The Public Humiliation Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister

We’ve gotten a lot of hate over the past year from politicians, C list celebrities, and female typists, but not from the direct relative of one of the most influential billionaires in the world. That seal has been broken by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, who turns out is obsessed with the manosphere. Her most recent attacks against us have generated enough criticism that it has forced the “classics scholar” to respond by whining about non-existent death threats and anti-semitism (she’s Jewish) while safely encamped in her $2.1 million home.

How she wants you to think she looks like:

How she really looks like:

I vaguely remember an article she wrote a year ago about pickup titled Bang Rome, obviously copying the title format of my Pulitzer worthy sex guides. The article, which does not offer an excerpt worth quoting, tried to compare Ovid to modern pickup. One year later, she decided to try a different tact to get noticed: she directly attacked me, the alt right, and many other thought leaders in a Jezebel piece titled Putting The Neo Back In Neo Nazi, which is a likely reference to neomasculinity.

Nobody in their right mind would call Return of Kings a bastion of human decency. But when I became a regular (if resistant) reader of the site, most of its vitriol was reserved for predictable targets—especially Muslims and SJWs (“social justice warriors”). While its writers have dabbled in barely-coded anti-Semitism in the past, others have argued against it—though their gradual shift became clear in July with the article “Is Antisemitism Genuine Bigotry Or A Practical Counterdefense Against A Powerful Tribe?” Roosh V, a “neomasculine” man with a poor imitation of a Duck Dynasty beard, has gone from arguing in February that “The Alt Right Is Worse Than Feminism In Attempting To Control Male Sexual Behavior” to saying in August, “While we are not officially an alt right site, we share much overlap with them in the general alternative sphere.” (He also refuses to denounce Richard Spencer for his recent forays into blatant Nazi rhetoric.)


Only a few weeks ago, Return of Kings published a predictably horrifying article with the title “11 Tips For Raising Your Daughter on the Red Pill” which advises, among other things, that you should hit on waitresses in front of your children so they can see what game looks like.

In another recent article on her blog, she goes after me and Quintus Curtius, who continues to connect hundreds of men with the classics while she perverts it into a grotesque image of social justice.

Predictably, Quintus Curtius has an extremely limited understanding of “how things were like in previous eras.” His stated goal is “to remind readers of the glories of leadership, character, and masculine virtue that can change their lives” — so of course, his understanding of antiquity is of a world inhabited by only a few extremely elite men. He has no sense of or interest in social history, cultural history, women, slaves, children, and broad historical trends. The ancient world is reduced to a textbook model for leadership, character, and masculine virtue.


Next time you hear either of those arguments made, remember: they are also made by a man who tells stories about raping women in his “Bang” series of “game guides,” who believes that “Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men,” who recently rejoiced because the election of Donald Trump “automatically legitimizes masculine behaviors that were previously labeled sexist and misogynist” — a man who was rejected by the Alt-Right for being insufficiently white himself.


So why have so many white, male leaders of communities and websites that used to focus on sex and gender shifted in recent months to anti-Semitism, white nationalism, and complaining about “(((the media)))”? In part, of course, because these men were always grossly bigoted and racist.

For living in a multi-million dollar home in a neighborhood with only a 1.7% black population (the national average is 12.6%), she seems terribly concerned about racism. Do you think she has even met a black person during her residence in one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States? It is peculiar why someone who never sees black people would be so concerned about racism, unless of course she is an intolerable hypocrite who hasn’t yet checked her billionaire privilege.

I wouldn’t want to subject you to any more of her pseudo-intellectual writings, but it’s clear from them that she has a serious obsession with masculine writers who have normal testosterone levels, unlike her potato-faced husband, through her admission that she follows badthink sites daily along with the individual personalities behind them. Attacking Quintus Curtius, a man who takes his work seriously, proved to be her greatest mistake. In an article titled When Education Does Not Mean Knowledge: The Case Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister, he evaporates her entire educational career in one go.

Character matters in everything, Ms. Zuckerberg, and it affects everything. And this is why I focus on it in my books. If you had a more expansive soul and were possessed of deeper life experiences you might know this.

And this really is the heart of the matter. I emphasize character, morals, and the education of the young because I know how important it is. I am a forty-eight year old man who has more scars than you will ever have. I have fought more battles than you will ever fight. While you were mincing around the halls of Princeton University, I was leading Marines in Okinawa and East Asia.

While you were bullying people for not adhering to your politically-correct ideology, I was starting a law firm, trying cases in court, fighting for the rights of the common man, and making an honest name for myself. This is the difference between you and me. While you are a spoiled child of privilege, I am a man who has earned his way through life through the sweat of his own brow.

Do you want to know why I write? Because I love the subject matter, and I truly believe in its power to bring back what we have lost from our society. I venerate these classical and Renaissance works because I know how true their lessons are for real life. I use them as a source of moral inspiration, a guide to a better life, and as a vision for the elevation of the human spirit.

You, on the other hand, use them as a punch line. You have no real feel for these works. If you did, you would never be able to miss the role of character and virtue in a great many classical and Renaissance works. In fact, I think that deep down, you despise these books.


Unlike you, I am not a child of privilege. No one ever gave me anything: I made my own way in life as the son of immigrants who did not have the benefit of being royalty like yourself. I earned my love of ancient wisdom with my own effort, and I hold it close to my heart.

Quintus and I also had some laughs at her expense during a recent Culture War chat (starts at 7:30)

Other men have revealed how worthless a PhD from Princeton is these days.

This is a very glaring and instructive example of the penetration of leftist/SJW ideology into every nook and cranny of society. The entire purpose of studying Classics is that the ideas and values of the Greco-Roman tradition are (sometimes literally) written in stone. They are immutable. They are not open to change and interpretation. They are literally foundational. They are the bedrock of Western Civilization. You don’t get to go back and retcon Plato into being an Afro-Caribbean hipster with an interest in women’s issues. These people are literally trying to-write history to suit their modern political agenda. As the commenter astutely pointed out, this is gross cultural appropriation of the worst and most damning type – this is outright cultural theft. They are attempting to steal Classical culture and remake it in the image of social justice (their god).

And it’s clear this Zuckerberg woman is a real piece of work. Her insecurity comes across in her writing (she is desperately in search of an avenue of self-importance to attach her name to). I can’t imagine the sort of psychological strain she must be under. When you’re a neurotic striver of the sort that she is, having to live with the fact that your goofy, Aspergerish brother became a multi-billionaire and culturally significant figure by the age of 25 while you’re reduced to pimping the SJW narrative on some shitty website (which your moneybags brother is no doubt paying for) can’t be good for one’s feeling of self-worth. (Scorpion)


Donna Zuckerberg should be working on her dissertation on Ancient Greek tragedy and comedy, but somehow she always seems to find herself baking scones and then blogging about them. Follow her delicious adventures at [her food blog] or on Facebook.

It’s unfortunate that Donna does not feel free to devote even more time to what is clearly her true passion — cooking, and baking in particular — and is instead obliged to finish her “dissertation” and produce these worthless whiny texts on “Eidolon”. It’s an error and a waste of time, and it probably diminishes the quality of the scones (which should have mostly remained unblogged) and prevents them from being as dreamily delicious as they could be. (Lizard Of Oz)


The women’s criticism of groups of men who challenge the orthodoxy of our sociopolitical landscape reads like a projection of their own feminine inadequacies and a craving for the male dominance and validation they claim to hate. Tell me a time when either Return Of Kings or the Roosh V Forum praised women like them.

The supreme irony, too, is that Zuckerberg’s brother created Facebook from an original concept called Facemash, which rated the attractiveness of Harvard girls and got the budding entrepreneur in hot water. This was all really no different to anything Return Of Kings currently does in rating women. (Return Of Kings)

How do you think the “classics scholar” responded? What do you think the product of Princeton wrote to Quintus, a man who gave countless historical rebuttals of her odious revisionism? She cried liked a big baby.

The Ivy Leaguer has no clothes. She is no different than a high school girl on Tumblr who accuses you of harassment after you make fun of her claim that she spiritually identifies as a deer. Her primary response was to write an article—not to refute any of the rebuttals against her—but to explain to her apathetic readership that they need to do a better job of supporting her against the criticisms of evil men that she attacked first when she called them racists and rapists.

Do not say any of these to the person receiving the abuse. In fact, you probably shouldn’t say them at all.

Do not suggest that they should consider not writing about topics that draw this kind of hatred. This response is terrible for many reasons, but I’ll limit myself to two here:

1) Don’t blame the victim. Ever. Nobody is ever “asking” for anti-Semitic death threats, unless they literally tweet “please send me anti-Semitic memes for research purposes!”

2) A tiny voice in the writer’s head is almost certainly saying this exact thing, and that voice doesn’t need to be amplified.

Do not assume you know how the writer feels. “You must be curled up in the fetal position right now!” may seem like a sympathetic thing to say, but death threats can provoke a wide range of emotional responses. Instead of assuming, ask, “How are you holding up?”

Even though not one person has said they’d kill her (a lamp shade meme is not a “death threat”), she expects you to accept that the sister of one of the richest men in the world, who is using her education not to breathe life into the classics but to defame men who understand it better than her, and who lives in the top 1% economic bracket nationwide, is a victim of abuse. Her family does not have enough of the pie, and she needs more, so tread carefully and give her support in the exact manner she demands. Bow down you lowly peasant! Rush to her aid! Or maybe not, since it appears she has practically no supporters. Apparently it’s tough to accumulate social justice victim points when you have the super-mega-bucks and are Jewish, a group that happens to be the most privileged in the United States. What person wants to help a woman who never has to worry about working again for the rest of her entire life and can simply live out her days baking scones for a food blog?

Maybe one day we will encounter an enemy who is our intellectual equal, but today is not that day. Instead we must endure adult children who shriek out in pain as they strike us, whose blows effortlessly slide off us like water from a seal’s fur coat. And if Mark Zuckerberg is reading this right now, and there is a good chance he is because his arrogant sister bit off more than she could chew, I want him to know that she is now our “house ho.”

Mark, we have raped your sister’s mind with our ideas and our vigor. We have so burrowed a hole into her head that not a day goes by without her thinking of our ideology, our arguments, and our words. You can do your worst on Facebook, and hide reality to your heart’s content, but you cannot even begin to stop us from wounding your own family. What goes around comes around—you’ve manipulated the minds of millions people who use Facebook, censoring the truth from them, and now we own the mind of your sister.

And I’d surely click the like button on that.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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  1. I’m sure she has met black people in her neighborhood. They may do her laundry or her lawn but I’m sure it close enough that she can identify with their struggle, as long as they don’t actually talk to her she wont pepper-spray them.

  2. It is ironic that that feminist bitch only claim to fame, is being known as Mrs Mark Zuckerbergs Sister

  3. Nobody has the right to not be offended. The whole “shut them up” campaign enacted by the left in the 1970’s is far worse than tiring, it is fascist. If I say something out of line, I get called out on it, and maybe I need to backpeddle and rethink what I am saying. Same goes for whoever is on the other side. In time there will be an arrival to the truth.
    Shutting people up has the opposite effect. They may keep quiet, but they lose all respect for you. The dialogue has ended, and all that remains is a building hatred of the other party.

    1. Yep. It creates a pressure cooker situation and people find less polite ways to air their grievances

    1. It already is…millenials are into snapchat and instagram. Facebook, the tombstone with a photo attached, as someone called it, is mainly used by cat ladies.

  4. “Occupation?”
    “Mark Cuckerberg’s Sister”
    “Eeeerrrrmm, ma’am that is not an occupation”
    “Misogynist piece of shit!!!!,”

  5. Zuckerjew lives in a mansion surrounded by walls, and spends more company money each year on private armed security than we do to protect the US Presidents.
    Meanwhile the shifty kike preaches about putting refugees in other people’s homes and how we must get rid of guns.
    Typical liberal. Typical kike. Shifty, two-faces, lying hypocrites. It’s a shame the gas chambers weren’t actually real, because they goddamn well deserved it if they were.

    1. Gas chambers are inefficient & out of date …
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        1. lol, I’m simply doing my bit to bring jews & nazi’s together …
          Jews are always claiming a jew can be turned into a lampshade, a bar of soap, & hand gloves … so why not turn jews into microwaveable pop corn … pop jew protein snacks
          While nazi’s are always complaining gas chambers cant have killed 6 million ppl, because theyre too slow & require pressurised sealed chambers, just like gas chambers used for blacks on death row today …
          So my solution is if nazi’s used microwaves filled with zyklon b, it would bring both communities together
          Jews get their 6 million & nazi’s get tasty jewish protein snacks …
          Its a Win-Win!!! for all the family … McNazi burgers, now with extra lampshade …
          Available at your nearest nazi concentration burger bar camp …
          stocks last while jews still molest palestinian settlements & set 5 year old children on fire with their awesomeness & air to ground mortars …

        2. Site is old and outdated, but I appreciate it! Stay active here, lots of delicious content.

        3. You should at least release your older material from the site, on youtube, there’s some serious cash to be made. As the audience is alot bigger with the rise of the alt right, you already have a receptive audience.
          Are you working on any new projects btw? Of course i wanna see more hilarious articles which cause women to loose their pants & men to find theirs …

  6. She’s unconsciously hoping a genuine man will grab by the pussy and save her from her current life of beta death.
    Honey, stop taking money from your brother, and move to Israel.

  7. She recognizes the truth deep down. We have been doing things the same way for our entire history and suddenly Marx comes along and says that everyone is equal discrediting the benefits of hierarchy. Yet every human knows deep down that while we all have the same potential to be happy we are not equal in a hierarchical sense— man is above woman in every society that has ever existed— we cannot function as equals.

  8. Roosh V is a straight White Male, period.
    Even if he wasn’t, we would give him a Honorary White Male status.
    His ancestors are from Iran.
    There is a reason why Iran means the Land of the Aryans.
    Enough said.

      1. I dare say Islam did hit Iran a bit earlier than the 70s if you know what I mean.
        7th Century, A.D., more like…

    1. Microwave using Aryans are clearly superior to Gas chamber using Aryans …
      Aryans have realised Gas chambers are inefficient & out of date …
      Microwaves filled with zyklon b, instead of tv dinners, are clearly the future …
      Stock up on anti-semitic microwaves, to avoid disappointment …

    2. Persians come from the same people that the rest of us crackers (and Hindus) come from, which is, the ancient Indo-European peoples. Farsi is in the same language tree as English, German, Italian, Gaelic, Russian, Welsh, Sanskrit, and Latin. End of the day, we’re all scientifically proven “kin”.

      1. That’s kind of odd. We are genetically related to Asians as well, if you go far enough back. I don’t recognize Persians as being close kin to western europeans, albeit they are closer than australian aborigines.

      1. That is unimportant for me.
        What Is important, though, is that Roosh is one of the most important Manosphere influencers who are having a net positive effect on countless peoples’ lives, including mine, which might just save Western civilization on the long run.
        That alone sould be enough, but another fact is, most Cultural Marxists and Jews are having the exact same pigmentation as Snow White, so ”Whiteness” in itself is not an enough basis to play Identity Politics and to win the Cultural War based on.
        And even if we straight, white, Christian, European males do start winning the Cultural War playing our own identity politics, that does not mean that we have to become the very White Supremacists the Liberal-Bolsheviks are accusing us to be.
        Being proud of what we are makes a perfect ground for us to understand Roosh being proud of his Iranian roots, and to respect the man and the contribution he makes to the greater good.

        1. Dude, I didnt need all that.
          I didnt say anything else except that he wasnt White.
          I didnt indicate that being either positive or negative.
          I really dont care.
          I think he is doing a hard job very well.

  9. And that, gentlemen, is what we refer to as “field dressing a carcass”.
    Someone should have warned our little Snowflake that sometimes it really is proper to shut up, especially when one finds oneself out of their depth.

  10. Now the article “Why Are Women Being Educated?” is clear. University time was wasted on her that could been been used on someone with good sense.

    1. I’m afraid you didn’t read it properly: it was about why women were being educated while they were at their most fertile. In Donna’s case this was probably a blessing.

  11. I constantly get these spam emails from the facebooks that say “hey, there are more people than you think on the facebooks” as if my reason for not being on facebook is because I am afraid I will show up and not know anyone. ffs these people can’t get over the idea that someone doesn’t want their garbage nonsense.
    I mention this because this woman is only even slightly relevant because of her brother

    1. I’ve had those for years. I’ve never had an account but it knows who my family and friends are.
      Ergo some cock has tagged my email address

      1. same here.
        The only thing I have worse is that someone signed my email up for news from the Women’s Leadership Conference. I get emails from them like 5 times a week and nothing I do seems to be able to prevent it. When I find which of my shitlord friends or coworkers did this I am going to kiss him for being so fucking brilliant and then break his fucking leg.

        1. That is hilarious and awesome. Oh, skip the leg breaking. This little nugget is going to bring a smile to the faces of so many who come by here today.

        2. At my Father in Law’s house, I got hold of his Sky TV remote and started highlighting things (and by things I mean the contents of the Adult channels) so he can’t so much as sit down to watch the weather forecast without “Bangkok Ladyboys” flashing up.
          In short, shitlordism is funny

        3. Yeah, I can’t be too mad. The joke is funny. But someone out there has been laughing at me for about 3 months now and when I find out it is going to be revenge time.

        4. yup. I will be in good spirits when I find out who it was but if he thinks there will not be swift and extreme vengeance then he, whomever he is, is a moron.

    1. “Wealthy university bitches’s opinions are as valuable as the shit my dog took this morning.”
      The dogs shit fertilizes the grass, the Swamp Donkey’s opinions pollute the internet so “no” they are not equal the former being useful the later useless..

  12. cute enough when she was in college, but didn’t move forward so the Wall came to her; she should be using the internet to post pictures of babies

    1. if I am not mistaken, Supes, you are in a graduate program (maybe post doc)? Do you have plans to high tail it when you are finished and if so, where to?

      1. Still figuring it out tbh… my head is mostly in my studies atm. Will be done my program for summer and have work lined up. I want to hit a certain financial threshold and get experience in industry before I bounce.
        This is my hometown despite its failings, so I can make something of it for a little while. I’m overworked at the moment but I do know how to enjoy the city I grew up in. My reasons for leaving would mostly be connected to starting a family and/or wanting to enjoy a more cultured life at half the price of what I need to pay here.
        If I could work towards dual-citizenship with US I might aim for that. Otherwise it seems like a toss-up between parts of Southeast Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe, but I haven’t done enough research.
        What troubles me the most is the family formation bit… I’m not sure what to do about that and I’m not even sure I have enough life experience to really want that yet. I will most likely be travelling for its own sake in the near future. I really wouldn’t mind to work somewhere else for a while and escape this confused feminized corporate culture. I really do feel like I can’t openly speak my mind here without being ostracized.

        1. Hey thanks, if I end up working in New York or something I still intend to harass you into showing me the best watering hole.
          Also… following up on my original point of Toronto being the most diverse city on Earth I just found this story…
          Apparently a student group at Ryerson University (downtown Toronto) has organized a group protesting a Holocaust education event hosted by the university. Guess which race/religion the student group representative is.
          Interesting to see (((diversity))) begin to backfire. There are early signs that my predictions are turning out to be accurate.

          As much as I hate this city, it is very interesting from an anthropological point of view.

        2. Hey man, I am not going anywhere so feel free to hit me up. I can imagine the anthropological interest and I certainly understand the attachment to ones home town. Tough decisions for you to make in the future. I have a buddy who travels for work and is on the road to different places 3 weeks out of every month. Maybe something like that would work for you?

        3. I live and work in Toronto. Your observations are bang on. It’s an unbelievable morass of leftist groupthink. Ok if you put your head down, earn, focus on family and recreation as I do. But there is something really soulless and intellectually stifling about the place. I’m in my early forties and somehow I made the leap to happily married family man. However, I look at my twenty-something nephews in this city, observe their ennui and feel for them. One of them is early twenties, finishing a business undergrad at U of T, good looking and decent kid. Sort of lost though and I don’t think he could get laid if his life depended on it (much less find a decent woman to marry).
          As to viewing the city through an anthropological lens, you’re absolutely right on that score too. The place is a fascinating study on the incongruity and dissonance of a mandated diversity culture.

        4. My cousin is the exact same way. He seems totally disconnected and it’s to the point that his own sister makes fun of him that he’s gonna be a virgin forever. It’s sad…
          On my other side of the family is my other cousin who is turning into the stereotypical spinster cat lady in her mid-30s. She hates The Donald but can’t admit that her feminist philosophy is fucking up her life. I know for a fact that she feels alone and scared, and yet she will not let go of her fantasy beliefs of how women are being held down by the man.
          I’m 30 now, and I’m thankful that I gained enough life experience to see through the bullshit… I really feel for the younger guys (and girls too) though because all they see is the propaganda and have no idea they’re being used as useful idiots.
          The healthiest people and communities I meet are way out of the city in northern Ontario for instance. In Toronto young guys have to constantly agree with bullshit that is obviously degenerate and against their own interests.

        5. “What troubles me the most is the family formation bit… I’m not sure what to do about that”
          Easy. Unsolicited advice from ex-Torontonian.
          Don’t worry about. concentrate on your path (career, hobbies, etc). Build wealth, build experience, build confidence.
          Then go to another country where women value what you have to offer.
          Not to be risque, but Toronto is stocked with massage places and escort agencies. No reason for a single guy to feel unfulfilled there. Compare that to the options in the USA and it is a joke. Being happily married I only look out of curiosity, but the hookers in the USA are mind bogglingly ugly compared to Toronto or Montreal.
          As for speaking your mind, that is a tough one. The corporate culture in Silicon Valley and Seattle is even worse than Toronto, from my own observations.
          PS: Don’t get dual citizenship in the USA. If you are a Canadian stay on a visa or get a green card. Citizenship means that the IRS will have a claim on you if you relocate to another country. There’s no advantage. Even green card holders have to be careful if they leave the USA, as the government might hit you with an exit tax.

        6. This is solid advice thanks.
          This is actually more or less the lifestyle I’ve carved out for myself here tbh.
          My concerns are mostly about the long-term (i.e. how to escape) but yeah starting a family elsewhere might be the only option to not have cucked and despondent children.
          I can tell from your post that you know what Toronto is really like.

        7. *waves from Central Ontario* You need to come north, Clark.
          Toronto is hell on earth for men like you.
          I don’t understand why your cousin hasn’t let go of her feminist fallacies by now. I’m sure that she doesn’t like being a spinster cat lady.
          When my parents noticed that I was sipping the feminist Kool Aid, they sent me to an all girls school where marriage was emphasized. My mother also started to teach me how to cook, clean and iron.

    2. Dont worry, the birth rate will soon be replaced by microwave wielding nazi’s … nazi’s have realised Gas chambers are inefficient & out of date …
      Microwaves filled with zyklon b, instead of tv dinners, are clearly the future …
      I foresee a ban on all microwaves as anti-semitic …
      Stock up on anti-semitic microwaves, to avoid disappointment …

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