How To Be More Courteous To The Right People

Chivalric courtesy was the one most important factor in creating and maintaining the strong patriarchal order of Western Civilization that its wise men today are so nostalgic of. How is that possible, you ask? Isn’t courtesy about serving and giving copious amounts of attention to women? And hasn’t such behavior led to and maintained the evil and degenerate matriarchal order The West faces today?

What Is Courtesy?

According to the Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, courtesy, specifically its form that pertains to this discussion, is defined as “the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.” The dictionary further defines politeness as “behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.”

The same dictionary defines respect as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements,” and consideration as “careful thought, typically over a period of time.” Thus essentially, courtesy can be defined as “the showing of a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements, and careful thought, typically over a period of time, in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.”

One of the most effective lies the left has pushed in order to disassemble the natural patriarchal order has been the idea that every human being is deserving of respect. In reality, it is only deserved when a person has “abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

A truly chivalrous Western man has the ability—no, the obligation, if his duty is to keep Western society intact—to properly discern who deserves respect and therefore courtesy, and how much at that.

The Etiquette Spectrum

We will start with what can be called the “etiquette spectrum.” The more respect you deem someone deserves, the more to the right you place them.

When considering the actions to take to express the amount of respect decided upon, it is more than helpful to have a strong understanding of what makes proper etiquette. The right end of the spectrum represents polite, and the left impolite.

A man places gestures both polite and impolite on the spectrum. As a general rule, the more out of your way you have to go for a gesture of courtesy, the further away from the origin it belongs. Gestures of courtesy convey respect—or disrespect—simply because it is acknowledged that one must go out of his way to make them. They take effort and consideration, and that means something.

To choose the proper actions to show the decided amount of respect, the man looks at the placement of the person in question with relation to the actions on the spectrum. Proper etiquette would call for the man to treat him with all actions as they become applicable from the person’s level all the way to the origin. This means the more right on the spectrum a person is, the more polite etiquette the man treats him with, but it also means that if the person is on the left side, the man is obligated to treat him impolitely.

On Impoliteness

Did you think being courteous meant treating everyone politely regardless? If so, you were still under the influence of leftist brainwashing.

In the past, people took for granted that the average man and woman were decent fellows, worthy of the common handshake or the tip of the hat. One could safely assume that it was correct to treat the random person on the street with a modicum of respect.

But, thanks to the spoiled, lazy and degenerated Baby Boomer Generation, this time has passed. More likely than not, when you meet a woman on the street, she lost her virginity by the age of sixteen and kept fornicating until she lost her soul, and if that isn’t the case, nine times out of ten it’s because the woman’s natural habitat is in fact the ocean with her fellow whale brethren.

Today, truly chivalrous men will actually find themselves being impolite in many cases. This expresses to society that you are not okay with its degenerate behavior. It will make it difficult for you to become friends with everyone you meet, but those who do stick around will respect you much more for sticking to your values. In fact, proper courtesy is a good way of weeding out toxic people in your life. We are the mean of the people we associate with, so if courtesy keeps degenerates, then we are better men for it.


We, as Western men, face an epidemic of whorish, entitled, and masculine women. This point was largely reached because the baby boomer generation started a trend of “not judging” others, and thus treating everyone with the same, communist level of respect. Women who slept around and developed masculine traits, for example, stopped facing condemnation through impoliteness, and thus became the degenerate, disgusting amalgamations of used up sex vessels they are today. It truly is a shame.

But I propose a solution. As the red pill teaches, as men desire sex, women desire attention. And, as the man desires to obtain sex from the prettiest woman, the woman desires to obtain attention from the highest value male. Reaching a level of high value is done by simply improving oneself.

If you are an individual of high value, you can begin to train the women around you. Women will vie for your attention. Instead of trying to get laid and playing to their perverted fantasies, as most high-value red pillers do, maintain your dignity and develop courtesy. Take pride in yourself, and don’t settle for the common slop the West now tries to pass off as “ladies.”

Smile at the woman you know is traditionally feminine, but stop going out of your way to hold the door for the marshmallow monster who has trouble traversing the coffee shop in less than twenty minutes, and give the woman passing underwear off as a pair of pants a dirty look. Women respond to subtle social cues, as they care much more about their social standing than do men. While receiving a dirty look is not a huge deal to you, it is enough to ruin a woman’s day—especially the contemporary woman’s, who is used to having males fight over the chance to serve her.

Stop forcing a smile when in the presence of a homosexual. Stop acting as though a Muhammadan is your fellow man. Let the land whales and whores know who they are. Treat only respectable women with respect. Be courteous—more specifically, be Alt-Courteous.

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69 thoughts on “How To Be More Courteous To The Right People”

    1. I agree completely with Mr Pink from the movie Resevior Dogs on tipping.

      1. What I specifically hate about tipping culture in North America is that it just creates this faux friendliness and constant annoying upselling of pies, desserts, drinks, etc. while your just trying to enjoy your meal because a higher total bill will mean higher tips if your supposed to add 15-20% of that bill to your waiter.
        I hate the concept of financially rewarding that annoying and I-see-right-through-you behavior. If I eat out and have to tip, it’s at a really spartan place like Waffle House where my total bill (including the appropriate tip) doesn’t exceed $10.

        1. Waffle house lol! Where the bill never exceeds 10 dollars and the patrons and workers are the next casting group for (((jerry springer))). Never had a bad meal there to date.

        2. In Asia, in areas without white tourists people don’t expect tips. My taxi today was quite happy with his. 50c fare. My waitress for lunch didn’t expect more than the $1.25 on the bill.

        3. +John Dodds
          LOL! Another defeated white CUCK in Asia fucking slanty-eyed pussy. You guys are too funny.

    2. Of course you don’t, cuz you’re a selfish boor.
      Waitressing isn’t an easy job, is a relatively traditional job for women, and here in America their livelihood depends on tips cuz the base pay is crap.

      1. This is strictly White Knighting (you mention waitress but exclude dudes and use phag words like ” selfish bore”). It’s true that in America, wait staff can be paid below minimum, because ostensibly they make it up in tips. Tips are the motivator for good service. That is a tragic flaw in our restaurant system compared to other countries. There is no tipping in Japan and the wait service is typically far superior to the US. That’s because they are paid fairly, and doing good service is part of the job description and not dependent on any other factor. The motivator is the fact you have a fricken job.
        This same principle applies in some (undisclosed) European countries where I have experienced phenomenal service and tipping was purely optional and not based on any kind of formula.

      2. Well, u know that they could always get into construction. I don’t mind tipping, especially if they are good, but god I hate tipping women, I typically do it just so I don’t get shit from them if I ever go back. I tip women as much or even less then men. We also live in a world where women are viewed as 1st class citizens to us men, where women get tons of help from just about anyone, where that women is going to go and blow that money on some sort of stupid bullshit so she can look good and suck some other dude off at a bar (this is true of young good looking waitresses). I just view a tip as a 10-15% tax, and if the waiter/waitress exceeds expectations than I will tip extra. If I don’t want the service or product for that amount than I don’t go.

      3. FukU Mr. White Knight. Americans like you are why white women won’t fuck white men. They have no respect for nice guys.

    3. Boorish behaviour is Boorish Behaviour. And when you devolve to boorish behaviour in the face of the boorish behaviour of others, then you only devalue yourself in turn. Times 10.
      Think about it. Is that who you really want to be?
      As regards to tipping: If you can’t – through cheapness more than anything else – afford to tip in a restaurant (in the United States), then you shouldn’t be eating in a restaurant. Esp. when – criminally in my estimation – various state laws permit paying servers sub-minimum wages with the assumption they will make up the difference in tips. (That assumption is what drives the {fucking} IRS to tax servers on the assumption that those tips do indeed exist. And the various employers who further claims those same tips as theirs doesn’t help either.)
      Further, the fact that the author even feels inspired to even write a piece on good manners – however one might be in disagreement as to the finer points of his assertions – says volumes as to how lacking and poorly bred some of the readers may be as simple, common decency. This is esp. true for those that positively celebrate their loutish behaviour as epitomising “Masculine Virtues.” News flash: Such conduct isn’t “Masculine.” It’s puerile.
      We may all detest the blue-haired, overweight and shrill SJWs, but responding with DudeBro behaviours only makes you as bad as they are.
      Just a thought.

  1. Rule of thumb:
    If theyre pleasant and dont talk, act like an idiot, be kind, respectful, chivalrous.
    If they act the opposite, treat them like shit.
    My courtesy is reserved to those who will to be courteous in return.

        1. I’ve already produced 4 white babies, I think I can afford to mix it up a bit now.

    1. Courtesy like tips and wages, IS EARNED and starts at the very first contact.

  2. The author appears to endorse “chivalry” without defining it, but does define “courtesy”. He should check out Dalrock who goes to great lengths defining it, along with the Anglo origins and uselessness it has today.
    That said, I can report from the field that astonishingly, attractive women whom I have given the most foul sneers, looks of complete disgust, as if they had ripped a mean nasty fart, return the biggest widest, friendliest smiles imaginable. it is bizarre, but seems to elicit the same response every time.
    “Smile at the woman you know is traditionally feminine…”
    I don’t think this will work ever, unless it is with a knowing smirk and a raised eyebrow. A dopey smile to a put-together chick signals BETA BETA, and try-hard.

    1. Thanks for the reply! I will hopefully be releasing an article on chivalry pretty soon. I’ve heard of Dalrock, but I haven’t looked into him — I’ll read his take on chivalry before I finish mine.
      I do agree that with the average attractive woman, a smile does not work if your goal is to attract her. But I don’t suggest smiling at “attractive women” — I suggest smiling at “the woman you know is traditionally feminine.”
      Since most women aren’t “traditionally feminine,” acting politely toward them won’t get them to sleep with you — in fact I believe a true gentleman is obligated to act impolitely to those who deviate too far from what I consider “traditional femininity.”
      But regardless, my intent for this article was not to teach men how to get laid — it was more along the lines of looking for marriage material, if anything at all. I will say that I’ve met an 8/10 from church with a surprising amount of moral fiber for a woman today, and she still goes out with me despite the fact that I treat her with positive courtesy.
      I by no means claim that a large percentage of today’s women should be treated respectfully, but on the extremely rare occasion that you do meet a respectable, traditional woman who was raised correctly, I suggest treating her with at least a modicum of respect, as she was probably told by her parents to stay away from impolite men.

      1. Good, go back to the first history of “chivalry” and know it has nothing to do with WOMEN and was a reserved courtesy among men, primarily on the battlefield. It has NO place in the modern world as few men actually have integrity or HONOR (save that those same men often are in the military). Common courtesy ist what belongs in society NOW and is often still a rarity anymore in the age of self entitlement. Gender EQUALITY demands that women be treated as they treat others and NO BETTER than that and the twisted demands for “chivalry” be treated as detestable notions for undeserving of female gender. The artificial pussy whoreshipping men does is sickening. I don’t care what anyone calls my comments. you earn respect and you earn is not gifted up front with the promise of return.

        1. Gender equality does demand that “women be treated as they treat others and NO BETTER than that,” but I never labeled myself as someone who believes in gender equality. The traditional relationship between men and women is mutual — the women accept that men are superior and submit to a patriarchal order, and therefore get a bit of extra positive treatment in return. I see no problem with — and do actually promote — treating the few traditional women left with more favors than you would the average traditional male. Although I’m not sure we disagree, because the traditional male doesn’t actually treat the traditional female better than he is treated — she submits in return for special treatment. It’s a balance that’s worked for a long time.

        2. Actually chivalry was not reserved to the battlefield nor to men. There is a decent book out there worth looking into: if you’re interested in this kind of thing.
          Basically chivalry was an attempt by the church and aristocracy to manage young, aggressive warriors’ behavior. It set limits on all kinds of things including how to treat non-combatants, clergy, private property, etc. Until then most warriors considered your average joker walking his cow along the road as fair game, as well as his wife and kids back in the village. Treating them with even a modicum of respect was somewhat new. Also it defined games in a way to minimize death or dismemberment because up until then most ‘games’ were basically live-fire exercises with drunk guys ranging in age from 15 – 30. Finally it set very complex guidelines on how the upper class treated one another and those in other classes (church and commoners) in an attempt to minimize unnecessary bloodshed.

    2. @ Burner
      You must be the type that females consider attractive. I lear and scowl at young pretty girls on the street all the time, and they never smile at me. They either look straight ahead with the thousand yard stare, or they look away.

      1. Automatic, maybe I should qualify that as attractive girls who are close to the wall. Not 18yr old honeys but the 28-30 yr olds. Something like 8s going on 7s. Could be a generational thing as well. The youngest generation of whamens are not following the footsteps of the tatted, pierced Millenial thots. Smooth unblemished skin is coming back.

  3. Yes white boys, focus your energy on being courteous, while we’re busy banging.
    Hopefully you will have some manners when you catch me in bed with your wife.
    You will smile politely, leave the room and close the door

    1. Fat, ugly genetic defect rejects need love too, that’s where you nigg*rs come in. I’m sure any husband of these land whales would be glad you took them off of their hands.

      1. That untrue rumour that we only fuck your ugly women is so 3 decades ago. Look around, faggy boy.
        Whatever delusion helps you sleep at night though.

        1. So from your comments we can surmise that you find morbidly obese women to be ‘beautiful.’ If not then continue to enjoy the perpetual state of cognitive dissonance you live in.

        2. Where are you hiding negro coward! Face me you stupid negro!
          Yar har har har!!!!…. You can run from me, and you can hide…. at least for now!
          The evidence you have committed on here has determined the Justice I must deliver upon you you malevolent negro!
          Face me you criminal negro!!!!

        3. That’s what I thought…..
          Your too scared to enter into an transaction… Anytime you can muster the confidence negro – anytime you think you have the mustard…
          Free women… Stop giving these Malevolent Criminal Racist Scumbag negros (MCRSN) confidence to compete with Good men malevolently….
          Good men… that encounter this thread…. Be Benevolent!!!! – Attack Malevolence!!!!… Deliver Justice to those whom Warrent Justice…. Scumbags hurting good men… No more of that…. K… Assert your God given right to assertiveness….

    2. Are you honestly starting your talking on here like this?!? With heavy psychological warfare?!!? You start with calling men boys?!? & then proceed.
      That’s pathetic ethics negro… Do you understand that?
      How much of a fool are you black boy?
      Liberal lies are the only reason you have an ego negro.
      Do you understand that?
      Clean up your behaviour on here or I’m going to really really really really enjoy you….

  4. I basically disagree in the behavior you’re promoting in this article. It’s a way for imposing what you think is good/bad on others. Freedom is the ultimate goal for human kind. I couldn’t care less if some land whale likes to wear boxers as underwear. None of my business. If she’s nice and polite towards me ill treat her the same way back. And I’ll apply that to anyone. The question here is who do you think you are? Seems like you got your nose up your arse. Relax

    1. Thank you for your reply! To address your criticism, freedom is the right not to be forced to comply at gunpoint. It is not the right not to be coerced to comply with social pressure. If you have another solution to solve my proposed problem, please be my guest and offer it. But I can assure you that adapting your seemingly “be your-special-snowflake-self” attitude is not a valid solution — in fact it’s what got us into this mess in the first place. Again, thank you for your suggestion, but I am going to stick to the methods used by my ancestors that were tried and true for over 1000 years.

      1. Thanks for your courtesy.
        Seems to me you’re trying to educate these people by giving them a simple bad look. If their parents failed educating them throughout their life i doubt a look will make a difference.
        I think the best thing you can do is to set and be an example of proper decent behavior yourself and being a successful man in general terms that way you will cause an influence on your surrounding peers.

  5. It’s simple. Don’t be a dick, is what this author is saying. If people are nice to you, be nice to them back. If people are mean to you, you can be the better person and shrug it off or you can give them a verbal beating that will straighten them out, (and then a physical beating if things get worse).

  6. This article is spot on. With all the talk of White Knight behavior on this site, we need to bear in mind some people do deserve respect. As the author says, we can influence the behavior of women because most are attention whores.

  7. There’s no reason to treat gay people disrespectfully based on sexual orientation alone. Disrespect is only warranted if their appearance or behavior is degenerate.

    1. they deserve to be ostracized for making up 80% of AIDS diagnoses in America

  8. I really love how Baby Boomers are misaligned at the drop of a hat. Screw you. As a “Boomer” I was raised in the environment of the very principles the site- although not always the commentators, expunge. I STILL open doors, take their coats, carry their bags, stand when they stand or sit, and kill those spiders the size of Buicks because I choose to. And never get shut down by women who I don’t know by simple courteous manners. Stop lumping people together and practice what you seemingly preach. And I’ll use my 38 year successful marriage as a benchmark to my continuing successes.

    1. Obviously there is a bell curve with outliers. Not all boomers are evil, just the ones who supported second wave feminism, rock and roll, sexual revolution, and pretty much everything else that ruined America.
      Its just annoying today having old farts lecturing the youth to be chivalrous in a society that actively punishes them for doing so.

      1. I also have 38 years of successful marriage, but not all to the same woman. I can’t imagine banging a 50yo+ woman…..

    2. Ray.
      Are you the guy who still holds the door open for me. I always say “thank you” and give a smile. Please don’t lose common courtesy. Yes, I’m also from that generation.

  9. I can’t imagine this plan producing the desired results. I think your seriously over estimating how much a woman cares if you give them a “dirty” look, or if you don’t hold the door open for them. I don’t usually expect people to open the door for me (because I have two hands), and if someone gave me a dirty look because they thought my shorts were too short, I’d probably just think that person had issues, or was having a particularly bad day. Getting women to dress and act the way you want is simple…just don’t court women who don’t live up to your standards.

    1. You have a good point — one dirty look is not going to fix the West. But comparing your reaction to disrespect to that of a woman is not valid. Unless you’re a woman that is. A woman simply cares more.
      Maybe a woman does not expect a door to be held open for her today, but regardless, giving her the positive reinforcement of doing so does not help anything. With a dirty look though, I can tell you through personal experience that yes, a woman very much does care, especially if the person giving it is of high value.

      1. I am a woman. I can attest that a dirty look or bad manners from a stranger would not make me want to change anything about myself. It would just confuse or annoy me. My less feminine friends would likely say the same. If anything, it would just give them the impression that men these days aren’t worth the time. (Which is the opinion most women nowadays are leaning towards anyway).

    2. As a traditionally feminine woman, I can tell you that pretty much the only men’s opinions I care about are: my husband, my father, my brothers, my sons.
      If you menfolk are interested at all in tending to the overall quality of the women in the sphere of your existence, I suspect you’d find your influence carries much farther when invested in familial relationships than directed at random women on the street.
      Yeah it’s a lot more work and carries a lot more risk to jump in and get your hands dirty with the business of tending to a family (whether children or spouse or siblings or parents) that you can’t just scowl at and walk away from when they displease you – but that’s how good women are made. We are not the cumulative product of the glances and reactions of strange men in public places, we are raised by men who understand where their influence and their efforts are most valuable.
      Scowling at whores won’t turn them into good women, even if they do put on some longer shorts in public to avoid being scowled at.

  10. Just read Ian Flemming’s James Bond novels.
    Bond is the perfect balance of gentleman and thug.
    Civilized, but brutal.
    Assertive, but likable.
    Intelligent, but not intellectual.
    And best of all he’s unaplogetically misogynist.
    All boys should read Ian Flemming in high school.

  11. And the Pick-up Artist types… We should be constantly throwing in their faces how much damage they are doing to women and society.
    IOW, go out of your way to show disrespect to PUAs

    1. I agree with John Dodds, but the bigger issue is pickup artistry’s effect on the user. It promotes hedonism, which can and often does ruin a man’s life, as well as his ability to be monogamous in the future. While sin is something that, God willing, can be repented, innocence can never be regained.

  12. The people where I work in the UK are f*ckd up. In Scotland, the ‘right’ kind of people who can help advance your career are the kind of people most men would avoid. In work, I have two managers, one is a ranging feminist and the other is a )ew who loves money. My coworkers include asylum seekers and a girl who is a pre-op transgender who we’re supposed to refer to as a ‘he’. Basically, your article should’ve covered how to be courteous to a bunch of low trash degenerates to be useful…

  13. Great article!!!! Not just with women though I think. When dealing with dishonorable males, a man is to treat them differently as well based on there level of ethics…. Needs to be hashed out better but generally speaking males with blatant dishonours are to be treated differently as well than you would an honourable man…

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  15. I support the author as a Christian but why be courteous to anyone I don’t owe them anything especially western Whore’s respect is earned not given never apologize for anything that’s weakness

  16. Seriously great article, this is spot on.
    Another one is when you see a white girl with a black guy. This shit used to be unacceptable, now every time you turn your head there’s an interracial couple and it’s always %100 of the time a white girl and a black guy. When I see something like this I stare at the girl with the meanest look I can and make sure she sees me. This shit is not ok, those women are the worst and we need to let them know that

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