France Is In Big Trouble

While most of the world is focused on the economical troubles of Greece, Spain, and Portugal, it’s possible that France may blow past them in a rapid economical collapse.

France has been put under the spotlight when Gérard Depardieu, the country’s famous actor, decided to move to Belgium to avoid paying an 75% tax rate that was recently introduced on the rich by the newly elected socialist government headed by President Hollande. Depardieu decided that enough was enough after contributing over 145 million euros to the government during his career. The Telegraph was sympathetic in his move to Belgium, but the same cannot be said of the Washington Post, whose article seems to have been written by Hollande himself…

In real life, however, Depardieu has suddenly taken on a new role: filthy-rich tax-dodger, dissolute ingrate and traitor to his country in a time of need. It is a role he did not seek, but it has made him an unlikely political star at a time when France is bitterly divided over the Socialist government’s efforts to pull out of an economic slump dragging into its fifth year.

After it became known Depardieu bought a house in Belgium to become what is called here a “fiscal exile,” Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called his conduct “tacky.” Labor Minister Michel Sapin said he was an example not of France’s cinematic accomplishments but of “personal degradation.” Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti accused him of “deserting the battlefield in a war against the economic crisis.”

President Francois Hollande tried hard to stay above the fray but could not resist a dig. “When someone loves France, he should serve it,” the chief of state intoned in a radio interview Friday.

Germany’s Spiegel claims that Hollande’s government is in denial about globalization, trying to run the country like an economic history museum. Meanwhile, discontent from both the rich and poor are growing…

Sociologist Olivier Galland, who headed the study, detects a feeling of bitterness and abandonment among 16- to 25-year-olds. “All of the elements are in place that could trigger yet another explosion,” like the one in the late fall of 2005, when there was rioting in the outskirts of major French cities.

“The system won’t survive if we don’t change,” says Gérard Dussillol, a French expert on finance who works for a Franco-Belgian think-tank. He believes that “France, as a domino, can shake the entire system of the euro zone.”

Even fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld no longer has anything good to say about his adopted country, where he claims to pay €2 million in annual taxes, which he calls “a sort of spa tax to the French state.” French politics, with its symbolic tax on the rich, has become “grotesque,” says Lagerfeld, while the French have “sterilized themselves intellectually.” The only thing that still works in the country is fashion, he said in an interview in Berlin.


Back in the US, economist Mish Shedlock calls France “economically insane” for trying to prevent companies from making layoffs.

Hollande’s layoff clampdown solution according to Labour Minister Michel Sapin is to “make layoffs so expensive for companies that it’s not worth it.”

Four things [will happen], all of them bad

1. Mass layoffs will occur before the law passes.
2. Companies will move any jobs they can overseas.
3. Ongoing, if it’s difficult to fire people, companies will not hire them in the first place.
4. Corporate profits will collapse along with the stock market should the need to fire people arise.

He believes France’s implosion is already underway

Looking ahead to 2013, I expect things in France to get worse at an accelerated pace.

My interest in France is due to me currently living in Europe. A faltering Europe weakens the Euro and increases my purchasing power (I earn USD), but on the other hand, collapsing economies means less disposable income for 20-somethings, especially women. They go out less, party less, purchase less feminine clothing, and are less open to casual sex. While it’d be nice to save $150-200 a month from a 10% rise in the dollar, I rather have the poosy benefits of happy girls whose cash enables them to go and “have fun” instead of worrying about how they will make next month’s rent. This is why poorer countries can be harder to get easy sex in than rich ones (assuming you don’t resort to prostitutes).

Regardless of what I think, as long as France’s government turns back time with policies that no longer work in a globalized economy, Europe’s future remains in doubt. Now enjoy this Alizee video…

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    1. It’s not those countries that are going to destroy the EU, it’s the EU itself.
      The EU is a centralized utopian left-wing construct which will invariably collapse, just like the Soviet Union did. It is completely out of control.

  1. Here’s another appropriate French music video:

    On a side note, from personal experience I have noticed that the French do you like to bitch about stuff

  2. “Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti accused him of ‘deserting the battlefield in a war against the economic crisis.’”
    An economic crisis the politicians and the businessmen caused. Not Gérard Depardieu. He owes the French government nothing, not even his allegiance if he so chooses.

  3. “They go out less, party less, purchase less feminine clothing, and are less open to casual sex.”
    Interesting…that sexuality for women is based of their monetary power. Although why would that be a bad thing…it makes the conquest all the more sweet.
    I guess engaging in every pleasure you can think of always has a negative feedback to bring things back to scarcity.

  4. The Brussels is insane, holding South European countries as captives in eurozone cage. Greece, Spain etc. will not recover unless they return to their own national currencies. Return to drachma, peseta etc. will lead into drastic devaluations and defaults, but at least their economic activity increases (via tourism). Spain and Greece have their unemployment rate at 25%, youth unemployment being 40-50%. Holding them hanging there will radicalize their population for decades. It is not that long ago, both above mentioned countries had military governments.
    Eurocrats don’t want to let go of their dream of EU(SSR) peace project, hence they are willing to slaughter the PIIGS and send the bill to North European taxpayers. This madness may still continue for years, but the longer it goes on, the bigger the final collapse.

  5. I am French but I’ve been living in Montreal for the past 5 years now. The Quebec govt. releases immigration statistics every year. For the year 2011, the number of immigrants from France (coming to the province of Quebec, not the whole of Canada) exceeded those coming from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (You should keep in mind that all these people are french-speakers as the Quebec govt. only accepts french-speaking immigrants).
    Now it is very understandable if an Algerian or a Moroccan or a Tunisian wants to leave their country (and settle in a first world country i.e. Canada) but there are more Frenchmen quitting their country for Canada than these people from (so-called) third world countries.
    On the other hand, there is no emigration whatsoever from Quebec to France.
    That might give you an idea of how bad it really is in France.
    The joke in France (among the French people) is that France is a high-end escort. It’d only smile if you show her the money. There’s no place in France for middle classes and the poor. Hence immigrant flow from a (at least on paper) first world country (France, G-8, big economy, ex-colonial empire, technologically advanced in nuclear systems, high speed rails, aerospace, state of the art weaponry) to another first world country (Canada).

  6. It’s difficult to write about the cultural influences of a country if you don’t know the circumstances there.
    The really big problem with France is the social problems with the 3th and 4nd generation of north-african and central african immigrants. They are usually unemployed, and IF they are working somewhere the quality of their work is heavy under the average. Most of those people are on social wellfare and because their culture supports patriarchy they get mainly male (pampered) children. When those children hit puberty they resort to all sorts of criminality because they are otherwise “useless” for society. Look up clichy-sous-bois for info about the riots and recently Marseille that resembles more and more a warzone.
    2nd reason is France is a very nice place to live, (if you stay outside of the cities), with a lot of business. Rich people didn’t have to pay taxes a lot which places lots of pressure on the social security system.
    Hollande is actually handling BOTH problems. Attacking the social profiteers on the upper ànd lower end of the social piramid, avoiding the middle class.
    He’s placing more economical control back to the government, since the government is the engine for the economy (Chang). Without it economy collapses. If you look at economy’s driven on liberal markets they all suffered heavily (Ireland, Spain, Greece). Countries with economies controlled more by the state are doing great. France was under Sarkozy more liberal which resulted in more social problems and economical collapse. Hollande is trying to reverse this trend.
    And actually… France&Belgium are some of the hardest countries to get laid; rooted in the heavy unfluence of the catholic church in the past century. It has nothing to do with the wellfare of the people but with the mentality and how the social circles are connected (antislut defence). Inhabitants of countries with a protestant history like UK, USA, Finland or Norway are just more open minded about sex. Period.

    1. Ireland, Spain, Greece and France capitalist? Please! I was about to take your argument seriously but once you got into it showing your ignorance about the economic policies those heavily socialized countries (with the only exception of Ireland who was more liberal in its economic policy). This is coming from someone who just left Germany a few months ago.

    2. France is a Catholic country?
      When I was in Paris, I went to the Notre Dame for a Sunday service. No more than 1/16 of the seats were filled. Half the people there were tourists.
      I visited a whole bunch of Churches in France, and all of them were the same. France is not a Catholic country. In Brazil those churches would be filled.
      If it’s difficult to bang French women, it’s because the birthrates of the French are astronomically low, and the supply of hot young babes is low resulting in fierce competition.
      I’ve talked with a few young French men, and they’ve told me you can’t even go into a Parisian club unless you bring women with you. It’s a sausage-fest in Paris due to heavy immigration.

      1. That goes for most of Europe though. These countries just remain ‘culturally Catholic’ but not religious in any sense of the word. Their ideas on family, women, and money among other things pretty much stay the same (to some degree) but without the weekly mass, etc. Places in Europe like Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia, Western Ukraine, Flanders, Southern Italy, and Poland are Catholic in the traditional sense. The locals go in droves to fill up the churches.

      2. “If it’s difficult to bang French women, it’s because the birthrates of the French are astronomically low”
        You don’t have the slightest idea about what you’re talking about do you? France has one of the highest birth rate in Europe.

      3. I am french (now living in Montreal though). I agree with Samseau. You have to TAKE a girl to a club if our want to enter it (especially if you’re not white). I guess you aren’t white Samseau. OP talking about immigrants and how they are the root cause of all the social problems in France is just an example of typical French navel-gazing mentality. It’s ignorant guys like OP who give France a bad name.
        Having said that (an that goes for you too Roosh), it’s almost impossible to pick a white middle class French girl in France if you’re not white (short of being a superstar). All your pickup artistry won’t help you. Hell even French guys prefer sexy North African girls to French girls with shitty attitude s and a bloated sense of entitlement.
        One last word for OP, the immigrants didn’t grow up in the fields. France invited them after WWII to rebuild the country. It’s not if there’s a subway line from Algiers to Paris and people can hop on to it to start their lives in France. Utterly ignorant comment.

    3. “They resort to all sorts of criminality because they are otherwise ‘useless’ for society.”
      That’s incredibly ignorant and racist.

  7. Europe’s problem is the ECB, not the marginal tax rates paid by millionaires… While a 75% marginal tax rates on incomes over $1.3 million sounds bad, it won’t affect that many people. Sure, some rich people might buy apartments in Belgium but they will still live and spend money in France. This has little to do with Europe’s slow growth, except that taxes should be cut not raised in recessions…

  8. The effect of the crisis in Europe on woman going out-having sex is minimal, probably unsignificant.
    There is a crisis but the most people maybe buy less luxuary things, or don(t make a holiday to a far destination this year, but it’s not that kind of crisis in France that women don’t do ordinary things like going out etc.

  9. Roosh, much of your success was in third world (or developing) South American countries, not including Brazil. Were any of your European adventures we love to read about affected by economics? Why were the Polish chicks so willing?

    1. Poland is economically more successful than Baltics/Ukraine. Girls take education seriously and plan on careers. I never got the feeling in Poland that a girl is trying to take me for a ride.

  10. better odds getting laid in rich counrtys in recession than devolping nations since they have shit waaay harder,plus they are more conservative.
    even in recession europe will always be poosey paradise
    but ya it could make things difficult.But you can always use broke gold diggers tryin to get at your pockets
    irland france and southern europe is in troublewonder if theres a debt clock for european nations
    the usa debt black is off i think by 2 billion but pretty accruate.
    in 4 yrs time they re debt will be 130%….higher than italys 120%

  11. Greece is also a freeport 4 capitalist companies, resulting in a very small fraction of the population very rich and the other big fraction very poor. Most ships in the world carry a greek flag. Read some lecture of Ha-joon Chang for more info about how governments and protectionism is the key to wellbeing of a country (incl the “liberal” USA).
    France. The churches are not filled, but the mentality of the people is still very catholic, with results in very big antislut defences. My parents 30y ago were controlled 24/24 by the family so they didnt have sex before marriage.
    The birthrates are also very low in Finland, Uk and Usa. But those are the easiest countries to get pussy. It’s the mentality of the girls that’s different. On the countryside of France (villages the muslim immigration is still low, but there it’s also impossible to get pussy. How come?
    In most cities in W-Europe you cant get into the clubs anymore without girls. Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels… In fact all cities with a huge population of muslim unemployed immigrants (whole W-europe). Recent trend is they’re placing bouncers at the entrances of the bars so it’s becoming impossible to get in there as well. This cascade of events is amplified because young girls dont want to live in the aggressive male cities anymore and rent houses in the safe suburbs. Like this girl did:

    1. i would seriously disagree about france being catholic. of all the frenchmen i knew i bet they wouldnt even know what the sacraments were, let alone name some of them. I’m from Canada, and have travelled all over europe. Canada and USA are MUCH more religious than any place i have been in europe. on a huge level. in french classrooms they aren’t even allowed to have crucifixes… same in Germany where im living now. public knowledge of religion amongst people of my generation is so minimal i can hardly believe that christianity was brought to canada from here. But I would agree that of everywhere I’ve been, the girls in North America were by far the easiest to get in bed.
      and in berlin you can get into clubs everywhere. best nightlife of any city I have been to yet

    2. Parisian here. What are you talking about?
      First of all, anti-slut defences have nothing to do with religion in France. And the conservative ‘mentality’ is nowhere as high as you claim. Secondly I really wonder where you go out because in Paris I regularly go to clubs with a wing and no girls. And last but not least, provincial girls are 5 times easier than in Paris so I don’t understand what you are talking about.

  12. France, best country in the world…wonky economy, but great girls and food…fell in love with one of both

  13. The girl in the thumbnail is one of the prettiest girls I have seen. I love middle eastern french women

  14. You’re out kicking your coverage on this one homey, get the facts before cryin wolf and being old’ chicken little bout ishh.

  15. If you weren’t completely wrong, then you would be right.
    The problem is, as an American, the first thing you ask, and then you stop, is DOES THIS BENEFIT MASTER? if it doesn’t benefit MASTER, saying it could get you fired. So best not to say it.
    Let’s ask another question. Does keeping on an employee who loses the company 1,000 dollars a year, but is paid 40,000 a year benefit the French government? Well, obviously. Instead of having to pay +10,000 dollars in benefits, the French government receives +10,000 dollars in taxes. So it CLEARLY benefits the French government to force companies to do this if it can.
    Maybe you should ask the question what happens to the different players from this French behavior. Oh sure, the rich benefit from higher unemployment and they benefit from the firings and they benefit from gobbling up distressed assets. The f*ing question the French ask, in their limitless evil, is does the firing benefit THEM. Maybe you would like to explore the frightening world of people acting according to their own interests instead of giving head to rich people non-stop.

  16. It gets worse. Young white french are embracing white nationalistic fascism. There was a video going around the manosphere a few months ago of white french 25 year olds basically saying they want France for white frenchmen.
    The idea that the most developed western countries will remain free societies with democracy seems to be not so certain.

      1. Roosh please go to France and try to get your French flag (not the Morrocan-French or the Lebanese-French flag but the proper white girl French flag). You’ll see that it’s the hardest place to get laid for you (you aren’t white and can’t speak French). Don’t mention your US passport, that would cause some yokel panties belonging to some village girl from Aveyron to drop. Better still, tell them you’re half Turkish half Iranian and see them run. I read one of your posts some time ago and it said that American girls are the easiest. That’s 100% true. Québec girls too but they take some time (I live in Montreal he he). And your analysis about Toronto is spot on. Only Toronto could have produced Mystery its that bad over there.

    1. In many countries in Western Europe, there’s a contingency of Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate within the societies which are providing for them. The banning of the burqa by Sarkozy, for example, was a signal that they’d (immigrants) better start to play nice. And you’re right, things are heating up- in many countries over there.

      1. European countries should have thought of assimilation before inviting the most ignorant and the least educated of the third world peasants to their societies. It’s only that it’s never the powerful who’s at fault. I can’t hear Merkel, Sarkozy or Brown saying that it’s our fault too. We invited these people over here. It’s not like the Pakistanis, Algerians and Turks conquered England France and Germany. They were asked to come clean the toilets and given nationalities.
        Europe never had a manpower problem. It still is overpopulated. It’s only that in a social welfare state, people prefer not working and getting dole to cleaning toilets. But somebody has to do it. The immigrants did it. Their children won’t. Guess why? Cruz they are nationals now and can collect welfare paychecks. End of story.

    2. Good video.
      You can only be fucked in the arse for so long without saying “ok, enough.”

  17. Did anyone else find unexpected depth in the song Alizee sang? I’m completely serious. Especially when contrasted with say “California Gurls” by Katy Perry.

  18. The whole quote about fashion being the only thing functioning in France is quite interesting. It’s quite sad how learning French in an American university while studying Political Science used to open doors like crazy back in the 80s and 90s. Fast forward to the 2000s as most of those graduates are underemployed or struggling to find relevant work with some incurring quite some student loan debts. How times have changed,

  19. @whatever – to expand and explain, what I think he means – put your interests first, before you start getting concerned with Depardieu’s and Brad Pitt’s and Mitt Romney’s problems.
    We can talk about economic theory stuff for hours, I’m definitely on the left side, but yes it is arguable.
    That is the biggest cultural difference I see between the US and Europe. In the US people actually apply theories and whatnot to rationalize to themselves how “in the big picture” it makes sense for them to be fired and to get their benefits cut and how nationalized healthcare or free education doesn’t make sense. And capitalism is fine. But it *requires* a healthy competition between capital and labor to work, if capital side has slight advantage it’s just as bad as if the labor side does (like with old school auto unions). Put your pocket’s interests first, your country second, Depardieu – well, he got where he is without your help, he’ll probably manage.

  20. Ah, France. I lived there for three years, and I was married to a French woman for five. It’s an addicting place. Good food, sexy women, laissez-faire ethics, six week vacations… Unfortunately it’s untenable in the face of global competition. The problem is that most French people believe that “the government” should take care of all the “little stuff”: healthcare, infrastructure, education, employment, unemployment, and that it should be done nicely. I like to call them beggars who choose. “Would you please do me this favor, and by the way, this is how it must be done or I will complain.”
    I don’t know the numbers, but probably 20-25% of income earners pay for the lifestyle of the other 75-80% via their tax dollars. Gerard Depardieu should have left sooner. Why should they take so much of his money? Why do the masses get to enjoy his wealth? It’s utter bullshit.
    My daughter was born in Paris. The entire process was free, at a beautiful hospital in Lille, where mother and daughter stayed for two weeks after the baby was born. The French nurses practically raised the baby while my wife slept. Merci M. Depardieu for paying for that. In the States, birth costs $30,000, and you get to stay in the hospital for 2 days then they boot you out. The nurses are pretty good, but nothing like the French nurses.
    What’s my point? There is a blog from today regarding democracy and feminism. France is dominated by the opinions of their women, and the men have handed them their balls. Until that changes, France will be in imminent danger always.

    1. Most of Italy is in the toilet economically. My relatives there are heavily taxed and they have to go through a lot of hassle to take out money fron their savings account. There are no jobs either

  21. I agree with several of the comments on assimilation. The US is currently going down a very similar road and fast. Big government creates only corruption, class warfare and an entitlement mindset.

    Liberalism and Islam are destroying what’s left of France. Cheesing eating surrender monkeys. Worthless as allies.
    Muslims are taking over france. Islam is a death cult to begin with and it’s only getting worse. they rioted on a train, taking it over, robbing and raping all the passengers and the western media barely made a peep.
    Just wait until all the women are wearing burka’s and treated like livestock while sending their kids out the door with suicide vests.

    1. though there was middle eastern and africans rioting….there were white naitve french rioting as well
      migrranats arent taken over france but theyuy do have a signifciant population in paris(immigrants always concentrate in main urban regions..they are never evenly distributed)
      since they are poor they are pushed into ghettos and become a problem
      in uk pakistanis concentrate in ghettos, but in canada and usa they are the wealthiest groups(u can find that on wiki:indian american)
      why hate that the most alpha culture isnt tuoghen up the pussiest europeans….consider it pay back for colonization
      soaudi arabia has many migrants(mostly filipinos an south asian) UAE QATAR Mayalsia and singapore the naive arabs and malays are out numbered by migrants(mostly asia) but no complaints
      europeeans have to stop messin with thier migrants…they been doin it since the 60s

  23. This is an interesting discussion for me to follow. I am an American living and teaching in Germany.
    Check out this article:
    Here, in it, Nicolas Sarkozy says that French must start intermarrying for the benefit of their nation. It also talks about his plans for affirmative action programs.
    Myself, I think identity politics are bad for any nation- or I should say country. But as long as others are going to play them, white Europeans and Americans might do well to join in. Fair is fair, right? Imagine a race war and both sides actually showed up? Still, the best is E Pluribus Unim.
    Seriously, Liberal scholar Robert Putnam in a large study found diversity actually weakened trust and participation in communities across the country.
    I see. Maybe diversity isn’t a strength, at least not always. No hate, only love for my other brothers and sisters, but I think we whites of European ancestry, either we have a more co-operative gene for survival in tough times, or we’ve been made to feel so guilty and self-hating that we let everyone else play the race card on us, and demand our pity and our open borders. We let there be a total double standard, and we are hardly even allowed to acknowledge it, without being made pariah.
    Do we not know what happens when we have many nations inside of one country? We have a civil war, do we not? At least a cold civil war? Has not history repeatedly showed this? America became a melting pot for a while but it was still predominantly Christian European. Now look at us. And who are the least likely to assimilate (and promote diversity in other nations besides their own)? I don’t want to give you the answer because I don’t want to be accused of anti-semitism and made pariah but facts are facts.
    We have to be able to think any thought.
    Also, taxes and inheritance taxes are a war on small and medium sized businesses, which means corporations (which never die) keep gaining power. I think we have to all decentralize- that means bust up the EU and the federal government. Don’t you like how people like to control us from the top down, from the center outward? Don’t you also like how those preaching tolerance and hating hate and violence are the ones who send the military into non-democratic countries? The ones who are accused of racism and bigotry and traditional values are often, if given power, the ones who’d immediately bring the militaries of their respective countries back home. Food for thought.
    Thanks everyone for updating me on France’s condition. I didn’t know there were so many immigrants sucking on the government teat. I pray for the survival of ALL global heritages and ethnicities- as well as new ones being blended!

  24. Je suis français. J’ai commencé à écrire ce commentaire en anglais mais je n’ai pas un assez bon niveau d’anglais pour exprimer correctement tout ce que je veux dire. Ceux qui sont vraiment intéressé par la france et par l’avis d’un français pourront faire l’effort de traduire ce que je dis.
    Déjà, je me suis toujours demandé si la nature du game était tout à fait la même en france et dans les pays anglosaxons. Ce serait génial de voir rosh passer quelque temps en france et avoir ses impressions à propos du pays et de ses femmes. Ce serait génial de pouvoir faire la comparaison. De part mon expérience et en lisant vos histoires je pense que les femmes françaises sont évidement les mêmes dans le fond mais qu’elles se cachent beaucoup plus derrière une image de bonne fille propre sur elle qui veut s’engager. Un plus grand “anti slut defense”. Ce que l’on dit ici c’est que les français sont les meilleurs amants du monde parce que les françaises sont les plus chiantes et que du coup on a de l’entrainement, haha.
    Ensuite, c’est fou de lire que certaines personnes puissent penser que la france n’est pas un pays catholique. Ça fait juste un peu moins de 2000 ans que c’est le cas, ahah. C’est ici que le catholicisme s’est répandu à la base. Ça ne se voit pas au jour le jour car depuis le début des années 1900 nous sommes un état strictement laic et nous sommes profondément attaché à cette notion de laicité. La séparation totale entre l’état et la religion. Ce serait scandaleux ici de voir le président jurer sur la bible comme c’est le cas aux USA ou de voir des croix dans les écoles publiques. On peut d’ailleurs voir actuellement que c’est un pays profondément catholique en voyant l’ampleur que prennent les manifestations anti mariage gay que Hollande a promis de mettre en place. A vrai dire nous sommes nous mêmes surpris !
    C’est aussi une erreur de dire que le taux de natalité est faible, c’est tout le contraire ! Autour de deux enfants par femmes. La france est le seul pays d’europe de l’ouest dans lequel la population augmente ! Cela grâce à notre politique très favorable envers les couples qui ont des enfants. Dans 15 ans la france comptera 80 millions d’habitant et l’allemage 60, et il y aura deux fois plus de français que d’italiens ou d’espagnols ou d’anglais !
    J’ai lu aussi que la france ne savait pas assimiler ses étrangers. Mais non, rassurez vous, on est pas envahis et menacés par les musulmans, comme certains semblent le penser, pas plus qu’ailleurs, même si les médias insistent beaucoup sur cette peur. Quelqu’un a parlé de la loi de sarkozy sur burqa. On en a débattu pendant des mois, c’est passé sans arrêt à la TV, mais en réalité ça concernait seulement 200 personnes. C’est une histoire de politique. La droite tente de récupérer des électeurs en attisant la peur de l’autre. Bon c’est vrai qu’il y a des tensions, tout n’est pas rose, mais vos propos sont caricaturaux.
    Et non rosh, la france n’a pas particulièrement de problèmes, pas plus que les autres pays du monde. Simplement le système capitaliste actuel veut détruire le modèle français, avec un état fort et protecteur. Tu comprends, ils veulent privatiser la sécurité sociale, ils veulent privatiser l’éducation, ils veulent que les salariés soient moins protégés. Il y a beaucoup d’argent à gagner. Et puisqu’on est un peuple rebelle, des économistes sortent sans arrêts des articles pour nous convaincre que le modèle français est mauvais et qu’il doit être changé. C’est ça l’ambiance de la france : on tiens à un modèle qui n’a pas du s’imposer et que tout le monde veut détruire. Je ne dis pas que tout va bien dans le pays, mais l’espagne, l’italie, l’irlande, l’angleterre sont dans de pires situations. Quoi qu’il en soit si l’un de ces pays s’effondre c’est toute l’union européenne qui suit.

  25. It’s interesting to take note of the hate heaped on Depardieu as he moved from Belgium (and then Russia) to get away from France. I recall seeing that Tina Turner recently surrendered her US citizenship for a Swiss one. Regardless of what one may think of him or her, people’s furious reaction to their moves gives us all a taste of what we will eventually receive if we ever decide to hit the eject button and leave the US.

  26. “They go out less, party less, purchase less feminine clothing, and are less open to casual sex.” – – – The author, obviously, doesn’t know women that well! 😛 An attractive woman will get MEN to buy her all that she needs! Even if she uses sex or the promise of sex to do so! She WILL get what she needs, easy! 😛

  27. Wow, French pop music really sucks. That bitch dances like an epileptic getting tazered.

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