It Wasn’t North Korea’s Strength That Beat Sony

The North Korea-sponsored hackers that humbled Sony ended up looking brilliant in a devious, malevolent way. I’m sure they were treated to a hero’s reward (geek version) in Pyongyang or wherever in the world they’re based.

But thinking about this sorry episode, I realized that Sony’s key weakness—the Achilles heel that was crucial to these hackers’ success—wasn’t in the company’s computer security systems, and wasn’t in the private, sensitive information behind their porous firewalls.

Sure, the hackers ferreted out and then dumped (on a western media that was all too willing to play along) a huge amount of embarrassing data. But in the end, so what about all that? Aaron Sorkin is sleeping with Molly whatsername? Angelie Jolie is “marginally talented” and a “spoiled brat”? Kevin Hart is a “whore”? It’s titillating; it’s an annoyance to the stars and the execs—poor Amy Pascal even had to bow and scrape and submit to a ritual shakedown by Al Sharpton, owing to the revelation of a few racially tinged emails. But none of that would have done much damage to the Sony bottom line. In fact, the hacker attack ended up bestowing a hell of a lot of free publicity on a mediocre movie that people otherwise would have stayed away from in droves.

So what was it that really caused the effective* termination of that movie? It was Sony’s distributors’ fear of liability exposure, following the threats from the hackers to perpetrate a 9/11-type event.

Those threats might have been just an afterthought, and almost certainly had bupkis to back them up—they were most likely only words typed on a keyboard by some pimply Korean kid, in a windowless room reeking of kimchee farts.

But consider the scenario they create, in the mind of the CEO of a chain of cinemas. Someone has threatened, in effect, to bomb screenings of that particular film. Thus, if anything does happen, the CEO’s corporation—in the bleeding-heart tort system of modern America—will be sued to extinction for negligence. Some plaintiff’s attorney will stand up in front of a suggestible jury and scream: The company management knew the cinema would be bombed! But they showed the movie anyway! They didn’t care about human lives!

plaintiff lawyer

For that CEO it would be an easy, straightforward decision not to show the movie—never mind what grandstanding politicians like Obama have to say on the matter.

I don’t think it has dawned on people yet that this coercive tactic doesn’t require computer hacking at all, and can be used against the film industry and probably many other industries by virtually anyone who (a) can make even halfway credible threats via the western media, and (b) effectively stands outside the reach of western law enforcement.

Oh, and, speaking of which . . .

Pascal agreed to let Sharpton have a say in how Sony makes motion pictures, in an effort to combat what he called “inflexible and immovable racial exclusion in Hollywood.”

“We have agreed to having a working group deal with the racial bias and lack of diversity in Hollywood,” said Sharpton.

He said Sony would work closely with his National Action Network, ​the ​National Urban League, ​the ​NAACP and the Black Women’s Round Table to “see if we can come up with an immediate plan to deal with it.”

The meeting, held behind closed doors at the Greenwich Hotel, also included National Urban League president Marc Morial.

“Our interest is seeing to it that Sony is on the right side of changing Hollywood,” Morial said. [NY Post]

*Since I wrote the original draft of this post, some small cinema chains (with relatively little to lose) have agreed to screen “The Interview,” but as the NYT pointed out, such a small run would be “largely symbolic in financial terms,” i.e., the film will essentially end up as a costly write-off.

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296 thoughts on “It Wasn’t North Korea’s Strength That Beat Sony”

  1. The hacking very likely wasn’t done by North Korea. Why would a North Korean hacking organization, that was supposedly trying to prevent this movie from being released, then release elements of the movie all over the place in leaks? Sony has demonstrated significant network security problems and holes for years. They’ve been warned for years by hackers all over the place that their network security was laughable.
    IMHO, the explanation for this episode ranges between Sony Insiders hacking their own company, to motivated information-wants-to-be-free hackers who hold an intense dislike for Sony and all of it’s intellectual property promoting behaviors. I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of one huge marketing gimmick by Sony.
    I do not think that any nation-state hackers would bother with Sony, I just don’t believe it.

    1. think into it logically….. IF NK hacked Sony, all it does is bring massive amounts of attention to a movie that would have otherwise come and gone with barely a murmor…. Kim might be stupid but he’s not that stupid…. he’s got much to lose and nothing to gain…..

      1. This isn’t thinking about it logically, this is coming to a conclusion based on the assumption that humans always behave logically. Just because someone has nothing to gain and something to lose, doesn’t mean that the person thinking isn’t shortsighted in the manner. We are talking about a man who has never had to practice self-introspection, and stupidity is often a function of a lack of experience.

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      3. You know, DPRK (NK) has some access to the internet, their government needs to protect the image of their perfect leader, by allowing this “slanderous” movie to pass to the theaters and make Sony any amounts of money, would be unacceptable. They had to make a move, and they did. Now that they have, the movie doesn’t matter anymore, the DPRK has showed it’s (cyber) muscles.

      4. Kim’s regime lives off of extorting other countries. It’s entire Raison d’etre is to constantly remind the world how much damage they can cause unless they are being given attention way beyond what their irrelevance would otherwise warrant.
        Hence “dirty nukes”, half cocked missiles that may or may not take off, grandstanding on the Dividing Line, kidnapping the occasional Japanese, counterfitting Western currencies etc., etc.
        Now they get attention again, by demonstrating they can make the lives of politically connected people in the US (and perhaps Japan) a smidgen less comfortable.
        As far as Sony studios, and any other studio, goes, 75% of the employees use their first, last or dog’s name for their email, vpn or any other network. The remainders are unpaid freelance interns who have every scene from every movie in progress on the laptops they regularly leave at every Starbucks in the LA area. And that will NEVER change. Since anyone “creative enough” to make meaningful contributions to big budget movies, will simply choose to work for those who aren’t so insanely “square” that they require her to waste her valuable time memorizing passwords and stuff. People who are control freaks are pretty much talentless by definition. Otherwise communists could render Hollywood useless by focusing on movies in their next five year plan.

    2. I would agree, but conspiracy theories are usually horse shit. DPR is barely a state, and more like a thug neighborhood. They’ve got nothing to lose (elites) really. They aren’t going to be invaded, and they already have sanctions, et al.
      This state thrives off attention whoring and victimization complex.

    3. In the aftermath of this thing, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is a marketing gimmick to bolster a mediocre movie that likely went over budget paying two incredibly mediocre actors; Rogan and Franco. Sadly, the POTUS got involved in it. God help us all.

      1. Consider this theory, Mr. Henry Miller fan: the hackers found some serious deep dirt hidden somewhere in Sony’s servers and held back releasing it in order to blackmail the studio into canceling “The Interview”.
        What this information could be I can only speculate…. “Hollywood accounting” record books showing how much money they’ve screwed people out of, footage of their Illuminati-Satanic pedophile ring induction ceremonies…. but something bad enough Sony would cave to any option not to have it made public.

    4. It was probably the CIA or some other US intelligence agency.
      There’s also lies that’re being spread in the MSM. It could be used as a tool to give excuse for some intelligence agencies to get more power to undermine more governments.

      1. This is my guess as well — probably in collaboration with Mossad like the Stuxnet attack on Iran …

      2. 100% this! Why would NK waste time on this nonsense? This has CIA written all over it. No doubt it will be used for pretext to war or more stringent government control of the internet. Take your pick.

    5. I always suspect marketing gimmicks, but sony would not participate in one that could put them at the wrong end of the government; if sony did such a thing and the secret got out, politicians could very well ax their ability to do business in the country to buy votes, as americans are shortsighted as a whole and would not care about the number of jobs this would cost the country. On the contrary, North Korea’s leadership is one I expect to make stupid decisions; if they weren’t, they would not have trashed their environment. Family based dictatorships often produce famously bad leadership that is only allowed to exist because western countries see no benefit in footing the bill of wiping them off the map. On top of all of this, North Koreans are threatened with concentration camps and are so brainwashed they begin crying whenever their leader’s name is mentioned. A large group of brainwashed people who believe they are perpetual victims of the western world; guaranteed to give rise to some form of terrorism. Middle eastern terror groups do not affiliate themselves with the governments of the countries they operate in even if they share the same ideologies; they tend to be the same brainwashed youth I was talking about that migrated from neighboring North African states. It is amazing how similar human behavior can be, and I suspect the same is at play here.

      1. Brian, it’s best to play to your strengths. You’re not doing that here. Please stop shilling.

        1. Everyone who disagrees with you is not a shill. The argument you just made is the same feminists make to silence men, shaming them and then claiming they are misogynists. The exact same logical fallacy. Unless you can provide proof you are correct, then all anyone has here are opinions based on pure conjecture.

        2. It’s not advice, but an accusation. One with out any foundation whatsoever other than your desire for it to be true.

        3. Cool story, sis. I advised you to play to your strengths and asked you to stop shilling. Obviously, you’re free to reject the advice.

        4. More baseless accusations. I wonder what it is like being an idiot who looks to the sky and sees lightening, assumes its gods doing it and label anyone who disagrees with you as being a heretic. Probably the same way it feels to be a liberal who accuses anyone who disagrees with Obama as being a liberal. Or a fat 30 year old washed out whore who accuses anyone who does not give her what she wants of being misogynist. You are what you claim to hate by means of your own stupidity. Have fun lying to yourself about how the world works, and always being wrong. God, we get a lot of idiots on this site nowadays.

    1. I thought it was their distributors, all american companies, that backed out. Sony is still releasing the movie everywhere they can.

  2. Those threats might have been just an afterthought, and almost certainly had bupkis to back them up—they were most likely only words typed on a keyboard by some pimply Korean kid, in a windowless room reeking of kimchee farts.

    But, but my room has a window!

    1. “windowless room reeking of kimchee farts.”
      Merry fucking xmas to us all. That was a good one!

  3. “Pascal agreed to let Sharpton have a say in how Sony makes motion
    pictures, in an effort to combat what he called “inflexible and
    immovable racial exclusion in Hollywood.”
    yeah, and I bet that that baboon thinks Hollywood is run by White people, just like that other baboon, Chris Rock.

    1. It is run by Jews, but the Hollywood Industry is a business and their favorite color is GREEN, but race is a factor for example not upsetting white audiences even as far as never depicting Jesus as Brown or Pharaohs as Black or even brown or colored…so basically distorting truth because it will negatively impact their bottom dollar.
      People can say that It shouldn’t matter but what are your views regarding Rush Limbaugh’s tirade and anger of the mere SUGGESTION that a Black Man play the fictional James Bond Character? Ironic because there is no outrage on his side when they distort History to put White males with Blue eyes in the lead of actual historical people. Just curious….but maybe that Rush Limbaugh is a bigger how you say “Baboon.”

      1. The Egyptians were not black, this has been proven by DNA. Jesus as brown, yes more than likely.

        1. Yeah and Santa Claus is real.
          Egyptians at its inception was BLACK AND BROWN society. And SURELY NOT WHITE. Greeks arrived thousands of years later, after Alexander the Great.
          At least we agree on Jesus being brown.

        2. DNA has proven that the closest populations to the ancient Egyptians are the French, English and Spanish. These people are the closest genetically related people to them. This same study has also shown that the modern day people of Egypt bear almost no genetic relation to the ancient Egyptians. Again, this is science, not my opinion, the study was done at a Swiss university, look it up. If you have additional scientific studies, please post them, otherwise your “feelings” are not important to anyone who wants to draw a rational conclusion based on facts.
          In addition, the Egyptians themselves referred to sub Saharan Africans as Nubians so it’s clear they did not associate themselves in the same group as these people.
          Now, I will say this, they might have been darker than what we see in Western Europeans today based simply on the fact that more sun = more melanin in the skin but by our standards of today they are “white” and the people of those 3 countries are their genetic relatives.
          Oh and Santa Claus was a real person.

        3. Yes Santa was real but he is not the White FAT GUY YOU SEE another example of whitewashing….as I said before WHITE RACISTS after the 1700’s TRIED TO WHITEWASH AND ROB THE HISTORY FROM BLACKS. So it is not my “feelings” in question is the White Racist’s feelings you should question…don’t try to further bullshit people there WAS NO NORTHERN CIVILIZATION AT THAT TIME…the only thing you can come up with is STONE HEDGE….so don’t place yourself in what was A Black Brown Civilization to begin with or BLACK Civilization if you apply racist white “ONE DROP RULE” policy…your little mind wants to deny and state that its merely opinion…but no matter how much you hate it or try to twist the truth the fact still remains. WHITES DID NOT START CIVILIZATION!!! NOW YOU CAN PROCESS THAT HOW YOU WILL AND I HOPE EVERYONE SEES MY POSTS.
          “”Analysis of crania is the traditional approach to assessing ancient population origins, relationships, and diversity. In studies based on anatomical traits and measurements of crania, similarities have been found between Nile Valley crania from 30,000, 20,000 and 12,000 years ago and various African remains from more recent times (see Thoma 1984; Brauer and Rimbach 1990; Angel and Kelley 1986; Keita 1993). Studies of crania from southern predynastic Egypt, from the formative period (4000-3100 B.C.), show them usually to be more similar to the crania of ancient Nubians, Kushites, Saharans, or modern groups from the Horn of Africa than to those of dynastic northern Egyptians or ancient or modern southern Europeans.” (S. O. Y and A.J. Boyce, “The Geographical Origins and Population Relationships of Early Ancient Egyptians”, in Egypt in Africa, Theodore Celenko (ed), Indiana University Press, 1996, pp. 20-33)”
          “In the sum, the results obtained further strengthen the results from previous analyses. The affinities between Nazlet Khater, MSA, and Khoisan and Khoisan related groups re-emerges. In addition it is possible to detect a separation between North African and sub-saharan populations, with the Neolithic Saharan population from Hasi el Abiod and the Egyptian Badarian group being closely affiliated with modern Negroid groups. Similarly, the Epipaleolithic populations from Site 117 and Wadi Halfa are also affiliated with sub-Saharan LSA, Iron Age and modern Negroid groups rather than with contemporaneous North African populations such as Taforalt and the Ibero-maurusian.”
          —Pierre M. Vermeersch in Palaeolithic quarrying sites in Upper and Middle Egypt

        4. This is not Stormfront or a Racial Realist Site…so little ignorant statements get checked. And I do so happily and with amusement. Black And Browns lived in ANCIENT EGPYT AND IT WAS NOT STARTED BY WHITE PEOPLE….Furthermore white people come from Africans anyway. LOL
          “The raw values in Table 6 suggest that Egyptians had the “super-Negroid” body plan described by Robins (1983).. This pattern is supported by Figure 7 (a plot of population mean femoral and tibial lengths; data from Ruff, 1994), which indicates that the Egyptians generally have tropical body plans. Of the Egyptian samples, only the Badarian and Early Dynastic period populations have shorter tibiae than predicted from femoral length. Despite these differences, all samples lie relatively clustered together as compared to the other populations.” (Zakrzewski, S.R. (2003). “Variation in ancient Egyptian stature and body proportions”. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 121 (3): 219-229.
          “In this regard it is interesting to note that limb proportions of Predynastic Naqada people in Upper Egypt are reported to be “Super-Negroid,” meaning that the distal segments are elongated in the fashion of tropical Africans… color intensification and distal limb elongation are apparent wherever people have been long-term residents of the tropics.” (– C.L. Brace, 1993. Clines and clusters..”)
          “Two opposing theories for the origin of Dynastic Egyptians dominated scholarly debate over the last century: whether the ancient Egyptians were black Africans (historically referred to as Negroid) originating biologically and culturally in Saharo-Tropical Africa, or whether they originated as a Dynastic Race in the Mediterranean or western Asian regions (people historically categorized as White, or Caucasoid). Contemporary physical anthropologists recognize, however that race is not a useful biological concept when applied to humans. Although many people believe they can distinguish “races” on the basis of skin color, more of the variation in human genetic makeup can be attributed to differences between these so-called races than between them….There is now a sufficient body of evidence from modern studies of skeletal remains to indicate that the ancient Egyptians, especially southern Egyptians, exhibited physical characteristics that are within the range of variation for ancient and modern indigenous peoples of the Sahara and tropical Africa. In general, the inhabitants of Upper Egypt and Nubia had the greatest biological affinity to people of the Sahara and more southerly areas..[…] Any interpretation of the biological affinities of the ancient Egyptians must be placed in the context of hypothesisinformed by the archaeological, linguistic, geographic or other data. In this context the physical anthropological evidence indicates that the early Nile Valley populations can be identified as part of an African lineage, but exhibiting local variation. This variation represents the short and long term effects of evolutionary forces, such as gene flow, genetic drift, and natural selection influenced by culture and geography (Nancy C. Lovell, ” Egyptians, physical anthropology of,” in Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, ed. Kathryn A. Bard and Steven Blake Shubert, ( London and New York: Routledge, 1999) pp 328-332)”
          “The evidence also points to linkages to other northeast African peoples, not coincidentally approximating the modern range of languages closely related to Egyptian in the Afro-Asiatic group (formerly called Hamito-Semetic). These linguistic similarities place ancient Egyptian in a close relationship with languages spoken today as far west as Chad, and as far south as Somalia. Archaeological evidence also strongly supports an African origin. A widespread northeastern African cultural assemblage, including distinctive multiple barbed harpoons and pottery decorated with dotted wavy line patterns, appears during the early Neolithic (also known as the Aqualithic, a reference to the mild climate of the Sahara at this time). Saharan and Sudanese rock art from this time resembles early Egyptian iconography. Strong connections between Nubian (Sudanese) and Egyptian material culture continue in later Neolithic Badarian culture of Up!
          per Egypt. Similarities include black-topped wares, vessels with characteristic ripple-burnished surfaces, a special tulip-shaped vessel with incised and white-filled decoration, palettes, and harpoons…”
          “Other ancient Egyptian practices show strong similarities to modern African cultures including divine kingship, the use of headrests, body art, circumcision, and male coming-of-age rituals, all suggesting an African substratum or foundation for Egyptian civilization………”
          “The race and origins of the Ancient Egyptians have been a source of considerable debate. Scholars in the late and early 20th centuries rejected any considerations of the Egyptians as black Africans by defining the Egyptians either as non-African (i.e Near Easterners or Indo-Aryan), or as members of a separate brown (as opposed to a black) race, or as a mixture of lighter-skinned peoples with black Africans. In the later half of the 20th century, Afrocentric scholars have countered this Eurocentric and often racist perspective by characterizing the Egyptians as black and African…..”
          “Physical anthropologists are increasingly concluding that racial definitions are the culturally defined product of selective perception and should be replaced in biological terms by the study of populations and clines. Consequently, any characterization of race of the ancient Egyptians depend on modern cultural definitions, not on scientific study. Thus, by modern American standards it is reasonable to characterize the Egyptians as ‘blacks’ [i.e in a social sense] while acknowledging the scientific evidence for the physical diversity of Africans.” Source: Donald Redford (2001) The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, Volume 3. Oxford University Press. p. 27-28

        5. Merry Christmas Class dismissed!!
          “The question of the genetic origins of ancient Egyptians, particularly those during the Dynastic period, is relevant to the current study. Modern interpretations of Egyptian state formation propose an indigenous origin of the Dynastic civilization (Hassan, 1988). Early Egyptologists considered Upper and Lower Egyptians to be genetically distinct populations, and viewed the Dynastic period as characterized by a conquest of Upper Egypt by the Lower Egyptians. More recent interpretations contend that Egyptians from the south actually expanded into the northern regions during the Dynastic state unification (Hassan, 1988; Savage, 2001), and that the Predynastic populations of Upper and Lower Egypt are morphologically distinct from one another, but not sufficiently distinct to consider either non-indigenous (Zakrzewski, 2007). The Predynastic populations studied here, from Naqada and Badari, are both Upper Egyptian samples, while the Dynastic Egyptian sample (Tarkhan) is from Lower Egypt. The Dynastic Nubian sample is from Upper Nubia (Kerma). Previous analyses of cranial variation found the Badari and Early Predynastic Egyptians to be more similar to other African groups than to Mediterranean or European populations (Keita, 1990; Zakrzewski, 2002). In addition, the Badarians have been described as near the centroid of cranial and dental variation among Predynastic and Dynastic populations studied (Irish, 2006; Zakrzewski, 2007). This suggests that, at least through the Early Dynastic period, the inhabitants of the Nile valley were a continuous population of local origin, and no major migration or replacement events occurred during this time.
          Studies of cranial morphology also support the use of a Nubian (Kerma) population for a comparison of the Dynastic period, as this group is likely to be more closely genetically related to the early Nile valley inhabitants than would be the Late Dynastic Egyptians, who likely experienced significant mixing with other Mediterranean populations (Zakrzewski, 2002). A craniometric study found the Naqada and Kerma populations to be morphologically similar (Keita, 1990). Given these and other prior studies suggesting continuity (Berry et al., 1967; Berry and Berry, 1972), and the lack of archaeological evidence of major migration or population replacement during the Neolithic transition in the Nile valley, we may cautiously interpret the dental health changes over time as primarily due to ecological, subsistence, and demographic changes experienced throughout the Nile valley region.”
          — AP Starling, JT Stock. (2007). Dental Indicators of Health and Stress in Early Egyptian and Nubian Agriculturalists: A Difficult Transition and Gradual Recovery. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 134:520–528
          “Just think, that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black men have the same kind of intelligence as whites!
          “In other words the ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same stock as all the autochthonous peoples of Africa and from the datum one sees how their race, after some centuries of mixing with the blood of Romans and Greeks, must have lost the full blackness of its original color but retained the impress of its original mould.”
          M. Constantine de Volney, Travels through Syria and Egypt in the Years 1783, 1784, and 1785 (London: 1787), p. 80-83.

        6. haha thanks goofy I see you are formulating words and sentences…you can thank “us” for that too while you’re at it..boy.

        7. And the DNA results are where???? Didn’t see them in your post at all. You can copy and paste an entire book here but the genetic results are the genetic results.

        8. HAHAHAHAHAHA You need to “han” Feed your Brain a little bit more how about it huh..just trying to help you out buddy.
          Thing is genetic results can somewhat be disputed are they fully accurate first of all, secondly what type of DNA is being examined mitochondrial or other types? Furthermore if you get a Pharaoh mummy from the Ptolemaic line like I explained to my ignorant, but well meaning racist idiot, “Northy” above you will obviously get more Mediterranean DNA however it does not disprove Who began the Ancient Egyptian Civilization namely black people. LOL you guys are awesome you make Christmas fun!

        9. Glad I can entertain your little simian brain. “Genetic results can somewhat be disputed” ahahahahaha, are you serious.
          Well shit then, the results of 2+2 can be disputed then also in your delusional world.

        10. Yes I know that Hanfeedback I know where Santa Comes from Like I stated before….all I stated was that the FAT WHITE GUY…He is not real! Like Blue Eyed Blonde Jesus would not if Jesus in fact walked the earth. HAHAHAHAHA hard to swallow for you i feel like asking you if you think the world is flat cause thats what you’re selling me LOL
          Again Reading Comprehension buddy…USE IT lol

        11. HAHA Serious observation is all lumped as “AFRO Centric when YOU don’t like reality….however you don’t question any of the over 600 years of Pseudo Science and White Created Racial Hierarchy and Whitewashing of History right…Talk about a Hypocrite there no worse quality as a hypocrite in a man…I think its worse than envy and Jealousy. lol

        12. Also Stormfront is rridiculously racist and ingnoratn and is just perpetuated the feelings of over 600 years of whitewashing of history which you would not criticize. A real “Afro Centrist” would say something like Jesus was “Black” (ironically under the One Drop Rule he would be black lol) I stated he would be of brown complexion.

        13. Here’s the Reuters story.

          This is real recent:

          We all know Sub Saharan Africans are well known for their blonde and red hair hahahahhahahahah.
          And I wouldn’t post a news story from Stormfront because I require something more to convince me however, it’s clear you’ll post Al Sharpton as an expert, you might as well just said “While weez be builden dem der pyramids YT beez living in caves n sheeit ook eek ook ook eek”.

        14. hahaha yes little recessive gene cave-dwellers like you definitely amuses me hahahahahah…..and the result is 4! Does it equal 5 or 3 for you?
          hahahahahahaha Again you take a quote but don’t use “reading comprehension” and take it out of context…for example even an accurate genetic test on a Ptolemaic Dynasty Mummified Pharaoh won’t tell an accurate picture on the origins of Ancient Egypt…but I guess they didn’t teach you that at Racial Realist school?

        15. Seems to equal something different for you, Im not the one arguing against DNA, you might as well be arguing that the sun revolves around the earth.
          Even without DNA, its clear to me that Sub Saharan Africans are not in any way related except by maybe minute inter-racial breeding related to ancient Egyptians. Why do I think this?? Ancient Egyptians were an advanced society and Africans, well, we still need to remind them to wash “muh dick”.

        16. DNA evidence most of it comes from Sub Saharan Africa on many studies…Ancient Egyptian Civilization comes from Black people…Sub Saharan groups had language and farmed and helped to start Ancient Egypt. By looking at a Mummy who is for example the Ptolemaic line does not fully describe the beginning of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.
          Again it was the white man’s jealousy and superiority complex after the 1700’s that desperately tried to hide any Civilization or contributions that Black people made. It was not us it was white racists that tried to desperately prove their false superiority and wiping out the origins of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece and denigrating any black contributions was their goal. Its the racist whites superiority complex that’s at work here…the truth is the truth and doesn’t matter what you say will change that. Its as simple as that jack. lol

        17. haha im surprised you speak “mah dick” very well maybe you should teach me. As I said Blacks have many many different bone structures…is an Italian the same as a Nordic person in features and structure? No they are not…now imagine a continent as big as Africa…you can fit North America Europe and parts of the middle east and Asia partly into it! Black people do have red hair and blonde have you seen Eastern Blacks in Melanesia or Australia for example? You think only Whites have Red Hair? lol
          Early Europeans Middle Eastern’s and Asians are actually Blacks that look like a combination of each…they then went on to form their different features.
          LOL I won’t post Al Sharpton as an “expert” but he is much better than the pill poppin Rush Limbaugh.

        18. Oh yes, there was a giant conspiracy by YT before 1700 to hide African accomplishments. Maybe you can explain this to me, why was evil YT doing this to the poor advanced Africans but yet people like Chinese seem to get credit for their contributions, everyone know for example they introduced gun powder to the Europeans but poor blacks never get any of dey credit from evil YT boo fucking whoo..
          These are the sample who shower in cow piss, eat dirt cookies in Haiti, believe that raping infants and/or virgins will cure them of HIV, can’t stop eating bats to avoid an Ebola outbreak, need US taxpayer money to be reminded to wash “muh dick”, constantly looking for handouts from the 1st world because they can’t grow enough food (even though EVIL YT seemed to be able to do it in Rhodesia), gave us the wonderful contribution of HIV. I could literally go on and on and on, it’s a never ending list. We still don’t know 100% how the pyramids were built but we’re suppose to believe these same people built them??? Are you fucking serious?

        19. Yes I know, which is why Im done arguing about it. Some people are not meant to understand some things.

        20. Yes there was a big conspiracy many in Racist white society tried to denigrate or deny anything the Blacks ever did if you do not know this either A you are a complete idiot or B you are knowingly going along with the racist viewpoints of your European ancestors. MOST OF THE PYRAMIDS ARE ACTUALLY FOUND IN SUB SAHARAN AFRICA. You can visit yourself and see the evidence.
          Again you are deflecting from the facts that many 1st world countries actively engage in the extraction of resources to this day. They are hypocritical in that they preach “Democracy” but don’t allow it to function in other country’s society. Again you speak very well “muh Dick” perhaps you are a native speaker in fact the only people I see speaking it are some whites on this site. I seen some “third World activities at my local Trailer Park as well lol.
          These Ancient Civilizations had advanced Mathematics and even a form of Calculus long before Isaac Newton arrived on the scene. Now you can throw your little baby temper tantrum and spew ignorance with your buddies but it only works with “mommy” not me.

        21. Most genetic testing is done on mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes, which changes very slowly as both sequences have very little nonfunctional DNA, so no, you are wrong, this DNA testing is very accurate. Typical that you can’t handle that Haplogroup R1B is clearly superior based on the countries these individuals reside in. Putting “hahaha” on every other sentence does not make you correct.

        22. with all the capslock words, one might assume you had some sort of a vested interest in maintaining your point of view.

        23. To be completely truthful, that whole ‘people thought the world was flat’ thing is perhaps the greatest comedy meme ever invented, and it never actually held out.
          Sailors charts from as early as 200 BC have generally acknowledged that the ‘horizon’ was an artifact of the curvature of the earth. Even French peasants from 600 ad knew full well that the earth curved, something that can easily seen any time one observes the horizon.
          I will admit that in general, people who lived in thick forests or valleys and never went more than a mile from their homes in their lives might have believed it, but the general consensus that the world is round has existed as far back as recorded history, and logic suggests it went much farther back than that, considering how easily the phenomenon is to observe.

        24. And you are a primitive cave dweller and recessive gene pink monkey lower than me. I comprehend DNA testing just as I comprehended Advanced Mathematics at 12 years old. lol Hairless pink ape.

        25. I do that to make a clear point to lower intelligent life forms. I’m trying to “slow it down” for them.

        26. so, you write like an idiot because you assume that all others read like idiots?
          Honestly, that reeks of either megalomania or it rings completely false. Much like the examples you cited.
          Primarily, the only absolute scientifically established origin to a modern scientific system was the arabic version of mathematics, which was ONLY an improvement over the roman system due to the numbering methodology, and in fact lost out in mathematic versatility to the proto-germanic and roman duodecimal system, and was basically only adopted due to turkic (white turkey) control of the silk road. An accident of history that was arguably one of mathematical history’s most egregious failures.
          While no one would argue that sub-saharan Africa (or at least the coastal areas thereof) was the spawning place of mankind, it is quite clear that evolution had a much greater effect as humankind moved away from it’s birthplace and into much more hostile environments where food plentitude, seasonal alterations, and less fertility required much greater psychological, mental, and adaptive flexibility to survive. Much the same way the primate precursors evolved into subspecies such as human, apes, and great apes, humankind evolved into the various flavors of humanity.
          It is fitting that you uphold your claim to being closest to ‘pureblooded’ humanity, especially considering the recent discovery of neanderthal DNA in varying amounts among the lighter-skinned races, but any claims of aiding in the modern technocracy of humankind outside of sub saharan africa are spurious at best. Your people are much closer to the genetic origins of humanity, take pride if you wish, but you will NEVER convince those who have a documented history of discovery leading back to their own ancestors accomplishments that they were all ‘stolen’ from your simian ancestors. The chain of proof simply does not exist outside of the fevered imaginations of black supremacists.

        27. You know, technically, sub-saharan africans are much closer, evolutionarily speaking, to our primate ancestors than the ‘hairless pink apes’ you disparage. You can, if you like, call your race ‘more human’, or you can refer to it as ‘unevolved’, but it’s a bit like a carriage calling a car a ‘wagon’.

        28. yes, white people came from brown people (not black, the ultra-melanin skin occured after the separation of northern european tribes from sub-saharan tribes) but saying that civilization had a ‘starting point’ requires that you first define ‘civilization’. Was it families squatting in mud huts at night desperately hoping a lion didn’t eat them in their sleep? was it the construction of fortifications that allowed people to sleep without fear of getting eaten? If the former, then yes, africa was the beginning of civilization. If it was the latter then Africa STILL has not become ‘civilized’ in many places.

        29. lol this amuses me..Your writing is amusement to me and has a lot of false points…Before I go I already point out errors in your statement what are now people from India contributed to the very numerals that Arabs used. This was before the Romans by the way. Furthermore Mathematics was and a form of calculus was already being used in Ancient Egypt before Ancient Greece was even a thought.
          Also evolution does not always mean an “improvement” sometimes evolution can create a “Dead End” a branch which is essentially a failure…many species “evolved” into failures. A “Devolution”…and there are many that seemed to have devolved. For example many recessive genes can serve well in colder climates but can fail easily in warmer climates…lack of melanin is horrendous when exposed to the sun and hard labor. Also there a high level of IQ needed to survive in Warm Hot areas, that are easily dismissed by many until they have to find food to survive.
          African Blacks have a wide variety of features that expanded into the people we have today. That’s where diversity comes in, diversity is the power of a species…in that it enables a species to have a higher probability in adapting to a wide array of environmental possibilities. Anyway I will answer later as I am enjoying my festivities, again this is always entertaining for me.

        30. Interestingly enough, it was recently discovered that the ‘hauled blocks’ that make up the egyptian pyramids are non-heterogenous.
          What that means is, the ‘great teams of slaves and elephants dragging stones’ appears to be entirely a hollywood meme, in point of fact it suggests that the stones were ‘cast in place’ by means of a rather interesting formula for early concrete.
          While this casts an enormous amount of doubt on the ‘engineering’ accomplishments of the ancient egyptians (it is relatively easy to cast concrete forms that fit together perfectly when you are casting them one atop the other) it clearly answers the question of how a pre-bronze technology was able to ‘chisel’ such well-formed pyramids… answer? they never did.
          However, I will NOT disparage Egyptian accomplishments in ‘kitchen’ chemistry. It was mostly based on absolute lack of mathematics, but an enormous amount of testing managed to produce an incredible sort of concrete and even a type of electrical battery. The question is, was it genius or simply a million monkeys sitting at typewriters?

        31. Actually it was people developing farming, language which you benefit from as you use speech now…and writing. In that case yes Africa was the beginning of Civilization.

        32. Well actually you should question your brethren who like to throw the “monkey” term around..I think its ironic that when you shave the monkey it is actually pink. Excuse me if I find the irony entertaining.

        33. I am glad you find your ignorance so terribly entertaining. However, pointing out that the ‘base ten’ system the arabs used was originally stolen from India does not actually confirm your ‘brown supremacy’ theories in any way… in fact, it actually damns the concept that the arabs contributed in ANY way to modern mathematics, beyond the ‘white arabs’ control of the dominant currency during a highly influential period of history, and the concomitant adoption of a highly flawed system of mathematics which we still suffer under today.
          Now, if you want to argue that survival in sub-saharan africa was more evolutionarily difficult than say… surviving in a place where snow covers the ground for 3/4ths of the year, we can have that discussion, but I am afraid that that conversation is unlikely to be in your favor. especially since your claims of a ‘wide array of environmental possibilities’ doesn’t even remotely describe the conditions in sub-saharan africa, which has the huge climatological variations from ‘warm and wet’ to ‘warm and dry’

        34. What was Ancient Greece or Northern Europeans doing at the same time period?…..hmmmm interesting.

        35. ooh, I would certainly enjoy your citations on africa as the origin of agriculture and writing, considering that those citations do not exist.
          As for speech, it has been theorised that primitive grunting languages indeed originated in Africa long before the races split… and by listening to african american speech patterns today, I would theorize that that language hasn’t grown much in sophistication from it’s primitive origins among the african aborigines.

        36. Monkeys, yes. Great Apes, no. shaved great apes have generally darker skin pigmentation, but considering the fact that monkeys split from primates long before primates separated into humans and great apes, I scarcely think it is any more relevant than noticing that cats are often pink when shaved.

        37. Lol your ignorance is amusing…I highly doubt “slang” should be used as a basis for describing the speech of an entire race of people. Fact is most of the World’s Languages come from Africa and the Middle East. This is simply factual and not an opinion. the grunting actually comes from your ancestors in Northern Europe. Also defecating on oneself and barbarism.

        38. Absolutely. and warfare (and protection from warfare) has fueled more technological advancement than any other force in history.
          if humans didn’t like killing each other and stealing their shit, we’d probably all still be living in…well… the same kinds of huts you find in new guinea today.

        39. lol yeah should have come in handy for whites when they were starving to death and eating each other in Massachusetts until the native tribes had to help feed them and teach them how to survive the winter….however your barbarism paid off in the long run.

        40. I did say that speech originated prior to racial separation, did I not? and yes, it started with meaningful grunting, much like other animal threat language today.
          And what makes you assume my ancestors were northern European?

        41. cause its usually northern Europeans who feel most insecure and defensive so I’m going by general patterns I see.

        42. Umm… I strongly suggest you re-read your history. The Massachusetts starvation was primarily caused by early experiments in puritan socialism. The Native Americans had little to no influence save pointing out that corn was another farmable crop.
          However, your lack of knowledge on a subject you seem to be using as a point of reference to justify your black supremacism certainly has informed me that arguing with you is as pointless as trying to teach a pig to sing. I do feel a little foolish trying to engage you in a discussion where you have too much at stake, personally, to acknowledge facts that conflict with your personal ideology… “that pig won’t sing!”

        43. Well Warfare does fuel technological advancement specifically in tools of war. But friendly competition also fuels the Space Race…and times of peace and abundance also fuels advancement in the sciences.

        44. You know, most people tend to get defensive when you attack them, or debate facts with insults. I am certain that Han Chinese would get defensive if you tried to convince them that Negroes invented gunpowder.

        45. cool observation…anyway my Purple Heart War Vet. I’m enjoying some festivities now maybe we will continue this at a later time.

        46. ‘friendly competition fueled the space race’?
          Seriously? I take it then that you were not alive during the cold war. Take it from me, there was nothing ‘friendly’ about the cuban missile crisis, or about the absolute need to reach the moon prior to the russians… especially after they proved they were capable of placing Nukes in space and spanked us so roundly with sputnik.
          No, the space race was entirely fueled by war, and the fear of being exterminated in a war.

        47. Again why do you question me? When you ignore the very reason for my response? If you haven’t noticed its mostly white people who usually attack a whole race of people. Thing is when other Whites or others who feel “offended” state what you just state I refer them back to the original reason for my initial response.

        48. I too am a veteran, with a purple heart (two actually, but one was not caused by enemy action, but rather a retarded HT who failed to check a tagged-out system) Where did you serve? what service? I was Navy before I crossed (via rescue swimmer program) to the marines, and served on the Frederick LST-1184 prior to it’s Hawaiian move and eventual sale to chile, and then on the Essex (LHD-2)

        49. Yes I agree however there is a sort of friendly rivalry with the Indians and Europe, as well as with Companies chasing that dollar.

        50. “If you haven’t noticed its mostly white people who usually attack a whole race of people.”
          I grew up in Southeast DC. You’ll have to shovel your bullshit faster if you expect me to believe it, son. If anything, whites are the most disgustingly egalitarian and apologetic anti-racists on the planet. It’s almost as though they were dedicated to racial suicide, they way they carry on with racial guilt about shit that happened long before they were born.
          If whites were truly even close to ‘attacking a whole race of people’, they would have exterminated their negro problem a century ago instead of allowing a subculture dedicated to their extermination to flourish in their most powerful urban centers. Fucking suicidally anti-racist, is what they are.

        51. And we all know how much India has contributed to the space race.
          Have you ever been to india? I have… and in Bombay the competition is far from friendly.

        52. I have not been to India it is one of the places I would love to go…love the history and culture there…and the space race is heating up!

        53. That’s because people who hold an unpopular opinion vent here. You don’t seem to realize that white-haters don’t have to vent here, they vent everywhere else, because hating white people is socially acceptable.
          So yes, you come on a website where men are free to vent their rage while being suppressed everywhere else, don’t be surprised when a lot of inconvenient facts get aired. Publically airing your black supremacist viewpoint on an american men’s (who are still the majority population) without any sort of reliable citations is bound to get you some harsh response, without any punches pulled.
          A fact I am sure you already knew when you chose to troll this comment thread.

        54. I would also like to point out that ‘times of peace’ generally do NOT fuel technological innovation. Mostly science stagnates without a massive impetus like armed conflict.
          Most of our current original medical technology was fueled by war… sulfa drugs and penicillin and other antibiotics, surgical techniques, pasteurization, food storage technology, the internet, computers in general, communications, aviation, even sanitation all fueled or originally developed in response to military needs. What sort of medical technology have we developed in (semi)peace time? boner medication. texting. flat screen televisions. How vital is that to the human race? Not much.
          Frankly, a third world war would do wonders for the global economy and technology, assuming we didn’t nuke every single urban center. It would probably stabilize or even revert liberal culture. Not to mention, fiascos like the idiotic ferguson riots would not occur or would quickly result in a highly fatal outcome for the rioting criminals.

        55. The ancient egyptian ruling caste had pale (Not white or brown) olive skin, narrow yet long noses, slight epicanthic folds, and straight, black hair. The race has been interbred out of existence, but looked similar to today’s jews, albeit with slightly darker skin.
          The lower class had considerably darker (almost brown) skin, broader noses (negroid) and much blunter features, tending to curly (Not afro) hair. The differences between high and low caste egyptians were clearly apparent.
          The Hebrew slaves looked enough like the ruling caste to ‘almost’ pass as them, which is why they made such popular house slaves… they were clearly ‘of good breeding’ yet in most cases were still distinguishable from the ruling caste. They were not (despite fiction to the contrary), however, often used as lower or field slaves, as lower castes were considered of far lower status than house slaves… Hebrew slaves, in fact, occupied quite a privileged position in the egyptian Hierarchy, one which could be quite upset if low-caste egyptians saw people who resembled their lords laboring like a common worker.
          There is much evidence pointing to the fact that Hebrew slaves were often bred for intelligence, working as auditors, tax collectors, accountants, engineering, and other jobs where intelligence was paramount but where the work was onerous enough that the high caste didn’t wish to ‘soil their hands’ with long hours poring over a table full of figures.
          There is a strong argument that most of egypt’s ‘technology’ was created, in fact, by hebrew slaves. And, modern-day Hebrews might just thank the ancient Egyptian breeding programs which gifted them with their mathematic and financial wisdom today. As well as possibly the slave-mentality which allows them to thrive in today’s victimocracy… concepts like honor, justice, and fair play do not make for a successful slave.
          I do not see though how the physical appearance of a vanished race has any bearing on our modern-day races. Whether they came from southern european stock or sub-saharan stock originally, they are GONE, and no one except maybe the modern egyptian can claim any blood ties to the vanished race. I can assure you that the egyptian and hebrew ‘upper crust’ did NOT breed into the sub-saharan african genetic stock, although there is a strong indication that modern-day Italians and greeks may be able to claim a fair portion of noble egyptian blood in their veins.

        56. Dude, if you think 1700 years ago reflects ancient egyptians, you need to seek introspection before calling others names. You think the pyramids are 1700 years old? LOL 12,000 years old? LOL 24,000? LOL
          Genetics: do you understand that there are Europeans who are more genetically similar to some Africans than those Africans to their own neighbors a few hundred miles away? Go dig some more about genetic markers and single nucleotide polymorphism (or you can become an world class expert in molecular biology) before commenting on genetics. I hate to see idiots calling other people idiots on this site.
          Civilizations are always in flux. Ours (western) is very very young, and it’s already dying. Imagine 40,000 years out, the power is now in dark people’s hands. You can’t imagine that, can you? Your little brain cannot handle that.

        57. Smh Ancient Egypt originated as a Black Brown Society NOT WHITE that is the fact. Blacks have wide differences even between modern nations in Africa now Imagine a continent so vast and large as Africa…The Institution of slavery in Egypt is questionable, as many of the Pyramids were built by paid labor. Hebrews then did not appear as the majority Askhkenzai European Jews do in Israel today, but the true people are the Brown Palestinians are are getting screwed today by that Zionist Government (but that is a whole other debate). Europeans coming into Egypt came much much later in the Egyptian timeline. Societies of Europe pale in comparison in terms of length of time, and The United States is still in its infancy. Cleopatra Alexander the Great are CLOSER to us in Time Period than the founding of Ancient Egyptians….furthermore usurpers to the throne and the royal family coming from foreign lands should not be confused with the originators of Ancient Egypt. That is like talking about Ancient People and societies of America and portraying them as White because we have the United States in its place currently…which would be false.

        58. Listen I am not trolling…you can “vent” all you want but Venting Bullshit is another thing. Also if you haven’t noticed no one can really say anything inappropriate in society. Also you have conservative media which states some of the ignorant feelings stated here….I can’t publicly say “All Whites are Devils without being socially ostracized for it” (and understandably so!). Also it is not “Black Supremacist” to correct Whitewashing and White Supremacist views. That’s like getting smacked around for centuries and I finally say you are wrong for doing that, then you bitch at me for speaking up about it…see how idiotic that is!
          Again you fail to think critically you excuse ignorant viewpoints by white people here….then you take offense at me for correcting their bullshit.
          I’m not Black Supremacist I am a truth teller…and I don’t allow bullshit views to fester. That’s the difference.

        59. LOL I’m not sure which sub-culture you are talking about…Majority of Black people in this country do not want “revenge” or subjugation of whites as White systematically did to others actually.

        60. “get whitey”? The only thing that majority of Blacks don’t like right now is the inequality of justice…Cops getting away with killing young blacks that are unarmed and at times have no criminal records to begin with. That is not going against White people in general…in fact white people have also joined in the protests.
          Of course you have some bad apples but they don’t represent the group in general.

        61. You and I will not disagree about the zionists fucking over the world. That’s been a well known fact for more than 1600 years.
          As far as ‘slave labor’ is concerned, low-caste egyptians (in essence negroids) while not treated as purchasable property, were far close to the modern definition of ‘slave’ than were the hebrew ‘slaves’.
          As far as ‘usurpers’, however, high-caste egyptians have been breeding with politically powerful outsiders since well before recorded history. claiming them as ‘usurpers’ is as stupid as claiming ‘niggers can’t get ahead cause whitey done be holdin ’em down’

        62. Be my guest. and if there is a better definition of ‘hell on earth’ than Bombay, I have yet to find it. But if you ever visit india, you will learn the truth… Gaudy sculpture is a thin veneer over the squalidity of their ‘civilization’
          Also, I suggest you actually VISIT Africa. I have, many times. Their sheer pounding stupidity will likely make you ashamed to share a cursory resemblance, let alone any genetic markers.

        63. LOL I would LOVE to visit India and Africa…in fact I prefer to visit those areas than Europe. It’s my personal preference I love the History of India and I love the Hindu Religion and how it is represented in Art. I also find the darker Indian women attractive. I would love to visit Africa places like Ethiopia and Senegal and visit a lot of the historical sites…and finally some parts of Eastern Asia would be nice as well. I love the culture and food. Obviously there are negative aspects but I want to go purely for the historical sites. Would make me even more prideful than I am now…but thanks for your concern.

        64. I question you because you are incorrect in almost every particular. You have shown signs of lack of diversity in citing sources, extremely strong and unfounded racial bias, and hostility towards anyone that may possess facts that contradict yours, rather than thoughtfully assessing and applying occam’s razor to the truth.
          The fact is, every human on the planet is the descendant of violence. Violent humans win victories, and supplant native populations regardless of their intelligence level. Your ancestors, if you in fact have ANY of the blood of those who ‘invented important ancient technologies’ were either raped by violent conquerors or were extinguished.
          The same is true of me, and of every human in existence today… we are all the ancestors of warriors, children of rape, proving again and again that ‘winning’ is more important than peace, or accomplishment.
          Like I said, if you want to brag about racial accomplishments, what have you done LATELY?

        65. Actually I love World History and the very fact that it has been whitewashed for many centuries shows how important and vital history is to its people. It provides a frame of reference to say that you can again achieve greatness. I believe greatness is within anyone with talent and sheer determination . I am not against the Jew I’m against certain Zionist Policies. I think in the history of the world 500 years is just a short blip in time…like the History of The United States which can be considered a toddler in timescale. What is on top will be last and what is last will be first it is just the nature of things.

        66. DC cops ARE black. black-on-black crime is the rule, and if you are black, you are more than 50 times as likely to be murdered by another black than you are by a european-descended american.

        67. Yes, but THIS particular blip has provided space flight, computers, modern agriculture, the internal combustion engine, has reduced infant mortality and plague deaths by 50000%, the atomic bomb, internal plumbing, tooth care, aviation, and electromagnetic communication.
          Exactly what percentage of that technology has YOUR race provided?

        68. ” What is on top will be last and what is last will be first it is just the nature of things.”
          and the meek shall inherit the earth… and will fuck the place up enormously until the strong can fix it again.
          We are not talking philosophy, and that sentence is ridiculous. The turtle does not win the race, and there is no easter bunny. Try to speak logically, not liberal.

        69. Yes and Whites have an 86% chance of being murdered by another white person.
          Also elements in the police system are corrupt even black cops have spoken out against this.

        70. Well in the history of Humans easily the majority if you want to tally it up…and the overwhelming majority of Non Whites historically…also Blacks Arabs Jews, Indians have provided a share of modern innovations. In fact many Non Whites and some Blacks came up with ideas but were never credited for them…Also the Atomic Bomb also contributed to the worst weapon of war used…and has been a theoretical cause of world wide destruction. Sanitation and water usage has predated the modern age as well as cleanliness something lost upon Europe during the Black Plague.

        71. yes, elements are corrupt. what has that to do with the conversation?
          (BTW- when you consider the population numbers involved, that means blacks are 12x as likely to be murdered by their own race as whites are, even when you consider that bullshit statistic you just pulled out of your ass as legitimate, which it is not.)
          Citing a known (or invented) statistic does not make your prehistoric assumptions any more accurate.

        72. LOL hahaha they are pretty accurate sonny boy, but keep standing on your little false superiority complex.

        73. I am not claiming superiority. I have NO idea who invented fire, and do not find it relevant since whatever ‘race’ discovered it has long since vanished in the mists of time.
          You are the one claiming racial superiority based on entirely spurious opinions, which are easily disproved by just a few moments with a history book from virtually any era.
          Frankly, modern blacks, as a race, are horribly backwards and incapable of ruling themselves (Or others, as proven by Obama) effectively, humanely, or efficiently. They produce virtually nothing that benefits the human race as a whole, and very little that benefits their own race.
          As INDIVIDUALS (Not as a race) Blacks can be every bit as smart, useful, dedicated, productive, and creative as any other race, but statistically that number always will be very small. Of course those individuals should be encouraged, but assuming that an entire race conforms to the potential of a few individuals is stupid in the extreme.

        74. ‘came up with ideas but were never credited with them’?
          That sounds like a complete pipe dream. Sources other than your own imagination or Hollywood please?

        75. “In fact white people have joined in the protests”.
          Is that somehow supposed to legitimize destroying the homes and businesses of innocent and productive people? Because a few whites are idiots (see my ‘whites are racially suicidal’ post yesterday) it’s fine to cold-bloodedly murder innocent bystanders? to beat them to death because they are white?
          Yes, I will agree that cops need more oversight. But the majority of all crimes are committed by blacks. Thus, to protect themselves, law enforcement officers HAVE to treat aggressive blacks as dangerous… many hundreds of murdered cops have proven that you have to take a harder line with blacks than you tend to have to take with whites.
          Would you be happier if young white geeks who attacked cops were getting shot too? well, all you have to do is convince a few geeks to attack some police… that should ‘even things out’ nicely for you.

        76. No one is “legitimizing” the destruction of business, in fact other black people stopped further destruction. The majority of the protests have been peaceful as a matter of fact…also white rioting has actually been far more violent and maybe more violently organized burning down destroying and killing innocent blacks in mass. And the whites who felt slighted by the Government never faced the amount of inequality that blacks have faced in this country yet their riots have been far more violent.
          Also there is no excusing for killing a 12 year old with a toy gun sitting down within 3 seconds of pulling up on their patrol car…or shooting at an unarmed man 41 times who had no criminal record. You see the media especially conservative media seeks to criminalize the victim no matter how petty and unrelated the crime was…but in some cases there is no criminal record to use against the victim. The cop almost never even goes to TRIAL. I dont want whites or blacks or anyone to get killed by cops unjustly and the cop does not face trial.

        77. Again you do know that I am responding to initial racist posts right?? direct your questions to the initial ignorant reply and you will see my comments are actually very balanced compared to the ignorant posts that I responded too. Again direct your questions to them and not me.

        78. > DNA has proven that the closest populations to the ancient Egyptians are
          the French, English and Spanish. These people are the closest
          genetically related people to them.
          So what? We’re talking about a time difference of thousands of years.
          > This same study has also shown that the modern day people of Egypt bear almost no genetic relation to the ancient Egyptians.
          Yeah, modern day Egyptians are descended from Arabs. Wow, nobody knew that. Again, completely irrelevant.
          > In addition, the Egyptians themselves referred to sub Saharan Africans
          as Nubians so it’s clear they did not associate themselves in the same
          group as these people.
          There’s roughly zillions of different ethnicities and tribes in Africa. Far more than any other place in the world. This says nothing.
          Egyptians were brown-skinned. Get your head out of your pasty white ass.

        79. no, I am asking for proof, not agreement. Show me any evidence at all that supports occam’s razor and I promise you that I will entirely reconsider my position.
          not citations from black supremacist sites, since THOSE lack any traceable citations… something traceable. I am perfectly willing to wait.

        80. Apparently you don’t know what Irish Americans went through before black slaves ever even showed up on the scene?

        81. Yes, but your original comment also contained a number of assertions which are historically false, which you blackwashed simply by claiming they were whitewashed.
          You did not argue with the original poster, instead you presented reams of facts which, by all standards of evidence, could be construed as… pardon the expression… entirely pulled out of your ass, with absolutely no attempt to substantiate them.
          All I am looking for is proof. all you have presented is ‘feelings’ that such-and-such happened. where is the evidence of this whitewash, your basic premise?

        82. LOL not really I don’t present “feelings” in fact I present Historical Truths against Whitewashed history…many posters here pull WHITEWASHED False Racist history from their “ass”

        83. again, where is the proof of this whitewashing that you so assiduously and vigorously espouse? a single well-researched article with verifiable sources would certainly suffice.

        84. Yes and even when the Irish were going through their worst in America they still managed to put Blacks down as well. Irish Americans and Italian Americans didn’t go through it as bad as black people in this country.
          Furthermore In New York City in 1863 during the Draft Riots working class Irish were mad that wealthier whites were not being drafted for the ongoing Civil War (notice how blacks WORSE OFF than the IRISH fought) later turned on Blacks for no reason killing 117 of them. The Irish were also mad about the Emancipation Proclamation, and were mad that Blacks might take their blue collar jobs. For a subjugated people they didn’t have much sympathy in general for Blacks who were worse off in this country. Of course there were some Irish who supported the Blacks and called for a unity in both community but the majority of Irish people while in a bad condition still manage to step on Black people. Even Black Slaves felt sympathy for the Irish starvation during the Potato Famine and their history of Subjugation a sympathy that was generally was not reciprocated to blacks.
          Spare me the IRISH BULLSHIT.

        85. I would assume you would know about this historical fact. How lengthy do you want the articles and citations? I’ll be back later I will be happy to show evidence for this…also it is good to post in a public space, so everyone can see not that those who infuse their defensive “feelings” will disregard anyway…but truth is the truth.

        86. The Irish burned blacks and beat up white sympathizers and abolitionists. They killed man over 100 black people and burned their businesses in a riot that started because they were mad that the system was not drafting the wealthier citizens yet turning their full anger and violence on Blacks who had it WORSE than the Irish had it. There were a few Irish who supported Blacks but Irish in general were particularly brutal in their riots like White rioting has been historically in this country. Making even the worst elements of the Ferguson looters look like SESAME STREET. And the looters were ostracized by Black Protesters by the way. Just to put things into perspective. Also read below. I LOVE when people bring up Irish people, I have a few Irish buddies they are cool but facts are facts I will tell them that also when we have conversations.

        87. Scientific Racism or Pseudo Science has been in action for hundreds of years…when we simply question its incorrect now you say you need to “vent” online forgive me if I laugh…also P.C. environment also negatively impacts blacks we simple can’t say everything that comes into our heads in public and in work environments.
          “Scientific racism is the use of scientific techniques and hypotheses to support or justify the belief in racism, racial inferiority, or racial superiority, or alternatively the practice of classifying individuals of different phenotype into discrete races.”
          “As a category of theory, scientific racism employs anthropology (notably physical anthropology), anthropometry, craniometry, and other disciplines, in proposing anthropologic typologies supporting the classification of human populations into physically discrete human races, that might be asserted to be superior or inferior. Scientific racism was common during the New Imperialism period (c. 1880s – 1914) where it was used in justifying White European imperialism, and it culminated in the period from 1920 to the end of World War II when it was finally considered discredited. Since the later 20th century, scientific racism has been criticized as obsolete and as historically used to support or validate racist world-views, based upon belief in the existence and significance of racial categories and a hierarchy of superior and inferior races.[4]”
          Patricia Hill Collins, Black feminist thought: knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment (2nd ed., 2000), Glossary, p. 300: “Scientific racism was designed to prove the inferiority of people of color”; Simon During, Cultural studies: a critical introduction (2005), p. 163: “It [sc. scientific racism] became such a powerful idea because … it helped legitimate the domination of the globe by whites”; David Brown and Clive Webb, Race in the American South: From Slavery to Civil Rights (2007), p. 75: “…the idea of a hierarchy of races was driven by an influential, secular, scientific discourse in the second half of the eighteenth century and was rapidly disseminated during the nineteenth century”.

        88. “Pseudoscience is a claim, belief or practice which is falsely presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting scientific evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status.[1] Pseudoscience is often characterized by the use of vague, contradictory, exaggerated or unprovable claims, an over-reliance on confirmation rather than rigorous attempts at refutation, a lack of openness to evaluation by other experts, and a general absence of systematic processes to rationally develop theories.”

        89. Racist False Science thrived for many centuries and saw a resurgence in Nazi Germany. It is also ignorantly spewed by some commentators here and indirectly by you. It is inherently false and hard to test to prove scientifically. Furthermore simply questioning these moronic fallacies is lumped with P.C. (the same P.C. environment that would penalize me mind you) yet you claim that you are “venting” you don’t know what real systematic inequality is. Thats why I am in awe of the audacity, also these conversations are usually brought up white people are black “haters” on this site. There are also white people who can think critically, I usually respond to ignorant racist comments which you fail to criticize because only my facts “bother” you or make you defensive which is inherently “Blue Pill” people like me are essentially RED PILL before the term was created. Then you proceed to “vent” by rehashing the same false Science spewed for hundreds of years and to a lesser degree spanning over 1000 years sporadically, namely later Greece which Ironic were influenced by Africans. False Science also includes 1700’s Teuton (German) Pseudo Science like the study of craniums and the very appointment of terms such as Caucasoid and Negroid which were false science and racist from its inception. And tell me again how I should feel sorry and let you “vent” by spewing ignorant comments (directing this generally to some commentators here)

        90. “You may feel inclined to object that IQ tests are mainstream, that everybody gets tested, that these are objective measures for determining a person’s intelligence, etc. What’s racist about that? The answer is: all of it. Why? Because the approach used in IQ tests—which are widespread in modern American society—has been advanced through a series of pseudo-scientific hoaxes by psychologists who were (and are) public racists and frauds, and whose objective was to make it seem as if certain categories of people were intellectually inferior, the better to oppress them. They have used fake data, phony statistics, and nonexistent researchers conjured out of thin air.
          I must point out that the two French researchers who invented the measures that became the basis of all IQ testing, Alfred Binet and Theophile Simon, were not racists. Neither were they frauds. But psychologists who indeed were racists used rather dramatic lies to turn the Binet-Simon enterprise upside down. In this chapter we shall begin taking a look at how that happened. Then we shall come back to Jon Entine and reexamine what he is defending, and why”

        91. “Debunking the myths of so-called IQ research, cultural psychologist Michael Cole has recently pointed this out, quoting the French authors:
          “…Binet and Simon offered a definition of the quality they sought to test for: ‘It seems to us that in intelligence there is a fundamental faculty, the alteration or lack of which is of the utmost importance for practical life. This faculty is judgment, otherwise called good sense, practical sense, initiative, the faculty of adapting oneself to circumstances. To judge well, to reason well, these are the essential activities of intelligence’ (Binet and Simon 1916, p.43).”[1]
          “Good sense,” which the French researchers equated to “practical sense,” is not an innate faculty, naturally; it is acquired. It is the sort of thing people develop if they have certain experiences growing up. Binet and Simon constructed tests to measure the degree to which a kid had developed this “practical sense,” or, what is the same, the degree to which a child was “adapting…to circumstances.” So it is important not to be distracted by the words “fundamental faculty” above, because what Binet and Simon were interested in was “the alteration” of this “faculty,” which they perceived to be “of the utmost importance for practical life.” It follows that the Binet-Simon tests are useful merely for telling us who has absorbed more of what the local culture demands that people learn, and who has absorbed less. Nothing more.”
          Resurrecting Racism: The modern attack on black people using phony science. © 2004 Francisco Gil-White

        92. I myself have an IQ well over the White Average and the Asian Average however I don’t rely on this “test” because I don’t think its a determining factor on overall intelligence. Also I have seen many Black kids and Caribbean kids do very well and mathematics and have above 100 I.Q. It comes down to parents, the talent and most importantly the DRIVE to succeed. That is what I stress on the Black and Brown community internally while I ALSO recognize mitigated External Factors..these are various streams of thought creating synergy. The world is not Black and White.
          Anyway Pseudo Science has been alive and well for hundreds of years…I think I deserve to “vent” more than you do…but I work hard and expect to sacrifice time and energy to succeed and I recommend people from my community to do the same. Also like I have said before I have been around many races and cultures and personally the hardest day to day workers I have seen have been Black and Brown people. However I also don’t say all whites are lazy and make sweeping negative comments about White people…as a good portion like to do against Black people. Read Below….

        93. I’m sinking to your level now lol…Listen I do not HATE all white people like you hate all Blacks. I talk to people the way they talk to me…there are many whites on this site that make sense…so “subhuman Pink Ape is directly to you and to other idiots like you. You are fluent in “Muh Dick” more than the people you accuse of speaking “Muh Dick” ..i’m starting to think its your language.

        94. You are a little pathetic excuse for a “man” not worth my time however I rather enjoy degrading your little false ego…and would love to further engage in doing so publicly.

        95. LOL hahahahaha you sure are insecure, you are pure enjoyment like scotty. You are little puny man who probably hides behind his guns…bet your yellow.
          Take away the guns and any position of authority you may have and you’ll get your behind stomped in and violated. I know your type, your the guy with all the mental complexes within his tiny little brain..but when confronted with an equal opponent will piss his pants…you are also the guy that will gladly abuse someone who is smaller than you. People like you are a joy to watch when you get reduced to the same level of your real self image. Go away little boy.

        96. You are a pathetic, and a very low human being if I can call you even that. You are below the accumulated month old smegma of a diseased phallus and white infected vaginal excretion that your excuse for a partner probably has, little boy.

        97. that still doesn’t explain where you got the whole theme of ‘whitewashing’. that’s the question I asked, not whether individual members of a society can excel, a transparently obvious fact.

        98. “Patricia Hill Collins, Black feminist thought: knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment (2nd ed., 2000”
          of course, she has NO axe to grind (snicker).
          Still not talking about the theoretical ‘whitewashing’ I see.

        99. BTW, the irish were mad because they WORKED their way out of bondage, and didn’t have it handed to them on a silver platter like the blacks did.
          Don’t get me wrong, I have all the support in the world for the black slaves who attempted, or succeeded, in escaping from their southern masters… But you know that only a fraction of those slaves even tried? Harriet Tubman herself pointed out that she could have freed a hundred times as many slaves if only they wanted to be free.
          Frankly, the policy of ‘helping’ blacks, giving them handouts, setting them free with no impetus on their own part, setting up systems where they could possess the illusion of success with little or no effort, absolutely DESTROYED American black culture. It took away all personal responsibility and pride, and continues to do so today. The ONLY way american black culture will ever succeed is by withdrawing ALL support, allowing them to thrive or starve in an environment hostile to their very existence.
          Humans thrive on hardship. That is WHY wartime is so much more productive than peacetime. It brings out our best, gives us problems to overcome, direction, and meaning to our lives… when hardship is removed, when survival becomes far too easy, we stagnate… such stagnation leads to enormous dissatisfaction as we ‘invent’ new problems to solve. That is precisely the problem with American culture today… We succeeded too well, we eliminated every ‘real’ problem, and thus we had to manufacture new problems that are both petty and unsolveable in an attempt to justify our own existence.
          Have you heard the term ‘first world problems’? They exist because we are designed by evolution to use our enormous brains to resolve survival issues… when those are taken away, we HAVE to manufacture new ones, even if those problems are ridiculous.
          I am really honestly looking forward to the economic collapse of civilization… getting food, heat in winter, life neccessities, and the like should give us a huge raft of new, real problems to solve, and provide us fullfillment and consequence enough that all the ‘trivial’ manufactured problems will become irrelevant. We will be in our element, and happiness should dramatically improve.
          Ending the cold war marked the death of ameri-european culture, as we solved our last real problem.

        100. Listen it happened its well documented if you fail to acknowledge the information laid out in front of you its not my problem.

        101. Well if you read through everything I posted you would realize that IQ is also apart of the major issue of whitewashing or Pseudo-Science…which is used to project inferiority on another race. Furthermore it still is used by people and commentators on this forum today. So I.Q. is part of the overall Whitewashing I am talking about.

        102. That is just one of my citations…also like I said it is countering the FACTUAL and not theoretical whitewashing for hundreds of years that is inherently false and unscientific yet you and many others don’t bat an eye to question it. Again you will tell me the sky is purple when everyone sees its BLUE lol.

        103. Don’t give me that Irish crap again. Yes your “venting” when talking about White males and P.C. Society is the epitome of “FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!” That’s why people like me look at you and think what the hell he is bitching about. I understand Third World problems are worse obviously than ours I do not live in a box, however white middle class white males to need to “vent” is ridiculous when compared to other groups of people. And the crazy thing is that we never bring this stuff up in forums like these it is ignorant racists who do…why don’t you respond to them? They open the can of worms not me lol.
          You seem to elevate the Irish again the Irish were not PLACED in the situation that Blacks had been placed. That is simply the truth. I know a bunch of Irish people personally and i check their bullshit face to face. There were countless slave rebellions throughout the so called Americas as well as combination of Natives and Black open combat against the U.S. Government. Last time I checked Ireland is still under the boot of England. But in America they simply did not face the amount of problems the Blacks did…this is factually true and no amount of twisting and squirming will change that fact.
          When Haiti had their revolution some here denigrate it as “savage” and “unnecessary” and speak negatively of it…but here you comment on how Slaves didn’t take enough action…No way to debate with some of you people I see…basically it comes down to you trying denigrate another group of people and denying facts that are in front of your face. If the Irish violently RIOT and kill Blacks that were not involved with the original focus of their riots you turn a bat eye…but any negatives in a black protest and you go crazy.

        104. I must be from the Black Culture that believes in hard work and trying to better myself everyday and education then lol. Like I have said countless times and you can quote me on this the hardest people I have ever seen work have been black and brown people BY FAR.
          This is the mentality of the Irish that they “worked” out of bondage, that blacks did not…and simply seem to forget that even at their worst they still had it better than Black people. Even Black Slaves would mock the Irish during their time, because they were treated like crap and tried harder to put the Black person down…they were called white niggers. I noticed that the very people who faced subjugation or ridicule DESPERATELY are the same people that are the quickest and most eager to “prove” themselves over the people are found in worse conditions…generally many of the Italians and Irish people. Some of them actually have a mental disorder where they actually believe they had it worse than blacks in America while also being racist themselves… they probably had a few too much at their local Pub. Also some Irish when they get drunk usually let loose a barrage of racist thoughts I have had it done to me personally but I don’t like hurting drunk people. A drunk Irish guy during st. Patrick’s Day kept verbally harassing a black man until he Knocked him on his ass, cause he was talking about Blacks taking “his job.” lol idiots.
          Also you should focus on NORTHWEST MASSACHUSETTS…and the Irish drug problem will pills and heroin and also their loss of jobs. And these people are middle class, so its not only the poor black and brown communities that face this.

        105. NO! The Irish were MAD because they were BITCHING about the Draft and decided to take their aggression out on innocent Blacks and killing them instead of focusing their rage on the Upper Class whites that were shafting them!! Nothing worse than an Irish or Italian racist…or poor white trash racist those are the worst by far, in my opinion worse in some ways and more annoying than a racist Anglo Saxon.
          There’s nothing that a white man with a Penny hates more, than a Black Man with a Nickel.

        106. I actually studied DNA and Basic Genetics, and also extracted it myself…not my favorite subject but interesting nevertheless. You have a lot of anger issues and you are a small puny boy, who hides behind guns and probably abuses whatever authority you are given. You are a little runt and pathetic sub-human…and you are below any rational conversation.

        107. Also another thing is that evolution has “dead ends” just because time moves forward does not equal positive progression but can also mean devolution…or branches and species that are not “successful” like I suspect a few commentators belong to that failed devolution. Again a few commentators here do act like hairless “pink apes” and I use that term because it is them who use the monkey term so I like to break it down for them in a way they may understand. Again you are bias because you seek to try to “correct” me in my usage of the term but yet turn a blind eye to your fellow ignorant commentators.

        108. You can choose to think that all you like, but those offshoot genetic strains have created the world in which you live, the economy that keeps you from grubbing in the dust as you starve to death, the computer that you use to spout your hypocritical devaluation oft the achievements of others, the ships that have taken us to the moon, and every reason you are not living here:

          So trying to laughingly describe whites as ‘devolutionary’ when your own race, to date, has failed abysmally to compete or even match the culture created by that subspecies simply sounds like the ultimate in sour grapes.
          Frankly, blacks lost the evolutionary competition. They are not dead yet, and there is a chance that when white culture implodes, the lack of any superior competition might put them at the ‘head of the pack’ the way they ‘may have been’ thousands of years before recorded history, but based on past performance it doesn’t seem that likely… any ethnoeuropean implosion is likely to cascade, taking lesser cultures with it, and black culture is likely to be left with NO competition… no competition does not breed a superior culture (as evidenced by the ‘powerful nubian kings’ cultures falling apart the moment they were confronted with far superior roman culture.)

        109. Why should I focus on Massafuckits? I am from west virginia… where free men were forced to labor harder, under a thousand times harsher and more dangerous conditions, than any ‘black back bent over a cotton field’. In fact, they still do. Lung cancer (from inhaling coal dust) is still the leading killer of men in west virginia, instead of ‘getting shot by my neighbor because I watched his drug deal’ detroit.

        110. So you are saying that IQ and being too stupid to wash your dick after sex to prevent spreading disease is NOT a factor in human success? Right. Pull the other one.

        111. LOL look man I know my history I educate myself we can agree on a few aspects…but you need to “correct” your fellow posters. I know what the truth is.

        112. Can you answer a question? What do nigger mammies say to their kids when ‘Santa’ didn’t bring any toys on Christmas?
          “Yo moma, why da fuq aint santa bring me nuffing?”
          And where are you pictures, J’mal? You’re just some unemployed, welfare parasite, 300 lbs nigger pig.

        113. Way to generalize man…no one is denigrate hardworking men from any race all I know is that generalization about blacks as lazy are as false a a white blue eyed Jesus and Ancient Egypt being white…I also think you believe in Frosty the Snowman.

        114. We can conclude the conversation at least you kept it somewhat respectable unlike some of the racist ignorant little shit stains that comment on this website. So it wasn’t a total loss. Happy New Year!

        115. haha you really know how to speak this strange language…can you speak redneck inbred too….you are probably a small bird chested little interbred with weird features and a Napoleon Complex. You are the type that like to degrade defenseless people but in reality have an ego like cheap glass, that shatters at any instant of real confrontation. I bet your pappy screwed you as a child…what back-wood are you from?…I bet you are from a conservative ignorant gun loving backwater hick town. I bet your wife or girlfriend got fucked by all the town’s retards or probably had you watch while she took it from a black man. No wonder with all those mental problems you are better off “living through nihilism.”

        116. I certainly do try. I confined my insults to ‘black supremacist’, and while I strongly implied that you had done little to no research, I don’t know for a fact you are lying, so I kept any such implications out of the conversation in the hope that you would provide a more comprehensive and verifiable list of resources that led to your point of view.
          Frankly, I am far more interested in ‘getting to the truth’ than I am at ‘winning internet battles’. and I will state quite plainly that, if in fact you can provide any sort of verifiable proof of ‘whitewashing’, I will be quite pleased to completely change my mind on the validity of the concept… for now, however, my information leads me to suspect that the term is nothing but a politically-loaded falsehood for professional ‘Tools’ to sway the opinion of black demographics.
          But in the future, if you DO stumble across such a resource, please feel free to pop it my way… I tend to have a good deal of free time and would be quite pleased to learn something absolutely new if it does in fact exist.

        117. My generalization of blacks as being categorically incapable of self-motivation comes from my experiences in Kenya, the gold coast, South Africa, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles, the military, a large number of rural or semi-rural areas, Salt Lake City, and DC.
          While I have met many enterprising, successful, and driven black men over the course of my life, and a huge number of lazy, unmotiovated whites, asians, hispanics, and other races, my overall impression is that most blacks that choose to elevate themselves above the circumstances of their birth (slum culture) really have to be something special… the majority seem to lack the willpower to do so. I understand that an enormous amount of that is cultural, but I also see some of it as simply a lack of the biological mental capacity to envision themselves as better than the circumstances of their birth. And despite fiction to the contrary, it holds true far MORE among Blacks in their ‘native environment’ of africa than it does in the american black subculture.
          As far as Jesus being white, it doesn’t really impact me. While I certainly support religion, I am not, myself, religious…I look at the new testament as a sociopolitical document, not a keystone of faith…
          When you start thinking of Jesus as the ‘literal’ legitimate king (He WAS of King David’s bloodline and a legitimate heir to the hebrew territories conquered by the Romans) of the jews, The entire tale starts to snap into place… ‘satan offering him the kingdoms of the world’ sounds an awful lot like The Romans offering to make him an administrator, under Roman Law, of the Jewish territories… a tactic they used MANY times, and very successfully, on the rulers of indigenous territories in order to minimize rebellion and content the population. When you look at the stories from a secular point of view, as the documents of a highly intelligent yet corrupt people being subjugated after their annexation by a much younger and more dynamic culture, everything from Zionism to jesus’ resurrection story starts to make a very definite and logical sense… especially considering the long-known Jewish gift for propaganda. Of COURSE modern Jews wouldn’t place any faith in the new testament… After all, they wrote it, and believing your own propaganda is utterly foolish.
          But as far as egyptians being ‘white’? ‘white’ didn’t even exist yet. However, it is clear that the ancient egyptians were as far from the genetic patterns of modern sub-saharan africans as they were from eskimos.

        118. Listen buddy I am not lying I provided countless citations already in reply to you and in reply to some of the other commentators yet you took one citation and dismissed the rest…that’s your problem not mine…secondly don’t dismiss me as ‘Black Supremacist” when I question historical BULLSHIT..people like you have an inherent bias that I like to expose, especially cause I see it when you let ignorant racist comments slide yet question me for questioning that ignorant fallacy, so you lose your bases in questioning me. I’m not here trying to win a “battle” I responded to a racial slur and secondly ignorant comments. But you can’t see that and don’t care.
          Its like trying to prove climate change to a Conservative Fox News idiot and he says “but the planet is not warming up? Its winter now duuuhhh” I provided many resources and would gladly unload on much more.

        119. I agree with most of this comment…I honestly wouldn’t care so much about Jesus’ Race if it wasn’t for White Supremacists and Racist Europeans pushing for him to be blonde haired and blue eyed…even if he didn’t actually exist he is still a powerful symbol today and usually pseudo science and white establishments would want one of the most famous people in history, whether is existed or not, to be white. And currently seen today by hosts like Megan Kelly who push the fact that he is white and blue eyed to their conservative ignorant viewers.
          I definitely also view history through political and economic lenses as well.
          In my experience like I have said in America the hardest workers have been Black and Brown people….I have also met unsavory characters from all races, however that lazy thing is used to blanket all of us and is ignorant and untrue.

        120. again I agree with many points, but there is a racist level in the internet that I have noticed. It’s a fact and I mostly see that coming from white people. Although there are white people here that can use critical thinking. Anyway Have a good New Year and thanks for your service!

        121. Where is your profile, nigger? I posted mine. I don’t expect you to post it. We all know that you are a cowardly little chimp. And that’s saying something considering that niggers are the biggest cowards on this planet. That’s we we made you are farm equipment.

        122. No one likes bitches who play the knockout game you fucking little pussy…”you led troops in Iraq” so fucking what you little punk ass motherfucker…That’s whats wrong with the military nowadays that they let the scum of the fucking earth in-breads that fuck their sisters lead men in combat. What you do abuse innocent Middle easterners that makes you a “man” you little dipshit take a flight to New Jersey and meet me in neutral territory. You little fucktard. And when you lose don’t shoot up a school or nothing like the sort…little trench coat mafia cross-eyed stinkin inbred.

        123. lol well I wouldn’t put it in those words and terminology notably because my train of thought is not highly egotistical, also I don’t believe we are the center of the Universe. However I believe even the smaller most insignificant things can cause a larger reaction as. Weather cannot predicted with a high level of accuracy, because even at the microscopic level and the actions causes chain reactions. In a long term progression of earth the burning of fossil fuels will cause a level of climate change and it supported by most of today’s scientist. Many in Conservative Media have gone against this and I understand they want to protect their big Capitalist and Corporate Interests. But we are apart of a large ecosystem and a delicate balance within planet earth, and we should be mindful of that.
          The term “Global Warming” is too simplistic for many right wingers, because they easily detract from the conversation by saying things like well its “really cold right now.” So Climate Change is a better term.

        124. *ahem* (places soapbox on floor, stands on box) mount saint helens, alone, produces more ‘pollutants’ and ‘greenhouse gasses’ in ONE YEAR than all of humanity has produced since the fall of the roman empire. The Hawaii chain produces more than ten times that amount.
          On a small scale, of COURSE humans are capable of ruining their environment. Look at Taiwan valley or LA. on a global scale? not a fucking chance. THAT is the definition of ‘egotism’.
          Ironically enough, nuclear scientists have actually run simulations based on mass effects, and it turns out that surprisingly, the entire global nuclear arsenal would have only tiny climatic effects (Not that the fallout wouldn’t kill most people) but the earth adjusts, and within two years all climatic effects would vanish except for, maybe, the thermals left by human construction.
          Yes, the climate on this planet is changing. It is always changing. It always WILL change, and is one of the reasons we need to take all the money we are blowing on the welfare state and apply it exclusively to space travel and colonization. But the egotism involved to assume that humans are important enough that we are having an effect on global cyclic climate change? Sheer arrogance, staggering hubris.
          Want to set me off again? talk about something else that most people are incredibly ignorant about and yet assume they are authorities… Like the ‘evil’ of the crusades or the ‘witch burnings’, Or oh, how about the Holocaust? Listening to Jews frantically pandering and trying to push for sympathy is nearly as much fun as watching movies like ‘amistad’ where mythical white hunters enslaved entire villages of peaceful black folks to drag to america.

        125. Listen its not about being “egotistical” its the opposite about understanding that we are apart of a larger community of organisms and we have to respect the world we live in. Yes of course the climate is always changing however we may speed up these changes that can impact climate negatively (Feedback Loops)…of course human activity is just one factor of Climate Change..but I don’t claim I am the “Authority” on these matters. I’m going by what the overall consensus is on the human impact on Climate Change. You are not debating with me you are debating with the most scientists around the world who study this all their lives. If you wish you can get a job on Fox News with the deniers there. Also I’m not Anti-Jew/Semitic, I’m just Anti-Zionist and their Government Policies.
          “Science has made enormous inroads in understanding climate change and its causes, and is beginning to help develop a strong understanding of current and potential impacts that will affect people today and in coming decades. This understanding is crucial because it allows decision makers to place climate change in the context of other large challenges facing the nation and the world. There are still some uncertainties, and there always will be in understanding a complex system like Earth’s climate. Nevertheless, there is a strong, credible body of evidence, based on multiple lines of research, documenting that climate is changing and that these changes are in large part caused by human activities. While much remains to be learned, the core phenomenon, scientific questions, and hypotheses have been examined thoroughly and have stood firm in the face of serious scientific debate and careful evaluation of alternative explanations.”
          — United States National Research Council, Advancing the Science of Climate Change

        126. naww, government resources are well known for allowing the horse to follow the cart. The US government has been lying to the general public since before television was invented, and recently many university resources have been compromised as well.

        127. There is 100,000 years of evolving in the opposite directions of R & K between Sub Sahara Africans and Mediterranean people. Egypt went brown skinned around the time it lost the ability to read their own language (hieroglyphics), just like when Detriot went from having the best public schools in the US to having a 47% functional illiteracy rate.

        128. What did Zimbabwe use for lighting before candles?
          Electricity. Detriot minus the foodstamps, welfare and section 8 is what that power brings.

        129. The out of Africa theory is called the original Asian/white flight to safer neighborhoods theory.

        130. You need to check out the site:White Girl Bleed A Lot. It also covers black on Asian crime. Guess which is the only race to rape 80+ year old women.

        131. That includes Hispanics when they commit crimes but not when they are victims. Check out the Texas 10 most wanted list to see the feces colored face of “white crime”. If white women over 70 committed 40% of all murders like a similar age/race range does I would be in favor of profiling them.

        132. Even Derbyshire is willing to admit that 15% of US blacks have an IQ of 100 or higher. Both Watson and Crick believed evolution didn’t majikly stop at the neck. Asians protested against affirmative action over the summer in CA and NYC because of an engineer with a PHD losing a promotion to an illiterate black and NYC mayor DeBlasé wanting to kick out poor Asian kids from the top public school that only had 2.7% Hispanic and black combined(probably Elizabeth Warren 1/32 minorities), yet over 1/4 of the kids are poor enough to get free meals.

        133. I will read this, however I must say the New York Post is unreliable and is a sensationalist Right Wing paper.

        134. I have cited before on this site countless times on how IQ test do not measure overall intelligence, since its a major talking point with people in your camp.

        135. Ahhh i want a commenator named Scotty to see this comment. He is a ‘White Latino’ who likes to count himself along with whites. i told him anglos seperate themselves from ‘white Hispanics’ i will quote this comment for him thanks.
          Moving along I have little respect for Texas anyway…the true example of going against the goverment that feeds you. And bringing illegal black slaves under Mexican law. Fuck Texas, steers and queers lol

        136. That is very fascinating however I am referring to thousands of years before their was a Greece in the first place. Focus and keep track of timelines.

        137. If afrocentrism is right and blacks had airplanes and electricity when whites still lived in caves how could blacks loose literacy until, well detriot and Egypt showed how it was lost. That’s like saying if a black guy steals my grandmothers chocolate cake recipe no white people would be able to make cake afterwards.

        138. Stop this “Afrocentrism” thing, it’s a ridiculous term, do you admit Euro-centrism, Pseudo-Science, White Supremacy, and the Whitewashing by White Europeans? Something that actually occurred and was harshly implemented. Also prohibiting Blacks from being able to know their own history, removing them from their own history, and denying them the ability to even read. The AUDACITY that some of you people have knows no limits. I would laugh if it wasn’t so tragic.

      2. Cleopatra was White, she was descended from General Ptolemy. And one of the Pharaohs was found to have red hair.
        Give it up boy, Africans have no accomplishments to speak of.
        As for a black Bond? LOL, like selling tickets to a funeral.

        1. LOL haha what an idiot …I have stated what you have just stated before…however think critically….I said that Ancient Egypt was a Black and Brown Society…Cleopatra came thousands of years AFTER the founding of ANCIENT EGYPT…when Ancient Egypt began there was ANCIENT GREECE DID NOT EXIST and NORTHERN EUROPE HAHAHAHAHA WAS NOTHING…also CLEOPATRA IS CLOSER IN TIME TO US NOW IN SOON TO BE 2015 THAN HER OWN FOUNDING OF ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION. Just to give you and idea of timelines. Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great even are closer to our time today than the inception of Ancient Egyptian society.
          So you give it up little “boy” dont drag your little baby nuts to me you wont get far. If Black Bond comes out go see it you might learn something…boy lol.
          Pathetic lol

        2. Yeah but he loved Jamaica he had a house there the Golden Eye which you can visit if you wish.
          And yeah I know its ironic it was only a suggestion by someone at Sony…I’m just laughing at the “outrage” Rush Limbaugh had when he found out.

        3. ” The name’s Bondbongo ……….JAMES Bondbongo ”
          ” M ” will be a Mexican and Miss Mustaphapenny will be a Muslim women who threatens fatwas in response to James Bondbongo’s sexually suggestive flirting wise cracks .
          -A funny comment at another site.

        4. lol see this is what I mean…it’s not even a movie just a suggestion and you get this type of reactions in contracts with many years of false depictions, you stay silent…got any more boy.

        5. Personally, It think we’ll have a gay Bond before a Black Bond.
          White people have a schizophrenic vision of us. They give us equal rights int heir society but they don’t want to use them.

        6. Yeah. The first authentic Bond is Daniel Craig.
          I love Connery’s movies and I apreciate Moore’s and and Brosnan’s but they have nothing to do with the novel.

        7. Yeah you are right But I like all the Bond movies especially “Golden Eye” very good film!

        8. By, the mid-1970s, they made a lot of concessions to feminism. I agree that Goldeneye was good movie. Brosnan had natural class, maybe even more than Connery

        9. Yeah Brosnan was very cool, I do like the new series…can’t wait to see what the new film brings to the table!

        10. Idris Elba is fucking great actor, and would be fantastic in the Bond role. Daniel Craig is too bland & weird-looking to be believable as 007, plus Fleming clearly stated Bond is not blonde.
          What does any of this have to do with a 3rd-world totalitarian state hiring hackers to attack a film studio to prevent release of a dumb stoner comedy everyone would have forgotten about in 3 months anyway? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! It’s as relevant as a racist argument about the DNA of ancient Egyptians.

        11. Why would I answer a person can’t talk to me without using the N word which is offensive to me and my family?

        12. Nigger,
          I didn’t call you a nigger. I asked why Bond, who comes from a 3.5% nigger empire, should be played be a nigger. Is your nigger brain to niggerized to understand this , nigger?
          Who is stopping you from writing the adventures of Bond, Koonta Bond?

        13. Then why do you use the word ‘white’? I think it’s offensive to lump Gaelic, germanic, scandanavian, eastern european, mediterranean, and gallic populations, which have all distinctly different physical features as well as complexions that range from heavily creamed coffee to nearly pink and hair colors that range practically through the rainbow under the single genetic classification of ‘white’.
          Me, I am Gaelic. Gaelics owned no slaves (In fact, Eyre was more heavily raided for slaves than any place in africa, for centuries, and culturally abolished slavery prior to written history) and neither did Irish American settlers. Gaelics warred, a lot, but were neither expansionistic beyond the British Isles, nor particularly imperialistic. We received no ‘benefits’ from being freckle-faced redheads, and do not have a particularly high status today (There are no irish and like…one scottish names on the forbes 400).
          We are not victims… is our fair (easily sunburnt) skin and refusal to accept victim status why you label us as ‘white’ and assume we are ‘privileged’?
          You know what? keep labelling a huge variety of ethnic subspecies as ‘white’. Frankly, I don’t care… I should start polishing up on getting used to using the word ‘nigger’, you know, since that’s the egalitarian, just thing to do.

        14. Google this: Cleopatra is closer to us (modern times) than she is to the construction of the pyramids. Try to understand that for a second. You race warriors are a special kind of stupid.

        15. Dude, I get what you’re saying. But what’s the point of winning this argument? Blacks likely had their moment in time, a past and history which have been lost. Whites are currently having theirs. Asians will soon take over from whites. Do not leave on the strands of time. Elevate yourself. See the entire tapestry. Do not argue these points. Your people’s time will come again, probably not when you’re alive, but it will come.

        16. Yes I do not live in the past I live for the Present and Future..but it is also important to know where you come from so that you can know where you can possibly go again.

        17. He said “negro”, not Black. Both Webster and Oxford dictionaries consider it as offensive. If you know better than the two watchkeepers of the English language, you have some serious ego problem.

        18. I am not talking about watchkeepers of the english language, I am talking about you. Either get over being ‘offended’ by what some anonymous person uses to refer to your race, or stop using objectionable terms yourself. If you continue, you are simply being a phenomenal hypocrite.

        19. “Black” and “White” are not offensive terms. “Negro” and “nigger” are offensive. I refuse to engage in a conversation with people who insult me.

        20. I am a well travelled man and I have always refused to oblige to anybody who showed me disrespect. I love America but I don’t need it to defend me.
          What’s your point exactly?

        21. My point is that you never know what can insult someone. For instance, ‘Negro’ is the spanish word for ‘black’, and so objecting to the term seems logically counterintuitive.
          “African American’ is similarly ridiculous, considering that most dark skinned americans have never been anywhere NEAR africa… they are americans, nothing less and nothing more. There are of course, those who have duel citizenship, or who emigrated from africa, but in point of fact Charlize Theron, as a south African immigrant, has a lot more right to the title of ‘African American’ than JayZ or Taryvon Martin.
          I typically do not use the word ‘Nigger’, as I understand that it seems to have overtones of something that some Americans consider atrocious today, but exactly what overtones does the term ‘Negro’ have? I am not going to change my manner of speaking, and I hope other refuse to as well, simply because a term that is scientifically accurate suddenly equates to asshurt.
          And I am certainly NOT going to boycott Bushe’s baked beans because they have a delicious product that is called ‘frijoles negros’ simply because it contains the word ‘negros’ that someone, somewhere, decided was an insult.

        22. We have authorities to define words. Webster and Oxford are conidered as the watchkeeper of the English language. To them ‘negro’ is offensive. That’s it.
          I don’t waste my time with people who can’t accept simple language convention. I have better things to do with my time.
          Many people here – who may be Caucasian – seem to have a grudge on Black people.
          Black people are meant to live in a small environment with simple rules, just as it was the case in Africa before Western Slavery and Colonization.
          They have been forced to live in a system that doesn’t suit their nature.
          You don’t understand how painful to live in a world that puts at the bottom ladder of the human hierarchy. So stop lecturing us.

        23. Authorities do not define words, humans who use them do… authorities can, at best, simply define trends.
          I am not caucasian (as such… west virginian. total mutt…some asian, some african, some south american, a lot of irish, a lot of native american) but, as with many, I have been personally affected by the garbage referred to as ‘forced diversity’.
          Frankly, people who are born with pale or freckled skin in this country are living under a very serious handicap.. public hatred and actual LEGAL impediments for having been born with pale skin. Sure, apparently this happens with other races as well, (except for the legal impediments… apparently there is no hiring quota for ‘whites’) as well as being bombarded from all sides with something called ‘check your privilege’ or ‘white guilt’ even if, in fact, their ancestors never had anything to do with the so-called atrocities that africans inflicted on their own neighbors so many centuries ago. (west virginia NEVER had legalized black slavery, although they did have an enormous amount of corporate slavery that mostly affected Irish immigrants).
          Is it really surprising that people who are constantly bombarded with the message that they are evil for simply having been born with the original sin of having pale skin eventually become highly defensive, to the point of hatred, for their accusers?

        24. I’ve been in many parts of the US and I see that Black people are the real victims of the modern world, a world that reject them.
          Unless they are good at sports or entertainment, chances they’ll work shitty job or end up in prison.
          Today, White Nationalism is on the rise and it aims at taking away the few bones we received these last decades.
          Personally, I’m saving to leave this country who will revet to overt racism.

        25. I too have been around the US many times (military from military family) and I have seen that the rejection is a self-reinforcing cycle. They reject the culture, and the culture rejects them in return.
          ‘when in rome’. When being successful involves adopting the majority culture, then you adopt the majority culture to succeed. or you find a way to work around it. American blacks reject ‘success’, and thus are rejected by success in return.
          It is not racial, it is cultural, and it’s a decision many many black americans choose to make. If you dress and act like a criminal, you will be treated like a criminal. If you dress and act like a geek or a successful businessman, you will be treated like a geek or a successful businessman.
          most ‘black angst’ is entirely self-inflicted, just like ‘redneck angst’.

        26. “when in rome’. When being successful involves adopting the majority culture, then you adopt the majority culture to succeed.”
          Blackpeople make ways much more effort to adapt to White societies than the other way around.I have never seen White minorities adopting Black cultures in Africa. Even learning vernacular languages is degrating to them.
          Personally, I am for separatism.

        27. Cleopatra was Macedonian.. Give blacks 25 more years and they’ll be claiming the Beatles were black. Sub-Saharan black Africans are the joke of the world. In Arabic, they are called “slave” (Abid). Blacks have next to ZERO accomplishments, historically…which is why they have not ruled anyone for the most part. A handful of Dutch wasted 5,000 Zulus with ZERO causalities. Black men cannot wage war, generally, and thus, had their ass kicked by EVERY SINGLE culture they encountered, with the exception of Haiti, to an already over-extended France. Blacks destroy every town, city and nation they control, and the few African countries that are doing “so so” are because of SERIOUS injection of European money and prior colonialism. They are now trying to get BACK to European nations they supposedly hate. Blacks have the highest pedophilia (google it), AIDS, STDs, homosexuality, cannibalism, Low IQ, etc etc. They have no souls, which is well known all the way to China. They are hated and despised y EVERY ETHNIC/RACIAL group on the planet, generally speaking. Souless creatures created by Lucifer to test the rest of the world.

        28. HAHA this guy is a little insecure ignoramus…bring these guys on the more the happier I get because their hatred and insecurity is shown publicly…LMAO!!! You are the type of people, that people like me laugh at and are useful for our entertainment. I have debunked IQ furthermore my IQ level is far above yours I’m confident of that little boy.

        29. I’m beginning to think “Scotty” is Lucifer himself…come out show your horns Scotty boy!! LMAO!!

        30. I don’t know what I am for. I mean, separatism is okay, but I am strongly in favor of allowing those who ‘prove they can succeed’ to change cultures to a more successful one if they are capable of doing so, and keeping those avenues for personal advancement open.
          But for the vast majority of underachievers, regardless of race, I have little pity.
          I was watching ‘the hunger games’ and realized that their dichotomy between the wealthy urbanites and the underclass rurals was a false dichotomy, utterly impractical and quite ridiculous. There IS a class dichotomy, but a healthy society is one in which class distinctions, while thoroughly logical, are able to be overcome… Yes, you could start from an ‘underprivileged’ position, but talent overcomes.
          As far as ‘white minorities adopting black cultures’ Have you ever been to DC, or LA, Chicago, or Detroit? Minority whites regularly adopt to the local black culture.
          I am certainly a racist, but not the kind that would object to my daughter marrying a successful, healthy, sane member of a minority… all I would require would be a proven ability to succeed.

        31. if success is measured by wealth, then white cultures have been far more successful than black ones.
          Why on earth would someone from a more successful culture adopt a less successful one, when by maintaining their origin culture, they are more likely to succeed?
          When in Rome only applies if you are adopting a more successful culture. and while wealth is not the ONLY hallmark of a successful culture, it is certainly a mark that most people can understand.

        32. I think people have a right to do whatever they want within the framework of the law. If you go to somebody’s house and you don’t abide by his culture, you’re just plain rude.
          I suspect that people like you would be ready to justify slavery and imperialism. That’s the purpose of this whole “White supremacy” trend.
          As for me, I champione the Chinese because, at least, they don’t try to change other people’s culture.

        33. You are racist? Well at least you are the only one here who admit. Thanks for your honesty. Goodbye. No need to answer. Thanks.

        34. I fully support slavery (although not based on race, but based on sex and self-determination. Women as chattel are a thousand times more successful and content than ‘first world problem’ freewomen), and a lot of people simply cannot run their lives without it being controlled by someone more capable. This holds true across all races, although some seem to have a higher general capacity for self-motivation than others.
          Imperialism? It works for a short amount of time, but has a built-in self-destruct timer, as do most forms of government. The only form of government that has been shown to work for longer than 250 years is feudalistic confederation, as the suicide timer (as in non-keynesian economics) is purposefully set very low… which allows a recovery and stability under the same form of government to be reestablished almost instantly when it eventually fails.
          In Feudalistic confederacy (Ie a loose monarchy) the expiration date is equal to the lifetime of the ruler or a dynasty… when a ruler or dynasty dies, their government is finished, but his offspring (or other method of determining the ruler, such as a dynastic mandate of heaven) immediately reestablishes control, and each subsection of the government follows the same pattern.
          However, the shorter the amount of time between governmental changes (a single ruler vs. a dynasty) the less violent and destructive the upheaval… feudalistic polish governments were replaced virtually without upheaval, while chinese dynastic alterations and the passing of the ‘mandate of heaven’ were almost always savage affairs drenched in royal blood.
          But again, please do not confuse racism, which is a natural instinctive response designed by evolution to improve the survival chances of your subspecies, with supremacy, which is a willful disregard for reality in an attempt to justify the very human desire to raid, pillage, and kill what they consider ‘other than human’. Most WN’s (I am not one) do not consider other races ‘subhuman’, but as usual, the vocal minority is the one that the media loves, or loves to hate.
          So when i say “I am a racist” I am not saying ‘I wanna go hang me a negro’, I am simply saying that the issues of the racial groups with which I identify most strongly (Native American and Irish) are far more important to me than the problems of racial groups with which I have nothing in common (black on black crime in detroit, palestine vs. isreal, starvation in africa)
          And BTW, the problems I am concerned about are NOT ‘first world problems’. They are the problems that are costing men (and to a lesser extent women) their lives, their ability to feed themselves and their own families, protect and care for their own offspring, and their freedom. I could give a shit about ‘sexism in video games’, or ‘distrustful looks black people get in convenience stores’ these are non-issues.
          False rape charges landing men in jail, ridiculous divorce settlements costing men their families, raghead procurement gangs selling teenaged girls into slavery, had working people losing their jobs due to EE ‘quotas’ and thus losing their jobs, homes, and the ability to feed themselves, food costs skyrocketing to the point where people have to live as virtual slaves, gangs burning out shopkeepers and murdering people because some thug got shot by a cop he attacked… these are REAL problems, not problems invented to make up for a shallow, meaningless and all too easy existence.

        35. “Abid”? I have a degree in Arabic and I have never heard of this word. What’s your degree exactly?
          Talking about destruction, last time I checked, White almost anhihilated Native Indians and Austrloids to steal their land. Besides, White have been killing each other by the million for Centuries. They even keep doing it by supporting Ukraine against Russia. But yeah Black are the worst race of course.

        1. I was merely mocking Limbaugh’s seething anger at a mere “suggestion” of a Black James Bond especially ironic since he does not mention actual false depictions that occur and have already occurred in Film. That was the basis of my comments.

        2. Blacks are soulless creatures that were created by Satan, and their presence in the world is a test for everyone else. Look at Africa, it’s a SHITHOLE (black Africa). Blacks have the IQs of pigs. Blacks cannot even figure out how to make a bicycle and were so poor at running things, the Brits and French imported East Indians to run things in Africa. Blacks have a homosexuality rate of near 25 percent, with extensive pedophilia and serial rape (the highest in the world); black women have a 50 percent STD rate, and black men lead the world in AIDS. Blacks cannot figure out basic diagrams on tests, or understand gravity. They have been dominated by EVERY CULTURE throughout time and are made fun of around the world. It surprised me that in the Middle East and S. America there were so many jokes about dumb black people. Black people smell bad, and have bad hygiene. They long to be other races and are insecure about their own image. Black men cannot compete with a TINY minority in the world (White men). Black men have their asses kicked in the HW division of boxing (15 years now and the majority of the history of modern boxing). Black men have their ass kicked in the HW of MMA (and Jon Jones got his ass beat by a Viking and that bitch Silva broke his leg like a bitch on a white man’s leg). Black men have limp dicks they say, and die young, and worship satan.
          There is NOTHING redeeming about black people or black culture. You are the shit of the world and everyone knows it. EVERYONE. You know it, too. All blacks are insecure about how they are at the bottom of the world, and how they were enslaved so easily. You were SLAVES. You were easily defeated and humiliated and your ugly bitches bred out. Even black women don’t what black men.

        3. Oh wow WE HAVE A CAVE DWELLER!! I am not insecure as I actually feel you personally are below me.

        4. Wow I sense a lot of anger and your fascination with black penis is very weird perhaps your girlfriends got their fill from real men and left you…also a Mexican is heavyweight Champion in UFC and beat the shit out of your big Redneck hero…also John Jones will not always be champion they get older and after beating up enough idiots like you he will eventually lose. I actually heard that you smell bad when you get wet lol. And I screwed some white women and they said I have been the most or among the best men they have had in the sack much longer and stronger than your little puny ass. Go back to the cave your insecurity and sexual insecurity are showing. HAHAHA

        5. Again, black people are the shit of the world, and are insecure over it. That’s why black people go around saying “white flight” all the time, you ever hear whites or other groups say that? NO, because it’s a GIVEN no one wants to be around you. Blacks’ feelings are hurt that nobody likes them. Which is why you always here and see black people go around over-complimenting themselves, or finding some obscure detail or alleged detail in the world to “show how people really feel” about black culture, black “music”, black accomplishment. If you are so great, and superior LOL as you claim, where’s the proof? Why were you SO EASILY humiliated and enslaved? Where did blacks enslave whites or anyone else, other than blacks? Where are the great black warships, towering buildings, jets, higher math, physics, etc? One, two, maybe a handful of blacks EVER in the history of mankind? (and most of them mixed with white).
          Again, you are a joke…you are the shitstain of the earth–and you know that, so you come onto the internet and talk shit when the fact is, contrary to what you black monkeys always say, you would NEVER go around talking shit to the white people in your sphere…or to the Latinos. You only fight in packs, or rape old women, or 83 year old WW2 vets, or shoot children, or rape little girls…you know it, we know it, the world knows it. You are cowards, and you had your ass kicked by EVERYONE.
          You even speak the white man language, and go to Churches created by whites/jews, or Mosques run by Arabs. You have NOTHING original, nothing. You are a complete failure. Satan has failed. You are soulless creatures that are dying out in the US and Canada (google it chimp).

        6. First of all I don’t go to Church and don’t believe in a blonde haired Jesus cause its bullshit..JESUS IS BROWN!! You are extremely funny and completely wrong in every single way. You do not offend me for the simple reason that your specifically are a shit stain. And you are below seeds of diseased dog shit. Ignorant whites do not talk to me the way you do here and when they have done I have responded quickly. I am multi-lingual and speaking English so that I can shine a light at your glaring ignorance. White people that are full of bullshit I have met in person and have corrected them lol and I would do the same to you if you pulled this bullshit in person. In fact without the weaponry you would most likely soundly get your butt kicked like I suspect has happened to you in your actual life.
          Furthermore Black People had their own language and civilization before their were Churches Mosques or Synagogues…some of the first ideas of Monotheism existed in Ancient Egypt during Akhenaton’s reign. Also as I have further written before Blacks had language and writing when your ancestors in Northern Europe were walking around with shit in dripping from their ass the way diarrhea spews from your oral cavity and originating in your reptilian excuse for a Brain. THE LANGUAGE OF THE ANCIENT HEBREWS ARABS AND SEMITIC PEOPLE ALL COME FROM AFRICA THEY ARE CALLED AFRO ASIATIC LANGUAGES.
          You Come from Black people Scotty boy lol WE ARE THE DEFINITION OF ORIGINALITY!! In fact your ancestors were heavily influenced by blacks and Arabs.

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        9. Hahaha I don’t go around acting nothing little scotty you are the one with the ignorant head full of fallacies. You are a pathetic and a joke.

        10. Hey Scotty Non Whites are the world wide majority actually its whites whose population are dwindling little man. Check your numbers.
          Also I have had women of all races at one time or another ask for my company, including different types of white women, my preference is dark brown and black women though I love their shape and beauty. I think you are projecting your low self esteem and your deep darkest fears as well as your weird homo erotic fantasies of the black male unto everyone…Im not gonna solve your mental issues even if you paid me scotty boy lol

        11. I loved when your hero Brock Lesnar got knocked out so hard his ancestors felt it by a Mexican with a BROWN PRIDE tattoo…I was in the Midwest at the time and the whole bar went silent, I was the only one OPENLY CHEERING and enjoying it…Just at my proverbial brains knocking your little dimwitted ignorance….enjoy scotty girl.

        12. Actually you are false again idiot…most American music has been heavily influenced or created by Black People…Elvis one of the biggest American History his material. The Rolling Stones took a lot of their music from BLACK MUSIC…Rock and Roll Music came from Black Music. Whites also go into Hip Hop music which is also Black Latino art form, also Latin Music with its intricate music and dance is also very good. American Whites you only should take credit for European Opera and BlueGrass and Country Music basically. Personally I only like Kanye’s first two albums and I don’t care much about him and Kim Kardashian.
          Also we have our movements I visit here cause some of the articles are good, but also for idiots like yourself also afford me a certain level of entertainment like my personal clown. I guess your profound ignorance hatred and stupidity does serve a purpose after all huh scotty girl.

        13. My IQ is larger than yours the average Whites and Asians lol.. to me IQ doesn’t paint a full picture however so I don’t put much weight into my number is. You are a little pathetic that tries to fuel what little remains of your weak and fragile ego and you sound like a whiny bitch and I think you own a vagina. the women in your family offered me a blowjob but I refused cause they are probably inbred like you are. Happy New Year you sick sexually confused bastard! lol

        14. HAHA you are a “WHITE HISPANIC” but you are not really WHITE in American Society lol…to them you are just a SPIC. You seem like the type that loves the white man penis in his mouth. I hope you understand that Racist Whites DO NOT WANT “WHITE HISPANICS” IN THIS COUNTRY!
          Which country are you from Argentina? Paraguay? Chile? Uruguay? or are you Colombian? PLEASE DO NOT DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE CUBAN!!! LMAO!!!!
          Tu eres un Maricon y un ignorante, si me dices que eres Cubano you me voy a morir de risas!! LMAO!!

        15. Ahh Scotty Mr. White Hispanic lmao…Like I stated in a comment before White Anglos also consider you less than them. Here is a recent comment from Charles Martel…he is differentiating Hispanics from himself no matter how white their skin is.
          here yesterday enjoy buddy. These are not my words but his exact words and I quote..also realize Black are the original man on earth…idiot.
          Charles Martel • 7 hours ago
          That includes Hispanics when they commit crimes but not when they are victims. Check out the Texas 10 most wanted list to see the feces colored face of “white crime”. If white women over 70 committed 40% of all murders like a similar age/race range does I would be in favor of profiling them.

  4. This was a victory for Worldwide SJWs, no matter what angle you suspect the crimes occurred from. And where the hell is Dennis Rodman when you need him huh?

  5. There are people here who actually take what mass media says about this ordeal for granted and write articles with the assumption that NKorea actually hacked Sony.

  6. Wimps lose as usual. I would run movie and make a mint. Then I would buy a bunch of rice and fed ex it to north korea as an apology. That movie will do double what ever they thought it was going to do.

  7. Racial bias in Hollywood? Oh, I assume we will be seeing more gentile actors then… Right?

      1. It was a joke on Jewish over representation. Sharpton just wants less white skin in general.

  8. It was probably the CIA. Do you guys really think that this shit goes by without the American intelligence agencies know what’s going on? You guys are kidding yourself.
    There’s so much stuff the CIA is doing that it’s not even funny. I’m pretty sure the CIA created ISIS (with support from other governments).

    1. Thanks. This Lizard Squad shit is nothing but a smokescreen. Beta test to take down the internet, perhaps?

  9. This article assumes that all the relevant facts needed to evaluate the situation are out there. Which is an entirely unwarranted assumption. Might be the hackers dug up some serious dirt on Sony, and that what was published so far was just a sample to give credence to a threat to release the dirt. The whole bomb attack threat was just done to provide Sony with a useful pretext to back down from showing the movie.
    I’m not buying the notion that Sony caved in for fear of an actual attack, or liability for it. Nobody is legally liable for illegal actions others choose to do in response to your actions. Giving in to coercion by what many regard as the most evil regime in the world is hardly a good PR move, I’d say even worse than actually getting bombed. Then, at least, Sony would go down in history as having made a stance against tyranny, and could always claim that everyone who saw the movie in the theatres willingly took the risk.

  10. Just came from a screening of this movie. No threats, just hanging out. And laughing. It was pretty funny, bit only to an American who would get the pop culture references. Came away knowing for sure that the DPK had nothing to do with this tempest in a teapot.

    1. I thought it was pretty funny. I rented it on youtube this afternoon. If you’re a fan of their previous comedies, then you’ll get a kick out of this one.

  11. Yea it could very likely be done by Sony by disgruntled employees and/or the company itself. I mean a movie with James Franco and Seth Rogen killing Kim Jong Un, honestly when I heard that it sounded like a real POS movie. A real bombshell from the fucking trailer. Is it building hype about a terrible movie? Who knows. Personally I still don’t want to see it, sounds like garbage.

  12. To be honest Horrywooood has been throwing out mediocre fare for years now…. how much of this Marvel universe shite can they throw out there? Like the music industry they are in direct competition with the gaming industry. Why bother with your €10 (yes I am in Euroland) when you can partake in your own interactive movie for as long as you want for €50? Most of the rest of the mainstream movies are complete dross, independent movies have more originality as in better plot lines, dialogue, etc. Ok the big budget movies have the special effects but that gets so boring after a while. George Lucas? Shit on his whole previous rep with those awful, awful prequels. My childhood burned in 3 fell swoopes….
    Fuck Horrywooood and all the excess and depths of depravity for which it stands.

  13. Watching the movie right now on for pay youtube. It has some good laughs, but honestly is not Seth Rogen’s best. Team America was much better.

  14. America is getting softer every year, eventually the country will be a degenerate giant but sissy ghetto in 2056.
    Soon every woman is gonna be mostly obese and tons of their kids will talk in broken English, while their slut daughters twerk on cam for sex offenders from brazil. Single moms with mouths of drunken sailors will be everywhere and trannies and many faux gay women pretending to be gay because its trendy.
    Then there’s gonna be hyperinflation and debts, mass outsourcing jobs and lack of jobs. Removal of most masculine things, while most women become she beasts with so many ugly poorly designed tats and mental illness.
    Man, the western world is going to be doomed if we don’t stop the madness.

  15. Most hacks are the result of social engineering vs. technical wizardry. I expect the truth to come out eventually that negligent behavior on Sony’s part led to this breach.

  16. I’m sorry if I missed what was going on. I don’t have a television where I live and I haven’t been watching the news. Meanwhile, I’ve been having a grand old time going fishing, hunting, horseback riding, cooking my meriting edibles, and feasting on the succulent women of my region from time to time.

  17. AT worse this was just a staged marketing gimmick by Sony to elevate two talentless actors who cannot operate without the other in an effort to fleece millenials out of their money. At best, this was Sony’s security negligence. I mean a folder on a desktop labeled “passwords”. Lol. Anyone who thinks this was the CIA or some government agency, do us and the world a favor. Kill yourselves now, or at least get sterilized. We don’t idiots like you breeding. No one but you would think releasing a private company’s emails about whores in Hollywood would turn into a government grab and lockdown on the internet.

      1. Yeah, I’m a “paid government troll” because I’m able to distinguish reality from fantasy.

        1. Nobody has a monopoly on truth.YOU are the one living in fantasy,for you believe everything the mainstream media tells you.Disney/ABC and others gets a free pass from you because you’re intellectually lazy.

        2. Truth is subjective. Facts are not. I don’t watch the mainstream media, but thanks for playing. Carry your retarded ass back to where you can pay 44.95 for Alex Jones’ latest conspiracy theory that NEVER pans out. You, sir, are the intellectually lazy one believing everything you read on the internet.

        3. Alex Jones is controlled opposition. Why don’t you quit arguing with people on the internet because negative attention is better than no attention, right? All you do is assume and you have no idea who I am or what I believe, or who I believe. You’re antagonistic because you want attention, just like a woman.

        4. “Why don’t you quit arguing with people on the internet because negative attention is better than no attention, right?” Funny since YOU were the one who engaged ME. You’ve shown your hand. Run back to Jezebel you pathetic little SJW.

        5. I’m a NWO conspiracy theorist who believes the mountain of evidence that the fraternal order of the Illuminated elite have existed for thousands of years. Remember what I said about assuming? I’m the biggest ant-feminist in this world.I don’t visit Jezebel, you pathetic white knight beta male mangina apologist!

  18. I didn’t see a single racist thing in any of the emails I read. Just people talking some shit. A little infantile, but who gives a fuck.
    The moment Sharpton’s name was invoked I knew it was nothing more than them cutting him a cheque to ‘absolve’ Ms. Pascal of her terrible ‘sins’, and the Liberal white-guilt media that loves Shaprton will lay off.
    It was a fucking farce. None of the Sony parties involved in this have anything to answer for. But the scumbag media does.
    I watched the movie last night. It’s a silly comedy that I chuckled at consistently. Very well-shot and amusing. And that tight little Asian piece Rogen hooks up with is very nice indeed.

  19. “North Korean Hackers”? Give me a break! It’s just the Sony marketing campaign for the movie. Seems to be working, Sony’s raking in the cash.

  20. My brief 2 cents.
    There was never any hacking. It was unhappy employees that leaked those emails etc. The spin was masterful.
    A shitty Sandleresque flick getting promoted by potus, god bless him!
    I am not a US citizen and i thank god every day.

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