Learn To Be An Alpha From Athletes

To learn about the alpha male, one does not need to look any further than today’s professional athletes. Athletes are the kings of the world with money, women, and fame. They are the modern Achilles, gods of the new age, and the ultimate alphas.

There was a recent debacle regarding Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant in regards to the Lakers failing season, which brought up a discussion on being an alpha, and the butting of heads. Both men respectively shared their own opinions, which I believe gives a lot of insight to the general populace about what it really means to be an alpha.

In an attempt to compare the current situation in Los Angeles, Kobe was questioned by ESPN about the championship team with himself and Shaq.

“That just wasn’t going to last,” he said, laughing. “You have too many alpha males. What do you think would happen if you put Jordan with Wilt? It’s just not going to happen.”

However , success in that situation did still happen. The Lakers won three championships during that period. So how did they do it?

“One of them has to sacrifice. I sacrificed quite a bit with individual numbers and MVPs and NBA Finals and all this other stuff.”

How does this apply to regular, everyday people? Simple. It’s the same situation as when you go out. There is always an alpha male around. Both alpha’s can have success with the women they are near, but there has to be some sort of respect and boundary limitation to allow both of them to run their game. The same goes for running wingman game with two alphas. As long as both men are willing to accept that the more attractive of two women is only going to pick one of them, they can still both have a successful night.

Dwight also included some great insight on what it is to carry yourself as an alpha. This is a concept betas, especially those posing as alphas, usually don’t understand.

“If you’re an alpha male, you don’t have to always show that you’re the alpha male,” he said. “Just be who you are. You come in the room, people know you’re there.”

But how else are you supposed to assert your dominance and make sure every woman knows you are an alpha?

“My presence is felt every day, and I don’t have to come here and growl and snarl at people. I don’t have to do all that.”

You shouldn’t be trying to run game by talking about how great you are, what you do, and what you own. The focus should be on doing whatever you need to do to leave with that girl, all while letting your presence reflect who you are. Alphas assert dominance through presence. Betas on the other hand attempt it through action.

Dwight basically sums up the key point of being an alpha with this last quote.

“That’s who I am. I’ve been an alpha male my whole life, but I don’t go pissing everywhere to show people that I’m an alpha male. I just need to be who I am.”

What Dwight is really saying is, as an alpha you don’t need to be a dick or brag about who you are or how great you are. As an alpha that should be already known, or should be portrayed through a reflection of yourself through interaction. It’s like the old writing phrase goes, “show, don’t tell.” And that is how you should be running game; by showing, not telling.

So what does this really have to do with athletes? Simple. Athletes are the top dogs in the word. Biggest, strongest, fastest, and sometimes handsomest individuals. They have money, power, and the women. And yet, despite being at the very top, their idea of being an alpha isn’t any different than what it is to be an alpha in the local setting. In the end, it’s all the same concept.

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44 thoughts on “Learn To Be An Alpha From Athletes”

  1. Dwight Howard would definitely not be an example of being an alpha male to me. If you follow Dwight Howards off court actions these past 2 seasons I think he would be considered more of a beta in a supremely talented body.

  2. Dwight Howard is beta if you watch how he acted last season with the Magic and how his attitude was after they beat him this year. He doesn’t have the aloof, ego-free frame that true alphas possess.
    Also back in 2009, while he was 22-23, he dated his 35 year old physical therapist and took her out to fancy restaurants to wine and dine her. I know because I was also fucking her at the time. Consider that and think about this: I’m 1 year younger than him, doesn’t have nearly as much money, definitely doesn’t have his physique, and I was fucking this hot ass (albeit highly hypergamous and crazy) chick for free. He’s a contextual alpha, not a true alpha in my book.

  3. When will you dweebs realize that you cannot “learn” to be an alpha male? You must claw your way up to the top in your respective hierarchy and then the fruits of your labor will flow naturally.
    This is why this whole recent phenomenon of “Game 2.0” is trying to awkwardly mix in activities that lend you social credence, i.e. fitness, entrepreneurship, and intellectual pursuit. The charlatans (Roosh) selling this game BS have probably been bombarded with feedback about their bar pickup lines getting guys laughed out of venues and beat up by girls’ boyfriends.

    1. A drunk skank at 2am doesn’t have the patience to wait until she is able to discern whether someone is a “true alpha” or a gamer. All the game gays say, is that there are certain modes of action that is more likely to lead to a bang than others. And that guys who want a bang, should do the former, and eschew the latter. And by doing that, per Roissy/Heartiste, the gamer will accumulate the notch count required to be considered alpha.
      Alpha in an athletic setting is very different. It means dominant on the field. Women is only a side effect.

    2. ooooh this guy kind of gets it. claw and scrape your way outta hell: thats the life of every man. you’re still a faget for posting. try again.

      1. If you’re too afraid/lazy to fight for happiness, then continue reading the mental masturbation frenzy that is this website and tell me how it works out for you.

  4. Disagree with the whole premise, in tons of ways.
    First, professional athletes live in another realm where behaviors are totally different and their relations with women are skewed beyond belief.
    Secondly, white guys should not be ogling black athletes (or white ones, for that matter). This is beta behavior. Notice how much sports fandom has increased the past couple decades as T-levels and fertility has dropped? This is because there are more betas, looking to follow (perceived) alphas on sports teams. Girls will not respect men who try to piggyback onto athletes and celebrate higher status dudes.
    Attempts to rationalize sports fandom by saying you can learn Game from them are pathetic and dumber than all of the “Lead in Business As I Lead in Sports” self-help books sports coaches put out (though they’re always ghost written). Sports fandom is the antithesis of self-reliant alpha behavior. Period.

    1. I agree. And I see nothing more pathetic than grown men walking about in public wearing another man’s name on some high priced athletic wear. Sheessh!

      1. I have a long standing theory that men are advertising the men they’d allow to cuckold them.

    2. This is absolutely correct, and yet an epiphany for me. I’m a late bloomer. I never followed sports in high school (although I lied and said I did). My parents were immigrants, and my father never took me to sporting events, so none of the team sports held anything nostalgic or ritual bonding for me. I ran track. I was into comic books, not baseball cards. It was when I got to my liberal arts college campus in middle of the New England wilderness that I finally made friendships with alpha males, began hitting the gym hardcore, and following most of the team sports. The alphas on campus definitely became my mentors and I tried to model them, but none of us did the hero worship thing regarding Jordan, Barclay and the others. It’s bewildering! However, painting your body in war paint school colors to scream in general for your school in subzero temperatures is not, in my opinion beta. Now, to do this exact same action in support of one individual quarterback…now thats gay!

    3. I hate sports fandom as much as anyone, but don’t think the author is suggesting that you become a douche sports fan who lives vicariously through other men.
      You also don’t need to be a professional athlete to have composure like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzL4Qx-36AM&feature=player_embedded
      You can learn things from watching certain men, it really doesn’t make you a loser or a pathetic cuckold. Some of the responses to this article were just weird.

      1. Exactly, and I chose to basically ignore 90% of the comments. You can tell who actually read the article, and who decided to read the title and skip to the comments section.

      2. No, dude. Sports fandom is a LEGIT epidemic amongst men. I’d say it’s almost as bad as porn addiction.
        Watch a sporting event: it’s a bunch of black dudes in between commercials for Viagara and beer. That’s it. Think about it.
        Why are all sports fans incapable of fucking without chemicals? Because they’re living BETA lives of ogling men (predominantly of a different race).
        Sports fans are indeed cuckold fetishes, make no mistake. One NFL coach, Rex Ryan, was even caught posting photos of his wife for black guys to come and nail her while he watched! This is very common. These sports fans – impotent, cuckold fetishes – are FU— up!
        It’s a new phenomenon – a hundred years ago, “sports” meant PLAYING baseball on a Saturday afternoon, now it means WATCHING others do it – and it’s totally unnatural and unhealthy.
        Having said that, if you like watching the sweaty young black men….enjoy your Viagara and cuckold videos at RedTube.

      3. Considering your outrage I’m just going to assume your wife or girlfriend got banged by a pro athlete.

      4. Considering your defensiveness, I assume you need Viagara for boners.
        Assume = Obvious to all.

      5. well of course i do. do you know how hard it is to be able to film porn with 10 different women on a daily basis.

      6. You’re confused.
        Watching your sports fan’s porn (black guys plowing white women while beta husbands get off) doesn’t count as making porn. The same as watching sports isn’t the same as playing them.
        As I said, we have no disagreement. You like jerking it to athletes, Viagara, and cuckold fetishes. This is your business.

      7. Don’t project your impotence to me there.
        And with the “Awww” opener, you write like a femcunt, faggy.

      8. And you write like a racist douchebag who’s clearly torn between masculinity beliefs and the idea of ramming a cock down your throat. Your attacks on sports fans has clearly exposed the fact that you failed to both participate and understand sports and rather than admit a flaw you decided anyone who liked them was gay. You also clearly have issues with black people as you probably walked in on a past girlfriend being banged by one. And most likely of all the scenarios you’ve constantly had issues with impotence in the bedroom, primarily due to the fact that you like men but refuse to admit it due to your religious beliefs.

      9. I said “I hate sports fandom as much as anyone”
        You said “No, dude. Sports fandom is a LEGIT epidemic amongst men.. ect ect”
        Can’t tell if you’re trolling or just this incredibly one track minded. This entire row of comments gave me cancer and should just be deleted.

    4. While I respectfully acknowledge your point, the purpose wasn’t supposed to be oggle athletes and wish you were them. The point is supposed to revolve more around the quotes used, and the fact that they apply to the average situation. It’s kind of the premise that Bob down the street can tell you the same thing 5 times and most people will desregard it, but if a famous person says something then suddenly it’s noteworthy. As I sad at the very end … “In the end, it’s all the same concept.” Whether or not you think its trash is another matter, and you’re entitled to your own opinion.

  5. And how much did Kobe spend on the ring for his wife after he got caught playing around in Colorado?
    Or how much Tiger is trying to buy his ex wife back?
    Most athletes are alphas on the court…not so much with women.

  6. Athletes live strictly regimented lives with high levels of scrutiny.
    They are not free to do how and what they please. They must please multiple masters including fans, coaches and sponsors.
    They aren’t very free at all.
    They exist for our entertainment.

  7. Shorter version: Be famous.
    That’s the mysterious quality that soft-headed women call “presence.” Fame.
    It’s other people wanting to observe everything you do and say. Because you’re famous.

    1. Dead on.
      On a smaller scale that’s what the local loudmouth banks on t get laid; others, men and women, watching him. Ditto for the local Mr. Handsome. The local funnyguy, etc., etc. If you can get yourself in a situation where others look at you, you’re the local alpha for the duration.
      One way to do that, is to kill lots of people and achieve infamy. Another is to act moody, negative and threatening, so that you make others uncomfortable enough to look at you for approval after saying their lines. Women notice that. The latter is a god way to amog someone, if that’s your thing.
      Of course, nothing beats walking into the room and immediately having everyone stop and pay attention. Which is why famous people are in a different league than local heroes. But the attraction mechanism is the same, just a difference in degree.

  8. This is a homosexual article. I’m a cuckold fetishist myself and I recognize another. You can be sure whoever wrote this article jerks it to images of big bad athletes sexing his girlfriend.
    This article is wrong in so many ways. Modern athletes are the equivalent not of ancient heroes, but ancient gladiators. Women were fucking gladiators and extolling them too in the decaying days of the Roman empire, and yes that shows a lot about female nature, but don’t fool yourselves about what athletes are.
    And it shows in their behavior. They brag, preen, puff themselves up all the time. They’re quite the opposite of manly presence just through presence. They’re attention queens, is anyone convinced by this bullshit?
    As a cuckold fetishist and a masochist, however, I too would like to see a big, ripped handsome athlete fuck my gf’s brains out.
    Keep jerking it…

    1. Apparently you failed history considering the ancient gladiators were considered ancient hero’s.
      You also clearly failed to read a single sentence beyond the opening paragraph.

      1. Gladiators were considered heroes??? They were SLAVES, slaughtering each other for the amusement of their owners.
        Heroes, my ass.
        Spartacus and his gang became heroes because they refused to be gladiators.

  9. What is up with a lot of dudes using misplaced apostrophes in the manosphere? That shit tilts me.

  10. hahahahaha anybody who argues about other guys being alpha…. hahahahahahahaha love the site but these commenters get me laughing every time.

  11. I followed Kobe Bryant’s career since he came in the league. Koby initially was a loner who never got along with his teammates. And let’s not forget his immature antics. Anyone remember the gay “karate” moves in the 97 dunk contest? I do. Kobe wasnt initially alpha even with Shaq. That was always Shaq’s team The reason Kobe wasnt alpha in the early years of his career was simply because he wasn’t the leader of the team. He did grow in that role.
    I it said before on my blog and I’ll say it again here guys “online” are more worried about being alpha instead of being the best man they can be and putting labels on everything and that’s not of alpha

  12. How about don’t look to men with extraordinary genetic talents, and look to the gym, do a powerlifting comp, do a strongman show, bodybuild, be your own athlete.

  13. Not sorry at all to bust your bubble, but Sir John Glubb pointed out that when people start worshiping singers, actors and athletes it’s all over for the culture. Athletes aren’t “Alphas.”

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