5 Signs Of The Mama’s Boy

Come Mother’s Day you’ll see how much we cherish the ‘mother’ in the United States.  Some of us find this glorification annoying and wrong, but does not mean that we hate our mothers.  We love them, of course—it’s just that some us had strong fathers, so we know that each parent had a specific role in our growth.  Having an unbalanced and illogical affection towards your mother can negatively affect a man.

Right now, more men acting like their mothers than ever before in history.  I do not have the statistic, but a night out in any bar will prove my point.  I actually run into guys who are patiently waiting for the hot girl to get off her phone, even though there are many others in the vicinity.  Or even worse, guys go out with sexy women as ‘platonic friends’.

These actions are blamed on weak-fathers and single-mothers.  I know there are situations where the father tragically dies and there is no other choice than to have only one parent.  Yet, a strong father would’ve taught his wife the values he wants instilled into his children. I also realize that some men are kept away from their kids through the legal system.  I do not speak of these unfortunate men; life is chaotic. Instead, I aim at the men who wish to make their mother so happy that they themselves have become them. There comes a time where you must change yourself no matter the circumstance of your childhood.

Without a strong father, the weak male will create of habit of treating women the way that they see their mother, like the supreme goddess.  Due to this, mama’s boys relate to their mom and other women so they begin to act like women. I will talk about habits that mama’s boys have.  If you do any of these, I suggest you begin to hang around other men through diverse hobbies.

1. They are too scared to hit on women

There is no reason a single male should remain quiet if he’s in the presence of a woman he wants.  A mother will have the tendency to raise her son to adore her and other women in general.  As we all know, women say they want to be treated like queens but in reality, they like trouble.  Men enjoy trouble, too.  That’s why daring men always get the girl.

A mother will teach her son that a man should go to great lengths to please the woman he wants.  So when a mama’s boy sees a woman he likes, he will day dream of the perfect way to pick her up.  The problem comes from over-analyzing what to say because you do not want to offend the female. That creates a lack of confidence that begets muteness.  You see, a mama’s boy is also taught to never make mommy cry, and he’s looking a girl that’s just like his sweet mum.

There is saying that every self-cucked man knows: nice guys finish last.  You must understand why this is true. The nice guy is a liar—you want to fornicate with her but would rather dance around the truth than be upfront. A liar is not a nice person.  Your mother was wrong

2. They befriend women they want to have sex with

When I go out on a night in the town, there is a guarantee that I’ll run into a couple who are ‘just friends’.  You can not blame the woman if you find yourself in these types of dates regularly. A man should not have more than one platonic female friend in his life.

Men who go on “friend dates” with good-looking women waste their time in two ways. One, they are not out meeting women they can actually have a sexual relationship with.  Second, they waste time with a woman who does not find them sexually attractive instead of making themselves into someone women would want. Listen, mama’s boy: the girl you pine and consider a ‘close friend’ is only out with you because she had nothing better to do.

3.  They have more than one female friend

A man is only allowed one female friend in his life.  Meaning, if you had a true platonic female friend in high school and you lost touch with her, you do not get to have another.  A man can not relate to women because he is a man. This applies to girlfriends or wives of your male friends.

Of course, you can be cordial with women you don’t want or women that turned you down, but nothing more than that. If you currently find yourself with two or more female friends, decide the one you don’t want to bed and make her your confidant.  Try to bed the other or drop her.

4. They are emotional like women

A mama’s boy will crumble under pressure from the opposite sex.  This is why they do not go after the woman they want. Instead, they take the less aggressive route and try to befriend them.  One reason they do this is that they cannot handle the pain of rejection.

Mama’s boys would rather live in a made up reality where they think that playing the ‘nice guy’ will eventually earn them enough points to bag the girl of their fancy.  You see, rejection from women is in contrast to what their mothers have told them. The world will remind you that you are not special and people can choose to have a life without you in it. When a women rejects their advances, it feels like their own mother is rejection their affection.  This is too much to handle for a mama’s boy.

5.  They think their mother is an unfallable goddess

The mama’s boy has yet to understand that their sweet mother was just another chick to their fathers.  Try and insult the mother of a mama’s boy and enjoy the reaction you will see. Some of them will be so flabbergasted by your defaming that they’ll lose their words.  Others will actually try to get violent.

No matter how they react, they will do it with teary-red eyes. A mama’s boy could likely handle the passing of their father, but would contemplate suicide when mama finally croaks.  In the mind of a hardened mama’s boy, they are married to their mothers. They are her sole protector and anyone who threatens her honor or their relationship with mummy must be the devil.


There is nothing wrong with loving your mother.  It’s when that love spirals out of control and you begin to act like her, or ‘date’ her, that you must analyze yourself.  Your mother will die and she did slutty things to your dad (and probably other guys, too). She is not a saint. You can still become the man you’re meant to be if you can let go of mama’s nipple.

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  1. Female logic
    Skinny unattractive male that is close with his mother: “oh what a momma’s boy, so sad and pathetic”
    Muscular attractive male that is close with his mother: “oh he is so sweet that he is so close with his mother, what a great guy”

    1. My skin crawled as I read those lines…Creepy but true. I prefer to not get into female psychology like that. I love being a guy and mucking about in female swamps of “logic” is not on my fun list to do.

    2. “I know there are situations where the father tragically dies and there is no other choice than to have only one parent.”
      Not to forget when you mother get’s a court order to stop your dad ever seeing you again. She doesn’t tell you about the court order, but says your dad never wanted to see you again. Happens in 50% of divorces.

    3. The best way to overcome this is to fcuk your mom. 100% rawdog, no pullout, blast inside.
      Your mom will become your ho.

      1. Dammitt don’t say that. That’s the most disgusting shit. You never go back into the hole from whence you came. It is scriptural law!
        Now if you contemplate doing semeone ELSE’S mother . . like one of your buddy’s moms . . hmmm I guess that’s different. Still doing people’s mothers is a pretty low choice. A mother is a real skank if she screws her son’s friends and buddies if you think about it. You would have to fact that your mother is a complete whore. You could never get in a fight over her honor if someone calls her a whore either because she’d be an outrageous whore if she screwed younger neighborhood dudes and friends of her son. Think Mary Kay Letorneau action. Total ho.

        1. Actually I did fck my mom and the only thing that happened was I got a new brother.

        2. @Soy boyd groid: you give new meaning to the term “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle”

    4. Sad truth. To a female, the difference between flirting and sexual harassment is the level of physical attractiveness of the male.

    5. the fine line between and admirer and a stalker. If you follow her but look like brad pitt OMG LIKE IN THE MOVIES ROMANCE. if you area butt ugly OMG HELP A RAPIST!!!

        1. muscles will get you a lot of attention from other guys and gays. most girls hardly care.

        2. Muscles on a man are like supple tits on a woman. They absolutely desire it and want it on their Instagrams.

      1. You are a straight fag niggr! Go b-bop ypur boyhole down some back alley ho.

    6. “There is no reason a single male should remain quiet if he’s in the presence of a woman he wants.”
      How about ‘he’d like to keep his job’ as a reason.

    7. Male logic:
      Perky titted, tattooed, gum-smacking, bleached blonde single mother stripper with 4 kids by 3 different men by the age she is 24: “she is so hot! Damn! Those tits and that ass must mean she’s going to be a great wife and life partner!”
      Normal looking, natural haired, book reading girl who lives with her parents, has a job, never had stds or abortions, who wants to get married and raise a family :” man she’s plain and ugly, boring as fuck. . . She doesn’t put out and doesn’t blow me…nah man, I’m not calling her again! Sorry dude, she just isn’t good enough for me! Men are hunterd after all, right? Gotta go chase that pussy!”.
      Ten years later, the “wife” is shacking up with DeAndre and Tray’Shawn, cause Kim K be her role model and all, like, totally. The “good girl” is an old maid,living alone in her parents’ house, wondering what did she do wrong. Meanwhile our gentleman,
      after getting fucked in divorce court and buried in alimony bills up the wazoo: “all women are whores”, “marriage is dead”, “there is no such thing as a good woman”, “seriously guys DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!”.
      End of story. I’ve been that guy, and to this day I regret my choices. Caveat emptor.

    8. So true! every other month I get some marriage proposals (I’m Arabian), since at the first meeting they come with their mothers only you can easily notice the mamas boy, and it’s almost always the skinny one. other female logic flaws include when you get hit on by a hot guy you’ll like it, but if he’s not attractive you’ll say he’s creepy and call the HR. I think it’s just a mating selection technique from our side. 🙂

    9. I think it’s just confirmation bias. For the skinny unattractive man they think he is “sad and pathetic” already, and seeing him as a mummy’s boy is just something to confirm their perception of him. Same for the muscular attractive man, they think he is great and will find reasons to continue thinking he is great, so will look at the close relationship with his mother as him being sweet.
      It’s simple really, their perception of the man is already formed and women look for things that back up the perception they have.

  2. Guys really buy girls a new car just because they’re friends!? That is insane! Wonder what the mamas boy drives? Better be a Bentley

      I bought a woman a donut and coffee after she gave me a blowjob and fucked me once.
      Why would you waste that kind of money when you can go to Asia and go berserk and get 1000 BJ’s for that kind of money?

        1. BOSS
          Keep going to your local club every Thursday and try to screw the same old skanks who’d rather give it up to Tyreece and have a pussy the size of cattle.
          I’ll enjoy Asia, thanks.

        2. madman Marx, as you wish, buddy. But you look like triggered feminist which yells “DATS RASISTZ!!!!” when she finds out that someone doesn’t dig black women for example.

        3. THE BOSS
          You have never been outside the US so how would you know anything but the same old girls in your community.

        4. Sex with Asians feels like some sort of Area 51/Roswell probe. They are just so weird looking and acting. A perpetual smile.

        5. The Boss,
          Nobody digs black women, not even black men.
          Lucky for us Asian chicks aren’t black, and look nothing like black women.

        6. Marz, I hate those skanks and like Asians too. A White man submitting to blacks sexually is unbecoming though. Your German cock is closer to an Anglos from a flyover region. As Dodds points out, blacks are essentially the opposite of Asians racially.

      1. @Madam marz
        Men with that mentality of paying for sex believe that all women are prostitutes, try to convince him that you get sex for nothing monetary and they will not believe you. I hate those guys, they love to brag about it, and really believe that they are playboys for paying expensive shit to gold digger. And for them it is how the world of dating work. They are the guys who will jump for their window´s office when the market crash because there are no way for them to get pussy being poor or middle class. it´s simple, that is what happen when there is a beta cuck with money. Rich or not, a Cuck is a cuck. Some of them are in their 2nd divorce and still are paying the shit of for more women. basically that is what real misogyny looks like because if a woman reject them they truly believe that they are just more expensive prostitutes, and when she still is saying no, they got mad not believing that she is not interested in money and find him Weinstein disgusting but because they believe that, that whore is crazy if she want more of what he is offering. And when the chad thundercock fucks her, they believe that the chad is a conman who someone end paying less for her body and call her stupid for selling their goodd at a low price, again all women for them are prostitutes with a tag price.

        1. Duncan, you are really on to something with that comment.
          I have never considered this phenomenon from that angle, but seems very logical and convincing in your presentation.
          Cheers, bro!

        2. Duncan,
          I’ve yet to find a guy that’s getting sex and not paying for it.
          Most of the guys claiming a free one (outside a drunken ONS) are either lying or delusional.

        3. As for all women being prostitutes, they all want money out of the transaction, that doesn’t mean they will go with any potential customer. When I go into a bar, I let the girl choose me (you sit at a table, a girl that is prepared to have sex with you for money will approach). That’s the way the bar scene works in Asia.

        4. @ Duncan
          Do you think being a “Chad” or a “Bad Boy” will prevent a guy from being “cucked”? There’s always another bad boy on a motorcycle to catch a slut’s attention, the way that rodents are attracted to shiny objects.
          “They are the guys who will jump for their window´s office when the market crash because there are no way for them to get pussy being poor or middle class.”
          – Perhaps. But what happens to broke “bad boys” when they hit their 50s and 60s and 70s? At least guys with money at that age can still bang 20 year olds. The “bad boys” are working as janitors and living with wrinkled, blown out old bags in their 40s and 50s. You have to think long term.

        5. We keep forgetting the “soft money” transfer; drinks, food, etc.
          Except Alphas assume the sale, get the goods, and then MAYBE coffee and a doughnut.
          No such thing as a free ride, ladies. You get paid after.

    2. If he has that kind of money he should have no problems getting laid. Damn bro dropping $30k on a car for someone he will get nothing from. If he has $30k to spare thats 150 decent escorts.

        1. @ MM
          NYC rates — for “classy” types.
          $250 – $300/hr is common for the AMPs.
          $400 for an hour with an 8 (or higher) is typical with the agencies. The indies are more expensive, $450 – $800 /hr is common with them. Agencies > indies, IMO, and not just because of the price.
          The ones who advertise as “super elite” model types go for $1K -$ 2.5K / hour — which is ridiculous if you ask me.

        2. Will somebody please explain to me the appeal of paying for sex, aside from the ‘well, you’re paying for it one way or another’? That isn’t true, at least from my experience.

        3. @Weimar
          The appeal is banging a hot young girl. I’m no Chad, so without escorts, I’d be having to date 5s and low end 6s at best. Who the hell wants that? And now at my age it would be even worse. No way I’ll ever bang a wrinkled old bag over 35. Not happening. So escorts it is.

        4. You’re not paying strictly for sex.
          You’re paying for them to LEAVE.

  3. Single moms created faggots….of course there are exception to the rule but any kid being raised under only female perspective is gonna be a pussy.
    it is very simple….women should NOT give advice to men at anything regrading social interaction. they will often lie and make it a sweet little one to makes you feel better rather than to tell you the truth straight in your face.
    its simply their nature.

      Equally often they create thugs, especially in Hi-T groups like blacks.
      Kids growing up like weeds become feral.

      1. Nah, socially econimic disparities coupled with ingrained systemi discrimination is often the cause for wayward youths in the Black community fucktard.

    2. madman marz
      That’s true. no father figure in blacks will cause the kid to be more likely criminal. more than 70% of single mothers in black community ….what a fuckin mess.

        I went to school with ghetto blacks and trailer trash with single mothers and here are the following observations-
        1) Dad is not there and everything is a harsh painful lesson. Cops and gangsters are the “father figure” one hated the other feared/admired.
        2. No sense of appropriate behavior.
        3. Stepfathers molest the kids.
        4. Kids spend most of their time on the street because Dad is not there to spend time with them-the street is their living room.
        5. Economics, of course.

      2. THIRD
        I never knew a black in Detroit with fewer than 2 illegitimate children…most have more…I have known a few with 8 kids by 8 different women.
        None of them, by the way, had a pot to piss in.

        1. I think the black birthrate is going to plummet like an anchor because of ‘muh educated sistahs.’ I’m seeing it more and more. This was not part of the plan of the Cultural Marxist coalition. Welfare queens were supposed to do their part in birthing a litter of Trayvons to offset the white majority. But alas, they have discovered hypergamy and want white dick to rescue them from the hood. A black chick even left me her number tonight with lipstick on it…not sure if I can deign myself to that level. I already fucked a spic two weeks ago who won’t leave me alone.

        2. Black women with litters of feral kids flirt with me soon after they’ve given birth. That and all the Moby Dick bitches popping out mullatos, I don’t see the black birthrate plummeting anytime soon.

      3. And the mainstream media never cover these stories. the little fuckers they keep shouting white racism where it has nothing to do with whites. the blacks communities being simply a mess and ONLY them can fix their own problems.
        i remember Ben Shapiro talked abt it and every black person in the room shuts down.

        1. SIMPLE MATH-
          1. Black males make babies they cannot possibly pay for. So do trailer trash, but usually only the one at 19 and then that is that. Blacks will have 3, 4, 8 sometimes.
          2. Try shooting your load in 4 women and then supporting these kids when you dropped out of high school-40% of black people have negative savings?

        2. Single moms create anti-social personality disorder. Just go and find the stats on incarceration rates and being raised by a single mother. Of course, the old “dead beat dad” BS comes into play which I quickly squash.

        3. The Hebrew Hammer strikes!!! Shapiro is bang on with his response. In the rest of that video he goes on to say don’t blame racism blame “your mother”. Blame your mother for having multiple kids from multiple dads etc.
          Of course, this makes Shapiro a racist and a nazi. I love idiots calling a Jew a nazi.

        4. Superman
          Ben Shapiro is a conservative political commentator. very wise man and interesting points of view he have.

        5. (((Ben Shapiro))) counter-signaled Trump and the Alt-Right throughout the election and after it…so he can hop in an oven at six million kelvin. I can’t take these ratlike 2.0 neo-cohens seriously.

        6. Too bad it is a race issue Ben Shaqeeros. They don’t have the mental capacity or delayed gratification as white men do. Their will always be income disparity between the two groups

        7. It’s hard to listen to Shapiro.
          Goddamm, can’t you at least TRY to put some bass in your voice, dude?

    3. Single moms create anti-social personality disorder. Just go and find the stats on incarceration rates and being raised by a single mother. Of course, the old “dead beat dad” BS comes into play which I quickly squash.

  4. Say what you want but rejection absolutely sucks. You can lie to yourself, but really, would a girl reject a guy if he’s awesome? No, she wouldn’t if she is not married. That means that rejection is the clear sign of your worthlessness and unattractiveness.

    1. “That means that rejection is the clear sign of your worthlessness and unattractiveness.”
      Rejection could be due to other aspects as well. Perhaps she was flustered and panicked. Perhaps you caught her at a bad time and she turtled. The list can go. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice by assuming that every rejection stems from unattractiveness. A lot of pick-up is about approaching at the right moment and screening appropriately beforehand.

      1. C O P E
        The fact of the matter is that if you get rejected, you should immediately ask yourself “would she have rejected me if I were Brad Pitt/Jared Leto/Chris Evans/Channing Tatum?”
        The answer is usually “no”.

        1. Yes, she would. Hollywood actors perhaps higher rates of being dumped/divorce.
          The point is hypergamy. As long as women have “free” public life like men of the past, they are inevitably going to find a man of higher value and leave. Another reason is “boredom.” Only a serial-killer thug has enough charisma to keep a women from getting “bored.”

      2. I don’t think that every single rejection is the sign. But if you have approached, let’s say, 20 women and got rejected 20 times – it simply can’t be that all of these 20 have “bad day” or were scared. It actually says a lot about the person. And the question is where to find motivation to move forward when 20 women have let you know that you’re unattractive.

        1. If you approach 20 women and get rejected 20 times, then your motivation should be to change yourself or change your approach. Probably both.
          I mean think about it. What would you tell a woman who sat at home all the time feeling lonely while her friends were meeting men and going out on dates? Would your first thought be, wow guys should be nicer to you and ask you out? or would it be, you need to either change your appearance (to be more attractive) or change your behavior (again, to be more attractive)?

    2. Rejection does suck, but the key is to become numb to it. Even top 20% guys get rejected, but the reason they pull in 8’s and above anyways is because they don’t give up.
      I used to be shy around strangers when I was younger, but once I got a retail job and had to deal with customers regularly, I learned to get over it.

    3. That’s not true at all. It’s exactly that mentality that you have to get over. I’ve gone out on dates with women and hooked up with them but then turned them down for anything after that. It doesn’t make them worthless or unattractive. It’s just because I was at a point in my life when I didn’t want anything serious.
      And yes rejection sucks. So fucking what? Lots of things suck. So don’t invest so much of yourself into the whole thing and you won’t be so crushed about it. If she turns you down just shrug your shoulders and move on. Do you think she’s the only woman out there for you? They’re like half the planet. I guarantee you there is someone else out there just like her.

  5. To expand on that a bit…if you think these bitches are worth it- and I would argue they are not – then we need to look at some alternatives. I know guys are looking forward to more advanced blow up dolls and everything but what if we ever decide to admire the strength and virility of each other? For example how about a 2 guy 1 girl threesome where the girl is on the dick and the guy is in your face….just try it… you might be surprised lol

      Because Gen Y came of age in a bad economy and it is harder for you to travel to Holland or Asia you have no idea how much fun hookers are.
      When I was your age in 1997 you could be blown in Amsterdam for $30.

      1. I couldn’t ever pay for it. There’s something that just creeps me out about a woman who is not into it. I imagine it to be like going to a therapist, which I can’t do either…when you’re deep in catharses, spilling your guts, and she periodically looks out the corner of her eye to look at the clock or the action going on around them or sneaks a yawn in when you look down.

    2. So what you’re saying is that you would like a fat cock in your mouth? Riiiighhhhttt

  6. I had a close friend with a single mom when I was in middle school. I remember he had very effeminate tendencies like getting easily offended at simple guy banter, giving the silent treatment, or spreading gossip to get other people to start drama.
    Just another lesson on why a strong male role model is necessary for developing boys into men.

    1. Being raised by a father who is a soy boy/mama´s boy equals the same as being raised by a single mom. If your father is present, but he is a soy boy himself; youare most likely to end up as a beta with a lot of insecurities. Its only years after high school that you start discovering what being a MAN really means. And by that time that you learn what being masculine really means. The amount of anger you feel will be so big for the simple fact that you lost a lot of opportunities in life due to being a beta during your high school and college years.
      Its something that will follow for the rest of your life even if you become the biggest jacked alpha with all the hot chicks and money. The shadow of anger and self-hate for your Beta background is something that always follows me even if I was able to turn my life around

  7. Excellent article about a topic not discussed too often.
    Here is an interesting question… How can your wife homeschool your boys and raise them to be alpha?
    Most homeschooled kids that I know were raised and taught by their mothers and across the board, they are on the wimpy side. Yeah they are smart and well read, but they are also goodie-goodie’s always looking to please authority and social inept when around the rough and ready public school kids.
    I think wimpy homeschooled kids result from mothers doing the teaching (coddling?) and a lack of being tested and pushed to grow that naturally comes when you are around your peers each day (public/private schools).
    I am seriously contemplating homeschooling when I have kids in order to give them a proper classical education, but I really don’t want my boys to be turn out like the other homeschooled boys I’ve met.

    1. One thing I heard from homeschoolers that helps is to get their kids into sports at an early age.

      1. I’m sure sports helps, but to me it seems like a stop gap measure. Sports for elementary aged kids is regulated to a couple hours of practice each week and one or two games on weekends (I’m thinking US recreational sports like soccer, little league baseball). As boys get older (13-18) arguably sports become more important to physical and social development, but by that age sports are predominately school driven (Varsity, Junior Varsity teams, etc.). Its also difficult for a boy who is home all day to join a group of young men on a team that all go to school together, have lunch together, etc. Unless he is particularly social and adaptable, he will have a difficult time fitting in, which only compounds his problems.

        1. Its best to find a community of other homeschoolers, preferably Christians since they protect their kids from modern degeneracy.
          When your kid is in his teens, you should get him enrolled in something more individualistic like boxing or martial arts.

      2. Yes this and the parents being sociable and active in communities like the church, clubs, scouts

    2. It is a predicament I’ve given thought.
      The men who were homeschooled whom I’ve met have been consistently frail, dumb and socially weak. IMO the thing that dissuades me from local schools other than the sjw narrative (Think it’s bad now, just wait 10 years), is the fact that non-private teachers couldn’t care less about the fact that they are educators and treat the role as a 9-5. School’s not in the capital cities are incredibly poorly funded and subjects are frequently dropped from the curriculum.
      Candidate No.1 is an educator like me, were we to possibly have kids I would feel comfortable for her to teach Little Mick Junior according to my curriculum while I am not available. Apprentice him to a trade at a young age and secure I ternships at my contact’s world class engineering firms, the oppurtunities which I never recieved as a lad.
      In the future I would like to create a private institution free from agenda for boys to provide them with the sorely missed classical education, studying finance, physical education, history, language and practical learning for what life will throw at them, culminating with the opportunity to apprentice for a physical trade upon completion they will be free to make their mark on the world.

  8. Yes, I really like your line of thinking.
    I think the modern take on homeschooling is dead wrong. Boys shouldn’t be home with their mothers all day long. That’s a recipe for having a weak and sheltered son . Yeah, so you keep your boy from the SJW’s, from the drugs, and from the mayhem in public schools, but your left with a child who has never been tested (or not very much) nor developed inner strength and confidence.
    Boys should be taught by men and should grow side by side with other young boys. Ancient cultures from Sparta through Rome and even the Middle Ages knew this to be true. Boys grew and learned together in male only groups, were taught trades by men, or for the more intellectual, were schooled in the classics by male tutors. All boys schools were very common up until the last 50 years.

  9. Hi, do you know me from somewhere?
    Because that was me, down to a T!
    Perfect description of my past self by the author.
    After taking the Red Pill, everything is better, although I still love my Mother and always will, as a good son is ought to do.

    1. Never be ashamed to say you love your mum. Never be timid about expressing it even in tears. All gay men love their mum.

  10. I swear I dated a mamas boy and he embodies every element of this post. It’s funny that I didn’t learn the signs early in life.

  11. Directly post-divorce I dated a single mom who was raising her son alone. Jesus that kid was a wimp. He was 8 years old and would get frazzled and cry about the weirdest things. He had no self-control and would shout stuff out at odd times like he had mild Tourrette’s or something. Also he was just physically weak. I mean beyond just being an 8 year old boy; he’d constantly complain about being hot or cold, and he always seemed to be sick or just getting over being sick. Women just seem totally incapable of raising boys on their own.
    Here’s a serious question for you guys: why is it that when you meet girls who were raised by their dads, they seem like normal girls, but boys raised by their moms are so often effeminate? Is there something in the male psyche that allows us to raise girls as GIRLS and not insist they be boys?

    1. Joms,
      Probably because single dads have a lot more common sense than single moms.
      I bet if you let a chimp raise a boy or a girl the kids would both be abnormal.

  12. From an autobiographical viewpoint, this article seems pretty accurate!

    My parents divorced in the late 1970s because my dad was successful, popular and banged plenty of other women, which eventually got him into trouble. This says a lot about male drive b/c objectively my mom was a solid 9+ when she was in her 20s/30s, and he still couldn’t stop himself. From age 4-12 I was partially raised by a single mother (and a much older sister who tried to be domineering) who could never truly crack into my natural boyish tendencies. I was extremely difficult for her to handle. I would disappear for hours at a time without notice, disrespected authority, and ran with a pack of boys after school until dinner/dark. There was no shortage of dysfunctional families in my town, so some of the boys were just like me. All throughout, dad was constantly a few miles away, devoted, and classically masculine (born red pill/alpha) in every way you can imagine. Over at mom’s house, the alimony check was always on time. On weekends and holidays/vacations, dad would teach “man skills and risky recreation” (dirt bikes, hunting, deep-sea fishing, wilderness survival, all sorts of things) and saw it as his never-ending duty to “decontaminate” any girly/feminist attitudes in my repertoire. I thank him for that!

    At age 13, the female drama in the house turned toxic, and I wanted out. I basically had the temerity to go ahead and emancipate myself, and told my mother I was moving in with my dad and his 2nd wife for high school. I said she had no choice and I left that weekend. She decided not to fight it. Best decision of my life. The rest of my formative years were spent generally under dad’s wing…without this switch in developmental environment, I’d probably be half the man I am today. He was far more even-tempered, wise and sensible than my mother, despite her multiple degrees (PhD, university professor, etc.)

    I’m not embarrassed to say I had many stupid little “mama’s boy” wuss moments where I’d get weak/femme-y as a teenager in my father’s presence, and I was guilty of playing out some of the shit list described in this article. When it surfaced, my dad would occasionally lament out loud, almost verbatim: “Oh boy, you’re mom fucked you up real good here…let me tell you something about how to handle this better…” and unwind her imprint, replace it with his.

    My dad completely broke the single-mother spell in my youth; it was as if the two divorced parents were having an invisible, long-distance battle to see who would influence the child the most, and he won easily; never had to raise his voice, never had to lift a finger in anger, never lied, always steady. Mom was a melodramatic mess with power and control issues, and still is.

    Mothers do plenty, and they love us, but fathers are what makes boys MEN, not mothers. This is part of the reason why, to this day, I truly enjoy the adult relationship I have with my dad whereas with my mom, relating to her is more like a chore and an obligation. She is a self-centered, typical Boomer feminist woman, and so out of touch with the reality of maleness.

  13. The ‘sphere needs to dive deeper into what fear of rejection means and how to handle it. This article doesn’t do justice, mainly saying it’s a proxy for mommy’s rejection. I don’t think that’s true. Platitudes about “just get over it” don’t address the root cause.
    Roosh talks about fear of rejection in his Bang books, and how it really is an evolved warning trait, to prevent ostracization within groups if you dare to be an Alpha pretender. You guys already nailed it: if you look like Brad Pit, creepy or awkward approaches rarely fail, if you don’t then a bad bustamove on a hottie will get you rejected and laughed at (or accused of sexual assault). The girls will all share among each other the fact you asked them out, or for a number, and how pathetic it was they thought you were in their league.
    Game teaches you to overcome this by repeated conditioning, but that just acknowledges that it is a natural thing.
    Where the author may get it right is if you get positive, opening and welcoming approach signals (the wide smiles and sustained stares from afar), then you will be considered pathetic if you don’t bustamove (or gay).

    1. @Burner Prime.
      I didn’t thumb-down your post, but I don’t want to see any articles on handling rejection here. They can go see a shrink instead, haha.

      When it comes to “handling rejection” I think it’s every man for himself. Don’t overshare rejection or you’ll quietly start sliding down the SMV ranks. Your best friends will philosophize and commiserate over your rejection, that’s the game, dudes haven heart and should, we’re not made of stone, but mostly they’re like “just get over it, and soon, before you become boring to us.”

      Sometimes it’s a waste of time to examine any root cause, because most of the reasons are gossamer and bullshit. Occam’s razor / don’t overthink. Nature or nurture has trained mens’ selective memory to handle the general pettiness of female rejection — seconds, moments or half a day after a rejection, we find ways to rarely give a damn. Nexting is an affirmative magic…leaves the rationalization hamster on her wheel, not yours.

      Not to say don’t scan your own mistakes, just don’t look for oil in a dry well.

  14. “There is no reason a single male should remain quiet if he’s in the presence of a woman he wants”
    Only if he is tall & attractive. Otherwise you risk a restraining order.

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