This Weird Metaphor Brainwashes Men Into Becoming White Knights With Low Standards

I saw a post on Facebook the other day. It stated:

“Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don’t want to reach the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but are easier to reach. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when in reality, they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.”

I wouldn’t bring this up except that I’ve been seeing this post everywhere for about a year now, and have never really paid much attention to it until now. At first, I found the post corny, but sweet in a you-go-girl sort of way. But now that I read it over again, I’ve noticed some strange things about its message/

“The best ones at the top of the tree” is misleading.

This implies that high maintenance girls, or girls who lead boys on or play hard-to-get, are somehow the “best” girls. It also implies that girls who do not perform these behaviors are somehow inferior, slutty, or “rotten,” as the post says, which is very demeaning to the outgoing and gregarious women of the world.

“So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they are amazing” can be taken the wrong way.

A girl who is constantly ignored by boys could think something is wrong with her, yes, and she very well could be an amazing person. That much is true. But I ask you to reread point #1. This sentence could also mean that being “at the top of the tree” (and performing the same behaviors I mentioned) somehow makes you “amazing.” It does not: it makes you a tease.

“They just have to wait for… — …the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree” is by far the most troubling statement of the bunch.

On the surface, this reads like a sweet ending to an encouraging message, but read deeper. Notice that these girls, or “apples,” are not encouraged to go out and find these “brave” boys. Instead, they are instructed to “wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.” These girls are openly being told not to put any effort into their relationships and romances. They are being told that they should be content to sit around and wait for a boy willing or desperate enough to work through whatever barriers these girls put up (described in point #1) in order to reach them.

This is equally misleading to boys as well. Taken at face value, this last sentence tells boys that if they are romancing a girl and getting nowhere, that means she is an “amazing apple” and they simply aren’t trying hard enough. More likely than not, this particular girl is simply not interested and the poor boy is wasting his time. But now he feels like if he doesn’t keep trying, he is not “brave.”

And so, in light of this, allow me to offer a rebuttal: these boys—these “brave” white knights of tall courage and taller ladder—do not really exist. The “apple metaphor” puts high-maintenance, low-quality, and emotionally unstable women on a pedestal and holds any men who show interest in them to an inappropriately high standard. This is what the society wants to hold up as the ideal. The only males who can even hope to measure up, of course, are white knights, betas, and other clingers-on who have both the time and desperation to slavishly devote inordinate amounts of attention to these high-minded females, and will most likely be friend-zoned anyway for the first mopey bad boy that comes their way.

So yes, maybe we are now afraid of falling, because we have needlessly injured ourselves going for the high apples. Maybe we don’t always pay a lot of attention to the “good ones” at the top of the tree to wisely go after more low-maintenance girls, the fallen fruit, your so-called “rotten apples,” because they meet us halfway. If the “amazing apples” of the world put effort into making themselves a little more accessible, I imagine men might start passing up the “rotten apples” in favor of their purportedly riper fruit. And who knows—I may even invest in a ladder myself.

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84 thoughts on “This Weird Metaphor Brainwashes Men Into Becoming White Knights With Low Standards”

  1. “that high maintenance girls are the best”
    Because they ARE, but you need the money to afford it. Beauty past say 30 has a price tag. If you marry, expect your wife to have 1-2 of your babies AND look sexy into her 30s you better expect “high maitenance”. And because high maitenance in beauty also means a lot of time, do not expect her to work at the same time eighter. That includes corporate whordom AND household work. Another bill to pay.
    Thats why these women are 1:100 000 because its rare.
    “when in reality, they are amazing”
    In general, by age 19, these rare flowers of beauty know how to attract men. They also know about work (how to avoid it), beauty (how much time and money it cost) and are not willing to waste time with joe average, who would never be able to pay the bill. If you have good body, thigh game and luck you may still be able to fuck her at some point. You will never be able to own her (marry, kids etc) because you cant afford though.
    “They just have to wait for…”
    It is an effort to be ultry hot and sexy. Once you are, it is enough to be at the right place. Gentlemen will find you. Hordes of them, make your pick.
    If is not about “try hard” it is about what YOU bring to the table.
    I will say it one more time – game is a help, a big help to fuck women way above your league; but to own them you will have to bring some value to the table.

    1. Nnnnoooo. The “high maintenance girl” who expects you to *SLAY HER DRAGON* for a “CHANCE” to climb to the highest room in the tallest tower to MAYBE kiss her??
      Forget it. She is not “the best”.
      What you should do is keep the fire-breathing dragon as a pet, rearrange her furniture, and kiss/fuck her quickly and split. She’ll snap out of it.

    2. > Gentlemen will find you. Hordes of them, make your pick.
      So, do you do in-call or out-call?

  2. Ah, yet another major problem between the sexes-the mixed messages. If a male isn’t trying hard enough he’s weak, but when he does he’s creepy…

    1. It has to be the right man, to try hard…
      But then, the right man, does not need to try hard…
      So it might be in being the right man.
      First rule of being the right man: Choose one and run with it to the full:
      Outcome independent
      There are more holistic and complete ways, like being a man, but any of the above four will put a man in the “right category” more than not.

      1. That is one thing I’ve been trying to rationalize. What sense does it make to play aloof if you approach in the first place? Unless by playing aloof, refers to just not being available all the time (something I had a HUGE issue with in my teen years, which I didn’t realize was unattractive)

        1. It’s a false dichotomy, Damien. The fact that you approach (if it is direct) shows that you don’t care putting your balls on the chopping block. She rejects you? No big deal! So you can be aloof and approach. Read Models by Mark Mason.

        2. Be engaging as called for to show social dominance and confidence, with knowledge and openness of your and her sexual values, but without need of her sexual value because you won’t wear your dick out unless she opens you for a slam dunk. Look up Reality Distortion Field. I also like to make a bidding frenzy if the sight lines are good. Just talk to sets that see each other and get friendly body language in response. Once one female shows by body language that she likes you, could cause more to like you. Engage without being impressed with her sex value except as an object, not in words but in body language and demeanor. They love that, in my limited experience for what its worth. Women want to be owned but by a ferally competent man with a life that makes her not so important, basically as if he ruts all day to save the human race. lullzlullz Yes comes from the hindbrain. No comes from either the forebrain or hindbrain. Play to not loose in logical discussion (verbal shit tests) and objectify her in subcommunication, raising her esteem in your animal eyes the more she provides the goods. In summary, the brain has many centers of processing and you can be aloof with respect to instincts but socially engaging in proximity and situational expectations. It is the void in context that makes it a void she can see and respect. All just my beta theory. I welcome dialectic to determine truth by peer review. I am still learning myself.

      2. Correct, but you have the order wrong.
        You don’t “choose” one of those four, you BECOME that way by your path in life leading you to higher status, and higher desirability.
        The guy faking one of those 4 is just that: a fake.

        1. True but you become that way by internalizing the congruent behavior. That is how you change your demeanor, consideration by consideration, regardless of income, body, etc. Yes, work on status attributes, but seduction is about behavioral attributes that anyone can have if he has a good map from evolutionary psychology and practices at something repeatedly. Most men can’t be naturals by definition. Women only what the best single penis, so men can’t just compete by money, looks, and other status attributes because the grading curve is ridiculous. If you have the lifestyle you only need not fuck it up. I say that because I don’t want any guys to be dissuaded from social experimentation which is the only way to learn seduction which can then be used for income or even fitness I think. Hell yah, fake it! Being popular is not fake if most people believe it. Some social reality is based on popular opinion. Women are fake members of society: they have no innate culture. Yet they vote and the course of Western civilization is locked in because of it.

        2. If one’s aim is to get laid, being a “fake” gives enough time to get to the fourth base.
          It’s not like women are waiting to see if the shiny rooster is alive or is plastic, before playing with his beak…

        3. True. There are a number of professions that emphasize the importance of “fake it till you make it.” Congruence is important, but if your only objective is to get that dick wet then it is perfectly acceptable to try out a few different approaches and see which ones work best for you.

  3. The most-valued women know their value. I don’t believe for one moment they haven’t figured that out by their early 20’s. This is just some feel-good crap for sea donkeys to justify the lack of attention they receive.

    1. Spot on. Girls who didn’t know they’re desirable and how to milk it vanished by the time I finished high school.

    2. Haha…sea donkeys…yet another word to add to my ever-expanding vocabulary to describe the horrendous women out there trying to pass for maidens. Well done!

    3. I actually don’t mind this metaphor if you treat the apples at the top as chaste girls and the rotten apples as sluts. chaste girls face a lot of shaming from sluts in high school so this metaphor could serve as a good reminder to maintain their value and ignore the crabs in the bucket.

      1. Look at line 2:
        “The boys don’t want to reach the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt.”
        Implying guys won’t chase upper-echelon girls out of fear which is non-sense. Good looking girls get hit on all the time. Even known prudes.

        1. True true. That line is stupid. More like the boys will eat the rotten apples first before they get tired of them and climb the tree.

  4. I don’t really have a problem with the metaphor; I think it’s accurate in some respects. The problem is — a lot of women reading that metaphor think they aren’t attracting men because they are at the top of the tree and too hard to reach–when, in reality, they are laying on the ground and just so rotten that no man wants to even bother picking them up.

    1. …because too many people have bitten into the apple already and made the core rot. Ew.

  5. Women love facebook posts that feed into their narcissism and flatter their ego: every girl reading it will assume they’re one of the apples at the top of the tree, and not rotting on the ground.
    Without the girlsplaining:
    “It’s the fault of men that you’re single.”
    Also, girls really need to stop using ‘amazing’ and ‘fabulous’ to describe the boring, mundane and valueless.

    1. Absolutely true. ALL of them think they are “better” than others. AWALT couldn’t be more true in that regard.
      So OPEN YOUR EARS gents.
      When a chick says “I’m not like other women”… POOF! you just met a misogynist who has no respect for any women and thinks her shit don’t stink. You now have license to think as little of her as she thinks of ALL women, and she just gave you good reason.
      She dislikes women all around her and she has no problem announcing it. She just gave herself away. “I’m not like most/other women” is the one you RUN from. As quickly as possible. If you need to arc your glob across her tits or face DO IT IF YOU MUST – at her place only. Don’t let her know where you live. Just towel off BigJimAndTheTwins and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE. Even better if you kick her cat across the lawn on the way out.

    2. “every girl reading it will assume they’re one of the apples at the top of the tree, and not rotting on the ground.”
      Was here to say that, spot on mate.

  6. nice… that catch phrase is more appropriate for the typical nightmare 30+ women of facebook… who think they are gods gift but never find ‘the one’ because they are too fussy, bitchy, needy and demanding….

  7. MOST IMPORTANTLY —->> Any girl who posts this BS quote, likes it, or lives by it – by definition – thinks she is “BETTER” than other girls. And, she is equally as pathetic as the white knight who thinks he’s “better” than other guys because he buys her dinner, flowers, falls over himself for her approval and lays down over a puddle so she can scamper over him — just to save her shoes.
    There is a very big difference between PLAYING hard-to-get, and BEING hard-to-get. Women & girls love to IMPLY that their box comes from Tiffany’s and pursuing them requires “bravery” or “courage”. But it’s not made out of porcelain, “ladies”. It doesn’t break if you use it.
    The RIPE apples ready for picking are better tasting than the sour-puss at the top.
    • Boys “brave” enough to climb for us at the top. (narcissistic cunt)
    • Men are “afraid” of commitment.
    • Maybe you’re just “afraid” to “ask” her out.
    • Men are *afraid* of approaching women….
    ALL bullshit scare tactics women use to MANIPULATE a “boy” into thinking he’s “afraid” of pursuing her FAKE/imagined worth, but the REALITY is he has already determined that pursing her FAILS A COST/BENEFIT ANALYSIS.
    Men are not AFRAID, you narcissistic, self-centered, artificially-inflated, ego monsters. Men are just —>> NOT INTERESTED in risking our necks for something he can buy cheaper and better in the store anyway.
    Wake up and snap out of it.
    Who you trying to convince is “afraid” of you and “not brave enough”? If you walk down the street, see a piece of dogshit and are simply NOT INTERESTED in picking it up, taking to it, or playing with it…. does that mean you are AFRAID of it? Does it require BRAVERY? Not even CLOSE. Women at the “top of the tree” who imply men are AFRAID and NEED COURAGE to talk to women…… are exactly like that piece of dogs hit and refuse to admit that THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT, and quite often TASTE EXTREMELY SOUR.
    The RIPE ones will fall off when ready – RIGHT into our laps.
    No need fro climb and risk a broken neck for a fucking apple.

    1. For every hot chick out there..there is some thirsty simp kissing her ass that she is making miserable.

      1. No matter how “hott” she is … you can bet your ass some other guy is already sick of putting up with her CRAAAP.

  8. I think you may be misinterpreting what lies at the top of the tree. In this particular metaphor, apples at the top represent quality. Every man will have his own unique interpretation of what a quality woman consists of.

      1. The author is misinterpreting the object of his analysis. If I wrote it myself, I would like to hear as much.

    1. “holding off for Mister Right” = dreaming of Alpha Fucks & Beta Bucks in one package, will settle for being a wall-victim cat lady in the next 10 years

      1. This is absolutely correct. A good looking (Alpha Fucks) provider (Beta Bucks) is every woman’s ideal partner. -But if a woman decides not to cash in her chips by the time she hits the wall, she will have to settle for whatever she can get and more often than not, Beta Bucks will not even be available to her as an option.

  9. In my red-pill mind, I took the apples at the top to be the hot chicks, and the low-hanging ones to be the slutty fatties that infest the United States of America, and a man being “brave” means to go for what he thinks is hot and wants rather than settle for what he can easily get.
    But of course, slutty fatties will think that they’re the ones at the top.

    1. “But of course, slutty fatties will think that they’re the ones at the top.”
      Because they can live the delusion one night at time when they are the last resort for some horny man with some value hence the having to be slutty part. Don’t worry though when midnight rolls around they always turn back into a pumpkin.

      1. Until they start to hit the wall. When those breasts no longer defy gravity. When their face starts to wrinkle. When their ass starts to sag.
        Then they find out what men really think of them and desperately search for any male to take care of them.

  10. You have to understand the tree correctly: Top of the tree you find foreign women from EE, SA, SEA.
    On the ground you find entitled western women with an attitude.

    1. You got it Tom. Well said. Well worth the effort and risk of travel from all accounts.

  11. Dude you missed the point with your article. The girls at the top are the hottest and most desirable girls. Most guys get the ones at the bottom or on the ground if they get any at all because
    1. They don’t have access to a ladder. (Good looking, athletic, charming, money, ect.)
    2. They aren’t willing to either work hard to buy a ladder or find a way to get a hold of one.

    “Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don’t want to reach the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but are easier to reach. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when in reality, they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.” – A Gina
    “Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are juicy, and sweet, and wholesome, and faithful to the end. The bad apples are dry, and tart (heh), and bilious, and jizzed on, and cavernous through and through. The men will jizz and butthex on the bad before reaching for the good. So, the apples on the ground think nothing is wrong with them when in reality, they are amazing, and strong, and independent, and rotten, and full of crap. They just have to wait for the bugs to come along, the bugs that love fatties, feminizes, and shit.” – A Schopenhauer

    1. Slightly chubby but kinda cute girls? Lights off – legs open (when you’re desperate for a pump n dump)
      There’s other observations I’m sure.

  13. I’ve noticed something similar in a lot of the Disney movies kids love so much growing up. These movies teach boys that they must do something heroic to get the beautiful, entitled little princess. Similarly, it teaches girls that they don’t need to do anything in order to get a quality man; their mere existence is enough. Disney gives kids the absolute wrong ideas about what life is actually like.

    1. This is a very real problem. What makes it worse is the number of manginas out there claiming that the problem is men feeling “entitled” to female attention because these kinds of movies teach us as children that women owe attention to us if we save them from getting hit by a bus or whatever. The part where women are taught they are princesses just by virtue of birth is often glossed over when dealing with femi-cunts.

    2. I don’t even think this is true of half of them.
      Sure Snow White, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty are all men going to great lengths to court women, but the rest of them aren’t like that except maybe The Princess and the Frog, which I haven’t seen.
      In Cinderella the prince couldn’t even be bothered to do his own work. He sees her at a party, decides he wants to tap that, and sends his manservant out to find her.
      Little Mermaid – she cast off her entire family and made a deal with the devil just to be near him.
      Beauty and the Beast – she fell in love with him through some sort of Stockholm syndrome
      Tangled – she developed feelings for him after they suffered a near death experience which was largely of his own making. She literally fell in love with the first guy she ever met.

  14. My brother has a tall apple tree and a pear tree. Each tree is 20 feet plus. In September I picked all the apples and pears meaning I went right to the top. The thing I noticed was all the high fruit got beaned by hail and became fodder for bugs. So from experience I’ve found fruit at the top was soft, bruised and buggy and the climb was a little beyond dangerous.

  15. The general population loves things of this nature. You’ll see signs of it everywhere in popular media aimed at both men and women.
    If you’re not fortunate enough to be born into it, road to the top is a long and tough grind. Sculpting a great body, achieving financial freedom and cultivating your emotional intelligence takes years upon years of dedicated work and sacrifice.
    But the general population doesn’t want to buy into that. They want to enjoy what’s at the top while putting in average/below average effort. If that’s not an option, they’re happy with the next easiest thing….fantasizing about it or viewing a representational work of fiction.
    How do you like them apples?

  16. Good apples have few partners. If a woman sleeps with many men, she is unable to bond with one. Here’s a video that explains the consequences on the woman’s body of having more than one sexual partner:

  17. Everybody, who has taken a walk in the fields knows that the best apple is the one just about to fall.
    Stupid metaphor in the likes of one of my girls who has written on her Whatsapp status “It’s okey to be single. The right man will step up to the plate at the right time.”
    So just hold on girls. hold on tight to that tree until you fall old and ugly and get picked up by the birds, bees and worms.
    To all the girls trolling around here. There is nothing more exciting than dating a woman who shows interest and passion.Playing difficult to get is a major turnoff.

  18. Fixed:
    “Men are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The women don’t want to reach the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but are easier to reach. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them when in reality, they are amazing. They should not wait for the right woman to come along because none are brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.”

    1. And besides, someone should get the apples off the top of the tree for her. Can’t expect princess to bust a nail doing physical labor.

  19. Dear Auther of another masterpiece on ROK
    I think you’re reading waay to much into this. People posts stupid Things on facebook all the time.
    “This is what the society wants to hold up as the ideal”
    No, just no. What silly metaphors girls posts on their profiles is not an indicator of what “society wants” If you wanted write a valid, critical article about modern society you should bring up some real issues (and no. status updates on social websites doesn’t Count). But you just want to rant against “feminism”, no?

    1. This kind of allegory wouldn’t resonate with so many girls (i.e. people who write things like “No, just no”) if it didn’t tap into the way people actually think.

        1. Check your vagina privilege and woman’splainin’.
          Feminism is whatever issues and stances women are bitching about at any given moment.
          That’s how that nonsense about “street harassment” became a ‘feminist’ issue — because enough women complained about men saying “hi girl” or “hello beautiful”.
          As women achieve equality plus privilege, feminism is gradually shifting to focus on nonsense like what’s in the Facebook posting.
          So, yes, this is the new face of feminism.

  20. Due to the nature of being on top of the tree, usually self proclaimed, rather than an objective placement, and not many men climbing to the top of the tree, where due to experience knows that the apple will have no scruples kicking the climbers off the tree, for example a publicly humiliating rejection that shows the world that the tree is worthy of more;
    The apples on the “top” are more likely to be stained with the shit of crows and vultures that took a bite and continued. Yea, some eagles and seagulls too, but those a few in number.
    Related, if women are considered apples, what does every bite taken out of them make?

  21. A whole article analysing a piece of copy-paste cheesy Facebook bullshit.
    Thank goodness you are tackling the issues that matter.

  22. “The “apple metaphor” puts high-maintenance, low-quality, and emotionally
    unstable women on a pedestal and holds any men who show interest in
    them to an inappropriately high standard.”
    Sounds my like my last ex and how I acted accordingly to that mantra.
    It’s so fucking true. I’m thankful I woke up and realized that was so beta/simp of me. Never again.
    P.S. If a girl is living off quotes….pump and dump. Also, if she’s living off Marilyn Monroe quotes…she’s probably an idiot making excuses for her poor decisions.

  23. As a student of the Classics, my radar perks when I hear of “high hanging fruit,” which is seemingly unobtainable, and I recall two stories of Greek origin that serve as a poignant reflection on desire, rejection, and bitterness.
    Tantalus, son of Zeus and king of Sipylos, was favored and treated well by the gods. When he offended them by serving up his son as a banquet meal, they punished him in the underworld by fixing him in place [for eternity] with water up to his neck and fruit hanging overhead. Whenever he bent to slake his thirst, the water receded, and whenever he reached for the fruit, a gust of wind would blow it out of reach. This is the origin of our word “tantalize.”
    Aesop tells a tale of The Fox and the Grapes: “Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked ‘Oh, you aren’t even ripe yet! I don’t need any sour grapes.’ People who speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain would do well to apply this story to themselves.” This is the origin of our idiom “sour grapes.”

  24. I know where this came from. A commenter on one if Heartiste’s post forwarded “the parable of the fruit tree” mid 2011. Don’t know if anyone has posted it here yet.
    “3 kinds of women in world, and you can explain it in the parable of the fruit tree. There is the fruit that is already on the ground, not fit for human consumption, its free for all to enjoy, scavenged with ease. Then there’s the low hanging fruit, often sweet and enjoyable, but overtly ripe soon to fall to the ground but still edible.Then there is the firm barely ripened fruit at the top of the tree. Its sweet, its sticky, and its wet. One must climb with great effort with a high risk of fall. But should one fall there is always a bed of the soft rotten fruit to break your fall. Enjoy the fallen fruit but always seek fruit from the top of the tree. All fruit believes its at the top of the tree, its up you the harvester who must educate the fallen fruit where it truly lays. For even the rotted fruit, several inches below the surface of the earth believes its at the top of the tree”.

  25. I don’t agree with your interpretation of this message. When I read about the amazing girls at the top, I thought of girls with high standards of integrity and self-respect. Many women lower their standards because they believe that “all the good ones are gone”. A man worthy of her would also have to have high standards himself which is why he would want her in the first place. Its not about playing ” hard to get”, it’s about being true to yourself in a world where women are often used, abused, and discarded for the latest model. This is a message to girls that there are indeed good men out there who will take care of their hearts and not to give in to pressure from lesser boys who do not understand a woman’s worth.
    I do, however, agree that the ending message of being the passive receptor of romance is not a good one.

  26. This is funny in another way. When I want an apple, why climb, just grab the first good one you can reach.

  27. Well, most commercial apple growers use dwarf trees. So anyone with a milk crate should be fine.

  28. I wrote this quote and I have no clue how someone ended up taking it as their own. I think I may have made it public once about 4 years ago on a site and then took it down. Maybe I’ll start posting more. Most of my writing is nothing like you are describing.
    I do like your opinion though.
    It’s about a girl who doesn’t get noticed. She’s quiet, she’s shy, and people mistake her as rude when she is timid. People judge her beauty as unintelligent when she is one of the brightest people you will ever meet. No one every truly tries to find who she really is as a person, so she waits for someone who cares and is smart enough to look. She lets people think what they want because if they assume negative she doesn’t want to give them the time of day. They are afraid of falling and getting hurt means this: the ones who do notice who she is are too scared or do not believe she’s real. This is not calling all other girls besides her rotten, just the girls that the guy who notices who she is chooses instead for a quick fix.
    I hope this helps 🙂

  29. It’s the low maintenance girls that are at the top… the smart ones who value themselves and would rather wait than be with just anyone… that’s why they think something is wrong with them lol… the high maintenance girls are the rotten apples who don’t think there is anything wrong with them or emptying your bank account lol

  30. In actual fact, only a fool would risk his life climbing a tree just to get a stupid apple he can get at the store for 30 cents. Also, why eat ground apples when there are perfectly good, easy to pick apples hanging right in front of your face. Ground apples are for the deer.

  31. The amusing part of this metaphor being that it implies the boy has to go through a lot of apples in order to find the only one that’s any good, thus, again, pointing out men are not sluts if they sleep around — only that they’re experienced appletasters.

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