The Vindication of Jameis Winston

If you’re a fan of American college football then you’ve probably heard a decent amount of news from Tallahassee, Florida in recent months, most of it centering on Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston has been a sensation in Florida since he arrived as an elite recruit from Alabama. Even before the season started, his legend was growing.

His impact on the baseball team was immediate.

He threw footballs clear over frathouses.

And in the pre-season spring football game, the freshman Winston’s dominance proved enough to convince Clint Trickett (a senior and the presumed starter up to that point) to get the hell out of dodge.

Then the season started, and the hype proved valid. From the very beginning, Winston began to make big plays. The Florida State team he led hadn’t been expected to do all that much. Winston was a freshman replacing a 3 year starter in EJ Manuel (a first round pick in the NFL). The team had lost a number of other key players on both sides of the ball. Florida State is not Alabama and, as a result, wasn’t expected to be able to simply “re-load” and replace all of that talent in a year.

Under Winston, however, that is exactly what happened. FSU became an unstoppable juggernaut, massacring every team it ran into as Winston made spectacular play after spectacular play.

By October, Winston was an obvious Heisman candidate with statistics that bested almost any other quarterback in the country. FSU was an undefeated national title contender. Everything was going smoothly… …until this.

An assistant state attorney says prosecutors in Tallahassee did not receive information about an 11-month-old sexual assault allegation involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston until Tuesday.

Tallahassee police investigated the Heisman Trophy contender in connection with a sexual assault that was reported nearly a year ago in an off-campus apartment. FSU records show the first report was made to campus police on Dec. 7 by a student at a dormitory. The investigation was handed over to Tallahassee police.

The case was not given to prosecutors until this week.

If charged, Winston would have been suspended indefinitely and his promising career almost certainly derailed. Florida State’s unbeaten run (and its national title hopes) would have likely went right down the drain without their leader. The hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands (most of Tallahassee plus FSU’s many fans nationwide) were under threat.

Syracuse v Florida State

I was (along with many others) suspicious of this entire thing from the get-go for a number of reasons (the timing being the most obvious). On Thursday, December 5th, these suspicions were proven well founded by the decision of the state attorney, a man known for throwing the book at FSU football players in particular, not to charge Jameis Winston.

Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, announced the move during a news conference at the Leon County Courthouse. Winston had faced felony charges after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman at an off-campus apartment on Dec. 7, 2012.

Meggs wouldn’t say whether his decision was a vindication for Winston, saying he would “leave that to you all after you review the facts.”

He did reveal some new information, saying that while Winston’s DNA was present in the sexual assault kit, the DNA of another male was also found, complicating the investigation. That person was identified as the accuser’s boyfriend, and he was not associated with the complaint, Meggs said.

Meggs added that the accuser had no outward signs of trauma, a key point in trying to prove an assault, and that documents related to the case were being released.

Search warrants in the case were released before Meggs’ announcement and indicate the woman told police she was raped at an apartment after a night of drinking. In the warrant, the accuser says she and friends had shots at a local bar and her “memory is very broken from that point forward.”

Meggs said that toxicology reports show the accuser had a blood alcohol level of .04 and that there was no evidence of drugs, including what are commonly referred to as date rape drugs.

The accuser’s attorney claimed that she was raped. Despite this, no signs of struggle or trauma were visible on her. We were intended, I guess, to believe that she simply allowed her rapist to have his way.

Her attorney would claim that we are in fact intended to believe that because her client was, in fact, heavily intoxicated. Despite this, she only blew a .04 BAC, well under the legal limit for motor vehicle operation (read: she was sober enough to drive).

So, what did we have here? A false accusation. Is this an anomaly? Not at all:

Travis Johnson-s810_3

Former NFL first-round pick Travis Johnson, who was acquitted after a sexual-battery trial while he was a star defensive tackle at Florida State, said he is worried for FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, he told the Tallahassee Democrat.

In March 2003, Johnson was charged with sexual battery after a female student-athlete accused him of forcing himself on her. Johnson later was found not guilty by an all-woman jury after less than 30 minutes of deliberation.

This is odd. The feminists told me that false accusations of sexual misconduct are insanely rare—women don’t lie about these things. What are the chances of two African-American football players at the same school in the same (relatively small) town facing such false accusations within a 10 year time frame?

In any case, the lack of veracity in this accuser’s claim leaves a simple question to be answered: what really happened with Jameis? Newly released Tallahassee Police documents that include testimony from two witnesses tell the story:

ronald darby

I, RONALD DARBY, hereby having been duly sworn and affirmed hereby state the following as true and correct:
My name is Ronald Darby. I am over 18 years in age. I am a resident of Leon County.

On December 6, 2012, I went with Chris Casher and Jameis Winston to Potbelly’s. We arrived around 11:00 p.m. While there, I watched Jameis talking with a white female that had blonde hair. It appeared that the female was pursuing Jameis. In an effort to continue to hang out with Jameis she was trying to get her friend to go home with Chris Casher. As Jameis and this girl talked, she did not want him to leave.

Jameis Winston, Chris Casher and l decided to leave Potbelly’s and the same blonde female followed us out of the club. This female did not appear intoxicated. She was able to walk out of the club, have a conversation with all of us and use her cell phone to text her friend to join us. She even got in the cab with us.

When we returned to our apartment building, she followed Jameis into his apartment and into his bedroom. Jameis and the girl went into his bedroom. The lights were on and the door was cracked open. The door did not lock and did not close all the way because the lock was broken.

As the door was partially open, Chris looked through the opening and we could see her giving Jameis oral sex. Chris continued to watch Jameis and the girl through the cracked door. He was playing jokes on Jameis and trying to embarrass Jameis. Chris walked in Jameis’ room and the girl told Chris to get out. She then got up turned off the light and shut the bedroom door. Chris and I could hear her and Jameis having sex. At no time did the girl ever indicate that she was not a willing participant. In fact, she wanted more privacy by closing the door and turning off the lights.

After approximately 20 minutes, I left the apartment and went upstairs to my apartment. As I was walking to my apartment l saw Jameis leave with the same girl on his scooter. Approximately five minutes later, Jameis returned on his scooter.

chris casher

I, CHRISTOPHER (CHRIS) CASHER, hereby having been duly sworn and hereby state the following as true
and correct:

My name is Chris Casher. I am over 18 years in age. I am a resident of Leon County.

On December 6, 2012, I went with Ronald Darby and Jameis Winston to Potbelly’s. We arrived around 11:00 p.m. I met a white female with blonde hair. She came up to me and asked if I played football. When I responded that I did play football she seemed more interested in me and gave me her telephone number. I went off and started mingling with other people in the club.

When Jameis Winston, Ronald Darby and I decided to leave Potbelly’s and the same blonde female that gave me her telephone number followed us out of the club. This same female wanted to leave with us in the cab and virtually invited herself. She was not intoxicated. She was able to have a conversation with us.

She was not slurring or stumbling. She was using her cell phone to try and invite her friend to join us. When we arrived at Legacy Suites, she got out of the cab and followed Jameis to his apartment and into his bedroom.

Jameis and the girl went into his bedroom. The door was pulled shut but could not shut all the way because it was broken. The lights were on.

Since the door was partially open, I looked through the opening and we could see her giving Jameis oral sex.

They had only been in the room a few minutes before I witnessed her giving him oral sex. Jameis was facing the door with his hands on his hips while she was in front of him on her knees. I witnessed them both take each other’s clothes off and lay on the bed. Jameis and the blonde female began having intercourse. As a joke, I busted into the room to embarrass Jameis. The girl yelled at me, “get out.” She got up off the bed and turned off the light and tried to close the door. I could hear them continuing to have sex. She never indicated that she was not a willing participant. From what I saw she was a more than willing participant.

After approximately 20 minutes, I went into my bedroom . I could hear Jameis and the girl leaving. They were talking to each other in a friendly manner.

A typical story: the girl got a little buzz and decided to get adventurous with a couple of athletes. She later regretted this, especially after she realized that Jameis Winston already had a long-term girlfriend (due to visit him at FSU just a day or two after this incident).


She was nothing more than a casual, short-term slampiece to him, a quick sex toy to be shared with his buddies. She figured she deserved better than that and her solution was a common one: claim sexual assault/rape. Turn the man she gave sexual access to into a trespasser.

She failed to do this, but this saga can still prove educational to many men. Despite the fact that he will not be going to prison, Winston has still paid a price for this drama. His name was dragged through the mud and he spent the better part of a year with the spectre of a falsely-conceived prosecution hanging over his head and potentially ending his career. There was obviously plenty of noise coming at him from fans and media across the country, many of whom were happy to see him in trouble and hopeful of his being put away. And, finally, there was the need to face friends and family and explain all of this to them as they too bared the stress.


Travis Johnson knows all about the costs of this kind of thing:


Johnson, who played six years in the NFL after he was a first-round pick of the Houston Texans in 2005, told the newspaper he thinks Winston will suffer emotional distress even if he is never charged in the investigation into a sexual battery allegation stemming from December 2012.

“Right now, Jameis is as cool as the other side of the pillow,” Johnson told the Democrat. “But on the inside, I know that it’s killing him. The longer it goes on, the more it’s going to wear on him.”

Johnson, 31, who lives in Houston, told the Democrat the charge followed him for years and that every NFL team he spoke with brought up the case.

“There’s a reason I met with all 32 teams,” he told the newspaper. “Because all 32 teams wanted to know what happened. … In this country, you are guilty until proven innocent. In the court of public opinion, they crucify you.”

And what was the cause of all this turmoil? What brought about this media storm that engulfed the sporting world for months and threatened to bring down one of the greatest young stars college football has ever seen?

A pretty little co-ed got a little loose one night, did some things she regretted and didn’t want to look bad. That’s all.


Such is the world we live in, gentlemen, and such is the world we must adapt to. Women in this society (particularly the young ones of European heritage) have tremendous influence. One peep from them regarding their having been harmed by you in any way can bring tremendous consequences even in the total absence of evidence. In some cases, these consequences can be as simple as a white knight stepping in and “defending her honor” by getting confrontational with you. In other cases, the consequences can awaken societal forces large enough to bring young superstars and multi-million dollar athletic programs to their knees. All on a whim.


And when these claims are proven false, what happens to the accusers? Not much. The media continues to try and protect the accuser of Jameis Winston by refusing to use her name, and the authorities aren’t releasing it either (even though word has gotten out unofficially). Meanwhile, as the powers that be worked to shield this accuser, Winston’s name got dragged through the mud before he was even CHARGED with a crime. Again, such is our world.


What can a young male concerned with self-improvement (and self-preservation) take away from all of this? Cover your back. Watch yourself and always maintain a healthy dose of skepticism regarding the intentions of these women. Be careful where you put your dick. You are, as a male in this country, at a significant risk of facing false accusations of sexual misconduct and the consequences of doing so are not trivial. Don’t let a feminist tell you otherwise—they look out for the women bringing the accusations, not for you.

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110 thoughts on “The Vindication of Jameis Winston”

  1. False rape accusers should be punished as severely as rapists. Too many men are being thrown to the wolves through this. Even though this man survived this, the damage has been done, I’m afraid this experience will massively affect his reputation,social life and profession.Being labelled a rapists even though you’re innocent must be one of the most horrifying labels to have. Think it about it, what will even happen to this woman apart from getting a slap on the wrist?
    Imagine if a guy were to accuse a girl for rape? they’ll probably just laugh at him or call him ‘lucky’ even though there is a significant percentage of woman raping men. The double standards continues

    1. I believe it is China where this is law. The onus is entirely on the accuser to prove guilt, not the accused to provide innocence.
      I used to think rape was the worst thing in the world. If I heard of such an allegation, I’d be one of those who would want to run the accused up a flagpole by his nutsac. But in the wondrous world we live in, rape kept getting redefined time and time again to the point where enough females considered it perfectly reasonable to scream rape if they regretted their own actions, no matter how willing they were. Now I’m like many of you – when I hear a rape allegation, I feel serious doubt.
      Feminists claim that rape and violence against women are what they want to put an end to by publicizing and speaking against it; in the end, they have done more to trivialize it in the last 20-25 years than I could have ever dreamed possible.

      1. With feminists like meg lankers “Inflaming” the public with false rape accusations, added to the recent “Dear colleague letter” that is stripping college guys of their basic due process rights, added to the fact that American law enforcement are using protocol perversions and semantics games to manufacture the 2% false number……..AND WE HAVE THE PERFECT RECIPE FOR PERVETRING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE.

    2. A guy on my freshman hall was blackout drunk and was essentially raped by a sorority girl. He hasn’t reported it. He knows that the administration won’t believe him.

      1. Makes sense. One of my friends got jerked off by two girls in the backseat of my car while he was passed out. Sure we had our laughs the next day but then I thought what if the roles were reversed and we were the ones fingering one of the girls while she was passed out?

        1. Hell, I can think of at least a couple of times where I was half out of it from a night of drinking and a good long fuck, only to come to and find the debauched slut that I was with on top of me, sliding my cock back inside of her. (Without even bothering to let me put a condom on, of course.)
          Somebody get me a fucking lawyer. RAPE CULTURE MUST END.

        2. I’ve also seen situations where girls, the morning after, all sit around making fun of the Friend who got too drunk and “taken advantage of”
          Its all fun and games until they want to ruin your life.

    3. We’ve all had the buddy (or been the guy) who got a little too shithoused and porked a fatty-patty that was damn near sober.
      She doesn’t get charged, just an unmerited ego boost.

      1. Worst memories of my life. They warn women to be careful when out drinking, how about warning guys to beware of the fat ass chicks who come after you when you’re drunk? A friend of mine was literally stalked at parties by this chick who would go for him when he got too wasted. She got me once too. Eugh

  2. If this was part of the girl’s plan to save face after an embarrassing sexual encounter that she later regretted — she failed miserably. Now the entire world knows she is a slut and a liar.

    1. Doubt it matters much, being a lying slut is something to be proud of for modern women. In related news, the courts awarded Sarah Jones, the cheerleader/teacher convicted of having sex with an underage student, $400,000 because people said mean things about her online

      1. Wonder how the papers would react if all the details were the same, but it was a 27 year old actor and a 17 year old girl? Just kidding, we all know they’d be treated better than a child molester.

  3. There are a lot of fake statistics on the number of women who will be sexual assaulted (the infamous one-in-three or one-in-four number depending on who you ask) but no real good ones on false and unfounded rape accusations. No one will conduct an indepth investigation into the subject because they fear the political ramifications of doing so if the conclusion does not support the current feminists lies.
    Despite this, there have been some studies on false rape. These studies have concluded the number could be anywhere from 8% to around 40%. The “consensus” of those who are willing to make a public statement on the matter seem to peg false rape reports around 10%. I have read some of the studies and think it is more like 25%, but regardless, even 10% (one-in-ten) is significant. What are the numbers for false reports for other crimes such as assault, robbery, etc.? You really can’t find an actual number, but any intelligent guess would put that number around a very small part of one percent.
    If women want to be “empowered” and “independent” they need to learn to accept the consequences of their actions and not try to place the blame on someone else by lying.

  4. It good to see justice done, and some men escaping from the claws of the psychotic U.S. justice system….
    ….But it seems that the biggest victims of false rape accusations are not the superstar athletes (who, in the unlikely event they were guilty, still would likely have strings pulled in their favor), but rather the non-famous, non-athlete white males who go to frat parties and have “regret rape” charges filed against them.
    Exhibit A: James Strange:
    So looking to high profile celebrity cases can conceal as much as they reveal, because fame is a huge variable that’s absent in most cases.

    1. Every single law/institution used to destroy black men will be turned on Latin men, white men, Asian men, all men.
      men were hung by their necks due to false rape allegations, and they
      were marginalized due to a fear they would rape white women. They were
      sent to prison in their millions in a “War on Crime”, which was really a “War on
      Some Drugs.” They were stripped from their children in a “War on
      On and on; every single one of these injustices is coming for all. Prepare yourselves.

      1. Blacks have committed far more violent crimes than they’ve had committed against them. But that’s the argument for another day.
        The bottom line here is that a false criminal accusation (especially of rape because of the stigma associated with it, and because of the fact so many falsely accused get convicted) is a sharp injustice.
        My point was more about the celebrity aspect making the Jameis Winston incident aberrational.
        Incidentally, the University of Montana quarterback was also falsely accused a couple of years ago:

  5. Just because there wasn’t a criminal trial doesn’t mean she won’t take a crack at him in a civil suit.

      1. Yes that is what should happen, except it won’t because those suits are impossible to win

      2. Bro, I was going to sue my false rape accuser, but she had no assets i could claim, and the lawyer said…”do the math”, its going to cost you 10,000 dollars for me to represent you, and you will get no financial relief from her because she has nothing to lose.

        1. That sucks. Prison sentence equivalent to what the false charge carried would stop that shit cold.

    1. I doubt she will. I’ll bet she wants this all forgotten, she doesn’t want to bring this bullshit anywhere near a court of law where her story would be tested. Right now Winston is “not guilty,” but he hasn’t been proven innocent and she hasn’t been proven a liar. If she sued him he would almost certainly countersue for defamation, malicious prosecution, etc.
      My prediction is she does not sue; if I am right that will be telling, given that the burden of proof in a civil lawsuit is only a preponderance of the evidence. If he had really raped her, you’d think she’d be able to prove it at least to a more-likely-than-not standard, even if she can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. Why the Anti Semitic stuff? Jews are people and if some Jewish person happens to come up with a popular idea then we should not use that as an excuse to attack ‘the jews’. Who is next? Are we going to pick on all ideas from Italians, or English, or Spanish?
      Besides Jews are of European heritage. The Ashkenazi are by far the largest Jewish group in America and the whitest and most European of them all.
      I think we can deal with these issues without picking ethnic/gender groups to hate on.

  6. In cases such as this, would the accused be able to counter-sue for something like slander or defamation of character?

  7. When I was living in central Europe last year, my Slovak friends had a party for me when I was about to go home. There were about 15 of us–9 guys and 6 girls. Anyway, we sat outside our favourite pub having a great time–talking, laughing, drinking, taking pictures, etc. for six hours. All of us guys were drinking beer, wine and Slovak plum brandy which is very strong. Guess what the girls drank? Ice tea. Lemonade. Sprite. I think they were somewhat amused to see us guys making fools of ourselves and wondered how far we could go. The point is, women in this part of the world know what can happen when they drink. I’m not saying they don’t drink and don’t get drunk, but they act more responsible and realize getting totally shit-faced has consequences.
    Western women are the total opposite. They have no idea what being responsible means. She will drink herself stupid. Have willing sex with a guy. Regret it in the morning. Convince herself she was raped.

    1. Also women in those countries get a relationship with alcohol early in their lives so it is not taboo, and lack of legal drinking age takes away the allure of alcohol so they do not drink to excess. In the USA prohibition led to men and women drinking to excess together, it used to be only men(and whores) drinking in saloons and was unbecoming of a lady to be anywhere near the place. First came suffragettes, then prohibition, federal taxation , then…you know the rest.

    2. And you’d think the women saying “No woman should be afraid to drink!” would realize it’s not smart for ANYBODY man or woman to drink so much you get blacked out knocked out drunk in a room full of people you don’t know.

    3. The only American women I have seen in the US with similar attitudes are those who were raised by more conservative families. They don’t go to bars or clubs. If they have a drink, they have only one at a social event, ie., a party, or if they are out to dinner.

  8. No surprise there that it’s a white girl that filed the rape charge without hesitation. Young white women in their twenties think they’re above everybody. They’re also very racist. In her mind, she’s not going to let some black man perform a pump and dump on her milky white bottom…even if the man is a super alpha. It’s no surprise she enlisted the state, white knighters and pedestal pushers to try and bring down Winston.

    1. I don’t think the race matters all that much. My false (sexual harassment, not rape) accuser was hispanic. Apparently, Brian Banks’ was black. It’s just a problem with women in their 20s these days period.

      1. mine was my girlfriend, as a punishment for breaking up with her… Insane…. The minute I broke up with her, she srcathes herself up and walks down to the police station, has me fuking arrested, just with no evidence, just because it was a “domestic” “dispute?” It wasnt a disute! I wasn’t domestic! I wasn’t married to that girl! It’s entitlement insanity! My warning, stay away from girls who don’t know how to ride a bike, they are the crazy manipulaitves…

        1. Now that’s really freakin’ scary. And all we hear day in and day out is “rape culture” this, “rape culture” that. what about crazy freakin’ bitches like what you had to go through…

    2. The only connection to white women I would make is the far higher likelihood of alcohol related sexual assault victimization in that group. White college women drink harder than the others according to studies.

  9. When someone falsely accuses another of a crime I have no idea why that person can’t be charged and sent to prison. That would resolve a majority (not all) of false reports.
    Plus we need to remove the shield law when it comes to adults. One person can’t have protection of being identified and have zero reproductions when they lie.
    What’s alarming is if he didn’t have eyewitnesses you know he would have been charged.

    1. When the mainstream media calls a rape accuser “the victim”, they are convicting the accused in the press and violating a basic foundation of the U.S. legal system: a person is innocent until proven guilty.
      The fact that no one is suing these media firms for defamation demonstrates the difficulty of getting criminal charges brought against false accusers.
      Also, in many states, if the accuser “believes” she has been sexually assaulted, there can be no finding of falsely reporting a crime. Since it’s almost impossible to prove what a person believes, it’s almost impossible to bring and prove charges against false accusers.
      We have a fucked up legal system, powered by mangina politicians and enjoyed by evil feminists.

      1. Its why very few trust the main stream American media anymore. Someone could start a news source (outside the perversion curtain of main stream American media) and it would be a huge success

  10. The problem with punishing the false accuser is that it prevents the truth from coming out. There have been a fair share of women who finally confessed after the men they falsely accused had been locked away.
    Women are entirely too egocentric to have the integrity to voluntarily face any sort of punishment for any wrong-doing. I would rather see these women go unpunished than seeing the men continue to rot in prison because these toxic women kept their mouths shut.
    I certainly do think more scrutiny should be placed on such cases. It seems like due process and innocent until proven guilty got thrown out for mob mentality.

    1. Not necessarily. Women are shit-scared of prison. They also don’t know how to talk to cops. Simply being advised that they could do jail time if they are proven to have lied would prompt most women to confess like they were in a Catholic church. They’d confess if they ever even thought about making a false accusation.

      1. I’ve talked to cops and they all say women are much more self-deceptive. They do not confess to crimes and are very hesitant to admit wrongdoing, and they are much more likely to try to dismiss and rationalize their crimes. Men are more willing to confess and admit their crimes.

  11. Ah yes… Alpha male problems. It’s doesn’t get discussed much in the media, and quite frankly, it is not mentioned much either in the manosphere. I guess it’s something aspirational betas don’t have experience with.
    Ever heard the saying “Mo money, more problems?” Well, add to it, “more apha, more problems.” Alpha males have the same problem as young attractive females at their peak of their fertility. Everybody wants you but you don’t want to have just anybody because you have so many choices. So for a 10 this means no betas and for an alpha stud; no warpigs or any woman less than an eight. Women are constantly on guard against buzzing betas or anyone of insufficient value getting past her defenses and into her snatch.
    But, men don’t have this software automatically programed into their hind brain. This is the apha male’s problem. He doesn’t have the male equivalent of the sisterhood of cockblockers. Quite the opposite; all the males in his inner circle are generally below him in status and therefore encourage him not to be choosy. This is because they don’t have the same choices as him so it’s a no brainer to fuck that one-in-a-lifetime 9 or 10 that comes their way. At the same time they are living vicariously through him with every conquest.
    This leads to bad choices in women such as golddiggers, basketball wives, myspace angle girls, and baby mamas. This is the alpha male’s problem. Betas simply can’t fathom this.
    I was listening to Michael Kay (beyyyyyytaaaaa!) on ESPN Radio New York, describing the reaction of NY Jets player Antonio Cromartie to Winston’s acquittal. Cromartie exclaimed “Jameis Winston is free!” in the middle of the locker room in front of reporters interviewing other players. Kay described the reaction as dumb, clueless, stupid, and insensitive. I disagree. I think Kay is the dumb one.
    For those who don’t know, Cromartie, 29, has fathered 12 children with eight different women, in 6 states. You can knock on Cromartie for his lack of discernment, but he’s a victim of predatory women who smelled his naivete a mile away. Even a couple of them aren’t low class hood rats. Baby mamma No. 6 is a corporate lawyer and former Miss North Carolina. The current one is a model with her own TV show. These aren’t dumb women unaware of his past and they still chose to have his babies.
    Michael Kay, 52, on the other hand didn’t get lucky until he married a post wall, post carousel Jodi Applegate, 49, two years ago. He just had his first child via surrogate.

  12. This happens all the time. She should be punished. I am white and had a girl do this to me at an sec school when we DIDN’T EVEN HAVE SEX. Ludicrous.
    The most outrageous part was that after falsely accusing and then having to pay for the rape kit, she begged me on two occasion to suck my dick, to which I obliged ( like an idiot). Nowadays, at 36, I wouldn’t let her near my cum.

  13. Men are scrutinized everyday for raping women, and feminists attack Men globally for doing so. But the feminist cunts forget that women also rape men. Facepalm

    1. American law enforcement don’t get any federal pork bloating dollars for intercepting women who rape young boys!!

  14. Jameis Winston has committed sexual assault ! The victims were Duke, Wake forest, and South Carolina and he is threatening Auburn as we speak!
    I hit Roosh up about this the day they decided not to charge him, I am glad we have a site like this to put the innocently accused side out there. makes it look like he got away with it, and Jezebel ….well we know their bullshit approch. The most fucked up thing about this accusation is racial component, she knew her accusation fit stereotypes and ran with that shit.

    1. The federal pork bloating dollars that American law enforcement now get that enable this culture of false rape a perverse stain on American law enforcement that will not wash off very easily.

    2. The real question is…Is American law enforcement finally starting to stand up against the feminist Klan???

  15. False rape accusers should be raped by the person they accused.
    After all…. you can’t be tried for the same crime twice.
    An intriguing thought.
    But who are we kidding here. Women are MUCH too horny to ever feel the need to “rape” one. That’s the first thing the guy should say to the Judge.

      1. From another site which apparently copied from 4chan:
        “… That wasn’t their first encounter. They knew each other. She became bitter about something and cried wolf to then later retract. There is proof they were together after and it makes her look really suspicious in the timing in revisiting this BS she initially started. Defamation. That’s why she didn’t cooperate all that time from December to February because it was a bullshit allegation. Not until he becomes famous Jameis that her eyes light up and now she wants to change her story back.”
        Yes this is what I heard. She will change her story to consensual because if she doesn’t she is gonna get cornered and caught lying and then they will point to motives and timing which would fry her. The DNA results have been back…. They knew this. But they also have strong proof of consensual relations. This is what I heard TIFWIW. I’m sticking to this11/21 12:57 AM | IP: Logged
        And another
        “***** ********* is a member of DZ house at FSU
        Just thought yall would like to know.
        When the evidence comes out that she made contact with Jameis AFTER the alleged rape day her story is fried and criminal charges could be filed against HER.
        Shame on the media for digging up this bullshit story that the TPD determined bogus in 5 minutes. Shame on ESPN for this smear journalism.”
        “Rape shield laws need to be amended to protect the accused. Especially in a case were there was conflicting stories about it being consensual.”
        “Just read on Grimm’s twitter that the DZ (her sorority) house is receiving death threats and people are spitting on girls wearing the DZ letters, that shit is out of control now.”
        “For the record, this isn’t the first time a girl from the DZ house has cried rape only to be proven false.”

        1. “Just read on Grimm’s twitter that the DZ (her sorority) house is receiving death threats and people are spitting on girls wearing the DZ letters, that shit is out of control now.”

          I was getting ready to say that’s going way too far, until

          “For the record, this isn’t the first time a girl from the DZ house has cried rape only to be proven false.”

          Now I just think that sucks for the girls that had nothing to do with it.

        2. yes it does… But soririties also suck, do you really feel that bad for any girls having to handle the baggage that comes along with being in a sorority? I’m sorry but I just can’t, you know what you’re signing up for…

        3. I didnt even know any baggage came with being in a sorority. But if I were those girls, I wouldn’t wear the sorority letters for a while.

  16. The fact of the matter is if you are gonna go out and get drunk, and associate with drunk females, you better damn well be fucking aware of the potential for big trouble or you are a dumbass.

    1. But he shouldn’t have to, that is drunk shaming vis a vis slut shaming, no????

  17. Given incidents like the duke lacrosse case, where a bunch of white athletes were put through the same meat-grinder this guy was, how do you figure ‘European descent’ (aka being white) played a part in this false accuser’s ‘influence’? In that case the accuser was black. she was also a cokehead stipper and her testimony was even less credible, but that did not stop the case from becoming a national incident on the same scale as this one.

    1. Destroying some rich, smart uppity white kids from Duke is a huge victory for white male hating fembots and their white knight overlords. Alas, it failed.

  18. When you get a lot of ass consistently and you treat women like it is no big deal, eventually you will run in to a chick like Erica who does not know her place. When you brush her off because of your real girlfriend , career , forgot her name or that you even hit it, or just hit it in a bathroom stall and walked off they treat it like a nuclear rejection . The reason for this is most women that are 7’s or better have never been rejected, turned down, ignored or dismissed . A part of the case not mentioned in the article above is she and he texted back and forth in days prior to accusation, the Attorney General has and saw these texts prior to making his decision , and did not make them public. He used her for what she was good for, and sent her home to her weak ass boyfriend . Bitch should know her place and position, place- on your knees, position- doggie style sometimes missionary, now fuck off bitch I gotta go make history on the field. Clean yourself off and get the fuck out.

  19. The fact that the State Attorney decided not to prosecute Jameis Winston does not mean that he was innocent of the crime for which he was investigated. It merely means that the State Attorney thought that he could not prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt.
    I would not be too impressed by the affidavits given by Winston’s two fellow athletes to Winston’s legal team. Obviously they were written to subvert the State Attorney’s case; most likely by Winston’s legal team. Maybe they are accurate as to what occured that night; maybe not. People have been known to lie.
    The way this whole matter was handled by the legal authorities and Florida State reeks of a cover up. Maybe of a crime, or maybe of a taint to their athletic program.
    I do not know if Jameis Winston committed a crime that night or not, and neither do any of you.

    1. “The fact that the State Attorney decided not to prosecute Jameis Winston
      does not mean that he was innocent of the crime for which he was
      You’re right, that in and of itself is not proof of anything.
      The evidence (or lack thereof), on the other hand, says a lot more about the plausibility of Jameis Winston having committed this crime.
      The odds are not looking good for the anxious feminists who are convinced a crime was committed.
      “I would not be too impressed by the affidavits given by Winston’s two fellow athletes to Winston’s legal team.”
      I might. Their stories line up quite well with the other more objective evidence we have (including that sourced from the accuser’s own friends and phone records).
      “Maybe they are accurate as to what occured that night; maybe not. People have been known to lie.”
      People have been known to lie, that is true.
      Some of those most known for lying are young white girls in southern states who have engaged in sexual activity with a black male (or multiple black males) and regret the actions and/or fear the response of their family/peers/community to their actions once they are discovered.
      These liars have quite a record in this nation’s history. This society tends to provide them with a benefit of the doubt that black men like Jameis Winston understand they will not receive.
      “The way this whole matter was handled by the legal authorities and
      Florida State reeks of a cover up. Maybe of a crime, or maybe of a
      taint to their athletic program.”
      The legal authorities in Tallahassee have a long record of throwing the book at FSU football players. Travis Johnson’s case was mentioned in the article above, and there have been many others who’ve had promising football careers destroyed by legal troubles unrelated to sex crimes.
      If the FSU football program was looking for help in protecting its reputation, it wasn’t going to get it from local legal authorities, ESPECIALLY not Willie Meggs.
      She’s a “cleatchaser” (her words, not mine) who went for what she wanted, regretted it, and tried to pass it off as a sexual assault to cover her own posterior when her friends went to her family about it. The case is not going forward because there is nothing to move forward with: she has no case and no evidence because her story (which has changed multiple times and simply isn’t supported by the evidence available) is bullshit.
      She’s a scorned groupie. That is all she is and all she ever will be, regardless of how loudly feminists scream the contrary.
      “I do not know if Jameis Winston committed a crime that night or not, and neither do any of you.”
      You can speak for yourself.

      1. The evidence that would carry the most weight at trial would be the following:
        1. Her testimony: Supports her version;
        2. DNA Findings: Supports her version;
        3. His testimony: Not going to happen. Hence, no value.
        4. Two Affidavits: His friends support his version. Big surprise.
        Again, I am not saying Jameis Winston is guilty, since I have not reviewed the State Attorney’s file on the matter. But for you to prejudge the matter based on your very limited understanding of the evidence the State Attorney has developed strikes me as naive.

        1. “1. Her testimony: Supports her version;”
          And isn’t supported by most of the evidence.
          “2. DNA Findings: Supports her version”
          The DNA findings prove that she had sex with Jameis Winston.
          She is claiming that she was raped; the DNA in itself is not enough to help that case.
          “3. His testimony: Not going to happen. Hence, no value.”
          “4. Two Affidavits: His friends support his version. Big surprise.”
          How is their testimony as first hand witnesses to the incident any less valid than hers?
          “Again, I am not saying Jameis Winston is guilty”
          No, you’re just trying to play up that scenario in the midst of a host of factors that have marked it quite unlikely.
          Why are you doing this? Don’t know, don’t care. Either way, you’re full of it and so is Erica Kinsman.
          “But for you to prejudge the matter based on your very limited understanding of the evidence the State Attorney has developed strikes me as naive.”
          Bullshit. There’s more than enough information out there to come to the conclusion that there is a very low likelihood of Jameis Winston having committed this “crime”. This State Attorney has thrown the book at FSU football players who had far less going against them than Jameis Winston did. That he didn’t bother with this case is telling, and not in the way the feminist “rape culture” brigade would like it to be.
          There’s also nothing naive about acknowledging the likely role that social, racial and historical factors have played in animating this case. Women in Erica Kinsman’s position in that part of the United States have a long and dangerous history of bending the truth to cover their own asses.
          I’m not naive for noticing that and factoring it into my evaluation of this case (alongside all of the other evidence that is available). YOU are naive for completely ignoring it.

        2. “. . . acknowledging the likely role that social, racial, and historical factors have played in animating this case.”

        3. 1. Her testimony has been inconsistent according to the reports from both the TPD and the State’s Attorney (who is NOT historically friendly to FSU football players, that is ridiculous and ill informed).
          2. DNA findings, from her face and panties, show she had sex with Winston which supports all of the witness’ testimony. There was never a denial about having sex with the girl. Both Casher & Darby swore out that she performed oral sex (on her knees, according to Casher) and that they then engaged in intercourse.
          3. His testimony might well occur if this were taken to court. You have no clue as to whether he would testify on his own behalf or not. In a case like this, his testimony would carry no less weight than hers.
          4. Those affidavits were sworn out. You know that perjury is a crime, right? Historically, it is very unlikely that two individuals would both lie and risk perjury by going that route. Not to mention, in order to get their testimony to line up, they would have been forced to get their stories straight with Winston and/or his attorney(s). Lawyers suborning perjury will be disbarred at a minimum. Likewise, if Winston’s lawyers even suspected that Casher and Darby were committing perjury, they would be obligated to not call them to testify.
          5. You left out some things. The girl’s testimony/story not only changed a number of times, but the forensic evidence gathered didn’t back up her story. For example, her BAL was 0.048, which means she would have been legally able to drive, let alone not blacking/passing out drunk. There were also no drugs (they were looking for date-rape drugs in her tox report) in her system Secondly, she told one friend that she had suffered a head injury, and no such injury could be found. Third, the DNA of two different men was gathered. No where in any of the testimony was there a mention of a second “donor”. Casher even said that when he asked if he could join in, he was told to, “Get out!”. Neither Casher nor Darby matched the other sample. So, what would be the assumption based upon those findings? This is not an indictment of her promescuity, it is a search for the truth. Is it that she doesn’t recall another attacker/partner, or that she isn’t telling the whole story? There were no witnesses to any kind of coercion on the part of the FSU players to get her in a taxi, so she went voluntarily (since she wasn’t drugged, and wasn’t incoherent/drunk). Lastly, the case was placed, “inactive” because the girl and her lawyer didn’t want to pursue the case and stopped communicating with the police. The police wanted to follow up with questions (because they had affidavits from Casher & Darby) and wanted to find out more from the girl so that they could build a case, but the girl wouldn’t participate, thus the police couldn’t move forward with the case.
          6. Casher and Darby were both investigated by FSU’s panel for student code of conduct violations. Casher was found to have violated the policies on invading privacy and recording (video) without permission. There were charges about sexual misconduct, but those were found to not have been violated. You know what that means? The panel, with far less need for burden of proof, didn’t find Casher or Darby to have violated the code of conduct. If they had been witnesses to a sexual assault, that would have been a violation…
          Basically, you’ve got to believe that two individuals, the TPD, the State’s Attorney’s office, and FSU’s panel were all complicit in covering up a sexual assault in order to protect the interests of the FSU football team and its QB. However, if you simply go back and look at FSU’s scandals in the past you’ll find that being an FSU football player gives you no special leeway with the law. Just google “McPherson gambling stolen check” and you’ll see that being a superstar QB at FSU doesn’t protect you like ESPN (et al) thinks. And, committing sexual assault is a hell of a lot more serious than stealing some checks and gambling on-line.
          I’m a father of two daughters. I’d be the first to demand that Winston be buried under the jailhouse if he were found guilty. But, he hasn’t even had charges levied against him (legally, even though the media has already tried him and found him guilty), let alone been given a trial. With the information available (all of the official documents are online), you can draw your own conclusions, but the circumstances are suspect. How many media outlets stated that if the State’s Attorney didn’t bring charges, then it was a done deal and they would lay off of Winston? Well, here we are almost a year later and still the media wants to destroy this guy when even the girl won’t pursue the issue any more.

    2. ‘People have been known to lie’
      You’re not wrong. Except those bleeting under the cover of equality do not hold both sexes to equal account for doing so.

      1. Bleeting? Funny! With respect to that you are preaching to the choir, brother. However, the issue is not one of equality, or politics, but whether a crime was committed, or not.

    3. Bringing a conviction is for the trial which would require 95% assurance. Probable cause is what is need to bring charges. Probable cause requires just 25% assurance. In other words, they couldn’t even meet the lowest statndard of burden of proof.
      “The way this whole matter was handled by the legal authorities and Florida State reeks of a cover up”. Where is the evidence that there was a cover up. Clearly you have not read any of the documents because if you did you would see that everything was done excellently. All of the evidence was preserved. If they were trying to cover it up they would have tampered with the DNA and rape kit. Oh yeah, the rape kit was negative when they did it THAT NIGHT so there was nothing to tamper with. The tox and drug screens were done in February and in March and that night at the hospital as evident in the documents. They only halted the investigation when the girl and her lawyer broke of contact until the media started prying as documented in the reports. And as far as the affidavits, they are drafted by the attorney BASED ON THE STATEMENTS AND TESTIMONY FROM THE WITNESS. Most affidavits are written in first person If the accuser’s friend’s affidavits were written the same would you be saying this. It is not about how the affidavits were written but about what was stated in the affidavits. For example. Interviewer: Was the victim/accuser intoxicated?
      Witness: No. So the affidavit will read “the female did not appear intoxicated”. Or how about this. Witness: This blond headed girl was following him around and flirtin wit him and tryina git on his jock. So the affidavit would read: The blonde headed female was talking with Jameis and it appeard that she was pursuing him. Again, it’s not about how it was said but about WHAT was said.

  20. This article is spot on and so is that TMZ article. I can tell you firsthand that these college girls are getting RAN through. If people knew how whorish and slutty college groupies are they would not bother with western women. The worse is that most guys will never know this because the girl will move to another town once she graduates and hence have a clean slate.
    Women don’t mind being whores as long as they don’t get judged for being one but once they are then all of a sudden they cry Rape….

    1. When I was in college it was common to participate in group sex, girl on girl was just catching on, and 20 or more partners per semester was common (HBCU no less). I did not go to a white school till graduate school and boy did you white guys have it good, especially the frat boys. But there is a certain type of raunch that the athletes were in contact with was off the chain. I hung out with the football and basketball team because I was black and the shit I saw those girls do would shame their family. Funny thing is most guys do not really know how nasty it goes down during college for the cute girls they end up marrying.

  21. “A typical story: the girl got a little buzz and decided to get adventurous with a couple of athletes. She later regretted this”
    “A pretty little co-ed got a little loose one night, did some things she regretted and didn’t want to look bad.”
    – It doesn’t add up.
    Why would these women regret having consensual sex with famous, high status, alpha athletes? They wouldn’t. Having sex with alpha males that other women also wish they could have sex with does not make a woman “look bad”. It is a cause for celebration and high fives, not shame.

    1. No woman really wants to be seen as a slut, and definitely not a football team jump off. American woman like to think they are special, not ” that girl” that gets used for sex by the student athletes. For your information the only girl who celebrates is the one in a relationship with the alpha, the ” second pussy” or jump off hopes for the best but holds a lot of shame inside.

      1. Its 2013 in the United States of America. There currently is absolutely no shame in our culture associated with legal adults engaged in mutually consensual sex with each other.

        1. Oh there is shame, we just pretend it is ok. If any woman could have it her way she would rather be known as chaste.

        2. Not unless one belongs to the Satmar sect of Hasidic Jews, the FLDS or a few of the other extreme religious sects in the US. Mainstream American culture not only does not shame consensual sex between legal adults, it celebrates it. Particularly sex with successful, high status alpha males like Jameis Winston.

        3. This isn’t India or the 1700s. There is absolutely no shame associated with legal aged adults having consensual sex in the 21st Century Sex Positive United States of Porn.

        4. No no… you’re thinking too much on the logical level. There is a primitive visceral reaction in a woman when she gets used for sex, regardless of the culture. Unless she was married with a nice guy who took care of her and decided to get pregnant with the football player’s superior genes, which is not the case here. She just followed the feminists idea that having random hookups feels good because men and women are equal, so she got fucked by 2 different men who used her as a cum dumpster and left her after. She felt like a worthless piece of shit and no amount of yOu gO gIrl could sooth her feeling, and since she can’t be responsible for her actions, someone has to be.

        5. You and I don’t know what happened.
          What we do know is that Winston won’t be fully exonerated in the public eye. There are many questions left. What actually
          happened on the night in question? Why did an investigation into an
          alleged rape occurring in December 2012 take nearly a year to produce a
          decision to charge or not charge? What role did Florida State have in
          protecting one of its players, or supporting the fellow student accusing
          him of rape? How and why did this entire saga become public?

        6. I agree with the football player factor and the state protecting him. But I read further into the publicly released case files, and while we can’t know for sure, it looks to me like this girl either cheated on her boyfriend and feared that it would come out, or didn’t like the way she was fucked. I side with the guy on this case : no major signs of brutality + girl willingly going in the cab with the guys + girl admitting the guy drove her home + typical college girl slut profile = false rape accusation.

    2. a. Slut shaming. Chasing guys around to sleep with them simply because they are high profile athletes.
      b. Having sex with multiple partners (2 samples found on her face and panties) –> more slut shaming.
      c. Having sex with black athletes may be considered “bad” by certain families.
      d. Having a boyfriend and cheating on him.
      Societal and possibly familial pressures could sway a girl’s presentation of this event.

  22. You think it’s somehow improbable that she let him “have his way” when she was terrified? This would obviously leave no markings. Only 2-4% of rape cases are false accusations.

  23. I stay away from white women as a rule of thumb, they’re the ones using this feminist stuff to make our lives hell.

  24. “In some cases, these consequences can be as simple as a white knight stepping in and “defending her honor” by getting confrontational with you.”
    If only it were legal to break these pussies necks. Twice.

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