Kratom: The Productivity Booster And Anxiety Killer That You’ve Never Heard Of

The following article was sponsored by Good Looking Loser and written by Eric Crowley

You might not have heard of it, but I’m going to tell you about a little-known, legal, amazing compound called “Kratom” that I’ve been using for months now, that could be a huge help for you guys.

When I first read Good Looking Loser’s Guide to Kratom, I thought he must be joking when he said Kratom was the number one recommendation of anything on this site and the natural remedy for everything from anxiety/depression to productivity and motivation.

With a recommendation that strong, I decided to find out for myself and ordered a small sample. After trying Kratom for the first time, I understood why Chris at Good Looking Loser had made such a strong recommendation, and went to my computer to order more.

I now believe Kratom is one of the most underrated substances on the face of the earth.


What is Kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a plant found in Southeast Asia that is part of the coffee family. Although not related to morphine or prescription drugs, when taken, Kratom stimulates your opioid receptors.

The effect of Kratom could be described as weed meets coffee. While Kratom gives you the pleasure buzz a bowl of marijuana might, it gives you none of the unpleasant side effects – no spaciness, no paranonia, no munchies, no sloth. Just the sense of well-being and the signature drop in anxiety. It makes you focused and energized, the way you might feel after a cup of green tea.

Plus, it’s not habit forming unless you’re use it several times a day for weeks at a time. I was easily able to drop it cold turkey, for several weeks for some recent training that required me to. Oh, and Kratom is completely legal in all but three states (WI, TN, VT), meaning you can buy it on the internet and have it shipped right to your door. It’s also totally legal in Canada and the UK (but not Australia, however).

I’ve heard little discussion of this plant elsewhere, I suspect because Kratom involves talking about pleasure. Men are eager to talk about productivity drugs like modafinil that are strictly for getting things done, but the moment you stay “I want to get more done, and feel awesome doing it” you sound like some sort of degenerate stoner. Work is supposed to be, well, work. You’re telling me I can get a bunch done, because I feel so good that I don’t even notice time passing? Isn’t that cheating?

Pleasure is a productivity hack in itself. If you feel good doing what you’re doing, you’re more likely to do more of it. Most of what we do as men is for pleasure. If you’re reading about how to attract women, and you’re not planning on using this skill strictly for the purpose of reproduction, you’re already dedicating significant amounts of time for a pleasurable activity that doesn’t help you get anything done.

It’s okay to want to feel as good as you’d feel during a night of partying, when you sit down to crank out some code, or head out the door for work in the morning.

What is Kratom good for?

Kratom transcends many categories.

It’s a naturally growing plant, but it’s considered a legal compound. It’s a nootroopic and productivity hack, but it’s also an anti-depressant, a pain reliever, and great for parties. I’ve used Kratom with most of those intentions at one point or another.

It worked for all of them.

Keep in mind, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on the internet. This is just me speaking from my personal experience, for entertainment purposes only.

Eliminating social anxiety: I’m a naturally introverted, and some might say “brooding” person. I find a little Kratom makes me feel energetic, positive, and able to easily start conversations. I talk to people I otherwise wouldn’t have the energy to. “What to say” seems to come naturally. That is no exaggeration, I feel noticeably different than as usual.

Productivity/Nootropic: Often the challenge of getting projects done is maintaining focus. In the morning (or anytime), try substituting Kratom for coffee if you’ve got some work you’re dreading, and you might find you’re actually smiling the whole time you’re doing it.

Pre-workout: On intimidating heavy lifting days, Kratom melts through that fear, gives me energy, and makes me feel like I can do anything when I get into the gym. Make sure you use a “fast” Kratom strain however.

Anti-depressant: In periods of depression, I’ve found Kratom to be able to give me the kick I needed to get out of negative thinking. While I’ve never had clinical depression, I have heard of people using Kratom to avoid or replace SSRIs.

Pain-killer: When I got a flu that would normally have required enough Advil to destroy my liver, I tried substituting Kratom. It worked far better, and I was able work right through the sickness. Shortly after I saw this short documentary, interviewing people who managed to substituted Kratom for prescription drugs to handle chronic pain. Vice recently did a piece on it for pain relief among MMA fighters.

I’m not joking about the focus aspect of Kratom.

Historically, Kratom has been used in Indonesia and Thailand by farmers and workers. It’s still used in parts of Southeast Asia in place of coffee by factory workers. Whereas most pleasure compounds would impair your ability to operate heavy machinery, Kratom is used to operate heavy machinery better.

How Should You Use Kratom?

There are multiple strains of the Kratom plant. They each have different uses. Some are more energetic and “caffeinated.” Those are referred to as “fast” strains. Others are more mellow and euphoric. Those are referred to as “slow” strains. Then there’s a whole bunch in the middle.

Which one you choose will depend on your mood and what you need that day and it will take some trial and error.

You’ll also want to measure out the exact amount you’re taking on a scale. If you’re a typical adult male, 3-4 grams is a good starting point. Take Kratom on an empty stomach, and don’t mix it with alcohol. You should feel it around 20-45 minutes after. Mixing Kratom with protein powder, juice, or sweetener works just fine.

Avoid Kratom extracts. Extracts are created when people take the naturally growing plant, extract the active ingredients, and then create an unnaturally strong version of the plant. This will give your system the kind of dose where you could start to build up a tolerance to Kratom, and experience problems. Stick to what nature intended, it’s more than enough. Stay away from these.

Because Kratom comes in multiple strains, if you cycle (or “rotate” as Good Looking Loser describes) them you can avoid building up a tolerance. For example, if you have seven strains, and take a different one each day, you could actually use Kratom every day while putting a week between each individual strains use. While I personally don’t need Kratom everyday, Good Looking Loser has been using this strategy for over five years without issue.

Be sure to get quality Kratom – this is very important. Check reviews before you buy. Because Kratom is largely unregulated, the quality varies considerably from vendor to vendor. There is a lot of dirty and stale Kratom out there that will actually heighten your anxiety. The Kratom at the local headshop in your town is likely going to be awful. Don’t buy it at a smokeshop.

Where To Try Kratom?

Good Looking Loser has a Kratom source that I use and recommend.

Check it out if you’re looking for one. It’s high-quality and better than anything you can find locally. As I said, quality really varies from vendor to vendor.

If you’re already a fan of nootropics, biohacking, or productivity supplements, you’ll definitely want to try Kratom. You will be beyond pleasantly surprised.

Author’s disclaimer: This entire post was written while on Kratom, and it was fun.

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119 thoughts on “Kratom: The Productivity Booster And Anxiety Killer That You’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. Chris is the only person I know who sells kratom and actually have never heard of it until I bumped into GLL. Dude must be making bank.

  2. “I understood why Chris at Good Looking Loser…” If GLL sponsored that post but Chris didn’t wrote, then who did it ?

    1. the retired, awesome ROK writer – RUNSONMAGIC
      that should have been mentioned- I’ll tell the editor

    1. Coffee is very limited. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is a waste of money. I have recently stopped taking it for that reason.

      1. I’m unsure as to what you mean by limited. The science is clear on its cognitive benefits. It’s not magic and not as powerful as other drugs out there, but it works and tastes nice.

        1. Well you mentioned exercise so presumably you are using it as a pre-workout/ performance enhancer. I have used coffee and many other things. My point is, given how much you spend on it, there are much better drugs to use to enhance your performance.
          I myself appreciate a nice cup of coffee but I consider it near worthless as a PED. Tolerance comes on very quick.

        2. It definitely works as a pre-workout for me, nothing major, but it definitely increases intensity and focus. However, I try to avoid it if possible and instead think about the reasons for why I’m training in the first place if I need a pre-workout. Mostly I don’t need one because I actually love training and look forward to it.
          And I should have said caffeine instead of coffee, as I drink white tea and green tea more often than coffee. I always drink coffee/green tea/white tea during study sessions.

        3. Yeah caffeine is OK but better when paired with another drug such as ECGC or ephedrine depending on your purpose. I won’t say it doesn’t have beneficial effects on you but I get virtually nothing from it on its own. I actually have much better pre-workouts available to me.

  3. Hey guys – it should have said at the top, but this written by ‘RUNSONMAGIC’ (Eric Crowley), the recently retired ROK contributor.
    It’s good stuff, I’m proud to put my face/name on it. I really think most guys will really dig it.
    Natural stuff (or most anything) that promises big things is almost always a huge let down – this stuff may just really impress you however. It’s one of the only hidden gems in the world. It can be strong stuff though, so start small.
    You can get any question in the world about Kratom answered on our Kratom forum –
    Thanks for reading!

    1. yo man so i just got some what does it mean by “burn” it? Do I burn it like incense and inhale it or do I chug the powder in a drink?

        1. Yo how come on the package I got it says “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” what the heck? I ain’t eating that…

    2. I am familiar with this product although I have not used it myself (there is so much stuff to use). I can say, that I have had Eric’s statements independently confirmed.
      For those who are interested, I recommend getting some before your government bans it and hands a monopoly on it to criminal enterprises (who of course will only produce the hardcore extract).

      1. Thank you for your confirmation @robertsadler:disqus – we are doing our best to keep it legal. Last year, we got 3 state bans shot down, so there is hope.

  4. don’t forget that other amazing product that’s been missing in your diet… snake-oil! anecdotal evidence suggests snake oil will help you in all walks of life! order today!

    1. When my passel of chitlin’s comes down with the whoopin’ cough, I reach for Dr. Wonderful’s all-purpose snake oil.

    2. Dude, get with the times. All the kewl kids are doing fish oil* these days. I can’t wait for the fashion to turn again, I’ve already got the gila monster oil market locked up, I’m gonna make a bundle.
      *Fish oil basically is snake oil. They are barely distinguishable biochemical equivalents. Some of you might want to start feeling like a rube now, which is OK if you learn from it.

    1. Have you ever used Kratom? If not, you have no right to make any claims regarding its efficacy.
      I’ve never used it. But I also recognize it’s always a good idea to keep my mouth shut when I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

  5. We used to get high on this in college when nothing good was around. It’s addictive to some people. Stimulant at low doses, opiate like at high doses. Gives you stomach aches some times. Overall: meh… it is okay.

    1. Nothing special eh?
      I’m thinking of it more as a general performance enhancer rather than a trip or social thing.
      I’m interested in a mellowing focus factor.

      1. Right on CK. Kratom can certainly be used recreationally… but if you’re just using it for that, you’re missing the fuck out.

  6. “The following article was sponsored by Good Looking Loser”
    “When I first read Good Looking Loser’s Guide to Kratom…”

    1. Have a look at Piracetim, then. Ive taken it, it was used by early programmers, is safe as salt, one molecule from caffeine and helps the cell walls of your mitochondria live longer( prevents cell death.)

    1. Steve –
      It can be addictive, as a lot of things can be. That is correct.
      “Liver damage” is mentioned as a side effect of any medication or drug – including alcohol and tylenol – both of which are widely consumed in excess.
      This side effect is always greatly overstated.
      There is not a single clinically documented case of liver damage that I have ever seen concerning Kratom. The study that you cite is an anecdotal report of Thai Laborers taking huge amounts over 50-60 years.
      I have used Kratom every day of my life for the past 5+ years and I swear by it.

      1. Liver damage has been seen in conjunction with alcohol: similar to kava. Kratom can also lead to mineral deficiency and yellowing of the skin and teeth.

        1. My point is – ‘liver damage’ is considered a potential side effect of every single medication/compound/drug that as ever existed. It’s always greatly overstated.

        2. Straight up. edit: my point was watch what else you are putting in your body while on it… the liver can only process so much.

        3. My belief as well. Untill I tried for myself ( kratom from HH) and ended with a bad case of cytolytic hepatitis that lasted 2 f*cking months. I did not consume any other substance and followed the exact dosage. Was great the first week-end. Horrible the next one. I guess I’m one of those unlucky bastard with the bad kind of liver enzymes or whatnot. Bottom line is be cautious with the stuff. As overstated as liver damage is, it still can happen.

      2. It’s funny because these comments made me a little sketched about buying it but then I used it and realized how amazing it is. And these idiots shitting on it never fucking tried it. I got some of your stuff and it’s awesome.

  7. I keep meaning to try it but I still have enough phenibut, noopept, and piracetam at home I need to use up first. I’m pretty intrepid with trying things that weren’t made in a bathtub and weren’t originally cough medicine or a liquid associated with motor vehicles.

        1. Nootropics are cool but they’re no miracle. Especially considering reverse tolerance, lab standards and efficacy.
          edit: ymmv == your mileage may vary.

        2. I don’t know what’s supposed to be a miracle in a bottle anymore, but I like the lucid and often bizarre/scary dreams they’ve given me. Like I said, I’m intrepid.
          I meant “ymmv” – I’m not too terribly savvy to newfangled internet jargon by choice. Thanks, still.

        3. There is no miracle in any bottle… just different effects and consequences.
          I too was on piracetam for a while… it had what I wanted at the time.
          Millennial thing (ymmv)… we have some odd fascination with processing all information as quickly as possible.

        4. For me its ketamine.
          I’ve done all the common recreational drugs (sans heroine or cocaine) and nothing has as controllable and positive an effect on me as ketamine.
          Pulls you right out of a depressive mindset. Has psychedelic properties. Decent social drug (loosens you up mentally). Very reflective in a good way.
          It has drawbacks too though. Motor coordination goes to shit, overdoing it will hurt your liver, can develop slight dependency (never anything serious for me though), etc.

        5. K is chillz.
          LSD is good but mushrooms are a little less schizo inducing IMO.
          Whatever you do, just don’t snort kryptonite man.
          That shit’ll give you aids.

        6. A lot of people can’t handle shrooms but I find once the peak wears off (with all its anxiety and strange feelings), it leaves me in an incredibly calm and peaceful mental state.

  8. I am inheritanltly skeptical when a series of positive claims are made of a substance or procedure. Look up iatrogenics, also the danger can be unsymmetrical, i.e. unknown, in the future, and much greater than the perceived benefit. By all means if you are seriously struggling with anxiety issues give it a go, but someone with mild or occasional issues beware of the unknown downsides. Read Nassim Taleb’s book “Antifragile” about his take on unnecessary treatments both medical and pharmacological, he talks about the concavity of such things, i.e. known small positive upside now, and unknown large downside in the future.

    1. Ian-
      Yes, you totally should be skeptical of “wonder” drugs/compounds, I know I am, especially natural ones.
      Kratom actually delivers though, I feel that most guys will be impressed (despite the high standard that I have created)

  9. To anyone with experience or research knowledge.
    Any sexual effects of kratom? Aphrodisiac or other effects? Anyone had sex on kratom?
    Any noted differences between effects on men and women?
    Does it mix well with other drugs (e.g., weed, alcohol, etc.)?

    1. No alcohol it’ll give you nausea. Weed is fun but don’t expect to get anything done. Kava kava and kratom will get you fucked up.

      1. Thanks.
        Yes Erowid! Erowid was cool before the internet was cool.
        I’m convinced to give this stuff a try.
        I’m surprised no one I know ever talks about this stuff, specially since its legal in Camaba.

    2. Clark Kent Hey dude, all those answers are in our Kratom guide. In short though, let me answer your questions –
      -For sex-
      Yes, it will be harder to bust – a good thing if you climax too quickly. It helps me a ton and the kid in the podcast I’ll link below.
      Over time (weeks-months), however, of regular use – it will lower your libido – which is undesirable.
      kratom and sex-
      So, in moderation, for men – it’s good.
      For women, however, it lowers their sensitivity – usually not a good thing. So I don’t usually recommend it to girls for sex. There other things that are better for chicks.
      Such as -Phenibut is crazy good for chicks in the bedroom –
      In ters
      -Combining with other things-
      For the most part, yes it combines well. It will varies from person-to-person and ‘less is more’ – Kratom is a anxiety-free stimulant in low doses, but an sedative in big amounts (which acts more like a benzo where you wont want to party)
      Hope that helps. Thanks for writing in
      – Chris

      1. Thanks for the article, the sponsored articles are hit or miss so far but this one I found interesting.
        The anti-libido properties make me wonder how this shit works physiologically. Other drugs can have similar effects (e.g., MDMA, Shrooms, cocaine) and I’m pretty sure that is attributed to desensitizing or over-stressing certain neural pathways. Coke for example tricks your limbic system into artificially thinking it is being rewarded for something. The excitement of sex has to compete with the sense of excitement that the drug artificially induces, and thus raises the threshold of necessary stimulation.
        Other than from you I’ve never heard of kratom from anyone I know personally so I’m a little skeptical but maybe you’ve pointed me to a hidden gem. Will give it a try.
        Cheers Chris.

        1. @clarkkent
          No problem at all, I’m happy to address any questions.
          Unscientifically speaking, anything that effects neurotransmitters (in this case, delta-opiod receptors) or hormones can mess with libido – and its usually in a negative way. Libido or the urge to have sex, is the body naturally calling for stimulation and dopamine/opiate/serotonin release. If you provide your body with external dopamine/opiate/serotonin – the body will naturally nag you less for stimulation. Such is why SSRI (antidepressant) almost always negatively affect libido – in essence, your body feels that you are “getting some” and won’t ask you for a hit.
          If that makes sense.
          In the short-term (if you don’t use Kratom every day – which you should if you are newbie), your libido may go up. In the long-term, however, it can negatively affect libido due to the factor(s) I just mentioned.

        2. @disqus_XZROw7mDfr:disqus
          No problem at all, I’m happy to address any questions.
          If that makes sense.
          In the short-term (if you don’t use Kratom every day – which you should if you are newbie), your libido may go up. In the long-term, however, it can negatively affect libido due to the factor(s) I just mentioned.

        3. @clarkkent
          No problem at all, I’m happy to address any questions.
          Unscientifically speaking, anything that effects neurotransmitters (in this case, delta-opiod receptors) or hormones can mess with libido – and its usually in a negative way. Libido or the urge to have sex, is the body naturally calling for stimulation and dopamine/opiate/serotonin release. If you provide your body with external dopamine/opiate/serotonin – the body will naturally nag you less for stimulation. Such is why SSRI (antidepressant) almost always negatively affect libido – in essence, your body feels that you are “getting some” and won’t ask you for a hit.
          If that makes sense.
          In the short-term (if you don’t use Kratom every day – which you should if you are newbie), your libido may go up. In the long-term, however, it can negatively affect libido due to the factor(s) I just mentioned.

        4. And usually with such substances you crave a stronger and stronger hit, until you end up totally dependant on them and libido goes out of window.
          Which is exactly what I said: If you want to be loser, take krantom.
          And let me ask you, is that the only way you can figure out to make some money, Mr Good Looking Loser?

  10. Didn’t read the article yet, just saw “kratom” in the title and wanted to add this. Kratom is great for helping opiate addicts recover and kick their habit. It suppresses the urge to use and the symptoms of withdrawal.

      1. Thanks GLL. It’s funny to read the uneducated section of the comments. Kratom does not make you want a better opiate high. Being predisposed to addiction does that.

    1. It’s really good for many substance addictions. I used it (4-6 g a day) to get off a $300 a month bourbon habit I developed coming out of a bad marriage. It was literally magic.
      that said, I am pretty sensitive to it’s effects and wanted to start taking more and more pretty quickly. Once I cut off cold turkey and had anxiety/depression like I have never felt. Went back on and did a slow taper over a month and had no issues.
      I now use it a few times a month with no issues. Usually when I’m out with friends and don’t want to drink but need a little pep.
      Most people probably won’t have any issues, but if you have any type of substance abuse in your past take it as a red flag with any new product.
      Also, from research I’ve done, stay the hell away from extracts.

      1. Hey GSP,
        Quit anything coldturkey and expect fallout and withdrawal. When I can’t find enough opiates to fill me up, I go to kratom. Signs of Kratom over use include: no balance, feeling thick, and inappropriate laughter.

        1. Tapering is definitely superior to cold turkey in my opinion, in hindsight of course! I never did get any negative symptoms when taking it, only on withdrawl.

  11. I used Kratom and liked it alot. It gave me energy and helped me get things done around the house. But, it sent my liver enzymes into the 1000’s! I had to see a liver specialist at Johns Hopkins and get a liver biopsy. I finally narrowed the problem down to Kratom and my liver enzymes went back to normal once I discontinued usage. Sucks because it was working for me. Be careful guys.

    1. How long were you using it before you noticed symptoms?
      Were you using frequent high does?
      I’m thinking of checking it out so any quick info I can gather is helpful. Thanks in advance.

  12. Kratom tea is for junkies trying to kick heroin, because it’s basically an opiate. Stay far away from this shit. If you fall in love with the opiate high you will start to seek out stronger and stronger opiates…and believe me being a heroin junkie isn’t much fun. I suggest to those who haven’t fucked around with painkillers (basically what kratom is a smaller form of) NOT TO START.
    Kinda shocked to see this shit promoted on here.

    1. Oh please. Take it from someone who’s been there, the difference between kratom and heroin or oxycontin is quite literally night and day. You are a fool.

      1. As I implied in my comment, I know from experience as well. I’m not saying they are the same, just that it’s a slippery slope.

        1. Kratom a slippery slope? Youre the one who needs to breathe… relax and smoke a blunt perhaps.

    2. Please don’t tell me what I am going to start seeking out you fucking idiot. I’ve used Kratom for years and have never tried to up the ante and switch to stronger opiates. Stop acting like you know how each and every person behaves.

  13. Wow, I used to be a fan of GLL, but this shit….this is too much. This is a legal “weed alternative”. It fucks up your system and it’s not natural. “Hey, lets fuck up our bodies with drugs.” Let’s……not. This is a site about SELF-IMPROVEMENT, not fucking up your system. I can’t believe Roosh sold out for this shit.

    1. It is absolutely not a “legal weed alternative”. It is an herb that acts as a very light opioid. This herb has literally zero to do with pot you half-wit.

    2. Yeah bro you’re a fucking idiot. Unfortunately some people pass it off as a legal high and sell it in enhanced or extract forms at gas stations and quick shops. It gives it a bad name. It’s 100% natural.
      Don’t speak unless you have proper knowledge to back up your claims.
      It’s called “ignorance”.

    1. @rickleonardi:disqus Let me know what you think and if you have any questions (GLL forum is the best place if you need me)

  14. Kratom caused my liver enzymes to be elevated over 1100. Normal is 0-44. This was after a few months of usage of 4 times a week at 2-3 tablespoons of crushed thai. Get your enzymes checked if you use kratom.

    1. Someone else below reported the same side effect. Liver is responsible for detoxifying, which means that it sees krantom as a toxin.
      Fortunately for you, the liver has phoenix-like abilities of recovery and regeneration but to a certain extend?

  15. As a user for over a year, everything in this article is spot on. I use the coffee + weed comparison to describe it to others myself; awesome that someone else has come up with that. I never liked weed but some people can be productive on it. More power to them, not me. But Kratom has been good to me. I don’t take it every day, just occasionally, maybe once or twice a week. I pulled an all nighter for work on a “fast” strand the other night. I wasn’t even trying to stay up, but it was none of the jitters of adderall or caffeine – just relaxed but motivated productivity. I hit some major wins for my job that night that are still paying dividends, several weeks later.
    There’s only one part I disagree with – I actually enjoy social drinking with it and wouldn’t write that off if you can be responsible with your alcohol consumption, I think the two pair quite nicely. Also, alcohol is one of the few substances that it dissolves well in. That’s my main gripe with it – it tastes awful and I find it hard to mix. I don’t know how Chris walks around with it in a water bottle, I’d like to pull that off but don’t know anything else that would work with besides alcohol. With water it just floats to the top; does NOT mix at all.

    1. Unfortunately It’s growing popularity will lead to its demise at least as an easily accessible and relatively safe alternative to harder drugs. Politicians tend to excel at banning stuff if nothing else, they need to make it appear that they’re doing something other than taking up space.

  16. Kratom being a ‘light opiate’ (as I read here in the comments) still is an opiate which taken regularly is detrimental to one’s self. It is physically addictive. You will experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. I do not suggest ANYONE take this regularly.

    1. It is NOT an opiate. Jesus fucking christ, people really need to learn to research before ignorant shit posting.
      Kratom contains no opiates of any kind, but it does bind to the same receptor sites in the brain. It binds to the mu-opioid receptor. Additionally mitragynine binds to kappa-opioid receptors, which are associated with pain relief and sedation.

    1. Uhm.. No? I bought 1/4 Kilo of the stuff for $25… Which is ~71 doses… That should last for at least 2-3 months..

  17. Holy fuck, the next article on ROK will be titled “Get more women with this one weird trick”.

  18. Desperate for something to help with my depression this illegal in Australia what the hell!? And yes I have tried anti-depressants several actually.

  19. Me and some friends have been eating this for a while. I stopped, but they still hit it. Sounds weird, but after a while it makes you rage. And your tolerance goes through the roof. It’s really easy to get up to eating a couple ounces a week. Found it worked best when mixed with vodka in a small bowl and microwaved until warm, but not boiling. Then slam the whole thing and try not to vomit.

  20. I’ve been using Kratom daily now for a little over 6 months. It has changed my life completely. Better relationships with friends and family, more outgoing and social, more productive and motivated, more enthusiastic about school and work and just an overall improved sense of well being.
    I’m not getting high. I’m responsibly and naturally combatting the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression that has hindered my life for the past 3 years. I feel completely normal again, and then some.
    It’s in the same family as coffee, but I cannot drink coffee or any caffeine as it aggravates my anxiety. But Kratom? A white vein strain for energy in the morning, green veins for mood and sociability, and red strains for relaxation and sleep at night. It’s honestly the most under rated substance I’ve come across. I pray to god it doesn’t get banned.

  21. I bought this ignoring the snake oil comments and bs, it’s not fucking snake oil. This shit completely surprised me and I’m going to be using this a lot. It’s like weed but no paranoia and you feel energized. Fuck these negative comments that never tried it.

  22. Definitely! Kratom, especially the right strain of it, is a *potent mood lifter*. The biggest plus is that it’s NOT physically addicting. Sure, use it regularly & you’ll get ‘mental’ addiction. (But drinking coffee actually reverses psychological withdrawal symptoms from kratom. At least that’s true for me).
    The best strain I’ve found is White Vein Borneo. And I’ve tried many things. Wow, you talk about an instant anti-depressant/mood/concentration/confidence booster (!), White Vein Borneo is it. Also, W.V.B.’s effects last much longer than other strains of kratom. One dose in the morning + coffee and you’re a happy person all day long, very strongly euphoric without ‘drug’ effects. I cannot recommend it enough.

  23. This herb is amazing
    Kratom helps with so many different aspects of my life now. It helps me socialize whenever I get out of the house, calms my anxiety, takes away any pain that I may have, my depression has been gone for 7 years now since I’ve been taking it, helps me with insomnia when I can’t get to sleep. I love to talk about anything to do with Kratom.
    I’ve learned so much over these 7 years that I’ve been taking it daily. It has never failed to work for me. It has never made me sick with any bad side effects. It is a great antioxidant with numerous benefits that no other herb or botanical can hold a candle to. Nothing compares to Kratom. Kratom could help so many millions of people with their addictions to any drugs or alcohol. It also can help with withdrawals when getting off of any drugs or alcohol.
    get it from
    you can compare their price with other site , very fair price
    why spending more than 50$ just for under 1lbs?

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