Racism Is A Feminist’s Best Friend

At my gym, I became friends with a man named Antoine. He is classically black American. Tough guy, friendly, and charismatic, but broke because of a divorce that resulted in him losing custody of his children. His child support payments were overbearing and he had already lost his driver's license due to unpaid arrears (of which there was compounding interest on), and he had a court order to pay up on past due payments or else he would go to jail.

Like all black men I knew, he voted for Barack Obama. Like all men I knew who fell behind on child support payments, one day Antoine disappeared from the gym. I haven’t seen him since Obama got his second term.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the manosphere. I’ve learned from the manosphere, I’ve taken from the manosphere, and I’ve given back to the manosphere. It has become my internet home. Like anyone accustomed to a living situation, they can tell you what is good and what is bad about their home.

And the topic I’d like to discuss is the worst part of my home; it inheres this from American men in general.

The issue is racism. The amount of bigotry, discrimination, and downright malevolence men have towards other men of different races is staggering. At first, I couldn’t believe it. But after spending years posting on the RooshV Forums, I noticed that race topics caused a lot of anger. Real anger, resulting in bans, men quitting the forum, men putting each other on ignore lists, and hostility that would spill over from one thread into the next.

The internet, being the great place it is for anonymous discussion, allows men to reveal their true feelings on a subject, and when it comes to race it is obvious there is a deep, longstanding, and malicious grudge between men of various races in America. It is saddening to watch men hate each other over race.

But the racial infighting between American men wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the political consequences.

Women, if you haven’t noticed, do not fight with each other over racial conflicts. They might get angry over the past, but they are able to resolve all issues by agreeing on a scapegoat: the white man. Colored women will gladly forgive their white sisters, since, after all, it was the white man who oppressed women and minorities.

White men are the big, bad, evil masters, and as such, all females of different colors can agree to put aside their differences in order to bring the white man down.

When I got my first real job, it was as a therapist for one of the most left-wing state governments in the United States. The entire organization was run by women; on the first day of corporate training we had to go over why diversity was so important by reading this:

Out of the twenty new hirees in that room, I had fun as the only white man there. But I was shocked to see how deep feminism has sunk into the institutions of the United States.

When America had its Civil War, there were around 27 million whites, of which around a third lived in slavery south. Today in America there are over 200 million whites, and yet somehow these whites are to bear the blame of just 10 million racist whites in the past, but not the legacy of 17 million egalitarian whites. There are powerful interests who want to label white males as evil, so despite the absurdity of using past injustices to villainize whites the cultural brainwashing continues.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

– George Orwell, 1984

Feminists, and their left-wing ilk, are some of the most politically savvy people I know. They recognize grudges and how to leverage them for political gain. Thus it makes sense that feminists are the biggest proponents of white male privilege memes that they indoctrinate the masses with. The more men of various colors are busy fighting and fearing each other, the less they will stand in the way of feminists. Divide and conquer – the most effective military tactic ever created.

I’m sure feminists must be extremely pleased with the latest election results: 80% of non-whites voted for Obama, while 60% of whites voted for Romney. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to tell you how bad of a president Obama is or anything like that. I couldn’t care less about telling you things that you already know: choosing between Democrat or Republican is like choosing between Coke and Pepsi.

But put yourself in the feminist’s shoes. The election results show that decades of brainwashing young American boys has been an unqualified success. Rather than have boys be loyal to their gender, boys have instead been trained to be loyal to their race.

Little non-white boys at the tender age of 9 years are fed lies about how white male oppressors created their poor living conditions, while white boys are taught that they need to correct the injustices of their forefathers lest they be guilty with the indelible sin of white privilege. Female teachers use the appropriate shaming tactics on these young minds to imprint the intended desire for conflict.

All according to plan. The following image is of a poster on a New England campus:

The Jewish man and black man gang up on the big bad white male rapist oppressor.

The intended effect is to have innocent boys grow into bigoted men. They form alliances with their respective races; they become distrustful of anyone without a similar skin color, and anytime questions this status quo of absurd race relations they are ironically labeled as racists. Of course men cannot outwardly display any hostility toward one race or another – that is against the rules – but should any man cross a racial taboo they face censorship, job loss, and possibly jail time due to “hate crime.”

Thus men are forced to put on airs of being polite to every race, instead of voicing their true feelings to one another. This is important, because if men actually got around to an honest discussion of race in America it might result in less hostility between the races, which would mean a loss of power for feminists. Instead, they want men to keep their anger buried so that it will manifest itself at the voter box.

And should men start to get along too much, should men start to forget about their skin color for too long, feminists in the media will make sure to report more racial conflicts so they can maintain the political advantages that come with non-white men fighting white men. Can you imagine how easy it is for the news executives to report on race given the levels of racial indoctrination? I can hear their conversations now.

“Oh? What’s that? Some guy was fatally shot by the cops? Oscar Grant? …the fuck cares? Oh wait, Oscar was black? And the cop was white? Awesome. Put it on the front page.”


“So some black kid got shot? Huh? Trayvon Martin? Does anyone give a shit? Wait, wait, I’m sorry, did you say the shooter was white? His picture sure looks white. You mean he’s actually hispanic? Well that’s okay, because we can just call him a white hispanic.”

The elites of this country couldn’t give a damn about racial harmony. The only thing they see whenever a new race story comes to their attention: $$$$$$$$$. Men are pawns in the race game. Thus while American women feed themselves government largesse, jobs, university degrees, their husband’s money, and child support money, American men fight each other over table scraps.

So we arrive at the red pill of race, which is to understand race as trivial; keeping your family and livelihood is better than sticking it to some bloke who just happens to have a slightly different genetic composition.

But until men realize that supporting their race over their gender is a one-way ticket to feminist hell, innocent men who happened to get involved with the wrong women, like my friend Antoine, will suffer over laws he unwittingly helped to pass by electing candidates he supported for racial reasons while ignoring their feminist credentials.

Just remember when white men and black men are arguing over whether or not affirmative action can counter the effects of Jim Crow laws, feminists make sure all women of all colors are included under affirmative action favoritism.

Just remember when white men try to defend their race by talking about “Human Bio-Diversity” and how other races are deficient in terms of intelligence, feminists make sure all women are respected for their intelligence regardless of their levels of achievement.

Just remember when blacks and hispanics claim there is systematic abuse toward non-whites in the court system, feminists make sure all women are given lighter punishments for the same crimes, are given the right to accuse men without any evidence, and make sure men are assumed guilty until proven innocent with laws like VAWA.

Ultimately, feminism is a political problem between men: women can only rule if men let them. So until there is that day when men of all colors can unite around a candidate, racism will always be a feminist’s best friend.

Do feminists care about men of color?  See for yourself: How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

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  1. This is me noting that Samseau’s piece is garbled as hell, before bowing out prior to the clusterf#ck of commenting that is sure to fall.

    1. Indeed. One of the poorer writers here.
      No clear thesis so it’s hard to even comment on this properly.
      One thing I will say though is that there’s no shame in being proud of your race, wanting to be around people of your race and wanting to maintain your race. It does not make you, as leftists / democrats say, a “wacist.”
      Also, recognising differences in races (IQ, physical ability, propensity to commit crimes, civility) or Human Biodiversity DOES NOT make you a wacist either.

    2. What’s wrong with being white, preferring the company of whites, and understanding human bio-diversity? The average black IQ is 85. They will never be the same as us.

  2. America is a democracy. Women are a majority. Deal with it.
    If you can’t, there are plenty of countries with a different system and gender ratio. Feel free to leave for one of those.

    1. That’s exactly what threatened liberals started telling me when the results of my red pill regimen began to show, years ago. “There’s another state/country/planet for you somewhere. If you hate things so much why don’t you leave? [So we aren’t forced to pull our heads up out of the sand and actually deal with the political.]
      We who are encouraged to depart for Somewhere (faux-discourse-speak for “f#ck off”) may look forward to work camps, drone strikes, death squads, etc.

      1. We’re outnumbered regardless of whether America is a democracy. Democracy is an arrangement in which those numbers are brought down upon us. For other arrangements see, for example, ancient Sparta.
        In any case, we inquiring as to the problem and its nature, and pointing towards potential change.
        You’re copping out, and saying, “Go somewhere else.” Your comment is unproductive.

      2. “and to the republic for which it stands.” you’re wrong. America is technically a Republic. Most Americans fail that question.

      3. “As long as america is a democracy, you’re outnumbered. That’s just a fact.” Which is why all decent people of above ape level intellect, are on board with making America something a bit better than some run of the rack ‘democracy’.
        Of course, most being lazy, they prefer taking the easy way out; sitting back and waiting for more civilized and fertile (the two go hand in hand) Muslims to fix that particular problem. There’s a the occasional brave soul like Tim McVeigh out there; but lacking meaningful numbers, their attempts at noble acts probably cause more harm than good. Too bad.

      4. Apparently, women are also a majority in the UK so men have found a new way to keep some equity in marriage (and after divorce).
        Want access to your kids after divorce? Get with the sharia marriage program… in the UK.
        Presenting Marriage in the UK under sharia law:
        It’s imperfect but it’s better than anti-family court, and you will be treated better than livestock. You’re welcome.

    2. Actually there has been kind of a brain drain in the US. Over the last several years about 1000 people (mostly college educated single men) have been permanently leaving the US and renouncing their citizenship. Perhaps this is contributing to the economic decline of the country.

      1. @ Lemarcus
        It sure is. They’re going Galt! Let the parasites find out what it is like to live in a society where there are no producers left to loot.

    3. It won’t be long before the economic and demographic hand-grenades blow up in their faces, and we can then revert back to way things should be done.

      1. It will be a while. And the explosion will be so big that there will be no reversion to what was before.

    4. @ Beidas
      No, America is not a democracy. America is a republic with a constitution that limits the power of the majority.
      If you want the majority to be able to do it wants wants with the minority, trough sheer force, then you and your ilk are FASCISTS.

  3. In many ways, I sympathize with this article’s (jarbled) point: men do have a ton in common, regardless or race, on issues of critical importance like child custody and child support, a bias legal system (women get slaps on the wrist, men get 10 to 20, etc.), and more.
    But all of these multicultural problems – race relations, feminism, etc. – stem from Jewish control and financing. And until people can get that (particularly those of European Christendom), they’re just going to be playing whack-a-mole: stomp down THIS feminist argument. Stomp THAT race argument. Stomp THIS taxation rhetoric. But the Jews are going to keep sticking more and more moles up.
    You have to address the root cause to understand things.

    1. The problem isn’t that the races can’t get along, it’s that they haven’t correctly united to gang up on the correct race. Got it.

      1. You’re close but even dim witted WoW players are ahead of you and the other schmucks here.
        “Every Man For Himself”

    2. Point out any Jew supporting leftism I can point out five gentiles. All whites seem to display this self-hating behavior. The enemy is liberalism.

  4. Blacks are part of the same coalition as feminists. They are part of the Left. As long as they get their goodies and status from the current regime, they won t break the coalition.Simple as that.

    1. Except the black vote has been a big factor in frustrating gay rights referendums. That alone is enough to know that your proposition is mistaken.

      1. Racism and hatred is the inevitable consequence of socialism and its emphasis on categorising anyone into special interest groups. The moment people realise that there is no such thing as society and abandon these absurd collectivist identity politics then the world will be a better place.

      2. Coalitions aren’t unanimous on each and every issue. Disparate groups may agree on the larger picture to get a piece of the pie (power and taxpayers’ money) while disagreeing on everything else)

      3. @Barrani, recognizing the place of society and community is the mark of every great man in history, it’s what makes possible civilization itself. So yes, there is such a thing as society and if it is not led by a wise hand then people will suffer. Everything else is really quite incidental.
        @BB, so blacks are always a part of “the coalition”, except when they decide to not be? IMO, that doesn’t make much sense, it’s much more reasonable to conclude that there isn’t any such “coalition”, at least not beyond the winds of momentary political fancy.

      4. There IS a coalition, but gay marraige votes indicate that it doesn’t have to be permanent. Things do eventually change. The South used to be completely owned by the Democratic Party.
        Black men and white men ultimately have more in common than either group realizes, but the almost universal support of blacks for Obama and some of the “race realists” posting here and elsewhere show us that not enough of us will recognize that.
        I’ve seen glimpses of how it could work. During EO discussions on gender in the Army, males of all races united to get their points across, but that broke down the moment the facilitators (intentionally?) changed the subject to race.

      5. Hardly, recognising what makes ‘society’ is the mark of the great individual, that is recognising that it is not one big block of clones. You are talking about accepting the reality that we have to get along as individuals and families as best as we can which is correct and another issue.

    2. It’s simply amazing that the author, Samseau, would write about how racism is holding back the manosphere without mentioning, or alluding to, CH.
      For the uninitiated, CH is THE race baiting Manosphere blog. CH revels in stirring up race hate. The people there are spoiling for a race war. And, it’s all anti black.
      I am a black social and fiscal conservative and when Obama won a second term, it was like a kick in the gut. But, after seeing the racist vitriol spewing from “conservative” writers including the idiots at CH, it didn’t feel so bad. I now understand much better why most blacks will not vote Republican.
      As I pointed out previously on that race baiting blog, blacks, especially African and Caribbean blacks, are more socially conservative than most whites (blacks defeated gay marriage in Kalifornia). But, to us, white racism is scarier than leftism… we have experienced the results.
      If the fake right (Republicans) want to win elections on social issues, they’ll need black and Latino support, and to do that, they will have to convincingly repudiate WNs and racism. If they don’t, they deserve to lose elections.
      Again, if WNs are more important than winning elections with comfortable margins, Republicans deserve to lose. Badly.
      If the Manosphere thinks they can win this battle without the support of black men (the first victims of feminism) then Manosphere deserves to lose this fight.
      That the author of this article does not get the fact that most Manosphere writers are subtly (Dalrock) and overtly (CH) anti-black, shows that the blinders are strong with him. Good luck winning this battle with one arm tied behind your back.

      1. Great comment, and very well-put.
        The race trolling on CH in particular is really sad to see…especially because IMO it’s the work of a handful of loud braindead WNs who make the same idiotic comments over and over again.

      2. I’ve noticed more anti-black stuff from the commenters at CH than from the site itself, but I see where you’re going.
        Conservatives like myself are getting torn on this shit. For one, I’m SICK TO DEATH of hearing from the likes of Toure how every conservative position is somehow racist, that all of us are just begging to prop up Jim Crow the first chance we get. Criticizing Obama for too much golf is racist (uppity, like Tiger Woods), too much basketball is racist (playing into stereotypes), not liking high taxes, supporting gun rights. Racist. Racist. Racist. SHUT THE FUCK UP!
        I’d be happy to purge the racism out of conservatism, but the only time you come across them is anonymously on the internet. I’m pretty politically active, and every time I’ve heard racist stuff, I’ve called them on it, but that’s been only two times.
        Another part of the problem is that these past four years conservatives have been wrongly accused of racism so often that they’re starting to simply not give a shit in a good way, but also a bad way. The good way is that if you’re not racist, when somebody calls you one, there’s nothing to feel bad about and it’s a great excuse to rip into them. The bad way is that they’re beginning to forget that there is actual racism out there, and it’s wrong and always will be no matter how much of a shithead Al Sharpton is.

      3. Yeah, racist snarks at CH occasionally get out of hand, but a large part of it is Greg Eliot (white) vs. Thwack (black), and they give each other shit, but actually seem to (perhaps grudgingly) like and respect each other. Think of it as a kind of pie-throwing, wedgie-yanking frat house where the guys talk shit to each other.
        Reacting like… uh, what am I thinking of? … Oh yeah… BUTTHURT FEMINISTS who can’t understand male humor and camaraderie is not the right way to go about things.

      4. @corvinus, the good natured jester
        “Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport, yet the frogs do not die in sport but in earnest.”

      5. My post was directed at white racialists as much as it was black racialists. The little graph I included at the end denounces both groups. Race should not be a consideration when discussing policy for men. It is too trivial.
        However, I spend a lot of time talking about men of color (especially black men) as I feel these men have gotten the worst deal possible, and a lot of it is their own doing for continuously voting for same-race candidates regardless of their feminist cred. That’s why my anecdote about Antoine and Obama was included; Obama is perhaps the most pro-feminist candidate to ever hold the White House yet black men voted for him unanimously.
        I will tell you right now that RoK will never devolve into a CH style race-bait fest, and the point of this essay, “Racism is a Feminist’s Best Friend”, is to shift the frame of conversation of one between races, to a frame of one between genders. I am effectively killing the race debate.
        In the future, the next time a racial issue pops up (and it will, there will be yet another “race incident” that blows up in the media) hopefully men who have taken the red pill by reading this article will say, “Why is the media reporting on racial violence when it is broken families destroyed by feminism that create the criminals in the first place?”

      6. @ Samseau, “…hopefully men who have taken the red pill by reading this article…”
        You give yourself too much credit for this poorly written article. When I found this site 2 days ago I thought it would be just a treasure trove of useful and inspiring blogs. Turns out it’s also a place for out-there unproven theories relating to race (which, I admit, I’ve contributed to). If there’s one thing I hate it’s racism – not the act itself; just the word. Fucking bored of it.

      7. White Americans want to preserve our historic nation. It’s a simple as that. We don’t want it descending into hati or somalia.

      8. You write a lot…but it’s all pap. Here, allow me to elucidate the obvious for you. Roissy is pure SATIRE. That’s right. It’s a culmination of thesaurus usage along with a toss-up of “manosphere” ideas. The cocksucker is a smooth talking investment banker type. If anyone here thinks otherwise you have been played for as a fool.

  5. I challenge the statement that there is no racism between women. White American women hate Asian and Asian-American women, bigtime. They know these women are usually thinner, more feminine, and age better. Whenever I or a white friend have dated an Asian woman, it was unbelievable how much racism and shaming language we heard from white women, here in the inter-racial melting pot utopia of San Francisco. If there’s gonna be a race war in america I think it will be between fat white feminists and asian women.
    I’ve also heard similar hatred from white american women for East European women, though it’s harder to racialize it since the skin color is not much different.

    1. Yep, I have experienced that first hand. When telling my recent white ex-gf about previous relationships, she had this to say –
      About an Asian ex – “really? I honestly cant see why you would even be attracted to them. You like submissive girls or something?”
      About a Black ex – *shrug*
      She knows Asian women generally have a lot to offer (age very well, feminine, likes to see me happy, etc) and she simply cant compete, hence the shaming language.

      1. He makes it sound like we are all jealous vapid cunts attacking the harmless angelic Asian or Eastern European women. You can’t make silly generalizations like that. Most normal people have no problems with these ladies. Some of my best friends are Asian and my brother is married to a lovely lady from Romania. Besides if Asian women like white guys that means more Asian guys for me:)

      2. Damn Lily I just got a massive boner…I want to splooge all over your face and tits from your obvious BS. Oh god its fucking hot though (bitches are alright in my books, you hos make for good fucks).

      3. I always love the way women like Lily argue. You relay some personal experience, her counterpoint is “you can’t generalize”, followed by her personal experience which of course is valid due to invoking “most people”. Also, the classical trope of “Some of my best friends are [..]”.

  6. Beidas you fool, they are, and you will see the devastating consequences this brings to your psycho feminist country…

  7. So a guy with a big nose and curly hair is obviously a Jew? Good to know I’ve been secretly Jewish this whole time!

    1. I was asking myself the same question: how the hell does the author know that guy is Jewish?

      1. My brother has curly hair. We were looking at old family photos from 1970 and I asked “Hey, who’s the Jewish kid?”

    2. If you are not a Jew but have these features you might be of other near eastern or mediterranean origin.
      It might be hard to know for sure in States but in many European countries you definitely know who is Jew or who is not.Also there are other obvious to people features and ofcourse surnames.
      It still makes me laugh me how Americans call a person with a surname finished with -ski or -ovich a Russian lol

      1. *shrug* So I thought that Polish guy was speaking Russian. It sure sounded like Russian to me!

  8. We red pill men constantly talk about our innate superiority to women (even if we don’t necessarily phrase it that way). “Women have no sense of loyalty, they lack morality, they’re children in adult bodies, hypergamy doesn’t care, who do you think built civilization, blah blah blah.” Yet, we spend almost as much time putting down and railing against other men as we do our real enemy: feminism.
    MEN, LOOK AROUND YOU. There is a war going on, and women are winning. Why? Because EVERY WOMAN FIGHTS FOR TEAM WOMAN. Feminist or not, it doesn’t matter. If they have a vagina, they’re on the other team.
    If you have a dick, you ought to be fighting for Team Man. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or young or old or Jewish or atheist. Doesn’t matter if you’re a PUA or an MRA or alpha or beta or gamma or omega. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, white collar or blue, first world or third, democrat or republican.
    What matters is that, slowly but surely, women are realizing their Imperative. And they’re doing this not just at the expense of men’s happiness and security, but also society’s as a whole.
    Our only solution is for men to WAKE THE FUCK UP and stop fighting each other.

    1. And the Feminine Imperative has done more harm to black males than to any others. Watch their crime and incarceration rates and know that will be the rest of us if we don’t watch our backs.

    2. cmon guys i’ve tried to post a comment 5 times now, and it keeps getting told it’s been duplicated, and cant be posted whats going on?

    3. So i should just ignore my country’s transformation into somailia so I can be a part of “team man.” WTF? Men aren’t fucking angels anyway. They are 95% of criminals in this country.

  9. I seriously doubt all races are the same but with only very slight differences. I’ve lived in the ghetto where I was one of the very few white families in a predominantly black/Hispanic neighborhood.
    Though while I agree with the majority of your post, the indoctrination of white male hating, I disagree on this.
    Asian and white, both smart and able to build lasting civilizations but innate characteristics (personality and culture) are different.
    Black and the 2 above are vastly different. Africa is the most resource rich continent and yet they have never built any civilization, only small primitive villages. Whites went there and built a great country (south Africa) easily. But when the whites gave blacks more rights they abused it and that began white flight. Now look at the country it’s dying, much like Detroit another white city now under black control.

    1. If anyone thinks I’m wrong then prove me wrong. Im a man of science, I want the truth about how the world works, if your evidence is good you will be able to convince me.

      1. The usual argument against your is that Europeans and Asians had to adapt to the harsh climate conditions and therefore developed resourcefullness.When whites arrived to Africa they already had enough know-how and cultural unity in order to be able to creat a prosperous country like South Africa,Mocambique or British Rodesia.
        How these arguments fail to explain why is Africa so desperately poor nowadays,when they have access to technology and know-how (pretty much since 19 century).
        its a pointless discussion anyways.It is how it is.
        I am surpised this article appeared on this resource at all.It seems really out of place.

      2. Egypt.
        Having said that… I’m white, from south africa and can tell you the country’s gone to shit under black leaders. It’s funny that the blacks only wanted it back once the whites had made it civilized, hey?

      3. @Clash1e, that doesn’t fly because Europeans weren’t doing very well until the 1400’s or so, and a lot of that had to do with what they learned from the Arabs (who learned from the Byzantines, Persians and Chinese). Europe took time and many mistakes to develop, and so too will other continents on their own terms. Only the unwise fail to understand this.
        Africa gave rise to a few serious empires (Egypt, Mali, Ethiopia…) and other societies were far more developed than “primitive villages”, for instance they were better at metallurgy than were the very advanced Amerindian civilizations, and European traders prized African sculpture for its refinement and quality.
        South Africa is going to need more time before it gets itself in order. If you think about it, the US was falling apart 50 years after it became a country, these things take quite a bit of time…statesmanship isn’t something you can invent at the snap of the fingers, it takes generations. Your position says far more about your own impatience and quickness to judge than it does about the character of Africa.

      4. @ По реке,
        Not trying to start an argument but… you don’t know what you’re talking about with regards to South Africa. It’s not about time, they’ve had enough time; plus a perfectly working system which they’re fucking up. It’s not as if they had to start from scratch and figure how things work, they had it all there for them, and yet still can’t manage the country properly.

      5. @noob, point taken, there’s no denying that the incompetence and corruption in South Africa so I have no quarrel there. My only point is that for all intents and purposes South Africa got a completely new political system in the 90’s, and that it played a big part in the mess that followed.
        Compare the ANC to an African leader who knew what he was doing and the difference is stark. Menelik II or Nyerere, for instance, did great things for their countries and left them better off than when they found them. I guess what I’m saying is that the ANC doesn’t reflect on Africa just like Mao’s idiocy doesn’t reflect on Asia.

      6. @noob:
        “It’s not as if they had to start from scratch and figure how things work, they had it all there for them, and yet still can’t manage the country properly.”
        Actually, that is exactly what they had to do.
        Apartheid’s Bantu Education policies, among other things, ensured that the quality of the human capital developed in black South Africa was limited.
        This means that, upon independence, the black population had little knowledge of how to maintain much of what they inherited.
        There was not enough of a strong, educated class with technical skill (example: lawyers, political scientists, educators, engineers, pilots, etc) to keep things going. Those skills had been reserved for whites (especially Afrikaners, the biggest beneficiaries of Apartheid) in the past, as had the professions they led to and the money they could earn domestically and internationally.
        Apartheid had worked for decades to educate servants and simple manual laborers, and that’s what runs the country now. This is why bad things are happening.
        The people running the show really and truly don’t know what they’re doing. Don’t expect positive trends anytime soon.

    2. “Africa is the most resource rich continent and yet they have never built any civilization, only small primitive villages. ”
      This just isn’t true. Here are some basic wikis to get you started:
      People need to actually make an attempt to study African history before they try to talk about it. This type of ignorance is too easy to correct for it to be spouted so confidently like this.
      Black Africans had pre-colonial civilizations, and some of them pre-dated those in Western Europe. This is a fact.
      “Whites went there and built a great country (south Africa) easily”
      Jamaica, a nation widely believed by many to be a “third world hellhole” has far higher living standards than does South Africa. This fact remains true (according to the UN Human Development Index) even if you go back to the era of white rule.
      There are several other black caribbean nations that sport even better standards of human development and even a handful in Africa (ex: Botswana).
      What was achieved in South Africa is a) not all that impressive and b) nothing blacks are intellectually incapable of replicating. White South Africa is one of the most overrated societies on Earth by HBD/white nationalist folks.
      “Now look at the country it’s dying, much like Detroit another white city now under black control”
      How is Atlanta doing?

      1. Not fair to say that any of these empires were black African empires.
        For one, they are in close proximity to Semites, or Semitic as a whole. Ethiopia is where the Semitic race and, by extension, the white race began, so it would be illogical to typify the Aksum Empire as a black one.
        Further, the other empires you posted about where likely heavily genetically infused with their Semitic neighbors and, in the case of the Malian and Songhai empires, they derived their ideologies and scholars from the Semites (white people) in the North.
        Also note that their proximity to the whites of Africa meant that their economies were bolstered by them and is likely what caused their genesis to begin with. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the rise of these empires coincided with the rise of Islam and the Arab push to spread their ideology and influence as far as possible.
        Also, I am not aware of any literature or language that these empires had that wasn’t borrowed from the Arabs and other Semitic groups neighboring them

      2. @Humpadorous Sex, by that same logic Greece wasn’t a European civilization because it derived its ideologies and knowledge from the Egyptians, with whom they were in close proximity. In fact, the proximity of Africans to Greece is what caused a great deal of Greece’s prosperity.
        It doesn’t matter that there was influence on those empires from outside Africa, they were African empires and they were ruled and populated by people that any modern person would regard as black. Every single empire the world’s ever seen has taken in outside influences from other peoples: Egypt from Sumeria, Greece from Egypt, Rome from Greece and so on and so forth. Simply put, it’s nonsense to assert that because of non-African contact those empires weren’t African.

      3. That does not follow because Greece created its own religion, language, and philosophies (it actually started philosophy).
        In the case of the African empires, you have Africans with Arab names, probably writing in Arabic script, and operating under an Arab social system in the form of Islam. Their scholars and economies were likely propped up by the Semites of the north, whereas Greece had its own scholars and an independent economy.

      4. Not true, the Greeks themselves recognized the influence Egyptian philosophy had on their modes of thought (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_philosophy). When it comes to art and architecture that influence only increases to a greater magnitude, as the archaic Greek style was essentially drawn straight from the Nile Valley (this is most obvious in sculpture).
        As for religion, by that standard post-Roman Europe wasn’t truly European as it observed a religion that originated outside of Europe from the 400’s onward. Rome, too, wasn’t truly European because of the popularity of Isis and Mithras. Obviously that doesn’t make any sense, so we can safely disregard your idea that non-African religions (the same ones Europeans adopted) mean those empires weren’t African.
        And as for language, the Greek script was derived from the non-European Phoenician alphabet, and the Latin script was derived from the Greek…indirectly, you’re now reading letters that developed from a non-European people. Again, if we apply your standard it would make Greece and Rome and all of modern Europe no longer European, and we all know that’s simply false.

      5. @Humapdorous Sex:
        “Not fair to say that any of these empires were black African empires.”
        On the contrary-that is the only logical conclusion to make.
        “For one, they are in close proximity to Semites, or Semitic as a whole. Ethiopia is where the Semitic race and, by extension, the white race began, so it would be illogical to typify the Aksum Empire as a black one.”
        Axumites were predominantly sub-saharan Africans, not unlike modern day Ethiopians.
        In theory, all races began in Africa, so the notion that semites/whites may have had common ancestors from the region is irrelevant. The civilization was not developed or maintained by whites.
        “Further, the other empires you posted about where likely heavily genetically infused with their Semitic neighbors ”
        African-Americans are heavily genetically infused with white ancestry (about a fifth of their genotype, on average). This hasn’t stopped anybody from citing African american problems as “black” problems-their white admixture is never mentioned when discussion of Detroit comes up.
        Admixture talk is relatively useless since the vast majority of blacks (including myself) derive significant portions of our blood from elsewhere. Nobody cares-we’re still classified as sub-saharan Africans. The inhabitants of those empires were predominantly sub-saharan African. That is what matters.
        “in the case of the Malian and Songhai empires, they derived their ideologies and scholars from the Semites (white people) in the North.”
        They followed islam and were a part of the islamic world. The fact that they made use of foreign knowledge is irrelevant when you consider the claim I’m countering, which was this:
        “Africa is the most resource rich continent and yet they have never built any civilization, only small primitive villages”
        Mali and Songhai quite clearly refute this.
        If you’re going to use the influence of foreign knowledge to write off the accomplishments of certain civilizations, then you’ll need to write off most of Northwestern Europe as well (civilizations based on expanded Arab, Asian and Mediterrenean principles).
        That logic simply isn’t valid. The fact is that the Songhai and Mali were legitimate civilizations and they were unquestionably black in their general composition and leadership. The notion that blacks are incapable of creating a civilization is moot.
        “Also note that their proximity to the whites of Africa meant that their economies were bolstered by them and is likely what caused their genesis to begin with.”
        You’re saying that their ability to trade with nearby civilizations that were predominantly caucasian aided their stability. You want to use this point to somehow discredit them.
        The ability of Europeans to trade with the Islamic world aided greatly in European development, and the technologies and knowledge exchanged in fact were crucial to the start of the enlightenment and Western Europe’s march to the top of the world.
        Many colonists in the new world relied on trade with native americans simply to survive-the very existence of modern new england, canada and especially french canada is based upon this reality, and cities like Chicago exist because of it.
        Modern day western European nations like Switzerland rely heavily on the influx of foreign and often non-white capital to keep their economies afloat. Their ability to trade with certain non-whites for commodities also aids in their survival.
        It is not hard to take any society and link its success to its ability to successfully interact with another. Most of the best societies history has known have been able to interact successfully-this is a good thing to be able to do.
        Your goal here is clearly to try and undermine the accomplishments of black polities. You’ll need to do much better than this if you wish to continue.
        “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the rise of these empires coincided with the rise of Islam and the Arab push to spread their ideology and influence as far as possible.”
        A reality also true in Europe, whose rise came on the back of Eastern knowledge.
        “Also, I am not aware of any literature or language that these empires had that wasn’t borrowed from the Arabs and other Semitic groups neighboring them”
        There was plenty of literature written in mali/songhai. Google it for yourself.
        If by “literature”, you mean a non-islamic written script, then you’re correct, Malians borrowed that in the same way Northwestern and central Europeans borrowed Latin due to the absence of their own indigenous written script.
        The Ethiopians had their own script, as I believe did the Nubians.
        Again, your goal here is to try and undermine and divert attention from the fact that blacks have developed legitimate polities. In the process you are using the same tired old arguments common to white nationalists and other racialists. These are arguments I have refuted hundreds of times over and arguments that generally have no merit.
        If you want to keep this up, you’ll need to come up with something new. Merely proving that someone associated with someone else is not proof of that persons incapability.

        1. AthloneYour continued black centrism and poorly veiled black nationalism supported by your pseudo intellectualism has grown more than tired. Your monologue is the same as all butthurt black fantasist centrists: white people aren’t responsible for their past or continued success, swarthy people are. I’ve seen all manner of this argument, and it reads as utterly pathetic exercise in self delusion in every instance. Your use of Switzerland as a country that would be especially destitute, apparently, without “foreign capital”(all countries rely 100% on foreign capital dummy -you obviously have no grasp of rudimentary economic concepts) reads as particularly ridiculous. Stop writing meaningless paragraphs on the internet and start assisting the underestimated country of your choice produce the equivalent of, oh I don’t know, just one Swiss watch company. Or German auto company. Or Korean auto company. I’ll now await your rant about about how you’re European (and Jamaican apparently, we get it-you’re a genetic paragon of your race du jour) and how you can represent and speak to the culture and history of that race, you know, because you are one of them. That allows you to bash their legitimacy without being too racist, no? Such a rant is as predictable as the racial ad-hominems that you rely on at the end of your argument, that are as bad as anything a feminist could wield and that arise from the same political heritage. You’re a clear poseur, both intellectually and in terms of your politics. Your black centrism/nationalism is on parity with any WN philosophy. It’s just PC, unfortunately, like feminism. Maybe concentrate on your endeavors outside of the manosphere for a while. It would do you good to observe and experience the real world that you enjoy so much bounty within. The hamster has had enough exercise for a few years, I would think.

      6. “Jamaica is good”
        Weed. Need anyone say more?
        Here, I’ll help you out. Weed = meek population = people who are ambitious can build safely and help others with business. It’s quite beautiful.

  10. Excellent, excellent piece. All sorts of truths here, ones that are incredibly important to understand. Obfuscating the issues by blindly dragging racial grudges into everything is self-defeating.

  11. *Though there are some characteristic diff bw whites and Asians differences are not irreconcilable. The two can still get along well.

      1. Agreed wholeheartedly. That comes down to the race factor. They’re alright for polite company, business, and networking towards their women. Meek asian women are fucking sexy.

  12. Its as much stupid to assume that people of different races are the same as thatb men and women are the same .We are not.
    Evolution created us different in order to fit different conditions.
    Drugs work different on blacks and asians,than on white.0% of japanese are poor metabolites while 10% of europeans are.We have different performance physiology: whites cant jump,blacks can’t swim.We are prone to different diseases.Blacks are lactose intolerant,asians are alcohol intolerant.And so on and so on.
    As far as I know nobody has done any studies on IQ of different races for obvious reasons.But logic tells me it should be different too.
    People are legally equal,but they are not physiologically equal.

    1. Yeah, they have done studies on IQ between races. Asians came in first (though I can only assume they didn’t bother testing the billions of farmers in China. I live in Asia, most Asians are dumb as shit). Whites came second… and blacks came in last.

      1. So in other words, you agree that blacks are the lowest on the IQ rung today. I assume that’s what you’re saying since you sprouted some BS WWI “fact” which is difficult to prove true or false (since history is re-written by winners blah, blah, blah), rather than addressing my more recent fact. Quite a common tactic used by women, by-the-way. 😉

      2. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing on any ladder rungs today; I’m arguing that it’s irrelevant to the larger point at hand. If IQ rankings between races can change within 100 years, then they’re maybe not as biologically set in stone as some people think.
        During the same time period, high-IQ Asia was a complete backwater (except Japan). South Koreans and Korean immigrants undoubtedly do well on IQ tests today, but there’s no evidence at all that they were in any way superior to anybody 100 years ago. If we could test modern North Koreans, I bet their IQs would be putrid.
        The point of the article (which you obiviously didn’t read) is that this stuff is fluid might depend on something other than strong genes.

      3. You’re right, I didn’t read the article. Fair play to you. And, to be honest I think IQ tests are bullshit (I’ve done a couple and my scores varied up to 25 points depending on the test). And, sure, based on social changes I can see that national IQ’s can change over time. What I’ll never agree with, though, is that we’re all equal. That’s just bullshit. Are you saying there’s an ebb and flow with everything? That in 100 years white people will jump higher than blacks, and that blacks will have learned how to swim? And that *stiffles laugh* Asian’s will be the best drivers in the world? Cause that sounds pretty similar to the bullshit a femanist would say.

        1. You haven’t done a real iq test that has varied by 25
          points. They don’t work like that. Tests on the interwebz don’t count.

      4. No one said that we’re all “equal”. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that. On average, blacks tend to be taller than Asians and whites have more musculature than blacks. People who derive a significant amount of their genotype from one population group will most likely exhibit common traits of that group. Derp. If someone disagrees with that, they need to be thrown off a bridge.
        The evolutionary basis for IQ is bullshit. If several people of different ethnic groups were given the same exact resources and same exact land structure to build a civilization on, all of them would come to the same conclusions that are necessary to run a productive civilization. Their expression of civilization would be different (different religions, customs, etc.) but I do not believe that it would be derived from race. The expression of civilization each culture exhibits would be akin to picking random pieces of paper out of a hat.
        It should be no surprise that Africa is developmentally stunted. Africa inherently works against itself to facilitate a productive economic environment, due to its lack of water. Why do you think England and Japan were able to become examples of the world’s strongest economies? Their access to water and isolation from other nations allowed them to trade yet simultaneously stay isolated from war that plagued mainland Asia and Europe.
        Spain for a while was behind the rest of Europe due to their separation via the Pyrenees, but Southern Spain was one of the most thriving areas in Europe during the time of the Islamic Caliphates. It should also be no surprise that they were right on the Mediterranean.. Even mainland Europe is saturated with rivers and tributaries and that water allowed for them to trade with other nations so that they could produce a stable economy. Water is also involved in many other processes that produce goods so it should be no surprise that an economy with sufficient access to water will be able to produce more goods that allow for a better quality of life.
        Most nations in Africa simply do not have consistent access to water and their economies and civilizations suffer (and continue to suffer) as a result.

      5. @ noob: I have no idea how well Koreans will drive in 100 years (although I pray it’s better than today–I thought Paris and Mexico were bad), but it’s fundamentally not the point.
        As far as us not being equal, obviously not. However, what ultimately matters is the capability of the individual and not the group to which he belongs.
        I suppose I could be convinced that IQ’s of whatever group are better than whatever group during whatever time period, but it wouldn’t change my perspective one bit. I’m not going to base my hiring decisions, political choices, or choice of friends based on what group somebody’s a part of.
        We all have natural tendencies, and we all have the ability to overcome them; common sense, a work ethic, and strong values matter a hell of a lot more than intelligence or physical talent. I’m not going to assume you’re either a clinical moron or a math whiz based on where your ancestors come from. I flesh this out in more detail here:
        In terms of ebb and flow on “everything”, I’m not sure about everything, but I’m sure it appies to a hell of a lot. Japan had an amazing culture when the Shogunate took over, but by 1720 it was a mess. Every civilization rose from complete crap and then eventually fell back into crap. Rome, Egypt, China, India, the list goes on forever.
        Just like biological blessings, cultural blessings are transitory if you don’t make the most of them, and challenges can either kill you or make you stronger. What matters isn’t what we’re born with, it’s what we do with it.

        1. You are wrong in stating that it’s the individual that matters. Big numbers and statistics are what matter. There are 7 billion people on the planet. It’s the statistics that matter. If a mythical group of people known as venusians had a murder rate of 1 in 10, and had a 175 iq rate of 1 in 50,000, then the statistics and resultant social pressures would bear out the fact that the individuals don’t matter even if one of them was occasionally a genius. It’s the statistics that matter. Just ask the CDC, the department of education, or any other socially engaged organization of your choice.

    2. im sure there are differences, but they are as close to negligable as it gets when you average out between races.
      i mean, if you take a group of 100 random black dudes and 100 random white dudes and take their average iq the difference would probably be less than, say, my white ass and my white next door neighbor.
      the differences between races as far as capacity goes is negligable enough to discredit anybody claiming that one is more proficient in a task than another is.
      however some particular people are in fact superior to others, and race has as close to nothing as you can get to do with it. id say choice has more to do with capacity than race does by far.
      not to say that there are no genetic predispositions. but race is not the basic measure of a predisposition. id say lack of disease would be a better indicator.
      im a white guy. nothing wrong with being proud of it. nothing wrong with the fact that i am better than you. but i would be naive to think that my superiority over you has anything to do with race.

      1. @ monster, dunno what you’re trying to say but I’m white, BTW. And, yes, there ARE differences between races, physically AND mentally. If I said there’s no difference in dick size between races everyone would jump on me with facts proving otherwise, so why is it so hard to believe that, on average, white people score better than blacks on IQ tests? And, yes, I know, IQ tests don’t measure all aspects of intelligence but still…

      2. The average black iq is 85. The average white iq is 103. That’s more than one full standard deviation. That means that four out of five whites are smarter than the average black and four out of five blacks are dumber than the average white.

    3. The shape of the ability to communicate with each other would be the most uniform across the people of the world ( that would be what intelligence mostly is ), much more than some physical characterics that were relevant to dwelling in a given environment.
      The scale and the way in which this ability is harnessed falls to culture, which is a superposition of the behavioral patterns of all the people in a given community. These behavioral patterns are shaped by the life’s experiences inside the community. That way culture evolves parallel to the gene pool, and much more dynamically ( that explains big differences observed in iq test results over the span of the world and history ). I thought this needed explaining as race obsessed people throw around results of various studies without understanding the basics.
      Maybe everyone already seen this, feminist dreamworld:
      To race obsessed: the only choice you have is to either side with black men or black women.

  13. Wow the amount of racism in some of these comments is quite stunning. And depressing.
    And I seriously doubt that any of those guys are feminists.

    1. I’m convinced that men can have menstrual cycles and the majority of posters are on them. I dont think i’ve read a positive comment from the past 2 days on here.

      1. I think it’s just you noticing your own anger at yourself for being a groveling pussy who works for free while another man gets paid.
        You scribe-hoe, you.
        Same goes to the author who typed up this post. Working for free like a little bitch.

    2. It’s pretty typical. The original triumvirate of Roosh,Roissy, and Virgle Kent have split on this topic.
      Roissy’s camp has decided to fall in with the far right. So suddenly guns, taxes, minorities, and immigration are some how affecting how to talk to women. I’m not even clear how that happened, cause if they were all buds at one point, Roissy must have been cool with VK skewering precious white chicks in NOVA left and right.
      VK’s camp is pretty much against this whole infiltration. Basically, when you’re a black, brown, indian, asian, middle eastern guy running game, you’ve already got to deal with chicks racial preferences in a way that most white guys don’t. So bringing race even more into the picture is just a bad idea. I think only VK and T. Ricky Raw have stepped in to say anything against it. It’s funny that the original Game guys, the ones who came up with the whole red pill blue pill thing (ripped from the Matrix), none of them were blaming feminism for anything.
      Up until maybe these last 2 years, Roosh has avoided the debate by spreading his seed abroad, but now that he’s attracted a legion of followers, many of which found him via Roissy, ROK is going to be game heavy version of Chateau Heartiste. Suddenly a working knowledge of Austrian/Fresh Water economics and Ayn Rand on your shelf is gonna help you slide your dick into a chick…
      It’s a sad sad day.

      1. Yeah, it’s pretty stupid, but the racist component on the manosphere is just really loud not big. Neo-nazis are always trolling the internet and have done so for years…IMO once you get past the few mouthpieces most CH posters aren’t obsessed with race, but we’ll see how things end up here, though.

      2. That inaccurate.
        First, notice things like a recent tweet from Roissy, responding to comments on the TakiMag Roosh piece in which white racists were complaining about a brown Turk stealing white women. “Takes two to tango,” Roissy remarked. He’s still cool with everyone. Your suggestion otherwise is false.
        Second, Roissy bore the Buchananite mark from the beginning. It just expressed itself more over time, and then grew more racialist as politics did generally. It’s not a new or surprising thing for those who have been paying attention.
        Finally, there’s no suggestion by Roosh or Roissy that any of this rightist stuff is helpful to getting laid. These guys appreciate the power and significance of the gina tingle but are still willing to explore the possibilities of extra-tingle truths.

      3. I’m all for the understanding why the feminine imperative is interrelated with other liberal issues like gun control, because they ARE related.
        But the race thing misses the point (shameless plug again: http://alphaisassumed.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/a-question-of-emphasis/), AND it’s political POISON.
        I can just see Rollo (who’s expressed no opinion on HBD to my knowledge) getting some great forum on a national show to express our ideas, and he can’t say a damn thing about men’s issues because he’s having to separate himself from the racial theorists who agree with him on masculine issues.
        It’ll be a great way for the feminists to dismiss us all out of hand even more easily.

      4. Economics and social forces linked to the state are intimately tied to the mating market. Feminism is pushed by the guns of the state, which subsidizes pussy and raises its price. Note in regions of the world where the government is too small/weak to subsidize pussy feminism does not exist and beta males have no problem finding wives/girlfriends.

      5. I don’t think this site was intended to be stricktly about game in the first place. Besides, as other people have pointed out, these things ARE interrelated and relevant to game anyway.
        I also don’t see the contradiction with Roissy being friends with VK, excpet in the fantasy world of cartoon cutout evil right wingers that you live in.
        As for white womens perfectly normal racial preferences, go cry about it.

      6. Where have you been all these years. The manospere”has never wholly or even primarily been about how to get laid. It has been about feminism and modern society. As the whole philosophy of the manosphere is incomparable with leftism and almost everyone in the manosphere has been a right-winger.

      7. “I can just see Rollo (who’s expressed no opinion on HBD to my knowledge) getting some great forum on a national show to express our ideas”
        I’ll have unicorns and flying cars in my fantasy world.

  14. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of tribalism, and where it originates from. Tribalism, and the want to surround ones self with people who are genetically similar, is a natural function, and can be demonstrated all across the globe, regardless of prevailing political ideology. This is natural human nature, not the result of a carefully constructed plan by feminists. The amount of fighting between groups is directly correlated to diversity. Homogeneous populations do not have these problems, and historically have been the strongest, while diverse societies lose immense amounts of social capitol / trust.
    Feminism, and Marxism are really one in the same. The end goal of these ideologies is the removal of power and wealth from white men, who have historically been opposed to the peddlers of these ideologies. These people have become masters of propaganda, and have been using it to create the effects they want in populations, allowing them to seize more and more control of resources.
    This raising of any victim to a holy moral ground, and appealing to the altruism found in whites, is simply a tool for control of a population. Through political correctness it is now impossible to criticize the ruling international Jewish banking elites who now control nearly all the worlds “money”.
    ” To learn who rules over you, simply find out who rules over you”

    1. Damn right. All those commenters complaining about “racism” are simply swallowing another type of blue pill.
      For the record only middle class white guys seem to have this problem. Most other men almost instinctively recognize that race exists in the same way that gender exists, react accordingly and get on with their lives.
      Just look at the sort of people agreeing with you the most in society at large. The same sort who scream the most about racial difference being a social construct are also doing the same on gender difference.
      It is all a part of the same sick ideology. Either step through the looking glass on both or stay in happy land.
      Plus black chicks are far inferior to Asian chicks in the sack, how is this irrelevant to game?

      1. “Plus black chicks are far inferior to Asian chicks in the sack, how is this irrelevant to game?”
        Nah son.. Nlack bitches that can twerk, fuck like champions.

      2. You parrot the same tired line that Samseau was rightly complaining about. It’s shoved in the faces of middle class white guys in this day and age who may have never before had any interest in these politics, and then they have ‘problems’ or are otherwise ‘racist’ when they disagree with the overt racial agitation of others and their own demonization.

  15. I was going to say i dont understand your logic but then i read the posts on my article about athletes. 90% are irrelevant and just consist of people saying men like to masturbate to the idea of black professional althletes, so i’d say you’re pretty spot on.

    1. So everybody is insinuating that you’re retarded, yet it’s not you who’s the dipshit, but everybody else?
      Reminder: you waste your time writing for free on a site while another guy above you is getting PAID. That, in itself, is enough to convince me you’re a moron or severely lacking in testosterone.

      1. MS43= Joe Dough= like 12 other douchebag names who’s either a feminist nut, someone who can’t get anything they write approved, or both. go back to your bridge troll.

      2. MS-43 you come on this website like weekly under a different name constantly attacking people. Do you have a hobby, or do you just jerk it to tentacle porn in your room all day while your mom makes hot pockets?

    1. Race has fuck all to do with skin colour. Many American blacks have ‘evil White European’ haplogroups for starters.

      1. Biologically the concept of race based on skin colour does not make any sense at all. Humans like other mammals exist as breeds.

  16. Btw the reason why there are practically no racist women is simple.
    Males of mammals are territorial.
    They naturally base they identity from bottom up: family,tribe,nation,race.And naturally react negative to males of different “tribe”.
    Females at the same time are receptive to have sex with any males as long as they are alpha enough.
    In 19 century whites fucked all the black women because they were alpha and they had recourses,just look at Brasil.Nowadays a feminist will be cheating on her white beta herbling with some black fitness coach because that is how her brain assumes alphaness.

    1. Actually racism does exist in women just on an extremely small scale. While Asians, Whites, and Hispanics have no issues towards eachother, african-american women have remained as a majority quite opposed to the alternative races, probably primarily due to african-american men usually choosing a different race. The reason i believe as to why this doesnt happen with white, hispanic, or asian women is because they are willing to venture into dating other races, whereas african-american women seem more reluctant as a majority.

      1. Yep, and also due to the fact that they did a study and found black women came in last on the scale of attraction (seriously). Plus I’ve heard black men prefer having sex with white women. There’s two valid reasons for black women to hate white women.

      2. “Yep, and also due to the fact that they did a study and found black women came in last on the scale of attraction (seriously). Plus I’ve heard black men prefer having sex with white women. There’s two valid reasons for black women to hate white women.”
        And yet in spite of these perfectly valid reasons, they still vote together.

      3. Black women also voted for Obama since he’s half-black. White women voted for him due to his stance on abortion, marriage and single parent welfare payments. i.e. your point has no substance.

      4. o u play on stormfront youll see white women hate on east asian women like white men hate on black men
        sexual competion

      5. I live in Asia. White women hate Asian bitches (note: not all Asians, just the money grabbing whores) because they’re JUST MONEY GRABBING WHORES. They play as many western men as they can at the same time for the paycheck. I see this every time I take a walk. Pisses me off too, though I’m more pissed off at the bald, fat western men than the whores. In fact, I appreciate whores for their honesty, if that makes any sense.

      6. studies on interracial marriage show that women across all races are less likely to marry outside their race, with white women being the least likely to marry outside their race. maybe they are more racist than we are.

      7. ‘I live in Asia. White women hate Asian bitches (note: not all Asians, just the money grabbing whores) because they’re JUST MONEY GRABBING WHORES. They play as many western men as they can at the same time for the paycheck. I see this every time I take a walk. Pisses me off too, though I’m more pissed off at the bald, fat western men than the whores. In fact, I appreciate whores for their honesty, if that makes any sense.’
        Right, and White women are such angels, they NE-HEH-VER screw their husbands over in divorce courts, make them pay alimony, child support and division of assets, etc.
        This kind of crap is the reason why I never had too much sympathy for White(Knight) Nationalists, although they do make a lot of great points from time to time.

      8. You’re right, most of these women who complain spend most of their days shopping with their husband’s credit cards. But still… you have to see the gold-digging Asians over here for yourself to fully understand their blatant behaviour. There are soooo many. It’s like, 90% of the time if you see a bald guy he’s got an Asian with her claws (literally) in his pockets. Actually, it’s half impressive… but still pisses me off.

      9. The fuck you are talking about? It’s white women who are the fat feminist trash that we all have a problem with. They are the ones who always screw their men over and have no loyalty.

  17. This idea that women are not racist toward one another is hilarious. They are racist, it’s just that they are not as overt about it.
    I know girls who won’t hang out with other minorities because society deems them of lower status. In fact, I think that basically all girls are aware of a racial hierarchy and roughly construct their group of friends based on it.

    1. I pose this question to everyone:
      How many people know white women with non-white friends? Besides the token friend who they barely keep in contact with, white women seem about as likely to have a minority friend as white men. Read very rarely if ever.
      Is that ‘intrinsically’ because women are just as racist as men? Or does it simply go to the fact that most communities are dominated by one ethnic group or another.
      This whole Race BS is a tool for those in power to use, both to cultivate and attack mercilously.

    2. Black women have also tended to not want to join the feminist movement, because they see it as promoting the interests of upper-middle class white women, in a way that draws attention (and funding) away from black rights activists.

  18. There isn’t any conspiracy of women or feminism to divide and conquer. How would such a thing come about? The coalition of women and minorities against white men isn’t created or even driven by women and minorities, but by a minority of white men who lead the modern state. They attack white men because they’re not dependent on the state to the same degree that women and minorities are. Women and minorities are the clients, the pawns, of the modern centralized state, and owe almost everything in their existence (their livelihood, their identity even) to the modern state. That’s why the modern state is also so pro-gay and pro-“trannie” and these other things. The modern gay, especially the lesbian, is the foot soldier of the modern state, owes everything to the state.
    Practically, an alliance of white men with minority men, specifically blacks (but also hispanics) isn’t going to happen for a long list of reasons. The only thing that would work is white men, who make everything run, and who are the specific targets of the government, banding together for their interests, or at least dropping out and letting the whole thing crash. These things aren’t going to happen either though, and it’s just internet fantasy when people think so. The second scenario, white men dropping out, is the more likely scenario, but it won’t happen in any organized or intentional way.
    I am convinced it’s a moot point anyway since white women in the US are voting with their wombs to breed whites to a minority. Many are not having children and a lot are having them with hispanic or black guys, something which is only going to accelerate in the coming years to a rate people will be entirely unprepared for. The current generation born since the nineties/late nineties is going to surprise and shock people to the extent of the sexual relegation of white males to second or third hand status. In this sense “racism” is indeed a feminist’s best friend, but only if you misunderstand feminism.

    1. Whites aren’t putting off having children with the thought of “I wanna destroy the white race” in mind. They’re absconding from reproduction because it’s costly and there are far more interesting things to do with one’s life these days than to sit around taking care of screaming infants.
      I can think of several things just off of the top of my head which are far more entertaining than child rearing:
      1. Video games
      2. Movies
      3. Weightlifting
      4. My career
      5. Casual sex
      Furthermore, a commitment to children means marriage, and dudes realize how idiotic of a proposition it is to get hitched these days. If you’re going to blame anybody, blame the government. I suspect that the people in power have no problem with their chief competitors (i.e. white men) dwindling into extinction.

      1. “I can think of several things just off of the top of my head which are far more entertaining than child rearing:
        1. Video games
        2. Movies
        3. Weightlifting
        4. My career
        5. Casual sex”
        “Furthermore, a commitment to children means marriage”
        The folks who don’t believe in this are going to end up producing most of the next generation-our future will be in their hands, in a sense. Natural selection.
        Good or bad? Your call, but it’s coming.

  19. The photo looks like it was altered in photoshop if not that dude is a fucking freak of nature.
    I’ve been trying to find a gym with no chicks for years now. I hate seeing them around me when I work-out, it’s just not natural. I wonder if the laws in my state would even allow an all-male gym which refused women members. Illinois is a lefty communist haven populated by feminist manbeast cunts and manboobs specially Chicago.

    1. The only way around that is to start a gym, and pretend its a gay male only establishment and thus have the laws in your favor. The problem is that real fags will come, but if they behave themselves and dont ·”fag” up the place maybe its doable for a place where straight males can go, get a workout and not have to tolerate women who go to gyms just to attention whore themselves.

  20. Racism wouldn’t exist if the races were equal in neurological predispositions and traits like average intelligence, altruism. Racism exists because Whites, on average, expect other people to behave like them. When that expectation is not met, racism ensues. Conversely, racism towards Whites exists also due to the very human emotion of envy.
    If you are curious about exploring the forbidden truth of differences between human races, I suggest you find out about from a very atypical Black guy who is, in all likelihood, smarter than you:
    “If you consider how conditional probability works there actually is not anything stupid or irrational in judging another based on a properly formed racial stereotype (based on a statistically representative sample) provided you don´t know anything else about the other being judged besides race (or other category, like sex). Unfortunately a lot of people have a hard time updating their [beliefs] based on new information, which is what you should be doing (quickly) when you learn more about a specific individual.”
    This should be the smart man’s stance when it comes to race (and gender too).

  21. Race exists much as gender exists. Some smart people made some bad assumptions during the enlightenment that lead to the development of blank slate theory. These faulty assumptions are still with us today in defiance of biology.
    Read up learn up. Humans are tribal, get used to it.

    1. On the contrary, what we think of as race was made up in the enlightenment. Humans may be tribal but “white” and “black” are not tribes, and so the argument holds no water.

  22. I do agree that feminism is a bigger threat to the white male than nonwhite men, even if the latter are still Obamatons to a man jack.

  23. “Just remember when white men and black men are arguing over whether or not affirmative action can counter the effects of Jim Crow laws, feminists make sure all women of all colors are included under affirmative action favoritism.”
    …mostly white women, though.
    That is the key reality overlooked by this piece-feminism was designed to benefit white women first and foremost, and has largely done just that. Non-white women don’t get a whole lot out of feminism, and they exert very little of the energy that keeps it moving in the media, academia, and elsewhere.
    Feminism is an ideology built and maintained by whites in the middle/upper class. It is designed to deal with and primarily responds to white problems. Feminists don’t really care about minorities.

    1. It may have been initially intended to benefit white women, but the whole “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” thing has infiltrated all races, and seems to have taken hold in the black community more than elsewhere.
      I would argue that almost no women actually benefit from feminism, but it tricks their hamsters into thinking they do, and it DOES harm men substantially.
      Whatever feminism’s original intentions, those are its effects.

    2. This piece uses “real politik”. This is the political philosophy that intentions do not matter, only consequences. Who cares which race feminism was intended to benefit most?
      The bottom line is that non-feminist men (such as black men) vote for feminist candidates in droves because they are hooked with the race card.
      “Feminists don’t really care about minorities.”
      They couldn’t care less, but they love it when men can’t agree on a candidate.

      1. Please respond to my comment above.
        Very long article with the blame placed squarely on black shoulders. Why no mention of CH, the most racist blog in the manosphere?

  24. So while the black women are collecting welfare checks en masse and basically doing as they please in the ghettos and housing projects of America thanks to the State, you’re saying that they’re not simultaneously benefiting from feminism?

    1. No, because that entire state of things is the reason for the degeneration of Black America that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

      How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

      Free welfare checks and anarchist ghetto matriarchies are not necessarily good things. Feminism told black women that they were better off with things this way and with black men largely out of the picture. Feminists were wrong.

      1. The same thing will happen to whites if they should ever take the feminist bait hook, line, and sinker the way that blacks did.
        Further, the welfare checks are not a good thing for society, no, but they are definitely a boon for black women who don’t have to work and can smoke crack rocks ’til the day they die thanks to taxpayers.

      2. Black and also “brown” America are only “degenerating” from a moral point of view, but who cares about that? From a real point of view they are sexually conquering and defeating white America in every way.

      3. @cuckoldfetishist This site was created to give men a place to discuss what authentic masculinity is and how to get back to it. Obviously not your thing, so why are you here again?

  25. I’m not a racist, but I play one on TV. Social science, like game science, is going to progress and reveal facts that are unpleasant for damn near everyone because or as a result of the fact that science is Darwinian by it’s very nature. If an ideology is behind it, it’s ending Affirmative Action and entitlements when possible. Socially libertarian authors and thinkers that trend toward old school conservative.
    They’re not out to get you but to stir things up. Some of my friends are geared towards Human Biodiversity and I personally would like to see them left to their researches. Great column. Especially insightful chart. And personally I’d be friends with a disabled black hebrew eskimo before a damned feminist any day.

  26. These debates on race, to white people, are just that – Debates.
    For black people, though, race is something tangible. It can be a matter of life and death.
    That black guy you see with the tough guy swagger, truth is that his worst nightmare is a racist white man with a gun and a legal license to use it. They are also known as police officers. Or Zimmerman.
    Black people in the West are minorities. Black people need the state to intervene and legislate to protect them. Otherwise what will happen? Hmmm…the majority will abuse and brutalize the minority! That’s what will happen.
    It’s funny because so-called ‘libertarian’ or Republican white men never think of this. They want a small state, so that they can do as they please. But the thought of white men doing “as they please” is probably a minorities’ worst nightmare.
    Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s not that hard, people!

    1. Ok, majorities victimize minorities. Which explains why whites are victimized by blacks in urban areas, where blacks are a majority or plurality.

    2. Actually, “black guy you see with the tough guy swagger” has a hell of a lot more to fear from other “black guy[s] with the tough guy swagger” than he does from whites. What percentage of black murder victims are killed by whites? Look it up before spouting more nonsense.
      “Black people need the state to intervene and legislate to protect them.” This comes right AFTER you talk about how cops brutalize black people. How does “the state” manifest itself in your hood? As POLICE, that’s how. So we get “911 is a joke” and “Fuck the Police” but also “we need the state.” Having more cops in the neighborhood is racist because they hassle black people. Having fewer cops in the neighborhood is racist because you don’t care about black crime victims. Which is it? More “state” or less? You have no fucking clue.
      What I DO advocate is the right of law-abiding blacks to protect THEMSELVES with firearms, which is the exact opposite of what the KKK wanted during Reconstruction (not unlike your white liberal protectors). Also, end the drug war.
      In the meantime, how about you “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” and realize that some of us see right through your crap. Not everybody’s out to get you.

      1. Not everyone is out to get you. But black people tend to vote for a larger govt. And black people prefer living in cities, where there is greater govt presence. Now you know why, not feminism.

      2. True about living in cities, urban is more likely liberal regardless of race, but that’s not the whole story. (Rural blacks aren’t known for their economic conservatism.) However, blacks are far more likely to come from single-mother households and have more feminine authority figures.

  27. m Great article samseau, if a little garbled at times.
    See the thing is, a lot of Red pill knowledge sort of came through with traditionalists, and a fair number of traditionalists are part of the WN movement. they recognise mainstream culture’s problems, (reverse discrimination, feminism etc) but mix that in with racial superiority.
    Let’s get a few things straight. check out this:
    if you can get a copy of it.
    the short answer is, though racial differences between people are minimal (compared to relative genetic differences. an example is that the genetic difference between a north and south welsh person is about as significant as difference between a person of a different skin colour) , cultural differences make a HUGE effect.
    an example is the popularity of confucianism in East asia, which prioritises knowledge. it’s no wonder that those cultures and parents place an emphasis on studiousness and hence do way better at exams and academia (just look in the top 10-15 ivy league schools and look at how many asians there are, it’s because they work their arse off)
    similarly look at black communities that have a high incidence of single motherhood families. is it really so surprising that they have less emphasis on academic learning. if most of the culture you’re exposed to is that crime pays and school doesn’t, why would you decide to educate yourself over getting into quick money and drugs.
    Another issue that often comes up is multi culturalism. i don’t think it’s a problem. the problem, key problem is, that whites are not allowed to practise their own culture. they don’t give a shit what others do, but they’d like the same rights themselves, and at the moment they can’t be seen to enjoy their own traditions for fear of being deemed racist.
    In England for example, the white majority are so confused about their own shitty colonial history (past ‘sins’), and the degradation of their culture (whole generation wiped out in ww2, no advice from grandfathers to baby boomers growing up on their own, combining to make shitty newer generations influenced heavily by feminism and socialist ideals rather than traditional values) that they find it very difficult to feel a part of their own country anymore.
    i think in recent times the only time britain ever united on anything was the monarchy and the olympics. and even then, some socialists started making a huge fuss about the queen that people couldnt even enjoy that properly.
    To a certain extent some common traits have to respected, right to life, liberty, property etc, between groups. And some level of shared community spirit. People who settle should have atleast one common shared language. But in terms of groups practising their own cultures why not?
    Plus it’s great to see when conservative and traditional cultures agree on issues (the value of the patriarchy, how women and men are different. how modern society is technologically superior but a cultural socialist black hole), but this doesn’t happen nearly enough as it should.

    1. “the short answer is, though racial differences between people are minimal (compared to relative genetic differences. an example is that the genetic difference between a north and south welsh person is about as significant as difference between a person of a different skin colour) , cultural differences make a HUGE effect.”
      Umm, no, that is complete and total rubbish:
      Information Processing: “No scientific basis for race”

  28. Terrific post- if we want to reverse the crazed radicalism of the past 40 years, it’s imperative that the racist crap on both sides stops.
    Take Heartiste, or Roissy’s site: Some of the most perceptive and witty writing on women, culture and pyschology, but the comments section has some prolific loons straight out of Stormfront. Free country and all, but this kind of crap repels a lot of folks who’d otherwise listen

    1. This is a very good point. Just look at the comments section to this article. You can imagine a lot of the minority men on here getting turned off or at least feeling uncomfortable about what’s being said. At the end of the day, all this race bullshit is pretty trivial and retarded… Having immigrants and people of different races comes with a good economy; if you haven’t got an “immigrant” problem, you’ve got something worse: a prosperity problem. I really think that racial divisiveness in American politics these days is a huge stumbling block, perhaps even a divide an conquer tactic by the people in power. If you grew up with this stuff, there’s no way it will ever leave your consciousness completely, but as long as you know that it’s unproductive and only taking you further and further away from people you could be working productively with, maybe it’s best to just hold your tongue sometimes…

      1. I’m not too sure about this, but I suspect most forms of racism are related to a xenophobic emotional reaction that gets its start beyond the seat of consciousness. I personally don’t have these feelings and haven’t encountered them often so it’s hard to say for sure, but judging from the comments above which seem to be mostly “rationalizations” and “projections”, I’m led to believe that the hostility has no basis in “reality” (whatever that is lol) and is thus somewhat neurotic in origin. That being said, as long as there is no goal/deadline/task to be completed, it’s important that we have these discussions (to release some tension). ROK is a great place to ditch PC!

    2. SredniVashtar wrote: “… this kind of crap repels a lot of folks who’d otherwise listen.”
      Exactly. Mean-spirited attacks build to a point of no return, driving sympathetic people away.
      Andrew wrote: “… racial divisiveness in American politics these days is a huge stumbling block, perhaps even a divide an conquer tactic by the people in power.”
      Yup. It’s playing right into the hands of the reptilian architects of the West’s decline: the pushers of the Hegelian Dialectic; the sociopathic puppeteers in the power elite.

  29. You know it is really interesting how you people write about racism being a bad thing yet your forum has 20+ pages with racism about Indians just because some young Indian kid lit a fire under your ass. Keep on hiding your real face, we know all of you are a bunch of bigoted, bitter, and jealous group of people and many people out there have seen that. Best of luck hiding your real face.

    1. Indian Race Troll! I didn’t think I’d bring you out with my article. How have you been?

  30. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days for when ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    1. Whites encouraged immigration because they needed cheap labor, not because they were rubbing their hands over the destruction of whites. If you understood this basic fact you wouldn’t delude yourself with this sort of paranoid gibberish.

      1. They did need cheap labor, but Europe hated itself so much that the multi-cultis used the immigrants to denigrate European culture.
        I won’t argue that the white race is under attack, but the West is (not the same thing). Multi-culties have no problem whatsoever with white liberals, and they DESPISE minority conservatives.
        It’s also true about only Western countries being encouraged on immigration (not even Japan). Just try protesting with a “ningun ser humano es illegal” sign with Guatemalan flags in Mexico City and see how much support you get.

  31. lol @ Afflone trying to argue about the Songhai “empire,” the truth is, blacks are incapable as a group of life in modern civilization and this is true all over the world. You can’t blame colonialism, whites, globalization, or anything else. Any alliance between black and white men is impossible because blacks are permanent clients of the modern state and need it. Without redistribution and parasitism they sink back to third world levels. They are allies of the feminists, and there’s no way that’s going to change, which is why this blog and the “Roosh” wing isn’t going to work either.
    Look also at Afflone in some posts above seeming to take joy in the prospects of more white wimmins fucking black guys in the future. I mean how does someone talk about antiracism in one breath, and in another post talk about “natural selection” when a cuckold fetishist mentions that white women will go black en masse? Scroll up if you don’t believe me.
    There isn’t any way to get rid of racism, blacks are the moral enemies of whites in the US and would like to see whites dead or enslaved. Black men are allying with feminism and will continue to.

    1. “lol @ Afflone trying to argue about the Songhai “empire,” the truth is, blacks are incapable as a group of life in modern civilization and this is true all over the world.”
      Not really, but if that belief makes you feel better you’re welcome to it.
      “Look also at Afflone in some posts above seeming to take joy in the prospects of more white wimmins fucking black guys in the future.”
      LOL no.

      Racism Is A Feminist’s Best Friend

      Nobody said any of that. Natural selection was a remark aimed at the folks who value gaming and career over children and those who believe marriage is absolutely essential to reproduction. “White wimminz” weren’t mentioned.
      Troll harder bro.
      “There isn’t any way to get rid of racism, blacks are the moral enemies of whites in the US and would like to see whites dead or enslaved. Black men are allying with feminism and will continue to.”
      Sure dude.
      “and I’d say they’re doing much better now than they were 70 years ago”
      I’d say you’re blind as a bat.
      “he black guy knows feminism gave him access to money, govt. benefits”
      No. The black civil rights movement gave feminists access to money, government benefits, and the cock carousel. Feminism piggy-backed on civil rights, not the other way around.
      “And Afflone here is a big fraud, just scroll above.”
      Is “Afflone” really the best you could do?

  32. Perhaps the manosphere needs to split up, diving along lines of those believing in a brotherhood of man uniting against feminism and those who believe that their ethnic/racial heritage is just as important as their gender and see that feminism isn’t the sole problem facing their civilization. I think the race issue is becoming too divisive, and it’s best we go our separate ways. Endure (and possibly fight) the decline in whatever manner our respective camps see fit.
    I’ll have to admit though, I’ve appreciated the wisdom coming from the side of the manosphere that rejects race; many important articles on lifestyle and self-improvement that don’t appear on the pro-white side as much as they should.

    1. One possibility is an uneasy alliance until we gain some sort of prominence, and then a split. The tensions obviously run very deep.
      I’m not sure if the “race realists” are just a very vocal but tiny minority or the reflection of a broad and deep undercurrent. I’m sure eventually we’ll find out.

    1. Nonsense. They’re harmed more than anyone else, in fact, so our cause is precisely the same. Were you not blinded by irrational hatred you’d be able to see that.

      1. Ah yes the blinding hatred of raciss.
        Tell me the last time a feminist took a break from attacking white “fratboys” and addressed black hip hop lyrics, rape committed by black men both against black and white women, black criminality, black deadbeat dads. When are black guys in real life ever chastised or shamed for alpha, rude, or masculine behavior, charged for sexual harassment, and so on? They grow up in a different world that isn’t subject to PC policing the same way the office world is, and the ones who do work in the middle class world largely get a pass. And most who are there wouldn’t be there in the first place without govt.-sponsored benefits, granted by feminists. Black guys enjoy huge access to scholarships, funds, affirmative action admission in education and jobs of all kinds, and this is supported by feminists. What do you have to offer them?
        The argument that because inner cities 50 years ago were destroyed by feminism (very dubious claim to begin with), that because of this an inner city youf will see common cause with an average American white guy is absurd. Whatever the cause of the supposed moral “degeneration” of black America (and I’d say they’re doing much better now than they were 70 years ago, but whatever; much higher standard of living now; black presiduhn; white pussy), there’s no way given political reality today that you’ll have an average black guy banding together with an average white guy against a feminist regime that largely only attacks the latter and greatly helps the former. The black guy knows feminism gave him access to money, govt. benefits, and white pussy, and he’s not going to give that up for some imaginary male solidarity with the guy he’s been taught to see as the oppressor. In fact blacks regularly explode into racial violence these days, even racial pogroms (see flash mobs), and the idea that you can channel this kind of hatred into an alliance is stupid.
        I’m from abroad and it surprised me to see the racial hatred blacks have for whites when I am in the US, it is primal. I honestly believe it is a murderous hatred, and that blacks would kill any and all whites if given the chance. It is as bad as any ethnic hatred you find in other countries where there is or was, or there is about to be, civil war.
        And Afflone here is a big fraud, just scroll above.

      2. Yes, very evidently, it is blinding.
        I highly recommend reading the above article, because it deals with everything you’re mentioning. Every guy here will agree that having a strong community with successful families is a lot better than getting a few scholarships and some affirmative action jobs. And yet you’re blaming black men for these problems when they were foisted upon the black community by feminist harridans.
        The inner cities were destroyed by a few things 60 years ago, but the point is that feminism sensed an opportunity and started pushing its ideology on a community whose family structure was already falling apart, whose gender roles were already weakening and so on. That’s why a majority of black children are born outside of wedlock or into broken homes…I’d say that’s one way blacks aren’t doing very well at all, it’s an example of a backwards sort of “progress” that only a feminist could love.
        Blacks have been getting white pussy since Othello, since Septimus Severus. Clearly enough, there’s no race war outside the weak minds of WNs. I know a lot of black guys and no, they don’t harbor a hatred for white men, and they do recognize all the negative lunacy that feminism is responsible for. Seriously, talk with black men and you’ll see that your fears are indeed irrational and unfounded.
        Afflone supports his points with evidence and reason…which is a lot better than claiming stuff purely through emotional appeal as the hysterical anti-black posters of the manosphere do constantly.

      3. Nope, there’s no evidence in Afflone’s post, nor the one for this thread. Just an assertion that “feminism” caused black problems and another assertion that a) that is still the case and b) that black men recognize that. These weak sauce suppositions are all you have to go on, because otherwise it’s clear that feminists and blacks are allied in all modern political struggles.
        Ultimately it doesn’t matter, Roosh and posts like these won’t create an “antifeminist” alliance between men who seem to constitutionally hate each other. As far as I can see, blacks do harbor a murderous hatred for whites, and this isn’t going to change it.
        RE Othello, the rate of black-white miscegenation has been until recently Spanish and Portuguese colonial men banging black women. The phenomenon of many white girls fucking black guys in such large numbers, especially in the Anglo world, is entirely driven by feminism, and black guys are not going to forego that. But that’s the least of it; without the benefits given by govt. they’d be living how you see blacks live in the rest of the world.

  33. The left wing has effectively managed to silence debates on contentious topics such as race, multiculturalism and immigration. This is the exact reason these issues fester in our society, until we address the difficult topics and make hard decisions, things will not improve. I agree with the authors premise, that race is used extremely effectively by Liberals and feminists to divide men and the right, until the right is willing to adapt to the present day and become more appealing to more ethnic groups, it will continue to lag behind. Men are inherently more conservative, fiscally and socially.

  34. Conspiracies are overrated. Their possible existence is best ignored.
    What matter are your own choices. Today, men on the whole are reaping the consequences of their own choices. Same goes for white, black, brown men. Same goes for women and all their sub-groups.
    If you suffer, its your own fault. Finding fault in others does nothing to change your own suffering, instead it only distracts you from fixing yourself.
    Any belief of superiority of one’s own self can only come from low self esteem.
    Before setting out to understand the world, try first to understand yourself. Its the only way.

    1. you have just spoken the most insightful words in this thread, yet no one will even notice or pay attention to this ultimate truth.

    2. “Any belief of superiority of one’s own self can only come from low self esteem. ”

  35. “Racism is a Feminist’s best Friend”
    You lost me with the title. White WASP male here: You’re a fucking idiot.

    1. Yes you flaming faggot, because calling somebody an idiot means you deflated their argument.
      Go eat a turd you disgusting animal.

  36. well in that rape poster it makes sense to make the white guy the bad guy since they dont get sterotyped for doing bad things like some ethnic minorities do.it would look pretty bad and offensive if they made the black
    guy the bady guy,already bad enuff sterotypes for minorites as it is

  37. Look at the comments on RoK today.
    Roosh should declare this site a failed experiment and kill it with fire, because this shit is fucking embarassing.

  38. It’s crazy how so many people can’t accept blacks had impressive civilisations
    It is too much for their brains to accept so they come up with increasingly far-fetched explanations, such as blacks using white ‘knowledge’.
    Egypt was mulatto/mixed with a mixture of dark blacks/mulattos and lighter meds, with many of the rulers being seal dark and most a mixture.
    Great Zimbabwe
    The kingdom of Kongo
    The Nok
    The kingdom of Ghana
    The fulani empire
    The Wolof empire
    The Oyo empire
    etc all are inconvertible proof that civilisation prospered in Africa while the Northern Europeans were painting their faces and throwing rocks at each other. Northern Europe only received civilisation because of the Mediterranean races/the moors.

    1. You could call it the white racist version of the rationalization hamster we so often assign to the female mind.
      They see what makes them feel good (white supremacy), and simply ignore that which bothers them (the idea that blacks just are not and haven’t historically been as incapable as they want to think they are). This is not a far cry from classic female rationalization and solipsism, which we talk about here all the time.
      In this way and others the racists are quite highly feminized men, actually. Sort of like a direct counterpart to the male feminist, just on the far right instead of the far left.

      1. “You could call it the white racist version of the rationalization hamster we so often assign to the female mind.”
        It has nothing to do with rationalization you godforsaken imbecile, white have unambiguously been more civilized throughout history than blacks have been and they still continue to be more intelligent and civilized today.
        If you cannot accept this, you are a lunatic.
        “WAAAH, you are wasis, you claimed that blacks are more athletic than whites (which they are btw)”

    2. Using the term ‘black’ and ‘white’ is incorrect. Civilization has nothing to do with race. Talking about African civilisations as if they are the same is also incorrect. Egypt is primarily a Mediterranean civilisation and is far more culturally connected to the Middle East then it is to distant Subsaharan West Africa for starters.
      Civilisations did arise beyond the sahel but they did not advance as much as Eurasian ones because of several factors which increased isolation from other civilsations, impeded movement and made agriculture more dificult. A written form of writing was also barely developed. I believe Guns, Germs and Steel tackles this subject in depth.
      Ancient Celtic civilisations were also not as backward as you think either, they painted their faces and came up with complex calander systems better than those of the more civilised Romans.

    3. “I am a brainwashed white piece of shit who gets sexual pleasure from admitting inferiority to blacks.”
      “Impressive civilizations” are pointless considering that whites had more “impressive” and more numerous impressive civilizations.

    4. Sure, they were ‘civilizations’. But how many of them really hit the high-water marks, like architecture, durable stone and metalwork, written language, and enduring military and trade empires? And how long after everybody else did it? For example, the Oyo didn’t even have stonework in the 17th C, 400 years after Notre Dame was erected in Paris. The Arabs DID spread civilization to Sub-Saharan Africa. The Moors did NOT spread civilization to Europe (Northern Europe? Huh?They stopped in S. France), they came more than 700 years after the Roman Empire. If anything, the argument for an Afro-centric theory of civilization is that the Greeks, who were one of the main seed cultures of Europe could have been influenced by the Egyptians, who were just across the Mediterranean and predated their civilization by millenia. Except I haven’t seen much evidence for it — it actually seems the Greeks were ignorant of most Kemetic wisdom, and had to rediscover a lot astronomical and mathematical shit on their own, and culturally there was very little interchange vis a vis religion, philosophy, etc. There’s a lot of rumors that Plato studied in Egypt etc but there’s no explicit references to Egyptian thinkers or theories and there’s no prominent Egyptians who made it up to Greece to influence things as far as history records. Nice try but if you want to prove your thesis, your conception and timeline are way off, sorry.

  39. MARXISM is feminism’s best friend. Racism and feminism are twin brothers, created by cultural marxism, in order to fragment society. Unless Americans start to study a little about Marxism tactics, they will be talking and blogging and getting nowhere.
    Read whatever you can about the Frankfurt School, Antonio Gramsci. Do a quick Google search about cultural marxism. Visit http://www.henrymakow.com
    Educate yourself.

  40. its as simple as this: to “take the red pill”, one must accept that men and women are different on a biological level-both physically and mentally. that men and women evolved together yet in slightly separate directions. most of us here know this. our brains work differently-and we use this knowledge to try and score pussy.
    if men and women can evolve biological differences, it stands to reason that groups separated by tens of thousands of years in vastly different climates and social conditions would also evolve differences. it blows my mind that people (even pop culture) can so easily accept things like blacks being faster runners, having bigger cocks, whites having more ideal bone density for swimming etc etc etc. the list goes on and on about how races are physiologically different. there are spheres of medicine devoted to this. scientists can take one quick look at a skull and tell you what race it belongs to.
    yet SOMEHOW, despite all of these differences, the single most important organ in the human body, the one which would govern all of these differences and operates literally every movement and action we commit-comes out completely equal across all genders races societies and creeds. if anything, this would be the only thing to change.
    either you believe in tabula rasa, or you DON’T. you cant have it both ways.
    having said that, i believe we can accept these differences and try to work with them-and get far better results-instead of sticking our heads in the sand.

  41. While the white men are accused of racism,
    “I play a slave. How black is that? I have to wear chains. How whack is that? But don’t worry. I get free. I save my wife and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”
    And the crowd cheers, and claps.
    Mainstream, millions of viewers, millions of people that will take this cool badass mothafucka as a role model.
    And the MRA is busy with a few HBD’ers who stepped over to the (as the current accepted idelologies go) dark side, who have what, 100? 1000? people reading the comments?
    And then the crime statistics in Europe and the US show a clearly different picture than all the whiteys’ raping and pillaging their way through the city centres.
    Also, who are the ones shouting most about racism (at least in Finland?)
    The dude who is on welfare, whose wife (or two) is on welfare, who is raising 4-7 kids on welfare, who lives in a bigger apartment than the average working man, in a better location than the average working family, paid by daddy gov’n’m’t; mom at home has nothing to do because kids are in free daycare, while the working family has to pay for the same care;
    Yea, those are the ones crying most outloud about racism, while the west bends ass backwards (literally, financially and practically) to accommodate all the whims.
    If one says the west is stupid, I would not disagree on that issue, in this context.

    1. Exactly. Blacks have it far better than they had it 70 years ago, and they know who butters their bread. They’re not going to turn against feminists.

  42. Hey I have an idea, let’s form an alliance between Japanese and Chinese men against feminism! Or between Croatians and Serbs. Or between Muslim and non-Muslim men in India! Awesome idea bro, after all they’re all men, right??

  43. As a female. I think that picture is perfect – those two guys laying out Right & Good to that one typically usually creepy guy. i just can’t put my finger on if somethings’ sterotyped or not.
    It’s good to see Men Finally Fixing this issue, even though they had a hard time solving it in forums…

    1. As a dumb broad you’ve also failed to realise that the situation could have been prevented had the hypothetical girl in question said ‘no’ to more drinks but hey we’re all about gurrrl powah and slut walks as long as it helps us avoid assuming responsibility for our own actions.

  44. “boys have instead been trained to be loyal to their race.”
    -are you out of your fucking mind! jewish boys have been trained to be loyal to their race, but certainly not white boys, and most assuredly not white women.
    feminism was created by jews an irrefutable fact, as was communism, and many other ism’s whose sole purpose is to destroy the jews main enemy….the white family..the white nation.
    white nationalism is the greatest enemy of judeo-feminism, thats why it has no voice, all manner of perversion is allowed in the public space accept for one single entity….white racism.
    open your fucking eyes, and stop talking shit.

    1. The White Nation? Lol, only an American neonazi dullard could come up with this tosh. In case you didn’t know , here in Europe, whites have been massacring other whites for thousands of years just as people in other continents have been doing.

      1. Good point, you know, we’re all pretty much the same inside anyway. African, European, what’s the difference?

        1. Genetic predispositions, natural behavioral patterns, physical features, etc.
          Remember, the genetic makeup of a populace creates and develops the culture which in turn, reinforces the genetic predispositions. When two or more very different peoples clash or have equal (or similar) power in a civilization (a) counter culture is created and the two (or more) clash.
          A foreign people can learn to mimic the behaviors of their host culture, but it is not natural to them.
          If we were all the same, we would develop exactly the same cultures, the only possible variation would be environmental.

    2. White Nationalism does have a some benefits. I will not deny that. But America is all ready a multicultural society. To get to a white nationalist society would be a bloody mess. It’s just not a realistic option.

  45. Black and white men need to work together to enforce racial boundaries.
    They face similar problems, and each race must work to improve it’s own blood without falling prey to amalgamation which threatens the autonomy of the collective as well as the individual.
    Black and white men alike need to regain control of their ethnic leadership and stand against the forces which seek to destroy them.

  46. Great article and well written. It is not garbled. It simply says harsh truths that none of the sides – feminists, black men, and white men – want to here

  47. Barrani, Egypt was not Mediterranean nor was it pure black African. Most of the rulers were a mix, with many dark blacks and many light mediterraneans. The afrocentrists ignore the many Italian looking people and the white extremists all the dark-skinned blacks that rules the nation or were architects of the pyramids.
    This was because blackness was not associated with slavery at this stage in history. Don’t forget the further south you go in Egypt the blacker people are. The Nubians and Sudanese were inarguably culturally and phenotypic ally ‘black’
    Re: civilisation below the Sahara, I have read Diamonds book, but he is not an expert on history, because all the civilisations I listed contained what we would regard as civilisation, such as huge buildings and structures, law, trade, some even had advanced irrigation systems.
    Indeed when the Portuguese came to Kongo they returned with elaborate drawings of the cities they found. The structures that exist today are proof of what preceded the current nation states.
    If all these HBDers were historically and morally interested in finding the truth they would take an archaeological tour of Africa’s civilisations or explain the reasoning behind the civilisations I listed.
    They engage in far-fetched rationalisations such as claiming the whole of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia for the white race but even they can’t seriously claim the civilisations in Kongo, Greater Zimbabwe or across west Africa for Europeans.
    They instead obsess over Haiti, which shows that when you strip people of their language and education and place trade blockades they can’t achieve much.
    But the attempt to ignore all the wealth of historical and archaeological evidence is to me a sign of someone not interested in rationality or the truth.

    1. By Mediterranean I was referring to the cultural sphere of influence not the ethnicity of the inhabitants. Egypt has been significant as a Mediterranean civilisation ever since Alexander conquered it and established the port city of Alexandria. There is no such thing as a Mediterranean race. It has little to do with civilisations that arose beyond the Sahara for obvious reasons. The Numidians and the Carthaginians were also Mediterranean civilisations situated in North Africa and had little in common with West and South African societies for the same reason.
      I have not denied that Sub Saharan Africa had its civilisations but making the advances the Eurasian ones made was more difficult because of their isolation. Same goes for the Amerindian societies. As for white or black nationalists, I couldn’t give a toss about what they think.

  48. Actually feminists, minorities and LGBT are in a broad liberal Democrat coalition where they all despise the straight white male.

  49. LOL! Places like Timbuktu when they were part of the Songhai empire were remarkable for Sub-saharan Africa but pretty shabby compared to anything north of it. That does include most of North Africa but also Europe at the time. Google “Timbuktu” and then “Bourges cathedral” and compare. And that modest Timbuktu mosque and crapy mud huts were built under Muslim influence, mind you, and the best Africa has ever offered.

    1. the expanding Songhai Empire absorbed the city in 1468 but Timbuktu was founded by Touaregs Imagharen (berberes, Morocans, not Sub Saharan Africans…)

  50. Race and ethnicity have always trumped sex. Even in the postmodern West, disastrously affected by feminism, the largest cleavages in our societies revolve around race and ethnicity.
    The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia broke up into ethnic republics.
    The nation-states of Europe unified around around nationality.
    Two world wars were fought largely because of nationalism.
    Austria-Hungary sparked a world war and disintegrated because of ethnic conflict.
    Every single country in Western Europe has an anti-immigrant political party, and anti-immigrant sentiment runs deep in America.
    The white-black divided remains the most prominent fault line in the United States just as it has always been.
    It’s only among hardcore feminists and their bizarro twins in the manosphere where people think that sex trumps race, a preposterous belief.
    Think about it for a second. If sex trumps race, why wouldn’t sex also trump species?
    Didn’t you guys watch the OJ trial? Feminist prosecutor Marcia Clark wanted to stack the jury with women, thinking women would come to the defense of their murdered sister. Cochran, a veteran black race hustler, was only too happy to agree–as long as the women were black.
    A largely black female jury acquitted an obviously guilty black man, just because he was black and his victim was white.
    The sex issue was irrelevant to the trial.

    1. As the Arabs have it, I against my brother, my brother and I against our cousin, I, my brother and my cousin against the world. That’s how it will always be.

  51. @ Barrani I meant med race to mean Jews, Armenians, Italians, Lebanese, Turks, etc.
    Egypt was certainly African, with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, sitting at the transit point of a vast empire with a multitude of peoples. Many of its rulers and architects were dark-skinned black Africans, with most a mixture and many med rulers too. They didn’t share the same preoccupation with race due to occupying a different period in history.
    Please read up on what I sent, there was civilisation in every part of Africa. By your reasoning no Christian societies achievement can be attributed to whites as they all follow an Israeli/Middle Eastern religion.
    The great achievement of Timbuktu was actually its universities as opposed to the mosque.
    It was founded in the 10th century.
    This is not a pissing contest but it is being purposefully obtuse to suggest Africa did not have advanced civilisations, you have to deliberately ignore all of archaeology/history and the consensus of research on the topic.

    1. One remarkable East African civilization would be the Axum civilisation, they had coinage, access to lucrative trade routes, a complex political system and left many monuments. They also managed to conquer part of the Hijaz. They were also different from civilsations in other parts of Africa which is not surprising given that as a continent it is bigger than Europe. The Sahara is also an effctive barrier between different parts of the continent. I believe it was the access to important trade routes that makes the difference between advancing or not. When the Islamic empires became dominant in the region they were cut off and declined

    2. The only people who say “Great Zimbabwe” are afrocentric nutters. None of the civilizations in Africa were buikt by blacks of their own volition.

  52. So the point is essentially that we are given a choice of a masculine culture full of NAMs or a feminist white culture? Most of us already made that choice, that is, we live in America, not Hati.

    1. White feminist cultures produce women who slut it up and fail to reproduce. You’re going to wake up in a NAM culture whether you like it or not; the only question is, do you want to try and make a culture where you can be a man before that happens?

  53. Africa, India, all of the South Asia and the East had advanced civilizations long before Europe. Europe built off of (and exploited) those regions for their resources and the industry that was already built there. Read all of India’s ancient to medieval history for details.
    Nevertheless, White Europe is more advanced now, maybe due to Feminism? Maybe even due to their lack of “family values”.
    Family values in balance serve up to a point, when they get too extreme, as they are in India as Samseau’s latest article about it demonstrates, they actually server to hinder progress and creativity than to bolster it.
    That may be why Europeans shifted early from extended family to nuclear.
    Something to think about.

    1. The “latest” article you’re referring to was written by Bojangles, a guest poster here. Be sure to look at the start and end of each article to see who wrote it.

    2. feminism only started gainin steam in 60 yrs everything was already built by men. even then most of the inovaters that engineered all these advancements have been male scientists
      women are just piggy backin off this achievements now thats already done
      when europe was exploitin the world even then they had arrangd marrage…
      conservativism was the norm an its what built the world

  54. By and large Feminism is spearheaded by white women. Talking about racial privilege (as it of course only applies to white men) is a great way to detract from the fact that feminism also only mostly benefits white women who as the majority get afforded the same protections that were originally reserved for actual minorities.
    The one class that had the most benefit from white man’s infractions is white women. On either side in the civil war it was (white) men who died, and most confederate soldiers didn’t own slaves. Women had no real part in ending slavery but some of them clearly benefited.

    1. White, well to do middle class women. It certainly did not benefit your average white working class wife who found that she had even more toiling to do.

  55. This article is the sound of bourgeois liberals frantically back pedaling. Taking the red pill means seeing life as it is: the differences between sexes, between races, HBD, evo psychology, eternal power struggles. The sheer harsh reality of being alive in the 21st century.
    Some red pill guys pride themselves on having overcome their inner AFC but don’t seem to realize they remain political AFC (PAFCs?). This article is a great example. The writer sees male-female relations clearly but can’t bring himself to accept the truth about racial & cultural relations. Or perhaps is unwilling to see the truth because of his own ethnic background. So he tells us all: “Take the red pill! Take the red pill! But don’t take that bit – or that bit either, you don’t really need it. Trust me, you wouldn’t like the taste.”
    Is that what Return of Kings is? A forum for non-white PUAs to try and stop white guys from chowing down the whole pill? If you can’t look reality the face and deal with the consequences then you’re a gutless coward.

  56. I don’t really think that White and Black men have much in common and I don’t think that White men have much to gain by allying themselves with Black men. Most of the Black Males’ problems are caused by typical Black male behavior. While most of the White Males’ problems stem from typical White female behavior. I would disagree with the authors’ assertions that there is little or no hostility between White and Black women. A cursory study of the subject would suggest that there is a lot of hostility from Black women to White women. Many Black women blame White females for taking some of the best of their men.
    As a White male and a generally polite person, I would never go out of my way to be rude to a Black, but tend to avoid them because I do not feel comfortable being around them due to the enormous chasm that separates us racially, culturally and politically. Separation is the best policy for racial peace!

    1. “Most of the Black Males’ problems are caused by typical Black male behavior. While most of the White Males’ problems stem from typical White female behavior.”
      Comical. This is something you simply pulled out of your rear end. White men are the biggest white knights in the world and creators of both liberalism and feminism. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are actually a black female posing as a white male. Black females are no less responsible for black male problems than white females are for white male problems.

  57. It should be phrased this way. Hating White Males and White Male Privilege are terms used to preserve White Pussy Privilege. The term WMP is meant to remove the issue of class, achievement, ability (or disability), and empathy. It is pure, resentment fueled rage intended to disempower men who may or may not be perpetrators of something which may or may not be an injustice.
    The problem with the manosphere is that it is almost exclusively immoralist, libertine, or reactionary. There is a space for Egalitarian Leftism that is continually denied by the community as a form of self esteem boosting. “Science proves the animalistic side of the blacks therefore downfall of civilization.” in so many words represents a substantial size of the commenting base on these websites.
    If the manosphere proved pussy privilege instead of attacking white male privilege, it may convince those elements on the left that are truly honest about issues relating to social justice to begin to change their worldview. After all, the core of feminist theory is hate to which all social justice theorists are necessarily opposed.
    This is something that happens in the real world of progressivism. The Free-Thought blog controversy over that atheist chick is an example where the progressive ideology of free thinking is actively undermined by a narcissistic woman using feminist doctrine as her weaponry. Women can claim oppression when there is none in order to gain at the expense of other’s. This is dangerous privilege protected by progressives even as it violates their moral code.
    There should be a left-wing manosphere that appeals to Science-Progressives and Social Justice-Progressives. When they understand that science /= feminism and social justice /= feminism then feminism will lose two critical allies to truth.

  58. “Just remember when white men try to defend their race by talking about
    “Human Bio-Diversity” and how other races are deficient in terms of
    That’s not what HBD is you dumbshit. They admit that Asians are superior to them in intelligence and unlike that feminist whining, this one is not an ideology but a scientifically proven fact.

  59. Grant articular Samseau. I’m am really glad you opened up a line of discussion on the topic. The biggest problem I have is just trying to talk to people. You cant reach solutions to problems that you cant discuss.

  60. It’s hard not to notice that the societies with the highest quality of life (for both sexes) are the socialist, egalitarian and homogenous societies of Northern Europe. For a large, diverse society like the U.S., one of those characteristics has to be eliminated.

  61. I was born in London and moved to the US aged 5. I not longer consider myself to be British but I did take umbrage when I read a disgusting article written by an American woman totally slating British men. One of the allegations was that they refused to perform oral sex (not true). All I said was that perhaps she should consider taking a shower beforehand then they might be more accommodating and the storm of abuse I got from various women was astounding. I was called every name under the sun and accused of being racist, sexist, a murderer etc. First of all i’m mixed race, secondly I was married to an African American woman with whom I have a son, thirdly I’m engaged to a Jamaican women whom I live with so I don’t see how that argument holds water but there you go. And yes I am willing to perform oral sex on a woman so long as it’s clean

  62. Racism meant something completely different 30 years ago. Today it only applies to a white person who opens his mouth and says anything in regards to race. Anything at all, it doesn’t even have to be negative. A white person could say, “I don’t think Donald Trump is a racist.” This comment in 2016 is considered a racist because we have become so incredibly ultra sensitive.
    An example of how racism crazy we are today. Today on CNN, they were debating weather or not Donald Trump is racist (he’s not). Donald makes a statement of how he does business with people of all ethnicities and he loves them. A black female reporter laughs and says, “this is ridiculous, it’s like a person saying they’re not racist because they have black friends, it doesn’t mean they’re not racist.” Hey! Ya know what?! Actually it does mean they’re not racist. Yeah, sure people sound defensive and cheesy when they say it and cuckservatives use it a lot but when a white person is friends with non-whites, it absolutely 100% means they’re not racist. If people want to make jokes about other people’s races, religions and ethnicities, that’s fine, so what?! Make fun of each other, good god quit being such a baby. In the 90’s my dad worked with a Mexican dude from Mexico City, my dad and him would go back and forth making “racist” comments and laughing their asses off. They would go at it every day. The Mexican dude wasn’t bothered by my dads comments at all and I attribute it to the fact that this man was not a loser. He was an engineer and he raced motorcycles. He had more important things to worry about than my dad calling him a wetback and giggling about it. If he was a pussy, he would have blown the rape whistle but he wasn’t, he was a real man and someone worth remembering. Those were good times in our society. We’re wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to sensitive about racism in this country, I hate using the term “racism” because it has totally lost its meaning.
    Schools are starting to address the class as “friends” now, instead of “boys and girls.” Is this a good thing? Is it healthy that we are so butt hurt over words? The irony is the white man is cared about the least. White men have a guilt trip thrown at them every single day for shit they didn’t do, on the flip side, everyone else is catered to with movies of heroism, white guilt movies and the “not only can we do it too, we can do it better” disease.

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