops rampaged into the heart of Europe. Appealing to the lowest, most subhuman instincts of this Bolshevik horde, he reiterated his genocidal message: “Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.”

        23. Where’s the forensic or criminal evidence for the piles of bodies & emaciated survivors? Videos & photographs arent criminal evidence, unless you have video’s of jews actually being gassed or killed in camps.
          Actual bodies & mass graves of the mass jewish genocide of over 60 million christians & catholics killed by fanatical jewish extremists, in fact exist.
          Wheres the bodies & mass graves of the holocaust? Were the germans ever really extremists, or was it jewish propoganda?
          The jewish people are experts in waging war through subversive elements & seditious mass use of the media & propoganda.
          We saw this in action, when the israel military took over a palestinian town, & immediately started broadcasting porn.
          The Jewish people also have Sharia Courts & sharia law, whose sharia laws are remarkably similar to muslim Sharia Courts & laws, & just as barbaric & backward.
          We talk about the barbarity of muslims, but what about the barbarity of the jewish people & their attempts at covering up the horrors they inflicted on millions of christians & catholics?

        24. Actual bodies & mass graves of the mass jewish genocide of over 60 million christians & catholics killed by fanatical jewish extremists, in fact exist.
          Wheres the bodies & mass graves of the holocaust? Were the germans ever really extremists, or was it jewish propoganda?
          The jewish people are experts in waging war through subversive elements & seditious mass use of the media & propoganda.
          We saw this in action, when the israel military took over a palestinian town, & immediately started broadcasting porn.
          The Jewish people also have Sharia Courts & sharia law, whose sharia laws are remarkably similar to muslim Sharia Courts & laws, & just as barbaric & backward.
          We talk about the barbarity of muslims, but what about the barbarity of the jewish people & their attempts at covering up the horrors they inflicted on millions of christians & catholics?

    2. Idiotic American Christians (the ones in my sect that don’t interpret what the Bible actually teaches) who think that Jews are like us because we share maybe 30% of the same scriptures. They forget that our religion is predicated on the New Testament, and that Jews will always consider us to be different from them because of this.
      Very well said. Something (dumb) Christians always seem to forget is that Christ is the new covenant. The laws of moses are superseded in the love of the Christ, or so the story goes.
      There is a lot of stuff in Deuteronomy that some Christians would like nothing more than to use. God hates fags and stuff. There is also some wacky stuff about not planting multiple crops in the same field and banning polyester on pain of death.
      That said, it would seem to me that if Christians are going to take their Christianity seriously they will make a break with the old testament which, post Christ, really only has the purpose of rooting Christ’s genealogy into the line of David. After that, it’s all superseded

      1. Exactly, my sect (catholic) is big on the whole extracting the bigger lesson out of biblical passages. We still learn the old testament, but it’s not really taken seriously.
        Then again, my church is run by a Marxist and his cabal these days. Catholicism as I knew it will be extinct in a generation or two.

        1. I’m Catholic too, The way I see it they are on a death wish. They wish to die and then resurrect.
          As I can believe the resurrection of the Christ I’m not sure about the Catholic church. Hey looking at feminists, gay, trans and new human technology I’m not sure about human and family still being there in 2 generations. :/

        2. I liked Pope Francis at first. I thought he would be good for the church.
          Boy was I wrong. Yeah, if Francis’ papacy is a relatively long one, Catholicism will have gone the way of protestant Christianity.

        3. Some priests are quietly wondering what the heck is going on with our communist leader in Rome, too…,.I heard this third-hand…

        4. He wants to invite fags, transgendered and all kinds of losers into the Church in the interest of increasing attendance…I say The Church should preach sin, hellfire and damnation about 5% this year, 7.5% next year, etc. until it reaches about 20%…I think the controversy alone will genearate press for the Church and perhaps drive attendance up….

        5. It is good to learn the old testament for no other reason than that it is out there and should be read, but the catholics are, if nothing else, good on an understanding of the living Christ thanks, in very large part, to the early fathers of the church like Augustine and Aquinas who were, frankly, absolute geniuses and built out catholic dogma in a very intelligent way.
          To this day, Augustine’s book “On The Trinity” is taken very seriously by all philosophers, especially those that study issues of time and temporality. Imagine that, in framing the question of the trinity all those centuries ago, Augustine also framed the entire philosophical thinking on temporality.
          A lot of it he got from understanding the neo-platonic philosopher Plotinus which is a feat in and of itself.
          Without sounding too much like a nut bag, there is power in the Plotinus books and one can very easily get lost in them.

        6. To quote the Talmud
          “As soon as the King Messiah
          will declare himself, He will destroy Rome and make a wilderness of it. Thorns
          and weeds will grow in the Pope’s palace. Then He will start a merciless war on
          non-Jews and will overpower them. He will slay them in masses, kill their kings
          and lay waste the whole Roman land. He will say to the Jews: ‘I am the King
          Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the silver and gold from the
          goyim.’ ” -Josiah 60, 6. Rabbi Abarbanel to Daniel 7, 13

        7. Not really. The True Church, the One True Faith will always have a remnant. Even after the Crucifixion and burial, the Church resided in only one person: His Mother.
          Judaeo-protestant heretics, apostates, freemasons, sodomites, pedophiles, modernists, and the whole circus of dysfunctional clerics have coalesced to destroy the only valid religion. But they will fail.

      2. Something (dumb) Christians always seem to forget is that Christ is the new covenant. The laws of moses are superseded in the love of the Christ, or so the story goes.

        And Muslims claim that their prophet’s message supersedes the Christian revelation.
        Christians apparently invented the idea that religions have expiration dates, and that old religions lose their validity and have to go away to make room for the updated versions.
        We see a secular version of this in the Current Year Fallacy: It’s 2016, and patriarchy is outdated, or whatever.
        When I find it more likely that patriarchy stays as valid as ever because human nature, and specifically the different nature of men and women, hasn’t changed and it won’t change.
        Getting back to religion, however, it must put Christians in an awkward spot when outsiders to the faith apply Christians’ own belief in religions’ expiration dates to Christianity itself. The Christian simpletons who believe in the rapture have the right idea, ironically: Christians have already started to disappear, just not in the ridiculous way shown in end times propaganda like Chick tracts, Left Behind novels and unwatchable movies starring Kirk Cameron or Nicolas Cage.

        1. I don’t think it is just that the old religion loses its validity for the Christians. With the coming of the messiah, the Christ, new things were taught. The old covenant (sealed through circumcision and the adherence to the law) was set aside and a new covenant made through the love of Christ.
          Judaism is a religion with a legalistic moral code. It is adherence to the law that counts. If the law says you must give charity it doesn’t matter if you are happy about it or not, just that you do it.
          With Christianity you get a new kind of ethics, a deontological ethics. All of a sudden Christ comes out and says “all that following the law is over. from now on it is intention that matters”
          This is what makes the sermon on the mount so dramatic. You have heard it said before that thou shalt not commit murder (or, he is obviously referencing the commandment) but I say unto you that he amongst you who has hate in his heart has already committed murder.
          Holy shit. I mean, that would mean that everytime there is traffic murderers are made.
          Even better, he says “you have heard it said before that thou shalt not commit adultery, but I say unto you that he who has lust in his heart has already committed adultery and if your eye offends you (like if you check out some fine fine ass) pluck it out and if your hand offends you (jacking off) chop it off.
          So the prohibition against jerking it is no longer rooted in Onan and the need to obey duty, but rather in the intention. As soon as you have lust in your heart you are an adulterer.
          Then you get the upshot. Everyone is a murderer. Everyone is an adulterer. Everyone is guilty, but Christ dies for your sins and in his love you can find forgiveness.
          This is, quite frankly, revolutionary thinking.
          So I think it is less of an expiration date on a religion and more of a shift in ethos and metaphysics complete with a new covenant.
          My assumption is that the 613 rules of the torah still stand for Christ, only it isn’t because they are rules written in a book. It has more to do with the human spirit. Further, every person will be guilty of every sin so long as guilt comes from intention rather than action, but that is ok because there is forgiveness.

        2. I think modern Christians should try to keep the law even tho we can’t but because of Jesus we are saved, just like non believers will be judged according to the law. Most churches and pastors now a days preach the law is done away with entirely yet they still ask for a tithing even tho that was an old law and was based on possession of food, crops, animal, and whatnot.

        3. But remember, while the law has been done away with with the advent of the Christ, doesn’t mean the rules don’t exist. This is what impresses me so much about Christianity.
          For instance, Jew’s can’t murder because there is a rule. Thou Shalt Not Murder. The rules are done away with with Christ, but this doesn’t mean it is ok for Christians to murder.
          The legal aspect of following the law was washed away, but the heart of the Christian and intention is replaced. So if you get angry with someone, anyone, ever, for any reason, then you are a murderer. But that is ok, because you can be accepted into the grace of god.
          So while your church asks for a tithing it is not because there is a law that you must give a tithing. This is a lot of what Jesus tried to explain to his disciples. It is because your heart should be charitable.

        4. Yea it’s ok in the sense that we have Jesus to atone for our sins but we should still strive to follow the law in the sense not to have those thoughts, most people today tho think that it’s anything goes because they “believe” so to speak and therefore no matter what sins they commit, all is good and no worries so keep enjoying life the way they se fit rather than actually working at being that better person day in and out while attempting to honor God by following the law and Jesus’s command of loving thy neighbor which handles most of it. Also most preachers leave out the faith part during periods of suffering and hardships or persecution and lean more towards the motivational speaker aspect about us all being millionaires one day with nothing to worry about.

        5. I don’t know much about what preachers say. Most of my knowledge about religion is purely academic. I would imagine that there are just as many styles of being a preacher as there are preachers and maybe, if you are unhappy with your current one, you might seek out one that makes more sense to you.
          That said, you are surely right that the modern world has taken a big old dump on any serious notion of religion for the most part and a lot of it is cherry picked.

        6. I actually don’t go to church, I just read my bible and I’ll watch/read sermons on topics from opposing points of views and go from there. I hate seeing big churches that pull in a fortune on tax free money yet never see them doing anything good with it besides buying musical equipment to put on shows to attract a crowd. Why not use that money to clean up their areas and feed poor people? I always think about that scripture where Jesus says it’s more likely for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into my fathers kingdom and yet we have these crooked corrupt pastors with millions stashed in the bank and hungry people on the sidewalk a block away, but anyways what made you take a religious class if you’re not religious?

        7. I think, often, about the eye of the needle too. Jesus is pretty clear in his discussion there. How do you get into heaven? Leave all your material possessions behind and follow me.
          No riddles, no birds of the field nonsense. It is a direct answer to a direct question. Was never sure how people got around that.
          As for me, I am a reader and a thinker. Despite not being religious at all I can recognize the massive impact of religion on the world and the sometimes frighteningly smart stuff that is there.
          I used to teach philosophy, so maybe it is just an old occupational hazard.

        8. No offense but I bet you (an atheist) know more about the bible than most Christians and I was guilty of it as well as far as just listening to a sermon and taking his opinion for it rather than check the context of the scripture he cherry picked. Most people don’t these days and I think that’s why we have so many denominations, people go find the preacher that tells them what they want to hear and go about their lives with that feel good sermon in their mind. As far as the rich part I chased money and nice things and all it did was cause more problems so that’s why I’m not worried about being rich, once I focused on what I need rather than what I want and actually tried to do good with the leftovers everything got better, sometimes less is more.

        9. No offense taken at all. However, I am not an atheist nor am I agnostic. Not believing in God is an act of faith just like believing in god is. I have no faith. Agnosticism seems silly to me. I don’t know? That is just lazy and dumb I think. I go with apatheist. I do not care if there is a god. My belief is in individualism. I am my own god.
          As for the cherry picking, yes, you are right. If I want I can go find some crazy preacher who preaches that exactly what I happen to already think is the truth and then I can go there and jerk off in the pews while I have my beliefs confirmed. That is just horrible. Might as well stay home.
          What confuses me about a lot (not all) of Christians is this: Either the new testament is the revealed word of God himself or it is not. You don’t get to pick and chose here. I don’t understand Christians who are Christian but don’t think this or that is important. If you believe that the book is the word of God, if you really believe it, then you better start turning some fucking cheeks like last week. If you do not believe it then why bother waking up early on Sunday mornings?

        10. I’m not sure why they do it either, maybe just a feel good feeling in the back of their head when they aren’t turning the other cheek, again this goes back to lazy and soft teaching of the gospel and even the bible mentions the fake Christians and the rude awakening they’re gonna get when Jesus says “depart from me I never knew you” I think when you actually give your life to the word you have to change and deep down people don’t want to be held accountable for the things they do and so they don’t believe or they adopt some false doctrine that allows them to keep getting by with what they are doing but shouldn’t.

        11. I suspect you are right. What I don’t understand is, fine, if you don’t want to be religious that is peachy. But it is like saying you are a republican and voting for all democrats. The label doesn’t mean anything.

        12. That’s exactly right and why I don’t go to church anymore. The hypocrisy of how most live their lives and how the bible tells them. Even when I see obese Christians or weak scrawny men at church it blows my mind because they should take care of themselves better and be a reflection of healthy, organized living. I’m not perfect but I word hard, lift weights, and actually try to live right whereas most people I know just say “yea I believe” and then everything they do is a contradiction and on a whole it puts christianity in a negative light. I’ve had atheist friends be like “why would I want to be like those pieces of shit” and in most cases it’s true, kinda like racist churches we have in the south with a white Italian Jesus even tho he probably resembled a light skin black guy or a member of Isis but whatever.

        13. Yeah. Which brings me back to the point of divine revelation. You either believe that Jesus Christ is the savior and Christianity is a religion revealed from god himself or not. If the prior, get your ass in line. If the later, don’t bother doing the other stuff.
          My grandfather stopped going to church the last 20 years of his life because the local Father was basically a 300 pound sloth who was, essentially, an asshole. Here is a life long catholic who prayed daily and went to church every Sunday and one bad priest he decided he would find his own way,.

        14. Not to be too pedantic, but then aren’t many murderers, adulterers, raaaaaaaaaaaaaapists, and thieves in heaven?

        15. I suppose that depends on whether or not they have accepted the grace of the Christ. That is a more specific question better posed to someone religious. I am kind of at my limits. I know the bible shows Jesus telling the rabbis that he goes to sinners because those are the ones that need them most. Remember though, this is all academic for me.
          As a side note a) rape has the same etymological root as rapture and so you can draw your own conclusions there and b) all cobblers go to heaven

        16. As far as religions having an ‘expiration date’ as well as going off course/being tainted by the fallible men who interpreted it, consider the words of

        17. A truly excellent response gizzard, thank you.
          More than just good exposition and a nice tying of Christianity into Buddhism (which is totally appropriate) you really hit the nail on the head with the problem being modern minds complication.
          I wonder however, whether it is truly a symptom of modernity in full. Both the Buddha and Christ have a history of needing to over explain simplicity to people trying to complicate it. Christ’s constant annoyance at the apostles not understanding is actually hilarious. You can see this theme of trying to make man understand simplicity dating back to the original texts. And thus, while I am 100% in agreement with you that man’s mind being too complicated to understand the simple (and I mean, I am so much in agreement with you that I can’t even fully express it) and while modernity does exacerbate this symptom, it is a symptom that shows it self very early on in history and so I do not believe is rooted in the modern world as much as it is rooted in the origins of the modern mindset.
          It does, absolutely, get worse….but it’s root is in the evolution of man that brought in a self referential psyche I believe.
          Again, great comment.

        18. I like your appraisal of the history of man’s tendency to over-complicate/think things. Without a doubt, those in simpler times had their particular foibles too, which still feed into our thinking today, considering we’re their ancestors.
          That was Li Hongzhi’s quote, from this short lecture in 1996

        19. I am going to book mark this for reading later. I have never heard of Li Hongzhi. Admittedly, my knowledge of Asian cultures Is on the short side and limited pretty much to Chuang Tzu and the Dialects of Confucius. Thanks for the link.
          If I had to pin point the time in western culture when mankind became overly complicated, or at least the time when the groundwork for the modern psychological complication occurred, I would have to say it is the advent of Christianity and Constantine’s move to make Rome Christian.
          I know it is odd, but I think that Christianity, in the west, was the birth of psychological guilt and the death of simplicity. I simply don’t know enough about Eastern cultures to know if there is a corresponding force accounted for by a certain weltgeist as it were.

        20. You’re quite welcome. I’ve studied pretty much all of his articles, and have a greater conception of the development of mankind’s history, as well as the reasons underpinning it. Going a bit further in terms of the misinterpretation of scriptures, this article of his addresses the problems that occurred in Buddhism
          Your analysis is very detailed, and I can’t claim to know the specifics like you do. Very interesting though: the removal of paganism probably did sound the death knell for simplicity. Although they were incorporating Greek philosophy too around then, so it might not be solely Constantine’s push. I can really only marvel at the flourish that Europe underwent when all those influences came together around the Renaissance.
          I don’t know much of eastern culture either, but I do know that along China’s 5000 year history, each new emperor brought in a completely new culture. You’d probably have to go back quite far for that society to be simple, as their writing passed on stories of each previous dynasty (actually you could probably analyse the progression of their writing to see when the simplest eras were). The tang dynasty was probably their greatest cultural flourish.

        21. This thing with Christianity is that it brought guilt and anxiety with it. Christianity is to the world what the apple was to adam. The world understood it wasn’t wearing any underpants after Christians. Shame, guilt and anxiety. This idea that everyone was always-already-damned and thus needed to be brought into the fold of grace and forgiveness did give birth to a new mode of thinking.
          Now there are ups and downs. This new mode of thinking changed the world and made it, one might say, interesting. Greek (and even neo-platonic African like Plotinus) philosophy took on a different texture.
          Modernity, whenever it is, always reads itself into the ancients as well as reads nearer ancients into further ancients. When we read the greeks today, even for the few of us that still read them in classic greek, we read, say, Parmenides through a lens of Derrida, through Heidegger, Through Neitzsche, through the moderns and back through Plotinus and Diogenes and even through the lens of Aristotle and before him Plato. We keep compounding that texture and complicating it more and more.
          Authors die…but the words live on and truly the really good stuff has cut to the quick in a way that it can be made sense of over many centuries and even millennia to many different peoples. However, the way that Plato would have understood Parmenedies is, indeed, lost to us. But that big break, in my opinion, comes when man realizes he is naked in the light of the guilt and shame that Christ brings to the world.
          A good place to go to understand this would be Kierkegaard’s Concept of Anxiety. I think it is in chapter 3 where he explains Adam and Eve. It is really brilliant beyond almost anything else ever written. Keirkegaard was freaky smart. But he does explain that there is no way to possibly understand a pre-fallen state from a post fallen mindset.
          Likewise, there is simply no way to understand a first person POV from a pre Christian world. The worm is already in the apple and even if extracted it’s remnants will remain. It can’t be unremembered. It is funny, the classical greek word for “truth” is “alethia” which literally means “unconcealing” or “unforgetting” (as in the lethe river being the place of forgetfulness). The greeks have this idea that as we learn we simply unforget it in a way. The traces of what we know, even if we don’t know it, are there and play a role in our day to day life.
          For the pre Christian thinkers (and, for that matter the citizens) there was no ontological guilt underneath their actions and thoughts. That is a product of Christianity and the culture that flowed from it. Without that, they were able to understand things in a more simple and graspable way. In the end, it explains why the apostles were so slow to understand wtf jesus was talking about. He was bringing them a new psychology. They were still immersed in the ancient simplicity of the metaphysical greeks or the purely legalist jews.
          The thing is: recovering that simplicity is, in fact, impossible. However, in recognizing (like alethea is a unforgetting recognizing is a re-cognizing so an understanding again) that the simplicity is in fact there and that the complexity, anxiety and texture that underpins our very thinking is an artificial construct we are able to, at the very least, understand ourselves, our positions and the world we find ourselves in much better and, in my opinion, unfettered by the shackles of Christian morality which is, like communism, meant to break the strongest and bring us all a very unnatural humility.

        22. I’ll try and get a chance to read that chapter of Kierkegaard’s. I certainly haven’t delved beyond the merest of smatterings of philosophy, unlike yourself, who has clearly delved deeply into it. I have however, tried to understand the concept that free will is illusory (and it’s not easy to accept). If seen through that particular filter, it would seem society hadn’t any choice but to develop within the confines that it has, regardless of our opinions as to whether it was the correct path or not. And even if that concept is dismissed, well it has worked out as it has, so there’s little we can do about it. Especially as you note, that societal viewpoints are now of a post fallen bent.
          In terms of morality’s presentations in various societies, and its function, Li Hongzhi has also explained this in his lectures. I don’t really want to offer my interpretation until you’ve read those articles I linked, but am happy to discuss it in what’ll be pretty abstract terms, if you like.

      3. Not a bad summation for a nihilist! Wait…now you are a…”Philosoraptor41…”…ok.

        1. Always a nihilist. Doesn’t take a man of faith to read the books. It really is fairly straight forward stuff.

  13. Jews have been a wandering people for centuries and carry the hatred of their persecutions as part of their cultural identity, especially seen the intellectual class of Jews. This hatred is becoming pathological as they destroy the safe harbor of the Western world that gave them a chance to thrive, and live. Zionist take this pathological hatred to their advance to advance their ambition and goals.
    The Jewish people and Israelis in general need to reign in this pathological hatred and destroy Zionists. The future is looking grim if they don’t. Zionist see themselves as the master race, as the Nazi saw themselves as Aryans. Zionists have used the banner of protection of Israel and guilty of the Holocaust to benefit themselves. They will put their people and rest of world in flames for a chance of becoming all powerful.

      1. The only thing I can say is to look for those who are destabilizing their ‘allies’. The common man is too busy trying to live his life. That lack of distinction is the problem with the Jewish/Zionist paradigm. For the right in the US, we term cucksertives as label for those people who went against the ideal there sworn to protect. The Jewish/Israelis people need to do the same.

  14. Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice. – Zohar, Shemoth

  15. Corey here are two more for you. Bush, Obama, Hillary, Trump…they are all whores!
    “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran” –
    General Wesley Clark in 2007
    The Bush administration began planning to use U.S. troops to invade Iraq within days after the former Texas governor entered the White House three years ago, former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill told CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

  16. I find it interesting to ponder which Jews we have permission to criticize and which ones we don’t.
    Apparently we have permission to mock the Ultra-Orthodox Jews who refuse to sit next to women on airliners, for example. Or the rabbis with their nasty habit of circumcising boys by biting off their foreskins. Or even Israel’s new chief rabbi who approves of rape in wartime.
    But then we don’t have permission to criticize secular Jews who promote policies damaging to Western nations: antagonizing blacks against whites, open borders, mass immigration, demographic dispossession and replacement, miscegenation, feminism, sexual deviancy and a propaganda machine to make us accept these things.
    I wonder why Jews allow this distinction.

    1. You have “permission” to lie about and insult those Jews because those Jews are not globalists and basically want nothing to do with you for either good or bad. The Jews you are not allowed to insult and lie about are the politically connected globalists who also act as bag men for your politically connected globalists.
      And the IDF chief rabbi never approved of rape, that was an intentional mistranslation by Ynet, which is an organization that had it in for him because he opposed women in the army. Here are his actual remarks in Hebrew
      The google translation is poor, but the gist of it is this: the law requires the soldier to bring the woman to his family’s home for 30 days, during that time her hair must be cut, she must wear mourning clothes and cry and wail about her family. If after that time he still wants her, he can marry her against her will. It’s not pretty, but I’d say it’s a great deal better than the raping that went on during WWII. Poland being one example of many.
      He was saying that the purpose of the law was to put a psychological check on the barbarous nature of antiquity.

        1. Me a liar? How did I lie? All of those sources say they kiss it, and unlike you, I am not a fÜcking idiot and I understand kissing can give herpes, not just biting. Kissing it is just as bad…

  17. I’m a nationalist ,I think Israel has a right a right to exist ,but so do we and I will never support Israel over my own people and I do have a problem with how our so called leaders. In the American government licks Israel’s boots!

  18. So what’s the deal now? Are christians supposed to hate jews? Corey, what is your take on jews? Can christians be friends with any jews?

  19. I’ve sometimes wanted to ask one of these neocons, if the US were attacked by Iran or Hamas or Hezbollah or some other group who hates Israel, do they seriously think Israel would help us at all? And then Netanyahu has the balls to address our congress and say that it is unamerican not to continue to use our tax dollars to support Israel when we’re already in debt

  20. I think nationalists should be anti-Zionist purely from the perspective of foreign influence.
    Would you let French or Russian lobbies rule America ?
    If we are to call ourselves true nationalists we should remove foreigners, including Jews, from positions of power (banks, media, universities).
    Rather lose on some money than sell a country’s sovereignty. Trump has the right idea with killing NAFTA. Better lose some profit, but keep national unity.
    The problem with Jews is they will be an eternal thorn in our spine. They are hyper-tribalistic, like to hide their identity and hate Europeans. As such, when it comes to them, all the protective measures should be cracked times 11.
    As a nation, to maintain it’s security, US and Europe must ban Jews from banking, trade, media and universities. And closely monitor for any Jewish infiltration.
    Leave them unsupervised for a second and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly women burn bras in protest and cops get killed in a race war.
    While we are at it, might replace democracy with something right wing. Democracy basically means Jews buying all politician with money and using media to fool goyim.
    Martin Luther was right.

  21. Israel has never “allied” itself with Saudi Arabia. At most, there have been closed door talks on how to deal with the monster that is currently Iran, but there are no official relations between Israel and KSA–or any of the Gulf states, and Israelis are forbidden from entering those countries.
    And comparing non-Jewish Zionists and that horrible BLM crowd is just perverse. The former crowd don’t go around instigating violence or call for the death/silencing of anyone. The only criticism that arises is when genuine hatred of Jews masks itself as “anti-Zionism” and people are called out for it. Almost all of the time, a hatred of Israel will mean a hatred of Jews. “Anti-Zionists” are just too cowardly to admit it.

    1. Feminists: anyone who criticizes feminism is secretly a woman hater who is just too cowardly to admit it.
      BLM: anyone who criticizes BLM is secretly a racist KKK who is just too cowardly to admit it.
      Zionists: anyone who criticizes Zionism is secretly a Jew hater who is just too cowardly to admit it.

      1. More often than not, “anti-Zionists” do show a propensity towards hatred of Jews. FFS, just look at the comment section. “Anti-Zionism” is just a new way of dressing it up. Again, comparing Zionists with the BLM crowd is perverse.

      2. I wonder about the religious Jews like some of our best friends who are anti- Zionists and say that Zionism has taken a lot from Judaism. Are they Jew haters as well?

  22. If there’s something to be admired about zionists (left and right), it’s their sense of togetherness and focus : whether they be a zionist liberal jew or a more conservative zionist jew, they don’t allow the legitimacy of Israel be threatened or even put under question. Their stubborn attitude is magnificient, in a shrewd and highly amoral way (considering you’re not a tribesman yourself).
    If only nationalists around the world, even patriots in my beloved France would only do the same…

    1. Given the countless expulsions, horrible mistreatment, being unjustly blamed for everything, theft of property and assets, and various other calamities all culminating in the Holocaust, there has to be a stick-together mentality and stubbornness. Because it is all or nothing and continues to be life or death, especially today faced against psychopath Islamists openly committed to Jewish genocide and the destruction of Israel. And the world certainly wouldn’t give a damn if Islamists actually succeeded in carrying out a second Holocaust. Just look at the United Nations.

      1. I know. A majority of jews refused to assimilate. I think that’s the main proponent. But I agree, disaster brings a group together.

    2. They ensure no other group but they can remain so bonded. Divide and Conquer using any detestable means necessary must be relentlessly used on outgroups. Something they have seemingly perfected over thousands of years as parasitical gypsies.

  23. Netanyahu openly stated that overthrowing mubarak and destabilizing Syria and Libya were stupid and counter productive. Your few valid points are completely undermined by your ravings about “zionists getting america to do their dirty work.” Israel has proven more than capable of doing their own dirty work. At most, they are tired of US and European interests falling squarely in line with the Arabs. And if you are going to rant about 3 billion in US defense companies subsidies going to Israel, why not rant about 2 billion going to Egypt? The evil zionist cabal paranoia is just that. You could spend some time ranting about muslims slaughtering americans, but somehow you don’t bother. Funny that.

    1. Something close to $20 billion collectively goes to ungrateful Muslim countries. Funny how you never hear a peep about that. More often than not, an obsession with criticizing Israel down to every last detail is usually some gripe with Jews as a whole.

    2. Here is a newsflash for you genius. We send 2 billion to Egypt every year as a reward for the peace treaty that Sadat signed with Israel. It is in fact an explicit bribe for the Egyptians to play nice with you retards.
      The only Arabs we send money too are the ones that we can get to kiss Israel’s ass!
      Now go put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      1. Wait. So you have to bribe arabs in order to stop them from killing non-muslims? fascinating insight. So Israel gave the Sinai to Egypt. We bought the Sinai from Israel, gave it to Egypt as a free gift AND have to give the Egyptians money. And you, of course, blame the jews. Spent much time in the middle east? I guess you have either A. Never spent a day in any arab country or B. Spent your entire life there. Your english is such that neither can be ruled out.

        1. Israel gave Sinai back to Egypt as part of the peace treaty signed between those two countries, signed respectively by Begin and Anwar Sadat.

        1. It seems I was mistaken about the peace treaty my bad. But I read that jordan got money from America from the 1950′ long before the peace treaty.

  24. Woah.. As a Modern non-PC Israeli (and *cough* a “Jewish Person”), this is the first time ROK (as a group) strikes me as antisemitic.
    The author goes into so much trouble and word-washing to describe what he claims to be “facts” (which are mostly bullshit propaganda from the 1920s or bad fake meme’s) and covering modern antisemitism with PC wording that ends with: “I’m just stating the facts, do as you like with them – it’s not MY opinion ofcourse”. Hilarious!
    Why not just state the obvious: The author hates Jewish people. That’s totally fine, I can’t stand Islamic people myself and I never bother hiding it. But why go and write a two(!) part longgg propaganda “article” that pretends to bring the “facts” when it can simply be summed as: “I don’t like Jewish people but I don’t want to flat-out say it so I’ll write a bullshit TWO PART article that will try to make you too hate Jews just like I do, with ‘FACTS’, lol.”. Seems like way too much trouble bro.
    It’s disconcerting personally, I’m a Right-Winged Jew by birth, I don’t give a shit about religion and I usually agree with most of ROK’s posts (anti-feminism, rape culture, modern girls being sluts and the loss of family values/Islam taking over Europe etc etc). Most importantly, I’m against all the values that the left is trying to shove down our throats (Israel copies 90% of what the US does, so feminism is rampant here)…
    But now reading this, and seeing Roosh commenting on the first part and agreeing with the article’s contents.. argh, disappointing. I guess that confirms ROK as a group hates jews as well, which is fucking too bad cause I was like hey we’re MGTOW let’s fight to bring things back to the good old times when women knew their place.
    Israel is the spearhead of the western world fighting Islam, what you (Europe, USA) are just discovering now with ISIS has been known to us for the past 40+ years and we know how to handle that shit.
    It’s funny how many people trash Israel without knowing the way things really are here (and that no one actually likes Bibi here, on the contrary, educated people hate his guts).
    In any case, I vote for a big fuck-you, and the erecting of Jewish-ROK! ;>

    1. This author and Roosh have occasionally wandered into antisemitic territory; hell, I have a reply from the latter saying that “Jews use Muslims to destroy Christian nations.” If you’re so inclined, check out the article “Comment on Societies Of Hysteria, Suspicion, And Retribution” from March and scroll down to Roosh’s reply to yours truly.
      Otherwise, I have enjoyed the content of this site.

      1. It’s mind boggling to me that Roosh is antisemitic, I guess we should just extract and dilute the relevant content from this website, ignoring the rest.

    2. Black American checking in. I absolutely despise the anti Semite trash white nationalists that seem to be organizing these days.
      But that doesn’t mean I won’t criticize Israel. You said “Israel is the spearhead of the western world fighting Islam.”
      This is incorrect, Israel is the cause of all the western worlds problems with Islam. If you notice nobody had any problems with these people before you guys went over there and planted your flag in Jerusalem.
      More importantly why should Americans care about the dirt hovel that is Israel. The vast majority of us do not care about you or the Palestinian trash you are fighting with.
      The end! Go take your trash anti-Semite rhetoric elsewhere, nobody cares anymore.

      1. You are more than welcome to criticize Israel and/or hate Jews.
        I personally don’t give a shit about the Palestinians, ISIS or Black Americans for that matter (though you seem to be going down like flies nowdays.. just sayin’ ;>).
        My point being, I thought ROK stands as a Right wing group against feminism and SJW – let me rephrase – as a male group for men. In my book this means all men should be welcomed (I guess that means Islamic people, blacks and Jews as well), I did not think the articles would boil down to antisemitic crap.
        If Jews went down as refugees from Israel to Finland to ask for hostage then rape everyone there I’d totally be for a ROK article slamming SJW’s hypocrisy like we’ve seen with Syrian refugees – that not being the case, I honestly couldn’t care less about why the police insists on shooting black people.

        1. Jews did ‘rape’ every place that took them in as refugees. Most policy makers in the western countries that took them in are Jews who look out for their own interests.
          And you don’t make the rules on what men here or anywhere are allowed to talk about.

        2. Yeah yeah. Hitler is dead, reminding you.
          About your last sentence: I don’t terribly care.

    3. I’m just curious: is there an actual way a person can be anti-Zionist without being antisemetic or is calling someone antisemetic just a way to shut down criticism?

      1. Zionism is jewish nationalism; not the whole garbage you guys pile up on it without any connection.
        Someone who is anti-Zionist means that he is against Jews moving into their own country but instead staying all over, in hollywood, in media and so on. I fail to understand why guys who hate that jews make movies are against the movement that tells them that they should go home to Israel.
        If someone would be intellectually honest, he would oppose all national movements; if he only oppose the jewish one then well…
        Tell me what is the difference between someone being antiamerican as opposed to just voicing legitimate criticism?

    4. “Woah.. As a Modern non-PC Israeli (and *cough* a “Jewish Person”), this is the first time ROK (as a group) strikes me as antisemitic.” Not sure if you are just satirizing or if you really think this is antisemetic. Why is everything that attacks Israel, an attack on Jews? I have a question, are anti Israel Jews antisemitic? Better yet, why would you assume someone who dislikes Israel would have a dislike of a group of languages?
      “But now reading this, and seeing Roosh commenting on the first part and agreeing with the article’s contents.. argh, disappointing. I guess that confirms ROK as a group hates jews as well, which is fucking too bad cause I was like hey we’re MGTOW let’s fight to bring things back to the good old times when women knew their place.” Is this from a script? While many people on here are MGTOW, Roosh is in no way MGTOW.
      “It’s funny how many people trash Israel without knowing the way things really are here (and that no one actually likes Bibi here, on the contrary, educated people hate his guts).” Well then who is voting him in?

    1. what “mouth”? she was just a politician from extreme left who criticized various Israeli policies. her mouth is no different from any critic’s of Israel.

  25. I suspect that many of the pro Israeli gentiles are actually crypto Jews. Many Jews pretend not to be Jewish and will even say that they are not Jewish but when you dig deeper you realise that they look Jewish, interact with Jews and take up pro Jewish causes.
    There are even many prominent crypto Jews who will claim to be evangelical Christians. Two people I suspect of this are Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum. Just look at their faces. I am not a Christian but I suspect that crypto Jewish infiltration has helped to destroy Christianity in the USA. The congregations have somehow sensed the lack of genuineness at the heart of organised Christianity and left in droves. But they are mostly unaware of the cause of the rot.
    Other pro Israeli gentiles and other “philo semites” are people who are aware of Jewish power and are hoping to obtain favours by supporting Israel. They hope that the Jews who have influence in various parts of the system will give them a push or will at least not oppose them.

    1. Rick Santorum is Italian, which is probably why you think he looks sort of Jewish. (Italians have the closest genetic makeup of any group to Jews).

  26. “In Russia, the Bolshevik revolution was led mainly by Jews… to overthrow the repressive Tsarist rule”
    the Bolshevik revolution was not conducted to overthrow the Tsarist rule. the Tsarist rule was overthrown in an earlier revolution – that wasn’t a Bolshevik revolution.

    1. not really they were all part of the overall revolution and upheaval at the time. Rebellions are more often than not like that. Take the french revolution for example and the many different faces and factions that took part at various stages but now when we look back we lump them all in to the over all movement of the time. The french king and nobles were part of it originally especially the nobles !!

      1. 6 Jewish doctors is not anywhere near turning against the Jews.Why do you people take any accusations against ANY of your people as a direct attack on your tribe? This is the reason why you have been expelled from more than 70 countries!

        1. Yeah everyone in history is always trying to kill the jews, this shits getting old and boring bro.
          You need to find a new song, while no friend of Hamas, this poor little Israel shtick just defending itself is getting old and boring as well.
          Stalin wanting to kill the jews is another old dead canard, read if you will Stalin’s will executioners.
          The 90 iq’s will be thrown under the bus by the 120 iq’s just like they always have.
          Is this the best the Hasbara troll department can come up with?
          it’s old and boring too

    2. The Tsar voluntarily stepped down, and with nobody willing to take his place, they setup a temporary republic…

    1. A few Israelis fleeced an old woman. What does that have to do with “Zionists”? There are scumbags of every nationality.
      And you think “Zionists” are the scourge of the earth? Guess you haven’t been paying attention to savage, barbarian, radical Islamists. Unless that’s the “Zionists’” fault, too.

      1. Yes it kinda is the Zionist fault. They regularly steal land that’s not theirs and label any resistance as terrorism. They block water, medical aide, trade and commerce to innocent people. They manufacture wars to test out their weapons of mass destruction.
        They are the real savage, barbaric terrorists that regard the rest of humanity as ‘gentiles’. ISIS behead people? Disgusting. Israel blow children to smithereens – Scum of the universe.

        1. Israel “blows children to smithereens”? Guess you haven’t paying attention to the actual crisis in Syria. Or Sudan. Or Nigeria. Or Yemen. Or Somalia. Plus, kids are bound to die in any war–75% of Gaza’s population is under 25 years old. If Hamas doesn’t stupidly wage war against the militarily superior IDF, then nobody has to die.

        2. You said it yourself 75% of the Palasinian population is under the age of 25. Basically Israel routinely bombs children.

        3. A lot of those “children” are mid-late teens and fighting directly under Hamas, whose charter has the genocide of Jews, and who also decide to stupidly provoke the militarily superior Israel. Again, if they weren’t such Jew-hating idiots and focused on building their own society, no one would have to die. Simple stuff.

        4. If. A kid straps on a suicide vest, imho he is a legitimate target. And Israel is trying hard to gibe back the land they took in legitimate self defense. They gave back Gaza four times.

        5. I wonder how drones/ fighter jets determine which child is donning a suicide vest you think? And how does one kick unarmed families out of their homes and steal their land in ‘self defense’?

        6. You know, if the jews didn’t try to revolt in the Warsaw ghetto, nobody would have died!”

        7. They don’t target kids with drones. They target military targeted. The Palestinians like to put middle launch sites and such near schools and hospitals. Now if a house is used as a base for a terrorist attack maybe destroying it is not inspopriate.

        8. Yeah, when your entire fÜcking country is as dense as most major US cities, you really don’t have another place to put military stations.

        9. You don’t need a lot of space to launch a Assam. There are vscsnt fields in Gaza and why do they need militarybinstilations anyway

        10. “You don’t need a lot of space to launch a Assam.” Exactly. It’s just happens that you need a lot of fucking space if you don’t want anything to get collateral damage if that launch site gets bombed. I have a question, if these launch sites are so small, why does Israel feel the need to use such big bombs?
          “why do they need militarybinstilations anyway” Are you retarded? I have a question? Why does any nation need military installations? Why does Israel have military installations anyways?

        11. Why don’t they launch from vacant lots or pen fields instead of schools? And isrseluses the smallest bombs possible. And Israel gives earning calls.before shelling? And why do they have to launch missiles

        12. “Why don’t they launch from vacant lots or pen fields instead of schools?” 1) They don’t launch from Schools. 2) Like I said, they don’t just have vacant lots sitting around, the country is pretty packed…
          “And Israel uses the smallest bombs possible.”
          “And Israel gives earning calls.before shelling” Proof?
          “And why do they have to launch missiles” These “missiles” are fÜcking small enough I could hold one in my hand. But I will answer that with another question? Why did those Jews in Warsaw have to rebel from the Nazi’s? The reason people in Gaza rebel is due to the fact that they don’t have sovereignty, they don’t have self determination, they don’t control their borders, or their money, or their military…

        13. There us empty space in Gaza.they dontblainch from schools they launch near schools. And hospitals and the Israelis are out of gazes why set they dhooying missilesif they would behave themslselbrs they would have everyyhing

        14. 1) I don’t want a Zionist shill paper, I want real citation. 2) You are going in circles…

        15. They. Can stay in Gaza under their own government just like they do now.

        16. That is the official Israeli narrative but I don’t think a UN run school or hospital qualifies as a terrorist base. Israel will always have to watch it’s back unless it makes a concerted effort towards peace.

  27. The jews always play both sides of the field. That is their primary strategy in finance too; set up two currencies, and then use them to inflate and deflate eachother in order to buy up all the assets of the countries that host them.
    They’ve already divided us. All here are redpilled on women, but refuse to take the redpill of race. On the converse, many white nationalists refuse to see their women as anything other than princesses to be pampered, but have all taken the redpill on race. There is no way to win if this continues, they’ll have us fighting eachother.
    Then again, white men have a historical tendency to take the blame for others until 13 year old girls are selling themselves on the street to not starve, so this is typical.

  28. Just a few quick points:
    1. Zionism was actually started by Gentiles. they wanted a Jewish state friendly to Europe to flank the Turks. The first Jewish Zionist. Herzl, decided to create a Jewsih state to end the Anti-semitism he saw in the Dreyfuss affair. He wanted to create a secular state modeled after Europe. He wanted German to be the official language, not Hebrew.
    2. Israel gets money, true. The Arab countries get more. So it kind of evens out.
    3, America benefits from it alliance with America. Israel shares intelligence with America. America first look at the Mig21 came from Israel. The Marines use the B300 RPG. The 10th mountain division uses the Soltam mortar. The Israelis developed a bandage that is very effective and is being used by the US and it saves the lives of American servicemen. It’s a two way street.
    4. I’m not sure how much influence Israel has over the US government. The US sometimes does things that don’t seem very pro-Israel. In 1956 Israel conquered the Sinai. The Eisenhower people made Israel give it back. When the Israelis said that they were afraid Nasser would cause problems again, the Israelis were sent a letter promising American help. In 1967, Nasser started up again. The Israel’s asked America for help. The Americans said they couldn’t find the letter. The result was the Six Day War. During the Yom Kippur war, the Israelis had the Egyptian Second Army surrounded. Nixon pressured the Israelis to allow food and water to be brought to the the Egyptians. Then Nixon pressured Israel to give up the East Bank of the Suez Canal and part of the Golan, even the Israel was winning. When Israel took out Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor, people in the Reagan administration got really angry. Israel went into Lebanon to take out the PLO after a terrorist attack. Reagan sent the Marines to protect the PLO. A number of Marines were killed when their barracks was bombed. During the first Gulf War, scuds were landing on Tel Aviv. Israel wanted to take them out. Bush said no. So the Israelis had to absorb scuds. Clinton pressured Israel to give the West Bank and Golan to the PLO fro nothing but promises. Clinton sent advisors to Israel to influence an election. Whenever Israel retaliates for a terrorist attack, Obama talks about using disproportionate force. Whenever Israel wants to expand a settlement, Obama talks about undermining the peace process. The relationship is complicated.
    4. When I was in Israel some time ago, I read two separate newspaper account about how Israeli counter-intelligence caught people spying for America. During the Clinton administration, people admitted to taping the Israeli embassy’s phone line, that is,spying. America spies on Israel, too. Saudi Arabia spies on America. America spies on Canada and Mexico. Canada and Mexico spy on each other,and on America. Everybody spies on everybody. That’s how the game played.
    5. I couldn’t find a source for the quote from Begin about Gentiles posted above. A source would be nice. At one point he called people who killed children two legged animals,not all gentiles.

    1. “The first Jewish Zionist. Herzl, decided to create a Jewsih state to end the Anti-semitism he saw in the Dreyfuss affair”
      Interesting post. Herzl was an interesting figure. I think Moses Hess explored such ideas before him though didn’t he?

  29. Just some more points.
    1. Some evidence that Israel is trying to undermine secular regimes in the Middle East would be nice. It doesn’t make sense. The secular regimes are, at least, not insane and suicidal. Things have been quiet between Assad and Israel for about thirty years now, expect for Israel taking out the nuclear reactor. Israel did support the Shah of Iran. Israel was working on good relations with Turkey. not too long ago.
    2, I have trouble taking holocaust deniers seriously. There is all that documentation, photographs of bodies, eyewitness testimony. There were hundreds of Jewish communities all over Europe. Where did they go? I knew people who still had the tattoos. My father served with the U.S. Army during WWII. He was in the Third Armored Division. He told me he saw the bodies, emaciated survivors, etc. He interrogated German civilians, They never denied it, They admitted it happened, They just claimed that they weren’t responsible because they weren’t Nazis, “Ich nischt kein nazi.” And the same people who say the holocaust didn’t happen also say it would have been a good idea if it did. I question their credibility.

        1. I think your father was told a lie that what he saw was genocide when it was really a Typhus epidemic; this lie was sold so the allies could justify killing all of Germany’s leaders and demoralize its populace, so Germany could not rise again.

    1. “photographs of bodies, eyewitness testimony.” There are testimonies against Iian Ghomeshi, and anyone with logic knows the case against him was a bunch of bollocks. In fact, the ones who are alive to testify are all the people who DIDN’T interact with the gas chambers and other horrible bullshit.The bodies don’t prove anything, they could be dead from anything and could be of any ethnicity…
      “There were hundreds of Jewish communities all over Europe. Where did they go?” Israel and America…
      “I knew people who still had the tattoos.” So? That means they were in a camp, it doesn’t mean they were gasses…
      “My father served with the U.S. Army during WWII.” And interestingly, all the camps taken by the US and UK were prison camps… Only the ones taken by soviets conveniently happened to be the “death camps”…
      “He interrogated German civilians, They never denied it, They admitted it happened, They just claimed that they weren’t responsible because they weren’t Nazis” How would these civilians have any idea? It was a state secret?
      “And the same people who say the holocaust didn’t happen also say it would have been a good idea if it did.” Those are mossad/ADL/SPLC trolls…

  30. “Zionists will most likely shift back to the left if white nationalism
    ever becomes prominent in the West. This will especially be true if the
    globalist Hillary Clinton becomes president”
    .. true ,they will either run this country through neocon puppet Hillaly or they will whine whole Trump presidency. I can’t wait for them whining and whining like little bitches they are.

  31. It would seem that a resounding Trump victory would push most of the neocons back to the Dems where they belong. There is significant overlap between jew neocons and the NeverTrump group.

  32. “…out of touch with reality that you can show them proof of Israel supporting radical Islamists…”
    first, this video does not show any such proof.
    second, half of this video has a FAKE voiceover that’s not on the original Mail’s video (to which the article also links). it’s just someone spouts his conspiracy theories representing them as facts. posting links to such cheap fakes doesn’t add to credibility of this article.

  33. Just a few more points.
    1. The Talmud does say that Gentiles are human. Jews allow gentiles to convert to Judaism. It’s in the Torah. If a Gentile converts, he is just as Jewish as any other Jew. The Torah also accepts people who renounce idolatry, but don’t convert. The Torah says they are to be loved, accepted, and provided for. A full convert is called a Ger. A partial convert is called a Toshav.
    2. The Talmud compares Gentiles to animals in a very narrow sense. If a married woman has sex with a Jewish man, she must leave her husband. IF she has sex with an animal, she isn’t required to leave her husband. If she has sex with a gentile, she isn’t required to leave her husband. That’s the extent of the comparison to animals.
    3. Maimonedes, the great Jewish legal codifier, ruled that Jews must support Gentile poor, visit Gentile sick, and bury Gentile dead out of simple human decency. This is universally accepted.
    4, Whenever there is a disaster, Israel sends rescue teams. Israel sent rescue teams when the US embassies in Africa were bombed. 50000 Eritrean refugees are living in Israel now. All this doesn’t sound like hate.

    05 july 16 – Jonathan Bronitsky
    “Before 1970, intermarriage was under 20 percent among American Jews of all denominations. Since 2000, it’s been over 72 percent among non-Orthodox American Jews. Additionally, and it almost goes without saying, religious ritual, custom and belief drop precipitously in intermarried households. Even Judaism as a “culture,” which in the Land of the Free today means hardly more than an affinity for bagels, sarcasm and social justice, will soon be more common among non-Jews than Jews, if it isn’t already.”
    Their kids didn’t get the memo that the shtick was only for the goy
    The Beast of Usury must be slain,
    after that you can eat as many bagels as you like and call yourself whatever you like, I really have no problem with individuals fairy tail belief systems, we can all have a big party BUT the Beast of Usury has to die before any of us can be free.

  35. Anti-Semitism is the oldest disinformation campaign the globalists have running. It never ceases to amaze me how people still fall for it.
    There are five million-odd Jews in Israel. They could not dominate the world if they tried. All Israel asks is that the nations respect her right to live and allow her children to prosper in their own homeland.
    The Jewish strategy itself is nothing more than simple patriarchal nationalism. All societies who follow the strategy prosper. All those that don’t collapse sooner or later.
    It’s said that if you want to know who your rulers are, ask who it is you can’t criticize. Any third-rate MSM hack can make a good living attacking Israel. If he criticizes Islam or immigrants, his career is over.

      Jews pretend to be white and then blame their crimes on all whites, and take the power for themselves. They then practice vicious nepotism to monopolize power. They gain control of banking and currencies, and then manipulate them to alter the value of assets in a country and buy them up.
      It says several times in the Talmud that they are expected to do this, and that other peoples are slaves who exist solely to provide for them while they do nothing.

  36. If the Zionist Christians are cucks, then Donald Trump is one of them. He not only supports Jews and Israel, he marries his kids to them. Some Christian nobles in the past marry with Jews who converted to Christianity as an incentive to make Jews come over. Trump doesn’t even wait for them to convert before giving them his kids.

  37. Breitbart had an article up regarding a Trump speech at a pro-Isreal institution, and I recall leaving a comment questioning the need for such a stance.
    I may as well have told a black joke at an NAACP convention, for all the mindless vitriol flung my way. I’ve never really looked into the pro/anti Zionist arguments enough to form a cogent opinion, but Ive always supported Israel as another Western country just like France or Britain. Odd that we don’t have presidential hopefuls genuflecting before any of those countries.

  38. Holocaust denial, blood libel and vampirism. Well Roosh, you wanted a men’s sight, you got a neo-nazi convention instead. Moderate more.

    1. I brought this up with another poster yesterday; Roosh himself occasionally ventures into antisemitic verbiage (and I have an e-mail reply confirming such), yet dissociates from the alt-right crowd who if you look further, are most of the posters on this thread. They only come out of the woodwork when something on Jews/Israel is posted. What’s odd is that ROK posted an article titled “Why the Manosphere Doesn’t Need Antisemitism” a few years ago.
      You are right, though. This is supposed to be a site for male betterment, not conspiratorial, Jew-hating crap. FFS, people can go to 4chan, Stormfront or even Heartiste for that.

      1. The problem with Jews is that there are manyJewish men with their foreskins chopped off who are in positions of power and authority. Same with Islam. Only full DOMINANT DICKS can rule and the chopniks will follow. Only until the covenant of circumcision is rescinded can all men be judged squarely. Men with chopped dicks pose a danger to humanity when they are making policy themselves and when they are in the seats of power. With the mental/physiological handicap of having one’s dickhead chopped off, women then fill the void trying to ape the dickdominant characteristics that the chopped men lack. Jews have been chopping their male babies en masse for thousands of years and their women swagger like John Wayne, they blab their mouths and overspeak their men and grotesquely claim the universal title of princess. No true princess acts like that. Whereas women of traditional ‘full schlong’ cultures remain reserved and STFU when the domestic patriarch enters her sphere.

      2. You have the whole internet as a ‘safe space’ for your Jewish sensitivities yet you choose to bemoan like an annoying feminist on one of the few nooks where free speech is actually practiced.

        1. What “Jewish sensitivities”? I’m against hateful, conspiratorial BS like that. That shit is rampant and flows freely on the sites I mentioned above. I’m still all for free speech and always will be, regardless of content. Thankfully, you Nazi idiots are and will continue to be a small minority.

      3. Stop your bullshit whining about antisemitism. There’s literally nothing in the article that suggests “Jew-hate” except that you want to play the victim and call everyone Nazis for not worshiping Israel.

        1. There’s no bullshit whining at all. Roosh said in an article back in March–and I have his e-mail reply to prove it–that Jews use Muslims to destroy Christian nations. Nobody’s “worshiping” anything, but your excessive focus on the world’s only Jewish state and Zionism and its supporters–given all the calamity in the world that’s currently happening–suggests that you do have a problem with Jews. Look at these damn comments!

        2. I have problems with every group that has desires to wipe the people I care about out. To reject tribalism is to reject your evolutionary vector and go extinct. No matter how powerful your individual members are.

      4. The manosphere needs to redpill itself on race and the alt-right needs to redpill itself on women. Only then could a stoic system of attainment where the family is paramount can thrive.

    2. So you say “holocaust denial” then straight after you Deny the murder of young children by jews by saying “blood libel”….

  39. Pictures of Hillary Clinton are hilarious. I love the idea that people want her to “lead” them. Does no-one understand basic human psychology? Just look at her.

  40. We constantly hear of Israel being America’s best and strongest ally. When and where have they ever helped us?

    1. U.S.S liberty, The Lavon affair. Who needs enemies when Israel is your ‘Ally’

  41. What pissed me off the most was when I started to see short informercials asking American Christians to send aide personally to war torn, terrorist attacked Isreal. I couldn’t believe it! They have a higher standard of living per person than the US does, they already receive tons of money and military support and they can fully handle all the humanitarian and medical needs of any terrorist attack they endure. And someone had the great idea to further squeeze stupid American Christians by making a sad sob story infomercial akin to all those you see about third world countries, but about first world Isreal.
    Well played Isreal.

  42. I said this at least 3 times already and I’ll repeat it again: Christians who are cucked for Israel are the people who go to church on Sunday, eat pork and think that supporting Israel means somehow supporting Jesus. Most don’t even know the genealogy of their prophets and Jesus. Most don’t know Hebrew or Greek and think they know the bible (I am planning on studying both, so I’m not a hypocrite). Most don’t even Jesus’ real name or his word. Revelations condemns the synagogue of Satan (zionists, Edomites, khazars, etc). Israel (true Zion) is not a physical state, or ethnicity (Hebrew is, and there are no true Hebrews anymore). Israel is the spiritual attainment; to be an Israelite of the new covenant you must accept Christ (Yeshua Hamasiach). Supporting Israel from a zio – establishment cuckservative side is not only anti biblical – it makes you a fucking tool bag. Idiots

  43. Being pro Israel does not mean I agree everything Israel does. Yes, I am pro Israel!

  44. When white people notice that the open borders, faggot and trans, feminist, globalist and non-stop war movements are Jewish they become implacable enemies of Jews. This won’t stop with retaking our nations and ejecting parasites. Jews are going to be swept up and locked away for all time. If you let them have liberty anywhere, sooner or later they use their monopoly, exclusivity, and deceit to take over.

    1. Yes. They are the root of things. They have historically been kicked out of many nations for that reason.

  45. The thing with Jews is they just love each other so much to the exclusion of others. Jews will help/support others Jews simply because they are Jewish. This is why I do not like or support Jews (and also because of their liberalism).

  46. This article doesn’t really belong on a website discussing men-women issues although I agree with most of it. It’s still out of place and off topic.

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