Images Of Attractive Women In Media Do Not Hurt Women

When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.

The simple truth of humanity is that women have been lauded and worshiped for their physical beauty. The world over sees every culture — with their own quirks — place high value on a woman’s youth and beauty. Countless works of art, novels and poems are been created to celebrate a man’s adoration for a woman’s gorgeous countenance. Women’s beauty has caused many men to fall in love, collapse in ruin and accede to the highest states of human consciousness. It is evident that male attraction to female beauty isn’t a social construction.

The current zeitgeist in the Western is to express anger and outrage over images of women’s bodies in the media. I won’t even link to any particular website or book, as a simple Google search will present a person with copious amounts of evidence that this is currently a hot social issue.

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The rhetoric typically goes a bit like this: Impossible beauty standards are foisted onto girls and women by advertisements on television and in magazines. While the causes vary, the more extreme rhetoric (by feminists) is that hetero-patriarchal beauty norms are forced onto women and this is a result of deeply-ingrained misogyny. Anorexia, “fat talk,” and generalized female anxiety over their bodies is a result of men collectively wanting to hurt women. This social construct that “all men are beasts” usually stems from individual women expressing disappointment over the men in their life. Failed childhoods, unrequited feelings with lovers and existential disappointment over male misbehavior in society are the primary causes of women to pretend “all men are beasts.” Feminism is the ideological manifestation of this.

Still, from the normal perspective, the average woman reads quite a bit about “introspective” discussions over what beauty standards are and what they should be. The answer to the former is that they are always nigh “impossible” and the answer to the latter is that “they should be determined by the woman herself.” Which means it is all bullshit.


The problem is that the discussion assumes and concedes that media will control how women view their bodies. See the problem? Sure, women are trained in this, but it catches women in a spot that advertisers exploit. On one hand, women reflexively want to resist authority figures dictating terms to them. On the other, they do want standards for beauty, but they want the standards to be altered so that they — in their current state — would be considered beautiful.

Women aren’t interested in actually changing themselves at all or bettering themselves in any sense. They demand that authority figures provide them with body types that reflect how they see themselves. Media realizes this and simply advertises: “Hey, we don’t airbrush! We embrace body diversity! We challenge gender!” This draws in a demographic that neither has the ability nor desire to change. Seeing women go from obese or chubby to fit and attractive is supremely psychologically disturbing. It knocks out the “impossible” assertion from the typical beauty standard rant and means that, if they so chose, they could meet the standard.

It is one massive movement to resist true, personal change. Personal change is difficult. To a chubby woman who has never cared for her body with respects to exercise and nutrition, it can be a challenge. The social forces that seductively lure her into the lair of personal denial and ignorance of reality are the same ones that preach “body diversity” and “fat acceptance.”

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In many ways, it can be compared to the allegory of taking the blue-pill. Instead of confronting personal psychological deficiencies, these “body diversity” movements offer up a temporary salve. Much like getting drunk after your wife handing you divorce papers, it is a short term approach to ameliorating pain. However, it has an incredibly dark underbelly: all the time you spend ignoring your problems or needing authority figures to buttress your identity is time you wasted getting through your issues. The short term dividend from feel-good movements always results in a serious bank fee once the inevitable passage of time occurs. You can’t pray away your own issues, including your body image ones.

Pretending that plus-sized women strutting up and down the catwalk is good will only hurt women long term. The temporary high — like any other addiction — will fade quickly and will only become more fleeting the more it’s indulged. Their cries won’t be about plus-size models, but plus-size women in TV shows, fat women in lead roles of movies, etc. The cries will get more insistent and impassioned as the they near the inevitable consequence of all this teeth-gnashing: confronting the self.

If “body diversity” activists win out there will be victorious backfat-slapping and bellyroll-bouncing. It will quickly come to disquiet as the aspirational images are no longer skinny, attractive women. Suddenly, the women to aspire to be are not others, but them. Media images are aspirational, make no bones about that. So, these triumphant women parading around social media will realize that they are the women they aspire to be. They are objects of envy. Beneficiaries of privilege. Before they reach for the bottle or the knife, the dream end because that will never happen.


Like any narcissistic society, we spend most of our time wishing things were true. This is true for the “body diversity” movements. They don’t believe that society truly has these oppressive body standards, but only that they wish that it were. They know, deep down, that they have a better shot at changing the whole world around them than themselves. They know that forcing others to conform is more likely to succeed than getting themselves to change without any outside pressure. They know the media isn’t the problem. Beauty isn’t completely socially constructed, but informed greatly by biology. The wishes of social construction are little more than lamentations over personal lethargy and a lack of a stable self.

In order for media images of women to negatively affect women, the women affected must already have poor senses of self. Women, from time immemorial, have confronted and combated women more attractive than themselves. The fight in the sexual marketplace over hierarchy and access to sexually attractive men is nothing new. The new insecurities have their roots in how society socializes women. Socializing women to tie their senses of self to authority figures in media is a new development that reflects where society is now.

Images of female bodies do affect women in negative ways, but only because they have been trained that way. Taught to aspire, they have gone from conforming to standards, to flouting beauty standards to childishly demanding that the standards conform to what they are. No, it is not that advertisements and media shouldn’t be controlling. It most certainly is not that they need to conform to standards. No, it is that the standard is them. The world of sexual attractiveness and beauty standards begins and ends with them. The literal gold standard is them looking in the mirror when they take pictures of themselves with their iPhones.


Media trains women to simultaneously be highly insecure of their physical appearance while then offering the short-term salve of narcissism to shore up their insecurities. The world of wanting to want things leads women to wanting to be attractive. Yet, they do not have the self-esteem or moral fortitude to actually change the self, so the self isn’t the problem, but the world surrounding the self. Society has devolved to the point where many women will not even strive to meet standards they consider artificial.

When the standard is yourself and you spend your time valuing yourself against other people, that can only lead to misery. When media tells women, “You are beautiful just the way you are!” they are telling them to start with themselves and then consider other women’s beauty. It is one thing to have women emulate beauty from other women. It is another to tell women beauty starts within the self, but then know that that self is based out of perceptions of other women.

Tell them skinny models are worthy of emulation, and you’ll have some women who better themselves and some who don’t. Tell them to admire fat women and you’ll have a deepening national crisis of obesity.

So are beauty standards of women in media hurting women?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall? Who is the fairest of them all?”

It all depends on what a woman sees in the mirror.

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  1. Good article. The standards of beauty in society haven’t really changed that much over the last 100 years. Women who want to look attractive to men should do what it takes to look attractive. I don’t mean cutting yourself up. In some cases plastic surgery is needed. In most cases it is not. Eat right, work out, get a good routine and stick to it to better your bodies, mind and self image. Being fat is a choice and a very unhealthy one. Men have and always will be attracted to beautiful women. that will never change and its not supposed to. A woman’s beauty is the main reason for lots of procreation. instead of being angry at the media for showing beautiful women, be inspired to look beautiful yourselves.
    Men don’t go around looking at in shape dudes and saying “thats an unattainable standard”. That would be insane to think that. We would look at them and say, “man…I need to get in shape, I’m slacking”. Why…..because we know we can do better, not make excuses as to why we don’t want to work hard towards a self improving goal. We know the side effects of looking good for men,
    1. The most important, It significantly helps to improve your chances when using game.
    2. You have a lot more energy and stamina for physical activities…i.e. sex
    3. You look better in clothes…direct improvement for game
    4. You can go to the beach and attract women easier.
    5. it boosts confidence….see game.
    6. It can help you get that extra boost in advancement in your career (looks matter).
    7. Being in shape is one of the single most life changing things you can do to improve yourself….it can affect all aspects of your life.
    Now for women, here’s what it can do for you,
    1. Among most of the previous list for men, here is the most important for women. It gets you more men and more quality men start paying attention to you.
    Don’t fight societies standards of beauty…you will lose that battle every time. Either adapt to use it to your advantage or fall by the way side.

    1. Not to mention the skyrocketing cost of healthcare. Obese or even semi-obese women in their twenties and thirties will face a very uncomfortable and expensive, as well as diminished quality of life.
      The will power of most females is non-existent.
      Their defeatism is outstanding however.

      1. Well, at least they don´t have to worry about being unmarried in their 40s, loneliness and all that.
        And remember the siege of Leningrad, there was a police departement specialized in dealing with cannibalism.
        When SHTF, after all the stores have been emptied by looters…

    2. Dude you are pretty much on point every time you comment. This time is no exception, spot on.

    3. “here is the most important for women. It gets you more men and more quality men start paying attention to you” – and even if you are older and married, heck, Especially if you are older and married being fit, having a healthy weight and still being able to wear the cute outfits your husband loves (and look great in them) assures you will remain married and have the happiness you were hoping for when you got married. Women who turn 50 and don’t want their husbands trading them in for two 25yos are wise to keep up with their health and their looks. It’s really not that hard to commit to a workout routine and actually kind of fun if you try turning off the phones, computers, and focus on “real life” for an hour or two a day (tasks that seem to be impossible for a lot of women these days.)

    4. But why should a woman want to better herself to attract men? That shouldn’t be the number one on her list. She should better herself to feel more attractive to herself. If she can look in the mirror and tell herself that she is beautiful, she doesn’t need anyone else. The same goes for men. If he thinks as himself as attractive, who is to tell him he isn’t? Beauty is seen differently by others. Some people prefer a bit of pudge or thicker thighs, just as some people prefer tall to short. This isn’t something they can change (the height, I mean) and someone should love them the way they are.
      While I wouldn’t call myself fat, I think I’m a bit chubby. I weigh 125 and I’m 5′ 2″. I understand that I can never look the way the women in magazines look. I’m fine with that. I do enjoy fixing up my hair and looking at myself and thinking, “Wow, I’m cute.” This is for myself and no one else. I do also like to fix myself up for my boyfriend, but that is because he’s my boyfriend. I’m not getting all dolled up to go out to the mall just because I want men to look at me. I don’t want that at all. Frankly, I find that a bit weird. But, I like to dress up because it makes me feel good about myself and that should be all that matters.

        1. you’re a shit bag you know that? how the hell did you ever find a girlfriend/wife? and if you don’t have one now you know why fucker!

        2. You’d be surprised. I understand you’re not interested, but then again, I’m not in the business of attracting whales. Maybe you should ask the nearest human female why they find me so goddamn irresistible.

    5. are you kidding me? of course it has, though as you being a man I understand how you know nothing of what it was like back then because you never bother to fuckin read magazines

      1. Please, continue to make excuses….but remember, winners in life and in love and business don’t make excuses for things, they make the changes needed to succeed.

  2. If there wasn’t some underlying truth to beauty standards then those standards would be laughed out of existence. For example, any suggestion that beauty is a 5ft, 200lb, flat chested, buck toothed, snaggle-puss, would be instantly ignored.
    While photoshopping of extremely beautiful people into even more impossible images is now standard, the beauty signifiers those images are conveying are just amplified versions of what has existed for thousands of years.
    What is probably lacking in our culture is the ability for ugly people (90% of the population) to be comfortable with being ugly. We need a cultural message that it is okay to be ugly, rather than yet more false hope that everyone is beautiful. A message that beauty is an ideal we should aim for, and we should be only judged in our efforts to maximize the genetic hand we were dealt.

    1. Better answer is large-scale genetic engineering…
      Thought in the case of FATNESS, it is cheaper to just eat less!

    2. Ugly is too extreme. Most people are average. I agree there needs to be an attitude adjustment across the board, however.
      Beauty is not, and has never been, democratic.

  3. Girls face far more pressure from their beautiful peers than from the media. Alpha Cody, captain of the football team, isn’t dating Ariana Grande he’s dating Emily from 4th period English.
    Girls don’t get a body image complex because they don’t measure up to some media starlet, they get a complex because they don’t measure up to the girls around them. Blaming the media is just an excuse.

  4. Insightful article.
    We have a serious problem in the US, where a disease (morbid obesity) is promoted by its victims and the media as being an acceptable, normal– even desirable– condition. Cui bono? The food and medical industries, etc. This is worse than cigarette advertising. We need a Surgeon General with the balls to confront this crisis directly.

    1. if you apply this argument to the cigarette situation, and although they are bad for your health, the manic laws that have been put in place to stop smoking are simply the upshot of all the ex smokers that know they won’t last 5 minutes if people can still smoke in bars and clubs and at work etc…..
      so instead of admitting how much they love smoking, they rather ban everyone else from using tobacco and make everyone else feel guilty….
      i’m pretty sure that the whole tobacco / cancer thing is a smoke screen (no pun intended) for all the household chemicals, air pollution and crap you come into contact with every day that actually gives you cancer.
      smoking rates are down from 60-70% to 20% area and cancer is through the roof… I was reading the other day that your basic Fabric softener like Lennor, has at least 4 canincogenic chemicals in it, including nerotoxins and industrial waste…
      when no one smokes tobacco and there is no scape goat…. the class action law suits that are going to start against the real causes will bankrupt half the fortune 500 comapnies..

      1. That is still good thou, they don´t smoke anymore, they try to give up the addiction instead of embracing it and defensive.
        Think of Ayn Rand, she pretty killed herself with smoking.
        There are articles on this website about how terrible it is that women cut their hair short but chainsmoking is much worst.
        I seen it. First they have that god-awfull breath, they smell weird, they have that awfull voice, skin and hair is very obviouslky unhealthy etc.

  5. All this angst over beautiful images of women in the media is actually a wholesale perversion of the feminine. The images in the media are falsely held as “perfect” images of “beauty” that women can’t live up to. But there’s no such thing as “perfect” feminimity, it’s a non-sequitur just like “perfect alpha”. This perversion is exploited to try to convince women that the standards imposed by the media are impossible to live up to, and they should just give up. This is just as ridiculous as convincing all men that since they can never look like a massive bodybuilder, they should entirely give up on their masculinity. But for some reason this reasoning works on women.
    Men aren’t attracted to beauty, never have been. Mountains are beautiful, but men do not jack off to images of nature. Flowers are beautiful, and only the gayest of the gay men would ever even become aroused by flowers.
    Men are not attracted to beauty specifically, they are attracted to beautiful examples of the feminine.
    Women need to realize that men are attracted to beautiful examples of the feminine, not beauty itself, and each woman has her own ability to be feminine regardless of what she looks like physically.

    1. yes, and if you take the argument to it’s logical extreme and apply it to the male world… i can’t compete with david beckham kicking a curve long shot goal, i can’t be like A Rod hitting one out of the park and i can’t shoot hoops like LeBron – so all that crap is hurting men and should be taken off TV in favor of amateur players that are average standard…. same in investment… it hurts my self-esteem to see a billionaire fund manager giving investment advice because i am not so good at investment, let’s have the local cab driver giving his ideas….and a team of basket ball players from the local park… all these high standards, Olympic gold medalists etc… it makes me feel bad….. we can’t have formula one racing because i can’t drive a car like that…. etc. etc. etc.

      1. … because we NEED it.
        We LIKE seeing a guy drive by in a $300,000 Audi.
        Men LIKE hearing about billion dollar business deals.
        Men LIKE records broken by other men.
        Men NEED to see other dudes with ripping good arms… because all of that makes us want to do another set, work extra overtime, start our own businesses…..
        +What Jeremy said, and one must realize that “10s” exist in all areas of human endeavor. That beautiful Audi. That Olympic skater. That piece of architecture. We need that 1-10 scale of beauty because without some kind of measuring stick, what would be the point of improving oneself?
        We don’t get “depressed”.
        We get EXILIRATED!
        We watch that Audi with the same enthusiasm we watch a Victoria Secret model. They BOTH give me a hard on. But a woman takes this personally. “Were you checking out that other girl?”
        YES. YES I WAS.
        I was checking out that Audi too.
        I was checking out that great restaurant.
        I was checking out that awe-inspiring building and wondering how they made it earthquake proof.
        So when she asks me “Were you checking out that other girl?”…
        “Yes, and quite frankly, I would prefer the $300,000 Audi. Because it inspires me to bring the BEST out of myself. And you’re just being a fucking drag.”

        1. Yeah but short men who are 5’1 like my friend or my other 5’4 friend do not like hearing about tall men especially tall superheros..I mean there is no male super hero under 6’1, it makes them sad that there are so many atheletes who are so tall aswell..ofcourse I don’t care since I wear 2 inch boots and go to 6’1…yay tony stark height.

        2. I’m 6’2″ myself and I can tell you it’s not an automatic blessing. Get that out of your head right now. You’re just going to have to take my word for it. But I will tell you my father was 5’4″. So any woman who disqualifies based on height is 100% pure cunt right down to her core.
          You just inspired me to write about this. I think you (and my shorter brothers) will be delighted to hear what I have to say about it. I may even submit it to the Kings.
          Thank you. More later……

        3. Dude, I take great pleasure in reading you posts, you always have a knack of saying something epic and on point with great logic.
          Do submit what your article about short men, I’ll direct my short friends towards it. I’m 5’11 and I get short friends complain to me that my height makes me god like in getting girls( because I have always gotten sex or a relationship…but TBH I just hate relationships, I believe you become auto-beta-male if you enter a relationship, so I just go for sex. And I’m not even 6’2+ , so it can’t be just my height.
          But I do not know what to believe, whether my height helps me or whether my short friends just have shit game. One of my short friends( around the 5’4 mark) that does get laid only seems to bang girls that are fatties, not a single girl above a 3 amongst his dating history and is content with it. I even tell them ” why the fuck don’t you bang hotties, have some pride as a man” , and his response ” I’m doing pretty well as a short guy”.
          Now I just facepalm at that shit , but at the same time I do not give him shit about it because as altruistic as I am…I do not know how to help him.

        4. Very pleased to get your comment and delighted you find some value in mine. I put what you said in my back pocket. Thank you for your contribution and interest.

        5. I think it is because when man compares himself with another man, the man that loses out feels it is wiser to suck it up rather than complain because it would cause him to lose respect by complaining….kinda makes sense since western women are very hard to respect, haha

        6. And let us not forget the stereotypical sight in Hollywood, the tall sexy blonde bombshell on the arm of the short fat jewish guy that owns the studio.

        7. My bad, I think I was thinking too much about a 6’2 Sean Connery .
          But damn, if your 6’0 and 167 … that’s athletic as fuck.

        8. What I love about the Connery Bond is that he was not afraid to smack a bitch when she was out of line, had great sexual framing and had that amazing smirk of self assurance.

      2. Look at those comics of superman, guy so muscular, it is awfull! Let ius not even talk about video games? How can other guys play them, it is so macho and so demeaning, it is awfull!
        How I am supposed to look like that? Impossible, of course! I feel so insecure and even worst, my ego and self.-confidence is hurt!
        Oh the humanity! The answer is simple, we need less anorexic and muscle-freak superheroes, we need anorexic, nerdy or morbidly obese heroes.
        Kinda like Big Bang cast, except with more diversity and meth addiction.
        That way women will pay attention to us at last! If not that, at least we will feel as beautifull on the oustide as on the inside, we won´t feel like auschwitz victims or whales
        We too are victims of the patriarchy and deserve a handout from more privilegied people…
        I drive a prius, it doesn´t go very far… and it doesn´t go very fast…

    2. The pervesion is not to convince women that the standards are impossible to live up to and that they should just give up. The perversion is that all women can look like this if they bought chanel, estee lauder, jimmy choo, manolo blanik, loreal etc. I can understand why hot women are featured in men’s magazines, but womens ? Women lap up this stuff so if they are really so unhappy looking at these images, why are women buying these mags ? I don’t know of any “real women” magazines that haven’t lost money and gone under. There was a woman editor of a female mag who said that they women were aspirational and liked looking at pictures of these beautiful women and fanatasing how they could look like this if they bought the right stuff and did as they were “told”. So this screeching by feminisit is totally bizzarre and schizophrenoc like the war on drugs be waged on the suppliers and not the demanders.

  6. Christy Mack is beautiful despite her skrillex hair don’t and numerous tattoos, not because of them.

  7. The “media” is dominated by females and gay men. It is women exploiting women. The lament that men are imposing unrealistic beauty standards through mass media imagery is false; no heterosexual man reaches for pop culture graphics when he needs stimulation towards cuffing his carrot. Were we in charge of media we would still be whacking it to wholesome, traditional fare such as Annette Funicello and never have allowed it to make the bizarre evolution to skrillex outrage. And frankly, I am getting tired of being the whipping dog for misguided feminist accusations about how I am oppressing women by subjecting them to preposterous media get-ups that no man with a pair of balls would contrive.

    1. Funny as hell Uncle Elmer – I just thought/wrote about that last night: how a lot of the men in fashion are gay/pedophilic types. Moulding social mores around an androgynous “ideal” helps them, and they don’t give a toss about any problems that us hetero guys have from the mess.
      There’s a reason that they label us as “breeders” with contempt.

      1. The ‘breeders’ aspect has to do with ‘overpopulation’ and a decreasing food/fuel supply. They want us all to become bisexual/faggots to reduce the amount of food necessary to supply the world’s people. Apparently, the next 30 years are going to be the roughest, and after that time people will die off naturally. This has to do with the elites and their TransHumanism plans. Watch Ray Kurzweil’s ‘Transcendent Man’ (2009) to get the idea, combined with ‘Limits to Growth’ (1972) by the Club of Rome. Also check out Alvin Toffler’s books starting with ‘Future Shock’ (1970). I’d have to write a book to explain it all.

        1. “she” is not a girl, he is a man trolling this site under multiple names with a fake photo. Ignore him, unless you like talking to dudes who pretend to be women.

        2. Did you return your imaginary degree in imaginary biology yet,oh expert in imaginary English?

        3. He was funnier and trollier as BoomersGreatestGeneration and PanchoAndGringo.
          Must have slipped off the meds.

      2. They’re also talentless hacks, a woman with a good figure (T+A) is harder to shape clothes around.

        1. More uncaring IMO – when their preferred shape is “boy” instead of “women” then they choose what they prefer.

    2. Women use the media, celebrities, and fictional TV shows as a basis for real life far too often. Do not wait till you are 40 to have children “Halle Berry is in her 40’s and pregnant” Do not wait till thirty to find a husband “on sex and the city Carrie married Mr. Big in her 30’s” Fat is not sexy “I saw Bridget Jones Diary and she got a sexy man” Women do not belong in combat “GI jane proves you wrong”. Men never do this, no one watches Fast and the Furious and tries to jump a tuned Honda Civic over the Grand Canyon, men know movies are not real, women should take a hint…

      1. I totally fucking know.just look anywhere. “you’re not really attracted to thin girls, the media just tells you you are, even though we are mostly biologically hardwired to prefer thin girls” “fat girls are somehow automatically nicer personality wise, even when experience tells you otherwise” “if she picks on you at school it means she likes you, even if it means she’s probably an abusive toxic bitch” “if girls try boy things they will automatically be better at them despite having no experience or knowledge of the subject” I am sick of it. those things are portrayed on tv shows and movies because they are unusual to nonexistant in real life. like you said, like a honda civic jumping the grand canyon. this has been seymour butts, signing out

      2. Actually, men maybe do not try to jump the Grand Canyon, but some think that they are just as good at driving and take stupid risks because of it.

        1. Women into celebrity culture read a magazine called Us, it should be called Them so women would know Hollywood is not normal people.

      3. Women are very bad at separating wish fulfillment and comfort from reason and facts. Men are often dumber than women, but women are far less critical regardless of IQ.

    3. im going to stop you right on that first sentence. only 3 percent of the media is controlled by women. the other 97 is controlled by men. and only about 10 percent of the men are queer or poc so….

      1. You are confusing the sex of the chauffer with the identity of the person who tells the driver where to go. The boss is 100% female no matter who’s butt is in the CEO’s chair. They know that their paycheck depends on women not men buying their product. The customer is always the boss. And the customer for all fashion magazines is female (alright a small number of gay guys and cross dressers.) Also note that over 80% of all consumer goods are for women, so they are the boss on TV and in MSM.

        1. Mike you know facts and logic are useless when dealing with women. CEO’s do not care about stock price, shareholders or profit, they just want to destroy women’s self esteem and advance the patriarchy. Its an evil conspiracy….you and your “facts” you are a mysoginistracistfatshamerrapeappologistciswhitemanoppressor. Got it?

    4. I’d be wary saying that “Women aren’t interested in actually changing themselves at all or bettering themselves in any sense.” The photographs in the article handily rebut this claim.
      The better claim would be “Women who bitch online or on talk shows about impossible beauty standards aren’t interested in actually changing themselves at all or bettering themselves in any sense.”
      Women, like men, are rather resistant to sweeping generalizations about ambitions and motivations.

  8. Just more proof that feminism is more astrology than ideology. The land whale acceptance crowd could scrub all traces of genuinely beautiful women from the media and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Until they’re capable of scrubbing genuinely beautiful women from men’s desires, they’re wasting their time and doing a fair bit of harm to young ladies in the process.

    1. “Until they’re capable of scrubbing genuinely beautiful women from men’s desires”
      May this never come to pass. For that will degrade and perhaps destroy the human race. That’s why we must seek power for ourselves. And not allow ourselves to be subject to tyranny.

  9. Obesity is not an image issue. It is a health issue. Anyone claiming otherwise is blindly ignoring the enormous amounts of science that support that.

    1. Oh, it’s most definitely both. Obesity is highly likely to cause health problems, but it’s not a guarantee. It is guaranteed to cause a woman to be less attractive though.

        1. No there have not. That statement is stupid on it’s face and I can tell that you’re just talking out of your ass. The reason is that studies cannot prove a negative, and as such any study set up to show that being obese cannot be healthy is going to fail. But don’t take my word for it. Just google “obesity paradox” to see how your perception is the exact opposite of reality.

        2. I could also claim that you are either stupid or a liar for claiming that the listed study illustrates that “being obese cannot be healthy.” It’s a study that set out to prove that
          Metabolic health is not the only thing obesity has a potential adverse effect on. The hypothesis could be either true or false and it would still remain silent on your ridiculous claim.

        3. Dude, other than the misleading headline that article contradicts your claim. The very end of it says that the results were inconclusive, based on the fact that the BMI was used for determining who is “obese” and it’s a highly flawed metric.
          Do you even understand me at all? Your position was absolutely defeated my me second comment, and the 2 sources you’ve brought up to show multiple studies proving your point, have in fact both been taken from the same underlying study, which was inconclusive, and never would have supported your point even if it had proved it’s hypothesis
          You clearly have no training in either statistics or the scientific method.

        4. “other than the misleading headline that article contradicts your claim”
          EVERY news outlet used a similar headline with that claim. Again, you are insinuating that I selectively sought out that one individual news outlet that supports my position. Look up an article covering the study yourself.
          BMI isn’t going to be accurate because many physically fit individuals are more muscular and consequently weigh more. Using BF% would have been more accurately but likely isn’t as accessible.
          “the 2 sources you’ve brought up to show multiple studies proving your point, have in fact both been taken from the same underlying study”
          Yes, I know. I deliberately attached the two different links to the same study as I was unsure you had access to the AIM database. It was a compilation of data on ~1,000 other studies with a sample size of over 60k.
          “never would have supported your point even if it had proved it’s hypothesis”
          The MDs involved in the experiment extrapolated my claim. And all the news outlets covering the study maintained that position. I understand that “obese” is a subjective term, even more so when determined by BMI, but I am relaying the researchers sentiments. If the statement is so baseless the researchers wouldn’t have been making such expansive statements directly about it.
          “You clearly have no training in either statistics or the scientific method.”
          I have a B.S. in Economics and used S.A.S. routinely in my former position as a distribution manager.

        5. Then the MD’s extrapolated something that was not there. And in referring to that you’ve moved beyond anything I can check, but still your statement is wrong. Scientific studies cannot prove a negative, only a positive. If I said science has shown that by planting old milk cartons you cannot grow unicorns, I would be wrong. Science can never show that, because it is a negative.
          And if you actually have states training, then you must have been a horrible student. Rule number 1 correlation does not equal causation. You are a grossly irresponsible statistician if you’ve disregarded that crucial fact. And I’m not sure which is worse, the fact that you missed that or that you also seem to think a statistically significant correlation of health problems and obesity means 100% of obese people in the study showed problems. It may have been 0.5%, but as long as the residual error is within an acceptable range it would be significant. So actually the study shows that you are wrong, because it was not 100%. That means that some obese people in the study were showing no signs of health issues after however many years (I forget if it was 10 or 15).

        6. Scientific studies can prove that being obese is going to increase the risk of diseases/conditions and lead an obese person to be less healthy than a non-obese person given all other relevant exogenous variables are held constant in the model. I’ll concede saying “unhealthy” is not quantifiable. But less healthy than a person with all other variables being the same is. Of course, this is also going to be impossible to isolate every single variable so it can never be 100% accurate (nor can any study might I add). And the second link was from an article which included several excerpts from the MDs performing the study.
          I finished with a 3.6 so I guess I was quite “horrible”. The study goes 10 years which was long enough to establish a link between the link between increased health problems and obesity beyond an acceptable margin of error, which is precisely what the MDs stated. The magnitude of the link cannot possibly be established.
          I’m also curious how you reconcile your own hypocrisy in making statements such as, “Obesity is highly likely to cause health problems, but it’s not a guarantee. It is guaranteed to cause a woman to be less attractive though.”
          Guaranteed huh? Sounds like you are talking out of your ass.

        7. Nobody cares what your grades were. You missed that correlation does not equal causation which is first day stuff. You have repeatedly stated that obesity is mutually exclusive to being health, yet even the study only found that most people were unhealthy after a 10 year span of obesity. I’ve also just witnessed people who were obese that seemed perfectly healthy. My grandmother was obese and lived to 89 years old, without any serious problems until at about 84 she started suffering from dementia. Maybe she could have lived longer, but if you talking about things that start to steal your health after 84 years, then it’s just a stupid conversation. And thats the point. You go into a nursing home and there are plenty of fat people, who have been fat for a long time. So my eye test tells me that you’re wrong about saying that all obese people are unhealthy. They are not.
          We only started talking about proving a negative because you invoked science to try and make yourself sound smart. That just made what was a poorly observed statement into an impossible statement. I never invoked science. In fact I never tried to prove my statement. My only appeals are to verisimilitude and credulity, and even then only the appeals are only implied. And I stand by my statement. Show me a before and after photo of a woman who is not clearly better looking at a normal weigh vs obese, and I’ll admit I was wrong. The fact that there are perverts out there who prefer disgusting things does not change that.
          I seriously doubt anyone else is still reading this, but come on dude. You’re clearly just butt hurt at this point because I took you too the mat for your overly zealous statement, when you should have just conceded it the start that it’s not impossible to be obese and health, it’s just not the norm. When you double down that much it just hurts your cause. I took you to the mat because even though you only a little wrong, it still gives people reading this stuff a valid reason to dismiss the whole thing out of hand.

        8. Obesity is causation for a great number of conditions that degrade overall health and function. And no, your anecdotal evidence does nothing to disprove that your grandmother lived a less healthy life due to obesity. Even if it was one of equal length.
          “try to make myself sound smart”
          No, consistent with every study on the obese I know that they cannot be as healthy as their thinner counterparts.
          “I stand by my statement.”
          I personally agree with you but you realize there is more than anecdotal evidence that disproves your statement. Pretty much every black guy and a good number of other cubby chasers comprise a greater than statistically insignificant percentage of men.
          “you should have just conceded it the start that it’s not impossible to be obese and healthy, it’s just not the norm.”
          I absolutely do not believe being an obese person can be equally as healthy as a thin person with all other relevant variables being accounted for. No way. Not even a question. At the very least the excessive weight alone will manifest in functional problems that a person of healthy weight would not suffer from.

    2. Trust me on this. They’ll explain how science in wrong, and how they’re healthy despite being obese. They have no conception of what health actually is. They think being able to waddle across a field is health, rather than, say, being able to do 50 pushups in under a minute.

  10. The issue of media influence is much simpler than it’s often made out to be. Women are certainly affected by media.
    The food industry is much larger than the fashion industry and spends a lot more marketing their product.
    It’s just about money, like most things. Selling food takes a higher priority in our culture than selling body image.

    1. Do you really think any heterosexual man gives two shits about shaping what’s in Cosmo? It’s women and gays making women feel like shit, and it’s their natural misandry that makes them blame men.

      1. Models in fashion are a canvas, the clothing is the art upon that canvas. The artist does not want the woman to draw attention away from their work, hence skinny, tall, flat chested women with nice facial features is the norm. Men want the women from Tropicana or Car magazines, not Cosmo.

        1. You’re a perfect illustration of what I’m talking about. If heterosexual men actually had any control over your personal style and dress, you would have be in a dress with bare legs, not jeans; heels; probably bare arms with more cleavage showing; and wouldn’t ever be wearing what seems to be Julia Roberts’ wig from ‘Pretty Woman. (Watch the movie again: Gere’s character falls in love with her when he finally sees her long, natural hair cascading down her shoulders when she’s in the bathtub).
          I’ll save you the effort: You don’t exist to please me and what I like. You exist to please women and gay men and what they like..

        2. Remember the red carpet scene where Jennifer Lopez showed up in a dress that was held together by a single broach at crotch level? Her big ass was on full display through the filmy material of this dress. As the saying goes, it was just something she threw on and mostly missed. Anyway, women were shocked that men actually seem to think this was sexy. They had no idea. That is what comes of never listening to a thing that any man (heterosexual) says.

      2. Absolutely. I guarantee you William Randolph Hearst III cares very much about how much money that magazine makes him and encourages any women or gays who work on it to put in it whatever it takes to make it’s audience happy and the advertising revenue strong, including misandry. Money and power is the bottom line in business, not some broad’s feelings.

      3. Absolutely. I guarantee you William Randolph Hearst III cares very much about how much money that magazine makes him and encourages any women or gays who work on it to put in it whatever it takes to make it’s audience happy and it’s advertising revenue strong. Money and power is the bottom line in business, not some broad’s feelings.

    1. No-one more than themselves. Their constant need for self-affirmation is transparent. They don’t truly believe it.

      1. Years ago, long before “fat acceptance”……. I once lost 100 man points by accidentally sitting on my remote and watching 15 minutes of Oprah (or some such shit) against my own will and better judgement.
        An obese woman was crying and clutching a Kleenex. Another woman put her hand on her arm , leaned in and basically said: “fat women are beautiful too.” ….. “you’re beautiful”. Of course every woman in the audience clapped like it was true.
        But the interesting this is … she didn’t stop crying. She cried HARDER. It didn’t make her “feel better”. It made her feel WORSE. Because not even SHE believed it.

        1. Women should stop feeding each other lies. Don’t they know that this “kindness” is actually cruelty?
          The kindness of men on the other hand pulls no punches. We tell it like it is. And so identify the problem paving the way for rectification.

        2. Because intelligent women know when they’re being patronised.
          Narcissistic women welcome the lie, and believe it. Which is why their comments are always so bitter and angry. We’ve capsized their self-delusion and they have to right the ship as quickly as possible, which is why they so frequently call for censorship to not face further exposure to truth.

        3. We tell it like it is and offer solutions. Women always complain to me and I try to help and they say” I just want you to listen, not fix the problem!”. Example, my classmate was bitching about her diabetes medication not being fully covered and having to pay out of pocket for it(In medical biochemistry no less!) and it took the will of Hercules to just listen to her complain because all she had to do is lose weight and she would not need the damn medication. If I said a word she would collapse into a teary mess, keep in mind we had just learned about type 1 and 2 diabetes one fucking week ago! If she was a man I would have offered solutions, but because she was a woman I have to sit and listen to her wait for self affirmation because she is my classmate for the next two years and god forbid I tell her the truth , she gets sad, and the entire class turns to me like i am an asshole.

        4. Unfortunately Mike I am 38 and like a liberal dumb ass I totally bought into feminism until it negatively affected me personally.I regret my stupidity, but I appreciate the kind words and I try to help others not to be dumb like I was in my youth supporting ideas that were not in my best interest.

      1. Geez, how many small d*cks have you had? I doubt that you’re projecting; you look like a 5-stared vet.

      2. If you’re looking at a small dick, just start sucking it.
        Dicks get bigger you know.
        Unless you’re doing everything wrong.
        But that’s not the dick’s problem.

  11. If the beauty standards created by the media are harmful to women, why are they not also harmful to men? The standard set by male models in the fashion industry is even more unrealistic than it is for female models. Have you ever seen a male model who looked like an ordinary guy? No, they all have perfectly chiselled bodies that they must spend their entire life trying to maintain. I am a pretty fit, pretty strong guy but I will never have the physique of male model. For a female to be attractive she only needs to be not fat. For a man to have the build of a male model he pretty much has to be a genetic lottery winner and a professional athlete.
    Do I look at male models and feel ashamed that I don’t look the same way? No, I’m not that narcissistic and I really don’t care. Basically the feminists are saying that women are too stupid to figure out what men figured out all by themselves.
    The fashion industry has been trying to get men to buy into the make-up and fancy clothes lifestyle for decades. Men, are generally not buying into it. IOW men can separate reality from fantasy and get on with their lives while most women can’t. There is a reason that we never let women vote and this is part of it.

      1. Go from ‘fit’ to ‘big’. You’ll be shocked at how their behaviour towards you changes. You’ll be constantly-subjected what would be considered objectification and sexual-harassment if you were female by thirsty girls.

        1. Lol, true. I shouldn’t get too big at my stature though. I prefer NE Asian women anyway, and most Asian women that I’ve spoken to prefer the slim muscular aesthetic to a huge dude (or course, any white guy or a famous guy will do, but I’m talking as a non-famous Black man).

        2. I have jasmine /yellow fever too, and for many years. After many years of American women, and one Central American woman, I finally decided that I should have what I want. So I went to Asia, where almost all the women are Asian. Imagine that. I am now married in my dotage to a very slim young Asian that actually wants to be a wife.

      2. I never realized that being white was an advantage in women. Black men seem to naturally have a leaner more muscular build than your average white guy, which women seem to go for.

        1. I do not want these comments to turn racial because we are all being respectful and constructive so far so I will be one and done with this . All things being equal if a man is tall, attractive, has all his hair , and is reasonably wealthy , and cool Caucasian American will be chosen over African American by most American women. By way of example think Tom Brady vs Idris Elba, both are high level but most , not all but most, women will choose Tom . I know that is an extreme level considering they are top 1 percent , but I just use extremes to make a point. I am not being racist, so lets keep it civil here , this was a damn good post and these are some damn good comments , even from the women.

        2. Kinda depends I think. I’ll agree the average American woman tends to stay within her own demographic. But once they do step over that line, race seems to become a non-issue.
          On the other hand, you do see chicks that will say they’re only into black dudes. Never heard a chick say she’s only interested in meeting a white dude; i think you actually get arrested for that in some blue states.

        3. Haha. Grass is always greener.
          Ive sometimes wished I was born a black dude. Around my city it always seemed a lot easier for black dudes to score.

        4. I am old. I have seen and heard women, mostly in the south and quite a few years ago, say that they would only “go” with white guys. The number of times I have heard this is absolutely swamped by the number of black and white women who I have heard say they will only go with black guys. I understand it from the black girls but take it as a sick fetish from the white girls. BTW two examples of this are two of my neices. They are middle aged now. Neither one has ever had a relationship except with a black guy.

      3. There are plenty of women out there that hate on white. Lots of these chicks are themselves white. However, I can give you no help with the short thing. Women are just fucked up on that point.

    1. “Have you ever seen a male model who looked like an ordinary guy?”
      ” . . .they must spend their entire life trying to maintain.”
      No. They don’t work every day. They need 4 to 6 weeks advance notice for a photo shoot to get leaned out for it. Trying to stay that lean all the time just fucks their shit up.
      The photo is a manipulated instant in time. Not everyday reality, when, for the most part, you wouldn’t even notice them as anything special, even in a locker room with their shirts off.

      1. Exactly. They get ready for a photo shoot very much like a bodybuilder gets ready for a contest. They try to cluster all of their jobs around their peak and get them all done over a week’s time 3/4 times per year.

        1. Y’all know we gotta use pseudonyms on this site. They labeled Roosh V the most hated man on the Internet and this site the most vile on the web ever since they arrested the revenge porn guy. Lets be cool with non troll posters in the comments , keep in mind most people would shut this site down and throw Roosh in jail if they had the power. There is no reason the people who post here regularly cannot be civil to each other because we really have few venues for truth out here. Try posting some true shit in the comments on HuffPo, The Atlantic, Slate or any other ” intellectual” site. Hell even CH has become racist troll bait and it used to be cool. Mina I don’t give a fuck about your avatar , just keep it constructive like you have been. Last thing any of us need is a doxing.

        2. jeeeeeesus christ on a trampoline, just funnin on your picture, don’t get your knickers in a twist.

        3. Sorry dude, I got PTSD from trying to have a reasonable conversation about Lena Dunham and why she is not sexy over at I came here for rationality and over reacted. Just returned from fantasyland where fat ,tattoed, and naked makes for better television, and I am readjusting to the real world. The stick is officially removed from up my ass. I shall lighten up.

      2. Most male models have quite ugly faces – the International male models, not boy-next-door A & F types.
        Its the uniqueness of their features that make them models; but as you say in a photoshoot / advertisement.

      3. Or in other word the beauty standard for men is even more unrealistic than it is for women.

        1. The situation is the same for female fitness models as it is for men, only while men get their shit fucked up at around 5% body fat, for women it is at about 15%.
          That said, here is an image of the ideal male that held for thousands of years:

          Note that he is neither over muscular nor over lean. The shoulders are not exaggerated in breadth, but his legs (which were exposed by the clothing of the time) are solidly built.
          If your interest is health, fitness and timeless beauty, this what you should be aiming for, not the current fads that exist as an extension of professional body building.
          If you are an athlete or soldier you will need to be a bit leaner, but bear in mind that these are occupations of exaggerated risk where long term health and beauty are necessarily sacrificed for temporary gains in performance.
          And even then you should only be really lean seasonally.

    2. If feminists are saying that women are too stupid to figure it out then that is the first true statement I have ever heard from feminists. Secondly you are correct in that women are incapable of separating reality from fantasy. Their lives are lived inside their heads. Any intrusion of reality is judged against the movie (staring them) that is running in their head. If reality conflicts in any way that reduces their star power, then reality is rejected in favor of the fantasy.

  12. When I was doing dissection in medical school every single one of the female cadavers was over weight, hearts lungs and liver covered in fat tissue. I looked around my class and all the women save one were also obese. Many women have just made the choice that being lazy and eating wrong is more important than their health. It is their body and their choice but it irritates me to no end that they will blame anything but personal decisions for how society perceives them. I am not fat shaming I just do not have sex with overweight women. Women have fucking checklists as long as the declaration of independance of things they will not accept in a man, but will attack you for having standards. I used to be very skinny and tall, I worked out and put 40 pounds of muscle on and the difference was night and day.Women who previously turned me down were now down to fuck, I put in the effort and reaped a benefit. It is like the concept just escapes them…

    1. Do not forget that fat shaming week is a whole year long.
      And that fat shaming is a good thing.

      1. Fat indifference is far more powerful. I went to undergrad with a bad bitch never fucked her but clearly remembered her. Years later this fat chick was staring at me at a conference. After like twenty minutes she said my name and walked up to me and said ” it’s Amber , don’t you remember me? ” she had put on like 50-60 pounds since college and did not even draw my attention in the slightest and she was only 25! I could see the hurt on her face that I totally did not even acknowledge her until she told me chapter and verse of how we were in school together and what classes we took together . Even then it took me a minute to remember because she was so disgusting with the extra weight. She looked so defeated when I was finally put 2 and 2 together and I said ” oh yeah, you look…different. How are you” . I wasn’t even trying to be a dick, I wanted her when she was fine, she did not even register when she was fat. It was like she gave away her power to make me give a fuck, I was indifferent.

        1. That’s the mind-blowing thing. These fat chicks are so into this ok-to-be-tubby program that they’ll imagine its anything from astrology to their aura that’s making them miss out on their “true love’….when actually the reason is (the hole) right under their nose.

        2. How could anyone look at a fat doctor and say “So you’re going to tell me about getting healthier?”

        3. I feel the same way. The third year students who passed Step 1(part of the process of getting licensure called the boards, you pass and you pretty much going to be an MD and your clinical studies begin) gave us physicals when we began school as a part of our training.They measure body fat , blood pressure , temperature a basic exam as practice under the supervision of a licenced MD. When my turn came they looked at my chart saw my age, weight and blood work and could not believe how healthy I was at 37. When they saw I still had abs they told me not to hold my breath in which I was not doing. then came the moment when I knew something was up, all the doctors gathered around my chart and looked at the results amazed that someone my age was so healthy, and took pictures. I was older than a few of the practicing MD’s and when I looked at one guy who was 28 he looked older than me because he was 40 pounds overweight. They asked if I played sports , or was a college athlete previously. In my head I was thinking how rare could it be to examine a healthy human being? As I have come to learn in my second year, fucking rare. America is full of unhealthy people male and female. Over on Good Looking Loser they said something very real, If you work out, eat right , and have a basic sense of style you are doing better than 70%of the people you are up against in the SMP. that shit is true, even if they are doctors.

        4. I hear you. I can imagine what yoyu’re saying in that your health maintenance isn’t what you would consider extreme yeah? Just ‘regular’, what we should be doing.
          It has to come as a shock, in a holistic sense when you’re viewed as an outlier.
          Housewives,, as we know, are not mundane and useless. The build social capital in our neighbourhoods, our communities.
          They also maintain nutrition.
          Likewise, the excess time we spend commuting we could be spending in the gym.
          We are a sick society.
          What’s needed is to all move to a small town in the lowest populated state. First capture the mayoral office by sheer weight of numbers, then move our way up to the county, then state.

    2. Dude I did the same. I worked hard and ate hard and stopped drinking alcohol. If you want something go and get it. Don’t ask someone else to change the way the view things. I was skinny at 5’8″ 121 lbs. I still got girls. Put in work and got to 151 then cut some fat off. I am on my next gain aiming for 170 and then I think I will stop at 180.
      Women are whiners that only want things their way. What pleases them. I am tired of it and every time a fatty hits me up these are the two lines I say:
      Fatty: Hey! what’s up?
      Me: Nm, at the gym with FriendA
      Fatty: Nice!
      Me: Perks of fitness.
      Boom just drop it until they get it.

    3. Ever since I have been in the workforce, I have had the chance to witness people go through what I call “career mode”. It’s basically when they get an office job and are hunting for promotions. If you work in a single office long enough you will see at least one person go into “career mode”. They come in early, and they leave late. They take short lunches, or they eat at their desks. Right before your eyes, you will witness a moderately in-shape human transform into someone who is overweight.
      NOTHING is as important as your health. Money and books do not prevent chronic illness. When talking to people about fitness, I talk about health. I don’t talk about raising your value on the sexual market place. I talk about increasing your life on this planet. That is something everyone will listen to.
      For those who are on the heavier side, start now. Some people having things that regular fitness can’t fix. If all it took were a regular fitness routine for me to stop paying $100/mo for epilepsy medication then I would be all in. That is a monthly fee I was born with, and I will live with it. However, many people have the ability do prevent certain medical issues from arising, and they should take any step necessary. Who honestly want to be at risk of organ failure before 50?

      1. So true, what does money matter if you are to ill to enjoy it. It is like having a harem with erectile dysfunction because of the fat on your abdomen, Heart disease so you cannot exert yourself if you could get it up, and liver disease from all the fat plus drinking you do to put up with the stress at work.

      2. So very true! Many people, especially women, don’t seem to understand that HEALTH=HAPPINESS.

  13. 2Wycked – Great stuff, but you might do a quick edit of this. The first paragraph in particular has some typos, etc.

  14. Who are the biggest consumers of fashion? women
    Who are the harshest judges of male appearance? women and gay men
    The solipsism of the female mind is boundless.

    1. The short-sightedness and shallow reasoning of the male mind when it comes to things besides himself is astounding.

      1. …uh, obviously. Only I can;t understand how you have time to type with all the oppression you must be suffering.

      2. Women’s lower mean IQ’s suggests they’re functionally-retarded when it comes to logical-equivalencies, so don’t even bother tyring to explain it to them. It’s like explaining string theory to a dog. The dog will just tilt its head, and you’ll get frustrated.
        When faced with a mental process expecting them to see things from a man’s point of view, the brain misfires, resulting in frustrated, annoyed response like: “That’s totally not the same thing!”
        Saw an overweight, ugly woman post on a public Facebook group this morning about a man jogging around the lake here in his underwear during the 45 degree celcius heat the other day, saying how she enjoyed the show, and then a haggle of ugly, overweight women chimed in to giggle and show their support.
        If a man posted this same thing about a woman: “OMG, you creeper! You’re so shallow, you only care about looks! Real women have curves! Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she was fat! She isn’t wearing her underwear for you, you perv! How dare you objectify her! You can’t handle a real woman!”
        Of course, no man would dare post this on a public forum, because women hold matriarchal power in society, and are shallow, hypocrites who don’t believe their own behaviour warrants any restriction whilst piously dictating how men should behave.
        I suspect their minds are underdeveloped, similar to how children of certain ages are incapable of understand the concepts of conservation of liquid, weight and volume because their minds haven’t developed enough yet.
        I honestly think most women’s brains never develop enough to be able to process what I’ll theorise as being ‘Conservation Of Empathetic Perspective’. Everything can only be filtered through their *personal* emotions and experiences as a woman. Therefore they can imagine the emotional response and sympathise with the fear, pain and violation of woman who is raped, but not a man, because they have no honest conception of male feelings, and those they do have are filtered through their voracious solipsism: “*he* must think I’m sexy / beautiful.” This is why single mothers are terrible at raising boys: they don’t have any empathy for what a man might want out of life, and will train him to think out what role he can provide women.
        Dear Cyanide, I understand your handicap is incapable of rationally-processing anything I just said, so I’ll save you the trouble: I have a tiny penis, have never known the touch of a woman, and live in my mom’s basement.

  15. It hurt the ego of stupid, fat ugly bitches.
    The answer to them should be

  16. What I find interesting about all the whining by fat women in the media about being held to an “impossible” standard is, well, first that it’s pretty silly to complain when the standard is essentially images of women that are HEALTHY. Thin, fit, nice skin, full hair – all signs of health. Breasts and round butts are signs of fertility. The human species will not survive if healthy and fertile are not a standard for both men and women.
    Second, they don’t stop to consider the standards THEY hold men to. They want rich, athletic men that look like George Clooney. Ultimately they will settle simply for rich. While jumping on any opportunity to cheat with George Clooney. Of course, only 1% of men can be in “the 1%” (that feminists among all liberals are constantly complaining about these days), so few women can get wealthy men.
    Then, take a look at the aspirational media for men. A big part of that revolves around sports. Men watch sports the way women read magazines full of models showing them the supposedly impossible standards set by models. Are men somehow harmed by watching athletes that have abilities that 99.99999% of us can never hope to match? I guess not, because men do not seem to be complaining.
    The other ideal man that media portrays is one who is wealthy. This is everywhere. On TV, in movies, and on CNBC. If you are a man and you are not wealthy, the message is that you are a buffoon that deserves no respect from a woman. (Witness the typical middle class man depicted as mentally challenged in most TV commercials). Are men complaining about that? Just a small group of blue pill “progressive” men.
    The point is, showing the ideal is built into human society. It was done in ancient times and is done today. That is not going to change.
    Now, consider the outcome if professional feminist whiners get what they want. Let’s assume there is no norm for beauty. Let’s assume that all women are considered beautiful, regardless of their appearance, health, personality, behavior, fertility, age, etc. Taken to its logical conclusion, that makes all women totally interchangeable. Which then means that men have no reason to commit to any one woman, because that woman can be swapped with another woman without even noticing a difference. If that’s what feminists are hoping for, they should come out and say it.
    But that’s not what they want. They want all women to feel like princesses and be catered to by the government like princesses. They all want their own 1% man, never mind that this is mathematically impossible (women really do suck at math). And they want all of this provided for them buy men that are blue pill, have no ambition, keep their mouths shut, never think or judge, are sexually impotent, and are totally conformed to a vanilla standard. Those men are supposed to somehow produce enough to support a strong economy principally so that they can pay a majority of their income in taxes to subsidize every feminist fantasy. Never mind that such men are not very productive.

    1. Here is a good standard for women, look at the magazine Women’s Health. The women in that magazine are realistic, fit , attractive, and very attainable. Typically , those are the type of women I target, the ones in my gym, and the ones on South Beach going topless into the ocean. 1 hour in the gym 4 times a week, and a 2000 calorie diet per day. Not that tough.

      1. Consistency over a long period of time on a routine like that does nothing but good, for anyone. A good healthy lifestyle is reflected in outward appearance always.

      2. Exercise and diet are for genetically fat girls who are almost always from the lower classes. If you boys see a lot of fat girls then you’re a prole from a lower class area or a nigga. haha

      3. Isn’t it amazing how all those ‘starving, unhealthy’ women are able to win Olympic Gold Medals in their chosen sports, when they’re so obviously ill.
        These women look at Hugh Jackman and all of them think he’s in incredible shape, never stopping to think “That’s what a fit stomach looks like, my frame is smaller than a guys, my waist should be smaller than his”.
        Hamsters gotta hamst.

    2. “[I]t’s pretty silly to complain when the standard is essentially images of women that are HEALTHY. Thin, fit, nice skin, full hair – all signs of health. Breasts and round butts are signs of fertility.”
      You, sir, are correct. But honesty and healthiness are “racist”… er, “sexist”… today. All those strong, independent “sex-positive” women out there must have six-packed, health Fabio clones to dream about when they read/watch Eat, Pray, Love… while the rest of us get Lena Dunham.

      1. Eurgh, she is disgusting.
        Forcing her nakedness on everyone because no one WANTS to see that.

        1. Just like I tell feminist who hate this site not to click the link, I gotta tell men don’t watch that fucking show. It is like Sex and the City , but at least those old bitches attempted to be attractive, she is in her twenties and has given up even fucking trying and is rewarded for her lack of effort. Plus the show kinda sucks plot wise. And to make it more fucked up the only cute bitch(Brian Williams Daughter) won’t get naked, fucking seriously!?

        2. Papers over here printed her weasels-wrestling-in-a-sack skin online and I almost threw up.
          I refuse to watch it, and none of my friends do. Bring on Game of Thrones!

        3. Exactly. I’d still take Kim Cattrall over Dunham and she is pushing 60! At least she bothers to look decent for her age and with the lights out you could almost convince yourself you were fucking the hot woman in Big Trouble In Little China, especially after a few drinks hah
          Dunham never looked good and never will.

        4. The fucked up thing is she could look good and has the resources to do so. She has the money to buy a house with a gym, Whole Foods most expensive organic real food, a personal trainer, and a nutrionist on call. She could even get paid by a weight loss company to lose weight with an ad campaign by weight watchers and work it into the plot of her awful show. She has every incentive in the world and the resources. Her body though, her choice. Bad choice.

        5. I totally agree. I have never seen even one episode of Sex in the City. I have never seen even one minute of Girls. Most of TV is worthless so I only watch things like History Channel, Military Channel, and movies made prior to 1970.

    3. Could you do an article relating this more to the 1% lot? Sounds like it could be good material.

      1. You are mistaken if you believe any woman ever gives a flying f*** in a rolling donut about what any man thinks or wants.

      1. Upton actually does have a pleasant, feminine personality, which is why so many feminists and fashion designers hate her. Because she’s not a bitchy, coke-addled model who looks like a teenage boy.

      1. Mashenka S:Mirror,mirror on the wall.
        Who has the face the scares them all?
        >>Mirror is completely shattered<<

      2. Let’s not overlook the fake bolt on tits. I once frequented a good time bar that had scantily clad waitresses. On particularly well endowed lady, who always showed a lot of clevage, had a shirt that said, “Real or fake? Like you care.” Words of truth.

  17. This seems to be a major crux of the difference between men and women. Just like the fact that most men will never look like whatever juiced-up six-packed romance novel cover women are attracted to, most women will never in a million years be as physically attractive as Kate Upton; only a few people are ever that good looking, that’s why they’re in magazines.
    The difference, fellows and gentlemen, is that just like every other article you see on this site, decent men inspire each other to be the BEST MAN THEY CAN BE. Not to get surgery to look like whats-is-name, not to hit the juice to swell up like that one guy, but the best YOU can do.
    Most women on the other hand, either throw their hands up and eat ice-cream and become complete bitches because they’re “worthless” now, or they opt for surgery so they can loosely resemble an overfed poor-man’s version of this week’s red carpet darling.
    So fuck ’em; no one’s putting my picture on any mag covers, but at least my self-esteem doesn’t depend solely on whether or not I look like an air-brushed photo of a moron.

  18. “This social construct that ‘all men are beasts’ usually stems from
    individual women expressing disappointment over the men in their life.
    Failed childhoods, unrequited feelings with lovers and existential
    disappointment over male misbehavior in society are the primary causes
    of women to pretend “all men are beasts.” Feminism is the ideological
    manifestation of this.”
    Take ’em to church, Wycked!

  19. I wouldn’t mind going slow dancing with a Wal-mart chick that has tits on her back, but other than that, this article is spot on.

    1. But we all know the girl with tats is for pump and dump (and double-check the condoms), not for calling back the next morning.

  20. Then stop bitching about how the media insists that men be good providers. As Tom Leykis said, “fat women are for poor men.” So go make them dollars, bitches.

  21. I’ve never been insecure when seeing pretty women in fashion magazines. It’ s stupid, that is who they are (maybe a little air brushed, but still) And I’m never going to be white, blonde, a size 0 and six feet tall, it’s biologicallly impossible. But wouldn’t force my own image as a standard, because it would leave other women out and It IS totally narcissistic, which a lot of women ARE. Good article.

    1. The reason you’ve never felt insecure about it, is because a woman doesn’t NEED to be “blonde, a size 0 and six feet tall”. I’m totally convinced women are just pretending and projecting… to find ANYTHING to complaining about. “it’s so unfair that those beauty standards are projected on us!” Please!
      Kim Kuntrashian is none of that. A woman doesn’t need a D-cup. She doesn’t need to be model thin. She doesn’t even need to be particularly bright, driven, successful, ripped, – or pretty(!) – to enjoy all on the (unearned) benefits of being female in the western world.
      In fact, when I hear a woman complain about anything – and I do mean anything – I think of a female family member of mine lived through WWII. Whenever she sits down to have a tea or something to eat and looks around at the flowerpots on her terrace she ALWAYS says this:
      (exhales) “Ach! Haben wir es gut.”
      (“Have we ever got it good.”)
      There isn’t a single American female who does that.
      She will freak out because Instagram is down.
      Kim Kuntrashian had a bag of flour dumped over her head by someone in a crowd. They called her an AMBULANCE with 4 paramedics to assist her with the “trauma”. I rest my case.

    2. “I’ve never been insecure.”
      That’s why they complain, get offended and outraged, and you don’t. You’re mentally-together. Congratulations.

  22. Western media is one of the most dangerous forces in the world; “The pen is mightier than the sword” has never been more true. They are the biggest hypocrites; A magazine will write about how a females body doesn’t matter then the next page will be an advertisement of a happy and thin women modeling for something. American females are in a state of confusion. People and the media tell them to love themselves but advertisers will want them one way. Women want to look good. Have you met a fat and/or ugly girl who is happy? Either they are veiling themselves behind a facade of contentment or are the meanest and most sarcastic bitches in the world. Unless you have a fat fetish, ALL men want their women to look good. Women want to look good too, it helps their self-esteem and confidence just as men want to be strong and muscular. The only women who can be fat by societies acceptance are American black women and your good cook and homely aunt/grandma. But no one wants to fuck the two.

        1. It works like this: 1) see someone who has it better than you (cos they worked for it) -> diss them to convince yourself they aren’t really in a better position, and lie unconvincingly that you wouldn’t really want what they have anyway. Good old case of sour grapes. 2) See someone who’s a slacker like you or even worse -> exhalt them as the ‘new beautiful’ to make yourself feel better (misery loves company), and also make sure they won’t be tempted to improve themselves and thus make you look even worse. Better keep them down where you are.

      1. That in itself is a picture essay on a broken society.
        Imagine that being found by anthropologists in 500-1,000 years time.
        Feminism: Front running degeneracy since 1965

        1. I swear I am gonna keep that on my phone. Can’t tell you how many conversations I have had where I would have LOVED to show that to someone to shut them up.
          “Feminism: Front running degeneracy since 1965”
          That’s a T-shirt, lunchbox, mousepad and bumper sticker and feature film right there. Spielberg can direct it. Music by John Williams. Casting by ROK. Get on it. Or I will.

  23. Beautiful pictures.
    There are two versions of women in media: those selling themselves (glamour) to men and those to women (fashion). Feminists want to deny men the first and make the latter ordinary, but models are walking clothes hangers, it’ll never last. Fashion houses know their figures rely on selling a dream, hence most models are blonde white European looking.
    Shaming isn’t a bad thing, it’s good if it pushes a person to self-improve but they don’t like standards because it requires effort. It’s laziness. That fat-shaming BS has really backfired on them because their former allies, like gay men, don’t want to be seen with fat chicks! And they tried to change terms: how many times do they refer to fat as curvy? No skinny woman is healthy, according to them, it’s psychologically unhealthy to accuse healthy people of being either mentally ill or narcissistic (projection on their part). I like to ask them about the other side of the spectrum: how about filling fashion magazines with ugly people and those with sickening deformities? Suddenly they go quiet.

    1. They do, they include hair, skin and smile.
      However I don’t an erection over your degree, your job or how you’ve lobbied for free birth control in Africa.
      I realised I changed for the better when I saw a 9 on a train and thought to myself “I want to get you pregnant”.
      The impulse of a successful species.
      You can have your cellulite, skrillex hair, tattoos and sugar addiction

  24. So, according to the articles I have read on this site, the woman with the skillrex cut and tattoos is sick and damaged, right?

    1. Last September, on a Monday morning while drinving from Las Vegas to LA, I stopped at a gas station to take a piss. I did buy a pack of gum so I was a customer. When we pulled up a pickup truck pulled in as well. When it stopped a normal young (30+) guy, a cute little boy of about 3, and a tall thin well built gorgeous young woman got out. The woman was wearing tight low rider jeans and a halter top with lots of clevage. The boy was holding her hand, and certainly this looked like a family group of mom, dad, and child. The only fly in the ointment is that the woman had the skillrex haircut with both sides shaved, and was covered in tattoos. The over all effect was that I believe she was a stripper/hooker who had raked in the big bucks over the weekend and was now going back to family life in the boonies. Absent the hair do and the tattoos this would not have been my impression. So, yes, the skillrex haircut and tattoos makes you a damaged and sick individual to all of society. Sorry to be the one to have to let you know this.

  25. So, according to all the articles I have read on here the women will the skillrex and tattoos (pictured above) is damaged, right?

  26. “On the other, they do want standards for beauty, but they want the
    standards to be altered so that they — in their current state — would be
    considered beautiful.”
    Nailed it with that one sentence.
    However, I would say that beauty DOES start from inside. If you’re well-adjusted, attractive personality to be around, you’ll want to better yourself. The strive to greatness is always beautiful.
    Narcissistic dregs however, are usually ugly outside- because they are ugly inside too, and demand that other people change to assuage THEIR insecurities.
    Social constructivists in a nutshell.

    1. Those who are “beautiful” inside, aka. have their shit together take care of their apparance, health, clothing, lifestyle etc…
      It shows. You are the collection of everything you do. You have to be up in your game in every area in your life. If something is lacking it shows.
      The fat, ugly whiner people deserve no respect. They want the world to change because they are to weak to cope.

        1. Thank you Lindsay I now have to google ,um, do some research for my,uh, thesis really fast. Yeah, that is my story…. good call.

  27. Every time a feminist complains that women are suffering a nonstop barrage of messages about how important beauty is and that they must meet a near-impossible standard of appearance, I reply “Look around you–is it having any effect?”

  28. *sigh* I really could use one of you guys to kick my ass once in a while to get me to lose the 15 pounds I could do with losing. You really have a way with women.

    1. If it’s only 15 pounds it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a guy to do that for you, right?

      1. If only… Those I know personally aren’t very supportive, and those online tend to give me strange looks as soon as I raise the topic. Or think that it’s some kind of D/S fetish thingy. But I’m working on it.

        1. There’s a grey area between something you’d call D/s and something you’d just call a relationship where the guys shows some tough love. It’s probably really just a matter of degree.
          Wanting someone who keeps you in line in some regards isn’t fashionable these days, but you don’t have to care about that.

        2. I have a plate I’m doing this exact thing with (she kept griping about gaining weight from being on birth control and other crummy medication).
          She’s lost a fair bit and I commended her, but am encouraging her to lose the rest. She’s a size 2 and her goal is a size 00. (Before anyone starts hating, she’s short and has a “curvy” build, so a size 00 is still going to be around a 21 or 22 BMI for her.)
          I even offered to help take her clothes shopping once she gets down to that… there are few things as fun as picking an outfit to make a girl look hot in, and then ripping it off a few hours later.

        3. Do not quit. Everyone stumbles in their goals. I have stumbled in my career, love life and physical objectives. you get up accept the stumble and forge ahead. Absolutely no one is perfect, in fact stumbling is good because you reflect on why you stumbled , and then you are ready if you stumble again. Remember, life and goals are never a straight line, there are always a few zigs and zags.You will succeed if you persevere.

        4. Don’t let others drag you down – many do not have your best interests at heart. You know what needs to be done and time is short. Persevere and the rewards will be yours.

    2. You should not wait for someone to “kick your ass”. Do it by yourself…
      You just making excuses for your lazy ass.

      1. Just a little bit. On a cold, rainy day with dirty snow heaps along the road, it’s tough getting up and going. But I actually do like working out, so after the kick-start, I’ll be running 😉

  29. I think you’ve missed the point a little bit. While I agree that unaltered images of women in the media shouldn’t have any value in how others perceive themselves, that isn’t the issue to be had. The issue is that the images the media use are so photoshopped and airbrushed, that the end result looks sometimes nothing like the original subject, thereby creating that “impossible” standard of which you speak. How is it possible for other “regular” women to look like that, when that woman herself doesn’t even look like that?
    Everything else, I agree.

    1. That’s like saying the funny pages create unrealistic standards for men and women to try to have a hairstyle like Dagwood or Blondie.

      1. Oh yeah, I totally get how that’s a valid comparison. Because those are cartoons and not at all representative of real people, so it’s not a valid comparison at all.

        1. What we are attempting to say is the media makes men’s standards unattainable as well, but we know that so we do not sweat it. Conan the Barbarian, Rambo, The Beastmaster and James Bond were my favorites growing up. Those standards are unattainable for men, I understand that and enjoy the fantasy. Those are real people,If i mentioned my cartoons this list would take the whole page.

  30. WTF is that revolting picture of the tatted-up, fake-titted, mangled-haired tranny doing in the middle of this article?

  31. this is bullshit in its purist form. I have body dimorphic disorder because as a kid I would see pictures of thinner women, much like those above, and those are seen as ideal. ive tried cutting off sections of my skin to get thin like that, but I just ended up in the hospital. since then ive been diagnosed with depression, made worse by the media. im not putting all the blame there but it is very triggering. this is very triggering to me but im recovering. im recovering from 7 years of self mutilation because I would look at girls in magazines who are a size 2 while im a size 8 or 10. this is bullshit. you have no right to say this until you know what its like to not feel okay in your own skin because of someone else’s idea of beauty. or what its like to have thousands of cuts because you don’t feel good enough, starve yourself so just maybe someone will like you, or cry every night for a week because a new stretch mark appeared. you are all assholes that don’t deserve any of the things you have. you are all bullshit. go to hell.

    1. “you have no right to say this until you know what its like to not feel okay in your own skin because of someone else’s idea of beauty. or what its like to have thousands of cuts because you don’t feel good enough, starve yourself so just maybe someone will like you, or cry every night for a week because a new stretch mark appeared.”
      Sounds like someone unwilling to accept reality and change themselves for the better, either that or accept who they are. As long as you want to blame others for your lot in life, you will continue to be miserable……and you should. Its called taking responsibility for your own life. not blaming others for your current situation. Your self image is a mental obstacle for you, change how you see ourself before you can change yourself. If you CHOOSE not to, then you will remain where you are. The world is not gonna change to suit you, you need to change to improve your life.

  32. Why do feminists hate female beauty? Pure jealousy. Because for 99.99% of feminists, it is something they are not, and something they will never be…

  33. I don’t get this post. Are you blaming women for not wanting to look like the pictures of sexy women you posted in this post? Do you think that every women needs to accept these pictures and aspire to them?
    ‘It is evident that male attraction to female beauty isn’t a social construction.’
    No it isn’t, there is probably a strong biological component to the attraction. But are you suggesting that the women in the pictures you posted and the beauty-image that they convey, is justified because all men just love how these women look? Do you think we deserve looking at them because we are men and that no one should take this luxury away from us? Does everyone have to accept the beauty standards that these pictures convey?
    What if you’re of another ethnicity? What if you lack the time to perform the fitness routines that these women follow? What if your body is actually biologically and genetically different from these women? Can you still call yourself ‘attractive’? Can you find yourself beautiful even if you don’t look like these women?
    Humans have diverse looks, so what’s wrong with demanding a more diverse representation of women (and maybe even men if I may be so bold) in media? I’d also like to see other depictions of men and women in media, just because I’m interested in the human body in general.
    I don’t like the vibe of this post. It’s like ‘shut up with complaining, I’m a man and I like and enjoy these pictures, so you should too’. That’s fine, I also like and feel attracted to these women. But I still believe that we need alternative depictions and pictures of women and men. Not to promote a unhealthy lifestyle but to promote more self-acceptance among people. You won’t be able to look like someone who is being PAID to look like something. It’s his/her job to look like that, you won’t be able to mimic it. So people want alternatives. I get that, I understand that.

    1. “Not to promote a unhealthy lifestyle but to promote more self-acceptance among people.”
      LOL. The whole idea of ‘promoting self-acceptance’ among women was because so many of them were, and are, conducting unhealthy lifestyles. And I strongly suspect this promotion of ‘self-acceptance,’ i.e. fat acceptance, is being driven, sponsored, or funded by some of the US’s biggest food companies.

  34. It isn’t the media- it’s our culture. Women ARE taught to value beauty- you said it yourself in the first paragraph. Men are, too, but not to the extent that women are. That is what needs to change. There is an entire industry dedicated to making women more beautiful- for what reason? Why don’t men feel compelled to wear makeup?

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