How A Dark Triad Woman Took My Friend For A Ride

I’m no expert in Dark Triad traits but I know enough to realize when a female exhibits these signs and this chick had it in spades. Unfortunately for a friend of mine, he didn’t realize it until it was too late. 

For those who aren’t familiar with “Paul”, I mentioned him near the end of this article

One of my best friends is a white guy I’ve known for nearly 20 years. He’s a tall, great looking guy with a great job. Every Anglo-slut’s dream. When we go out for a night on the town he consistently pulls quality chicks much easier than I do, even though my game level is much higher than his.

I sought his insight for this column, then gave a little more detail about him in my column about our weekend in Sin City:

“Paul” is a tall, good looking dude I’ve known since my college days….

…he’s a stone cold assassin and red pill to the core.

Las Vegas is where this story begins when our friend “Norm” whom we’ve both known for almost 20 years, dragged us to a singles meet atop a rooftop bar across from the MGM Grand and I told that story in my Vegas column.


During my first “at bat” with Lois. From left to right: “Lois”, yours truly, some blonde chick

The long and the short of how this started is that the only good looking girl there was a solid 8 who was an exotic looking chick (Hawaiian and Filipino) with a great body. Paul and I decided to make it a competition to see which one of us could bag her first. When he took a sizable lead, I switched from PUA to wingman to help him close the deal.


Paul and I before we met “Lois”

We were thwarted by an unexpected cock blocker with a neckbeard wearing a wannabe fedora but eventually Paul was able to overcome this obstacle and release the kraken on “Lois.” Now that we’ve got our back story, let’s pick it up from there.

After Las Vegas

Although Paul and Lois lived on opposite coasts, they were still able to see each other regularly and things got pretty serious between them. They’d go look at real estate on her visits and talk about plans for the future. In fact, a general rule of thumb when they would meet is that she flew east to him (rather than the opposite) because of their plans to move her out there as they set a tentative timeline for around May of ‘16.

But as with any long distance relationship (or any relationship) there were several things boiling beneath the surface that started to make their way into their conversations and things eroded quickly.

Red flags

From the very beginning, Paul was concerned with how private Lois was. That is, she didn’t talk much about her friends or her general circle of influence.

Another red flag was that all of her friends and work colleagues seemed to be men. Her website (she owns a small clothing line for crossfit and weightlifting athletes) featured nothing but her and a bunch of dudes.

Let me ‘help’ you with your form

He finally asked her about it a few months later and she told him they were people who helped her with her website and friends from the gym. Paul also saw that one of her feeds was littered with interactions with a guy she eventually admitted was her ex boyfriend.

Between the weekend trips with her group of ‘friends’ and the consistent back and forth with her ex, Paul had serious doubts about Lois’ loyalty. What started out as simple conversations about his concerns turned into fights and eventually they split. But she wasn’t going down without a fight so she pulled a major stunt to keep him attached.

Brain cancer

Yep, you read right. Lois told Paul she had stage 3 brain cancer. At the time Paul believed her. Even though they’d just broken up, he still had strong feelings for her so they got back together so that she could enjoy ‘what little time she had left.’

But when he offered to fly her to his city where a local hospital had a great reputation for treating cancer patients, she declined saying she didn’t want to burden him with her problems and that she would deal with it herself, with her friends, and family as a support system.

Hindsight being 20/20, Paul realized that he’d never seen any proof of her illness. No x-rays, no documentation, no nothing. Lois ‘forgot her medication at home’ on visits after her diagnosis.

Paul’s no idiot but when a man’s judgment is clouded by emotion, his discernment is greatly impaired—red pill awareness or not. Hell, I’m as guilty as any man out there for believing a woman’s bullshit.

That said, they broke up soon after on account of the same issues. The games, secrecy, and mistrust were too much for Paul to stick around even if he did believe Lois was terminally ill. He may have had his doubts about her sickness but things got so bad that it was all but forgotten when they cut ties for the second time.

Paul’s major mistake

A few months after the break up Paul and “Doug” took another trip to Vegas around the same time we all did last year. And wouldn’t you know it, the suddenly cancer free Lois made herself available for another weekend of debauchery.

Paul took full advantage of this and the two of them had what appeared to be no strings attached sex for a few days. When all was said and done, they both chalked it up to a little fun between two people for old time’s sake. No harm, no foul right?

Afraid not. A few weeks later Lois face timed him and showed him a positive pregnancy test. Paul’s as careful as anyone out there but he admitted to me that he didn’t use condoms the last time they hooked up before Vegas and this was the result.

Paul knew he should have been using these

At this point it was time to quit playing games and both knew it. For better or worse there was now a kid involved so they decided to give the relationship a serious try without all the bullshit from before.

But the arguments soon started up again and this time around it had escalated to knock down drag out name calling fights. It didn’t take long for them to break up and this time she blocked him on all her social media accounts.

Paul was at a crossroads. He had to choose between being an absentee father or visiting his kid every so often and in both cases, he’d be paying child support. Luckily for him, Doug came to his rescue before this situation got out of hand.

The bailout

A quick refresher on Doug from the ‘15 Vegas Squad:

“Doug” is a good friend of Paul’s whom I’d never met before this trip. Paul told me about some of the red pill knowledge Doug had inadvertently dropped in the past so I knew he’d be a solid guy to roll with. Upon meeting him it didn’t take long to discern that he was as advertised.

Doug has as much red pill knowledge as any of us here and had his doubts about Lois from the jump. Though he spent the night at the Planet Hollywood poker tables the night Paul and I played Batman vs. Superman (with Lois as the prize), he had a front row seat to everything that happened between he and Lois after that fateful night in Sin City.

Like myself, Doug knew her social media privacy was a tell tale sign of nefarious intentions. So back when he’d learned that Lois had blocked Paul from seeing her posts, he followed her on an old Instagram account he hardly used and saw something that blew this whole thing wide open…

Wedding pictures.

It gets better. Despite the social media blackout, Paul still followed a few of Lois’s friends on Instagram where he discovered her in some of their pictures and a video of her in a bikini dancing and obviously not pregnant

Up until this point Lois was still trying to convince Paul that she was still pregnant and that she wanted to start over. She was making plans to come to see him as recently as Thanksgiving while sending emails about how much she missed him even though she was married.

The day Paul confronted her about it (mid December) was the same day Doug showed him the wedding pictures. Lois explained the pregnancy away with a miscarriage story. But she’d have been 7 months along when the bikini pictures were taken so it’s doubtful she was ever pregnant in the first place.

Either way, the jig was up. The earliest wedding pictures were posted around the middle of August so that’s likely around the time she was married. The last time Paul and Lois saw each other was the third week of July which meant he was fucking her less than 3 weeks before she said her vows.

It’s also worth noting that Paul had never seen exactly where she lived the entire time they were together, even during the Vegas hookup (she said she had a friend over so they couldn’t use her place). Looking back, it’s because she was probably living with her fiance.

The best case scenario is that there was a 4 or 5 month overlap between Paul and her beau. But the book of red pill conditioning says she was probably in a relationship with her soon to be hubby the entire time she was with Paul.

We all get got

I’ll be the first to say that Paul should have exercised better judgment. Getting into a long distance relationship with a chick you met on a rooftop bar at a singles meet in Las Vegas is never good idea and I’ve told him that. 

Be that as it may, Lois played psychological games with him on a level he’d never experienced in his life. She did and said just enough to keep him interested while keeping certain things hidden which drove him crazy.

At some point we’re all going to get got. Men like Paul and myself are tougher cookies to crack but some women are much more versed in the art of sexual warfare. Paul’s fortunate he got out clean and because of this experience he’s more red pill aware than he was before. Such is the life of an awakened man.

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190 thoughts on “How A Dark Triad Woman Took My Friend For A Ride”

  1. I guess everyone has to take a bad beat at least once in their life. Hopefully Paul learned his lesson. I’ve seen guys jump from mistake to mistake over and over again.

    1. Or from one bad marriage to the next. A friend of mine went thru a meat grinder of a divorce and I helped him out. Three years later he introduces me to his fiance and afterwards he asks me what I think. Told him she reminds me of your ex. He was pissed, but it was true.
      Some guys seek out the type of chick, consciously or unconsciously, and don’t learn.

      1. You know: I have today off. Did the gym this morning. Ran to the tailor to pick up some suits now I’m home with my feet up looking at the web on my phone, having a glass of wine wondering what if I should call a girl in my rotation or fly solo tonight and it’s stuff like this article and your comment that stand to remind me that I played it smart.

        1. Marriage is a lot of work and there are no guarantees. I have no regrets, but I wouldn’t do it again.
          The girls are in Moscow visiting Babushka and I was considering going out on my own to meet some friends and undress some women with my eyes, but it’s foggy and cold and decided to stay in. Sipping a cold beer next to the Christmas tree watching TV and chatting with you lot. Will have a few drinks at my local pub tomorrow night and then watch some football. Life is good.

      2. Well you know what Oscar Wilde said : First marriages are a triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriages are a triumph of hope over experience.
        You know guys here keep saying that they are more romantic than women and I coming to believe that – but only for young men. Romance is really hope in the face of adversity, otherwise young guys are not going to even bother putting their lives on the line for the betterment of everyone. For old guys, it is more the case of stupidity.

        1. Not sure which guys here are saying they are romantic…but like Big Bill Broonzy says “romance without finance, baby don’t mean a thing now can’t you see. If you ain’t got no finance you can’t have no romance with me”

        2. I have younger male cousins and they are going through this– in fact, I was just invited to one’s upcoming wedding in July.
          They all think they will be the acception to the rule and go forward with false hope.

        1. Nope. A few weeks before the wedding he hesitated and we spoke. I told him if he is set on getting married again, he should find a younger russian woman. He said, “that’s exactly what my uncle told me.” (His uncle was as red pill as they got — retired special ops). I don’t see him very often these days, but he looks miserable and she got fat within a year after the wedding.

        2. I know of the snakes you speak– wouldn’t touch them with my enemies dick. A bit of a broad brush, but I get you… AWALT and even the nice ones will walk all over you and suck your bank account dry if you let them.

        3. Yes I have a good friend from Ukraine who won’t touch Russian or Ukrainian women either. Having some experience with them myself I’d say Russian women are good short- to medium- term fun but don’t marry. For marriage i say Latinas who go to church are your best bet.

        4. Still don’t get why ROK and other PUA sites, over-idealise that pack of freeloader broads. like it is the ultimate pussy-prize.

    2. Perhaps they are trying to destroy themselves subconsciously ? Like you know when populations explode (in that mice experiment) the population starts to sabotage itself. At a very primitive biological level, men are wired to “improve” the population genetically or get out of the way. There was one memorable study about male genetics which explained why so many more male embryos are produced than female ones. And why male embroys have a much higher attrition rate than females, which continue after the male embryos have developed into living humans.

      1. It is possible. Maybe they derive some kind of pleasure or satisfaction from suffering. Beyond my expertise but if someone could figure it out it would be great

  2. Thank God for ROK; you’d never see a story about a Dark Triad woman like this at a Churchian relationship site.

    1. Oddly enough, though, you will find Dark Triad women on a Christian relationship site.

      1. That’s because Churchian theology states in the Book of Oprah that women are pure, holy, sinless, and can do no wrong.

        1. Who can do all things through Oprah who strengthens them, and encourages them to maintain her much vaunted status as Aemrica’s most powerful woman by spending their alimony and child support on her useless crap. And two beta schlub tv personalities Phillip, and Turkish carpet muncher.

    2. My mom is one. Super abusive man hater from the day I was born. Told horrible lies about me when I was 12 trying to paint my dad as a bad influence to win custody. My friends and siblings are still convinced I kicked her down the stairs when I was young… But it never happened.

    3. Sites like that don’t wanna admit that women like that exist, since they essentially depend on the their members being naive enough to think they can find a “good christian woman” online.
      Understanding how Dark triad affects men and women will always shatter that naivete.

  3. Unless you see the girl taking birth control every day, WEAR A CONDOM! I’ve seen way too many guys lose control over their lives because of a 10 second lapse in judgement.

    1. I don’t care what pill you see her taking every day because she could be taking a vitamin pill for all you know. The only way to control the single mother epidemic is for men to take over responsibility for birth control. Once conceived, the man has no control over whether the baby is kept or aborted. 25 minutes of pleasure is not worth 25 years of child support and commitment.

      1. yea we could probably not fuck whores too, but that might be too hard for most of us monkeys!

      2. Durex ultra sensitive, they are the best. Avoid Trojans like the fucking plague!

  4. To be honest, Paul got off pretty light. The average White Knight would have been shelling out all kinds of money for her, buying her an apartment near him, paying for all her “chemo” and sending money to buy cribs and baby stuff. He should consider himself lucky.

    1. Agreed. I also have a hard time saying this chick was a dark triad type because first off she didn’t fleece Paul hardcore.
      I mean she’s married big deal. Something like that I’d expect from any skank I banged out in Vegas.
      Also I think a real dark triad chick would cover her tracks much better. She sounds like a typical Vegas whore or any city whore for that matter. Nothing special. She played games. So what?
      File that under the “female” category.
      I’m sure it was a good learning lesson for Paul and he should consider himself lucky he came away unscathed besides perhaps a bruised ego and heartstrings played like a fiddle.

      1. Hey what a coincidence. I’ve been calling my pelvic region the Dark Triad for ages!

      2. Yep, I kept waiting for the dark part. Faking a pregnancy, faking a terminal illness, and being engaged aren’t exactly uncommon. Uncommon from the same woman at the same time, sure, but each element isn’t exactly “dark” or anything especially different.

        1. While this is true, the worst part is, this is true smh. How are we at a place when these things are considered common? But you are right, this isn’t dark, it sounds like you know, but some of them can take it there.

      1. The husband is the real loser in this situation, cause you know this chick has at least 2 or 3 other Pauls that she’s still banging.

    2. Vegas? And a woman of Asian descent? Some Filipino blood no less? Beyond stupid. And I don’t care how great her damn body was.
      On the other hand, I suspect I’m not only older, but more world-wise/streetwise than your friend, Donovan. Just sayin’

    3. Number of times the phrase DARK TRIAD is mentioned in the article – 3
      Number of times the phrase DARK TRIAD is mentioned in the comments – 15 (minus my revelatory comments)
      Perpetuators of the cause by username – TheSavageLifestyle, lolknee, Ainigmaris, Vox Nihili, Brian Gerard, Morrison (unsure of this one), Bob Smith (and this one), and Nick Hall. Many unknowns but a few unsurprising regs.
      When will you learn? If it was really something of exceptional and tremendous value do you not think a massive avalanche of followers with dollars spilling out of their pockets would not naturally occur? Or is it the sniveling and snickering that gets you off like a cumshot at how smartly you executed your dubious plans?

  5. Red-pill men don’t have time for psychos. At most — wrap it, stick it, then kick it. Let’s save relationships for deserving women.

    1. my thought exactly.
      no time for psychos, attention sluts, women-child, princess wannabees, single mothers etc etc. (this list should be longer, feel free to complete gents !)

      1. A woman-child would not sleep with you though? I don’t think a kid wants to do anything like that

        1. please. I meant childish women, who act on impulse and still believe she’s a princess and can’t stand effort, persistance, discipline and so on . In French, they call themselves “femme-enfant” which I translated literally.

  6. Why is it always cancer? You’d assume a few of these Cluster B messes would bother to do some cursory research on other horrible diseases to spice things up a bit. Read up on autoimmune disorders, ladies. They won’t raise awkward questions about why you still have hair.

  7. To be fair, he really should see those crazy red flags from beginning, but he got off lightly.
    That’s why you always have to have your red-pill-wisdom on top. Listen to Tom Leykis, read daily RoK of course. Then this kind of shit can’t happen to you.
    98% of the Time it is an overkill, because most girls are easy to analyze and aren’t fucked up like this. But there are cases like this, where she can fuck up your whole life if you are not cautious enough.
    Don’t forget that outside these less red-pill-sources you are surrounded by blue-pill bullshit. Literally everywhere. I remember earlier this year I didn’t visit RoK for a month or so, and in my mind the blue-pill ideas did not sound that bad anymore. “Maybe marrying isn’t that bad? A casual 9-5 Job is also ok I guess?”
    Since then I did not that mistake again. Visit RoK and other Red Pill Sources daily to help yourself and support men, who deserve support.

    1. Nah, it’s fine to get into a relationship in Vegas…. as long as that relationship ends the moment you leave Vegas.

  8. Dark Triad Woman is a tautology. The dark triad characteristics are normal in all women.

        1. they don’t find them! they make them up in their head and then pretend the whole world is like that

        2. Anywhere, everywhere. Especially where men spend money. So basically, if you’re dumb enough to pull up to a Target in your exotic sports car, they will leave their fiancé at the check-out line. Literally coming out the wood work to try and game you out of the fruits of your labor. They have no shame. You should have NO SHAME treating them with the contempt ALL WHORES DESERVE! Most all of us were beta at one time or another. Even the most natural alphas can be made beta by a high enough status status whore. They know game too, and you can be out-gamed by a woman who knows the score.
          You have to ensure that you make a woman pass three tests:
          1. The time test on giving it up. If she gives it up before a few months, or before she knows you’re likely to put a ring on it, she’s a whore.
          2. The second time test, where you shit test her to see how loyal she is. If she doesn’t care, she won’t put up with anything and leave. If she really does love you, and you’re only “intentionally” (key word is intentionally) pulling a shit test on her, she will show it.
          3. Watch with the falcon’s eye for easy prey tells. By the falcon’s eye I mean that you expect to see red flags coming before she knows she’s outing herself. If she is graduated college from a huge school in a sorority, likely a whore. If she goes out and parties non-stop, likely a whore. If she makes out with, and/or fools around with you in public right away, assume you’re not the only guy she’s done so with. If she nags the hell outta of you right from the get go with little to no sympathy or affection of trying to assist you in a better life, what do you think she will be like after marriage an a kid or two?
          Bang, then leave her if she fails any of these tests. She is not wife material.

        3. “they will leave their fiancé at the check-out line. Literally coming out the wood work to try and game you”
          The only way you could “literally come out of the woodwork” is if you’re a termite.

        4. I must not. You know me so well. It’s simple really, a back water bish may try to persuade a beta male that she is saving herself. However, a real virgin, will make a dude wait. Your disbelief that one exists matters not to me. I’ve had a few. So I knew what to look for. Subtle tells in their body language, and the reasons behind their actions. It will be obvious they don’t know what they are doing, as compared to a nympho I was with who knew all too well what to do. I’m guessing you don’t know what I mean about either. LOL

    1. I always knew you were a part of this somehow. It’s becoming clearer now, you fucking Shetland Pony. Is the cowboy your backer or handler? Or rider?

  9. “We were thwarted by an unexpected cock blocker with a neckbeard
    wearing a wannabe fedora but eventually Paul was able to overcome this
    obstacle and release the kraken on “Lois.” Now that we’ve got our back story, let’s pick it up from there.”
    What sort of thwart was neckbeard trying to do and how Paul managed to overcome it?

    1. Funny story. A fedora-wearing neckbeard/orbiter might have saved my marriage.
      My wife was pregnant with our eldest daughter and constantly sick/grouchy. The fighting was so bad that I’d mentally prepared to be another divorced dad picking up the kid every other weekend.
      I’d just bumped into a friend from childhood through work. Since she was a sales rep we caught up on the company dime that evening. This guy from her work came along. Ponytail, stubble, cargo shorts, you can’t make this shit up.
      He eventually stormed off into the night without a word as I and this woman get drunk and cozy. On our way out she pulls me into the coatroom for a kiss. I’m dialing us a cab and suddenly she gets a call. It’s the neckbeard, sobbing and talking about how he’s about to jump off a bridge. She panics and starts calling his parents, the police, etc. Totally killed the mood. (He was at home playing video games when the wellness check rolled around, of course.)
      So if you’re out there, neckbeard, thanks. I hope you got some professional help and learned Game.

      1. serves you right for trying to cheat on your pregrant wife your loser, you’re no better than the whores!

  10. I think it was Dot Matrix from Spaceballs who said, and I quote: “No ding ding without the wedding ring ” . Be careful out there guys.

  11. Every woman Ive ever been with got pregnant. I also gave each one brain cancer.

    1. I would have given some of mine brain cancer if I ever fucked one with a brain

    2. Btw a girl once told me she was preg to which I replied “well it’s not mine I had a vasectomy” (I didn’t) then a few days later it was a false positive whew
      God haven’t thought of that in a long time. Ha dumb bitch!

  12. Whatever happened to “don’t put bitches on a pedestal”? Abundance mentality, all that?

  13. The Greek ambassador to Brazil was murdered by his wife’s lover, on her orders. She is Brazilian and the lover only 29.
    Some time ago, an American who met a Brazilian girl in the internet was kidnapped and murdered by her and her two boyfriends. The guy came to Brazil three times. They stole $50 k from his accounts, strangle him and burned the body.
    She was only caught because she tried to rob another man and lost her purse with the victim’s credit card in it.
    Nice, high class, moral Brazilian girls do NOT date foreign PUAs. Sorry. .
    Sluts who hang around Las Vegas bars are NOT wife material. Sorry!,,AA1295680-5598,00.html

    1. What about the the ex US Army who was killed by his diversity brother in law in Goiás, right on Christmas? I really don’t know why any man would want to come live in this country.

  14. “I’m pregnant.” I’ve heard that horseshit a few times before. Recognize this for what it is – a shit test. I always won by saying either “hmmm, well, let’s wait and see what happens,” (when the claim is “I think I’m pregnant” usually on account of an allegedly missed period) or “well, when it’s born, we’ll get a paternity test, and if it’s mine, I’ll help you take care of it.” (used in the face of Paul-type evidence – when said, make sure to emphasize the words “when” and “if”).
    But never, never, never indicate that you are willing to wife up a slut and assume the roll of Beta-bux. Never.
    And I’ll also throw this out there – personally, I think abortion is repugnant in almost all cases, especially now that I have children. But, women fought long and hard for the right to have them, and screech incessantly about “their body, their choice.” At the same time, they have multiple options for birth control, have actively lobbied to prevent males from having similar options, and then lie about how reliably they are taking it and do things to try to trap unwary men. Again, I am no fan of abortion, but if you find yourself staring down a pregnancy scare, realize that this is the one chance where YOU get to choose. If you are cool with abortion, do not be afraid to state your preference, forcefully. Again, morally I am opposed to it, but I understand that sometimes men are trapped out of misplaced trust by someone like the woman in this story, and in such circumstances, it may be better not to bring the child into the world under such terrible circumstances, regardless of my own personal morality. So if you don’t want a kid, you better say so when you have the chance. You may be able to also force the issue, or flesh out the truth (that there is no baby) by bluntly intimating that you will do everything in your power to be a deadbeat and will take no part in raising the child (you don’t have to follow through, but this will be your only opportunity to use it as a bluff). And at a minimum, if you do not want the child, again, do not commit to wife up a skank and bring a child into a train-wreck family life. State clearly that you will not be getting married.

    1. I’m coming around to many more traditionalist views, but I agree that marriage won’t make everything better. Marrying someone you’d just end up divorcing in a few years because of a pregnancy feels like doubling down on a mistake. Children of bitter divorced parents are just as screwed up as bastards in my experience.

    2. This is the biggest potential problem that I face with my current girl. She has an early case of baby rabies, and she knows that I am not into that whole scene.
      She’s shown some inconsistency when it comes to taking her birth control. She’s in her early 20’s now, but if I stay with her, a potential “accident” is in the cards.
      If it ever happens, I will be using the “well, when it’s born, we’ll get a paternity test, and if it’s mine, I’ll help you take care of it.”

      1. Wow, don’t be surprised when you become a daddy because she’s already giving indications of what’s ahead.

      2. Or better yet, only allow blowjobs or anal for her. If you have to use condoms, make sure they’re yours and that she has no opportunity to pop holes in them.
        And flush them when done.

    3. Men should be allowed to relinquish all paternity rights and not be forced to pay child support. The woman could still keep or abort the baby but if she chooses to keep the baby then it should be on her dime. Having a child should be a mutually agreed upon decision between the father and mother, not just a one way street in which the woman has all the power. This will greatly reduce the single mother epidemic and will strengthen the importance of the family unit.

      1. Of course. But you ain’t getting that past the human rights councils loaded with man hating feminists.

    4. I’ve only gotten the “I think I’m pregnant” from really slutty girls who I assume are tired of being hoes and are looking for a way out of getting blackout drunk and banged out every weekend. Its a shit test to see how a guy will react and it should always be met with “whos the father?” or “I had a vasectomy”, anything to let her know that you don’t take her seriously. If you freak out and get worried or try to “man up” and be there for her, she will really get pregnant in the future.

  15. Reminds me of a guy I knew who stuck his girlfriend in a locked cage in his basement for a night and following day. The reason was she stole his credit numbers to buy shit off Amazon and she hid it at her place, which she was barely at because her guy’s place was nicer. So, he let her out of her deserved kennel and she said she was leaving and calling the police. He said to her that she stole his credit and bought unauthorized items, so go ahead and call the fuzz. She didn’t, of course.

    1. wow – that is crazy. Think I’d have just kicked her ass to the curb and called the cops on her. No reason to risk a 1st degree kidnapping charge.

      1. Agreed. Chick was dog shit. Threw half a can of soda at her once, went everywhere, and she wanted a fuck right after that. She was a Midwest U.S. 8 or 8.5, but I wasn’t that full in the sack to justify it.
        Then my buddy hit it and had 600 or more put on his Discover later on hence the initial post. Dumb broad…as if he wouldn’t see the statement in the mail eventually. Stupid pal too. No hairy gash is worth that aggravation.
        Guys have to quit bedding down with scamps and letting them bring the worst out of a man. It’s as if that’s what a lot of women are counting on. Scamps should be left to only get fucked in the face or stay lonely and turn into old cat ladies.

  16. This is the best thing that will ever happen to your mate. More wisdom will be gained here than in banging a dozen basic bitches.
    Loads of men have been on the wrong end of a cluster b, I sure as shit have. But at least he’ll have the understanding to be able to process this and prevent it from happening again.
    loads on here will point out the red flags and what not but let’s be honest. .. there are no women without red flags. I’m just relieved he found out before he got any deeper.

  17. Look, and I say this respectfully, but your friend was not taken for a ride, but rather he let her destroy him.
    All women are Dark Triad – they are all parasites who could care less about any man. They will not hesitate to take advantage of any guy chump enough; I’m sorry to have to say this. Again, no disrespect intended.
    Never trust any hormonal driven beast, ever.

  18. Social media attention whore. Dude ‘friends’ and ‘random’ guys galore in her phone and media. Bangs random dude she just met in Vegas. Yeah, take her home to meet mom.
    The other half of the story? Somewhere there is a herb that is probably still high-fiving his bros about bagging this one ‘for keeps’ and manning-up and putting a ring on it.
    Interesting also, how the red flag (and complaints) of random guys in her phone/social media is followed up by the protagonist becoming a random guy in her phone – and then banging her again down the road. Hence proving the point: there are no ‘random’ guys in any girls phone. Dark triad or just a rather clever, modern American whore?

    1. Also tells you how defenceless a simp may be against those dirty cheap tricks. If any RedPill bloke is capable of falling for that. imagine how tough beta have it! And also, it tells you how much these fucked-up slags are accustomed to cunning over and over. Comes naturally to them.

  19. Men who are looking to get married or to shack up with a woman will always get burned. Always.
    Get a vasectomy, pump and dump, have fuck buddies and late night booty calls. Send them home when you’re done.
    Life is too short to be spent monitoring some bitch’s social media accounts or family history. Be the asshole that fucks her and sends her home and doesn’t give a shit about her friends or family or personal problems. Always put yourself first.
    If you’re going to spend money flying to Vegas, spend some money on a top of the line prostitute. Fathers used to make their sons instant alphas by buying them high quality ass soon as they came of age. Once you’ve fucked physical perfection five or six times, all your troubles and hang ups with women will be over and you’ll be a red pill alpha who knows that women are objects to be used for recreation and not much else.
    You’re going to die one day, and that day will come sooner than you hope it will. Don’t waste your time being a simp, dudes

    1. 100% agree. As a male, I wanted a kid to raise in life so for me it kind of was thrown into the deal being catholic etc.. .but I wouldn’t even get close to marriage if I didn’t have that drive. now that I have been divorced for 8 years- an ass is an ass is an ass.


    3. Couldn’t agree more. Women today know men have a hard wired instinct to protect and provide for them and they have decided to take full advantage of this. Only way to win is to not play the game. I just wish all my friends weren’t lining up to be domesticated house simps. I’m in need of a wingman at the moment.

    4. LOL. You sound like an ancient Roman. In the HBO series Rome, Octavian’s mother Atia sends him with his military tutor Pullo to a high end whore house. After he comes out, Pullo asks her what Atia commanded him to ask her: “How was he?!” meaning how was he in bed. The slave responds: “Strong, like bull!”
      Of course, we know she knew better than to say anything less for insulting the son of nobility would certainly bring death. For she knew despite her good looks, she was literally a dime a dozen. Get drilled by a few high end men who despise you was better than what her aesthetic lesser peers received in the temples.
      I’m not really down with that personally, but I totally get the utility of it.

  20. You meet a girl (definitely not a solid 8 from even that half pic but ok) on a rooftop bar in Vegas and you expect something other than this unstable heartless monster? Girls like that are not relationship material. How is it men, with your superior logic and objectivity, can be so naive? I sincerely don’t understand this.

  21. The other week I called up a good friend of mine from college. Me and her were pretty close and she had helped me out of some trouble spots the past couple of years. I hadn’t seen her in 7 years but we’ve stayed in touch via emails, chats, and texts. Something happen recently that set off 2 big red flags for me.
    I asked if she was busy during the next couple of weeks to see if I could fly up for a weekend visit. She told me sure but she couldn’t host me. She asked if I had any other friends I could stay with while I was there. I asked if it was a matter of space, but she gave me no definite answer. I figured maybe I’d just stay at a hotel near by and crash there. I asked what part of the city she was in so I could get a room near by. She told me not to worry about where she lived and just see if I could find a good deal. I didn’t answer after that. I got from that exchange that she was more than happy to see me, but didn’t want me staying with her or knowing where she lived.
    After that I deleted her contact information. Didn’t make any sense communicating with someone like that anymore.

    1. Great idea…there is NOTHING more satisfying than vaporizing all of a chick’s info as though she never existed.
      Her shit stills sprays the bowl after Mexican food too!
      Women aren’t special.

    2. Why delete? She obviously is married/in a relationship but willing to bang you, no strings attached. Married women can be great for no mess flings.
      I pulled a married girl once. We banged for a week before it dawned on me she must be married (from another city, didn’t work and was in town to “visit family” for an extended period.)
      After a bang I flat out asked her “Are you married?”
      She said “I don’t want to talk about it.” Bingo.
      It dawned on me “hey, this is an awesome setup!”
      She had her herb sugar daddy. She would not leave her source of funds, would never want a real “relationship” with me. She only wanted sex and attention from an attractive man. She’d never have my kid if I knocked her up (or she would, but cuck her husband with my spawn which was kinda cool).
      It lasted about a month before fizzling. I enjoyed a lot of trouble-free, no-strings-attached poontang from a nymph-like kept woman.
      Of course, banging a married woman can be dangerous. Step carefully.

      1. This is a girl I’ve known for a very long time. Since ’02. Spent a ton of time with her, almost got romantic, but at the time my game was none existence and nothing ever came of it. Just got friendzoned pretty bad. However something I noticed looking back on it was that she was always a very private person. Mostly focused on her grades on her career. After college she moved to NYC and landed herself a cushy job with the Department of Defense (making 6 figures) and was living in a pretty swanky apartment overlooking the Hudson. She later quit that job and started her own design company.
        Whenever we did chat I noticed she never mentioned any relationships or if she was seeing anyone. She’d just play dumb and change the topic. Also kind got the feeling she might have been a closet lesbian. More of the lipstick kind. Oh well not really worth thinking about it now.

    3. Really didn’t make sense for you to make plans to visit a female friend either. Women can’t be, and shouldn’t be, your friends.

  22. The sex must have been amazing for you friend Paul! Was it worth it? Doubt it! No sex is worth the drama that he must have been through…ask me how I know!
    Don’t know what it is with crazy chicks but they are awesome in bed…but they’ll never become anything more than fuck buddies…if they become anything at all…I can smell drama queens miles away by now and am usually not even considering them as FB.
    There are men who do (secretly) enjoy a little bit of drama in their lives, I don’t!

  23. Did he rat her out? Personally I have gone out of my way to let the other guy know I did not know she was dating or engaged. If the guy learned from it, good, it was a wake up call to the Red Brick Road and one more guy on the right side. If not, they were going to stay Blue and stupid for life.
    Something I absolutely will not do is bang some other guys gal to get my dick wet. I have respect for my tribe and the less we do that to each other the harder women have to work to keep the guy they have happy. Hors are hors. They will do whatever whenever to for their feelings.
    On top of all that you never know when the other guy is an all out psycho and will show up at your door or workplace and damage, assault or even kill you or any of your family or friends. A woman and a fuck are not worth it. Never.

      1. Odds are he’s probably rationalizing away mountains of evidence. The best, and most lasting way to learn is to help yourself.

    1. He should tape a message under the toilet seat letting the other guy know what is going on.

  24. “…he’s a stone cold assassin and red pill to the core.”
    NOT. If he was truly red pill – this would be just a gal to shag. Asking to Marry and the rest of this stuff smells of blue pill reek. Long distance relationship? does not exist. yes, he was f’ing her but I doubt she gave it a second thought. I dated a gal a year, and she was all about initiating marriage etc.. as soon as I cut a couple of extra gals from the string.. she want awol ..Mentally chicks can’t handle it .. the goal is to get you to be monogomy not that they want it.

  25. Time for Ethan’s physiognomic analysis of “Lois”. Bear in mind much more information is available with full pictures, even more so IRL.
    Mediocre painted nails: lack of self respect resulting in lackadaisical social presentation
    Overweight (estimated deltoid width 4″-5″) : lack of self control, gluttony and greed
    Mouth posture: loose, slack muscle control, indicative of substance abuse. Alcohol? Fat content in lips in relation to lower face may indicate mental instability.

    1. Interesting. Mouth posture observation makes perfect sense, but I’ve never heard the fat content of the lips indicating mental instability.

      1. It is the relationship between the fat content of the lips and the distribution on the cheeks. Thin, pouty lips and inferior cheek fat (further down the face towards the jaw) tend be indicators of autism or similar intellect-stunting conditions. Superior cheek fat (further up the face) tends to be linked with high-energy well adjusted personalities.
        See picture for example of the former (thumbnail courtesy of Sargon of Akkad). Apologies for making you all look at such a creature.
        Of course, there are other more obvious signs with this example. Hair, RPGs, eyelid positioning, etc.
        When you don’t have binocular vision you get an incredible attention to detail.

  26. “At some point we’re all going to get got.”
    If there is a God, I pray to him that I will never encounter a woman like this.
    Sidenote, if your girl insists on taking a long vacation without you, boot her. Nothing good comes out of it for you. If any cheating goes on, she can always hamster it away.

  27. Hey, your friend is so LUCKY !
    No false rape allegation.
    No professiobnal reputation destroyed.
    No allimony.
    No jail time.
    No assault, shot or dick cutting.
    No massive amount of debt for her.
    No suicide attempt.
    No familly court rape
    No children allienated from you (i don’t even talk of shared custody)
    … I think that thousands of people would give everything for having his experience instead of theirs.
    Great article, by the way.

    1. I agree. This is lame from an experience point of view. Walk home with a gal you picked up at a bar and have her crazed boyfriend come out of the ally at you with a gun in the dead of night….. That will get your blood boiling if even temporarily. Or have an ex gal come to your house with a gun saying you were cheating on her walking in your door while you were almost sleeping….. …my buddy picked up a gal 3 days before her vows….still amazing to me 20 years later. Nothing with woman surprises me.

        1. These are only a couple of dozens of experiences I had over the years on this. I am old now but man- those were the days.

      1. Or less dramatically, just waste tens of thousands of $$$ and the best years of your life on a pretty sociopath. That’s what I did.

  28. as i write this im trying not to lose my shit right now (it may already be too late for that and i may even get banned for doing what im doing) but today 12/30/2016 exactly 6:31p (US ET) my plan is to go to a mall close to where i live to approach random girls and get their number my goal is to approach 10 girls after that regardless of the outcome it will be a victory for me BUT heres my problem im starting to forget the things i have learned here at ROK for the past 12 months im not staying home tonight so without further hesitation i finish writing my comment calling out for help to the ROK community i dont know any man that would fit the average reader of ROK i need an experienced voice. to be my skype-wingman tonight. so as im shaking. ill leave my skype here dont mind caling me too many times or sending too many texts i need ANY help i can get right know i promise i wont lose my mind if theres 50 of you texting me ill lose it if nobody does tho so yeah.. (EDIT i edit to remove my email since im back home already) im g i love you ROK you pushed me to change my life im thinking about uncle kneeman now what would he advice me..anyaways my apologies to the ROK staff foe this… now. its on!!

    1. “but today 12/30/2016 exactly 6:31p (US ET) my plan is to go to a mall close to where i live …”
      Had me scared there for a second until I read on.

      1. oh lol i didn’t notice that as adrenaline was rushing thru my blood vessels i guess but as the irish say “None of that none of that sir” so rest assured

      2. The set-up didn’t help at all.
        trying not to lose my shit right now, it may already be too late for that

      1. sadly not much but i got a brief story heres what happened i arrived at the mall checking out everythig that had a vagina most were fat 2/10 to 5/10 level totally WNB. the only girls that were alright were walkin hand in hand with their boyfriend i i walked for about 50 minutes without success. i decided to call it and leave on my way home i was walking dissapointed when suddenly i see 2 girls sitting on the grass in a very feminine way one was a 4 and the other a 6 so i was walking in the pavement lane they were sitting on the grass about 2 feet away from me i started checking out the 6 trying to man up and go for it as im walking by them i stop and look at them from behind i said in my mind its now or never.. but then suddenly.. a smell made its way to my lungs they were smoking both of them. as you and all men here on ROK know thats a redflag so i just walkedd away and thats it that was my night out i have no regrets tho i plan to go out again this week thats all.

  29. Doug to the rescue!
    Fun article Donovan! This should be a comic book. You could save the lives of young men everywhere.

  30. I am convinced American women are not fit for marraige, nor fit for any relationship for that matter. Instead of investing time and money into these harpy’s it’s my plan to save that accumulated wealth and in several years go to a third world country and just buy a virgin wife from her father for a couple of goats.

      1. Some mythical old testament type country where no one has ever seen an American dollar, Tv, or the internet.

      2. The US still does. But instead of goats, you buy your wife with a diamond expensive ring, a condo in Midtown Manhattan, a couple of IPads, a Land Rover, and half of your shit.
        At least a goat is more useful. You can make cheese with its milk, you can roast it, and you can put it to mow your lawn. Plus, they’ll bump the crap out of intruders and are funny to boot.

        1. If you are paying for it (and you always are) never accept a notch count above zero. My wife was less than half my age and was a virgin. And I mean a real virgin. I am the only man she has ever kissed. You can tell the difference that experience makes and know a real virgin when you find one. Of course in the was that would have to be a really ugly 11 year old that can out run all her brothers. Most aren’t interested in out running anyone.

        2. Why the obsessions with virgins? I’ve done 3 or 4 and they weren’t that memorable.

    1. thats horrible for you to say not for any relationship….. American woman are fit for livestock or spermholes.

  31. A 25 year old man I could see falling for this nonsense. But come on, these men are mid-30s at least. They should know better.
    Before I was red-pilled I had a long distance girlfriend for more than a year. I would fly her out to my city for a week or two every few months.
    Looking back through a red-pill lens it’s clear to me she was banging other men on the side the whole time.
    One of my takeaways from the experience was swearing off long distance anything forever. There is plenty of pussy all around you no matter where you live. A long distance “relationship” is an oxymoron.
    Another takeaway was having high standards and nexting girls when they showed any disrespect.
    To say I’m a happier man now is like saying the sea is not above the clouds.

  32. “Dark Triad” no. That makes her sound like Batman. Piece of shit attention seeking pathological liar, yes.

  33. Paul sounds like a typical beta male. Filipino girls always claim disease or pregnancy to manipulate men. And you want to claim he’s a player?
    Pregnancy…. why are you even telling these girls your name or where you live? I’m always John from NYC And I never use condoms, good luck getting child support from that info. Let some other loser pay to raise my kids.

  34. Dude, I am going to buy all of your books…any guy who can score hot chicks while sporting a white bubble head, is a Game God in my eyes.
    But seriously…there are Dark Triad girls, and then there are batshit-crazy, destroy-your-life, psychotic Dark Triad girls with such an elevated level of game that it’s terrifying. Good thing he didn’t encounter the latter. Count thine blessings. Amen.

  35. “Dark Traid” Chick?
    Regular women play these types of games on a daily basis. Honestly, the guy shouldn’t have took the long distance thing very seriously. In this case “out of sight, out of mind” was THE option.
    I mean, he met the woman in Vegas……Vegas is a red flag in general.

  36. So you say that Paul got taken by a manipulative woman who used his kindness for weakness but even though he caught her in several lies before the first breakup. He sees her again months later, fucks her without a condom, then when she reveals she’s pregnant I’m supposed to feel sorry for him?
    Blaming her for causing all this drama in Paul’s life is giving her too much credit. After she lied about working with an ex and TERMINAL BRAIN CANCER he should of completely cut her off. When you get taken by a woman’s lie more than once there is a point when a man has to take accountability for his own mistakes and stop blaming the female for being “too clever”.
    Especially when they are playing the same dating game shit to us that we are doing to them.

  37. This woman doesn’t even sound close to Dark Triad. Perhaps Borderline, perhaps Histrionic, but she doesn’t have the level of planning or intelligence required for a proper Antisocial. She sounds fairly common or garden, which is scary in itself…
    He could honestly have ripped her apart by just letting her know that he knew she was married and he was going to expose her in the most brutal, heinous fashion possible. Then just give her a prod every couple of weeks to tell it was coming. Then just do absolutely nothing.
    It’s how I sent my Borderline into a loop of madness. She took so many weird countermeasures, including blocking me on his Facebook account, that she basically ripped her own life apart. She told on herself and ran her relationship into the ground because she couldn’t bear the thought of not having control.
    After putting up with her BS for way longer than I should, it felt kind of fun…
    The truth is though that your friend was either Beta or in a life crisis. I met mine when I had just lost a business and basically every cent I had in the bank. As I got stronger, her manipulative bullshit was just amusing and I started playing with her. Borderlines are easy to really mess with.
    Just promise them things and then flake, give them backhanded compliments like ‘you look good with a few extra pounds on your ass’, greet their whiney victim complaints with cold indifference and praise other people for things they think are their strengths.
    I’m not that cruel, even though she tried to be, but by the end of it, with the power balance restored, I think I could have given her a total breakdown.
    I just walked, everybody else should too.

  38. Is this a token article to show blacks can be represented on here….or was it just passed without the Editor reading it? 2 minutes of my life wasted reading absolute garbage.

  39. Jeez. I think some of these guys claim to be “red pill” and really aren’t. They claim a red pill mindset out of frustration of a lack of a real relationship and then when the first hottie comes along pretending to “love” them they jump ship and go right back to sticking their heads up their asses. That entire situation just screamed beta.

    1. Like most people on this site. Talking about marriage and relationships shouldn’t even exist here. You either make them respect the rules or you kick them out. Nothing more to discuss.

  40. Vegas? And a woman of Asian descent? Beyond stupid. And I don’t care how great her damn body was.
    On the other hand, I suspect I’m not only older, but more world-wise/streetwise than your friend, Donovan. Just sayin’

  41. Moral of the story:
    Use condoms, get your dick stimulated, ejaculate, and bust.
    GTFO as soon as you cum and delete her number.
    And move on to the next girl.

  42. I just had a thought, what if this sort of dark, sick behavior is exacerbated or perhaps even stimulated by diet choices or chemicals in their respective environments? Collectively the Red Pill movement has what, maybe forty years of combined experience on average? So other than some literature or archaeology we really don’t know the exact nature of women say hundred or even five hundred years hence. Some things will never change of course but this truly dark, psychopathic, and destructive streak really may be a relatively new behavior based on the changing environment the past fifty years. A chart in this scholarly paper shows from 1950 to 1980 emissions of toxic heavy metals exploded and although it came down since then, it is still above several orders of magnitude above the period prior to 1950.
    Per this MD:
    “People with iron deficiency have higher rates of psychiatric disorders (particularly ADHD) and developmental disorders, and there is a growing body of evidence the iron deficiency causes the problems and is not just a chance association. ”
    Mean blood lead level was 1.61 μg/dL (SD 1.72, range 0.3–37.3 μg/dL). Increasing blood lead level was associated with higher odds of major depression (p for trend 0.05) and panic disorder (p for trend 0.02), but not generalized anxiety disorder (p for trend 0.75), after adjustment for sex, age, race/ethnicity, education, and poverty-income ratio. Persons with blood lead level in the highest quintile had 2.3 times the odds of major depressive disorder (95% CI 1.13 – 4.75) and 4.9 times the odds of panic disorder (95% CI 1.32 – 18.48) as those in the lowest quintile. Cigarette smoking was associated with higher blood lead level and the outcomes, but models excluding current smokers also resulted in significantly increased odds for major depression (p for trend 0.03) and panic disorder (p for trend 0.01) with higher blood lead quintile.
    In this sample of young adults with low levels of lead exposure, higher blood lead was associated with increased odds of major depression and panic disorder. Exposure to lead at levels generally considered safe could result in adverse mental health outcomes.”
    Blood lead levels and major depressive disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder in U.S. young adults
    Notice the above says smoking increases lead levels. How many of these degenerate women smoke or have smoked?
    I’m starting to see some causality here, what do you guys think?

  43. Another scammer with the same fake pic. Best get your name straight or this scam wont work very well. Have seen this same scam and same stolen pic with at least 10 different names this week. BTW if you really make $97.00 per hour it might be prudent to order Hooked on phonix.

  44. Subject of the story sounded a little desperate. Never pull a girl out of a “Vegas” scenario for an LTR (especially a long-distance relationship, at that — double NO). Come on, that’s Game 101.
    Vegas is for fun, sun, bonking and losing yourself for a couple days, and nothing deep should EVER come out of it.

  45. Your friend got off lightly.
    Imagine what the actual husband is dealing with now and in the future…

  46. This guy like many on this site is an Indian loser. he got rejected by yet another white – boo hoo ! Look in the mirror you might understand why. LOL

  47. One More Sign that She is a Slut: She’s hardcore disciple of CrossFit.
    Crossfit has become the latest craze with urban office sluts in need of an outlet to vent out their work frustrations.You know a woman isn’t going to be soft and feminine with you, after work, if she feels the need to work out angry in order to have success at the gym. These women not only develop masculine bodies, they have masculine attitudes.

  48. Well, Donovan, what happened to Paul was no surprise. As you mentioned he’s a good looking guy, and those types of men get regularly taken for a ride. CH and Roosh has written about this before.
    What happens is that they get taken for a ride by women because they are generally “soft.” They lack of game and have blue pill attitudes towards women. The reason is that they get treated better by women when they first meet them because of their good looks. After she gets to know him later on, she gets turned off by by his deficient game and beta attitude (look at what happed to Brad Pitt).
    This is what happed to Paul. She got hooked in by his appearence and then threw in major shit tests, which he failed miserably like the cancer and pregnancy scare. At that point, she had him sitting on the bench of her male harem. This is the reason why you don’t want to fuck with atractive women, who have only male friends. She’s collecting them and sizing them up against each other to see who she will marry. Meanwhile the poor fools are unknowingly having a dick sandwich.

  49. moral of the story: you cant turn a whore into a housewife.
    if you met a woman at a nightclub,a frat party,etc…then shes probably not wife material. odds are shes a whore. stay away from her.
    id happily choose a fat woman i met at church(a good conservative one of course) over a solid 10 i met at at some dive bar any day.

  50. Alright, first…I’m a woman, but I have a young male child, so this is relevant for me in that I have to raise him to beware of these sorts of schemes. I’ve already decided that one of my first conversations with him about sex will be that if he MUST do it, he MUST use condoms. Brought from his home. That were never left anywhere near a scheming woman who could poke a hole in them. My son’s own aunt (when my son’s father and I were in discussions about when and if to have a child) told me I should poke holes in the condoms!!! No thanks, but thanks for the insights I can share with my son to avoid treacherous idiots like you. I’ve seen and heard so many stories that I can almost forgive some of the ways you guys are denigrating the entire female population here. We talk about you all much the same and it seems both sides have just as much to look out for when it comes to abysmal behavior. However, on the single mother subject, I AM one. That one hurts a little. My son didn’t ask for men to look at him as evidence that I’m a whore, undatable, or in some other way defective. We dont want a man to give us money, but we do deserve to be loved.

  51. This is a crazy story and I know exactly who this girl is. She did the same thing to me 10yrs previous to this and she is a Sociopath. Her real name is Crystal Simangan. She is from Mission Viejo CA, graduated from Capo Valley in 2002. You’ve been warned

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