ROK Is Coming Out Of Beta

Next Wednesday I will officially launch this site via my blog. So far I think you have an idea of where it’s heading: short content full of links, videos, and images. ROK will be like grabbing a bite at Five Guys while will remain a family Italian restaurant that takes several hours to complete a meal. I’d like to publish 7-10 blog posts a week here while RV will have 3 a week. The only significant change is that I’m moving all my book reviews to ROK. They will published one at a time instead of in massive 3,000-word compilations.

My question to you: based on what you’ve seen so far, what are some ways to improve this site? What kind of content should I focus on?

Finally, I wanted to thank Danger & Play, Nexxt Level Up, Rational Male, The Private Man, and Matt Forney for supporting this venture so far.

17 thoughts on “ROK Is Coming Out Of Beta”

  1. Travel. Practical ins and outs of long term travel, such as visas, how to find a good place to stay, how to pay your way, etc. Your travel writing is usually pussy related, which is good, but at this point I would imagine you could run a full time travel blog with your experience.
    One piece of travel info that is pussy related that I think would make good posts is venue reviews, both night and day game. A quick post about this bar or that club that was golden for poon. Or a particular park, neighborhood, or coffee shop that was ideal for daygame. A fluid set of information for the night venues I’m sure, but it would make fun reading, and would still have some utility.

  2. Put a twitter feed of both ROK and your personal twitter on the side board, like you have over at your other spot.
    Great new site, man. Love the concept.

  3. Good Layout.
    It might be your purpose to use this site to deliver quick and dirty blog bits and sound bites, but I find the posts lacking an important ingredient that has made RooshV a success: your unique personal experience. Otherwise it’s more of a tumblr-ish what Roosh finds interesting platform than a blog with useful and solid information.
    Also posts seem too rushed and not carefully thought out – eg in the South Korea post you quoted sources from the forum out of context to support your topic, which undermines the whole strength of your blog.(Even booshala the author said that.) Particularly damning is quoting the guy who claims to never have been to SK yet posted info about it – that’s like using Dash Global’s datasheets as your source.
    Also, many posts seem to raise questions about issues instead of provide information (which might be appropriate as a forum thread for guys to chime in, but isn’t what I read blogs for) – the UFC one for example. More posts like the “Snooze” and “TSA” ones with more detail please.
    Hope the criticisms are constructive.

    1. This blog will more be an extension of my twitter feed. I don’t want to cannibalize, which will have more thought-out content.

  4. Looking good. I like the contrast with My main question is the mailing list content vs. rooshv…any overlap there or entirely different content?

  5. When I saw the title I thought you were referring to the Republic of Korea. I was quite ready to correct you, as Korea is filled to the brim with betas.

  6. I’m kind of curious as to why two different web sites. Will it be hard to keep two different sites? Are you expecting two different sets of readers? I’d kind of would like to see some game in action with videos. Blot out their faces or do whatever you have to do, but I would like to see you in action. I enjoy your non-game posts but game and gaming technique is why I frequent the Roosh site.

  7. I think the site could be improved SEO wise. It would rank higher and get more traffic.

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