How To Use Social Engineering To Get What You Want And Become A Better Leader

Social Engineering is defined as an act of psychological manipulation of a human being. Generally, it is using “soft skills” to get others to do or give you what you want. This can vary from confidential personal information, such as passwords or banking information, to something as mundane (yet savoury) as a girl’s cellphone number.

Recently, it has caught on as a skill now recognized as useful yet nefarious, particularly in the realm of information & digital security. A whole realm of hackers have begun developing this skill and using it, along with their technical expertise, to access others’ information or systems. As opposed to simply attacking systems directly with software, social engineering allows these people to achieve their goals through the use of leading questions and other techniques such as phishing or baiting.

Although I don’t condone the action of hackers and their iniquitous ways that have led to events such as The Fappening or the 2011 PlayStation Network Outage, I do find value in some of the techniques that can be used beneficially for people in their daily lives to simply achieve a happier state of mind, and even make them better, more capable leaders.

What Does Social Engineering Entail?

Although various different techniques exist, I’ll only cover a few that can be worked on through daily interactions with others. These are the ones I believe can be useful to any person in a plethora of social situations. Please note that some of these techniques can be considered malicious and don’t always involve honesty. Again, depending on how you use them, you may actually be doing something for the greater good. Reasoning is in the eye of the user.


Misrepresentation in the sense of social engineering is the use of a false or misleading account to further one’s own objective. This technique essentially involves producing a certain reason for your opinion or need, yet having a hidden agenda to work towards.

My major example of this involves a time I recently required certain items from the quartermaster (QM) on base for an overseas operation. The QM is notorious for having lengthy wait times, being understaffed, and generally providing poor service. Knowing just before the Christmas holidays that the place would be swamped upon re-opening in January, I hatched a little plan.

I called them just before the last day of work in December and asked to book an appointment for the first day back. Obviously they were unable to fit me in due to the high demand, yet I still asked for the person’s name over the phone and thanked them for helping me. In the new year, I reported to the QM and found there to be an approximately three-hour wait time. I promptly reported to the side desk reserved for appointments and told them I had an appointment.

Upon verifying the schedule, they did not find my name. I then told them that “Corporal so and so” had spoken to me on the phone and told me to come in and simply pick up my kit issue, since it was only a few items anyways. I politely smiled and told them I was in no rush, despite this being the complete opposite of the truth. Within five minutes, the young corporal had all my items signed out and ready to be issued to me.

Essentially, through the use of politeness and by misrepresenting my intentions, and through the use of prior knowledge about someone who worked there, I was able to avoid the 3-hour wait and get back to work with my troops, wasting no precious time.


Tailgaiting is simply the pursuit of legitimate access and the use of diversion to provide the illusion that you also have such access. An example of this is my friend who has been smoking since he was fourteen. Although I disagree with his personal choice, I have always been curious to how he was able to purchase cigarettes despite being underage.

He told me his technique simply involved striking up conversations with others buying cigarettes at the same time that they bought them, then partaking in conversations with the manager to divert them from his age. If prompted for his ID, he would simply respond he had forgotten it in the car and would leave, or, on some occasions, the person he had just been talking to would vouch for his age.

Clearly this demonstrates that through conversation, one can engage strangers and make them comfortable enough to forego regulations. By essentially distracting them through the use of humour and stories, my friend showed that you can essentially gain what you desire without the required pre-requisites.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is an extension of regular phishing, which essentially uses highly customized approaches towards individuals based on their traits and qualities in order to obtain the desired goal or effect. The most common example of this is misrepresenting ones own credentials, religion, or beliefs to align with someone else’s and make you more desirable in their eyes. When you do “pre-game” research on women before approaching them, if you use the information you’ve obtained through research, you are essentially spear phishing.

This can stretch to much larger situations, including the one above where I used a person’s name that worked for the QM to essentially tailgate my way into the establishment and then misrepresent my intentions.

How This Applies To Leadership

Eisenhower is quoted as having said: “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it“. Essentially, by motivating someone to become engaged in your cause, you are using social engineering. The techniques mentioned above may not be the most moral pieces of advice, but they are definitely tools that should be added to your arsenal as the fact remains that, in today’s society, things aren’t getting any easier and people aren’t getting any more rational.

I encourage you to branch out from here and practice these techniques on your own time, be it in game or even at work. Social engineering can be used in any interaction with other people, be it at work, at social events, or even at home!

Use misrepresentation to motivate your subordinates through unappealing work by falsely committing to it yourself  (AKA smiling during tough times). Use tailgating to approach that girl at the community centre and make her think you’ve met before. Jake Gyllenghaal gives us a perfect example in Love and Other Drugs.

At the end of the day, social engineering is what you make of it. And, while I don’t condone the use of its techniques to harm others beyond repair, I do think that knowledge of it is in our best interest as leader moving forward in an amoral society of privileged, irrational people.

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  1. “How To Use Social Engineering To Get What You Want”
    you know there are feminists trolling these boards….and they want a gender neutral communist society with kangaroo courts and summary executions of any man accused of approaching a woman

    1. Feminists (in reality) want domination under the guise of equality, yet they are hardwired by biology to be submissive.

      1. Submissive to corporations while attacking men from behind a tree or wall like the feminazis in Toronto.

    2. I spent the worst day of my life—in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!
      In Toronto, angry man-hating feminazis approach you and claim that you are harassing her!
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      Why are Toronto women a fucking nuisance?! I spent only ONE day in Toronto, and the women are terrible in the downtown core. I can’t vouch for the suburbs because I didn’t go there, and that means I can’t provide an accurate reflection of the women in the suburbia of Toronto.

  2. I do little side jobs online profiling people, extracting information and more. One thing that I have noticed and which is frequently recommended in the Manosphere is to make a girl feel comfortable with you so as to let her reveal her secrets, allowing you to assess her potential as a LTR or a ONS. What you want to do is make the target person feel everything but judged. Present yourself as an open-minded, non-judgemental individual and people will tell you more than you think.
    I have also noticed that men of all ages are very manageable and easily influenced if you use a convincing female profile on social media so as to get information from them. I have managed to get Facebook passwords using this method, as well as the answers to those private questions people use as a security measure when getting an e-mail account or an account of any kind, for that matter.
    That degree in Psychology was truly worth it.

    1. Spend one day in downtown Toronto and you will change your mind about the sexiness of women…..Toronto women are that terrible. I wish I can erase the memories of that 1 day in Toronto, fuck urgh! Shit I need to calm myself down with some Vodka. I am traumatised by these women who harassed me, followed me and spied on me because I was a Brit visiting Toronto for a day……The women there act like gangs defending their turf….I didn’t feel or receive any welcoming vibes from the women in Toronto—-but that ONE DAY changed my life that I will never see women as innocent snowflakes with a sexy appeal every again.

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  5. Smoking since he was 14. What dorks the children of Gen Y helicopter Yuppies born in the 60’s are.
    Back when I picked up the habit in 1989 at 15 years old you buy a packet of cigarettes anywhere.
    Most people experiment with cigarettes under the age of 14. What’s the big fucking deal there?
    In my experience the real white trash and hoodrats and Mestizos are smoking marijuana everyday by 13 and by the time they hit 16 they are often full-fledged junkies of some hard drug or another.

    1. Agreed that the ease of purchasing cigarettes was definitely higher back in the day. However, the point here was to use the example of how my friend was able to sway the store owners, regardless of what he was buying.

      1. JAMES
        We should be so lucky if the cigarette 13 year old kids were smoking was tobacco stolen from Grandma’s menthol pack.
        These days the white trash and minorities are smoking pot at 12.
        And in my opinion, while it is not great for your brain to smoke pot at any age, when you start smoking joints everyday at 12 or 13 it arrests your development.
        In the old days people actually managed to graduate high school before discovering hard drugs at 18 and making (bad) adult decisions about them but these days the average meth user gets into it at 14!
        One thing you notice about people who start using drugs early in life is that it is not a “phase” like smoking too much pot in college and then quitting the day you graduate to get a real job.
        People that start on hard drugs in high school are usually dopers for the rest of their life on off and on.

        1. Definitely agree with this post!
          I am quite biased in that regard due to my conservative / military background, but the facts are there that early drug use stunts growth.
          Great point!

    Actually what we are producing-and I am one of them-is a society of stone Omegas who are neither Alphas nor Betas and this makes it harder for anyone to lead anyone.
    Somebody in a previous post accused me of being individualist and the reality is that everyone is going this way in life.
    Tribalism fails when males do not start a family at 25 as so many of us chose not to do. Right there and then you are no longer part of a community because you do not have to be, so you do not give a shit.
    Next tribalism fails where there are socio-economic chasms between similar groups-the white townies on this site know jackshit and have never been further than Florida in their life and their biggest excursion is Thursday at Ladies Night at the local “Sports Bar” vs. Blue State Yankees (Or urbanites from other white countries) who travel, work overseas, live overseas, have no interest in their distant birthplace, fuck women of every nationality etc. Sorry, dear posters, but I cannot identify with some fucking prole townie from a vaguely rundown suburb or exurb or rural town where the driveways are dirt who is 25 and lives in the same house he was born and jerks off to internet porn all day.
    This is one reason democrats desire “big government”. They are not interested-and I sure as shit am not-in grass roots participation in communities or the like. They want a faceless support network and the rest of the time they want to do whatever they please.

  7. Canadian former mangina/feminist Gregory Alan Elliot argued with Toronto femicunts ” to put them in their place” on Twitter: He suffered a deliberate act of court delays for 3 years while on bail that he couldn’t use a computer. Note that those types of bail conditions are only reserved for felons who make or distribute child prngraphy….After $300,000 in legal costs and lost wages, Gregory Alan Elliot was found NOT GUILTY by the Crown of Canada, causing feminist outrage and the start of #MeToo in Canada long before some millionaire actress cunt took it in the poosee by Harvy Winstein consentually.

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  9. Lying and deceiving is not “social engineering”, it’s just lying and deceiving. Nothing kingly about that. Nothing will destroy the credibility of ROK more comprehensively than this sort of conniving. Men need encouragement to rise above the lies and deceptions of the world and set a higher standard that others can follow.

    1. Although I can see your point, I have to firmly disagree. There comes a point where you have to fight fire with fire for the greater good. I’m not encouraging others to straight up head out the door every day to use these tools with the intent of destroying others’ lives, but rather I want to make you aware of certain techniques so that you can recognize them when they’re being used and potentially to use them when it may benefit the greater good.

      1. A five-year-old knows what lies and deceit are. No need to raise awareness of them. Truth, justice, honor, mercy, grace, compassion, faith, generosity – these are the tools men need. The “greater good” is a nonsensical term without them.
        Fight the good fight, man. Don’t play toy soldiers with a delinquent enemy.

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