The English Are Coming!

ISBN: 1439176698

This book describes the etymology of thirty English words as a way to show how it became the world’s most universal language. In between these explanations we get historical lessons on English’s development from its Proto-Indo-European language roots. This is all done with the intention to explain why English came to dominate the world.

Today’s modern languages are the result of natural selection from languages that are now dead. Languages go through evolution just like animals do, where the ones that survive are most useful for socializing and commerce. The most useful language that fulfills human needs is English. I consider myself a language enthusiast and picked up this book to satisfy my curiosity about the supremacy of English, but only a couple pages contained sound analysis. The book was mostly a list of facts that read like trivia.

It was easy to tell that the author did a lot of her research on the internet. She connected very few dots of her own, simply parroting information she gleaned online. It seemed like at some point in her life she had decided to write a book—any book—and then did the research to construct one consisting of facts that you will forget in a matter of minutes. I got through half of the book and couldn’t bear to read anymore. The premise was great, but the execution a total failure. Not recommended.

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  1. Roosh.
    Your recommendation of the book about Intimidation was very good. Very original and a new angle on success in business.
    I would say try GULAG by Anne Applebaum is worth a read.

  2. Roosh…. As you’re in Poland also try reading Warsaw 44 – Norman Davies. All about the Warsaw Uprising.

  3. If you haven’t already, check out “Origins of the Specious: Myths and Misconceptions of the English Language by Patricia O’Conner. Good read.
    Also, anything by Richard Mitchell, the “Underground Grammarian.”

  4. Also, there is “Maledicta, The International Journal of Verbal Aggression.” It’s an academic journal, but still hilarious/interesting look at swearing, slang and jokes from around the world and through history.
    I own a couple volumes and university libraries carry them, though there is a limited website if you search for it.

  5. The seminal text for the history of the English language is John Algeo’s “The Origins And Development Of The English Language”. It is a test book, but it is worthy of the the big ass book challenge.
    It’s gritty, technical, and dense. You could buy it with a workbook that contains exercises that actively walk you through the development of language.
    It’s a book you’ll want to throw through the wall, you’ll curse at, and hate its existence. But, I can assure you that you’ll understand how English came to be.

  6. English has become a global language because it is a language that is disconnected from it’s own reality and aims to disconnect you from your own. Conceptually, English is the worst language in use to define and transmit a complex idea. The English language, instead of ordering a hierarchy of concepts into a thesis, uses indeterminate ‘signifiers’, that suggest a predetermined cultural association is used to fix concepts between correspondents, however this is not the case. Classic and formal logic that works in other European languages, does not work in English. They no longer teach classic logic in English elementary school, as that would run counter to their pedagogical interests.
    The high use of English in a time of mass conditioned stupidity is not an accident.
    Get over your English patriotism. England is the cancer of western civilization.

    1. This is inherently wrong. English is not a language that takes random gulps of civilization and disconnects you. Honestly, I’m not even sure what you mean by that.
      While English does not logically trace unlike some largely homogenous Romance languages, it does come from a long history dating back to the near beginning of recorded spoken language.
      The supremacy of English is a frank fact, and whether you think of it of a cancer or not is irrelevant to the discussion.

      1. English supremacy is a fact, whether it´s good for intellectual pursuits its another story. In my opinion English is an oversimplified Germanic language whose supremacy came about as a result of the expansion of the English empire, an unprecedented expansion in history, spreading throughout the globe, and turning almost a third of its inhabitants in subjects to Her Majesty. Thus it´s no surprise is one of the easiest languages to learn, whether you otherwise.

    2. Ok, “etype”, now that you’ve gotten our attention, tell us more. Please post a link that explains this concept deeper and gives examples. These ideas you mention may be trivially obvious to an educated francophone or hispanohablante, but bloody hell, mate, us limeys, yanks, canucks and aussies need a bit more pedagogical assistance to grasp this here line of logic 😉

  7. I would go as far as too say ‘the Americans are coming’
    I’m English , I speak with a pretty generic accent that most people say is quite ‘posh’ but to me it’s normal , in recent months I’ve noticed more and more girls here in the u.k adapting a more American style of English I.e the slang and the different words you guys use for things .
    Clearly it relates directly to the media and all the shite program’s these boring chicks are obsessed with from across the pond. From studying roosh’s posts and reading his articles it’s apparant to me that our girls are equally as cuntish as their American cousins . Intelligence is at an all time low, media here is actively promoting idiotic princess behaviour and it’s getting worse .. Almost by the week. I suggest we form an alliance and seek to eradicate this plague of self entitlement and dumb behaviour. Ill vow to eradicate it this side of the pond if you guys somehow ban all American media from entering the uk … Deal ?

  8. Lingua francas have a weird lag effect.
    That is, the peak of major international languages tends to be during the decline of the nation from which they sprang.
    Latin was the European language of literate people long after the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Not only the Catholic Church but European intellectuals kept it alive up until the Renaissance.
    I love Russian literature from the 19th century. Well, in those days, French was the lingua franca of the European aristocracy, including Russian aristocrats. Even though France really peaked with Napoleon in the eighteen-teens. Didn’t matter. Russians in the late 1800’s still spoke French.
    Today, English is the vernacular of the elites. But the U.S. is already noticeably either in decline, or at best, in plateau. Yet its language will be the dominant international tongue for several decades at least and probably longer. In other words, even if China takes over, Mandarin will not usurp English for quite some time.

    1. Britain passed the baton onto America to keep English as the top language, India will take up the baton in the future, where English is the language of business, politics and law and order….

      1. totally true itll just be adjusted to their style of english
        like back in the day britt english was very prominent like night an colour
        with american version its nite an color
        its all about the most influecal

    2. I don’t see the fuss with mandarin. Especially since not all Chinese people speak it. Not to mention how incredibly hard it is to learn compared to English.
      Additionally, lingua franca in academia is English. I don’t see that changing in a long long time.
      In reality, considering the vast use and integration of English across the world, I imagine English being the dominant language for at least a century or two. It’ll take an incredible amount of time for another language to take over

    1. Faux confidence breeds as much success as positive thinking increases the amount of positive events that happen to you.

  9. Roosh you need to read the book “Will we Ever Learn?” by Chuck Harder. Interesting read to say the least. Also Chuck Harder predicted with extreme accuracy before you were ever born about the coming collapse of society. He was ridiculed and destroyed by the Clinton administration that’s why young people don’t know him at all. Look into it and see what you think. He also told his radio listeners back in the early 1990s that some of his friends were going abroad to meet women in Eastern Europe.

  10. this is bullshit…rewind 200 years when men were kings.. disguise it how you want with clever articles and banter fact is being male in this era sucks , women are on a agenda to take over and dominate and this shti will not stand..goto eastern europe, got the far east…those dudes dont take this shit..ok this is an irrelevant rant regarding the topic concerened and big probs to roosh for branching out into more broader subjects but when push comes to shove , dudes are getting fucked left right and centre and it needs to stop. asap. another beer please …

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