How Phenibut Can Help You Game Hot Girls

The following article is sponsored by Good Looking Loser and written by Donovan Sharpe.

My previous article on Phenibut touched on its ability to help you sleep better, enhance sex, and it’s stackability with various Kratom strains. Today I’m going to talk about how it can help you with social and approach anxiety.

To be clear, I am discussing my experience with uncut Happy Hippo Phenibut.

Phenibut is sold as a nutritional supplement in the U.S. and Europe (sold as a psychotropic drug in Russia). Its main uses are to alleviate general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD and insomnia (high doses) but it’s also used proactively to improve overall neurological function which is the reason I wanted to give it a try.

This compound is mainly used for people who suffer from various anxiety disorders and is easily the main effect and this is exactly what helps you within the context of meeting women or just enjoying yourself in a social situation.

It absolutely kills approach anxiety

Talking to pretty girls is easy on this stuff

One of the most difficult elements of meeting random women is approaching – especially if the girl is hot. I’ll be the first to admit that when I took the red pill, approaching was especially hard for me even though I’ve never had trouble talking to strangers.

It’s not easy to just walk up to a woman and strike up conversation out of the blue if you’re not accustomed to doing it on a regular basis but with practice it becomes considerably easier.

Phenibut positively destroys approaching anxiety.

The time it takes to feel its effects will vary from person to person but when it does, you will start to notice how freely and easily you start conversations with perfect strangers. You will also notice that many of those perfect strangers are pretty girls.

Once you strike up conversation with a woman and she is receptive, half the battle is won. Phenibut’s ability to reduce anxiety, especially social anxiety, eliminates thoughts of rejection which makes you about as fearless as it gets when approaching women.

For some of you guys, it will make a tremendous difference.

It’s not like most over-the-counter dietary supplements that do little to no good. It significantly reduces social anxiety, if not completely eliminating it.

Phenibut keeps you relaxed

Being relaxed and in control makes ’em tingle and blush

Another important aspect of game is simply staying cool, calm, and collected. Appearing tense or not under complete control throughout your conversation, escalation, and most importantly her shit tests will quickly derail your attempt to bed her.

Phenibut relaxes you to the point where you radiate that “don’t give a fuck” attitude that chicks dig. Remember, your conversation with her is flowing effortlessly but when you give off a relaxed vibe it shows her that you are outcome independent which is extremely attractive.

I also want to make clear that Phenibut doesn’t provide type of ‘sit on the couch’ relaxation that makes you lazy or unmotivated like most “anti-anxiety” compounds do. In fact, Phenibut does quite the opposite, it actually will encourage ‘pro-social’ behavior for most people. This is paramount within the context of game because relaxation is useless without the social drive.

A personal experience

The first time I tried Happy Hippo Phenibut, I took 1000 mg (2 scoops) with a strong cup of coffee on an empty stomach after my morning workout. I didn’t feel anything for a couple of hours so I took 1000 mg more. I wasn’t quite sure whether or not it was working but I noticed that I was striking up conversation with anyone and everyone at work.

This carried over after work as I struck up conversation with the cute cashier at 7-Eleven without hesitation despite the fact that it was during one of the busiest times of the day. There was a long line which meant plenty of people were watching what could have been an epic fail but I broke out my phone and attempted to number close her anyway.

Got shot down… fucks given

She giggled and politely rejected me but I didn’t care. I shrugged my shoulders, took my cigarettes, turned around to the next guy waiting in line and said, “Can’t win ’em all!” to which a few people in line chuckled.

My first experience with Phenibut was a real success. Approach anxiety, relaxation, and motivation were all on display as my day progressed. It took a couple of hours for it to take effect but when it did, the difference was noticeable.

In closing

A potential social drawback Phenibut is that you may end up talking to too many people. Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing except for the fact that you might end up striking up conversation with a girl you wouldn’t fuck with your worst enemy’s dick.

It’s all fun and games till you open the wrong chick

Something to watch out for is taking too much at one time. After my crash and burn with the 7-Eleven hottie I went home and took another 1000 milligrams to keep the party going. I loved the feeling of being rejected in front of a crowd of people and not giving a shit.

But after that last dose I laid on my couch that afternoon for a quick nap around 4:00 pm and didn’t wake up until 1:30 am the next morning! I had work to do that I didn’t get done and even missed a date I set up with a girl.

I was passed the fuck out but it was the best sleep I’d had in a while

Again, this only happens if you take too much. Remember, Phenibut at higher doses is meant for insomnia. The pro-social effects found generally between 1000-2500mg.

All it takes to mitigate these minor drawbacks is to be more selective of who you converse with to avoid chatting up an HB 3 (even though you’re tempted to talk to anyone and everyone) and start small and work your way up with your dosing so you don’t snooze your way through a Friday night that could have potentially been productive both professionally and personally.

While so many dietary supplements, especially ones that supposedly reduce anxiety, are worthless, Phenibut is one that is inexpensive actually works well. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Check out the uncut Phenibut from Happy Hippo.

If you what to know exactly what to expect and how to use it, check out this article from Good Looking Loser.


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101 thoughts on “How Phenibut Can Help You Game Hot Girls”

      1. Use it to feel fucking awesome. For like 30 to 1 hour. Amount depends on how much you use. I just gets you pumped. Fun for social shit. Expensive though. So only for special occasions.

        1. woman i talked to told me it helped her focus on work and shut off her emotions for a few hours, overcome fatigue. can you reconcile that with your experience?

        2. It does let you feel the good emotions. But I think doing it for a reason like stress or work will make you pcycologicall dependent on it for that activity. I’m doing it cause I’m bored and for social situations. But schools starting soon and I won’t be bored anymore and I have always been cool in social situations sober. But then again I just started using. Fuck it.

        3. You get same effect from supersets. Go work out in the morning. And also, toss in a nice full body set before going out. You’ll thank me 🙂
          No judgments by the way, just offering a better opinion

        4. thanks. i am playing with the idea of lifting for quite some time now. gym membership already mine. someday soon, i will have to start.

        5. Best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. Second best time to plan a tree is today. I am hoping that after my injury heals and I can get back into the gym I can document my road back to fitness on a blog as an inspiration for other people.

        6. For studying/working I’d use less dangerous substances such as ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. Stacked with caffeine the
          effect can be quite pronounced. Also, steer away from high dosages, as too much of a stimulant in your system will make you LESS able to focus. I’ve made that mistake quite a lot in the past and ended up playing video games instead of studying because I was way to restless to stay focused on the study material.

      2. Use it to ensure that you have less money than before, damage your cardio vascular system and feel genuinely terrific until you realize that you are in your 30’s and you are not one of they guys who is put together well enough to still be pulling 22 year old girls…those are the guys with good physiques, skin and who banked the money you snorted.
        Really, drugs are mad dumb.

        1. quite an emotional response. see, that is why i would like an article about this. show the effects – short term and long term. then i can judge if it is worth it and decide on my own.
          for example, i occasionally use psychedelics when i have trouble identifying emotions or find that i am blocking myself in analyzing a problem.

        2. Yes. My emotional response has to do with the fact that I am currently injured and unable to live my life normally. I look at people enjoying the summer on bikes or jogging or even just walking without pain and I feel great envy. Then I imagine someone tossing away a beautiful august afternoon sleeping off a night of drug use and I get emotional thinking that these people are throwing away something that I am having a hard time living without….and paying big bucks for it in the meantime.

        3. i understand. but your particular pain emphasizes an urge that exists only in you at this moment.
          but i do empathize. i also am spending this week at home due to a somehow injured elbow and shin from a kick to a knee. first time since 6 months that i miss a training. i feel horrible.
          get well, brother.

        4. thanks man. And yes, of course I can only give you my opinion from my point of view. And like everyone you will listen to many opinions and form your own that is like some in some ways and others in others, but in the end be yours from some urge that you have that exists only in you. Just thought I would toss in one man’s thoughts.

    1. pussy. That is just phenibut mixed with baby powder. go right to the source.

    2. Cocaine elevates all three Dark Triad traits (though Machiavellianism has to be a pre-existing trait, otherwise it won’t get amplified). I find that raw cocaine doesn’t have that much of an effect, combined with alcohol, however, you’re in fucking godmode. Then again, alcohol will dull your ability to reason so just taking a higher dose of coke might be better (but expensive as shit). Btw. except for speed being stretched more often I find it has a quite similar effect. Good speed (i.e. more expensive, from a good source) is usually better than mediocre coke. That being said: Drugs are nice for experimenting but unless you’re in complete control of yourself and exhibit a good deal of self-discipline, don’t even dare to touch the stuff. Also beware of long-term coke effects: paranoia, delusions of grandeur, anxiety etc. Long-term coke fiends are one hella fucked up people. You’ve been warned.

  1. I like Sharpe’s articles, but I can’t help but ask…
    Will it turn me into a super-powerful god who can attract women with just a finger, like Kratom?

    1. Cocaine + Alcohol and you won’t even wait for the election. You’ll just start your coup d’etat.

  2. Dude,sounds pretty rad. I got fierce approach anxiety pretty much anywhere there is hot girls and it kills what little game I got like Raid. Gotta check that out.
    Its hard to project that ‘no fucks given’ mindset when your sweating profusely.

  3. I have been shooting kratom for 2 months now. So far, my dick has grown 4 inches and I am CEO of fortune 500 company. Vouch.

  4. I’ve never tried it, but doesn’t X do the same thing? From what I’ve heard you’re happy and start hugging everyone and don’t give 2 shits.

    1. With a stimulant (even an energy drink) Phenibut’s a low-end version of X. Similar, no way identical though.
      Much safer, that’s why it’s legal (for now).

    1. L-Theanine and half a caffeine tablet make a great energy drink replacement that’s much better for you. L-Theanine makes the caffeine high more mellow and mitigates the crash. Much cheaper than energy drinks too.

    2. He neglected to mention that Phenibut builds up a tolerance and in some people can even start causing anxiety. Much like the first few times with a white nasal substance which will go unnamed.
      l-theanine doesn’t work as well, but it works, and has minimal negative sides.

  5. From the age of 18-26 i used “adrenaline chemicals”
    Lots of Caffeine, Adderalls, Vyvanse, ETC i had a prescription due to add and never went over what is considered a therapeutic dose
    i could write masterful songs,
    i could workout my entire body in one session! literally 40-50 different exercises so i could take days off , cardio was essentially limitless i would have to stop myself to avoid damage and stay at a certain BPM,
    One more thing i could do that i forgot to add.
    I could beat the market trading because i could think faster, i’d follow stocktwits under the “heat map” and compete in an online stock trading leaderboard and i was 3rd, usually just high volume tech stocks” I can;t do that anymore no focus or energy, trying it drives me crazy, so who knows how much $ i lost in the long run
    They made me hyper-optimistic, why? because life is easy when you have lots of energy, especially at 18-26 jacked on these kinds of energy boosters, you can take on anything or so you think on these dopamine adrenaline chemicals
    i used to be able to do all kinds of shit, and now that is gone forever, im not as clever as i used to be, and i probably have some level of brain damage evident in my thinking and when i go to pick up a guitar i’m no longer as creative
    Never forget that your brain is a fragile organ and it has to last the rest of your life, lingering brain damage is not fun, i can barely enjoy music now =|, i have to rely on “notes” because i lose focus every 15 minutes
    The only thing that helped my attention span somewhat was gaming which forces you to focus for sustained periods of time, particularly racing games where if you lose focus you lose and your focus must last 15 minutes with constant stimuli
    i know what you’re thinking “just take supplements”. Heres the thing, The pills made me smart enough to think about doing that and i did combine 20 different supplements all the obvious ones to make it all even better, now they don’t even work,
    My iq was like 110 with average focus, i reckon with the brain damage it’s closer to 100 with a 1/3rd the focus
    avoid tricking the dopamine system you’re going to become a burned out loser with a fried brain
    I’d also like to note that i stayed athletic and lift weights 7 days a week and i still got brain damaged by these chemicals so even in a healthy male these things will make you dumb

  6. “I also want to make clear that Phenibut doesn’t provide type of ‘sit on the couch’ relaxation that makes you lazy or unmotivated like most “anti-anxiety” compounds do.”
    Actually it WILL make you (physically) lazy.
    So don’t take any if you have a lot of hard work to do.
    But it definitely makes you more sociable.
    And he’s right about being careful who you talk to.
    And you will easily find yourself blurting out thoughts the very moment you have them so be ready for that as well.

    1. Man, last time I did Kratom I killed my sensei and never said why. Then I walked away from an explosion without looking back. Then I walked in a bar and every girl simultaneously squirted making the floor so wet that all my enemies slipped and cracked their heads. Crazy election day that was.

  7. Phenibut makes me feel like Donald Trump raw-dogging Megyn Kelly while a midget simultaneously tea-bags her while yelling “War On Womyn biiiiiatch!”.

    1. I know that feeling — not through phenibut but just because that’s what I call “Wake up #3”

        1. I remember watching sunday night television show called”Night Flight” when I was younger. All they played was B’movies and cult classics of the horror,sic-fi,kung-fu and action movies variety . It was the best! My first exposer to ‘Van Dammage!’was the movie “Cyborg”. Cheese galore ,but it’s just one of those movies as a dude I just can’t help but love unconditionally. Been a fan ever since, despite his Steven Seagal type rise and fall. Maybe it’s just nostalgia ,but despite the cheese of the 80’s and early90’s, I miss the kind of movies they turned out. A lot of were horrible bad ,but still fun to watch. I mean people would watch them just to memorize the cheesy lines. I can’t recall any modern movies that I even desire to try and do that with.

        2. You should watch JCVD, were he plays himself in a hostage situation, there’s a bit where he has an internal monologue talking about the mistakes he’s made in his life… pretty powerful.

  8. Sponsored Post pushing a mind-altering substance? Straight to the comments for my daily dose of comedy!

    1. I’ve tried Phenibut. Honestly it didn’t do much to improve my sleep quality (which was what it was sold for) and even though I followed the instructions EXACTLY, I seemed to have developed a dependency on the stuff. Withdrawal symptoms were: Panic attacks including hallucinations, nightmares. Not THAT bad, but still a rather unpleasant experience.

  9. “Got shot down… fucks given”
    Yeah, you got ‘shot down’, literally, by Tony Soprano, because you were trying to pick up his daughter Meadow.

  10. Someone took a cheese grater to a flabby ass and the flakes were processed into Phenibut. At least that’s what I heard…

  11. Wanna talk to hot chicks? Just talk to them, they aren’t any different than other dudes or chicks, the only thing different is the pedestal you’ve put them on in your mind as a weak willed beta male. So man up, grab your balls, and push aside that shit! Rejection is just a stepping stone in life, you can’t avoid it, so you might as well confront it.

  12. It sounds good but will it work with Mike Changs How to get Ripped Fast program..and Kratom ?

  13. As much as I’m looking forward to reading what the comments section is going to say(lol!), Donovan Sharpe is a pretty good writer with his articles.

  14. It’s actually probably the closest thing to ‘state in a pill’. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to an alternative to alcohol.
    If you’re kind of at the intermediate hell stage of game where you are get irritated at the club by crappy music, annoying drunk people and dumb girls Phenibut makes everything fun again.

  15. I have some from a recommended source.
    I never seem to notice much apart from enjoying music……and explosive diarrhoea.
    I am interested in other’s results.

    1. HAhahaha…,”.and explosive diarrhoea.” , that’s kind of big deal!

      1. Yeah. Luckily I got it all out of my system before I met up with the girl.
        This stuff actually give me coke/whisky dick, I was shocked to find.
        The first time I used it though, it really did take music to another level. I must be allergic to it

  16. Just used phenibut this morning wow it’s amazing if you have a tofu diet.
    Now i can do 400 Bulgarian deadlift squats and 12 hours no break vahatamarapudjna Yoga.
    What else you ask for..?

  17. Destroy your approach anxiety with ‘Flakka’
    I can’t wait until RoK starts promoting these Chinese bathsalts.

  18. Tyrosine and 5HTP will simply make you feel super normal, with the added benefit of no self doubt

  19. Excellent write up! Phenibut if definitely a godsend if you have approach anxiety. However, its not an everyday kind of deal. You really shouldn’t be taking it more than twice per week (and not on back-to-back days). Otherwise you will build up a tolerance for it real quick.
    Best practice if you are looking to use it to game girls is to go out both with and without phenibut. That way you can compare your experiences and optimize based on what works best for you.

  20. tune in next week for “how floating in a pool on your back will keep your dick extra hard for 48 hrs”

  21. if someone finds out you are only good with women when on phenibut you will foverer be dubbed a pussy

  22. horrible withdrawals. do not start this. stick to good old weed and buzz if you need to. this fucks your brain completely,

  23. Guys, i really like this site, but take a pill to do better with girls is just depressive. In fact, it’s dangerous, because it can makes you psicologically dependent. No one deserves be drugs dependent in a subject to get a woman. You guys are normal persons, not sick ones.
    Sorries for my bad english. I’m brazilian and sometimes i feel bad for some things i read here. Is that so hard to get an american girl? They such that much? Here in Brazil when we get a no, we keep trying and trying. At the end of the day, everyone who are really in to get a woman get it. Maybe not the hotter or the best ones, but a girl who worths all the work invested. I’m start to hate american women even never meet one in person.
    Cheers from Brazil and stay away from drugs.

  24. Phenibut indeed is great and I have used it myself, but you should warn people with more caution in terms of how bad a withdrawal from Phenibut can be. By reading this, many might not actually take you serious in terms of withdrawal effects and may downplay it. In reality withdrawal could be pure hell and have landed many in the hospital. This is not a supplement but an actual drug, so if anybody decides to try it, go ahead but treat it with respect.

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