The Ugly Truth About Abortion From A Doctor Who Performed Them

Get ready to be triggered.

A former abortionist who turned against killing unborn children has just released a series of videos on YouTube explaining the truth behind abortion. Dr. Anthony Levantino uses the animated series to illustrate the procedures that claim some 3,000 lives a day in abortion clinics like the one he used to work in. That number represents far more deaths than those caused by gun violence, an issue liberals are obsessed with. An incredible 83 times more unborn humans are killed by abortion each year than all deaths by gun violence. Remove gang-related gun violence from the equation and there is a 0.0008% chance of dying at the hands of a gunman on a shooting rampage. However, a preborn baby has a 20% or 1 in 5 shot at being killed using one of the methods we will be discussing.

Dr. Levantino describes the gut-wrenching experience he had which made him change his mind on abortion. He was performing a 2nd trimester abortion when he became physically ill while doing the procedure. However, he could not stop until the procedure was complete.

I looked, I literally looked at that pile of baby parts on the table, and I didn’t see all the things that had sustained me all those years. I didn’t see what a wonderful doctor I was helping her with her problem. I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose, and I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes. All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter.

Suddenly, this was looking really different to me. For the first time in my life it hit me very powerfully, that this woman had come to me figuratively and said…here’s $800, kill my baby. And I was the type of person who would look right back at her very calmly, and say why sure, I’ll do that.

When you finally figure out…that killing a baby that big for money is wrong, it doesn’t take you too long to figure out it doesn’t matter if the baby is this big, or this big, or even this big, it’s all the same.

Just as an illustration of the cognitive dissonance feminists have on this issue, you can be imprisoned for up to two years or fined up to $250,000 for disturbing a Bald Eagle’s egg, but sucking a live, fertilized human egg out of the womb through a suction catheter is perfectly fine. Apparently, a bird’s life is more valuable than another human being’s using this logic.

Killing a fertilized human egg is less a concern than killing an eagle egg to the left

Killing a fertilized human egg is less a concern than killing an eagle egg to feminists

One Million Babies A Year

Around one million women a year (long-term average) choose these gruesome methods of dealing with unwanted children. While both the man and woman are equally to blame for the conception, only one party has the power to end the pregnancy. Men have no choice whatsoever in the matter legally, they cannot stop their child from being aborted, nor can they force the woman to have an abortion. However, men can be ordered to either pay child support or go to prison under current law if the child is born. It is another example of a catch-22 the law has created for fathers.

Shocking Statistics

A whopping 40% of unwanted pregnancies end in abortion, and 1 in 5 pregnancies overall end in abortion in the United States. This, in the richest country in the world where social welfare programs, child support, adoption, and other means are readily available to women who choose life. Not to mention the importance of selecting the right male to be the father before conception, a process that used to be of utmost importance to families before the nuclear family was torn apart by feminism and the welfare state.

Around 89% of all abortions are performed in the first trimester, but even these methods involve babies that are more developed than most people think.

That still leaves a full 1 in 10 abortions that are performed in the second and third trimesters, and as you will see those methods are far more disturbing. At the federal level, abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy. Some states have restrictions on abortion after the first trimester, while others do not.

Less than 1% of all abortions are performed because of rape or incest, striking down one of the feminists’ main arguments for abortion.

Most women don’t find out they’re pregnant until week five or six of the pregnancy, and even even as early as eight to nine weeks into the pregnancy the embryo is readily recognizable as a human being. By 12 weeks or near the end of the first trimester, the then fetus is undeniably human in appearance.

Weeks 8-10, and 12 of pregnancy

Weeks 8-10, and 12 of pregnancy

Abortion Truth Hidden Behind Orwellian “Newspeak”

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, the group who produced the video series said:

The abortion lobby masks the procedure in euphemisms. Terminating the pregnancy, tissue mass, product of conception. The majority of the public has no clue about what abortion really does to a child in the womb; how developed the child actually is during an abortion; and the risks of abortion to the mother’s health and safety.

1st Trimester: Abortion Pills

This procedure is done through nine weeks into the pregnancy. It has a high failure rate statistically, so some women will have to come back for an aspiration (suction) abortion. RU-486 is administered which blocks progesterone and cuts off the blood supply and nutrition to the baby, causing the baby to die. After that, another medicine is administered to cause bleeding and contractions that then expel the unwanted embryo from the womb.

1st Trimester: Aspiration (Suction)

Sadly, sucking the baby out of the womb through a tube is the most frequently performed abortion. A suction catheter is inserted into the womb to extract the fetus. At this point in the pregnancy, when most aspiration abortions are done, the preborn baby has a heartbeat, fingers, legs, toes, and bones that are still weak and fragile.

The suction catheter is then turned on, tearing the baby apart as it is sucked through the catheter into a tube.

2nd Trimester: Dilation and Evacuation

The jaws of a Sopher clamp, used to tear the baby out of the womb limb by limb

The jaws of a sopher clamp, used to tear the baby out of the womb limb by limb

During the second trimester, a sopher clamp and speculum are used to dismember the unwanted baby from the womb. Limb by limb, the baby is torn apart by the sopher clamp and eventually the skull is crushed into pieces that can then be pulled out through the cervix.

3rd Trimester: Injection And Stillbirth

The third trimester abortion kills an infant that is almost fully developed and viable. Usually, a lethal dose of digoxin is injected into the baby, causing cardiac arrest. Then, birth is medically induced to cause the baby to be delivered stillborn.

Dr. Levantino says that in the hundreds of lives of women he saved who were having third trimester complications, not one of them required the baby to be killed. A live delivery saves the life of the mother, and usually, of the baby. He explains, in detail, why late-term abortions are almost never medically necessary.

It’s My Body

A common argument used by feminists who respond to Dr. Levantino’s video series is deconstructed by YouTube commenter Marquis Read. Read strikes down the solipsistic “It’s my body and I’ll do whatever I want!” argument posted as a response to Dr. Levantino’s videos here:

You see a baby get torn to pieces and you still think it is about the woman? That is selfish, and wicked.

As does Die Cis Scum.

The little human is YOUR body? It’s living in your body, that’s all.

Outlaw Or Educate

Being a firm believer in personal freedom, I generally do not like for government to tell people what they should do with their lives. I believe in a free society with a minimum of rules and regulations as originally intended by the founders of our once-great but failing republic. However, after seeing these procedures, I can never look at abortion the same way again. I do not see how anyone can see the reality of abortion and say it’s not murder. It’s obvious that life begins at conception.

Changing attitudes on abortion have been seen over the last generation

Changing attitudes on abortion have been seen over the last generation

It seems as more and more people learn about the grim and gruesome realities of abortion, the tide is turning in favor of life according to this Gallup series of polls. I will leave it to you…should this be outlawed or should people be honestly and openly educated on the grim realities of abortion then left to make their own choices? To me, if we do not protect the weakest and most helpless among us, we have failed as a civilized society.

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298 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About Abortion From A Doctor Who Performed Them”

  1. “To me, if we do not protect the weakest and most helpless among us, we have failed as a civilized society.”
    That’s it right there. The same people that want to overtax all of us to support people that don’t want to support themselves want us to keep the legalization of murdering and mutilating a child in the womb, so that they can absolve themselves of all responsibility of that child. It’s evil, the ghouls that perform them are evil, and the people that pay to have them performed are evil. Everybody else in favor of it needs to open their eyes to reality.

    1. I totally agree with all your points; it is totally fucking evil. It is about giving the irrational/lacking empathy sex the power to destroy a man’s genetic legacy and murder an innocent human being on a whim; any truly moral society finds abortion to be the evil practice that it is.

    2. This is how the left circumvents real debate which shows them to be truly wrong. By the simple changing of definitions of words. The crux of this argument is the word life essentially. Without an agreement on the word life, those fools never have to abide by any sort of factual standard in debate. This goes for ALL leftist positions.

  2. I am of the view that, unless you’re a hermit living in the woods, you are a member of society and have a duty to uphold certain standards as well as discouraging destructive behavior. Hence the core belief of the alt-right/MRM imo.
    Enter abortion. You all know the narcissistic self-indulgent behavior of third-wavers, but to ask one of these baby-slaughterers whether their decision to abort has an impact on the rest of society (I argue it does) they just shrug it off.
    Feminist: your decision to have a frivolous abortion taints the society in which I also live. So you will have to deal with people like me calling you murderers. Don’t like it? Other than running to big Daddy Government to force me to comply, you may have to start holding your decisions in greater weight.

  3. It is a huge part of the leftist agenda- make life optional, promote a false freedom that must be paid for by mass killing, degrade human life, do anything that makes people into objects that can be manipulated by the central state.

    1. yes, unlimited sex with no responsibility for women and homosexuals. one of the left’s key goals.

    2. This is how you slowly kill off a generation of successful and moral people and replace them with a generation of selfishness and debauchery. It’s almost a direct cut and paste from the communist manifesto. Hell they even protest on state property with signs like, “destroy the us government”, and, “Communism is good. capitalism is bad”. I’m starting to think that the founders should have clarified a bit more about what freedom of speech is exactly. I’m starting to lean towards suppressing communism/leftism by federal law like they are doing with religious groups and the thought of suppressing speech is already leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t want to see myself turn into my enemy.

  4. Abortion it´s useful in certain cases. If a woman is raped, are you giong to make her born a bastard???? if the fetus is ill, are you going to born a handdiccaped kid?????

    1. Nice try. You must be living under a rock if you aren’t aware of the slippery slope here. Yes, Roe v Wade originally allowed for abortion in cases of rape, or the mother’s life is in danger.
      Fast forward to 2016: mass frivolous abortions, horrific clinic conditions, delusional feminists praising it, selling fetus organs.
      Back to you: what do you defend in the second paragraph above?

    2. I’m not sure how many people realize that there’d be 10x more retarded kids running around without abortion.
      My cousin has a “special needs” kid. It’s eating up all her money and both her and her husband have steady middle class jobs. Her reproductive career is over because she’s broke and the child would be a threat to its younger siblings. The child will never give her grandchildren or help support her when she’s elderly. Her genes will die with her.
      We’re always harping about how great the ancient Greeks and Romans were. They were very much in favor of not letting a deformed child live in torment and consume resources. Aristotle, Alexander’s tutor, believed that exposing them should be made mandatory.

      1. You are wrong though in 1 big , important aspect. You polarize two extremes where it’s either completely legal or completely illegal to have an abortion. There is a middle ground you know , where you can make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion just because she wants to , no other reason except that she woke up that day feeling that wants to get rid of that baby.

        1. That’s a valid point. I just wonder how we could set create such a boundary without it being used as a staging point for a complete ban of abortion.
          It’s sort of like the battle over gun rights. The strategy is death by a thousand cuts since all but the dumbest pro-ban people realize that an outright ban is nigh-impossible at this time.

        2. I don’t know what to say about the guns seeing that i live in a country where guns are banned :)) . But i think i would prefer it to be like you guys in the USA. I would feel more protected if i had a gun. And an outlaw is still an outlaw , with or without the gun so i don’t see it as an issue.
          Getting back to the abortion thing , i do think it is an issue letting a woman decide the whole outcome of a country’s population-making. The father has no say. It’s a part of the all-empowering agenda that they wish to give women power over men. This coupled with the brainwashing that they get from TV`s and girl’s magazines make them never want to have kids and having the power to shit them out as they please if it happens by mistake.

      2. There would also be ten times less retarded children if women married young and had children in their prime years.

      1. Well that didn’t take long. There is a white knight lurking in every corner of the Internet it seems.
        Just curious Mr. White Knight, does your lethal punishment for a non-lethal crime include the more modern definitions of that crime, like regret sex rape?

        1. You should check my comment history before assuming the worst. I mean legitimate rape, as in the kind we’re seeing when muslim savages come to Europe. The kind of rape that leaves torn clothing, blood, and bruises for evidence.

        2. Still a non-lethal crime. But according to you I guess men don’t deserve to have the punishment fit the crime.
          “Something bad happened to a special snowflake, let me go overboard on the nearest male.”
          That’s you. No history check needed, when I can see presently, you espouse white knight bullshit.

        3. “Still a non-lethal crime.”
          No. Being physically assaulted, raped and forced to bare the financial and social cost is more than justisifcation for abortion.
          The US military executed 49 American soliders by firing squad who were found guilty of rape during WWII. In fact, being found guilty of rape in the US military still carries a possile death sentence today.
          I am personally against abortion with the acception of actual rape or incest.

        4. Your mention of “lethal.”
          Some rape victicms are actually murded after the deed. Those women who live…. have another hell to live through pending on the society they are currently in. Being a rape victim in islamic society can get you stoned to death later. Guess what… little rape reported in islamic society. Wonder that is.
          Your moronic reasoning is what I am pointing out, not arguring.

        5. So in your opinion, it’s moronic to think that a non-lethal crime should not get lethal punishment?
          You pua, neo-traditionalists, are just as bad as the old traditionalist. New century, same old white knight gynocentic bullshit.

        6. What do you believe the just sentence for rape is?
          I don’t believe it is white knighting to favor the death penalty for non-lethal crimes. The death penalty for rape would also apply to men who rape other men and pedophiles. I also believe in death for piracy and armed robbery.
          I think you’re imagining men getting executed for false rape accusations. In that case, you should know I favor the death penalty for false testimony in a capital case.

    3. You just proved the Right’s point with the word “useful.” Their whole argument is that abortion is killing for convenience. I’m sure it is useful. But in a civilized society, we don’t get to murder people because it’s useful.

  5. My first child was murdered at an abortion clinic, against my will and on the emotional whim of the “mother”. Long story short, my first offspring was “aborted” at 17 weeks along, I never got to meet him/her and was fucked up over it for a long time / probably always will be to an extent. I personally despise abortion providers, the women who utilize these services, the cucked boyfriends of the sluts who abort their babies and the whole sickening/grotesque horror show of killing the future of our species. Fuck all that noise.

        1. What if it breaks?
          Stationed in Germany, a young female captain (whip-smart engineer) had that happen. She knew very early, early enough for one of the more simple “procedures”…but she told me “there is no option” ….we in the unit (and the German community in which she lived, alone) took good care of her and today she has a stunningly beautiful and intelligent 21 YO daughter…

        2. I know I’m new here, but I just read an article on this very site saying how single mothers are horrible and selfish human beings, then this article and your comment saying how a (single) woman having a kid is the right choice vs. having an abortion. Colour me confused at the lack of consistency.

        3. You have to ask? Decrease the risk of pregnancy and decrease the unwanted results.

        4. What if……you don’t take any precautions. That seems like an excellent idea. Exception and the rule.

        5. Not really inconsistency, although I can understand why. A lot of new readers find a lot of our ideas initially contradictory. We are from all walks of life on here and we have differing opinions on many things. You’ll see articles that discuss marriage, and then another one about how you should only seek girls for “one night stands”. There will be commenters on each of those articles disagreeing and agreeing with those lifestyle choices.
          You say there is inconsistency between saying “there should be no abortions” and “there should be no single mothers”. I say we should aim for option three: that children shouldn’t be aborted and raised in a loving, caring and respectful household with both parents.
          Welcome to the site!

        6. It’s not a lack of consistency. We expect women to make the right decisions in life, even if they’ve made previously wrong decisions.
          The first right decision as a women is to not have sex until marriage. The second right decision is to choose a good mate to marry and get her families approval. Then the right decision would be to start having children and have the mother stay home with them.
          If the women starts having sex young, get’s pregnant and the guy decides to leave her for any reason whether being good or bad, the right decision for her is still to have the baby. Then she can raise it in scorn by herself, or put it up for adoption, stop having sex and try to make the right decision in a second chance scenario.
          We know that even if society ascribes to this or something similar, not every person will, but it is something society can attempt to do at least.
          Why people on this site disklike single mothers is many fold. The main reason is that the fact they are a single mother is indicative of very bad decision making.
          That doesn’t mean that there aren’t worse females in the world. I think the women whom behaves like all of these single mothers, and then get an abortion are worse.

        7. In this day and age I give props to single mums. The first thing at the surgery would have been “do you want to continue with the pregnancy?” Brave call, especially because they know that they are destined to be viewed in a manner outlined in the single-mum article. It all points to and underlines the link between marriage, sex and family. In that order.
          Which highlights the other ‘inconsistency’ here – the improvement of ‘game’ etc., which aims for regular but consequence-free sex. There are always consequences. Any contraceptive measure implies that pregnancy is unwanted. When it fails/is forgotten or whatever, abortion is the next step. I’ll add here that most pills these days are abortifacients – waiting until conception before killing the new child in the womb. They’ve worked out that this is more effective than preventing conception in the first place. Ugly stuff.

        8. Any time a hood rat or trailer park trash gets an abortion, taxpayers need to rejoice.

        9. You say that…unless it was you who had been aborted. You have a living bias against those who aren’t yet ‘alive’. I don’t know why you think you are superior to a child born from any mother & father combination since by the time they’re your age you’ll be ugly, old, and very useless. Wait….didn’t Eminem come from white trash and ghettos neighborhoods? What was that? You’re a poor and selfish woman with daddy issues? gtfo

        10. the contradictions can be a little odious. Best advice i ever got was from my now 85 yr old father dropping me at university and seeing my bug eyes at all the feminine pulchritude wandering about. “son boys will be boys… and girls will be mothers” behave accordingly

      1. I don’t disagree but if we look at circumstances past that point, I still don’t agree with it happening past week 12

        1. Then make certain that you are for fully funded birth control and full Government support for children.

        2. Yes… because everyone should be able to have all the fun but none of the risks.
          If you cannot afford birth control and condoms you shouldn´t have sex. It is not the Government´s job to fund your Sex Life.
          You and only you are responsible for your actions and the consequences from your actions. If YOU want to have sex then YOU will buy YOUR fucking birth control and if birth control fails (there is always a very small chance) YOU will care for YOUR child.
          This is very simple and every person who does not understand this very basic concept of responsibilty shoudn´t be allowed to have sex.
          Stop acting like a five year old.

        3. “Oh you don’t need to use a condom because I take birth control pills/a depo shot/the doctor said I can’t get pregnant…..”. Fill in the rest you irresponsible shit head.
          WOMEN ARE THE RESPONSIBLE GATE KEEPERS! Because it’s 2016.

        4. I’m going to agree with you. As a man, it’s imperative for YOU to bring the contraceptives to the bang. NEVER trust HER words about her IUD, Depo-Provera, etc. Especially if you are not married to her. All bangs, with or without a condom, should involve the use of spermicide if you’re not planning for children.

        5. it really bugs me when leftists pretend that the main reason people aren’t using condoms is because the government doesn’t hand them out for free. people don’t use condoms because sex with condoms sucks.

        6. No Bitchy MCBitchBitch. It is everyones responsibilty. The men´s and the women´s but it is not the job of the Government.
          If you do not want to get pregnant you should use both methods in my opinion. But that is just me.
          Again: The woman AND the man are responsible. It takes two people to make a child.

        7. Would you like to discuss maternity fraud. Guys make sure you put hot sauce in the condom before you toss it.
          Women commit fraud when they deliberately get pregnant. No man has ever been pregnant.

        8. really lost here…
          I am talking about unwanted children. If the women “forgets” to take the pill, she will most likely not abort the child…
          Let the men bring the condoms, the women can bring her pill and everybody is happy.
          And if the women lies about taking the pill to get pregnant then the men should reconsider his taste in women.

        9. If she lies about birth control and deliberately gets pregnant then that is fraud and the guy should not have to pay a penny.

        10. That’s too much of an incentive. How about people buy their own birth control and pay for their own kids lol

        11. No, it is still his responsibilty to care for the child. Just use a condom all the time or make sure she uses another method of contraception.
          He put his dick in there, so it is his responsibilty. Otherwise the child is forced to live in poverty or the state has to pay for the child.
          Just don´t sleep with lying, crazy women and there are no problems.
          End even if she says she is taking the pill, it is stupid to not use a condom. There some nasty STDs out there …

        12. “Make sure she uses another method of contraception”. Yes, trusting a woman. Hahahahahaha….!

        13. There are 1000 different kinds of contraception for women without hormones. You can actually watch her using it.
          Or you can use spermicide with a condom. The possibilities are endless.
          Again… Don’t sleep with lying sluts and the problem is solved.
          It is not societies job to care for your bastards.

        14. Yeah right. Don’t sleep with women and don’t drink water or eat.
          Women lie.

        15. lol agreed it ruins the connection. I don’t know how to explain it other than biblically; sex = become one flesh. It makes it so valuable and meaningful to me when I realized this.

    1. Happened to me, too. It stays with you as a man. She waited until 16 or 17 weeks, too. Absolutely disgusting. She then had the gall to ask me to stay with her after murdering my baby without telling me. (I was away on business to pay for her material shit for a couple of months.)
      A child at 16 weeks feels pain and is quickly approaching viability outside the womb. It’s one of the most sickening experiences I’ve ever had as the father of two children who I cherish.

      1. Be glad you dumped her like a heavy sack of shit. It would be a ten fold mistake to marry an aborter. Even with successive children born afterwards, momma has blood on her hands and would channel her hell world upon good kids. Leave her in hell.

    2. Mine was at 21, her 17, her second one. Still bothers me to this day 20 years later. Any woman that can shrug that off is evil.

      1. Agreed. A true sociapathic murderer. Some can’t shrug it off though and go in for the abortion basically because society told them so and there was no strong person with good morals to tell her no. These women leave the experience scarred for ever. Then they can’t talk about their emotional scar because society views abortions as okay or even the right thing to do if the mother isn’t well off financially.
        If you want proof that the far left hates poor people by the way, try that on for size. They push the idea that you should only have a child if you’re financially stable. I don’t disagree that it’s better to wait for stability, but to push the idea of abortion for those who aren’t as opposed to just not getting pregnant until you are stable, means to push that poor people should murder their own children. because we all the know the rich are by definition financially stable.

        1. Explain this to the poor African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods around the US and we might actually get somewhere with this. “Free at last”….to kill our own people.

        2. Sorry, that is flat out 100% false. If the “elite” left truly wanted to reduce the number of poor people, they wouldn’t be handing out welfare which is literally paying poor low IQ idiots to reproduce in huge numbers. They only love abortion simply because it is a satanic sacrifice to them. The left like BOTH. Welfare or child sacrifice.

      2. I’m confused. You were 21 years old and she was 17 years old? Or you were both 17?
        Perhaps instead of having sex with a child and then being upset that she made a decision with the mind of a child, you should think about what you were thinking having sex wth a 17 year old. I assure you she didn’t shrug it off, no matter what she portrayed to the world. Or she was so badly brainwashed by society that you can hardly blame her for making such a decision that she was told is a good decision. Don’t hate her. Hate what we’ve allowed the media to brainwash so many people into believing.

    3. I’m sorry you had to experience that.
      One thing that enrages me is that feminists often refer to unborn children as “tumors”. An abortion is the same as getting a tumor removed.
      They do and say anything to justify and remove all emotion from the process.

      1. At this point, if they just admited that what is being “removed ” are not tumors nor clumps of tissue, but living creatures ( I am not even going to ask them to admit these living creatures are human beings), that would be already a huge step forward in this debate.

        1. If they admit that they are “living” then all justification will go out the window.

        2. Planned Parenthood tells their ‘customers’ that abortions are clumps of tissue. Actually they have a lot of various lines they use on women when they counsel an unsure woman whether she wants to become a deadbeat or ‘dead meat’ forelorn mom.
          I knew a pregnant girl who was told ”it isn’t this one’s time yet”. It wasn’t mine either (I wasn’t the father), but I told her to not abort it just out of principle. But the stupid bitch kept babbling over and over ”it isn’t this one’s time yet” ”they told me so” and ”a lot of people will be pissed at me if I don’t do it”.
          Her mother, counselors and PP were pressuring her. Her mother was a school bus driver, the second stupidest person in school next to lunch lady or janitor. So PP, counselors and her borderline stupid single mother teamed up against the unborn baby.
          She already had one toddler at her mom’s place like something out of a ‘Teen Mom’ show, but that doesn’t justify further killing the ‘war orphans’ of the state/feminist ‘WAR’ against family. It is a REAL WAR being waged against the family, and children of single mom dupes are part of the carnage. It would make no more sense to say kill off the surviving children of the fallen men of WWII. War is war and the big campaign lies before us. Strap yourselves. Man will return to the throne.
          Stupid parents need ditched if they don’t align with the patriarchy, especially the nanny state bots. It just twists me what an awful job single runaway moms do at raising their children. They offer no guidance or patriarchal wisdom. Then the nanny state steps in and tells the women ”It’s ok to kill the baby for the time being, it’s not time for your ‘baby’ yet”. They tell the women to go ahead and abort, like somehow the same baby will try again to make it through the hoop later at a more convenient time. WTF? It will return ”through the hoop??” WHAT IDIOCY, but of course only a nit wit hamster brain allowed to independently ravage society by herself and without patriarchal guidance and control would buy into such half baked logic.

        3. Anyone seeing a embryo moving from the first ultrasound can not but come away in awe of mother nature and the life that is growing from conception inside the mothers womb…
          Feminists and abortion clinics making their ill gotten profits want to frame the article as if the pro lifers are all religious zealots well nothing could be further from the truth..
          You are correct, once they admit it’s a living thing they’re whole arguments is gone.

        4. Can’t say that the Nazis failed to leave behind a humanist legacy, however inhuman it may be.

        5. Abortions would still be happening, but women would be feeling bad about it. And we cannot have that, can we?

        6. I wonder if some of these “mothers” bring their ‘real’ children into these abortion facilities? Son: mommy where are we?, mom: At the ‘doctors’ here for mommy’s surgery. , son: what’s wrong with you mommy?, mom: Nothing I’m just here to murder your unborn sister without even having the consideration for giving her a name or a burial. , son: mommy?, mom: yes son?, son: I hate you, you psychopathic self-serving egotistical bitch, with sprinkles!
          I’m sorry lol I get a bit worked up about this topic.

        7. Good one. Women who kill their unborn are blind, in the dark and without a flashlight. They’re ”eating their young” like the wild bitch mother in the animal kingdom eats the runt and then acquires a taste and craving for their own blood. The bar is lowered and she’ll then snack on the easiest catch. Abortive whores will eventually raw fuck for pleasure, killing their own inadvertent offspring when convenient, and with the same cold indifference of the doctor who performs the act. Prostitutes are especially known for this. Gold digging society women are also equally two faced. They both put out the same honey and they put on the same two faced mask when their style is cramped or when they feel they need to suppliment their hedonous wants.
          No woman can lead or decide right from wrong by herself. No woman can lead ANYTHING by herself. No three steps a woman takes consecutively are in a straight line. She needs the rule of man like a straight edge otherwise she sways and blows with the wind. Her man is her lead or she is lost. That’s why rebellious women think and walk in gaggles of two or more. And they go nowhere but in circles.
          Woman came from man’s rib. She is nothing without man but when completely surrendered and given to the righteous man, she becomes part of the whole. Without man she is nothing but a shadow of man. Man determines what woman becomes. With a weak emasculated man, she remains dark like his shadow. Man can also illuminate and energize her. If he is masculine and virtuous, she radiates the same when she is given unto him and when she gives her all unto him, body and soul. Man is to God as woman is to man.
          In a nutshell, man is ‘god’ over his woman. If man has questions regarding how to be ‘godlike’ over his woman, he just has to observe how Almighty God presides over himself.

        8. You strike at the heart. Sad others do not recognize this soul penetrating truth.
          The Father God, the ultimate chauvinist. There is no female aspect in this godhead.

        1. Yes. Just go to any video against abortion and read the comments. You’ll see it eventually. Heck, you can even see some on the videos that were posted on this article.

      2. I can’t imagine the things I’d say to someone if I were to experience them referring to an unborn child as a tumor.
        Also, side note – I’m glad to know that not only do you save the world from Archfiends, but that we’re also in agreement on abortion. You still keeping that Izuna Drop tight?

        1. You still keeping that Izuna Drop tight?
          Oh yes, Brother. I was practicing it yesterday.

    4. We execute serial killers in the USA for killing innocent people. How much more disgusting is it to murder the fruit of your womb, your blood and the living extension of your genetic code.
      Every woman who gets an abortion should be excuted as the lowest form of human life in all of society.

        1. yes, the pro-life/capital punishment comparison is utterly loathsome. it was actually one the first things that set me on the path to the right when i was still a teenager and still forming my political views.

        2. If you could spot this contradiction as a teenager, then your intelligence must be light-years ahead of your peers, or at the very least, your intellectual honesty. I know people who still make this comparison in their late 40’s and older. Leaves me scratching my head every time. That and calling pro-lifers who are against Obamacare hypocrites. It’d be so damn laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

        3. yes, i think it’s intellectual honesty more than anything else that is severely lacking nowadays. it’s like the SJW who was trolling here yesterday telling us that if we’re against abortion, we must support government-funded contraception. not quite as loathsome as those who trying to rationalize second- and third-trimester abortion as anything but murder, but still pretty bad.

        4. That’s a common tactic they use. If you’re against X, then you must be for Y or else you’re a hypocrite. No, I can be against abortion AND against the government paying for people’s contraceptives. How about if you can’t afford a baby, buy protection. If you can’t afford protection, don’t have sex.

        5. That is an understandable reaction. However, many of these young women are pressured and fed misinformation. So to do as you suggest would be as much of an injustice as killing the innocents. Bring back the sex before marriage social taboos, and for the girls who get “in a bad way” bring back the places where they can be sent to give birth and have the babies given to a stable husband and wife who are looking(usually craving) to adopt a child as they cannot naturally have one.

      1. If only Trump would say that instead of back pedalling on abortion, I’d really through my weight behind him as much as Forney does. Of course, I don’t have as much weight as Forney.

    5. I am adopted, and so I’m on the other end. My bio mum had me when she was 14 (consensual sex with my bio father, who was 18). She could easily have gone down the “abortion” path, but she chose not to. I was put up for adoption and raised by my 2 parents.
      These days, my bio mum and I communicate with emails, post and the occasional phone-call and meet-up. I have thanked her for the tough choice that she made many times

    6. 3 arguments I use agaisnt pro choices
      1)eagle egg one
      2) I am about to have a baby but it’s a girl so it’s my choice to abort her right due to sex
      3) pregnant women gets shot and dies , some courts will say 2 people were murdered (since the child was wanted)
      These 3 will make the ardent feminazi stfu

    7. For this reason alone, the West deserves to be decimated. If there is a God, murdering a few thousand adults a year in war is not as bad a million babies and I would think he would have to prefer Islam win for now. At least they don’t do this.

    8. If men no longer have the authority to have even a say in the life or death of a child they sired, they should be free of the responsibility. No more paternity laws.

    9. I’m sorry that you had to experience that but this makes you the most qualified person to speak against abortion and for men’s rights in regards to pregnancy.

    10. that’s trully sad to read, I’m sorry man, that must have felt beyond horrible.
      Keep it up, you’re not alone in this suffering.

  6. The eagle egg/human baby thing is just insane. How warped are these people that they think hunting or eating meat is wrong yet approve of the killing of a human child? I know it’s cliche by now by the left has to be a mental disorder of some type and I’m not saying this like “yeah leftists are stupid” (though they are). I mean this literally. It’s a whole political movement that combines all the unhealthy and unfit of society to gain power. I remember reading Kerry Bolton’s “The Psychotic Left” (great read) and the more I look at it I think the entire movement has deep psychological issues. Being left or right isn’t a difference of opinion or r vs k brains. It’s sickness versus health. Its insanity versus sanity. Its wrong versus right. People need to stop pretending like there is any middle ground between us. This goes way deeper than politics.

    1. The difference with the eagle egg is that the eagle did not ask for her egg to be disturbed. We are dealing here with women who want a doctor to do this to them and will even pay for it if the State does not provide. The fact that these women might be going through abortions because someone else is pressing them into it is barely being considered. Nothing really matters to that people as long as their relatives, friends or themselves can get rid of their babies without having to face the truth of what they are really doing.

    2. Even many on the so-called right support abortion for years. Most politicians either support it or won’t speak agianst it.

  7. Abortion is the most beautiful and dignified thing in the world! I wish I was female so I could have an abortion. The best thing about killing the baby is that you can party afterwards and get a good job!

  8. “I do not see how anyone can see the reality of abortion and say it’s not murder. It’s obvious that life begins at conception.”
    i’m not sure exactly when human life begins, so i think it’s best to err on the side of not being a murderer. second- and third-trimester abortions are ghoulish and obviously homicide. the fact that most people around me don’t see this is extremely depressing sometimes. i’m all for a woman’s right to choose, but in the sense that she can choose to have sex or not.

    1. And since when was it “her choice” anyway ? its the mans child as well. This has NOTHING to do with her.

    2. I find it pretty obvious. If the human being has a chance at living a life, no matter at what stage of the process of life, than it is murder to take that chance away.
      No matter what help it might need to guide it in its process.
      Sperm itself has not entered the process of human life yet and as such it does not have a chance at that unless given.
      The difference to a human being dependent on help is that he is already living on his own in his own process of life.
      Or simple: To interrupt the process of life is always murder (even by just not providing the help), to not give sperm a chance at the process of life isn’t.
      It does not develop on it’s own and the other does.

      1. “To interrupt the process of life is always murder”
        i like your reasoning here. i could see some nutcase using it to argue that masturbation is as bad as abortion (that sperm could have fertilized an egg, etc.) but still, i think i basically agree.

        1. Yeah, regarding that I would say that the natural process of sperm on its own does not go anywhere and as such it cannot be equated to human life.
          A fertilized egg however would, given the right conditions, develop relatively on its own till the conclusion of life.
          Meaning there would be an actual interruption, even if it’s just by not providing the help it needs, when taking that life.
          I think I should have simply said “opportunity” instead of chance.
          Sperm does not have the opportunity to live a human life unless given.
          Unborn has the opportunity unless taken.
          The worst that can be done here is to judge according to convenience or circumstance.
          When argued that it’s okay to kill a baby because it was rape, than the entire thing is lost altogether. No one should ever judge a humans life.
          I know that is extreme but when it comes to human lives there have to be clear lines.
          Thinking about that some fringe “rape apologists” are some of the few to make a fuss about this topic…

        2. the difference is that if you leave sperm alone, it won’t develop into a baby. in order for it to develop into a baby, action must be taken (sex with a woman).
          on the other hand, after conception, a fertilized egg will develop into a baby even if NO ACTION IS TAKEN. If the mother just goes about her normal life and does nothing, the baby will develop. In order end the pregnancy, action must be taken. even if you are just taking an abortion pill the day after, you are still taking action to end a human life. had you not taken that pill, the baby would continue to develop.

    3. “Murder” is a legal term. It has no meaning outside the law. In a state of nature there is no murder, there is just killing. As I said in another post if you shoot a home invader dead in Birmingham, Alabama you will be hailed as a hero but if you do the same in Birmingham, UK you will be in prison for life. In light of those facts, I think it’s fair to say there is no such thing as murder beyond what politicians call murder.
      The real question is why abortion should be called murder in light of the fact that abortion can spot the spigots producing the next generation of murderers, robbers, rapists, and non-violent wards of the taxpayer in America’s “vibrant” communities.

      1. “In a state of nature there is no murder, there is just killing.”
        my wife’s cat usually eats her young, but i believe human beings should aim a bit higher.
        “The real question is why abortion should be called murder in light of
        the fact that abortion can spot the spigots producing the next
        generation of murderers, robbers, rapists, and non-violent wards of the
        taxpayer in America’s “vibrant” communities.”
        why stop there? boys raised by single mothers commit far more crime than other kids. maybe rub out a few of them randomly and we’ll bring those crime rates down even further. maybe induce cardiac arrest, or slowly tear a few limbs off while dismembering the kids. just like abortion.

  9. Just saw a 3 years old girl with down syndrom happily playing with her older brother at church this morning. Had she been conceived in a liberal family such as mine, she wouldn’t be there.

      1. Pro life obviously. He’s saying if she was aborted she wouldn’t be there

        1. well i would not be so sure with peoples attitudes on here regarding the rules of nature and how life should be like it was in the old days and in ancient times the handicapped wouldn’t be cared for they would have been seen as a liability. And how that is a liberal attitude too care for the handicapped and mentally frail. Sure what are transexuals if not mentally handicapped ???

  10. I’m in the minority but I’m consistently pro-death: Death penalty, abortion, euthanasia. Keeps the freeway moving faster.

    1. “Keeps the freeway moving faster” The freeway that runs straight into a concrete wall. You’re one cynical, self centered wanker, are’t you.

    2. Humans, and other Apex predators have always culled themselves. Why is this such a shock? Just avoid sex with degenerate women.
      As a matter of fact, I only have LTR with women that loathe aborrtion, you just have to always have protected sex. You guys sound like victims, take accountability.

      1. I think accountability lies with us as well. Don’t have sex with women you wouldn’t want as potential mothers.

  11. The great problem here is that the pro-abortion crowd has succeeded in getting people to think of the baby’s right to life as “a religious conviction.” Thus, they’ve succeeded in making the issue sectarian, rather than a question of whether a developing embryo / fetus has the right to life.
    In my view, either the unborn baby is human or not. If not, what’s he doing in a human womb? We never find any other nonhumans there (a few species of bacteria excepted). If so, how dare we kill him, after indulging in the act that produced him, knowing that a baby could result?
    The issue must be returned to one of rights. If there’s a clash — and there is: between the mother’s right to control her body and the baby’s right to life — let’s settle the matter in the direction of protecting the helpless, unconsenting party. (This is not meant to dismiss the Fourth Amendment issues involved.)

    1. Nice reasoned argument. There are good, reasoned arguments, like yours, that don’t involve invoking religious principles or invoking the existence of a “soul” or supernatural, that one can make against abortion. What is remarkable is just how ideologically blinded most liberals and feminists are, and how they seem incapable of even wanting to accept there might be some good secular, reasoned arguments against abortion.
      It is silly to pretend that the fetus isn’t human life. Even at the earliest stages, the fertilized egg will develop into a human life if allowed to do. You can pretend an egg isn’t human.. but such is the miracle of sex and gestating life that a fertilized egg will develop into a human baby. That is the nature of how human reproduction works. For all intents and purposes, a fertilized egg IS life.
      It’s a balancing act as you said.. such that the mother’s right to control her body clashes with a baby’s right to life.. This is a serious matter that has at least 3 stakeholders: the mother, the father, the child itself of course.. and even society at large, which has a vested interest in protecting the vulnerable and promoting life-affirming behaviours and norms that make a society stronger, and more resilient. rather than normalizing casual murder and lack of respect for human life, which is what the practice of abortion tends to do.
      Who fucking decided that out of all those stakeholders, the woman’s supposed right to choose is paramount? There are strong and reasoned arguments to make against the idea that only the women’s short-term best interests and whims should be considered and it’s about time these arguments were made and heard. We have let feminists and women and liberals control this debate and control this debate for too long.. such that any reasoned arguments against abortion are verbotten in the mainstream media and political discourse in most Western liberal democracies. It certainly is the case here in Canada.

    2. What inherent rights does anybody have? I’m an atheist but the idea of “inherent rights” is a bigger crock of shite than any religion. Let’s look at the real world instead. When you see a 300 lb. sheboon with her brood in tow fumbling for her EBT card at the supermarket, are you still “pro-life?” There you see Michael Brown and the Carr brothers in the making. How about those wise Latina women and their even bigger broods; the fights they have with each other over the last can of cherry Juicy Juice will pale in comparison to the battles between their sons when they reach the age of gangbanging! Easy access to abortion is the only thing in the USA that mitigates against the spread of this plague!

      1. I’ve been trying to come up with a brief but accurate assessment of your comment. Just now I’m torn between “schizoid” and “demented.” I’m afraid that’s the only response I can make.
        Have a nice life.

        1. Demented?
          I named the real issue. The consequences of reckless procreation among America’s “vibrant” communities. Abortion is the only thing that is slowing this process down.

        2. I must correct myself: You aren’t demented; you’re an obsessive. Worse, you’re an obsessive who seeks to rationalize the killing of unborn children on the grounds that there are children you find ominous from families you find distasteful. Do you have fantasies about running amok with a machine gun? Sometimes? Frequently?
          Have a nice life.

        3. I understand it. Being forced to sacrifice your own family in order to expand and prop up anothers hardens the heart.

      2. They have an inherent right to life, but not on my dime. Since I can’t change the on my dime part at this time, good riddance to them killing themselves.
        Logical. Fuck em.

    3. Those who fall for the ruse that abortion is a partisan or sectarian issue as opposed to a fundamental good/evil question deserve to be rooted out. Separate the tare from the wheat!

  12. My first son smiled at 12 weeks in the womb. My second son was born premature at 28 weeks. In the NICU, I saw babies as early as 25 weeks (maybe even earlier).
    Abortion is murder. It is a murder of convenience for women who instead of enriching civilization by having children, they are indulging in their own selfish desires.

      1. By 12 weeks, the baby’s organs are fully developed, they are kicking, hiccuping, and making facial expressions. Or as the Left puts it, “it’s just a clump of cells.”

        1. “just a clump of cells”
          you really see how awful leftists can be when you realize that they think this way, all to rationalize unlimited sex with no responsibility. another example, when they accuse conservatives who are against abortion but support executing convicted murderers of hypocrisy. i used to think that they must not be thinking it through but i’ve become convinced that they really can’t see why killing a baby is any different from killing ted bundy. many actually enthusiastically support the former and oppose the latter. it’s loathsome.

        2. “it’s just a clump of cells.”
          I’ve also heard feminists refer to them as “tumors”.

        3. With leftist “logic” applied, all murder should legal because technically even a full-grown person is still “just a clump of cells.”

        4. when will they start supporting “post-birth abortion” meaning killing the child after birth, because “it’s safer for the woman to wait till after birth.”

    1. My daughter was dancing around and moving her little hands up and down at 12 weeks, looked like a gummi bear shimmying. That carried over into who she is now and she’s full of life and wonder and is excited about everything she experiences.
      And to think there’s monsters that would snuff that out because they don’t want to inconvenience their own lives. I can’t associate with people once I find out they’ve done that.

      1. I know exactly what you mean. An ex-girlfriend from high school came over to my house a couple of years ago and we started catching up on life. We had been chatting in a sexual context prior so we knew she was coming over to get banged. The conversation moved to her current boyfriend, ex-husband, 2 kids, etc. She then told me that her boyfriend knocked her up while she was still married. She had an abortion, because the kid would have been inconvenient to her life, obviously. Nothing has ever made my dick go soft quicker than that. Being a single mother already put her into pump and dump zone for me, but when she said she aborted her fetus, I was disgusted with her. I never called her back.

        1. Good on you, I wouldn’t either. I had an ex who, a couple boyfriends after me (we shared the same circle of friends), had not 1, but 2 abortions from the same asshole guy who would basically come into town for a couple weeks to visit everybody, then bang her, then leave town again (good for him that he’s getting play, but shit, use a condom).
          My buddies had a running joke that she had a punch card for “buy 10 get 1 free” over at Planned Parenthood. That was around 15 years ago and whenever I’m back in town I still won’t look her in the eye. That joke also nauseates me since I know there’s worse people out there.

        2. I really believe that our reactions of disgust are biological as well. To be attracted to such a woman after her clear demonstration that she is unfit to copulate with may indicate a defect on the part of the male.

        3. Believe me, meeting him in person would confirm your “defect on the part of the male” theory LOL.

  13. 1)human life begins at conception, but not personhood. To muder is to kill a person. Abortion is not mrder but still unconstitutional because of our inalienable right to life. I say first occurrence is $10000 and/or up to 1 year in jail. Each subsequent occurrence, the fine increases 10 fold but still only up to 1 year in jail.
    2) If they are all so proud and comfortable with their abotions, I wish they would all agree on a tramp stamp symbol and place it somewhere conspicuous. That way, decent moral men know which murdering sluts to avoid.

  14. It’s definitely morally questionable to abort a healthy child, but it’s impractical on a lot of levels to treat a fetus as a full human from a Libertarian perspective. My wife miscarried her first pregnancy. Should homicide detectives have paid us a visit? The right to autonomy over one’s body is important, too. I can refuse to be an organ donor and even as a corpse my wishes would be respected.
    I’m always trying to find the right balance between personal liberty and curtailing the degeneracy.
    In my ideal society, after dispelling the “we’re all the saaaame” silliness the government could offer incentives for keeping a healthy child. IE, a pregnant teenager with no genetic diseases could rake in 80K for college. The children could then be adopted from government-run orphanages or raised in academies.

    1. “The right to automomy….”
      As with all things, your own choices and actions, can lead to a curtailment of your right. Especially when those choices and actions infringe on another human life.

  15. Yeah abortion is wrong. I can see its purpose in those very rare incidents where it’s incest/rape/complications.
    This just shows you how twisted our society has come. It’s all about 50 shades of grey and having a notch count. The true procreational powers of sex are not fully expounded.
    This is what the system wants. Utterly broken people that they can sell the world to.
    Gotta get rich or die trying I guess

  16. The right to an abortion somehow got morphed into the right for favored organizations like Planned Parenthood to receive two thirds of their budget money from the federal government, as well as being able to chop up baby parts and sell them on the open market for a profit. Not sure Roe v Wade covers that.
    And the part about “It’s my body” – interesting, it’s my body too, but most places where I ride my motorcycle still require me, by law, to wear a helmet, even though last time I checked, my head is part of my body. How’s that work out in the hamster head?
    Incidentally – is it any wonder there are so few female abortion doctors?

  17. The worth of human life shouldn’t be judged by how developed it is or how convenient it is to others.
    No, an opportunity at living its own life that is all that human life should be determined on.
    If this opportunity is given than it is it’s own being. No matter how undeveloped it might be, when the process of life has begun than it is holy as it has gained the opportunity to live.
    To snatch that away is always murder.
    To make it more clear:
    Sperm does not have the opportunity to live a human life unless given.
    Unborn has the opportunity unless taken.
    Even if it needs help. Even if it is inconvenient.
    Even if it is rape, incest or anything. You don’t get to judge human life.

    1. yes. exactly this. once the baby is conceived, action must be taken in order to end the baby’s life. If the woman just goes about living her normal life and takes no action, the baby will survive.

      1. Yeah, and to argue wether or not it is okay to just not “help” the baby live is to argue wether or not people should help others in accidents etc.
        Just because a human is in a position of dependency to others to survive doesn’t mean that it isn’t murder to not help him given the possibility.
        Even if that possibility comes about involuntarily.
        And yes even if he happens to be inside and attached to someone’s body.

  18. I never had an opinion about abortion until today. I totally oppose it now. A woman who would murder her own child, just so she can keep having fun, is a worthless, fucked-up bitch.

  19. Abortion as birth control and infant ritual genital mutilations, just like all other forms of ritual sadistic actions involving bloodletting are disguised satanic sacrifices justified with various means in order to render humans slaves insensitive to other people’s suffering so that they can continue creating further suffering which in turn feeds the mostly invisible vampire masters. A few intellingent beings are able to escape and free themselves from the enslavement. Be one of them.

  20. I have to admit i used be pro choice and not because it was a womans body and it was her choice but for selfish reasons. If i had sex with someone and it was just a sexual act i would not want to be tied to them for the rest of my life and i am very select who i will have a child with. In my mind no woman could tell me when i was goign to procreate if that wasn’t the aim of our sexual relations. I mean is there anything more sacred than your dna ?? If i don’t control that what do i control in my life !!
    However this has really given me pause for thought. I was ignorant to how it all worked the injection of poison,the clamp to break,tear and pull out limbs. Stupid i know but i never thought of it. It’s fucking sick.
    I don’t ride around and i am going to have to be even more careful now because I can’t guarantee if i did something stupid with some slut when i was drunk or otherwise that i wouldn’t still want an abortion. I can’t think of many things worse than having a child with someone like that. I allready know most of the responses and i wouldn’t even disagree with the points but fact remains we make mistakes. so please if you can’t be original spare me the time and effort.

    1. For the same reason as you, is why I am pro abortion. I don’t want to be tied for the next 18 yrs to some girl I was only seeing for recreational sex. I do use condoms, but they are not 100%. I am also very selective on who I have a family with. Sex less so.

      1. hahaha exactly i would be extremely picking about who i procreate with, blowing my load the requirements arent as stringent !

  21. Even if it takes 6 weeks to find out you’re pregnant, that’s only halfway through the first trimester, with another 3 months after that to the end of the 2nd trimester. If you cannot get an abortion in the 4.5 months after knowing you’re pregnant, then too bad. Yes it’s a hard choice, but there is little argument for the necessity and brutality of a 3rd trimester abortion. Even 2nd trimester abortions can be avoided when the female in question has another 6 weeks from finding out to the end of the first trimester to complete abortion procedures. I’m not really for abortion at all, I just know if I got in a bad situation I’d likely be for using it if the girl was some piece of trash. Though I’d ALWAYS wrap it up in that situation. I’ve notched a ton of girls and this has never been an issue before, the reason it’s an issue is because people are irresponsible and short sighted. Especially the black community, the sexual behavior of the the black community is downright degenerate and wanton.

  22. It’s undeniable that women care not for civilization. As such it’s unavoidable for us men to accept that reading this we will have to adjust accordingly to do the following:
    1. Always secure and provide our own supply of condoms/prophylactics. If you’re short for stock, swing by an OB/GYN they have buckets to give away, literally.
    2. Never engage in keeping a female company when consuming mind altering substances like alcohol, narcotics or pharmaceuticals.
    3. Invest what funds you can spare into the further development of artificial wombs to sustain the population.

      1. I couldn’t say if there is currently such a fundraising campaign. However, there are several colleges currently conducting such research on artificial wombs, I’m sure they could direct you in how to donate to their research fund.

  23. My buddy and I have discussed some very interesting related topics at length, specifically concerning future technologies effect on childbirth.
    First, soon coming is the ability to change certain characteristics about your child. Eye color, nose shape, teeth, hair color perhaps… but what about more taboo characteristics. If you knew your child had down syndrome, would you abort it? Would there be no more people with down syndrome?
    Second, what if you could tell if your child was going to be a homosexual (btw, homos aren’t born, they’re made through societal factors, typically dealing with lack of same sex parent. Leftists fail to admit this because then faggotry would be seen as a defect as a result of some harsh time in life and therefore that homosexuals are not equal in terms of mental health (they certainly aren’t). Anyways, would you get your kid aborted if he was a fag? Let’s say hypothetically fags are born and not made.

  24. Most people know that abortion is wrong… I think.
    Most women will justify it and pretend they did it for the child. “I cannot give the child a good life. There are so many children in foster care without parents…”
    Everyone knows this is BS. We are not living in a third world country and the child will not starve. A poor child in the USA is envied by at least a billion people who have to live in real poverty.
    And babies are adopted very quickly, so they will most likely not end up in foster care.
    If abortion is not murder why do people have to convince themselves? To kill a child to save it?
    If you have an abortion than at least admit you´re doing it for yourself and stop lying.
    Feminists a trying to convince women that an abortion makes them strong and independent. “because they made a decision about their body”
    Yes.. right.
    -Getting fucked by a random guy who doesn´t give to shits about you.
    -Being to stupid to use contraception.
    -Killing the child to avoid responsibility.
    This is female empowerment!

    1. The problem is it goes beyond feminists. We all were sold a bunch of lies. It just so happens we can name one enemy, feminists. But the true enemy is propaganda. It is ourselves and our naïveté to trust an agency elected by us to protect us and not think that we were used the whole way through.
      Great additions on female empowerment. It is sad because while dually playing on the child like nature of women to enjoy the moment and day, which is necessary at times, it sacrifices everything built because it requires women and weak men to dually break down the control of strong men. Without balance we lose family, health, sustenance, and increase our reasons to be continually drugged by pleasures.

      1. Agreed. Feminism is just one cog in a giant propaganda machine but the average feminists is most likely not even aware of this.

    2. I know several couples who flew to Asia to adopt. White couples who couldn’t conceive. White babies available for adoption are a rarity in the US and the amount of bureaucracy simply put them off. I feel for anyone who wants to adopt kids in America.
      The West murders off their young and married barren couples fly off to adopt foreign kids. Nuts.

    3. I would rather live in a society where the children are all wanted, cherished and well raised by two loving parents who are financially prepared then, than one where the parants are fighting or were casual with no intention of sticking together, or were struggling with income, drugs, personal issues, where the kid will grow up with just one parent, who considers the child a burden to them, and wont be raised properly and may end up a delinquent.
      There is lots of poverty in the US, and while it might not be as bad as the poor in Bangladesh its still a struggling depressing existence for many, I think wanting your child to grow up with better than that in life is a good thing. Having an abortion when young & poor & not with a good supportive partner to wait till your circumstances are better in life is not avoiding responsibility.its just postponing it so you can do better by your child. Sometimes its just to suit the woman, sometimes also to suit the father (especially if he had no intention of being with the woman for the longterm and other life plans) but also sometimes to suit her & the child…and in many cases its for the benefit of society to have wanted well raised children form 2 parent families.

      1. I does not want to live in a society where adults act like children. This does not give me the right the kill them.
        Again… you can give the baby up for adoption. There a lot of upper middle class couples who would love to adopt a baby but cannot have one. Babies are adopted quickly and normally do not end up in foster care.
        If you cannot even endure 9 month of pregancy then yes… you are avoiding responsibilty.

        1. Yes, now if the baby has something wrong with it finding adoptive parents might be an issue, but a healthy newborn (especially a healthy white newborn) is like gold on the adoption market. It’s the older children, sick/handicapped babies, and to a lesser degree, minority babies we can’t find homes for.

        2. I dont consider the decision to have an abortion a child like act. I don’t consider an embryo a child. Adoption is good option, and some young women who dont believe in abortion do that.
          In the manosphere there are many subgroups that want to tie into religion, philosophy or pre feminist conservative way of life or right wing politics or race, and so abortion is going to be thrown into the mix but personally for me I don’t see it or eugenics or euthanasia as part of the decline in society or see it as only benefiting a selfish woman. Abortion is a contentious issue and neither of us will change our stance.

        3. Actually I am still pro-choice because illegal abortions won´t save anyone. It is no use to make it illegal.
          Abortion is just a symptom of a sickness in a society wich values fun and pleasure above everything else.
          People need to change but they will never grow up. The welfare state will protect them from real consequences and the media will justify their irresponsible behavior.

      2. Yeah, and I want peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Until then, I will settle for the rule of law and protecting truth and innocence.

  25. The type of woman that would murder her child does not have the genes we would want to pass down. The men she would be sleeping with are just as bad. I know it’s gruesome, but it is highly eugenic. The genes of empathy and of the K selected are passed down with a higher percentage when abortions are available.

  26. Indiana, a state I am, at least, somewhat close to, just signed some big anti-abortion laws such that you can’t abort for Down’s or for race of the child, but apparently you can still abort for personal preference. I have thought about this.
    Down’s is not a life threatening disease, but it’s a hard life. It’s not genetically passed like hemophilia (which we could cure by not allowing hemophiliacs to pass it on), it just happens under certain conditions. I am torn what to do in that situation.
    The other one is black people. I have no problem with individual black people, a person is a person, but I find the stereotypical black culture to be anathema to a healthy USA. Violence, single motherhood, ignorance, drug use, criminal behavior, poverty, welfare parasitism, rampant racism, rioting, special benefits legislation, bad music, and they butcher old General Motors cars, which I happen to like. Most importantly, they all vote progressive. Less poor black people benefits the country, but that’s stepping into eugenics and ethnic cleansing. There are also white people and Hispanics that fit into this culture subset as well.
    I am not concerned on my stance as an American, but I try to be a good Christian. For Down’s children, the Christian thing to do is to have the baby regardless, and encourage others to do the same. For poor blacks, I am conflicted, because being a good Christian, and encouraging no abortions conflicts with wanting the best for America. I voted against a law in FL denying taxpayer money for abortions, as they would go to poor people like the above and make more of them. It was a hard call.

    1. The problems with black America would be resolved by destroying the welfare state, not unborn fetuses.
      Here’s my reasoning: severing government support would create an environment where black women would need to find a stable hard working male provider-or starve.
      Black women would honor and breed with men like Dr Omalu and Dr Carson drastically improving the gene pool. As opposed to Thug types like Flavor Flav who has 7 children.

      1. Yes, but you forget, America wanted to destroy the black family to preserve the strength of the white family. As a group blacks newly freed in America, we’re catching up smoothly before crack, cocaine, Reagon’s war on drugs, and welfare ensuring the women only received assistance by removing the male from the family. The government is now equally turning the gun on white males except your women will not reproduce freely. Convincing women to do something for the betterment of others is the equivalent of asking a pedophile not to be attracted to kids.
        What would work better is reducing all of the incentives women have for leaving men, like no fault divorce, increasing price and penalties for abortion, reduce welfare, take the funds for welfare and allocate them into private schools ultimately removing new indoctrination houses and creating new spaces for children to learn with structure.
        Never forget, a vast majority of black culture is truly American culture. It just so happens white America reacted differently than black.

        1. Absolutely. I’m a fan of classical economics in that humans make the best decisions when there are no safety nets. [See: Fear of Starvation Theory]
          I believe every race of people will do better when the welfare state is crushed.

        2. The Left’s goal was to destroy the traditional western patriarchal family. The black community was used as a beachhead and starting point for this, observing the results and knowing that what happened in the black community would spread to the rest in 20 years time. This isn’t simply a black/white issue…all of that was good and functional in our communities was slated for destruction.

        3. The welfare building is a big roach motel. They should decorate it with a painting of a bug on the side and the yellow ‘Raid’ lightning bolt. I know of very few souls that get themselves unstuck from there. The ladies working in there are the vilest aborting witches from hell and the manginas working in there are the most horrendous snitch face unfriendly neighbors on any block.

        4. Believe me, I get more of this than you know which is why I shared the information the way I did. A lot of the struggles supersedes black vs white as I mentioned what I did to highlight the similar affect of liberal generosity; the destruction of the black American family and the marriage to victimhood it produced. The parallels were long honed in with human temperament and population control with the practices born in slavery, birthed into welfare, and enhanced with feminism, first in Hispanic countries and then brought to maturity in America. All of the dirt has to come up to get to the root of the matter.

      2. I think your position is very naive. Without welfare most Blacks would simply starve. Due to congenital stupidity they are incapable of maintaining themselves. In addition, their elevated levels of testosterone make them aggressive and violent. This is biology not society. Changing a leopard’s cage will not change his spots. We need easy access to abortion to at least keep their numbers from getting out of control.

        1. Hardly naive. Economics will bring out the worst or best of a population. Compare North vs South Korea or the former East vs West Germans. Same homogenous groups, two vastly different outcomes.

    2. The termination rate for a fetus that tests positive for Down’s is on the order of 90%. The majority of the population disagrees with the idea of bringing a fetus with Down’s to term.
      I grew up before genetic testing and remember the special classes for programs for the retarded kids. One in particular was the son of one of my Mother’s friends. The lesser cases would end up in my school classes (early attempts at mainstreaming the more mildly retarded kids).
      I can say the kids (even the mildly retarded ones) had no real future. Life was pretty bad for them and even worse for their parents. My Mom’s friend ended up putting her kid in a home when he became big enough to cause injury to the Mom. I have no idea who paid for basically institutionalizing this kid (now a grown man) for the remainder of his natural life.

  27. Condoms cost 99 cents. Birth control cost $35-50 per month. There should be a penalty [both mother and father] for abortion, it is murder. I wish Trump didn’t back down on this, fetuses do not have a legal voice.

    1. Yet another example of why voting is pointless; even if you disagree with him on this ONE thing, and, if by some miracle, he could turn around the economy, most women STILL WONT VOTE for him. Its not like he can waltz into office, and overturn Roe v. Wade- he cant!

      1. It’s because of that reasoning our democracy has turned into mob rule. Mob rule almost always precedes a dictatorship. It’s sad to watch when you’re the logical minority.

        1. Creedence is so much more than what you hear on the classic rock channels.

        2. Haha So fitting. 1,000 years from now when National Geographic makes a documentary called “Why Americans Went Extinct” this will be the opening credits song.
          Good band btw.

      1. Odd firearms choice. I’m calling that one in his left hand as a Tokarev TT-33, which is indeed antique, and a poor choice. That one in his right hand is some Taurus or Rossi .38, I think, can’t really tell.

  28. If there is a Pill issue with a lady.
    i would prefer her to get an abortion.
    Rather Then keep it and ruining me through Child support. No sir

  29. Another thing: it blows my mind how someone can be pro abortion, yet against the death penalty.

    1. I wondered about that for 20 years. It blows my mind when some one calls themselves a christian and consistantly votes democrat.

      1. “As a Christian I will always vote for the party of Jim Crow, lynching, the murder of children, the destruction of religious freedom and self-defense because God says to ‘love your neighbor’ ” -Modern Christian
        Mind you I’m Christian, with a lot of issues that I am dealing with, but I would never support a group of people who are actively undermining society and morality itself. I’ve seen ‘Christians’ promoting homosexuality because we should “love everyone like Christ” but ignore the part where they shouldn’t promote the lifestyle, and still love them completely. ugh it’s frustrating.

  30. It is already hard enough to convince/manipulate a slut you banged once to abort, now you want the gov. to help her ruin your life?
    Wtf is wrong with you guys.

  31. I think abortion for be legal for health reasons and a few others but generally it it because a woman doesn’t want to take personal responsibly for her actions, she didn’t take any responsibility to make sure the guy was wearing a condom or be on the pill and they don’t want to take responsibility for the baby after, but this is typical of everyone not just women, we live in a blame culture where it is never our fault

  32. Great article and video. The importance of this information cannot be overstated.

  33. If you wanna see a feminist become a rabid pro-lifer, just mention abortion of girls in China. Cognitive dissonance indeed.
    I admit I am pro-choice.. but I was shaken by the personal story of Gianna Jessen.

    1. She forgives her mother?? But her ding bat mother still needs shamed as do all corn flake brained aborting carousel whores. To allow them to live their years and die without being shamed and candidly spotlighted before the righteous, they never learn the error of their ways. They never have the chance to rbuke before the court of their living peers and tribespeople. They die smug and empty with their pathetic lie. At least throw them in the light of truth and righteousness. Throw their soul over the table and call for them to witness their shame and stupidity. Let them cough up some pleading words denouncing feminism. If they have not words then their soul has already been hallowed. Their flesh is nothing but meat for the awaiting buzzards. Let them be gone, below foot.
      Shame the aborting ho bags. You’re helping them by shaming them, or at least you’re helping awaken their soul if they have any left. Shake ’em up a bit.

  34. Anyone who thinks abortion isn’t murder is in deep denial! It should be illegal, 100%.

  35. On topic and because it isn’t to well known, Norma McCorvey, better known as by the legal pseudonym “Jane Roe” (Roe vs Wade) converted to catholism and had been a long time pro-lifer. Having your named attached to 30 million abortions, and counting, might do that. I’m a cynic. I would put money on that she had “no father figure” and led a checkered past as well. The profile doesn’t deviate much.

  36. Never knew that children could be aborted at the third trimester. That’s fucked up on so many levels.
    Anyone who aborts a child at especially that late of the pregnancy should be treated just like your average murderer. Put them on death row even.

    1. My brother was a six-months baby, still alive some 40 years later. Strange to think Mom could just as well have decided to have him killed at that point.

    2. President Obama voted against IL’s Born Alive Infant Protection Act multiple times. There are abortion survivors out there.

  37. a Game Boy blog is publishing a story reflecting greater righteousness and moral integrity than Ted Cruz.
    Ted Cruz is every bit as Christian as he is Constitutionalist or a Natural Born Citizen … that is to say, not at all.

  38. “this woman had come to me figuratively and said…here’s $800, kill my baby.” No, she came to you and LITERALLY said “here’s $800, kill my baby.” May as well start hiring hit-men on toddlers while we’re at it.
    You know, feminists, half of all aborted babies are females. Isn’t it kind of ageist not to care about a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body until she has reached a certain number of months’ gestation?

  39. “Men have no choice whatsoever in the matter legally, they cannot stop their child from being aborted” I’m really surprised there isn’t more outrage about this. Backs up my theory that paternal instinct is mostly non-existent in humans, most fathers do not even care if their child lives or dies.

    1. “..most fathers do not even care if their child lives or dies.”
      And those fathers who do, are paying the devil her blood money evey month for years. She may have offered abortion, but when you asked for full custody…. an amazing dynamic happens.

      1. That’s not fair either, the way courts act like every child belongs solely to its mother and don’t even give the father a chance. And I do believe child support laws should be equal across the board, if Dad is caring for the kid full-time, Mom had better do her part in supporting the child too, just like a non-custodial father should. But I have a feeling most fathers don’t truly want full custody, I could be wrong though. I mean, you hear all the time of women taking the kids and leaving, but when men leave their wives they usually leave their kids too, granted the way our system favors single mothers over single fathers could have something to do with this.

    2. One can care out the ying yang, but the law is backed up by guns.

  40. Its only an “embryo” if the girl doesn’t want it. Otherwise, we get to hear about every doctors visit, every sonogram, and every gender reveal party on facebook.

  41. Back in Roman times, anyone who didn’t want a baby could just dump them in the trash. Infanticide has certainly become more sophisticated since then, but it’s nothing new as far as Humans go. Personally, I think we’re all better of not having a million new fatherless hood rats born every year.

    1. No, we’re even better off if the skanks acted responsibly and controlled their base and vile instincts; the same could be said of the men, the women, being the primary carriers also carry more of the responsibility.

        1. Both men and women have been endowed with unique and special qualities that carry responsibility. Women have been blessed with the extraordinary gift of child bearing which with it carries an equally immense responsibility and prudence. I’m not excusing the men, but the main and primary burdened is on women.

        2. No I just have the sense to know that what you’re saying is a load of shit

    2. No we’re not better off, those aborted babies get replaced by fatherless babies born by the same women a year or two later. It’s a pregnancy/abortion lottery. The majority of those same women just get pregnant again by a string of other irresponsible guys and somewhere down the line she keeps the baby with the bad boy she “loves” the most. The guys conversely bed hop from woman to woman until they impregnate their harem of women as well. NO ONE learns their lesson.
      We’d be better off with shotgun weddings, traditional marriages, social shame/ostracism for unwed pregnancies and real fathers who guard their daughters from cads and players.

    3. Also look at it this way. If Jezebel #1 is pregnant by Jerk #1 and keeps the baby to term then she can’t get pregnant for almost another year.
      If Jezebel #2 is pregnant by Jerk #2 and aborts then she can get pregnant again in a few months or less. Plus, these gals don’t abort every single time. They’re usually waiting to catch a high value male (which is usually the neighborhood bad boy).

  42. This article makes an SJW-esque emotional appeal without providing much substance. Frankly most medical procedures are gruesome, this doesn’t mean they’re somehow wrong or unnecessary. I’d much rather hear about the societal impact. Though I will say there should be some provision for would-be fathers so that operations don’t go ahead until both parties sign off.
    I think it’d be more interesting if the author took into account the “Freakonomics” theory that legalized abortion was responsible for dramatically lower crime rates in the late 90’s. The idea is that all of these potential criminals, kids with backgrounds that would make them more prone to a life of crime didn’t exist because their mothers had easier access to abortion than in the past.

    1. I wouldn’t call dismembering another human being then crushing its skull or sucking it into a tube alive or injecting it with lethal drugs then dismembering it a medical procedure. A medical procedure is when you fix something. But that’s just me. Perhaps the solution to the Freakonomics riddle is going back to patriarchy. That fixes the illegitimacy and criminality problem based on all the statistics that have been done on families. Not sanctioning a total disregard for human life.

    2. ((((The Authors’ of Freakonomics)))) failed to take into account additional unintended consequences, like women getting even sluttier, while the natality rate dropped even further, inviting massive immigration from turd worlders

      1. Maybe so, but when it comes to unwanted babies (ie. both the father and mother don’t want to raise the child) the state ends up paying through foster care and social welfare programs. Abortion is by no means appealing, but we should weigh it against having taxpayers fund legions of unwanted children – and most of these social programs fail these kids anyway.

    3. Thank You for naming the real issue. However, I disagree the problem is not background so much as it is genetics.

  43. Took my then ex 16yr Old ex high school GF to a ghetto abortion clinic in East Africa after knocking her up. Don’t really feel much about it. It had to be done. I think she was 2 months in. Don’t know how they did it. I sat in my car, she walked in the clinic. A while later she walks out, gets in the backseat, I drive her home barely any communication. I didn’t ask her anything about the procedure. It was hard enough her having to go through it. I still feel it for her to this day, must have been rough. That was 8 yrs ago.
    Don’t know if the baby had reached any stages of development yet or was still just a large egg starting up.
    Next time i’m keeping it, Accidental or not. (Me keeping it = raw sex only with a girl i wouldn’t mind knocking up)

  44. As a teen I was brainwashed to believe that abortion was no big deal. It’s nothing more than excising a lump of tissue, right?
    When I was 22 (about 22 years ago) my gf got pregnant. She wanted to have the baby. I pressured her like hell to get an abortion. It really messed her up emotionally for a while. I figure she was about 4-6 weeks pregnant.
    When I my wife got pregnant I devoured everything about baby development. I was shocked to see how quickly a fetus looks human. I also loved that baby from the moment he was conceived. We looked at every week to chart the progress. Now our son is 2.5 years old. Our daughter is 1.
    My wife and I have discussed it. If she gets pregnant accidentally we will never, ever have an abortion. Same if pre-natal tests show the child is retarded. That fertilized egg is a life. I feel that with all my heart.
    It sickens me to think back 22 years ago. To think what our baby looked like at 4-6 weeks when it was ripped from its mother’s womb. It already had a heartbeat. That child would be 22 years old now, a full adult. My gf was a real cutie, so the child (man? woman?) would have blue eyes and light brown or blond hair.
    And I’m responsible for murdering him or her. A real sadness and regret in my life.
    Yes, it would have been difficult to support a child when I was 22. And my life would have turned out very different. But if I could do it again I would not have killed our child. It haunts me.
    This scene from “6 Feet Under” where Nate encounters ghosts of his aborted children really hit me hard:

  45. I never dreamed with the day where mothers killing their own child would be legal. I read stories about paganism where the parents sacrificed their children to their gods, and I always disgusted these stories, but what I never considered is that something even worse could happen nowadays, because now, with all the information and support we have from the government, mothers chose to kill their children for mere whim.
    I can’t express in words my anger and sadness at this reality.

        1. This comment was funny and spot on about Gil. It is also possible that when Rivershield said ‘he never dreamed of the day where mothers killing their child would be legal’ that anyone could have assumed he was an old man talking about a time before Roe v Wade.

    1. Abortions and infanticide have been widely practiced throughout human history. It’s not a new thing.

      1. Yes, but what changed is the reasons. As far as I know, paganism is the most common reason for infanticide throughout history when it comes to parents killing their own child, and even between pagans it was a taboo to kill a child, born or unborn, dependent on what people and what time we are talking about.
        But these people was uneducated, and believed they were doing something greater in killing their child.
        Nowadays what we have is “educated” people doing irresponsible sex for irresponsible reasons, and who pays the price is unborn children. They’re the people who claim to be the representation of the modern world, but at minimum they are just returning to the actions of their pagan ancestors.
        That’s why they are worse than pagans.
        I never dreamed with the day that, in our modern world, would be legal to kill your own child.

  46. Over the years I’ve gone from simply disagreeing with leftists to considering them an outright disease on humanity.
    The more we are educated about the act of abortions, the providers, the feminists encouraging them and the institutions profiting from them, the more I am utterly disgusted and repulsed by the current state of our civilization.
    I fear we are beyond redemption, collapse is essential to inoculate us from the filth.

    1. We are not beyond redemption. I refer you to the poll in the article showing more people shifting to be pro-life. People have also shifted in recent years to be more pro-gun rights. The internet can save us as long as it isn’t controlled.

      1. The internet is slowly being taken over, site by site, by the leftists. The good news however, is that as each site is taken over, many more are springing up promoting free speech and the exchange of ideas (ROK, D&P, etc). I’ve even heard talks of a sort of black market for the internet; basically a second internet not governed by the same laws as the primary internet everyone uses. If the government gets their claws too deep into this internet, more will spring up.

    2. When the revolution comes, and it is coming, there will be much “cleaning up” to be done.

  47. Even if you’re pro-choice, what I don’t understand is why abortion should be supported by the state, that is, as part of public healthcare.
    A common justification the liberal left uses for many things is “you can’t legislate morality”. Fair enough.
    But state subsidised abortion is exactly that. Many people are morally opposed to abortion. Yet they are forced to financially support the abortions of others under threat of imprisonment, through taxation.
    So even if pro-choice, why not let those against it be allowed to choose NOT to pay for it?

  48. Should abortions be legal AND provided freely in cases of rape (legit rape that is, not “UVA gang rape” rape)? Sure. For the rest? How hard is it for you women to take a pill every day? How hard is it for us men to carry and use condoms? Not hard enough that we need to make it morally justifiable to kill humans under a certain age because we can’t accept responsibility for and deal with the consequences of our fuck ups.
    Buuuut, women will never be held accountable for anything, even if that means we have to kill babies, so I guess I’ll have to side with the MRAs on this one and support so-called financial abortions for men.

    1. At least you’re bringing men into it too. I’m sick of women alone getting the blame for unwanted pregnancies, takes two to tango after all.

      1. It does take two to tango but the tango we have right now is completely fucked. The woman has all the power to lead the dance but if the couple falls down, only the man is blamed and responsible for both his actions the woman’s actions. The only reason why I included men in this is as a warning to them, while I included women to demand that they take responsibility for their actions. Every man with two brain cells to rub together knows that raw dogging a random female is pretty much like writing her a blank cheque.

  49. I don’t think liberals understand that the “right to choose” is literally the right of a woman to sign a death warrant, without any kind of review or justification, for an entity that will, given time, eventually become a living, walking, talking human. Essentially it is the equivalent of making every woman the governor of their own state with the jurisdiction of that state being their body. That governor can sign a death warrant at any time when that resident is within their jurisdiction without judicial review, due process, demonstration of cause or need. They are literally the judge and jury. If it weren’t for the boundaries of modern medicine requiring a third party to actually flip the switch they would also be the actual executioner. Instead they are just the de facto one when they lie back, willingly, to have a doctor insert whatever is needed to terminate that human life into their vagina.
    I don’t think abortion should be illegal, because as history as demonstrated to us making something illegal does not necessarily reduce instances of it. Instead we should adopt a complex regulatory and education scheme to make abortion exceptionally rare. If a death row inmate who killed another human being gets the benefits of a trial, endless appeals, due process, etc. at least an innocent human should get a modicum of the same.

    1. It’s exactly what they do to thoughtcriminals: assassinate a man’s character and terminate his livelihood, which might as well be death.

  50. Abortion is murder. Plain and simple. Murder of an innocent voiceless child. Don’t want to get pregnant? Control your base and vile animalistic urges, you cunts. You can’t behave like wild goats, get knocked uped, and then murder because of your irresponsibility. Cunts.

    1. She didn’t get pregnant by herself so I presume the term cunts should apply to both nanny and billy goats who don’t control their base and vile animalistic urges. Or, would you deny men agency because they just can’t help themselves? Careful, Skippy, there was an April Fool’s Huffpo Queer Voices article that railed against the “heterosexual agenda” because heteros just can’t control themselves.

        1. Shared blame. It’s pretty common knowledge that heterosexual sex causes pregnancy and there’s a reason it’s called the reproductive system. Women are arguably more at fault than men for playing consensual reproduction roulette because it’s a loser’s game if one of his swimmers’ a winner and he ghosts her.

      1. Women deny men agency for 18 years if she exercises the unilateral choice to keep it.
        If it looks like a cunt and smells like a cunt……

  51. Want to know what’s even worse than abortion? Homebirth. If killing a baby a few weeks into the pregnancy when it’s not particularly developed is bad, then how about letting a full-term baby suffocate to death so that the mother can claim some kind of trophy for giving birth ‘as nature intended’ (read: letting a baby die who could most probably have lived if she’d given birth in the hospital). I mention this because I can see a loophole for women with unwanted pregnancies should abortion be made illegal: give birth unassisted at home and let nature take its course.
    By way of an example: my cousin needed to have a c-section at 34 weeks for IUGR. Her baby was very much wanted, so she had the procedure even though she’d been hoping for a natural birth. If her pregnancy had been unplanned, then she could have said “Nope, no C-section for me. No induction either. I’m going to have this baby naturally even if it kills him, dammit!” And her son would have been born dead.
    Morally, I can’t see a difference between her aborting her baby a few weeks in and her refusing medical procedures necessary to ensure her baby is born alive a few weeks before the (natural) end of the pregnancy. So any criminalization of abortion would need to be complemented by a corresponding criminalization of refusal to submit to necessary medical procedures. But I’m not sure how we would word this law – would the mother be required to attend an ultrasound every month? If not, she could skip ultrasounds so as to maintain ignorance regarding any complications. And who would pay for these ultrasounds and procedures if the mother is genuinely unable to afford them?

  52. Guys don’t forget! Even after giving birth, if the umbilical cord is still not cut, technically speaking, it’s still just a mass of tissue attached to the woman. So if she decided to do so, terminating it via blowing its head off using a sawed off is still her choice (#pro-choice). [Sarcasm…].

  53. Abortion is what happens when we prolong adolescences, if not, full on childhood, into adulthood. The consequences are plain as day. You can prolong childhood with an individual but you can’t prolong the adult decisions and situations that an individual will inevitably face with the passage of time. leftist may be promoting a childish society, but, no amount of care bear stares stops a human being from growing, getting urges and fucking. This is due to human fucking instincts. And, as we all know, to make matters worse, the left endorses a highly sexualized culture that’s on the level of teenage maturity, at best.
    abortion boils down to this – the parties involved were irresponsible, period. And because of their carelessness and recklessness they resort to brutalizing their own children in their most helpless state, rather, than change, acknowledge their mistake and deal with it. abortion is an incentive for people to act stupid. Get knocked up after an orgy at some swingers club, gang bang or whatever…don’t fret you can always abort. Arguing over bundles of cells or the mother’s health or rape and incest are all diversions thrown out by women to keep the narrative from finally grappling with the real central theme of abortion, which is personal irresponsibility. The fucking worse is “its my body”, which is just a smart ass way of saying I have license to be irresponsible with myself. Yes, you do have that freedom, but, in the most elementary understanding of libertarian personal freedom, in this instance, there is no denying that you are harming another person via your actions. And, the debate on whether an abortion is necessary for rape, incest or mother’s health is really really old, in fact, its fucking annoying because its solved. Both sides to including many among the religious, agree that under such circumstances an abortion is okay. But observe, that’s because we can’t fault the mother here…she didn’t act foolishly, she’s a victim of circumstance. And the numbers of these instances are de minimus anyway, so, its hardly relevant.
    Worst of all is that in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen, society, especially western society is literally awash in contraceptives. If I want to go fuck some girl I found on social media, I can run out right now and as I pick up my Ice Tea along the way over, I can also grab a box or trogan’s thin skinned condons with lube at the closest (and any) convenient store. And in those moments of ecstasy when its 2 AM and I’m going home with some chick from the bar and everything is closed I….PULL FUCKING OUT RIGHT BEFORE I BUST! Shit, how fucking hard is that. It feels no fucking different than busting inside. Good fucking grief. I’ve done that when I’ve been shit faced retardo drunk and stoned…still remembered to pull out.
    Bottom-line 55 MILLION abortions have occurred since roe vs. wade – 55 MILLION! This is an epidemic, for sure, but at its root there are ~ 55 MILLION reckless, self absorbed and irresponsible women out there. And, to really rub in the insult, OUR FUCKING TAX DOLLARS GO TO FUND THIS BULLSHIT, SO, SOME FUCKING SLUT CAN KEEP BEING A FUCKING SLUT AND NEVER ANSWER FOR HER STUPID DECISIONS.

  54. After a feminist country introduces abortion the birth rate falls below replacement level (see attached pic).
    It doesn’t only kill the child, it slowly kills the society that allows it.
    BAN IT!

  55. I have a hard time watching videos like this. When I really think of the brutality against the most innocent amongst us, it is sickening. Some people act like this is a flash point that doesn’t matter and the political class uses it to rile up right vs left.
    There’s a reason it riles people up. It is in my opinion, from a moral standpoint, the most important issue we face. We have no moral high ground over any other group of people when we murder the completely helpless in such large numbers as a culturally accepted practice. It is no better than offering child sacrifice on the alter of Baal.

    1. Moloch was the Hebrew name of the demon, as mentioned again and again in the Old Testament.
      Given the inexplicable and unexplained inversion of the federal “stars” on the GOP elephant logo, concurrent with GWB’s administration in 2001, one might wonder if the forces of hell have come out of the shadows. Abortion fuels their power as sacrament and as a direct offense to the Creator.

  56. Sad that this is always portrayed as a religious issue.
    The left have been clever in the way they have made the pro-life position into some sort of religious extremism.
    It`s really a question of science and logic, or at least you can defend a pro-life position perfectly without involving religion.
    Good examples would be C. Hitchens and Lia Mills.

    1. True, but the religious and non-religious can both use logical arguments to destory the Liberal position, Science and logic are not exclusive to the non-religious.

  57. Dr Levantino was one of the Ob/Gyn docs on call for us, when I worked in the ER at Mountain View RMC in Las Cruces. I occasionally had to call him to consult on patients. I’m proud to have known him.

  58. The government are constantly telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies: what we can and cannot eat, drink and smoke. What medicines we can and cannot take. What is so sacred about abortion that the government can’t tell you “you can’t do that with your body”?
    I predict that in the future everything will be illegal except abortion.

  59. Great article. I hope the last part about shifting opinions on abortion is correct. It’s hard when almost any mainstream article about abortion has a comment section filled with pro-abortion opinion.

  60. There need to be more abortions, and better targeted. Books like “Freakanomics” explain why the rates for murder and similar violent felonies dropped as a function of the reduction of the class that commits them ie young black males. We need to provide incentives to sterilize or put on intravenous contraception those classes of females who produce these predators ad libitum.
    Baby momas should be be spayed – we do as much for dogs and cats we are able to get into shelters. Feral human breeders who refuse this treatment should have their brats removed from their custody, and no longer receive public assistance. Those females who accept and PAY for their bastards should remain free to do so – but not on the public’s dime. Single motherhood is a social blight, or at least an individual misfortune, and should not be incentivized.
    If possible, begin tracking and suing, in civil court, the serial inseminators who, after all, are the proximate causes of creating wild infants who grow up to be moral monsters. Jail time for the repeat offenders.
    Mandatory contraception, orphanage or the scalpel – that’s the choice.

      1. Yes. The Irish were luck in the 19th century when no one came to them and said “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. The government – Federal, State, and local – undermined the Black father’s authority in the 1960s – see what we got. Perhaps this is not what the Great Society advocates and their successors intended – but it is now the sad state of the Black community. How can any racial or ethnic group hope to survive with a bastardy rate of 70%? Doomed.

  61. Hey fellas, newsflash: You have no right to decide what someone ELSE does with their OWN body.
    If you want to do ANYTHING to a woman’s body, you need her CONSENT.
    No consent, no action. It’s that simple!
    I can’t believe we’re even still arguing about this! It’s 2016! With all the advances we’ve made in human rights since Roe v. Wade, how on Earth is this STILL an issue?
    If you want have sex with a female, you need her consent. If you want to dismember her and suck her broken body out of the womb through a vacuum tube, you need her consent for that, too. But ZERO is WAY too young to consent. It’s too young to consent to sexual intercourse OR to being killed.
    Yes, that’s right. WOMEN’S RIGHTS. A woman who is aborted will never vote. She’ll never join the army. She’ll never get to make as much money as a man. She’ll never get to march in an LGBT pride parade or a slutwalk.
    People who want to make decisions for OTHER PEOPLE’S bodies, without their consent, are sick.

      1. You can’t. That’s the point. I was being facetious. Using leftwing extremist arguments to show leftwing extremist hypocrisy.

  62. I don’t think abortion will ever “go away” they just need to draw a line and say you have until this many weeks or you have to keep it. On one hand it’s a horrible thing but on the other it keeps a lot of kids being born and raised in shit conditions and growing up to be a burden on society.

  63. It’s pretty obvious the killing unborn babies for the sake of convenience is evil.

  64. Women don’t cease to be mothers after an abortion, they’re still a mother, just the mother of a dead baby that they allowed to be murdered.

  65. If abortion was ever outlawed all it would mean is more little dindus who will grow up to burgle your house, boost your car, rape your daughters, sell crack to each other and collect welfare when they’re not in prison. We need abortion to shut down the dindu factories now! In fact, if a woman on welfare gets pregnant abortion should be a prerequisite for continuing to receive the government cheese.
    Am I the only one who gets this? I thought everybody here was a realist who had no truck with such sentimental pablum as an “Inherent Right to Life.” Forget about what really is “murder,” for murder is just a word for killing that offends the powerful*. Let’s instead look at the consequences.Let feminists and their ilk talk about “justice.” I thought this site was about reality.
    *If in Birmingham, Alabama I shoot a man dead for breaking into my house I committed no crime. If I do the same thing in Birmingham, UK I would never again see the outside of prison.

  66. I refer to all women who admit to having an abortion of convenience as ‘murderer’ from that point on. Worth the lost lays.

  67. I was pro life; still am, at least morally. But take a moment to look at the most strident pro-abortion people. If they want to keep themselves out of the gene pool, who are we to argue the call?

    1. The problem, of course, is that their views sway the more normal members of the population, unfortunately. It’s like any retarded idea, such as creationism: if you let enough people spread stupidity for long enough, then the idea can take hold.

  68. If people are so against abortion then they should be all for birth control and sex education. The majority of teens and young adults are going to have sex and by providing education then perhaps the number of abortions will decrease. As much as I want to believe this, I have my doubts. I know women who knew better and still had unprotected sex after one abortion. One is bad enough but I would hope that it would force you to wise up. Sadly, abortion is not going to go away; if it is illegal then women will find another way to do it using plant compounds to induce abortions or backdoor clinics. As bad as abortion is, do we really want these women having a child? They aren’t responsible enough to have safe sex let alone raise a healthy child.

    1. Its an old Canard in the USA and especially U.K every time they increase efforts at sex education or provide more birth control out of wedlock births and abortions go up.

      1. That’s because birth control isn’t failsafe. Birth control facilitates abortion and out of wedlock births because it nutures a false sense of “safe sex” security, so when it fails it’s easier for the man to bounce from or for the woman to abort what is perceived as a misconception.

  69. If a man punches a pregnant women in the stomach, and the baby dies, he’s going to jail for murder. Why doesn’t the same apply when a mother does it?

    1. Apparently in pro-aborts eyes, the mother’s choice trumps life. If the mother wants it to be, it’s a baby; if she doesn’t, then science says it’s a clump of cells. The mother gets to play god basically.

      1. Exactly. The mother’s choice does trump life in pro abortion circles. I’ve basically given up discussing/debating the issue because I’ve come to realize that the opposing sides are not even debating the same subject. Pro-choicers argue that “rights” are paramount…pro-lifers see “life” as the basis for their position. Rights or lives? It’s not even close. Can anyone think of another instance where rights supersede lives?

  70. Abortion should be outlawed, but only allowed for medical purposes if the woman’s life is in danger due to the pregnancy and the baby cannot be saved prematurely, rape, or if a white girl gets pregnant by a knigger. I’m 100% against abortion and to me it’s child sacrifice by the elite left, but if I had a daughter and she got pregnant by a knigger, I’d have that baby niglet aborted and thrown into a wood shredder and fed to a feral hog.

  71. What I find funny is how we judge the Nazi’s as “monsters” but this is OK, because of the Orwellian newspeak of “choice.” I think history will look back and judge us as the time of the great holocaust.
    One thing we are doing through abortion is killing our economy. Since Roe vs Wade there has been 58.5 Million abortions. Set aside morality for a moment. Economic growth comes from supplying population with needs and wants. Without a population, there can be no economy. Think of all the diapers, clothes, cribs, bicycles, cars, homes….. etc., that have not been consumed as there wasn’t this population to provide for. Another example of how allowing women enfranchisement is destroying western civilization.

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