Modern Social Justice Warriors Use The Same Subversion Strategies As The USSR

By employing the principles of divide-and-conquer, Communist Russia destabilized neighboring nations in order to subjugate them. These were incorporated as “Soviet Republics” into the USSR. Whilst one could argue that the Soviet Union was a collection of republics forming a power bloc, the truth is that all power was held in Moscow, and the leaders of the other Soviet Republics were puppets of the Kremlin.

The communists used two main methods to conquer the other nations. Firstly, these would destabilise the nation in question, then they would either conquer them, under the pretext of stopping a humanitarian crisis as in Afghanistan (failed attempt), or by placing a puppet leader trained in the Soviet Union in power such as in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and the three baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In order to destabilize a nation, the KGB would employ a tactic called subversion. Such importance was given to this tactic that the Soviet Union trained all officers of the army and students of the KGB in art of subversion.

So what is Subversion and how does it work?

In 1970, a KGB operative stationed in India defected to the United States and subsequently settled in Canada. After working numerous jobs, and almost losing his job in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation thanks to the fruitful efforts of the KGB to discredit him (a tactic referred to as “character assassination”), Bezmenov went public with the subversive strategies of the KGB. Whilst stationed in India, Bezmenov had developed split loyalty, as he increasingly became more enthralled with the Indian culture, and disillusioned with the Soviet one.

Thanks to Bezmenov’s desertion we can now learn the secrets of the notorious KGB. There are two videos available by Bezmenov. The first is an interview, in which he tells his story of defection. The second video is a lecture in which he explains the subject of Subversion. We will explore the latter. Bezmenov begins by explaining what subversion is not. Subversion is not related to the classical perception of espionage.  Subversion, by Soviet terminology, is defined as:

A destructive/aggressive activity aimed to destroy the country, nation, or geographical area of [the] enemy.

This definition is very broad, this it tells us that any destructive activity that could be done to the KGB’s enemy nation could be used. The Soviet subverter could be any Soviet, including exchange students, diplomats, actors or artists and event journalists going to the target nation. By Bezmenov’s calculation, 85% of the KGB’s efforts were put into subversion.

Bezmenov states that subversion can only be used on a nation that is open to subverters.

Subversion is a two way traffic. You cannot subvert a nation that does not want to be subverted…subversion can only be successful when the Initiator has a responsive target…

Imagine how history may have changed if the United States had imposed a ban on all Soviet citizens from entering its borders. There would be no campus Marxists (like in the video where a student from Portland State University is almost booted out from a public meeting on campus), there would be no feminist movement (3rd wave at least), and there would be no political correctness. The Soviet Union had closed borders primarily to prevent their citizens from being subverted by the west.

There are a range of subversion strategies employed by the Soviet Union for different types of events in the target nation or geographical areas of interest. This slide is a translation of an original brought back by Bezmenov when he defected.

Subversion Slide

The video lecture explains the mechanism of subversion in detail. I will attempt to do it justice in a summary form.

1. The target nation is infiltrated by subverters. Subverters can be anybody, from students to ambassadors who have either been bought or subverted previously for the task. These blend in as model citizens in the target nation and join groups such as student bodies, academic bodies, trade unions, news organisations and so forth. They may not necessarily create organizations or movements themselves, but these will quickly become part of the leadership in those movements.

2.The subverters will target organizations (institutions as Gramsci called them) in order to manipulate them into self destruction from the inside. The main organizations according to Bezmenov are Religion, Education, Social Life, Power Structure, Labour Relations (trade unions) and Law and Order. The subverters will attempt to move people away from religious sanctity into sects, cults and random mumbo jumbo like the new age movement and pseudo religious science. They will then enter education, persuading people to move away from useful academic subjects like Medicine and Engineering and into Women’s Studies or Social “Sciences.”

They then move to social life, by replacing social institutions with fake organizations and thus taking initiative away from people with bureaucracy. The power structure is changed from an elected one into a non elected one. (Does this sound like the European commission?) The media is targeted, instead of reporting facts they now report narratives and opinions dressed as facts. Law and Order is changed so that the it no longer serves the people but acts against the people, the citizens in turn are conditioned to mistrust law officials, just like in Ferguson.

3. The scope of subversion is now narrowed down to Labor Relations, Law and Media. Trade unions are radicalized so that industry comes to a halt. The trade union boss’s job is not to bargain for better deals for the union members but to improve his own position. Trade union bosses were bought by the Soviet Union. The Media and Law are similarly radicalized. The media sells a narrative to the people and so do the courts and police. The nation is now destabilized and unrest grows. The subverters rise through the ranks and become politically active, they then turn groups to violence and riots.

4. The nation is now in turmoil. Several sleepers come forward as leaders preaching that they have the answer to the unrest. They may use force to take power.

5. Civil war ensues. The Soviet Union either places a puppet leader or invades under pretext.

Bezmenov first went to India to work on an aid project sponsored by the Soviet Union. At the time Bezmenov thought this was legitimate aid to India.

Bezmenov Aid India

My first assignment was as a translator with a Soviet economical aid group, building refinery complexes in [the state of] Bihar. At that time I was still naively idealistically believing that what I was doing contributes to the understanding and cooperation between the nations. It took me quite a number of years to realise that what we were bringing to India was a new type of colonialism, [a] thousand times more oppressive and exploitative than any type of imperialism in the history of mankind.

In the other video, Bezmenov does not explain what led him to believe that the aid project was not altruistic. However from the slide aforementioned, we can see that the KGB used aid projects as a means of subversion.

Why are leftists so single-minded?

It may be that communism taps into the subconscious primate inside. Just like a religion, it does not require evidence to support its ideological merits, it is taken on faith. Communism does not teach, it indoctrinates.

Meme mocking a leftist in a protest.

Marxists thrive on college campuses in the United States and Europe. There are so many Marxists on campuses because students are most susceptible to indoctrination, as this is the time when young adults are forming their own political ideologies. Marxists were, at one point, sent from the Soviet Union to enroll in western academia, for the sole purpose of indoctrinating western students and get a foothold on the target nation(s). After all, academia was an area which Gramsci recognised as a pivotal point of influence over the people of a nation.

Present day campus Marxists (useful idiots) are keenly aware of how unpopular they are in the mainstream, and these are acutely aware that anything they say could expose them to the scrutiny of the public eye and opinion. Instead of advocating outright Marxism, they choose instead to censor, shame, and silence those with views different from their own. Despite the colossal failure of the collectivist experiments that were Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China and Kim Jong Sun’s D.P.R.K, communists will still defend their ideals (plug their ears) and ignore the mounting evidence of the horrors of communism.

The reader of this article may think that this is all irrelevant, as communism was “defeated” after the fall of the Soviet Union and since China’s embrace of capitalism. Alas, communism is like weed in a garden, you can never fully eradicate it. Communism is all too prevalent in western universities and campuses. The new face of cultural marxism is the social justice warrior (SJW).

Whilst the SJW will not identify itself as a Marxist, their ideology and modus operandi is an exact replica of the Marxist. The SJW has a narrow world view, totalitarian tendencies, is weak to criticism and is extremely paranoid. We should call them for what they are: Communists, Marxists, and Leninists.

Another useful idiot subverted.

How is it that there are so many campus Marxists in nations that have historically been anti-communist? As it turns out, this was part of an extensive KGB operation undertaken during the time of the Soviet Union.

Why should we care?

Why should we care about some leftist here and there, and how much influence could these possibly have?

These forces work in the background, slowly but surely, often capitalizing on protests to further their agenda and viewpoints. Such examples include the Occupy Wall Street in NYC and the Indignados movement in Madrid. Whilst these movements began as a protest without political affiliation to the 2008 economic disaster, the leftist took over and turned them into an anti-capitalist movement. True to form, the neo-communists set up tents and wrecked the place, leaving vast amounts of rubbish for the councils to clean up at the tax payers expense.

The same can be said about the indie video game developers and video game journalism. Instead of reporting about games, journalists began selling users their Marxist narrative on equality. This unleashed the wrath of video game players, who took to Twitter and 4chan to call them out on their blatant conflict of interest and hypocrisy. This is what’s known as #gamergate.

Faced with criticism, the Marxists began a campaign to silence and shame their critics with baseless accusations. The mainstream media, which has long been an Marxist cheerleader bought the narrative, did not do the due diligence of fact-finding  about the other side of the story. How far does the rabbit hole truly go?

What can we do as individuals?

I will refer to the late orator and free thinker, Christopher Hitchens:

Criticize, criticize and criticize anyone who tries to sell you an ideology disguised as a movement. If you are accused falsely of some charge of misogyny or racism, retort by calling them out as a Marxist, a totalitarian, and a fraud. If you are online refer them to this article and to the video above.

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230 thoughts on “Modern Social Justice Warriors Use The Same Subversion Strategies As The USSR”

  1. As I said before, the more effective way to destroy feminism is when more men become “anti feminist sjw”. This is happening in my country and it works. A man can be sexist, antifemist and even misoginyst, but if he is also an “hardcore animal rights activist” or something like that, feminists will avoid attacking him and they’ll even respect him.

    1. Interesting theory. I find the opposite, I am a hard core gun rights activist and most people know that about me. With that being said, I also am quite vocal against feminism, Marxism, socialism, fascism and progressivism which makes me more than a one-cause type of person. There is no need to adopt an idiotic Leftist stand to gain street cred, rather, be the rock against which their laments fall and recede like the tide. Consistency wins more converts than trying to play their game in an underhanded way.
      You probably live in a different location than me, so this might not work where you are. I suspect that it’s all location/culture dependent. Do what works, I guess.

      1. I think he may have a valid point. Leftists and SJW’s are much less likely to contradict someone with overlapping views and the odds of them attacking a member of a demographic they view as oppressed or underrepresented is extremely low. In this respect, mirroring your enemies can be a powerful strategy.

        1. We must not become that which we fight whilst fighting it. -MarkAnonRok , October 2014

        2. I do enjoy Nietzsche but ‘staring into the abyss’ doesn’t actually apply here. Advocating something as benign as Animals rights would be enough to confuse an SJW zombie into not cannibalizing you.

      2. I would think that picking a social justice issue that you actually identify with would be more powerful anyway. You’re into gun rights, so you obviously care about the rights of people in general. There is no way that you don’t care about one thing that “left-wing” people also care about. If that is the case, I think you need to seriously question how open minded you’re being with you’re views.
        I, personally, am a super liberal guy who is pro-death penalty and pro-gun rights. I also think that the justice system is racially biased, homosexuals are being denied rights that they deserve, and that most of the articles on this site are at least a little crazy (but…some of them are spot on shit that NEEDS said).
        You’re allowed to have views from both “sides” and not be a hypocrite. It doesn’t have to be “left” vs “right.”

      3. I think a red pill subversive operator could cause havoc amongst the sjw. I don’t think it could change anything in the long run though unless we fully adopt soviet methods of subversion ourselves.

    2. Naturally a liberal will be less opposed to you if you only partially reject his ideology rather than fully reject it. This is a statement in itself.
      If feminism was the only concern, then that would be fine. Given that the goal is to reject not just part of liberalism, but all of liberalism, one must not compromise on any part of one’s beliefs.
      For context, I am a conservative, and I view all deviations from our nation’s founding principles to be destructive, not just feminism.

    3. The thing about SJW’s is that they are driven by ideology as opposed to reason. An anti feminist driven by ideology as opposed to sound logical arguments, is, in my view, no better than the feminist sjw shill. I think feminism or at the very least, its contemporary shill form, to be a hideous ideology. But I have standards and I wont be jumping on an anti feminist movement driven by ideology, regardless of common goals. An enemy of an enemy is not necessarily an ally.

    4. I agree partially here, I once saw a video of Christopher Hitchens where he said that he would never allow the mother of his children to work, going against the trend to get women to abandon their children for their careers. However, because of his famous atheism which is trendy amongst left wingers, he was given enormous leeway whereas a conservative would have been savaged for the same comment.

  2. “Why are leftists so single-minded?” in a nutshell:

    As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures, he will refuse to believe it. That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization.
    – Yuri Bezmenov

    1. There is a very real possibility that the agents of communism, spread throughout the western ‘free’ world and carried on working their evil, even after the collapse of the USSR…. Chinese communism is a different animal…. China was never exactly in opposition to the free ideals of the US, they were always more insular.
      Now…. today…… USA, UK, EU – has become the agent of USSR style imperial / colonial expansionist communism, while Russia, is simply trying to retain it’s identity and freedom. Putin, as an ex-KGB agent is aware of this and now stands as a pillar against the old soviet system, which has pretty much assimilated the west and is trying to assimilate Russia, by way of some communist new world order.
      It’s a very pointed irony, the kind of thing that history is not immune to. Just as we love German and Japanese cars, a function of their industrialization from the war effort…. good comes out of bad… So too we now find Russia as a pillar of freedom in a world mired by socialist ideals and octopus government.

      1. I wouldn’t go as far as stating that Russia is a bastion of freedom. I would say that Putin knows subversion very very well and he is doing everything in his power to stop their monster coming back home.

      2. The Soviet Union is gone, but the weapons of societal destruction remain. Had the revolution succeeded, these true believers would have been the first to be purged, because subversion was meant to be a means, and not an end. But they were left unrestrained by any handlers to metastasize into horrible new forms. Putin recognizes this, and that is why he is cracking down on the cultural radicalism that his KGB comrades seeded and nourished in other countries, but has turned back on his.

      3. Astute observation, Ray. Interesting that this multi-culti, politically correct bullshit started up in earnest in the US around the time the Russians kicked the commies out of power. Coincidence? I think not. Scratch a proglodyte and you’ll find an actual communist under the surface more often than not. This was a tough reality for me to accept, but once you see it you notice it everywhere.

        1. The cold war had been running a very long time and it was coming to a head one way or another… post Cuban Missile crisis the game changed to covert wars like Vietnam, Latin American and African power games, that also met a stale mate, so then it become more about winning over the general population…. full subversion on a social level…..
          while the Americans held their own until this point, it’s likely the USSR started winning and had better strategies, not least since an English speaking ‘open’ country is far easier to penetrate, than Russian speaking closed system. Russia went fairly quiet during the late 70s and 80s which suggests to me that they had begun some other strategies… They weren’t going to give up… but war and satellite state acquisition was not working…. so social subversion would be the best tactic in the US.
          The concept of ‘cold war is over’ seems to be patently false, since more socialism and state mechanism resembling the USSR have been put into place in the west since it’s collapse….
          You can never really call ‘conspiracy’ but there is no doubt the old soviets had all kinds of agents in place and obviously a slow campaign was to target Govt. positions…. since that probably only started mid 70s…. and it takes time to install these people, decades!!!… NOW is the time…. For all we know Obama was an old soviet plant….. his history is shady at best.

      4. I lived and worked in China, legally. I paid 3% tax, total–State, federal, local whatever. I didn’t even know. Just 3% and 1% of that was for healthcare anyway, so 2% tax rate. I don’t know what point that makes but it’s always an interesting fact for people to know.

  3. So if KGB had the system to control and subver whole nations, why most people deny the possibility for a global conspiracy with similar intention?

    1. Because the KGB belonged to a state with a unified purpose and lots of funding, it was not a disparate lot of individuals all acting on their own impulses. It had a hierarchy that was discernible, it was open about its intents to topple the West, and it had many arms that were quite visible acting towards that end.
      Conspiracy theories, by definition, have no hard and fast things you can pin down that serve as facts. They have a lot of corollary type things that they try to make out as causation, but in the end, as we all know, correlation does not equate to causation.

        1. Way to twist that ghost said. I will clarify: he said that conspiracies are not able to be proven through fact. Not that conspiracies did not exist. Work on you analytical skills.

        2. I twisted nothing.
          “Ghost” is a spook/bible thumper.
          A liar and a con artist.
          A fraud.
          Lots of you low brows here, acting smart, but all in all, pretty dumb when it comes to logic.
          PS its funny how you girly men stick up for each other.
          And here I thought only pussified military men and women only involved themselves in cliques.
          Please don’t try a battle of wits with me.
          You will lose, and you will bitch about it like a little girl.

        3. Oh snap! You’re right I have bowed down to you superior wit and intellect. Please continue to instruct me as I have no clue how to handle myself. Btw I didn’t know you know ghost irl. Troll

      1. The Western leaders do get together to discuss international matters behind closed doors. The Bilderberg meetings are known fact yet who knows how many meetings they have which we never hear about.
        What do you think they talk about on those meetings and why no press is allowed?
        Do you believe the rapid spread of the western culture all over the globe is just a coincidence due to the mass communication? What do you think other people find so appealing about it so that they adopt it so eagerly and replace their own with? Why not vice-versa? Do you believe this happens without the help of organised propaganda and economic pressure?

  4. On my FB yesterday I noticed a girl (who I know well and generally leans to the left) was ranting in the comments section of a Happy Birthday Putin post.
    It struck a whole debate… She was basically saying how could my friend be so stupid as to support such a sociopathic leader. She thinks that Putin is absolute evil and that nice democratic leaders are the way to go.
    It made me think about my stance on Putin…
    I can’t speak to whether or not he’s a nice guy or a real asshole… but as far as I can tell, Russia is doing better than it was in the last few decades. Personally, from what I’ve seen Putin actually inspires admiration from others. Obama/Harper on the other hand just seem like yes-men.
    That Putin is ex-KGB speaks to the fact that he more than likely actually knows how shit works… Actually understands the rise and fall of empires. Whether he is nice or not, he probably has a better understanding of how to run a country than other leaders. At the very least he knows how to inspire both men and women on a human level. I’d much rather go into battle with Putin than with Obama… and women send him nudey pics of themselves for his birthday.
    Anyone got insight into this? I can’t speak on this with a solid factual background… but my impression is that Putin is a respectable leader.

    1. I do not fully agree with Putin’s policies, but he is a zealous defender of traditional (family) values, his decisions are based on logic rather than on emotions or twitter-outrage and at last but not least, he shows the middle finger without remorse or hesitation to the politically correct SJW-leaders in the West and their hypocrite useful idiots. And for these things, he can only gain my approval.

        1. “Where does this idea that, if NPR is wrong, Fox News must be right, come from? They can’t both be right, because they contradict each other. But couldn’t they both be wrong? I don’t mean slightly wrong, I don’t mean each is half right and each is half wrong, I don’t mean the truth is somewhere between them, I mean neither of them has any consistent relationship to reality.”– Mencius Motherfucking Moldbug

      1. Don’t believe western propaganda. Vladimir Putin is a hero, not just for the Russian people but for all nations who don’t want to lick the Imperial Jack Boot of the Anglosphere.
        Even the father of Reaganomics, who helped bring down the Soviet Union, now understands that the shoe is on the other foot:
        We have become the “Evil Empire” and Russia now stands for true human values.
        And no – I’m not saying Russia (or Putin) is perfect. Far from it. Putin is no saint and Russia suffers much systemic corruption. But Russia is humanity’s last hope to push back the evil hegemony of the New World Order and it’s dehumanized leftist borg collective. Without Russia (and to a lesser extent China) the entire world would already be swallowed up the Feminist-Marxist-SJW-Imperial Borg.

        1. And no, I don’t want Russia (nor especially China) to take over and run the world. But I would like to see a multi-polar world, where the West can’t just steam-roller (both militarily and culturally) any country it feels like at any time. A unipolar world, such as we have now, is a DISASTER.

        2. yes this seems to be the conclusion that i have reached….
          what’s more interesting is that Putin as an ex KGB is probably aware to some degree of the old soviet subversion systems that were put in place to spread communism in the west….. they seem to have carried on working even in the face of the USSR’s collapse…..
          thus they have now taken control, especially of UK and Europe…. and largely of the US…… thus the ‘free’ west is now the soviet union, under a slightly different flag and more based on technological control rather than totalitarian control, although the systems to install that are most certainly in place in the UK especially but also in the US.
          in the UK you feel this ‘peer pressure’ people want your photo ID and proof of address by default, people are happy to kiss the authorities feet…. talking to friends and family in the UK they speak about the tax office like old russians speak of the KGB….. people are starting to police themselves and their neighbors like the old USSR inhabitants used to.

        3. I fully agree with what you said. I also don’t believe Western propaganda since it is mainly ruled by SJW-journalists. If the media becomes hysterical about something, you can sure as hell say in advance it is bullshit.
          The point I was trying to make in the first paragraph however is that, if you truly want an unbiased opinion about Putin, you need to collect information from both sides of the political spectrum. It appears that the news is either supportive or unsupportive of him and that their is no middle-ground. Both sides will filter or distort information to suit their own needs and interests. So then how can we get unbiased information? Well, collect as much information as you can and critically analyse that information. I did this to some extent and concluded that although Putin is not perfect (like you said, the corruption in Russia), he defends traditional values that are lost in the West and he doesn’t give a shit about people complaining how evil he is because of that… i.e. people who don’t have any business in criticising Russia. On top of that, he manages to rule the largest country (in area) in the world. That is why he is one of the only leaders in the world that I admire.

        4. My wife the historian tells me that people who have tried to write Putin’s biography died. Not sure how, no link, no proof, but maybe somebody else can link to it.

    2. It’s quite simple.
      Putin radiates masculinity.
      Obama radiates femininity.
      That’s the difference.

        1. Quite true. One inclined to idle speculation might wonder at a man who is rumored to be at a minimum bisexual hooking up with a “woman” who appears to be more masculine than the average NFL linebacker.
          I am of course not one to indulge in idle speculation, so I won’t go there.
          Oh, wait…

      1. It’s more than that Ghost, come on. Kim-Jong Il and Fidel radiate masculinity and they suck. Margaret Thatcher was decent.
        Clark, Putin is a fiscal and social conservative. He minimizes income tax and business tax. He pushes the Russian Church as he knows it is integral to maintaining culture. He also aggressively bans homosexuality and progressivism. He’s what the best case future of America looks like, with less taxes and a lot less “freedom” of progressive ideas such as homosexuality and atheism.

    3. I’ve read a lot about Putin.
      You’re right, it’s a miracle how russia has been doing better in the past years, when you see what it had become during the Yeltsin years.
      Basically, he has put Russia back on its feet, and cleaned the mess in which the Yeltsin era had left it.
      He has eliminated the worst of the yeltsinian oligarchs, and managged to keep a sword of damocles above the head of the ones who allowed him to get access to the power, foolishly thinking that he was their puppet, by refusing them the amnisty.
      To be short, Russia has never been as democratic as it is under Putin.
      In fact, the U.S media won’t tell you that, but the anti-putin-protests of the opposition in 2011, were the first demonstrations in Russia history that were not bloodily repressed.
      He has also rebuilt the entire Russian governmental institution, inspiring himself from the French Napoleonic administration.
      People tend to forget that he also has a lawyer formation which allowed him to reduce the corruption that resulted from the Yeltsinian years and the post-USSR mentality ( a lot of Russians have kept the habit of dealing outside the system, what is corruption for us is just avoiding the formalities ant trouble for them) .
      That was a difficult operation, because the specter of USSR is still here, and the ultra-capitalist Russian elite that he has now more or less submitted would have stopped supporting him in his early years if he had begun to do too much socialism.
      He’s not “nice” per say, but people don’t need a leader to be “nice”, especially in Russia.

      1. Thanks for the response. At least where I live it seems like Putin manages to inspire a lot of haters. I just really don’t know where it comes from considering… Are people really that dumb that they just need something to hate?

        1. He’s seen as a threat to American supremacy, so the media paints him to be an automatic bad guy.

        2. To the US dollar hegemony…absolutely. And it is the dollar’s status as the global reserve currency that has us “policing” the world for “democracy” aka the petrodollar, so, its funny seeing Putin openly challenge this system with China and the Emerging markets, because the excuses coming from the western establishment are pathetic. Note: “they” say that Russia now has more deployed nuclear weapons then the US? Ahem, by 1. But, I suspect that the Russians have far more…they, at least, have modernized their arsenal. If they do indeed have more nuclear weapons and barry the potus does good on his promise to reduce the US inventory to the hundreds (I think I read somewhere that he’s shooting for < 500) then the shift in power is all but assured especially with the number of new trade arrangements that bypass the dollar entirely. The nukes are, ultimately, the collateral that keeps 1. hegemony and 2. the insurance that all other nations will trade in your currency…otherwise annihilation. Without that persistent threat in place or nullified things will change.

        3. ” Are people really that dumb that they just need something to hate”
          Same as people who need some ex KGB thug to worship like he is the second coming.
          Seriously people, get over the putin worship.
          It shows your ignorance and obtuseness in thought.
          Pretty pathetic.

        4. From your comments I’m guessing that you ‘re a leftist western-centered troll who don’t know shit about Russian history or culture.
          The only ignorant here is you.

        5. I don’t fall for the left/right paradigm.
          It’s divide and conquer.
          If you had read the article you would not spout so much putiput man love.

        6. I see your point.
          I’m sure there are people on both the right and the left that look up to impossible idealizations. A lot of people are looking for practically anything to believe in in our lost secularized western abomination of a culture.
          I’m not worshipping Putin. Just trying to get some perspective considering he is so often being portrayed as a Bond villain.
          I have friends who’s parents left Russia to find a better life because the system there was totally fucked. Communism led to underground and black markets and some people just up and left that country. I’m curious to know why people hate on Putin despite the fact that on a number of measures, their quality of life is improving.

        7. People love putiput because be projects strength and the idea of russian supremacy over the “oligarghs”.
          Its a comtemptable, right wing fantasy.
          Russia has a horrible divorce, alcohol, single mother rate, and russia makes money selling weapons to the us enemies.
          Everything is controlled by a few people, because most people on this planet have never really had a thought in their head that wasn’t already put there for them to think.

        8. Yeah, he doesn’t like the US very much.
          But then again, not a lot of people in the world like the US.

        9. You don’t fall for the left/right paradigm and yet you write about the right wingers being pot cattle…
          And Putin is definitely the best thing that hapenned to Russia in a very long time.

        10. The response is called Propaganda.
          What is shown in the article works both ways around.

        11. All by design.
          “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002.

        12. Funny.
          We agree on one point.
          Youre country is being used as a bitch by Israel. So is mine.
          We’re not that in disaccord.

        13. “You don’t fall for the left/right paradigm and yet you write about the right wingers being pot cattle…”
          Yes. Right wingers and left wingers are dupes aka opposames, I don’t see how this is hard to comprehend.
          “And Putin is definitely the best thing that hapenned to Russia in a very long time.”
          So is Assad, so was Saddam, etc etc ad infinitim.
          I know its hard to think out of the box.
          You have to be humble.

        14. I absolutely agree, Assad is the best thing that happened to Syria, and Ghadafi was the best thing that happened to Lybia, before the NATO bomb them, thanks to the zionist lobby.
          And if Putin has chosen this stance regarding Israel, it’s because of the coming tensions that are going to grow in the Azerbaidjan-Armenia Region.
          He’s trying to put the Zionists, if not with him at least not against him, which is a bad idea, in my opinion.
          This region is the second “pivot-point” for the control of Eurasia, as Brjezjinski theorized it in “The great chessboard”. The first one was Ukraine…

        15. I wish you people understood the different types of jewish ideological strife.
          There is the left wing communist jews out of NY. They control finance aka capitalism.
          The right wing jews are the zionists.
          Just two different gangs vying for , but beholden to their “god”, the head of the rothchild syndicate.
          Putiput loves herr kissinger who works for lord rothchild.

        16. This is buisiness.
          If you think you can get to that level of power without dealing them… but here we agree.
          It’s on the impact he had on Russia that we don’t, and I think it’s because of your ignorance of that nation.
          Even your terminology is all wrong.
          There are leftist zionists and right wing zionists.
          The “left wing jews” love the capital more than their own mother. They”re just liberal on the societal level.
          Oh and even Hitler dealt with the jews. Remember the Haarava accord and the nice little coin ?

        17. I would take a Putin shirtless than this mommy jean wearing down low homo we have as president now..

        18. Then why don’t you snark on the absurd , gay/tranny /LGBT obsessed lefties then….???

        19. I did. They ganged up on me (along with the feminazis) and had my twitter and facebook accounts suspended.
          The commies are coming for us all.
          But the bimbos on faux news care more about israel and the war on everything so if you think the “silent majority” of bible babblers are going to save you you are dumb.
          The right wing is full of piss and vinegar rapture monkeys who buy the war on judeo-muslim propaganda.
          Nobodies right, if everybodys wrong.

        20. Not really.
          Just never knew how entrenched the enemy is, and how willing they are at self destruction.
          And as my former self has said so eloquently….
          “A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time

        21. They don’t hate Putin, they fear Russia and Putin as they have a massive intellectual advantage: a fully white population unchained to a parasitical mass of stupid mud people. Affirmative Action has stunted military and space exploration; one simply can’t adavnce or even maintain an advantage with supid niggers being gifted jobs in important fields.

      2. Yep…he told the oligarchs “you put Mother Russia first or else” unlike our oligarchs who are in it for pussy and homes in the Hamptons. The USA had robber barons but at least they were patriots…

      3. Putin delivers results without regard to ideology. I wish we had more of that in the western world.

    4. As an ex KGB top man, I think he must think all the Gay right activists in Russia are subversive fronts. Notice how in 2012 he cracked down on foreign sponsored human rights groups. He must be thinking around KGB lines.

      1. Exactly.
        It’s not necessarily the case that he has some deep psychologically rooted moral disdain with gay sex but rather he sees the greater social and economic problems that come with making certain “progressive” ideas part of the cultural discourse.

    5. Your observations about Putin are correct in that he understands red-pill wisdom, takes a strong stance, and has the ability to inspire people… but like all politicians, this doesn’t reflect his internal beliefs. It’s just an act for gathering followers. Underneath the act, he’s just a power-hungry sociopath. And you can see his veneer crack sometimes and show the monster underneath.

  5. My understanding was that the KGB was entirely internal to the USSR, an internal secret police. They did not do international espionage, that was entirely the function of the GRU, military intelligence, and some Spetsnaz as well.. At least that’s what Victor Suvarov, the noted ex-GRU defector wrote about (highly recommend his three non fiction books on the Soviet Army he wrote in the 80’s, a lot still applies to today’s Russia, as most of the old communist party simply tore up their old membership cards and got new ones when the Cold War ended).

  6. Lmao!
    This putiput worship is hilarious.
    Just goes to show you how stupid and guilable most people are to believe this “divide and conquer” conspircacy yet won’t see the facts of the israeli trained kibutzing russian dictator.
    Russia is a hell hole.
    His worshippers are either right wing dupes or YKW’s.

  7. The worst is the schools. Public education these days has become state indoctrination. Socialism, feminism, multiculturalism, and moral relativism have become the order of the day in classrooms, and disagreement is generally not tolerated.

    1. The worst are right wingers (usually with a bible in one hand) telling everyone how bad left wingers are.
      Pot calling kettle.

        1. “If a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who’s been arrested”
          Thomas Wolfe

        2. Oh really?
          Tell the bible thumpers you are converting to islam and convert the infidels.
          Then tell me how “tolerant” those who call themselves “christian” are.
          Thats why I like the term “opposames” so much.
          Sure, liberals worship obama.
          But look how the conservatives worship reagan.

        3. I said tolerable. But any way Christians also don’t approve of men fucking each other in the ass. So what’s your point?
          See they aren’t opposames because in the same way a felony is worse than a misdemeanor, left wingers are worse than bible thumpers.

        4. Lol you argue like a little girl.
          You will do anything to not see my point.
          Then you come to your prejudiced conclusion based on your own assumptions.
          Laughable stuff.

        5. Last I checked, Bill Maher and men of his ilk have as much of a distaste for saracens as any bible thumper. You say “opposames” as if you no longer subscribe to the false ‘Left-Right Paradigm’ but you sound like a leftist to me.

        6. Except everyone can tell who has the vaj in this discussion.
          Anyway… when your ego can handle it. Go make yourself a list of all the good and bad about Bible thumpers vs left wingers… and then come back.

        7. How so?
          I have very few leftist biases, as well as the right so I piss both off.
          The one thing that really pisses the bible babble thumping morons is my idea of protecting the enviornment from idiot poor noveau riche developers, over fishing idiots, and of course, the brainless destroyers of earth for a few weeks of coal, a few million years of radioactivity from making a few hours of electricity.
          So yeah, I love solar energy and hate burning dinogoo.
          I am also pro animals. I think the population of the earth must be culled. Bible thumpers want to destroy eden and put a walmart and a road and a gas station on every block. I have been vegan since 1997.
          The planet has lost 40% of its animals since 1970’s, and we are faced with what has been termed the 6th great extinction, so that low iq idiots can worship and eat and destroy everything around them.

        8. “Except everyone can tell who has the vaj in this discussion.

          Everyone? You speak as if you are a female. Or a teenager. Or both(/chuckles).
          “We had a vote and we decided we don’t like you”.
          Thats what that sounds like lolz.
          “Go make yourself a list of all the good and bad about Bible thumpers vs left wingers… and”
          Sorry. I don’t take requests.

        9. I don’t know… they are fucking annoying when they knock on my door. Why can’t they be more like Buddhists, take a vow of silence and shut the fuck up?

        10. Yeah. But at least you can build a moat to keep them out of your life. Nothing stops the intrusive left.

        11. Ad homine attacks, claims authority on statistics even though we all know that 95% of statistics are made up-like that one. Horrible arguments. Claims to have very few bias’ agsinst left or right, yet is adamantly biased against the right. Yup-vaj

        12. Al Gore is a flunkie and Hitler didn’t finish the job.
          The planet must be saved over stupid monkeys, or like a virus, we will kill the host planet.
          Its basic logic/science really.
          Sorry if in your hubris you don’t do “logic”.
          So let me teach you.
          If we humans destroy the planet we destroy ourselves.
          Its that simple.

        13. The only people who believe that human population is a virus that needs to be “culled” are Elitists and their useful idiots. As I said before, only once you stop charging Leftist-made straw men will you truly be free of the Left-Right paradigm.

        14. Thats a logical fallacy.
          However, I AM an elitist.
          I want the very best air, water and earth for the future generations of plant and animal life, and would like to see humanity grow up, get off the planet and do something worthwhile for once.
          You keep labeling me something without thinking about what I am saying.
          The only people who have preformed, pre canned left/right prejudices (you calling me being like the climate fraud al gore) when it comes to this reality are women and manginas.
          Which one are you?

        15. Lol. You’re no aristocrat sir and I haven’t labelled you any more than you’ve labelled yourself. Al Gore promotes Population Control; As does Bill Gates, as well as a number of other old über-wealthy old men whom you carry water for. So…nice try. 😉

        16. What is wrong with population control?
          What happens to animals when they destroy their environment?
          They die.
          The serfs are breeding and killing everything on the planet.
          You are a serf mentality.
          You think we should just kill everything and put cities up.
          And yet, we are facing the 6th great extinction.
          Funny how you right tards never say anything about that.

        17. can’t you just simply say that conservatives and liberals, if they just compromise, would actually get some shit fixed? the problem that i have with most political debates is that one side should be all right and the other side should be all wrong, no matter what side of the fence you stand on.
          the funny thing about bringing religion into the whole mix, is one side wants to save you, and the other wants to save themselves. The worst part about that is, they both have been congruently, the one side shows the one side more than the other, and then vice versa. they all act good and then tell those that don’t do exactly as their religion says, call those people out and tell them they’re going to burn in hell. Liberals are just a little bit more subtle when they tell people they’re going to go to hell and conservatives are a little more subtle when they go to help people.
          either way, both sides are completely full of shit and are hypocrites.

        18. There is no compromise with the left. To a leftist, compromise means ‘we win’.
          the real right and the left have no common ground. There is no working together when there is no common interest or solution.
          Look at abortion, for instance. You are either for killing babies or against it. if you start ‘compromising’ you immediately become for killing babies.
          The left are the ultimate camels. give them an inch and they will take your nation.

        19. You are quite correct. but there is no compromise with the right either.
          ” do it our churches way or god will burn you in hell, and we will find a way to use the government to destroy you.”
          Hobby lobby is a great example of this. Now a corporation is allowed to push it’s owners religious opinion onto employees, and and a business is exempt from the law because of it’s owners religion.
          The religious reich is the leftists best friend.

        20. It’s a response. notice how ‘conservatives’ are no longer the right? That’s what happens when you make concessions.

        21. About hobby lobby, it’s the owner’s fucking property. he should be allowed to refuse service to anyone he wants, or permitted to refuse anything he wants. someone proudly boasting about fucking another man in the ass in my store would for damn sure make me kick them to the curb, and demanding I pay for an employee’s BC or abortion would make me seriously consider the 30.06 option.
          it’s not a matter of pushing religion onto someone, it’s a matter of forcing someone to take actions that are against their conscience. Don’t let you maniacal, leftist-indoctrinated hatred for faith blind you to the reality. It was about the constitution, and forcing people to take actions against what they believe is right.
          A government can tell you what you are not allowed to do, but the minute it starts forcing you to do it becomes a despotism. Welcome to Amerika, where your dick smoking, baby-killing, and paederastery is legally supported.

        22. They love to hate each other.
          “You complete me. You give me something to rail against, to despise, hate and fight. I am defined by what you aren’t and what I am. You should be like me. You’re wrong, I’m right.”
          — Liberal to Conservative
          — Conservative to Liberal

        23. What’s wrong with population control?
          Who gets to decide it is what is wrong with it. The people that advocate it don’t want to be part of the “culled herd.”

        24. So basically you’re a Leftist who’s transcended the usual leftist arrogance to the degree that you don’t believe you’re a leftist. That’s typical of humans who want to genocide their own people.

      1. This is actually untrue. The book The Language Police by Dianne Ravich tackles the problem of ideological censorship in American educational materials by behind-doors committees, and while the committees respond to both leftwing and rightwing pressure groups and complaints, it is clear from the book’s many examples that egalitarian pressure is more prevalent and destructive than religious conservative pressure. The author herself is leftwing (as most historians are), so she doesn’t argue this explicitly, but it is clear, nonetheless. It is a small and revealing book that I think is a must-read if you are libertarian-leaning and particularly against leftwing censorship in public education.

      2. You can’t be serious? Libtards are the most religious group of kooks ever to poison the West. They have door knocking Christians beat hands down.

      1. It could be as simple as that but in practice it never is. It leads to the idea that no one is right, even the author of an idea. It follows then that you must tolerate even what you consider wrong because others may consider it right.

      2. No-
        moral relativism = the idea that there is no such thing as right and wrong, that ethics are simply fabrications based on culture, and thus liberty is not better than tyranny, etc, etc
        Moral relativism is completely different from accepting and tolerating alternate viewpoints, which is a good thing.

    2. The vast majority of teachers are gals. My son NEVER had one male teacher till he was in the 9th grade.
      Women=feminism=multiculturalism=Socialism. All seamless

      1. Yup, you got it. That and that fact that unions tend to be strongly leftist, and despite their recent decline, the NEA and other teacher’s unions are still quite powerful today.

      2. The female mind does lend itself to emotional failings like equalism, unchecked compassion, etc. It’s a pity we tell boys to control their primal emotions, but not girls.

    3. Yup. My last year of teaching, for multi-cultural day I had my students memorize the Gettysburg address. Each 7 year old had to deliver about 7 or 8 words. I was told it wasn’t multi-cultural. Here is one of the most moving speeches, covering universal topics of freedom and justice across all ethnic and racial lines and I was told to do something different. I took the day off instead. I wasn’t about to go buy a sombrero and a piñata to please my affirmative action boss. And who is hurt by this type of thinking? Children and society.

      1. I’d have thought that the Gettysburg Address would be the original multi-culti document… You can’t make this shit up!

      2. In light of Lincoln’s actions, the Gettysbury Address is a cynical and disgusting piece of work.

        1. It’s more about the ideal, try explaining to 7 year olds all the nuances of The Civil War, most of these kids didn’t know what street they lived on. You’re right though Lincoln was hypocritical in many ways. Perhaps I should have played along a wore a Dashiki and a turban but the point I was trying to make was everything but American History is celebrated during multicultural day, and while The Civil War isn’t pleasant it is important kids be made aware of important historical events. Also, did a disservice, not do, I don’t work for the government anymore, I work for me.

        2. At least only for 50% of the year now right? Fair enough, it is a fact that American history as it is taught in public schools is in fact propaganda used to indoctrinate Americans in State worship. The reason for my ire is that Lincoln was a master manipulator and he continues his manipulations from beyond the grave. For me, one of the most sinister remainders of Lincoln’s dictatorship is the Lincoln (Shrine, Temple) Memorial. For this reason, I think that any discussion of Lincoln’s words needs to be compare to his actions and the actual realities of which he speaks.

        3. The propaganda is nuts, most of the people celebrated in textbooks are SJW’s. Im from San Joaquin county which is where the Latino Left got a lot of its momentum back in the 60’s and early 70’s, so one year I taught 8th grade History and I had no clue who half the people were I was supposed to be teaching about. It was like the textbook came from another planet. Some labor leader here, some feminist there, it was crazy because people I had learned about just 12 years earlier when I was in 8th grade had completely disappeared and been replaced by virtual nobodies whose only accomplishments was complaining. There was no emphasis placed on The Constitution or really any major events in American history, just a bunch of leftist do nothings. And the exams were all multiple choice, back in my day (old man voice) we still had to write essays or do fill in the blank without any choices to pick from. I would even allow open book tests and still nearly all the kids would fail, they had no clue how to use an index.
          As a total aside, people should look into Deloras Huerta if they want a good laugh and to see what SJW’s looked like in their early stages. This woman is a literal 1st ballot hall of fame whore who is celebrated in this area like she was the second coming. She never worked a day in her life, came from an affluent political family, but magically was an “advocate” for farm workers. And she may have invented (or at least perfected) the hurty face so often seen on SJW’s.
          I think we could have a very interesting discussion on Lincoln, he most certainly was a fan of government largess and is still used as a justification for a large over reaching centralized state.

        4. She sounds like she’s cut from the same cloth as that ultimate SJW, Eva Peron, who helped her husband turn Argentina from one of the richest countries in the world to a laughing stock that constantly complains about the Falklands.

        5. Yeah, I spent hours reading it last night.
          “History” may be written by the winners but the truth always comes out.

        6. I’d be interested in an article on ROK, comparing SJW’s of today to then, using Lincoln and et al and political activism of the time as a case study, actually. As a non-US resident, my knowledge of US history is spotty at best aside from the typical propaganda about the period.

        7. Don’t feel too bad, most people who grew up here are pretty ignorant and unaware of most basic things. I doubt most Americans would even know where what ever country it is you’re from is located on a map.

      3. The Gettysburg Address is full of Lincoln hypocrisy. Lincoln worship is one of the most horrible aspects of government schooling. I was Lincoln indoctrinated in govt school and I’m so glad I overcame it. Learn the truth about Lincoln. Search for Thomas DiLorenzo.
        Govt schools were started by pro-Soviets. Go to John Taylor Gatto .com. (a former award winning govt school teacher).
        Memorizing Lincoln’s words is no different than memorzing…
        “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”
        Or reciting the soviet-styled Pledge of Allegiance…

    4. When will people see the left just hates everything good?
      Also, when I think about what I knew about the Cold War from school these things come to mind and nothing else: people were scared of the bomb and Vietnam.
      Says a lot.

    5. You’re absolutely correct. Seen any interviews conducted with school children lately? They’re forever using SJW terms whether applicable or not.
      It’s frightening how little boys are saying the need for feminism is more than ever as the patriarchy has given them (as white males) an unfair privilege.
      And to see little boys act as if they’re inherently bad merely for being white and male is disgusting.

  8. …..And which ethnic/religious group has played a heavy hand in *both* communism and progressivism? Lolz. No need to bring subverters in, they’re already here.

      1. Lol, not sure what Putin has to do with it, every stateman has to suck up to groups he may or may not like.

        1. Since when do logical fallacies prove you correct?
          His mother is jewish.
          Why must I keep repeating the truth?
          Why is it so easy to believe in your self serving lies and bias?

        2. His mother’s maiden name was Shelomova. Definitely smells to me like it’s derived from Shlomo.

        3. You paid JIDF trolls are getting easier and easier to spot to the average observer. Time to step up your game, douche.
          Must suck having the whole world hate your guts huh

        4. Jewish ancestry doesn’t make you jewish.
          He’s hated by both Soros and Bernard Henri Levy, so he’s definitely doing something right.
          Because jooz never get in catfights with each other. What do you think the whole capitalist vs. commie business is, anyway?

  9. It’s politically correct to use the terms communists, Marxists, Bolsheviks and Soviets, but I prefer to use the most accurate label for these perpetrators: Ashkenazim. It took me a long time to realize it and courage to accept it, but it’s the common thread of historical subversion for hundreds of years. They likely invented the concept of subversion in the days of Babylon, along w/ their other primary weapon: money creation, lending and usury. Marx, himself, was Ashkenazi, as were a surprisingly high percentage of Bolshevik and Soviet movers and shakers; as were (paradoxically to the uninitiated) the elite of the Nazi party, particularly the SS and Gestapo. In modern times, no other nation exemplifies the ability to subvert than Israel, where “false flag” terrorism was perfected into an art form.

    1. ” (paradoxically to the uninitiated) the elite of the Nazi party, particularly the SS and Gestapo.”
      Ze Germans were fighting the communist hordes.
      It was the us bankers sending men and material (illegally, I might add) to the russians in the eastern front that bogged Ze Germans down. Even Adolph himself didn’t understand it if you listen to his only non publicized conversation on the matter.
      Once again its “wag the nazies” by someone without any idea what they are talking about.

      1. Hitler was a bastard grandson of the Rothschilds’ and was a british MI5 agent brainwashed at Tavistock. WWII was just a huge contrivance based on Theodore Herzl’s notion of needing a manufactured tragedy to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine, war profiteering, and mass killing of whites to reduce their numbers, and mass death (as the bankers are satantic and into that kind of thing).
        How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

        1. “Hitler was a bastard grandson of the Rothschilds’ and was a british MI5 agent brainwashed at Tavistock”
          Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.
          Hitler fought in world war I and won a medal (or five) for it.
          He was about as “brainwashed by tavistock” as I am a kosher butcher from queens.
          And the “tavistock” you speak of wasn’t founded until the 1960’s.
          More anti Hitler-kosher propaganda.

        2. That sums it up rather well, Ruckus. Seems like you’ve had the courage to scratch beneath the surface of things. Bravo. On the other hand, HomersGhost is still asleep, too lazy and far too reliant on Wikipedia et al for his historical compass. Shame that. I was probably in the same boat 12+ years ago…

        3. The forerunner to Tavistock was very alive and well during Hitler’s “lost year” in England. In fact, his sister and brother-in-law, who boarded him at the time while in the UK, had many interesting things to say about him leading up to WW2. I’m not pro- or anti-Hitler, but I’m savvy enough to realize that mainstream published info on the man is VERY likely to be inaccurate. And for all the interesting and useful things he did in the ’30s for Germany, it’s clear his primary mission near the end of WW2 was to lose the war and lose it badly. His decision at Dunkirk in 1940 really tipped his hat. It’s a fact that Hitler had numerous well-used body doubles, and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the real one was replaced sometime during the late ’30s or very early ’40s. The “older” Hitler certainly exhibited duplicitous behavior and acted and spoke contrary to the “younger” Hitler’s core values and beliefs. On the other hand, mind control techniques were quite well advanced at that time, and his very unorthodox doctor, Theodor Morell, could have been his handler or puppet master. I’m sure the truth will eventually come out when the current system gets rebooted, because WW2 was such a critical crossroads for modern history.

        4. You got it mixed up. He visited his half-brother Alois and sister-in-law Bridget (Irish).

        5. “The forerunner to Tavistock was very much alive and well during Hitler’s “lost time” in England.”
          What “lost time”?
          Please stick with something you can prove.
          Again, it is impossible to be brainwashed by “tavistock”
          A) Before it existed
          B) A rabid, intelligent German National hell bent on revenge for versailles.
          And again, only stupid people can be brainwashed.

        6. I stand corrected. Thank you. He had a biologically full sister, but stayed with his sister-in-law while he was in the UK. I’ll leave this comment and not correct my original comment above.
          Biographers hate his “UK vacation” and never mention it, but it did occur. There’s also some interesting links to other very prominent leaders during WW2 who likely were in London or actually at the facility during Hitler’s time there. Looks like WW2 was a giant charade — no wonder why they call it the Theater of War…

        7. If Hitler was replaced during his tenure, they’d have to duplicate the voice as well as the body. Theodor Morell could have used code words to access different parts of Hitler’s splintered personality, assuming there were no doubles used during the time of leadership (although they could have used a double to fake his death).
          It only takes one look at old Adolf to see he was troubled/distured/nuts; it’s right there in the eyes.

        8. Sounds like you might be familiar with Greg Hallett’s (Hitler was a British Agent) ideas?

  10. The author of the article forget that Marxism in North America early was infiltrated by the CIA and the FBI. So who is the conspiracy? Who steals the money.

  11. Excellent article. All of our social institutions (media, universities, government, etc) are under the control of Marxists, hence the ever-leftward drift and decline of Western Civilization.
    An interesting footnote: the DPRK began phasing out references to itself as “communist” in 1971, and has since explicated renounced Marxism-Leninism. Although the uniforms look similar to Soviet ones, Kim Il Sung consistently opposed Leftism in all its forms in the DPRK and elsewhere, even while calling himself “communist” (a shrewd geo-political move, considering DPRK’s neighbors). He constantly rips on the damage done by Leftism in his autobiography, and was highly suspicious of the USSR. DPRK did not join COMECON.

    1. Johnny Walker Black, breakfast of champions. Accept no substitues. – Christopher Hitchens.
      You can always try drinking like him, if you’ve got the dosh, and maybe a spare liver or two.

      1. Hitch had a legendary constitution with regard to drink and partying. He had a love for a “wrecked table” after a nite of boozing. Smoked most of his life and that ‘s what gave him, like his dad, esophageal cancer which did him in…

  12. Social justice warriors and the Soviet Union share strategies because both are descendents of Marxist ideology. The USSR built upon Marxism through Lenin’s concept of state enforced communism upon the masses, while today’s intentionally difficult to label as anything other than leftists are directly descended from the ideology of the Frankfurt school, an academic community of German and Jewish Marxist thinkers, sociologists and anthropologists who emigrated from Nazi Germany and began teaching in the US, particularly Columbia University, which has gone from the birthplace of the atomic age to the world capital of leftist ideology.
    In short, they were intensely reactionary against anything that meant Western civilization to them, since they had experienced the furthest right political system ever produced. They went on to promulgate the furthest left political ideas ever produced: that the building blocks of Western civilization ought to be mercilessly criticized, dismantled, and cleared away to prevent such events from ever happening and ‘make the world a better place’. For whatever reason, their idea of a better place is a communist society, and what were are living through now is the result of the ‘long march through the institutions’ that is so effective at impressing Marxist ideology upon young minds.
    Families are oppression. Men are evil and gender is a social construct. Race isn’t real but whites are evil. Capitalism is bad but somehow human beings won’t be greedy in a socialist or communist country. Nothing is the individual’s fault but that of structures in society.
    I think the greatest difference is that the Soviet Union educated the citizenry for utilitarian purposes, while social justice warriors would rather learn about how oppressed they should feel, instead of say, engineering, science, manufacturing, high art or literature…. Those are all very challenging disciplines of course!

  13. Hitchens was a free thinker. Even though I don’t agree (and prefer Peter) he was a free thinker.

  14. So the author is offended other people have freedom of speech but then asserts it’s good that he has freedom of speech?

    1. It depends on which “other people” specifically you mean, and what those said “other people” have in mind for the eventual fate of freedom of speech. Communist Russia and China were not exactly known for tolerating positions contrary to communist ideology. Put it this way: in which country was a group of people occupying a public space and protesting in favour of free speech and democracy rolled over with tanks?

      1. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean defending your right to speak rather it’s when you defend the right of someone you vehemently disagree with their right to speak.

        1. With respect, that’s Voltaire’s formulation. You can defend your own right to free speech.

  15. America is the world’s true communist powerhouse. China is not. China is socialist at best. Chinese people love money too goddamn much to embrace communism. What censorship they do have is to protect the basic moral sanity of its people / women. America could very well start using the censorship practiced by developing countries to shut down the degenerates in Hollywood. America has the most communist social practices and degenerate culture out of every country on earth.
    Of course the powers that be still feed it into your average Amerikwan’s head that places like China and Russia and Iran are filthy, patriarchal shitholes where people sell cat meat out of their hovels, when I could walk down the street and go sit in a Starbucks with a sparkling clean bathroom and happy families everywhere.

    1. Damn right, China’s always had the capitalist spirit, even long before capitalism was formalized as a concept

  16. Bezmenov died in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in 1993. Too bad he did not live longer.
    The main problem is the Education System. Marxism always remained strong within this system. As Bezmenov said, once a generation has been indoctrinated, it’s too late. You have to start working on the next generation to solve the problem.
    There is still a lot of work to be done in Canada, in the USA, and in many other countries.

  17. No one here seems to realize that the brainwashing tactics had been used both way around.
    Americans have been brainwashed to hate the marxists, to the point that marxism is synonym of “pure evil” in your language, while Russians were going through the exact same thing with “capitalism.
    Funny. We don’t have that “communism-socialism is pure evil” mentality in France. In fact, honnest communists and marxists, who really wanted to defend the workers against the banks, realized that they had more in common with the nationalists and begin to form alliances against the “liberal bourgeoisie”. This happened before World War I (Cercle Proudhon), and this is happening now again.
    The “socialist party” in France, is the home of the “liberal bourgeoisie”, just like your democrat party is.
    It seems to us that you use that terminology to describe everything which is wrong in your country, to the point that it doesn’t mean anything anymore.
    We have the opposite phenomenom in France, with “fascist”.
    Before world war

        1. Whenever American conservatives try to break away from “politics as usual” they fall into the libertarian trap, which is another tool of the global capitalist elite.
          If the US ever breaks the hold of the banking elites over our political system, it’ll come from the extreme left not the extreme right.
          The problem is that the leftwing in the US is tied into identity politics rather then national-class politics.

    1. The problem is, when government gets too big, it will always side with the banks and corporations against the average person. That is what the socialists don’t understand. They have a very schizophrenic relationship with big government. They don’t trust it. On the other hand they think that big government is the only way to achieve their aims: If they can only get their guys in there, everything will work out great for everyone. But the only ones it works out for are the banks, corporations and their cronies. It is in the nature of big government no matter who is “running” it.

  18. This is a timely article.
    There are a number of commentators on this site who voice many Marxist slogans without even being aware of it. This is how deep the indoctrination from our schools runs.
    I will say this; you don’t need to worry about OWS or any of these nutty little groups. You need to worry about the real socialists who have actually achieved power and run the US Govt, the British Govt and the EU.

  19. Unchecked state-sponsored capitalism just exploded the world economy and the problem is soviet foreign policy from 40 years ago?

  20. Ask me: do I take pleasure in reading such an exquisite article? Yes for the love of God I do ! Thank you Mark for writing down what we all felt, but could actually not put a finger at and name it. Thanks for this great research. Hope that this surface article will go deeper and deeper as truth is a must for evolution. Thanks again !

  21. I’ve heard of that Bezmenov guy who defected to the u.s. Funny thing is, he is dead but I can’t find anything online about how he died. all I can find are some sources saying he died in either ’93 or ’97 in canada, but don’t mention anything about how he may have died. and even more weird is that I can’t find anything online by anyone even wondering how he died. If I search “how did yuri bezmenov die” in quotes, on google, I will get virtually no hits. Not even someone on a forum asking “how did bezmenov die?” and not getting any responses. I find this very strange. It seems like if someone important like bezmenov died under unknown circumstances, people would atleast be asking “what happened to him?”

  22. The SJWs will eventually fail for the same reason the USSR failed: not enough producers and too many takers. Pretty much where we are going in this country, too. The question is will they fail before or after they drag the whole country down with them? Only time will tell.

    1. The endgame of the equalist is puritan, ideological purges
      When they’re left with no oppressor to struggle against, they start looking for ‘counter-revolutionaries”, turning on their own because that’s the only thing they know how to do

      1. The histories of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc, show us that after the Progressives/Communists achieve power the first people to be liquidated are the useful idiots.

      2. The goal is for them to become the oppressor. They promise the plebs “equality” for all, so the plebs put them in power. Now they need someone to “enforce” that equality, right? Boom, a new elite is formed. It’s a bullshit strategy to pole vault themselves into the position of power. The enforcers of equality become the elites, just like in Russia, while the old elites are robbed and destroyed.

  23. I´m from germany and i can tell you that it´s just bad here in terms of social justice stuff. Right now every conservative point of view you have is labeled as extreme right = nazi! When you argue against gender bullshit and faggotry in general you are a nazi. And they have labeled people like that in prominent TV shows already and what that means for your live is pretty simple. You are unemployed and are a nazi in the eyes of the public. I can give you hundreds of examples so i can just give you support in not bowing down to the “left” side. We here in germany cant realy do anything because of the world war 2. It´s just that bad yes! So whatever you say right now that is conservative or patriotic is = nazi! They have established an atmosphere of only one public oppinion and that is always be left and tolerant. So please guys dont forget you have a much better position as we here. When you are patriots you have a chance at least!
    Good luck guys in the fight against the age of faggots and cultural marxist!

    1. We here in germany cant realy do anything because of the world war 2. It´s just that bad yes!
      I imagine so, but from what I can tell, the leftoid stranglehold didn’t really take full control of Germany until the Revolution of ’68.
      Hope it loosens its grip soon, though.

      1. Thanks but i am not optimistic at all. The problem is that our so called “conservatives” are sell outs. Our church leaders are promoting the idea of gender openly on their website (gender studies for christians wtf!), our conservatives in the ministry for family and education are for gender. It´s just everywhere and gender shit is the most dangerous tool for them because they brainwash a complete generation of young germans. People who speak for family traditions (which was totaly ok just a few years ago) are now christian fundamentalist and nazis more or less. Germany is done and honestly, i feel more russian as a german as a german right now. Not because i support everything the russians do but because they use their brain when it comes to fucking up children and so called progressive brainwash. There are vocal people in our political establshment who say germans are nothing but foreigners with a german ID…. i mean… what guy in the right mind votes for his own self destruction!

  24. Actually the article isn’t perfect. Communism is evil and dangerous, that’s true, but not in the way the article describes. Subversion is not as scary as the fear of subversion which tons of Americans are very prone to (due to certain cultural specifics). The point of enemy infiltration on a society/nation level is not to overthrow/steal/kill/create havoc, etc., but to make the target weaken itself by acting irrationally and therefore become less protected from an actual threat. Paralysis by fear (helplessness), overreaction due to fear (violence, arming up), and escape from imaginary things one fears (migration) are the true goals of enemy infiltration tactics.
    America however is pretty immune to these things due to both culture and American way of living, so take it easy guys, stay cool and enjoy life.

  25. Alas, communism is like weed in a garden, you can never fully eradicate it.

    “Rome cut off the heads of Christians and they continued to reappear one way or another. Something similar happens with Marxists.” — Augusto Pinochet

  26. The occutard movement was never politically neutral. It was started by communist operatives.

  27. Very many thanks for including the Christopher Hitchens speech. Listening to him is like discovering an oasis in the desert.
    Defending free speech is tough. Everyone is uncomfortable to some extent with allowing that liberty to those who seek to enslave or destroy what we are. To most people reading this, such enemies are Marxists in their different guises and Islamist zealots. In a free society such threats would be countered with effective argument, spoken freely and heard freely.
    But the West is no longer free and those who still believe in free speech must guard their words. The light of freedom has gone out – all over the world. When Hitchens said what he did in that speech he was already at risk of prosecution and he knew it. There is no country left in the West in which people are free to say what they think if it is offensive to what their State has, in recent decades, deemed to be correct and each year the parameters of correct thought and action shrink further.
    Kenneth Clark’s epic television series, “Civilization”, began with an episode named “The Skin of our Teeth”, in which he described the Dark Age of Europe and how knowledge and literacy was reduced for a while to a few isolated monastic communities surviving at the fringes of the continent. I see a parallel with the internet, where the embers of what was once the West’s Enlightenment, virility and strength are preserved in sites like this. Our mass media have fallen and our centres of education are falling, so we must keep it going. Fight on and never give in, until the world is ready again. It will come. One day, it will come.

  28. Fantastic post. Nearly everything this soviet man talked about has come true. The Marxists really are successfully undermining the United States. Of course, if you were to rant about the Marxists the average person would think you were crazy. Just shows how effective the propaganda has been.

  29. A solid article. Keep inspiring young minds with the courage to stand up to leftist ideologues.

  30. I learned about Yuri Bezmenov around ’08. I wish I’d read about him sooner. Learning what Active Measures (Psychological Warfare Model) and False Flag Operations were is what constituted my “red pill” experience.
    This is an amazing article for sharing this!!!! I wish we could take over Cable Networks and broadcast this story to the Nation in hopes of waking up millions of slumbering Americans.

  31. Holy shit! This was one of the scariest things I’ve ever read. No, the USA did NOT win the Cold War. Communism won, and it is destroying the West and will destroy the entire world. It’s no wonder I’m addicted to everything political and yet it’s eating away at my ability to hope. It is the most evil ideology the world has ever known, rivaled only by Aztec paganism. The only place I can think of that it is somewhat safe from it is Japan, but I don’t know much about the effects of Communism in that country.

  32. Don’t forget that the plan was to discard any of the SJW (Gulag, mass grave…) as soon as the Party takes power.
    Even them knew those scumbags are too damaged to be let alone

  33. Thank you for removing the ban.
    One question,
    How many of the men here realize that when another country, attacks your country, even if it just by undermining your moral codes and values, how do you call that ?
    You call that infiltration.
    You call that espionage.
    You call that an act of war.
    Rusia is undergoing a war with USA since the 80’s, but american people don’t ,,see” as well as they should.
    How about some training to see the clandestine war?
    How about it folks?

    1. The globalist elite has been at war with the US since WW2. Russia is our ally, not our adversary.

      1. ,,Russia is our ally, not our adversary.”
        And Putin is a great leader right ?
        The Marxism flows through this one.
        Brainwashing is complete.
        You do realize that you’re talking about a country that got Kennedy killed and that hates everything America ever stood for.
        But your rational view of today’s Russia doesn’t include yesterday’s Russian views on American policy, laws and people.
        You just love the killer’s smile, while he’s stabbing you in your skull.

        1. Kennedy was killed by the CIA and LBJ, if anyone other than Oswald. The Globalists hate everything America ever stood for. The Globalists hate Russia as well. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

        2. You need to study up a bit, friend.
          You’re off by a mile.
          The Globalists of which you speak of all have roots in Russia and Israel.

  34. I agree about your impression of the blank eyes, but I am always skeptical about such statements.. Does she really look that way all the time or was it just a snapshot? I bet you could get a photo of myself looking like that if you keep pushing the photo trigger.

  35. The only war I see is importing of illegals and every third world getto person on this planet. If you think that is going to be a good outcome for your kids when the pie keeps shrinking. think again. We are on our way with libs and stupid followers of liberals leading us over the cliff.

  36. On my site I have been fisking a book by an early SJW named Corliss Lamont who was absolutely fascinated by the Socialist Paradise of Diversity and Equality that was the USSR. Nothing that today’s SJWs do is different from what their stunted intellectual forebears were saying sixty years ago. Everything from the “benefits” of diversity, gender equality, liberalism, and socialism to apologies for the worst sorts of people, provided that they agreed with the SJW line. See for yourself

  37. I call all Hillary supporters nazis right off the bat. Never give them the chance to get the upper hand. Never try to rationalize with them. They are nazis, and never let them forget it.

  38. You have to understand another thing. Communists HATED leftists. At best, they saw them as usefull idiots, at worse, as puppets of their ‘progressive’ ennemies.
    In the ex-USSR, the teaching system was very solid. There was no multi cultural nonsense. (or not in the way we have it now). There was a great deal of propaganda, of course, but to reinforce the system (not to weaken it).
    And the core science teaching was top notch. USSR economic system was lame and prevent them to become the first superpower, but their scientists were among the bests.

  39. Its going down right now comey is a smokescreen. Read the wikileaks! Watch them give hillary the election. Pardons all around!

  40. Back in the early 80s I did a tour on Embassy Duty. My first post, right out the gate was Moscow. I was there from 1981 to 1982. To say that the experience made a major impression on me would be an understatement.
    I was a child of the Cold War, I remember the air raid drills in school, Vietnam was going hot and heavy then. I grew up knowing that communism was some vague “bad thing”. By the time I left Moscow in 1982, I knew that it was evil incarnate. I left Moscow with the conviction that the only thing that the communist manifesto was good for was wiping your ass on, and the only thing communists were good for was live target practice.
    We’re talking about a system that in less than a century put 140 to 150 million souls in mass graves. Mind you, I’ve heard the numbers as high as 175 to 200 million, trying to keep it conservative here (what’s a few million, here and there, right?). This is a system that has never produced anything besides, famine, mass-murder, misery, poverty, totalitarian police states and thoroughly crushed and cowed people that they produce (those that manage to dodge the mass-graves).
    The useful idiots that think they are bringing on the “brave new world” or the “utopia on earth”, “social and economic justice” are bad enough (you really can’t fix stupid). What I find unforgivable are those that know what they are trying to bring, that’s WHY they are trying to bring it. They see themselves as members of the ruling class of this “fraternal socialist paradise” they intend to bring.
    That system is a reeeaaaalllll cool gig for they guys that get to run things, not so much for everyone else. We’re talking absolute power and no accountability. This is really attractive to the non-entities of the world. Those that can’t, don’t, won’t, never could and ain’t likely ever to. The chronically aggrieved, the failures, the sociopaths, the psychopaths and narcissists, the losers that everyone mocked or ignored, those that have a grudge against the world at large and want all the rest of us to feel their pain, those that fervently believe that the world just won’t recognize their brilliance. They flock to it like flies to shit.
    All that it really requires of them is slavish obedience, zero deviation from the party line. No real ability is required, and the party will take care of you. They move up the food chain and get power, then they can make “them” pay for every imagined “slight” they endured in their miserable, irrelevant lives.
    All that said, are we surprised that our SJWs have embraced it all?

  41. Meanwhile in Canada…Bill C-16 – jail time for REFUSING to use someone’s “preferred pronouns”; illegal to “intentionally or unintentionally” offend lgbt. Petition to support Dr. Peterson, a professor standing up for free speech:
    Another petition that may be of interest, against Bill 28 removing “mother” and “father” from law:

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