Every Girl Has A Price

A Russia guy messaged girls on VK (Russia’s version of Facebook) with an offer of $3,000 in cash in exchange for sex. It’s no surprise that the girls were very receptive, including one who had a boyfriend…

Kak: You are already 18, right?

Kristina:  Yes, this year I will be 20. But I can’t do it just like that, you also should understand me, I haven’t had guys yet and I am a little bit afraid…

Kak:  I will not hurry you, we will meet, talk, you’ll get used to me… So, what? Do you agree?Kristina:  OK, bu the money you will pay me at once. OK?

Kak:  Before the sex – sure. But not at the first meeting.

Kristina:  Here is my number 8928*******

I guarantee that any Russian or Ukrainian girl you date has accepted money or gifts in exchange for sex at some point in her life. The only question is what the results would be like if American girls were propositioned with large sums on a site like Ok Cupid.

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  1. You guarantee that every Russian/Ukrainian girl in existence has participated in prostitution while based on a message on a dating website and after having never set foot in Russia.

  2. Nobody’s commented on this yet? No vociferous femcunt retorts? No hormonal rage, refusing to acknowledge the ugly truth? Lawl.

  3. Someone offering that much money for something will always get at least a few takers. Not sure how that exchange proves that EVERY Russian and Ukrainian girl has had sex for money.
    Besides, really? Did a Russian or Ukrainian girl kill your dog or break your heart or something?

  4. Sorry, but this is just not true not every girl in those countries has prostituted for sex. This is a gross exaggeration. Those people are not living in such a bad conditions as they appear to Americans who cannot survive without air conditioning and smartphones for more that two hours.
    But yes most women in those countries would prostitute themselves if the money offered would be big enough.
    The same would be true in America – only American women would require larger sums of money. On the other hand American women would also more likely to do it for free just for the thrill of it.
    Most women are not sluts but not because they would be virtuous (they are not), but because they haven’t received an offer big enough.
    Probably only one in a milliard woman would not prostitute herself for a milliard dollars.

    1. “On the other hand American women would also more likely to do it for free just for the thrill of it.”
      I’m pretty sure a lot of them already do. 🙂 It’s just called “having sex,” and not “prostituting yourself” when someone’s doing it for free.
      “Probably only one in a milliard woman would not prostitute herself for a milliard dollars.”
      Might be true. It’s probably true of most men as well.

      1. Floo I see from this and many your comments on this site that you are some kind of ignorant liberal blue pill guy who doesn’t understand what this site is about. Or your a very lousy troll.
        Having sex is in a relationship is not the same a hook up. What I meant was that American woman would more likely engage in sex outside of relationship for the sheer thrill of it than Ukrainian or Russian women.
        Also some American women would more likely to prostitute themselves for a very cheap price, lower price than Russians or Ukrainians just for the thrill of it. Some might get turned on by the idea of this dirty deal some might feel it is “empowering”, they are nuts and there can be may ways their hamsters spin.
        Also – I strongly believe much more than one in a milliard men would refuse to prostitute themselves to another man even for a milliard of dollars. As for prostituting to a woman – there is no such a thing – that is called hitting two birds with the same stone.

  5. I imagine American women would reply with some faux indignation and say, “You can’t afford me!”
    A day/week later – “Is the offer still open?”

  6. That’s the difference. Every woman has a price, but not every man does.
    Come to think of it, that’s another test for a Free Man: Can he be bought, at any price?

  7. I’m from Mexico, and I think it would be the same here.. provided no one finds out about the woman taking the money..

  8. This is pretty accurate, especially with Russia. In Russia game doesnt really exist. it’s called a wallet. if you are rich you are king there. However in America it’s pretty true too. If you buy a woman enough things she will repay you in sex, even if she’s not that interested, soley on the basis that she believes she owes it to you.

    1. I had a.girl reject me buying her a cute hat because she didn’t want to feel like she owed me something. The feels is real.

  9. True….Whoever said the opposite here either have never been to Russia or is a Russian woman.
    It is normal for women in Russia to date older men who in exchange would buy them clothes, jewelry, take them abroad etc..So average Russian woman would let some wealthy older dude (who more likely is married and just wants some young pussy) to screw her and at the same time she will sleep with other men (this time to enjoy herself). This sort of arrangement seems to satisfy everyone, the girl, old man, and whoever else will bang her. Surprisingly, Russian women don’t consider themselves sluts and are very offended and don’t seem to understand why everyone else calls them so. Truth is that the guy could have offered 3 times less and someone would still reply..

  10. Churchill
    suggested that as a thought experiment Lady Astor ponder the following: If a
    man were to promise her a huge amount of money – say a million pounds – for the
    privilege, would she sleep with him? Lady Astor did ponder the question for a
    while and finally answered yes, she would, if the money were guaranteed.
    Churchill then asked her if she would sleep with him for five pounds. Her
    response was sharp: “Of course not. What do you think I am – a prostitute?”
    Churchill responded, “We have already established that fact; we are now simply
    negotiating about price.”

  11. Totally agree on this article. This is perfectly correct – especially about Russian or Ukrainian women. I have seen lots (majority) of girls doing it there. Forget the pros in the clubs, even the ones with normal jobs do it.
    Most girls from that part of the world don’t consider prostitution to be a social evil, it is often treated as just another “job” or a way to supplement their income to afford themselves luxuries or “needs” ( “I need to do it for the rent”, ” I need to pay for my university fees” etc) even when they might be having a job. It could explain how they could “afford” the makeup as well. This article is a real eye-opener for men who are seeking for wives in that part of the world.

    1. Add in nearly any nationality. Women in general sell themselves, just the price may not be direct cash. ‘Dates’ are the common form of monetary / sexual exchange in the West.

    2. But it will be probably the best sex you will ever have with these part-time girls. They really go to town and Russian girls love to suck dick, as well as be fucked. No coyness or b.s. with them.

  12. Finally an article which actually shows about the real face of Russian and Ukrainian women. This article should get more coverage on the internet, so as to save countless of men from marrying these whores. You can’t turn a hoe into a wife – as the saying goes. Ukrainian/Russian women might make great sex partners, but are not LTR or wife material. No rings for whores.

  13. 1)Russian and Ukrainian – are different nationalities. Living in a different countries, of course. It’s like Russians and Finnish, for example.
    2) It’s really interesting, why people not from Russia think they know about the life in Russia and about the Russians very well (I’m sorry,but Moskow’s night clubs are not “Russia”!). How you can tell what is normal/abnormal for russian woman? Russia is a big country with millions people. They all have different nationalities with their own traditions, they are “Russian people” and “Soviet Union people” and so on. So what is the misterious normal “Russian woman”? How can you think you know about “most of the Russians (women/girls)”?

  14. It´s suppossed we must head the esat of Europe to find real women, now you tell us there are the real whores… Well donde Roosh

  15. I guarantee that any Russian or Ukrainian girl you date has accepted
    money or gifts in exchange for sex at some point in her life

    I tend to agree. Virtually all Russian girls, don’t know about Ukrainian, will be receptive to cash for sex instead of a regular date (unless they have somewhere hugely expensive they want to go).
    The girls have sex to pay their bills, their rent, their tuition, travel, etc. But, still, how do I say this, they aren’t “bad” girls for the most part they are simply using their assets to live.
    Most seem like nice girls, sunny smiles, fun to be with, are attentive, great in bed, and genuinely like guys.
    Roosh has given the reality. Remember Russia and Ukraine were under the godless Soviets for 70+ years; and they don’t see things like we do having been raised in a more-or-less Christian environment. Sex for money once in a while, as needed, is part of the culture.
    Hard core full-time prostitution is looked down upon by these girls who all have jobs, may be single moms (a lot are), and are trying to put bread on the table.

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