Why All Men Should Consider A Vasectomy

In this day and age, with medical technology being what it is, there is really no reason to have an “accident” with some slut you pulled on a slow night. There is much less of a reason for an accident when you factor in all the things you have to lose by surrendering your power to women in these matters.

You will have no legal position over what happens next if you knock a girl up. It is her body – it is her decision what happens next. She might have an abortion, or she might keep you on the hook for eighteen years. Do you really want to play roulette every time you get it on with a girl for the rest of your life? Why even stress about it?

Don't be a dummy

Don’t be a dummy

If you think of the number of times you would like to have sex with a young beautiful women versus how many times you will want to impregnate one of these women, I think the argument for your vasectomy becomes rather straightforward. You want to have sex with as many young beautiful women as you can throughout your lifetime. Well of course you do, don’t we all?

What’s the maximum number of children you intend to father? I’d be surprised if the number was more than three. Are you really willing to risk your paycheck for eighteen years on the word of some girl that she has taken care of the contraception on her end? Every single time you have sex? Don’t be an idiot!

The plan

You need to take some drastic action to keep those greedy little woman hands out of your pockets at payday. Go to a sperm clinic and “put your money in the bank” for later use. If and when you want a child, it can therefore be on your own terms. If it’s good enough for the greatest stud animals in this world, then it’s surely good enough for you. By keeping your sperm cryogenically frozen you keep the little fellas absolutely ageless and as healthy as they day they were put on ice.

Since your body is your own business (unless you choose to parade the fact you are firing blanks now to every girl you hook up with) you have now taken a little control over every relationship you ever enter into again.

Imagine you are dating this smoking girl and you happily believe this is all going smoothly. Then she drops a pregnancy bomb on you, not knowing that you are firing blanks. Do you think you just gathered some very valuable intelligence about this girl you were starting to fixate on? Next her, eject, and carry on.


What if you end up with a girl who truly wants you to settle down and she starts mewling for a baby? Enjoy trying for a while, then remember that this is what you put your money in the bank for in the first place! If you truly think she is motherhood material, here is your chance to be a father.

If she balks or bawls about things being unnatural, just tell her that you don’t necessarily think abortions are natural either, but you respect a woman’s right to choose. Tell her you expect her to be happy you were so selective about whom you fathered a child with and that if she is really not interested in being the recipient of your genetic potential she should simply move on. Save your money in the bank for a woman that’s really worth gifting with your child!

These are desperate times, gentlemen, and so it is time for desperate measures. Sign up and get yourself cut. The only alternative is pay up and shut up. Choose wisely!

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390 thoughts on “Why All Men Should Consider A Vasectomy”

  1. Good article. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile. Any survivors out there that can share their story?

    1. I got mine at Planned Parenthood. It cost me $500 and was performed by a doctor who does 10 per week; meaning he is good at hacking at your balls. Most people think going to a hospital or a high dollar surgeon is better. Most surgeons DO NOT perform vasectomies on a regular basis. Planned Parenthood doctors do twice per week. A few friends of mine who got vasectomies by general surgeons had complications. My surgery was about 30 seconds of pain, 15 seconds on each nut-sack. My swelling ended after 2 days; no complications whatsoever; surgery was performed in 2009.

      1. Most folks I know report its very simple and notice no difference afterwards. A few have told me however that their orgasms feel less enjoyable and less fulfilling. Any difference for you?

        1. The pre and post vasectomy orgasms are the same. The incisions are barely 1/8″-1/4″ in length, so they should not be cutting into anything else other than your tubes. My doctor did a fantastic job. He basically runs an assembly line of testicle hacking.

        2. The unloading sensation from orgasm is your prostate unloading, which is not effected. Don’t obsess over it.

    2. Mine was $190 out of pocket. My doc is a 30 year vet at working on guys balls. He’s been doing vasectomies since his army days in Vietnam. Had 30 seconds of pain when he administered the numbing agent into my nut sac, and worked on each tube for about a minute or so. The older asian lady nurse was assisting him & I swear that her getting a glimpse of my cock was her highlight of the day. Balls were slightly sore for a couple days & that’s it. Took no pain meds whatsoever. Procedure was done last September. No changes in ejaculate or any pain whatsoever when I shoot.
      I have 3 kids between two marriages. So it was a no-brainer for me when the 2nd woman went psycho & trashed the family. Honestly, I love kids. If child support didn’t exist, id never get snipped and I’d have plenty of kids by 10 different bitches. But life’s a trade off such as it is.

  2. I have heard complications are rare afterwards. However, they do exist. Also, while I’m still confident I wouldn’t have permanent pain or anything, there’s still something about it that doesn’t seem right, for lack of a better word. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet though. Even a certain famous radio personality opted out of the procedure. I’m a huge fan, but it’s a fact. I’m hoping a male pill or something will exist soon.

  3. That top photo is exactly how a home pregnancy test should work- women pees on the stick, a wireless message gets send to your stick with a magic 8ball type message.

    1. If it is positive, it should automatically send a message to the male’s smart phone with a list of countries that do not extradite along with a list of cheap flight schedules.

  4. I wouldn’t do this. There is a good chance you will regret it. Use other methods of birth control instead. You have really got to realise that while alot of women out there are just trouble there are also some great ones. If you take the attitude of, and act like an idiot you will never meet the good ones – they’ll avoid you like the plague. So you’ll just have contact with the ones you don’t want contact with.

    1. I got introduced to my first wife by family members and friends. She is a greedy, highly educated lying bitch with no sexual value whatsoever, evil and underhanded. At least the sluts at bars have something to offer. My point is you cannot trust any woman anymore, not even the ones your family approves of. If there is a way to extract sperm, post-vasectomy, I’m on board. Condoms break my friend.

      1. Greed is a trait that invariably rears its head early on into a relationship. You are angry at her for burning you, but perhaps you should be angrier at yourself for not heeding the warning signs and trading her in for a model without this defect before the wedding bells rung.

        1. yes I could have taken some more time to “date” her, but she was good at hiding her real behavior until the legal paperwork was signed. Many are Trojan Horses my friend. Hindsight is always 20/20. Maybe you are smarter than me. In the end, I beat her in court and won child custody of our son, but the process was mentally draining.

      2. “If there is a way to extract sperm, post-vasectomy, I’m on board. Condoms break my friend.”
        All a woman needs to do is put your name on the birth certificate, doesn’t matter if a DNA test proves the child isn’t yours, perhaps you never even had a relationship with the woman. All that matters is that the woman wanted you to be the one to pay for the child, and that the state wants a man, any man to pay them back for paying her. She doesn’t know who the father is, but you’re the coworker who seems to have his life together and therefore probably has some money, guess whose name she might give the state (since they require her to provide a name, any name).
        In most states, if a person is named as the father on a child’s birth certificate, he is the legal father for all purposes. The presumption of paternity in this situation is very strong, and if the man named on the birth certificate wishes to assert his father’s rights and challenge his legal status to the child, he should do so as soon as possible.
        There have been cases in which DNA testing conclusively proved that the man named as the father on a birth certificate was not, in fact, the biological father of the child, yet a court still imposed all of the attendant legal obligations, such as the duty to pay child support.

    1. always easier said than done. Many hide their true personalities until after the wedding license has been issued.

      1. I don’t disagree. My main point is that there is no easy solution. As shown in the link, the woman can bluff her way into getting your sperm and have the kid anyway. The vasectomy could be ineffective (rare, but possible).
        If anything, your point simply amplifies mine. Women cannot be trusted. Do not trust them simply because you assume a simple medical procedure fixes you problem. In this vein, I’ll also leave this:
        Short story – even where it is proven the kid isn’t his, and the woman lied about it, he owes child support. I’ll say again: there are no easy shortcuts.

  5. This is a viable option for the 50% of men whose sperm will freeze and thaw out again properly. For the other 50% of men whose sperm will not thaw out properly, you will only want to get snipped if you are comfortable permanently opting out of the gene pool. Make certain your sperm is properly tested first and you’ve verified that it survives the freezing process and remains motile.
    Make sure you don’t forget to pay your refrigeration/maintenance bill too. Not as much as an illegitimate child with a hoodrat, but you’re still going to be on the hook for that until such time as you decide they can stop refrigerating your seed and throw it all in the trash.
    They’re better at reversing vasectomies now than they used to be, but still nowhere near 100%. As for the question about pain, roughly 10% of men experience chronic pain following a vasectomy. This can be anywhere from mild pain only experienced during ejaculation, to severe pain in the epididymis that does not go away.
    Surgery is always a big decision. Make sure you’ve thoroughly researched and know all the risks and odds before you go under the knife for anything, especially where your nuts are involved.

  6. I LOVE this one!!!!!
    Yesss!!!! There are men telling me “don’t do it!”
    How did I forget I need to deposit some in the bank first!
    I gotta do this asap Rocky!

  7. This is also good for men who already have a child(ren).
    If you don’t want more fucking cut it out!!!!

    1. your chances of meeting a train wreck at a bar are no more than meeting one at Church, school, or at work.

        1. Not necessarily, but when they are at church they are not specifically looking to get fucked so maybe their aren’t a slut. Again, depending on the bar, if that’s where they are they want to get laid and are most certainly slutty.

        2. I’ve met steady girlfriends at bars, some I dated for over 2 years. They are not all sluts at bars. The ones in Church are better skilled at pretending.

        3. Not all politicians are dishonest either.
          Sure, church girls can be slutty. My point is that the context in which you meet them slides the probability around.
          Think like a slut for a moment: where do you go to get laid: church, work or a bar?

    2. Of course, but it can happen with a “semi-committed” relationship you have as well. Especially if you start giving signs that you are moving on. I know quite a few people who were in the process of breaking up with their broads, (and of course you still have sex for a while after that), and during that time they get knocked up. Dumb broad intentionally stops BC to trap you.

      1. Jesus Christ, brother- you said it. Every younger man should have this slapped into his skull repeatedly until it sinks in. And then slapped some more, just to be sure.

        1. The day that shit is proven safe, effective, and reversible, backstabbing bitches are screwed. No more trap babies, and far less (actual) accidents if your man is packing VasalGel in his tubes. Smart men with VasalGel, like men who have vasectomies, will not volunteer this information. A good way to test if she’s a decent woman or a bitch.
          One caveat to warn guys of who get vasectomies, for a few years you still have a small (pretty darn small, but not statistically insignificant) chance of getting reconnected without intent. This is why for a few years you go in (even though the doc will say it’s unnecessary in many cases) on the anniversary of your clear test and get it tested again. Just being safe, plus then if a bitch tries to pull the “I’m pregnant” game you can laugh.
          Oh, and wrap it up guys. That slut who’s letting you rawdog her today probably let dozens of other guys do the same. The neighbor slut I bang when I’m bored, she’s probably screwed at least 50 guys raw. That’s not counting how many guys she’s swallowed, or guys she’s given her ass up after being dominated. All women are this way: they don’t count every load the same. They might not count guys they only blew and swallowed in that number that they divide by 3, 4, or 5 before telling you they only gave it up for 8 guys. They might only count the guys dominant enough to take them in every hole, and that number can be vanishingly small, while the rest are just “forgotten” in that magical partner count.
          When I’m pounding a slut, it’s always wrapped up. She doesn’t have to like it, tough shit. The neighbor slut “doesn’t like it” when I fuck her up the ass, but she keeps spreading her legs and swallowing my loads.

        2. That will be a total game changer.
          I can’t even begin to imagine the restructuring that will occur in our culture. It will be at least as significant as the introduction of the Pill into general use.

        3. I’m guessing it will change the social dynamic more than the pill.
          Women have always had “some ways” of controlling reproduction, even if not entirely effective. As Heinlein (through Jubal Harshaw) said: if it woman wants to (get pregnant), there’s not much a man can do but cooperate with the inevitable. This will completely change that shit part of life. Men, for the first time in history, will have an easily reversible method of birth control women can’t mess with. The only other reversible option women couldn’t mess with, throughout history has been abstinence.
          Let’s not forget how to “sell it” to feminists though: (read in Morgan Freeman’s voice)
          “For too long women have had to take the sole responsibility for family planning. That has changed as of today. Introducing VasalGel, the first easily reversible, non-hormonal birth control option for men. Free your partner from taking hormonal birth control. Talk to your doctor about VasalGel today.”
          They (the vast majority of women) won’t realize the power they’ve lost until it’s too late.

        4. Absolutely. The law will have to change. If you can prove in court that you were taking these pills to make you infertile and yet she still got knocked up would you still be 100% accountable? i.e. would the charge be brought down from first degree murder to manslaughter?

        5. These makes absolute sense. I once had this slut who admitted to sleeping with 20 men in less than a year. 20! Then she coyly said to me, the only ones that count are the ones she was in love with.
          It took all the willpower in the world not to laugh in her face.

        6. Women are weird. I don’t hide my number if they ask. I don’t bullshit either, if it’s been in a slut’s mouth it’s the same as her slit or her butt. I can break it down if necessary, but really if I take a girl one way it’s going in all three. The neighbor is hilarious because I know she’s the type of skank to tell guys she’s only been with a small number of guys, but that’s only the guys who dominate her enough to take all three. I know when she’s been taken by a guy every which way, and her last 5 bf’s didn’t. The number of partners she’s had didn’t change, and that’s even though I know she had those 5 guys plowing her, just not the way she counts.
          I don’t have to understand it I guess. I just wrap it up before fucking her. At least the slut is responsible enough to get STD tested regularly, many women aren’t that smart.

        7. If it works, that would absolutely rock. My first boyfriend was this sweetheart of a guy. Built like a Greek god but all the brains of a half squashed ant. I think we kissed once at most. Loved him like a brother, and moved to just friends once we both realized that.
          Some psychotic redneck trailer trash got pregnant by him by ‘accident.’ I warned him when he told me about her, flush with pride at having this single mom he could fuck. I was like ‘dude, I hope to every god you’re using a condom.’ He’s all “Naw, she’s got it covered.” Me: /facepalm
          I tried with no success to convince him to be sensible and smart, because I could see her plan a mile off.
          What happens?
          The obvious.
          Now he’s stuck in that town with two kids, dating yet another unstable nutjob, grinning like a happy puppy, working in shitty retail. He got handed custody because of what a crazy she was. That guy’s a walking advertisement for male birth control.

        8. They said that two years ago.
          The feminists will never allow it to get through human trials. It will be shitcanned.

        9. Do men realize that women think of you exactly the same way you think of them … the vast majority of men I know are skanks 🙂 Amazing how men have this attitude and they aren’t the skanks. Men are delusional and crazy. I have found very, very few men that I would even consider having low value, most have no value. You aren’t marriage material ever and you aren’t BF material either. BUt all men that I know believe themselves to be better than they are … the only person they are fooling is themselves. Men lack integrity and these same men are so delusional they believe themselves to have integrity .. the only person you are fooling is yourself. All men I know, even the ones that you seem to feel that you are friending here … would never trust you. Not a single man on this site would trust another man on this site. The only man I would trust on this site is Disreputable Gent … he is the only one that seems to get it, the rest of you are just skanking thinking you have value.

        10. She’s crazy? Seems he left his brain in his back pocket. How does one measure crazy? Seems men don’t see their crazy and want to scape goat women. Uhhhhh … totally shows how delusional and stupid men have become. Go ahead and stick up for your crazy stupid male friend, men seems to have become delusionally stupid … your stupid shows to in your defending him instead of saying he is accountable for creating his own circumstances. Maybe if men were held accountable instead of feeling they can blame others for their stupid they might start acting a weeeee bit smarter. Be accountable … if you don’t want children … take care of it yourself so that you know! This man obviously is the stupid yet let’s stick up for stupid. And, if he is skanking around and getting women pregnant … I think that reeks of psychotic skanky trailer trash making more trailer trash.

        11. Did you get tested. Not smart enough? LMAO. Slutty skanky men. You think you are taking her … hahahaha she is taking you pal!

        12. yeah, keep bullshitting yourself if it makes you feel better 🙂

      2. Ironically, sometimes it works in the male’s favor. I had this buddy, he’s pretty beta. He was totally in love with this girl, and he used to raw dog her. She wasn’t that into him so she broke up with him. And then she found out she’s pregnant, and of course being catholic… They’re still married and have several kids, so I guess it worked out.

        1. Certainly. Every situation is different. You truly never know. Just much much more difficult in this current throw away and start over society we are currently in.

        2. No need. Looks just like him. I know other men who did everything “right,” and didn’t get as lucky.

        3. I think every child should be DNA’d. You know ever child has a daddy and that daddy is responsible for paying his half. There have been men who have said it isn’t their child … it is always nice to prove that the guy is just a skank and a loser who will try to get out of anything that he can. I love that there are DNA test know … shows to the world who the real users and losers are … the ones who don’t want to pay for their child and always saying it isn’t theirs. LMAO.

        4. Yes … condoms, pills, etc can fail. If you play and it fails you pay … sometimes life is just that unfair. If you don’t want to pay then don’t play. Snip it or zip it versus whine about having to be held accountable for your playing. But typical male victim mentality …. ohhhhhh poor me. Many times there is a woman saying poor me to …. 56 million abortions isn’t a woman in a happy time.

      3. IMO: if you’re going to move on, then move on. Stop fucking her immediately, instead of still fucking while “breaking up” with the girl. Less chance of these kinds of “accidents” happening.
        Not a dumb broad. She takes one last throw of the dice to get her unwilling slave. Just Google “how to trap my boyfriend with a baby”.

        1. Agreed, continuing to fuck your “ex” while in the process of breaking up just shows her that you are unable to move on and find new pussy. I have way too many friends who have fallen into this trap and allowed it to go on for months, all the while she is fucking several other guys on the side. The funny part is that in most cases the reason for the breakup was that she cheated on him.

        2. I disagree with your first sentence. Ive fucked exes plenty of times, within a couple hours of fucking someone else however. The reason me and my exes fuck after breakup is because the sex is fantastic, but is not because she’s the only box I have. We all have different experiences however. Just be careful with the breakup sex.

      4. I know a guy who was going to leave the fat cow he married. He stayed in shape, and she wouldn’t. All of a sudden, after a couple weekends of heavy drinking where she got him to fuck her, fat cow is pregnant. Okay, he’s stuck with her. Nope, she’s got herself a new 18 year annuity, and that bitch filed papers before the kid was two.
        She had stopped taking her pills 6 months earlier without telling him. She freely admits to everyone she talks to that she intentionally got knocked up without asking him. He “owed her” because she was his wife. She also “knew”, more likely suspected, he was going to leave her. She knew he didn’t want kids yet, they had planned on 5 years to get the bills straight.
        Of course that was before she puffed up like a balloon. Literally the bitch went from 110lbs soaking wet hottie single, to 185lbs married human Bon bon, to 220lb post baby momma cow. FYI this bitch is 5’2″ tall. Imagine your girlfriend gaining 75lbs in less than 4 years. You think you’re gonna want to fuck that? Hell no. Why do you think the bitch had to get him drunk?

        1. Mama mia 220 lbs… that’s 100kg!! More than my snatch! What a woman!
          I remember when I was stuck with 90kg bench (I was alone) and it was somehow painful to pull the weight off. Now imagine 100 kg covering each part of your body = diving under 100 meter or more because the water is salty and she probably jumps on you + without O_2 for at least 5-10 minutes = new unofficial WR! Hahaha.

        2. Nah, she was always passive in bed (according to him) and only really liked two positions: on her back or on her knees. I took it as a sign of laziness even if he didn’t. That was her style of sex before she puffed up like a marshmallow, and after she puffed up her primary way of getting his attention by bobbing her head up and down to get him stiff. He didn’t even really remember much of the drunk encounters except for her begging for his cock and promising to lose weight if he gave it to her.
          She did lose a good chunk of it later, after the divorce, when she suddenly felt the need to hook a new beta. She weighs around 140-150lbs today. Just chubby enough to not be hot, but decent enough that thirsty guys chase her. She can’t get the guys she wants though, at least not for any period of time. She’s treated like she probably should be treated: pump and dump.
          What many women are like:

        3. “she was always passive in bed…” – reminds me of a story about a man with very “pious” wife who even refused to suck his cock until he found her college sex tape where she was fucked by multiple men. I don’t remember the precise details, but sucking dicks wasn’t the “worst” he saw there. This poor man felt such a shame that the mother of his kids totally gave herself to other man, while refused to fulfil his trivial sexual desires. I’m almost sure she constantly betrayed him during their relationship. The funny part is that on the one hand he wanted to divorce with her, but on the other hand she was covered by his medical insurance while having some serious medical issues. In other words, if he divorced her, she’d probably die or something.
          So I think if the girl was “lazy” with you, it only means she’d be active with someone else (or was). That’s a bad sign. Real woman, real wife must drain your balls until the very last drop.
          “She’s treated like she probably should be treated: pump and dump.” – Justice.

        4. Nah, she just didn’t like work I think. She’d suck his dick, and so on, when he wanted but sex positions that required physical exertion weren’t her thing. She was very passive sexually speaking. She could be goaded into CG, and she didn’t really deny him anything. Heck, as she started to pork up, he started ass fucking her more and she didn’t object too much. As always though, on her back or on her knees.

    3. I don’t personally know anyone who knocked up a random from the bar, all of my friends who got pregnant by “surprise”, did it with thier short term girlfriend, many of who were on the guys case about commitment etc. most women who are out for a quick easy fuck don’t want to get pregnant by you, it’s the ones who think they’ve found the love of thier life after 3 months and will do anything to keep him/control him that you have to worry about.

      1. As a more general social comment, the problem with the prevalent educational model of graphic sex ed combined with freely available contraception is this: the people who will use contraception improperly are those least likely to have good parenting skills. That is, stupid people. If you just scored a bimbo for a ONS, are you really going to trust her when she tells you she is disease free and on the pill? Are you clever enough to come up with an excuse to wear a condom that will not insult or scare her?

        1. Men are always accountable. Feminism is the movement that opposes bringing women up to the same level.

      2. Yeah, a woman who gets knocked up via a ONS is pretty much a total moron. Doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen. Most of the surprise pregnancies are the women who feel their “love” is slipping away.

    4. The problem is even if you are being a bit selective, going bareback leaves you at the mercy of her common sense and memory, never mind honesty.

        1. That doesn’t matter. I used to use the old pull out technique. Still got my ex pregnant. Fortunately at the time I was penniless, and her stupid mother convinced her to abort.

        2. This was a thought I had too, however it coincided nearly perfectly with the time I pulled out a bit prematurely.
          I broke up with her later, because I did believe she was fucking on the side.

        3. Eating chocolate cake can be pleasurable too but most know the outcome if they choose to participate too frequently (you will eventually get FAT). Men seem to have lost their brain and in so doing so want to blame women that a woman has trapped them. Well … do what you gotta do versus whine, poor me. Men truly have become crazy, stupid and irrational.

      1. Likewise for a women when here man says … I Love you as a manipulation move to get into her pants. You truly can’t trust men or women and you definitely should try to minimize them having any control over you future. Lots of women truly have no desire to be with a man she accidentally became pregnant with. And, yes accidents do happen.

    5. What about your regular gf who lies about being on the pill in a desperate dick move knowing that her biological clock is ticking? Women are women and they have the fucking power over all your reproductive rights. While vasectomy may be a bit extreme for some, there is a lot of wisdom to use condoms always, with the randoms and the regulars, especially when she is trying very hard to convince you that she indeed is on the fucking pill!

      1. You have power … don’t f**k or get snipped. Men act like they can’t control this. When are you guys going to own your future versus whine on blogs like this?

    6. Absolutely!
      I have a friend whom I love as if he were my brother. His father on the other hand, absolutely detests him.
      Due to my friend’s rawdoggin’, his old Pops offered to buy him a vasectomy on his 18th birthday. It seems the old man didn’t want to see his gene line continue through that son.
      To this day, when the dude pisses me off, I offer to chip in on his vasectomy.

    7. Rawdog a bar chick and she’ll tell her husband it’s his. You’ll probably never see her again.
      Rawdog your girl of a few months and you’re gonna end up with a kid. And she knows you. And your family. And your friends. And whether the kid is yours or not you better prepare for a headache.
      Not saying to not wrap it. I’m just saying that you probably need to worry about your actual girlfriend or wife before a bar hoe that won’t even remember your name.

    8. Rawdog sex is the best, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bust inside of a girl only to end up dodging the bullet. I’m really blessed in my 31 years of living that I don’t have a bunch of kids, or more importantly any STDs. But in actuality I don’t want kids at all. The feeling that you’ve possibly gotten a girl pregnant when you’re not at all ready for that stage of life is almost too tough to bear.
      Also, the financial aspect should always be taken into consideration. I was with a girl a few years back who would always send me pictures of what our baby would possibly look like generated from some website. That was a major red flag, and once the pictures started appearing in my email on a regular basis I knew I had to plot my escape. So I did. The last time we fucked, and I will never forget, she mentioned for me to cum inside of her. Nope. I wasn’t falling for that. So I pulled out and got off on her stomach and she pitched a fit over that episode. Also, I made her take the plan B pill the very next day just to be on the safe side, and she was even more upset about that.
      After breaking up, she meets a guy on a dating website, eventually ends up pregnant and forced his hand in married. Soon enough she gets pregnant again, and now she’s a stay out home mom, but she’s given herself some other glorified title.
      Talk about beta behavior, and he definitely fell for the trap she laid.

      1. Maybe he wanted the same thing. Hmmmm amazing to me how men think all people want the same as them.
        Men culturize and brow beat the crap out of each other if you don’t live per their “standards”. But hey supposedly men are layed back and easy going… NOT!

      1. Yes … and there is woman living on the other side of the 18 year sentence that is working her ass off to do right by a child. Amazing how men only think of their own self. There are 2 other beings involved yet you see no single man on this site attempting to see the BIG picture. Nope … is just the I am entitled to f**k and I want no consequences. Life generally doesn’t work that way but little boys can continue to whine when it doesn’t. Men are the real skanks and you can see through all this whine and hatred.

  8. Pro Tip:
    Get some seed frozen before you do, especially if you are young. So when you do make your fortunes and you go to (what will be) the last country on earth with real women when YOU decide on progeny and want to select the proper woman, you are using fresh young seed from before your years of epigenetic damage.

    1. Definitely good advice for anyone who is still even a little unsure. Although for myself I am completely sure I don’t want kids. It makes me laugh how the average Joe with a shitty fat girlfriend, a scummy rental apartment and a brand new truck he can’t make the payment on tells me I will eventually get bored of my lifestyle. To each their own I guess.

      1. or the middle managers at work married to 5’s telling you his wife is “hot” and she is better looking than him and they are always in “love”.

      2. Hahaha! Well put. Misery loves company. Kids aren’t for everyone. Yet everybody that has them sure wants guys like us to jump on board to financial ruin.

  9. Now while I understand the need of vasectomy to make sure you don’t get literally fucked by the woman you decided to have a one night stand with. I still don’t like it.
    I still want to get married at one point and have kids to deal with because that’s just, well, me, and after I took the red pill I became very selective preferring eastern women who usually have more traditional values than the “free” women here. Though I honestly don’t think I’ll get tied down yet. Too many things I want to do, and too many crazy bitches to keep myself away from them.
    Fucking nutjobs, like hell I’ll make you a sandwich.
    Now I DO know that there is another way to make sure you shoot blanks and it can be removed once you’re up for kids. I believe it’s called Vasectogel, or something similar. Basically they inject something in your prostate that stops you from shooting fertile loads, and its harmless as well. It lasts for a decade I think, and it can easily be removed anytime between then. I think you have to wait for a week though to get your balls back in gear.
    So if I ever do games I would prefer to do the latter until I actually find the good girl, but that can be a challenge unto itself.

    1. Ever watch the show Chernobyl Diaries? Go ahead and take chances with meds.
      If you want kids in the future, either get the sperm frozen now, DON’T HAVE SEX, use condoms (still a risk) or pull out before orgasm (more risky).

        1. it’s fiction, but it is about a group of friends who travel to Ukraine, then get bored and want to tour Chernobyl. Their Ukrainian friend, Yurim assures them of their safety with a Geiger counter. During the trip, they ingest all kinds of mutated fish and Yuri always has meds to “cure” them. Eventually one by one many of them become mutated monsters and either get killed by Ukrainian police or become cannibals. Point is meds have side effects, some are unknown.

        2. Yeah. Just read it up. It looks stupid actually, in that funny sort of way.
          Ah. I just found the actual name. It’s called Vasalgel, look it up.

        3. there is not a medication out there that does NOT have side effects, even aspirin. Use at your own risk.

        4. True. Everything has the good and the bad. You just have to make sure the good outweighs the bad.

  10. I just turned 30 and have been saying that I don’t want kids since I was about 14. I have asked the doctor multiple times about having it done, and they say I’m too young and don’t have kids yet so I might regret it. I live in Canada so our socialized medical system doesn’t let me make the choice. I am now looking to have it done overseas. I have way too many friends who knocked somebody up only for the relationship to go sour before the kid is even born or at best shortly after. Ironically the one friend I have who is in a stable long term relationship can’t get his woman pregnant. My family asks me what I will do if I change my mind, sometimes a vasectomy can be reversed, if not I will adopt, but the fact is that if and when I do change my mind, (which is not going to happen) I have options, if I knock up some skank, it’s all up to her. I am not willing to put the fairly successful and happy life that I alone have built for myself in someone else’s hands. Great article and yes, something every man should consider IMHO.

    1. I ran into the same sort of wall when I inquired about it years ago. My GP at the time said a) they don’t usually perform vasectomies while you are still in your child bearing years b) he would set up a referral to a specialist if I wanted c) recommended I see some sort of counselor to ensure that was my decision.
      I didn’t go through with it. Now I’m 48, making more money, being more selective in my dating (7+ only, no divorcees or single mothers, etc), and still contemplating starting a family. I will reassess things once I hit five-oh.

    2. I live in Canada too, and yes, it’s very hard to get sterilized (male or female, I’m female) if you haven’t had children. You’re 30, which makes you well old enough to make this decision. Our socialist nanny state can be very annoying at times, I feel your frustration. My advice is you have to be very, very, persistent. The problem is, your doctor is the gatekeeper of the referrals. Keep bugging new doctors. For real. All you need is the referral, and then (based on my experience) once you get in to the see the actual specialist (or in my case surgeon) things will move along quickly, no questions asked. There is a pretty long wait time for a vasectomy though, tubal is much, much faster because so few women opt for it nowadays. Maybe in your case going to the States is an option, vasectomies are apparently not that expensive. My hubby and I never thought of that. A woman’s surgery would be very expensive to go for privately, what with the cost of anesthesia and all.

  11. Take control of your own destiny. Don’t ruin your future on one bad decision. I got a vasectomy is September of 2014. It was a tough decision, but it has given me a newfound sense of freedom. No random girl from the bar is ever going to own me for 18 years of child support. A reversal for 7 grand is cheaper than 18 yrs of child support payments, I promise you. I payed about 500$ out of pocket for the vasectomy. Ever since, it’s as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Most girls I hook up with are excited about it, they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Then some I don’t even tell them about it, it really depends on the girl and the situation.

    1. That’s assuming our current political climate will last forever; For example Roman empire

  12. man, fuck this jew shit. no man should ever get a vasectomy. every man should have tons of babies. the birth rate of white people is below replacement level. We can’t afford NOT to have babies. whites used to be a third of the world’s population, now we’re a tenth and we’re expected to be 1% in the next 50 years. the median age in European countries is 40, meaning we have an aging population.
    think you can’t afford it? guess again. the US is a massive welfare state. obama recently added 4 trillion dollars to the economy. the social safety net will provide for your kid. if you’re a working man, the shame of accepting a little additional money in the form of a welfare check should not be an inhibitor to having kids.
    our biological purpose really is to reproduce. even if you get a girl pregnant accidentally, children are a beautiful thing. the happiness of having a child will outweigh the stress of dealing with it.

    1. Can I send you a routing number and checking account number? If you start txfer funds to me, Ill start popping them out.

    2. When were whites a third of the population? lol just like your username, your comment is bs

    3. Hahaha again to each their own, but I for one could care less what color the world is in 50 years because in 100 years I will most certainly be dead, and in a few billion years we will all be dead as the sun swallows up this god forsaken planet. I am concentrating on getting the full enjoyment and experience out of the one life I have, and I refuse to be as ordinary as settling down in one place with one woman and making a bunch of kids to save my skin color.

      1. You missed the point, you assume the the sociopolitical situation will last forever. Remember what was the last time something like this happened? (ROMAN EMPIRE)
        Not to say the currency collapses

    4. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.
      The modern social system heavily de-incentivizes having kids. It costs about $300,000 and 18 years of your life to raise a kid, and you get nothing out of this investment because by about 14 years, school, media, and other kids will have totally brainwashed your children into cultural degeneracy and completely wrested them out of your behavioral control.
      18 years of struggle for a blue-pill wimp or a slut who has spread her legs for every boy in town? No thanks.
      You want people to have kids, focus on changing the social system. Until then, shut the fuck up.

      1. Missed the point we had a “jobless” recovery, you think our political climate will last forever
        Ironically you’re following the depopulation agenda

  13. other methods include (1) pull out and pray (2) watching gangbang porn with a fleshlight. (3) Fucking a P4P whore after you douse her kitty with bleach.

  14. This is one of those cases where the good old saying applies: If Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It.
    Having tied a knot in the hose sounds like the damage some men do on themselves from edging. When the sperm does not flow out freely and it gets stuck in the pipes, causing complications like Swollen Epididymis.
    Before you do any damage on yourself, read this:
    I’m guessing, a paid article will follow here from a clinic which performs the operation.

    1. I got mine done in 2009, no complications whatsoever. There is always a risk in everything you do. There is a risk of you getting into a car crash when you leave your home in a vehicle.

        1. Mine was done along with 4 other guys on a Tuesday evening. The doctor who performed it does 10 per week and he has done almost a 1000. He has great reviews. I would say at this point it is not luck and more toward the skill side.

  15. One time a date told me she was allergic to latex, and she pulled a sheepskin condom out of her purse. It wasn’t the slutty idea of a woman packing condoms that concerned me, it was the idea that I couldn’t trust a condom that some one else had handled. Always keep your own supply of BOTH kinds of condoms that no one else but you have handled.

    1. If condoms reduce your enjoyment of sex, you will absolutely hate sheepskin condoms (actually, sheep intestine – apropos for your sausage). They don’t stretch and only have an elastic at the base. Plus. they do not protect against most STDs (they are permeable but sperm are too large to get through).

      1. You missed my point. I was saying don’t let a woman take control of one of the few birth control options you have as a man.

        1. I got your point.
          I guess my point is: get a blow job and be done with it if sheep casings are the alternative.
          Apparently, they have silicone condoms that run about $2 a piece. Never tried them but they are probably more comfortable than the other.

  16. This is bullshit. What kind of alpha would voluntary limit their capability of producing progeny? What is this? Some kind of joke? I ain’t laughing.
    Hey, you know what? Next time suggest that we cut our dicks after 70 to avoid prostate cancer..

    1. Cutting your dick off wont prevent prostate cancer. Removing your prostate will prevent prostate cancer.

      1. True. Let me express this part differently then:
        The advice given in this article is like a doctor prescribing decapitation for a headache.

        1. It’s more like decapitation to avoid coming up with more stupid ideas that will ruin your life.

    2. +1
      I’m guessing, the editors are planning to promote a clinic which does the procedure, so they prepare the ground for that.
      If not that, the agenda might be even more sinister like population control.

        1. Man, I think that believing in UFOs is a different thing with believing that our “benevolent leaders” are employing “Population Control” strategies. (Especially in light of “limiting” alpha dads offsprings and teachings).
          Nevertheless the trend of male vasectomy is based on the same foundations every female trend is based of. Personal gain.
          That only should make you think twice about it.
          By the way, isn’t reproduction one of the prerequisites of every “alpha” in the animal kingdom?

        2. By the way, isn’t reproduction one of the prerequisites of every “alpha” in the animal kingdom?
          It is but as usual RoK has got its ideology tied in the knot.
          Ha, RoK must have had vasectomy. LOL

  17. Divorce and Jezebels have existed since Biblical times. For any of you guys who think your due diligence, in regards to picking a female mate, is far superior than the rest of us divorced guys, then please update us with your marital bliss in a few years. I’d like to know how the “superior” males did it since the rest of us are just plain stupid.

    1. Everyone always feels “she’s different from the rest” and they learn the hard way that AWALT

      1. My brother has been married for 20 years, 3 kids. He siphons off part of his income, just in case one day her hamster wheel develops a short circuit. He has to constantly keep her brain from going off the reservation. According to him, it takes a combination of trickery, bribery, and gaming to keep her from fucking up their family life. He also keeps her pregnant from time to time.

        1. Game does not end until you are dead. Lots of guys think they crossed the finish line when they got hitched and it was post-game party happily ever after.
          And that’s when the nightmare begins.

        2. Real shit, and it’s funny hearing women tell me I’m not going to be young forever and I need to settle down soon. Why? For what? And with whom?
          Living single with no kids should be the aim of all men; especially so in this feminist agenda laden society of today.

    2. Just because you could not control your wife does not mean it’s not possible. I have three children and one more on the way, because my bitches are kept in line.

      1. I did not say it is impossible. Divorce rate is 50%, so between you and me the odds worked out. I tried keeping my in line. She called the cops constantly and would steal money, and do underhanded things in my home. If yours called the cops then would you still be with her? If you are so happy, then why are you on this site? You do not need it then. The rest of us do.

        1. There’s useful information on this site and there’s lots of disinfo, like this article on vasectomy.
          Sorry, your marriage didn’t work. Women are reflections of ourselves. Maybe you weren’t ready then.

        2. it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT disinfo. After my marriage I got a vasectomy and have had 20 female partners since. Tell me how my investment fell short of its intended benefits.

    3. Hail to the almighty Internet and Rok.
      I’m 22 and reading your misadventures will probably save me from a lot of troubles.
      I hope.

      1. My advice:
        (1) get a 1000+ page pre-nuptial detailing everything. Make the female sign up on the day of engagement which should be no less than a 1 year before the wedding so she cannot claim duress.
        (2) Save money in secret bank accounts or invest in things that cannot be traced.
        (3) Have one kid at a time, see how she behaves. If there is any change in her behavior, that is detrimental, get divorced before having another child.

        1. Thanks, but don’t worry : I’m already on monk mode and don’t even care for relationships.

        2. Pre-nups are about as effective of protecting your assets as the Constitution has been on preventing warrantless surveillance.

        3. I’ve heard it both ways. It’s better to siphon off the money before and during the marriage.

    4. The number one “trap” that men fall into is that they think their own go-around is unique and special and therefore immune to the hamster, female hypergamy, and womens’ mental instability.
      Oh they will be so wrong when you are divorced and you see other guys about to get hit by the train the outcome is so predictable.

  18. I think the real answer is not that men go get vasectomies en masse, but that we finally start demanding the government provide funding for the development of the “man pill”. The federal government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on countless studies about the female version. They should be forced to divert that funding to the development of a viable version for men. It is not that science hasn’t figured out a viable option for the man pill. It is that there isn’t enough funding out there whereby a pharm company will front the R and D costs.
    I normally wouldn’t advocate for government spending to confront a social issue, but the government is wasting the money here already and because it doesn’t have to pay attention to market forces funding from it could easily clear the logjam and create real results.
    It has been 50+ years since the development of the female contraceptive pill. It is high time men have the same option of a once a day pill.

        1. If you did the cannibalism thing then a bowl of Raisin Bran is probably the healthier option.
          On the other hand, shitting on her if she isn’t out of your bed and gone by 8am is likely an effective tactic.

  19. If you want to fuck around before marriage, then use rubbers, or ask to finish in her mouth. Either way, you miss the experience of shooting your load in her, but life is a trade off my friends.
    If you want kids with a woman you WANT and WOULD LIKE to marry, then have ONE. See how it all works out. If the marriage crumbles, then get your tubes cut, DO NOT have anymore kids, and focus on your only child.

  20. I always see comments from guys that think it’s alpha to have kids…. do you guys not realize how many thirsty betas have kids? Having kids doesn’t make you alpha at all.

    1. I think the path to fatherhood speaks more for whether a man is alpha or beta.
      Most of what we see is beta.
      But I think that a man should be the one who decides when it’s time for progeny and with logical consideration that women lack (as they get knocked up at the absolute worst times. You know: “Hey honey I’m going to quite that soul-robbing office gig and start my own business”. “I’m pregnant”).
      Now looking at how the beta-ization is so institutionalized and “protected”, the idea of a man deciding on when to have kids and then actively seeking a “suitable woman” capable of being a good mother and having good genetics is to feminists like kryptonite is to Superman.

      1. Agreed, my father sought a woman to have a son with. He had to try twice because she had my sister first. He didn’t do it to keep her, he did it to make me. That’s the difference.

      2. Not really. The piece you don’t understand is that a woman is a person too and she has similar desires to be the master of her future versus it just happen to her. And, that once a guy with marriage in his eyes focuses on her she is what, suppose to kiss the ground he walks on? Women are people … who finally have the opportunity to be what they want to be versus what culture tells them they are to be. But this is Baaaaaad per the male view point. Wear the shoe … would you like it? All the response on here say you do not like others dictating your future … why in the world would you harp on women who want the samethings for themselves … Unless, shame, shame you are a hypocrite. But men have never been that rational to see both sides of the picture. When a woman is readly to marry and settle down … she goes about getting the job done even if she is educated and has a good job … it isn’t drypotonite … it is called being a prepared adult.

    2. But having and raising lots of children while keeping your bitches in line is the ultimate test.
      Are you planning to fail?

      1. I can’t imagine that you will have a rewarding relationship when you see your woman a bitch. As most men you seem to have been brainwashed to see women as a bitch, slut, whore. Women sense that disrespect in men and when with that type of man … a woman will fight her enemy hence it will end in a very ugly battle that you will then be justified in saying she is a bitch. However … with your attitude did you create the bitch? Most men to take ownership of how their negative disrespectful attitude creates a ugly nasty environment. But I am sure you are like most men like you, delusional as to where the problem starts.

    3. Alpha is yours to lose if you are knocking women up. The act itself is alpha, but many men are weak at the core and allow themselves to become betaized by the woman or their children.
      Let’s also be clear though that buying into the nihilistic Western cultural zeitgeist of “life is meaningless, I’ll just live for the moment” is not alpha in the slightest, either. It’s fay. Every alpha male throughout history took women and planted his seed within them.
      The society we have now has largely removed incentives for men to breed in the West, which is a shame, but the men who opt out are punishing themselves and their forebears first and foremost. The behavior is a rational response to reduced market incentives, yet it is also fear-based, and not the trait of anyone remotely worthy of the title “alpha male”. The ones who opt out are not the strongest, merely the most fearful. Take one look at the paranoia and conspiracy theories being bandied about by such men in the comment sections here and you can see it yourself; fear rules these men.

        1. Cant ride with you on that bro… true nowadays its quite risky to have kids however if you want your lineage to live on and not die off you might wanna have at least one. Preferably in a stable relationship, but you cant always live life scared

        2. Why does it matter if your lineage lives on? What makes your family name so important? Please tell me about your family’s amazing legacy, what great contributions they gave to society, and why you feel it’s important to keep the name alive?
          No one’s lineage is important at all. Once you die no one will care.

        3. Yes, the truly great men left a real legacy by doing something great, not by having a kid to carry on a name, anybody can do that.

        4. Exactly…. does anyone know the names of the kids of Ghandi, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Einstein, Edison, etc? Doing something great and amazing will keep your name alive, not by having kids.

        5. that was certainly the greek view. there are two ways of having you name live through eternity. one higher and one lower but both important. the high way was to have an idea or accomplish something of importance that people would remember one by. the other was to have kids. i guess socrates chose the first rather than the latter.

        6. Also not a good idea to have kids so they will “take care of you” when you’re old. How many seniors are tucked away in nursing homes right now, while their children piss away their lives, waiting for their inheritance? My retirement nest egg, which is of course much, much, larger than someone with children, guarantees I’ll be properly cared for. It’s ok to want kids for the sake of wanting kids, but any other justification cannot be rationalized.

        7. If you want to be taken care of, get your rear end to Mexico and live in Free Union with a young chick from a solid family. In Mexico, they take care of you when you are old.

        8. true and untrue at the same time. on the one hand, life is meaningless- every thought, word, and deed has no ultimate consequence. on the other hand, every thought, word, and deed has a profound effect on every other part of existence.
          why to have kids? b/c sometimes it’s just best to embrace being human and being an animal and being part of this earth. that’s what every animal is programmed to do–survive and reproduce at any cost.

        9. But raising those kids properly, like a real man is alpha. And by “properly” I mean a good home, a good education, sports, the whole package.
          It’s a pretty hard act to pull off, I know right now I would fail miserably, and yet I’m “alpha” as in, can score easily and regularly with 7’s and above.
          Being a real man is not something you can define in one sentence… but I’ll give it a go: Protecting those you care about.

        10. Cool.
          I might add .. treat others how you want to be treated. The is a person of integrity … which I believe includes what a real person is all about. The worlds seems to be filled with people who use others and then still feel they are a person of integrity. Rather sad.

    4. The difference between alphas having kids and betas having kids is that the betas do it by being lured and alphas by their own design.
      Betas grow beta kids and alphas grow alpha kids.
      Vasectomy is for betas. If you want to be a true alpha you make kids and raise them in your ways. It is in the instinctive nature of alpha to propagate and rule by propagation.
      Fuck man, its our dicks we are talking about, show some respect. Leave them be.

      1. When a beta becomes a father, he is just the father but it is her child. When an alpha becomes a father, it is his child but she is its mother.

    5. i wish better living through nihilism had kids. they could make a really life Uncle Ruckus type show out of that comedy gold.

    6. Having them and raising them correctly is pretty Alpha, I think. Stuff them full of the red pill. That’s what I have been doing with my boys. And not just talking about it but demonstrating. I have experienced being around plenty of single Moms and their kids who have little contact with their fathers, and the dads are hapless Gammas anyway. You can tell within the first 2 minutes of being around them.

    7. Alphas have a bunch of kids by a bunch of different women. Betas have 2-3 kids with one or two women.

    8. More often than not it the beta that the women has kids with coz she can’t lock down an alpha.

  21. I seriously don’t know. Even if I hadn’t been married, I would have passed the age for banging random bar skanks a long while back. There is just no real challenge or even fun to it.
    As for the rest, I always use a rubber that has remained in my possession. Haven’t had any issues with that plan yet.

    1. so 1/2 the population of the USA cannot decipher the difference between a good and bad judge of character?

      1. David, like you I was also married and divorced. She was a sweet kind girl before the wedding, and just became incredibly evil soon after the wedding.

    2. How do you become a good judge of character when the characters (women) are experts at deceit?

  22. If you’re just planning on being a PUA for all of your life, by all means, get a vasectomy.
    For the rest of us who want to breed children who will grow up and be better people than their parents and 90% of modern man, this isn’t a good idea.
    Also, if you’re married, do not do this. If your wife divorces you, there’s no better revenge than starting another family with a saner woman by your side and obedient kids at your feet.

    1. A lot of people have had kids that they hoped “will grow up and be better people than their parents and 90% of modern man” to actually grow up into fuckups.

      1. Yep. No matter your status, at the end of the day you are creating an entirely new and unique person. Absolutely no guarantees ever whatsoever.

      2. Indeed the “my kids would be better” routing is ONLY good for societies that are on the upswing. Like the coal miner dad who manages to send his kids to trade school or college for example.
        For a declining rotten society, the only way your kids are going to be better people is if you went and lived on a deserted island.

      3. I can probably think of only handful of happily married couples with kids, most are divorced or miserable together.

  23. Ive actually considered getting a vasectomy and I plan to do it either this fall or next year…

  24. A vasectomy is almost as bad as neutering a man. It is a terrible idea. You never know what the future awaits. You might become successful one day and find a younger woman and want to have kids. Is it that hard to control your reproductive activities?
    For example, I know a guy. He is 33 years old. His girlfriend is 50! He got a vasectomy while he was with her. Now they broke up. Now that guy can’t have children anymore even if he finds a younger girlfriend. That was just a stupid decision.

      1. Good question. But he really told me he got a vasectomy. Maybe she was like 46 or something at the time and they wanted to be sure there is no pregnancy.

        1. Medical data shows that a woman’s chance to conceive naturally is down to just 1% or less by the time she’s 45. If he got the snip to avoid getting just ‘her’ pregnant, I agree that was a rush decision and a waste. Unless he’s genuinely convinced he will not want kids ever.
          Here’s one thing men who have no kids (or no kids yet) do not realize though. Once you have your first child, your own views about having children changes a lot. Even if before becoming a dad, you were ‘sure’ you’d rather not have kids. I can attest this to be true at least in my case, and I think it’s true for most other too from what I’ve seen. I have a 10 year old son, and I don’t regret it one minute. It’s a joy to think I will have a hand in helping him grow, become a strong red pill man and see him achieve his goals. Living only for yourself can be a bit desolate, I imagine.

      2. Actually, I myself would be worried about getting some old broad knocked up. It’s worse than knocking up a young one.
        Think of an entire life of bad habits and crap food and all of the epigenetic damage some old broad will have. The kid will be a retard or born with a fuckload of health and/or “developmental issues” (which we used to call “a retard”).

        1. Can a 50 year old woman even get pregnant? And why is a 33 year old man dating a 50 year old woman? She better be rich as fuck

  25. A vasectomy is a MUST. Anyone who chooses to have children in this day and age, is INSANE:
    -The cost of raising a child has surpassed $300,000
    -In 20 years, 45% of jobs will be automated and replaced by technology
    -A child born today, has no future
    -Having children GUARANTEES poverty and a life of misery.

    1. I had one kid, then divorced. The child custody and divorce process was hard for about 2 years. Managing 1 child post divorce is actually easier because my time is spent wisely with my son, not on polishing a female’s hamster wheel. No more Valentines’ Day shit, no more having to do “her” things, no more shopping for new shiny objects. It is manageable. However, with 2 kids, it would have been exponentially harder.

      1. Dude, while I feel bad for you, the above facts still do not change.
        Marriage + children = FUCKED UP LIFE.

        1. Or life would be much easier if you don’t have children.
          Whats the difference between the guy with children and the guy with no children? The one with no children has a wallet full of cash while the other one has nothing to show for.
          Sorry dude, but I rest my case- you should never have got married or had kids. Your life would have been much more different.

        2. but I wanted a child. He’s a teen now, and it is fun playing soccer with him ,competing against him in sports & video games and it is satisfying to watch him develop into a person. He’s my best friend, made by me.

        3. What are you going to do when he can’t find a job? Cause most kids in this day and age, have no future. I get it, you enjoy spending your time with him, but it does not change the future, where 45% of jobs will disappear. What are you going to do about this?

        4. I am saving a lot of money for him, for his own business if he chooses to have one. He plays club soccer, so coaching will be an option for him. I will give him options other than college. Like I said one kid is easier.

        5. Two year vocational schools in the trades. Cheap, and he’ll always be able to find a non-outsourcable job.

        6. Yeah I heard one kid isn’t too hard but once you get to about two maybe three or more, then it gets hard to pay for all of them.

        7. U living in hypotheticals bro… I would think you would at least have someone in your corner come nursing home time.

        8. I agree that getting married can ruin a man’s finances. But having a kid, wanted or not, and raising him/her to be able to overcome the challenges of life seems to me like it’s a great achivement in itself that would be very fulfilling. I don’t get all this gloom about finances. Making money is easy, it’s all about attitude…………and my advice is change your attitude and everything else will fall into place.

        9. Good for you, I mean that sincerely not sarcastically. You will be way ahead of most DAs on this site.

    2. If you think having children in the past was ever easy, you don’t know anything. And yet people have always reproduced and they even made you …

      1. Please spare me your emotions.
        I speak with reality and the cost of raising a child is insane, not to mention, he/she has no future. That is the reality, yet most morons don’t seem to think about this, but instead, choose to sprout out more kids.

        1. Haha, you speak of emotions while staring at the crystal ball predicting the future.
          And your logic is false.
          If no children have any future in the future, then future has no future either. Of course, not everyone will be successful and lucky but some will be. Not everyone deserves it anyway. But this hasn’t stopped people in the past from reproducing.
          In fact, the only reason why you’re on this earth is to reproduce. To voluntarily reduce your chances of reproduction is not dumb, it is equal to suicide.

        2. Tails, come on now, grow a pair and make some serious dough and you won’t feel like this at all. Life is and has always been about struggle, so what? Nothing new here………move on

    3. Not to mention the highly feminized slut celebrating an anti male culture we have in the west. You’ll be battling constantly against the media an education system an mainstream entertainment to stop your kid being brainwashed.

  26. Don’t try to polish someone’s turd. AkA Civilization( a combination of people’s opinions and problems) to hell with it
    -Remember, People are hopeless and by feeling good bout trying to wise em up, your only proving what an idiot you are
    Now, We have a real solution that isn’t as crazy as it seems, its going to take an open mind of course, here is my end-game projection for the red pill :
    Number 1) Life extension
    Number2) Space travel(lots of room in the universe to create your own planet and civilization via 2100-2300 terraforming physics)
    number 3) Virtual reality and AI so realistic the brain can’t tell the difference
    Essentially, Once the life extension comes together, the game will be won, because it will only be a matter of time before we may become gods and literally design our own world.
    Free from the shackles that is the turd of other people’s minds. This is my goal, first to make it into the anti-aging age, and even contribute to it, and secondly, to be able to design my very own cassette,
    Life is a film, and we are soon going to have the power to make it what we want
    I am spiritually dead, simply clinging on to the end-game
    Anyone who still has hope for the modern civilization… is a knob
    The ultimate red-pill alpha game, is to be the creator of your own universe, think about it, it’s not as crazy as it seems.

      1. your life sucks balls and in the end you look forward to bitterness and damaged DNA and brain to slowly go insane in a retirement shithole (despite paying out millions in taxes over a lifetime) and then die of heart failure, Aging is our problem, Life-SPAN
        Our number 1 enemy is programmed cell death, all of our cells are slowly getting oxidized, you realize, once your body fails the universe disappears since without your own consciousness the universe could not actually have any presence? Isn’t the fate of the universe of any concern? Wouldnt a real alpha want to end the tragic fate that awaits the biological destiny?
        Isnt it an insult to live as a worm and than go insane and die of heart failure in 4 or so decades?
        If there is no universe can there be any value? NO, NONE, i for one plan to succeed with the life extension and vacate this hell hole, of course i will take the terrabytes of useful contributions prior to vacating.
        As i said, this planet is mad as hell, and the fate of it’s inhabitants, tragic.

        1. Nature abhors a vacuum. I have no doubt that the state of my existence after I die will be the exact same as the state of my existence as before I was born. You cannot have a non-experience, alive or not. Nature does not allow it.

  27. I have a friend who had it done when he was 21. It was his birthday gift to himself. The doctor was really against it and said he was the youngest patient he’d ever had request it. He went through with the procedure though. My friend is now 32, and since I’ve been considering it I asked him if he’s ever had any regrets in the past 11 years. “Best decision I’ve ever made.”
    My main concern for myself is, being an only son with two sisters who are not likely be having kids either, I’ll have to explain to my parents that the line stops here. I have no idea how they’ll take it.

    1. I never understood why people were so concerned with keeping their family name going. Your family’s line is not important at all. If it ends with you, no one is going to miss it. No one will ever write in the books “it’s such a shame that NothingMan00 didn’t have kids and his family line ended”

      1. I know. I feel that way too. I know my parents want to have grandkids though. They have to listen to all their friends talk about it.

    2. Damn dude, that’s tough. I’ve had the same guilt/stress. My parents don’t know I’ve gotten a vasectomy, if I told them it’d break their hearts. They don’t understand today’s society and the backwards feminist buerocracy we live in though.

  28. The irony is that the previous article was about how not to be a wuss and this one is exactly the opposite.

    1. Wrong. This one is about having the guts to have a vasectomy. Why jeapordise your life and go into financial ruin, just so some bitch you knocked up, can ruin your life.
      If anything, you are a wuss if you choose not to have a vasectomy.

    2. Look, you cannot have children in our current society simply to propagate the race. Period. Plenty of other dummies will do that for you. You have to be in an extremely solid relationship/marriage first. Many dummies think that a child will actually IMPROVE a relationship. Wrong, it will bog it down, so you’re starting point better be a very high flying stable relationship. I come from a wonderful family. if I told my parents I was going to have kids simply to have them, they would thump my skull.

  29. As far as im concerned i feel no need to reproduce, as iam of the same species of “humanoids” of which there are billions already
    Do feel free to suffer the risk and all to spread the DNA of which 99.5% we all share identically, i certaintly do not feel cheated out of the 0.05
    Also, do feel encouraged to risk your future to carry on the progeny of the human race

  30. There are two non surgical male BC methods on the way–Vasalgel (in human trials soon) and a pill based on the Indonesian medicine RISUG. You really should do your homework before advising men to get unnecessary surgical procedures.

    1. The Cretins Cloning and Feeding,
      And I Dont even own a TV
      Ive posted that quote so many times on these blogs…great song too

    2. I’ve found the vast majority of men believe everyone except them is stupid. LMAO. These same men are very difficult to live or even be around, their believed superiority is comical though.

      1. But women are even worse and then have a whole system in place to promote the idea that a) they are the superior sex and b) whatever idiot idea comes out of their mouth must be taken seriously.

      2. You just told me what a whiny pussy your boyfriend is, and then you went on to have three more kids with him after the abortion. Forget what I said earlier about overcoming the circles and odds you are in. You are a DA tree, in a forest of DAs, and will never be able to see yourself through it. You dumb asshole.
        You are outside of your brain.

  31. Questioning if you will ever want a child?
    After age 30, you’re not really on the fence. Your future desires will not be swayed by potential events like meeting miss perfect, becoming financially successful, settling down, or even finding God.
    The answer is in front of your face. Look at your closest friends. Are you tight with
    any dads?
    If the answer is no, you don’t want kids and you likely never will.

    1. The answer is yes for me. Including my own father. But my parents also did not raise a dummy. These are different times and the good Ive experienced has made me even more selective, which in these times make it more unlikely to happen. Im not going to do so just to do so, and have my kid being influenced by some dumb broad parading the kid all over Fakebook.

      1. I hate when fucking people post their baby pics on Fakebook, might as well let the child molesters come right through the front door.

  32. Every time you jizz in a female, the chance of pregnancy is 5%
    I myself was in a simply relationship and must have jizzed at least 3 times after around 200 or so sessions
    The fembot would literally say “cum in me” and all this nasty shit like it literally tortures your balls and one or two sperms slip out
    If you are in a relatonship i guarantee one time you will not pull out, “don’t take the risk, have yourself a snip”
    “take care of the ol chap, sit on the dr’s lap”
    “cautious with your dick, just a little prick, than it’s done you can have your fun”
    Srsly, condoms ruin sex, especially with how much alpha game you need to be desireable in the first place, you will feel you have earned the raw dog, alright well thats all ihave to say, Women get turned on by getting the baby gravy in them

  33. In the past our grandfathers would squirm in horror if such a bold step was to become a necessity, but alas! brothers, its a shame that today it has.

  34. In some ways, this makes feminist career ladies and PUA-MGTOW men the perfect companions made for each other in hell.
    They revile each other. Both die without progeny, clawing at each other’s eyes even as they tumble into the abyss of extinction…together.
    And as for the frozen sperm, please. If the lifestyle is consistent, it will just sit there, getting charged with storage fees every month. Plus, they never tell you that maybe 10% survives the thawing process and you pay hundreds for .5 mL doses that you have to pay hundreds more to have administered with IUI procedures. Frozen sperm works sometimes, but is a poor alternative to the ordinary way.
    More interesting I think is to examine who survives the “sexual apocalypse” and goes on to make the next generation.
    Maybe the future belongs to a Mormon theocracy or the Amish, Hutterites, or Hasidim as they reach critical mass in another few generations. It seems clear the present age of atomized individuals favors the formation of defector tribes.
    I’m curious as to what group benefits most and becomes an opportunist organism in the present climate.

    1. While I don’t entirely agree with your “PUA-hate”-ish post, I must say the imagery you invoke with your description was almost poetic. Reminds of me of Poe.

    1. That’s the crux of it, eh? As long as “someday” doesn’t turn out to be Veteran’s Day, 2015.

  35. So who will have children if all high-IQ people don;t want to have children? All the low-IQ populations? The nihilistic rationale is it’s no skin off my back, I’ll already be dead, but do you want the fate of the world to be in the hands of the savages?

    1. That is out of yours and my control. The savages will reproduce, their population will increase exponentially, then there will be a collapse, then rebuild from scratch.

    2. High IQ people are not reproducing at nearly the rate of the mouth breathers. You’re condemning your high IQ progeny to a future filled with caring for the spawn of idiots either way.

  36. I would like to know how you “happily” married guys keep your bitches in line. I would like to have a learning experience today, if you don’t mind. Here’s my knowledge of modern day marriages:
    1. Nobody in America can keep their bitch in line.
    2. The woman is unattractive and has no other options,
    3. The woman is over 50 years old at the time she starts behaving and it is too late to get divorced or act stupid.
    4. Your wife is an illegal immigrant under virtual slavery. The only thing you haven’t done to her is cane her, whip her, and handcuff her to your basement wall beams; but you might as well.
    5. She’s got some kind of health condition and thus has no other option.

    1. I’ll give a go then.
      The ultimate way to succeed is by learning to control your own sexuality. If you are the-always-ready-for-sex type of guy, the woman will control you and eventually lose interests in you.
      You reward bad behaviour and punish bad behaviour in a sexual context.
      1. Learn to say “No” to sex. She’ll offer you sex if she misbehaves hoping that you’ll forgive her. You turn to stone and make her beg for it and then make beg more and finally you turn her down. If you fail once, it will take ages to redeem the error. Never fail there. If you can not help yourself in the beginning make her give you fellatio only. The important thing is that she must not get satisfaction. Do not worry that she’ll go to another man. Just on the contrary, she’ll be intrigued and turned on to you even more.
      2. Learn how to execute proper punishment by slapping her on the bum. I’m not talking the sexy tap on the cheeks, I mean proper beat up. I use my belt. They love it and it does make a difference. It’s a huge turn on for the man too and for the women you’ll meet within few hours. The feel the masculine power oozing from you.
      3. The reward for good behaviour is sex but sex on your terms. One very important aspect is to tease her and tease some more before you penetrate her. When you finally go in, she’ll feel like she’s found a match to her own sexuality. Do not worry about her orgasm, if you tease her properly it’s already on her mind. Make her swallow your semen every time.
      Best of all, do not ejaculate every time. For the woman ejaculation signifies a surrender of the man.
      4. Keep your woman sexually deprived. The more you sexualise her the more you unleash the beast inside her. Every woman is highly promiscuous but because of the huge investment in pregnancy and child care women naturally subdue their promiscuity. It’s up to you to keep the lid slightly open.
      5. Do a paternity test and be good father. Women are programmed to be attracted to a protector. Make it obvious that your children are your priority. Do not buy her gifts, only sexy lingerie for your own viewing pleasures.
      6. Do not disclose your financial situation to her but make her believe that she’s in safe hands. From time to time pay her for sex. She’ll scream – What do you think I am? A Prostitute? You say: Yes! And choke her with the money.
      7. Never admit that you have affairs but your wife must sense that you do not depend for sex on her only.

      1. that shit only works so long. Great for dating but not in the long term. Give it a few years. Even Hugh Hefner has been divorced a few times.
        She will want something in order to behave like an obedient wife. Have you bought a “bigger” house for her and your family at any point? Have you slaved to climb the corporate ladder because she “wants more” for her family?

        1. “Best of all, do not ejaculate every time. For the woman ejaculation signifies a surrender of the man.”
          Really dude ? that’s comedy right there.

        2. The Chinese have been practising this comedy for 6K years. It must be really popular that comedy.

        3. it sounds like you spend your whole day “gaming” your wife. Do you work in between gaming session?

        4. I was actually going to refer to the Chinese here. Im aware of that. They claim to be able to have sex and ejaculate semen only without the sperm. How is that done??

        5. They didn’t ejaculate anything at all. It’s called dry orgasm.
          I do not recommend it though as it takes a special master to teach you or otherwise it could be dangerous.
          What you CAN do is from time to time make her orgasm and you do not. This way you go up in her estimations as ejacualtion signifies surrender to the female.

        6. I do that frequently, make her cum again and again and not myself. But I still wonder how dry orgasms are performed without blowing up your prostate,

        7. And you chose the easy way out.
          Of course, it takes hard work – a proper alpha lion defends his females constantly and puts a hard work in doing it too.

        8. you sound like a kid. You can’t see semen my friend, only under a microscope. The rest of the fluid is sugar.

        9. nobody said they were after your wife, trust me. Listening to all that, I’d rather have a hooker and then go play sports. You’re actually a slave to your wife’s hamster wheel and satisfying it, while I am having fun doing what I want to do.

  37. The problem is that many places will not give you a vasectomy if you’re young. Depending on where you live, it’s entirely possible that if you’re under 30 you’ll be denied a vasectomy.

    1. the women at Planned Parenthood at first demanded that I think about it for 2 weeks and asked me “What if your second wife wants kids?” I argued for about 2 hours before they finally gave in.

        1. I couldn’t believe that they think a so called second wife, whom I have yet to meet, has control of my body.

      1. PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!?? Don’t let them near your junk!
        Go to a real Urologist. If you have insurance, they will probably cover it – as out-patient surgery is far cheaper than a pregnancy and pediatric care.

  38. Easiest solution is to use a condom, if she is not on the pill. No need for surgery of any kind.
    This article strikes me as bordering on the hysterical. Completely devoid of any sort of common sense.

    1. Yes, it is hysterical but also misleading and potentially very damaging. Considering that Vasalgel is just around the corner and it will be more readily reversible than vasectomy.

        1. Crisco, bardol, vagisil, then when the umps arent lookin I put a little jalapeno up my nose and get that going…
          You put snot on the ball?

        2. The comments section today make me want to have anal sex with a virgin, so I can keep her “pure”.

        3. Don’t be bitter now just because it’s too late for you.
          It’s a polymer that acts as a spermicide before the sperm leave the genitals. It lasts for about a decade, is insanely cheap, and easily reversible.

        4. When did I mention that I was bitter? My vasectomy was cheap and desired. you sound like a feminist and white knight now . Then again you admitted you have to appease your wife’s hamster wheel on a daily basis.
          I like to speak facts.
          ” that one of the side effects of potential male birth control pills has been impotence, and nobody wants that. A second hurdle is physiology; men make 1,000 sperm per second, whereas women make one egg per month.”

        5. I wouldn’t go for the pills either. What’s the problem with just pulling out? All my children were conceived when I wanted them.

        6. what? you just talked up Vasalgel now you say you wouldn’t do it. You must be in middle management or something, can’t make a decision.
          “The thoroughness of carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, and toxicity testing in clinical trials has been questioned. In October 2002, India’s Ministry of Health aborted the clinical trials due to reports of albumin in urine and scrotal swelling in Phase III trial participants.[12] The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) noted that dimethyl sulfoxide used as a solvent for the injection is known to cause kidney damage.”

        7. Vasalgel in theory is better than vasectomy as the latter is difficult to reverse. I’m just giving an advice to whoever reads it that it’s best to wait. They said it might be out by 2017.

        8. Ya exactly, they also make something called a vasiclip I think it’s called, basically pinches the tubes off, apparently not that reliable. Vasectomy is for the guys who are sure, and if you are in fact sure then then in my opinion there is no other way

    2. you have guys below who have specifically stated they do not want kids. What is wrong with that ?

  39. Majority of broads hate condoms just as much as men do. They diminish female sexual pleasure as well. And they break all the time. Junk.

    1. they are fine between the ages of 16-22, when even the slightest touch makes your nutsack blow loads like a volcano. After age 22, you need cock-to-vag contact.

        1. ..and remember, the only reason chick’s have sex is to “get close to you”, not closer to latex.

    2. Amazing isn’t it. When one broke on me/us presto baby time. I didn’t plan it and I didn’t trap my BF of 3 years. But that didn’t stop his whine. Men whine, whine, whine. For the record I aborted it because of his whine. Big mistake murdering the only male child he and I would have!!! Afterwards we married and had 3 girls. LMAO. Funny, he wanted a boy so bad … he wanted his boy baby murdered then when his timing was right he wanted another boy baby … sucked for him to want his offspring murdered. Anyway … sex can mean children … if you don’t like the idea get snipped or zip it.

      1. Why didn’t you have the pill or IUD? IUDs are the best thing since sliced bread. I can’t imagine being in a relationship and using condoms, nor can any of my girlfriends, nor any other woman I know.

  40. Trying to convience White Guys to not have Children, Smells a little too Kosher to me….

    1. The crypto Jews you talk about would want us to have as many kids as possible in order to keep their money flowing in. People in debt (goy), sports stars (goy), Soldiers (goy). If the world were only left to Jews who would be the slaves? thanks Roth for your hard earned research.

      1. That’s not the game. The game is keep destroying the family unit but at the same time using the ideal of it as a bait.
        There are plenty of people to enslave. People will not stop reproducing. The question is who does it. It seems the white race is tired of life.

        1. so now you believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control the planet and destroy the family unit too ? Now it all comes together. Roth said the Jews want the white race destroyed, so which is it ? you ranked up his comment for that notion didn’t you? If the family unit is destroyed then who is left for them to enslave? How about the hundreds of thousands of jews who mixed? is that conspiracy too ?

        2. I never mentioned the Jewish but the more I think about it, the more it seems that:
          Feminism and PUA-MGTOW are the two sides of the same coin.

        3. PUA/MGTOW are ways to live and a response to women’s irrational behaviors. I’ve met women who were never allowed to watch TV growing up yet their “freedom” and “education” still made them like all other modern day females. It is ONLY the threat of societal banishment and strict fathers that make women act right (those ideas now long gone), not silly games like slapping them in the ass, and making dumb text jokes, or gaming them. That shit is temporary and works to get laid, that’s about it. Believe me I use it for about 2 months and then dump the women..

        4. It is ONLY the threat of societal banishment and strict fathers that make women act right
          You have a point there but one must always find a way … provided there is a will.

        5. Well you hit on a topic there … men became sluts but labeled it as studs … women followed the lead.
          However, a certain segment of women said … I need to take care of myself because men just want to f**k and not commit and that at times creates a baby that I wish not to murder. So said woman … went to work to take care of herself and said children (btw … we like to have sex too … the difference we are taking care of the children whereas the male has chosen to be childish not manish … the world has to be perfect for him to be manish … in reality the boys that are this way never grow up they whine all their life … bad for a woman to find herself pregnant by a boy but good that feminism happened she will now work and PROVIDE for the bastard child that boy helped create).
          It is an amazing thought a woman would become more feminne if she had a more manly man around. Boys have made women the gatekeeper instead of seeing themselves as being capable of control and desire to build a better society. However, being female … frankly I see women doing a pretty damn good job. We are not all that deep, years wise into the feminist movement and women are earning more and providing more for themselves and their children … another 50 years and when men are marginalized (because they lack control, vision, and a true desire to build and protect) we will have even more male whining. You want feminism to go away … be less of a whore, don’t lie and manipulate to get into a woman’s pants … treat others as you want to be treated. Be the integrity person that you believe yourself to be. Women don’t trust men … we only trust ourself, a good majority men are liars, skanks, and boys and when the first problem (such as a child) comes a long that needs to be solved … you will see exactly what type of person/boy you are dealing with versus what he thinks he is.

    2. I think men need to get snipped because men whine so much now … they aren’t proud of what they have created they are immature boys worried about having to give up their freedom and their cash. Which I think can be legitimate but for God’s sake isn’t everyone tired of the male whine yet, please get snipped.

      1. Sorry you run in the circles that you do. You can overcome and improve your situation if you really want to. If not, I highly suggest a ligation for you.

  41. All the good reasons to get a vasectomy (of course, condoms still work). A vasectomy can be very beneficial, especially nowadays with ridiculous child support payments that any guy would be forced to pay if he ever did accidentally impregnate a girl. You never know if a girl would want to tie you down with a kid!

  42. some good natured guy decided to reproduce with this mother of the decade. Here’s a PSA ad in favor of vasectomies.

  43. All these guys going on about how it’s beta to not have kids, and that reproducing is the sole purpose of life usually have a religious upbringing behind that opinion. Why do you think the Catholic Church outlawed birth control? Because it guarantees an ever expanding crop of believers who will throw thier money into the pot every Sunday. The phillipines is a perfect example. I’m not trying to turn this into a religious argument, I just don’t understand it when people think that I’m wasting my sole reason for living by working my ass off at a job I enjoy, and then taking half the year off to travel the world and fool around, all the while saving more money for retirement than anybody I know. This lifestyle would grind to a screeching halt if I had a kid, I would also have to look for a new career as the one I have now leaves me with no family time whatsoever for long periods. Then again, I guess I could knock up some hag, keep my job and salary, but lose her and the kids due to my “not putting them first” and then throw all that retirement money into child support payments instead. At least I could feel good knowing my genes have been passed on.

    1. Mind if I ask what your job is and how you’re able to take off for half the year? I’d like that life. I’m single with no kids and all I want to do is see the world.

      1. I work for a trucking company that does oilfield services, With the current oil price situation I am hoping to still have a job when I get back home in May, but if not I guess I will just stay on vacation and ride it out. I also live in a motorhome on the jobsite and spend less than $500 a month on my essentials. I basically quit my job every winter, but we hire and fire so many that they can just hire me back when I am ready to work again.

        1. Do you have your CDL? was actually talking to my uncle yesterday, he owns his own big rig tug and suggests I become a trucker. How can I get a job with you?

        2. Yes I have a CDL, best thing I ever did even though everybody told me I shouldn’t be a “dumb Trucker”. Get a license and head to the oil fields in alberta, or North Dakota if you live in the states, all kinds of jobs, and most aren’t that hard. Stay away from long haul, you will have no time off and still be broke. I will say that right now is not a good time to be entering the oilfield business but it will come back soon enough

        3. Is it really just that simple though? I wouldn’t want to go to North Dakota and then not being able to find anything.

        4. I can’t speak for North Dakota, but yes, where I am in the alberta oil sands it is that easy, drove there and was hired the next day, second resume I handed out and I’ve been working ever since.if you have any brains at all or even a non-douche personality it makes it that much easier. As I said before things are a little different now with oil prices being in the tank.

  44. I lived in Latin America (where abortion is illegal) for 2 years and during that time I formulated this really politically incorrect idea about male birth control:
    All young men get the option of free chemical vasectomies around age 15, this would be a socialized health care service. It would be optional and reversible.
    Initially, it’s adoption and impact would be low, the first young men to jump on this offer would of course be those who already had kids and didn’t want more, they would in turn talk their younger brothers and buddies into it. Girls would encourage their boyfriends to get the operation done. Young men would realize that it’s a pretty awesome deal. Small painless operation: All the unprotected sex you want and no babies, equally simple operation to reverse when you are ready to be a father. Unplanned pregnancies would begin to become socially outliers instead of the status quo, men who lied about getting the operation done would be socially shamed, it would just become a common sense thing to do if you were a young guy who liked girls.
    There would maybe be a small increase in the proliferation of STDs, over the already disastrously high infection rates, but this could be countered by educating young women.
    Over a generation this would make a profound difference in the myriad of social and economic problems in the 3rd world caused by broken families. Traditional values of religion, purity, respecting elders, hard work, etc are a big joke in these counties. The only traditional value they practice is the catholic prohibition of birth control.
    At least here in Colombia, it’s a classic Robin Hood society, robbing from the rich to give to the poor. They have a system of social stratification, different neighborhoods get different levels of social assistance; free healthcare, groceries and even rent assistance. The lower stratus areas are predictably crime ridden, single mother ruled bastard baby factories. The higher stratus neighborhoods are very safe, beautiful and clean; quiet comparable to a nice urban neighborhoods in a North America city.
    Consistently across the globe, the family unit is on the decline. Single motherhood is up. No level of education or altruism is going to fix this problems.

  45. If you’re older (over 30) why not go on trt, if you’re inclined to steroids with a gym rat lifestyle?

  46. I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I don’t shoot my muck up her cooch. I much prefer to blow my beans on her face/tits. Love watching her licking my peril jam off her lips or rubbing it into her tits.

    1. Good call, I used the pullout method for a good four months with a girl and never had any problems. I honestly don’t know how these kids today get knocked so easily, my 17 year old cousin just had a “surprise” not too long ago, I guess the young punks can’t tell when theyre about to blow.

      1. Yup…. when I feel like I’m about to shoot I grab my cock at the base and pull out. Move up to her face or slap her tits with my cock a few times. Then release and watch the jizm fly…… because she’s worth it…..

        1. When I pull out, I simply, well, pull out, and tell her to “grab it” and she finishes it off.

  47. lol… you’re not on the hook for 18 yrs, jeez!!!! I laugh every time I read this. You’re on the “hook” until they turn 23 years old.

    1. With Obamacare it’s now until they’re 27 years old. State-sponsored delay of adulthood at its most insidious.

  48. It is time someone invented a petcock for this job. Something that would be very easy for a surgeon to switch, rather than re-attaching the ends of a tiny, flimsy tube.
    If we can come up with Viagra, surely we can do this.

  49. Yeah no thanks. I don’t want my kids born from frozen anything. I reckon reproductive technology is whack. IVF creates humans that nature didn’t intend to be born, from substandard eggs/sperm that was too old or faulty to get together normally, and they have numerous health issues in later life. Sperm donation is dodgy. We’re biologically drawn to people who are compatible genetically with us, by smell, taste etc. You go taking away all that and doing it in a lab, you’re gonna get fucked up creations. I’m not into creating life any way except by having sex with someone fertile. Also, abortions are bullshit and I don’t respect women’s rights to choose.

  50. Already got a vasectomy, will be child free forever unless we choose to adopt. Best decision I have ever made.

    1. Got my tubes tied 5 years ago. Lost a game of Texas hold em’ Just kidding–the wait time for a vasectomy is much, much longer where I live. One bonus of the tubal is the results are instant, where as I think men have to go back for a second test, no? Either way, best decision we ever made!

      1. Yeah, we had to wait two months before we got the all clear, though healing was a breeze compared to having tubes tied, I would assume?

        1. 2 months! you must be dealing with private healthcare. My brother in law had to wait almost a year, I got it in under 6 weeks. The surgery is riskier, in so much as I had to go under full anaesthetic, but it’s day surgery and I think the after care is the same: no heavy lifting, extreme exercise or sex for a prescribed period. You spent a weekend with a bag of frozen peas, I spent a weekend taking Tylenol…..everybody wins in the end 🙂

        2. Oh no! I meant we had to wait 2 months before we could have sex without contraception. Hahahaha sorry. I had to give a sample.
          Between the consultation and the actual procedure was about 3 weeks. And I got some groovy pain killers. WIN!

        3. We had to wait I think around 2-3 weeks before we could have sex at all (for healing purposes), but the contraceptive element is actually instant, so the minute I left the hospital I was sterile. Wow, 3 weeks, that’s private vs. public healthcare for you. Then again my full day surgery was free, so I guess that’s a bonus.

        4. I will tell you what is weird: My procedure costed $110, but for some odd reason, a few months later they sent me a check for $150. They declared that I paid too much. So technically, I got paid $40 to have it done.

  51. Don’t do this. It’s important for the very success of the human race that we outbreed betas and feminists. Get out of the US and raw dog as many random women as you can, leaving the children to beta cuckholds, and settle down with a traditional woman (or a few) to start the biggest family you can. Raise all your children with red pill discipline. We need to win this war!!!

    1. I have to disagree with this one, knocking up some random foreign chick does nothing to help out breed betas and feminists. In fact quite the opposite, men in most third world countries won’t marry or stay with a woman who already has kids, especially from a foreigner, so what you have created is a single mother and a bastard child in a few short strokes, not to mention ruined what might be a nice traditional girls life, since in the real (see 3rd) world the government doesn’t take responsibility for her stupid mistakes. I know way too many nice traditional girls in places like thailand, phillipines etc. who work in bars selling thier pussy because somebody knocked them up and ran away. Too bad for them, at least these women have the guts to do what it takes to take care of thier children, more than can be said for most North American women.

  52. It seems that some of the objectors to this article have either failed to fully comprehend the extent of unchecked feminism, or they grossly overestimate their “aplha-ness” in the face of the draconian laws that consistently favor today’s “empowered” Western woman while marginalizing men into little more than ATM machines with a penis. It’s all about womens choice and womens rights in today’s Western society and the only rights men are given extend only to the boundaries of his ability to pay for her choices while exercisting those rights and nothing more.
    Having experienced first hand the extent of feminist corruption in the family court system in the US and how little the father actually matters in their eyes, I can assure you that your perception of how “alpha” you are is of no importance to the judge. When that gavel comes down on your case of accidentally humping a baby into one of the sluts you have on your rotation, you’ll pay up. Whether you want to or not. And when you start writing those checks, you can remember fondly how little the judge cared that the condom broke, or that she lied about being on the pill, or that one or two thousand sperm managed to escape your cock before you could pull out of her in time.
    Of course, the alternative to the above is to pay attention to the sound advice this article is giving and take advantage of a reliable male contraceptive. Go down to the clinic and get your soldiers preserved. The cost will be far less than child support and even more insignificant if you choose to stick around and play father before you’re ready. Then go get a vasectomy and take away the choice of starting a family from today’s “empowered woman” who only has her interests in mind and return that choice to it’s rightful place. In the hands of a man.

  53. This is the most ridiculous article ever. A young man should not even consider cutting of his sperm supply. Pull out and shoot in the mouth/on tits/on belly whatever, but don’t get snipped at a young age – learn control and you won’t be shooting in the pussy.

    1. I agree to a certain extent. Been lucky to get to the age of 44 with only one conception that ended in a miscarriage (thank God!). Anyway, withdrawal method is ideal but not foolproof. The one woman that I did impregnate got so off of pre-cum that you secrete before you ejaculate. Careful!!!!!
      Better yet to find a woman who also does not want children. Then get an IUD and rock and roll.

  54. The whole world continues to try and destroy every single aspect of masculinity (mentally/physically). Literally you are telling men to cut off their manly function to reduce all levels of testerone sooner. Men like you are no better then feminazis. Being a man isn’t a problem. It’s people like you and these feminazi dyke whores we have to be cautious about. Every law is against men. You don’t have to get a woman pregnant to get screwed.

  55. Hmm, mess around with your dick for the benefit of fucking girls easier with potential to completely harm yourself? Nah bro I’m good, no woman in the world is worth letting doctor mess around with your dick region

  56. For all the idiot comments below…
    Had it done after my 2nd kid and never regretted it for a moment. It’s an easy procedure and has nothing to do with your penis.
    After a week of recuperation, sex feels the same physically – with none of the stress and worry of pregnancy.

    1. a heart surgeon friend of mine told me that installing stints, opening up arteries, and bypass surgery is like renewing hydraulic hoses on machinery. Same with cutting your sperm tubes.

  57. Side question. I’ve been freeballing for almost 20 years (early 30’s now) and my balls have dropped. Which isn’t an issue when I’m horny as fuck as they tuck up nicely… but if I’m fucking a chick just for the sake of fucking I don’t like having loose balls slapping her flaps.
    Do they do a 2-in-1? Vasectomy and a quick tuck? I’d go for that in a shot.

  58. As has been said by others below, you’re probably more at risk with a girlfriend than a bar skank, so there is an alternative – make your girl get Implanon. It can’t be removed without a trip to a family planning clinic (and not all family planning clinics offer insertion/removal services – there will usually be one ‘central’ clinic in an area that the smaller clinics will refer to) unless she is so determined to remove it that she’ll go at her arm with a Stanley knife. If you want to check that it’s still there you just need a quick feel of her upper arm and it’s either there or it’s not – it’s not like the pill which she can ‘forget’ to take every now and then. When having a ONS where you don’t have any say over her chosen method of birth control (IF she’s even using any) just WRAP IT UP.

  59. This is truly what it comes down to. I’m just going to save up as much money as I can in the next few years and then go become a monk.

  60. No thanks, MGTOW is for faggots
    Nothing scares liberal hipsters like big, traditional families. Start one today

  61. Talk of vasectomies, male birth control in 2 years etc as some kind of solutions…
    I get the feeling we should perhaps instead change our strategy so we don’t have sex with anyone we don’t want children with (or someone we’re at least okey with if it happens).
    I know, that would be pretty monk-like for many. Especially in this day & age. But it would be great in other ways.
    It would be empowering since you wouldn’t pander to unworthy women anymore. You’d be free of it.
    You would seek out only the best. The best you can get or nothing.
    Additionally, a lot fewer men would get trapped. We’d also emotionally & genetically reward significantly fewer feminists (which is a victory for society & future generations).

  62. Got a friend who has a small supply of morning after pills. He never told me how he obtained them. But he forced a chick he banged to take them the next day.
    As a precaution in case the condom breaks or some shit, I bought a box from him. Lol

  63. I got a vasectomy last year shortly after my 30th birthday. I have no kids and do not intend to have any. I have never met a bitch I could trust to raise my kids. Let’s face it, kids are a hell of a lot of work, time and money to do it right. Especially in today’s world where the cards are stacked against you from the get go. I know a couple guys that had the procedure done several years ago and never had any problems, which gave me all the confidence I needed.
    I love kids and have much respect for people that raise kids into respectable adults in today’s world, not an easy feat by any measure. To each their own.
    So far no problems to speak of. A little fullness down their from time to time, but I would easily do it again in a heartbeat. The peace of mind is wonderful.
    It’s a personal choice, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

    1. Just to note, my last girlfriend went cold on me when I told her I had the procedure done (no surprise there). I didn’t really give a shit, the bitch wanted me for my money anyways. Funny thing is, she was texting me a month later because she couldnt get enough of the raw doggin! Be careful who you let in on your little secret.

  64. Or you know, you could just be a responsible man and understand the purpose for and potential results of sex.

  65. Thank god I am choosing to be child free until I am married first. I’ve had a few girl friends pull the baby trap on their guys. I’ve seen it first hand when one of my guy friends was at the pub, freaking out because he was now trapped in a relationship that was already on it’s last legs. His bitch of a girl friend then demanded a house and a marriage. Even on his wedding night he made a pass at me in front of my then not ex, I was so furious and slapped him, and then yelled at my future ex for not doing his duties and keeping our fiend off of me.
    Then I found out after some time that they were in the process of divorce, after not even being married for a year! Apparently his wife walked in on him having sex with her best friend, who was maybe a 3. She took the house, his money, and took majority custody of their daughter.
    Another old friend of mine got knocked up in high school, she knew that her relationship was on the rocks. When she told me she was “expecting”, The only words out of my mouth were “why didn’t you use a condom or go on the pill. That lazy sow replied with the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard: “condoms are no fun and take away from the moment; and the pill will make me fat.” This was very telling because she got fat anyway; and was the worst mother ever. Their place was a pig sty, she made her baby trapped man do all the work They broke up a few years later in a bitter separation.
    Needless to say I’ve seen both sides and baby trapping is the worst way to “save a relationship”. You will not get that happy ending by spreading your legs and squeezing out a child. It will only lead to bitterness, resentment, and a lot more problems than a break up could ever give you.

  66. Fuck this article. WTF is it doing on this website? What’s next, “The Benefits of Castration”?

  67. Yes I was a DA at 19 years old where a girl is naïve and believes the lies that boys/men tell. As a 50ish women … you never believe men and you should teach your daughters to never believe men. I married a boy I should have never married.

  68. I was a very young 19 years old girl that had dated the same boy for eventually 5 years before we got married. I believed the lies he told me. I own my own naiveness and I own my own past. We used condoms and one broke. So I was the one that got stuck with the “problem” and then continued to believe he cared for me and loved me. I own that and I will never believe a man when he speaks those words now. It is rare to find another person outside your family that will truly love you. Mind you, I am not talking about I expect a person to take complete care of me … I am talking about about people who won’t use you and leave you high and dry.
    And, my now ex never chose to help with the birth control. I was struggling financially to get through school all the while he was a military guy making enough money to party every night. To put it in perspective, I was living on at most one meal a day and if I spent $2 it was too much. Keeping a roof over my head and paying tuition was about all minimum wage could muster .. pretty much the same as things are today for students. There was no money for the pill and IUD, I didn’t have health care coverage. So the entire “love” message to spin a girls head to manipulate her … I needed a mother or another women to help me through the maze of lies men tell versus believe what men say.

  69. I just recently had this done, and for all the apprehension, it was really no big deal. The only painful part was the local, and after that the procedure and recovery were easy and painless – and I say that having gone back to the gym too soon and torn my stitches. I would say that if you’re considering this, you might as well go ahead and do it. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a heck of a lot less painful than having children! If you’re curious about the details of the procedure, check out the blog posts here they’re fairly entertaining:
    https://reluctantlyaging.com/2016/10/04/awwww-nuts/ https://reluctantlyaging.com/2016/12/19/awww-nuts-part-2-the-reckoning/

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