The Best Time To Visit Europe If You Have Strong Romantic Intent

I recently spent some time in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and I’m currently writing this from the shores of Montenegro. I needed a couple of places to hang out for about a month in Europe. I was hoping for not-frigid weather, a decent price, and a location I could relax and put the finishing touches on a book.

Well, I’m now ready to declare it a mistake.

While I was hoping for a relatively distraction-free experience, I didn’t anticipate being about the only one in town. While it’s easy for some of us nomads to complain about certain destinations being completely overrun with Western tourists during the peak travel months, the opposite isn’t all that great either. A lonely existance with almost no one to talk to, not much to do, and simply no excitement.

On the bright side, the place is truly beautiful.

With that being said, I’ve got a few tips I’d like to share that I’ve learned about traveling around Europe over the last year. You can apply this knowledge whether you’re taking vacations for pleasure, trying to meet foreign girls, or just want to see parts of the world.

1. Summers Are Miserable

Kind of obvious, but it’s really worth noting. Krakow, Poland was the biggest illustration of this to me. In April of 2016, it was fantastic. I came back in July, and I don’t think I saw a single local. All the university girls had run away from the hoards of tourists, back to their village. If you’re going to take a summer trip to run game, you should always look for the following criteria:

  • How dependent is the city on universities for girls? (For Krakow, very much so)
  • What is the general tourism scene like? (For a place like Prague, it gets insane)
  • What is the holiday schedule? (For a place like Ukraine, the month of May is one big holiday and all the girls are leaving)
  • For places with more mild weather, but that are still big cities—it’s not as drastic a change. For example, in Barcelona in the springtime I met a lot of tourists and local Spanish women.

If you’re doing the vacation thing, you’re going at a time everyone else is going. Attractions will be swarmed, apartment prices will be inflated, and you’ll hardly feel like you escaped from your normal office job. You replace co-workers with other tourists, and you’ll just get fed up. This is exactly how members of my family felt this summer when they traveled around a bit.

2. Spring Blooms

Come spring time, people have been huddled inside all winter and are ready to go. In 2014 and 2015 I took shorter trips to Europe, and was amazed at how happy people seemed to be just to be outside. I’m seeing the same things here in Kotor. On days when it’s been sunny, people are out and about having a blast.

I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that from a game perspective, spring is the time to be places in Europe. Clothes are being shed—huge coats are replaced with sun dresses. Everyone wants to drink and have a good time.

3. Grey Fall

I spent August through October in Kiev, and the rest of the year in Prague. It’s definitely better to go during fall versus summer with everyone else, but fall to me has paled in comparison to spring. Rather than celebrating the sun, it’s starting to go away. Some of the cities take on a very drab, grey look when there’s nothing but clouds.

In some cases, it’s not so bad. Eastern European women are looking for someone to huddle up with for the winter, so if you’re somewhere longer-term, you’ll have no shortage of dates. For that reason, and because she’s getting far less offers from other foreigners passing through for a week.

The other bright side of fall is the return of universities to session, for obvious reasons.

4. Winter

For those of you who can stomach it, it could go either way. The tourists are gone, but it’s miserably cold. I had hoped that places like Dubrovnik and Kotor might make for some good “off season” homes, so to speak, because a place like Ukraine isn’t it. A place to escape to for a few weeks, or even a month. Where the weather would be “good enough”, enjoy some beautiful scenery, and maybe there would be some people out an about.

This European off season experiment was a shot in the dark, but after a few weeks here I’m pretty comfortable in saying that if you want to have “fun”, you should absolutely stay away from these types of places during the off season. At the same time, I’m hesitant to recommend them even for summer living. They’re so small, and I just know these beautiful Old Towns, so empty right now, are going to be taken over by drunk, stumbling stag parties in the near future.


The more I travel, the more I realize that you maybe can’t have it all. Of course, some people will argue:

But if you’re totally location independent, why not just hop around more?

I understand it, but that can get absolutely exhausting. Especially when you’re trying to run and build an online business, you need a bit of stability in your life. I know that I personally can’t get anything done if I’m not somewhere for at least a month. Anytime I take short trips for a week or so, I get nothing productive done.

I need know that *I* need the sort of stability of a monthly place, and a continent. And Europe is my favorite. I don’t want to have to go from Europe to South America (it’s still a 15-20 hour process to get from California to Colombia, for example) in December, and then head to Europe in February.

So maybe you can’t have it all, and that’s okay. I’ll wait out this month, and try another experiment in the future. One thing’s for sure though, I’d take this life over a cubicle.

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  1. One advantage that traveling in late-spring/summer/early-fall has is that you can pack a little lighter.

  2. How much do you guys spend monthly in Europe? I’m planning to go for the first time in July / August.

    1. Plan on double your US spend, unless you are a Muslim from Syria in which case everything is free.

  3. The northern European weather can be surprisingly temperate even though many countries are at the same latitude (or further north) as the northern border of the US. Also, you can get creative in terms of venues to meet girls. Public saunas and indoor swimming pools are an example and always crowded. Bars in medium-sized cities or smaller towns are another good way to meet locals.

  4. It’s WINTER now in Eastern-Europe, son! What did you expect?
    The countryside is cool in summertime, but during fall and winter life is concentrated in the big cities.

      1. You know what, Kyle? Instead of giving you a witty and ironic answer, I am going to do you a solid.
        Since you are around Eastern-Europe, buy yourself a ticket for this summer’s O.Z.O.R.A.-Festival in Hungary.
        You will have the time of your life, that I promise, and you will 100% sure get laid with running a bit of Game.
        Thank me later. Cheers!

  5. Obviously since globalization and the formation of the EU, Europe was much nicer decades ago before the globalists got their hands on that part of the World. Today all the famous areas are sprinkled with sharia apes everywhere. As a result one sees garbage in the streets, and the migrants pee, shit, grope & rape wherever the fuck they feel like it.
    And don’t get me going on the areas declared muslim-only.
    If one is non muslim do not expect help from the police should you be a victim of a crime committed by said muslim lower primates. The directive of the police in all european countries is quite clear: protect the migrant insurgents brought in by europe’s political elites, while subjugating the native anglo population. Don’t forget that europe is in the process of being destroyed intentionally by design.
    That said, it is probably worth to visit europe if only to get a last glimpse of euroean heritage before it turns into a full blown islamic shit hole.

      1. SeanToddington: “What a load of crap. Have you even been to Europe?”
        Bitch, you just got owned:

      2. Get your head out of your ass muppet! I’m in Europe right now, and what he says is absolutely true, actually the area where I lived as a child is now a Muslim only no-go area. I think you’re the one who’s never been to Europe, if anyone.

      3. He is absolutely right. Even small towns in Norway are now trashed by Muslims. You are either blind or insane.

        1. “He is absolutely right. Even small towns in Norway are now trashed by Muslims. You are either blind or insane”
          This is true of Germany. The major cities have the highest number of migrant related incidents, but there literally is no corner of the German nation that is 100% german only.

        2. You’ll be lot safer in Germany than in any US city and by quite a margin. I am a European, I live in Europe and I travel and work in many European countries. You haven’t got a fucking clue mate.

        3. I grew up with this same feeling in the US. Not a corner left anywhere. The jews flee areas undergoring controlled outlets of the islamic surfactant agent. It’s like an oven cleaning process going on and jewish parents tell their kids “stand back kids, we gotta move, the cleaning trucks are coming through” It’s like living in an oven and you’re an ant. When the house lady turns the ‘clean’ knob on the oven, all the ants gotta get out. Much more is at play here. The whole planet seems to be ‘managed’ by an ulterior force. Why mongify Europe? Because when you let your women loose, your tribal defenses are down. A more beligerent force thatn the drive of your own tribe supercedes. Jews have always claimed refugee status, sometimes short term, sometimes long. They use their women as mouthpieces and shields so as to always keep the ‘refugee’ option open.

        4. “I am a European, I live in Europe”
          And we are discussing Europe, not comparing international crime stats. You’re a socialist cuck who refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room . I would wager the thought of watching your girlfriend having sex with a muzzie probably turns you on, fag.

        5. “Jews have always claimed refugee status”
          That could very well change. I’ve got nothing against jews but when areas become sharia compliant, jews will have very low status. Some of the elites who are pushing for open borders in europe are jews, and they are selling out their own people as, for example, it has been reported that large amounts of jews are fleeing France because of the islamic primates infesting the country.

        6. Don’t get so upset mate. Turn that frown upside down. But have you ever actually been to Europe? Or are you just another American fuckwit who believes any old shit you want to.

        7. Jews are masters of infiltration. They know a nationalistic homogeneous nation is harder to subvert than a confused mixed race one.

        8. “Jews advocate non Jewish race mixing because they are less likely to be rejected from a society that has no clear racial lines or forms of tradition or culture other than their own” – I may be wrong but I believe that is a David Duke quote. That would be the case if the goal is subversion only, but you have to factor in the ’empowered jewish pussy’, a byproduct and derivative of their long venture, quite imprinted by now, but Jews also play a great shell game, better than gypsies and it all leaves its mark.
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      1. May I remind you of the fact that most of Eastern Europe is part of the European Union?
        That citizens of such countries have the right to unrestricted travel and work throughout the EU?
        That they are there legally?
        That they are good, hardworking folks, working their asses off, to the benefit of the countries hosting them?
        And that they only wish to earn enough a decent living for themselves and their families, and then go back to their home countries?
        That this they can not do in their home countries, because Western companies there are paying much less for the exact same jobs than in the West?
        Comparing this phenomenon to colored third world islamic immigration is, frankly, insulting.

        1. It is kind of insulting. But everybody in Europe does it. Seems to me, certain countries are reviled just as much as the Africans and islamic filth. I hear endless negatives about Romanians pretty much in whatever country I’m in. Now, personally, I rather like Romanians but that’s me. Western Europe on the other hand (and the UK which isn’t technically -in- Europe :-D) seems to hate them universally.
          Also hear a bunch of negatives about … yeah, just about every single Eastern European country. Makes me wonder why Eastern Europe is in the EU at all. Get out now, and run your own lives! 🙂

        2. they wanted them in the EU so globalists could push privatization of state assets on them, and then buy up most of them

        3. We are in Europe because of our corrupt politicians. Nobody asked us anything neither about NATO nor about the EU

        4. That I can understand. I can’t see anybody wanting to join the EU. Unless it’s some nutter from Sweden. 🙂
          There’s one country I just come right out with and say it’s nuts. All the rest have varying degrees of nuts, but that one is the worst. 😀

        5. As a Hungarian, I have to state that I totally hate Romania and the Romanians, too!
          Not every Romanian citizen, mind you, because among them there are ethnic Hungarians living in Transsylvania, who are the best people.
          See, Transsylvania is Hungarian territory occupied by the Romanians since 1920 (except for the brief period of liberation between 1940 and 1945, thanks to Adolf and Benito).
          But that is European historical grievances for you, an American would probably ask, ”That was long time ago, why can’t they just get along?” Well we could, I suppose… if they gave our territories back first!

        6. No you may not remind me of this. I don’t need reminding. I merely stated a fact and made no comparisions so stop being such a precious snowflake.
          You clearly need reminding however, pretty soon these people you love so much will not have an unrestricted right to move to England and that also, many people in England do not feel that they are a benefit (hence Brexit) because they depress the wages in many job markets, which hurts people in England.

        7. England belongs to the English people.
          The country is yours.
          It is your God-given right to decide who is welcome there and who is not, without having to give an explanation why.
          And it is past time the English people started to behave this way.
          The UK is an island, with limited territory. Where would you go if you became a persecuted minority is your own country? You have got so much to lose.
          All I wanted to say is, that the people of Eastern Europe are not your enemies.

        8. Oh it’s not that all the hate doesn’t have reasons. I ask why somebody hates Romanians and I get a long list of quite valid, logical reasons.
          But because I’m American, they don’t bug me. (They are kind of nuts but that’s another thing.) 🙂

        9. Hate with us! See ya at the next 5 minutes of hate. The topic will be either Romania, or Emmanuel Goldstein. 🙂

        10. Not enough hate topics. Let’s add:
          Fat American Women
          Fat UK Women
          Women in General 😉 (OK maybe not… :-D)
          Annoying Tourists
          Men with Beards (Sorry Roosh! :-D)

        11. I agree man, I like Eastern European people. I know lots of them and they are decent folk. Likewise I know plenty of Muslims and the vast majority of them are decent hardworking people. Keep in mind that Islam is a religion and not a distinct culture. Syrian Muslims are not the same as British born Pakistanis. I do not support unrestricted immigration of any group of people however, no matter where they are from.
          Did you know for example, that many Spaniards want out of the EU? For the same reasons as the English. They are antagonised by Russian immigrants however.

    1. Depends on the country. I’ve seen migrants thrown around like potato sacks in Italy. Short potato sacks. What is it with all the Africans being so short anyway?

      1. “I’ve seen migrants thrown around like potato sacks in Italy”
        I’ve read this – and supposedly some italians are fighting back – I recall seeing a video presentation on a nightly neighborhood watch where each night the native men and their sons would patrol the streets – this kept the apes away.
        Technically the fate of europe is still up in the air, but I’m not seeing enough action to be hopeful. We will see.

        1. Well here’s another one for you. Just last week, I don’t know what was said because I was on the other end of the street. But some african riding a bike apparently got on the nerves of a carabiniere (Italian military police). The carabiniere literally grabbed the guy off the bike and threw him across the pavement.
          The only reaction I noticed from nearby natives? Wry smiles. 😀
          It may not be quite as bad as we think.

  6. Try Spain in the fall. Really nice and not filled with tourists. Try to hang out with the locals. They will treat you well.

  7. The more I read about the digital nomad stuff, the less I like it. Although, I guess in some sense I’m one as well, but I never intended to simply wander around for eternity. You have to pick a place and settle. If you can’t decide, settle in more than one place, then travel between. At least then you’re known and don’t find yourself wandering some great town alone.

  8. Great article, Kyle. If I didn’t have a 8,5 girlfriend (with Swedish, not American standards hehe) I would, if possible, definitely go to Poland in the spring and stay there a bit longer.
    If ethnic composition is a factor to be considered, then I would suggest that some of you will take a look at this website. Most countries compile data on this dimension.
    Some examples:
    Croatia: Croat 90.4%, Serb 4.4%, other 4.4% (2011)
    Finland: Finn 93.4%, Swede 5.6%, Russian 0.5%, Estonian 0.3%, Roma 0.1%, Sami 0.1% (2006)
    Poland: Polish 96.9%, Silesian 1.1%, German 0.2%, Ukrainian 0.1%, other and unspecified 1.7%
    Serbia: Serb 83.3%, Hungarian 3.5%, Romany 2.1%, Bosniak 2%, other 5.7%, undeclared or unknown 3.4% (2011 est.)

  9. That first picture with bunch of mindless drones holding the selfie stick makes me vomit for some reason…

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