Don’t Let Women Rule Your Life

Before you dismiss this article and conclude that it doesn’t apply to you, keep reading—it applies to all of us.

I won’t be hating on women either, so if you clicked in hoping for female bashing, you won’t find it here. I’m writing this article to caution you, and to remind myself, against the dangers of depending on women for validation.

You must be cautious and avoid falling into the trap of allowing women to rule your life. This doesn’t only mean to avoid taking orders from your wife and not be her bitch. No, men allow women to drive them crazy and control their thoughts via many other means as well. Below are the most common.

1. The Crush


This is the typical trap that men who haven’t taken the red pill fall into. They live in a fairy tale world where they endlessly search for the one.

One day they notice a sweetheart at work, or meet a friend of a friend, and they fall in love. They start to dream of going on adventures with this girl. They start to picture their wedding and fantasize about raising kids together. She’s perfect, they think. They haven’t even flirted with the girl, yet her presence has already established complete control over their mind.

If this is you, realize that you’re investing time and energy into someone who’s done nothing to deserve it. Ask her out and begin to date her or get rejected. Either way you can move one with life.

2. The Girlfriend or Wife

Walk Park

Everybody has a friend who pussy-whipped. He barely hangs out with the boys. Worse yet, he spends all of his free time with his girlfriend or wife.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a girlfriend or being married. There is something wrong, however, with ceasing to cultivate your own personal growth and any other relationships because you have a partner. You must realize that you can only depend on yourself in the long run. If you fail to dedicate time to improving your mind, body, and career you’ll pay for it in the long run.

If this is you, schedule time into your week to spend working on yourself, whether this means hitting the gym or just reading in peace. Also, don’t forget your male friends.

3. The Ex


Putting your ex on a pedestal is a trap that’s all too easy to fall into, even when you didn’t do so before or during your time together.

If you had a good relationship, then you undoubtedly shared a number of memorable experiences. It’s normal to romanticize the best parts of the journey, and forget the forgettable parts. This often cultivates a weak mindset, where you believe you may never find another girl as good as your ex and subsequently fall into a depressed state. In other words, the memories of your ex dominate your thoughts and establish control over you.

If this is you, the remedy is twofold. One, you must meet and date other women to alter the false sense of reality you’re beginning to develop. Two, you must take advantage of your newfound free time and use it to read and refocus on your own personal goals and development.

4. A Lack of Women


The symptoms of this are strikingly similar to that of the crush. This is the man who hasn’t been laid in years.

Sometimes this causes him to forego the possibility of meeting women and altogether accepting defeat. This is bad. What’s worse is if he dreams of women but fails to act on it. Either way, women, or a lack thereof, have stained this man’s life. His fear and lack of confidence have built a wall around him, limiting his own self-worth as a man.

If this is you, you simply must approach women and go after what you want. You can’t let your current state of scarcity dictate your future with women.

5. An Abundance of Women

MTV2 Guy Code Season 2 Premiere

This is the player who puts all of his time towards bedding new women. It sounds great, and it is great on some level. But there’s a grave danger.

If approaching, dating, and banging is all you ever think about, you’re at risk of losing sight of your own best interests. Your life is full of women, yes. Your life also revolves around them. They’ve gained complete control over your thoughts and your actions.

If this is you, allow yourself to take scheduled breaks and evaluate non-women related goals, such as things related to career, fitness, or travel.

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177 thoughts on “Don’t Let Women Rule Your Life”

  1. Pretty much all guys I know fit into one of these categories. This is how much we’ve submitted ourselves to women. And all of these categories have a single underlying cause: the belief that you need women to obtain happiness and peace.

    1. “And all of these categories have a single underlying cause: the belief that you need women to obtain happiness and peace”.
      And that belief was propagated for one reason. To make some asshole money and get rich.
      The emperor has no clothes.

      1. But now we have a new belief, don´t we?
        The belief that we don´t need women AT ALL to obtain happiness and peace. In fact, for the most part, women are men´s main obstacle in the attaintment of peace and happiness.

    2. “you need women to obtain happiness and peace”
      Isn’t it because love is the most powerful feeling and you feel the best realized with a woman? I mean, love is a way more powerful feeling than friendship, for a gay man , they would need a man to obtain happiness and peace

      1. That’s essentially a fallacy….
        If women brought a man peace and happiness, then Mick Jagger would not be going on world tour at the age of 70, he’d be cuddling at home with some hot young thing.
        If you want peace, earn some money and buy a waterfront and park a fucking great yacht on the jetty. If you want happiness find something you love doing and get real good at it.
        What brings a man peace and happiness is what he earns and achieves. Happiness is doing what you love, and becoming accomplished at it. David Guetta has a loving wife, who actively helped build his career… they have 3 kids, so why is he still DJing clubs all over the world ? Why isn’t he at home, swimming in all that peace and happiness ? Because family life doesn’t bring a man peace or happiness – it’s a nice trapping and it’s a small part of being an accomplished man, but it’s nothing if you haven’t built your own center of gravity around doing what you love.
        If you love sex, fine – become a porn star or a professional PUA. If you love families and kids, fine – open a school or orphanage. If you love comfortable settings and ‘home making’ open a hotel or design condos.
        Even your kids who love you unconditionally to start with, later in their lives will look at you according to what you accomplished, not according to some ideal of peace and happiness.
        The wealthiest people, even the ruthless Rockefellar, put alot of money into trusts and charities to give back. Why ? because that’s how a man gets peace and happiness… with what he achieves, with how people perceive him – NOT by attaching to other people.

        1. Just depends on what the individual values to bring them happiness. Plenty of men have sacrificed their careers for their family as well.

        2. yeah and 99/100 of them are fucking miserable AND scraping for pennies to pay the school fees…. and now they have a fat old wife that’s not rocking their boat any more….. if that’s peace and happiness…. you let me know and i’ll put my 9mm to my head right away….

        3. “What brings a man peace and happiness is what he earns and achieves.”
          Totally agree. I’ve fucked a million chicks and been in ten dozen relationships. It doesn’t bring happiness. NOt even close. For complex, intelligent men, work and accomplishment bring the most satisfaction in life. Most intelligent, dynamic men will not be satisfied with the same garbage that brings the average simp loser pleasure and satisfaction, i.e. women, marriage, children, etc.
          Quality men need more than that, and usually more is not even enough. Generally speaking, the kind of guys that claim to find satisfaction in marriage and children are boring, un-creative nothing losers. They are not bad guys, they are just boring, dull, and don’t demand much from their lives. Just stating how it is…

        4. Anecdotal but valid nonetheless, my father gave up working for Exxon-Mobile as an exec and went to work for a small advertising company to be home with us more. He said it was the best decision of his life. Then again we are Jewish so that might have been a factor.

        5. I would say the real skills you have give you satisfaction. Can you grow your own food? Build a house? Fix a car? Kick some ass when needed? All men are slaves in the fiat currency game of people who own the central banks (Rockefellar’s) We mindlessly run on the hamster wheel of earning to make them more powerful in setting up a surveillance society for more enslavement….

        6. most corporate roles don’t pay enough to offset the sacrifices you make… especially if you have sons and a 1/2 decent wife and are away all the time…. there’s always some single faggot willing to go the extra mile for a nickel….
          if you head down the corporate route, you better have a chilled backup plan like your father, or make sure you get into the 7 figure bonus territory…. and / or be single and be willing to work 100 hour weeks and be a company man….
          if you work for yourself and you do what you love….. that’s another matter….. family can be a terrible distraction…. you can read about steve jobs on vacation in italy, with his wife and kids, and kinda hating it and working on the phone all the time.
          alot of men are hard wired like this….. they just love what they do and things like cars, yachts, wives, kids etc. are just boring trophies.
          for me the idea of sitting at some beach resort, with the wife and kids, even if i had a helicopter and a private jet to take me there, is just so fucking tedious….. the only way to counter it is to drink way too much and smoke loads of weed, and fuck like a pig….
          but that is ultimately bad for your work, and makes you feel sad…..

        7. that’s a cop out… plenty of people are getting rich… the surveillance society is taking hold because the govt. is broke….. there is no secret society controlling things… special interests, corruption, big corporations vying for advantage, but there is no overall agenda…. if there was, the tech billionaires would all be in jail on trumped up charges.

        8. Ray – go to youtube and hear JFK’s speech on secret societies. How about Ike warning of the Military Industrial Complex. I am pointing out something, not coping out. I have busted my ass for 30+ years to get some earthly resources. I just like to point out the big picture. Read super class. You can’t tell me a hand full of men who created currency and credit out of thin air don’t control things. I am not saying be a pussy and complain about it and do nothing. Just understand you operated as a free range tax slave to them.

        9. it’s impossible for human beings to agree on anything for very long… even the powerful grip of religion is soon split off into multiple branches that all hate each other…. there is manipulation and special interests sure, but pointing the finger at one family or one mechanism just doesn’t cut it…..

        10. Not one family. About 6000 people make up the oligarchs of plantation earth. The one you mention as ruthless yet philanthropic donated land for the UN, started the tri-lateral commission, own a piece of the private federal reserve, loved Mao’s “experiment” in Red China and wrote a glowing oped in NY Times in early 1970’s. on and on. Barry Goldwater wrote about it as a warning, JFK tried to do good with executive order 01111 and got his brains blown out. Heavy shit I know. No wonder most can’t handle the truth.

        11. and you think that 6000 people spanning over 3-4 generations can happily get along and manage all this ‘global dominance’ with never so much as a bad word spoken, or a rebel son that blows the whistle ?
          the air to rothschild’s, Nat, lost a fortune in 2008 when him and his buddy blew up their hedge fund …. so much for controlling the world…. If your theory holds then it was Nat not Paulson, raking in the dough from the 2008 crash….. Soros barely survived with his pants on due to some last minute maneuvers on the GBP… you can read all their filings….
          Nat lives in a ski chalet in a swiss village and plays about with some mining issues in africa which also got him in a load of hot water…. he’s hardly the heir to the global domination dynasty.
          i don’t see it……

        12. Tragedy and Hope – Carroll Quigley
          Between two Ages- Zbigniew Brzezinski
          Creature from Jekyll Island –
          War is a Rackett- Smedley Butler
          Confession of an economic hit man.
          Propaganda- Edward Bernays
          These books give you a big picture view if you have interest.
          The MF’s people hold up as “successful” are merely global criminals….

        13. LOL. I love the coincidence…how the major ‘minds’ (a$$holes) in the world think it is overpopulated, how we end up with feminism seeking to break up the nuclear family and encourage women to never grow up, never settle, and … never procreate … then we get men, such as yourself, who basically encourage men to, you guessed it, never grow up, never settle, and never procreate. You think men who ‘settle down’ and ‘find satisfaction’ in marriage and children are boring. Of course you do. You’ve swallowed the purple pill. Seriously, you have a glass ceiling in your head, if you think the red pill man just ‘develops himself and accomplishes something in the world’ and is basically a ‘renaissance man’ without a family. Think outside the fucking western box. A renaissance man is nothing more than an ‘interesting person.’ A ‘do it all’ or ‘jack of all trades’ or … an overachiever. Whoopty fucking do. Sorry, dude, but if at the end of your life, you’ve done all these wonderful things and not had any kids, you’re forgetting one of the most important aspects of being human …
          (and note the use “ONE OF” rather than SINGLE)
          … procreation. If you don’t fucking procreate, you’ve fulfilled the ‘destiny’ of mind, character and society and you’ve neglected your body.
          If courtly love is a blue pill delusion. So is individualism and ambition. If you want to drink that kool-aid, go ahead. But I want you to know that’s just as blue pill as (what could possibly be jealous) criticism of a satisfied, married man as a ‘boring, uncreative nothing loser.’
          Enjoy your purple pill.
          (mix of red and blue for those that don’t get it)

        14. I think no person can be happy when they have “other’s control” me mentality. Lots of people have opted out of the rat race and been equally unhappy. Hard to find happy people in our world today .. TV shows us so much what we don’t have . We covet and lust for that what others have making ourselves so unhappy.

    3. Both genders can apply to this. I know plenty of women who over obsess over men. This would be great advice. But you all had alcoholic mothers and were raised by abusive parents, and were raped when you were three and fear being hurt by someone you were raised to believe is less powerful than you. And it’s genuinely sad seeing anyone like this, because none of you are ever going to get what you want, you are so insane.

  2. All you have to do is read the Manipulated Man, it is a massive eye opener. Vilar puts is brilliantly in just few words:
    A man is always searching for someone or something to enslave him, for only as a slave does he feel secure – and, as a rule, his choice falls on a woman.
    This is and has always been the tragedy of men.

    1. I agree with this premise but I don’t think women HAVE to be the ideal that men wish to serve.
      In the book she provides an account of HOW men are socialized to worship women. It starts with mothers and then the culture at large.
      I believe it is possible for men to deprogram themselves. Most men will always be attracted to women and will always fight for orgasms but this idea that women are delicate little angel flowers that need to be coddled can be forgotten.

      1. “I believe it is possible for men to deprogram themselves”
        Return Of Kings Inc. — Your industry leader — Leading the way for male deprogramming since 2012.

        1. Timothy Leary had a method for deprogramming…re-imprinting I believe it’s called. I hear it’s good for overcoming all sorts of unwanted mental states.

      1. The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar
        An excellent book! The book delves into how men are manipulated by more than just women (government, society, etc.). I also highly recommend The Myth of Male Power by Dr. Warren Farrell.

    2. and her work is why IT WAS BANNED FROM AMERICUNT… too hard hitting to home, The Udder Truth – it’s the whores attitudes, they don’t care about anything but what they WANT… and when they don’t get it handed to them WAAAA! MISOGYNE! but, I’m speaking of THE WHORE MENTALITY… it’s what ruined europe, and they lol “think” America… nope. watch equality happen because the boys, guys, men – figured out them, just like they mastered the world eons ago. somebody else has been sitting on their duffs, complaining… do not ever save a girl from her own self destruction – they got no foresight and do not care, they just WANT… to compete against each other – again, I AM referring to the whore mentality. : ) hats off to real whole women who aren’t self made stupid dirty disease factories looking for somebody to hand it all to them because they got tits and then when they get told no start causing all sorts of “law” and financial problems… soon, all the good normal people will be dancing ww – as the rest fade to black. : )
      the whore shit is done on this sphere.

    1. Who said you needed one?.
      That was all just ancient propaganda spewed at you since birth so some fuckheads could make money off you.
      If you want one, fine. If not, thats fine too.
      Its a new world out there.

    2. it’s nice to have someone to clean your house and clothes, fetch groceries and prepare good food…. if you’ve never had a maid / wife … it’s not to be underestimated…. but it is easy to hire someone to fill this role.

      1. Please. This might have been true 50 years ago but now, the “do your laundry and make food for you” phase only lasts as long as it takes for you to get comfortable with her, after which it will be replaced with the “Let’s divide our chores and I’m only having sex with you once a month” phase.

        1. Mine still does all that stuff, after nearly 30 years. And it is nice to have it done for you.
          The proper answer to “let’s divide our chores” is NO.

        2. Mine still does all that stuff, after nearly 30 years. And it is nice to have it done for you.
          The proper answer to “let’s divide our chores” is NO.

        3. So don’t marry her, and if she stops improving your life, dump her and find a different girl. There’s nothing saying the same chick has to keep doing your laundry and cooking for you.
          If I’m in a relationship with a girl, I expect her to make my life more pleasant. If she starts being a pain in my ass, why would I keep her around?

        4. easy in theory, in practice women get attached…. they also tend to get pregnant….. now you’ve got kids and a home with this chick… what you gonna do if she’s not rocking your boat any more ?
          she might worship the ground you walk on, but if she’s just not hitting the high notes any more… what the fuck are you doing to do… ? do you have the guts to tell the mother of your children that loves you to death, to go fuck herself ?

        5. Usually when I say that a woman needs to add value to my life or I’ll dump her people project their own ideas of what I mean, which bear little relationship to reality.
          If she worships the ground I walk on and bore my children, why would you think she’s not making my life better? I’m not saying she has to magically stay an 18 year old sweetheart hottie forever, just that she needs to be adding value to my life. I’m not going to dump the mother of my children if she is a good partner, helping me build the life I want to have. I see nothing morally wrong with having a mistress either, by the way, if I’m not actually breaking a promise to be exclusive.
          That said, I’m not planning on having kids unless I meet a unicorn. So far in 14 years of sexual activity, in which I’ve had sex several thousand times–obviously some girls got banged hundreds of times each, I’m not Wilt Chamberlain–I haven’t yet impregnated anyone. So maybe I’m sterile, maybe my anti-pregnancy technique is good, or I’m just plain lucky, but I’m not too worried about accidentally getting a chick pregnant.

        6. at the end of the day, women are all centered around family and kids….. they might have careers and so on, but when it comes down to it, in the long run, unicorn or not…. they will gravitate towards life goals that will bore you to fucking death and add very little value to your life.

        7. Thank you for saying the kind of stuff that most of the inexperienced nerds on here won’t say or simply cannot comprehend: women and their long term goals and desires are boring. Period. Sex is awesome. It’s generally all women have to offer. The rest of the nonsense that women bring to a man’s life can be skipped.

        8. Aha, but women are biologically programmed to prepare for your eventual jadedness and desire to leave. That’s why they will spend the first 1-2 years of the relationship making you extremely comfortable, giving you all you want, making you soft and keeping you from coming up with a backup plan. And if that fails, there’s always the law to make sure you get shafted if you try to divorce. It’s all a huge rigged game and there is no way to win save for not marrying. Of course, if you are married to the same person for long enough, you will find reasons to justify your existence and defend yourself. Marriage is not all bad, you will say to the younger generation.

        9. If you’ve been married for 30 years, then you got married during a time when it was still possible to find women like that. I know because my parents have been married for 35 years (they had me very early on in their relationship) and my mother is exactly how you describe. Which is why love her. But let’s not fool ourselves. This breed of woman is rapidly headed for extinction, if not there already. In fact, they are already extinct in the West. There are only a few places in the world where such women are left.

        10. I didn’t say anything to the contrary. In fact, the very first thing I said was “So don’t marry her.” Marrying a girl is about as smart as strapping a suicide vest on and giving her the trigger in this legal environment. If a guy does marry, or even just has kids with a outside of marriage, he’d better have an escape plan.

        11. “a woman needs to add value to my life or I’ll dump her”
          your statement = i will dump every woman i am ever with.
          EVERY woman will reach a point where she add less value to your life that either you want or in many cases you need.
          Even if you are 85 and dying of cancer, having some old bat all emotional and cooing over you, is not going to “add value”.. you’d be better off with a 30 year old blonde nurse, that knows how to administer the morphine and give you one last cracking BJ.
          A woman will only add value to your life according to specific circumstances… as they change and she ages, you will need to cut her lose and as you get older, that may be easier said than done…. easy to cut some college tramp lose, or a 30 something secretary…. but harder at 40+.
          “A Dog is for Life not just for Christmas”.
          You can say, well I will buy a dog and if I don’t like it any more I will take the 9mil and bury it in the yard… but do you have the balls to pull the trigger ?
          Separations initiated by the man where she wants to stay will involve her going apeshit… either fucking everyone you know, shaming you, and making life as hard as possible… or worse… you just don’t want to be with her… and she’s lubing up her ass, bringing you friends to fuck and doing almost anything to hold onto you…. this is the worst situation of all…. because it makes you hate the things you should enjoy.

        12. easier said than done…… you’re playing catch a ball with a tiger…..while having a 2lb steak tied to your ass……
          relationships are for women…. women are for men…. if you don’t like the gal anymore and you have a home and kids… what you gonna do ?
          if you disappear you will mess up the kids and they will hate you for it. (so will she).
          if you try to sit down and say it’s over, she will vacillate between making your life an emotional hell, taking it out on the kids, fucking other men and trying to get back together with you.
          70% of marriages end in divorce from the woman’s side, because it’s much better when she decides to leave, because she has to carry the guilt, which stops the vengeance. It doesn’t stop her fucking up her life and the kids lives though….
          It’s a mess….. The escape plan only works when there are no kids, or you absolutely fucking hate your own kids, which is unlikely.

        13. Get real. I will refer you to my statement: “Usually when I say that a woman needs to add value to my life or I’ll
          dump her people project their own ideas of what I mean, which bear
          little relationship to reality.” That’s exactly what you’re doing, because you have no idea what I consider valuable in a woman.
          You’re getting all worked up over this, why? I’m not a fool. I don’t even do exclusive relationships anymore, and I don’t mess with girls over 24 as a general rule. All these hypotheticals you’re presenting are meaningless. If you don’t marry a woman or have kids with her, the only power she holds over you is the power you give her.
          I really don’t get your dog analogy. Dogs are way, way more loyal than women, man. I love dogs.

  3. Some of my opinion on the article;
    “take advantage of your newfound free time and use it to read and refocus on your own personal goals and development.”
    True. Best line in the whole article.
    “His fear and lack of confidence have built a wall around him”
    Refocus on your personal goals and development and you will regain your confidence and overcome your fears.
    “If this is you, you simply must approach women and go after what you want”.
    False. Let your achievement of your personal goals speak for itself.
    Let the bitches tear you wall down. Let them approach you.

    1. “Let them approach you.”
      This doesn’t work, because you’ll tend to get the moths to the flame, whilst you never meet the better ones.

      1. Exactly the result I am looking for.
        I dont care what anyone sez, youre a sharp chap Ray.

      2. I half agree with you. This may be true for the ‘Average Joe’ but for a successful man or a man who at least ‘projects’ success, it’s actually the opposite effect where only higher value females approach you and average women won’t approach at all because they assume you’re out of their league. Like attracts like.

        1. I think you’re kind of missing the point. Ray is talking about gold diggers and their ilk. These are women who know their game and know exactly how to use their sexiness to trick you into feeling comfortable.

        2. it’s not just gold diggers….. you can spot them… it’s also pretty 8-9 girls, with a personality that might seem great to start with but gradually fades to gray…..
          i mean it’s all a con with women really, they are like used cars… in time their upkeep is never close to their benefits and you need an upgrade.
          letting them come to you, has always been my trick, but then you can’t get rid of them… they attach like barnacles to a ship.
          at least if you chase her and then ease up, she will go off on her own…. when she comes to you, that’s usually the obsessive, idealist, lovestuck etc.

        3. Then don’t ever get comfortable. I’ve yet to meet a woman who isn’t a gold digger, to some degree, if not a shameless social climber. If you want someone who dates you for who you are, date one of your homeboys.

    2. “Let them approach you.”
      Amen. I’m a strong adherent of letting the pussy fall into your lap. My uncle used to have a say “Chasing pussy is a sin but if it falls in your lap, it’s a blessing.” I found a lot of truth in those words once I became a man. Anything else takes away from time spent on improving yourself or bonding with other men, which helps further your ambitions anyways. Bitches will always be there.

  4. I’m writing this article to caution you, and to remind myself .. Notes to self… that’s a sign of a great writer and speaker. Nice work.

  5. Don’t know what’s worse, a guy that’s pussy whipped or a “I have a girlfriend, ergo I’m alpha” type of guy. The former often dumps his friends not long after the moment he falls under the spell of the mighty pussy, while the latter’s alpha male delusion may result in him becoming bold enough to piss in another man’s pond and expecting no consequences from the act. Of course, both types aren’t mutually exclusive.

  6. Unfortunately, unless you are an omega/fag or someone vowing a life of celibacy, we all, alphas and betas tend to fall into one of these categories at some point. They can even be contradictory as an attempt to avoid one scenerio, often leads to another. It is vital to maintain personal goals and be surrounded my other men (alphas) who push you and won’t accept weakness or anything short of accomplishing those goals. Women should be a very minor role in ones life. In today’s day in age, getting married is wrong for man, I disagree wholeheartedly that “there’s nothing wrong” as we all know the incentive for men is no longer there. If you must choose an LTR master, do so with caution, but never allow her to come between yourself and improvement. Besides, if your master truly “loves” ( I have to take a moment to HAHA after saying such a word) you, she will never get in the way of other pussy and will NEVER force you sign a contract of marriage.

    1. “Women should be a very minor role in ones life”
      Yes, a wife and kids is just a trapping… like owning an expensive car…. nice if you can afford the upkeep…..
      “never allow her to come between yourself and improvement”
      this is where we depart from theory and land in hard reality, because women demand attention, affection, loving, sexing, weekends away, dull holidays, birthday surprises… etc. etc. etc…. you’d rather be working, doing gym, studying, making money, etc. etc. etc.
      there is a MASSIVE conflict of interest….
      and it gets WORSE because spending too much time with her, one on one will shrink your head and narrow your horizons, because women are into families and love and cuddling and dopy feminine stuff, where men ultimately are NOT.
      So while the rush of having a woman in your life and the convenience of an LTR can be great for a year or three, after a while you will see that it’s completely incompatible with a man that wants to move and shake in life.

  7. Man, I wish we were back in the days of Roger Sterling types slapping secretaries’ asses type sexism, instead of what we have now: men using women to explain their inadequacies. I get if you’re not in the place you would like to be in your life, but what on earth do I have to do with that? By your own logic, man up, and start achieving things without whining about them.

    1. that character pretty much demonstrates all a woman can ever be to a man…. a distraction… something to dominate and or disguard….

  8. That is why knowledge of Game and the Female/Male psychology aids you in all respects.
    Out of a position of strength and experience you can choose to be either a PUA, in a LTR or even in a happy marriage. You do not run from women like most MGTOWs, because you “cannot find a good one”.
    Listening to your inner voice is always more helpful than to listen to the big head or the little head. BTW – I find the inner voice getting stronger the more I meditate, contemplate – recommend it for everyone – even the Dark Triad Sith-Wannabe!

    1. MGTOW is nothing like that. I have had girlfriends, some good ones…but at the end they can´t help themselves being self-centered bitches.
      I find that people still chasing pussy are the ones that are running away from…themselves.

    2. I respect the MGTOWs they got the game figured out. Modern women are nothing but a waste of time and a huge drain on resources, mental & physical. Game and knowledge of female/male psych means nothing in the eyes of the law, and right now women have that game on lock down. The only winning move is to not play these days.

    1. That’s a bad idea. Women evaluate you every minute of every day. If you switch off, you’re done.

    2. I am always think about how I value NOT having a woman’s presence in my life.
      I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.
      Now if those cunts could just give me back all the time I wasted thinking and chasing their worthless asses….

  9. The concept of having a woman “fulfill” or complete a man’s life is a new and deadly concept introduced by Anglo-Saxon and Romance European Civilization. The defeat of masculine cultures during (Teutonic, Tsarist Russia and Imperial Japanese) WWI and WWII, set in stone the “woman as co-equal and completer of a man’s life.” Romantic love does not exist, masculine cultures know the real concept of love is the platonic masculine concept of camaraderie through hardship, particularly the battlefield. To truly prevent women from ruling your life, you must first start with the precepts that 1.) Romantic Love is a fallacy (all of it, flowers, cards, valentines day, holding hands) 2.) Women don’t love men (her romance with you is not with you but with the idea of romance) 3.) There will always be young attractive pussy (however you’ll never get the time back to make yourself and career). Every second spent pursuing a bitch or maintaining a “relationship” is a second not spent towards your earning potential and career. And besides to a woman, you’re just a career anyway. To a woman, she marries your earning value and potential, you as a human being do not exist. The human side of this is only available to your long term male friends especially comrades for those who’ve served. Your white picket fence fantasy is nothing more than a mirage manufactured by the state, it’s a delusion of romance which itself is a temporary insanity of the human condition. Those without the disease, are all the more better.

    1. I’m waiting for more articles about the true masculine love of camaraderie on the battlefield. Trapped in dark holes and deep trenches, sweat dripping from their unclothed body’s, holding tight onto each other as the shells drop..

      1. It’s just an example, genius. How many women will save you from a burning house? How many women will stay with you if you lose your job and can’t find anything in 6 months? How many women will stay loyal to you because you helped them through adversity ten years ago? Do you know how many times I’ve met women who have left their families behind, started a “new life” in a foreign country (usually with a more wealthy man than their ex) and would just say ‘Times are different.’ To a woman you are a temporary convenience at best.

        1. Ostap is either a subversive socialist, beta, queer or bitch. This is very true. A lot of women are just fucking scum, pure grade a, scum. Even if a bitch is married to a wealthy man, she’ll fuck the pool-boy or grunge cover rock band guy. A woman has no reservations nor guilt with getting impregnated by one man, and having another man support that bastard whilst making him believe it were his the whole time. I advise any man, who’s on the precipice of losing his job or taking a pay-cut to get rid of his bitch now. Of course she won’t dump you immediately, but when they start seeing the sex become infrequent, her complain more and other shit, trust me she’s already either started fucking other guys or at the least started giving her number out to other men. What’s entirely new, is the level these selfish gen x and millennial bitches are abandoning their children. At least one of the very few noble characteristics of women, is (was) their propensity to never abandon their children under any circumstances. A lot of women are abandoning their children in this day and age.

        2. yeah a divorce lawyer told me the other day, that he’s got more and more cases where the woman is trying to give back custody to the father… so instead of fighting over custody, they are fighting over who has their freedom from the kids….

        3. Personally, I never held any ‘positive delusions’ about women so I’m not disappointed or bitter in any way in regards to dealing with women, I just set my expectations real low. About abandoning kids, well, what do you expect? With abortion clinics on every corner nowadays they are willing to ‘clean it out’ just for their sexual convenience so getting rid of the little brats a couple of years after they popped out is not much of a moral dilemma. It’s sad for the kids, growing up with the idea even your own mother is not invested in you.

        4. Can you really blame them? Parenting is hard, and the true burden falls on women. They have so many modern distractions at their disposal. Why would they bother raising their kids? The sad part is that for most women, life takes a harsh downturn after they are no longer young and sexually attractive. As a man, can you imagine having the immense power of female sexuality at your disposal, only to see it quickly evaporate as you age and need it the most? Without a family, life for an aging woman is bitterly lonely and unbearable for most. I guess bitches reap what they sow.

        5. Wow. Ain’t that a fucking bitch? So you mean to tell me, these hookers can ditch their marriage AND their children AND still convince a judge to force her (ex-) husband to maintain her standard of living??? Divorce is better than having a 401K.

        6. It’s nothing but a giant fucking wealth transfer so .gov can stick us with the parasite so they don’t have to deal with it. All this crap about how they are our equals yet they are dependent on us for pretty much everything. Coming to this realization has made me say fuck the US government and our legal system. I despise those two more than the twats.

        7. Yes, and the man has to both take care of the children himself AND pay the cunt child care!

        8. Yes. A case in point is Jon Cryer of TWo and a Half Men. He has full custody of his children after proving his ex was an unfit mother. And believe me, that is a huge up hill battle that few to no men win. Yet he still has to pay her alimony and child support for the children of which he has 100% full time custody.

        9. Yeah, n=1. The issue I have with a lot of comments here, is that there are comments like this one, that say ‘oooh look at these sh*tty women’ and I read so many that after a while I am like…this dude thinks *every woman is like this* and I am scratching my head, thinking…well…if that’s true, what about all the women I know that *aren’t like this* and then I am like. Where are you meeting women? So now I’m asking you.
          Where are you meeting all the sh*tty women you’ve found? Please list the top three places. Give background information such as country, education level, and socioeconomic class, too.

        10. amazing what you write … this is how men have been since the beginning of time … all sorts of stats on what percentage of men have been unfaithful … women are just catching up … rather sickening isn’t it. Women have been bitching about these same topics for thousands of years when speaking of the “male behavior” uhmmmm do you understand why women have gone to work? We swallowed the “blue pill” and realized you couldn’t count on a man 🙂 So the question will eventually become … WHO is a good person … not men are better, women are better but WHO is the person with integrity, WHO is the person that treats others as they want to be treated … that person has a better opportunity to finding internal and external happiness than the vast majority of people.

        11. It won’t be long before women will be bitching the same song. Give women time to become the bread winner and they two will be saddled with the responsibility. During the transition it will be mostly the male (as he has the larger earnings still yet today) that will be the “bitchey one” … in time it will equal out as more women make more money and are more equal footing financially thus more will be expected financially. I’ve several friends paying their ex husband alimony and bitch they do. It is rather comical, not because I am hateful towards them but because anyone who has said good bye to someone sure hates to have to support them … it is our human bitchey nature … doesn’t matter if we wanted them to be a stay at home Dad/Mom or they became the primary parent while we kept smoking at our career and they fore went their career and earning power … when we say good bye we want them gone and we want them out of our pocket. So … as men you don’t have the exclusive derogatory thinking on this topic … women think much the same.
          I will point a few things out to you males on your male hate:
          The people who write the shows on TV … they are males writers bagging on other stupid male behaviors … these are not female writers.
          Men who make you feel like a pussy for showing weakness … it is men who want to feel you are beneath them … Men competiting and bagging on everyone. Men who need to show they are better than everyone else
          The vast majority of your problems is yourself and other men thinking exactly as you have been cultured to be and do. You may believe women have done this to you … nope … men do it to men, men shape men … women don’t shape men. Porn is created by men to exploit your mind and to get money out of you … such men do not care about your future only getting into your wallet. Women didn’t create the incredible lust that drives, controls and manipulates men … men have created amongst themselves. When I was in high school and dating my husband and we were having innocent teenage first time sex … he had go into the football locker room announce it … why … to prove to all his moron friends that he had been hanging out and reading playboy with, that he was king dick. Did I do this to him? No … the male culture and the male competitiveness did it to him. I did not have sex with him to control or manipulate him … I had sex with him because we were both curious and I liked him … it was innocent. So go ahead and change the new male culture to that of hate and to “women are the problem” as men have always done versus see they have control and to have control you have to have discipline over yourself, your thoughts, your actions and that you are a person of integrity. Believe me, I have seen some women who are equal retards that blame men for everything … people who blame as such … you really don’t want to be around them as they blame everyone for everything and are responsible for nothing, they lack integrity … true waste of a human being.

        12. blame their whore mentality mothers that taught them NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT. : )

        13. and that’s because they do not care, they just WANT the $… hookers! and besides, when ya have baggage… ain’t nobody gonna clean up after a childish WANTER and user of society and people…

        14. yaup… so they ahem “think”… but the whore mentality is going…

        15. no not all, but judge accordingly. : )
          and don’t save a hoe from herself – EVER… let them wander the wastelands, the bad boys and girls only cause problems for attention…

        16. it’s called shelf life expiration date. : )
          PS: sperm is your brain or back bone male or female.
          most got NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT.
          same works for the guys too, in different measures and aspects… but we’re talking the no-brainer losers of life here that cause problems for the whole world.

        17. Just because your mother failed to teach you anything doesn’t mean every other mother is as useless as yours.

        18. I testify to that . . . I was at college with a scholarship (good stipend,shopping and food allowance), thought we were in love, she seemed like a good girl, well raised, humble and loyal. . . after I graduated she completely changed, the love some how faded and she started cheating with other men . . and this was a humble girl, a good girl. . . after the heartbreak I began to see the true picture, I see things clearly, for they what really are. . .I know what to expect from a woman .. .a woman cannot love a man. .. they are all having their needs met. . my happiness, motivation and even purpose in life is not attached to a woman anymore. . .I don’t hate them, I just have a better understanding of how they are.

    2. I like how you mentioned imperial Japan.
      There was a time in Japan where you’d get dropped on your back or lose your head for disrespecting the wrong person. Man or woman. Japanese men prior to WW2 were extremely aggressive.
      Nowadays…. don’t even want to talk about that

    3. “Women don’t love men.”
      This is something that cannot be emphasized enough. Women only love what men can do for them. A woman can never love a man the way that a man can love a woman. The only woman who can love a man for who he is would be his own mother.

      1. The saying that I like which sums this up well is:
        “Men love women. Women love children. Children love puppies. Only gay men love men.”
        I have preached this to my sons in the hope (often forlorn) that they will not have to suffer through multiple relation$hits to learn it by bitter experience. It is the essence of the red pill and the cause of it going down so bitterly.

      2. Excuse me? I DO love men. For who they are. Not for what he can do for me, not for how much money he makes, not for if he has abs or cooks or cleans, etc. No. If i am in a relationship with a man, it is because I love him for who he is as a person. I know there are women out there who don’t think the same way as I do and, unfortunately, are exactly as you described, but don’t stereotype women like that because we are not all like that, I promise you, and if you are with a woman who you think doesn’t truly love you for who you are as a person,then she doesn’t deserve you and you should find a woman who does.

    4. “1.) Romantic Love is a fallacy (all of it, flowers, cards, valentines day, holding hands) 2.) Women don’t love men 3.) There will always be young attractive pussy.”
      Internalizing those points may even help prevent a guy from becoming seriously depressed or help resolving a depression. After all, there is a huge discord between the signals we get from society at large and the actions of women. The truth is more effective than any pill or therapy.

    5. Men are the true romantics. And romanticism is one of masculinity’s humanizing gender-traits. Why disavow it? I embrace it.
      I embrace it because the ultimate question is not ‘what does the woman want?’, but rather ‘what do i want?’. And what I search for is meaning (see also: Victor Frankl). Romanticism confers meaning onto painful existence.

    6. Yep .. a woman only loves what you can do for her and how you make her feel. Use it to your advantage, but get rid of any illusions about it all.

      1. welp, but them’s the whores that use their “V”agina to get what they WANT… and give nothing in return but problems and probably more than likely disease as they peddle their a$$e$ for the most money… them aren’t women – they’re whores – and what they hate is their internal madonna/whore complex being called out and they lose that “option”. it’s why they sneak fuck EVERYTHING, little children seeking emotional thrills. and when they don’t get what they want with PTA LQQK OUT! no,the laws need to change to reflect current situations and their irresponsibility… some shouldn’t breed, but when ya can get a free ride, welp, there ya go.

        1. It’s been two years that you are fixated on women. Just how badly did your mother abuse you? Does your family know or did you have to suffer in silence ?

    7. “Women don’t love men.”
      They love their children. And men love women (the self-sacrificing kind of love) because of neoteny.

  10. Good news: there’s an abundance of women; bad news: few are 7, 8 and 9’s.

    1. Truth. It’s pathetic how many obese and busted girls I see in clubs today. To be successful in a club as man, you have to be in the top 10% as far appearance is concerned. To be successful as a female, you just have to paint some make-up on your face and throw on a pair of heels. It’s genuinely depressing to watch men who are 8s and 9s compete for 5s and 6s. Men have lowered their standards to such a degree than women have simply stopped caring about their appearance because they have no incentive to. We need to start treating the fatties and uglies as if they are invisible and all but ignore them if they try to come on to us. Maybe then they would start giving a damn about their appearance.

      1. No. We should shame the fatties and uglies. Go up the them, tell them they’re worthless and you’d never fuck them, spit in their worthless faces, turn and leave. We need to teach them to die or at least stay out of our view.

  11. Wow, this really spoke to me. Before I gained confidence and the ability to get with women, I went through a lot of Crushes like you mentioned above. Some of those panned out to be girlfriends but I suffered from massive onenitis. I gave up a lot of high paying jobs, and wasted good years of my youth moving where my girlfriends moved. Pretty pathetic when I think of it. My 20s can be a lesson as to what NOT to do.

  12. Number 2. The friend who drops out of society when he gets into a relationship is best avoided. He might seem cool, be funny, etc. but in good time, his lack of a spine/direction will drain your valuable energy.
    Inevitably, he will call you two years later after his wife fucks the pool boy and divorces him. You will waste several hours of your life on the phone with him, trying to impart some beneficial advice. He will thank you and tell you what a great pal you are.
    Then, the next relationship for him will produce the same result – he will drop off the face of the earth, not return calls, etc.
    And on and on.
    The best friends you can have are Alpha males. Ones who are out accomplishing shit, producing things. Granted, these are harder to find these days, but so are good friends in general. One quality Alpha male friend is worth more than 50 of these spineless betas, who won’t be there for you anyway when the chips are down – they will be too embroiled in their ongoing soap opera.
    It took me too long in life to realize this. Wish I learned it earlier.

  13. In my experience, women are dream killers. If you let them, they will sap your resources, energy, and focus. A good rule to follow is to only allow a woman into your life when she is meeting your needs, forget about meeting her needs. If she is not meeting your needs, or demanding that too many of her “needs” (which are endless and ever growing once you start catering to them) be met, dump her and move on.
    This may seem hard to do. It is, actually, for most adult men today. But if you have a son or a nephew, tell him this. If they start with this attitude young enough, they will keep if throughout their lives and be the better for it.
    Remember as well that romantic love does not exist. What you feel initially is a chemical reaction in your brain that you are misinterpreting as love. That phase is essentially an intoxicated state during which you should not make any big decisions. After that phase, what you end up with most often is a woman that wants you to prove your devotion to her in ever increasing and ridiculous ways. The only love you will ever know from a woman is your mother’s love for you.

      1. Incorrect interpretation. The correct quote is “forget about meeting her needs”. In other words, the advice, and it is brilliant, is to make the cunt tend to and service all of your needs. Who the fuck cares about her needs? DO NOT waste any of your time or energy on what she claims she needs. The only thing she really needs is to spend more time making you feel good. We have to fight this equality crap everywhere it pops up.

    1. The part about love being a chemical reaction is spot on bro. I’ve been preaching this for years but all the sheep invested in fairy tales won’t buy it. Oddly enough, these same people are often atheists and are very science minded. We are essentially “high” or “drunk” when in love-do you make good decisions when you’re fucked up? It’s a biological response to get people to pair up and breed to continue the species. Nothing more, nothing less.

  14. Regarding number 2, it can depend on the men around you. Most young men today are a complete waste of space. Sure, I’d rather spend time with a masculine man than a feminine or masculine woman and a feminine man than a masculine woman, but a feminine woman beats a feminine man. I have a few close friends, but the wife makes for more tolerable company than the vast majority of modern men.

  15. Number five is a great point. Be obsessed with getting laid can be just as bad regardless of your success rate as it makes you not have a life.

  16. How do you make a woman love you?
    Simple: By creating FEAR in her mind.
    All women dig authority. Authority, synonymous with respect, comes from FEAR.
    Whether the fear may be a general fear of you in her mind, or a fear of losing you in her mind, they both serve the same purpose: of creating desire and love for you in her mind. Insecurity is actually the most undiscovered hidden aspect of ‘love’. To make a woman love you, you must make her insecure.
    Modern men often have a fear of losing their women, that’s why they cling desperately to women. This fear of losing sex, of losing a partner, all contributes to a feeling of love in a man’s mind. Now imagine reversing the situation. Why do women love bad boys, jerks and alphas? Because these men create the feeling of fear which generates insecurity in the minds of women, which makes them love these guys. These men understand the value of fear, and know HOW TO USE IT.

    1. Bravo! I’ve been saying this for a long time, that women need to be fearful of their partners somewhat. How can someone respect any perceived authority figure, if that man 1.) Doesn’t even seek to use force and 2.) Will never use force. Evolutionarily our needs, are not their needs. Women sought to become the bitch of the most dominant alpha. As soon as men exhibit weak characteristics, she may go elsewhere. All this bullshit about sensitive men and women digging them is a complete lie. Once a man learns a woman’s true nature as the foundation of his relationship between the sexes, he can then build upon that foundation and leverage fear (not too much) to create some stability. A huge part of this foundation, is never being afraid to lose her, this is in fact expected. I guarantee you, if she does run, and you show absolutely no overtures of trying to get her back, she’ll be within your arms in at least a fortnight.

      1. Amazing again, Lance!
        I would go further and advise men to let the cunt know that you’re willing to beat her up bad if anything annoys you – whether it’s her fault or not. And let her know by example.
        I’d also say if she runs but doesn’t get the cops involved and comes back within a couple of days and is truly sorry, figure out a fair punishment for her.

  17. A woman’s end game is marriage, period. With marriage at the lowest rates in this country’s history, they will look to expand marriage rights to cohab couples in more states. Just take one look at that shithole Canada. Women are nothing but a giant legal bear trap. If you’re a winner and refuse to marry these twats will try to get preggers on you. Britain is our future; an island full of single mothers and bastards. Wish prostitution was legal.

  18. 2. The Girlfriend or Wife
    If this is your current situation then just accept the fact that spontaneous bro time is over. If you want to keep everyone happy then you have to operate on a tight schedule. Make sure your girl know’s Tuesday evenings is your time spent with friend X, and Thursday evening is your time spent with friend Y. As always, Sunday is a man’s day with his pack of friends. Also, let the girl know that her spontaneously interrupting your schedule is unacceptable.
    3. The Ex
    I’ve watched too many friends get back with their ex. They for some reason forgot that that relationship ended for a reason. Reboot relationships NEVER work out. They might go fine for a few weeks, but I have never seen one go longer than a year. Girls are the worst at forgetting the bad and only remember the good in past relationships. Therefore, if your ex was a fine (but crazy) piece of ass, keep her at arms length. Indulge on the physical benefits, but never get emotionally reinvested. If she wants commitment again, just be wishy washy until she moves on. Reconnecting with an ex should never be more than a friends with benefits situation.

    1. Not even with benefits. Why giving an ex any type of energy/attention?

  19. I got over my ex by taking the red pill and by learning about sex transmutation.
    Healed a broken heart in 9 months. After that “pregnancy” period, I gave birth to a new person. A guy who won´t never EVER chase women and again. I rather be a monk/warrior for the rest of my days than subject myself to all that trouble and mindgames for just some pussy action. Sex is so overrated, especially if you are over 40. Peace of mind is the greatest of all possessions.

  20. I have an uncle paying his ex wife alimony for life, or until she remarries ( she won’t ). This is after a 19 year marriage in california, and he is essentially a wage slave. 2 g’s a month under threat of imprisonment. Fuck. That. Shit.
    Yeah, he ended up getting married again.

      1. As long as society, women, and the legal system continue to discriminate against men, youre not going to find the incentive needed to keep western civ going strong. I’m set up to retire by the time i’m 48, and I pay my taxes to help support the parasites of this country. I’m not going to risk getting wrecked financially due to some legal contract with a woman. No incentive, not as long as my assets and children can be stripped from me.

    1. so he gets to pay her 24000 a year because she got tired of him? what bullshit!

  21. Fighting my inner instincts right now; in the past whenever I made a date, I’d call the girl to make sure she could still go. 100% of the time, this resulted in her miraculously finding something else to do.
    This time I took a different approach, decided to try out what I’ve learned from the manosphere. I didn’t ask the girl out like when I was younger “So will um, will you go with me?” I just told her what I was going to do and told her she should meet me there. She just says “ok.”
    So deep down a part of me wants to repeat that same behavior; call her to make sure she can still go. But this time, in my new approach, I’m going whether she shows up or not. That’s the air I think I’m projecting. Let’s see what happens!

  22. I can relate to most of these. In fact I have a long story to tell (too depressing)of how not getting any for too long led me to a few pathetic crushes and in fact ending up in a very volatile relationship cos she wanted someone she could pussy-whip. All related indeed. Actually I can look back now and see that standing up for myself and then resultingly being called abusive for it, saved my dignity. It was a long way back from that.

  23. What advice would you give to an High-Functioning Autistic man trying to pick-up women?

    1. Don’t try to “pick up women.” Women are people. Get to know one and forge a relationship.

  24. In today’s world, even mothers don’t love their children. The truth is what Esther Vilar brutally put in the Manipulated Man, that the most important love in a woman’s life is the love (or approval) of another woman or women in her life. Women only love something apart from other women, when those things can do something for them (whether those things are children, men or the state). The woman is undoubtedly God’s most evil and selfish creation, after Satan. She cannot love anything or
    anyone unless it suits her purpose.

  25. The last one is the biggest temptation once your game starts improving. The irony of improving your game is that it makes you most susceptible to finding meaning from women.

    1. Wow, fuck you. Susceptible to finding meaning? Then what is a woman, to you? What kind of mommy issues do you have, little boy?

  26. Excellent Post. Completely agree about single men meeting women. If you leave it too long your confidence goes down the toilet.

  27. Excellent Post. Completely agree about single men meeting women. If you leave it too long your confidence goes down the toilet.

  28. I have a question/comment about #4. I steered clear of women for 6 years (22-28) because I found that my interest was only in sex. I’d fool myself into believing that I felt affection for this person or that person, but as soon as we’d hit the sheets, my feelings would fly out the tip of my penis. So I figured that I’d stick to masturbation and save myself the time/money/energy spent on corralling women. Recently, I started dating a roommate whom I thought I truly cared for. I waited a few months before having sex with her; my thinking was that if I waited, the sex would be meaningful and I wouldn’t be inclined to dipset afterward. It had been years since my last encounter so I was hopeful that I’d grown as a person, but still I reacted the same way after dropping my load and immediately began distancing myself from her.
    Even though I don’t have any women on the go, I don’t feel like a blue balled beta. When you factor in all the resources that must be put into coercing someone into intercourse, then compare it to the minimalism of masturbation, it’s hard to see why I “simply must approach women and go after what you want”. I’m not trying to be snarky; this is an honest query. STDs, pregnancy; why take the risk for 15-20 minutes of casual sex? I’m still attracted to women and my brain is constantly telling me “oh! look at that one! oh damn! look at her!! look at that AZZ!!!” But I ignore these thoughts because I know that I’ll just end up laying in bed naked next to some chick and thinking, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
    I’m an introverted omega male so maybe that’s the root of my issue. I don’t gain much pleasure out of socializing, so approaching women, going on dates etc. is more of a chore than anything else. Taking all of that into consideration, is there any good reason for me to bother with women? I enjoy reading the tips on this website but I’m focused on building myself up and figuring out how to multiply my net worth, and lacking women makes reaching my goals a lot easier. Is there any other reason for me to want a woman? Can they do anything else besides sex and talk? I feel like I’m missing something, and I’ve asked loads of people, but no one has an answer for me.

  29. No. #4 & #5 is… If all you think about is sex, there is something wrong with you, and you should seek psychological counseling (but not on this website)

  30. Remember gentlemen, the only time you ever buy flowers for a woman outside of your immediate family (as in, share a lot of the same genetic code as you) is either for when a good friend’s wife/girlfriend has a child or for funeral. THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL.

  31. Agree with some of article, but the goal of just getting laid is shallow and selfish. It should be about building relationships.

  32. I was just rewatching Breaking Bad these days. I think Walter White is the perfect example of a pussywhipped man.

  33. why would you? all they all are is a parasite looking for a free ride with all their “udder” bs…. prostitution is STILL this world’s oldest profession because ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES… get used to it… : ) all they got is their life of shelf life udder lies, child like outlooks and exoperiences and fuzzy fuqtard emotional excuses while they manipulate those who have the skills they never will – caring, feelings, logic, common sense, lol… and they think they can run the world, sit down hussy harlots, you’re pussy is where all disease is harbored, bred and spread from and you’re FILTY little ugly things on a global guilt trip because – YOUR ASS IS GRASS WHORES… can’t make it on yourown – hey, guilt trip the tax system for a free ride, lol… why as a man am I paying for birth cunt-troll and free failed Venus Gap Trap abortions, eh? after all, it’s a “woman’s issue” eh? they’re fucking life long retarded idiot children… LQQK around… they’re ALL whores… parasite whores… : )

  34. PS: if these parasitic gestators were capable of “feelings” they would have considerations for what they do and how they treat others, but nah… a whore ain’t got no haire or morals, manners, values, lol… they’re lazy guilt trip WANTERS.. and you’re supposed to pay for it all… nope. Here’s comes the end, once and for all, a 1000 years of peace… without some attention fuqtard whores ruining everything with their emotional little girl OPINIONS EXCUSES AND DRIVEL… they’re kids, holes for dick… cunt-sumers, parasites…

  35. In my opinion, the way women abuse child custody laws is reason enough to lack complete respect for women and is the biggest reason, personally, I will never respect their gender. Taking a father’s child away from him is one of the most horrible, disgusting, vile, vindictive, malicious and heartless things you can do to a man. I don’t care how much he may have hurt you, or how badly you want to get back at him, taking his seed away from him eclipses almost any wrongdoing he may have done to the woman.

  36. I was watching a show on Prohibition the other day which made the very interesting point that, in the 1800s and early 1900s, Saloons were almost exclusively places where men hung out together. It wasn’t until the 1920s that women started hanging out in bars. Now guys go to bars to meet women and if the bar is full of just dudes we call it a “sausage party”…why is this? I think we could take a lesson from the old days and spend some time reclaiming certain public spaces. I’m not saying that bars should be “men only” I’m just saying that there is something amazing to be gained with hanging out with a group of guys in a bar and just being real without everybody trying to run some game on the available women in the bar.

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