Obamacare Boils Down To More Free Shit For Women

Peter Schiff, a prominent libertarian-minded economist, and ever the government watchdog, has brought to our attention that Obamacare discriminates against men. Namely, there is no more price difference between men and women under Obamacare; previously insurance companies would charge more for women and less for men. Insurance companies normally would charge women more since they used healthcare much more than men do, as women are weaker, generally more sickly, and also have that tendency to get pregnant, but now men are going to subsidize a woman’s life even more, in additional to all the usual benefits women get in virtue of their sex.

Schiff points out that men already die sooner than women and pay more for life insurance; men get into more accidents and pay more for auto insurance; men already pay more in terms of time and money during the courtship process as well. Health insurance was their only break, but now they do not even get that.

I would recommend watching the entire video above. It’s only 10 minutes long and Schiff does a great job of laying out why Obamacare is a raw deal for men.

And for the “men” who voted for Obamacare – what were you thinking, voting for a male feminist?

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175 thoughts on “Obamacare Boils Down To More Free Shit For Women”

  1. Stupidity! How about no more refusal of coverage for pre-existing conditions? How about limiting profit margins for insurance companies who provide nothing to society other than to keep as much of their customer’s money as possible? My rates were cut in half for better coverage. As a man, I can recognize a good deal when I see it.

    1. “insurance companies who provide nothing to society other than to keep as much of their customer’s money as possible?” Yes, also known as BEING IN BUSINESS.
      Also, if insurance provides nothing to society, why are we being forced to purchase it with a gun to our heads?
      You were always free to find another insurer.
      I live in MA when I’m on land, and wait times to see my doc have tripled since we got Obamacare 5 years earlier than the rest of the country.
      Anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that this is not going to work as presented and priced out. The idea is sound, sort of, but the medical care system is not being forced to change, just the insurance system. This is like paying to clean up trash in a section of river, and never considering the dump 2 miles upriver.
      Ever notice how it’s always the people with no skin in the game who are worried about business’ profit margins?

      1. I suppose if you equate running a Ponzi scheme as BEING IN BUSINESS. Insurance provides nothing – they invent no medicine, do not perform procedures, NOTHING!
        Anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that someone getting treated earlier on in an illness will require less resources. Do you think the terminally ill are pushed away? No, they are admitted to the hospital where tax payers take care of the bill and hospitals are impacted, rather than solving the problem earlier on with less time wasted and less money spent. This means less wait times at the hospital.
        As for skin in the game, I guess that is the fall back argument for right wing nut jobs. I ask for no subsidy and take none. I just believe after working for someone else and paying through a group plan for many years, now that I am in business for myself they won’t take me . . . until the first of the year.

        1. ObamaCare is one giant subsidy, you parasite.
          Insurance companies provide a valuable service. They actually pay out as much or more than they take in. They make money (to cover their admin expenses and make a profit) by investing the float — the money they hold between the time they take it in and pay it back out.
          The service they provide along the way is to even out the risk posed by unpredictable, large-dollar losses. That’s what they do.
          Using insurance for routine health care is stupid. Using it for “pre-existing conditions” is so stupid you can’t even call it “insurance” any more. You can’t buy insurance for a house that’s already burned down, can you, genius? No. It makes no sense.
          The only reason insurers are even in the business of providing coverage for anything less than catastrophic costs ($10k-plus) is because the government distorts that market — the government has been subsidizing health insurance since WWII. Roosevelt (*spit*) enacted price controls on wages during the war. Businesses wanted to pay workers MORE than the limits allowed, but they couldn’t, so they enticed employees by paying their “major medical” insurance premiums for them, thereby paying workers extra without breaking the law. Those premiums are not taxed, which they would be if they just gave workers that money directly instead. Non-catastrophic medical insurance would not exist if it were taxed like regular income, because no one would buy it.

      2. “Yes, also known as BEING IN BUSINESS.”
        There’s a difference between making a healthy profit and MAXIMIZING profit. When it comes to people’s health, I think this is an area where maximizing profits should not be the main agenda.
        “Also, if insurance provides nothing to society, why are we being forced to purchase it with a gun to our heads?”
        The original blueprint for the ACA is actually a Reagan-era Republican idea, ironically. It was considered a capitalist alternative to single-payer healthcare. Now the same exact policy is decried as socialism by the same party, which is a testament as to just how far right the right has moved in 3 decades.
        “You were always free to find another insurer.
        I live in MA when I’m
        on land, and wait times to see my doc have tripled since we got
        Obamacare 5 years earlier than the rest of the country. ”
        I think you missed the part of ACA that said if you are happy with your current insurance you don’t have to do ANYTHING. There are no more alternatives. What’s the problem with that?

        1. The problem is that the ‘if you like your insurance you can keep it’ quote was thoroughly debunked when companies responded by reducing the number of people who qualify to enter employer-sponsored plans.

  2. Author goes too far. “Being sickly” does not feel “sickly” at all to people suffering from serious health troubles. Healthcare is not about getting your pimple sorted out, it is about serious health issues. I cannot imagine what hell it is to people who suffer from diabetes for example, let alone having to provide for lifetime supply of already expensive medicines, pay for hospital expenses etc, while seriously having reduced ability to work hard and suffer stress.

    1. “while seriously having reduced ability to work hard and suffer stress.”
      Those people already qualify for disability 9 times out of 10

      1. I would like you to consider the fact that America is not the world. Feminism issues coupled with Obama’s liberal politics does not apply everywhere. Yet, around the world, universal healthcare exists with reasonable success. It isn’t just a coincidence how most trouble about it is brought up in states with liberal economy like UK, and USA.
        Reasoning is simple – it is duty of society to take care about sick people, as long as they do not cause sickness themselves. If you are on the line “women do not work as much as men” – well they didn’t work as much as men in bronze age either, yet society took care of everyone. When it comes to people getting better and living healthy life, there is no sex wars for Christ’s sake, it’s people, not lab rats.
        I find it irritating, even tho i like your articles, how there is this current that is trying to present red pill idea as something that necessarily goes bundled with free-market thought. Roosh does that occasionally, and so do other authors.

        1. QUOTE: “I would like you to consider the fact that America is not the world. Feminism issues coupled with Obama’s liberal politics does not apply everywhere. ”
          Unfortunately with globalization, the poisoned culture of the USA is spreading. Maybe not everywhere, but in many, and almost verging on the majority of countries and cultures you will see these other nations behaving in a VERY similar fashion.
          The problem is that when one gets socialized medicine, we make a deal with the Devil, and end up losing our shirts, at least this is what one can expect today.
          BTW is it true in the Bronze age we did take care of the sick and elderly? I’m no expert but if that era successfully took care of its people I can only assume perhaps because the population was considerably much less, and resources more abundant. Please recommend a good read on Bronze age, I am all for expanding my knowledge on this subject. Thank you in advance.

      2. Btw, i’m someone who enjoyed fruits of market economy, i used to work in USA, and i found it refreshing to be able to find multiple jobs without having to pull nany state by the sleeve, but then again, I’m young and healthy.

  3. “Women are generally more sickly.”
    Got anything to back that up?
    I know women use the health care system more than men and are thus a bigger risk, which is reflected in the price, but what do you mean by “sickly” exactly? Peter Schiff even said in his video that when women hit their 40’s, the usage of healthcare more or less evens out between the sexes.
    I agree that this portion of the law at least is blatantly redistributive but I’m curious about that point.

    1. From an evolutionary perspective, it seems like women are likely less sickly.
      Men likely have higher levels of immunocompetency variance, just like we vary more than women on just about everything else. That condemns a portion of the male population to weaker immune systems. The portion of the male population with strong immune systems is burdened with testosterone, an immunosuppressant. High-T face/body features are literally plumage for men in the sense that they say “Look at how awesome my immune system is, that it can be suppressed this far and I’m still around. You want my genes girly girl.”
      No such pressures against the female immune system.

    2. “”Got anything to back that up?””
      The amount of sick days off women take compared to men?

  4. Men are the disposable sex, and until that mentality of our disposability is either updated to less prominence, or removed altogether we will always get the shaft from both men and women of all classes. Because they need us to be disposed when necessary for their survival. The fact that in modern times we get no respect for it, simultaneously being taken to task when we “don’t man up” sickens me.
    I reject their preconceived notions, and they can go down with the ship. I’m a better swimmer. They can get killed, and I will run off with the kids because I am physically better prepared to save the kids anyways. They can die in hard work, but current trends of female work ethic just show that the world will die if we give all the traditional male roles to these harpies. Look at doctors. Female doctors rarely wor weekends, and drop out to raise their kids. Why do we make them doctors? Because we are stupid.
    When society wakes up, we need to ensure that this information is preserved from those who will destroy it to cover their own asses. They need to be forced to own their shit, and never be allowed to let the human race forget.

    1. I am a doctor and let me point out here that female doctors are generally crap. 90% of the female residents in my program lack the most basic analytical thinking skills. Their stupidity astonishes me sometimes. If not for treatment algorithms devised by men, these female docs would slaughter all their patients through their incompetence.

      1. Ha ha ha. This is great.
        I spent several years intentionally seeking out female doctors with the theory that they would be better. Eventually I noticed something…they were all shit. I mean, really bad.
        Then I went back to male doctors…the difference was astonishing.
        The women doctors are great with children, great with women, but when a man walks in, you can see their eyes glaze over.
        Also for most women, the time they start practicing is just about when their biological clock is screaming. They hate their career choice but refuse to admit it to themselves, and they have 200K in debt.

        1. Because it looks bad for their figures.
          Also these medical programs would then be taken to task for obviously being run by misogynists.

        2. Exactly — bootstrap programs that require a certain percentage of women otherwise problems for the institutions ensue.

        3. PC Culture will not allow it. Look at the federal courts dismissing the Vulcan Societies claim against the NYC Fire Departments exams being “racist” and you will see in their capitulation while seeming strong. They gave in that they needed to continue “diversity” but said they could do it internally.
          The PC Group Think Brigade will not let their ideological pussy suffer any slight indignation; worst of all being told no one is available to satiate it.

        4. medicine is socialist in its functioning, like a guild. Once you are in you are no longer evaluated on how competent you are. On paper, one cardiologist is essentially the same as another because it is all about the license you hold. Medical programs have no incentive to weed out incompetents – beyond a certain basic intelligence, the primary things medical programs want is affability, diligence, honesty and empathy. An ideal doctor from a hospital’s point of view is someone who follows the rules and does not deviate from the playbook – you dont need to be a rocket scientist to achieve that.
          However, affability, diligence and empathy do not save lives. If I were ill, I would prefer to be treated by a House-like brilliant douchebag over a warm gushy gooey melty woman doctor who was incapable of logic. But in the real world, House-like characters get fired because they aren’t PC enough.

        5. Why? Simple, because they’re women. Nations at this point in time are competing with each other over this. When you have a certain amount of women in a relevant (even irrelevant) field you can show – internationally – how progressive en modern you as a nation are. This is why politicians and media go in celebration/victory mode after a particular percentage is reached.
          Simply put: it’s a numbers game.

        6. yeah and big pharma organised that so that doctors deal their drugs willy nilly without complaint or recourse…. and if the do… license revoked… women are perfect for the job….

        7. If doctors were continually assessed like pilots, probably 20% of them would be back teaching pilates.

      2. Very, very sad. Most females it would seem on any level suffer from an acute case of group think behavior. I feel pity for you, because I know you work weekends, you are a male.
        However, I am thankful that most of the time I will get hurt is at night or weekends, so sucks for you, good (relatively speaking) for me. Thanks for the heads up, and hopefully we both get some respite from female hegemony in politics.

      3. Fellow brother doctor here…..Can add that women don’t practice medicine once they graduate and finish residency. Med schools are 50-60% women and the vast majority of these will become mommies and not practice or start one of these mega-Hen-all-female practices where they practice 10 hrs /week. Friend of mine married a doc who was a Johns-Hopkins trained pediatric anesthesiologist. She now teaches Pilates….

        1. yes and the sick thing is the 50% of places those women filled, left 50% of men untrained and unqualified and probably out of work, or doing menial tasks… while the other 50% have to do double the work load to make up for their missing brothers…
          thank god women haven’t moved in on the supply chain and resources yet… mining, construction, transportation and farming is not that glamorous….
          god help us all if cosmo writes an article about it and makes it fashionable…..
          the roads will crumble, container ships sink, the farms halve their yields and the mines will fill with water….
          You see the female does not have the drive and stamina to pull a 36 hour shift when the shit is hitting the fan…. and so net result is it just hits…..

    2. Hah, good luck, the attitude of disposability is propagated by men themselves and even on this very website. You see countless people saying “Sperm costs nothing but eggs are priceless.” Sperm may cost next-to-nothing, true, but *eggs are priceless*? Fuck that shit. The price of your own dignity far exceeds the cost of procreation, and procreation is all women are good for. Until men get that into their fucking heads, we will always be in the same shithole we are now. Men of the past used to acknowledge this fact and that’s why they had balls and that’s why they did not have feminism.

      1. there used to be more of an attitude that women were disposable and replaceable, since many died in child birth….
        but none the less as far as dating goes… women are more discerning, but you shouldn’t take the point of sperm v. eggs and apply it to everything…

      2. The attitude is potentially ingrained genetically for all we know. At least it has been tradition for the better part of tens of thousands of years for all we know. It is going to take a while, but I think in this case we can take a page out of the feminist narrative and use incentives. That will speed it up somewhat.
        Or, women can go back to the house of men who will have them.

      3. In a world trending toward overpopulation, the value of both sperm and egg approaches nil …
        John Brunner’s “Stand on Zanzibar” gave us all the visuals — in an overpopulated future world of ten billion, people who wanted to have kids at all were thoroughly vetted, while those who still wanted to have large families were regarded as highly suspect and worthy of punishment. Some countries could not be visited at all without first undergoing mandatory sterilisation.
        Perhaps overpopulation forces r-selection out of a species and encourages K-selection? I can’t wait for the species-wide implementation.

        1. There is no trending towards overpopulation. All demographic analysis points to falling birthrates around the world in both developed and nondeveloped nations alike. Even the UN has admitted that the greatest factor towards starvation isn’t that there are too many people and not enough food, it is excessive government corruption and constant warefare in third world nations.

        2. As well as food wastage, you would be surprised how much food is wasted in 1st world countries.

    3. How does paying the same as men for premiums mean we are getting things for free. More visits to the doctor does mean more co pays you know. This point of view seems pretty sexist to me.
      p.s. Feminism = Equality For Women and Men. Sexism = One Gender is Better. Stop mixing up one with the other. Feminists don’t hate men, they hate misogynist points of view that encourage men to believe women are inferior. But fuck them, right? Women aren’t even human.

      1. The answer for your question is in your question. Because they’re paying the same by defintion they’re getting things for free. Women by far rely more on the health care system (es. in their 20’s and 30’s) therefore they should be paying more. Far more i might add. Men in that age group barely (if ever) make use of the system.
        Socialism by definition means somebody is screwing while the other is getting screwed.

        1. Capitalism by definition means the exact opposite.
          (To be fair, the same has been said about Communism and Fascism)

      2. wrong missy….feminism =equality for men and women I wish. It does not . Feminism , as practiced now, is a woMEN first , chick supremacist movement. Feminism now is “how to get free shit and get men to pay for it…” F U Cunt

      3. Feminism is not about ‘equality’, it’s never been about ‘equality’. I urge you to study the history of modern feminism to see how it really came about and who the early leaders were. Feminism is, in simple terms, about women being able to indulge in their base desires without repercussions.
        All else about feminism is merely rationalization to support that goal.

      4. men and women are not and cannot ever be equal, because no man can suddenly decide mid career to up sticks and have a couple of kids and find a wealth (husband?) to support him…. well maybe with the new gay marriage laws, but not too many men like it in the ass… or want to have babies for that matter…..
        men love their work… women love themselves for doing their ‘work’… there is a huge difference…. especially when marriage vows and a ticking uterus enter the picture….
        men have no option but to find satisfaction in their work, whereas women always have the uterus option and a mighty honorable and worthy calling it is to have children….
        all men want is women to carry on being women and stop trying to be men….
        we are NOT EQUAL….. we are complimentary….

        1. What about women who don’t want to or can’t have children? I plan to work my whole life, earn my own money, and not have to rely on anyone else. I don’t want children so I will never “up sticks” mid career to have them and expect a man to support me. Biologically, yes, women are designed for procreation, however, why spend an entire lifetime living for that one purpose? In my lifetime I want to work and earn a living, something that anyone should be entitled to. If we are to section a gender off as only useful for procreation, and not to have any other purpose in life, couldn’t the same be said for men? Switch the roles around and consider that men could only be used for their sperm, and not be seen as useful for anything else. It is fair enough to say that in most manual labour jobs men would be better due to their strength, but in all other jobs there is little to no difference between the two. The feminist movement is not about “trying to be men”, but merely to gain equal rights between both sexes.
          I can see that, yes, it is unfair that men have to pay the same as women for healthcare, however, what most women go through in life as a result of procreation or other matters is not anything they choose – naturally a woman will have to go through more health-wise than a man in her lifetime, but why should she be punished for that? Would you punish someone for having breast cancer merely because she is a woman, therefore brought it on herself by being that gender?

        2. your little schpeel here, whilst valid in someways is the typical feminist hampster talk that gets women into so much trouble with us redpill types… i appreciate the sentiment i really do…. but listen to yourself….
          women and men are not the same in any job. women take an emotional and social approach, so that they will hire and fire according to feeling and who they like or click with and not always according to skill.
          they are prone to emotional upset, menstruation and other ‘health’ issues that make them less reliable.
          a woman should not be able to go into combat roles in the army just because she ‘feels’ like that is her calling. a woman in combat can NEVER be as good as a man, you cannot fight against 200,000 years of evolution. a tabby cat cannot pretend it is a tiger.
          you say you never want kids, so have you had your tubes tied ? so many women expect to be taken on face value and then change their mind down the track…. how many thousands of stay home mothers have MBAs and have robbed men of a career and an education based on that sentiment….
          men are far more useful than just for sperm, just as women are far more useful than just for babies, HOWEVER
          women are good with fine details, social type networking, multitasking, managerial type duties.. BECAUSE 200,000 years of evolution made them do those things…
          they are not great as CEOs, taking risks and not great as leaders, because they lack the all out authority that a man wields courtesy of his violent nature that is in his genes.
          women generally lead with shaming, guilt, drama and emotion which is inffective even amongst children and with adults reduces things to the level of bitchy teenagers in highschool….
          men tend to lead by example, getting their hands dirty, with a quiet confidence, simmering sexuality (rather than an open flaunty bitchiness), and by balancing all out inspiration and drive against down right logical attacks… Steve Jobs being a classic example…
          so sorry lady I am not putting you down, but you were born a woman and a woman you will be until the day you die… is that fair ? no it’s not… it’s not anymore fair than my sister in law that got nailed in a car accident and is quadrapelic… it’s not anymore fair than Brad Pitts’s genes and life opportunity against mine… .
          what you cannot do is wail and moan and expect to be treated like a man, because you are not a man…. you are a woman and if you put your ambitions into the women’s fields… the world will become a better place….
          men have built all this technology and yet women who have far great social skills, manipulative skills, multi tasking and so forth have left the planet socially, not much further along than it was when we were tribal cave dwellers…
          tell me… what have women done for the world other than produce children and bitch and moan…
          name me a highway or a coal mine all built by women ,men have built plenty….. women were busy in women’s roles…
          the sexes are complimentary, not equal, there is a huge difference…. without their women folk and wives the mines would not have been built, the fishermen wouldn’t have braved fierce storms and hitler would have stomped across the entire world….
          women play the no#2 role.. ,it’s every bit as valid as a the no#1 role… every crazy captain needs a good first mate to keep him on the rails…….
          but you can’t take on the role as first mate and then want to be captain… that is called mutiny….
          you were born a woman…. you can be a captain amongst women or you can support men… you cannot be a man….
          women don’t generally have the drive and work ethic that it takes for example to pull a 48 hour shift in terrible weather conditions and save the day… they don’t have hero genes…. they have tend to the baby and keep it alive genes… it’s a completely different thing….

        3. wow. It is really quite sad that you actually believe this bullshit that you’re spewing. Thank you for the generalizations, asshole.

        4. Its simple, if men cost auto insurance companies more money than women do, then they should pay more for their insurance. If women cost health insurance companies more than men do, then they should pay more for that insurance. If women cost pension plans more than men do (and they do because they live longer and therefore collect more pension) then they should pay more for their pensions.

        5. If you claim more you will cost more to cover, this is basic supply and demand. You demand more service so the price goes up because there is a fixed supply. Also men’s and women’s brains function differently, so there is a difference between the two.

      5. The fuck them part, only if snipped. They are less than human though. TO be human=penis. Didn’t you know?
        And while we are at it dick-garage, when women take their “march to equality” towards equal deaths (both in war and the workplace), suicides, child-suppport and custody orders, workplace etiquette, equal hours-not time off but being paid the same with that bull shit wage gap; maybe then we can talk.
        Until then, I am sure one of these gentlemen who are up and coming alphas would love to let your mouth be used for what it was made for. Other then breathing.
        If that makes you cry, go kick your beta boyfriend at the house he is paying for; and per usual, don’t tell him about your alpha dick stand on the side.

        1. this doesn’t help…. there is a point to be made…. women have their place, they can be very useful… but the colllege kid attitude from watching too much porn doesn’t help the cause…

      6. Sarah, paying the same thing is unfair if one party costs more to cover. Women cost more when it comes to healthcare, its in the actuarial tables, its not some conspiracy.
        Do you think it is fair to indenture men to subsidize women’s care?

      7. No, Feminism is just for women. If it were for true gender equality it would be called Equalism. Also if you pay the same for premiums but claim more you are getting covered more than men who pay the same but claim less. Also a lot of Feminists DO hate men, the kinds of things they have said would get a man lynched if he said it about women.

    4. I’m not a physician, but I’ve dated some. They are very clear about not wanting to work full time forever and wanting a wealthy man to support them in the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. I can’t help but be angry at them for wasting precious training resources.
      I see the same thing in the military. They want the same badges, bells and whistles as the big boys, but aren’t committed to the lifestyle. Its not a career, its a camera tour or ego trip.

      1. it’s not just that…. if women invade the educational institutions and work places where men gather their wealth… how the fuck are these women going find the wealthy men to support them… ?
        we’re approaching an african state of affairs where the women gather the yams and pound them up, take care of the kids, and curse out their men…. and then men sit about and do nothing…. eventually men feel mighty frustrated and grab a few AKs and start a civil war….

        1. I’m not saying we wouldn’t be the same way if we had the opportunity – but we don’t. Men have careers out of necessity. I’m fine with a woman not working (I feel bad for women that can’t afford to raise their small kids themselves), but it is not ok to nudge someone else out of a field who would’ve been in it for the long haul. Well that sorta brings us back to square one with teachers, nurses and other traditional jobs for women that don’t require competing or corporate ladder climbing.

        2. Teaching is another job that was dominated by males but ruined by females. We see the results of the feminization of general primary education now.

    1. Enjoy the Decline, indeed. The Chief Leftist Feminist isn’t the only reason for the transfer of assets from men to women. Trad Cons are also responsible. We are being tag teamed. In a must watch video by Barbarosaaa, starting at 28:55, he rips Social Conservatives a new one:

      Traditionalism and chivalry = the other feminism

      1. Barbarosaaa also refers to BRIFFAULT’S LAW:
        “The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”
        He has also added, the following to Briffault’s Law:
        “The Peripheral Self Destruct Sequence: if no present or sufficient future benefit to the female can be derived with her association with male, the female will initiate a detachment sequence which cannot be swayed by any negative consequences to the father or his child”.

  5. I think anyone else who grew up in a country with socialised healthcare will agree that it’s got its shortcomings but it generally works better. It’d be pretty shitty getting dealt a bad hand and being born with a health condition that insurance companies don’t want to cover. Some things shouldn’t be for profit. Health care is one of them.
    I don’t mind paying a little extra in my taxes so that I don’t have to walk past sick people in the streets.

    1. “Healthcare shouldn’t be for profit” OK, how about we reassign you to work as a doctor/nurse/orderly? We’ll take any assets you have to pay for training and you’ll be compensated with an apartment in public housing and food at the hospital cafeteria.

      1. You don’t seriously think that’s what I mean do you? Of course healthcare professionals should be paid, this comes out of the money you pay in taxes. What I mean I insurance companies shouldn’t be profiting from it.
        In case you were wondering, education is another thing that should not be for profit – don’t paraphrase me in quotation marks.

        1. Ok, Louis, if I understand you correctly, you do not mind paying a little extra in taxes to ensure health care. You also believe that education should not be for profit, either. So then, where does the money to pay for all of this free stuff come from? Doctors have expenses; they have to pay for medical supplies and equipment. They have to pay for their office, office supplies, utilities, employees and a myriad of other things. Oh, they also have to repay their school loans, which quite often are in the tens- if not hundreds- of thousands of dollars. But education should not be for profit either, you argue. Ok, well, universities have to pay for buildings, utilities, supplies, equipment, employees yadda yadda. So now, all of a sudden, your little extra in taxes becomes even more. And guess what? Outside of a few possible tangible benefits, you are not seeing anything for the 50% or more you suddenly find coming out of your paycheck.
          And that is not even beginning to talk about the allocation of health care resources once the government gets their hooks into it. I want my health care decisions to be made by me and my doctor. Not some faceless committee of bureaucrats at any level of government.

        2. The countries that you say socialized medicine works are small and ethnically/racially /culturally homogenous. Norway is the size of California and has 4 million people. Insane to compare the USA 330million and diverse to these “awesome” socialized systems. Socialized systems ration care heavily. You don’t get on kidney dialysis after age 55. Socialized systems are cheap and don’t innovate. You get the cheapest and shittiest products e.g hip joints etc. Socialized systems are a means of govt control e.g mandatory childhood vaccinations.

      2. I don’t see why any1 would bother to respond to such a mangina, but i’ll do so this time, even if getting annoyed about counterproductive liberals is futile.
        you will be paying for (shouldn’t be news really to any1 here), in handouts hellhole country like france, women do get plastic surgery funded behind the taxpayer’s back (big surprise), however there lacks surgeons available in emergency situations in hospitals. as far as health goes:
        obese woman;”im depressed, i can’t sleep”,
        doc: no problem i’ll prescribe you prozac, and ….. and for the side effects of those pills, you should take the following, and if you get side effects from those we’ll talk about prescribing more
        woman: wow, look at alll those rainbow colored pills, who cares about the cost they are refunded(funding the pharamaceutical companies w/ jacked up prices, who will laugh at the naive taxpayers, and increase their market capital by billions, through the announced of each new vaccine)
        i’ve earned the right to be eternally sick through medical care.
        (who cares about being obese when one can have a liposuction, for free, iff neccessary=> as long as the paperwork, signed by doc says it is)
        yeah… at the end of the day, liberals will argue that system will lead to less sick people.
        but what if people were more responsible for their own health? (I don’t get a check, credit, any kind of bonus for staying fit, taking care of my health, eating organic food and not getting sick).

        1. Yeah France is worth bringing up, it’s ridiculous how far they’ve taken it and they’re in a shit state because of things like this. It’s just the other extreme and I agree that isn’t a good system either. Similar systems are working better in Nordic countries, the UK, Australia and New Zealand but it wouldn’t have helped your argument for you to pay attention to that.
          It pisses me off too that people don’t look after themselves because they know they’ll be treated no matter what. It’d be a much healthier society if people took more responsibility.
          *You didn’t address my point about people who can’t get insurance which I feel is a pretty good reason.

        2. I dunno, I visit India sometimes, and there are a lot of stevedores with 1 kidney- people from France, UK, Canada, New Zealand and the nordic countries visit India to buy organs because they usually die waiting for the surgery. You never see Americans there.

        3. Thanks for your voice of reason. I fucking hate the way libertarians here always run to the worse examples they can find of national healthcare and then ignore all the places where it’s working. Why don’t they talk about how terrible the single-payer healthcare is in Singapore?

        4. The system in Singapore works great by any measure. The key is nothing is ever free. If you’re poor you just get 80% off your bill.
          Free anything just doesn’t work. You need prices to prevent abuse. This is why the “free” systems in industrialized countries are in effect rationed, and impose costs with wait times.
          The main problem with the US system is there are no prices. You get service and then various bureaucrats haggle and roll dice a few times to come up with a price, which you usually don’t even wind up seeing as the customer. It’s absurd. The situation persists because a lot of parasitic middlemen make money off it, including a lot of providers.
          I really think think a simple two part law might fix the entire US health care system quickly: 1) Everybody has to get billed the same price by a given provider (no special deals depending on insurance company). Everybody sees that price before their health insurance touches it. 2) All prices are listed up front, on a website or whatever. None of this surprise ridiculous bill stuff. Go try to look up exactly what a zero complication tonsillectomy will cost you. No such price exists in the US. It should.

        5. You are actually very close to the proper solution. After wage and price controls were mandated by the Truman administration, companies were in a bind. They needed workers, but they could not pay them extra. That is when the steel companies, car manufacturers, mines, and every other business began to offer group plans. The underwriters paid for everything and the hospitals would charge an arm and a leg, knowing that the insurance companies would pay.
          The solution would be to get rid of group plans, including Medicare and Medicaid (Those plans don’t pay enough.). Let medical care be a fee for service plan and the health care companies will start slashing prices.

        6. just wait until Obamacare kicks in…. not only will the yanks be flying to india for black market organs… they’ll be flying there for treatment too….

        7. My state provides an insurance-like product for people that are uninsurable. We already had means for those that were too young, too old, too poor or too sick,
          Who wasn’t being taken care of that couldn’t have been taken care of with a relatively minor tweak?
          The ACA is supposed to make insurance onerous, break the link to your employer, ruin insurance markets and eventually single payer (pretty talk for Socialized Medicine) will be the only way out.
          Then we can look forward to unionized NHS type employees making up a huge voting block and being completely unruly (like teachers but worse).

        8. You said the magic word, prices. When prices reflect cost, then we are going in the right direction.

      3. Doctors in developed countries with Universal Health Care still make money. Of course, they are not rich like their counterparts in the States, but they make good money. And, lets be frank here, I don´t think that a doctor that became one just to get very wealthy will be exactly the best professional there is. We are talking about medicine here, there are easier ways to make money that burning your youth studying to become a doctor.

        1. Thank you for knowing why people become doctors. Bet you’re a big Nichols Sparks fan. You have a pollyanna notion of doctors and their motivations. Doctors are not a religious order or monks. We did not take a vow of poverty.. Docs wanna help people but we we all went into the profession cause of the $$$ monaaay. Docs that say otherwise are lottery winners, independently wealthy , or jerkoff academics or administrators. Docs that aren’t well paid don’t work. Don’t see patients. Btw all docs in the UK work till noon seeing the public NHS patients and then work for cash seeing private pay patients in the afternoon

    2. Even if you do believe that socialized healthcare is the way to go, the way Obamacare is designed is not the way to fix it. It forces everyone to buy into a service that costs way, way too much, without doing enough to address the costs of the service.

      1. That is a fair criticism. Obamacare is nowhere near an Universal Health Care program as available in the developed world. I don´t mean to every country to aspire to be like France, but at least take a look to the Israeli system (a not so developed country) or others. Heck, even in Thailand the state hospitals are more or less OK (of course, can´t compare to the developed world).

      1. Well meaning guys like Louis enable feminists to ruin America. A great example of how “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

      2. I cannot imagine what kind of insurance you get for $40 in the US. A couple issues with this article. Obviously, it does not quote what is covered for either plan. One would assume more is covered under his new insurance than a cheapo $40 plan. Also, the writer is a Heritage Foundation activist quoting CATO Institute figures. I am not sure this is unbiased. Should we ask NOW about women’s inequality in the workplace? I would assume bias for both.

        1. Bro, that $44 figure came from ehelathinsurance.com when they put in a request for a healthy college-aged male.

        2. That was before Obamacare became active this month. They did it a week before Obamacare went active, and I think they are stupid for not taking a screenshot of it.

    3. This is exactly why I don’t support ‘socialized healthcare’.
      Whenever those who support it talk about it, their justifications are always emotional. ‘It’d be shitty’ ‘I’d feel bad for them’ and so on and so forth. Sure, they may use some facts, typically along the lines of ‘it works in other countries’ (does not mean it will work in the US). But they are always to back up their emotional appeals.
      Without knowing anything about the healthcare industry I’m still pretty confident completely restructuring it to spare people of bad feelings is a bad idea. Incidentally, that’s exactly the mentality behind making us pay for women’s healthcare. It hurts women’s feelings that they pay more and that somehow justifies redistributing our hard earned money to them.

    4. I agree with you, but if it’s done poorly not only will it not work, but it merely becomes a government-engineered backlash against the idea of universal healthcare that will only serve to undermine future efforts.
      When it comes to healthcare, I’m very much a liberal, even though I’m a conservative when it comes to almost every other aspect of the nanny state. For example, I think if women want to own their reproductive autonomy, then they need to own it, they can’t run to big daddy government to pay for it at every single stage, while claiming nobody has the right to tell them what to do.
      The healthcare agenda in the U.S. hasn’t been done very well, it’s been bent to every overly politicized form of societal hysteria you can imagine, and thus reflects our society’s ever increasing dysfunction.
      Since our overly politicized society is basically a goodie bag for women, healthcare reform just becomes a goodie bag for women, and becomes an unnecessarily divisive issue.

    5. healthcare shouldn’t be for profit?
      what about food? food is far more essential than healthcare, but those damn farmers are trying to make me pay for a tomato.

      1. Yeah, I suppose then that teachers, policemen, firemen and soldiers should be as well paid for a profit…

        1. Do you have any idea what firemen are paid? In my county, there have been zero house fires in 2-3 years, and they start at $90k. Management makes $250k.

        2. Right — 343 guys died (which is roughly equal to the number of people who die in car crashes in America in any given 90-day period), so therefore everyone in America must pay firemen roughly triple what their actual value is, forever. Brilliant.
          Did you really think that half-assed non-argument was going to work? Have you ever argued with anyone before?
          Firemen are grossly overpaid. They get gold-plated benefits packages and ridiculous salaries, which I pay for, so they can sit around the firehouse between CrossFit sessions. The same geniuses who designed that pocket-picking scam are the same assholes who are now running the entire medical and related industries, thanks to brain-dead idiots like you.

    6. Like the VA system?? Vets wait months to get procedures done. The quality sucks but hey it’s FREE!! The doctors suck too. Hindoos and foreign docs from Burma or Eastjesusistan…Awful…

  6. I just returned from Europe, and was surprised at how socially conservative many young Europeans are. They love their socialism, but at least they see themselves as citizens who must do their part for their country (a conservative outlook IMO). In contrast, my liberal friends in America who advocate socialism just see it as a way to get free stuff and to redistribute wealth to themselves.

  7. Does the Healthcare system need reform ? Yes ! Is Obamacare the way to
    go about it ? Fuck NO !!! All you lowlife phaggots claiming ”
    Healthcare is a right ” and ” We’re the only industrialized nation
    without Universal Healthcare ! look at Europe .. ” GO FUCK YOURSELF !
    Roosh ban Libs from this site bro ! Fucking brain-dead degenerate
    leeches with no sense of pride or patriotism !

      1. About 6 … same as the number of abs i have and more than he number of times u’ve gotten laid u fucking Omega ! Apparently you’re a Pizza delivery guy right ? Lmaoo fucking peasant ! Talking big game and attempting to diagnose people for narcissism and shit lol

        1. Big shit talking from a dude who desperately needs one of his troll accounts unbanned from RVF.
          Why do you need to feel superior to me? You know me, the Pizza delivery guy, right?

    1. I’d rather hear a rational argument as to why universal healthcare is a bad thing than “GO FUCK YOURSELF”. Loving America and wanting health care for everyone are mutually exclusive.

      1. I’m sure you’ve heard/read countless rational arguments backed by cold hard facts that have time and again substantiated the simple truth that Obamacare is not affordable, decreases quality of healthcare and negatively affects the economy as a whole… not to mention moving our country another step closer to socialism, all on top of being unconstitutional as fuck !
        People believe what they want to believe ! …. I could type up a 5000 word essay schooling you about your ridiculous stance on healthcare and chances are you would ignore all of it and regurgitate the same filth ur master Obama fed u !

      2. Because when it is “free” it isn’t rationed or conserved. Because when it is “free” workers pay through the nose to take care of freeloaders. Because when it is “free” the government makes decisions, not the consumer.
        Because you a re a grown-up in a free nation and you shouldn’t need a government to lean on. Its a human failing that we’ve been the exception to for a long time.
        And because those countries where its free are going broke – and they have only a tiny fraction of the immigrants that we do in the US.

  8. this is my first post, so here it goes:
    socialized helathcare is not the promblem in itself, in fact it’s good. it’s the way the U.S. wants to make it happen is what’s wrong. it’s very expensive. i live in an eastern european country, and i can tell you, the healthcare system is nice. now, a lot of you will point out that eastern europe is in a bad financial state, BUT that’s not because of the healthcare costs, it’ because of general corruption of political officials who squader away the money on government contracts.

  9. This whole obamacare debacle is a total psychological operation i.e. “psyop”. The weak and poor LOVE the “idea” of getting something for nothing even though in the end they will get nothing other than a symbolic victory for the “little guy”. The strong and successful are rightfully upset at having to pay for democrat votes yet again. The democrap party uses federal legislation as a means to increase their voter base and this has been shown again and again.
    There is no way anyone with a fucking brain thinks this obamacare foolishness is going to do anything except take away from the “haves” and give it to the corporations and banks that run this country. All the while the poor and weak will be too stupid realize they never got anything they were promised from the govt and then demand more wealth transfer they never see themselves.
    It is a great system for the international banks and corporations.

    1. welcome to latin america… socialism, debt, cronyism, gated compounds, violence and decay… just don’t stop at red traffic lights after dark…. and if you are broke…. you can always buy a cheap gun and become a drug dealer….

  10. The freer markets always subsidized the more socialist markets. The great breakthroughs and techniques came from the freer markets. Our pricing helped keep more socialized markets in check. Health care is a good like anything else. Insurance is over regulated and turned into a very poor prepayment plan. We need to bring back free market medicine of the long long ago days or we’ll all be paying thousands for placebos laced with poison. Yes they’ll want us sicker. Just like the Department of Children and Families wants more kids taken away from their family for abuse.

  11. QUOTE: “And for the “men” who voted for Obamacare – what were you thinking, voting for a male feminist?”
    I’m convinced that Socialism is a mental illness. Because despite the painfully obvious bad idea Obamacare is, I still know dumb-ass liberals who refuse to accept reality for what it is and just how devastating things are, as well refuse to accept the war being waged against men. These idiots are simply not happy unless they are walking around with Obamas cock in their mouths.

    1. Its an appeal to vanity. Its cheap grace. Well, since I “support” x, y and z that makes me superior. I CARE!
      In reality, there is no virtue in spending other people’s money. In every study, conservatives are much much more generous with their own money.

  12. It’s astonishing how dysfunctional government becomes once the dumb masses politicize everything.

    1. yeah…. and then it crashes under the weight of it’s own debt and turns into a total socialist crony sham like Mexico and Argentina did…. so long as you live in a gated compound, have bullet proof cars and a team of private security you’ll be fine…
      if the world outside the window is a dustbin and 90% of your countrymen on the poverty line … who cares…. take whatever you can, and buy darker sunglasses….

  13. Peter Schiff is a very astute guy. He was one of the few investment guys who predicted the market crash in 2008. Not only did he predict it, but he did so in a very precise, specific way. When he talks, I listen.
    I also voted Libertarian this past election for the first time. And you know what? It felt great. I didn’t care if people thought I was “throwing away my vote”. For once, I felt like I was giving the middle finger to those two mainstream “parties” (which are actually both about the same).

    1. I share your sentiments on telling the two party system to take a walk…the Demicans and Republicrats as one of my favorite authors calls them. (The two-party system is actually just our civilization’s version of the Populares and Optimates of Ancient Rome, that ultimately failed and ended in tyranny. We’re on track to repeat that. But I’m digressing…)
      Libertarianism is good up to a point, but the anarchist libertarians are nuts. They believe there should be no laws or rules at all. Basically, they want cartels and monopolies instead of the State. I share their dislike and distrust of our State in its current form, but Jefferson’s ideas of the state being a necessary evil that should be kept very limited seem to make more sense to me. (Not the monolithic State we have now. That shit’s gotta go.) I don’t subscribe to any one party or philosophy as much as what makes logical sense.

      1. Meh, as a guy that had market anarchist sympathies in the past, and still do to a certain extent, you’re kind of straw-manning their arguments.
        The basic idea is that elimination of the state will allow the market to have maximum competition, rendering monopoly and cartel competition impossible, allowing for a polycentric legal order, etc. There would still be laws and rules, just enforced by defense agencies and other things.
        Not saying it’d exactly work like that, and I honestly believe people at large are too stupid for it to work that way, but that’s the crux of their argument.
        At the very least, it’s an interesting worldview. You should read up on some of it if it tickles your fancy.

        1. Anarchy has never been tried…. you can’t write something off that has never been tried…
          Insurance companies can provide security and police to reduce claims… transport companies can maintain roads and airports…
          Courts and justice can be privately run……
          You pay for everything as you use it and you have free open competition…
          Look at what happened once Telecoms were deregulated…. calls went from $1 a minute to 1 cent a minute….
          Govt. is the disease it pretends to cure…. get them out of the way….. scale it back to all but basic law and order and even that can be privatized so long as no one gets a crazy monopoly….
          With the internet we can very well have everything automated and voted on and democratically run in a capitalist way…
          The banking and political cartels are holding on to 20th century mechanisms because they can corrupt them and line their pockets….

      2. I don’t really have any special love for Libertarianism, but I’m at the point where I don’t see what other choices we have. Democrat/Republicans are cats of the same stripe, basically. There are some minor differences here and there, but the bottom line is that they’re both controlled by the same special interests. They are both totally discredited.
        I see myself as something of a moderate progressive in most things, but I just despise the Democrats as a party controlled by interests I have nothing in common with. Same with Republicans.
        No one really speaks for us, no one represents the interests of young men. It’s all about mollycoddling women, special interest groups, wealthy elites, evangelicals, etc.
        So what the hell are you supposed to to? Yeah, you could boycott and never vote, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. The only thing I can feel good doing is voting for obscure 3rd party candidates.

        1. I agree with everything you’re saying about Democrats and Republicans. I despise them both, and generally lean libertarian. I guess I’d call myself a Libertarian Conservative if I had to put a label on it.

        2. Libertarianism is an obvious plank in a platform called cultural values or ideology, but not a complete value system. It is corrupted by universalism like anything else. Within an in-group, where patriotism is actually mutally rewarded, libertarianism is basically economic morality. Conquest is pretty in some hands more than others. Civilized freedom requires conquest by a team of patriarchs held together by culture. We lost that, and we lost reciprocal discipline and consideration. A man looses his family if he looses his sovereignty, his political strength to keep it. Cooperation is required, but it has to be discriminatory. Anytime someone here wants to write about Libertarianism, consider if Patriarchy would be a better choice.

        3. I’m a libertarian for practical reasons to disassociate myself from the current system and minimize the effect the cancer has on me. But in a better world which will hopefully come about, I think the ideal government would allow many fewer freedoms.

        4. The two party system means that any vote for a third party means nothing since elections are winner take all. Your only choice to affect things is to pick the party that best represents your views and work within that party.
          If you have enough like minded people you can change things.

      3. …They believe there should be no laws or rules at all.

        Ah, that’s a mislabeling of people’s beliefs. Most Libertarians favor little-to-no government, but little-to-no government does not mean “no rules”, it simply means no central authority.
        The internet is a good example of this, it has only few meaningful central authorities, and ICANN’s authority is only inflated because we haven’t transitioned to IPv6 yet, and it works out beautifully for the most part.
        Yes, societies need rules, but they do not necessarily need governments.

        1. the biggest myth is that without government you will get corporate monopolies… it’s the government that backs and creates those monopolies….
          the largest monopolies in history, Standard Oil and Microsoft,
          harmonized energy and computing and produced incredible leaps in
          progress and technology….. it’s a myth that corporations breed money hungry evil barons…. both Gates and JD. put huge money back into the
          community….. .
          Governments breed not only monopolies, but huge war machines, secret police, political prisoners and so much more…
          Govt. = the disease it pretends to cure.
          Without Govt. backing monopolies will slowly fail… look at what has happened to microsoft….
          they were not brought down by anti trust law suits… if anything they got stronger from that…. they were brought down by Apple and Google….

        2. I was talking about the anarchist wing of Libertarianism. I know people who don’t believe there should be and laws or rules at all.

    2. Yeah, Peter was predicting as early as 2004 what was going to happen, though he was wrong about decoupling.
      I voted libertarian in the first presidential election I was legally allowed to vote in (2008). Felt really good. Far from a wasted vote, at the very least, if more people voted third party, it would force the other parties to listen. For instance, a socialist/populist party was getting as much as 25% of the vote in the latter 19th century, and that inspired some of the reforms of the so-called Progressive Era.

    3. Schiff is reliable, except where he predicts hyperinflation. That by definition is the opposite of a depression… and a depression is what we’re in, folks.

      1. With all due respect, I believe a depression (prolongued lack of wealth expansion) and hyperinflation (fast currency devaluation) are unrelated. It is possible to have economic stagnation or decline, and to have either inflation or deflation. FDR created inflation he called reinflation during the Great Depression. He paid farmers to destroy their crops and livestock to raise prices that were depressed. Prices go up equally well by increasing the money supply or decreasing the wealth supply.
        It helps to know that a pound is a pound and an inch is an inch (except is was changed to exactly 2.54cm to convert exactly with metric system). My point is that fiat money has no value, and so it has no constant value by which to measure wealth. Therefore, nominal dollar values changing over time mean nothing relative to wealth over time unless you can adjust for the change in fiat value which is to say changes in pretend value at gun point and there is no good way to measure inflation because wealth changes from apples to oranges over time, Model As to Mustangs, telegraph to smartphone. We can’t say how much the total wealth changes because there is no constant value unit to measure wealth. We can only say how much the money supply changes, except there is guesswork on how much paper money is destroyed and how much counterfeit is in use. Economic output, relative or absolute, is at best a ballpark idea and easily made into lies.
        Anyway, I agree we are in a depression. During the Great Depression, GNP was measured to sometimes be positive and sometimes be negative. It was deflationary because people were afraid to be productive and have no customers and because the Fed was not printing money like crazy. They made their first forays into expanding the money supply permanently (non-elastically) in the 1930s. They went from the real bills doctrine to open market operations. Got worse from there. We are in a depression (of culture, etc) and prices are generally going up. They will not ease up on printing money because mooching requires it. GDP includes the economic welfare of moochers, so it is not a reliable indicator of the economy. Drop the dead weight, and America would fly like a space launch. Won’t happen until the infrastructure is razed. Oh well. May as well keep trying to pick-up in this bizarro society. The wealth of experiences is hard to rob.

        1. the problem is that interest rates should be set by free market forces like everything else ….
          with the FED not only holding rates down, but also buying up Govt. paper to keep interest rates down…. (insuring liquidity in the bond markets, means other institutions and traders are forced to pay the going rate for the bonds…and cannot demand higher interest for Govt. debt instruments )
          so the markets are basically rigged… rigged markets eventually collapse….
          at one point or another the sand around the post will wash away and the post will fall over, not matter how much pumping the FED does…..

        2. Look, call it what you will, but those holding the dollar(s), will want the full value of that dollar based on what they were told. When you tell them that “Hey silly mens, didn’t someone tells you that your money was worth only 1/12th (or less, most likely less) than what we charged you to get it, tricks on you!”
          They get their guns, or assets, and hurt you.
          And for those who think that even with rifles you are going to shoot down hundreds, if not thousands of people who are going to demand access to whatever food you have stored; you better have the stomach to ride or die. Because dying is most likely what you are looking at if you are within five miles of a city when social security tanks.
          All those fools laughing at you for storing up for nuclear winter, will remember you, and try to find where you are. You better have at least twenty other people you can trust to use those rifles you stored, an whom you don’t mind breaking bread with you at your place.
          Let’s be real. If the whole thing goes, we are all going to go down in some way with it.
          Those of us who meet here electronically, won’t be able to find each other. Better start finding like minded men, and their families if any, and making nice. Preferably, make sure they are military guys like me or tougher. If you are going to have someone use your guns next to you in afight, make sure they know what to do with it. If you don’t, pack their friggin ammo mags.
          In all likelihood, these bastards at the top will have military fast rope teams ready in major centers to take out any leadership of the masses, and disguise it as “helping those in need.”
          The only people with needs in the elites eyes are themselves. A need to your resources, and title to your ass.
          Be honest, if the whole thing goes south, no one will be truly prepared for that. And if you think that those who did not prepare are going to care that you planned ahead and they didn’t..you’re right. They will care that you did, and “assist you” with removing you from your stash.
          When people are hurting, or hungry, or financially destitute. They are dangerous. Make it to where they are all of these things, and you better head for the hills.

        3. I no longer think of IF, more of WHEN….
          However i try to avoid that world is coming to an end fever that people get, and then use to either make their life more exciting or justify their failures or both…..
          none the less, WHEN the shit goes down… i mean the global supply chain is only 7 days away from collapse at any one time…. gasoline and fresh running water can be gone in a second… super markets empty… that nice condo you have… it’s a fucking house of cards waiting to collapse….
          without electric and water you are living in a multistory car park….
          the govt. will collapse with it… sure they will hold out for a while, but the military will not last…. they will crumble, modern military doesn’t have the balls to shoot their own civilians especially if they are not being paid….
          so when it comes apart…. what’s going to make life a bit easier ? supplies of food, fresh water and the ability to lay low… essentials you can use and or barter… cigarette lighters were like gold in kosovo….. toilet paper, liquor, cigarettes, antibiotics, vitamins, batteries, solar charger… etc. etc. a few basic items can make life real easy….
          there was a power cut the other night in my town and for half an hour i prowled around the house thinking.. hell if the lights don’t go back on… what have i got… ?
          all i had was a 1/2 used bic lighter and 3 smokes left…. what would it cost me to have 10 cartons and 100 lighters ? would make a huge difference….

        4. I absolutely want free market forces…but that is impossible when government defines money, which leads to bankster favoratism and money/loan default guarantees that help the elite and their army of poor at the expense of producers who would defend their freedom if they could rub two nickels together while mentally grounded in the real world.

        5. The wealth shortage happens regardless, and the infighting. “Those of us who meet here electronically, won’t be able to find each
          other. Better start finding like minded men, and their families if any,
          and making nice. Preferably, make sure they are military guys like me
          or tougher.” I have a hard time finding like-minded men in the digital manosphere. I sure as hell don’t meet them offline. Most military guys are afraid to completely see the fundamental principles at stake and give up the glories of government decreed glories and patriotism. Military men are not militia men. Only militia men put the appropriate thought into whether or not military force is warranted because it’s their ass where they live. Abe Lincoln created stormtroopers, something like what was shown in the Star Wars prequels. Hasn’t been the same federation/confederacy since.
          Retired General Smedley Butler, War is a Racket (a speech worth hearing on utube and a small book worth reading).

      2. Wait until the federal government starts bouncing checks when they default on their interest payments. That is coming sooner than you think.

      3. until $16.7 trillion of debt turns into $18Trillion by years end and $25 Trillion soon enough and then the market coughs, interest rates go up and Obama and his African buddies decide to follow the Zimbabwe model…. we’re not in hyper inflation YET… but the dye is cast…
        it will take an incredibly brave president to try to roll back the devaluation of the USD….. and pull in the US debt….

      4. hyper inflation does not preclude depression like economic conditions. Just ask Zimbabwe.

    4. I voted for minnie mouse, mickey mouse, Jesus Christ, and Mighty mouse.
      The lady with an Obama pin looked at me in disbelief that I would go to the voting polls and write those in, then vote on the small scale elections with the same way. I think I voted for actual politicians only a couple of races?
      Anywho, I was hoping and praying that those names would show up ona comedy site or something later on. Not to be.

  14. How embarrassing. Extremist right wing rants as “masculine.”
    EVERY man gets prostate cancer. I know. I had the “aggressive” (you are going to die) kind. What did my wonderful, private healthcare insurer do? Try to throw me under the bus, that’s what – they have a fiduciary duty to maximize profit. And let MEN die.
    The Affordable Care Act ended that crap. It didn’t go far enough. After spending year after year paying my premiums on time, and never late once, and seeing them do all kinds to things to screw MEN over, I totally favor socialized medicine.
    Oh. Before you spit out the usual nonsense reply, I was legal counsel for some of the biggest, so spare me the political talking points. This post had to be a paid Tea Bagger plant.

        1. No fuckhead, he should provide details of how the insurance company “threw him under the bus”. Instead he does a mangina inspired broad sweeping EMOTIONAL statement to praise a pipe dream that everyone with a 90IQ knows is a fucking scam. So yes, MANGINA.

        2. My apologies. It appears I mistook you for someone of human intellectual capacity. He said he paid his premiums on time year after year and the insurance company tried to screw him when he needed care. That’s only an emotional argument to someone who recently escaped from the zoo.
          You say he’s a mangina, but I have an alternative hypothesis. What if it’s you that’s overly inflexible? What if you’re the semi-upright pre hominid blockhead who lacks the cognitive tools to listen to any view that falls outside your own infantile worldview?
          If a cancer survivor who almost got screwed by a broken system is a mangina in your estimation, then you’re likely the problem.
          P.S. Your response was emotional, you mangina.

    1. The preexisting condition thing was the bait in the bait-‘n-switch. Obamacare completely failed everywhere else, such as tort reform and other measures which could reduce absurdly high health care costs. Why do hospital bills cost thousands of dollars? Obamacare didn’t do jackshit in addressing that… and all of us are now forced to pay into the greedy maw of the health care industry.

    2. I live in Canada with all the socialized healthcare you can choke on. They still throw men under the bus when it comes to treatment.

  15. Of course Obamacare discriminates against men. Do you really think the stupid progressives in charge of the Democratic party could get anything passed if it didn’t?
    As for Obamacare itself, the discrimination against men is the least of our issues. It’s a horrible, horrible bill.

  16. Stefan Molyneux makes the case that the US is actually more socialist than the Scandinavian countries i.e. the corporate tax rate in the us is higher, it’s now the highest in the world i believe.
    My mother in now on medicare.Medicare only pays 80% of your health care cost, so the government advises you to get a supplemental insurance plan.Her plan gives her thousands in prescription drug coverage, and so far all of the medical procedures she has had cost her nothing.They have also advised her not to use a generic drug, but a more expensive one, which they paid for. Cost to my mother..zero.Last year the plan cost $6.80 a month , now its free.
    Free health is great, if you can get it.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1270160/Betrayed-NHS-Doctor-gave-life-health-service-refused-vital-cancer-drugs-save-her.html

    1. P.J. O’Rourke – “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”

  17. I used to think Statism was the worst disease a society could develop — pretending to fix social problems (the vast majority of which are just envy, at their base), using other people’s money to do it, failing miserably, all while congratulating yourself on how generous you are. But it’s not the worst. The root disease is feminism. Statism is just an effect. The root problem is women — more specifically, giving women’s values the force of law.
    The three biggest economic disasters of our time are schooling, housing and health care. Schools are just make-work job programs for the teachers (mostly women), and socialized day care for the mothers of the children. The housing crash was created by the government’s promotion of mortgages, which thrive on the desire for the biggest house, the yard, all for a life-long debt — all of which are choices made by and for married women.
    Now, health care will fall too. All to create a system that caters to women and serves their values, in this instance a total lack of risk-tolerance, so they demand a system that covers EVERYTHING, never mind how expensive it is for the men who earn most of the money.
    The US is doomed. Make your exit plans accordingly, men.

  18. I feel like everyday is trying to beat the previous record’s for how retarded this society has become.

  19. I am in the insurance industry, and I can understand why life insurance is more expensive for men. I can also understand why health insurance is more expensive for women. By screwing up those rates, Obamacare guarantees that health care costs will skyrocket. Just wait until all of those health claims are made.

  20. I just found out that I will actually be losing my health insurance because of Obamacare and forced into one of the new plans where the cost will be significantly higher with a lot less coverage. Thanks a lot.

  21. Germany(where I live) few years ago has enacted a law, which forces insurances companies to only offer so called “unisex” tariffs on the sole grounds that different tariffs for men and women are a “discrimination” of women. So, men pay way more now than before.

    1. I bet Germany has no problems discriminating against men when it comes to government pensions. Men in the west pay into government pensions at the same rate as women but because we die sooner we do not get to collect anywhere near as much as the women do. If the pensions were honest they would either charge us less than women, let us retire sooner than women, or pay us more than women. They do none of these things.

  22. Government has been taking from young men and giving to old women since FDR. I don’t really know why it should surprise anybody. Something like 80% of all SS dollars going to people over 80 are going to women. Women pay in 40% to the social safety net and get 60% of the benefits, etc. Obamacare is just going to move it from 40/60 to 33/67.
    Still waiting for a feminist to explain how a patriarchy would allow that to happen.

  23. When G.W left power there was $4 Trillion of debt… now there is $16.7 Trillion and the govt. is shutdown because they ran out of money…. African president… African nation….

  24. The bachelor taxes have begun. My question for all of you is, what are you doing to move out of the way of the onslaught of the tsunami that is bound to come our way?

    1. Simple. I left the west.
      You men who can not leave? I recommend you rescind your consent to be governed and stop paying this ludicrous federal income tax. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Most of you men WANT to pay those taxes because you are too fearful if your guvmint.

  25. This is a really great clip, and an excellent argument against Obamacare. Its too bad that the oposition never brought this up in the 2 fucking years that Obamacare was debated in congress and the press, the argument could have opened some eyes.

    1. The NHS in the UK is the best argument against Obamacare… it’s a total mess… huge wastage and people have no incentive to be healthy if life saving surgeries etc. are free….

  26. Women want, and now expect men to buy their drinks–something women neither earned nor deserve.
    Having men pay for their healthcare is nothing but an extension of the delusional and completely irrational expectations of western women.
    Frankly, I think women giving birth by squatting in the bathtub would solve more problems then it creates. Are western women so much more valuable than those of the the majority of the world that their pregnancy, labors, births and post-natal care are worth $30,000 or more, compared to some poor schlep in China who’s lucky if her family has enough money to pay the $30,000 to $60,000 “planned parenthood fee” for that 2nd unauthorized child. Here in the west it’s just a given that ANY FEMALE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING SHE WANTS AT NO COST AND NO CONSEQUENCE.
    Let’s consider for a moment a similar rule: a women should contribute not only the $20K to $30K to have that baby, but the additional $240,000 or more to raise that kid (per the latest MSM estimates). That’s somewhere between $260K and $270K that someone has to pay for.
    It used to be a mutual decision between husband and wife, considering their financial situation. Now, the decision is shifted to the guberment with unlimited ability to spend money for votes and favors.
    So, giving chicks free shit, in this case healthcare, is the most expensive form of pandering out there. A drink may cost a mere $15 bucks a pop. However, a single child supported at gumerment’s expense could cost American’s a minimum of $20,000, and a maximum of $270,000?
    And that’s just maternity benefits.
    Let’s not even get started on Breast Cancer. OMG, the one thing that entitles women to even more care, concern, focus, charity, and money than just about anything that could afflict a female — including pregnancy.
    So, to hell with Obamacare, this county and it’s politicians who continuously pander to the weak-minded liberal who doesn’t want to pay for their decisions in any way, shape or form.
    Just sayin’

  27. I don’t care about the usual bashing on feminism, I expect that from this site, but this article was weak. Is that really the plan to defund Obamacare, come on, even Ted Cruz left this out of his 21 hour rambling. I mean seriously is that all you see out of universal health care, men having to pay more for women. First off, I want to see the numbers, otherwise it’s bs propaganda, and that doesn’t cut it. An article just came out, that shows a plan by conservatives to defund Obamacare right after the last election. Do you really think, the movement to defund it, is being done with our interest in mind, if so you my friend are delusional. Obamacare has very far ranging implications for this country, so attacking it because you think it helps women more than men, again Weak. The link below, it’ll tell you why the government shutdown isn’t as surprising to the Republicans as you might think.

    1. The Democrat party exists to take things from people and give it to their constituent groups. One of their constituent groups is women which is why the gender gap exists. If you want to continue being a dumbass progressive go ahead. But stop pretending that Democrats are not completely owned by the feminists and go out of their way to screw men.

  28. I believe this article is very poorly thought out, a lot of the reason men pay higher premiums for life and motor insurance is due to their higher mortality rates, which are brought about by their own actions. I’m fairly sure the heartless, analytical insurance companies would definitely by weighing up the costs associated with both genders and charging accordingly. Talking about the courtship process I do believe that is out-dated, although in certain circumstances it does make sense that if the woman is left with the children after a divorce, she should receive more in settlement than the man.

  29. I noticed a lot of guys saying they are libertarian both big and small L. Voting for a third party guarantees your vote does nothing. If you want political change first start a PAC or 501(c)3. Have you ever heard of EMILYs list? It is the feminist PAC. The name stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. What they know that we haven’t figured out is that you grow your own politicians and then you own them because they are true believers in your cause.
    We need to start putting our money into politics if we want to stop the feminists because you might think you can MGTOW or PUA and stay out of their clutches but, as Obamacare proves, they will get their hands in your pockets. Our only choice is to fight.

  30. Obamacare = Subsidizing the CRIMINAL INVADERS from Mexico + enabling worthless unemployable women to become bigger PARASITE WHINERS.

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