How To Get Paid What You’re Worth

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Damn man, the job market is hard.

You’ve got to contend with hordes of losers applying for the same job as you. You’ve got to wait long weeks just to hear back, “Sorry, we’re not interested.” You’ve got to deal with a boss who treats you like a fool even though you’re much smarter than him.

What if there were a better way? A way to get paid a real salary and not simply eat dirt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? You’re smart, you already know the answer is, “Yes, a way does exist.” It’s called building a business, and dumber people than you are doing it every day.

When you work for a boss, you’re not going to make good money. That’s because unless your labor makes them more money than they pay you they’d be foolish to hire you. This is true of every single position anywhere. From scraping toilets to C-level executives. You’ll never get paid what you’re worth…

Unless you become an entrepreneur.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you know for a fact that three things are true.

1. You can work as much as you want

blue collar worker

You want to work more hours to bring in business faster? Go ahead. Try suggesting overtime to your boss at work and it’s more likely you’ll get turned down. He doesn’t want to pay a premium for you.

Or how about if you’d like to work less hours and reserve more time for yourself to go to the gym, prepare meals, or read great books? See how well that goes down. Tell your boss, “I want to work less hours and get paid less.”

Most likely you’ll see yourself working zero hours in a hurry.

2. You can work as smart as you want

Artificial intelligence running the world

If you are smart, you’ll begin to see holes in every business around you.

  • Maybe their marketing sucks and nobody’s coming in through the door.
  • Maybe their product is terrible and you know a way to make it more appealing.
  • Maybe their logistics are bad and you can see ways to speed up the supply chain.

A critical eye turned to any business will show thousands of tiny improvements that you can make. But let’s say you suggest a few of these ideas to your boss. The business sees a 25% bump in revenue.

Do you see any of that increase? NO. At best, you see a tiny token bonus as a thank you. Not nearly as much as you actually earned for them.

But how about if the result of your efforts to improve and tweak a business directly resulted in more cash in your pocket? That would be nicer, yeah? All you need is to offer something valuable.

3. You can work on exactly what you want


When you own a business, you call all the shots. You’re the big kahuna. You’re the guy everyone looks up to. And that means that everything is up to you.

  • The look, up to you.
  • The product, up to you.
  • The voice, up to you.

This is a powerful feeling. One of the best feelings about working for yourself is that of being a self-determined man, all day, every day.

In fact, self-determination correlates with overall happiness. When you work for yourself, you aren’t being told what to do, you decide what to do, which leads to greater fulfillment.

4. (Optional) You can work wherever you want

brazil beach

Most businesses require inventory. They require your presence managing employees. And they require renting a space to sell from. But my favorite kind of business allows you to make deals from anywhere.

You don’t need inventory to start an online business. And you don’t need anywhere besides your kitchen table to run it from. Powerful software tools exist that let you manage a team of employees doing all your dirty work for you, wherever you are in the world.

From stocking warehouses, to delivering seminars, to running your customer service, getting things done through your computer has never been easier or cheaper.

But they all require a home base – your website.

The best way to get started is with a powerful website platform such as WordPress. WordPress is free software that makes it easy for anyone to build a website and get it looking exactly how you want.

More than 23% of all the websites on the internet run with a backbone of WordPress, so you know you’re in good hands. But you don’t need to know the tech to get started. In fact, we’ll even install WordPress for you, so you can get started building right away.

Just head over to BADNET, get yourself a free domain, and get started.

You’ll get a professionally set up website ready for you to use as your canvas. Make art, start a business, get paid.

And start making what you’re really worth.

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91 thoughts on “How To Get Paid What You’re Worth”

  1. In a perfect world, everybody would be paid their worth. Stupid people who do a crappy job would be paid lower, and bright and talented people would earn more. Sadly, a perfect world is a fictional thing.

    1. Unions are made to prevent under-cutting by snakes who will do twice as much as you for just marginally more money, because they have no life and want to destroy the amount of “hours” in the supply and demand of time.

  2. “Most likely you’ll see yourself working zero hours in a hurry.”
    Most likely, if you follow this strategy, you’ll find yourself working for a boss again quickly because you’ll be broke and out of business.
    Being your own boss is not a vacation. The people who succeed at it are driven and work far longer and harder than I do as a well-paid corporate attorney.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – there is no free lunch.

    1. My old man ran his own successful business. Barely saw the guy until I was 15 and he had some room to breath. He used to work all day, come home, eat and go back to the office.
      Get rich quick doesn’t exist.

      1. C’mon dude, Zuckerberg built FB in a day, and became a billionaire overnight. See. Internet success with no effort.
        What? You mean that’s not really how it happened……

        1. “Start you own internet business” is the new “start your own real estate business.” I’m surprised Rich Dad Poor Dad didn’t endorse this post.

    2. Agreed, being your own boss is great if you have an idea, the drive and the willingness to take risks and even then you’re likely to end up failing. I work for a boss as a network security admin but unlike my boss my day end at 16:30 and I actually have weekends to myself.
      It’s fantastic if you’re that kind of person, for most people getting a well paying job is the superior option.

      1. Not only superior, but more stable. If you’re young with no responsibilities, the probability of failure doesn’t matter as much. When you have a family and other life goals, the prospect of living paycheck to paycheck while surviving on ramen noodles starts to get old.

        1. If we’re completely honest, for most people it’s the only real option. It takes a special kind of person to run their own business and thrive doing it. Im not one of them and neither are most people.

    3. Agreed. This article presents an almost naive approach on how to start up a business, online or otherwise.
      The fact is, most businesses where you are the boss end up failing because of a variety of X factors. Too little work invested, too much capital wasted, too much tunnel vision, etc. Most people who ended up successful in this manner experience one if not more failures and many hit rock bottom before they reached the peaks of success.
      Perhaps the article was presented as a starting guide on how to start a business but if so, the proper disclaimer should have been attached.

      1. To be honest, there’s not much substance here.
        Be an entrepreneur! It’s easy!
        Except for that whole part where you have to decide what exactly you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.

        1. Reminds me of that fag that wrote the article about his pocket square business on here. He’s going places.

        2. There’s nothing wrong with a motivational article, but don’t let your motivation blind your judgment.

      2. This isn’t an article, it’s a paid advertisement(clearly says so at the top left) for a website building business. Good luck to them if they are providing valuable services for their customers. But obviously the ad wasn’t an indepth analysis of the trials and tribulations of running an online business. Its purpose is to get new prospects through the door by selling them the dream of working from a laptop in Rio de Janeiro.

        1. True, but it still had to be written by someone, right?
          I think we are both in agreement that it’s a starting guide. Even still, i wonder if there’s a vetting process for these officially sponsored ROK articles…

  3. Yeah guys. Just become an entrepreneur, its that easy. Never work for a boss and make bank bro.

    1. Let’s also be honest. Entrepreneurs have bosses too. They’re called customers, and they can be even nastier to you than regular bosses because they aren’t limited by HR policies and discrimination laws.

      1. Which is why being an entrepreneur forces you to lose that victim attitude and be less concerned about how people behave towards you and more concerned about how you get them to want to pay you.

        1. You have a valid point, but in between losing the victim attitude and figuring out how to get people to want to pay you, a brothers gotta eat and pay some bills.

        2. I don’t disagree, but if you’re just thinking you won’t have to put up with shitty people telling you what to do just because you’re an entrepreneur, you’re wrong. You can tell a customer to fuck off, but you only get to burn so many bridges before you end up on your own inaccessible island.

        3. I’ll admit, I enjoy the solitude. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feed me, so I have to make nice with retards.

        4. Well, it is meant to be a motivational article (and an ad). You can criticize the vagueness or you can appreciate it for what it is. Nowhere does it state that you don’t have to pay the bills.

        5. Thing that always worked best for me was to not see people as retards and adopt a very success-oriented perspective where I see everything as a challenge. People just stop to matter then.
          Maybe you’ve read The Fountainhead where it says: “Mr Roark, between you and me, what do you think of me?” – “But I don’t think of you.”

        6. Nowhere does it say that you might not be able to pay the bills as well. It is highlighting the best case scenarios, and none of the hardships that WILL come with dropping everything to become an “entrepreneur”. Clearly we don’t see eye to eye and I’m not here to argue my opinion.

        7. You are coming from a point of expectations towards articles on this site. I am not. It’s not the site owner’s obligation to give me a perfect guide to my life, so I prefer to soak up whatever is useful and take care of the rest myself.
          If you don’t want to argue, don’t reply.

        8. one of my largest customers has been playing games,with me for over a year. I want to tell them to fuck off, but have long since learned that would be suicide. Instead I have been working overtime to wean myself from them. Even then I won’t burn the bridge. I’ll just project scarcity when they come around needing my services.

      2. I’m working on something that doesn’t have bosses or direct customers. So far, things are panning out. Report more in a few months.

        1. That’s an interesting proposition, but hard to see how this would be more than a niche. Although I would be interested to hear how it turns out and wish you luck.

        2. Sounds like the validity of that concept would depend on your definition of direct customer. In case you aren’t after completely self-sustained living. Still curious, do you have a blog?

      3. Entrepreneurs, a capitalist dream, workers who work 18 hours a day, can’t get minimum wage and only hope to make a profit.

  4. When you are an employee you have a job function, and you don’t need to worry about anything not associated with that job function. When you run your own business, you have to concern yourself with all aspects of that business. Its not shocking that people that run their own businesses then tend to be workaholics and/or substance abusers. It is really hard to stop working because there is always some administrative task if there isn’t actual work and if by some miracle there is neither, you could always be marketing/networking.
    Ever heard the expression if the United States sneezes the world catches a cold? One of my clients is 20% of my revenue. When they have a bad couple of quarters I have sleepless nights.
    Vacation? I suppose I have the freedom to clear my schedule whenever I want. Except, that is a great way to lose business. Clients I have a couple years working relationship are reasonably understanding. A guy calling me 3 hours before I am supposed to leave? Not so much. I am “free” to turn him down, but that costs me that job, and then all future jobs with that guy. So I get to tell the wife and kids we going to leave a day later so I can get this project up and running to the point where my employees can manage it for the next 8 days. And then bust my hump for the next 20 hours.
    Not saying it doesn’t have its perks. But its not all sunshine and roses.

    1. You mean you can’t check your I-pad occasionally on the beach while chugging margaritas? That’s what I thought was possible based on this article.

    Honestly, when it comes to applying for one job advertisement, you have over 10,000 applicants applying. 10,000 for 1 job!!! That is fucking insane. And people think that that is normal? What the fuck?
    When are people going to wake up and realise that this is not normal, and that there are no more jobs left. What will it take?

      So 1/4th of people not working 360 mil – 92 mil
      “The share of Americans in the workforce has sunk to its lowest point in 35 years”
      Yet more people than ever are sinking money in “education” and qualifications, and you have the “information age” where knowledge is free
      Why did this happen? because technology increased the productivity of one worker to the ability to do the job of 100 in the last 50 years lol

      1. 350 million is the total population, including kids and retired folks. 92 million is the # of adults in the working age population not working (more like 92 million / 180 millION)

      1. YES YES YES YES!!!! I have now found the solution for making my own moola!. Fuck you boss! Stick your job up your ass ! Im off to become Richy Rich thanks to the advice from the guy above

    2. you are completely right, the market fundamentals are all wrong. there is no price discovery. and zero percent interest rates makes the finance industry a big joke.
      sooner or later , high functioning alpha males will have to move out of the city, become amish like, live off the land and produce from it.
      The premise of the article is right, you are a chump if you work for ‘the man’ UNLESS you work in an company that actually treats its employees well, and if it isn’t costo or a few others. that’s not you!

      1. Verticle fully automated farming towers and solar power cheap energy is the future of food production. not “farming your own land” that is going backwards
        They are already using Mini insect-like drones to destroy pests with lasers to get rid of toxic GMO pesticides, a wise solution i say, your crops can have swarms of drones that are trained to get rid of pests that would destroy crops..
        they can just land on a “recharging platform to reenergize”

    3. Trying to tell people that, is like trying to convince a blue pill to take the red pill…..

    4. I was reading some statistics the other day. More businesses close than open in Amerika these days.

    5. What is wrong is that people refuse to learn new skill sets. Like I said in the other thread, it’s the New Economy. Not Mommy’s “send a resume economy” from the 1980’s. Those days are gone. Either learn a new skill, or get ran over. And we are not just going up against foreign workers, we are now going up against robots as well. The people still bragging about being great in building buggy whips are going to get ran over. They refuse to accept reality. There are plenty of ways to make money in the New Economy, but people need to read, research, and perfect new skills. Not old tired skills that nobody cares about.

      1. You just don’t get it do you? Its NOT a skill issue, but a NUMBER issue. There are more skilled applicants THAN jobs available. Like I said, numbers is the issue, not a lack in skills.
        10,000 applicants for 1 job opening- the economy has collapsed.

        1. You’ve got to love people who respond like this, huh? They think the situation is based solely on people looking to the past … when essentially they’re in the past.
          Not only is it as you say, you’re also FORCED to put yourself in vast sums of debt to gain new skills.
          Here’s an example: I have a friend who just finished PA school. He is in over $150,000 Debt for gaining this new skill.
          Compare this to the 80’s with learning a relative skill: I’ve got uncle who went to school to become nurse anesthetist and walked out with … $1,500K debt. My uncle makes $140,000/ year and walked out in a period not only with under $2,000 in debt for learning new high paying skill, you could declare bankruptcy to get out of the debt. (And most did)
          People who comment like this, I guarantee are Baby Boomers. Absolute disregard to what modern times are like. They declared bankrupcy to avoid paying little debt for a new skill in a time when jobs were plentiful and have been able to keep one job for 3 decades — yet absolutely love to bitch at Millennials as being lazy as “the problem.”

    6. Additionally … should you be one of those people who gets a response and the company wants to bring you on board, hope you can hold out for another 3-4 weeks. That’s the amount of time you’ll be waiting for all the modern hiring Bullshit to clear — from drug test to criminal check and MVR if you’re driving.
      I knew a guy who got a $9.00/ hour job at the Home Depot. It took them a month to get his background bullshit done. Imagine that. Waiting a month to start a job at $9/ hour.

  6. Tradesmen can get experience working for someone else initially, develop social and networking skills along with being very good at their job, acquire contacts, and then get contract work and go SOLO and only work 6 months a year after they’ve made their annual income “lifestyle” quota, or just keep going…. maybe you can achieve this in 5-10 years depending on your likeability, general level of mental energy and intelligence, it is definitely outsmarting the office slave..
    the “hourly wage” is crap, Assign bonus’s and promotions to encourage better than the minimum standard of performance just to collect your 30-40$ an hour lol
    The problem with this idea is that, EVERYONE would do the extra work for the salary bonus, and that would undermine the job market, as less people would be needed for less work with increased productivity from one worker,
    The truth is this:
    You’ll make more money investing in an established business, than your own
    (or the stock market wouldn’t exist)
    You’ll make more money working for someone else rather than for yourself
    (or everyone would have their own business)
    If this weren’t the case people would all be self-employed
    (but it isnt the case because above mentioned points)
    I love the saying “Money is smarter than people”
    “good value” is something even the dumbest of the species instinctually crave

    1. The real truth is that most people are mediocre, their own self-inflated opinions aside. I’m willing to admit that I’m no different, or I’d be running my own firm, making it rain. The reason most businesses fail is because most people aren’t cut out to run them.

      1. Absolutely. Most people on the planet exist because others rule then, lead them and pay their way in exchange for allegiance. Most would die on their own.

      2. Play the cards you were dealt. I know a self employed guy who owns a few ATM’s along with a rental spot. You don’t have to invent the wheel.

      3. The business success rate in the US is around 5%. The business fail rate for the Amish is also around 5%. Why is this? For one, no government interference. Two, the Amish raise their children not to be employees who look for a job, but self-reliant individuals who add value to their community, either by offering a service or product better, cheaper, or filling a need that the community doesn’t already offer. Very few Amish trust outside businesses. Very few Americans trust small entrepreneurs.

      4. If you look at actual real-world statistics, people make more money, in the long term, offering their services to an employer than they do in starting their own business. Why is this the case?
        First of all, a business that succeeds makes a lot of money, but most small businesses don’t.
        But look at it from an efficiency perspective. A company is damned efficient. You’ve got a lot of people each working according to (or nearly according to) their own skill-set, all for a common purpose (assuming it’s a well-run company). Whereas if you start your own business, you have to be your own manager, financial expert, engineer, product developer, hiring expert, salesman, and marketer – at least for the first few years. Unless you’re amazing at all of those things, you’re not going to be as efficient as a well-run company. In most cases, this increased efficiency more than makes up for the share the company takes for itself.
        This ‘start your own business!’ industry is just plain foolish, and feeds off of people’s egos. More realistic advice would be: Work for an employer, but keep your eyes always open for good business opportunities and seize them if they come by. But don’t quit your day job just to follow some crazy half-baked idea that will never work. No successful entrepreneur has ever done that. None.

  7. easy money only exists in leveraged situations, where the more you buy, the more you can sell and therefore the more you make, in this case there is such thing as risk-free-money and super-easy money,. Better believe it exists…..
    hence the financial industry! The more money you have, the more your money makes you, 2-3% dividend/year plus 2-3% growth enough to overcome inflation and make a little income( you can do much better but this is conservative and if done with a lazy approach) Generally the markets are “just” by an inch good enough to be worth your time, its basically just a(much if you know what you’re doing) better option than letting inflation rot your savings
    Some things are “de-flating” due to globalism and technology, The deflation rate on software is 50% a year, like videogames, movies, ETC, “freeware” is becoming better than “paidware” as there is more money to make by aquiring as many users as you can, and milking them in small amounts, rather than putting up a large arrogant fee, Competition is getting very stiff in software where 60$ buys you a copy of an entire virtual world soon.
    “there are high yield divvies, but you need serious balls(good diversificiation), generally the market is very efficient and there is no such thing as risk-free high yielders” i wont expand on this as following the economy and knowledge of the financial markets is a very long subject requiring years of study and experience, but you can save your money while you learn about investing…
    5% of 1 million is 50K – 26% dividend tax/capital gains tax, 38,000(free risk free money)
    Just imagine this, tons of richers collect for FREE with very safe low yield bonds on their 2-10 million more than you can dream of making with a job, all by sitting on their arse and paying a small management fee, this is a result of the survival of the fittest over centuries and massive nepotism, basically, it’s the classic american model, and the dream is not dead yet! you can copy this on a small scale and do well
    Also, living complex owners, they pay management companies a fee to manage their large income buildings, so essentially another method where they sit on their ass for free making tons
    The formula is this: Nepotism, Luck, hard work, and being very smart with money. You can try to copy this if you want on a small scale and you will be successful. it is tried and true
    Here is an example to teach fellow ROK’s about money sense:
    When i buy something for 1000$ I really paid 2000$ Why you ask? i explain
    I lose the value of each and every bit of interest that that money could have made me in the long run. 1000$ + 5% compounded annually over 20 years is the true value of my purchase.
    People don’t think about this….
    In order to save lots of money, you can’t be a materialist… it’s contradicting but you’ll get no-where rewarding yourself with fleeting material pleasures as it’s costing you much more than you think if you account the long-run
    So, the trick is to make/have a couple mil and than you never have to work again lol, You can achieve this getting a good job and being very thrifty for 30 years, Basically i calculated out that getting to one million in 20 years to create a 5% annual compounded return after tax income fund is very feasible if you make NO mistakes and calculate out “compound interest” of course, you have to be very smart at managing your own money and treat your holdings like a second job. Thankfully with all the money i WONT be spending on a north american female, this will be laughably easy for me, this is what destroys most men’s dreams. The female catering because they are afraid of loneliness
    There are over 500,000 americans with a net worth of over 10 million$ there are 360 million americans, so 500,000 is half of one million which means that you have a 1 in 720 chance of acquiring a net worth of over 10 million, now, here is where the hope comes in, if you only want to be worth 1 million$ you have a 1 in 72 (720 divided by 10) chance, The average american OWES 150,000$ usually in the form of a mortgage+ consumer debt.
    I spoke to one such individual, He said, there is the “owning class” and the rest. The class that owns the businesses, the class that owns stock which gives a dividend and appreciates every year.
    The goal of all is to become part of the “owning class” tons of NEPOTISM
    if you want to be part of the owning class you have to make the same sacrifices they did, and it takes many decades, and a little luck a long the way
    Also, it costs about 500,000$ to start a business that makes you 60-80K a year and you have a 60% chance of losing it all within 3 years,
    That is steep LOL, generally the rich get richer and buy up all the low hanging fruit so opportunities are getting scarcer with technology aiding in scouting out all the “easy” money left in the world. Soon the cost of trying out a business idea will probably cost you 1 million$ and be even less rewarding in the end.

    1. Very sage sound advice. However I will disagree with one minor point – that is the initial start up costs for a business that pays a “livable” wage. I have owned my own business for 8 years. My annual salary last year was slightly below 60,000. I live in a rural region which allows this salary to go further. To start my business I used 3000 of credit card debt. I am a consultant in a specialized field.However over the last few years I have managed to find ways to move away from relying solely on the billable hour business model. In short moving it from a “make my own job” company to a viable business that can then be sold at some point.Some businesses can be started on a shoestring and generate a decent living. However, its no walk in the park. The hours are long. Even today on a beautiful sunny day Im in the office working away.

  8. Y’know, if everyone tries to be an entrepreneur-businessman – uh, who’s going to do the work, then?
    I’ll say this, we should push for things we’ve been lied to to believe are ‘socialist’ or whatever – good wages, public products and assistance, protected public markets at the cost of more regulations.
    Simply put, the ONLY way anyone out there not from a rich family is going to get rich is to make a business or product that caters to the needs of the masses. A story, video game, pet rock fad, store/service… And you need a large non-desperate poor class and established middle class with lots of pocket change to save up the money to do that yourself and have anyone able to buy your goods/services when you do your own thing.
    The “Smithers” jobs for the rich elite where you walk over on your knees and serve them caviar and let them snub their Havannah cigars out on your tongue are already well spoken for. And I’d rather B-tch about too many taxes getting in the way of my 3rd mansion or yacht later than now dealing with not enough people to buy even a cheap product or good service because some trillionaire wants a tax subsidy to pay for his 23rd mansion or yacht.

    1. Indeed. Having a side business you iwn and van do easily is good if you make a little money so you know you have at leaat enough for a bag of rice if you loae your job, but thats all it is. As for familiea..youd have less to worry about if your inmediate family all pooled resources and lived on one big property and actually functioned like a family. But that requires the men act like men and the women act like women and KEEP THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS SHUT. The rich influence our lives in every single way and no one seems to realize that. Weddings used to be mall. People had 3 outfits. Families live together or closeby. There is no upper and lower middle class. There is only middle class and most people are not a part of it. Most people will not have anything of their own. It tkes real guts and perseverance to be truly successful on your own. Most people are just worker bees.
      So while I apprecuate articles like this, its best to keep in mind that most reading it will not have a business at all let alone a successful one.

  9. We are witnessing massive deflation
    Technology evolves by reducing costs over time, as time goes on, you end up getting more for your money due to increased innovation pressure in progression and cost-reduction, competition and price performance drives all innovation and demand
    This is a GOOD thing for you, Every $ you spend becomes more powerful over time, so far, only when it comes to technology. HOWEVER, this is about to happen in almost all manufacturing,utilities and potentially real-estate
    I predict that virtual reality realism is going to make people experience virtual places much, much more interesting than any kind of real estate, which means the market will be affected, there will be exponentially massive competition in virtual reality and the best environments in the world will basically have everyone spending more time in virtual space than real space, as video game engines became better, they attracted more users, which means more money entered the industry, which meant more competition for the oppurtunity to capitalize on delivering a better experience and improving the experience, the cost of internet will also go down
    You get more value for your money every year in technology as the deflation rate on a new phone is massive, like 35% a year, in software it’s 50%, no one wants last year’s phone, no one wants last years video game
    Deflation also occurs massively in the car market, everyone wants the NEW!!
    manufacturing is soon to undergo a massive deflation revolution , same thing with clothing (its getting so cheap to make that the designs cost more than the materials ETC)
    So the cost of everything is getting cheaper, Solar is also growing massively, to the point that in 6 years it will be so much cheaper than the grid
    What does it mean when real-estate deflates? everyone’s money is all tied to real-estate… What if it’s more fun to live in a very cheap accomodation, yet put a vr headset on, and have the exact same experience of being anywhere in the world… What will it do to the travel industry??
    men only buy big over-priced homes or the women won’t stick around, men on their own are very practical with money and go for value, which drives price-performance-competition, to deliver the most competitive value for the price to the consumer which results in increased innovation for the same price Lol
    The red-pill is the beginning of massive change and a turnover in the populations spending habbits. small condos for singles are the future
    Technology is reaching a point where it won’t take much money to have a high standard of living, as i said, due to “price performance demand and innovation competition to give value to the consumer”
    Infact, deflation on food happened so much that most medical diseases are actually caused by over-eating in the developed world. LOL
    it used to take you 10 hours a day tending a field and praying your yield would work out, to being a society that over-eats to the point of sickness

  10. The article says everything that people who really set out on their own and deserve to, for having the talent and drive, would laugh at.
    It’s if the article was written for people who are bored in their cubicles and will never leave those cubicles and so it does not really say anything.

  11. This article is a scams to sell the website thing. I said try to find a niche but that doesn’t mean it has to be a blog.

    1. It’s a stretch to call it a scam. His product is legitimate. However as with all things in life there is no guarantee that a blog will ever be lucrative. In fact chances are it wont be. He is really selling a dream. A dream that his service/ product will move you away from a 9-5 grind that’s location dependent. In this dog shit economy – such dreams sell very well

  12. What a piece of garbage article! Next to all the BS, it also sounds like it’s talking to retards.

  13. I really need to see Victor’s bank statements, because that dude claims to be making so much money from his blog and living the good life. I used to enjoy reading BoldAndDetermined but now it’s just the same shit over and over about how great his blog is and how everyone should start a blog.

    1. I’m more interested in seeing his invoices. Not how much money, but where it actually comes from.

  14. ” . . . start making what you’re really worth.”
    That could be a rather startling revelation for some.

  15. These days, the gateway to entrepreneurship is contracting. Contract within the industry of your passion for as long as you can afford to do so. You may have to make some cutbacks and accept lower wages to make this work, but it balances out as the name you make for yourself, the network you build, and the experience that you gain become a key part of your investment into entrepreneurship. In the meanwhile, you will come up with ways to improve – or even create – a product or service, and that will become your business. Get used to wearing many hats, but it’s worth it for the sense of accomplishment alone.
    Unfortunately, paying a company to create a wordpress site for you won’t create instant success. Although, learning WordPress will allow you to make more money by not having to pay someone else to do it for you, at least at first.

    1. I disagree with the last part. I know WordPress pretty well and can customize it to do pretty much anything I want. But it took time to learn how to manipulate PHP and CSS code and how to tweak plugins and such to get them to do exactly what I need them to do. You’re better off just paying someone else that’s an expert to do that. All the time you spend learning WordPress could be spent doing what you’re already good at, like marketing your business, etc. It’s an opportunity cost. If your time is worth $100/hr and you spent a few weeks learning WordPress, you’ve cost yourself thousands of dollars. Yes, I realize anyone can install a very basic WordPress site and a theme in little time, but learning to customize it and move things around and force your plugins to conform to what you want them to do takes a bit more technical know-how. At the very least you’ll have to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. And maybe even some PHP depending on how much customizing you need. Not to even mention that sometimes things fuck up with plugin updates. Or something isn’t compatible with something else. Or it causes things to fuck up on Internet Explorer but not on Chrome, etc. A novice will have no idea how to fix things like that.

  16. More power to the right kind of person that can do this and handle the immense amount of stress that accompanies it.
    I can’t count how many people I know that have said “Yeah man, I’m gonna start my own business in a few years!!” while they complain about moderate stress that accompanies their job. You know how many of those guys even attempted it? Zero.
    Everyday is literally an intense war with everyone else in your field to steal food off of each other’s table. You can’t ever take a break. It’s surprising how many people don’t get that.

  17. for stories, laughs and Tinder girls. Take a break from the mundane.

    1. You better believe that shit! Nobody wants the INCREDIBLE Faberge Eggs you create out of gold and gems. THEY WANT easter eggs made out of inferior milk chocolate which they will scarf down with gluttonous abandon, barely tasting them.

  18. HA! HA! HA! I used to read and believe this shit back in my 20’s and 30’s. It would have been a good article 20 years ago! REALITY is a little more harsh and uh… Real!

  19. Big difference is most small businesses fail within a year (think 80%+) and on a per hour basis most people get paid more at a corporate job. Yes, you can make it big going your own way but you need a unique idea, niche, etc before you can do that and succeed. While you may provide 2 million in value to your employer and only get say 250k, working for yourself you may provide only 100k in value (and get the full 100k) and frequently take 2x as many hours to achieve.

  20. The truly smart people run the business they work for into the ground, hire purposely as many incompetent people as can be reasonably hired without those above you catching on. Then they slowly run the business into the ground. and no matter how severe the cut backs and re-organization and re-shuffling of the card decks are done, the business still continues to decline. Eventually the business closes its doors, and you as the employee who saved your money can get a bank loan and offer to buy the place from the owner, which at this point he thinks you are practically doing him a favor since it is probably worth less than nothing with more debt than assets he’ll be happy to walk away without losing his house to the bank. You then turn around and run the business properly like a strict nazi and make bank.

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