6 Things I Learned From An American Terrorist

Eric Rudolph is a convicted murderer currently serving time for several bombings including the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. Living on the run in the woods of North Carolina for years before being finally caught by a rookie local cop, Rudolph is a prolific self educated author who continues to write essays from his maximum security prison cell in Florence, Colorado.

Just as policy makers can learn from past attackers and criminals, so too can we laymen take away key lessons from one of America’s most notorious home-grown terrorists. Beyond security awareness and debates over how to fight terrorism, there are six life lessons worth mentioning from the memoirs of a fugitive turned prisoner.

1. Education can be free

books (1)
While so many middle class families subscribe to college education at all costs, Rudolph only briefly attended college and went to a couple of different very bad high schools, but never lost his desire to learn. While on the run in the woods, he was first limited to dumpster diving for newspapers and magazines from the trash, eventually discovering discarded books from a local library.

Limiting himself to non-fiction, the continuing big book challenge went on for months, killing boredom through long winter months in hiding while absorbing an education.

…I connected with these people on a spiritual level, and in the process discovered my true identity: I was an American, and proud of it. All the hate and guilt and lies instilled in me by Mrs. Weaver and a dozen other public school teachers disappeared. In comparing these giants (Washington, Jackson, Patton) to the pygmies (Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, Betty Friedan) they tried to idolize, I understood where their hatred came from. It was the kind of hate that the weak have for the strong, the mediocre have for the exceptional, and the lazy have for the industrious. In comparing what America looked like in its healthy heyday to the rotten carcass of modernity, I was able to begin my real education.

His literacy level extended far beyond many of his non-fugitive peers who had all the freedom necessary to improve themselves. Anyone could have borrowed the same books for free and learned just as much, and this was before inexpensive online education matured to present opportunities.

Nowadays it’s no wonder we witness the decreasing value (beyond status) of traditional and overpriced higher education.

2. Women haven’t changed much


A true pioneer and role model.

Eric Rudolph came of age when the Internet was still in its infancy and most meetings with the opposite sex still had to happen in real time, in person. He had a love interest at one of the politico-religious groups he briefly belonged to, but as we can all guess, the moment she departed for college, she returned a changed woman.

…I eagerly awaited the Passover Feast, when Joy would return to the camp. When it finally arrived, her visit was a complete disappointment. Throughout the entire Passover Feast she barely spoke to me. Something had happened since the last time I saw her, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Whatever we had was over. If we had no relationship, then I had no reason to stay at the Church of Israel. I planned my escape.

I bet I can put my finger on it—any woman who has been away to college has no sense of fidelity or loyalty to the high school-aged sweetheart she left behind. It was beta even in the 1980s for Rudolph to wait it out at the camp, expecting Joy to return as a chaste virgin.

That he did not connect the dots to realize the power of the sexual revolution on a young attractive woman is understandable in the pre-Roosh era. Perhaps nowadays someone like him will have a clue before getting a case of oneitis and resolving to begin a violent crusade to rid the culture of corrupt influences.

3. Going it alone is extremely tough


What good is being alpha with no women around?

Before living as a fugitive in the wilderness, Rudolph had hardscrabble life mostly in the American south, along the way picking up survival skills from his time in the US military and living the woods of North Carolina. There wasn’t a plant in the forest that he didn’t know whether was safe to eat or poisonous, he was a skilled hunter and fisherman, and had the foresight to plan for emergency food and equipment caches.

While his ability to persevere was impressive, in spite of his preparation and skills he was always looking over his shoulder. In life it’s prudent to never be too comfortable in your surroundings and always have a goal, a backup plan, and a slight dose of paranoia to keep you on your toes.

Rudolph’s experience took that to the extreme. He survived like few can alone in the wilderness, but his capture was inevitable. The lesson here is no matter how great your skills and contingency planning, no matter how much you might think living off the grid gets you away from everything, it’s nearly impossible to do for sustained periods of time – you just can’t escape civilization, and no man is an island.

4. The world is getting a lot smaller


Rudolph was on the run for years at a time when drones didn’t exist, GPS wasn’t commonplace, and not everyone had a cell phone. Nowadays, it’s doubtful that he would last as long in the wild as he did given the advances in technology.

The helicopter’s rotors grew louder as it flew across the gorge and began searching Tarkiln Ridge. Icicles attached to the bottom of the rock poked my face. In the gloom I noticed my warm foggy breath slowly seeping out of the shelter into the sunlight. “Oh no, it’s going to detect my breath,” I said. I held my breath for as long as I could stand it. At the point of passing out, I exhaled and then took in another breath. The chopper was right above me now.

Even though he eluded the federal agents in helicopters that particular time, what was next? Were he to somehow slip across the border to Mexico, the advent of facial recognition software, DNA databases, and cameras at every street corner would probably make short work of finding anyone not living in a cave 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives.

5. So long as women vote, elections will be decided by emotions.


Prohibition came along the same year as universal suffrage – coincidence?

In the months preceding the presidential election of 2000, Rudolph became so disgusted with the so-called conservatives at the GOP that he actively sought to derail George W Bush’s campaign in the hopes of a much more conservative candidate down the road, and he almost succeeded.

My immediate goal was to destroy Bush’s candidacy. Confronted with four to eight more years of leftwing-Al Gore-policies, conservatives would, I hoped, become more radicalized. I believed a bloody attack on an abortion mill just before the election might do the trick.”

…An attack on an abortion mill might be the catalyst to push those moderates into Al Gore’s camp. The Marxist media would pounce on the story, and they would hang the bombing around Bush’s neck. Bush’s moderates would change their votes. Key states would go for Gore, and Bush would go back to Texas to play cowboys and Indians on his big ranch. Eight years of Bill Clinton did more to radicalize the Right than anything in the last 30 years. I was hoping eight more years of such left-wing policies would push them into open revolt. That was the strategy.

Say what you will about his extreme pro-life outlook, Rudolph had a solid understanding of feminism and recognized that the modern, post-women’s suffrage electorate could be easily swayed by the right catalyst. All it took to spin the hamster of (mostly female and white knight) voters away from getting Bush elected was to initiate a bombing that would immediately be blamed on him, regardless of how truly committed he was to the pro-life movement.

Had he not been thwarted by a last minute inability to secure a reliable vehicle, Rudolph may have pulled it off. This was an election won by barely four thousand votes and a Supreme Court decision—it’s safe to say the plans of one terrorist almost changed the course of history. That said, his hope was no strategy for a conservative grassroots movement, since…

6. You can’t directly fight the cultural decline.


Not the way to fight SJWs

Eric Rudolph had tremendous foresight in his predictions as to how far down the toilet Western culture was sinking. He recognized a drastic cultural emergency, but his solution was to become a one man army and fight the fight, literally, as an unconventional warrior in occupied territory.

The only thing more foolish than thinking one man could successfully carry on a bombing campaign against abortion clinics and gay bars and not eventually get caught was the idea that a one-man war would ever make any significant difference in the world view of increasingly solipsistic, self-oriented Americans.

His attempt to influence was instead a brutally ineffective series of gestures that barely touched the symptoms of the underlying moral depravity. Eric Rudolph did nothing to recapture the dignity which continues to permanently slip from the American spirit.

He would surely agree the advent of smartphone ubiquity only accelerated the moral decline, but meanwhile, there is little else he can do about it now, except write. Ironically, had Rudolph stayed away from bombs and guns and instead improved his communication outreach, he would be better able to address and perhaps convince others through written and spoken word.

It doesn’t have to amount to “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” but neither does it do any good to go down with the ship.


Eric Rudolph continues to write, but the pity is a man who could have become a leader, a father, and a husband missed out on the one thing he could have directly influenced the most – a family.

Instead, he deprived himself of that opportunity by failing to recognize the Quixotic nature of the task he attempted. Everyone reading this knows you can’t turn a whore into a housewife. Similarly, if America is turning herself into a whore, then Eric Rudolph turned himself into the ultimate white knight by trying to save something that just doesn’t want to be saved.

If the spirit from within isn’t willing, no amount of effort from the outside can have any permanent effect. The challenge, then, is to change the spirit. It’s hard to see how else this could have ended.

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  1. “Similarly, if America is turning herself into a whore, then Eric Rudolph turned himself into the ultimate white knight by trying to save something that just doesn’t want to be saved.”
    Nicely said.

  2. This was left out of the article:
    Rudolph is a despicable piece of shit cowardly murderer.
    In addition, Rudolph’s actions almost got an innocent man, Richard Jewell, framed by the FBI for the Atlanta bombing.
    The FBI tried to get Jewell to confess on video by luring him into making a “training film” where Jewell would play the role of “the bomber” in a script based on the Atlanta bombings. Jewell was smart enough to refuse and then asked for a lawyer. The media attention caused by the FBI’s leaking his name ruined his life and he died young, however.

    1. It wasn’t Rudolph who got Jewell framed. It was the crushing liberal media who pointed out the aw shucks white southern Christian male who could only hold a part-time security job, lived at home despite being 33, and was overweight. The media wanted blood and he was an easy target. I highly recommend you watch the ESPN 30 for 30 short “Judging Jewell.”
      If it wasn’t for Jewell, the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing would’ve made 2013 Boston look like child’s play. He saved many lives and there should be a statue of Richard Jewell at Centennial Olympic Park.

      1. True, but the horrific actions of Rudolph is that he murdered innocent people, not that he allowed an innocent man to be framed by not admitting his crimes.

        1. Think of it this way – you believe he murdered innocent people by his actions in the same way he believed abortionists murdered innocent unborn children.
          On the Birmingham abortion clinic bombing:
          “This facility routinely kills and mutilates an average of 50 human beings every week. Every employee is a knowing participant in this gruesome trade. The security guard is instrumental in protecting these murderers and their facility from those who would intervene to stop this bloody practice, and therefore he is on the front lines of this fight. The object was to target the doctor-killer, but because the device was prematurely discovered by the security guard, it had to be detonated with only the assistant-killers in the target area. A protestor was across the street, and customers waiting to have their child killed were in the parking lot just yards away, but because of the focused nature of the device and being command-detonated, only the killer were caught in the blast zone.
          I had nothing personal against Lyons and Sanderson. They were targeted for what they did, not who they were as individuals.
          I really do not understand the psychological process that goes into the making of an abortion mill worker. To participate up close in the daily murder and dismemberment of children takes an extremely calloused soul. The very dregs of modernity raised on a culture of selfishness and death find their ways to the abortion mills. Some are there just for money being indifferent to the moral questions involved or the politics surrounding the issue of abortion. Many of these are mediocre mercenary doctors wanting to receive as much money as possible for performing a relatively simple procedure. Then there are the ideologue abortionists. They are the lowest common denominator of extreme egalitarianism, the off scourings of liberalism. These people hate life, and they see maternity as a disability placed upon women by nature and used by men to keep women in subjection. They see themselves as liberators breaking the chains of patriarchal slavery.
          Nothing is more demonstrative of the degenerate nature of American society than the portrayal of the abortionist Lyons as an heroic victim. Abortion is the vomitorium of modernity, and the abortionist is the attendant who helps the bloated partiers disgorge themselves so they can return to the rotten feast of materialism and self-indulgence. And here the celebrants lionize their wounded attendant.”
          I cannot express enough that you read his confession to fully understand his headspace – http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4600480

        2. So by that rationale, isn’t every American taxpayer fair game to be legitimately killed, since they are complicit in funding murders of brown wedding parties, families and babies in the hundreds of thousands, and we are talking actual people here not zygotes?

        3. I believe Rudolph’s words about abortion were that it was a “rotten feast of materialism and self-indulgence” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Rudolph
          As far as he was concerned, he might as well have been a free Jew with a rifle, watching a Nazi guard move prisoners into the gas chambers at Auschwitz. What would the free, armed Jew do? Rudoph saw himself as being in the same situation. Not justifying is actions at all – he’s still a murderer – but that was his mindset.

        4. the prez need only put your name on the target list, no probable cause or trial required.
          People forget that.

        5. Actually I chose a legal way of not paying taxes (making below a certain amount combined with investments and writeoffs that offset income or defer taxes) because I didn’t like $6,000 a year of my money being used to murder strangers around the globe ($6,000 / household being the average amount spent in my area on the military each year). There are also less legal ways (ie working on the black market or for ones self).
          It’s not as easy a decision as whether to take the job at the abortion clinic or the bank, but it is a choice we all have.
          To me that was a moral issue I could not live with. But I don’t take it to the insane point of killing other people who are still in the system because they are supporting evil.

      2. Obviously, if Rudolph had not planted the bomb, there would have been no attempted framing of Jewell. The idiot FBI agents, based on their idiot “profilers” actually thought Jewell did it.

    2. Yep, this guy was a piece of shit murderer. He murdered innocent people and deserves to rot in prison. Here author, let me rewrite it for you;
      What I learned;
      1. A piece of shit terrorist is a piece of shit terrorist.
      2. There are far better men to learn things from
      3. Fuck this guy, I hope he rots
      4. Richard Jewell was the man this article should have been written about

      1. Yup he was a piece of shit terrorist, why not right one for osama bin laden, at least osama bombed the towers and showed that jews controlled the world because 4000 jews all simultaneously did not show up to work at the towers the day of the bombing, how convenient.

        1. Exactly, it’s like writing an article on “6 Things I Learned from Osama Bin Laden.” Or Adolf Hitler. This shit is retarded.

        2. If I were Osama then I would have orchestrated so that my goons crash planes into IRS buildings instead of the majestic twin towers. I foresee that many oppressed honest-working Americans will be sympathetic to my cause and will even convert to Islam, inshallah.

        3. It would make more sense to write one for Osama since unlike Rudolph, Osama was not convicted of bombing anyone.

        4. If Bin Laden did it as you say, then why did the FBI remove him from the 10 most wanted list with a statement that they didn’t have enough evidence to implicate him?
          Don’t dig too deep into 9/11 or you’re going to find many contradictions such as this that will rock your world. It will make you start questioning everything, and to be honest, it’s easier to just be ignorant and pretend the US government is a force for good.
          It’s not. But most people due to their inattention and just buying whatever comes out of their TVs don’t know it yet.
          We will all be forced to confront that fact sooner or later.
          But if you want to be ‘happy’ stay the fuck away from any personal investigation into 9/11, Sandy Hook, or the Boston bombing.

        5. Also, remind everyone of what happened Sept. 11th, 1683 (and the result, which occurred on Sept. 12th 1683).

      2. Are you a woman? Because your comment here is just an emotional outburst void of any objective analysis.

    3. What happened to Richard Jewel was strictly in the hands of the FBI trying to set him up. And that can happen to anybody at any time.

    4. Every ideology has its extremists. What he did was despicable, no doubt about it, and this article isn’t arguing that, I don’t think. Sounds like the guy would fit right in here until he started acting out with violence and murder.

    1. Maybe they will get a clue gleaning on the threshing floors of manosphere logic, and hop on the train to reason and progression.

  3. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on ROK. The way it culminated into focusing on why men exist in the first place was touching and had me contemplating my existence.
    Incredible work

  4. “Rudolph was on the run for years at a time when drones didn’t exist, GPS wasn’t commonplace, and not everyone had a cell phone. Nowadays, it’s doubtful that he would last as long in the wild as he did given the advances in technology.”
    Good point. I’m convinced that Bin Laden was killed when he was is strictly by design. God knows how long Assange and Snowden have to live.
    For any man that gets singled out by the system he can be easily found out logistically today.
    Excellent article. The points made clearly show just feudal it is to directly go against what is happeninh. Changing points of view via the manoshpere will be much more effective.

    1. snowden just needs to get his asylum renewed in Russia and he has no worries. The U.S. may be bigger than Russia, but it is secretly scared to death of Russia.

  5. Big problem with this article:
    There is no such thing as a home-grown terrorist unless that person had foreign roots or influence.
    Assuming the domestic majority can be terrorists undermines nationalism. Even if the person had done exactly what a terrorist would do he should still only be labelled a criminal in the eyes of the nation. Calling him a terrorist allows leftists mental room to compare dominant identity groups in society with minority ones, in turn leading to equality and facilitating resentment against the majority
    But I agree with you on his tactics – it’s too early to start shooting just yet
    You can however, be a one man army in the realm of opinion. One person in a leftist crowd makes a big difference – it irritates them to no end and puts mental pressure on them, knowing they can’t say a single thing without being criticized for it. This is why I’ve been banned from just about every leftist news outlet and blog I’ve ever commented on. But they can’t ban you in real life. Always interrupt a leftist. Always speak to them like their beliefs are childlike and backwards – which is basically just the truth
    A few people like me is enough to destroy an equalist echo chamber within a few months and send them back under their rocks. Any unmoderated discussion space becomes anti-left over time because leftism is an abnormal mental condition. The more soldiers we have, the harder it is for the enemy to ostracize us. Give it a try.

    1. It does not matter under what borders he was born. However, I too question the loose throwing around of the “t” word. A one off event of sabotage does not make one a terist. A terist is someone who instills fear and paranoia in the general population through repeated attacks, ie the DC Sniper.
      EDIT: OK It looks like he attacked multiple abortion clinics so he probably was somewhat of a terist. But to me a terist is someone who openly takes credit for actions in hopes of fomenting change. Like in the 70s when there were many hijackings and they demanded releases of hostages etc. This guy seems like more of a vigilante with a twisted view of the world.

      1. He was a terrorist, period. He killed a bunch of innocent people to use terror to political effect.
        Screw him. He needs to be executed by his victims’ relatives.

        1. No one who kills babies is innocent. In saner times they would’ve been put to death anyway. Ffs there are contraceptives!!!

        2. The difference is when someone considers a thing a baby. Some say birth, some say conception, some worry about measring things like when does the heartbeat start, etc. I don’t really give a shit. Got more important things to worry about. There are too many issues in the real world to worry about before we start trying to fix things in the womb.
          This was a form of white knighting at its worst. Trying to influence others instead of bettering yourself. You think LaQuita not having an abortion this weekend is going to make the world a better place in any way?

        3. This was a form of white knighting at its worst. Trying to influence others instead of bettering yourself.

          Whiteknighting is irrational defense of women choices and ways. The award goes to you who seems to think womens’ “choice” must be upheld at all costs. For your information Laquita is not the only one who goes to the abortion clinic, and that’s specially true in Europe. If abortion is right, outright infanticide is next and some “educated” morons already have come with it. After all, what’s the difference between a fetus and a baby, since both of them are incapable of surviving on their own?
          I am all for bettering myself, however tolerance of outright evil is not part of the menu. We have enough already with SJWs, feminism and rampaging banksters destroying world economies.

        4. My priorities are for removing the “choice” for women to slut around, removing the “choice” for politicians to raise my taxes and spend my money and start new wars, and removing the “choice” for women to decide they no longer want to be married to the man they promised to marry, and still get to keep half his assets. Once these “choices” are resolved, perhaps I would be concerned whether or not a pregnant girl conceives.

      2. Some good points here. I think after 9/11 the word terrorist has become a buzzword – something repeated over and over again by the media.
        There were bombings of abortion clinics back in the 80s and the media (plus the public) didn’t label the people “terrorists…these acts were called bombings.
        It’s funny to watch how people are manipulated in even the slightest ways. The media throws out the word “terrorist” so often that it becomes the norm to use (when discussing this type of behavior). That reason or because many Americans didn’t want to believe that we have “terrorists” here in this country (U.S.)…it only happens in other countries.

        1. Yes, this perversion of our language has seeped everywhere. I wish that at least on ROK we could return to real, descriptive, accurate language instead of buzzwords and newspeak.
          People are really delusional about terism and can be easily manipulated by the use of this word (and others).
          I find that in about halfof the cases the person being called a terist is not even acting in an unpredictable way (ie defending his home against invaders) and the other half the word they mean to use is saboteur.

    2. I recently attended an open lecture at my university by a Finnish professor. The woman criticized the “Politics of Irony” (mocking of SJWs) tactic used by the European popular right in immigration debates. She labeled them as “misogynistic” and “racist,” while I debated her on various points and underlined the validity of their arguments and the fact that academics like her are preventing more reasoned and intellectual debate. The looks of disdain were priceless. Later learned I wasn’t the only dissenting opinion in the room. We are not alone!

    3. The ‘foreign influence’ reference is a good point. A host country will take in dissidents or heretics to their home countries, people that go cross with the state that they are from. An anti communist is a terrorist or criminal for being such in a totalitarian communist country, but they are welcomed as a refugee to an anti communist country. Tragically, most states now are pro abortion anti human industrial plantations and most artsy cultural nations are tiny and pro population control.

    4. As long as everyone Follows like sheep Liberalism Flourish’s, but It’s Integrity is as Fragile as a Single Sensible Person having the Courage to Challenge it and Voice the Truth.

    5. To be honest, as soon as you mention IQ you get physically removed.
      I was asked to leave a class because I brought up the differences between male and female IQ distribution.

        1. I just found it funny. Everything up to that was perfectly fine. Hell, they were winning thanks to sheer numbers.

    6. Using terror (like blowing up gay bars and abortion clinics) in the hopes of swaying the cultural decline makes him a terrorist. The prospect of getting blown up is intended to create terror, and modify behavior – Rudolph admits that much. Terrorism need not be foreign influenced – that’s a very common way of thinking about it nowadays in America: that all terrorism and those who practice it must be foreign and usually Islamic. Although I would say it’s probably fair to say as Von Clausewitz did that, like war, terrorism is an extension of politics.
      Not so long ago, idiot baby boomers like the Symbianese Liberation Army and Obama pal Bill Ayers were running around blowing up the US Capitol in their futile war against “the Man” The closest they ever got to foreign sponsorship was a Che Guevara T-shirt, but I think it’s still accurate to call them terrorists.

      1. Does bombing civilian targets in the hope that the population loses hope count as terrorism?
        Is not war itself, ultimately the same thing as terrorism? Using violence to achieve political aims?

        1. It’s a fine line, indeed. Strictly technically, a terrorist differs only in that he is not a state actor and must resort to terror as he lacks conventional means of waging warfare.

        2. I would say that the distinction does not include “resort to terror” as states frequently resort to terror, against their own populations as well as others.

        3. Things to make you say “Hmm”: All human relationships are based on force or logic. Armed folks can force other folks to be logical…

    7. The whole concept of “terrorism” is ideological in any case. If an individual who blows up a building with a car bomb is a “terrorist” what is a bomber pilot who blows up a village with 2000 lb bombs?

    8. I think making it out in media of showing how idiotic and childish the left is will awaken some and take the red pill.
      Youtube is a free reign media outlet try putting recordings out there and build a base. Increasing numbers in the army can work.

    9. Bullshit. If you’re violently fighting the Constitutional order of the United States, you’re a terrorist.
      Don’t like “all men are created equal” or the 14th Amendment? Move elsewhere.

  6. “..he could have directly influenced the most – a family”
    Respectfully I disagree. Women across the board in the usa are worthless, STD carrying garbage. And they become even more worthless with each passing generation.

  7. Brilliant analogy between the “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” and America not wanting to be saved and Rudolph white knighting even though he was way ahead of the curve on feminism and cultural decline. Great article Justin.

    1. Agree. The guy was trying to change something that didn’t (or doesn’t) want to be changed. It has to “run it’s course” in order for change to happen. It takes time…but I think the change will happen at some point.

  8. Excellent writeup.
    Rudolph, like so many domestic terrorists, was fed up with the cultural and societal decay of the West.
    His intention at the 1996 Olympics was not to kill people, rather scare the hell out of Atlanta and the World, and force a stoppage of the Games, which he believed celebrated global socialism (it did – Lennon’s “Imagine” was the theme song) and multinational corporations (it did – Atlanta whored itself out to corporations so it wouldn’t have to pay the huge costs). He also wanted to anger and embarrass the US government, an enabler of multiculturalism and greed. He had four more bombs to blow up, but left after making his 911 warning calls and detonated them outside of Atlanta before retreating to North Carolina (in the letter below he admits his plan was made in haste, and the bombs would not work the way he intended [ie. minimize life loss]).
    Often unknown because of the magnitude of the Olympic bombings, is that Rudolph returned to Atlanta in winter 1997 and planted two bombs at an abortion clinic and a few weeks later two at a gay nightclub. Then he went to Birmingham and blew up another abortion clinic, this one put the authorities on his tail.
    Read his full confession – http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4600480 – and you’ll feel his disdain for liberalism. He is incredibly intelligent and articulate with his point of view, which I imagine is shared by many RoK commenters/readers (minus the whole violent extremist thing).

    1. Obviously, others here know much more about Rudolph’s story than myself. However, Eric’s cultural analysis is very accurate, as the succeeding two decades have proven. So we see the double-bind is longstanding and remains unbroken.
      New Amerika very much wants to provoke Eric Rudolphs to public violence, as this then confims and justifies yet more expansion of the police-state commie vaginocracy. Because, you know, Rape Culture and War on Women. Only Barry Hussein can save us! Oh wait wait I mean only Hillary and Chelsea can save us! Along with lots and lots of paid males, that is. Yes, my precious punkin’ is a Princess! You got a problem with that? Ooh-rah!
      As the OP correctly states, the U.S. does NOT want to hear the truth (about anything) and she does NOT want to be corrected, healed, or restored. She is way too fat and empowered for that, and she’s got a century of lard on her gills. She wants to continue to rule and crush and have a comfy life, while pretending to be an at-risk, aggrieved victim. It’s worked great so far!
      Ms. Amerika is quite happy with her lies, greed, culturo-legal terrorism, selfishness, fake self-righteousness, and malevolence. Going Rudolph just gives the cowards and punks more socio-legal ammunition to isolate and finish-off non-compliant males. Take a lesson from Eric and don’t make it easy (and fun) for them.

    2. Do you think that maybe the British Empire considered the signers of the Declaration of Independence to be terrorists, and the colonial militiamen who stood at Lexington to be ‘insurgents’?
      Where would we be without these ‘terrorists’ and ‘insurgents’.
      Subjects of the Queen, that’s what.

  9. Everyone should also read Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto. Ted predicted the terminal decline of the West long before Rudolph and also made extremely apt observations about the corrosive liberal psyche and the myriad of problems caused by unfettered technological advancement. His manifesto is a little cerebral at times and hard to process in one go but recommended reading in my opinion even if you may not agree with the whole anarcho-primitivism thing. Some choice quotes:
    “Notice the masochistic tendency of leftist tactics. Leftists protest by lying down in front of vehicles, they intentionally provoke police or racists to abuse them, etc. These tactics may often be effective, but many leftists use them not as a means to an end but because they PREFER masochistic tactics. Self-hatred is a leftist trait.”
    “Modern leftist philosophers tend to dismiss reason,science objective reality and to insist that everything is culturally relative.It is true that one can ask serious questions about the foundations of scientific knowledge and about how, if at all, the concept of objective reality can be defined. But it is obvious that modern leftist philosophers are not simply cool-headed logicians systematically analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality. They attack these concepts because of their own psychological needs. For one thing, their attack is an outlet for hostility, and, to the extent that it is successful, it satisfies the drive for power. More importantly, the leftist hates science and rationality because they classify certain beliefs as true (i.e., successful, superior) and other beliefs as false (i.e. failed, inferior). The leftist’s feelings of inferiority run so deep that he cannot tolerate any classification of some things as successful or superior and other things as failed or inferior. This also underlies the rejection by many leftists of the concept of mental illness and of the utility of IQ tests. Leftists are antagonistic to genetic explanations of human abilities or behavior because such explanations tend to make some persons appear superior or inferior to others. Leftists prefer to give society the credit or blame for an individual’s ability or lack of it. Thus if a person is” inferior” it is not his fault, but society’s, because he has not been brought up properly.”
    Like Rudolph, Kacyznksi was an extremely intelligent guy who made the mistake of using violence to try and wake up a populace that would prefer to remain mired in blissful ignorance.

    1. “Leftists may claim that their activism is motivated by compassion
      or by moral principle, and moral principle does play a role for the
      leftist of the oversocialized type. But compassion and moral principle
      cannot be the main motives for leftist activism. Hostility is too
      prominent a component of leftist behavior; so is the drive for power.
      Moreover, much leftist behavior is not rationally calculated to be of
      benefit to the people whom the leftists claim to be trying to help.
      For example, if one believes that affirmative action is good for black
      people, does it make sense to demand affirmative action in hostile or
      dogmatic terms? Obviously it would be more productive to take a
      diplomatic and conciliatory approach that would make at least verbal
      and symbolic concessions to white people who think that affirmative
      action discriminates against them. But leftist activists do not take
      such an approach because it would not satisfy their emotional needs.
      Helping black people is not their real goal. Instead, race problems
      serve as an excuse for them to express their own hostility and
      frustrated need for power. In doing so they actually harm black
      people, because the activists’ hostile attitude toward the white
      majority tends to intensify race hatred.”
      SJW behavior explained to the point by Ted Kaczynski.

      1. And again: “If our society had no social problems at all, the leftists would have to INVENT problems in order to provide themselves with an excuse for making a fuss.”

    2. Ted’s writings are also captivating – almost convincing… until the point where he suggested killing random people. Hell, his targets weren’t even logical. But up until that point, a well written read for sure. You should write an article about it.

  10. Predicting the endgame for our civilization isnt rocket science.Its happened before in the ancient world, and itll happen again in some distant future long after all of this is dust .
    It is simply human nature. Cant fight it any more then we can fight gravity.You cant blow up hypergamy with a bomb.Even if this scumbag pulled off his attack -thus altering the 2000 elections- millions of feminists and their mangina allies wouldnt just give up and emigrate to Mars.
    It is a fairly easy cycle to see.A strong, patriarchial society is created and prosperity is had across the land. A generation rises who thinks “we should give more rights to women, because they are people too.” The decline begins, women begin legislating their hypergamous directive into law, and the party’s over. Once the economic and politicial shit hits the fan , the survivors vow to learn from their mistakes and establish a new ,strong Patriarchial society.
    Prosperity is had across the land, and five centuries later someone says “women are people too, and we should grant them rights……”………..

    1. I read something about the 5 points of the decimation of an empire/civilization on another thread, and it all points in the same direction the West is headed.

    2. Your Missing one Key item That Civilizations of the past Lacked… The Internet. There is a Chance that the Internet could Alter the pattern of things.

        1. Yeah: in essence, the Internet now allows the stupidest ideas possible to make their way around the planet in a matter of hours, not to mention it paradoxically makes lying easier rather than harder, because nobody pays attention to anything long enough to analyse the assertion critically.

        2. Right. And it’s not just the speed, it’s the constant nature of it. Access to insane SJW contrivances right in everyone’s pocket.

      1. It can also speed up degeneracy and insane SJW emotional patterns. SJW idiots used to only get fired up for a few weekends a year at some stupid, possibly unreported event somewhere then back to normal life. Now they can click their way to pseudo emotion 24/7. Their physical addiction to indignation demands to be fed more and more. Think heroin. This will lead to ever more insane witch hunts and a political realm in the US that will soon be based entirely on faux emotions and false stats. The ‘Campus Rape’ industry is the most insanely contrived element that our culture has ever seen.

        1. Definitely agree. It’s kind of changed my life, frankly. I hate to sound so dramatic but it has. I have been an avid reader for 25 years now, but only the manosphere tenets really shifted my brain around and totally changed my life. So I know what you mean but ultimately the mass of idiots ALSO use the internet and will outpace us unfortunately. Some good people will be saved and learn to head off overseas or to go minimalist, to lose their approval paradigms etc. So that’s cool but the SJW morons are growing like mushrooms at the same time.

      2. People are instantly addictited to using the internet to communicate at a time when we should be evolving our natural instincts and tapping into auxillary and unused parts of the organic instrument we posess. Our bodies, minds, instincts and intuition.
        There should be bells and sirens going off instinctively when there’s danger and trouble, but for many there’s only silence, then a social media notification. We’re all being GAMED AND STEERED, CONTROLLED AND MANAGED in the larger scheme by the ‘crutch’ of the web. Our telepathy can’t evolve like this, not in this environment.
        A person could withdraw completely from the electronic grid and would likely hear and smell the planting season beginning once again. Then a cursory look around at others with their faces planted into their ‘devices’, and the naive knee jerk response from these folks to any off key interaction, anything they percieve as lucid or inappropriate and like robots they flag you to be probed by the cathedral or matrix.
        They are eyes and ears guarding the ‘safe’ dome of groupthink. Then they hobble like zombies when the gong clangs and it’s time to go to carousel like on Logan’s run, where people who have outlived their usefulness are put to death at 30.
        We know that we have been only partially gamed when we give up our unborn to the cosmetics and soda pop industry, but we’re TOTALLY GAMED when stadium fulls of people willingly walk into a meat gringer when told to do so.
        So if anyone ever promises you eternal life in cyberspace by downloading your memory and brains, chunk by chunk into a motherboard, DON’T DO IT. IT’S A TRICK. If a buddy walks into a clinic and doesn’t come out but he chats with you online claiming that he’s soaring in cyberspace, DON’T BUY IT. IT’S NOT REALLY HIM but only a faux replica like a xerox copy. IT IS A TRICK, DON’T ENTER. IT IS A MEAT GRINDER FOOL.

        1. I agree that there is people who get Glued and addicted to the Internet. In some ways the internet is good, like ROK, a place where Men can talk Masculine Ideas and Step away from the PC world.

      3. Octavian is noting the operation of the “Theory of Dissipative Structures”, and all the Internet does is shorten cycle time. The underlying causative factors remain the same. Short version: History may not repeat, but it does rhyme…

    3. Human advancement “per civilization” only seems to happen in the patriarchal stage.
      That is, out of the ashes comes real men who dig up the past, the tomes and technology, and put the knowledge to good use building the next civilization.
      But only for so long.
      There’s a short window of opportunity in the progress of the civilization. The ruggedness of the patriarchal system at first is absorbed in survival and then eventually a threshold is crossed where having met survival, forward thinking occurs. Imagine on the one hand “If it does not rain my crops die I’ll die” and then on the other “Next year we’ll use the new irrigation systems so we don’t have to depend on rain”. Somewhere in between enough production was managed to make rain less of a matter, as an example.
      But once that window opens, where we go from “how to catch a horse” to “how to land a small space ship on a moving comet”, the “fruits” (the kind of fruit that you should not let a snake talk you into eating) of the labors mean women with too much time on their hands, and soft kids who will never know true hardship and grow up to be worse than their parents.
      We know that part of the story.
      In the timeline, the “window” and threshold in the case of the west appears to be roughly 1000 years starting from the late dark age to … now.
      But we can notice that the decadence and destruction of the civilization has only been in full swing around 50 years. “Peak Western Civilization” I think was likely around 1964. I would not be surprised if that’s as much time as it took for other civilizations to end. The archeological records show that things were going on right until some remarkable point. And look at the west now, with it’s own inertia keeping the lights on, like Wile E. Coyote hovering in the air before he notices he went off the cliff.

      1. There is no stable middle ground of gender equality. A razors edge exists between matriarchy and patriarchy. Civilization is never stable teetering on the sharp ‘edge’ as such. Then usually a major cataclysm or upheaval occurs and the people, culture and its systems en masse topple to one side. Once the slide to patriarchal stability begins (and it has began tipping in that direction), it cannot be stopped. The inertia of females falling in line and under natural patriarchal order will pull all but the most bitter clinger feminists into the torrent.
        Civilization is an engine in tune with its host world and its resources. The buzz of the civilization itself, its pulse doesn’t skip a beat even during the avalanche. Civilization re animates itself from the rubble every time so NO its pulse never ceases.

  11. Damn I miss the wild west days when you could simply rob a bank and ride a stolen horse into the sunset and across the Mexican border.

    1. It didn’t work that way. For 1 banks issued their own money back then (no feds) and the further away from the bank you went the less the money was worth because no one trusted it. And when you get into the later period, don’t forget you could get executed for robbing by the sheriff or by any town civilian on the spot for robbery.

      1. True with paper currency. Gold and silver coinage has value from any mint, even ancient coins recovered from shipwrecks. Ft. Knox hasn’t been audited in years and word in the grapevine is that it’s EMPTY. What a heist.
        There’s an old saying that if you give a man a $20 bill, he’ll eat for a day or so, BUT IF YOU EDUCATE HIM and TEACH him how to operate an offset press and print his own twenties – then you get FREE ROOM AND BOARD and a color tv too. Why they even put you through college in the fed pen. Then you get a pen pal admirer and you’ve got some good ol’ FAT GIRL waiting to marry you when you get out. WHAT A DEAL, man I’m tellin’ ya’.

    2. Most “men” here beat their chests and wave their dicks around but in reality they are addicted to and in desperate need of order and security as much as any woman. Of course most won’t admit it. You and I are anachronisms, what men used to be and many here claim to seek yet are afraid of and/or find repulsive. Did you hear that? He said Dave Rudabaugh of Las Vey-has!

  12. “Instead, he deprived himself of that opportunity by failing to recognize the Quixotic nature of the task he attempted. Everyone reading this knows you can’t turn a whore into a housewife. Similarly, if America is turning herself into a whore, then Eric Rudolph turned himself into the ultimate white knight by trying to save something that just doesn’t want to be saved.”
    Most relevant paragraph on social decline I have read in a long time. Reading Don Quiote at the moment…… tilting at windmills…..

  13. Excellent article. This part especially is my favorite:
    “Eric Rudolph continues to write, but the pity is a man who could have become a leader, a father, and a husband missed out on the one thing he could have directly influenced the most – a family.”
    Indeed. We could all have easily walked a mile in this man’s unfortunate shoes had we not the red pill wherewithal one finds abundantly on the manosphere and especially here on ROK.
    This fellow could have become a powerful figure in the conservative movement, taking his place among giants such as Mark Levin or Michael Savage…Alpha males who routinely buck the trend of conformist thought by inspiring critical thinking through the numerous voluminous amplitudes of their own.
    Instead, he fell prey to the blue pill/red pill transitional phase we all (those on the path to masculine awareness) go through, thanks in no small part to the fundamentalist brainwashing he was subjected to by his Mother through the faux christian organization they belonged…his upbringing closely mirrors my own, which i have detailed in brevity elsewhere.
    Rudolph is the product of the “purple pill” phase of a male’s life where he consciously seeks for red pill understanding but does so through the subconscious perspective of a blue pill psyche. Most of us who had the wisdom to understand the red pill experienced an epiphany the moment we understood why things are the way they are, not just why we should oppose them. Unfortunately, he lacked the wisdom to make such a Newtonian level epiphany possible. This is why he saw no white knight hypocrisy in taking lives while trying to save the lives of the unborn, for instance.
    Had he the knowledge and understanding most of us (including the author of this article) consider intrinsic to ourselves, he would have realized that you can’t single-handedly fight against what years of progressive inculcation has wrought upon the collective American psyche. The damage is far too extensive. When a house rots from within, you don’t fix it by glossing it over, you build a stronger better house upon its remains.
    True resistance is paradoxically passive…we watch, we wait, we plan, we prepare. We operate on defense always…history tends to regard with more favor those who are on defense rather than offense.
    It is easier for a drop of water to erode a mountain than for a mountain to fill an ocean.

  14. The Rudolph story reminds me of another ‘one man army’ or ‘war’ if you could call it that. His name was John Allen Mohammed and his single accomplice Johnathan Malvo, the DC snipers.
    I mean, this guy shot at ANYONE white black, pretty, ugly, short and tall. SO WHAT on earth could trigger such totally colorblind hatred??
    A FEMINIST FAMILY COURT JUDGE in Oregon THAT’S WHO. The bitch told John to ”put your tail between your legs and get the [email protected]% out of my courtroom JACK”. THIS after the bitch just rubber stamped his divorce papers and was given no visitation and ordered to pay pay pay.
    John was a machinist in the service and had a sniper’s pin. He used his machining skills to cut a flap door on his rear licence plate mount to open up as a gun turret. He padded the inside of his trunk with comforters and pillows and lived on the road with a Jamaican kid he befriended and mentored. They lived on the road eating condiment packs, mostly honey and crackers from restaurants.
    ANYONE WAS GAME. Mohammed lay on his belly in the soundproofed trunk with the back seat pried up. The entire CAR ENCLOSURE acted as a big ‘silencer’ for the super sonic round. He peered out the port hole. He had a Bushmaster and scope when he put the cross hairs on a elderly lady fueling a distance away. Any white vans passing nearby? Nope. They seem to think it’s a white van. Wait for a white van. Then a black city worker stands as a white van passes by. . he squeezes . . POW – right in the ass. The victim sinks into a puddle of blood and Mohammed and Malvo quietly high five. It was Mohammed’s revenge on the family courts and the bitch system, but Malvo was just there to learn, to be the best support and friend to a flaming balls on fire eternally pissed off warrior. Actually the kid Malvo did a few of the hits while Big John idled the car watching for the white van.
    WHAT AN INSANE GAME those two had going but who knows just what the bitch system can provoke when treating men like animals and policing and interrupting the natural pair bonding and reproductive order of the smartest species on this planet.

    1. Let us also note that they paralyzed D.C. for weeks. Just two snipers. I’d bet they did more damage than the 9/11 attacks did – in terms of cost to the economy/production. Now the response to 9/11, that cost infinitely more in America’s wealth and is another issue, but the lock down of a huge area to try to capture them and the open fear they caused…

  15. I understand where this guy is coming from, and I understand how he got so twisted. That said, this is no where near the proper way to deal with things. Murder is not good. Fighting man to man, fist to fist, word to word, is great. But cowardly killing innocents, whether man, woman or child, should never be condoned.

  16. This was surprisingly eye opening I had my doubts when reading the title but this wasn’t even that extreme. Indeed it contains some great points. Namely you are responsible for your own education.

  17. A man who thinks Malcolm X was mediocre and a weak person either is extremely ignorant or is so committed to their racist worldview that they refuse to recognize greatness from anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them. Regardless, the whole premise of this listical is shamefully stupid. No one gives a fuck about pageviews since we can count clickthroughs, and shitty content like this guarantees that you’ll be back to making 22k a year as a glorified clerk sooner rather than later.

    1. It would appear Malcolm X was judged by his deeds, in comparison to Washington, Jackson, and Patton. What countries did Malcolm X found or liberate in his lifetime, pray tell?

      1. True heroes of this age likely won’t be recognized until the next age when the long term effects of their works are realised. Philosophers put to death by the regimes in power are eternalized many millennia later. The P.C. sjw’s will go down as nobodies while the manosphere ‘M’jw’s will be hailed.
        All hail the patriarchy!!

      2. You judge things based on the overall outcome not on the individual effort? So astronauts who burn up in orbit are losers and lottery winners are great people?

    2. Back in the 90’s lots of black people liked to wear “X” clothing.
      That was one accomplishment for his heirs I suppose.

    3. I watched a few Nation of Islam clips (old, decades ago) and that guy was spewing pure red pill. I think I tried to follow it up and didn’t find as much in the recent stuff. It would be interesting to read an article about him. I suppose I could watch the movie…
      People on this site seem to get pissed when alternative out of mainstream views are presented (ie why you should date Muslims). I doubt I will ever date a Muslim or even get to know one very well, but I very much ENJOY hearing things from alternative points of view, and not the traditional white middle class male that I think makes up most of the readership here, including me.

  18. None of the ideas presented here are originally the terrorist’s. There are better people out there that could give this advice. This article is a worthless piece of shit.

  19. Well, they did kill Jesus almost three years after he went public, if my memory serves me correctly.
    I mean, technically, Jesus was a criminal, and a terrible one (not terrible as in not skilled, but a terrible, as in a terrifying one), and they crucified him.
    That’s some irony for ya.
    As Bernadette Roberts would say: the caterpillars killed the butterfly.

  20. “Prohibition came along the same year as universal suffrage – coincidence?”
    Obviously not. The show/book “Boardwalk Empire,” dealt with this issue.
    Party bosses sat around thinking how they could capture more votes, so the GOP and DNC leadership independently decided to side with Prohibitionists/Suffragates in an attempt to win new female voters.
    It was an “Elect-a-new-people,” strategy. As a result, Prohibition passed easily.

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