It’s In Our Nature To Judge Others

 “Few people have the wisdom to prefer the criticism would do them good, to the praise that deceives them.”

– François de La Rochefoucald

Red pillers draw a lot of flak from modern fem-centric societies. And one of the common brickbats pounded on a red piller is that: red pillers are judgmental, narcissistic misogynists.

The social conditioning an average man receives from the Matrix of modern society (what I prefer to call “the Hatetrix” for its hatred of red pill and reality) to be non-judgmental, is often significantly overwhelming.


Don’t judge others! Don’t upset the apple cart!

Personally, I don’t mind people judging me as long as it’s rational and backed with logical proof. I don’t want to sound as a judgment thumping apologetic here. My thoughts about why judgment is necessary represent my own ‘judgment’ on the necessity and importance of the faculty of judgment itself.

Everyone judges – to judge is natural

You bet it is. Everyone judges – right from the cradle to the grave. Every moment, every second that a human being spends in this earthly existence, is spent in judging life. Every act you take is an act of judgment, even if it is as inconspicuous as breathing.You are judging my article as you’re reading now, and will judge again after you’ve finished reading it. We are in fact all judging to live, and living to judge.

But what is judgment? Judgment is nothing but evaluation or discernment of evidence to make a decision.  We judge or evaluate life experiences, situations, things, opinions, thoughts, and people based on the values, emotions and logic we adhere to. Nature has blessed humans with the faculties of sense, speech, hearing, taste, touch and intuition. What purpose do these faculties have? To help us evaluate. In other words, judge.

Why do we seek knowledge and education? To make better decisions (judgments) which lead to a better life.

Evaluation is as necessary as oxygen is necessary for life. Our entire lives are spent in evaluating life and what it shows us. Life is in many ways, a journey in evaluation. As long as you have a brain, you will think. And to think is a judgmental decision. Not to think is also a judgmental decision. To act is a judgmental act. Not to act is also a judgmental act.

The problem in the modern feminist societies is that people have become so thin-skinned that everyone wants to avoid being judged (in other words, evaluated). Which eventually breeds intellectual decadence, and usually moral too.


Of course we won’t judge you! But, are you protesting or self-promoting?

Asking someone not to judge is one of the most unnatural things you could ask.What you’re essentially asking the person to do is to act brain-dead and abandon their natural human faculties, which is itself unnatural as long as the person is alive.


Are we supposed to be this?

Even if the judgmental types don’t judge you, it is because they’ve judged you unfit to handle their judgment or because they’ve judged not to judge you. Either way, you’re still judged even if you haven’t been technically judged. Criticism of the judgmental types by the non-judgmental types is itself an hypocritical act of ‘judgment’ by the ‘non-judging’. Essentially proving the point that everyone judges – whether you accept it or not.

The Hatetrix Reloaded

It is only when people judge themselves and surroundings critically that they notice the flaws which need to be changed for improvement. How can you assess without judging? How do non-judges assess when assessment is itself an act of judgment? I’ve always wondered that.

What we fail to realize is the faculty of evaluation is an inherent natural and often involuntary function of the human brain. Being non-judgmental is to be stupidly non-evaluative–which itself is unnatural, and in some cases, tyrannical when forcibly imposed on others.

Maintaining a non-judgmental attitude is what corrodes rational thinking and replaces it with a collectivist mentality in society, which eventually leads to intellectual droning.  Non-judgmental types typically deny the harsh realities of life to live a life of illusions, finding it difficult to awaken to see the real world.

The nature of judgment

Judgment is blind, and often harsh. It is blind to emotions, illusions, feelings and prejudices. It only seeks logic, reality and solid proof as its base. Judgment rarely makes everyone happy because everyone is unique with unique ideologies. There’d always be haters around us. Thus, we can’t avoid making people unhappy when we judge. But that shouldn’t discourage us from judging itself.

People fear being judged because they fear being evaluated. Judgment is indigestible for the weak hearted, the irrational and the emotional types which are found aplenty in the modern world. Emotion and irrationality often trumps reason in modern-day interactions, thus leading to solipsism in society.

Since emotionalism is essentially a female trait, women and feminized men typically find it difficult to accept judgment. There are innumerable examples in real-life and fiction throughout history to explain this, but the fictional analogy found in the Judgment of Paris – which led to the Trojan War in Homer’s Iliad – explains this well aesthetically. Paris’s judgment to award the golden apple to Aphrodite caused Hera and Athena to simmer in hatred and envy (an inability to accept judgment), after all the three had tried to win by resorting to bribe Paris. Hypothetically, it could be debated that the war could’ve been averted had Paris chosen any of the other two. But what must not be forgotten is that the apple which was the prize was thrown by Eris herself, to sow eventual discord – irrespective of whoever won it.


Know when and how to judge

Judge when it is right to judge, and how to judge. That’s imperative. There’s a thin line between judgment and ignorance, which leads to injustice.

Judgment comes from evaluation of facts to make a decision. Ignorance comes from utilization of prejudices and faulty proofs to make a decision. Understand the difference clearly so as to know how to judge. Most people actually live ignorant lives, using prejudices, personal whims and superficial proofs to ‘judge’ people. Thus it is not judgmental people who are worthy of criticism, but rather the ignorant ones who give judgment a bad name.

Knowing when to judge is also very important. Discretion and calculation in judgment is strength, for it shows wisdom and maturity. You can’t afford to shoot off your mouth all the time. That’s the stupidity of loose cannons that lack the art of timing.

cutting tree

Judgment creates Wisdom

“A really intelligent man feels what other men only know.”

– Baron de Montesquieu

In his bestseller “The 50th law”, Robert Greene mentions, “Do not be afraid of people’s criticisms – without such feedback your work will be too personal and delusional” The book further elaborates this principle using the examples of 50 cent leaking a single from his G-Unit record in 2008 to obtain pre-release judgmental feedback from people about the song as well as to discover the recent changes in people’s tastes about music. The feedback helped him to ascertain what his fans wanted to hear, and so he used his website to reconnect with his audience. Greene further demonstrates this principle, by explaining how Eleanor Roosevelt opened informal channels of criticism and feedback from the general public during her tenure as The First Lady. The goal was to acquire awareness through judgment.

I’ve had people rip some of my articles. But I don’t mind, as I know they’re judging me based on their values, which is a natural thing for everyone. But it’s necessary and should be encouraged (unless if its’ malicious spam). People’s feedback, whether positive or negative, creates awareness about your audience (environment).

Embrace a judgmental attitude

Judge others freely, and allow yourself to be judged. Don’t fear criticism and evaluation, and practice the same on those around you – even if it may be purely mental and non-verbal. It’s one of your best friends—to know about yourself and others as well.

We often waste our lives trying to win over people with insincerity, deception and supplicating, obliging behavior.  The connections we thus form are themselves fake and stand on shaky grounds of insincerity. Instead do yourself a favor and judge people, especially in context of intimate or personal connections. Sort the pearls from the pebbles.  Use your time finding like-minded people instead of wasting it trying to meet opposite-minded people half-way.

Opposites may attract, but it’s the similarities which eventually endure. Even to discover similarities, we first need to judge to identify. Live to judge, and judge to live, to live a life free of illusions.

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99 thoughts on “It’s In Our Nature To Judge Others”

  1. You should look up the word “judgement” in the dictionary. Judgement of others can be subject to personal biases/preferences and isn’t tied exclusively to “rational analysis, facts, logical process” etc. You are seriously making up definitions for this word as you go further along in the article as if to prove some sort of intellectual superiority over others but instead you come off as a fool rambling nonstop.

    1. Why are you being so judgemental and trying to posture as an intellectual superior against our kind author?

    2. Actually, most people with an IQ of 80 or higher, are capable of picking up on something called “context,” and this means that most of us who read the article did not find him to be “rambling incoherently,” but rather, immediately understood that the context excluded the possibility of understanding “judgment” as “biased, knee-jerk vitriol.” He clearly is using judgment in the sense of “prudent discrimination.”
      You should look up the word “tied” in the dictionary. It doesn’t only mean “related to,” but more often means “held fast by a knotted rope.” The fact that you used this word in one of its meanings in a particular context, makes you sound like you’re rambling incoherently. Because, how are the rest of us supposed to know that you mean “tied” in one sense, but not in the other? You should have used a word that can only mean one thing, because otherwise we have to pay attention to context, and that is too hard.
      See how stupid that sounds?

      1. If you could pull your head out of your ass for a moment, the author is trying to pass his own judgmental opinions on others as “facts”. Notice how he didn’t use any specific examples because doing so would expose him as an ignorant clown instead of an enlightened scholar.

        1. You can’t ‘constructively criticize’ without being judgmental at first. What makes you think that the author considers himself an enlightened scholar, as per as your assumption? The article itself exhorts people to judge, and welcomes criticism.
          “People’s feedback, whether positive or negative, creates awareness about your audience (environment).”
          However, your assumption is proof enough of an example of a paranoid foolish clown who assumes others are trying to establish intellectual superiority over him (her).

        2. I didn’t hear the author express many “judgmental” opinions of others as facts. He made a few, general statements (like, “modern people are thin-skinned” or “people fear being judged because they fear being evaluated”), but those kinds of general observations are hardly worth getting upset over – and, moreover, they are observations based on clearly observable cultural trends, with which most people would readily agree.
          All of that is besides the point. The point of my reply to you, was to point out the logical lacunae in your own post. It doesn’t matter if the dictionary says a possible meaning of judgment is “womanly hysteria.” The point, is that the author is encouraging people to make judgments on the basis of prudent observation of the facts. You don’t have to be brilliant, to understand which definition of judgment he had in mind, whether he follows his own advice to the letter or not.

    3. By the way, I’m just wondering if you’re aware how easy it is to spot a female poster: you just look for the emotive, substance-free, childish posts, and voilà.

    4. Seriously “alpha wolf male(‘s bitch)”, what are you doing here? I see so many posts of you just whinging and complaining like a spoilt schoolgirl. Expressing genuine opposing viewpoints is great, but you are adding nothing with your mindless bitching.

  2. May I kindly ask why we are not allowed to criticize certain groups like women, gays, jews, etc?
    Pornography is one of the great evils of our time. It is enslaving people to the lower 2nd chakra. Thus keeping people from raising their kundalini to a higher level for spiritual realization.
    Guess who created porn? The same people who created feminism, communism, cultural Marxism, political correctness, and so on. I won’t get any more specific than that. If anyone is interested in learning the truth, you do the research yourself.

    1. You are “allowed” to criticize whomever you please. You are not allowed to criticize without consequence.
      If you judge, expect to be judged in return. If you cannot handle criticism, don’t criticize.

      1. I welcome all rational criticism. The problem is, when you touch on politically incorrect subjects like what I said above, it triggers people’s brainwashing, their emotions, and they emotionally attack you instead of using logic.

        1. You are “allowed” to forbid criticism as a method of political correctness, but you cannot ban criticism without consequences.
          Forbidding all criticism has its consequences. Typically, its genocide, or revolution.

        2. We need a fucking revolution dude. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines as an observer and looking at all the social decay happening around me. I’m tired of this feminist Marxist society we currently live in. I’m tired of emasculated men behaving like soft women and effeminate women behaving like aggressive men. I’m tired of women’s demands of men, yet being of no value, only a liability, an expensive one at that. I’m tired of no one caring about a man’s pains and frustrations. Sorry but I had a really shitty day today, dealt with lots of rude cunts at work today and had to vent.

        3. Stop saying “Sorry”! You sound like a beta bitch. I beg your pardon would sound more mature and not wussy-like.
          That’s positive criticism for you.

        4. Don’t be sorry. You made your point even if you were preaching to the choir. Nothing to be sorry for.

      2. You are not allowed to criticize without consequence, yes that is true. However, you are not going to ban criticism without consequence, or declare war on people who don’t agree with you without consequence, either. Hope your side gets a good head start, cuz the backlash has been historically genocidal.

      3. That sounds like standard left wing defense. I’d like to see you repeat it when a lefty wants to bar people from speaking to begin with.

    2. I don’t get the whole Jew-hating thing any way. People who value self-development, like presumably the guys drawn to the PUA subculture, say that you should study the examples of individuals who have become successful at doing the things you want to accomplish in life, learn from their experiences and try to apply the lessons in your own life so that you can become successful as well. That applies to success in game, professional sports (assuming you have the talent), business, technical careers and other areas. Poor blacks implicitly acknowledge this when they mock the smarter blacks who want to improve themselves for “acting white” by studying, working at regular jobs, saving money, planning for the future and so forth.
      Well, if Jews have figured out how to build fortunes, advance the frontiers of knowledge and influence the course of entire civilizations, then it seems like they know stuff that we would want to know as well. Or do you instead mock people who want to succeed in those areas for “acting Jewish”?

      1. You are implying that I hate jews. I do not hate Jews. I have many jewish friends.
        What I hate is the tiny jewish elite that control our world.
        Sure, you can argue “Well if we are focused on self improvement, why should we be concerned with the world at large?” Because we ARE part of the world, we are not separate from it.
        When the jewish elite bankers institute economic policies which cause 27,000 children to starve to death on average every day, this affects us. What if we are a victim of a crime committed by one of these children who grew up in poverty due to the jewish economic policies?
        So yes, the JEWISH ECONOMIC BANKING POLICIES are indeed mine, and everyone else’s business.

        1. Ah yes, the true mark of a person who hates group x – the claim “I have many x friends”

        2. I don’t have any black friends. does that mean I am not a racist even though I consider them retarded and pretty much useless for anything but prison farms?

        3. In other news, the Reptilians have infiltrated every aspect of our bureaucracy, just like the League of Shadows in Batman Begins.

        4. No, I can’t be a racist. My best friend is black. Actually second best to my white friend Dave. I’m not a racist, I like basketball, fried chicken and KoolAid and watch BET, listen to hip hop and wear Nike and Air Jordan’s.

    3. What a bunch of whiny bullshit. Also just plain false. Who says you are not allowed to criticize those groups? People do it here all the time.
      Also criticizing porn using new age psychobabble and claiming to criticize feminism in the same post? Nice try troll.

      1. Criticizing porn is an ancient activity found in almost all cultures of history. It is not newage psychobabble.

        1. Criticizing porn does not necessarily involve new age psychobabble but it certainly did in the particular comment I referred to. And I quote:
          “It is enslaving people to the lower 2nd chakra. Thus keeping people from
          raising their kundalini to a higher level for spiritual realization.”

    4. Are you going to spam every article with this “porn is evil” nonsense?

    5. yes John, we know. “Most Jews are not evil but Jews created most evil”.
      Despite mountains of evidence that zionism and host cultural destruction dance hand-in-hand, we must not criticize or call attention to this fact.
      The thing is, the problem is self-correcting. Throughout history the exact same scenario has recurred countless times… the culture moves in, maintains cultural seperation, dramatically improves host standard of living for 50 years, wrecks the economy for the next 200 years, nearly destroys the culture, and is eventually evicted and purged. It happened in Russia, Germany, Poland, England, Italy, France, and before those official nations it happened in one city state after another. And they always cry with heartfelt relief when they find a new ‘accepting’ culture to feed off of.
      Yes, It is a parasite culture that cannot exist without host cultures. Look at Isreal, which would have been swallowed in a heartbeat by it’s neighbors if not for a constant influx of aid and military strength.
      But, like I said, no need to get into an outrage about it. Gas chambers have proven to be an efficient way of resolving the problem. Heartless, of course, since not all Jews destroy their host culture, and it sucks for the innocent to be destroyed along with the evil, but unless they choose to truly integrate with a society, ‘become the gentile’, and stop holding on to their little plans to rule the world, they are ever going to need to police their own or face the consequences.
      Jews are the most oppressed people on earth. For very good reasons.

      1. Some people can talk alot of shit when there are no consequences. I bet you’d never say those things to this Jew’s face. The simple fact is that you are coward, happy to talk shit behind a computer screen. Here’s my email address [email protected]
        Drop me a line. Let’s meet up and see what you are really made of you keyboard nazi fucker.

        1. Sure thing. I live in west Valley, SLC. Fortunately for both of us there is a UFC training center I belong to about four blocks away from my house where you can work out your aggressions with minimal legal implications, and I am usually quite pleased to find a new sparring partner, especially one with anger issues to work out.
          There’s a (not terribly high) fee to use it, but I could probably get you in for free for just a couple of bouts. Do you prefer heavy or light gloves?
          I prefer not to fight outside of the training center, because the uncontrolled environment tends to lead to police involvement, and as a rule, fatalities are too likely in an uncontrolled environment.

        2. 7653 South, 700 East, Sandy, UT‎ – (801) 679-9750. UFC training center Sandy, a good place for a fight.
          A nice, neutral location about two blocks away from my house where we can work out your aggression. I can explain exactly why, Culturally, the Hasidic Jews keep getting kicked out of every country that gives them shelter, usually with extreme bloodshed, how they bring it upon themselves, and how this could have stopped centuries ago if the Jewish community had just policed their own member’s Zionistic impulses.
          You can respond by swinging your fists intellectually. I would prefer no legal involvement, and fighting in an uncontrolled environment would too likely end in a fatality. I do have a concealed carry permit, and always carry, so I don’t recommend approaching me violently outside of a controlled environment.
          BTW, no, I am no Nazi, Neonazi, or anything of the sort. I don’t believe there is anything like a ‘Master Race’, and my argument is cultural, not racial. Nazis were socialist, and I am a Monarchist. I could give a shit about Jerusalem, and for all I care you and your brothers can rot out in the desert, surrounded by hordes of Ragheads that all want your blood. However, I am a little tired of my government spending my money to protect you. And as a native West Virginian with English, Irish, Scottish, Swazi(african), Norse, Native American, and Jewish blood running through my veins, I know it is easily possible to assimilate into a culture rather than attempt to supplant it. And believe me, we know Feuds.
          What I am is an enemy of progressivism, a movement which American Jews are heart and soul of. I fully recognize the fact that my country’s corruption was utterly inevitable, and if it hadn’t been Zionist media moguls and the Jewish banking Mafia, it would have been someone else, but the fact is that your ‘Goyim are open season’ cultural policy accelerated my country’s collapse enough, as well as ensuring that the fingers are pointed right at American Jews. This is a suicidal policy, and it always has been. Certainly I am a believer in strong local government, because I understand that people, when uncontrolled, always give way to baser instincts.
          It is YOUR racism that is the problem, not mine. I could give a crap about race in most instances. The newcomers? as long as they settle in, adopt the host culture, start marrying locals, support the economy, and drop the foreign nationalistic tendencies, I am quite happy to allow them to live, love, whatever. But when you maintain a separate cultural identity, treat the locals as ‘outsiders’, push racial purity, and proceed to manipulate and wreck the government the locals have managed to erect, You fully deserve whatever response the locals deem appropriate. Yes, innocents tend to get harmed in the process, but what of all the innocent lives your meddling has ruined?
          I never say anything online or in private I am not willing to state publically, and as a self-employed artist I have absolutely no fear that my opinions will get me fired or interfere with my life in any way. Unless, of course, some stupid ass decides to make the ability to logically deduce the outcome of cultural misanthropy some sort of personal crusade. Please feel welcome to contact me when you decide on a time and date to test my willingness to speak aloud a politically incorrect, yet completely obvious, reality… That ‘Racist’ customs of American Jews, and a cultural mandate to treat Goyim as cattle, as less than Jewish, as less than human, in fact, will and should lead to an eventual Pogrom… We are not so stupid as you think.
          (reposted from email)

        3. >>Sure thing. I live in west Valley, SLC. Fortunately for both of us there is a UFC training center I belong to about four blocks away from my house where you can work out your aggressions with minimal legal implications, and I am usually quite pleased to find a new sparring partner, especially one with anger issues to work out. Don’t flatter yourself, I am not about to make this into a friendly competition. Not after you coldly discuss gas chambers and mass executions as a matter of fact. It never dawns on you that you are talking about innocent children – MY CHILDREN and I will be damned if you ever come near them with your sadistic plans. Secondly, you claimed that Jews were expelled from every country – WRONG – Jews may have been expelled from most European Christian countries – Jews were never expelled from India, or from Iran or from Turkey. It is the Christian blood lust borne out of spiritual competition lust that produces this genocidal hatred. BTW Jews of Lithuania lived quite happily next to their pagan neighbors for 700 years and there was never a single pogrom, that is until Lithuania converted to Catholicism en masse in the 16 century. Show how much you know. But don’t let the facts interrupt your hate. Now as far as your claims of Jewish “progressivism”, was Carrie Chapman Catt or the members of the Christian Women’s Union Jews? Was Engels a Jew? Were the suffragettes or their leaders Jewish? Was JP Morgan Jewish? Or is it only Jews are allowed to be evil progressives? This is the game then, we should ignore all the Christian last names and just select for Jews in political movement that you do not like? Seems moving the goalpost arbitrarily is what you do. What about legions of American Jewish scientists doctors and biologists who have made this America great? Do you want a fucking list? Or can you Google? Einstein, Taylor, Leo Szilar, Charlie Adler, Jonas Salk, Tadeus Reichstein. Here is a list of Jewish Nobel Prize winners in Biology and Medicine alone And what the fuck have you done? What have you contributed if anything to this society apart from your hatred? Why don’t you call these people and tell them they should be gassed or their children should be gassed because they are parasites and leeches? You fucking mongrel good for nothing piece of garbage. You are a waste of air and skin. The only thing you will ever contribute to this society is

  3. Some people interpret red pill as being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian.
    When you judge other people, you first become them. If you judge a woman for being a whore, you adopt the mentality as to be able and see through the prism of a whore.

  4. You should also only judge others if you yourself are upholding the virtues and qualities that are lacking in the people that you are judging, otherwise you are a hypocrite.
    There’s a difference between an alcoholic telling you to stop drinking and a recovering alcoholic telling you to stop drinking. A recovering alcoholic will have more experience and wisdom than an alcoholic with regards to drinking.

    1. Actually, what you’re talking about isn’t really “judging others,” but “making judgments about others” and encouraging them to make better choices.
      One should never judge other people, understood in the sense Christ meant it. The core of His commandment against judging, was this: you are not God, you do not know the secrets of the heart; you can judge the exterior actions of a person and even make correct judgments about their normal way of expressing their character, and how you should interact with them. You can and should help them with advice and correction if you are in a position to do so. But to pointlessly criticize them, especially in a way that assumes you understand who they are, to the core, effectively meaning that your judgment about them is a penetrating judgment that goes to the root of that person’s real character, is an act of hypocrisy and insolence. You don’t know what natural strengths and weaknesses, what circumstances, what other issues are contributing to lead to a persons’ current comportment. You can pass judgment on their actions all you want, and you can form common-sense judgments about their character and decide how you want to deal with them. But none of that is tantamount to putting yourself in God’s position and acting as though you know the person’s innermost core and eternal fate. As soon as it comes to that, or even if it simply comes to “I’m a better person that he is,” in which you assume that you know that person and yourself as well as God knows you both, is to have passed judgment in the sense that Christ forbids. If you were raised in a decent household with good morals and healthy relationships, it is entirely possible that you are a worse person for stealing 20 bucks, than a whore raised with a single, abusive, atheist, lesbian mother who molested her would be, if she gave out bjs for 20 bucks. Her behaviour is objectively worse, but she may well be a better person in her heart of hearts than you are. Doomsday will tell.

  5. Churchians and other blue pill folks bastardized Christ’s “Judge not” into its current debased nonsense of never saying anything critical of anyone. It’s a neat trick considering that Christ frequently denounced the Pharisees as a faithless and wicked brood of vipers. You have to wonder if Churchians think Christ sometimes wasn’t very Christ-like.
    What “Judge not” means in context is don’t speculate about another person’s eternal destiny. Only God judges whether someone goes to heaven or hell. It’s not judgmental to say “If X, then Y,” as in “If you don’t take charge of your own life, then you’ll always be miserable.” Criticism is necessary for growth and improvement.

    1. If Jesus returned today, Churchians would be the first people to crucify him. The fact that they are unaware of their vast hypocrisies shows the level of spiritual ignorance they possess.

    2. Yes, back when I had just converted, I was in a very “churchian” church (like most of them, nowadays). A friend of mine said that she never read the Gospels because the Jesus there, wasn’t the “Jesus she knew.” The Gospels seemed too harsh, she said, and Christ seemed very foreboding.
      Well, duh, I thought. What could be more foreboding than a man proceeding knowingly to His own death while tormenting devils and demanding that everyone cease sinning? There’s a lot of love, there, but not much *luuuvvv* at all.
      I asked her, “What other Jesus could there be, than the one in the Gospels? Is there a different Jesus that is ‘more real’ than that? If you know a different Jesus, surely you can see you don’t know Jesus at all.” She said that she knew the Jesus in her heart, who was kind and wanted everyone to be saved. I told her that I was sure Jesus wanted everyone to be saved… but that I was also sure that by this, He did not mean ‘I want everyone to chill out and continue being despicable asses without a care in the world, ’cause I ‘luv’ you and that means I blindly accept and celebrate all of your heinous choices.’ I was pretty sure He meant, ‘Go, and sin no more, lest something worse happen to you.’ and ‘Let a man count the cost, pick up his cross, and follow Me.” Her answer: “Well, He said judge not, and I imagine He’ll follow His own advice and do as you said the first time.” That’s Churchianity for you: secular humanism for useful idiots, painted in the pastel versions of real Christianity’s bolder hues.

      1. ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’.
        Sounds to me like he was just trying to make sure you had your shit together first.

  6. Just so long as you realize that others get to judge you, too.
    Like, for instance, mocking an approach to life that is explained by reference to colored pills.

        1. It cannot be, because we do not reply to comments by women here or risk being banned. We do not reply to replies to comments made by women. So obviously, it’s simply a very stupid man. They do exist.

        2. I forgot about the no reply to chicks rule. Still, the cadences of speech lead me to believe that it’s either a woman or an effeminate man.

        3. That’s not my impression at all. The complete ignorance of grammatical structure led me to believe that, in fact, the avatar image was a photograph of the actual individual in question… Male, of course.

    1. It’s a short-hand way of referring to something that would otherwise take longer to explain. See how much longer it takes to say: “The emerging philosophical paradigm, that has grown disillusioned with a liberal ideology that seems to aggressively advance utopian notions in an ironically Orwellian and sinister way, quite contrary to – and, in fact, in increasing spite of – the growing sociological and scientific evidence that these ideas are, in addition to simply being wrong and foolish, also driving a smorgasbord of calamitously dangerous social attitudes and public policies. Because these liberal ideas have become a pervasive and ineluctable kind of group-think, or rigid orthodoxy which must not be questioned, we early dissenters from the Official Party Line feel like we have been transported out of a nightmarish, alternative reality to form a small cadre of liberated individuals, much like those who take the ‘red pill’ in the recent, popular movie, The Matrix.”
      It’s easier to say “Red Pill” or “Neoreactionary” or “Darkly Enlightened.” And it certainly is less juvenile than the rather on-the-nose “reality-based community” monker, so favoured of the Left.

    2. Well, you can always try the approach to life that is explained by Plato’s Cave. (Spoiler: It’s a colored pill explanation).

  7. I agree. In order to make rational decisions, it is essential to judge. Though compassion is also necessary as well in most cases.

  8. Heaven forbid you call it like you see it. You might hurt somebody’s feeeeeelings (including your own).
    Modern example of the views of judgement.

  9. “Judgment is blind, and often harsh. It is blind to emotions, illusions, feelings and prejudices. It only seeks logic, reality and solid proof as its base.” What??? Is that a joke? I was enjoying the piece until I read that.

      1. They are pretty close to each other in the dictionary, which seems to be where the article author learned the word recently.

      2. Justice and judgment come from the same Latin root, “jus,” which means: “law, oath, right, duty, judgment, justice.” “Justice” is from “justitia,” where “itia” means “having the quality of.” So, “justice,” has the quality of “right, law, duty, judgment.” “Judgment” is from “judicium,” which means “pronouncement of right, duty, law, justice, etc.” Words can have many meanings. A true judgment, is a judgment made in accordance with justice, as both flow from “jus.” He is speaking of judgment in ideal terms, obviously meaning that in judgment we strive to escape anything less than the facts and the truth.
        And, just to prove that words can have many meanings, “jus” in Latin can also mean “gravy or the juice of meat drippings.” It means the same thing in French, which is why your Beef Dip sandwhich is served “au jus.” Fun with words!

  10. Judging is natural, and that’s why it was attacked. That battle cry “Who are you to judge?” is best answered “I know exactly who I am and I have every right to judge”.

  11. People who fear judgement are too emotionally clouded to realize they don’t fear judgement so much as they fear that they are hated by those who judge them. A stern father judges his children, not because he hates them, but to temper and mold their personalities into upstanding individuals. Judgement need not be an act of hatred, and is quite often an act of love and concern for an individual.

    1. Actually, I think they are afraid of themselves and their own consciences. They know that they are unhappy, they know that they are fucked up, they know that they are behaving in a way that excludes them from fellowship with happy and healthy people, but they are too lazy or stupid or afraid to change their behaviour. It is easier for them, therefore, to insist that you cease reminding them of their own feelings of insecurity, and, if possible, be forced to affirm them. They fear your disapproval in a secondary way; the only reason they fear your disapproval at all, is because they secretly disapprove of themselves, and want to avoid accidentally running into this bogey man in the unfrequented halls of their own souls.

  12. One of the best articles I’ve read on here in a while, cheers!
    This is something I’ve thought about for a while now and you did a good job expanding on it.

  13. If you’re white, Christian, and male, you’re certainly
    NOT permitted to judge. But it’s A-O.K. if “minorities”
    judge you.
    The white male is simply expected to swollow what
    Philip Chism did to Colleen Ritzer without complaint.
    Oh wait! I didn’t realize that you were unaware of
    what Philip Chism did to Colleen Ritzer. It might
    displease your contemparay masters if you found

    1. As a minority, I agree with your statements. Damn, real white men with balls and logic, not faggy liberals, constantly get shit on in THIER OWN COUNTRY! It’s not right. That what cultural Marxism does to a once thriving society.

      1. What’s even further messed up is that minorities don’t even make the rules. Simply make use of them as long as it provides a short term benefit.

  14. Your cushy, first world society is so bereft of actual suffering that people have come to believe hurt feelings are more important than brutal honesty. Hence the constantly reinforced propaganda that everybody is equal, that failures are the fault of society at large, that success is merely coincidence and privilege, and so on.

  15. Just be careful whose judgement you take to heart. Much of it can be from jealously, envy, competition etc…. Women usually have the best experience with those sorts of judgements on others…

  16. This is well done. This is a goddamned well-done piece and I appreciate it.
    My oldest kid is 11. He’s well into mid-cultural indoctrination, and he’s getting shit on from a great height for asking adults ‘why?’ all the time. The hightly negative value-assignation of being non-judgemental was difficult to explain to him, but I put it thus: We each judge every person and every situation. We judge, assign approval or no, and judge whether or not to make our opinions known. That is an inescapable truth. Our very fallible opinions are modified constantly. A man who has the courage to voice his opinion and then justify his opinion with logical reasoning is a man to be emulated, especially when that opinion is unpopular. A just man will modify his opinion if an opponent presents a logical argument that can’t be negated. Thus, a man who has the courage of his convictions welcomes judgement and debate. Being ‘nonjudgemental’ is a sign of weakness, of lacking the faith in ones’ own belief, or fear of one’s own opinion, both of which are subjects to feel shame over.
    So, if an 11 year old can grasp that, what does that say about a 20 year old who shamefully can not?

  17. Sigh. “Justice” is a cardinal virtue. It is most commonly portrayed by the frmale pagan goddess Themis, with blindfold, scales, and sword.
    Mercy can only exist once the just result – the desert – is established.
    Justice – the virtue – has truth and good at its core. We all fall short, but “judgment” is like a doctor diagnosing a disease. The proper action is to find a cure, not to deny the disease

  18. Judgement is infused in our DNA, from the times we had to hunt in the wild, to battling other humans for territory, to any dangerous situation. It’s our life saving mechanism that triggers fight or flight. Between the pineal gland and the vagus nerve, we are hardwired to detect anything that seems “off” to us. From a possible attacker on the street, to a bad business deal, to a woman who may use conniving methods against us to secure her own gains. I’d rather prejudge and be wrong, and possibly lose a friendship than to not judge at all, and end up in a pine box.

  19. Well that’s 48 judges and 36 judgments! Sometimes you have to just step back and logically judge yourself. Why the fuck did I count all of that…

  20. I see Jante’s Law being peddled outside out of Scandinavia into the entire world. No wonder feminism is growing, and nd divorce rates too.

  21. Problem is criticism and evaluation aren’t all that common. Slander and backstabbing are.

  22. I’m not prejudiced, I hate everyone equally.
    I don’t have to judge others, it is just obvious they are scum-sucking brain dead sub-human garbage. Like feminists, for a prime example.

  23. Judgement is basic discernment. I won’t let women or their apologists define for me any words of the English language.

  24. Referring to the vulture analogy, people are disgusted when vultures eat the dead. However, they don’t realize that carrion is disgusting itself. Vultures are criticism while carcasses are bad behaviors and ideals. Only the wise can look beyond the mere image of disturbing consumption and understand that such scavengers are influential in a thriving ecosystem/society.

  25. I always get criticised by my female peers for being ‘judging’ but never by my male peers. I think this is because females are so paranoid of judgement by others (due to their naturally self-centered nature) and are projecting an ideal of a world without judgement wherein they can be as shitty as they want without getting their feelings hurt.

  26. Are we starting to see a pattern yet? Don’t judge (who made you God?), don’t criticize (you chauvinistic pig), don’t think (smart ass), don’t look (at me that way), don’t work out (you narcissist), don’t dress like that (douchebag), don’t speak your mind (moronic idiot), don’t study by yourself in order to improve yourself (nerd, egghead), don’t make plans without consulting us first (you egoist), don’t travel alone (creep, pervert, weirdo) – matter of fact, don’t do anything at all that would make you stand out in any way, shape or form whatsoever from the rest of the passive, harmless, wholly docile and readily malleable worker bees.
    The strings that tug on the puppets are legion my friends. See how they dance. See how they speak. See how they amuse the crowds. See how shapeless they become and lifeless they fall when no longer “supported” and “guided” by the many agile hands that hold them. They truly are the “strings that bind” – slowly, steadily, thoroughly, fatally.
    The time really has come to “cut loose” in all possible sense of the term.

  27. Always, always, always…judge others on their words and actions. And let them know you are passing judgment on them. Likewise, let them pass judgment on you – as the article advises. This used to be called having an opinion.
    This whole “don’t judge” is 100% female generated. It is practically a disclaimer that shouts, “I am well aware that I am doing or saying something that is disreputable, but I’d rather just do it and not be called on it”
    Bullshit. Call chicks on it. Call guys on it. Whatever they’re doing. Especially if you hear that nonsensical “Don’t you judge me.”
    Here’s an honest response i’ve concocted: “Well, I’ve already made half a dozen instinctive judgments about you in my head. None of them good. Maybe if you let a few judgments come your way, you’d be more well regarded. Oh well, never you mind princess. Never you mind…”
    That burns them up quick.

  28. first of all, i liked your article. Secondly there is a topic related to what you have written that i d like to discuss here: rationalization (also logic). The problem that i have noticed with heavily feminized societies is that men have been pushed to rationalize their Beta condition. Thus accepting everything thrown at them by feminists as being the truth. I do believe that reason and logical thinking are the base of all great civilizations nonetheless my observations have led me to think that it can also be their downfalls. What do you folks think?

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