Best Of The Manosphere: How to Un-Pick Up Girls

Today’s edition of Best of the Manosphere Series is by the author G Manifesto. He is a polarizing figure within the manosphere — people either love what he says, or believe he is full of shit. Regardless of where you may fall, G’s blog offers some of the finest advice possible for any man. Often times his advice is completely beyond the comprehension of most readers because the G Manifesto assumes a large level of street-smart competency.

Despite the noise, I would like to present to you what I believe is one of his finest posts ever written, not to mention some of the best game advice I have ever seen.

Have you ever seen the following question: “After you bang a girl, what do you do with her?” Do you turn her into a relationship? Do you just pump and dump? Do you skip town? What should an aspiring player do if he wants to merely move beyond a girl without treating her like shit?

Is it possible to “leave her better than you found her?”

Turns out that there is an excellent solution to all of this, and that is the art of Un-Picking Up Girls.

The True Art of The Game is How to Un-Pick up Girls.

Keep in mind, I said this is an “Art”. It is not about being an asshole to girls. Any regular guy from Rehab at The Hard Rock in an Affliction shirt can do that. It’s about subtly “cooling out” girls, much like the old-school Con Men did to their “Marks”.

Ideally, you want her to “break up” with you (girls are just like lawyers, you have to be one step ahead and make them think it is their idea), but you don’t want to piss the girl off so much that you can never swoop her again.

The key is being able to “back-burner” girls so you are able to swoop the girls again down the road. (And swoop her fly friends). If you can throw a fly girl on the team, she can be a gift that keeps on giving.

Here is how it is done:

Smoking cigarettes works great while initially swooping girls. However, even the most “smoke friendly” girls these days will get over you soon enough if you are constantly spracking up. Chain smoking works especially well on American Girls and specifically Southern California girls. American Girls are now hardwired to hate chain smoking from pop-culture, Hollywood, glossy magazines and status quo thinking.

Aloof Game
Again, being aloof works great during attraction stages. Nevertheless, if you continue to be aloof towards girls they will finally reach the breaking point and want to call it quits. The best part of “Aloof Game” is when you run into the same girl 6 months later and she sees you dressed in custom vines, she won’t remember why she broke it off. She will probably apologize for not keeping in touch!

I have said before that girls claim they like “Bad Boys” (girl’s language, not mine). The truth is, what girls really like is mass produced, mall purchased, corporate created Bad Boys. All but the most down girls will run the other way if you leave your Desert Eagle out on your Isamu Noguchi table with Ski Masks. Surprisingly, I have even used this on fly girls that have dated sons of famous, and I mean, historically famous Organized Crime figures. To great effect.

This is the key. When you first meet a girl, you have to imply/tell a girl you travel a lot. For your humble author, this is easy, since I do. After you take her home that night and swoop her, tell her you have to go on a trip to Rio de Janeiro or Latvia or something. It’s the perfect “cool out”. Then call her a week and a half later and swoop her again. Rinse and Repeat. Sooner or later, she will meet some Ed Hardy shirt guy that will sponsor her and she will break up with you!

Other Girls
Always say “what up” and give other girls you run into “two kisses” greetings when you are “dating” a girl. Get other girls phone numbers in front of the girl you are “dating”. Say something like, “she is on the board of such and such charity. She is a good girl to know”. After a while, even the most confident of girls (yes, I have done this on the most self assured Flyest Girls) will get edgy. It has to be natural though. Havoc said it best; “Hav’ don’t change for no chick, and they adapt to him. Never get cool with you ni$ggaz, I end up clappin ‘em”

This one is risky, especially in The Down Economy, because a lot of fly girls love Drugs. You should only do this one on some moralistic Red State girl. The other risk, is a lot of girls “motherly” instinct will come out and they will want to “save you”. Still, heavy drug use is a classic on getting girls itchy. When you meet her down the line (so to speak) you can tell her you washed up your act and have been keeping your nose clean (so to speak). Re-swoop.

Success Stories
If you constantly tell stories about your successes, and do it with a very high degree of swagger, most girls will want to breakup with you after a while. Girls, by and large are vindictive creatures that that want to keep you down. Only the best of the best actually want you to enjoy the rosy hue of unlimited success. (Makes no sense, I know).

Never two nights in a row
One of the easiest ways to avoid getting in two deep (and I don’t mean that 90’s rap duo from Vallejo, CA either) is to never spend two nights in a row with a girl. Most cats will swoop a girl for the first time on a Friday night and take her out on Saturday night. After you swoop a girl, go on vacation. Swoop her again a week later. Keep her on that “once per week” program and sooner or later she will “want more” and cut you loose.

If all else fails:

Serial Killers
Leave biographies of Serial Killers around your crib. It doesn’t matter if it is a book about “The Stockwell Strangler”,” The Lambeth Poisoner”, “The Sunderland Strangler”, “The Acid Bath Murderer”, “The Vampire of London”, “The Camden Ripper”, “The Beast in the Night”, “The Wolf Man”, “The Sneinton Strangler”, “The Black Panther”, “Palmer the Poisoner”, “The Brides in the Bath”, “The Yorkshire Ripper”, “House of Horrors”, “The Ipswich Ripper”, “The Freeway Killer”, “The Hillside Strangler” or “The Shoe Fetish Slayer”.

But for maximum effect, biographies about Ed Gein (not the Maître d’ at Canal bar either), Son of Sam, or Ted Bundy probably work best.

If the girl doesn’t mind all the above techniques, she is probably a cool girl and you should date her.

She’s a keeper.

At least for a while.

If you want to experience the full glory of this post, then please read the original, which is complete with videos and links to his other works. I would also add to the above techniques:

Gloat Over Your Conquests

Tell your new girl about how you’ve swooped so many other girls the same way you picked her up. Tell the exact lines and logistical routines that have helped you bang so many others like her. But do it only with a playful, humorous tone, and tell her you’re joking afterward.

My personal favorite line is, “I need to go update notchcount.xls.”

Tell Her You Read Manosphere Blogs

Self-explanatory. There’s no way she’ll stick around after reading some of the bat shit crazy stuff on here.

Written in 2009, this post touched upon relationship game relative to casual pick-up that I’ve never seen in any game blog before. It posits relationship game in a way perfectly congruent with picking up new girls. After learning how to un-pickup girls, I stopped viewing myself as a reptilian player whose only cold-hearted ambition is to relentlessly pump and dump. I also stopped believing that I needed “relationship game” to have a good relationship.

I’m not a player; just a flawed man looking for love in a world where people are unable to accept one another for who they are.

Rather than present the best side of myself, I merely act as I please. The art of un-picking up girls is to avoid seeking any relationship with the weaker sex, which means the women I do end up with are there because they want to be and not because I want them to be there.

The key to a happy relationship is not to have a happy husband, but a happy wife. Most relationships end because women grow tired of her man, and that’s why women initiate most divorces. It’s not a big deal that women are this way, but knowing this means it’s not your interest level that matters, but hers.

So why worry about what a girl thinks? After you swoop, just be yourself. Let the girl decide if she wants to stay with you. Most women merely want a complacent man who is quiet, causes no trouble, and can help build the nest. It’s fine if women want to live this way. But if you’re the kind of man who’d go suicidal with such a lifestyle, then show your girl up-front how you actually are. She’ll understand the incompatibilities and walk.

These techniques are also extremely powerful because they allow you to bang girls from your social circle without causing much harm to your reputation. If she’s the one dumping you, what can she say about it to her friends afterwards? Provided you weren’t lame in bed, or an egregious dickface, she’ll at most mention that “things didn’t work out.”

And finally, there is the humor involved with all of G Manifesto’s writings that capture the spirit of the manosphere. Being a man isn’t about worrying over the future, arguing politics, or bragging about who can bang the most women. These are things we can talk about, of course.

The spirit of the manosphere is to enjoy your life, the best you can, as the man I am. There’s no need to take anything too seriously, life is far too precious not to spend it happily.

When one combines all of the above, what we have is an extremely enjoyable blog post that is useful as it is funny. Bravo, G.

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(As always, feel free to suggest candidates for “Best Of The Manosphere” in the comments below.)

13 thoughts on “Best Of The Manosphere: How to Un-Pick Up Girls”

  1. G Manifesto is a genius because his game is timeless. If you aren’t working towards the goal of custom suits and international swooping, what is your goal?

  2. pure wisdom, the last sentence of the text sounds very good, spoken in Portuguese.:

    (…)The spirit of the manosphere is to enjoy your life, the best you can, as the man I am. There’s no need to take anything too seriously, life is far too precious not to spend it happily(…)

    (…)”O espírito da manosfera é curtir a sua vida, o melhor que você puder. Não há necessidade de levar algo muito a sério, a vida é muito preciosa para não ser levada com alegria.”(…)

    greetings from Fortaleza, Brazil.

  3. G my favorite poster on the forum. I have no idea how people don’t take his advice because he is the only person I have read that gives 100% great advice. No online dating nonsense, tells you to dress your best (suited down), drops data sheet after data sheet, and knows what it means to act like a real man. Not a manufactured alpha but a real man (think hard about the difference). My only complaint is that he needs to update his blog more. He has been updating once every two months or so it seems.

  4. G gets my vote as the best not because he wears custom suits or uses zippo lighters, but because hes clearly gamed even the manosphere.

  5. G is legit. The hate comes because some of the stuff on his blog is on some next level shit, and a lot of guys just can’t really comprehend it. The cold part is that they are probably the ones who could get the most out of his posts if they could get over themselves.
    And I don’t think the guy is abrasive all. I find him to be pretty hilarious. People just need to lighten up a little bit.

  6. This seems so contrived. Leaving a cryptic clue around your house for her to hopefully arrive at some pre-planned conclusion? That’s the kind of shit that -women- do. When I want to let a girl go (depending on the level of involvement) I either just cut off contact or I let her down gently (yet firmly) in person. That’s how a mature adult conducts business. I can’t imagine smoking extra cigs just to hope she gets the hint. Such pussy bullshit.

  7. Tell a girl after about three months that you are taking a two week vacation somewhere international. Leave out the specifics. Just say something like – “we are going to get there and figure it out”. (You do not have to be actually going on said vacation just make up the story.) Wait about four to six weeks. She will nine out ten times start texting you. If she does not drop her a text and say something like – “man we got there then shit got real”. Then make up some story about how you got in a situation with the local authorities after a night of rowdy drinking. She will respond with the hamster going into overdrive. Bang her a few more times. Rinse and repeat.

  8. You sound like a genuine person, which can be very difficult. I think I would likely miss many of those signs as someone trying to ditch me, aside from talking to/about other girls/conquests. Oops. I guess that makes me more dateable according to your cited article, which is kind of strange. If the point is just being more yourself and seeing if the person likes you for you that is great. I like and agree with everything you said, the original article seems to be pretending a bit too much still. I’ve always believed it is pointless to hide your flaws, or what someone might view as flaws, if you are aware of them. I’m glad that G Manifesto helped you to accept who you are and not view yourself as coldhearted.

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