84 thoughts on “Don’t Follow A Girl’s Lead”

    1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, get the book…
      Learn what to give a fuck about and what not, just don’t read it put it in practise.

    1. Well this gives us a start. Use what he is teaching to pass on your superior white genes. We can use this to save the white race from extinction at the hands of our enemies.

    2. The white man is God made flesh. As Gods we will flourish. It’s the only logical outcome. “God’s Genes”, can’t think of a more fitting name for a white man.

    3. White men can use this to seduce and breed white women and produce white babies. It’s probably the best way to save the white race. And on a side note, if white men stick ONLY to breeding white women, I think in a few short generations, we will produce what Hitler called the Ubermench. A super man. A man with such power, that few can even begin to comprehend. We need to breed folks and let evolution take our superior genes into the future.

      1. I think we might already be there. I’ve seen white men do some incredibly things. Shit you would see in Sci-Fi movies. I met this one guy who could guess every number I was thinking. He told me he just knew how. I think white people are on the verge of a genetic awakening that will usher in a new and glorious future. Imagine, white men with their full genetic potential unlocked. What chance would the jews and blacks have against our power?

        1. White men with telepathy isn’t unrealistic. This is the natural outcome of the white man’s evolution. Evolution would eventually produce god-like beings and I think white men are very close to this already.

        2. Seriously? Is this nonsense what ROK is about now? White men with telepathy? Jesus. You people are insane.

        3. @Justin Drake
          It’s been proven over and over again that white men are superior. We invented everything. Our people are the most beautiful. Why is it so hard to accept that the next logical step in white man’s evolution to be powers like telepathy? I don’t think you understand just how much more superior whites are to non-whites.

      2. Hitler really was our last hope. The Ubermench would have been realized had the Jewish puppeteers behind the “allied” powers not defeated our savior. I really wish we get another Hitler. The white race would be saved and the trash races would be exterminated like the vermin they are. And we would probably all be living to 500 years old thanks white technological innovation not being stifled by Jews and superior white genes not being diluted by shitskin genes.

        1. Hitler really was ahead of his time. But then again, he was white. All whites are better than all non-whites.

      3. Bahahaha you have to be the biggest virgin loser i have ever seen in my entire life with that edgy comment

      4. Germans during II world war have to kidnap children from other european countries and gemanize them, cause birth rate in nazi Germany was very poor. FUCK HITLER and his stupid policy and your thinking that he was so uber.

    4. Yea, screw this. We need to be out there in droves stomping on jews and blacks. Women will naturally follow. When we show our power through force, white women will fall in line.

        “Stomping Negros and Jews”
        Oh sure, you’ll go down to the Mob-controlled porn site all by your lonesome and start stomping on the Jews for 5 seconds before their Guido security guards take you behind their studio and blow your head off.
        Screw that, you’ll go into the ghetto of Detroit and stomp a black.
        Perhaps you’ll have the gasoline money to GET to NYC or Los Angeles to begin with from your undoubtedly exurban Red State city or town.
        A white with no money is basically a Negro minus the muscle and the aggression to scare anybody.

    5. Don’t wear a condom, its emasculating. Have as many babies as you want. The trick is get a traditional white woman from a foreign country.

    6. I was thinking the same thing. I thought this site was about our mission to secure a future for white children. We need more articles that inform the white man about his true place in the world as it’s ruler. We let the place to go shit by allowing jews and blacks to take over and now our future is in jeopardy. We should be doing something about this. We are the superior race. It shouldn’t be hard.

      1. I’m down for going out there and stomping some jews and mongrels. You think you down for that?

        1. Finally, someone on my level. If we go out there as a force, we can start taking back white lands from invaders.

    7. Give it up dirty goyim we own you now. Our desired bio engineered human cattle of mixed subservient slaves is essentially a done deal as we were promised from the lord of light. We’re just cleaning up the loose ends now.
      We have been illuminated and we will never be afraid again, Say my name Goy!

    1. Are you talking about all that white supremacist nonsense above? They aren’t trolls. The manosphere is filled with white supremacist ideas like that. No surprise there. Though it seems to have veered off into even more ridiculous territory with white men having telepathy and all that. But it’s still falls into the same category of racist ideas often promoted in the comments section of this site and Chateau Heartiste.

        1. To be honest, I find all white supremacist ideas equally ridiculous. Whether it’s the more tame stuff we are used to like all the shit debates about IQ, and who invented what or radical stuff like telepathic white people. It’s all nonsense to me. So 90% of the commenters here might as well be trolls.
          It was only a matter of time before people started preaching this metaphysical bullshit. It’s the natural outcome of any ideology based in racial supremism. Hitler himself believed in a concept of a super-man.

        2. @ Justin Drake
          Hello Justin.
          There is nothing wrong with being proud of the accomplishments of one’s people and ancestors. And the simple fact is that a huge amount of today’s technological and scientific accomplishments come from people of European decent. I think it is a good thing for descendants of Europeans to talk about this, be proud of it and strive to emulate it. If the blacks can be proud of being black, and the hispanics, and the asians, then why not whites?
          But that Hitler crap? No way. How many European Christians died because of him? The stuff from above is obviously a troll storm. Mr Adams has it right.

        3. @AutomaticSlim
          We can take that a step further and just be proud of what the HUMAN race has accomplished. Why do we have to divide ourselves into blacks, jews, asians, hispanics etc. Seems ridiculous to be honest. To me it’s no different than dividing ourselves by height, hair color or how bushy our eyebrows are.

      1. No, Justin, they are trolls. A real white supremacist dips their toes in the water more, tries to create a ripple effect, these fake supremacists are from LeftyPol.

        1. “White Power!”
          The average US white outside Northeast Rustbelt regions is approximately 8% Indian (Usually Cherokee) and when you get into Oklahoma or Texas the amount rises to 50% (Like Chuck Norris whose grandfather was an Irish immigrant who married a squaw).
          Everyone other “Nordic” is an Anglo-Celt whose ancestors fought Nordic Vikings and Danes or has Slavic genes which show up 8% Mongol on a 23 and Me Test.
          White Power!
          Most US whites outside the Rustbelt DON’T KNOW what city in Europe their family immigrated from. Those of us in the Northeast are 3 or 4 generation Americans like me from former ethnic enclaves so we do.

      2. JUSTIN
        These guys would stomp Jews in Brooklyn, right? I’m sure hillbilly hicks from Idaho or European backwaters like Slovenia will stomp every Jew in NYC.
        Then, assuming this happens, they will be in prison and stomp every black (Sentenced to the worst some Jewish lawyer or judge has to offer).
        But none of them have the gas money to afford this. The KKK and the Nazis live in places Jews don’t want to be anyhow. Swamps. Crumbling old cities Southern Ohio that look like ghost towns. Wall Mart parking lots.
        Yep, lots of Jewish lawyers and Wall Street wizards and businessman there.

      3. There’s a circle jerk going at 4chan why don’t you get back over there where you belong.

        1. 4 Chan is for 25 year old helicopter children of 80’s Yuppies like you who lock their bedroom door so their Mom won’t catch them masturbating.

  1. “We invented everything.” Lol. People who say shit like that didn’t invent anything and have generally accomplished nothing in their lives. Claiming you’re superior because you’re white is ridiculous. And I’m white. We are individuals. You don’t get to ride the coattails of people did great things just because you’re white. That’s as beta cucky as it gets. May as well be proud that another white guy screwed your wife’s brains out.

    1. Another massive imbecile who fell for Trolls. I’m severely disappointed in ROK if they couldn’t tell by the exaggeration and the way that guy wrote that he was a subversive trying to make the readership here look bad. Most likely a (((liberal))) posing as two whites.
      Also, Persians are white, I don’t see why you think Roosh is not white.

        American whites are not “pure” white to begin with outside the East Coast ethnic communities.
        There is so much American Indian blood in US white below Dixie (Especially in Oklahoma) that “pure” white Americans is a silly construct. Those whites who are not mixed with Native American are combination of 5 or 6 different European nationalities.
        Then we have the Italian-Americans, whose DNA is about 12% Arab-Berber-Phoenician. Don’t tell me Stallone has no Arab blood. He could pass in Saudi but not in Sweden for Swedish.
        So we are talking about the non-cucked Eastern European Slavs that Hitler deemed inferior. Hungarians are “white”. No, they are descended from Huns.
        So how do you define a “pure race”.

        1. How is it defined by the KKK, Stormfront members? How was it defined by Hitler himself? I think it can be understood to be defined the same way they do.

        2. Stormfront and other “white nastionalist” circle, both online and off don’t seem to have a problem with definitions of what it means to be white. I think we can assume the NeoNazis posting here use a similar standard.
          As far as I can tell from reading their literature(if you can call that garbage literature), it basically comes down to looking white enough.

        3. UUwhite,
          Stormfront include Slavs as white (and ban you if you differ)
          Hitler viewed Slavs as a subrace no better than blacks.
          There’s no sense in any of it as far as I can see.

        4. DODDS
          What ARE most white Americans, Dodds? As a Brit you just think “Americunt” but in reality most Yanks are the grandchildren of Irish and Slavic immigrants. This is when you subtract Jews and Hispanics and Italian-Americans.
          Since all of these folks are deemed inferior the definition of “white” is different in the states.

    2. FITZ
      Actually I suspect he is half European. I’ve lived in Dubai and I doubt both of his parents are Farsi.
      My guess is the usual bio: his father was an Iranian immigrant to the West from a good family (Businessman, doctor) who married an Anglo-Saxon woman he met in university or perhaps socially herself from a middle-class or upper middle-class background.
      This is only supposing but his name suggests he is Farsi on his father’s side.
      Also his last name is Southern Iranian. So probably his family migrated to Tehran at some point from around the straits of Hormuz opposite Oman, which supposes some Arab blood.
      But this pure conjectural.
      Everything I write COULD be wrong.

    Some obvious degenerates sign in with “white nationalist” identities, start talking about telepathic powers, and you idiots start attacking white people and ROK readership.
    These trolls actually did quite the opposite for me, they proved to me that you non-whites GENERALLY aren’t smart enough. Look, two very obvious, fake and exaggerated trolls copying the “We wuz kingz” nig’s beliefs in telepathic powers, and some of you faggots are talking about “quitting” the site.
    There truly is no hope for the future of mankind, because you idiots are too stupid and easily fooled by counter intel.
    What’s next? Some “(((white)))” guy will post “let’s all rape little white babies” in the comment section, and you faggots will turn into Black Lives Matter chimps overnight.
    They mix some obvious hurtful truths with silly fiction in order to make it believable for you imbeciles. They mentioned white inventions and creations which is true, in order to give it validity, then they (or most likely one single poster talking to himself) started acting like exaggerated edgy nigger tier “we wuz kangz” white version monkeys to create anti ROK and anti white sentiment.
    And you retarded non-whites and even dumber white trash whites fell for it. Educate yourselves before you post or you’ll be succestible in being controlled by the enemy.

  3. No alpha male feels the need or desire to belitle or mock or insult other men.
    If you are doing so, then it is time to step up your growth.
    When you see parents yelling at young children or (worse) people yelling at their pets, you see beta behavior in the one who is supposedly in charge.
    When you are REALLY in charge, and have the frame control, the other people will be yelling at you, or just going along with you. But you won’t be yelling, because you are already in charge – you don’t have to try to win an argument. You are already in charge – no reason to debate about it.
    There are two groups of people: those who create and invent, and drive things forward (regardless of color and ethnicity), and the vast majority who don’t lead and don’t create. Everybody starts out in the big group of people who never do much for anybody other than themselves.
    If you want to join the other group of men who distinguish themselves by their contributions to the lives of others – then its tme to stop the whining, and insulting, and complaining, and fulfill your destiny as a leader.

  4. Jews are not “yelling” except in court when they sentence some Goy to 20 years who was busted a second time for possession of meth and receiving stolen property.
    Jews in New York are not asking for the “jobs to come back” to their hillbilly town on the Ohio West VA border or the Rustbelt of Mid Michigan or Pittsburgh. They have a job.
    Jews are not stomping Asians. They can compete with them and Asians won’t be taking their jobs. Nor Mexicans. They despise blacks and blacks despise them as well. But blacks live in the ghettos dependent upon welfare that is doled out by Jewish-elected Democrats.

  5. walking away from a beautiful girl about 10 years ago was probably my defining moment. it took me a while to get my head back in the game but leaving the situation and the possible stress was the best thing i could have done. good videos roosh, the salt n pepper coloring definitely passes for you too.

  6. Whats up with all the fake troll accounts going comically overboard with their
    ” White genes” posts?

    1. Some group called Leftypol or something. A guy in the comment section on that Ukranian girls article warned about it.

  7. This might be the best frame maintenance/control video I’ve viewed yet. Solid advice from a man who sports a rock-solid frame. Take notes people. Just wish I could show this to the younger version of myself.

  8. Check out all the butthurt racist white dudes on this discussion board. lmao. Just mad because in a few decades the overall population is going to be more brown. Deal with it.

    1. It’s the browns who are going to have to deal with not having the white population be able to suppor them anymore. Their smug happiness will be short lived as they succumb to the folly of being left to their own devices.

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  10. Roosh I really think you have something with ROK that is the male equivalent of Cosmopolitan or whatever female brand that tells girls what to get in life what they want. It’s worth so much more than just being an online channel, to reach and wake up the masses there should be magazines (like in airports, I’d love to buy a ROK mag or something instead of leftist the economist or gay men’s health etc), TV etc

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