3 More Game Innovations You’ve Never Heard About

I know you’ve been busy wasting your time on whatever it is you like to waste time on, but now it’s time to focus on the really important stuff in life, like getting more women! Yeah! Because that will solve all of your problems. So here are some ways to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Jogging Game

Any runners in the house? As tipped off by one of the RVF’s daygame experts, Giovanny:

I’ve opened girls while jogging around tracks, jogging in the street, and most effectively…while running or hiking on popular trails and pathways. The type of trails and “walks” that are talked about in running magazines and listed in touristy travel guides. Many of them are in state, county, and national parks. These trails and other popular high traffic areas attract a lot of tourists. Jog in these high traffic areas if you want a lot of targets!

Think jogging at Venice Beach or Miami Beach. Or Ipanema. Or Central Park. Or The Magnificent Mile.

I once met a Canadian tourist while jogging along The Embarcadero in SF. She was taking pictures, I stopped and asked were she was from. The next day I took her for a ride on my brothers harley davidson. Bang.

I used to live near a popular high school in a swanky neighborhood. The school track was open to the public. Many people would go there to jog, run, use the pull up bars/dip bars/parallel bars/rings, or play soccer or football on the astro turf field. There was a bit of a pick up culture to that track. I met a russian milf (got #, date, no bang)

There was a running club there. The girls were amazing! Seriously, like two 9’s, four 8’s, and three 7’s in that running club. Running clubs are no joke talent wise!

I have even opened girls who were running on the treadmill at the gym. But, never successfully.

I think looking sharp is the biggest thing. You want a jogging outfit that “pops”. Ideally, it would show off your body and also be stylish. That’s the first thing that catches their eye. Then you have to come strong with your opener.

Edit: Jog at University track!

But won’t a man look too sweaty and disheveled to spit game while jogging?

When you are running and your heart is pumping. You often have adrenaline pumping through your body, sometimes you get a “runners high”. Your mind is clear and you feel charged and energized.

This is a good time to talk to chicks. You can sometimes spit your strongest game in this state.

There you have it. If you’re a runner, you have no excuses now!

Game Innovation Rating: A

2. Hospital Game

Now, technically, hospitals are necessary social institutions which takes care of the sick and injured. But who is to say can’t we use such a venerable institution for “other” purposes? RVF regular Lothario educates us:

Venue / University hospital: lets just say for example Jackson Memorial hospital @ Univ of Miami, Vanderbilt Univ hospital in Nashville, Georgetown Univ hospital in DC Smile

The bigger the hospital the better but any medium sized hospital will do, Univ hospitals have more targets because of the affiliated paramedical fields like pharmacy, nursing etc

Why ? Target rich…. more women work at hospitals compared to men (Certified Fact)… for example there are…….

Nurses, Nursing students, Physical Therapists, Radiology technicians, Medical Assistants, Residents, Interns, Med Students, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Psychologists, Pharmacy students (Phramacy School deserves a special mention) and Students/Interns doing clinicals in medical related fields specifically at teaching hospitals.

Timing: Best time to go is around Lunch time, Hang out/eat lunch at the main cafeteria , also try benches/picnic tables in out door areas, Girls eating food/reading book .

Angles to Play: for those of you who know something about Medicine, fabricating any story should not be difficult depending upon the girl, For other playas …. come up with some thing like….

1. You are VP of sales for a Software company negotiating a deal on a Medical Billing software with the hospital….. and just getting lunch and have to meet some one later……..

2. You were visiting your Aunt who is getting chemotherapy etc…..

3. You work for a recruitment Company and visiting the Nursing College/ Pharmacy School’s placement office if some one is looking for a Job in a particular area such as CVC etc is looking for a pharmacist in that area/new medical office complex needs Certified Nursing assistants etc…..

4. I personally like this one “Working for a medical device Company and just moved here from Miami working out a deal with the hospital”

Chit chat /Banter whoever comes in the Target Zone, tell them you are new to the area and would like to make some new friends etc Get the numbers and set up drink dates for later in the evening….. You all know how to do the rest……..

Some of these girls are horny as hell and they never get approached and because of the Abundance Theory are DTF, There are more women then men in the hospitals, These girls like to see you in the Provider role, so make sure you DHV the hell out of them

Dress: Going suited will help , trust me on this one……. Thanks to G, Girls sometimes stop/stare on days I am suited….

or get a pair of Scrubs and make an excuse you were in the Operating Room volunteering etc……

Volunteering: If any one can spare time in summer , A lot of girls aspiring to go to med school, nursing school , pharmacy school volunteer during summer vacation to enhance their resumes.

Contact the volunteer dept at the hospital, even if you can volunteer for 2 hrs/week you will develop a lot more credible story and will also get to spit game on fellow volunteers……..

Starbucks: Do not forget ur latte at the hospital Starbucks/Coffee shop, you will always find targets there……..

GiftShop: Looking for flowers for ur Grandma……

Hospital Game can basically be an off shoot of Day Game and can provide playas with a fresh and target rich venue when you are running out of places to spit game……..Something to do, Give it a try and let me know how it goes………….

You’ll have to forgive the text-speak. Lothario probably wrote that down on his cell while inside of a hospital. However, the ideas are sound. After all, who would expect that the well-dressed man inside of the hospital is actually there because he needs some new poonani?

Game Innovation Rating: A

3. Tarot Card Game

We all know that the more irrational something is, the more women love it. That’s why tarot cards can be a worthy investment for the guy who loves to create a strong connection based on absolutely nothing. Hey, no one can help it that women are stupid. But we sure can take advantage! RVF poster Kwisatz elaborates:

I read an article in a psychology forum about the different thought processes that men and women generally go through. One contributor briefly touched on women’s propensity for “Magical Thinking”, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_thinking. Another contributor cited the almost exclusively women’s realm of Tarot Reading as a prime example of Magical Thinking.

I like to challenge myself with new and interesting ways to enthrall women so after an evening of scouring the internet I added a few decks of Tarot Cards to my Amazon Wish list. Less than a week later, a woman bought me a deck.

I can safely say this:

1) I am a complete fraud with Tarot!
2) 100 % of Spirit Mediums, Tarot Readers, and their associated disciplines are frauds as well!
3) I haven’t had this much fun at someone else’s expense in quite a while!

I read two articles that taught me everything I know about how to be a Tarot Reader. Its all Game and Set-Ups. In less than 5 minutes I have had every woman I have done this to convinced that I am supernatural and know things about them that demonstrate my ability to “really see inside a person”, that’s a direct quote.

Doug Bolden at http://www.wyrmis.com/journal/2009/11/19…-tips.html wrote the following:

“Some quick tips to improve a cold-reading session with tarot, tea-leaves, etc

Cold-reading, as the term is applied to various forms of fortune-telling, is just making stuff up. Sure, there is a knack and whatnot to it; but at its core, it is when someone sits down with the fortune-teller, and combinations of science and luck come together and the client walks away feeling a little dazed despite it being one big puppet show. They, by which I mean the types who make money off of this thing, all swear that you save cold-reading until those rare days you feel off, but it might be better to say that you rely on cold-reading except those few days you feel on.

There is a science to it, a practical con-man’s game of slicing bits of information out of conversation and then combining them with a thick pasting of inductions and guesses; but that is not what this entry is about. That takes natural talent and trained skill. This is about the sort of things that just about anyone can do. Here are my quick and easy tips to improve your cold-reading session, if you choose to have one (and yes, these come from actual fortune-telling types that I used to talk to and study from back in the day).

First, split your marks from your hard-makes. 

Some people only touch stuff like fortune-telling because they utterly disbelieve it and they want to prove it false. They can be confrontational, and will often mention “I don’t like this crap” early on. Skim them out of the process. Ham it up for them, play it to the gills, and then laugh at yourself. If you do it right, they get show. If you do it wrong, they feel justified. Either way, they feel happy, and that’s your job (assuming you are making money off of this). Those who want to believe, the easy-marks, they treat tarot-readings like a psychotherapy session. They are practically needing to spill their guts to someone, and why not $15 for a tarot-reader rather than $200 for a head-shrinker? They will also divulge too much information, which in the end, helps you to make them happy. At worst, though, they get a chance to be heard. Customer satisfaction.

Second, ritual ritual ritual ritual ritual. Ritual. 

I don’t care what, but you had best have a ritual. Take it slow, and steady. Knock on the table before picking up the cards. Only use your left hand. Something. Do not go into verbal discussions of the ritual, just make it known. It should take you ten or fifteen minutes minimum to do a good session. More time for them to talk, more time for them to be impressed, and more time for the hard-makes to expose themselves.

Third, mix clutter with a concentrated point. 

Scatter random bits around the room, and then focus the attention on the relatively uncluttered table (which, by the way, has clutter on the edges). Make them feel like they are finding order in the midst of chaos.

Fourth, make them touch it. 

If it’s a tea cup, they drink from it. If it’s a tarot deck, they cut it. They pull cards from it. They shuffle it. Whatever. Just make sure they think their vibe juice is all over the thing.

Fifth, skip rote but make it sound like you didn’t. 

You want to screw up a card reading? Try and remember what a Five of Wands means when it follows a Tower card. Skip it. The customer might know about the cards, and be willing to argue with you, but unless you are willing to point out your Little Book of Tarot they prefer to have symbols and images on the cards themselves pointed out. What does a Five of Wands mean according to said Little Book? Who cares? That means nothing next to pointing out the haystack in the background as a symbol of needing to start saving. The best thing about this whole thing? You need nothing but the cards or leaves themselves. Someone thrusts their palm into your hands, and you can blather on about the life line and such, but you want to especially notice the little knicks on the line, and the strange tapering.

Sure, 90% of palms have that tapering, but how many palms have they seen. Make. It. Up. And make it a little micro-epic. They are there because they want to matter. They paid you money for it. Say they matter because the cards never lie and there’s a haystack and that means they matter, and when you say it, make it sound like that the haystack is especially for them, while also a symbol everyone knows, as decreed by the cards. Which brings me to…

Finally, short declarative zen-master sentences.

Say something declaratively, but back off the definite unless the definite is somehow so precise as to be almost nonsensical. Do not say “Your recent girl troubles”, say “Underlying issues with personal relationships, not all of which you are aware of…”. Do not ask “Have you recently met someone?” (they always do this in the movies, alas) but instead say “The new person whose name you are not sure of…” Maybe bust out a “Keep an eye out for red flowers on a sunny day, a body of water nearby but of unsure size, and her name is Lisa” every once in a while. They’ll spend the next year remembering that line.

If you do it right, they will spend the next decade remembering that line.

Remember kids, have fun at parties, and never try any of these on the strange girls in black shirts sitting in the corner. Not unless you want to waste an afternoon.

Si Vales, Valeo”

The second article was about “The Forer effect, also called the Barnum Effect after P. T. Barnum’s observation that “we’ve got something for everyone.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forer_effect


“You have a great need for other people to like and admire you. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. Your sexual adjustment has presented problems for you. Disciplined and self-controlled outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure inside. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. You pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept others’ statements without satisfactory proof. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. Security is one of your major goals in life.”

I used those two articles to form what I said for the first few times I used my Tarot. After that I realized I could say anything that came to mind and they’d eagerly swallow it down as gospel. I usually throw in a few gems about their “needing a change”, “looking for something more powerful than themselves”, and/or needing to “explore things once held as taboo”. Those there I remember, I generally make up whatever is necessary for the woman in question to hear at the time to have her do what I want to later.

While everything said above is pretty damn clever, I cannot see myself carrying around a deck of tarot cards, nor do I think the average guy will either. However, if I, or you, happen to see some tarot cards in her room, now we have the knowledge to lay it on thick and heavy.

Game Innovation Rating: B

You’re welcome.

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28 thoughts on “3 More Game Innovations You’ve Never Heard About”

  1. Is game nearing its death? Genuine question… I mean, does any amount of game make up for looks, money, and being in the girls social group (very key). Im sure there are some guys who have major skills, but I feel that game is less of a big deal nowadays and just having raw attributes is more important. Some girls will even date less attractive guys because the girls are insecure and feel that the guys won’t leave them. The rest of the women have become uber-hypergamous, looking for the BBD (bigger, better deal). So, its become more about what women want, even if it leads to social decay; and less of what men want.

    1. “Some girls will even date less attractive guys because the girls are insecure and feel that the guys won’t leave them. ”
      I’ve known girls like this. They were all 6s and below.
      To write this comment either you haven’t been with a 7 or above or you simply don’t approach women. Which one is it?

      1. I do agree with you, Roosh, but, nowadays, seems like the unleashed hypergamy is making game a little less powerful. A little.
        Still, it does not change the fact that game is the ultimate key to success.

        1. remember Roosh is hiding in some ex communist gulag chasing tail….. things are probably a bit more modern in the US… :-)~

    2. Game’s always going to be for a minority of men. So, from that point of view, it’s been near extinction from the beginning. And yes, it’s probably becoming more endangered as young women retreat further into their social circles, become less comfortable talking to strangers in public spaces, and become more mannish and into superficial attributes.
      But guess what? Game still works. Would you neglect working out because plenty of guys get hot girls while having no muscle tone? Nope. You’d be handicapping yourself unnecessarily. Game is a critical added element of your entire repertoire as a man, along with your status, career, hobbies, fashion, build, hairstyle, etc. which will help you pull ass.
      In that context, yeah these angles work. My brother’s big into running and quite honestly, he got me into it after seeing the girls he was pulling. Good thing about running girls is that they’re *skinny*. While older runners can have a haggard look, young girls who run have a healthy sheen that many of their counterparts lack from sitting around eating Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups all day.
      Speaking of which – another place to game is in running shoe stores. Since you’ll be going there frequently to pick up new sneakers anyway, you can game the girls who work there, and hell, have the place on lockdown for other girls you bring there.

    3. Any time a man interacts with a woman he’s attracted to, he’s running game. There are kinds of game that don’t work (eg., boring conversation game, compliment and cuddle game, pull out your cock and show her your genital warts game) but it’s all still interaction with romantic intention.
      A gook-looking guy with game > good-looking guy without game. Be the bigger, better deal and slay the pussy.
      Also: what roosh said.

    4. I actually like the fact that people are losing faith in game. The bars are less of a sausage fest than they were a year ago and it’s easy for me to dominate.
      I’ve actually had one guy ask for my number he was so impressed with my game. Please, keep denying game and stay inside. I thank you.

  2. This is correct. Some women in hospitals are there working 18 hrs per day sometimes even sleeping there. Med students needs to put a lot of time to succeed and don’t party that much. No wonder many of them welcome a good stress reliever.

  3. “or get a pair of Scrubs and make an excuse you were in the Operating Room volunteering etc……”
    Since when do they allow volunteers in the operating room? The last person I want working on me under the knife is a “volunteer” like you bothering nurses.

    1. You’d be surprised at the number of people that come in and out of the OR while surgery is going on, particularly at teaching hospitals. It’s not usually volunteers, but lots of device/technology reps, students, other staff, etc. They just have to stay out of the sterile field.

  4. Good tips. It feeds into one of my latest mantras, which is: everything matters, and everything is part of everything else. The day we stop gaming is the day we die.

    1. you can adapt the old adage about London from Samuel Johnson :
      A man who is tired of game is tired of life… for there is in game, all life can afford….
      just ask any poor husband about how tired his game is and how tired of life he’s become :-)~!

      1. Game becomes more critical the older you get. As the natrual apeal fades and ur up against the 20’s crowd making the right moves with good timing is a must. You can’t pull that off with just bravado and looks.

  5. I was actually in the hospital for a few days last week and I’ll vouch that there were at least a dozen good looking nurse assistants on my floor alone, and this was a fairly small hospital.

    1. See: CH: heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/why-nurses-make-the-quickest-lays/‎
      I’ll back up something Roosh once said” Crazy in the head, carzy in bed.” By former BPD nurse brought me to the sphere…nurses are target rich…especially travling nurses…

    2. See: CH: heartiste.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/why-nurses-make-the-quickest-lays/‎
      I’ll back up something Roosh once said” Crazy in the head, carzy in bed.” By former BPD nurse brought me to the sphere…nurses are target rich…especially travling nurses…

  6. There is being a “true game master” and “being a creepy sociopath” This is the latter. Roosh, stop letting these kids post shit on this otherwise great website.

    1. Game is Game homey and it CAN be done anywhere as long as you’re calibrated to the environnement. What’s the difference between approching at the bar, a coffee shop and an hospital? You’re still doing the same thing

  7. Like the idea of hanging out in unique places with attractive women. My brother keeps telling me to go on hikes with him because of all of the hotties. Don’t have a problem with hitting up hospitals but using, “I’m visitng my grandma who is going through chemo” and other grandiosely false excuses is just fucked up and sociopathic.

  8. This is the type of posts I like. Not whining how women are becoming fat and shit. But innovations. Game innovations. <3

  9. I can vouch for hospital game. I’m a pre-med student doing my observation period in the ER/Trauma unit and it’s just full of thirsty poon. Nurses, techs, students, and residents all want some sort of attention beyond the daily grind and if you can provide that, you win!

  10. Thanks for honorable mention Samseau, I honestly recommend all the players out there to visit their Local Univ Hospitals and give it a try specifically in Summer when there are Plenty of Volunteers around and go around Lunchtime.

  11. Had this innovative game idea for a while and might be able to be used by someone with more skill then me. It involves buying and selling things and or looking for a new apartment on Facebook groups that have been set up in university towns to connect college and young people with each other. In the college town I live in and since I’ve graduated from the large college in the area I’m in several “black market” and housing groups on facebook. Many students use these groups similar to craigslist, to buy and sell things, and look for apartments. Attractive girls, will post, “looking for someone to sublet may -july” etc. etc. Students then message or post their interest in meeting up to view the apartment etc. Since you can screen whether the girls hot or not by viewing her pics and you can disarm her by her being able to see your photos and you showing only strict interest in the apartment and nothing else. You will get her phone number for the purpose of meeting up to see the place. During the tour i would imagine someone with the proper game could easily convert the tour of the apartment into drinks downtown or a meet up at another time. This works the same with buying and selling items. I once posted looking for a printer and this girl replied. I ended up meeting her to get the printer she was cute, but brought her BF along. I’m sure this isn’t original. I guess I’m wondering if A. anyone has seen these FB groups before B. if this will work. This is an idea I’ve had for a while and always wanted to post.

  12. Dude, don’t jog on the mag mile. you’re an asshole if you do. It’s crowded enough as it is. If you’re going to jog in Chicago and want to be where most joggers are, keep it to the lake front or the forest preserve.

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