The Only 2 Things A Man Can Depend On

I was born alone and I will die alone. I’ve got to do what’s right for me and not live my life the way anybody else wants it.

– Curtis Jackson

If life were a board game, you’d be the game piece.

In reality, life isn’t much different from a game. There isn’t a defined end goal, however. You get to choose it. It could be power and respect. It could simply be happiness. Or it could be more specific: money or women, for example. Whatever it is, you choose.

In a board game there are strict limitations. In life, we’re encouraged to follow laws and social norms, but for the most part we’re free to do as we choose. There are infinite paths that will take you to any goal imaginable.

Along the way you’ll deal with many people. Some will help you, others won’t. You can grow to depend on the ones that help you, but that always incurs a risk. A family member can die. A close friend can betray you. Your girl can leave you. How will you react when one of these things happens?

Playing with others is a necessary part of the game. But never depend on them. Doing so will ultimately lead to failure and disappointment.

Accept that the only two things you can ever count on are your body and your mind– your game piece. You must tend to these things like a gardener tends to his plants. Focus on improving them and facilitating their health and growth and you’ll always put yourself in the best position to win. 

If some tragedy befalls a dependent man, he may sink into depression. He might feel like he’s lost all hope of accomplishing his mission in life. He might give up.

A truly independant man, however, will not. He’s prepared, on some level, for each of these tragedies. He doesn’t have a specific game plan for when his best friend betrays him, per se. But he’s put himself in a good position, both physically and mentally, that he can weather the storm. Not only can he weather the storm, but he can keep his cool and make the fine adjustments needed to get the ship back on course.

Below I’ll offer the basic tasks one must do to protect his game piece, and see it thrive.

1. Your Body


If you take care of your body, it will be strong and healthy. It will also help foster a potent mind. Yes, there’s always the rare risk of contracting some form of cancer or another deadly disease, but if you follow the steps below, you all but rule these things out.

1. Eat good food

I won’t go into specifics, because everyone’s diet will, and should, be different.

But if you focus your diet around meat, fruits, and vegetables your body will flourish. Meat provides the protein and amino acids your body needs to grow. The fruits and vegetables provide the fiber and vitamins you need to function over the long run. A man with a solid diet will respond better to stress, and therefore be more self reliant.

2. Lift weights

In short, lifting weights develops a strong nervous, muscular, and skeletal system. These are the three main systems that run your body. An efficient body is like a strong ship– it will weather the storm better and be far more dependable in your journey.

The most brutally simple and effective lifting program is StrongLifts 5×5It focuses on building strength across the five most basic movements humans are meant to do (squat, deadlift,  bench press, row, and overhead press).

2. Your Mind


You must also foster a capable mind. One that can stand on it’s own two feet. The strongest body won’t accomplish anything without an equally impressive mind.

1. Read books

Reading a book is like absorbing another man’s lifelong wisdom. The more books you read, the more you’ll know and the wiser you’ll be. Blogs are okay, but the average quality of a blog post is decidedly lower than what you find in a book. People simply put more time, effort, and value into books.

The knowledge you acquire in books also contributes to your self reliance. It offers quality wisdom and advice– that can’t be taken away from you.

2. Meditate

Meditation is the act of being comfortable being alone. When you meditate, you remove all of the outside noise. All of the thoughts, gossip, music, news, women, men, business, sex– everything. You are left with only yourself.

Many men can’t stand meditation because they’ve grown dependant on all of this external stimulation. They aren’t comfortable in their own skin. And thus they’ve lost their edge, their self reliance.

The Only 2 Things A Man Can Depend On

You have your body and your mind. Nothing else is guaranteed. You’re born with only that, and you’ll die just the same. You’re best off fostering their growth above all other pursuits.

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129 thoughts on “The Only 2 Things A Man Can Depend On”

  1. Good fucking shit, concise and straight to the point. Remember also that people will deter you from self reliance and self improvement because they want you dependent and on your knees at their level or beneath them never above. A lot of people , even those you love will fight to get you to stay at your present level rather than improve, sometimes there is no malice behind their actions , they are just comfortable with the status quo.

    1. Only the governments (bankers) want this.
      Incrementalism is order of the day as any sudden moves would agitate the citizenry. So the TSA, drones, NSA ‘monitoring’ is the prelude to…
      STAGE TWO: increased taxation to deprive people of power (money),
      restricted travel from state-to-state
      increased rules restricting freedom of speech and gun ownership
      This then leads to..
      Outright martial law most likely precipitated by false flag
      Virus is best as they will need to ‘vaccinate’ everyone
      And move those who resist to a FEMA camp for preventing ‘spread’
      The FEMA camp people will be enslaved and die in short order
      The remainder of the population will be given a choice to be chipped
      Most will accept in order to eat/survive

      1. There are way too many variables in the world to be controlled. What if a series of meteors hit vital parts of the country or world that would destroy communications networks, distribution centers, agency networks, etc.? Also remember that Americans have guns and history of guerrilla and militia warfare. I once asked a police officer in a small Southern city if they are going to collect weapons one day. He smiled and asked if I was reading online conspiracy. He then said, “I am not going to go knocking on the door of someone who has a collection of guns and get my head blown off.” Microchips, gun seizing, virus outbreaks, etc. may be awaiting in the future but these things can’t last forever. Government have tried to control their people for centuries and they always fail. Why? Because anything they do us we can do to them

        1. I did time in the infantry, troops are not the brightest of the bunch, and will shoot if told. I doubt you can go agaisnt a mATV with a 50 or a 240 on top, and if they have CROWS systems mounted you will be FUBAR. Dont even make me get into the air supiriority, KOIWAs you cannot outmanouver and APACHES will take out 5000 people an hour, if you run you will die tired. The governments back in the day did not possess such deadly weaponry.

        2. Have good friends who were Infantry Officers in Afghanistan and they would probably agree about some of their guys not being some of the brightest. So do you think that the National Guard or US Military would actually kill their own people? Or do you think there will be foreign military units, PMCs, or just the Air Force drones that would do the job?

        3. Just because the sheriffs down south aren’t stupid enough to go confiscate guns from rednecks doesn’t mean the government isn’t trying and hasn’t tried and won’t tried.
          First they take it away if your a felon then if you have any history of violence, but of course that never stops all the psychos from mass murdering people with no history. With the domestic abuse laws and the way women have become emboldened to attack men in a fight they will lose. And of coruse the courts side with the women who starts the fight just for having a vagina. The truth is men are slowly being disarmed, at least ones willing to fight the government. They are trying to make everything illegal so we are all criminals. Then no one can have guns, that is what the prison industrial complex is about, that is what sending everyone to jail for minor offences is about.
          “But the Pentagon statistics showed the Army allowed 106 convicted burglars to enlist in 2007, up from 36 the year before. It also granted waivers to 43 recruits convicted of aggravated assault that year, up from 33 a year before; and to 130 people convicted of possession of drugs other than marijuana, a rise from 71 in 2006.
          It also allowed two people convicted of making terrorist or bomb threats to enlist in 2007, up from one the year before.
          Half the major cities like chicago and New York make it practically illegal to own guns!”
          Cnn dot com
          Good luck getting a gun with a FELONY assault, felony burglary or a drug history. Half the states are trying to ban guns.

        4. From a technology standpoint your argument is valid. But as a serving US military member I guarantee, no matter how dumb some of the US military’s ranks may be, NO-ONE will turn their weapons on their own country men. Not in the US at least.
          The core principles that bind our military members together as a fighting unit also make the US military damn near useless as a civil policing tool.
          We can barely get the average soldier to kill potential gorilla hostiles in Afghanistan; and you think they will just mow down their fellow countrymen in the suburbs of DC or LA? Not a chance.

        5. Exactly!! The US gov, has no chance in hell of disarming the current populace by force and they know this. That’s why they work so hard at doing it through law, and cultural manipulation.
          If all goes according to plan [and current trends] in 100 years, it will simply be UN-American to own a weapon! Citizens will freely lay down their arms or refuse to buy them. The trust and unrelenting faith in Daddy Government will be that entrenched.

        6. And THIS is exactly the problem. The government is little by little, chip by chip, controlling more and more of our day to day existence. They take away 1 tiny thing and the masses say “what will it hurt-it’s a little thing (cigarettes, soda, etc..) ” What they are really doing is establishing more and more CONTROL. It only starts with the little things that we cede to them, and eventually, it’s big things, and then…’s too late.

        7. Oh no doubt, note how they villify guns constantly, there are many places like in the cool and trendy areas where if you have a gun on your wall, even an old civil war or african gun that doesn’t shoot so you put it on the mantle, the cable guy with a spike in his hair will come in run out your house and call the police on you.
          Most women in our society, like the trendies, they hate guns and “forbid” their husbands from having one…. like homer simpson when he joined the nra.
          I can already see how owning a gun is being made unamerican. I also find it weird that shows like CNN are full of foreigners like Pierce, Morgan, Zane Verje, Sanjay Gupta, the Canadian girl from Winnipeg, and the Indian guy who got caught plagirizing. I just find it weird. I mean, you don’t go to England or India and see a bunch of Americans on British or Indian news channel do you? Its almost like they don’t want to hire americans.

        8. American men are so stupid. No need for big arms because police are outnumbered 1000-1. Only need small pistols. Take over the police stations locally and lock them in own cells. No one can come to their rescue because they are locked up themselves. Army is no good for a large country and their weapons are useless because you have all the hostages and can just kill. Besides, the 1m in army are busy out of country and National Guard are just stupid boys. You know where they and their family live too and can easily remove so they won’t even try anything.

        9. No one calls cops on upper classes only on lower. Cops kiss arse of upper class because they are afraid of losing job in nice clean safe area that is hard to get. If they were to even say something to an upper class man they would end up working in some crap area. Jobs in good areas are hard to get and you must know someone and pay big money for them.

        10. I hope you don’t talk like this often bro, the feds might slap you with conspiracy to commit treason

      2. I agree with everything but stage three, it will not be a virus but a terrorist attack that is either a) Biological Weapons (easy as hell to make which is why Assad gave his up so quickly or b) an attack pitting part of our citizenry against another necessitating federal intervention to prevent civil unrest(war) . Then outright martial law ,gun grab, total control and absolute monitoring of the public.
        There will be no FEMA camp relocation because that is too overt, why encamp people when they willing submit to observation now through social media? If I was one of the elites, the fortunate 6000, that is what I would do. Most people will not do anything as long as they have online porn, food ,basic shelter and entertaining distractions. Ultimately none of this really matters, even the most powerful among us ultimately don’t matter in the scheme of things because we all die ,the universe is huge, and life is meaningless. Enjoy it while you are here because you have no real influence and neither you or I can change anything that is going to happen. I dont know about you, but I am going to get laid, attempt to get rich, and try to live as long as possible to enjoy my short time on this planet.

        1. You’ll die poor, ugly and a virgin wanking to porn in the ‘hood.Perhaps you should get out of the cellar occasionally and look for a job as a men’s room attendant or shoeshine boy.

  2. Juvenal: “mens sana in corpore sano”: pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
    Excellent reference to the 5×5 method of heavy compound barbell lifting.

  3. Great post.
    There is nothing more pathetic than having the experience of dealing with a 60 year old man crying because his wife divorced him.
    This was something I had to listen to once.
    Marriage and children are for beta pussies. There are 7.139 billion people on this planet. If you seriously think that risking marriage and the inevitable divorce proceedings that will take half your life savings and subject you to garnishment for 18 years as well as the 300K it will take to raise a child to the age of 18 (not including college) are worth slipping your dick in a wet hole once a week — you seriously need to seek help.
    NO pussy is worth that risk.

    1. Even a prenup cost money to enforce, and you will pay for both lawyers. Disagree on the kids though, I am not struggling to make my career lucrative to leave it to a charity or the state. I am trying to build a legacy like the Romney’s or Prescott Bush. I understand your apprehension though.

      1. You may first want to get a job that pays more than min. wage. I suggest that you spend less time on blogs with 20 something losers and niggas.

        1. Mommy,can you tell us the great stories in Old English of Shakespeare ,the Canterbury tales and King James Bible?This will make our trailer life so much more enriching.

        2. OMG you are so clever! Stop showing off your massive intelligence with such eloquent comments. You are making the rest of us look bad.

      2. A surrogacy contract would be much more safe for the kids thing. That’s what I would do if I were to reproduce.

    2. The sauropods were cool.
      However, they’re also kind of funny, because all the eating, drinking, worrying, fighting, and fucking they did was ultimately irrelevant, as they left behind no descendants, and their entire existence was naught but vanity. All that remains of them in the world today are some dusty bones the descendants of infinitely more successful organisms look on and point at in museums.
      It will be my descendants and the descendants of those of us men whose seed lodges in the bellies of women who marvel and giggle and point at your dusty bones in the museum some day, long after you have failed to reproduce and your impotent genes have decayed out of existence, the fear of the minor risk of hurt feelings or a lighter bank account having paralyzed you straight into the maws of the ultimate risk all of us must face and overcome or submit to: infertility, reproductive failure, and genetic and historical irrelevance.
      Choose your destiny, man or dinosaur. Natural selection is a bitch, and she cares not for your emotions, only what you leave behind or fail to.

      1. But eventually that big orange ball in the sky goes supernova and all of us, past, present, and future are relegated back to the star dust we started off as. Worry about your satisfaction now, and not “legacy”.

        1. That’s in 5.4 billion years. If mankind is still trapped on this planet in 5.4 billion years, we deserve to all be burned to a crisp 😉
          Satisfaction is an evolved emotion driven to push you toward completing specific biological milestones. Dwelling on the emotion of satisfaction and ignoring the thing it’s designed to drive you toward is no different from being a homosexual mounting men because he deems that pleasurable – it’s wiring gone awry, and the sign of an organism destined for the waste bins of DNA history.

    3. The messed part is men have to pay $900 a month to the child support mafia for 18 years. I call it a Mafia because its no different than the mafia,
      Famous mobster Henry Hill
      “Business bad? Fuck you, pay me. Oh, you had a fire? Fuck you, pay me. Place got hit by lightning, huh? Fuck you, pay me.”
      No different than the child support mafia.
      Then when you add up all the child support payments with interest the man is paying the whole damn thing and the woman not a dime.
      Children aren’t for pussies. Super Alpha kings who had bitch scrubbing their floors and houses full of harems had children. The difference was those societies were patriarchies where if the women left the man got the kids because the woman was practically viewed as a child herself and this view was prevalent until the 1930s in the USA. A single woman was not fit to raise children for most of history and this was well known and the laws reflected that.
      If you really want a child go find a surrogate in Guatamala, have a lawyer write up a contract, have her give birth in Mexico and take the child at birth and don’t pay her the money until you get your child in your hands. Take the child raise it, and bring it to America if you so desire or have it raised by an unrelated wet nurse and switch them up every year so they don’t get too attached in another 3rd world nation like DR…
      Then you’ll actually have a kid that no woman can take away from you. And you can take the 300k that you’d pay in child support, and use the 100k that it really takes and spend the other 200k on starting business and to fuck escorts… problem solved. Kids, pussy, riches…. quit complaining fellows

      1. You’re a loser if you think a pittance of $900 in child support is a lot. It’s nothing. My bf makes $9k a day.
        I guess you had better just keep that little dickie in your pants or your burger flipping pay will go to some girl lol

        1. What’s packed with protein,frothy,voluminous and is Mashenka’s daily diet?
          Horse Semen.

        2. That means your bf is the competent one. Your just riding his coat tails… Stop playing dress up, take off his shoes and put them back in the closet they are too big for you to fill.

        3. Your boyfriend makes 3.2 million dollars a year? Well that is quiet impressive as not even most millionaires ever make that much in a year.
          Sorry not all of us can be billionaire astronauts like your boyfriend, I guess you better go wash some dishes now.

        4. Yes, it is. About $100m invested at an average rate of 3% and there you are.
          And astronauts don’t make much at all. About $100k

        5. Well I’m still a med student so I don’t earn any money. However, I do have a $400k income per annum from investments I inherited.

        6. LOL, Svetlana’s hamster doesn’t understand the difference between Ruskie Rubles and US dollars. 9k in rubles is about $250 US. Not poverty in most western countries but nothing to brag about outside of a trailer park.

        7. I was laughing at your stupidity, I grow tired of you, go make me a sandwich sweet cakes

        8. MashenkaS is going to star in the next Species movies as the next female alien. Her boyfriend, being an astronaut, brought her from outer space.

    4. Nothing worse than a ‘tween or teen wailing and bitching on some loser blog because no girl will even spit on him lol

      1. Knock Knock
        Who’s there?
        Mashenka what?
        Ma shenk kalled to shay jat ai sould shtop chalking wit shit in ma mout.

  4. A simple message that couldn’t be more true. If you don’t get both in shape, you’ll more likely to die in averageness or even worse.

  5. Remember that we are warriors. Today we are expected to be vegetarians and effeminate. A heavy meat based diet gives men the energy and T levels to succeed. Kings and warriors cannot be fat, weak, stupid, nor effeminate. Name a fat king that was ever held in high esteem (King Farouk) or warriors of the past who were vegetarians (Hindus). “why are some Hindus vegetarian and some are not? It is believed that before India was invaded by outsiders (Vedic era) the majority of Indians were not meat eaters. Influences of outsiders (i.e., Aryans and Muslim invaders) came to change that. It was also common practice for the ‘Kshatriya’ caste (warriors) to eat meat as it gave more strength and set the mind up ‘more’ for fighting. This may seem odd, after all how can eating meat make one feel ‘more’ predisposed to violence (i.e., anger, aggression, fighting moods, etc.). This stems from the philosophy of ‘himsa’ or violence.”
    If you lead a life seeking peace and happiness, that is highly admirable. But the reality of life is that we can’t be hermits. A good diet, health, and being a fun, conversational person leads to a happier life in my opinion.

  6. Speaking of weight lifting…
    Am I the only one to reach the point where you no longer fit into regular clothes? Once my deadlift reached 495, my legs were too big for jeans. These days I only fit into dress clothes and gym clothes with nothing in between.
    Anyone else run into this? How have you dealt with it?

    1. My chest and shoulders got big so fas I got stretch marks, also my triceps pull my sleeves tight. It is wonderful .

      1. I bet you look like that moron from Jersey Shore.You’re all out of proportion, the lower class have no sense of proportion. Post a pic of your stout peasant body here so we girls can judge because it’s a woman’s judgement that matters what men do.

        1. MashenkaS, do you need someone to pound your ass? You seem kind of cranky and that often helps women to calm down.

        2. You watch Jersey Shore? Aim higher. And don’t forget to leave the seat up when you’re done.

      1. Oh expert in Shakespearean English,can thou hurried thy flatus ass and maketh me a sandwich.

    2. just started this system and my legs are getting too big for my jean as well. I’ve been working out for years but have never seen results like this. My strength is way up. I usually wear a 32 waist I’m going to have to go to a 33. Eating lots of meat and veggies. This really works boys; brings out the warrior blood in you! Keep it up we need to take this country back, from the faggots and Marxist Feminist bitches…

  7. Awesome post. Just got screwed over by a business partner but been working on myself the last two years and weathering the storm just fine. Fitness has definitely set my mind up to be powerful. I can totally relate. Every man should be following this.

  8. I was born alone and I will die alone. I’ve got to do what’s right for me and not live my life the way anybody else wants it.
    Stupid.Do any of you dumb pyjama boys ever think before writing something? You may die alone but no one is born alone. Your mother was there and usually a doctor or midwife.

    1. Was someone born with you? I think not. Thank you dear troll. You have contributed in some way to the discussion.

        1. Really? When you guest-upvoted yourself from five different incognito sessions your name would be there? How so?
          Are you really so stupid that you didn’t get what I was saying and needed the explanation or did you just thought playing dumb would make you look more clever?

  9. Good piece. And if you want a strong mind, I cannot recommend anything better than Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. You don’t have to call yourself an Objectivist, but familiarize yourself with the concepts, especially metaphysics and epistemology. When you understand that existence exists and our mind’s operating system is logic (both deductive and inductive, with induction being far more important to practice) you become pretty intransigent.

    1. Or you could just read an actual philosopher. I will never understand why so much of the so-called “manosphere” promotes the incoherent “philosophy” of a female novelist who wrote third-rate books and couldn’t string together a sentence, much less a philosophical argument. Rand’s “contribution” to philosophy essentially was to criticize Kant and to praise Aristotle and Nietsche. So read Aristotle and Nietsche, and for comparative purposes, Kant.

      1. Third rate books, huh? Ok. Atlas Shrugged is the most widely read book in the country after the Bible and the Fountainhead is the best defense of Individualism of which I am aware.
        But I understand the hate. All new philosophers are controversial for several generations after they complete their work.
        Also, I HAVE read all of the other philosophers. No one is more approachable and integrated than Ayn Rand, precisely because she created her philosophy so that she could write good novels, not the other way around. Her intellectual heir, Dr. Leonard Peikoff has a massive impact as well with his focus on induction.
        So, while you may not understand why she is so well respected in the manosphere, you might ask yourself why she is basically the only woman who is.

        1. Atlas Shrugged is dreck both as philosophy and as a novel, and your appeal to its popularity simply reinforces that the book is pap. Rand is “approachable” because she wrote at the level of a potboiler. So did Louis L’Amour – but that doesn’t make him a great novelist, much less a great philosopher. The problem with Rand is not that she is a new philosopher. It’s that she is a poor philosopher. This is a hit or miss site when it comes to self improvement but there seems to be a genuine effort to promote ideas and techniques for such improvement. In my opinion promoting Rand here is the equivalent of promoting some garbage fitness product in the comments of an article on strong lifts or starting strength. One can’t improve one’s self without hard work and substance. Rand’s work doesn’t require the first or contain the latter. It’s pop philosophy for the soft and the lazy.

        2. You sound like a woman. You have done absolutely nothing to refute any of her ideas. You just hurl invectives.
          Can you argue against her defense of the Primacy of Existence?
          How about a refutation of her unique use of algebra in building conceptual frameworks?
          What do you have to say to her controversial call to hold rational selfishness as the core of one’s ethics?
          And, please tell me you like Capitalism, which she defined more cogently than any other philosopher in history.
          It would also really help things if her identification of the essence of femininity being “Man-Worship” became more popular in society. What say you to that?
          Or do you just want to whinge and cry like a little bitch?

        3. I don’t need to argue against Rand on the primacy of existence to make my point – which is that Rand on that point was merely parroting Aristotle, who had done the real work by refuting Plato on forms, not to mention by inventing logical reasoning. And her view on rational self interest is just Nietsche on the übermensch and master/slave morality. That’s my entire point – she took the work of true masters and wrote a couple of poor novels around it. As for capitalism, my view is that Rand viewed it only in terms of diametric opposition to communism, which she loathed. Whether I like capitalism or not really has nothing to do with anything. I do think Rand had a somewhat simplistic view of capitalism in that she ignored that it, like all other human systems, is a means for the strong to subjugate the weak. She saw capitalism as a system which fostered individuality and freedom, which our long experience

        4. Well, she never shied away from making the point that Aristotle was the only philosopher she respected and that she “stood on his shoulders.” But, if you look at her discussion of the primacy of existence, they are much more clear than Aristotle’s. He still held a lot of mystical ideas (understandable in the context of the time he lived in) and she dispensed with those completely to argue that we must ruthlessly embrace reality if our goal is life.
          As for Nietszche, you seem very influenced by him. Ayn Rand was early on, but discovered his fatal flaw, which is precisely the concept of the “ubermensche” existing as some metaphysical given as opposed to being the result of right thinking and hard work.
          And Capitalism, properly defined, IS the direct opposite of Communism. It is also the direct opposite of ANY OTHER brand of “statism” whether that is fascism, dictatorship, monarchy, pure democracy or any other system which subjugates the individual to the state as opposed to the other way around. So, again, properly defined, Capitalism IS the system which fosters individuality and freedom. Learn more here:

        5. We will have to disagree on Nietsche. The concept of the übermensch does not discount work or effort – it is simply a reaction to the nihilism that would inevitably result from the emergence of Western society from faith in the god of Christianity and the realization that Christianity and Judaism had imposed a slave morality on Western civilization. “Properly” defining capitalism as the diametric opposite of communism does little to change the reality that all human systems ultimately infringe on individuality. Whether that is accomplished by the party, propaganda and force or by corporations, advertising and dumbed down popular culture is really just a matter of degrees. I’m not arguing that capitalism is not the better system. I’m saying it’s human nature to subjugate those we can. In that sense, Lenin was no different than Napoleon who was no different than JD Rockefeller. Defining communism as bad and capitalism is good just ignores they are different systems for achieving the same end.

        6. Wrong. I have no desire to subjugate anyone. Since I am a human with several systems, it immediately cancels your hypothesis that *all* systems are bent on subjugation. True power is based on controlling nature NOT other people.

        7. Atlas Shrugged a great book, an American classic! She understood Communism having lived through it in her youth in Russia and predicted our current situation half a century ago. A must read! Who is John Galt?

        8. Have to agree. A very boring book. Made it about 1/3 of the way through at totally lost interest.

        9. Rand was a genius. If you look at where she came from and what happened in her early life (Bolshevik revolution) you realize what shaped her ideology. That and clearly she had a crsystal f’ing ball because Atlas Shrugged was written in the early 50’s and it all is coming true now. What started as fiction no longer is..

      2. I’ll answer that. As someone coming from a young leftist mindset, I agree with Rand’s admiration of productive people. I disagree with the industrialist worship.

    2. I’ve read a whole stack of books by and about Rand. I appreciate her stated goal – to articulate a philosophy for living on earth.
      But I can see now that she lacked the goods for pulling it off, though I give credit for a few good ideas mixed up with some nuttiness and confusions. Her influence gives progressives the creeps because the idea of “going Galt” to free yourself from abusive political and social situations can actually work if you do it right. (Lately geeks have started to call this strategy “Exit,” but you can see the idea’s origins in Rand’s novel.)
      However her Kool-Aid drinkers (and I include Anthony Dream Johnson) have engaged in false advertising about Rand’s contributions, and for understandable reasons. No cultist wants to admit that an ordinary schlub founded his cult, so cult members tend to pad their founder’s résumé with all sorts of unlikely accomplishments. Rand revolutionized our understanding of philosophy! economics! political science! psychology! history! aesthetics! even human sexuality!
      Fortunately this ridiculous self-deception stops short of attributing to Rand revolutionary insights into diet, fitness and health, because the people who knew her could see that she never exercised, she seldom bathed, she chain-smoked, she tweaked on amphetamines, she lived in apartments reeking of cat piss and she ate a bad diet. A lot of cult founders, including L. Ron Hubbard, usually offer advice in this area as part of their total bullshit packages, but Rand apparently had nothing to say about it.
      So set Rand aside and look for ideas from better-tested sources.

      1. Ha. It’s always funny when I bring up Ayn Rand to see the diatribes that Re clearly based on reading other people’s opinions, because they are all the same.
        First of all, if Objectivism is a cult, it is the first ever founded on Individualism (which AR stated is the foundation of her work). So, there you go. Also, cults thrive on growing their numbers. I don’t want people calling themselves Objectivists unless they really study the work and integrate it for themselves. Neither did Rand. What I want is to get to the point where most people just say, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

        1. First of all, if Objectivism is a cult, it is the first ever founded on Individualism (which AR stated is the foundation of her work).

          Rand did not live in obscurity. She crossed paths with plenty of people who got the cult vibe from witnessing the coterie she built up around herself. All that smoke has to imply the existence of a fire.

        2. Jesus. You are a woman aren’t you? If you “feel the vibe” and 20 other people do too, it must be true.
          Go back to your freak Transhumanist friends. I am sure you fit in well over there.

    3. Jennifer Burns called Rand “the ultimate gateway drug to life on the right”, even though she didn’t fully comprehend why that is.
      I wouldn’t be commenting on this board as a staunch anti-feminist if it wasn’t for Rand. She made me re-think everything I’ve been taught and fundamentally changed the way I see the world.
      A truly great woman, the kind you get once in a millennium, if that.

    4. So you love a novel about a 30-something adult virginal geek named John Galt, who fails in his engineering career and has to take a menial job on a railroad? And he falls in love with the railroad’s 30-something formerly hot female vice president, stalks her and sabotages her business deals to try to get her attention?
      One, Galt sounds like an UNSUB character from an episode of Criminal Minds.
      And two, he doesn’t exactly have game, does he?

    1. Stop lying you little pusillanimous pissant pipsqueak. I never downvote anyone no matter how stupid the comment so it must be the lurkers on here.

      1. Let me translate that into regular English
        Mashenka :Yes I downvoted that.Also, Daddy left me because Mommy was a whore.

  10. Excellent piece. I would just like ad that you shouldn’t just eat good food, you should live to eat good food…

  11. I guess all the guys who wanted self-improvement articles are happy now, but anyways still a great article. Short, to the point, and easily emulated. Realizing that the only person that is always there to help is yourself. Relying on others to get something done should always be a last resort.

    1. Dude!Oh my God! You’re friggin screenname like hes my favorite emperor ever. He was just like, “I do what the fuck I want now get out of my face.” You just made my day!

  12. “This by experience is proved, that he who never puts his trust in any man will never be deceived.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci, C. A. 344

  13. Stronglifts 5×5 can be brutal on older dudes because of reduced recovery capability. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Older men must make sure they rest at least eight hours a night and eat well after working out. I know this might sound generic but protein powder with a meal after a workout is better than the former or the latter alone. And if you are over 35 and squatting 315 or more it is not advisable to go past 90 degrees. Just my 2 cents as a 35 plus male.

    2. Older men must make sure they rest at least eight hours a night and eat well after working out. I know this might sound generic but protein powder with a meal after a workout is better than the former or the latter alone. And if you are over 35 and squatting 315 or more it is not advisable to go past 90 degrees. Just my 2 cents as a 35 plus male.

  14. 1. Eat good food
    **I won’t go into specifics, because everyone’s diet will, and should, be different.**
    Great fucking point. It drives me wild when otherwise rational people start going on about this or that diet as the holy grail. The reason there are seven billion people on the planet is that we can eat almost anything that stops moving long enough to put in our mouths.
    However, this is also concise (you join my grandma in encouraging me to eat more fruits and vegetables 🙂
    “But if you focus your diet around meat, fruits, and vegetables your body will flourish. Meat provides the protein and amino acids your body needs to grow. The fruits and vegetables provide the fiber and vitamins you need to function over the long run. A man with a solid diet will respond better to stress, and therefore be more self reliant.”

  15. Very good article, sound advice. Strong out of the box reminding us to be self-reliant, because we are and must be.
    I do have to take exception to how you said “when you meditate, you remove all of the outside noise.”
    With brotherly love and respect, I must say NO NO NO. It is not about removing everything ‘external’ (that is the popular misconception and why many say ‘it’s so HARD!’) but noticing any resistance, objection, mind-chatter to what is happening both internally and externally. From inner body sensations, external noises, light, heat, and higher dimensions of subtle conscious experience.
    “You are left with only yourself.”
    YES YES YES! What is that Self you are left with?
    Meditation is a very loaded word which has all kinds of connotations. From the most primal, basic sense, what we are is NOT time-bound, body-bound, mind-bound, space-bound. Meditation isn’t merely something to do to get more control over your life, although it can be that.
    Imagine being on your death bed and seeing your body immobile, your control of it fall away like a favorite bedsheet, your last breath leaving your chest. What is present to witness all that, those final moments? What is present now? It is the same thing-that-is-not-a-thing. Investigate this, pay attention to this ‘ever-present witnessing awareness.’
    “True Meditation” by Adyashanti (highly recommend silent retreats with him)

  16. Now if we can just get more alpha males interested in transhumanism – and I mean seriously interested in it as a survival strategy – then we might make some progress in buying extra lives for the game pieces.
    Because right now transhumanism seems to attract lower-status males, gays and transgender mistakes of nature, so predictably women find the transhumanist community a form of female Kryptonite and they stay away.

    1. Talk about a cultist. I am fully aware of the concept of the Singularity, having read all of Ray Kurzweil’s work and cross-referencing it across other authors. I will stay abreast of developments, pick and choose the ones that I want to put to use in my own life and hopefully be exploring the universe 40 years from now. But I am not going to join a band of omegas in some online community. Why would I? What possible benefit could I or any other alpha get from that?

      1. ” . . . right now transhumanism seems to attract lower-status males, gays and transgender mistakes of nature . . .”
        Go figure.

  17. Good article, Jefe. However, I thought there could have been either a couple things added or distinguished:
    Training your body:
    Shouldn’t we be training our bodies as if we were athletes (equal balance of cardio and weights)? I see plenty of chunky guys in the weight room that will probably never lose those extra pounds. Some cardio would help, but remember that true athletes never train by jogging on flat surfaces. Stairs or inclines force you to exert yourself.
    p.s. Don’t forget cleans for those true weight lifting badasses.
    Should you have made a distinction between fiction and non-fiction (or at least scale of writing)? Obviously, when you are just starting, all books are good. However, when you are a good reader wouldn’t reading something that stimulates the mind or something from which we can learn?
    Once again, I really enjoyed the article. It was well written and provided good insight. Keep them coming!

    1. Do not sleep on the stairmaster, that shit will make a man out of your ass! At the 24 hour fitness here in Miami the bonus of the stairmaster row of machines is behind the ellipticals so you get to watch bouncing hot cuban female ass while you pour out sweat. Mutombo called that shit correct, stairs(and incline) make you a soldier in the gym!

      1. Hopefully you are lucky to have the stairmaster that is basically a treadmill of stairs.
        My gym here has this machine called the jacob’s ladder. It’s a 45% incline ladder-treadmill (you use your hands and feet to climb). It’s always a delight to see women take on that challenge while I’m warming up next to it on the basketball court.

    1. Please, start blogging. The more the merrier. Its easy, I just started mine.
      In short, the “mainstream” narrative is both untenable and a fraud. Luckily we have a more than viable substitute, the internet, that can, will and is proving to be an unstoppable force in the men’s whatever.

  18. “We are born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. It is only through love and friendship that we create the illusion that we are not alone.”
    Good post.

  19. Can you make an article about certain bools that would be beneficial for a young developing male to read please?

  20. Keep trying to learn a foreign language, even if you suck at it! Its like taking your brain to the gym. The mere effort of learning foreign vocabulary words and how to conjugate verbs and pronouns will keep you tuned and sharp.

  21. Great post-never stop learning and trying to improve. We should never allow body or mind to atrophy because once they’re gone, it’s almost impossible to get them back. Also I agree on not being dependent-also have balance in your life. Don’t pin it all on a significant other, your family, friends, job, etc.. Having a healthy balance will help ease the pain during stress in any one of these areas.

  22. It’s important to take care of your body, however I would give the mind and the ability to reason more importants. See Marcus Aurelius meditations

    1. Mind and body are interconnected. You have to take care of both, they influence each other.

  23. I for one have Heaven as my goal. Why be so short sighted as to see only what is here and now? Here we see only as through a glass darkly, then we will see clearly.
    Best to make your choice now. His name is Jesus.

  24. Thanks for posting the link to the Stronglifts 5×5 method. After reading this post, I’ve been doing it for about a month now and I feel great! I’ve never lifted weights before because I thought cardio was the best way to burn fat. But now I realize lifting is not only more effective for me, but also much more satisfying. I now firmly believe that lifting weights is the single best thing a man can do for his own self-improvement. It not only builds strength (confidence) and looks (more confidence), not to mention all the other great health benefits, but it also helps build discipline. For me, “Damn, I have to go run a mile again today,” has become “Hell yeah! I rested yesterday so I get to lift again today!” Cardio is great, but it has limited potential and gets pretty boring after the first 5 minutes or so. However with lifting, I can SEE my progress on the bar, and thanks to Stronglifts 5×5, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time doing exercises that aren’t going to help much. I’m building a solid foundation of muscle that I can build upon in the coming months. This article helped me climb another self-improvement plateau, probably the biggest since swallowing the red pill to begin with. Thanks again.

    1. Ha! I saw this linked to another article and this is the first thing I thought of too. Wanted to search the comments to see if someone else had posted this gem first.

  25. Majority of the things that is promoted aren’t all of that. I’ve seen plenty of so called alphas,betas, players, pimps, bad boys, drug dealers spend their lives chasing pussy. Majority of these guys are HIGHLY insecure. People/society glorify that as if that’s a man’s destination. I’m so glad I had a father that stop doing that and stayed with one woman (my mother). I couldnt stand him growing up because he told me the truth about myself. He NEVER glorified that. God made men WEAK for sex on purpose. Women are WEAK for love. United they were originally designed to be invincible.
    Proverbs 31:3- “Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.”
    I dont know who came up with this quote but it’s so true. “If you can rule your sex drive, you can rule your world.”
    Spent the last 5 years single and haven’t went on a date in 3. I’m first all day everyday. I’ve seen so many females that rejected me in high school (2000-2004) try to come back around now speaking about how I’m such a great catch/good guy. Compliments are nice I can’t lie 😉
    I don’t even break my neck for 9s/10s. Women NEED to be told no. This site is called return of kings. We need to start acting like it. High quality activities should be our primary interests.

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