11 Ways To Survive A Media Shitstorm

In an age not long ago, today’s faults of the human condition were destined to become tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappings at the local fast food establishment. Unless, of course, you had a nosy neighbor who could be bothered to retrieve your misdeeds from an archived microfiche of government records.

Unfortunately in this decade, anyone’s infractions are forever scorched into the Google mainframe. Unless one employs the services of a reputation management firm (a minimum spend of several thousand dollars—annually) or decides to post all comments on social media as LOLZ CATZ instead of one’s real name, the chances of failings being relegated to page three of Google are somewhat slim.

Recently I was embroiled in a nasty work scandal. While my indiscretions were relatively minor (a few off-handed emails), because they involved a female coworker AND the police were eventually called in, the situation quickly escalated into a “trial by media.” Charges were laid against me but in the end were later dropped once the truth came out and female witnesses recanted their “version” of events (once they had been caught lying).

Unfortunately for me, the details of the case (the woman’s indiscretions of adultery and borderline criminal malpractice) never saw the light of day in the MSM and I was labelled a misogynistic bully by the press. It should come as no surprise to ROK readers that in today’s click-bait driven churnalism of the 24-hour news cycle, the truth is the first sacrifice at the altar of the press.


Self explanatory……

After experiencing firsthand the impact of being named and shamed by the MSM, I have the following advice in case you ever find yourself in these personally hazardous, tabloid waters. ROK has touched on this topic before in a slightly different manner, but I hope you can learn from my personal experience.

1. Immediately close your social media accounts


If you can foresee that your name will be reported on — shut down your social media accounts indefinitely. The media have lowly paid interns whose sole job is to be some aspiring “cub” reporter who will not even think twice about spending their entire weekend(s) trolling through your online presence.

That off hand joke from 2009 about the difference between a woman and a washing machine, it will be dredged up and used against you.

2. Remember that women are pure as the driven mud


In the initial stages of a news story, the press are out to paint a good vs. evil narrative. The aggrieved woman always has the moral high ground, regardless of any called out behavior. Accept that because a woman is involved—you will be the “bad guy”.

Also be prepared to read false media statements with varying levels of “truth” amongst the paragraphs. The media will always side with a woman—especially with the misogyny agenda thrown in for good measure. If you are a privileged white male, then you are fucked from the beginning.

3. Once your name is out there, expect an avalanche of social media hate

Spidey images

Ring Spiderman…..

Once my name was mentioned in the news, it opened up a floodgate of anonymous bile and vomit. You’d better have a thick skin. I enacted a self-imposed media blackout to avoid being caught up in the mental bullshit.

4. Make preparations to walk from your job or have it taken from you


I was suspended on full pay. However, in the end the situation was untenable. I decided to walk instead of dealing with the crap. Granted I had sent off the (private) email—despite the intent behind it (calling out her bullshit), there was no recourse for career progression within the company after that.

Mentally preparing yourself for an exit will lessen the shock if the decision comes down. Spare me the misplaced rhetoric about being a good employee with years of tireless service—HR simply doesn’t give a fuck about you.

Please don’t be pathetic and beg for your job . Only sad, beta orbiters carry on like pussies. If HR have raised the issue with you, it’s only a matter of time before you go. Better to walk out on your own terms with what dignity you have left.

5. ALWAYS have a back up plan


Whether that be a side business, investment portfolio, or a year’s salary in the bank. If you only have your weekly paycheck to fall back on — you’re fucked. In the end, no one owes you a job and don’t expect a company to be looking out for YOUR needs.

If you don’t believe me, swap the word “football player” for “employee” and you’ll see what I mean. The best security is your own business that no one can fire you from. Never be beholden to anyone.

6. Expect to be surprised by who will blacklist you and who will support you

Docility. (I swear this isn't a fetish of mine.)

One of the nuances of the human condition was that I found that supposed supportive colleagues of many years immediately sided with the “aggrieved” female (typical thirsty beta, white knight orbiter bullshit) while hostile business acquaintances from other firms (who I had been in fierce competition with) gladly sat down to hear my side of the story.

You never know who your supporters are and where they will come from. Remember these people and truly thank them (a business dinner out, a nice corporate gift) after the dust settles.

7. Never explain, never complain to the media—you will only look like a pussy


Remember that the media can manipulate a saint into a sinner (and vice versa), so if you are already offsides with the predetermined MSM narrative, any sulks or cries of injustice will be met by more misreporting and bias.

While you can (foolishly) agree to a media interview and bleat away your side of the story (the SJWs only want to see you cry), be prepared to be muted in the final cut while the reporter shit-cans you. Better to soldier on and not give a flying fuck what the journalists are writing about you. Never give them the satisfaction of seeing you sweat.

The only rebuttal to this is if you have far more damaging, irrefutable evidence to give the MSM. It had better be concrete evidence and far more scandalous. To quote Frank Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards, “When you’re fresh meat, kill and throw them something fresher.”

8. Dress well for your court date or any encounters with the media


If you know you are going to be filmed by the media (and you can’t avoid them), you may as well look good. This may be the one time you need to wear that expensive suit. Better to have that one immortalized picture on Google looking dapper as opposed to having your left nut hanging out in your favorite shorts and sporting a “Bros before Hoes” t shirt.

Oh and don’t be a wimp and run away from the media cameras or put your hand in front of your face—it only serves to make you look weak and out of control of the situation. Remember that although the camera crews may call you names or prod you for a response, this will be edited out. The only thing that the viewers will see is any emotional reaction you give them—that’s how the game works, so don’t fall for it.

9. Operation YOYO (You’re On Your Own)

Apart from yourself, don’t be surprised if no one gives a flying fuck about your situation. People have their own shit to deal with and they definitely don’t have time for yours. While close friends and family will be there to listen to your tough times, don’t harp on about it. No one likes a victim past the one day of wearing some bullshit, tokenistic “awareness ribbon.”

Though the outpouring of rage may seems enormous, it is really only 10% of professional outragers that want to leave some troll comment and get back to Jezebel for their latest, daily dose of being pissed off. Sheeple love to be outraged and the MSM feeds that desire. Also going through life as a victim is no way to live. Victims are simply people who cannot deal with tough times.

10. Don’t get into bad habits

rock bottom

Don’t ever let it get this far.

Yes, you may be pissed off and hating the world. Remember, feelings are temporary and only you can choose the narrative going on inside your head. Now is not the time to be angry at the traffic cop, your family, or the world in general. Also don’t try to self medicate by excessively hitting the alcohol or other unsavory vices.

Too many people that get mired in scandal succumb to the “cobra effect” or law of unintended consequences. In summary it means that the tapestry of their life starts to unravel in ways they never thought could happen. Get a mental grip on yourself and take back your life.

11. Realize that life goes on

Happy Alone

After what seemed like an eternity, the event was over and I had arrived somewhere—ten pounds lighter, more educated, and I had landed a new job with a rival firm with great prospects of advancement. There definitely is opportunity in adversity. You just have to see it instead of having a navel-gazing pity party.

The famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl who survived Auschwitz under the most horrible of conditions, noted that there was dignity in suffering. Whilst I would never compare my first world problems to his, his book “Mans Search for Meaning” put my troubles into perspective. Whatever term you use, remember, the sun eventually shines on all of us.


The mainstream media’s caravan of shit will eventually move on to newer stories in their relentless thirst for destroying peoples lives. Don’t ever take it personally and don’t ever give them the satisfaction of seeing your life suffer.

Control your attitudes and habits and learn to ride the wave of adversity to opportunity. When I was ambushed by a roving reporter after the charges were dropped, when asked how I was dealing with the scandal, my (only) sound bite was, “My life is better than ever.”

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  1. This is harrowing. I’m glad it turned out well for you though. One other thing men should remember is that this is the way the world is. The world doesn’t turn this way just because you are accused – it’s lying in wait right now, biding its time till it fucks you up. Those “friends” who will desert you – they aren’t your friends now. That job that won’t give a fuck about you – they don’t give a fuck now. The media that will slander and libel you for profit – they’re doing it to other men right now. See the world as it is. Act accordingly.

    1. “The media that will slander and libel you for profit”
      Makes you pine of the days of print media where these creatures known as “editors-in-chief” determined what was newsworthy. The internet is now nothing but click bait driven tabloid news. Smart people dont decide whats important, the humanoid/ham n egger crowd does. More hits equals more ad revenue. Kardashian’s ass is driving revenue, what happens when this bubble bursts?

    2. You speak truth. I borrow trouble by dwelling on it sometimes, but on the other hand, I’m glad I woke up at 30 and discovered that the machine is unforgiving.

  2. just curious: what happened to you? how were the females caught lying? is there any summary of events somewhere?

  3. Excellent article. Interestingly enough if you think about it, most of the things you said regarding that topic can also be applied when breaking up with a woman. One thing we should all remember in times of difficulty is that survival is the priority. Stop giving a shit about others, think for yourself and act for yourself. At the end of the tunnel there is always light.

  4. I was too red pill for this site so I got banned.
    Roosh needs a red pill enema.

    1. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY??? I get pretty wild here and I haven’t been banned yet and I can’t post anywhere anymore because of my UID. Need a new motherboard. If you are more red pill than I am we should be drinking buddies!

      1. I deliberately went nuts on here to see if I would get banned originally, and never got banned.

  5. What a stellar article. Belongs right beside RoK’s “how to survive a modern day witch hunt”. I sure would like more details about the cunt hunters. I was set upon in 2010 over an email and just didn’t realize what happened till I read the above referenced article. Glad you survived – I did not.

      1. I would love to share my story as a real warning to others. However, typing it out on my little phone is difficult. I use outside computers that block the RoK website because of “inappropriate” content (go figure!). It was so toxic that I had the good sense to record a pivotal conversation with the Human Rights Specialist of a large healthcare corporation. What these people will go through to hide the lies and rot is astounding. In 2013 this lying skank whore won an award for being a great person and humanitarian. I almost lost my mind. Thank you for wanting to know.

        1. I was also in a situation like that. The girl that accused me of being abusive to her got a free month of paid vacation and I got a year of the department breathing down my neck. Eventually I left kuz I couldn’t handle the bullshit anymore.

        2. All that silliness over one woman, For most women, Barefoot and pregnant and in the Kitchen is where they belong, keeps the Drama out of the Work zone.

        3. No shit… the case continues to build that Toronto is the worst city in North America for men.
          I posted it just a couple days ago that my current employer (prof at OCAD) is being accused of being too “aggressive” to one of his students. He has been very stressed out about it but wont give any details. I’m assuming it is some similar BS that this article is talking about.
          I remember when I was in it I felt like I had gone completely insane. It’s not you man, the workplace will bend over backwards to prevent a women from feeling even the slightest bit dissatisfied.

        4. Ontario man, a pit of hell if there has ever been one. Liberals had the helm for way too long over there, now every SJW, apologist, “free spirits” etc, is paraded as a God/Goddess/whatever.

        5. I recall you posting awhile back about some white knight mangina with a blue haired landwhale of a wife telling you how he got someone fired for posting a racist comment online, (with a smug look on his face) and that months later that same mangina fucked you over. Same instance?

        6. That is correct.
          Here is the summary of the story if you’re interested. This “friend” of mine snaked me by getting involved with my gf of 4 years who worked in the same department as us. To deflect the situation she accused me of being an “abusive bf.” I got trolled and questioned by the department regarding the “situation.” The people at work started asking me shit like if I beat her up and I was on the radar ever since anytime a female colleague complained about anything. I started to think I was going insane.
          Luckily for me this “friend” of mine quit his position immediately, ignored my phonecalls, and moved away.
          My ex managed to secure her victim status but continued to try and get back together with me ever since. No joke she messaged me yesterday with some stupid bullshit that I obviously just ignored. This all happened two years ago.
          From this I discovered the “red-pill” and now I realize that I see this kind of shit everywhere. If it was just some dumb job I would have just left but I needed to finish the program, it was career focused and I couldn’t just throw away years of effort before I finished. To an outsider this stuff probably sounds like exaggeration but that only shows how messed up things are getting.

        7. The people at work started asking me shit like if I beat her up
          Is asking this question even legal? They arent the police.
          Maybe its time for men to become as litigious as women

        8. When you say “got involved” do you mean she was banging that co worker of yours? Or was he just whispering in her ear to get you into trouble with your boss?
          Either way I’ve seen the favoritism towards women and liberal pussies in the god awful corporate workforce. After my last cubicle gig I swore off all such future jobs. I work for myself now and I am way happier for it.
          What I really hated about cubicle gigs? The passive aggressive emails from people sitting 3 feet away from you. The corporate doublespeak bullshit pissed me off as well…
          Any use of the word “let’s” = YOU. Only in the negative context of course/
          “We wear a lot of hats here” = We expect you to do shit that isn’t your job
          This was in the insurance field mind you, so any “reviews” we were subject to usually ridiculed us for not saving the company more money, even if we were pushed to the fucking wall and saved all we could, and they KNEW as much. The assholes still felt the need to drive the point home about hitting better “goals” which exist only in the imagination of some faggot adjuster.
          Insurance work? NEVER AGAIN!
          Oh and I want to punch anyone who ends an email with “please advise” in their smug fucking face.

        9. I knew a woman who would fire off passive aggressive email to her underling- and she sat about 18 inches away lol

        10. It’s usually the women, and the beta males in mid management. Mid management is where betas thrive. They get all the satisfaction of bossing people around (they’ve usually been waiting their entire life to do so) while still being under the firm thumb of their feminist overlords in HR.
          I can recall a few instances where rather than reply to such an email I would get up and walk over to the person who sent it and address it with them directly. They usually looked kind of shocked that someone would, you know, prefer face to face contact with someone sitting a few feet away. It’s no wonder I didn’t last longer than a few years. The whole field is based on bullshit manipulation, inside and out.
          I also hated the faux friendships people would form there. It’s obvious nobody gives two shits about anyone else in that atmosphere, as evidenced by people constantly throwing each other to the HR wolves. Yet when they walk in it’s all smiles and “good mornings” GOD I hate cubicle gigs.!

        11. I don’t know the full extent of their affair (like I’m going to believe her version of the story) but it was enough that he quit without saying a word to me.
          The doublespeak bs is ridiculous. All the passive aggressive underhandedness. Plain speech is not allowed period. Same here man I can’t go back to that kind of environment unless I have enough “fuck you” money to walk at any point.
          Right now I’m working multiple jobs half blue-collar half-white collar but I still see white-knighting everywhere. At least this way things wont just crash if I lose one gig.

        12. Unfortunately white knighting has become the norm. It’s embittering to see “men” in such a state but what can be done? Honestly I could look back on that job and think that if I had just fallen in line and not been a “trouble maker” (their words, referring to some off handed jokes that ruffled some feathers) then maybe I could have a nice insurance career on my hands. But that’s just not me. I’m not a pussified PC beta and I don’t plan to change that anytime soon, money and career be damned.
          One can only dream that the white knights get what’s coming to them. I firmly believe that they will, one way or another. The precious snowflakes they worship will eventually “reward” them with being cucked. Hopefully that’s enough to get rid of the white knight gene in a generation or two.

        13. Canada is the land of milk and honey. And maple syrup. You don’t turn your back on it so easily.

        14. Was it wrong that I just assumed that everyone from this site was American? Never would have thought I’d be living in a hotbed of Red Pill action in the Great White North.

        15. Men, women from all over the world read this site. Excellent articles that spurred me on to finally get up and leave my situation. Scared as hell, but I’m doing it.

        16. Congrats on the revelation and your break to freedom. So where exactly is this promised land in the US? Obviously not Florida. Dear god, not Florida….
          Perhaps some kind of cabin in the woods of Oregon? Some kind of survival training camp in rural Idaho? I imagine the options are limitless. All 50 of them.

        17. Character assassination. That is as low as any life form, let alone human being, can get.
          CK, I have to commend you for your resilience. Many men, successful and unsuccessful alike, in similar situations to yours, have/would have broken down to an extent that no science, medicine, or faith could possibly rescue them.
          That is the fight most men in Western civilization face – guilty until proven innocent, against a shape-shifting, insidious and ever present enemy.

        18. If I didn’t have my family and a handful of good friends I honestly doubt I would have bounced back. I would probably have ended up in a dead end gig drinking and being a screwball like so many young guys I know.
          Finding the manosphere and discovering similar stories also helped tremendously.
          I have to admit though I haven’t been quite the same ever since. I’ve become a bit more cynical because of it. If you can avoid the traps of blue-pill living, like putting too much faith in the good will of others, it’s probably better to just altogether avoid the damning feeling that is betrayal.

        19. I have been in that mindset, when I didn’t care whether I lived or died, whether I was free or in jail. Not in a suicidal sense – just an anger so strong, bitter and primal it took all my will not to unleash it towards others. Much of it turned inward against me. But in a way that anger kept me going.
          If I was to let it loose on a man who committed extreme betrayal against me, I would not stop until one of us were dead. Here is the freedom of having nothing left to lose. And if I die so be it – I take my honour and integrity intact with me.
          I didn’t act on my instincts because I was pulled back by one of those rare male friends who understood the meaning of trust, pride and honour, and the struggle I faced. I was thankful.
          Most of us only need to find our own way to channel these instincts into something productive. That is the real mission in life in my opinion.

        20. I agree with you on that.
          You can allow your drives to churn you in circles through your own shit or you can channel them to propel you upward.
          Your baser drives wont help you and you have to get out of the cycle. It takes an act of will.
          I was in the exact same mindset as you and to this day I still can’t believe my behaviour at that time looking back. I’m generally a very peaceful diplomatic guy. I prefer good humour and to just agree to disagree rather than get into an exhausting conflict.
          But at this particular period of my life, with my career hanging by a thread, the social humiliation, and the intense grief of heartbreak, I was ready to press this “friend’s” face into concrete. It’s this weird state you get into when you’ve been treated unfairly and you have nothing left to lose. You feel like you’re on your own and you go into this kind of feral mode. Our society keeps everyone basically under control and busy but bubbling underneath are all kinds of savage drives. If one threatens a man in a way that cuts to that primal core, it’s no surprise if someone gets hurt. Survival mode kicks in.

  6. There’s a media attack on that dumb asshole broad from ESPN now, Britt McHenry. If she had been a male he would have been terminated immediately. Instead, one week suspension. Dumb.

      1. Their unhappy because, the promises of Feminism have turned to Lies but they still want to believe, even in their mid 30’s their convincing themselves the Fairytale ending is still attainable.Imagine how happy these women would have been if feminism hadn’t poisoned their Minds and they lived the Traditional Role of woman.

      2. I watched the video of her and I was laughing at the attitude coming out of her mouth. It was like watching a little child whine about not getting dessert.

        1. She’s been pedestalized all her life because she’s a white female who isn’t a fat pig in america. All she has to do is show up and assert her superiority over other less desirable females and she gets her way. In her mind she doesn’t ever deserve to get towed because she’s pretty, and if she does there should be a beta male chump to offer to pay for the towing fees in the name of “chivalry”.
          Its a double standard for men and women. There’s no such thing as bad publicity for an attractive female. They get a pussy pass.

        2. We are #2 now. Mexico now has the most fatty-boom-bah-latties in the world.

        3. You can thank NAFTA and Big Ag selling their high-fructose corn syrup down there for that.

      3. Can you briefly summarize this situation? I’m unfamiliar with it, but I can tell just by her pic that she can get away with murdering her own children if she wanted to. Because you know, “depression” and all that.

      4. Every picture of her screams entitled bitch.
        I hate female sports “reporters” as they’re attention whores who only have such a job courtesy of affirmative action.

        1. Yep, hot until you are hating her because you are now paying half of your income to her or she’s got you in court on trumped up charges of abuse, rape, etc…
          This one has crazy written all over it. Give it a few years – with experience you’ll catch on – until then be careful.

    1. ESPN is probably the worst thing that ever happened to sports. We just had what was arguably the greatest superbowl ever between two powerhouse teams. What are we listening to in the 2 weeks leading up to the game? Some cockamamie witchhunt about the balls being under league mandated psi pressure in a 42-7 blowout AFCCG. Any engineer with a HS school level understanding of ideal gas law figured could figure out the cause in less than 10 minutes. ESPN tries to spin this as the equivalent of the Lindbergh kidnapping and trots out all these broke, washed up athletes pushing some kind of “moral outrage” narrative.
      It’s beyond insane.

      1. ESPN is 24 hr sports. That means they have to have shit to talk about. They basically ran out of legitimate sports to broadcast so they talk bullshit to fill time.

    2. The best part is #TeamBritt is already trying to paint her as the victim of the evil towing company. #PussyPassStrikesAgain

    3. I kinda hate ESPN too. I don’t even watch sports anymore unless its playoffs (or maybe a few highlight reels on the web). The only decent thing on ESPN is 30 for 30 documentaries (its not so bad I think). The rest of the time, is just redundant fluff to fill in the time slots.

      1. I agree.
        ’30 for 30′ is a bright spot amidst the darkness. Around my parts, JoeBucsFan gets off on referring to the channel as “BSPN,” which seems apt for the most part.

      2. Unfortunately, the series has been tainted with its “9 for 9” series edition.

  7. The red pill trinity.
    3.Race realist
    If you’re not all three of these then you have failed.

    1. HA! HA! HA! So now YOU”RE making the rules?!? I fucking hate atheists more than I do religious nutters! If I’m a failure then you are a loser…

      1. Can’t believe you replied to that comment – it makes no sense (the Bill comment, that is).

        1. Sorry, I just can’t abide Nihilists. Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism at least it’s an ethos…

    2. Ever wondered why feminists hate religion so much? It’s because the red pill truths of religion, especially those about the difference between men and women and their respective roles, knocks the shit out of them. By resorting to atheism, the society only gives more power to them.
      Moreover don’t be repelled by religion. Don’t rely on how the blue pill society interprets religion for you. Search it and find out for yourself. For me, Christianity, seems to be the utter red pill truth, and its prophecies so true of the modern world.
      However, it’s my belief and I don’t enforce it on others. There’s no hard and fast rule on who is a red pill man and who is not where religious and atheist ideologies are concerned. Whether one uses religion or evolution to consider the differences between men and women and their division of labor, we come to the same conclusion, that women are naturally suited to bring up children while the man must be the provider.
      Moreover, I have conducted some passion driven self study on the theories of evolution and creation, and they seem to be quite compatible. So at the end, truth itself will jump towards you if you are operate with a red pill mindset. Atheist or religious: It doesn’t matter.

    3. “The red pill trinity.
      In 2013, the atheist PZ Myers ( http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/04/in_seattle_pz_m070861.html ) declared:
      “If we’re going to expand our base and we’re going to draw in more people to recognize the virtues of living in a secular world, we need to appeal to more than just that geek and nerd subset of the population. We need to have a wider base. …I seriously believe that we’re on the cusp of a crisis. We’re not there yet but it’s looming in front of us. Will we adapt and thrive and change the world? Or will we remain an avocation for a prosperous and largely irrelevant subset of the population? Will we become something more than a scattered society of internet nerds? That’swhat we have to do.”
      In response, Evolution News and Views wrote:
      “A crisis looms, in Myers’s view, because he looks around himself and sees a not very promising basis for a mass movement. He’s right. There is indeed a quality of geeky isolation from reality, common sense, and the fullness of life that I see as a motif in atheist and Darwin activism alike.”

    4. Atheism removes the burden of morality, as mortality and immortality in punishment or in paradise are no longer in the balance of existence. So, really, not so much.

  8. The importance of not talking to the media cannot be overstated. Every word you say breathes new life in the story.
    Look at all the false rape accusations thrown at Bill Cosby. He refuses to address them. Eventually the story dies down and life moves on.

    1. Check out this story. People are starting to learn that bitches form groups to start false rape accusations.

      1. Why aren’t these accusers identified by their full names. These are public posts.

  9. NEVER apologize for your actions. It will do nothing but chum the sharks. Even if you are sincerely sorry for something you did never publicly apologize for it. By doing so, you will just be making yourself look like a pussy and also keeping your story in the news for at least one more cycle.

    1. That’s what they want. It makes you look guilty and the end result will be the same.NEVER apologize!

  10. A good article.
    I went through a period a long time ago, where in the space of 2 months, I got sacked from a job with no reason given, got effectively dumped by my girlfriend of 3 years, found out my mum had cancer, and had to pay back a student debt of several thousand bucks…. taking my balance to zero.
    As he put it – life goes on. Shit happens, and it usually happens all at once.
    I found the key to keeping my life going was..
    1. Talk to friends and family as often as possible. Don’t shut yourself away, and you will also find out who your friends really are
    2. Exercise and sleep well. Don’t get fat, and don’t stay up all night watching porn.
    Pull through it, and learn your lessons, and things will get better… like it did for me.

    1. ” . . . don’t stay up all night watching porn.”
      That’s why God invented Master and Commander.

    2. Glad you pulled yourself together. Looking at such a situation from a third person’s perspective, every red pill man should be supportive of another man that he sees being subjected to the media’s witch hunt. Perhaps you own a business, and the wounded man comes to you for a job? If he satisfies the skills required, as a red pill man, knowing fully how the world screws men, I would give him the job, and not shy away from him in a fear of contaminating my reputation. While the wronged man has to pull himself out of the shit, at this point, any man who helps him is doing him an immense favor. As red pill men, we need to stick out for each other, and give confidence to other red pill men to do the same.

      1. What’s really sick with MSM is that if a man is vilified from a false accusation and another man or organization gives him another chance, MSM will vilify them too. Guilty by association.
        It’s like when a guy breaks up with his girlfriend. She will do whatever to destroy him and slams his next girlfriend.

        1. Also amusing, these are the same retards that will prattle on endlessly about “rehabilitation” and giving second chances to some of the most revolting convicts around. For the record, I also believe in second chances – when they are merited. But these folks are rank hypocrites who will defend a multiple-award pedophile while simultaneously insisting that a man’s life be forever ruined for an off color joke.

        2. You’re right. The organization could be accused of “harboring the rapist”! Consequently many female employees may leave the that organization because they are “concerned for their safety”. Many beta men could also leave because they are too afraid of what people will say if they keep working on. Technically the organization given the wronged man a chance could be in shambles.
          However, if it’s a rich organization and is giving handsome paychecks to it’s employees, chances are that they will think ten times before leaving their jobs. When a man falsely accused has been acquitted by the court, the organization could argue that he’s innocent, and that’s why he’s not barred from obtaining a job.
          Moreover, in today’s world, there’s a growing awareness about false rape accusations and stuff, and most people have heard of it. Instances like UVA rape hoax made made it into mainstream and at a lot of sites on the internet. If the organization fights with determination, there’s no knowing how it will turn out. Someone, somewhere will have to act like a man with balls. Someone will have to take the first step. We can never know how strong our legs are until we decide to stand on our two legs.
          This will have another positive effect. Why do the feminists and women thrive so much on publicly naming and shaming a man? That’s because they know that its the ultimate revenge, and by it they can destroy his life forever. When the feminists see that the innocent men whom they target, are proven innocent by the court, and can get jobs, my observation is that they will realize that public naming and shaming is a very effective tool as it was before, and thus we can accept the media witch hunts to decrease dramatically.

        3. No, I mean that awareness is growing about false rape, and domestic violence accusations and if an if a rich organization takes a chance by offering a falsely accused man a job, there are chances that it will survive that SJW’s attacks, and accusations of offering a job to a wife beater or a rapist.

    3. Most women love the pay check, not the man.
      For the short term, its tingles or an ego boost.
      They really are children.

    1. Someone definitely needs to smack Barbara Walters.
      Smack Oprah and everyone on The View while they are at it.

        1. People get in trouble when they back down from statements. If they boldly owned them, then the fems, white knights would have no where to go with them.

    2. He’s right, and I have done it. Some situations warrant it – and the girl did not leave me, and her female boss asked me out afterwards. I also did it in public, by the way.

        1. It wasn’t a big media-blowout like Jian Ghomeshi or Bill Cosby. Guess i was thinking more local like the workplace, which is basically a zoo of social media anyways.

    1. Even if not today, it’s good to be prepared. No one sets out to be the focus of a shitstorm, and it was interesting reading in any case

    2. Yes. View it less as a rebuttal against mainstream media and more on how to maintain emotional control. End of the day, frame is the difference that separates men.

  11. Probably will take heat for this (from people who opine without bothering to look up the facts), but the media shitstorm is why Jerry Sandusky got convicted. They saw the profitability behind a “downfall of a legend” story and took it to the bank. The only rape victim in his case was the truth.

    1. I think Paterno took the brunt of that one, but they are now starting to relax on that, reinstating the vacated wins, etc..

      1. While Paterno would not have been charged had he lived, he certainty took the brunt of the media BS because he was the celebrity. Without getting too far in the weeds, a simple question is this: would the media even be remotely capable of uncovering the entire story behind a decades-long child molester and a football program that covered up his abuse in just a few days? Not a chance in hell. Exactly like they ran with “hands up dont shoot” lie and the UVA rape hoax…and slithered away unscathed, quietly, if at all, admitting they were entirely wrong.

    2. Sandusky was convicted in a court of law, with evidence, testimony and a jury. One of the other coaches caught him red handed, with a young boy in the shower. He wasn’t convicted in the media.

      1. This is what I meant by people speaking without knowing the facts. Since you havent bothered to look it up, he was never “caught” by another coach (Mike McQueary); his story changed several times; that boy (Victim 2) never testified and is only ever on record as saying “nothing ever happened” and “I think you’re (the police investigator) trying to get me to lie about Jerry”; Sandusky was acquitted with regard to thay incident. He was convicted by the media because they duped the public into believing a narrative that was not true, as you provide a great example of. The jurors were no more immune to this narrative than you were.

    3. I can’t wait for someone to post here that John Wayne Gacy was railroaded. You think there are no “men” like him in the world? No ‘men” like Sandusky? We used to call them “chicken hawks” back in the day. Don’t let the anger over the current situation for men blind you to the fact that there are still a lot of dangerous men out there. A manosphere not wired to reality is no friend to any of us.

      1. Yea that sounds nice, but you offer no facts for me to consider. Try again

  12. My goal in life is to acquire enough independent money so that I can say “Fuck You” to any and everyone. If you get caught in a scandal, “Fuck You”. If some bitch lies on you, “Fuck You”. Scandals only hurt us because someone else pays us…

    1. Good plan, but in the mean time, don’t post shit under your real name. Some dude at Heartiste made an offhand comment like, “I try to tame my comments here because I don’t want them getting back at me since I use my real name.” The mere fact that his name shows up on that site could be grounds for all kinds of bad shit happening when the gestapo eventually come.

    1. It is acceptable to feel that way, of course. But, with families spread all over the country, or world. in many cases grandparents only keep in touch with grandkids by social media.Sad but true.

  13. One of the smartest things any man can do is to turn his back on social media. I have no online connections to anyone in real life.
    Sock accounts, sock accounts, and nothing but sock accounts.

  14. Never hesitate to retaliate via the same manners the instigators dished out on you.
    Don’t be a fucking white knight.

  15. There is always the other option. Hired thugs and organized violence against your detractors. You really have nothing to lose by that point. May as well break a leg or two.

  16. Timely post for me. Although I am not the subject of a media shitstorm, I became the victim of false allegations by a female this week at my job.
    I am aware of the likelihood that it will not matter in the slightest that the alleged incident never took place and that there are a room full of witnesses to corroborate my version of the interaction, and that it is clear that she is doing it out of retaliation, with a long enough paper trail to support that claim.
    Why am I especially skeptical? Because the one making the false claim is under 18 years old. I doubt the claim will reach media proportions, because she wasn’t dumb enough to report that a crime had been committed. But I am facing the very real possibility that a shit ton of positive, quantifiable service to my employer will not add up to fuck-all when it comes to deciding whether to reprimand this girl or quietly let me go.
    Number 5 is key. We talk a lot in the manosphere about women who “branch swing” (i.e. securing her next man before cutting the current one loose). This is how we all need to treat our jobs unless you happen to be your own boss. Always be courting job offers (no matter how good you think you have it in your current position) and save up as much “fuck you” money as you can to tide you over just in case.

  17. I have been falsely accused of things (not including rape, but including things I supposedly said and one instance of “sexual harassment” when I didn’t fuck a chick that wanted me), and been hated on by many haters in my day. There is one thing that they cannot defeat…
    …and that is an Alpha male with a strong frame and a brilliant mind. If you are that one man in a thousand who knows exactly what the deal is and can articulate it in blistering, searing rhetoric that makes your enemies hang their heads and walk away with their tails between your legs, then they have nothing. They rely on you submitting to their abuse in order to pursue their agenda.
    If you don’t submit, but rather use it as an opportunity to make a point and you make it well, then you can silence entire groups of them at once because once they see that you will fight back and your right hook is powerful, they will never bother you again. At least not to your face.
    Remember: SJWs are total fucking pussies. They won’t fight fair, or fight strong opponents. They only pick on the weak and easy.

  18. After having been falsely accused of rape, and being investigated for murder twice, the best advice that experience has taught me (other than hang out with a better class of people that is), is that stoic silence is your only friend. Don’t try to protest your innocence, don’t apologize for what they think you may have done wrong, don’t try to give your side of the story. Once you’re named the villain, everyone is out to get you brought down. If you tell your side more than once and the slightest detail is off by a fraction, they’ll call it evidence of you lying. If you tell it without any variation, they’ll claim it’s proof you made it up and have rehearsed it. The police are the worst ones, it’s not like on CSI, they only look for evidence to convict who they picked and will tell you any lie to file the paperwork and close the case asap. Lawyer up immediately, whether or not you’re under arrest. If they push and won’t let you leave, then clam up regardless of how long or what they try. Same thing with friends and family, if they are on your side they won’t question. If they question, then they’re looking for reason to doubt you. If you’re innocent keep shut and most of the time your false accusers will fall apart in the ways that matter.

  19. Don’t apologise, don’t pander, don’t explain. That will make it much, much worse.
    Stay calm, don’t give them the soundbites they want, don’t let them see that you give a shit.

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