Google’s Anti-White Sketch Of The Juno Mission Team Shows How Evil The Company Has Become

It’s probably a good thing that Google got rid of its longtime slogan, “Don’t be evil,” because the company’s been working around the clock on that front for years. Case in point: earlier this week, following NASA’s successful mission to send the Juno spacecraft to Jupiter, Google released a “celebratory” sketch that whitewashed (blackwashed) the ethnicity of the Juno mission team members:


Had Google depicted a group of non-whites as white, the left would have gone apoplectic with fury. In fact, right now there’s a controversy brewing over the upcoming live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, in which white actress Scarlett Johansson was cast as a Japanese character. However, falsely depicting a team of white men as a multiethnic, multigender team is apparently acceptable.

This is yet another example of how Google is using its power as the world’s largest search engine to force a leftist agenda on all of us. Google has steadily worked to erode the privacy of Internet users while simultaneously trying to manipulate reality in order to boost support for the Democratic Party and leftist political causes. Anyone who uses Google’s services in any way should be aware of their actions.

Examples Of Google’s Evil


While Google has been a supporter of the left for years—both of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are Democrats, as are much of the site’s employees—the site’s political advocacy has become ridiculously overt in the past year. For example, YouTube channel SourceFed discovered last month that Google had been manipulating its search results to favor Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Google’s autocomplete would bury suggestions for searches on Hillary’s various corruption scandals while working normally for her rivals Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders:

Additionally, Google and YouTube have been trying to no-platform Return of Kings contributor Davis Aurini for several months now. Back in March, YouTube shut down Aurini’s channel for supposed “violations” of their Terms of Service, then reinstated him after a public backlash. He recently became the victim of a false copyright strike for his review of the film Tombstone, and has been banned from uploading videos longer than 15 minutes as a result.

Google has also been a pioneer in violating the privacy of its users. For example, if you’re a user of Chrome, Google is surreptitiously turning on your microphone and using it to record your voice. Virtually every Google product, from Gmail to Android phones to Google Maps, secretly hoovers up all the data entered into it and spreads it to Google without your knowledge or consent.

More insidiously, Google has been steadily working to destroy online anonymity: former CEO Eric Schmidt has stated multiple times that anonymity on the Internet is “dangerous” and will soon be a thing of the past. Anonymity is the tool by which many dissident writers and bloggers can express their views without worrying about losing their jobs or being publicly pilloried by leftists. Anonymity is also an important tool for writers fighting authoritarian governments; Google’s erosion of online privacy will aid tyrants and effectively make it impossible to advocate for conservative, neomasculine values.

The Online Hydra


Google’s sheer dominance of the Internet—from email to video sharing to data analytics—makes breaking free of its clutches relatively difficult. I myself make use of Google’s services extensively because they’re convenient, easy-to-use and free. The problem is that Google’s products come with a hefty price tag: empowering a corporation whose values are antithetical to your own.

I’ve extricated myself from the Google hydra in some ways; for example, I’ve switched to using Pale Moon as my browser because it’s faster, hogs less resources and doesn’t spy on me. However, we need to search for ways to get the Google monkey off our backs. We cannot continue enriching a corporation who uses its heft to advocate for everything we oppose.

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583 thoughts on “Google’s Anti-White Sketch Of The Juno Mission Team Shows How Evil The Company Has Become”

  1. It sure constitutes historical revisionism pretending that man’s scientific, technological and cultural advancements are anything but the product of white men. NASA has had two attempted missions that proved to be disasters (Challenger and Columbia), and on both occasions, there were “diversity” placements on board. Is it merely chance, or is God trying to tell us something?

    1. In the emerging racially mixed, diversity-trash world our elites envision for us, scientific and technological progress will stop because of the lack of people with enough IQ to do these things.
      Oh, speaking of the future, I laughed at the news that the new Star Trek movie will queer the Sulu character. The Trek universe ostensibly disavows genetic engineering because of historical bad experience with Khan and his colleagues; but parents would still exert some control over their offsprings’ quality to keep from producing ones with preventable birth defects, including broken sexuality. You just wouldn’t see gay men in this society any more than you’d see ones suffering from Down’s syndrome.
      I keep applying what I call the Mars Colonization Test to these efforts to try to make us accept LGBT disorders as another kind of normal. If you wanted to colonize Mars successfully, would you send these LGBT defectives, misfits and losers? Or would you instead send people with healthy sexuality, like the ones who colonized the United States by, you know, marrying and forming families? The Mars Colonization Test offers a secular, empirical way of seeing just how messed up sexology and sex education have gotten in response to social-justice ideology.

      1. I am not sure if homosexuality is inherited. If there were ‘gay genes’ they would get edited out within a few as gays would be compelled to not enter relationships that created off spring.
        Could a possible non post birth environmental cause (I am excluding for now abuse / molestation of a child as a cause) be a chemical or biological incident during fetus development?
        I remember reading a study about women who received heightened doses of testosterone from their mothers during development (ovaries do produce small amounts of testosterone). The study found that these women tended to have more male attributes (Tom boyish). The study (from what I read) didn’t cover sexuality.
        Curious if exposure to certain hormones, infections, etc. could cause someone to be homosexual once reaching puberty.

  2. So basically, Google knows who we all are and that we read the “evil” Return of Kings?

      1. i get strange things happening in my browser since i start logging on to white nationalist or alt-right sites. not surprised if they are infested with undetectable govt malware

        1. Wouldn’t be surprised if several of these were entirely run by feds. A lot of crazy ideas that I think no rational, real people could actually believe in, are nothing other than fed honeypots.

  3. It’s hard for a lot of people to accept the concept that whites invented everything worthwhile because it implants a scary thought in the minds of non-whites, particularly blacks: “If whites are responsible for all of the advancements in science, technology, and medicine that we see today, what are my people good for?” That’s why you have a lot of people who try to debunk the Bell Curve and similar studies. Nobody wants to face the prospect of being a member of a race that serves absolutely no purpose. So things like this Google ad don’t surprise me. Since nobody seems to be able to answer the question of what purpose such people can serve, liberals just step up and “invent” a purpose for them. Pretty clever ploy, actually.

    1. Blacks are good at Sports. It’s really the only field that they truly excel at in comparison to all the other races. What’s really left out in the cold is a lot of Native American / Meso-American people. They don’t have the IQ or technological capacity of Whites or Northeast Asians, nor do they even make good athletes other than a few who reach the upper-crust of Baseball (which is hardly a rigorous sport to begin with).

      1. I don’t necessarily buy into the idea that the only righteous virtue is IQ to begin with.

        1. It’s subtle, but nonetheless important. It has a lot to do with speed of deductive reasoning and foresight. People with lower IQ’s tend to have a very “live for the day” attitude towards life and while in theory that is not bad, people like that don’t have much incentive to create and maintain a flourishing 1st world country nor look too far ahead at the consequences of their actions (criminal responsibility, etc.)
          Germanic Europeans (which includes the lions share of White Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis, and South Africans) and Northeast Asians have the world’s highest IQ’s. Oddly enough, they maintain the world’s most advanced nations, and tend to have the world’s lowest propensities towards blue-collar or “street” crime.

        2. Mainstream Science on Intelligence: An Editorial With 52 Signatories, History, and Bibliography

        3. Absolutely.
          But you can have high IQ and still be a coward. Obama certainly has a high IQ but no leadership qualities. plenty of high iq shitlibs sacrificing their own country.
          I’m just saying, other virtues deserve mention. > Sum of the parts.

        4. Correct, Lots of variables are important. I would however, consider IQ to be a very important one. Just look at a table of the ‘human development index’ which coincides with that nations average IQ. The points will continually drop as the nations become more backward and uncompetitive.

        5. “street” crime. Crime done generally outdoors and using tools (guns, knives, etc.) to achieve the aims of their crime (robbery for example). It’s the opposite of white-collar crimes where you generally don’t have contact with your perpetrator and the crime often utilizes hi-tech technology in lieu of guns or knives (computer crimes, fraud, skimming, embezzlement etc.)

        6. High IQ, in a position of leadership despite no leadership qualities, cowardly behavior…where else can we find these kind of people? Ah yes, universities.

        7. Obama certainly has a high IQ
          what do you base this opinion on?
          and what’s a “high IQ” 120+? 130+?

        8. i read somewhere that once a nation’s avg IQ dips below 90 it becomes difficult to maintain a democracy

        9. Bernie Madoff = white-collar crime
          Jeffrey Dahmer = blue-collar crime

        10. I believe Obama’s been documented at 140. That’s higher than all but about 2.5% of the population. I believe Terrell Owens has an IQ of 140 as well.

        11. I’d say 130+-
          I’m assuming he has a high IQ considering he speaks well and published a book.
          I don’t know what Obama’s actual iq is.

        12. The anti-White rhetoric of blacklivesmatter explicitly targets White America and what blacklivesmatter interprets to be its power structure. They identify the police as part of this power structure—though of course this cannot be true as the police are agents of the state, which pursues anti-white policies that will result in the minoritization of Whites on this continent.
          They are not part of any kind of “White supremacist” power structure but an anti-White supremacist power structure; law enforcement only has disparate impact on blacks insofar as you believe the myth that all groups commit crimes at equal rates (they don’t). Yet, the police are a natural target owing to conflation with Whiteness by third worldists, in addition to being hated by dindu agitators for trying to suppress their criminality
          Remember the words of the dindu terrorist in Dallas. He wasn’t fixated on killing cops, He was fixated on killing White people, and “White officers” are merely a high-profile subset of that population.

        13. Agreed, I have pondered this as well. Certain styles of government are only successful if the overall population IQ is high enough. Though temperment and drive play their parts as well and this explains why Chinese never had the influence or empires of Europeans despite having higher IQ’s

        14. I don’t see how this is a response to my comment.
          I don’t have a real opinion yet about Blm.
          I do believe however that displacing whites is in the best interests of globalists. Much easier to control a divided and confused population.
          I agree with the premise f this article.
          Just trying to question the centrality of iq as the be all end of comparing groups of people.

        15. I’m not a fan of democracy at all. However, in a society of the educated, I do think it could work. Just like a communist society could work, in a world where humans operated without greed or selflessness. The problem is, society is never 100% educated or selfless. What do we do about those who do not conform?

        16. Slight correction here:
          Bernie Madoff = Jew-collar crime
          Jeffrey Dahmer = simply off-the-charts psychopathic nut

        17. I think limited democracy is the best system, a little broader than an oligarchy. The only problem is that there is too much incentive for the people in charge to attempt to expand the voter-base.

        18. I’m a firm advocate of monarchy, with the caveat that, having never lived under a monarchy, I could be marginalizing its weaknesses (namely, its a superior system when you have a good king, but could be an inferior system when you are stuck with a lousy king). Then again, I have no confidence that we’ll elect a decent ruler in my lifetime through democracy, so I’m still throwing in with monarchy on this one.
          Some of the more constitutional monarchies, or monarchies where the king doesn’t hold 100% absolute power, but must work with a parliament or group of lords or something, is probably the best mix.

        19. I’m white, and have the “live for the day” attitude which most consider stupid and irresponsible, and in one respect they are correct, but in another respect, I have no children, no ex-wife (and remain single) and no debts.
          I’m also in my late 40s and have no intention of starting a family.

        20. I would have thought so a few years ago but reality has proven that even if your society has enough high IQ people, your high iq women will still vote with their emotions and as some commenters have put before, IQ is not the end of it all, there are some other qualities that are necessary (honesty, courage for starters) which we lack today. Just look at Switzerland and how since suffrage was granted to women, the country has gone down the sewer, slowly but surely.
          I am firmly on the side of a limited monarchy at this point in my life or a highly limited franchise.

        21. He speaks well only when he either has a teleprompter before him, or is answering a crowd of shitlib “journalists” regurgitating prescreened questions. There were plenty of occasions when he sounded like a bumbling idiot as a result of going off the script.
          And who knows who really wrote that book published under his name?

        22. Daily reminder that the so-called “Human Development Index” should be rather called “Marxist Indoctrination Index”.
          Seriously, points for each year average people spend in a commieversity?

        23. “The idea is that nations ruled by good kings are likely to outperform and eventually conquer those ruled by bad kings.”
          I can see what you mean in regards to competition amongst nations. And I can see subscribing to a Monarchy, but only under voluntary basis.
          What I mean is, if he is a good king, then I will voluntarily pay him fruits of my labor for the services he provides. HOWEVER, a sovereign individual I reserve the right to revoke payment for poor service. If he is a shitty king, and no one is willing to pay him, then he is deposed through market forces and replaced through competition by those that can provide better “service” at less cost.
          Yet the second some thug threatens to impose violent action for withdrawing the fruits of my labor in exchange for service I don’t want, then I am inclined to shoot that thug in the face.
          I am not interested in replacing one form of tyranny and slavery for another. Once this plantation goes under, this nigger is liable to shoot the first motherfucker that tries to claim his right to be my master.

        24. Yes, gentiles are probably too stupid on average to execute financial fraud. They are good on raping their sisters, though.

        25. I am a fan of a republic with the vote limited to those that have a stake in the system. Plus setup in a way that no one group could dominate completely. The pauper with no land, no business, and no brains doesn’t get to vote himself a living from the public treasury.
          I would have much rather lived in the Dutch Republic than in France, Spain, or any other state where the Monarchy was the seat of power.

        26. Not even then
          Without an appraisal mechanism it’s impossible to economize in itself

        27. “Obama certainly has a high IQ”
          You are joking right?
          The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no back bone, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

        28. Terrell Owens has an IQ of 140? Not saying you’re wrong but, I find that surprising.

        29. “considering he speaks well and published a book”
          Obama, seems to be at total loss for words without his teleprompter..
          “Sorry everyone, My prepared lies for today do not seem to be sitting here”
          Low IQ/Information President elected by Low IQ/Information Voters.
          That’s the Obama I know,
          a puppet without his strings..
          I guess Obama never heard of, or tried, speaking extemporaneously..
          This is what passes for “intelligence” now..

        30. Maybe that’s why the dutch power was so limited and short lived don’t you think?

        31. It’s not for me. It’s for all the other jackasses I have to live with 🙂

        32. I can’t believe so many think Obama is intelligent. seriously.
          HE’S NEVER HELD A FUCKING JOB IN HIS LIFE and even under the pretext of a communist agenda, has barely any idea of how an economy functions in the first place.
          speaking well does not equal intelligence. jesus fuck some people are slow.
          This is why they can manipulate women and minorities so well. most don’t look beyond the surface of anything

        33. Terrell owens was fuckin stupid with his money tho.
          I thought Russell Wilson had a high IQ until you see him marry a single mom Ciara. he must be really dumb. IDK how his teammates didn’t save him from that shit. I couldn’t let a friend do that

        34. Here’s my view:
          All men are spiritually equal in the sight of God (image-bearers of God), and all men should be treated with equal dignity.
          That being said, all men, women, and all cultures are NOT the same, and it is stupid to assume otherwise.

        35. That’s the impression I got. Obama has declined recently (perhaps he has health problems), but a few years back he had impressive body language that’s impossible to fake.
          However, as another pointed out, a teleprompter can carry you a bit. It’d be interesting to actually speak to him face to face and see if he still appears impressive.

        36. The parable of the talents indicates the inherent inequality of man. Some are to be kings others to be paupers. More that is given more is demanded and vice versa.
          Men are judged according to how they acted in their station. In this way a servant outranks the king by fulfilling his duties while a negligent king is ranked lower.

        37. I think CEO would probably be a better description. When you say chairman, I think Mao. And I sure don’t want any kind d of thing like that.

        38. Face it jew, you only became intelligent when you became white. Before that you were primitive sandniggers.

        39. A small nation, the republic held out for over 200 years, while being continuously assaulted by multiple major powers (France, Spain, England, others), I think they did pretty well.
          In our own history, the USA experiment might have ended by 1815 if England had not been also fighting the French empire.

        40. If Germanics were really that smart, then why did they never create a civilization? Germanics never had a significant role in the world, until they were Christianized (which is not their native religion) and got access to all the knowledge created by the Greeks and Romans (which is also not their native knowledge). The Renaissance as they call it. This happened only a few centuries ago.
          Scandinavian countries were one of the poorest in Europe, until they decided to move from agriculture to industries and services. This happened after WWII. And then you want to call them people with the highest IQs in the world? What a big fucking joke. Civilization started 7000 years ago. Where were those high IQ Germanics? Where were they 5000, 2000 or 1000 years ago?

        41. I’m around your age and my wife, a unicorn who meets all of the requirements in that list that Roosh published recently, and I just had our first baby. All that cheesy stuff people say about seeing your kid for the first time being the greatest moment of your life appears to be true, at least for me. I’ve literally never felt happier.
          That said, there’s nothing wrong with how you’re living your life. The mere fact that you have no debts says a lot about your wisdom, in spite of any appearance to the contrary. Even if you were inclined to have children, you’d be foolish to do it without a unicorn wife, and those are extremely hard to come by.

        42. Yes, Dahmer is a weird choice for an example of blue collar crime. A random mugging would be a good example.

        43. All of these NFL guys tend to be simps. Look at Trent Shelton. A few years ago he was on Youtube singing the praises of single mothers and trying to sell guys on the loony idea that they actually make for good marriage material. Then you have Mario Williams, who dropped an $800,000 engagement ring on some basic chick, only to have her dump him. He took her to court over the ring. You often see a lot of army guys dating/marrying single mothers as well. I think the problem is that a lot of these guys were raised by single mothers, and think that that’s normal. Prepare to see more of it, because every year, more and more people are engaging in what I’ve coined the “kid shuffle,” picking the kids up from the ex’s house on Friday and dropping them off at IHOP on Monday. It’s become so commonplace it’s depressing. When did broken homes become the new normal?

        44. Correlation is not causation, maybe lack of development causes low IQ not the other way round.

        45. a lot of military guys are dipshits with women.
          I came from a broken home but it woke me up to reality. Most guys seem to repeat the mistakes they witness, thinking they’re ‘fixing’ it or some shit

        46. Obama strikes me as highly intelligent but, as you say, spineless and contemptible. The two are in no way mutually exclusive. In fact, you could probably forgive a person of low intelligence for the buying into the cynical race baiting he’s been doing, but the president is smart enough to know better, and that’s why what he is doing is inexcusable.

        47. I’m pretty sure his name is Bill Ayers; communist revolutionary of the Weather Underground. But much like who his father actually is or if his mom actually did porn, we’ll probably never know the truth,

        48. “Even if you were inclined to have children, you’d be foolish to do it without a unicorn wife, and those are extremely hard to come by”
          You are lucky to meet that special gal which are indeed difficult to come by these days.
          I also have a friend who has a 10 year old son and he too never regretted having a child.
          With the upcoming global war however, I could not imagine bringing a child into the shitstorm.

        49. He didn’t write the book, an Ashkenazi embarrassment to the Jews named Saul Alinsky or that divk Bill Ayers wrote it.

        50. All men aren’t equal in the eyes of the biblical deity, read the damn bible itself.
          Shitheels, shitloards, fags, harlots, Amalek, the list is long, brother.

        51. Bingo. If you want a say on how funds are spent you have to be a net contributor… I also believe that ‘head of household’ voting should be the norm, where 1 person is designated to vote for the whole family, since of they can’t come together at the level of a single household they probably shouldn’t be messing up the wider society. All that’s left is the realization that the only rightful powers a government can ever have are those that some natural born human, or group thereof, already had and revokably delegated to it.

        52. The most important characteristic is the ability to delay gratification. Working now and reinvesting, not taking immediate rewards out of the system, so that you can build a better future with compounding. That plus intelligence. There is also a theory, which I think has merit: people from colder regions have to plan ahead and stockpile for the future, or they die. Hence, Germanics, Eastern Europeans, etc. being the powerhouse cultures. People from the tropics and equatorial regions generally have not built advanced civilizations.

        53. What, you don’t want to live in Nordic dream state, with 50% tax rates and micro regulation on every aspect of your barbaric life??

        54. Either the Constitution could not prevent the central government from becoming what it is (obviously), or it allows for it. Either way, fatally flawed…

        55. That was probably where we went off track- ditching the original requirement that you had to be a stakeholder (landowner) to vote. Makes perfect sense. Otherwise, you end up where we are. The taking system, i.e. non producers vote to get what productive people create, via government. We are right at the tipping point- over 40% are getting something substantial from their generous Uncle. The producers who aren’t in the 1% are getting mighty tired of it all…

        56. Think of it- fighting valiantly side by side….
          My two boys and I are working exit plans. It’s coming, and looks like sooner than later.

        57. We haven’t cultivated the aggressive, utterly selfish deviousness to its penultimate peak. Sad, isn’t it?

        58. Amelekites, you mean? They were totally welcome, if they would pick up faith in the One, and drop heathen paganism. As is true for anyone. He’s quite open that way, but He also leaves you to your choices. Which have consequences. But that’s the catch with free will…

        59. IQ is an indirect proxy of general intelligence, one’s ability to effectively absorb, retain, and apply information, and thus wisdom is merely the result of sufficient intelligence coupled with time and effective learning experiences… Sure there’s a probably an ‘intuitive sense/ instinct’ factor in there as well that skews things a little bit, but wisdom is the end result of effective cognition i.e. intelligence…
          … This is why we don’t as often find very wise stupid people or very old and intelligent people who are markedly unwise… Either occurrence can happen, but it usually doesn’t (which pretty much meets the definition of highly correlated.)

        60. Yeah, I worry about that kind of thing too. Dallas and the predictable blaming it all on white people while cynically stoking racial discord for political gain happened shortly after my daughter’s birth and that did not feel great at all. Like I said, I think your choice is entirely valid. I almost made it myself.

        61. When asked who his favorite White Sox player of all time was – and 0bama is a self described hard core White Sox fan – he says Ron Santo. The Cubs legend who played for the White Sox one year before retiring. That is not impressive and was from 2009.

        62. Ezekiel 18:32 states that God would rather men repent of their evil and they live, than they continue in their evil and die.
          God being God, however, He must judge the evil for their choices.

        63. The problem with your argument, is that crime and violence rates are almost perfectly inversely consistent with IQs. The inverse rates of violence/IQs are even consistent within other countries. Give low IQ groups free reign, see America, and see how violence rises in that group, see America.

        64. He has one very adept skill, hopping the nigga gravy train. He learned how to ride it all the way to the Whitehouse.

        65. But IQ levels have been increasing historically (, so are we to say that previous generations of “high-IQ groups” were more criminal? Is this correlation or causation?
          I think other factors are important too, like the economic and cultural climates.
          I’m mostly playing devil’s advocate here. I’m not afraid to acknowledge the Bell-Curve.

        66. Kratom has an IQ of 160..while doing one-handed pushups and fighting Chuck Norris with the other hand. Underwater.

        67. Dude, it all started with the Brady Bunch, trying to condition us to accepting this…

        68. Can someone explain how people with poor nutrition can be expected to do well on an IQ test? I have to wonder if this whole discussion is a little bit like which came first-the chicken or the egg?

        69. Or a carjacking. A good, old-fashioned carjacking. On Kratom. Yeah!

        70. The media is pushing the idea that BLM is peaceful (which is kindof bullshit) means they are, of course, the opposite in some instances. It is never black and white, so to speak. Its more dark gray.

        71. I agree, only an atheist would equate IQ with virtue. Wisdom, determination, equanimity, resilience and so many more attributes can eclipse IQ in a variety of scenarios. If you live out an honorable ethos, work to overcome weakness, and endeavor to build upon successful guidelines laid out by our forefathers then I’d say the IQ disparity between races or individuals would be of little consequence.

        72. Not too sure…Mr. and Mrs. Brady both had kids from previous marriages. I think single dads and single moms should be marrying each other and leave those of us without kids to start fresh with each other.

        73. It is exemplified by a cartoon made in 2009 which I had on my office wall for quite some time. I work for a bank and it was of a guy with a gun sticking up a teller. At the forefront was a guy in a glass office looking at the robber and laughing. the caption under the bank executive was; “Amateur!”

        74. From what I have seen in my life and society in general: High IQ = Low Game.

        75. All of your criticisms of him are true IMO, but I think it is naive to assume he isn’t intelligent. I think thats a more frightening thought anyway. That he knows EXACTLY what he is doing.
          I mean, from his actions it would appear he is stupid, that he doesn’t even understand basic concepts like supply and demand, Econ 101, etc. But I cannot believe that. He knows what will happen, he knows the consequences of his ill advised actions, and therefore we must look to his apparent goals. That’s what scares me.

        76. You just described Justin Trudeau. Actually, most lib-left politicians, anyway.

        77. “Can someone explain how people with poor nutrition can be expected to do well on an IQ test?”
          Maybe they have poor nutrition precisely due to the fact they ARE low IQ… whether due to the fact they are not smart enough to eat right or take care of themselves, or due to the fact they are not smart enough to successfully cultivate crops, fish, or raise livestock.

        78. “Yes, gentiles are probably too stupid on average to execute financial fraud. They are good on raping their sisters, though.”
          If we wanted your opinion, yarmulke boy, we would beat it out of you. Now go away.

        79. And this is why you keep losing. Threats of violence don’t scale. At best it produces an “Attack and Die” mentality, like Franklin. To keep with a losing strategy is a sign you won’t learn from your own mistakes.
          Try some thing else.

        80. Doubt it was Saul Alinsky – he died in 1972. Worth noting he was, despite his communist credentials, strongly opposed to forced integration of schools or neighborhoods; he believed it would fracture working class solidarity in face of the ruling class.
          And, damned if we wasn’t right.
          And, if so, it makes alot of sense why the Limousine Liberals of the time pushed it so – it was because of integration’s failure – it was the design goal. Perhaps you are familiar with the case of Southie in Boston.

        81. Indeed, Aristotle called Courage a ‘physical’ virtue (as opposed to the Ethical and Intellectual), and declared it to be ‘the foundation of all other virtues’. No accident a common synonym for courage is’ “Heart”.

        82. ‘Southie’ wa the neighborhood formed in South Boston. Fifty years back it was a white working class neighborhood, heavily of Irish descent. It had its own schools, institutions, very typical of its time. The self described Liberals of the time, 1974, decided that Boston schools needed to be desegregated, and that the way to do it was to bus in students from the black neighborhood, Roxbury. Note at no time did the instigators for this forced integration proposed that the wealthier white towns were a proper target of such a sprogram.
          The results was, as you might expect, violence academic failure. and white flight.. The media had fun denouncing the residents of Southie as ‘racists’ Liberals claimed to be for the working man, yet they decided on a social experiment on people who could not resist – working class people.
          This was the very result Alinsky had predicted and feared in the 1960s. You don’t have to a commie like Alinsky to want justice for working people. Both neighborhoods were working class people, without money, without influence, who simply had to take the guinea pig role local white rich elites had assinge4d them. By pitting people against each other, the local elites assured a reduced threat to their own status. Divide and conquer, again and again, even to the present day.
          Hope this was not too much information (TMI).

        83. Even a society of angels would have to make decisions to allocate resources across projects and over time. It can only do so with expressed preferences between products, and between future and present consumption. Communism is an economic theory which, by definition, precludes this kind of calculation.
          Under a centrally planned command economy, there is no rational calculation. the closest any one has come to realizing the Communist vision have been the collective frame in Israel. Indeed, this was the vision of the founders of that state. it has been refuted by the subsequent economic development of the country The labor zionism has been entirely discarded in favor of the start-up market economy.
          To conclude: The moreal quality of the agents is not relevant to the success of an economy. Ever since Mandeville published his “Fable of the Bees”, we have learned that is through private vice alone that there are public benefits. Republics of virtue give us the guillotine, and then the Empire.
          Let us not visit Commieland any more. No matter who lives there, it becomes a silly place.

        84. We’ve got that. It’s called the Republic of the United States. The President has the powers of a King, indeed, some might say more than Louis XIV could imagine.

        85. The challenge of the Dutch Republic was constant war on land, and the growth of a superior competitor across the way, England. England has a legal and political structure in which it was faster to do business with other people and with the government. than with their High Mightiness of the United Provinces.

        86. Makes sense but, I’ve never hear that referred to as blue collar crime, thats just street crime.

        87. Does this include the Arab population? All Jews? Mizrachi/Sephadi? Or is it simply a bi-modal distribution?

        88. Thanks. I think best for you is to find like minded people who also have family and organize with them to establish a community to contend with the current state of affairs.

        89. Obama isn’t stupid, he’s simply a narcissist. I think he felt abandoned by Mummy and Daddy as a child.

      2. We keep hearing about how the future of the United States belongs to Hispanics. That future has already arrived in California, yet we see a vacuum of Hispanic talent there, especially in politics. Apparently Mexican Americans can’t do any better politically than give us the dumb playboy Tony Villaraigosa and the airheaded Loretta Sanchez. No wonder white and Jewish people in their 70’s and 80’s still run the Democrat Party in California; they don’t have anyone in the emerging Hispanic majority competent enough to elevate as the next generation of party leaders.

        1. Politics never really required much “talent”. It mostly boils down to your connections / networks, and how charismatic you can be at spewing lies and B.S. that the public wants to hear (but you will never fulfill).

        2. You bring up a valid point.
          Rich families tend to have children that grow up to be rich. Poor families tend to have children that grow up to be poor. You can argue that the rich have better opportunities, but it goes deeper than that. The parents are the ones that will have the influence on their children and to learn habits that keep them at that social-economic level. There are exceptions of those that rise above and out of poverty, likewise, there are ones who self destructs and becomes poor.
          It is not oppression. That is what the parents are teaching their kids.

        3. I think the Chinese do really well about getting their children out of poverty. (And without the crime stats of other race’s poverty.)

        4. Or they held jobs which are completely unsuitable or irrelevant for the job. Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer for example.
          A good man, just not a good president.
          Nicholas Maduro (Leader of fucked up Venezuela) is a former bus driver for most of his adult life.

        5. Boom, here it is. Many poor or middle class kids go to prestigious schools and still end up poor or middle class. Rich and wealthy kids have a different type of work ethic and mind set that takes them places that the former just cant go. Now its not an absolute, more like 80/20. some break through. That’s the exception of course, your statement is the rule imo.

        6. Oppression is the vocab for weak minded people. Its a foreign word to me. I just naturally don’t use it, I believe that is the same case for many people that can do something with themselves.

        7. “Rich and wealthy kids have a different type of work ethic and mind set that takes them places that the former just cant go.”
          It’s not that the former can’t go. It’s the former didn’t earn it. They do have the opportunity. They just don’t work for it so they are not entitled to it.

        8. That is sad. Greed is what is at the heart of it. If the parents taught strong values and morals, this feud would not occur. They would learn to respect one another.
          Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins.

        9. We keep hearing about how the future of the United States belongs to Hispanics.
          yeah this is what they tell themselves, something like “we are the NEW Generation”
          i think its a way to grant themselves permission to invade your country – (all these whities are old and gonna die soon anyway)

        10. One of the best arguments for monarchy. A king is trained and groomed his whole life to be a ruler of his kingdom, and advocate for his people.

        11. Exactly, by the way 99.9% of all women are airheaded and we (including myself) still love them so they shouldn’t get flak for that.

        12. Unfortunately even the best of kings is just three generations away from a tyrant or an imbecile.

        13. Bullshit. Mentality has a lot to do with that standard of success, but this is the case with anything. Many high IQ and capable people from the poor and lower middle class have added burdens and difficult decisions which require sacrifices of time and effort that people born more financially well off never have to deal with.
          Have you ever had to make a decision between paying your tuition with what you can scrape by, or helping a family member with medical bills keep their house from getting repo’d? I used to buy into the conservative/libertarian talking points, and I still do in some regards as a matter of principle. But then our generation got tossed into this financial shitstorm and I realized I actually had to learn economics/trade/finance if I want to not remain a pleb.
          I got tired of not having legitimate answers to personal financial struggles when I was working hard and had nothing to show for it, or even a solid argument when I’d try to expand my gray matter and to argue with an educated leftist on economics. They weren’t bright, but they knew more than most of us did about current financial realities (when it played into their narrative). I didn’t know that aside from rare dumb luck, it is impossible to advance yourself financially without deliberation, perspective, planning and even guidance is necessary. Most poor and lower middle class people, even intelligent poorer people have no access to these sources of information and rarely consider them. In fact, it was only in my “red pill” beginnings that I gave trying to understand economics a shot. And that has a lot to do with me having internet exposure, unlike my parents and grandparents when they were young and capable.
          I didn’t mean to rant but one of the main reasons my generation is so full of Bern victims is because even if they weren’t r/ selection, anti-competition hive minds, is that this is not a free market. Its a multinational, corporate welfare meat grinder, run by banks and those who secure the political power through the monetary systems. And all the pundits of the right were talking about until Trump was deregulation and eliminating capital gains tax. Not to mention all the tools the credit system and modern marketing have set up to bleed you dry if you live on a wage. Its a weaponized economy and the days of “Well hell I worked hard and earned my way out of poverty” are long gone. Financial success is more of an interdependent, complex and cerebral effort than its ever been.

        14. How is it bullshit? Everyone has the opportunity. Not everyone has the samr easy access, but nonetheless, has an opportunity.
          You even said it yourself you pursued it. It wasn’t easy, but you still had the opportunity. It wasn’t taken away from you. You learned from the internet. They didn’t forbid you to use the internet.

        15. I didn’t mean opportunity doesn’t exist for poorer and middle class people. I meant that the current monetary and financial system is set against them. Moreover, these systems are now centralized around the dependency and stagnation of these economic classes, and populist uprisings aside, I don’t see this getting any better. All of the stats point to this.
          A single mistake here or there and I would have been one of those PTSD millennials coming back from the war, welding oil tankers 70 hours a week and drinking away the loneliness every night. Or dead, or in jail, or so far in debt I’ll die that way. Or having kids I have to support for the next 20 years, and probably not being a very good father with our force fed modern values, living a shallow existence at a dead end 10$/hour job. This lack of deliberation literally dooms most people, and they don’t realize it until its far past a point of return. I am the exception, this is most of my generation. This can describe most of the men I grew up with. They never gave pause, we never had much mentorship, or any of the important factors necessary to cultivate this internal capacity.
          So it is bullshit. The difference of circumstances contained within the separations of economic classes are very real man, and I’m not trying to lay this on you for the sake of dispute or to upset you. This is a reality we must face, especially if we wish to change ourselves and other factors we may be able to potentially control as we advance ourselves. This is at least a realization that helped me along the way, and I thought it was a good enough perspective to mention here.
          By the way, you may want to check out some of the newer plans for internet censorship gaining steam in the legislative bodies of the west. Granted, they usually don’t get anywhere outside of efforts on private sites, but I think things might change. That could potentially destroy a lot of these “red pill” and neomasculinity hubs of communication and information.

        16. Good post, but space your paragraphs – that was good content but hard to read (visually).

        17. Indeed. At this point IQ and connections are far more important to one’s earning potential than their work ethic.

        18. If by ‘set against them’ you mean being poor naturally makes it likely they will continue being poor, for all sorts of reasons, and society doesn’t go out of its way to restructure itself to reshuffle the arrangement of who is and isn’t poor, then yes, it’s ‘set against them’, as it should be.

        19. I’m no particular fan of Carter, but he came out of the Naval Academy and was a relatively effective governor of Georgia. I lived under his administration. Also met the guy. But he was just anointed by David Rockefeller, like Obama and many others. They just create and foist these guys out of thin air. Presidents are basically subject to the business cycle, and nobody can thwart that. Policy might make things a little better or worse, but the economy is gigantic, and still basically decentralized in terms of the decision making.

        20. Better genetics. Better environment. Much better direction and support. Better influence via example. Better access to everything. Higher expectations. Importantly, totally different worldview and basic philosophies of life. Multiple factors that combine into a huge advantage and difference.
          Meaning if I had raised a crack baby with an inherited 90 IQ, he would probably turn out functional and basically competent. If my 140 IQ son was raised in that crackhouse by a 90 IQ single mom, he would have a large chance of not turning out well. There will always be outliers from either direction, but the overall pattern is clear and dominant for the majority of cases.
          As with most things, it is a matrix of factors, with varying degrees of influence on the final outcome.

        21. Appreciated, Art. I always double space my paragraphs but when I post on ROK sometimes it just runs all together afterwards. These damn internet machines, I’ll figure them out one day. Didn’t mean to cause your eyes to struggle, honest.
          Maybe Disqus just isn’t built to handle long-winded red pill rants. Typical bullshit, really.

        22. There is nothing natural about it. Corporate welfare, a predatory financial system and a corrupted monetary policy is set against people who are living on stagnated wages and an inflation-heavy market. A market that despite a, how many trillion in a stimulus package from asshat in chief?.. hasn’t recovered from the housing crash 8 years ago. I think this is socially and morally indefensible. Anyone advocating for this current order and the globalist solutions they would have for this (while not being the small percentage of people actually profiting from any of this) is a chump of the lowest order, tbh fam.

        23. The whole idea of government linked money is sick… What people use for money is their own business…
          Giving the government MORE scope, when it’s already too large, is even worse than doing nothing.
          If you want to fix something then take some power away from the government, since virtually all of the truly objectionable shit that’s wrong with our system is due to the acts of the state (but even when the system is working perfectly it still shouldn’t be picking winners and losers, and as a result the poor will tend to stay poor and the rich will tend to stay rich.)

        24. The government, right now as a proxy is picking winners and losers. Its too simplistic, which has always been the Achilles’ heel of the right, to say that we need less government. I’m not advocating for socialism, or really anything financially.
          Plus, in the face of all of the evidence, you can’t say this is an issue solely pertaining to microeconomics. You sound like the democrats in 08′.
          This is much bigger than class and economic rhetoric. Certain power that we can potentially wield against despotic, unjust and predatory financial & monetary systems should be utilized according to our prudent will, and crimes against the people should be punished. If we don’t utilize our power effectively, we will cease to be a republic.
          The IMF, the Federal Reserve, fragile markets and other bullshit institutions will dictate our government’s policy and have a dramatic effect on our existence. I’m not talking about picking winners and losers, I’m talking about ending corrupted policies and the elimination of corporate welfare.
          Look at Syria right now, do you think this is honestly an ideological matter? Or take Libya for instance. According to Hillary, it was a protest set off by an independent filmmaker in California, which caused an evil Dictator to be toppled.
          Gadhafi was so evil, according to the reports that he was handing out Viagra to his snipers so they could rape commoners more effectively, in between murdering people. And most people believed this shit.
          In reality, it was a war caused by globalist monetary forces trying to overthrow Gadhafi by mobilizing and financing Islamic radicals in the region. Gadhafi had about $7 billion in commodities that he had apparently legally acquired incrementally, and was planning on using it to back a pan-African currency that would compete with IMF currency, especially the Frank.
          A lot of these people invested financially and socially in the IMF (Soros, Rothschild types) would have lost money and control. That’s why France was the first to jump in the “humanitarian effort” of helping out the “rebels”.
          That’s why Gadhafi is dead, and Libya is still in a perpetual civil war. They use our governments and our people as a proxy for their ends. Its been this was for over a century now. I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories but JFK was the only president who was planning to stand up to the monetary system and the corruptive forces dictating our policies, and look what happened to him.
          There is an explanation for most major things happening politically if you follow the money, is all I’m saying. And even if its not for ourselves and those suffering around us, we cannot let these people continue to win if its within our power to fight them. And the American people were wronged by our financial sector, our government and our monetary system.

        25. All that fiat money central banker evil automatically disappears when the power to enforce fiat money is taken away… Then pare back to a morally defensible night watchman government, put the commons to the benefit of everyone, and then hold some trials to punish the prior corruption and confiscate the ill gotten gains. It’s really not that complicated.

        26. As a white male, Naval Academy graduate, and former nuclear submarine officer that Jimmy Carter was the worst president of my life time (maybe of all time). Jimmy Carter never served a day at sea on a nuclear powered vessel.. Neither did he ever finish the training. He got an hardship discharge shortly after graduating, and while he was in nuclear training.
          You could shove his brains, his guts, and his backbone up a gnats asshole and not harm the gnat.

        27. I pop-to, Officer on Deck, then salute your military whiteness, and thanks for your service and the important info about that dumbass lying sack-o’-shit peanut brained asshole, etc.
          BTW – you have certified better than notarised DD214 your credentials. Only a real sea-dog been-there-done-that got the tee-shirt ate the fruit from Chief Neptune’s bellybutton (or whatever the O’s do when haze-gray-and-underway) would use terminology in an anecdote about shoving it up a gnat’s asshole without even touching the sides.
          +10,000 to you, brother.

        28. Not in China they don’t. Only if they emigrate to Evil White Man land.

        29. We are in agreement then, on that. I do think we should seize control of our financial institutions, and punish those who abused the system so wickedly though. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and we can’t sit idly by, we can’t afford it anymore, was my point.

      3. Not all of them excel at sports, though, otherwise all of these guys you see on your neighborhood basketball courts would at least be second-string NBA or NFL benchwarmers. Similarly, only a few of them become rappers. I can count them on one hand. So what you’re left with is a lot of people who are generally unemployable. Many of them end up in prison, but what do we do about the ones who are law abiding but just can’t seem to get it together?

        1. Sound like you could say the same about white people. Or any race of people

      4. “Blacks are good at Sports. It’s really the only field that they truly excel at in comparison to all the other races”
        I would also say they excel in music. I dont care for the latest gangsta-rap hip hop shit, but everybody across the board listened to the early Motown music. And for the jazz fans, many of the greats were men of color.

      5. Don’t forget Music and Entertainment. Jazz was pretty well invented by Black People from Louisianna by educated Blacks who were taught to Read, Write and Play Music, mostly the Piano.
        The Elite in New Orleans wanted slaves who were Gentile and sophisticated.
        They passed their knowledge on to other Blacks who combined the “Field Hollers”, which became the Blues and Native American and various Spanish Rhythms, with Popular Music of the time like Ragtime and from this Ethnic Brew came Jazz, the only Art Form solely created in America.
        Listen to Charlie “Bird” Parker, a Man with a Genius Mind. He was very important in the creation of “Bop”, a hard version, sped-up version of Jazz. One has to be on one’s toes to play lightning-fast riffs and quick Improvisation..

      6. Blacks are good at sports? I’m black and I suck at sports.
        No, its more like Blacks see sports as a way out of the ghetto so every Tom, Dick, and Tyrone practice for 44 hours a week to become better. My nature people follow trends as a way to success. Growing up my Black (African-American) friends played Basketball after school, my White friends played street hockey, my Latin friends played Futbol / soccer, My Afro Latin friends (including me) played futbol and Stickball/Baseball, My asian friends stayed home and studied and/or worked at their families store. You get out of life what you put in.
        I think you like many people conflate social and environmental conditions with ethnic/ racial differences. Why aren’t more Whites from the Appalachian areas more successful compared to whites from North-Eastern parts of the US? Could it be that the North Bleed the south financially post civil war? Could it be because of a history of malnutrition (high starch diet from potatoes, poor soil leading to inferior protein from live stock) IQ scores have dropped? People that thought similarly to you would say its because most are of Irish descent, and the Irish don’t possess noble qualities.
        If you look globally Ethiopia has very low IQ scores, but if you look at the history of drought and famine the IQ scores correlate with the long term effects of malnutrition. Also when you have a large portion of a population in survival mode (African people globally) you will not get high IQ.

    2. “Nobody wants to face the prospect of being a member of a race that serves absolutely no purpose. So things like this Google ad don’t surprise me. Since nobody seems to be able to answer ”
      That plus many whites have the ‘white liberal guilt’ thing going on for actually creating societies that function. Tons of whites bow in the direction of non-whites à la Michael Moore. It would not surprise me if the designer that made that google doodle is white.

        1. Which is hilarious, because at .2% of world population at best, Jews were responsible for no less than 30% of science and technology (though probably decreasing now in the West, except for Israel).

        2. I think Hitler spoke about that at length in one of his smaller-sized audience (approx. 125 listeners) speeches in spring ’36 or so, as well as wrote at length on the subject, quite admiringly, in his personal diaries.

        3. I wouldn’t know. Hitler had diaries btw? You mean the forged ones? Or Mein Kampf etc?

        4. No, he apparently had some real ones, now held by people who don’t want them taken away by TPTB.

      1. The purpose of Africans now is to breed in with the indengenous people’s of Europe. Its the truth. Crazy as it is. Its whatever.

        1. I think so. The elites want the population of smart critical thinkers to breed with lower primates to create a populous of obedient retreads.

    3. You should maybe consider the fact that those debunkings were true rather than making stereotypes of entire races the centerpiece of your ideology.

        1. Ever wonder why the IQ of black folkin Africa is considerably higher than the one in the US? Per the genetic theory of IQ, you’d expect it to be somewhat similar.
          One can increase one’s IQ by 10 to 15 points, according to modern sources. Which means IQ, with the exception of the extreme levels, is inaccurate.
          According to a study by the NCBI, IQ has much less effect on academic performance than parental involvement, which goes to show that a person with an IQ of 110 who lives with two educated, involved parents will do better than a person with an IQ of 130 who comes from an abusive home.
          The lack of achievement in the black community has little to do with the alt-right’s perceived views on their intellectual capacity.
          Here’s something else to consider. How can one take the IQ of someone that can’t read? Illiteracy tends to lower IQ because people who can’t read can’t read linguistic questions that show up on IQ tests. Yet many illiterate people still live productive lives and often, when doing tasks like farming, tend to be better.
          Here’s a link to the study:

        2. “Ever wonder why the IQ in Africa is considerably higher than the one in the US?”. I stopped reading right there.
          Average IQ’s in Africa are well below 90. Honestly dude, you’re just trolling

        3. I never put the “blacks can’t create anything” argument forward. That’s yet another straw man for you today.

        4. I’m okay at it. I’m just considerably better than you, who hasn’t given any factual argument without it being rebutted.

        5. “I’m okay at it. I’m just considerably better than you, who hasn’t given any factual argument without it being rebutted.”

        6. Just leave and go post on a how to get chicks article here.
          Dont cause any more trouble using your fathers disqus account on adult topics. He will be angry when he gets home,

        7. Lol. “You’re a child, I won’t answer what you have to say”. Sounds like you’re trying to avoid answering my complaints and just call me names.
          Good day to you.

        8. The age of the Cockroach has ended.
          Stop arguing and listen to people who know more than you.

        9. yeah, i thought blacks in America had ~10 points or so on the avg black in africa. but hey, who care about facts?

        10. Hispanics work the jobs we don’t want. Blacks give us Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It would help if there wasn’t so much demonization against them.

        11. Think about this, if you’re importing a race to do domestic work for you, are you going to pick weak, intelligent people to farm your harvest? No, they’d be worthless. Are you going to pick big, strong, intelligent people to work for you? No, that’s asking for a rebellion to happen.
          If you’re importing a slave-race, you’re going to pick the biggest, dumbest people around, so that they’ll be effective at labor, controllable, and unable to form any kind of rebellion.
          Now extrapolate that to over 400 years of selective, managed breeding. Welcome to America.

        12. Think about this, if you’re importing a race to do domestic work for you, are you going to pick weak, intelligent people to farm your harvest? No, they’d be worthless. Are you going to pick big, strong, intelligent people to work for you? No, that’s asking for a rebellion to happen.
          If you’re importing a slave-race, you’re going to pick the biggest, dumbest people around, so that they’ll be effective at labor, controllable, and unable to form any kind of rebellion.
          Now extrapolate that to over 400 years of selective, managed breeding. Welcome to America.

        13. Your argument does have a certain merit, except the fact of the matter is Europeans weren’t particularly choosy when they took slaves. They’d grab any person they could.
          As for your IQ thing, you adopt a hereditarian view of IQ, which is that it is purely determined through genetic means. In my other comments, I go over why this isn’t true. Here’s my source.

        14. I don’t think IQ is ‘purely’ hereditary, I think it’s ‘largely’ hereditary. There’s a difference. There are always outliers.

        15. You’ll have to give me evidence for that view. I gave you some that supports mine.

        16. You can go back up this thread and find countless amounts of evidence to back my opinion,

        17. Here’s the African Space Research Programme, run by Chris Nsamba of Uganda.

        18. You haven’t really linked to anything other than your own personal theorizing about heredity and how blacks were genetically selected to be this without backing that up with empirical evidence. So no, I’m going to ask for more.

        19. They also live in places we don’t want, infecting our urban centres.

        20. It’s very interesting that those who “know more than me” haven’t provided any empirical evidence, only long tirades and insults against me personally.
          In other words, go die in a fire, you rancid piece of shit.

        21. Interestingly, the pygmies have larger skulls and are on average smarter. But don’t let the facts get in the way of you throwing out a number that would be assigned to a mentally retarded autistic person to a person of another race to further your agenda.

        22. Then where is the pygmies space program and high tech industry?

        23. They seem to be succeeding at least. A little more funding might make it better.

        24. IQ is not the only factor in societal advancement. In fact, the pygmies live in an environment where no technological achievement is required, primarily because their food is always within reach of a hand.
          This in and of itself throws the “blacks have lower IQ’s therefore are inferior to us” argument out of the water.

        25. Anecdotal evidence. But holy fucking shit that’s embarrassing. Even I’ll admit that. Oh man that was just hard to watch.

        26. Because they didn’t need to develop technology. When your food just needs to be picked from a tree, no reason to develop technology.

        27. Okay.. expanding on your argument:
          In parts of the planet that do not have ‘food at hand’ such as areas with drastic changes in seasons (hence food supplies) favor the reproduction of people with superior:
          Working memory
          Verbal comprehension
          Spacial reasoning
          The above would be needed to work with others, implement food storage, build shelters, invent new means of trapping prey (i.e. fishing.. making nets, etc), develop agriculture, and other skills.. would it not?

        28. Not necessarily. Certain hunter-gatherers require intuitive knowledge of animal behavior, knowledge of seasons, knowledge of where to find certain resources of flint, knowledge of how to organize hunting parties (which implies a knowledge of demography). Fighting skills also imply a certain knowledge of strategy and a basic training structure, all of which requires organizational ability.
          Simply having the need to develop agriculture does not grant one abilities. Intelligence is largely non-hereditary, as intelligence is developed, not ingrained. One improves ones memory. One does not have a fixed memory.

        29. A successful aircraft would actually fly. Nsamba is a success at getting funding from Ugandan M.P.s and positive western media attention.
          The larger craft is the African Skyhawk, it’s supposed to get up to 80,000 ft. It lacks an engine, control surfaces, and aerodynamic wings.

        30. Negative selection. Those more intelligent would be less likely to get caught into slavery in the first place. If caught, they would be more likely to disobey and cause trouble. Slaveowners would rather have the less problematic slaves breed and raise the next generation of slaves than the intelligent troublemakers.
          This is not limited to humans. It’s a well-known fact that domesticated animal species are generally less intelligent than wild species they evolved from, for exactly the same reasons.
          Also, the regions of West Africa from where most black slaves originated are the lowest IQ places in Africa (not counting few highly isolated tribes like the Pygmies). When you compare the American negro population against West Africans, the difference is much smaller than against Africans in general.
          Of course, all that doesn’t change the fact that even the most intelligent black populations in Africa (around the Horn of Africa) barely exceed average of 90 IQ points.

        31. IQ, given that it’s administered via tests and can be excelled at through regular practice, is not a reliable measure, especially given the fact that Africa has a high level of illiteracy and one can practice spatial awareness, hence why rich, educated folk tend to have high IQ because of their education, not the other way around.

        32. I included hunting in the list that the three items would apply to. Hunter gather societies in areas with vastly changing environment did evolve into using agriculture (i.e. when the Sahara went from wet to desert and the Levant got much dryer).
          Your assertion that intelligence (IQ) is almost entirely developed is not supported by the Minnesota Twins study, the University of Queensland Study, work done by the Columbus Group, etc. The link if inheritance to intelligence comes out pretty strong. The argument is over to the degree (40%, 70%, 80% inherited).
          I don’t think anyone here is making the case that it is 100%. Nutrition is a big factor (i.e. iodized salt raised IQs of army recruits from the Midwest and other iodine food poor regions). A good household environment during the early year helps also (plenty of orphanage related studies show this as well). However, I don’t think the case can be made that intelligence is non or only slightly inheritable.
          If IQ was far more related to early childhood involvement, the Minnesota Twin study would have had very different results. In addition, programs such as Head Start and other early learning initiatives would have yielded far more in positive results (Head Start has been a abject failure).
          You also wouldn’t see certain groups dominate economically so consistently around the world. Even when they emigrated from very dire conditions (famine, war, slaughter). For example (including those of mixed ancestry), the Japanese dominate in parts of South America, and so do the Germans. The Chinese dominate in South East Asia. In my wife’s home country the Chi-Thais (Chinese mixed with Malay) are the ones you find working the vast majority in advanced fields. The Cambodian versions of the Chi-Thais were the ones that got it the worse from the Khmer Rouge as they were the ones that populated the upper part of Cambodia society. In Africa, the Chinese and Indians are the majority in the top technical and merchant related jobs in the Sub Saharan nations. In Haiti, the ‘blacks at the top’ are light skinned, having a lot of other races (primarily of European origin) in their bloodline.
          I can provide a personal example. On my Dad’s side on the family, there is a gifted trait (to the extreme) that runs through the male line. My uncle had it. The man figured out how to build wind turbines out of surplus airplane props and induction motors. He was pretty successful in life and worked jobs that required his exceedingly high spacial and mathematical abilities. There was certainly nothing positive via parental involvement: Depression era farm, Mom dead at a very early age, Dad rendered physically and eventually mentally incompetent from injuries from a mine explosion, no formal education beyond grade school.
          That trait landed on one of my two nephews. Both nephews: same parents, same household, born 2 years apart, same stay at home mom, same school… The younger one is “normal”. The older one was able to breeze through even the most advanced courses with very little effort. His ability to handle mechanical and abstract math is almost scary for a young kid. He is entering his teens and tackling college level STEM courses. Tested IQ: 165. He has now been moved to a special school with other kids with his level of intelligence. His classmates are White and Northeast Asian. The latter being represented far as a percentage of the class than their representation population wise in the community.
          In conclusion, I think your assertion that intelligence is mostly not inherited and not a function if a certain race of people excel in technological development is patently false.

        33. There is such a thing known as “initial stages”. Shall I explain to you what that is or are you going to let your personal bias get in the way?

        34. Then why the fuck would they evolve intelligent brains? That’s a very costly piece of anatomy to build and maintain, and this cost needs to be offset with enough benefits to make evolutionary sense.
          Like being able to survive in environments where food can’t be just picked from a tree, for example.

        35. Right, “initial stages” would be engineer it on paper, build a model, not build this full size crazy African Skyhawk shit, pretend you succeeded, and pretend a space shuttle is next.

        36. “Initial stages” would be to understand aerodynamics and how airplanes fly.

        37. Thinking if you build a cabin and just put a rotating prop above it then it will fly (and somehow be controllable) == low intelligence.

        38. You are way off-base here. First two results off a web search gave me estimated averages of 53 and 54 points. Seems 55 was already a bit generous.

        39. I won’t try to convince you otherwise. This is purely a matter of ideology.

        40. Richard Lynn is well-known for his racist presuppositions when it comes to IQ. You should also note the fact most pygmies can’t read and therefore can’t answer certain questions of IQ tests, which form the staple of IQ science.
          If you don’t know how to read, you can’t really engage in any advanced intellectual activity. And intellectual activity isn’t the only marker of intelligence.

        41. All intellectual ability is contingent on being literate. And intellectual ability is not the only marker of an intelligence mind. Sports requires a great degree of organizational ability, delayed gratification and strategy, something you don’t need to be able to pass a standardized test to be good at.

        42. Correct. It’s hard to learn about that if most of your workers have had a piss poor education.

        43. They have engineered it on paper. Check out their site.
          I say this as an engineer and a patent agent, but making a rocket isn’t that hard, unless of course you’re building some space shuttle.

        44. The problem with intelligence is that intelligence isn’t entirely predicated on brain size or other genetic factors. There are many, many factors that go into intelligence, namely a culture of intellectualism (hence why Chinese and Jews are smart) and a solid education system.
          The problem I have with IQ science is that it presupposes that nurture factors don’t play a part.

        45. My assertion isn’t necessarily that IQ isn’t inherited, it’s the fact that those cultures that are stereotyped as propelling scientific advancement have their IQ because they have a culture of scientific advancement. They do not have that culture because of the IQ.
          A solid education system and investing the time required to study and practice and IQ test (which can be increased if you try hard enough).
          I went to a gifted school when I was younger (my IQ is 130+). Other than me, none of my classmates succeeded. I’m a patent agent, they’re all working average jobs. Why? Because they never learned a work ethic, owing to the fact they always relied on their brute reasoning skills.
          Technological advancement is also propelled by other factors, namely work ethic (which is entirely practiced), teamwork abilities (which is social intelligence) and material resources (which, if not extracted properly using the right technology (which can be shared; one of the main reasons Africa did not succeed is because technology was harder to share than in northern areas) that allow the research to go ahead.
          IQ , though it can help, is not the dominant factor when it comes to societal advancement, given the fact that the west, despite having ten points less IQ than the Asians, outcompeted it (mostly because the wars leading to the rise of the Qing dynasty massacred a tenth of the population, something that proves intelligence isn’t everything).

        46. They found a new, more poison frog to use for the blowgun-dart toxin, does that count?

        47. Don’t leave the Micks (Irish) out, brother.
          Many a slave was a Mick. But they get sunburnt, so they don’t count?

        48. That’s what you get for incomplete quotation – the entire, complete term used was, “piss-addled brain, as objective/direct cause/effect of receiving, as you specified, a “piss poor education”, also by implication, drinking water that is mixed with sewage may tend to knock the learning ability down a notch or two.

        49. I’m talking about the African Skyhawk, not some glorified firework.
          I looked on their site, found some more pictures showing they added control surfaces at least.
          They need just $62,000 to get the Skyhawk airborne (basically a rebuild from scratch). If Bono or the Clinton Foundation won’t step up, I had an idea. “Engineer and patent agent” sounds like a lucrative profession. You could sponsor and take that maiden flight to 80,000 ft in the passenger seat. It’s a two seater. Don’t worry, there’s an ejection seat.
          You might have to go through some training:
          “I asked Chris how he plans to simulate zero gravity…
          ‘Easy’ he said. ‘I’ve got a jet engine on order so I’m planning to build a tunnel, put the engine at one end and when I throw a guy in he’ll float in a similar way to how he would in space.’”

        50. Your sarcasm isn’t proving your point.
          I’ll take you up on the offer. Give me some contact info and I’ll get to you once its done.
          Or are you too blinded by your own bigotry you’ll avoid me calling your bluff?

        51. nah, hispanics hit the welfare at 70%, commit high levels of crime, rape foreigners – especially women traveling thru their countries, etc etc
          blacks commit even higher levels of crime.
          never heard of whoever you mentioned there btw. im sure he’s a fine citizen though

        52. Ha ha, I was just trying to get rid of you. Awesome! You’re not daunted by Nsamba’s vision of zero gravity training?
          Basically you want to contact [email protected]. They will be very glad to hear from you.
          See see page 14
          “African Skyhawk – We manufactured this plane [sic] at the African Space Research Programme using our Ntinda workshop. It is meant to be a high flyer, to scan meteorites and asteroids from space using a radio telescope.” It notes the estimated budget of $62000 to completion, which it notes means rebuild from scratch.
          (It would seem to me they might try to build a ground-based radio telescope first as a baby step (not listed in their projects). It’s not clear where that would mount on the Skyhawk and how they would keep it positioned. Then again it’s not clear to me how an engine could even mount on the Skyhawk.)
          The way I see it, if you or I or some Chinese guy built an airplane-like object in our back yards, put $80,000 into it they say, with no actual engine, never flew it but claimed it could reach 80,000 feet, we’d have no credibility, no world press, no government officials visiting to throw money at us.
          As I see it, the favorable reports in the world press (VOA and BBC, etc) fit their political agenda (Daily Mail makes fun of ASRP). But in all the praise also I see the racism of diminished expectations. Oh, he’s from Africa? Then the non-functional plane is wonderful! Give him a gold medal in the science Special Olympics.
          There are actual African scientists. There are African satellites. There’s some African guy at NASA. But the Zimcopter (in the other video I posted; flew 65 km he says!) and the Skyhawk are just one step above cargo cult culture in my opinion. In my sarcasm I wanted to point out air and space travel are as serious as death. You would be a brave man indeed to put your money and life where your mouth is.

        53. Here’s Nsamba being a blowhard doofus: He claims there is a £480 million donation pending to his space program and links to a Daily Mail story. However the real content of the story is that the UK is giving this amount in aid to Uganda (and other amounts to other African countries) while their government engages in funding such frivolous pursuits as his space program. The average British taxpayer might be okay with aid to Africa but probably has no interest in putting the first Ugandan rat into space (just to be clear, the actual animal, I’m not calling anyone names).

        54. I’ve watched it again. Nsamba seems to be somewhat of an idiot. His plant seems to look somewhat similar to that Roland Garros used in the early 1910’s, and I doubt he’s going to be making rockets that aren’t copies of Chinese Song artillery shells from the middle ages. Then again, this is just anecdata. I’m sure the fact many African countries have functioning air forces disproves the “blacks can’t fly or build airplanes” argument.

        55. enough anecdotes show a pattern – we know who the violent, parasitic, low IQ “migrants” are.

        56. Because 100 (or 1000, if you believe the yellow journalism of Breitbart and that repellent crapsack Milo Yiannopoulos) instances of a criminal activity proves that 2 million people of various ethnic origins, of various intentions and of various religions (in fact, many refugees are Yazidi, Christian and sometimes non-religious) act exactly the same way.
          In other words, you use sophistry to get what you want, i.e demonize immigrants as savages.

        1. It’s been shown that self-belief is very important when it comes to success, showing why people who achieve often tend to be quite narcissistic. If you constantly tell minorities they suck and can’t do anything, they’ll believe it and give up. That’s why racial science is inherently a self-fulfilling prophecy by white nationalists to make themselves feel better.

        2. If I needed a safe space, I’d likely be yelling at you for disrespecting my emotions and wouldn’t engage you in the first place. So no.

        3. So the feels can increase IQ and financial performance over time and whites oppress™ non-east Asian or Ashkenazi minorities because we cause them to have the wrong feels. This has a systemic effect, and is not a degenerate lie.
          Human intelligence is an incredibly complex system that evolved over a very long period of time. Through the course of history as human separation and genetic distance became measurable on a cellular level its possible lineage, genetic strategies and bottlenecks have had a significant effect on many things, including the average measurable intelligence of any given collective. And this difference in intelligence can be measured through valid standardized testing methods and is largely unchangeable as it is mostly genetic…

        4. If I needed a safe space, I’d likely be yelling at you for disrespecting my emotions and wouldn’t engage you in the first place. So no.
          Wtf?^^^..yelling IS engaging…wtf?..yup ur definitely one of them “studs”

        5. Where in the modern world are you seeing that Whites are telling Blacks that they suck and cant do anything? Can you point to instances of this? Because all I see is Whites telling everybody but, White males that that they’re great and can be anything.
          Amd what the heck is a minority nowadays? Another bs term.

        6. “If you constantly tell minorities they suck and can’t do anything, they’ll believe it and give up. That’s why racial science is inherently a self-fulfilling prophecy by white nationalists to make themselves feel better.”
          Oh, really?
          Well, I guess that *totally* explains the record of cultural and scientific achievement when it comes to the entire continent of Africa and its inhabitants for the last thousand years then!
          Or not.

        7. There’s other factors contributing to that, namely agriculture being not required in many parts. It also ignores the fact pygmies, even though they lived through the same things as most black cultures, have a much higher IQ.
          It’s also very hard to study science when you’re a slave.

        8. Ironic that if I’d ask a person that’s not posting on a site that’s in cahoots with white nationalists they’d say the exact opposite.

        9. Ever notice SJW always tend to comment about their emotions? “My feelings matter!”

        10. I’m not yelling. I’ve actually kept quite a bit of patience. Something SJW are not known for nor will they ever consider.

        11. “And this difference in intelligence can be measured through valid standardized testing method and is largely unchangeable as it is mostly genetic.”
          And of course, by saying that statement, you omit any kind of evidence proving your point.
          I have quite some evidence to the contrary actually. Here’s a link. Peruse it at your leisure.

          Jews aren’t oppressed. Neither are Asians. I never said anything to suggest that.

        12. White nationalist is evvvvilll. So evil. Black pride good. Homo pride awesome. Tranny pride even better. And White pride bad so berrry bad.

        13. Racial science is not a prophecy, is deductive science as any other field of knowledge. If you give me a racially unmixed corpse, I will tell you which race I am observing in an autopsy.
          If you add to that the fact that not only anatomy, but also biochemistry (especially in the dermis, neurological system and kidney function) and physiology and histology (sickle cell disease as an example) are different, you’ll have two different races. RACES and not species merely because of the possibility of miscigenation.
          About your main point, it’s a false question. The fact is, non-indo-europeans (excluding Jews) don’t belong in “civilized” societies of this kind. They will never be a functional part, and that will bring misery not only to them, but also to the indo-europeans (and jews) who live in those societies. We are not as we are because we are equal and must make it work. We are as we are because we are different and were born different.
          It’s not my role to say indo-european civilizations are a better or worse lifestyle (corollary, the perceived value of any races is still a matter of subjectivity), but forcing integration of those who don’t belong is, from the first moment, a lack of respect for the freedom of other races. Africans must be the sole masters and inhabitants of Africa and live as they want. If displaced, they will probably fail as individuals and, once again, we all loose.
          Now, there is historical responsibility of europeans in having brought their ancestors to the New World and to Europe. Let’s fix it, by sending them back, maybe together with a simbolic financial help (no more than that, as there are no actual living people to complain about the misdeeds of both our ancestors). Other than that, all magical recipes, is just wishful thinking (what if we were all equal, all intelligent, all good at sports, all with the same genes, and a magical hand called socialism was just the little push everybody needed? Tried, and failed. Miserably).

        14. Please… Open a medical book. Testut/Latarjet’s anatomy is a good unbiased source (Pernkopf would dissolve your eyes).
          About all the rest, you can research the many, many medical papers of the world. New England is probably the best. Research renal function, vitamin D, liver metabolism by race + alcoholism, thiazides in hypertension treatment, incidence of oncogenes by continent, sickle cell disease, FMF, etc, etc, etc. They are so many, I could thank you a chapter you’d be interested in knowing better and literally flooding you with evidence.
          But I have my suspicions you are more linked with subjective branches of knowledge, and will debunk all evidence anyway. Poor James Watson. You’d profit a lot to know what happened to him, when people with YOUR BELIEFS picked up on what he spent his whole life to KNOW.

        15. I won’t. I have this strange habit, nowadays, that allows me to have only 2 kinds of discussions:
          1. One which will improve my knowledge or perception of reality.
          2. One that can be considered altruistic, which requires some fellow who would actually learn anything.
          Childish sterility, I’ve had my days. Back in school, with catholics and communists, throughout life with liberals and socialists… I’m done with preachers.
          Have a nice week.

        16. The point of mentioning Jews and Asians is that despite the claims of oppression people within those groups make sometimes, they still do very well on standardized testing and have a high average IQ. One’s state of mind has a lot to do with what they’ll achieve, we all know this. It will not have a significant effect on IQ. Is it because the feels isn’t set against them intellectually, and most just accept they are naturally fairly intelligent on average the reason they do well, or is it genetic and cultural predisposition?
          I read that article a while back, and it doesn’t validate your argument. In no way does it debunk IQ differences along racial barriers, or any of the points you’ve been set against. And that’s not what the author of the article was trying to push. His point was that there is a lot more ambiguity to racial IQ differences than advocates of orthodox methodology on standardized testing may be willing to accept, especially in regards to academic achievement. But by comparing any statistical reality of measurable intellectual capacity to his point, I don’t think its a solid argument and some of it was speculative. Perhaps speculation was the big picture he was trying to establish, but the point about British IQ differences between blacks and whites was just an absurd rationalization.
          Perhaps his point on this bigger picture he’s trying to form is that measurable IQ is only one methodology of testing one’s potential raw intelligence. It explains your perspective a little, but even by his own metric its not an argument, because he uses grades to make this argument, of all things. When I was in school, mostly all of the highly intelligent kids just did drugs and got existential at all the wrong times. Pretty much the same thing in college but with more sex. But I knew people who were honestly bordering on retarded (some who were learning disabled when we were young) that made great grades. This is not measuring raw intellectual capacity, which is what IQ is indicative of. He’s trying to substitute psychological and mindset variations as raw intellectual capacity. And that’s what you’re attempting too fam.
          I don’t know man, if you want to believe this shit go for it. But I think its absurd and a terrible false hope. I would hope that 10-15 point potential IQ variation in an individual does exist, and that many do actualize their potential. I would want my IQ to be 15 points higher. But say for instance someone has an IQ of 80, and can make it to 92, do you really think white people really to blame if that person fails to make it to 92? Say that person could even go from being poor and on government assistance, and move up an economic bracket and support themselves by way of this intellectual development, do you not think most white people (even the alleged racists) would want this?

        17. The issue I have with IQ is not that I don’t deny those differences exist, I doubt those differences even matter unless they’re in the extreme ranges.
          I’ve known people with average IQ’s become CEO’s and geniuses who joke around and smoke pot.
          As for those racial differences, there is an argument that people who are less well-versed in English (i.e most African people) have difficulty taking said tests. The same arises in SAT scoring.
          The efficiency of these tests is not enough to determine differences in achievement. The huge issue is that most people who tout racial IQ science are white supremacists who want to base their ideology in science. Go on Stormfront and look up IQ. You’ll see plenty of neo-nazis fist bumping each other over it.
          And that’s what I’m worried about.

        18. Ah yes, the “proclaim victory without argumentation and leave with false outrage” debate tactic. Many other racialist right-wingers have pulled this tactic.
          Good day to you then.

        19. I don’t desire to go to stormfront, but I’ve heard a lot of it before. The concerning issue with neo Nazi types taking up the argument of the importance of IQ isn’t that there is no point to be made about IQ, its that illegitimizes IQ in the eyes of smart, empathetic people like you, or at least chips away at its importance. They embrace IQ because they perceive that it validates their argument. In their mind IQ makes the white man not only more intelligent than most collectives, but combined with his creativity, a superior man. And IQ helps to explain away and compartmentalize a lot of inconvenient realities they may not wish to face.
          I am not a racist (I mean, in the traditional sense, in current year most everyone is a racist according to sociologists). But I believe there is more to the argument in favor of IQ being important than achievement. In fact I think achievement is mostly psychologically cultivated. Abstract capacity, harnessable intellectual capacity in a raw form and a correlating altruism are not things to be skipped over when considering a society’s future or an individual’s potential, weather that society or individual fully apply their capacity and actualize or not.
          And I think even a double digit IQ stormfronter, applying himself to his foresight can perceive the dysgenic effect and all of the other issues arising from a declining IQ (which, it has been dropping in the US for decades now) and how that fits into his rationalization of the world as something to be very concerned with. In honesty though, I sort of agree with this perception of the negative effects of a declining IQ, though the epistemology and even the ends of our arguments are greatly different.
          Principles of nationalism, a functioning and sane immigration policy and an investment in the prosperity of our future are central tenants to the alt-right argument. Education is too expensive on every level, demand is too high on this system, the job market and infrastructure system badly need to be reset to a new metric. The current notion is instead of fixing what we have and taking responsibility for our own, we should continue to import maybe not the most intelligent or capable, but the most ambitious, from countries that need ambitious people, investing nothing in our potentially best and brightest. We pour what money we can print and barrow on the wasteful systems attempting to maintain this declining country, changing nothing. This current path is short sighted, at best.
          This is system that benefits multinational corporations, and the very economically elite. Not our country, or our society as a whole. And I think by the current social metric IQ may not be that important, which is obvious to you. Most on the alt right just disagree with the current social metric because it has no legitimate end we can perceive, and have a hard time articulating this without being deliberately or ironically offensive. A system to guide those better equipped in intellectual capacity towards career fields where their ability can be applied, instead of letting them piss away their natural capacity for no valid reason at all would be preferable, and entirely necessary under nationalist policy.

        20. Sorry, Raphael, but a millennium of absolutely nothing from an *entire continent* (rich in natural resources, I might add) simply cannot be blamed on ‘slavery’.

        21. You do realize the Malian Empire, which was the richest state in the world at the time of Musa I Keita, to the point where, just through his donations he managed to cripple the Mediterrenean economy when going on his pilgrimage to Mecca, as well as the Ethiopian kingdoms and several city-states along the African coast became rich through trade and had some of the greatest Islamic scholars of all time does not count as “an entire continent”?
          You seem to assume Sub-Saharan Africa, with its inability to contact one and other and share technology, therefore stifling itnellectual development, does not count as the entire black race.
          This is why hereditarians are dumb. They pick their conclusion (blacks are inferior) and then come up with half-baked answers as to why that is. This is called the Texas sharpshooter fallacy. You pick the facts (even though those facts are clearly false) and come up with the answer you wanted.

        22. The big issue that I have with the alt-right movement is not its anti-globalist sentiment. The fact corporate entities strip mine the whole of Africa, destroy its economy causes the mass influx of refugees from the continent. Same with those coming from the Middle East. If we minimized the effect large corporate entities have on policy, we wouldn’t have this refugee crisis in the first place!
          Abstract capacity is not the only thing analyzed by IQ. Many IQ tests I’ve taken have definitions of words no reasonable person with a life outside of intellectual fields would know. Words like “protract”. Did you ever use that word in polite conversation?
          I’ve seen uneducated Africans be able to draw a mental map of their land and memorize every single aspect of it, to the point where their crops were perfect.
          IQ tests are heavily flawed, namely because they’re often made by people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds than the persons being analyzed. This is a big criticism the anti-racists have of SAT testing.

        23. “They pick their conclusion (blacks are inferior) and then come up with half-baked answers as to why that is.”
          Oh, of course, quite as opposed to picking a conclusion and then coming up with a half-baked answer as to why the African continent has achieved so little: ‘slavery’.
          What a pathetic response (not to mention hypocritical).

        24. I never said the African continent accomplished so little through slavery, you lying sack of shit.
          The African continent accomplished so little because the Sub-Saharan regions did not have effective access to the rest of civilization, therefore could not share technology, which is the biggest factor in development.

        25. “…you lying sack of shit.”
          Now, now, Betty, manners…
          You’re the one who came with this nonsense: ‘If you constantly tell minorities they suck and can’t do anything, they’ll believe it and give up,’ which I happily (and very easily) refuted. Your response to that was ‘cos slavery’, which I also refuted.
          It’s hardly my fault that your powers of argumentation rival a three-year-olds (as further demonstrated by your little tantrum at being argued with).
          Grow up.

        26. No you haven’t refuted anything other than through rhetorical argument. You said “The African continent hasn’t accomplished anything in a milennia”. Which I refuted. I’ve shown how IQ does not determine success nor intelligence. I never mentioned slavery in any of my comments.
          There is quite a body of research in gender and racial studies that
          shows that belief has an effect on results. Read Delusions of Gender by
          Cordelia Fine. It applies to race as well.
          You’re argumentation technique is purely rhetorical and bases itself on the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy, i.e picking facts (that aren’t really facts; the African continent has accomplished quite a bit in the last milennia, which I showed through Musa Keita) that support your conclusion and presenting them the way you want them and not the way it logically follows.
          You’re the one who needs to grow up.

        27. “I never mentioned slavery in any of my comments.”
          Oh, really?
          So, you didn’t write this then:
          “It’s also very hard to study science when you’re a slave.”
          Do you actually read what you write?
          As for the rest of your comment, you’ve demonstrated nothing other than an active use of Wikipedia.
          As for ‘some of the greatest Islamic scholars’… Islam. Conquest. Get it?

        28. “It’s also very hard to study science when you’re a slave.”
          Slavery only appeared on the African continent in the 17th century. That’s not a milennia. The African continent accomplished quite a bit before then.
          “Do you actually read what you write?”
          I missed that one, conceded. But my above comment rectifies your beliefs on the issue.
          A person who’s legally denied education (as was enshrined in many state laws) isn’t going to have a culture of education, something the Chinese and Europeans have (well had; most Europeans are becoming less and less educationally competitive). IQ is something that is developed on the cultural level. Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQ’s because they were forced to adopt intellectual jobs through persecution. They didn’t have it biologically.
          “It’s also very hard to study science when you’re a slave.”
          Did you know that most of the Islamic rulers in Africa converted? It’s awfully hard to send an entire army through the Sahara.
          And by the way, Musa and his Malian people were 95%+ black. Kind of puts a nail in the coffin of your “blacks can’t accomplish anything on the societal level” argument.

        29. Yeah they never got to share technology like the wheel or writing.

        30. “And by the way, Musa and his Malian people were 95%+ black. Kind of puts a nail in the coffin of your “blacks can’t accomplish anything on the societal level” argument.”
          Quite amusingly, you did when you said:
          “If you constantly tell minorities they suck and can’t do anything, they’ll believe it and give up. That’s why racial science is inherently a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
          That aside, that the very best you can dredge up for the African continent occurred centuries ago (and fleetingly at that) and at the behest of an entirely foreign religion that itself drew most of its cultural expressions from conquered civilizations (the Sassanid Empire in particular) merely serves to confirm the point. On the scale of civilizational achievement, the African continent has produced low achievers.
          Make up what ever excuses for that manifest historical fact that you like, but being called nasty, non-supportive things by whitey (your original assertion) was not the reason why.

        31. Its not to say that according to a perception, IQ testing isn’t flawed. If things like spatial intelligence should be rigorously tested and considered for the metric of IQ, there would be considerable changes to how we perceive intelligence. Upsetting a balance of what I think is a well constructed system.
          Adding spatial intelligence would help African men score higher (as you’ve stated, and I’ve heard of studies where they perform better than most on spatial intelligence). But the addition of rigorous spatial awareness testing would be an incredible detriment to women, who usually perform poorly on tests involving spatial awareness.
          Should we then add as well, a section on the color red? Women do see the color red better than men, this has been proven by several studies, and has this some speculative evolutionary correlations. So should we add entire spectrums of red accordingly, that women aren’t at a disadvantage on a standardized form of intellectual testing? What do we do for the colorblind though, how do we reset the balance for them? Then, perhaps a section on visual learning, for people who have dyslexia. They shouldn’t be left out either.
          This sort of stuff has been argued many times more than necessary, before you and I were walking this earth. I could ask why some east Asians and some other groups outperform westerners on average in IQ, despite linguistic and cultural differences in background. But I won’t.
          What you perceive as possible pretense, or cultural differences is not something I’m willing to recognize to any measurable degree. I just don’t see it as valid. IQ tests are set according to excellence in intellectual fields, and I don’t think it needs to change in that regard. More access and inter-community encouragement towards intellectual pursuits would benefit communities and cultures with low IQ far more than more than the myths of empowerment and change being peddled to these people.
          I think you’re smart dude. I’m just sticking to my guns on this one. And I totally agree with your comment on policing powerful corporations. It used to be ironic to me, how these are the same corporations that back (allegedly) progressive policies in the west financially and socially. Now I see it as something far more dangerous *breaks out tinfoil hat*.
          I had no idea how ignorant I was of these things a few years ago. In all seriousness, I think multinational corporations and those who control our financial and monetary systems, and even our government with its proxy wars and bullshit invasions over the years, all prefer us to be blissfully ignorant of their actions, for whatever reason. I don’t think that’s a conspiracy theory at all. We have to get big business out of our government, and exercise our power against them for what they’re doing, and what they’ll continue to do.

        32. Spatial intelligence can be improved. I got better at chess by improving my visualization skills. My IQ score also went up for some reason.
          Psychometricians might be able to improve this within a few years, I can see that happening. But education can lead to improving one’s IQ by too much for the test to be considered accurate.

        33. “Make up what ever excuses for that manifest historical fact that you
          like, but being called nasty, non-supportive things by whitey (your
          original assertion) was not the reason why.”
          Encouraging people to go into education improves their intelligence. Encouraging people to go into sports (like blacks are) at the expense of academics creates a lack of intelligence.

      1. Weren’t you in Stand By Me? Young master Davie Hogan? The winner of the pie eating contest?

      1. so why does anyone use google?
        i stopped about 5 years ago – got rid of gmail, switched to Ixquick, Startpage and DDG. block google urls like adsense and analytics in most of my browsers, etc etc.
        hurt them

    4. The biggest advancements historically have come from the Chinese and Indians.
      Europeans have refined on it considerably and radically changed the world from about 1850-1975.
      Since then technological progress has diffused.
      The biggest contributor to technological progress today is Japan, and it has been so since the 1980s.
      Japan is pretty much the anti-Europe of industrialised countries in terms of values, so this should disprove that there is something fundamentally advantageous about European societies that contributes to technological growth.
      Further, the reason India has not made great contributions recently is because of the most classically liberal European country, Britain, sucking it dry. Britain, conversely, is the most backward and least technologically contributive of major economies. Without India, Britain has receded to it’s natural place as an important but peripheral country.
      Further, most of the technological progress that has happened historically has come about since the 1970s, with Russians (who are a fifth Mongol, half north Indian and the rest Scandinavian) leading weaponry, Japan and Germany leading consumer electronics, and the US leading computers. You can ask Ghostofjefferson about the disproportionate number of Indians in the latter field.
      I don’t mind giving credit where it is due, but the statement “everything nice came from Europa and Europeans” is necessarily ridiculous. What about feminism, communism, consumerism, atheism, all the autism vaccines, the GMOs, the mobile phones that give you cancer etc… It’s not just blacks who find your statement silly.
      Having said that, I agree that Africa and Africans have contributed little in terms of technology.

      1. Truly revolutionary technology is few and far between in Northeast Asia. They mostly just take what the white man has already invented (the car) and make it more economical (Toyota). White men invented cameras, TV’s, phones, and video games and the Japanese and Koreans just copy, copy, copy.

        1. Whites take what the brown man invented (Mathematics) and just copy copy copy. They also take what the Yellow man invented (guns) and just copy copy copy.
          See how ridiculous that sounds?
          Technology just doesn’t work like that. The difference between the Prius and what Ford developed is great enough to consider it an invention in it’s own right.
          I agree that Indo-Europeans are generally more inventive and more explorative because that’s how we’ve evolved, due to the huge environmental variance and constant shifting of our populations. Likewise blacks stayed in one harsh place and evolved accordingly.
          But whites are just kidding themselves if they think they’re the master race. If this was true, Western civilisation wouldn’t be teetering on collapse.
          Have you ever even been to Japan? The difference between them and non German Europe or the USA is huge.
          Pride in your people is healthy. But when you take it to the point of hating everyone else in thus silly way, it just shows insecurity and weakness. This is why people are so sick of so called White Nationalists – most of them are actually supremacists, stuck in the past, with a rose coloured view of the world and their people.
          The only reasonable response to a supremacist -whether Islamic or Nazi – is to kill him. When you make ridiculous absolutist statements like “We’re the best and everyone else should just die,” not only do you sound like a child and make yourself politically irrelevant but also you put a target on your back (look at Muslims).
          No one hates a nationalist because he is driven by a love of his own people – most people hate supremacists because they’re dangerous, not just to others but to themselves.

      2. Thats why their populations breathe poison and walk knee deep in human waste. You obviously havent been to either, Mr Wikipedia

        1. Was the situation different in Europe as it was industrialising?
          Until the 1920s, the death rate in London was higher than the birth rate.
          This is not the case in any major Indian city, nor has it ever been.

        2. Yes it was different in Europe and certainly the US.
          And I spent a year in India so give me a break.
          This entire thread is based on the fact that non white non asians DEMAND that whites support them and their descendants for eternity. without so much as a thank you. Give it another year and watch what happens. Tick Tock
          I cant wait.

        3. It was multiples worse lol.
          ?? Muslims, who follow a supremacist death cult (similar to what OP wants for whites), and most Blacks but not all, who follow the Democrat gimmedat death cult, demand these things.
          You’re falling into the globalist trap. They’re trying to stir up a race war so the Traitor In Chief can suspend elections and keep Trump out. And many of you are foolishly falling for it.
          PS. This is exactly what they did in Ukraine and Egypt, turning Russians against Ukrainians and Christians against Muslims. Those who don’t learn from (recent!!!) history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.

      3. ” The biggest advancements historically have come from the Chinese and Indians. Europeans have refined on it considerably and radically changed the world from about 1850-1975.
        Since then technological progress has diffused.”
        Are you sure you don’t belong on a white-guilt lib-left All-Cultures-Are Equal-Under-the-Rainbow site?
        1687 – Isaac Newton publishes “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica”.
        1738 – Daniel Bernoulli publishes “Hydrodynamics”.
        1831 – Michael Faraday discovers that a changing magnetic force produces electricity.
        1850 – Rudolf Clausius publishes “On the Motive Power of Heat”.
        – from Michael Guillen’s “Five Equations that Changed the World”.
        Pythagoras, Democritus of Adbera, Gutenburg, da Vinci, Copernicus, Newton, Vesalius, Gilbert, Bacon, Kepler, Descartes, Pascal, Boyle, van Leeuwenhoek, Newton, Halley, de Coulomb, Watt, Cavendish, Priestly, Volta, Ampere….never mind. I’m getting tired from typing.
        That sting you feel is pride. Truth hurts.

        1. I don’t feel bad if white people have contributed to technology. I’m happy because everyone has (theoretically) benefited.
          I’m a nationalist, not a supremacist. I don’t need to put other people down to feel good about myself.
          Also, we invented numbers. Without that there would be no mathematics. The Chinese invented guns. Without that, the modern world as we know it wouldn’t exist.

        2. You and I would seem to have a lot in common, then. A nationalist, not a supremacist – I like that. I despise my fellow whites’ disparaging of other ethnicities for no other reason than pure unadulterated hatred or disdain.
          I do not deny the accomplishments of the Chinese, Japanese, or East Indians or whomever. In fact, I applaud the celebration of the advancement of humankind by these cultures. I’m simply sick and tired of white-guilt ridden liberals trying to belittle and diminish the spirit of white men.
          My problem is with misinformation and lies – and my enemy as I see it is the MSM. Well documented in articles and posts on this site.

        3. Good grief, mathematics is not just arithmetic! (And Indians invented the place value system, they didn’t invent numbers. The ancient Greeks had already proved that the square root of two was not a fraction, they had discovered a new kind of number, this was far in advance of what the Indians achieved.)
          There is,of course, number theory, which is the theory of the structure of the positive integers. The great advances in this field are due to Euler, Gauss, and various other white Europeans. Ramanujan made some significant advances but only because he became known to English professors, and then he unfortunately died too young.
          There is topology, the science of shape and space in its utmost generality. This is entirely a white European invention.
          Then there is calculus, again its white men all the way down, Newton, Leibniz, Euler, Cauchy.This leads on to differential equations, which are basically to do with applied maths and physics. Again its all white man maths.
          On a more abstract level there is set theory, developed by Cantor. A Jew. A lot of Jews here. Kurt Godel and and Paul Cohen are the biggest names. Again, non-whites are non existent.
          Then there is the relatively modern subject of computability. Kleene, Post, and of course Turing, are the major contributors. Again non whites completely absent.
          There are many other branches of maths and its white men all the way down in every case. Jews course are disproportionately represented.
          Apart from maths…
          refrigeration, the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, the jet engine, anaesthetics, analgesics, antibiotics, the germ theory of disease, Viagra, vitamins, modern anatomy, modern surgery, organ transplants, the Earth goes round the Sun, the Big Bang, Newton’s laws of motion and of gravitation, man on the Moon, Pioneer I and II, football, the Industrial Revolution, synthetic fibres, plastic, uses of oil, artificial fertiliser, birth control, ultrasound scan,TV and radio, microwave oven, Internet.
          I could go on and on but its past midnight.Just time for my favourite. Nasa a few years ago got Pioneer I or II (can’t remember) to take a photo of the Solar System from outside the Solar System. White men took a photo of earth from beyond the Solar System. How cool is that!

      4. The biggest advancements historically have come from the Chinese and Indians.
        ANTI WHITE

      5. What about feminism, communism, consumerism, atheism, all the autism
        vaccines, the GMOs, the mobile phones that give you cancer etc… It’s
        not just blacks who find your statement silly.

        if youre paying attn most of that (feminism, communism, etc) is courtesy of jews

        1. What about the non-Jew White Satanists who make up 90%+ of the globalist elite? George Bush, Hillary Clinton, The Rockerfellers, are they Jewish?
          You know who isn’t in on the globalist plan? Russia, China, Japan (to some extent) India, Africa, South America.
          They WANT you to hate your patriarchal allies in nonwhite cultures with similar anti-globalist interests, and they WANT race war. White supremacists, black supremacists, Muslims (who are intrinsically supremacist) are the perfect little useful idiots.

    5. …what do you think the purpose of the white (ethnic European) race is?

      1. Make life better for non-whites and allow them to reproduce beyond what nature would otherwise allow

        1. And if Mother nature isn’t in a hurry, lead poison them uppity Motor City Jigs till their IQ’s is lower than a snail’s belly.

    6. “That’s why you have a lot of people who try to debunk the Bell Curve and similar studies.”
      Not to mention IQ tests, standardized testing, GPAs, etc. Basically, any relatively objective assessment is labeled as racist.
      If you fear such objective measures, it says a a lot about your insecurity and lack of confidence.

    7. If you say so. Black guy here, and I have absolutely no issues with whites bing the modern masters of science and technology in our society. I also can tell you that – in general – there is no black fear of inadequacy because of it….frankly, many are too dense to even follow that logic train.
      Between white ingenuity, and self loathing, there has never been a better time to be a brown skinned minority in the west.

      1. No one values intelligence anymore. Certainly not women. In fact, women detest overly intelligent males.
        Perhaps the one place being a male nerd is still respected and will actually win you female attention is East Asia.

        1. It’s not intelligence per se that they detest, but the weak and feminized demeanor that the society indoctrinates and imposes onto (especially white) men, and which is ENFORCED in corporate, professional contexts.
          Intelligent men understood those perverse incentives as kids and learned to conform to them much faster and more deeply, and as adults have access to the kind of nominally “high-status” professional environments where this faggotization is mandatory. Dumb fucks do not – and drop out of the indoctrination they can’t quite follow. That they end up better off with women thanks to dropping out is merely a side effect.
          In a healthy society, the incentives would be set for men to learn to be strong and masculine – and therefore attractive. Intelligent men would be ahead in that game, and ahead with women too.

      2. I see what you mean, and I think the statements in your first paragraph are spot-on (was a little confused about the second paragraph, but then again, I’ve had a long day). I think blacks in general don’t have problems acknowledging white accomplishments. You only hear pan-Africans and the hippy-dippy Hotep crowd talking about how Africans invented everything from space travel to superconductors, and they’re in the stark minority. I think the big issue is that whites don’t see blacks as having a real place in the world, and a lot of blacks don’t really see a purpose outside of working some 9 to 5 somewhere, buying a nice car, buying a house, just buying, buying, buying, and hoping that somewhere in all of that, they’ll accumulate enough goodies to attract a mate.
        Hispanics hold their heads up high because they have a solid culture and they bring their labor. The Asians and Middle Easterners hold their heads up because they have a country to go back to THAT THEY’RE ACTUALLY IN CONTROL OF, they have a well-established culture, and they bring science and technology to the table. The Native Americans hold their heads up because despite what they lost during their clashes with Europeans, they managed to maintain a culture and they even have their own land. Now, what do blacks as a whole own? What do they have to contribute to our nation? At first blush, most would tell you they contribute entertainment (in sports and in music) and rabid consumerism. But maybe there’s more to it than that. I don’t think the liberals have the answer, but I definitely don’t believe the supremacists have the answer, either.

    8. I would agree with you…except that those Bastards Lives matters (BLM) and the rest of the scum are nobodies whose funding comes from somewhere else and hold no power or leverage in politics, finance or technology…no…the motivation for this comes from someone who seems to think White people and whoever has absorbed the values of classical Western civilization is a threat to be dealt swiftly…

    9. Wow… I guess this website has officially turned into Stormfront-lite…
      With this logic, most of Eastern Europe has no reason to exist either. Most of the big advancements in terms of science, math, etc. in the modern world have come from WESTERN Europe, and specifically certain parts of western Europe. There’s a damn good reason Hitler didn’t consider Slavs part of “the master race.”

      1. While it’s true that the Nazis, under the Lebensraum doctrine, showed a little more deference to western Europeans than to Eastern Europeans, the fact of the matter remains that they still only considered western non-Aryan Europeans to be “acceptable” in terms of the racial hierarchy. Make no mistake, Hitler didn’t bomb England and occupy France just to have a cup of tea with them. And you misunderstand my earlier statement. I simply stated a fact: nobody wants to be considered useless, whether they be black or white. That’s not saying that they are in fact useless. Many people, however, have ascribed this status to African Americans as a group. The Google people obviously put together an ad in response to this sentiment. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
        I think it’s high time someone actually explained what the end game of this whole “low IQ” and “r/k” selection” debate is supposed to be. In other words, assuming for the sake of argument (and I know there are notable arguments on both sides) that certain minorities have lower IQs than others, what is to be done with them? Where is their place in the world? Can they have that place amongst non-minorities or will they have to strike out on their own in order carve out a place in the world? I think there are enough intelligent posters on this site for us to arrive at an answer. The lib-tards don’t have the answer. The ultra-WN nutjobs don’t have the answer. But I’m sure that someone on this site does.

        1. I agree. It would be nice to actually get some answers instead of the people on the far right shouting “gas the kikes, race war now” and the people on the regressive left saying “you’re a racist.” Even of all the HBD sites I’ve read, only one of them actually proposed any answers to the issue (and naturally, I don’t remember which one it was). As to answers, I have some thoughts on the subject but I’d like to hear from you first.

        2. See my response to DeCode below. I think the key is culture and history. I’m a big fan of the latter, and it looks like blacks spent the last few centuries just fighting to free themselves from the slave plantations and from Jim Crow, and by the time they started to make headway in their quest for freedom and self-determination in the 60s and 70s, some force either outside of or within the black community decided that the culture would be one based on expression, entertainment, and consumerism. What do we remember most about the 80s? MJ’s ‘Thriller,’ Eddie Murphy movies, and the Lakers/Celtics rivalry. What about the ’90s and early 2000’s? Spinning rims, gold chains, and ‘Pimp My Ride.’ For some reason, the culture went from building communities, building businesses, and engaging in scientific/technological pursuits to cutting albums and buying stuff. The thing is, I don’t know if blacks willingly went in that direction or whether non-minorities guided them in that direction. So that raises the question: is rabid consumerism and entertainment the sole purpose of blacks in America, or do they have another purpose that has yet to be discovered by both them and whites? I’d certainly like to hear your opinion on the subject.

        3. Yes, it’s true that the socioeconomic position of American blacks was improving significantly in the decades between the second world war and the implementation of Affirmative Action quotas. As to the contributions of blacks to America, musically speaking American music is heavily intertwined with blacks. The blues, a black creation, is our only real contribution to the world in terms of music. Everything else is either a copy of western European classical music or combines elements of the blues with elements of western music (such as Jazz, rock, etc.). Early country music, believe it or not, was heavily influenced by the blues. As to what became of the black community, I am inclined to believe that everything the regressive left is foisting on whites and other groups, like single motherhood, male-bashing, and the decline of a sense of community, was foisted on blacks first as a test subject. The welfare state has brought about 50 years of dysgenic fertility (which we are starting to see among whites, though with different outcomes), which has created a black underclass which must be permanently cared for. No amount of education or encouragement can do anything about this. I do think we can reform the welfare state so that we are not paying this ghetto underclass to breed like rabbits. A system where if you have more than one child while on welfare your benefits are cut is a good start. We can also encourage the blacks who are contributing a net positive to the tax base to have more children. This can also be used with other groups, not only blacks. As for racial “purpose,” there really is no such thing. The only real purpose in life for any living thing is to survive and reproduce. It doesn’t matter how it’s done.

        4. You’re making excellent points, especially the part about blacks being used as crash-test dummies by the left. The only caveat I would give is that while, in an ideal world, survival and reproduction should be a human’s only purpose, it is seldom that simple. Purpose gets you into what I think may be the root of all of this hoopla: who’s suitable to date and/or marry whom. You see, if members of one group are deemed too dumb, too violent, or too poor to associate with, people from other groups have an easier time convincing their daughters and sisters to stay away from them. Sometimes this backfires, which is why you still see white chicks dating rappers and drug dealers from time to time (though they usually look more like Rebel Wilson than they do Jennifer Lawrence), but by and large, they stick by the code. Hulk Hogan went into great detail about that where his own daughter was concerned.
          If a majority of blacks had purpose and a direction, and if the black community was more economically viable, all of a sudden you’d see a people who everyone wanted to invite to their dinner parties. Guys like Hogan would be saying, “yeah, he’s going places…who cares if he dates my daughter?” But in the here and now, you see the rapper Future, NFL’er Antonio Cromartie, and that guy in Tennessee who had 21 kids by 12 different women strolling more bastards across the countryside than a drunken Dornishman with a backpack full of Viagra, while people like the Duggars, although they may have large families just like the folks I just mentioned, at least have demonstrated that they have the money and stability to make sure all of their kids are well cared for.
          On a side note, it would be interesting to see how you would encourage the more educated blacks to have kids. Remember Idiocracy? Whether they’re black or white, it seems like nerds have the hardest time connecting with each other on a sexual level. The nerdy chicks want to chase the same guys as the hot chicks, and since the nerdy girls tend to look like Melissa McCarthy or Gabby Sidibe, the nerdy guys aren’t interested. Very seldom do you see nerdy couples that look like Jim and Michelle from ‘American Pie.’ If smart people do manage to get together, the pairing usually looks like Paul and that nerdy chick he was dating for a half a minute in Season 2 of ‘You’re the Worst.’ Not a pretty sight.

        5. Yes, I can understand why men would be wary, if not downright against, their female family members dating a black man. Of course group averages do not apply to every single individual, but unfortunately for American blacks, the averages are not good.
          As I’ve said before, unfortunately, a large segment of the black community is simply not economically viable in our modern day economy. Nothing can be done about this. The only approach that can be taken to remedy this is reforming the welfare state so that this underclass does not breed indiscriminately.
          You bring up an interesting point on encouraging the intelligent blacks to breed. We can certainly provide financial incentives for educated, net positive black couples which would allow them to have more kids. I’m not sure how effective it would be, and if you have any other suggestions I’m all ears, but it’s a start at least.

        6. I think the answer is to wrest factories out of the hands of third world countries and bring them back to the U.S. We remedied unemployment in the 50s and 60s by beefing up the blue collar sector. Now, the blue collar sector is virtually nonexistent. I don’t really think there’s such a thing as people who are completely unemployable. Just ask people who try to apply for disability benefits and get denied over and over again. I think it’s possible that if you offer people work requiring minimal to moderate skills at a decent wage, that’s enough to kick-start a people’ sense of self, invigorate their culture, and spark their creativity. It’s been a long time since we had a president who pushed strongly for the mass creation of jobs. If factory workers, teachers, cops, dock workers, road crewmen, and the like could make at least $45k a year, and if those jobs were made available to all able-bodied people who were willing to learn the job, I think instances of single motherhood, crime, drug use, and violence would drop exponentially across all races and age groups.

        7. I agree wholeheartedly. Manufacturing needs to come back, and the stigma attached to blue collar jobs need to stop. I do think this would help a lot of low-skilled, low IQ people (of all races), but the fact cannot be ignored that the American black community has seen fifty years of intense dysgenic fertility. I’m not sure reviving the blue collar sector of the economy will do enough to take care of this.

        8. I see where you’re coming from. But I think all isn’t lost. After all, for the better part of the 19th and early 20th century, the Irish, Italians, and Polish–like most eastern Europeans–were marginalized and kept from participating in the broader economy, leading them to create black market “underworld” economies of their own to survive. As such, many were criminals, and given their religion and culture, they tended to have a lot of kids. Many would have considered them the poster-people for fertility dysgenics back then. Once they were allowed to become a part of law enforcement and the political and manufacturing sectors, nearly all but the one or two most notorious Irish and Italian crime syndicates pretty much vanished. I could be wrong, but I think if you tell even the most addle-brained Blood or Crip that he can make a guaranteed $50k a year and that he can make it while working in a friendly environment so long as he keeps his nose clean, he’ll drop the gun, the weed, and the forty ounce faster than you can say “payday.” The sign-up line would stretch well over half a mile.
          You know, the conversation you and I are having is the one civil rights groups and our government officials should be sitting down and having right now, instead of just hurling insults at one another.

      1. It goes without saying that we’re all human. It’s just that our cultures are different, and that feeds largely into the roles each ethnicity plays in this country. Asians and Middle Easterners have a culture steeped in the sciences, and thus a lot of them work at Silicon Valley and work in the biotech industry. The Hispanics bring manual labor to the table. Whites, like the Romans and Brits before them, create and cultivate the laws, infrastructure, and socio-political groundwork that allow society to function. Blacks, it seems, bring entertainment in the form of sports and music (at least until this rap crap came on the scene) and a strong appetite for consumer goods. I’m interested in seeing if anyone wishes to expand upon the aforementioned characterizations.

    10. “It’s hard for a lot of people to accept the concept that whites invented everything”
      You’re goddamn stupid or someone brainwashed you. All the ancient civilizations, knowledge and science were created by non-whites. The few whites that did play a role in the Old World were Greeks and Romans, who were a different stock of white people. Don’t think your Germanic cavemen ancestors contributed to math or astronomy during that time. They copied everything from the Romans.
      Things changed since the 15th century, but white and autistic losers like you have the delusional idea that whites were always on top of the world. The funny thing is is that the Jews made Europe wealthy and not the native Europeans. The same holds for the USA. The Jews may look white in appearance, but they’re genetically different from Europeans.

    11. Even the first contact between Europeans and certain African countries i.e Vasco da Gama. The technology gap was huuggee! Europeans had built intricate cathedrals skyscrapers of the day. Science, medicine, music, high level of art and culture. In the same amount of time Africans hadn’t moved past wearing Cheetah skin leotards. Even today on the railways there are locomotives left over from the days of Imperialism. They don’t have the capability to build new ones so they maintain and use stuff from the 1800th century. It’s insane!! We Wuz Kangz lol

    12. Oh so a person only has a purpose if they serve the economy hey?
      What a soulless thing to say.
      What about the contribution to American culture of Black Musicians like Duke Ellington, John Coltrane Charlie Parker, MIles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie etc. etc.

    13. Hello! Firstly, I’m not a native speaker, so… yeah.
      “It’s hard for a lot of people to accept the concept that whites invented everything worthwhile because it implants a scary thought in the minds of non-whites, particularly blacks”
      1. As far as I know (and I won’t insist on it) blacks invented and/or developed speech, culture, critcal thinking, the concepts of religion and philosophy and stuff, even before humanity left Africa, didn’t they?
      Everything else we know today would be build upon that then.
      But that isn’t the issue here.
      “[…] If whites are responsible for all of the advancements in science, technology, and medicine that we see today, what are my people good for?” / “Nobody wants to face the prospect of being a member of a race that serves absolutely no purpose.”
      2. Would’t that way of thinking just be a problem for people who think that to bring “advancements in science, technology, and medicine” is in itself a purpose (worth living for) and the only purpose there
      is… or that “my people” can represent and define me myself (see 4.)?

      1. 3. And by considering that kind of thinking: Would’t it be even harder to be a member of the white race, a race that seems to “serve a purpose”, but to see that oneself as a (white) individual isn’t able to achieve something comparable as repectable race fellows who have done great things?
        Something else: 4. Isn’t it a fallacy of many white people to think they are special, because (relatively very few) OTHER whites did something great, wheras they themselves did nothing but just being born by accident into that race?
        That’s a phenomenom I come around quite often…
        Almost all whites (the >average white person<) don’t do more with their lives than someone else from another race would be able to and has been able to.
        “Since nobody seems to be able to answer the question of what purpose such people can serve […]”
        5. How could that be answered for the majority of white people who did not, do not and will not ever serve your idea of purpose (advancements in science, technology, and medicine)? Who will invent purpose for them?
        Just my two cents (I hope my english wasn’t too bad), have a nice day!

    14. I wonder, if you had asked that question 2000 years ago, what would had been the answer?

    15. It’s cultural values/history not biology. Greece/Rome, Christianity,the Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution are the bedrocks of Western Civilization and the reason of white dominance. Culture > Race.

    16. whites invented everything including white guilt. In a time when there is relative peace, liberal self loathing whites feel bad for having won the millennia of wars, because now we have to coexist with the vanquished, so their idea is to just give it all back and say I’m sorry for making you feel like dirt.

    17. What have you invented? Personally. I think you speak from biased ideas that are not your own. What you say stems from ignorance.

  4. So I guess the white guys that founded Google are ok with their mugs being darkwashed in Google ads, bios, About pages, etc.?
    I’ll have to check out Pale Moon…never heard of it. Are there other viable alternatives to Google products, or do we just submit to the religion?

    1. They aren’t white! Get that through your head. Jews may publicly identify as white, but privately they identify as Jewish. When they self-criticize whites, they are doing it from the perspective of being Jewish.

  5. If Google want’s to promote degeneracy and anti-intellectualism, you might as well just Booble it.

  6. Remember when Communist and Osama bin Laden sympathizer Yuri Kochiyama got a Google Doodle back in the Spring?
    Something as momentous as D-Day wasn’t worthy of mention, of course. (Bing featured an aerial view of Point Du Hoc, incidentally)

      1. The question is… what’s it gonna take for white men to pull their heads out of their ass?

    1. ok google gives you the finger, now what do you do about it?
      continue to put $$$ in their pocket?

        1. It means your accusations are full of crap and we don’t care. This is a red pill website and we are free to speak honestly and openly on topics about race, even the awful truths which are discomforting for some.
          However, I would hardly consider this a Stormfront or Daily Stormer crowd. In my private life, and for most others here, we’re perfectly fine befriending men and even having intimate relationships with women of all manner of races and ethnic groups. (and I do)
          We just don’t sugar-coat stuff here.

        2. I love how you use the word “truth” without even proving the veracity or objectivity of the IQ test.

        3. I said “truths”. Congratulations on your straw man. I never even mentioned IQ tests specifically, Only base IQ. Another straw man on your part. Quit your straw manning you straw man guy

        4. He likes proof and facts and stats. He is like the 4 year old who asks why to every answer. Screw that guy. He will never ever get the point of a conversation. He will only answer with a question or a facetious statement that implies a question. lol

        5. Not at a strawman. You didn’t give any evidence other than “what I say about IQ is true. Try again.

        6. Funny how you say that, cause I’ve given evidence against your view below. Not as if you care.

        7. IQ is measured through tests. You can’t disassociate either. Try again.

        8. True. But guess what Raphael……. that still doesn’t invalidate your straw man rebuttal

        9. It does. You assert that IQ is hereditary and that the achievement potential of certain races is lower than others, ignoring the vast potential for increasing one’s IQ by a dozen points. Not strawmanning.

        10. No I don’t care, your points are all over drawn, over done and over explained as if you don’t yet even believe what you are even saying. no thanks.

        11. You’re the very definition of the argument from assertion (it’s wrong cause I said it is).

        12. Guess what, all that matters ultimately in your life is you. If I say its wrong bro, its wrong. period point blank. A lot of things in life are relative to how it affects you personally. You’ll learn that when you grow up though, don’t worry.

        13. Right. Well when it comes to race I happen to believe your ideas are full of shit and I’m free to speak such thoughts as well. I’m not shutting anyone ideas down. I simply believe the current state of black America is the result of a specific black thug subculture.

        14. No red hearings here. Proof can be provided for anything in this day and age. Belief and common sense is what is lacking.

        15. It is wrong because i say it is. You cant live your life chasing proof, facts and evidence. The search never ends. Conceptual arguments usually have many correct answers maybe some more right than others. Common sense is the common ground. Where relative solutions converge for groups of people.

        16. Common sense leads us to believe matter is solid rather than an electromagnetic amalgamation of small objects comprised of even smaller objects. You’ll have to try harder.

  7. I’m a web developer and search engine optimization specialist. Back in 2000, I started pushing my clients, and other people I knew, to use Google – back then, Alta Vista was the world’s No. 1 search engine. I admired the accuracy of Google’s search results at the time, and the speed with which they retrieved those search results. Other web developers and computer geeks started telling their friends and family about Google, too, and as a result, although they were doing virtually zero advertising, Google grew like a monster.
    In 2003, Google – whose slogan was “Don’t be evil” – flip-flopped on a promise they had made up to that point in time: “We will never put advertising on our search results pages”. (The Big Kahuna, Eric Schmidt, made this promise himself.) Overnight, once they decided to start showing ads based on specific user keyword searches, Google destroyed untold numbers of businesses. Whereas previously, search results had been based on relevancy, now they were based on irrelevancy; the “organic” search results suddenly weren’t relevant to the search in question, while the ads that were showcased were dead-bang relevant. Countless businesses crashed and burned as a result, while Google’s online advertising revenue soon jumped up to over $4 billion per month.
    What happened here, when you boil it all down, is this – Google cut the throats of the very people whom they had built their business around: Web developers. Without our content (websites), Google would have nothing to display in their search engine. Google stood on our shoulders, showcased our websites, and originally they ranked them based on relevancy. Our sites thrived, our businesses grew, and then…and then they shoved us under the bus while providing us with zero recompense for destroying us. They built their business solely by utilizing our work product (our websites), and then they basically shot us in the head.
    But this is really nothing new. The elite have always taken control of all the brand-new, extremely profitable, business frontiers. Walmart killed most of the mom-and-pop shops, Amazon is rapidly killing the rest of them; Uber killed the cab driving business; Zillow is killing independent real estate agencies; and Google has killed myriad businesses nine ways to Sunday.
    What do those companies all have in common? They were all funded by elitist money. And the elite (blueblood families) own the lion’s share of each of those companies, just like they own pretty much everything else.

      1. Good point. Lot of ripoffs by the “connected”, actually can’t think of one innovation that wasn’t a ripoff of some nobody who got little to nothing from it.

    1. Well put and very true, similar story for me. When Google came I also recommended a lot of people to switch over from Altavista, and same thing later when gmail came.
      I’m a backend and integration specialist developer, I don’t often make the UI for webpages but almost the same business.
      When drones started coming I started a company with a friend, and we designed and built mostly components that were actually far ahead of their time, but we didn’t have the money to pay tech sites to review stuff or for Google Adwords etc.
      So as a result it never took off, the companies with shit products but money to pay Google and review sites thrived.

      1. I hear you loud and clear. And what’s worse, the elitists are usually behind the companies that eventually take the new idea and turn it into gold (like your drone scenario). Why? Because the elite own all the mainstream media, they have all the money. They fund a startup based on somebody else’s innovations, and they immediately hire tons of tech support and staff, and they shovel out the cash for TV ads, Internet ads, etc. So the rich get richer and the rest of us do what we can. Before 2003, I knew it was coming. I just didn’t think it would happen that fast, but I knew it would happen. Because they turned the search engines into the modern equivalents of their mainstream media counterparts. The companies with the big money can pay for the ads. But it runs deeper than that. If you take a long, hard look at search engine results, in say, real estate – you’ll notice the Big Box elitist online websites are dominating. Zillow, Trulia, etc. (all owned by the elite). So even the organic search results are being skewed now, in favor of the Fortune 500-type companies. Heh. It’s a very clever scam, all the way around…and in the end, it kills everybody but the largest players. And it’s all by design.

    2. Would you have done differently?
      You develop a search engine.
      It is a hit.
      You get offers. Billions of dollars in offers.
      You see a vision of being the wealthiest corporation in the world. You will be able to fund any project that you can dream of. You will be able to even change society through some red pill social engineering behind your products.
      Do you, or don’t you go back on your promised to never become one of the richest people in the world?

      1. Funny, I totally get both of your points — they’re not mutually exclusive, and create a paradox.

      2. I never would have gotten the chance to do it differently, because only elitists get the chance to do it differently.
        The point is, Google was elitist-sponsored from Day One. Elitist seed money backed Google from the get-go. Nobody can become a billionaire unless it benefits the established elite in an even greater way – nobody. The established elite have access to the single biggest and most critical engine that drives mega-profits – the mainstream media. They own everything. And what they don’t own, they simply copy, while using that huge engine to make the other guys irrelevant.
        The whole thing is an illusion. The general premise is, “Why, if you have a great idea and you work hard, and you pay your dues, you, too, can become a billionaire.” And this simply isn’t true. But you have to really take a deep dive down the rabbit hole to figure it all out, and most people aren’t willing to do that because it would disrupt their entire belief system.
        A very strong case can be made (see that Larry Page and Sergey Brin are basically actors – they are storefront, cartoon characters; media mouthpieces for the grand illusion. (“Why, anybody can become a billionaire, just like Larry and Sergey!”) Same with all the other guys who allegedly, “made a huge discovery and worked on it in their garage until their fingers ached”. Same with Steve Jobs. Same with Bill Gates. Same with Spencer Rascoff (founder of Zillow). Same with Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon). Once you start looking at the financials for these companies, you find the same mutual funds and venture capital companies, showing up as the major shareholders. Always. There are no exceptions.
        Steve Jobs had about as much knowledge of computers, as I do of tampon design. Same with Spencer Raskoff of Zillow; the guy knows squat about his alleged field of expertise – real estate as it pertains to the Internet.
        Watch these actor cutouts on TV, and you’ll see the same blank, idiotic look in their eyes. Their syntax and overall knowledge base doesn’t match up with what they are supposed to be. And once you start researching these clowns, you’ll find that they ALL came from big money families. Even in the cases where their bios claim differently. In other words, they were already connected to the elite, before they, “made a huge discovery and worked on it in their garage until their fingers ached”.
        What I’m saying is, the elite have rigged the game to the point where nobody can play in the pool except them. They provide the illusion that this isn’t so, because their institutions of higher learning are predicated on the premise that the playing field is equal. If college students realized they had no shot at being really major players, why would they incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and waste all their time getting college degrees (and being brainwashed), while becoming debt slaves to the elitist-owned banks in the process? The short answer is, they wouldn’t…
        Truth is stranger than fiction, and what most people believe is flat-out fiction. This is especially true of the most stringently and widely held beliefs. The only way to find the truth is to throw away everything you believe to be true, and start from scratch. If you don’t do that, you aren’t considering the evidence that goes against your current belief on any subject at hand. And if you don’t consider the evidence on the other side of the fence, and you already have a strong belief, your mind has already been made up for you. And that’s an example of truth – it cannot be assailed, only its messenger can be attacked.
        And not much truth is made available to the masses, which is exactly how the elite want it…

        1. I don’t buy it.
          Finance is a small world. Everyone needs finance to start big projects. Been this way since Columbus wanted to set sail and found America.
          Finance wants to fund big profitable projects to create more capital.
          Only a very small portion of the human population has both the high IQ and the family history and stability to be a big dawg in the finance world.
          So finance is a small world and it always has been, and they’ll fund you as long as you can make money for them, as long as you can sell yourself.
          Of course some of them are elitist snobs and won’t finance you. So you gotta play the game. You gotta hide that youre a prole. You gotta sell yourself.

      3. Notice how someone reordered the comments on this page. When you select best suddenly the highest voted comment (by Jose cuervo) his comment and subsequent commentary are all suddenly way down on the page.
        The anti-White rhetoric of blacklivesmatter explicitly targets White America and what blacklivesmatter interprets to be its power structure. They identify the police as part of this power structure—though of course this cannot be true as the police are agents of the state, which pursues anti-white policies that will result in the minoritization of Whites on this continent.
        They are not part of any kind of “White supremacist” power structure but an anti-White supremacist power structure; law enforcement only has disparate impact on blacks insofar as you believe the myth that all groups commit crimes at equal rates (they don’t). Yet, the police are a natural target owing to conflation with Whiteness by third worldists, in addition to being hated by dindu agitators for trying to suppress their criminality
        Remember the words of the dindu terrorist in Dallas. He wasn’t fixated on killing cops, He was fixated on killing White people, and “White officers are merely a high-profile subset of that population.

  8. I havent used Google’s search engine in years. Startpage or Duckduckgo. Man, Ghost in the Shell was a kickass series- live action version will be awful

    1. I long for the good ol days when we all played “Guess the URL”. Hell, I still do that from time to time

  9. I follow a lot of science based accounts on twitter and some are chock full of SJW political hogwash. Many of these scientists are quite dogmatic in their anti dogma like many modern atheists tend to be. Yet without good proof they have “faith” in global warming the oppression of women and minorities and tend to hold fast to socialist ideals. Their heads are stuck in the clouds while their feet barely touch the ground. Must be nice.

    1. The macro evolution thing along with global warming is a faith based belief yet they pass if off as science

    Works just as well. Doesn’t track. Doesn’t support commie bullshit.

  11. I avoid, but it seems like the only smart phones in stores use Google Android or Apple IOS. What’s the best alternative for a smart phone?

    1. Get yourself a really fucking old Nokia. It’s a good prop if you want to fake criminal/drug dealer game.

  12. An earlier commenter on this thread mentioned something about blacks being really good at sports…blacks have been deliberately pushed to the forefront of sports, at the expense of whites and all other races. And this is part of a broader plan, as we can easily prove below.
    At the beginning of the 2015-16 NBA season, only eight white men from the United States had a starting position on an NBA team. Here’s the mathematical breakdown of the starting lineups for all 30 NBA teams (150 total players) at the beginning of the 2015-16 NBA season –
    Black American starters: 123 – 82%
    Foreign-born starters (white, black, all races): 17 – 11.33%
    Hispanic American starters: 2 – 1.33%
    White American starters: 8 – 5.33%
    To prove that this is part of a wide-ranging plan, and not based solely on basketball ability, we need only look at one important all-time NBA statistic – shooting efficiency.
    If blacks really were better than whites at playing basketball, blacks should dominate the all-time shooting efficiency statistics, especially since blacks have comprised at least 70% of the starting lineups in the NBA, since 1979 (which was when the 3-point field goal first appeared on the scene).
    Shooting Efficiency Rating = FG % (x10) + 3-pt. FG % (x15) + Free Throw % (x5)
    Each shooting category was given a coefficient that was weighted in favor of the importance of the shot – a 3-pt. FG received a coefficient of 15, a 2-pt. FG received a coefficient of 10, and a free throw received a coefficient of 5. This coincides exactly with the 3-2-1 scoring weight of each shot.
    NBA All-time Leaders in Shooting Efficiency –
    1) Steve Nash: 4.90 (FG%x10) + 6.420 (3-pt%x15) + 4.520 (FT%x5) = 15.820 SER
    2) Jeff Hornacek: 4.96 (FG%x10) + 6.045 (3-pt%x15) + 4.385 (FT%x5) = 15.390 SER
    3) Chris Mullin: 5.09 (FG%x10) + 5.760 (3-pt%x15) + 4.325 (FT%x5) = 15.175 SER
    4) Reggie Miller: 4.71 (FG%x10) + 5.925 (3-pt%x15) + 4.440 (FT%x5) = 15.075 SER
    5) John Stockton: 5.15 (FG%x10) + 5.760 (3-pt%x15) + 4.130 (FT%x5) = 15.040 SER
    6) Larry Bird: 4.96 (FG%) + 5.64 (3-pt%) + 4.43 (FT%) = 15.030 SER
    Five out of the top six most-efficient shooters in NBA history since the advent of the 3-point field goal are white…despite the fact that NBA starting rosters have been comprised of at least 70% black players, since 1979. In the field of statistical analysis, we call this a major statistical anomaly (to put it mildly).
    If blacks really did dominate basketball, they should comprise at least four of the six all-time best shooting efficiency rankings for the NBA. Five of the six most efficient shooters in NBA history were guards – which makes sense. But over 70% of the starting guards in the NBA have been black, since at least 1979. And because of this, if blacks truly were better basketball players, at least four of the above slots should be taken by a black player – but they aren’t.
    Now an ignorant apologist might say, “Well, what about rebounding, and defense?” And that’s an interesting point. But it’s irrelevant. Why? Because blacks have made up over 70% of the starting rosters in the NBA for at least the last 37 years. Which means mostly blacks were playing defense AGAINST the six shooters listed in the Top 10 above. If blacks were indeed markedly better at playing defense, blocking shots, rebounding, etc., they should easily shut down the best white shooters who every played the game – but that is not the case.
    Now let’s take a look at some other interesting statistics –
    Eight of the Top Ten 3-point field goal percentage leaders in NCAA history are white, despite the fact that around 70% of the NCAA’s rosters have been black, since at least the late 1970’s.
    Nine of the Top Ten free throw percentage leaders in NCAA history, are white, despite the fact that around 70% of the NCAA’s rosters have been black, since at least the late 1970’s.
    In Major League Baseball, out of the Top 50 players with the best career batting averages, only two are black (Tony Gwynn and Kirby Puckett – and Puckett is No. 50).
    In Major League Baseball, out of the Top 50 pitchers with the best career ERA, zero is black.
    And all of this is very curious, to say the least. “Why, I thought blacks were just hands-down better at all sports than white men? Aren’t white men slow, and stupid, and graceless by nature?” Nope. Quite the contrary. The above data actually lends itself to the premise that white men are athletically superior to black men, at least when it comes to basketball and baseball. And the glaring statistical anomalies pointed out above, prove it.
    “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science.” ― William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (aka Lord Kelvin)

    1. Blacks are better at “playing the game of basketball” based on athletic ability. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best Basketball Players, the white guys listed above were all sorely behind most NBA players in athletic ability, hence they honed their shooting skills. When it comes to broad ability Blacks are head and shoulders above the rest in all sports they seem to dominate. However the White guys always excel at the positions that require a minuet skill. such as Shooting, assist to turnover ratio, pitching, QB, Lineman (technique is key) Center (football), Catcher. Oddly enough the decision making positions is where Whites excel. However, its a foregone conclusion that Blacks are the best athletes in the world, period. Whites excel at skill. Blacks excel at athleticism.

      1. One more point I would make about shooting in basketball is that efficiency is one measure; however, a black with a lower shooting % may score more points even with that lower % because he may be able to get into position to take more shots. That is, is he’s quick, a good jumper, can dunk, layup, at such a rate that his lower % may not be as relevant in the team context. His total points might be higher, although he had to take more shots.

        1. True but whites are generally better shooters. To your point look at Curry. With his supposed all world shot. He should have averaged 50 a game. When you compare his efficiency to others who scored more per game. The most efficient shooter rarely get the opportunity to showcase it. Playmakers is what coaches mostly want.

      2. “However, its a foregone conclusion that Blacks are the best athletes in the world, period.”
        That’s a logical fallacy. You state the conclusion without proving it.

        1. Omg here we go again. How about you prove they arent? The burden if proof is on you. Because blacks clearly dominate sports. Who is has the most homeruns? Who has the most nba points scored, who has the most rushing yards, who has the most interceptions? Who runs the fastest 40 time? The perception is that blacks ate superior athletes.. Prove me wrong

        2. I know what a Logical Fallacy is. However, a reasonable mind doesn’t need to prove for the sake of proof. You know that its a true statement, lets not mince words over something that really isn’t important to begin with.

      3. either way blacks are better at basketball anyway you cut it. don’t be ridiculous.

    2. “…blacks have been deliberately pushed to the forefront of sports, at the expense of whites and all other races. And this is part of a broader plan, as we can easily prove below.”
      A good example of this is boxing, where you’re only able to refer to two boxers as being great – Ali and Tyson. If you mention any Eastern European boxers, people quickly hamster around and sight “lack of competition”. They have no way to prove this. It’s like comparing the 1970s Steelers with the 2001 Patriots. Pure speculation.
      Of course, the real reason Ali is pushed as the “greatest” is because his anti-white animus serves the purposes of an order-through-chaos media. Blacks are encouraged to idealize a man with the IQ of a rented mule – a man who dodged the draft and was constantly at odds with “Da Man.” Ali could literally be the spiritual leader of the BLM movement; his ideals are like an preface to the current novel.
      So I agree with you completely.
      I also think that blacks are purposefully being elevated within the ranks of professional sports because, without that, there would be a major lack of confidence throughout the culture. The media has to push the narrative that they dominate at something, lest they feel they dominate in nothing.

      1. I agree with everything you wrote there, companero. Clay (aka Ali) won the title via two obviously fixed fights with Sonny Liston. This is common knowledge among insiders in the fight game. Liston was the baddest man in the history of Planet Earth, and that phantom punch that Clay threw in the second fight, which supposedly knocked Liston out, was ridiculous.
        In their first fight, Liston didn’t come out for the eighth round, due to an alleged hurt shoulder. He threw a total of maybe five right hands in that first fight. And they were fly-swatter punches. Liston could knock you out with either hand (he knocked some fighters’ teeth out with his left jab alone), and he had a thunderous right hand, which was mysteriously absent during both fights with Clay. And that’s because Liston knew if he caught Clay with just a little too much pounds-per-square-inch force, Clay would be knocked out and Liston would be floating at the bottom of a river. (All of Liston’s handlers were Mob guys; check Wikipedia out for affirmation of this, even they admit it.) So yes, Ali’s ascension as a media darling and eventual idol of hundreds of millions of chumps was all choreographed – just like his fights.
        For all of you “conspiracy theorists” out there – and, by the way, there ARE no conspiracies, Watergate never happened, wink-wink – Zora Folley, whom Muhammad Ali continually ducked until Folley was well past his prime at age 35, died under very mysterious circumstances. He allegedly got into a playful wrestling match near a motel pool in Chandler, Arizona, with a close friend. Supposedly, this “friend” eventually threw Folley into the pool, which resulted in Folley hitting his head on the side of the pool and drowning. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a deep hole in the top of Folley’s head, and two blunt-force trauma injuries on the side of his head…yet Chandler AZ “officials” ruled Folley’s death to be “accidental”. This is especially interesting in light of the way that Sonny Liston allegedly died…Liston supposedly died under extremely suspicious circumstances, just like Zora Folley. And much has been made over the years of Liston’s alleged (and absolutely irrefutable) Mob connections…Sonny Liston won the last fight of his career, in June of 1970 against Chuck Wepner…and many people have alleged over the years that Liston was supposed to take a dive in the Wepner fight, but he refused…six months after the Wepner fight, Liston turns up dead – the result of an alleged “heroin overdose,” which is a circumstance that seems very unlikely, in the least, given the fact that it was common knowledge among anyone who ever knew him, that Sonny Liston, the baddest fighter in the history of Planet Earth, was deathly afraid of only one thing – needles.

        1. No surprising. I don’t know much about the Liston fight. But I do know he used to call Joe Frazier a gorilla.
          If a white fighter did that, he would not be allowed to fight. So Ali got his little “special treatment” for playing his womanly victim card.

        2. The light skinned “black power” guy calls the dark skinned black guy a gorilla, how ironic.

  13. It’s no surprise considering Facebook and Google are CIA psyops propaganda machines just like FOX News.

  14. Glad to have avoided all things Google from the get-go — an insidious government skunk-works “octopus” of privacy invasion and personal info harvesting. Sneaky shit abounds at this company. Use DuckDuckGo for your web searches…leave no trace in the digital wilderness.

      1. Admittedly, it does seem like a step down in terms of power and accuracy. No breadcrumb trail, but the compromise is readily apparent.

  15. It’s insidious how deep down it goes. This is not limited to searches. If you have an android phone with Google now it presents articles from only left leaning sites despite the fact that I read breitbart and the like. Every thing they can manipulate will be manipulated. It’s just another facet of social engineering. Black men with white women in commercials, white men with black women in commercials, every car commercial, every last god damn one shows the guy as a total buffoon (always white), and is catering to some unrealistic genius woman. Women are shown more masculine than they are and men are shown more feminine than they typically are. No wonder anti white sentiment is at an all time high.

  16. It’s very insidious – on myriad levels. A few years ago you could actually utilize Google (and the other major search engines, of which there is exactly one – Bing), and do hard-core searches that would retrieve truly meaningful results and data based on correlative keywords.
    As an example, you could do searches at Google like this – “Martin Luther King Jr.” +plagiarism +fraud +womanizer – and thereby glean mountains of evidence on the subject.
    You can no longer do searches like that, at Google or Bing. I mean, you can do them, but they won’t pull up nearly as much relevant data as they used to pull up.
    So search engines have simply become repositories for what the elite want you to read. If a search engine doesn’t want a website’s content to be displayed, they simply exclude it from their search results (and once you notice that a site has been excluded, that’s a major “tell”, because you definitely want to visit the site in question, as there is a high probability it contains some serious truth).
    They did the same thing with libraries (or is that “lie-braries”?) a long time ago. And now they are doing it with search engines.
    It’s all about mind-control. Control what a person believes, and you’ve got them right where you want them. And if you only give them access to the information you want them to see, it’s a done deal…

  17. Since we’re on the topic of Google, does anyone have any alternatives to GMail? I’m using a temporary one after ditching a longtime e-mail service provider due to multiple reasons.

    1. Spring for the service and get a business email account at Go Daddy. You just have to buy a domain – doesn’t matter if you have a website affixed to it. The business email account is free, I think. Might be a slight charge if you don’t own a slew of domains, but if so, it’s nominal. Set the email account up, and you can actually block specific senders of email (sweet).

    2. I have my own URL that I obtained from the early days of the world wide web. This was back in the days you had to buy hosting if you wanted a decent website.
      Anyway.. I still use the web address but for email only (business related and I manage one address for my elderly Father). I have it hosted at Network Solutions. It costs less than $15 a month. I have an older pop server configuration. If I wanted to get fancier, I could set up an exchange server with Microsoft. I am not an IT guy and the pop server is good enough. So I have stuck with the basic plan offered by Network solutions. I renew the address every few years.
      So if you want real independence from using Gmail or Yahoo… maybe buy a URL and setup your own account?

  18. I’ve traded Google in for DuckDuckGo, and replaced Gmail with Protonmail.
    Start voting with your personal actions, people; companies need to know that if they go SJW, they are done.

  19. “For example, if you’re a user of Chrome, Google is surreptitiously turning on your microphone and using it to record your voice.”
    Thank you for the tips, Matt. I will be moving over to another browser.

  20. Black lives, meh. They’ve really lost perspective. They COULD still be back in Africa dealing with Africa bullshit.

  21. I have a gmail which I use under the assumption that anything I write on there can and will be intercepted and read by a stranger. I don’t use google search (startpage or duck duck go instead), don’t use the chrome browser, nor google maps, nor any of their other services. I do use youtube, and I’m sure my viewing activity is tied to my gmail profile, even though I don’t have a youtube account and never “log in” to youtube.
    It’s an insidious organization and even Mark Zuckerburg puts tape over his laptop camera, because he knows they are remotely triggered and recorded easily and often. Look for alternative services. I also have router-level ad blocking so 99% of advertisements do not get through (strangely enough ROK is about the only site I see ads on haha)

  22. Thanks for the tip on pale moon. “Don’t be evil” shows such a lack of deep psychological understanding that they are guaranteed to become evil. Hey Hitler are you evil? Nope, just saving the German people.

  23. I like to use the Russian search engine. Looks like they offer mail too.

  24. I observed the same thing about the Juno mission. I carefully inspected all images I could find on the team, and it appears to be overwhelmingly white. One full team image appears to show 1 black male, possibly in NASA leadership, not necessarily part of the base science team. The google image shows 1/3 (2/6 copycat cookie cutter UN-DIVERSE) blacks. Also hard to find a beardo with coke-bottle glasses.
    Definitely more Asians and Indians than blacks. Cannot identify any black women.

  25. Juno Mission video interview features 100.00% lily “hwhite” people. Team shot at the end shows some *possible* blacks, though I wonder if they’re the custodial or catering crew, otherwise there’s no question they’d be placed front and center to signal anti-raciss creds.
    Can’t find a beardo with coke-bottle glasses like google shows. All the men are clean-shaven.

  26. Didn’t Sargon have a problem with Youtube and now limits his commentary to under 30 minutes?
    Hurray for the white guys!!!!

  27. So black people aren’t good enough to participate in a space exploration mission, we have to change history in a worrying 1984-like way to make people believe that they are. Thanks Google! Now I know what to think about black people.
    Oh and I’m the racist, not you, Google.

  28. The bigger outrage here is the fact that we are celebrating a technological accomplishment that really shouldn’t be celebrated.
    Pioneer 10 and 11 to Jupiter were launched in 1972/73.
    Voyager 1 and 2 were launched a couple years later in the late 1970s.
    We’re told that duplicating a technological accomplishment from almost 50 years ago is something extraordinary.
    It would be more amazing if NASA couldn’t pull off the Juno mission.
    People are ignorant of history: expect this trend to continue. Another pseudo accomplishment that is a reload of something the Americans or Soviets did decades earlier will be trotted out and people – with their complete ignorance of history – will pat themselves on the back, smug with satisfaction that they are living in a such a wondrous high-high tech era.
    People are all atwitter about the Google Lunar X Prize. Yet no one sees it a bit strange that the milestone for human accomplishment is to do what an Armenian engineer born 100 years ago did more than 50 years ago with the Lunokhod rovers?

    1. 2050: NASA puts rover on Mars
      Public reaction: Well Golly. Ain’t we livin’ in a Buck Rogers comic!

    2. Thank you.
      America’s abandonment of its space initiatives (and this newfangled oohing and ahhing at bullshit) is a fucking embarrassment. We could have colonized the moon by now, at the very least.

      1. Where’s the phasers or at least rayguns by now, damnit!
        I heard of a guy who had a photon torpedo but he only got a colonoscopy out of it.

    3. That’s not a bad point, an orbital insertion isn’t nearly as perilous as an unmanned (or even a manned landing), but it is technically much more difficult than the Jupiter fly by missions you mention. Orbital insertion requires firing up an engine that has sat dormant at extremely cold temperatures for a long period of time. It has to work on the first attempt or the mission is a failure. I’m not sure how long Juno fired its engine but it is likely the better part of an hour. Basically anytime a perilous mission objective is overcome they celebrate.

  29. I wonder if this revisionism will discourage White men from studying science and engineering? I mean, would you study hard for decades knowing that all of your accomplishments will be appropriated and attributed to people who had nothing to do with said accomplishment.
    Why, it’s almost as if that’s the whole plan …

    1. And people – even most Whites – regard scientific charlatans like Neil deGrasse Tyson as THE scientific sage.
      So you see, Whites aren’t even allowed to dominate (by perception) science.
      I could literally pull a Chinese guy who works as a short order cook in a Chinese restaurant and wasn’t educated beyond the 8th grade, stand him next to me, and 99% of Americans would think he has the PhD in engineering and not me. I certainly do love my White privilege.

      1. Hahaha some of this had happened already…
        Besides Neil degrasse Tyson saying we like in a fish tank for aliens, I for example never did go university. My wife who doesn’t work has 2 degrees lol,,,
        I have a job that normally does require an engineering degree, but I’m self taught.

        1. Maybe the misspelling is for irony.
          Anyway, how do we know he’s not just hiding from the streetwalker in the background he just finished exposing himself to?

        2. Of course her face is gone, they photoshopped it out so no one would slutshame her.
          In real life, she had such a pretty mouth.

        3. Many a vagrant would be happy to find a bottle of aftershave to drink, a bottle of Patron would make him think he was in some boozy paradise, where the Deity grants him a bottle and a faceless broad (with a pretty mouth) innocent of G-strings who happens to have a pack of his brand of smokes.

    2. My lily white son is in Mechanical Engineering. Also a lacrosse player, defense, very scary big and muscular.
      Turns out, reports of our demise have been highly exaggerated.

  30. “Google is surreptitiously turning on your microphone and using it to record your voice.”
    W E W L A D

  31. Yeah, noting like the white genius. It’s sad but true and hard to deny. It amazes me that people gripe on and on about white oppression, while sitting on their computer, invented by us, in a room cooled by an AC unit, designed by white engineer Wills Carrier, and so and so on. Thinking about the invention of the ac, really makes one wonder how men survived before the fact, with women constantly going on and on about how hot they are in the summer, I can’t even imagine.

    1. What we’re seeing today is women’s idiocy unleashed.
      Women with PhDs and professorships complaining that they are oppressed.

      1. All to true. I have a hunch they wouldn’t be demanding “equality” if all the jobs were in the trades; building roads, plumbing, construction etc. These kinds of jobs would make siting on your ass in an AC cooled home seem like paradise. Huh.
        I heard someone say, maybe it was hear once, that it’s funny women never asked for equality when men were building the pyramids.

  32. Wtf. Is Scarlett going to be the Major?!
    Didn’t even know it was happening. But FUCK THAT.

    1. yea that one really pissed me off. WW2 and ‘Nam were probably over 90% white males doing the dying. or the north in the civil war for that matter. or the revolution to create a free country.
      the idea that a bunch of women created an independent country via winning wars is so fucking hilariously stupid I can’t even rationalize this.
      Are people really that stupid they think a bunch of women are the reason we have freedom and liberties?

      1. Umm ‘Nam was I’d call it 65% or more Asians dying than Americans.
        That said there had never been a country created by women as far as far as I know.

        1. ‘ummm’? that’s what chicks do when they’re being snarky. a passive aggressive thing. ‘ummm’.
          I’m talking about our military, which was what the google thing was about.

        2. Maybe I get it from spending too much time with women, who knows.
          I’m just saying your military losses aren’t the only ones in a conflict.

        3. Woman Corky’s spending time with: “Umm”
          Corky: “Damnit, wench, stop trying to speak with your mouth full, have you no felaciquette?”

        4. They are when you’re celebrating an event in your own country. During VJ celebrations, we didn’t paint Japanese and Americans in the same picture. Go figure.

    2. But at least the white dude is permitted to wave from the back of the bus.
      So we have that going for us.

  33. The media has been parading blacks in front of us for a long time, showing us how cool they are, how great at sports they are. Just look at the fantasy sports industry-billions of dollars in revenue and countless hours of wasted time from grown men.
    Now we’re supposed to believe that there are physical differences between races, but completely equal mentally. Uh-huh.
    Great coverage of the case, by the way.

    1. the majority of athletes are white btw, it is not true that blacks are better athletes

  34. I wish there was an easier way to solve this problem but we are talking complete overhaul of the education, social and political system as it is today. Then maybe 15-20 years from now we can get rid of this socialism/communism. Not to miss Religion is instrumental to functioning society, sorry Godless heathens, good luck trying to bring the stablizing effect of religion to the arrogant, know it all Americans.

  35. Completely off topic, but I had to share, it’s schadenfreude gold:
    It’s Evil Yoshida’s “Slam Poetry ‘Cringe Thread’”. ” Post any and all cringy Social Justice rants here.” is a website originally of MMA enthusiasts. Evil Yoshida himself is of Asian origins, he believes in the papacy, more for political than religious reasons, as I understand. Anyway its a very congenial community of multiple races. Highly recommended (by me).
    Here’s the lead post on the thread. (I keep wishing the one on the right would raise her arms a bit more.)

      1. The finger snapping because clapping is triggering. Where do they think this shit up?

    1. Personally I would create my own search engine that isn’t cluttered with useless advertising. Then again, I need to brush up on my programming.

      1. I don’t mind advertising. Someone has to pay the bandwidth and electricity costs of those server farms. And that’s the whole problem with trying to create your own, you need millions.

        1. Depends. Specialized search engines is a growing market, especially for things such as finance.

        2. Modern search engines are extremely complex beasts though, nothing like brute force string comparisons anymore. I actually wouldn’t even know where to begin.

        3. Back in the old days in the mid 90’s, when floppy disks were cloud storage, there was a search engine before google called “alta vista”, I think. And they wanted something like 10 bucks a month to subscribe to it. The model didn’t work very well since people didn’t want to pay for the service. It took the internet a good 20 years to figure out an advertising model that worked since the banner ads were often ignored (I have this ability to not even see what’s in them now.). Google figured out a way to make big time money seeing what people were searching for and sell that to advertisors. If a store knows that people are searching for flat screen TV’s and mostly from a particular cty, they might decide to pay money to beef up TV advertising there for that sale. It took targeted advertising a few years to make big money, but it did. But in the early years, a lot of VC money was “burned” up.

        4. They’re binary tree type searches. Several thousand machines in a server farm get a set of search strings and then send out the search in parallel much like your CPU forks off jobs. The databases aren’t set up like an Oracle pig (relational databases are fantastic for complex queries but a keyword search needs only flat files.)

    2. I use bing and StartPage. Bing is bing. Startpage is Google WITHOUT their tracking and crap, they send the request but allow *nothing* about you to filter through, they simply act as a proxy.

  36. And the owners and main executive staff of Google are:
    a) Eskimos
    b) Zulus
    c) Jews
    Clue: Every.Single.Fucking.Time

  37. Is anyone here actually capable of recommending alternative tools to shift away from google? Pale moon is nice, but that doesnt help those of that work on macs.

  38. It looks like most any television commercial, television show, PSA, Internet ad or printed ad. Maybe that’s why it’s called programming. Make people believe it even if it’s not true. Reckon how long it will take for them to start Photoshopping paintings of the signing of the Declaration of Independence or Washingtons crossing of the Delaware River or photographs of WW1 pilots to make them more”inclusive?

  39. They even have to cover the White guy’s face with a beard. Do they really think nobody notices?

  40. Haha funny, fighting over an obviously fake Jupiter mission. They used the same phony image from an 03 mission. added some after dark effects and volia ! Youtube it.

    1. Yeah, because rockets and basic math are so hard to decipher, why, it has to be magic!

  41. Why………it’s almost as if the thing were being run by …..Jews.

  42. I read the comments, they made me remember a thing:
    Person x: We believe in evolution, as Darwin put it.
    Leftist: Yeah, those creationists are just crazy backwards christians.
    Person x: Darwin discovered that when observing finches, who lived in different environments, and slowly, became different species. First, they grouped as races, more adapted to certain niches, then, they were no longer interbreedable, and new species were branched from a single parent species. I think it would result as a good analogy to human races.
    Leftist: That’s not science. Darwin was just A CRAZY BACKWARDS OLD WHITE MAN.

  43. Check out Google’s Tweet Roosh V.. It’s an attack on whites. I really am taken back by all this. I didn’t think the agenda would be moving so quickly but they are moving full speed ahead!

    1. Charles Johnson over at gotnews is digging up stuff about the deceased. If what he is finding is correct, then these two incidents are just another narrative that has no basis in truth. Basically another Trayvon Martin like event.

  44. Oh please. Do you know that behind those white people sitting in front of the media to get all the glory, there are thousands of other people working behind the Scene? Mostly Chinese and Indian engineers. lol

    1. They’d be nothing without us. Still living in streets full of shit and vomit, worshiping cows. I’ve dealt with “Chinese and Indian engineers” they are almost to a person incompetent, incapable of communication and possessed of a full quiver of superiority backed by…nothing.

  45. But..where are the Mooninites in all of this?
    You Tube takes down everything that reports truths which hinder the NWO Globalist Cabal Agenda!
    They took down Vinney Eastwood’s expose’ on New Zealand’s Prime Minister; up till then he had uninterrupted service for 7 years. A petition w/ thousands of signatures let to Vinney’s You Tube account being restored.
    The revocation occurred the same week as NZ El-ections…

  46. Googles evil, I’m evil, You’re evil. Everyone is evil.
    Lets move on.

    1. Just be sure not to leave off the “Dr.” oook? I didn’t go to 7 years of Evil medical school to be called Mr. or just Evil. Thank you very much.

  47. stop using google, you know its a rigged system.. once googles profits begin to tank, google will have to to do one of two things, 1) be honest 2) eventually go bankrupt!

  48. Here’s a fun game you can play on your own.
    During a normal day look at every separate piece of technology. Try to find just one bit of tech or science or medicine that doesn’t come from European-originated people (aka White).
    It will humble you.
    Have you heard of the Power Law? It says that results/talent whatever are not evenly distributed. A tiny minority accounts for a huge majority of outcomes/results.
    For example, the top 3 Internet companies (Google, Apple, Facebook) account for 95% (or something) of total market cap of all internet companies. That’s the Power Law at work.
    Whites are the Power Law for civilizational advancement. Humans would still be traveling by horse without White contributions to civilization.

    1. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that ALL whites contributed to this.
      Always keep in mind that just a very, very, very small minority WITHIN the white race did it.
      That minority is the “Power of Law” for civilization but NOT the rest (the majority) of white people or the white race as a whole.
      The average white person hasn’t any doing in this and can’t take credit for the achievements of other great whites.
      Being born white doesn’t make you part of the accomplishments of those beautiful minds, just your own work does.
      So unless you yourself created something with you own brain and hands you are just like the rest of people (of whatever race) who would still be traveling by horse.
      (Not a native speaker…)

      1. Erm…yeah.
        I’ll translate this comment “It’s just a coincidence that all big advances were created by Whites. If you’re White but you didn’t invent the rocket or something, you are the same as the Yamomato tribe in Brazil or Sub-Saharan Africans who never invented the wheel. All those inventors and scientists being white had nothing to do with anything. Move along.”

        1. I don’t know where you got that “coincidence” stuff from…?
          In no way I wanted to express that nor did I thought that while writing this.
          Your second sentence seems kind of exaggerated but yes, if you yourself didn’t do anything you are obviously just like anybody else who didn’t do anything (just being white won’t change that).
          Your third sentence is also something I didn’t wrote.
          Maybe my english is really just that bad, haha.

  49. Matt, THANK YOU for writing this. I’ve been complaining about Google’s disregard for user privacy for years (I work in that space).

  50. just an honest question(if I’m wrong, destroy everything I said), is it possible that maybe they did that because there are employees of all races at nasa? wouldn’t this be an accomplishment for nasa as a whole, not just the juno team?

    1. google has a history of doing this shit with many other unrelated events tho on their ‘doodles’. One might be excusable but they consistently do this.

  51. Haha yeah Anthony Cumia talks about this. I just showed my Chinese wife and she got a kick out of this. Its horrible, but all real white people are strong and are proud of who they are.

  52. Like any form of mass media, the left is doing what they can to control it. Never trust anything except your own intuition.

  53. Science can’t discriminate. NASA isn’t going to hire based on fucking quotas and political correctness. This is literal rocket science and you don’t have time to fuddle with inadequate people. They wouldn’t hire a white guy if he wasn’t qualified, what is the big fucking deal not hiring a black chick if she’s not qualified?

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