FEMEN’s Silence During The Ukraine Conflict Shows Their Anti-Male Agenda

I know many Eastern European women, a considerable number of them Ukrainian. Thankfully, none of these Ukrainian girls have ever complained to me about the status of women in their country. If they did, I would give them an earful, telling them to join the front line in the Eastern Ukraine and see how they felt then.

Why? Because Ukrainian men are being conscripted en masse to fight the separatists in the East [1] [2] [3]. Protests against these measures have been raging for months across the country. To minimize any loss of headline-grabbing anti-Russian momentum, Kiev, western governments, and the media are avoiding large-scale commentary on either Ukrainian conscription or the protests accompanying it.

Here come the hypocrites!

But… where… is… FEMEN? That excellent marching band of equality must have had internet problems the last nine months? Where can we send them their sign-up papers to join their male comrades?

As I write these words, a ceasefire has been orchestrated, again in neutral Minsk, the Belarussian capital. In Eastern Ukrainian terms, “ceasefire” is really a friendly word for people still dying. By the time you read this, dozens or hundreds of people will be falling dead again every day. Ukrainian government and Russian militia spokesmen will be exchanging the verbal versions of artillery salvos over which side is responsible for the deal’s collapse.

Here’s that male privilege FEMEN talks about

Like Russians condemning over the alleged return of coffins containing their sons, husbands, boyfriends and brothers, Ukrainians are taking a stand to thwart forced military service in the Eastern Ukraine. It’s worth pointing out here that I make no judgment in this piece on either the general efficacy of conscription or which side is the “right one” in the Ukrainian conflict.

What I am confronting, and excoriating, is the ignoring of male-only conscription by a group committed to the notion that modern society only foists gender injustice or discrimination on women. Whether male-only conscription is correct or incorrect, vital or unnecessary, it is clearly a case of gender discrimination towards men.

And FEMEN is silent about it, which is rather telling as this is not “easy” peacetime conscription but conscription during a violent civil war. Hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen, many or most of them conscripts, are killed every couple of months.

A “wonderful” antecedence

FEMEN has made a living off of incendiary and narcissistic stunts. Like destroying monuments to a deliberate Stalinist famine that killed as many people as the Jewish Holocaust. Or seeking to assault catwalk models for “objectifying women” when, ironically, they wear far more clothing than FEMEN cuntivists.

The ethnic Russian separatists emerged with their violent struggle after their favored leader, Moscow-backed Viktor Yanukovych, was forced from office. Surely then, FEMEN would be diametrically opposed to the separatists? And not only support military intervention against them but back dual-gender conscription?

Starved to death by Stalin in the ’30s? You must be a misogynist!

A very occasional fallback position for feminists is that “patriarchy punishes men, too.” Yet this maxim receives little meat on its bones from SJW’s, most notably in everyday practice. The feminist solution to the matter of conscription is to simply ignore it. By treating the “oppression of women” in a vacuum, FEMEN and those like them can avoid uncomfortable truths, especially those where men are forced to serve and often die for their country.

Throughout the Euro 2012 football (soccer) tournament, held jointly by Poland and the Ukraine, FEMEN cuntivists staged numerous protests attacking prostitution. Though women are certainly trafficked against their will some of the time in the Ukraine, they’re not forcibly made to fight, or exposed to gunfire, artillery, and airstrikes as a job for slave wages.

And, even so, the vast majority of prostitutes are not 2015 equivalents of early 1860s Confederate slavery. This is a reality casually brushed aside by FEMEN as it pillories prostitution but remains tight-lipped over conscription.

Just like the career shelf-stacker at Walmart, prostitutes are often where they are due to poor life choices: they skipped school, had a poor work ethic, or chose to indulge in drugs. Or maybe they just like the money and don’t want a normal waitressing job getting tips from men in their 50s.

Open wide for the separatist bullet!

Men forced to fight must have male privilege?

In addition to the risk of death and permanent, debilitating disability, the rigors of military life, even in “downtime,” are just plain shit. This isn’t the life of Felix Baumgartner, where you risk death and then party it up as a playboy from there on in. You don’t need to be serving outside or god forbid inside Donetsk or Mariupol to realize that you’ll be dirty only an hour after you showered when on the move in the military, if you even got the chance to get clean.

You’ll be taking a shit in a ravine, keeping your eyes alert for any enemy wanting to add you to his kill count. By comparison, the biggest hygiene inconvenience for a FEMEN protester will be skid-marks on her panties.

Most importantly, as a Ukrainian conscript, your friends and comrades will return to base in body bags, or their innards will be all over your uniform. And, you ask, is today going to be your last as well? This psychological horror is something FEMEN will never have any cognizance of.

They claim to be fighters of oppression, of Putin, of Yanukovych, and of patriarchy, but the shutters to their magnificent Mall of Equality have been closed since the so-called Euromaidan.

Praise be to FEMEN. We always know it’s your gospel when we hear it.

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72 thoughts on “FEMEN’s Silence During The Ukraine Conflict Shows Their Anti-Male Agenda”

  1. Hope separatists massacre them. Nobody has the right to enter someone else’s home and privatize the natural resources or give them away for free to American capitalists through an IMF ‘reform’.

    1. And that’s an 18 year old draftee’s fault how? It’s easy to wish death when you’ve never seen it. You look and act like you’re about 14. Grow up.

      1. “And that’s an 18 year old draftee’s fault how?”
        Their fault for not leaving the country, their fault for not hiding in the woods, their fault for not going to prison rather than betray their country, their fault for not deserting at first opportunity, their fault for not joining Novorussia, their fault for obeying genocidal orders from the US controlled Nazi puppet junta.
        Ukraine ambassador on German TV: Don’t worry, Neo-Nazis are controlled by the Kiev government, so they only do what they’re told:

        Moreover, they say that highly praised new Ukrainian equipment does not reach the front line. “You are strengthening your National Guard [the Nazi stormtroopers used to terrorize the people], giving it new rifles, armored jeeps, Bulat tanks are 50km from the front line. You think you can hide behind them? How come we haven’t seen even a single Kuguar to evacuate the wounded? Where’s food?”
        At the end of the video, the soldiers ask their fellow servicemembers to march on Kiev. “Think about it, guys. We’ll probably soon have to march on Kiev and stop sitting here. Because our worst enemy are the a$$holes in Kiev who sent us here to die.”
        The Kiev (capital city) Police Department is Openly Nazi:

        This is open acknowledgement that the operation, which the U.S. is financing (and Ukraine is bankrupt so it can never reimburse its donors), is actually an ethnic-cleansing campaign.
        Previously, on Hromadske TV [US government and George Soros funded], a proponent of doing just that (ethnic cleansing) was interviewed. He said: “If we take, for example, just the Donetsk oblast, there are approximately 4 million inhabitants, at least 1.5 million of which are superfluous. … Donbass must be exploited as a resource, which it is. … The most important thing that must be done – no matter how cruel it may sound – is that there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated.”
        Here is how it’s done:
        Retired Col. General Vladimir Ruban, interviewed on the pro-Ukrainian-Government Hromadske TV, then says: “I want to offer the Ukrainian artillerists medals, to those who shell the city [Donetsk], the houses and the civilian population, … for they [artillerists] have deserved it [medals], both because of the accuracy and inaccuracy. … It’s one thing if attack groups or any mobile mortar troops drive through the city and shoot, … but if the artillery units fired from the airport [i.e., from the distance], then no one can claim that the separatists shoot themselves [i.e., that the people who are being killed in the city are victims of separatist troops mistakenly hitting passers-by when aiming at Government troops. He is saying that artillerists will clearly get the blame, whereas street-fighters can always blame the ‘terrorists.’]. … The shelling there is done as intimidation, … not just object destruction, but intimidation [to get the population to flee to nearby Russia]. The civilian population is intimidated by a chaotic bombardment of different objects. There are many shells that plug directly into the streets or vegetable gardens [and so make the very ground on which these people live terrifying to them]. INTERVIEWER: This refers to those that didn’t explode? ANSWER: Yes, … there are many of those, … shells that fail to detonate. But Gorlowka has been fortunate to have not yet been totally eradicated from the face of the earth, along with the civilian population. INTERVIEWER: You mean that the city is bombarded violently? ANSWER: Gorlowka was shelled by our troops, [even] as I went there for the prisoner exchange. Although it was known that I was there, they [our troops] kept up the bombardment of Gorlowka.
        Alive & Dead. Kiev Junta soldiers filming themselves on one day, being filmed dead by NAF on the next day at the same location:

    2. If the government is involved with spreading graft, bribes and wealth on behalf of “business”, that ain’t capitalism hoss. Capitalism is free trade, not government coerced international king making.

      1. A capitalist is an entrepreneur, if an entrepreneur got a business, it means a capitalist got a business. Another thing is, privatization is a wet dream of every dumb libertarian, most of these privatizations in Eastern Europe were done by libertarians who were/are part of either Mises or Cato institute.
        Of course these ‘reforms’ have completely destroyed Eastern Europe to the contrary of what the libertarian Paul-tards said, so they have to keep blabbering about Lenin and Stalin.

        1. You are wrong on all counts as to the cause (although I know it was promoted as such at the time), however the effects you have noted are correct. Given your emotional investment in this there is no point in me correcting you or moving forward in the discussion.

        2. Well, you had a fairly heavily regulated system in the FDR-LBJ period of America which was certainly fairly leftist and the country worked great. Then with the promotion of ‘free trade and market’ , destruction of Bretton Woods, introduction of Reaganomics the US started deteriorating.
          (1h 55m and 40s in)
          Even a reaganomic economic adviser to Reagan agrees unlike bewildered AJ, who still keeps talking about an invisible Marx and Lenin.
          How is it fault of the ‘government’ that capitalist Ukraine, Moldova and other Eastern European countries are failing when they all did at least OK under socialism?

        3. No it didn’t. We took two decades and needed a major war to recover from what would have been a recession on par with the ones in the late 19th century that we recovered from in 2 to 5 years tops.
          Like I said, you’re too invested, and clearly a leftist to boot. If you think we were great under FDR and LBJ there’s nothing I can say that will sway you otherwise, you’ve already bought what you wish to believe. That’s fine, I simply have no interest in dispelling you of your illusions, as you don’t either.

        4. By FDR-LBJ I meant an ‘era’ starting with FDR and ending with LBJ, and yes, that era was extremely successful and created a wealthy middle class, libertarians always keep talking about the 19th century and even try to reason why the ‘dark ages’ were amazing and great.

        5. private sector created the middle class, not the government. If you think government bureaucrats create prosperity then youd fit right in on modern college campuses, where an unending spigot of student loan dollars keeps the professors preaching the ‘benefits’ of big government

        6. When the US was left wing, it boomed, once Nixon won and other right wing ideologues like Reagan the standard of living started going down.
          People are not equal, it is not a natural state where the common worker is well off. The middle class was synthetically created by the government.
          Socialist Eastern Europe did not even have any businesses (and I agree that small and medium businesses are needed) and it did way better than now
          (And their only counting wages, not even all the other bonuses people had)
          Feminism might be standard thing to propagandize at the Universities, but the economic departments are generally full of libertarians, the Koch brothers have paid off most universities and now the economic department is full of free market gurus.

        7. Sure there is, you tend to have good information, and the rest of us often appreciate your insight.

        8. *Sigh*
          FDR-LBJ Era was ‘successful’ the way a chick with a brand new unlimited credit card with absolutely no other income is ‘rich’
          Yes, we had tons of new toys, but the vast majority of that prosperity was based on selling the next few generations into slavery.

        9. yes, because the right wingers started trying to pay off the credit card instead of racking up more luxuries.
          God lefties are so stupid.

        10. FDR-LBJ was an era of unchecked new government spending that had never been seen before. All of that, plus Johnson’s great society and Vietnam war leading up to a no-choice-scenario where Nixon had to remove the dollar’s tie to gold or go bankrupt were the primary reasons the standard of living collapsed in the 70s and early 80s.
          FDR was a Democrat. LBJ was a Texas Democrat.
          Democrat’s spent money we didn’t have to stop a problem caused by centralized banking, which itself was signed into law by the leader of the Progressives of the previous century… Woodrow Wilson.
          You need some history lessons.

        11. What you fail to recognize is what happened in 1971. It keeps you from understanding history and holds you to some bizarre notion that either side of the political aisle is in control of anything w.r.t. gov’t debt.
          Government no longer has any choice but to keep spending what they don’t have until their debt is no longer good. The United States has effectively been insolvent since LBJ.

        12. That’s because you don’t understand even the most basic ideas of economics and depend on infographics for all your fact-finding needs.
          National debt does not account for the fed’s lend and spend, tax precontracting, and money devaluation. It also does not account for delayed payment contracts, federal employment and pension excess, offshore manufacturing incentives, and Keynesian destruction economics, which are always designed around delayed debt.
          I am not saying that the pubs are angels, they blew their fair share of cash, but libs are famous for dumping all their problems off on the next sucker, and for a complete lack of transparency.

        13. My understanding is there were multiple opportunities to return the dollar to parity with gold and lock it there (hah!) between the institution of the fed and before all the post WW2 spending started kicking in.

  2. I think it’s already been said that Feminists do not care about men. They are selfish cunts that only care for themselves and their own goals. They are just as likely to kill a man and beat one of their own to death for the slightest of discrepancies.

    1. No one really cares about men. That sort of honor and brotherhood cannot exist in a mercantile, mercenary society like ours.

    2. “Feminists do not care about men.” No shit, that’s why it’s called FEM-inism. Not sure where the idea that it’s an ‘egalitarian’ movement came from…

  3. The cowardly cunt media never highlights men sacrifices. Military and soldiers are a good example. Another example is the miners killed in Ukraine a few days ago. By watching the news, you’d never know that 20 MEN were killed because the media purposely removes gender when it would show men in a hardship. But when 200 girls were kidnapped by Boko Harem in Nigeria, the media emphasized Bring Back Our GIRLS at every opportunity.
    Of course the media has no problem being sexist when it portrays men in a negative lights. gunMAN, MANhunt they have no problem emphasizing the MAN in bad things like shooters and criminals. Or when they report on sex crimes, they’ll only use loaded terms like sexual assault, predator, stalker, creepy etc against men, never women.
    Fuck the boy/man hating media, it’s so rotten and biased. You call this a free society? I spit on your phony “freedom”

    1. before the 200 girls were kidnapped there was a school massacre in nigeria the victims of which were I believe entirely boys – dozens and dozens of them – some of whom may have been burned alive by boko haram.
      Barely registered in the western media which was busy throwing awards at Malala

      1. month pause, not man pause. latin, not german. german “mann” is mankind, team-man, fireman, etc. latin “men” is month, e.g. die, day, mensis, month, anno, year, etc.
        yes, i know, women just hear the ‘men’ part and flip out. oh well. still, mensis, menses, men-prefix is latin for month related, whereas man, mann, suffix-man is german for person related. menopause is ending of monthly cycles; mankind is the children of men (aka civilization).

    2. yeah, that poor femen women cutting down that cross had to use the patriarchy’s chain saw. We all wait with breathless anticipation for FEMEN to cum out with their own women made tools.
      The Boko Haram thing was almost 300 girls.
      Boko Haram started in 2002. They have killed hundreds of men, boys, and nothing was ever said until a grandmother was murdered by them for trying to save her grandson from those murderous bastards.
      Out of the 106 “people” butchered, whose “bravery” did the media talk about?
      Dear old Grandma. Because vagina of course!
      All the other “people” murdered were males. No loss.
      That was why they kidnapped those 300 girls. It was a huge force of a recruiting drive.
      Of course the Nigerian military is shamed for not standing up. But why should those “people” fight those murderers? Just so they can be upgraded a two rank post-houmous promotion to person by feminists?

      1. “Dear old Grandma. Because vagina of course!”
        No. Because her dear old Grandmaness. That cost her dearly.

      2. They since fled to Paris and are now the darlings of the George Soros foundation.

    3. I lost all respect for FEMEN when I heard it was founded by a man who loves looking at titties. That’s right. Women don’t even have that limited imagination to bare their tits in public.
      Besides, WTF are they protesting anyway? I’d respect them if they gave details instead of making boobs of themselves and screaming “Patriarchy” all the time.

      1. And here’s Voina, another bunch of degenerates who spawned Pussy Riot. Can you believe this shit is worth $10,000? ART ART ART ART .
        Makes me respect Putin even more than ever.

  4. In national emergencies or in times of war or when the very survival of a state is at stake, these feminists are confronted with a conundrum, continue their Man bashing and activism and be criticised and be rejected by the community or keep thier mouths shut and pretend they never existed. Being women, they will opt for the latter because it serves their narcissism and thier ego.

  5. The hardships and sacrifices of men are always brushed aside. It’s been thus since the dawn of time, because, firstly men never whine about what they face (they know they are the protectors, and women, just like children can’t protect themselves), and secondly, because women, due to their selfish nature, never give a damn about men. Their world revolves around I, me, myself.
    Whether it be wars, or the titanic episode, men have always sacrificed their lives to protect women, and they do so even now What could be a greater sacrifice, or expression of love? Our lives are the most precious things we have. Being dead is worse than being raped(though rape is a horrible crime, no doubt). Yet, all we ever get is abuse hurled at us. We are reminded about how evil we are, how we all are rapists, how we are an atm machine, and how our very existence is oppressive to women.
    Even the devil may get his due, but we never do. We are like slaves who willing enslave themselves to serve others, yet we never get a word of thanks.

    1. Checking out of marriage will only partly solve the problem. Women will still get around that by voting more benefits to women, and mandated hiring quotas in high paying jobs.
      That’s why I have a long term plan to leave the country. Im thinking Russia

  6. This really hits home. That last picture was me going through that medical line during Vietnam. I was going with a lottery number of 16 /360 (not my lucky draw). Nixon ended the draft 2 weeks before I was to go. Knowing what I know now about the West and the manner in which young men are treated, I would have gone to jail first. Every young man in this country should not sign up for selective service until all women do. Call it title IV fairness to little Miss Privilege. You will never understand how disposable this society views you until you stand in line to be examined and graded for slaughter. Young men, you are disposable meat to the elite and females in this society….Start acting like it and take your place as men. No cooperation without the respect you deserve for putting your name on that selective service form.

  7. The money that media mogul dude was paying FEMEN to be agents provocateur has dried up, and that guy is too busy trying not to get shot to tell FEMEN what to do next. That’d be my guess.

    1. I had to add more to this post. To say that society is “anti white main stream media” is intellectually dishonest. I can easily debunk that with feminazis campaign “solidarity is for white women” and so much more. Mainstream (government run) media hates all cultures of men. Just because you see from a narrow point of view doesn’t mean this propaganda hasn’t hit every man in existence today. When all I have to do is go any where on Earth and see that it’s 100% purely anti male.

  8. Did you honestly expect integrity from the modern narcissistic female? I bet the thought of conscription has never even enter their minds once in their entire lives, let alone how it affects men. The welfare or suffering of men as an collective never enters the mind of your average person or ever will.

  9. I used to be a 19Delta Cav Scout. I served my time and got out. It always pisses me off; when these man-hating feminazi dykes say that I have privilege for being a man. Women are not forced into the military and never do any of the tough jobs that run any society on this planet Earth. Feminazis are cowards who hide behind: men and government to protect them all.

  10. Actually the main body of potential conscripts is fleeing to …Russia to avoid getting meatgrinded for a lost cause and yes Femen is cultural marxism of the wort kind.Again you want to say thanks a lot to George Soros for this heavenly gift of endless joy.

  11. Femen are just man haters like most modern femists, they would be happy men are bring conscripted an killed coz it’s less rapists an repressers in the world in their view.

    1. Relevant picture from my man Anti_Femastasis
      Aint no countries left for me to fight for, if I were a Ukrainian man I’d GTFO and let FEMEN fight for the survival of their country.
      I admit, freely and without shame, that I wouldn’t lift a finger to defend a country that actively despises me. My money and I will be over here, good luck with your war leftists and ratchet hoes.

  12. George Soros’ son Jonathan should be conscripted to fight in Ukraine. He can lead a platoon of Femen warriors

  13. That’d cure feminism; stick em on the front line and watch them melt down into a delicious malleable pool of feminine goo. Ship ’em home to be reshaped into respectable housewives and mothers.

    1. When I argue this point with women, they always say baggage Israeli women serve on the frontline. I don’t know how many times I’ve refuted that little lie but every woman seems to Say it. That probably is the only thing the bulk of women know about war, history and the military.

    1. Feminazis (hypergamous which makes them easy to support communism) are cowards as I stated before. They never take any risks, build nor save any aspects of society. Women would be living in huts without men. Men do all the work. Every dictator i.e. tyrant knew this would work. Use the women against the men and destroy society or mold it into a communist regime. We were warned time and time again. Never let women have leadership roles or sway us men into anything or else these things would happen: “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” — V.I. Lenin
      “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” -Josef Stalin

  14. “It’s worth pointing out here that I make no judgment in this piece on either the general efficacy of conscription or which side is the “right one” in the Ukrainian conflict.”
    It’s also worth pointing out that this whole thing got started because America and the European Union (you know… those guys that are in lock step with feminism) staged a coup in Kiev in order to topple Ukraine’s government when that (insolvent) country favored Russia’s bailout offer to that of America and the EU (had the EU deal gone through then Ukraine would have been absorbed into the EU).
    When the government in Kiev finally fell to EU’s ‘protesters’ Russia’s response was swift.
    They annexed Crimea (had historically been part of Russia anyway) and have been sponsoring a pro Russian insurgency in Ukraine (on behalf of the Russian speaking eastern half that wants to become part of Russia) ever since.
    It’s also worth pointing out that Putin and his party fight feminism (and everything to do with cultural Marxism for that matter btw).
    Putin himself has called out the West on it’s plans many times.
    So I leave it up to the you to decide which side is the ‘right’ side in this conflict (or rather which side is the ‘righter’).

    1. I only wish the Ukraine and Russia had kicked it off with the EU and see all the kuntavists lining up to fight against the hoarders from the East….. won’t happen…. the EU needs to be destroyed.

  15. I remember the BBC reporting on the Syrian casualties for the month a while back. They said something like 2500 people were killed, 250 of them were women and children. I understand why they mention the children but why attach such importance to the lives of women if we are all equal. I think we here at Return of Kings know exactly why.

  16. FEMEN is a fucking joke. They are just a bunch of stupid girls that don’t know anything other than to parade half naked on the streets showing their tits. And FEMEN isn’t really about feminism because it is founded by a man who picks who can join based on their attractiveness. One reason why most members of FEMEN aren’t fatties.

  17. How do you say “VALAR MORGHULIS” in Ukrainian? Ukraine’s internalizing it.

  18. Although Femen’s initial raison d’etre was to highlight the plight of Ukrainian women who were being trafficked into the sex slave trade, it’s ended a Cultural Marxist outfit. A bit of a joke to claim to be against Patriarchy, as it enjoys State protection. Just imagine the State being protected by Pussy Power alone.

  19. Women only like having privileges when it suits them or betters their lives, whichever may come first. But when they have to take the negative with the positive they don’t want any responsibility.
    Kinda like they go to restaurants with you (cause you asked them out stupid), order a bunch of food (prime rib? Oh hell no! Fillet Mignon all the way baby!), hork it down (cause they haven’t eaten all week cause they can’t cook anyways), then demand you pay for it (unless you like doing dishes in the back with Bubba), and drive them home (sex optional of course on her part…).

    1. Victoria Nudelman (her real name): “FUCK THE EU”
      That was all over the alternative media a while back.
      Another White House apparatchik.– feminist, communist, socialist, probably a dual citizen (who’s her husband again?), crony, and benefitting from nepotism.
      Great .
      Our government.
      What a fucking joke.

  20. Personally, I’m all for these Slavic Niggers (and actual Nigerian niggers) dying en masse. See ya later Petro Paynukhukukyuk.

  21. Femen scooted from Ukraine the moment fists started to be thrown. They went to Paris and focus on being anti-ISIS now, since that’s more fashionable and gets them the publicity they crave.

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