5 Huge Problems That 50 Years Of Feminism Created

The pushback against feminism is gaining steam. Here’s a personal story to introduce this Top 5 list.

Just last week, I was on a plane with a man from the Midwest who oddly brought up several politically incorrect topics with me. He seemed bolder than men who speak about these things usually do… and he was driving the conversation as I was only in “listen” mode. I enjoyed listening because it seemed manosphere narratives were effortlessly seeping out of this self-confessed Trump voter who was a married business owner with two daughters and a decent looking wife in tow.

I don’t think the man ever read our blogs. But word is getting out, nonetheless. I was encouraged that things we have been discussing for so long have seem to have started to go mainstream.

One of his key points was about the destruction feminism has wrought on America and the West in general. He boldly talked about what a disaster it was in front of his 15 year old daughter who seemed unsurprised and undisturbed by what he was saying.

Cue heavenly music as the clouds began to part after a cultural hurricane has ravaged the land. This random conversation is yet another sign men are starting to wake up, and are realizing the end results of 50 years of feminism—five of which are listed here.

5. Men And Women Competing Rather Than Cooperating

Feminism actually weakened women's natural strengths as it threw them into the rat race

Feminism actually weakened women’s natural strengths as it threw them into the rat race

It’s no secret feminism has been great for the emerging corporate plantation. The labor supply has doubled since feminism, driving down the cost of labor while simultaneously doubling the tax base. Men and women now compete with each other for favors from employers rather than women taking care of the most important job there is in the human species—the proper care, feeding, and education of the next generation. As I wrote earlier this year:

Feminism actually dethroned women… Contrary to strengthening women as it claims, feminism weakens women’s hand in society. Not only has it created ill will towards them as they force men out of jobs and render large numbers of them worthless as the state and an employer replaces the male role as provider, but it has removed women from their position at the core of the family, placing corporations and government at the core of the family. Today, women work to pay a nanny or baby sitter to take care of their children rather than doing it themselves. Further, the government micromanages family life, and has the power to enslave men in the court system.

When men and women are competing with each other, the inevitable outcome is women with man-jaws and weak, de-balled men.

4. Sexual Androgynization And Man-Jawed Women

The end result of feminism: Tattooed, sexually ambiguous Man-jaws

The end result of feminism: Tattooed, sexually ambiguous man-jaws

If you think women are becoming manlier—they are. In fact, it’s becoming clearer sexual dimorphism (distinct male and female appearance and behavior) is an enemy of social engineers who want to see the sexes blend into one androgynous human pod in the coming generations.

A fascinating scientific study published in the National Institutes of Health used several methods to determine if feminists had higher testosterone levels and if they exhibited “manlier” behavior than their non-indoctrinated counterparts. The study used a widely known measure index as “2D:4D” method to measure the ratio of the length of the index finger to the ring finger to measure testosterone in women. Researchers also measured “Directiveness” in women, or their responses to the following questions to determine how masculine feminists have become:

  • Are you the sort of person who always likes to get your own way?
  • Do you tend to boss people around?
  • Would you rather take orders than give them?
  • Would you avoid a job which required you to supervise other people?

Of course, traditionally speaking, women who like to boss people around, give orders, and display other forms of Penis Envy are a pain in the ass to be around.

Here’s what the study found:

The present study tested whether feminist activists are more physiologically and psychologically masculinized than are women in general. Feminist activists were operationally defined as attendees at a feminist conference, and indices of sex-dimorphism were 2D:4D ratio and Directiveness. Consistent with our specific hypotheses, feminist activists exhibited a significantly more masculinized 2D:4D ratio relative to both Swedish and aggregate comparison groups, a substantially higher level of Directiveness than both the male and female Australian samples, and within-sample correlations between these variables.

Translation: Feminists have a ton of testosterone coursing through their veins, and as more women are taught to act like men instead of being nurturing mothers even more man-jaws will emerge in the years ahead. It seems social engineers are catering to already existing instincts in women by encouraging them to be copies of men rather than copies of their grandmothers, bringing out the worst in women rather than the best.

3. Rise Of Childhood Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is on the rise, and it correlates with single mommery

Juvenile delinquency is on the rise, and it correlates with single mommery

We all know its true. But here’s some empirical research referenced by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service to back up the claim that dads are vital to the proper development of children, and the collusion of women with the State to eliminate fathers’ in society is having disastrous effects.

The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency reports that the most reliable indicator of violent crime in a community is the proportion of fatherless families. Fathers typically offer economic stability, a role model for boys, greater household security, and reduced stress for mothers. This is especially true for families with adolescent boys, the most crime-prone cohort. Children from single-parent families are more prone than children from two-parent families to use drugs, be gang members, be expelled from school, be committed to reform institutions, and become juvenile murderers.

Beyond research that screams dads need to make a comeback and the State needs to be vanquished from having any influence over the family, the following conclusion from Child Trends helps resuscitate Bronze Age wisdom that was somehow lost when a collective lobotomy known as Liberalism descended like a dark cloud on the West.

An extensive body of research tells us that children do best when they grow up with both biological parents in a low-conflict marriage…. Thus, it is not simply the presence of two parents, as some have assumed, but the presence of two biological parents that seems to support child development.

Mommies need to take care of their children rather than chasing feels, empty accolades and meager salaries at the corporation plantation, and they need to stop relegating men to pre-civilization roles as sperm donors. House-bands (husbands) need to have the power to hold their families together again.

2. Males Are Withdrawing From Society

Turns out you shit on men, we shit on you back

Fuck this shit, I’m leaving. That’s the response of millions of men who are leaving their jobs and even leaving the country in response to being treated as disposable utility modules to power an economy of wasteful consumerism. Men do not naturally spend hand over fist like women do, and many are rediscovering the masculine art of minimalism. Then there’s MGTOW, which aims at reducing virtually all interaction with women.

Policy wonks are already wondering why men are dropping out of the workforce. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is puzzled as to why American males now have one of the lowest overall labor force participation rates:

This fall in the prime-age male labor force participation rate, from a peak of 98% in 1954 to 88% today, is particularly troubling since workers at this age are at their most productive. Because of this, the long-run decline has outsized implications for individual wellbeing as well as for broader economic growth.

Turns out you shit on men, we shit on you back.

Not to mention, a full 8-10 million Americans now live abroad at least full or part time, and that number is only expected to increase as more men run off the Anglobitch plantation.

1. Demographic Conquest

If women won't have enough babies to run the economy, leaders resort to other options

If women won’t have enough babies to run the economy, leaders resort to other options

An entire ethnic group is being submerged by a demographic tidal wave brought on by feminism. Since the family was broken up by feminism, birth rates of white women have remained well below the minimum to even sustain a culture (2.1 births on average per woman) for two full generations.

Ever notice how most Kia models have Spanish names? The Daily Mail wrote this about changing demographics which are swamping the U.S. as white women literally killed the goose that laid them the golden egg (i.e. the Evil White Male):

U.S. companies have also been advised to shift their focus to Hispanic consumers who will be making up a majority of the U.S. population and will account for much of the nation’s future spending habits.

It turns out demographics is destiny, after all. This “ripe for the conquering” effect of feminism was recently detailed on Return Of Kings. It is interesting to note historical trends show prosperous periods are often followed by decadence and decline in various studies of history. The following 2,000 year old passage from Polybius sounds as if I could have been written as a diagnosis of what’s happening in America and Europe today:

In our own time the whole of Greece has been subject to a low birth rate and a general decrease of the population, owing to which cities have become deserted and the land has ceased to yield fruit, although there have neither been continuous wars nor epidemics.

In essence, feminism was the coup-de-grace that decapitated a society already learning toward decline. As male authority erodes during times of prosperity, cultural cancer spreads throughout the body politic.

A Death Style, Not A Lifestyle

YouGoGrrl: Right into oblivion

YouGoGrrl: Right into oblivion

This listing comes in stark contrast to the glowing pleasantries presented by the dying “mainstream” media of just how wonderful feminism has been. Feminism may be the darling of social engineers who want to further reduce men from strong, free, and independent individuals to human cattle, but there are those of us who do not suffer tyranny gladly. It has allowed Western women to run a virtual fiefdom, but it has not come without drastic and dire consequences.

Indeed, as viewed through multiple cultural and demographic lenses, feminism is a death style, not a lifestyle.

It’s often been said feminism is a self-correcting problem as those who practice it will die off. The problem is it will negatively impact millions before the pendulum swings back towards patriarchy and strong nuclear families. It is our fate to be faced with this tragedy, but at least there are encouraging signs men are starting to wake up in the aftermath of women gone wild. We just have to turn the page to see how far we have to fall before men set their foot down and collectively say, “No more, goddamn it!”

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399 thoughts on “5 Huge Problems That 50 Years Of Feminism Created”

    1. Screw that, OK, they are not as far along on the feminism experiment. But they are well on the path, and will go through the same pains that the US, Australia and other westernized countries are going through. The tide is turning here for the better. The feminists and SJWs are loud and visible, but they are in the minority. All you have to do is find one decent girl, it is not that hard if you look somewhere other than the bars. Live a respectable life and it goes away, even here in the good ol’ US of A.

      1. Those formerly hot, burned-out, stretched-out, feminist lepers will be hooking up with desirable men like Carl. You betcha.

        1. Really don’t understand women who think they can put their hands on a man and not suffer the same repercussions as another man

        2. They likely think that “there will always be ‘White Knights’ “. {cue the song “I Need A Hero”}

        3. I’ve only had 3 times in my life where a woman has ever stepped up to me. First when i was 16 my stepmom tried to get violent so i dragged her into a closet and locked the door. The second someone women slapped me after i beat up her guy friend, she told me to fight her but i calmly said “I would kill you if i hit you”, then i ended up hooking up with her that same night. Last encounter i had was with some drunk chick who tried to pull some shitty knife on me, she had no idea how to fast draw it so i just ended up choking her out haha.

    1. Bob, this is WAAAY too generous. Most of these party girls will hit the wall hard going full speed ahead long before 36. I have seen women five years younger than that who already look like the third picture.
      The captions are still appropriate though. But, you should have added one where there is the seething bitterness about the lack of male attention. Something along the lines of: “Men shouldn’t be allowed to winkle-shame, and we need legislation to mandate that I still get at least two new dongs a week.”
      But generally, you are doing the good Lord’s work here.

      1. Grazie, my friend. I thought that I might be too generous with the photos. And I was going to put one last photo on the end – a tombstone. “Here lies a feminist who died alone.” But…but…I let it go.

        1. Aw. That’s a fine piece of craftsmanship from you up there, Mr Smith. But the tombstone idea….If we had to face the feminists storming our Omaha Beach this day, we men of ROK would have died happy with that final image imprinted in our collective consciousness as the bullets and flamethrowers took us down.

        2. Well, thank you Brother Rook. I stood back after making it, and did some introspective soul-searching, and thought for a moment that I had put in sufficient effort for the cause. But then I realized there is no such thing as “sufficient effort for the cause”. And as your allusion to Omaha Beach and swarming feminists and dying happy amid a hail of incoming military ordnance clearly elucidates, we must continue to stand shoulder to shoulder as men, and fight like hell until the scourge of feminism has been eradicated forever. Amen.

        3. A better (and more fitting) epitaph would be, “Here lies a feminist who thought she was ‘too good’ for any man”.

      2. I can’t friggin stand the amount of 33 year old single women out there who think they deserve a top-flight husband at their age.

        1. The delusion I see, and I see a lot of it, is really astounding. I’m married, so I get an inside view because my wife’s single friends all bitch about their “love lives” to her, and I get to listen in. These women are practically fucking retarded – and I mean that in a literal sense.
          There is one who is a good 80 lbs overweight. She is the typical career girl who also jets around the globe on trips. She is a flaming liberal who holds some of the most naive views I have ever heard, and she is one of these types who needed and got counseling after Trump won the election. In the time I have known her, she has shacked up with a worthless shitbag who wrecked her car and took all her money, and someone who was into polyamory, to name only a couple of the choice ones. Finally, the coup de grace, she adopted, all by herself, a special needs kid.
          So yeah, listening to her bitch about why no good man wants to step into the middle of that would be funny if I wouldn’t be laughing at a retard.

        2. I don’t know how you hack all that. Luckily my wife and our group of friends tend to be married and non-liberal.
          I know a couple of women who were hurdling toward the wall and suddenly adopted. The fear of being alone compels them to adopt, but I do not know how the state allows single women to do that.

        3. You have to remember that, as far as ‘Big Daddy Government’ is concerned, a woman can do NO wrong.

        4. Funny enough I’ve heard similar statements from old school friends that I’ve kept in touch with. Tell them from a single man’s perspective why they’re not a good mate and at best a roll in the hay and all you’ll hear is wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

        5. I know people (white couples) who adopted from abroad because the beaucratic hurdles made it difficult. Some how these broads walz in and no problem. I find it a bit peculiar, but have never looked into the adoption process.

        6. Be careful of your wife’s single ‘friends’. Remember how incredibly jealous women can be, and there’s nothing that enrages single women (who want to marry after they have spent the previous ten+ years driving away any potential husbands) more than a happily married couple.
          Nothing would temporarily satisfy their anger and jealousy more than ‘pouring poison in your wife’s ears’ and breaking up your marriage.
          “If I can’t be married, why should she?”

        7. Oh, don’t worry. I red pill the fuck out of my wife. I have actually heard the words “if you left me, no one else would want me” pass her lips.

        8. Also, be even more careful of your wife’s girlfriends who are going through a divorce. The most difficulty and closest I ever came to divorce was when my wife had 2 girlfriends who were both going through divorces and she started GNO with them 3 times per week for about 4 months. Only when I said that I wanted her to be happy whether it was with or without me but that I would not continue to tolerate her behavior and thought that we should get divorced did she change her behavior and seem to come out of the fog. Divorced girlfriends of the wife should be considered a cancer to your marriage as far as I’m concerned. I would now divorce instead of putting up with that conduct again but back then I wanted to maintain the family unit for my children (children are now grown and out of the house).

        9. This one did. Hit the wall and adopted at 40. I have no doubt she pulled some strings and broke out the knee pads. A relative of mine bumped into her and the kid a few years ago.

        10. yes, women envy. Single cock carousel riders are always trying to get the happy ones jump in the carousel. As if they are trying to bring misery to everyone near to them. Remember the movie mean girls? The popular girl boycott other girls giving bad advice and fake compliments to make other girls uglier and unhappy, She tried to made the new hot girl a slut because She is a slut so the virginal one is better than her, Slut hate virgins, because they are not virgins themselves, they know that their value is less than the virgin, that´s why you see all the ugly fat fucks pushing for fatness and ugly short cuts. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72d983cb155b26eb9b5f2e636586c1ce86a47619085316a085660f23d64b85a0.jpg

        11. only for women. Men are rapist and killers remember so the state don´t allow single men to adopt, Despise child murder, when only one parent is involved in the crime, 70% were women, and 80% of victims were boys.

        12. Knee pads. That brought a flashback. Had a buddy who bartended. Was known for his size. He kept knee pads behind the bar, and did various carousel riders in the ass on the linoleum floor right in front of the bar after hours. Yes, this is what being self-empowered and polyamorous gets women.

        13. I had a college acquaintance who worked in his dad’s bar in Cleveland who told me some similar stories.

        14. So says Lena Dunham. Wow, do I hate her. I am glad people are finally able to see through all her bullshit.

        15. Last I heard from a hard core feminist I’m not allowed an opinion on abortion rights because I haven’t had an abortion. I suppose this is a natural progression of the “if you don’t have a uterus ….” argument?

        16. There’s an Islamic saying, can’t remember exactly, but it something like: Men and women have rights over each other, and one of the mens rights is that they can choose which friends she can’t be friends with. Many women are too easily influenced.

        17. “Divorced girlfriends of the wife should be considered a cancer to your marriage…”
          Doesn’t matter if they mean to be or not, this is truth.

        18. not single gays. “Married” gays. Always look Sweden of you want to see the future of feminist politics, Men are not even allow to have kid with surrogacy mothers . They claim that women are no cattle. even that it is the woman body and choice, so it is only her body when it is an abortion I think. They allow altruistic surrogacy better know as surrogacy for free, like if your wife can have babies and her sister help them with her womb. But they are about to stop that to claiming that a lot are illegal surrogacy, paying money under the water and not altruistic at all, Well you will think that you can go to another another country and do what ever the fuck you want, well in Sweden is illegal to bring a baby being born like that. So the baby is taken by the state and you rapist white male will be in jail. The only way to be a single father is to be a widower, and even then the state will try to give the baby to the grandmother if the grandmother fight for custody. You know because single fathers are the devil. Does not matter that the numbers show that women are responsible for 70% of all the abuse and murder when a single parent is involved with no participation or interaction of the other parent.

        19. At the time when my wife was GNO’ing 3X per week with her girlfriends that were going through divorces, my wife seemed to be projecting her girlfriends marital problems into her/our marriage. Wife also seemed to be checking out of the marriage with her distant, shitty attitude in which she thought that I was a controlling SOB who couldn’t do much right. Wife actually told me that since she was a grown, independent woman with a job that I had no right to tell her what to do, who she could hang out with and how to spend her money (her money was hers, my money was ours). When I requested that she reduce the number of GNO per week to once or twice a week, she then went out 4 times the week after the request. Like dealing with a rebelling teenager at the time when she was actually 37yo. This was over 20 years ago prior to red pill knowledge. Since becoming red pill aware, I see the mistakes that I made and would never put up with that shit again. Tried to nice her back but ended up just becoming her doormat. At least I had the balls to give the divorce ultimatum. I have to look on the bright side since the dark side makes me feel like a pussy. Requesting GNO of once or twice a week and having concerns over her divorcing girlfriends who were back on the cock carosel was being “controlling”. Hearing the words “controlling” and “you go girl” still make me nauseous. No more divorced girlfriends, very few GNO per year and never again. Like many others, I wish I was red pill aware when I was in my teen age years. Hope some of the younger readers can learn from my mistakes/experience.

        20. I wonder if the new Caliphate in Sweden will change the adoption laws. .. as long as you are and the child is Muslim.

        21. I have learned a lot from the older guys on this site, and consider myself bless to still be young enough to be warned of all these issues before experiencing them myself. I will admit though when I was younger I was extremely beta, and in h.s. would make quite a few mistakes and could never figure out what the problem was. Me being someone who owned up to responsibility even in my teens began learning about red pill/blue pill knowledge shortly after this time and began to realize what some of the issues were at around age 17/18. But it was not until 2 or 3 years later when I was living abroad that I actually became fully enlightened. I will conclude by saying this, most the “game” I was learning on t.v. and movies was absolutely wrong but fortunately I made this realization sooner than later and have also taken advantage of this knowledge to better myself and help others.

        22. Way to go Tyler on catching on a lot earlier then I did. Took me awhile, but never too old to learn. Wish I knew then, what I know now is a common regret. Best of luck.

        23. Islam? Find another fertile woman and kill the fag, problem solve. Blame the woman if your are the problem.

        24. I would try to find new friends for your wife. My sisters were normal midwest girls until they got surrounded by feminists. Now they are total man haters.

        25. is it weird to say im grateful for hearing your experiences as a girl too? a few years ago i would get mad at my boyfriend for not letting me go out with my friends without him, calling him a controlling douchebag and all that. now i’m grateful thats he’s not a cucked beta and never let me walk all over him

        26. this is so true. i went to college with one of my high school friends who turned into a huge slut (2 boyfriends at a time at different schools so they wouldnt find out, slept with the whole rugby team, slept with other girls boyfriends, etc) she wasnt even all that hot just skinny with a big butt and willing to spread her legs. -anyway i met my boyfriend really early on in college (we are still together and have a daughter) but she was always trying to get me to go out without him, cheat on him, do coke with her “guy friends” and other shady slut antics. she would tell me i was soooooo boring and should be single during college and tell me my bf was a controlling asshole and i should dump him. well i dumped her instead and thank god.
          i saw on social media that she has a fat beta bf now who i guarantee u she cheats on with multiple better looking guys. skank.

        27. found out that one of my daughters little friends at playgroup (comes with his nanny) was adopted by a gay couple. i feel so bad for the sweet 10 month old. babies need one parent of each genter. its their birthright 🙁

        28. am i allowed opinion if i have an unplanned baby that i kept? (i was on the pill) prob not in these idiots minds….

        29. Guessing you would be considered another powerless victim of the patriarchy. Although, if you said the irresponsible, controĺling father tried to browbeat you into the nearest abortion clinic, and you valiantly resisted, then you’re good. There’s always a loophole.

        30. LOLOL So ridiculous!
          I guess that leaves out women who have not had abortions as well?

        31. lolllll so sadly accurate. god forbid a couple sees their unplanned kid as a blessing. soooo many people told us we were “throwing our lives away”

        32. I’m a woman and I agree with you re some of my single peers are literally becoming more and more bat shit crazy by the day. They tell these horror stories about dating mid life (I’m happily married so I’ve no perspective). Funnily enough a really nice lady at my work recently entered the dating pool. Given the stories I’ve been told, I really thought she was going to be eaten alive. Within about 6 months she met a really nice man, they both shut down their profiles once the dating become steady and things seem to be going really well. She also had no utterly disastrous dates prior to this guy. I’m sure there are some real jerks out there but my, albeit anecdotal, evidence suggests you get what you give.

        33. You’re not giving some women enough credit there. I’m married, and I have single middle aged friends who are what you described. We aren’t all that gullible. There are both women and men who live happily single, but the ones you describe are clearly projecting their bitterness. Most of us happily married ladies just roll our eyes: sure that fling you had in Mexico with the pool boy sounds exotic, but I’ve also seen you pushing your rat like dog in a stroller lol! Trade offs: life, including marriage, is about trade offs. I’ll stick to my side of it thank you very much.

        34. I recently had a couple of female friends go through divorce. The first one I don’t know enough about to comment, but the second seemingly left, at least outwardly, a solid marriage. These two ladies’ closeness certainly sprung from their divorces, but I’m not sure whether they bonded over their unhappy marriages, or whether one influenced the other. A chicken or the egg scenario. As for lady #2, her other married friends (myself included) tried to talk her out of it, to no avail. They have had an extremely civil, lawyer free, divorce mind you, so maybe it was for the best. The whole situation did get my husband and I talking: about the importance of neither of us turning to our friends before we have tried to fix any problems internally. In that regard I think seeing your friends’ marriages dissolve can be a healthy reminder to BOTH parties that relationships need nurturing throughout your lifetime. It’s terrifying to think it could happen to your marriage as well.

        35. “…this is what being self-empowered and polyamorous gets women.”
          I have NO sympathy for these women at all; after all, this is what they said that they wanted. Hope that they’re happy…
          Bed. Made. Lie.

        36. No, no, no…
          In the words of George Carlin, “not even with a stolen dick!” No, no, no…

        37. Abortion is the only place where the claim of self ownership is recognized by the political class and the state.
          There’s probably a reason for it. Most likely the ruling class’s obsession with depopulation.

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        39. From what I heard a white baby in the US is worth it’s weight in gold to the adoption agency. Roe vs Wade has made it’s impact felt across the years.

        40. I am in my 60s. We had a family discussion over Christmas (among the men) about what you would do if you had access to a time machine. I said I would go back to my teenage self and forcibly pull my head out of my ass. All the guys nodded in agreement, including my 22 year old son. My nephew then asked him if he had successfully removed his head from his ass yet. He replied not quite but he was working on it.

        41. My wife’s saying is similar but different. She says if she leaves me, I will never get another woman like her. I always reply that I wouldn’t be looking for a woman like her, been there done that, the next one will be completely different.

        42. The process is absolutely disgusting – it’s practically a marketing campaign to ‘pitch’ yourself to the birth mother who nowadays holds all the cards. Oh they dress it up; terms like “introduction brochure”, “one-time gift”, “help with medical expenses”….but it’s basically selling the child to the highest bidder.

        43. Anyone who isn’t willing to compromise and who thinks that there will be no restrictions on each spouse, has no business getting married.

        44. Seeing friends marriages dissolve should be a healthy reminder of the work that it takes to maintain a marriage. However, a dissolving marriage is somewhat like a hand grenade in which you don’t want to get too close or else you will catch some of the shrapnel.

        45. Their high expectations can be almost comical at times. A somewhat typical dating profile might be: 6 figure income(about 9% US males), 6ft+ (approximately 15% US males), nice car, owns his own house, attractive, fit/athletic etc. Simplisticly, if 9% US males make 6 figures and only 15% of these males are 6ft+ then that leaves less then 2% of US males meeting the first 2 desires/wants/requirements (0.09×0.15 = 0.0135 or 1.35%). Of these males that are left, how many will be attractive, available/single? My main point is that it becomes a search for the proverbial needle in the haystack for these women who, in many instances, are not exactly a good catch. No wonder they get frustrated and do the “where have all the good men gone” chant.

        46. So it’s a business then? All the people I know who adopted were usually white couples who adopted kids from Asia.

        47. ’bout right.
          and the ‘Asian market’ as I’ve come to call it is almost as bad – with the host governments requiring extensive stays, fees, travel etc.

        48. Same happened with my mother. Her 2 best friends and sister all got divorced inside 18 months. She then divorced my father for no good reason at all, fooled into believing my dad was the source of all her problems and preventing her from living the feminist “Eat Pray Love” pipe-dream.
          He wasn’t of course. Her problems all got worse after divorcing him.
          Within a year of separation my father told me she wanted to get back together. I was 17. “Don’t do it” I told him. “She’s saying that only because she has money problems, not because she’s had a real change of heart.”
          He followed my advice. He got married to a younger hottie a few years later. Very happily married. My mother is entering old age alone, full of regrets.
          Feminism has destroyed so many lives.

        49. Goddamn, valuable sharing. Same exact thing happened to my mother. Influenced by other women who were divorcing. In my case she did divorce my father. My blue-pill dad tried to double down on being nice to her which just made things worse.
          Societal shaming of divorced women was a good thing, kept families together.

        50. Its great fun to outright mock them.
          Get really detailed about her perfect list for her doctor husband who looks like fabio…

        51. 3 times per week for four months your wife was taking whatever dirty badboy cock she could get.
          She was literally (hitler) begging you to divorce her.

        52. “where have all the good men gone”
          perhaps they ended up marrying all the ‘bad’ women.

        53. By the end of the 4 month period, she didn’t have to beg for a divorce since I had no problem giving her one. Thanks for using so much tact with the “dirty badboy cock she could get”. Way to support one another. Not for nothing, but I could plainly see the writing on the wall and really didn’t need you to tell me the obvious. Never had any concrete proof but as they say, it’s not what they say but what they do. At the start of that time period, I thought that she was just being supportive of her divorcing girlfriends but I had no idea that she would go BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) for 4 months with them. It takes some time to realize that you’re in a world of shit. I wasn’t aware at the time of the cancer that divorcing girlfriends can be to someone’s marriage. How many husbands have thought that their wife was a good girl (the old putting her on a pedistal). Never put blind trust in anyone, trust but verify and realizing how full of shit my wife can be are some of the gifts from my experience. Over 20 years ago and it still haunts me. Like a ghost that hangs over your marriage that will never go away. You might be able to forgive, but you will never forget.
          Prior to this, I thought our marriage was good but once she started hanging out with her divorcing girlfriends, the marriage eroded so fast that it made my head spin.
          This was when I had my Red Pill awakening but back then (20+ years ago), the term Red Pill wasn’t in existence as far as I know.
          By giving the divorce ultimatum, I refused to be her Plan B. I also stopped giving her any emotional support (referred to as doing the 180 these days). Also, I went through this living hell for 4 months and at least didn’t put up with it for a longer time period.
          After the divorce ultimatum, there was a quick and dramatic change in my wife. Like she regained her sanity, came out of the fog
          and realized she was about to loose her meal ticket. If I realized that I could have terminated her BSC phase with the divorce ultimatum, I would have given it after 1 week and never try to nice her back instead of dealing with it for 4 months. Divorce ultimatums should be something that is hardly ever used or else they lose their effectiveness. Don’t be the boy who cried wolf. When given, mean it.
          The nice guy in me with regards to my relationship was also killed and I also feel that I went from a follower to a leader in the marriage. The book “No More Mr Nice Guy” wasn’t published at the time but sure seems to be advice well worth following.
          My experience is quite typical of what other husbands have gone through. When I see the experiences of other husbands, the players may change but the script remains the same. Only the players involved in the relationship get to decide whether to reconcile or pull the plug.
          Watch yourself out there, it’s a jungle and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

        54. When the chickens get together in the hen house and start clucking, they develop a herd mentality and start projecting another hen’s problems into their own lives. The players change but the script never changes. I’ll say it again, a wife’s divorcing girlfriends should be treated like a cancer to your marriage. Don’t find out the hard way like I did.

        55. Think of divorced girlfriends of the wife as having the flu bug. When the wife gets too close, she will come down with the divorce flu.

        56. I’m so sorry that you had to go through such nonsense. You sound like a reasonable man. What a selfish pig your ex was! Good riddance to bad rubbish.
          Your post exemplifies another terrible result of feminism; the destruction of traditional marriage. Because of feminism, women have no qualms about ending a marriage just so that they can ride the cock carousel with all of the other pathetic cougars with hard faces. Feminism has made wives put their careers ahead of their husbands and children. The toxic ideology has also made domesticity a source of scorn.
          My husband would never tolerate me going out once a week with others. He has said that one of the reasons he married me was I didn’t enjoy going to clubs and bars. We spend most of our time together because he didn’t get married to be lonely. My husband is also quick to offer his opinion on anyone I associate with. In most cases, his impression is completely correct.

        57. A wife who is becoming rebellious and selfish needs a firm hand. Women who are becoming too masculine in our relationships do not respond well to our men trying to placate us.

        58. *applause* EXACTLY! I can’t tell you how many sluts have berated me for being to “old fashioned” and listening to my husband “too much”. My wise mother told me that I should never listen to women like that because they just wanted me to be unhappy like them.

        59. Great stuff man.
          Wasnt trying to give you too much shit.
          It is indeed more difficult to comprehend your situation from tje inside.
          Fish dont know they are in water.

        60. What’s great is the availability of on-line info that sights like ROK provide instead of the trial and error methods used when this information wasn’t available. 20+ years ago, most men were in the dark on how to handle BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) wives/gf’s. For example, trying to nice her back would have been one of the first things attempted to avoid or reduce conflict in a marriage. The “happy wife, happy life” mantra that we now know to be BS. Men just didn’t have the ability to communicate so easily with one another and men were less prone to talk to one another about marital problems in person. When I tried to “nice her back”, I found that the more nice I tried to be, the bitchier she got. When I finally realized that she was miserable no matter how nice I tried to be, I came to the conclusion that being nice was not going to work and finally said IDGAF (I don’t give a fuck) and emotionally detached and became willing to divorce (recognize the 180 anyone). You have to be willing to nuke a marriage in order to save it. I never thought that this would improve my marriage and thought that I was just getting ready for the divorce process instead. With ROK, it is now common knowledge that YOU CAN NOT NICE HER BACK.
          I realize that ROK is not an advocate of marriage and given today’s environment, I agree that it is a losing proposition for men. This does not help the men who are already married and are interested in maintaining a marriage and family unit.
          One pet peeve that I have with ROK is the tendency of some men to use shaming tactics or automatically putting the blame on the man when a relationship is in trouble. Feminists use the sexist, misogynist name calling and also automatically put the blame on the man for relationship issues while some men use the beta label to blame the man. Your wife going BSC is because you’re a beta when a wife going BSC may be because she has gone crazy and isn’t thinking straight and it doesn’t matter what the man has done in the past. How you handle BSC and eliminate it is important. Be the leader in the marriage (alpha) is valid. A lot of good info is available on ROK, whether you’re single or married, on dealing with women.
          Women hold the upper hand because they have a herd mentality and are able to unify for their common good. In my opinion, men need to have a more unified approach to counter-act feminism and the preferential treatment that women receive. Being able to divide men into different segments (divide and conquer) makes men weaker. Women’s white knights and beta orbiters make men weaker and women stronger. Men educating each other and supporting one another make us stronger. Men shaming each other make us weaker. We are in this together whether we are married men or single men. Don’t divide us into married losers and single alpha winners because that weakens us.
          Trying to convert and educate the white knights and beta orbiters to the red pill philosophy in a subtle manner is how I try to support the cause but you will sometimes be given the look like you’re advocating the raping and pillaging of women instead of trying to reduce the toxic effects that feminism is having. Also, educating my sons to red pill philosophy and being a role model for them is even more important since a father can have a much higher success rate with his sons. My sons are certainly aware of my stance and the existence of sights like ROK.
          My intention of communicating my past experience is not to be a whining, broken hearted pussy, but to make men aware of some red flags and to endorse and validate some Red Pill philosophies that work in relationships with women, whether married or single. My experience is an almost text book example of what is encountered in a relationship that is under stress. Back in the dark ages, we just didn’t know the tactics to use and had to rely on our own individual trial and error methods to find out what worked and what didn’t.

        61. Imagine what future 12 year olds will know. My eleven year old routinely gets told over, and over, and over again. Regardless of the eye rolls. He is starting to see. Hopefully, he will not make the mistakes his father was brainwashed into making during his public school years. Became a “man” in the 90s. Did not become a real man until late 2000s. Had years of brainwashing to fragment, and debunk. My sons will suffer no such delusions if I can help it. I will encourage them to only marry foreign. Had a conversation recently with a airport worker whose 19. Told her about all this right out in the open, and informed her to look at this and ask herself one question: Would you marry you knowing this? She shook her head “Hell no.” I followed it up with “No offense, but good luck with that!” I bet she went right home and started looking it up. We need to not forget to reclaim our younger girls, so you young bucks have quality low-count, if not virgin, puzzy to impregnate and turn back the decades of ours, and our father’s/grandfather’s/great-grandfather’s moral decline.

        62. She’s not my ex, but is still my wife. I view it as my wife being a woman who let herself be influenced by the wrong people and who didn’t appreciate what she already had. Not bad rubbish, but someone who made a serious error in judgement. It’s with a combination of disappointment, regret and resentment for the lost years. The years it took to repair a marriage on the brink of destruction and the pain and stress that was inflicted for what amounted to a relatively short term BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) phase. Thanks for the sympathy and understanding but that’s not what I was really after. My experience was to convey how easy a marriage can hit the skids if one is not diligent and a way to take control back into your life and marriage so as not to feel like a victim. Perhaps my experience can be of benefit to some women, and not just men.

        63. True dat! I really think that’s part of the problem. In our consumeristic, hedonistic, everything’s about instant gratification, world, no one is willing to work at anything anymore. Anyone who’s happily married knows it takes work and it ain’t gonna be a Hollywood romance movie.

        64. Ah I see. I don’t think that resentment and disappointment are an excuse to allow oneself to be led astray by bad influences. Wives need to remember the vows we made when we married our husbands.
          I agree that a marriage can easily be derailed but only if a couple is not strong enough to nurture the connection and decide not to be mired in power struggles. Somebody has to be the leader.

        65. That’s why the Neocons hate those guys, amongst many other reasons. Don’t like values cutting in on their fuck-the-working-man agenda.

        66. Regret, disappointment and resentment were the results of the power struggle that I felt, not excuses.

        67. I’ve seen women in their 60s and 70s who think that they should be getting guys who are 20 and 30 years younger, and who have actually said that only men who make $100,000 + and look like models are good enough for them. Then they whine that they are alone. They believe that because they are women, men should flock to them.

      3. We’ve got some big problems with our young women these days. I’ve seen girls in elementary school who are not just tarted up but also are clearly well on their way to full sexual maturity.
        If the statistics I’ve seen are true, women are sexually maturing a few years earlier than they used to. If that’s true, then surely they’d age faster in other ways.
        In other words, if the trend continues, they could start hitting picture 3 in their late 20’s.

        1. SO true; TIME magazine had an article about this approx. 15 years ago — back then, there were numerous incidents of girls getting their periods and developing breasts before age 10.

        2. Yes, Because of the amount of hormone in food and a correlation with fat and estrogen, more hormone and fatter girls, women periods are starting at age 9-10 when the age was 13-14.

        3. Soy is the food of the fags for a reason they need they daily dose of estrogen or they get withdrawal syndrome.

        4. However, and very unfortunately, betas are developing new cosmetic surgery that make them look younger at cheaper rates. Fuck technological progress, seriously.

        5. soys actually not that bad. dairy is the ultimate culprit in turning people into hormonal, bitch-made, acne-riddled fatties with diseases

        6. Actually menarche i(opposite of menopause) is closer fo 16-17, but age of menarche has been consistently dropping over recent decases. Similarly for boys, the age of sexual maturity has been dropping in tandem with girls, with a lag of 2 years to girls’ sexual matuirty. It is speculated that it is just better nutrition leading to physical growth thus triggering the endocrine system.

        7. Look at today’s role models that girls/ young woman seem to admire. Kartrashians, Miley Cyrus, etc. Nothing like these fine examples to aspire to.

        8. people have also been drinking alcohol and using tobacco for thousands of years, doesn’t make it healthy. plenty of wealty fat fucks hundreds of years ago and the poor people who ate dairy were just skinny cause of caloric deficiency. dairy gives you bitch tits and acne and is meant for baby cows:

        9. The poor people ate cheese etc too…
          Some people like you blame dairy. Others blame grain. As if what has happened in the last couple decades can be attributed to not living as hunter-gatherers without domesticated animals even though relatively few people have liked that for thousands of years.

        10. You missed the part where i said the poor people that ate cheese were still starving and not getting sufficient calories. In what world is it natural for a human to drink the tit milk from a cow? Desperate times called for desperate measures but then people just got hooked on it, and eating too much of it absolutely 100% leads to not only hormonal problems but heart disease, cancer, etc. Take the nutritional red pill and stop letting your doctor and fitness magazines try to tell you “milk gives you strong bones” when it actually gives you osteoporosis. And don’t compare the truth about dairy to paleo bs which is just atkins repackaged for people that want an excuse to eat bacon all day. (But at least paleo calls out cheese for being bullshit and unhealthy, so its a step up from atkins)

        11. Not having enough calories in general would not stop the hormonal effects you’re claiming. After thousands of years suddenly the cheese is making people less aggressive, etc? I think not.
          Because of your weak argument you have to make a bunch of assumptions about my views and then attack those.
          The problem is your theory is on par with the don’t eat grain, don’t eat fruit, don’t eat refined sugar, and don’t eat meat crowds. This leaves only vegetables and possibly fish. The claim is that these various foods all are causing the problems of modern man. Cheese is one of weaker cases. Wheat is one of the stronger since there was a considerable change in wheat variety for machine harvesting starting in the 1960s.

        12. You are trying to tell me poor people hundreds of years ago were super healthy and not dying at young ages of all kinds of shit? My point about the caloric deficit is that thats why they weren’t fatties with man boobs.
          Just think about it logically for a moment: how is it natural for a human adult to drink the breast milk of a cow? That milk is meant to take a 50 lb calf and turn it into a 1500 lb cow. Horrible for humans. Its not that hard to do some research and tap into your own sense of logic on this one. Additionally, the cows we are getting our milk from are pumped with hormones, which end up in their milk supply. As a breast feeding mom, i know how sensitive my daughter can be to various things i eat that end up flavoring the milk i produce – let alone if i was taking hormones or steroids. Just think about it..

        13. Wheat is bad because at this point it’s completely stripped of any nutrients it once had and is essentially empty calories

      4. Working in a jail, I meet up with the burnt up, drugged out party babes of 20-30 years ago. Missing teeth, bad skin and a face that looks like 50 miles of bad road. The potatoe with legs body or the skeletal, sagging skin is a sight to behold. Oh yeah, those tatts are just the shit flies on the manure pile.

        1. Meth is a helluva drug. Seeing what it does to a hot chick after just a short time is really sad — looks like she’s been exposed to heavy doses of radiation or dosed in acid after just a few months on meth.

        2. 50 miles of bad road. Interesting turn of a phrase, we’d call somebody who looked rough “like 10 miles of bad road”, hereabouts.

        3. Trust me, multiply 10 x5 and that’s what you get. These women hit the wall at 1,000 mph on a rocket powered Harley. Just not much left.

      5. They hit the wall at 30 in the west where the hardcore party girls that I know are having heart attacks in their mid 30s. They look at least 20 years older and only 10 years ago they were at their prime with most men after them!
        I love eastern women not cause they are real feminine women but cause they age very slowly (20 years younger in the looks department).

      6. “Men shouldn’t be allowed to winkle-shame, and we need legislation to mandate that I still get at least two new dongs a week.” Don’t give them ideas!

      7. The party life style and riding the cock carosel ages women fast. Like a jet with its afterburners on for too long, you quickly run out of fuel which causes you to crash and burn. Stay on the carosel for too long, successful pair bonding becomes a low probability task. That’s when you start hearing, “where have all the good men gone”.

      8. In a delusional bitch’s mind there is no ‘wall’
        They soldier on forever thinking they still ‘got it’

      9. Another caption would be: “None of the men around here are good enough for me. I deserve someone who makes $100,000 a year, and looks like a male model.”

      10. Have you encountered the 60 and 70 year old women who think that they should be getting men 20 and 30 years younger? They think that because they are women and have money, that younger men should come running to them.

      1. I call it “ODing on The Three Ds – drinks, drugs, and dicks” that demolish women and make them age like milk left out in an Ethiopian sun. Would like the colloquialism to gain some serious traction!

        1. 3Ds — good one. Good example, last time I was in my home town I got hugged in the street by a bag lady (so I thought). Caught me by surprise. Turned out to be an old classmate and she was a party girl in the old days. Time has not been kind to her.

        1. Yikes. Saw some chicks like that in the military. They usually end up being “bar flies” until their looks totally fade.

    2. As men we have to both support one another and hold each other to high standards. One or the other is not enough. And if we are to do so, we must also do so intelligently and with wisdom.
      Sometimes a brother needs his ass kicked, sometimes he needs an older brother to just make sure shit goes smooth.

      1. Every woman needs to remember:
        The Gifts that Mother Nature gave her, Father Time WILL ultimately take from her.
        The choices of what she does with those gifts are hers, but she will bear the results of the choices that she will make. She needs to choose wisely, for the time that she has before Father Time reclaims the Gifts of Mother Nature will seem all-too-short.
        Mother Nature can be capricious, and Father Time will not be denied.

    3. 23 isn’t even that young.
      Most 23 year old girls are out of college and neck deep in 50 hr workweeks, foodie culture, and binge drinking. Combine this with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, most girls are hitting their first wall at around this age.

      1. This may speaks the absolute truth. I noticed this three years ago when I had a crop of then 23yos so the trend begins around 1990.

    4. Needless to say this is exactly how its going for a woman I dated earlier in the year, cats and insecurities included. We broke up over the fact I have a wide range of attractive young women on my friends list on FB. One of her parting comments was how she couldn’t help being a controlling bitch because her mother was a feminist in France in the 60s.

    5. Another caption would be: “None of the men around here are good enough for me. I deserve someone who makes $100,000 a year, and looks like a male model.”

    1. Freud had the notion that civilization is a byproduct of repressed sexuality and the elite today uses his theory in reverse.

      1. Freud had good ideas, but I think that he relied on sex too much to explain EVERYTHING that he had questions about.

  1. Regarding the passage from Polybius.
    Athens was the cradle of pedophilia and mind control. It was the most perfect mind-control-based totalitarian state in Antiquity. The whole of Attica comprised about 600 000 adults; there were maybe 6 000 citizens enabled to vote and discuss laws during the feast days.
    In order to be a citizen, they had, apart from descending from Athenian parents only and to undergo a kind of education (ago:ge:) but the term is very misleading. The proper translation of ago:ge: is « initiation » in a very physical sexual sense : «pushing, goading into ». The teenagers, for about 7-8 years in total, were entrusted to a state-appointed mentor who submitted them to anal coitus twice daily while they had to remain stoical. The aim of that sexual initiation was was to destroy their individual personality, and replace it by the state’s mold as personified by the mentor’s.
    Only after seven years beginning before puberty were they entitled to citizenship. But once they became citizens they no longer had any will of their own, their whole body and therefore their whole brain, their soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA.
    Ancient Athens was not a city of art and culture, it was a city of banking, piracy, espionage and mind-control.
    The Greek sodomy-based mind control was the model for Illuminati control throughout history, including the British Empire and the United States today. Which is why today they insist on Greece as the cradle of the western civilization.

    1. I want to like this, because some this is very prevalent, but as with most things Illuminati and Greek related, there is very little you can find from a reputable source online to confirm these statements. MK Ultra was a nasty project that gets little to no mention anywhere so by that aspect alone, there may be a lot of truth to your statement about sodomy ridden Greece and today’s mind control tactics.

    2. The faggot subculture is kind of horrifying. I can’t understand how the Libs and SJWs in the west rally around it.

  2. Think about the testosterone levels the man-jaw’s babies will be exposed to prenatally (if they even have kids)… If we don’t stop em, their sons will.

  3. Have to say, it is subtle, but women are currently being burned at an alarming rate publicly. So much so, there has been a distinct uptick on manosphere phrases and policies that we should all note.
    The first observation is that manosphere colloquialisms are hitting the public hard. A popular phrase that used to be said about women on here was “Bring me the HoeFax!”. This simple statement captured women can not be trusted to tell the truth about sex as it isn’t in their best interest to do so while attempting to trick a man into trusting them. The HoeFax is not a statement I would have expected to encounter publicly, but not only have I seen it’s use on facebook, but it seems lat minimum thousands of people observe, note, and love the hard hitting facts of that phrase. Best of all, it was only used in relation to women.
    The second aspect to note, and this is more of an inconcert thought; Men can apply red pill truths publicly when they are Alpha or have visible aspects noted why they are living a good life. I have a friend on asocial media, who consistently hits his wall with red pill truths daily, with a consistent 50 plus likes, comments, and laughs in tow. His lady is German but looks like a Thailand model. They have a cute daughter, house, and vehicles. I have even seen this man reveal a statement about the amount of hoes giving prolific advice on how to be a better human and why it only happens on social media. Yet I have not seen a block on his account and have wondered why that is. In my personal time, I often go through my red pill statements with ladies I refuse to do anything more than fuck and they eat it up.
    Would I get away with this stuff if I didn’t assume I could? Probably. But the truth is out that red pill and raw is what is in demand and we as men, can start to assume the same again. Assuming you have immense value of some sort.

    1. The tide is turning, no doubt about it. More and more women are realizing that they are not fairy tale princesses regardless of what they do anymore.

      1. A lot of this is the perfect storm. A few of the truths discussed here can be used to pick apart many women publicly and socially, but the same dragon of social media is also destroying women’s worth long term. There are maybe 3 types of vocal women on Facebook and 2 periphery types; the baby hungry hoe, the social justice bisexual hoe, the ugly can’t post a new picture for fear it would lose a friend hoe, the meme princess who has no opinion of her own hoe, and career carousel hoe.
        With their lives on display publicly, it may take a few months or years, but they all are forced into hiding themselves at alarming rates, eventually accrue the feline pets, and weed themselves out of the gene pool. They always knew on some subconscious level they were no princess worth saving but thought maybe with enough likes things might change. With a President like Trump in office, I may be generous for saying this, but I expect 20% of these women to make an honest attempt to change and find their way back to femininity. But otherwise, the social burns will be doled in spades.

        1. I wonder how many wish they had a rewind button on their lives once they hit 35 and see their SMV plummet. The smart ones (considered dumb and needy in high school) are the ones who settle in their early 20’s.

        2. Completely agree on women who are smart marrying before 25. The baby rabies seems to happen between 25-27 if they have had friends who are marrying. Most SMV plummets significantly between 26 and 28. Age gaps with women who are 25 and their partners seem to insulate from seeing the drop but it’s there. I don’t really see any woman try to attention whore outside of the career whore after 30. The wall is a cruel mistress with no shame.

        3. One of my wife’s old room mates did the career thing. I thought she was crazy to blow through college and not take the time to date. Turns out I was right. She is a successful Civil Engineer, but at 38 her options are slim. She was hot 15 years ago, could have had most any guy she wanted. Not now.
          My wife, on the other hand, took the time when it mattered. She got a lame degree, but I am the bread winner, so it didn’t really matter. She married me at 23 and now we have six kids and a happy marriage.

        4. “…Most SMV plummets significantly between 26 and 28.”
          THAT is interesting, considering how that’s the same time period when a woman’s fertility starts to fall. Coincidence, perhaps?

        5. Correlation, I’d say. My father got married at 25 to my mother who was 16 at the time. Seeing as how girls mature faster these days due to a variety of reasons, They’re around 5 years ahead of schedule compared to the past, so an 18 year old is the equivalent of a 23 year old. It’s a big problem.

        6. Age of 1st marriages has been increasing since I got married. I was 22 and my wife was 21 when we got married. Now, most 1st marriages take place at about the age of 28 or so. Marriage rates have been dropping off a cliff since then and I now think that marriage is an obsolete institution given no fault divorce and the favoritism that women receive in the family court system. When attending weddings in the past, I would congratulate the groom and be sincere about it. Now when I attend a wedding, I still congratulate the groom but I’m thinking, “you poor dumb bastard”. Still married all these years later but given today’s environment, I think that you have to have a screw loose for a man to get married these days.

      2. Also important is that more and more men realize that women are not fairy tale princesses. Women’s white knights and beta orbitors need to be convinced that they are contributing to the decline. As long as there are white nights and beta orbitors providing validation to undeserving women, there will be the fairy tale princess mentality. Can’t be completely eliminated but sure can be reduced from where we are now. I try to spread the word in a subtle manner, but some of these guys act like you’re advocating the rape and pillaging of women. If you think that women already have enough equality/preferential treatment, you must be a sexist misogynist. Too bad cupcake.

    2. Yes, been noticing the tide turning for awhile from my perch too. I’ve generally been direct and already have a rep as a truth speaking asshole in my circle for some years now anyway.
      Good to read similar field reports from men in other parts.

    3. I post alot of the pictures you guys make on my Instagram and it’s funny how many likes and comments I get from not only guys but girls as well. Women eat each other alive without men.

    4. My son uses “alpha” and “beta” like normal conversation, as does my daughter and wife. Now of course, because “me”, but so do their friends. My boy’s current squeeze cannot act feminine enough and coo at my son and be submissive enough. She’s downright 1950 around him, yet she’s gorgeous.
      There’s something in the air now. Older Millenials (28+) are out of the loop, but the up and coming high school, new college kids are so right wing and red pill it would shock you.
      My son’s date with his girl, a solid 9, yesterday was this:
      Him: “Hey, what are you doing?”
      Her: “Not a lot, want to find something to do?”
      Him: “Sure, I have some pumpkin pie mix, come on over.”
      Her: “Ok!”
      Here in a New York minute. Dressed to the nines, hot as a tin roof in summer, and baking for him. Happy as a clam. Called me “Mr. (Ghost)”
      The world, it is a’changin’.

      1. There is something changing, that is for sure……It will only take a few hotties like your son’s gf and the rest of the girls will follow.

    1. Do you mean the ones who holler “RAPE!” if you look at them and you are not wealthy, or handsome, or over 6′ tall, or drive a Mercedes?

      1. In my defense, I’m handsome, 6’4″, not that wealthy and I drive a Cobalt. But I have escaped being machoshamed so far.

        1. Be careful out there…no matter WHAT the femho’s say, it’s NOT a ‘patriarchy’ (for that matter, it never WAS).

    2. Feminism tries to induce beta males to believe that they will have greater access to poosy if they become male feminists. It doesn’t work that way. Beta males just end up getting used.

      1. I see myself as an alpha who can appreciate a beautiful pair of boobs and legs. It’s not like I’m marrying the damn thing or giving it my real number. And the sentence was coined by Nelson Rodrigues, a famous anti-feminist form Brazil.

  4. “Turns out when society shits on men, we stop giving a damn”
    That photo of Mr. Rogers made my day.

  5. These Alt-Right women like Lana Lokteff and Emily “Pistachio Girl” Youcis talk a good game about the horrors of white genocide. But they need to walk the walk by marrying white men and making babies, while they still can.

  6. “If you think women are becoming manlier—they are. In fact, it’s becoming clearer sexual dimorphism (distinct male and female appearance and behavior) is an enemy of social engineers who want to see the sexes blend into one androgynous human pod in the coming generations.”
    This is absolutely true and arguably a major part of the transhumanist agenda (although not necessarily the ray kurzweil type). It is properly understood though in terms of alchemical process, the reduction of male / female elements back into the prima materia of gender, either as an end itself, or with a view to being remade.
    I noticed an example of this when David Aaronovitch was praising the appointment of the new female director of Shakespeares Globe (she was subsequently forced out blubbing about sexism). This woman basically wanted all male parts and all female parts to be interchangeable. Aaronovitch waxed lyrical about how great this idea was, anticipating how in 50 years all acting roles (or was it all roles full stop) would be absolutely interchangeable and we would look back on the bad old days as absurd and unequal.
    Whether Aaronovitch, or that feminist director would understand it as such this is all part of the raising up of the below to the above – part of man’s occult historical mission to flounce to his destiny by make things completely gay or rather completely transginger.
    Remember the Baphomet has breast. This is pretty much the only detail you need to understand about the modern gender revolution. Any idiot who still thinks its about equality or fairness in its trajectory really needs to be sympathetically put down. That is not what it is about

    1. This woman basically wanted all male parts and all female parts to be interchangeable.

      I’ve always heard that prepubescent boys played the women’s roles in Elizabethan theater. Imagine some poor English boy who had to play Juliet and pretend he fell in love with the male actor playing Romeo.

      1. yes, that’s the precedent for changing roles, but it was rooted in pragmatism I think, not ideology. This innovation was ideologically rooted. In fairness theatre (and particularly panto) is pretty gay as a whole, but the theatricality of playing gendered roles serves as a archetype for gender performance in wider society. That’s why you get ideological dykes like kristen stewart playing feminine one moment and masculine the next. She is pushing the queer feminist idea of gender performance as completely fluid.

    2. I know something about transhumanism, and many transhumanists have more than a few screws loose.
      You don’t build the future by running X through a machine which turns it into non-X or anti-X. Instead you have to conserve the X’s which already work, even if we can’t rationally justify them; and then build on them with new Y’s which show some potential.
      I seem to have a minority opinion about this compared with other people interested in transhumanism. And I have come up with some dissenting conclusions about “the future,” namely, that women can’t handle enhancements and radical life extension unless you can come up with a way to de-experience them sexually. Sexual experience enriches men, at least up to a point, while it impoverishes women. If you think you can pick out the women especially damaged by promiscuity through their “thousand-cock stares,” imagine them with rejuvenation and superlongevity when they develop “ten thousand-cock stares.”

      1. 10,000 cock stares to the (em)power(ment) of 10 no doubt.
        I am still in two minds about transhumanism. I used to think it was primarily technologically driven i.e. if you can be a bionic man instead of an ordinary one isn’t it natural to do that; If you can be disease free instead of suffering from some polio or some congenital deformity that could be wiped out through some kind of gene manipulation wouldn’t that be for the better? Those sorts of improvements have always had their naysayers, usually on the religious side – jehovah’s witnesses who won’t even accept a blood transfusion aren’t going to be enthusiastic about having a jetpack grafted onto your back. The problem is that for all those who simply think transhumanism is just about technological advancement, or if your prefer evolution there are those who are more ideological in their approach. Indeed the evolutionary aspect is the most problematic not least because it can only be done in either a piecemeal or a collective manner. If it is done piecemeal – for example improving genes, increasing longevity, health etc – then it will favour the rich over the poor – you can easily see the future as a question of HG Wells division into two sub-species the Morlocks and the Elois. The latter term Eloi (if I’ve remembered correctly) is reminiscent of the term Elohim – Gods, and we can situate this kind of evolution towards a greater perfection within the ideological tradition that sees men as evolving from dumb unconscious animals into veritable Gods.
        The alternative of course is a collective evolution, whereby we will all be upgraded in the same way. The chief way in this happens though is not through biological or technological advancements, i.e. through an upgrade of our biological hardware into virtual (or actual) cyborgs but through the upgrade of our ‘software’ namely our ideology.
        In reality transhumanism in this sense of perfectibility towards Godhead will probably comprise both collective evolution of the human race (particularly the necessary ideology / software) and the kind of bifurcation into dumb Morlocks and Godly Eloi that has its basis in the more primitive distinction between the rich and the poor.
        So, you have two competing visions – one characterised by say the jehovah witnesses – sees humanity as already exactly as it should be (even if ‘fallen’) whereas the other would have us ascend to the realm of the celestial in theory, while in practice being highly likely to deify only the very few
        A third way or path may need to be negotiated.

  7. I don’t see a push back, I see a backing off. Women are doubling down and yelling louder, like a housewife screaming “I’m not happy!” At her husbands’ back. Men are PUAing, Mgtowing, or just giving up and retiring to their porn stash.
    Western women are still convinced that if they just scream louder, we’ll all start acting like “real men” and doing what they want.

    1. Don’t forget how women are still trying ‘shaming’.
      Just like trying to tell women “you cannot hate men into loving you”* — they don’t want to hear it.
      * Quote from Zenpriest.

    2. (Some) “Women are doubling down and yelling louder” is more accurate. And as they yell louder, more people are tuning out. Look at that flop “Ghostbusters”, hardly made its money back. Their antics are not even making sense anymore. The feminists can be ignored.
      I don’t see a push back, I see isolation. To hell with them.

  8. Where are growing numbers of false rape accusations and the end of the typical family? Otherwise pretty spot on

  9. Rolling Stones – “Love Is Strong”. Red-pill as fuck. Head phones. Max volume. Damn. Ahhhh…much better.

  10. In my opinion, the single biggest effect of feminism is the breakdown of the family. Women have been sold a bill of goods and are unhappy trying to be a man. Men are sold a bill of goods and are unhappy trying to be a woman. Divorce ensues, and kids are caught up in the middle of it. The effects ripple down through society in drug use, promiscuity, loss of trust, selfishness, and on and on.

    1. Family unit breakdown and the effect it has on children is the real crime. If you want to see the effects that single mothers have on society, look at some of the challenges facing the black community where about 72% of children being born are out of wedlock. Children of single mothers have a higher incidence of drug use, crime activity, high school drop out rate and unemployment. This is the future if things don’t change. Big daddy government keeps increasing benefits to single mothers (welfare, free health care). Hillary was proposing free day care and increasing social security for single mothers. It’s a woman’s body and she gets to decide whether to keep or abort a baby without the man having any say in the matter. Men should be allowed to relinquish all parental rights and by doing so, not be responsible for child support, if it is not a mutually agreed upon decision between the father and mother of the unborn child. If the mother decides to keep the baby anyways, then it should be on her dime. Welfare payments should not be increased for women who have another child while on welfare. Your on welfare and can’t afford it. If I can’t afford having another child while being gainfully employed then why should someone on welfare be able to do so. I’m sure the incidence of single mothers would decrease and the re-establishment of the family unit would hopefully increase. Just my $0.02

  11. Agree with all 5 but surprised to see the overt admission of sex as social construct in #4 here. Usually this site strays away from that

    1. How to you separate the men from the boys in San Francisco? with a crowbar
      Montana – the land where men are men and sheep are loose.

        1. Why do Scots wear kilts?
          Because sheep run when they hear zippers!

      1. Why don’t hookers in San Francisco wear miniskirts?
        They’d freeze their balls off!

    2. I find it interesting how common docile farm pigs, if left out in the wild, will get a flatter head, grow tusks, and become aggressive like their wild cousins. Perhaps the competition in the workforce and in family life is a big cause of man-jaws on women.

      1. I believe this to be 100% the case. As men get less aggressive and women get more aggressive you see this. It takes a long time, generations, but extrapolate what we know over another 100 years if nothing changes and it is just sad

        1. I don’t think it is genetic, rather hormonal. Increased competition and mannish behavior taught by feminism should cause an increase in testosterone in women, just like it causes an increase in testosterone in men.

        2. Agreed again. I know it sounds silly but I think the real physical changes happened when horse play / dodge ball / tackle foot ball / winning and losing rather than everyone gets a trophy died out. I believe I was probably the second to last generation of kids that had family encourage them to box, tackle harder, win, etc etc
          There are bigger underlying causes why that stuff happened but I think the direct 1-1 cause for the feminized looks of men and masculinized looks of women have to do with child play becoming a safe space

        3. Great observation. Tackle football in the field against the older neighborhood kids resulting in the occasional broken arm or dislocated shoulder. No one thought much of it.
          When I see the hipster fags and fembots walking around, I cannot help but think of the “Mouse Utopia” study.

        4. If my sons don’t break at least one bone by the time they are 18, I have been a bad parent. So far, only 1 of 4 has, but the others are under 6 still.

        5. When I was a kid I would spend the time at my grandmothers when school was out for the summer along with all my cousins and my sister. There were a lot of us.
          My uncles would rope off some trees and the boys would have boxing tournaments and the girls would do dancing for the grown ups. All my aunts and uncles would cheer the boys on while we beat the snot out of each other and would cheer on the girls as they did their correographed dance.
          There was a pool there and my uncle would throw a quarter in the pool and when he said go the boys would all jump in and race to the bottom to get it full contact. We used to hit golf balls and fight over whose went further
          Not to sound like a total dick but every single one of us boys grew up to be tall, physically fit and have classical masculine features like broad chests and strong jaws. All the girls grew up to be very pretty.
          We didn’t know it because it was fun but we were being trained to be men and women.

        6. I remember coming home with a black eye from a fight with a friend that happened after football. My mother teased me about it. My friend and I played again the next weekend. Now that shit would be in court for years lol

        7. I got the three oldest boys in wrestling now. (Youngest is a baby) The other day, I took them to a tournament. My youngest 2 only got participation awards. I took those awards and threw them in the trash right in front of them. I was probably being a dick, with them being 6 and 4. But they need to be taught.

        8. I don’t think you were being a dick. This didn’t exist 30 years ago. Not winning made you want to try harder, not display a participation trophy. Maybe it would have been better to, prior to the event. Tell whoever is in charge you don’t want them to get it rather than take it away but parenting advice from me is like asking Hitler for Hanukkah decoration ideas

        9. All the kids were given one. They hand those out like candy (for a mandatory fee of course). It isn’t like I made a big scene out of it, but I took them on the drive home and explained why I am throwing them away.

        10. Neighborhood fights happened. However some of those guys I exchanged fisticuffs with are still my friends +30 years.

        11. Unreal. Lol. Glad to see someone is doing the right thing at least. Losing is probably the most important part of childhood

        12. Heh. Hope you have solid medical insurance. When I reminisce about what we did as boys, I wonder how we didn’t have even more injuries.

        13. A few years ago, a comedian was doing a bit on his sister’s son’s soccer league; no one bothered to keep score, as it would hurt the kids’ feelings

        14. I wonder if they are softening kids up for the time when there will be nothing to win at all. Just work, and that’s pretty much it, in order to make rich people richer while striving for nothing. Accepting one’s lot. Everyone is the same. No better, no worse. Nah, that’s crazy…

        15. There does come a point though that they believe they are losers and stop trying to compete. Which is just as damaging as if they believe they are winners at all times and stop trying to compete. (Just like westernized women)

        16. I imagine it is a fine line and tricky balance. Wisdom of Solomon stuff imo. I’m much better with children between 18-25.

        17. I DO hope that you explained to them why you tossed those worthless awards away, and that they understood why.

        18. We did something similar, but without the swimming pool. Interesting…

        19. I did the same thing fifteen years ago with my son Jim. Well freaking done man, bravo. I was scorned and sneered at by basically all of the other parents. No matter, if you win, you win, if you don’t then you learn from it, you don’t get an award.
          Damn man, well fucking done.

  12. If you peel back the fem-speak and really look at what feminism is pushing, it is turning women into men financially and socially — doing male jobs, being more aggressive, competing with men socially and economically. Now we see that feminism is turning women into men physically, as well. That’s f’n hysterical. Feminism: empowering women by literally turning them into men.

    1. “…doing male jobs…”
      They only want the indoor, cushy, glamorous, high-paying, high-status jobs; they want nothing to do with the dirty, dangerous, outdoor, low-status, low-paying jobs.

  13. One very sad element of feminism is – after women hit the wall at thirty or so the anger and bitterness sets in. I have seen this many times. Rather than admit they were sold a phony bill of goods by feminism – “you go grrrrl!!!,” the “empowerment” crap, and the standard issue nonsense about the all mighty “patriarchal” white male who’s sole purpose for existence is the objectification and destruction of women, these brainwashed harpies become more radical and vicious than ever – blaming men ( of course – what else?) for their lonely ruined lives, rather than accepting the fact feminism pissed all over them. They seem to lack the ability to realize or accept they were victims of a hate movement, that under the guise of “empowerment” and “equality” used them to double the work force and tax base, destroy the nuclear family, drive a wedge between men and women, emasculate men, and allow the government the power to control the populace, thus weakening everybody.
    Yes, we women have so much to be grateful for, and we owe it all to an elitist, Marxist, CIA engineered, Government introduced, tax payer funded, media assisted hate movement called feminism.

      1. You got to pick them up quick Bob. Women with that opinion get hitched early. They are in high demand.

        1. The longer I am on this site and read the complaints of men here, the happier I am with my wife.

      2. Actually Bob, her name is Serena and she’s my cousin on my Father’s side. I wouldn’t recommend getting mixed up with Serena though – she’s kind of a nut and she can be a real bitch. As much of a wack job as she is though, at least she’s not a feminist!

        1. Damn, my bad. I was thinking of Sabrina, the teenage witch. Isn’t she a family member? Serena’s the wild one, that’s right. Well, maybe Darrin will let me visit while he’s playing golf with Larry Tate…

        2. No Sabrina’s not related.
          Sure, pop over for a martini and a game of golf with Darrin here in Westport at 1164 Morning Glory Circle where it’s always 1965.
          We can all take a spin on my broom!

        3. Wow, looks like we’ve found Bob’s kryptonite.
          The Bewitched chick says “Come take a spin on my broom” and Bob is sputtering and multiple posting like a teenage boy in heat…

        4. Liz Montgomery was my first crush. Me and 100 million other guys. She won’t leave my head. Not ever.

        5. I think I’m probably an outlier, but I’ve never really had a TV or movie crush. I’ve never seen those women as real, and they’ve never really turned me on. The Jennifer Annistons, the Angelina Jolies, etc. Objectively, I can see they are physically attractive, but none of them ever really did anything for me.

        6. That probably is unusual. But good for you. I spent many a sweaty night as a boy, thinking about those hot girls on TV. Maybe that’s why they call it TV “programming”…

        7. I’d almost forgotten about her. Of course, there is Mary Ann from Gilligans Island, Daisy Duke, and shall I say, Lucy Ball in her younger years?

        8. “Have to put on some bell-bottoms and a wide, white belt. Splash on a little Aqua Velva”
          Disco Stew is back!
          OT: What is your thoughts on the OSU vs Clemson game this Saturday?

        9. Take Ohio St. -3 all the way to the bank. You might want to ask me again before kickoff. The line might change. But it’s been at -3 since the opening bell, pretty much, and that’s perfect. It if drops (-.3.5, -4,) bet even more money on it…5-star pick right there. I rate that game the second-best bet in the entire bowl season, right behind Miami -3 vs. W. Virginia, which I nailed yesterday.

        10. De nada, mi amigo. If you’re going to bet any bowl games between now and the National Championship game, let me know. I will be glad to help steer you to some cash…

        11. Will do . Spoke with my brother over Christmas and he is going to the NC game if OSU wins. Lucky shmuck.

        12. Cool. If it’s Ohio State and ‘bama, I think ‘bama is going down. Where’s the game held at this year…(???)

        13. Florida I think. I don’t know— Alabama looks pretty good man. With OSU it’s always a question which team steps off the bus.

        14. It will probably go like this, but I’m not betting on this precise outcome. Alabama handles Washington easily. Ohio State fights and takes a close win over Clemson (by more than 3 points). Alabama is a too-hard-to-pass-up -6 (or fewer points) against Ohio State…and Ohio State beats their ass…we’ll have to see though.

        15. We upset ‘Bama a couple of years ago on the way to the NC, so it can happen. I will be watching and post here in any case.

        16. The semifinals will have at least one game that is gold – right now, that’s Ohio State -3 vs. Clemson. The championship game will be gold, too, most likely. After I see the line on that one, I’ll have a good idea about how it’s going to go. Look forward to your future queries on the matter…

        17. Don’t be disappointed — but Lucille Ball was really a natural blonde. Check out her earlier films.

        18. OSU. Always. Forever. Amen.
          Yes, I live just outside of Cbus, the cult within me is strong John.

        19. That’s quite true. And she was quite attractive as a 19 year old blonde.

        20. No argument there; you DID know that she did one short (“Three Little Pigskins”) in 1934 with the Three Stooges, didn’t you?

        21. I was a Barbara Eden fan from I Dream of Genie. Something about her saying, “Yes Master” that gets me going.

        22. Here I thought Bob was the one saying to BB (Bewitched Babe) “take a spin on my broom” instead of vice versa.

    1. I am a female as well, and today’s concept of feminism tells me I am supposed to hate men and view them as the enemy. Fuck that. I am all for equal rights and opportunities, but the fact is that men tend to better at certain things than women (and vice versa). I want to get that job because I am the most qualified person, not because I happen to fill a slot in a company’s diversity quota.

      1. Men and women complement each other, especially when it comes to raising children. Instead, feminism advocates that men and women be at each others throats. No wonder marriage rates are dramatically decreasing.

      1. Actually NO American woman should be allowed the vote.
        American men are allowed the right to vote because they are required by law to register with the Selective Service. A man, in order to be able to vote, must be willing to let his name stand for the draft – meaning he must agree to fight and die for his country in the event of war.
        American women have no such obligation. They were simply given (by men) the right to vote. No sacrifice was necessary. I call this the ultimate in female privilege.
        So, in the name of “equality” one of two things needs to happen: 1) Women should be forced by law to register with the Selective Service, if they don’t they should be fined or jailed just like men who don’t register are – – or 2) the vote should be taken away from women.

        1. Women should be allowed to vote, but a man’s vote should count 4 times as much as a women, if you catch my reference. Perhaps not coincidentally, this correlates to the 80:20 rule, as does 4 wives.

        2. My wife is of the same opinion. Politics went to the sewer once that happened.
          Another requirement should be that you are a net tax producer. I look at it this way:
          I go to a restaurant and foot the bill for 5 friends, my partner does the same for 4 friends. Why should those 9 people (welfare cases) have any say on if we go to the local burger joint, or a fancy steakhouse? If they are not contributing. When we get there, why would the waiter (government worker) be able to choose what we eat or sit down at the table?

        3. I am surprised when women have that opinion. (especially in today’s world). It is a rare woman that acknowledges that women and politics are not a good combination. Lots of pride to swallow there.

        4. All one needs to do is look at the abomination in a pant suit known as Hillary Clinton.
          There it is encapsulated in a nutshell – the personification of the devastation and corruption feminist women inflict on the world when given power.
          Thank God she lost the election. Had she won America would have derailed and collapsed very quickly.
          My father always said, “When a country becomes rich and powerful it becomes complacent and gives power to women, and then the men allow women to destroy everything they have built.”

        5. I am surprised we are doing as well as we are, considering who we had in office for the last….24 years.

    2. “Useful Idiots” have a hard time accepting the fact that they were foolish enough to be willingly used at their own expense for someone else’s benefit.

  14. 4. Is anybody else noticing more white females in america with receding hairline? Its kind of weird this has become a thing now. That’s like a woman with facial hair. It correlates to male hormone. The high forehead seems to mostly be a white female thing, not so much other races.

    1. Yes. An ex of mine. I saw her Facebook photos not long ago. Her hair is receding rapidly. Chemicals? GMO’s? Who knows. But I’m seeing it…

    2. Seeing that, too. Receding hairlines and also thinning hair, balding women.
      I realize there have been balding old women for many years, but I’m talking about women in their late 40s, etc.
      Plus, women used to do everything they could to cover up or hide this kind of thing, and more women now just don’t seem to care.
      The female facial thing is everywhere, too. That is a simple fix that so many women just seem too lazy to fix.

      1. Things like pregnancy and menopause can wreak havoc on a woman’s hair. And older women naturally lose hair, just not as much and in different ways than men. But if there is an upswing of females in their 20-30’s losing their hair and have receding hairlines, they are doing something wrong. I’m not really buying into the whole increase in testosterone theory.

        1. Maybe it has something to do with birth control pills? All those years of mucking around with their hormones…it has to have had some ‘side effect’ on them.

  15. Masculine Lebanese women and feminine girly men abound, the whole world is turning upside down.

        1. All the ones around here look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every limb on the way down.

    1. Turkey too, an amazing country with amazing, solid people. You can get some glimpses of the country by watching Haber Türk on you-tube.

  16. There ya go again. I don’t know who said it first. But I have said it many times. The liberal women of ‘The West’ are just too busy and too selfish to keep the willing mothers of the Third World from dominating the culture by reproducing enough to make the busy liberal women a hapless minority subject to the whims of the new ruling class. And these liberal dopes will continue to believe its all just wonderful until they figure out how they lost control of the narrative, and when they find out how much its gonna cost them.

    1. “…And these liberal dopes will continue to believe its all just wonderful until they figure out how they lost control of the narrative, and when they find out how much its gonna cost them.”
      And they will NEVER be responsible, it will be all the fault of some man, some group of men, or ALL men — like it ALWAYS is.

  17. My wife and I recently brought our son (first child) into this world. I am determined that I will do everything in my power to raise him as a masculine, free thinking man. I don’t want to tell him what to think but I want him to know how – you know what I mean? What worries me is the number of left leaning friends (and some outright tumblr tier feminists) my wife associates with. I’ve spent years steering her away from that path, to the point where she considers evidence and facts rather than just ‘feelings’ when it comes to social issues…but there are so many leftists in her field of work (teacher). The narrative is deeply entrenched, but I believe the feminist taint can be overcome. For the sake of our children stay strong.

    1. “..but there are so many leftists in her field of work (teacher).”
      My sister is thinking about leaving that field and go back to work in the corporate sector because of that and the fact so many of them are dumb as a bag of hammers.

      1. There are some excellent private schools in the area. The wife has always hated the idea, until she realized that teachers in the public school system are too busy enforcing the mandated curriculum to actually teach. Now she realizes that if we want to have a socially well adjusted child that is competent at math and reading – rather than an indoctrinated drone with a chest full of ‘participation’ ribbons, she has to go outside get comfort zone.
        Besides, the kids I’ve met the last few years that were homeschooled have all seemed a little off.

    2. Yea, you got to be diligent with the indoctrination that children receive from the school system.

    1. Yeah, and at the same time our elites scold us constantly about our health. Michelle Obama even made it her project as First Lady to shame America’s fat kids and make them eat better.
      Fortunately Michelle will fall down the Memory Hole, as we pretend from now on that her husband’s presidency never happened. Historians a few centuries from now will find an eight-year gap in the early 21st Century, and the Alex Jones types of the era will come up with conspiracy theories to try to fill the mysterious void in time.

      1. I think in a few centuries time (if humanity lasts that long – which is highly doubtful if the world continues to head the direction it has been since the inception of feminism) historians will look back at the Obama administration as one in which both President and First “Lady” took every opportunity to use the greatest seat of power on earth to constantly fan the flames of the race and gender baiting war, promoting gender and race hysteria to further their Marxist agenda.
        Future societies will, I hope, be appalled that such bigotry was not only practiced and encouraged by the First Family, but that free thinking people actually voted Obama, and to a large degree his misandric wife into power for not one but two terms.

        1. Everyone will forget. Future historians will be struggling to figure out why the Western European civilization collapsed, much like they can’t understand why ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Spain or the British Empire collapsed. (((They))) will spin explanations out of whole cloth just like they do now.

  18. Men must start demanding surrogacy to be legalized in Europe so they can start a family on their own. Otherwise it’ll be bye bye for the European people.

  19. I have come to think of feminism as just one part of the larger gynocentrism that has become the meta-assumption for culture, and which has created the imbalance that plagues every corner of society.
    Gynocentrism is cultural suicide.

    1. As a six time dad, I never had my wife need to breastfeed in public like that. She nurses when she can, bottle feed when she can’t.
      There may be the occasion that we are hanging out at Grandma’s house all day and she puts a light jacket over her and the baby. Not a big deal. They are attention whores, nothing more.

      1. She spent all day on hair and make up, took 100 pics and threw away 99, then put herself out there as milf for 1 million beta male orbiters.

        1. The prevalence of selfie pictures that women take of the themselves with their pouting faces really gets old after awhile.

      2. Hah, this reminds of an episode in my past life in California. Alright, picture this. Waiting for the Blue Bayou (restaurant in Disneyland for anybody not familiar). Mostly adults, but some kids present. Seating is limited. There I am, minding my own business and this woman (with the usual American habit of having a child out of control) decides it’s time to breastfeed. She says “Do you mind if I breastfeed?” If she’d left it there, I’d have thought she was a moron and just agreed. But then she had to get catty and added: “Because I can!”
        Naturally I said: “Honey if you want to put on a free show I’m not going to stop you.”
        Of course this upset her to no end, but it did apparently stop her from breastfeeding. Thereby proving it was more about attention than the child anyway.

      1. Joyce Bonelli, the Kardashians make up artist. That’s all we need to know to be sure it is attention whoring…HA!

  20. aw man i have a longer ring then index finger guess im more manly 🙁 i love taking care of my daughter, my home & my man and have girlie interests though… am i an anomaly or the result of dating a red pill macho man for 7 years?

  21. I’m a married, childless, career oriented woman so I realize I’m enemy #1 on this site, but I thought I’d share my perspective none the less. I’m not really sure how feminism really benefited anyone. Granted I come from an upper middle class family, but generations of women in my family were college educated, long before this movement. And women like me have always existed, and those of us who didnt have children, had careers. Maybe there were some barriers in terms of reaching the top of your given field, but my great aunt (born around 1920?) was married without children (not sure if this was by choice) and she had a long lucrative career as a practising lawyer. Started as a law clerk and then went back to school after she married. And for women like my grandmother/mother: they were college educated, worked in their respective careers until they had kids, and went back to work once the kids were old enough. A better system if you ask me. Not only was there someone at home with young children: it was expected and therefore women re-entering the work force in their 40s weren’t scoffed at. Now we’ve created a system whereby most households can’t afford to live on a single income and women are penalized for taking time off to raise children. The penalties don’t come from some imagined, draconian, patriarchy: they are a result of the sheer size of the competition pool. There were some barriers removed and for that someone like me should be grateful, but most women I know naturally let their career take the back seat once the kiddies come along so in terms of the greater good…. I just don’t see how women in the West 60 or so years ago were “oppressed”.

    1. The issue isn’t only about economics. Its about respect. Boys coming out of liberal schools from the time they sprout a tooth are not coming out as men. -Which is directed,purpose driven and missioned. Instead, they come out as she males thinking that is the way. All the cooperating, niceness, equalism…is feminist woman destroying Americas males. You get whats left. Enjoy. I don’t expect you to understand- because your female. You can’t understand your own hypergamy in how it fits into society… And what I don’t like about your post; because your a woman – your hypergamy naturally thinks its all about you. Screw you. Its the only thing you respect.

    2. They weren’t oppressed.
      For decades the public has been fed endless lies, half truths, and a Marxist rewrite of history about imaginary female oppression by some vague, phantom, evil “patriarchy” which exists to destroy women.
      For centuries men and woman existed as equals, Men built civilization, protecting and providing safe environments so women could build humanity. Life was difficult and dangerous. “Oppression” did not exist – then or now. Men and women both did what they had to do simply to survive.
      Feminism at it’s most virulent was engineered in the 1960’s by the CIA, (Gloria Steinem, the movements front woman was in fact a CIA agent, and her publication “Ms.” magazine was financed by the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation). Feminism was introduced to the populace by the government under the guise of “equal rights” for women. Working outside the home was touted as “empowering,” not a sole crushing burden. Feminism was, in actuality, an anti-male hate movement designed to double the tax base, drive down the cost of labor, drive a wedge between the sexes, destroy the nuclear family, destroy Christianity, emasculate men, and increase female vanity spending. (Much more money for huge corporations, as women now had a disposable income and spend more than men). Feminism was, and is, taxpayer funded and media assisted – as the media has, for decades, spread false statistics and lies about how “privileged” males have “oppressed” women since the beginning of time. People were stupid enough to buy into the lies. Anyone with an inkling of intelligence or common sense knows the vast majority of men have served, provided, protected, and died for women since the beginning of forever.
      Feminism worked beautifully. It accomplished everything it was engineered to do. It weakened the foundation of society, making us malleable as clay for government control and manipulation. Women (and men) bought it hook line and sinker. It is the reason today why America and the entire western world is on the verge of social collapse – just what the government elites want – absolute power over and control of the people – AKA Marxism.
      I like you, came from a privileged background. I have a college education and have been fortunate to have worked at a career of my choice before I got married and had children. All of my female relatives for generations have been highly educated. I have a great aunt who became a medical doctor in the late 1930’s. Another great aunt became a Chartered Accountant. They did this long before feminism was inflicted on the world, as did countless other women. Both of my aunts have told me the men they went to university with (both teachers and students) were nothing but encouraging and helpful. Feminism would have us believe women weren’t allowed a college education and men treated them like domestic slaves. Nothing could be further from the truth.
      Feminism has not empowered women. We empower ourselves. Feminism has made women into infantilized, man hating shrews who spend their entire lives in perpetual victim mode.
      Women who can – do.
      Women who can’t become feminists.

      1. Can’t imagine (((who))) would want to “double the tax base, drive down the cost of labor, drive a wedge between the sexes, destroy the nuclear family, destroy Christianity, emasculate men”. I mean, no one would ever want to destroy (((themselves))).

      2. “Feminism has made women into infantilized, man hating shrews who spend their entire lives in perpetual victim mode” I’m going to get that printed on a t-shirt. So nice to talk to a rational woman, but somewhat sad we have to find each other on a site like this, which, let’s face it, does at times spew some fairly vitriolic material about the so called fairer sex. You should read Camille Paglia’s various articles, if you haven’t already. Best.

    3. Women were never oppressed, all women worked until the industrial revolution. It meant we could produce more while sending half the labour force home.
      We decided to send women home, while we could have had twice as much material stuff, we invested in social capital. More attention raising kids, knowing neighbours, clean homes, better nutrition.
      Feminism convinced some they needed their ‘own’ money, because handbags and shoes don’t buy themselves.
      The only cost was no more happy kids, dirty homes and fat waist lines…. no real kiss ehh?
      Well we’ve neutered men, creatures who loves women, and exploited their generosity and disposition of appeasement, to the point they are unable to fend off savage peoples.
      No worries, all we have to do us convert our religion and we’re part of the team.
      You’ll all get raped, if not, your daughters, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say you caused this outcome…
      I hope the shoes were worth it.

    1. apparently white males can’t even die better without the feminist left wingers trying to take a cut of the bravado. Woman out live men by an avg of 7 years.

  22. The dropping out has many factors behind it. Feminism is just one of them. There was a deal about men producing in society and that deal has been altered. The response is pray it isn’t altered further.
    Men produce and the state takes from them. The corporations keep an ever greater margin on what they produce vs. wages. Furthermore what was the expected result when merit was replaced with politics and worse yet identity politics? Women can use politics to get the resources of productive men so the social deal has been extremely altered.
    I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again, most productive men aren’t exciting. Just good stable people with skills. Women want to indulge in exciting men, and the state taking from them not only allows them to it covers the down side risks and makes it so they never have to put up with such a guy in their lives.
    There’s no fighting this system in the open, but there is one way to fight, produce less.
    Obamacare’s primary mission was to force men to work IMO through the mandate. ZIRP again is to keep men working by attacking savers. If interest rates had stayed up and no Obamacare I would probably drop to three months a year of contract work.

  23. Men have struck back on dating as well. We don’t pay for dates, some only hookup, and now many women pay for dates and ask men out. Feminism is dead, dead dead. Very soon, the natural law of GOD (male dominance) re-asserts itself.

    1. Feminism isn’t really ‘dead’: we just have a lot of feminists who deny that they’re feminists, while they still want all of the benefits and privileges that they have because of feminist lobbying and crusading (e.g., ‘No-Fault’ Divorce, VAWA, ‘must arrest’ laws, “Yes Means Yes”, biased ‘Family Courts’, biased “Equal Opportunity” regs, non-prosecution of female perjury and false accusations, etc.).

  24. Destroyed the traditional family unit, hence the building block of society.
    Men just couldn’t deal with the constant power grab from their own household members.
    You go girls, lead everyone into a black hole.
    The result of the happiness study done on women recently, serves them right.

  25. To the site administrators…I think this site may be under some sort of attack. May be just my old computer, but recently when I’ve visited here my screen gets ‘jacked’ to what I believe is a fake warning that updates are somehow crucial. Only happens here…might need looking into. It’s bad enough that I’ve begun avoiding the site even though I enjoy the content. It happens if I don’t void the pop up ad that accompanies an article selection soon enough. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  26. I actually feel sorry for women these days. As a Christian, I believe that men and women have different complementary roles and that this actually works out best for both sexes. However, today’s women are pulled in so many directions. The saddest sight on earth is a 40 year old women still chasing after younger men and pretending she’s happy – that and the 40 year old career woman who doesn’t even know her children because she working herself to the bone for a big company that will sack her eventually anyway. As for us, a big part of being a man is acting like one when the whole world is going down the toilet. A Happy and Manly Year to you all, chaps!

  27. Allowing Women to vote, drive and enter male workspace was the biggest mistake.
    Once women can make money on her own and does not have to rely on men for food and shelter, women will behave more cuntish, selfish, and obnoxious. The true nature of female will come out.
    Women always have to be kept in check and always has to have her options controlled by a man. This is one way to sure that women will not be combative and know her role as a proper woman.

    1. Looks more like they reached their time limit and were thrown off of the Carousel, to slam face-first into The Wall.

  28. Many white christian women today have become paid automatons of the leftist govt who reject their kindred men, children, and the over all moral family unit for a form of hedonistic self-empowerment that is nothing more than govt pimping and white genocide = multicultural Marxism/Leftist self-eradicating Liberation Theology.

  29. “Of course, traditionally speaking, women who like to boss people around, give orders, and display other forms of Penis Envy are a pain in the ass to be around.”
    Jesus! For thousands of years women HAD TO “boss people around” as their duty was to take care of the household and tell servants what to do. They were never delicate “snowflakes”.
    “An extensive body of research tells us that children do best when they grow up with both biological parents in a low-conflict marriage…. Thus, it is not simply the presence of two parents, as some have assumed, but the presence of two biological parents that seems to support child development.”
    And to think that one “manosphere” asshole insisted that unwed women should place their babies for adoption… :/
    Having said that, statistics shouldn’t be taken into consideration when you plan your own life. There are a lot of good stepmothers and stepfathers. Each situation is unique.

  30. I have a beauty channel on YT, my goal is to provide a way for women to become real LADIES again- rejecting feminism to become feminine. Hopefully as my channel grows, it will play a part in not only making America Great Again, but making Women LADIES Again.

  31. But men are supposed to cater to women and serve them, and worship them, never mind how hateful, self-centered, bloated, and uncouth they are. Men are supposed to know that the world revolves around western women. Men are supposed to be submissive and subservient to women, never mind that those women give nothing in return. Any man who can’t deal with a strong woman doesn’t deserve one.
    (end of sarcasm.)

  32. Wait, you mean feminists aren’t happy and fulfilled? But all the lesbians say that feminism would liberate women from the evil patriarchy.

    1. The homosexuals I’ve encountered are not the sharpest tools in the shed. They are usually just dopey pigs with aberrant superegos exhibited by their serious mental and spiritual deficiencies…

      1. All the LBGTQ people whom I have encountered are mentally ill, damaged people. They hate traditional society and want to bring it down. I’ve worked with a few lesbians who admitted that they try to bring women over into lesbianism and the gay lifestyle.

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