PUA Author Neil Strauss Attempts Polyamory And Fails

After his misadventures in sex rehab, Neil Strauss’ The Truth seems like a twisted version of Saint Augustine’s Confessions. After much hand-wringing, personal introspection, and researching relationships, he concluded that monogamy opposes human nature. If that’s true, traditional morality is an unattainable ideal. However, as soon as he mentions polyamory to his girlfriend Ingrid, what’s left of their relationship pops like a soap bubble.

First gropings

Neil idealizes Father Yod, an oddball counterculture guru with fourteen “wives”. Through extensive research—something he does frequently—he encounters concepts like compersion (it’s not a city in Persia), hypergamy, the dual mating strategy, etc. Unfortunately, he only studies Blue Pill sources. Then he begins a quest for hot bi babes—just like any naïve newcomer to polyamory.

He first attends a tantric gathering. The attendees are flabby, over-the-hill New Agers. (It’s a fairly typical experience. Hot bi babes into polyamory are called “golden unicorns” for a reason.) He tries to keep an open mind, but soon chokes up with laughter at the spiritual mumbo jumbo. The leader finally kicks him out for eating popcorn.

Later, he attends a Bliss gathering in Vegas, full of smoking hot women. Needless to say, clubs like that aren’t for mere mortals. However, Neil’s prominence and connections get him in like Flynn. His guide, who suffers from a cuck fetish, loads him up on a drug cocktail—some of it without his permission. He passes out repeatedly during sex. Still, he liked the very little he remembered.

Then Neil finds the magical synergy in the Parisian demi-monde; crossing an ocean for nookie. The participants are relatively young and attractive. Neither popcorn nor dope interferes. Undeterred (mostly) by all the swinging dicks, he has a blast.

Throughout, some interesting characters appear. The guy who drugged him is a rental sex toy vendor—yes, really. Another is a dweeby-looking polyamory authority named Pepper Mint, who reputedly banged a thousand men and women. One more is Corey Feldman, understandably morose.

The Great Mongolian Clusterfuck

He invites two women he met in Paris (one at the club) and another former prospect to join him in San Francisco. Naturally, that becomes a train wreck. Stupid arguments about car seating are merely the beginning. He spends more time sleeping on the couch than banging, because choosing one partner for the night will offend everyone else. Pro tip: write up schedules. Attempts at group negotiations are fruitless.

Everyone agrees to attend a sex club, but the outing ends disastrously. Before even starting, one of them—a wounded bird type—declares that she wants Neil all to herself: not just that night, but indefinitely. The other chicks don’t want to share either. This derails what should’ve been a fun event. After that, Harem 1.0 ends in a bang, but not the good kind. Pro tip: show leadership and be firm.

Neil blamed himself. Still, the main problems (beyond four near-strangers cohabiting, and the half-baked concept of free love itself) are inexperience and his lack of requisite firmness. He never lied; everyone knew what the arrangements would be. It’s not his fault that the chicks unilaterally started redefining the terms, got catty and jealous, and pussy-blocked their rivals.

More blunders

Some further misadventures are told in illustrations. He creates a retro-hippie commune. Unfortunately, one participant is psychotic and extremely jealous, who nearly murders him. (The deleted chapter is on Neil’s site.) Then, he has a fling with a couple of hot bi babes; one isn’t too serious, the other is a drunk. Later, he meets someone online seeking a sperm donor, but he sensibly backs out.

His new girlfriend Sage is a hot bi babe from the Vegas misadventure. That works great, until she vacations in Mexico with two of her orbiters. Now Neil gets jealous. He’s angered upon discovering that they sucked her toes and discouraged her from contacting him. Worse, on the flight back, Sage met some leather-faced director who offered an acting role. Uh oh

Game over

He realized that after achieving all his fantasies, there’s nothing left, and that he really blew it with Ingrid. Sage, his coke-sniffing metallic-haired girlfriend with Daddy issues, dumps him by email. Depression sets in.

Neil tries cultivating nonattachment. He consults the sex rehab counselors again, who feed him Blue Pills and convince him to ghost everyone. He does different therapeutic stuff to unscrew his head, somewhat more effectively. He turns down bangs. Then Sage shows up on his doorstep, but he sends her away. Hopefully she learned a lesson about ditching people by email.

He finds that Ingrid’s available and wants him back. So the nonattachment stuff was all for the better. (He got very lucky; reuniting with lost loves usually only happens in movies, especially when a relationship ends badly.) They start a family, a happy ending following much avoidable drama.

The real truth

“King Solomon had hundreds of wives. What could possibly go wrong?”

Throughout, Neil repeatedly castigated himself, while lengthily analyzing the fallout and planning new angles. Despite the intellectualization, it’s pretty simple: he let the little head do the thinking. Unfortunately, if choosing lust and Rationalization Hamstering make people evil, I’m afraid everyone’s going to hell.

The dream he chased is fundamentally impractical. Actually, these disasters constituted exceptional results, available via wealth, prominence, good Outer Game, and California’s “anything goes” environment. For most guys, simply struggling to manage an apartment with three attractive, bickering women is an unattainable opportunity. Mere mortals don’t always get better quality than the flabby, over-the-hill New Agers.

Hot bi babes lacking jealousy are very rare. (Excluding red flags like mental instability, substance abuse, and STDs narrows the pool even further.) Hot babes exist, but even California ain’t what it used to be. Bisexual babes exist too; I’ve dated so many that I’m wondering if straight women are real. However, “lacking jealousy” remains a huge limitation. Even one man with two women—the most workable alternative dynamic—is lots of extra drama. (I could write my own novel about that.) It can happen, but polyamory is generally unstable.

It’s impractical societally on a large scale. Guys are much less willing to share. Widespread acceptability of men with multiple women would tremendously exacerbate the sexual marketplace’s already existing problems. What happens if everyone does this? Free love would become a victim of its own success.

Neil, who authored The Game, certainly understood pickup artistry. However, he extensively researched feminism-compliant counterculture sources about polyamory. His barely Purple Pilled synthesis left him blindsided. “Deplorable” sites like ROK and Chateau Heartiste far more accurately describe relationships and male-female dynamics. He delved heavily into therapy and self-help, but that too had mixed results. My own book covers Inner Game heavily for a reason, also providing considerably more realistic perspectives on multiple simultaneous relationships.

Neil explored polyamory after concluding that monogamy collides with human nature. However, so does free love; jealousy happens. Evolutionary biology created this inescapable dilemma. Still, ultimately behavior is something we choose. Libertines find conventional morality stifling, but the rules keep people from getting their fingers burnt.

Last but not least, nothing’s perfect and nobody gets everything they want.

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63 thoughts on “PUA Author Neil Strauss Attempts Polyamory And Fails”

      1. and that poor cuck might have a .308 that will make you a whole hell of a lot quieter.
        keep pushing

        1. nope, most of you beta hicks in middle america are garbage. most of you will have already died in wars overseas for our oil profits well before you could pop out another abortion of a kid in your trailer park. the other half can’t even see their own dick.

        2. Poster redneckshavelowiq is just a tribesman who has to butt in here and give us the (((j))) point of view. It’s what they do.

    1. He conflates attraction to multiple females with an ostensible impossibility of monogamous marriage, never once stopping to consider that many desires can and must be repressed.

  1. Neil strauss is a degenerate )ew c*nt who promotes mass degeneracy because his tribe need to end white society and also western society. Its no wonder he ends up confused at the end as to whether monogamy or polyamory is better and I’m surprised he didn’t try out being gay or shacking up with a genderfluid tranny.

    1. No you’re just a loser incel and a poor one at that. no hope for you, go rope already

    2. True, but let’s not conclude anything in Neil’s book is an accurate reflection of his own thoughts / motivations. He’s getting published because he’s following an agenda — degeneracy, confusion and turning everything upside down. Behind the scenes, he is high-fiving other (((tribesmen))) in publishing and the entertainment business.

  2. Patrice O’Neil who was certainly a better pimp than Strauss could ever hope of becoming didn’t succeed in having a polyamorous relationship.
    It only works in societies where the ratio of women is higher than that of men or when the man is in the top 1%.
    Having side bitches is a more viable approach than managing a household with more than 1 woman in it.

  3. At times the whole (very mildly) sordid affair reads like a soap opera synopsis

  4. Hot bi babes into polyamory are called “golden unicorns”
    They’re not uncommon at all…if your net worth is at least in the teens of 8 figure territory. BTW these are Korean numbers, Hong Kong’s are considerably higher. I suspect California requirements are not that benign either.

    1. Chumped. He should have looked into the best; Hugh Hefner. They had an allowance, curfew and designated “fun” time. As mentioned – firm leadership. He had none. Most importantly the firm part.

      1. It truly IS better treating them like children. They expect it and don’t respect a man that doesn’t spank that ass from time to time…

  5. Polyamory?
    You mean polygamy for betas?
    What can one really expect from a 168 cm manlet jevv?
    And he fails?
    No way dude!

  6. (((Strauss))) should try polyamory with (((Mark Potok))) and (((Tim Wise))).
    That might work out better for him.

    1. OK, so they have similar background. Still, Strauss compared to Potok and Wise is like a kid who shoplifts a candy bar compared to Al Capone and Pablo Escobar.

  7. What a fucking train reck. Balls to the walls only get you so far in this journey and Jesus fucking Christ – dumped by email that’s tremendous

  8. I’ve grown up around quite a few Jooish guys like (((Strauss))). They were always the most sex obsessed and perverted out of anybody.

    1. Buddy that has been my experience too. Fucking total human garbage; histrionic, backstabbing, lying fucking cunts. In school I never understood why Mr H took things so far. I get it now.

    2. They’re also constantly trying to make a cuck out of their friends. Worse than blacks. If you have any joos in your social circle make sure they know you’re willing and able to commit acts of violence. They’re easily skeered. Also, follow through. Always.

    3. One sister was dumb enough to marry a 1/2 (((one))). Of course he screwed her over in numerous ways before and after divorce. Their two kids are only 1/4 but exhibit some j traits, both in looks and career choices.

  9. Unless you’re the kind of man who has a high enough SMV to form harems, then you’re just a cuck who failed the “open relationship” shit test.

  10. Polyamory only works in a skewed marketplace, and then only if you’re on the “right” side of the skew.

  11. So many things wrong:
    Human relationships rely on affection or dependency, not simply sex or desire. He is not a man. He is not in control. He does not understand masculinity, nor women. Mating is not just about both sexes, but about families and social complexity. Also you have to be relevant, important, not in the modern sense but as a man who defines social order itself. Also cheap girls, like sluts/whores, are useless.
    There is a reason why females compete against each other that he does not understand either. There is also the role of the father in society. And there is no polyamory in nature, only polygyny. Polyamory is the opposite(decadent)

  12. I’ve always shied away from the “it’s because of the Jews” argument.
    Certainly, the Jewish people, in several thousand years of history, are culpable in many great crimes.
    So is everyone else.
    I think it would be more productive to look at ourselves, and look within ourselves, regarding the rotted out corpse that is modern America.
    The deplorable state of modern American women is wholly the fault of modern American men.
    Or, stated another way, attack the idea, not the person.
    By the way, I’ve banged several Jewish women. American, of course, they are broken down slut like all modern American women. Very sad.

    1. You sound just like a feminist. Whenever a woman does something bad, it’s always a man’s fault, not hers. Either a man made her or allowed her to do it.

  13. While monogamy may be unnatural it’s also the best option out there. Polygamy is only realistic for very wealthy men in cultures where lots of guys get killed in war (ie the medieval middle east). Polyamory sounds like some kind of nightmare dreamed up in a SJW lab.
    I’d rather be celibate than live with multiple women.
    Probably a long-term monogamous relationship with the occasional fling is the healthiest and most realistic situation a man could hope for, assuming you can do that without letting the guilt eat you up.
    For my part I try to be honest and faithful to the women I’m with but I don’t beat myself up over the occasional indiscretion. It’s really not a huge deal and as long as you’re not burning so much time / energy chasing the pussy that it’s impacting your relationship with them I doubt most women really care anyways. A red-pill truth is that most women would rather be with a guy with high enough SMV that he can fuck around a little bit, than be with someone who is so unattractive that he’s never given the opportunity.

    1. The Romans and Vikings did it right, wife at home, plenty of female slaves to bang, then tours of conquest where you could bang everything you could conquer (including the sheep). Of course, the Americans and UN had to spoil everything by making rape and pillage war crimes.

      1. ROmans and Vikings. Basically every tribe from your African, Japanese, mongel, Australian Aboriginal, ottoman, Islamic was doing it.
        Still happening today, only some now welcome it.

  14. Seems many of these PUA pioneers – got the arrows in the back.
    PUA/Game? – women want fun – perhpas when they staate”Im a professional trainer of men with women”-probably intrigues the fuck out of and into them…
    But women are much more devious than any PUA…
    And eventually she will get bored, especially if he bagged a 10++
    then the crying…
    The reality of the red pill sucks so much sometimes.
    But, eyes wide open with my present gaggle – and flakers.
    only cure and solution is multiple, and continuous fires for the iron…

  15. Really? You guys believe all that? Guy isn’t wealthy, powerful or famous. Nor is he THAT good looking. Jeeze

    1. As a successful author, he does have a degree of notability. I’m not sure what his net worth is, but it’s well above average. (Most people couldn’t pay for all that therapy; ordinary people with problems will drink beer and gripe to the bartender.) He’s not quite a major celebrity, but does know lots of them – as they say in the business world, it’s all about who you play golf with.
      These things got him much better results than the average dude who attempts something like this.

  16. Once again the commenters have fucked up what could have been a discussion by invoking the “joos”. You guys really sound like retards. And you’ve ruined ROK. I would never suggest anyone visit this site, and would never tell anyone I do. Who wants to be lumped in with a bunch of imbecels. Seriously, you guys are an embarrassment. Roosh, its gone on long enough. You need staff to delete this nonsense. You’re painting red pillers as assholes by letting these cretins participate.

    1. Hasbara detected
      And don’t lie. You never cared about the red pill movement. Only to control and misguide it.
      Hiding from the JQ is not red pill. Query into the over abundance of juish influence and corruption in this degenerate matrix is not “retarded” it’s common sense. You offer nothing in your argument but name calling and shaming.
      I suppose now you and your crew will make handles saying ‘gas da joos’ and silly comments to give weight to your bullsh1t. No, it’s time we all woke up to your scheming. Red pill is about the truth and if the J are so innocent then they would not so greatly fear the investigation of it.

    2. MHP (Marvin H. Perlstein?) is not comfortable on a site that allows true free speech like this one. Oh vey! Shut it down.

      1. You’re the imbecile. Imbecel is like incel, heightcel, gymcel and all those other words ending in cel to designate guys who are celibate, where the prefix provides some context for the celibacy (involuntary celibate for unspecified reason, involuntary celibate due to shortness, involuntary celibate despite having a gym body, etc). He is this calling guys like you involuntary celibate due to mental incapacity. Women don’t want you because you’re an imbecile, in other words. imbecile celibate = imbecel. Maybe now your imbecel brain can understand.

  17. From the last paragraph – “behavior is something we choose.”
    I say behavior is something that is forced upon us by the very people who claim to “love” us…
    A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.
    – Jim Morrison

    1. That one references all of the extensive agonizing about monogamy versus alternate relationship styles, and his long quest to discover what was best for his own personal nature. People do have instincts, but we can rationally choose what we do, and resist temptations to stray from the course we set for ourselves.

  18. ALL women are naturally Bi-Sexual. ALL men are naturally polygynous. We can thank the brain washing of the church for the monogamous culture.

    1. Anthropologists seem to believe, by and large, that most men should naturally be celibates. A small percentage of the remaining would have multiple wives. Most of the useful men in a tribe would be allowed one, or maybe two wives. One statistic I have read is that over time and on average, 80% of women reproduced and 40% of men reproduced. Over the last couple of hundred years in the west, that number has been a lot higher for men. Basically the church has reduced the murder of men and provided each man a wife, historically, allowing each man to contribute to society and his offsprings future. I guess helping the weakest to reproduce has finally caught up with us and now women and some men are actively trying to cull the weaker men in the herd out. Unfortunately, they’re both okay, apparently, with allowing males from other herds in. That’s the primary problem with this culling. Also, some of the culled (and thus cucked ) men will always resort to violence. Still, the assertion that multiple wives are normal for men as a natural tendency seems scientifically unsound. Virginity for most men seems like the natural order. So yes, the church did work against nature in this way, but their goal was clearly to civilize society more and create good church contributing families.

  19. The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.

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