3 Unintended Consequences Of Taking The Red Pill

Point Of No Return

Taking the red pill is the single most important thing a man living in the Anglo world can do for himself. Once he completely unplugs from the matrix he works on building a strong mind and body, getting his financial house in order, de-pedestalizing women, improving himself in ways that increase his value, and of course attracting the opposite sex.

Be that as it may, the red pill doesn’t always go down so easily. Some men fight it, some deny it, and some even try to spit it back out hoping to go back to the land of blissful ignorance. But once he’s made aware of the truth, he’s changed forever whether he likes it or not.

Once the male mind is exposed to red pill knowledge it is incapable of flushing it out because the truth has always been staring him right in the face. We all know that the red pill provides a sustainable quality of life for men over a prolonged period of time. But it begins by simply making a man aware of what he already suspects. Once that dormant part of his brain is awakened by the ugly truth, there is no turning back. Some things cannot be unlearned and the truth about what is really going on around him is one of them.

The Progression

Red pill awareness, like most radical changes in life, has its stages:

Shock: This is what happens when you see material that flies in the face of the feminist agenda and that it is actually allowed on the internet.

Anger: This stage happens almost immediately after the shock wears off. You become angry with women, your parents, the world, even your dog because you realized you’ve been sold a bad bill of goods by everyone around you your whole life. You shake your head in disgust as you remember past relationships and how plainly obvious it was they were cheating on you.

Euphoria: Knowing there are other like-minded men out there who understand what you’ve gone through as a blue-piller and are able to articulate how to overcome your faulty programming and dominate life gives you a sense of elation like you’ve never felt.

Gluttony: This phase completely engulfs you as you spend countless hours consuming so much manosphere-related material your brain hurts and your eyes burn, but you continue stuffing your face late into the night…

…just like this guy

Addiction: You can’t go more than a few hours without reading ROK, Roosh V Forum, Illimitable Men, The Rational Male, or any of the other 78 sites you have bookmarked. You faithfully refresh those pages every hour on the hour looking for that next hit. You have to have your fix or you’ll get twitchy.

Application: This is where you start honing your new found super powers. You’re hitting the gym, eating clean, and taking up productive hobbies. Your confidence is growing by the day so you’ve taken to talking to girls whenever and however you damn well please and they’re lapping up your game like a stray cat to warm milk.

You’re not watching as much TV or wasting as much time on social media because you just don’t have the time anymore. You’d rather be perfecting your squat form, engaging in lively debates on RVF about shit test theories, or working on starting your own business so you can get the fuck out of that miserable cubicle you spend 40 hours a week in.

Congruency: The red pill is no longer an idea, it’s who you are. You’re in better shape, you’ve done a little traveling (and plan to do more), and your financial outlook has improved. You’re banging 6s and 7s pretty consistently, which isn’t where you want to be but you’re headed in the right direction. It’s only a matter of time before you’re in the best shape of your life, have the money to live the way you want to, and knee-deep in high quality ass on the regular.

Thanks to your red pill renaissance life is pretty damn good and it’s only going to get better from here on out.

As awesome as your life is right now it’s important to understand that there will be side effects. Your crimson capsule crusade will not be all peaches and cream, and the longer you live this lifestyle the more obvious this will become. But learning what these side effects are and what to expect will help you to adjust your mentality accordingly. This way, you can minimize these effects and even turn them into an advantage.

1. Your Social Circle Will Shrink

Once you’ve digested the red pill it will be difficult to hide your newfound persona. You’ll try, but eventually the floodgates will open, leaving your friends and family wondering what the hell has gotten into you. When they ask how and why you’re kicking life’s ass they’re not going to like to answers. They’ll certainly respect you and maybe even admire you, but red pill truth scares the shit out of people and makes them uncomfortable. This can ultimately lead to them to avoiding you altogether.

He said WHAT?!?

I’ve lost many friends over the years because I don’t bow down to the almighty vagina and I have zero issue with expressing as much. I used to be of the mind that being open about the red pill was a bad idea, so I kept quiet when I felt the need to offer an opinion. But these days there is no filter. I say what needs to be said and let the chips fall where they may.

Crimson capsule congruency simply will not allow a man to be a beta—it can’t be done. When a girl demands he buy her a drink, he blurts out “right after you buy me one” without even thinking. The same principle applies with your daily interaction with your family and friends.

For example, when your buddy tells you he’s in love with a woman ten years his senior with two children you’re probably going to laugh out loud. Yes, this will probably piss him off and he may not want to hang with you anymore, but that’s the way it is when you live the red pill life.

So be ready for a reduction in your social and family circle. It may suck at first but after a while you’ll find that being around like-minded men and feminine, attractive women who show deference in your presence significantly increases your quality of life. You may miss the people you’ve spent time with in the past but this is a small price to pay for a better life.

2. You Won’t Like Women As Much

One of the first things that happens when you take off your blue pill glasses is that you quickly learn that girls are made of everything but sugar, spice, and everything nice. You’ll understand what makes them tick and more importantly, what their true nature is. This leads to liking them a little less than you did before your eyes were opened.

This isn’t to say that you’ll despise them. Far from it. All of us here love the way women smell, the way they walk, the way they feel (inside and out) and the comfort and rejuvenating properties of genuine femininity. Even though they’re weird and wonderful, fantastic and fucked up all at the same time, their company does have unique ways of elevating your mood, however fleeting it may be.

But now that you’ve been let behind the curtain and can accurately predict most any woman’s behavior, they’re not quite as impressive or mysterious as they used to be. Plus, having intimate knowledge of some of their most nefarious traits such as their double-edged sexual strategy (alpha fucks – beta bucks) or how slutty they really are makes it impossible to look at them through the same lens.

That about sums it up

It’s common knowledge that once a magician reveals his trick, he becomes less impressive. The prestige no longer has the same effect because you know how he accomplished it. It’s the same with women. The red pill has so thoroughly and accurately dissected the inner workings of the second sex that they’re just not that awe-inspiring anymore.

I remember when I used to think girls were God’s greatest gift. The red pill has destroyed that for me. Even though I’m much better off this way I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the perceived aura that radiated from them. Ignorance, indeed, is bliss. Sometimes knowing how the sausage is made isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

3. The Thrill Is Gone

I’ll never forget the first time I approached a girl with red pill game. She was a sexy little red-headed number with a pert ass and great legs. She was in the produce aisle trying to pick out the perfect grape fruit. When she reached for one I noticed a tattoo on her inner wrist. “So much for an LTR,” I playfully joked with myself. I obviously wasn’t thinking about our honeymoon but she was as good a girl as any to christen my post red pill game with.

I’d practiced, drilled, and rehearsed all the PUA techniques, body language and positioning. I was ready. I took a deep breath, walked up, looked her right in the eye with something of a cross between a smile and a smirk on my face and said “Hi, I’m Donovan.”

She bit.

She pleasantly told me her name and politely shook my hand. We ended up having about a 10 minute conversation about juicing (I’d recently purchased one and steered the conversation in that direction). I passed a relatively easy shit test, made a joke about green juice, and got the digits.

“Holy fuck!” I thought doing my best to compose myself as she put her number into my phone. “This shit actually works!”

The girl ended up flaking but I didn’t care. I was hooked. Hooked on the dopamine rush that came with interacting with a female, escalating, and seeing it work. I became an approach machine and though I had my share of failures (that’s the game, gents) the rest, as they say, is history.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the fabled playa status: The better I got at gaming females, the less of a thrill it became. Make no mistake…sticking your dick in a new vag will always be exciting. I’d even go as far as to say that most of the time, the best sex you have with a girl is the first time.

However, the path that leads past the typical western woman’s pearly gates is anything but a road less traveled. Yes, every girl is different in their own way and that requires minor tweaks in your game to gain entry to her sugar walls but by and large, the same technique works for most American girls: Bold approach, charm, pass shit-test, number close, text game, meet up, charm, neg, charm, neg (push-pull), escalate, swat away LMR (the final shit-test), close the deal.

Gone are the days where feminine women and masculine men engaged in the seductive mating dances of yesteryear. Playful flirting, laughing together, asking each other honest questions and being genuinely interested in the answer, and the gentle, coquettish game of tug of war, used to be the order of the day. With lively, innocent dancing and maybe an adult beverage or two to mildly lubricate the interaction, courting used to be a ritual immensely enjoyed by both men and women alike. The thrill of the chase was rich and palpable and it never got old.

This brand of courtship is long gone

Today, things could not be more different. First dates for men are something akin to job interviews, and the only flirting involved is when she gives him slut face, grabs his package, or asks him what he does for a living to gauge his potential to fund her useless life. This is followed by him telling her that her ass looks huge in those jeans or that she would make a great candidate for his harem which gets her all hot and bothered.

The dancing involved is simulated clothed sex and with the hard liquor flowing like a river, this alcohol fueled, pseudo-pornographic scene gets more lewd by the second…and that’s if we’re lucky. Much of the time it doesn’t even get this far because his fear of women and her bratty behavior stops the party before it begins.

Learning to thrive in today’s sexual landscape as a man is a process and once he can achieve success (sex) on a regular basis his morale improves—especially if he previously failed with women. But after a few years, putting on a clown suit to appease the increasing attention deficit disorder of today’s woman gets old. Eventually the monotony and predictability of game all but kills the thrill of the chase.


There’s no question that it’s a real bummer when your parents express their disappointment and wonder aloud “where they went wrong” with you when you tell them you have no interest in having children or starting a family. I’m also not going to sit here and pretend that I don’t miss some of the my old crew either.

It’s equally crappy when you finally accept that girls aren’t the shiny objects you thought they were. The worst, of course, is when the adrenaline rush that comes with approaching girls diminishes until it’s almost non-existent.

Fortunately the red pill offers natural remedies to these side effects. Friends and family that shun you for not going with the feminist flow will matter less as you continue in your development. A true alpha doesn’t need acceptance or validation from anyone but himself.

As far as women go, the more you learn about them the more you realize how unnecessary they are to your overall happiness aside from the few minutes of sex you’re able to game out of them. By the time you master the Venusian Arts here in the states, your boredom will let you know that you’re ready to take the party abroad and sample higher quality fare. The new challenge of becoming an international playboy will rejuvenate your fervor to pursue the girls of a different breed.

Still bored?

These side effects may not sound like much, but if you don’t know how to side step them or make them an advantage they could blindside you and potentially derail your development. Take heed of these speed bumps and take the time to fortify your mindset and lifestyle accordingly.

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268 thoughts on “3 Unintended Consequences Of Taking The Red Pill”

  1. The problem is the clown suit. I am simply not willing to degrade myself like that.
    It is also, from the perspective of preserving our culture and even race, a Bad Idea to support the current regime. Shun the hoe.

    1. Being a clown is not game, people who are doing that are doing it wrong. Do clowns have girls waiting for them backstage to pull off their red noses and overlarge trowsers?

        1. I think where the clown game idea comes from is that alot of western girls have little charm, intelligence or wit..so if you are going to have an interaction, its all on you. I think its better to spend the time looking for a girl with charm, intelligence. beauty. Even just telling a girl she’s boring is better than clown game, and more effective too!

        2. It’s from western society placing more emphasis on having an entertaining personality over other seemingly more productive characteristics.

      1. Entertainers absolutely have women waiting for them backstage. It’s idiotic we all know but that is what happens when society allows children to make their own decisions.

        1. Only some entertainers, Chris Rock had a comment about comedy being some “nerd shit” and that there were no girls waiting backstage.

        2. I’ll bet you would get a completely opposite opinion from Russell Brand or Dane Cook on that.

        3. Ron White would disagree with him. That sumbitch had women throwing themselves at him. He was married and had an affair with some broad after doing a standup that I actually saw, here in Columbus.

    2. ROK seems to push a couple of male archetypes that are easy to dismiss. Mike from the tv show jersey shore, and any neurotic comedian with irrational self confidence. The big challenge is finding your own voice that works.


  2. Agreed, but a lot of men apparently never actually get to the ‘application’ phase and are stuck of the’ gluttony’ and ‘addiction’ phases. I see it a lot on this website too. The same people commenting on every article every day on ROK and other manospere websites, their entire lives are the internet. I know this because i use to be one of them until i realized that consuming all of this red pill knowledge is a complete waste of time if you never apply it to the real world. So I’m in the application phase now and have been for a few months, (earn a little money, working out, ect…) That is why i don’t here nearly as much as i used to.
    I’ll admit that I’m not at the congruency stage yet but that is the entire point of taking the red pill is to become that. If you never get to at least the application stage then you never actually experience the benefits from the taking the red pill, then ‘taking the red pill’ becomes a complete waste of time. Don’t become a keyboard jokey.

    1. I’m stuck in the gluttony and addiction phase in most of the departments. I lift regularly now but that’s really the only area that I’ve made moves in. The application of going out and meeting women is harder for me to start.

      1. Just go ahead and do it! What’s a girl gonna do to you if you approached her? Make fun of you? So what? As the article says, who gives a shit. You don’t need other’s validation but your own.

        1. “Just go ahead and do it! What’s a girl gonna do to you if you approached her?”
          She could call the cops and make a false allegation just for shits and giggles.

        2. Stop being dramatic. This is Victim Fantasy play you’re engaging in, do not fall prey to it.
          In reality the worst she can do is go “Humph, you’re creepy” and walk away. That’s it. Nothing more.

        3. Creepy in the female mind can span from turned on and I’m embarrassed (creepy) to this dude is a total nutjob (CREEPY!). Language in their brain is fluid (yet; surprisingly normalized) depending on context.

      2. The application of going out and meeting women is wrong. Do your own shit, have fun doing it and use girls as side dishes only. If you do it correctly, they will come all by themselves. If it doesn´t work your behaviour isn´t right somehow. Probably because you´re still trying too hard and still showing too much neediness. They can smell horny guys and every other kind of weakness and therefore won´t develop any kind of sexual attraction towards you.
        Care about yourself and not about others (especially women).

      3. Women want you to approach and engage them, if for no other reason than
        to alleviate the tedium of their daily lives. They do not understand
        why attractive men so seldom talk to them, because they are completely
        unaware of male approach anxiety. Really. They have no idea. Why
        would they? This fear is highly irrational on its face, as women are
        the least dangerous people in the world.
        To conquer approach anxiety, understand that it is not an irrational fear of women, but a very logical instinctive fear of men that developed over tens or hundreds of thousands of years.
        40,000 years ago, to approach one of the alpha’s females would have cost you your life or resulted in your banishment (which would have cost your your life). Approach anxiety used to be a life saver.
        women is no longer nearly so dangerous, but instincts evolved over
        milenia die hard. If you acknowledge this instinct exists, but is no
        longer relevant, I expect it will no longer inhibit you.
        No, go forth and make some young lady’s life more interesting. God speed.

        1. I hear and completely understand what you said. My biggest issue though is knowing what to say. I freak the fuck out.

        2. it helps if you’re in a target-rich environment, where your failures won’t affect you in any way, but I suggest you start by making eye contact with a girl and holding it until she breaks it (never be the first to break eye contact). If she smiles at you, then you must walk up to her and complement her handbag or other fashion accessory, whereupon she will say “thank you,” and you will realize that women are people, too. Go! Do it! Now!

        3. We are all Betas from time to time. There can be only one primary Alpha in any given situation, and it’s not always you. Maintain your dignity and your frame, but it is not necessary or wise to dominate everybody all the time.

    2. I don’t think men getting stuck at certain stages is nesscarily bad it is just that even if you swallow the “red pill” it’s not a guarantee that you will become some ripped alpha male who fucks on the regular. Some men may be destined to Still be observers. That’s just how it works

    3. “It is not enough to have knowledge, one must also apply it. It is not enough to have wishes, one must also accomplish.”
      – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    4. I’ve found the “application” phase will happen even when not intending it.
      All you need to do is go outside.
      Once you stop worshipping the poosy and stop giving a flying fuck about women they start becoming attracted to you.
      If you go to the gym and you don’t eat crap, you already have an advantage over 80 percent of the other swinging dicks out there. That is, what works for women works for men. The one eyed man is king in the valley of the blind they say. Well I notice that being in my 40s, that “one woman who is not a big fat fucking slob” in her 40s gets a lot of attention. And the ONLY thing she got going for her is she’s not a fatass. Men actually benefit more from this, because in a sea of beer-bellied man-boobed balding betas, that one guy who is in shape is bound to have more than being in shape going on for him (he just needs to avoid that one woman who is not fat because they tend to be traps).
      So I would say that if we get all into this “oooh application phase! RED ALERT!!! DIVE DIVE DIVE” then we put just as much stress into that endeavor as being a beta blue piller intimidated by women. We are merely moving the beta-ness to another category. You truly have to not give a fuck and have your priorities (careers and vocations) up front and then need ONLY one thing: go outside into the world and “application” will happen naturally.

  3. I’ve lost many friends over the years because I don’t bow down to the almighty vagina and I have zero issue with expressing as much.

    For me it was female members of my close family.
    I can’t be thankful enough for the lessons on validation though. There is nothing that compares to the liberation that comes from really not giving a fuck about what others think.

    1. Me too.
      My 16yo niece once asked me at the dinner table – “Uncle..xxxx.. do you think that men and women are equal”.
      This was a set-up by my sister. But I couldn’t help myself… I gave it to her straight by saying NO. And suggesting that men and women each have their own different skills, and strengths”
      After that, my sister smirked at my niece, and said – “Now you know why he is still single”.
      I was sorely tempted to lay out the details of my list of FWB girls… but why buy into their ignorance.
      Australia is a breeding ground for young ignorant feminazis. And its hard hard work to fight them.

      1. “Would you like to know about how many boyfriends your mother had before she met your dad?” 🙂

        1. If one is dealing with a proper lady then of course not, but a proper lady would not do shit like that.

        2. Almost every woman in my life throws shit tests at me. It took the red pill to see them.

        3. I discussed telegony (children inheriting characteristics from the mother’s previous partners) with two older married women recently. You should have seen the look on their faces!

      2. That’s sad. You would be doing that little girl a favor to steer her away from thinking she can have her cake and eat it too, but her mom isn’t going to let that happen and doesn’t realize that push for equality doesn’t lead to long-term happiness.

      3. When she said “Now you know why he is still single” you should have fired back with “It is no loss, either.” really stone-faced.
        Women HATE when they try to use something as a weapon against you and you tell them it is no loss. When they have no power over you it is a loss to them, on the flipside of that.

        1. When I’m asked “why aren’t you married?” I typically respond with “just lucky I guess”.

        2. Why sure, there are myriad funny lines you could return fire with. My standard issue is “I haven’t met anybody I like enough or is interesting enough yet”, which sometimes draws gasps. Because, as a man, you aren’t supposed to have unreasonably high standards for who you mortgage your future with, you know. You should just put your fate in anyone’s hands to screw with and possibly throw you to the wolves to pick your bones clean once they’ve had their fill of you or have found their bigger-better deal. Fuck that.

        3. If it’s a hot chick asking.. “I’m looking for my soulmate” with a fake puppy face usually gets me in the right direction for my purposes…

        4. I should have said, “I’m still single because of women like you”. Which is probably what I would say now to a non-family member.
          With family… easier just to shut he fuck up, since you can’t win against the constant feminist brainwashing in the education systems and media of most western countries.

        5. More or less the only women who deserve respectitude from you are blood relatives, relatives of men within your close inner circle, and on the off-chance a woman cuts you a paycheck or lords over you in some other way (which you should work to wean yourself off of ASAP!).

        6. “My friends say I’m the smartest guy they know, and I’d really, really hate to disappoint them by doing something mind-blowingly stupid.”

      4. Ah classic shaming language from your sister-how original! Stay strong and keep your voice on this.

      5. Do you happen to know if New Zealand the same way, Bridgeport? I assume so, but I’ll take an Aussie’s word over my assumptions.

        1. f I had to list the worst 3 nationalities for feminazis. It would be Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
          British are a touch better, and the Americans I haven’t had much to do with.
          Living up in Asia is a world apart. Being in one of those countries would be a ball busting experience. I left Australia in 99, and never looked back.

      6. You shouldn’t even try to fight them. Whats the point? What are you even fighting for? Do you even know?

      7. As a man, instructing the young of your family group is a duty. So you probably should have waded in. I’d suggest being a bit clever, something like this….
        Open the trap thus: “So you don’t celebrate diversity?” Since she sounds like she has been poisoned by PC she must respond with shock and horror and how much she OF COURSE celebrates diversity.
        Then close the trap. “How? You just said men and women are not just equal you seem to reject the idea that there is any difference at all. If there is no difference there can be no diversity and thus nothing to celebrate. It is the fact that we are all different, unequal, that creates the diversity you celebrate. Men, women, young, old, poor, rich, smart, dumb, different races, different cultures, different ways of thinking, all of it; all different, and all very unequal. By being different and agreeing to live together in a civilization, each discovering their own place in it, their own way to contribute something in trade for their daily bread and hopefully a little more, is there anything worthy of celebration. Agree or disagree?”
        Very few sixteen year olds will have the mental preparation to even try coping with throwing the doublethink she has been doing without thinking into such stark focus. At a minimum it will end the conversation, only without the smirking sister, but perhaps it will fire a few neurons that will lead to questions later. Try to save as many as can be saved.

      8. Any time I’ve had a line or question relating to me being single I explain that, from my experience, the best sex I have with a girl is the first time, so now I only fuck them once (or one night only). Believe it or not, I’ve never had a comeback; just a change of subject.
        Lesson learned: don’t make excuses for your actions, own them, and people will leave you alone*
        *I don’t live in America.

      9. “That’s a silly question. Even children in kindergarten know men and women are different.”

      10. Interesting, thought I was the only one in that boat. Most of my female ” family members ” have bad cases of SJW-itus. I can’t even bring myself to bother with family get togethers because of such. Like you said, your fighting such an uphill battle with these coddled spoiled liberal arts majoring retards, it’s just better to ignore/ghost them.

      11. As a woman I’ve always thought men and women were equal in value to their creator. Individual souls. Never took it to mean “men and women are the same.” I’m no manosphere fan for clarity sake, but I think it’s only modern people who miss the deeper meaning behind statements of man (mankind’s) equality. Galatians 3:28.

      12. Of course, men and women are equal. You mommy can lift as much weight as me, an boys can have babies too, if they really, really want.
        Don’t let anybody tells you anything else.

    2. Of course they hate you, but you will often get a grudging respect..which is more important. I just had the girl I’m seeing go off on me because I went radio silence on her and she wrote me a nasty note, figuring I was with another girl (true)and saying we should break it off. 3 days later into more into radio silence I just got an email…I’m sorry if you didn’t like the note I wrote, but its not fair this indifference you’re showing..blah blah, I stick with what I’ve said before you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me..I just wish you were’t so rigid ..you are always on my mind…etc. This girl is usually the hottest girl in the room wherever I take her. How many of us pre red pill guys would have groveled for her back? Live life on your own terms, most people sell their freedom too cheaply or whats worse don’t even get something in return.

  4. “The girl ended up flaking but I didn’t care.”
    Good! And then once that happens a second time, then a hundred times, it just turns into a joke. Once you’ve convinced yourself that today’s smartphone-lifeline dependent female has Betatards storming her gates nonstop and she soaks the attention up like a sponge you know damn well that any decent-looking girl you meet that is a 6 or higher is talking to AT LEAST one (and that number is rather optimistic!) other guy, so it behooves you to have a harem at the same time.
    I’ve also learned that the myth of the 10 is just that, a myth, a fable, a legend. All these dorks calling girls that they saw out at bars (fully-clothed, make-up put on with a paint sprayer, etc.) “a dime” to try and sound socially savvy are as Beta and pathetic as it gets. It’s especially funny when they call a girl on their iPhone’s screen (on Tinder, for example) that they see for the first time ever “a dime”. I usually retort with something random and nonsensical along the same line, like “Dude I saw a unicorn from Mars today, dude!” just to confuse them.

    1. At least one? Haha no way man. Make it at least a dozen. Girls literally put men into categories like: free food, free drinks, free hugs, free chauffeur, alpha cock, alpha asshole, marriage material (boring, no sex), and then of course, the other 80% of all living men (creeps, non-existant).

      1. I posted this as a comment in a separate article last week:
        Lest we forget, it isn’t ONLY about looks with women as far their shallowness and pettiness when it comes to choosing men.
        They tend to compartmentalize men who are repeat sexual partners into three very utilitarian categories:
        1) Looks – Always tall, often White (though several make exceptions here), sometimes has a “cool” accent from The UK or Australia (now THAT shit is petty as fuck!). Chances are, he fucks the best too since his exterior may lend him lots of chances and thus lots of experience, but he probably works some blue-collar job and lives a very itinerant, bachelor lifestyle with a messy one-bedroom apartment and as such doesn’t have a whole lot of money and drives an unimpressive low-end Japanese sedan. Which brings us to:
        2) Money- Hey, SOMEBODY has to buy them the luxury items they can’t live without that they can’t afford with their cushy ten-dollars-an-hour desk job their Aunt got them (fake boobs to crassly display 24 hours, latest iPhone to take innumerable selfies with to Like-collect, various Michael Kors accessories, etc). Probably significantly older and out of shape (when you have money you can get complacent, especially if women flock to you for it and you feel you have the need to be fit) so he doesn’t fuck so well, hence why #1 is kept in her dial-a-dick rotation.
        3) Social standing – Often a popular DJ, nightclub promoter, local restauranteur, college or pro athlete, etc. This way they can brag about “seeing” (to put it VERY lightly!) someone whose shadow everybody else wants to occupy and who can get them into privileged events or the front of long lines or into VIP-only areas. The ultimate selfie and Like-collecting opportunities and social media bragging rights are gleaned from this. And if the man is juggling several other women because he’s popular and because he can and she even knows about it, it’s no big deal, for what’s dignity these days at the expense of attention whoring and narcissism, right?
        And then they turn 30 and things start to get “weird” (which is “everybody else’s fault”, of course. Those assholes!). And then they turn 40, and, well, kaputski!

  5. Gone are the days where feminine women and masculine men engaged in the
    seductive mating dances of yesteryear. Playful flirting, laughing
    together, asking each other honest questions and being genuinely
    interested in the answer, and the gentle, coquettish game of tug of war,
    used to be the order of the day. With lively, innocent dancing and
    maybe an adult beverage or two to mildly lubricate the interaction,
    courting used to be a ritual immensely enjoyed by both men and women
    alike. The thrill of the chase was rich and palpable and it never got old.

    I can vouch for those days. Were fucking fantastic.
    or asks him what he does for a living
    Incorrect answer(s):
    “I’m a DBA who works with a cluster of Oracle servers in a…blah blah blah”
    “I work in a middle management position with a team of….blah blah blah”
    “Currently I’m in sales working on commission for a company in the retail line of…blah blah blah”
    Correct answer(s):
    “Shepherd.” (courtesy of the movie Fletch, which no woman under the age of 40 has heard of or seen)
    “Senior Manager Of Dihydro-monoxide Absorbtion” (you drink water)
    “I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women, BUT! I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.” (courtesy the 1981 film Arthur which, again, no woman under 40 has seen or heard of except for the Russel Brand rip off).

    1. Those days were great. I’m extremely happy that I got to live at least part of my life during those days when women were like that. It’s also one of the reasons I feel so bad for younger men today; for the most part, all they know are the social retards of today, which is tragic.

    2. Yeah I can say I saw the last of those days. The 1980s had remnants of those times.
      Then came the 1990s, the Lilith Festivals (AKA “Lesbopalooza”), Clintonism, Oprah..
      And now I pray for God or Putin to nuke the fuck out of the west.

        1. It’s necessary at this point. With the massive colored immigration and our declining society and imploding economy, the only thing that can save the west at this point is a war that makes the last one look like a firecracker.

      1. You could smell the rancid, mushroom odor of feminsit vaginas in Full Prime Mode during the 1990’s. And watching them destroy Rock & Roll with whiny, petulant “rich white girl” girl bands on the radio 24/7 was enough to make a guy want to take to them with a pitch fork.

        1. I was stationed overseas chasing every skirt between the age of 20 and 25 at that time. When I returned in 1996 there was considerable shock. America was no more.
          Also while I was out, Prozac was approved and getting prescribed like there was no tomorrow. So not only was America in full cuntification mode, the zombification was also very visible.

        2. It really was that fast too. 1989 was an entirely different world than 1996, and 1996 was even tame compared to 2002. 1989 compared to 2002 is like reading about a fabled fantasy place in a fictional storybook nowadays and I’m *certain* that men that weren’t around to remember it look at what we say and think “Yeah, sure, right”. They literally have no framework of reference for anything other than this bullshit we have today.

        3. Yep. I don’t think the kids today would believe it if I described to them what say, a 3 day weekend was like in 1987. They would expect the story to be a sausage fest ending with an arrest.
          Or even how back then we actually did Spring Break to get laid, not just drink and be a fucking idiot.

        4. I found myself attracted to a girl I talked to at my gym the other day for the sole reason (besides being thin) that I scanned my eyes up and down her body and could not find any body mutilation (tattoos). It really has gotten so bad, that you expect a young, hot girl to be all tatted up, and the mere lack of tats is a turnon, when it should be the norm. I have also turned my head to stare at a long haired woman, or high heels, when they are nothing special.

    3. The hook up culture and the acceptance of the slut/sexual revolution has essentially ruined the mating rituals of old

    4. The hook up culture and the acceptance of the slut/sexual revolution has essentially ruined the mating rituals of old.

      1. Just tell them you’re a former arms merchant and that back at your place, they can see your “rail gun” …

  6. That has not been my experience.
    1. My social circle is different, but not smaller. I can certainly interact better now.
    2. I enjoy women better now than when they seemed just inexplicably weird. Now I do know the actual rules.
    3. The uneasiness and nervousness is gone, not the thrill.
    I suspect the source of some of the frustration that seems so common among some of those who’ve taken the red pill is that many do not take the next step from chasing to being chased.

  7. I didn’t think it would happen, but I have lost friends because of my reading about men’s issues.
    I recently bought “the manipulated man” by that FEMALE author Esther Vilar. I agreed with much of it, and gave it to a male friend of 20 years…. I asked him to get it back to me by xmas, so I could give it to my teenage nephew.
    This is part of the email I got a few days later.
    “.I’ve got a lot of the same disappointments, frustrations, and suspicions
    about women as you. But this book basically says that women are second
    class citizens that are intellectually and emotionally one step above
    monkeys. It’s too extreme to take seriously. ..your views seem to be getting even more extreme and I can’t defend
    this any more. If you honestly agree with the points made in that book,
    then I think your views can now fairly be described as misogyny. I
    can’t support you on that and I don’t want to engage you on it. So
    please don’t send me any more references, books etc on this.
    Wanting to share that book with your nephew is possibly the dumbest idea you have ever had. ”
    Haven’t talked since.

    1. Dropping The Manipulated Man on a blue-pill guy is like taking a 15 year old virgin girl to a bukkake party.

      1. The manipulated Man, Sperm Wars, The Predatory Woman, The book of pook, Rationale Male. All Mandatory readings for any blue pill man

      2. God damn man, your comments are golden!
        On a serious note, The Manipulated Man is on point on how the female brains work and how they use it to their advantage. One of the first books I read when I joined ROK since so many people referenced to it.

        1. Me too. It taught me to look at women with a cold objectivity, and the truth of what she writes in the book becomes very clear for 90%+ of girls I know.

      3. Yep. Men seem to be the worst victims of feminist society. Stockholm syndrome at home.
        Even very carefully chatting to guys at work about these issues, and suggesting that (from a purely financial point of view), a man is better off not getting married. People always come across with the “why are you so cynical towards the fairer sex”.. type comments.
        Many men just cannot question the motives of women. Of course, the married ones have a vested interest in perpetuating the myth of female virtue.

        1. I was one of those married men defending marriage. I am still married and still pro-marriage, but only under circumstances where the man is fully aware of the legal environment in his state/country.

    2. rejection is part of the game – get your book back from the friend and pass it along to the nephew –

      1. My nephew is a shocking mummies boy. So it could go either way. Might wake him up, or turn him against me. Might leave it till he has had his heart kicked in a few times by women, and then might be more open to the red pill.

  8. Scary accurate article. This was pretty much how it happened to me. I’m more or less congruent but there was a girl in Ecu I met and actually really liked. I failed on this one. Granted I live int he US and her in Ecu but I don’t think I would have minded. Its a shame though, she just calls me a ‘special friend’ which mean fucking nothing to me, maybe due to the distance but oh well

      1. I know, I ate the trap after I got back. While I was there iot was good but it’s worthless now

  9. Agreed to an extent. I dont come to ROK for the game articles but more so the philosophical articles that get posted on here. I throughly enjoy being able to learn and exchange ideas with the people on here Being raised by a rather morally loose single mother i was aware the “red pill” early on and through my teens into my early twenties i fucked just about anything with a big ass and some long legs. Ive watched friends get baby trapped, had it almost happen to me. Been told every corny ass line in the book, yes women try and run game too and after awhile it gets old. I personally think when you really get down to it theyre all the Same, materalistic and emotionally shallow. This is why you catch them homie hopping so much. They also feel that no matter their situation that they are entitled to be courted by a man, which is the biggest crock of shit anyone can tell you. If a woman has 2 kids by the age of 24 with no decent income or isnt even in college pursuing a non liberal arts degree how much worth does she have?

    1. Liberal arts degrees are worthless until you want to teach them. A woman like that isn’t worth it.

  10. I am that guy that is on the manosphere everyday.
    But for me it basically replaces TV and the News. I also stopped playing video games altogether. I get the occasional free coffee from the local cafe just kuz I just try to be friendly to whoever is open to interacting with me.
    I’m eating breakfast and drinking coffee right now and I’m honestly quite content.
    On RoK/manosphere I get so much interesting and useful information it is ridiculous. That I can gain wisdom from men of different age groups, locations, and vocations without having to worry about hurting someone’s feewings from disagreement is amazing in and of itself.
    The manosphere basically confirms so much of what I already instinctively knew. I’m happy to chat up people with similar views on the regular.
    This article is 100% accurate and shows a great deal of self-awareness on behalf of the forum.

    1. the manosphere is the much needed male mentoring we all need – as men who have been cut off from mentors, male spaces, rites of passage and our own masculinity, this internet exchange of masculine information, ideas, observations, experiences, advice and wisdom is invaluable for the well being and solid formation of men.

      1. Well groups like the Knights of Columbus are pretty much dead(at least in the city). There are still social clubs, but they are ethnicity- specific.

      2. God knows our culture feeds us a steady stream of steaming bullshit otherwise, that won’t improve our lives.

    2. I’m addicted to this site too. But think about it, it’s not like the site is flooded with 38 new articles a day. If so I might be sitting on my ass all day.
      When I’m not reading ROK im out doing productive shit – gym, school, work or my writing projects.
      ROK fuels my writing and also fuels my tank of self improvement.

    3. My point is that “application” comes naturally but not in “100 bangs” form.
      But it’s a self-degrading side effect. The minute a man takes the poosy off the pedestal, his life is open to other priorities. It suddenly seems like a real chore to put on a clown suit and “talk up” women who, if this were a survival situation, would not be worth the space they take up on a lifeboat.
      To me, the “alpha” putting everything into “getting laid” is not much different than a beta. Same destination, different paths.
      Not giving a fuck for getting fucked creates such natural game, and being able to notice the cues is another thing. I can tell when a woman wants dick. Unfortunately most I run into I would not screw them with a borrowed dick on a 10′ pole.

      1. I agree with this as it was my experience too. I got into Red Pill manosphere stuff because I thought I wanted lots of sex with lots of girls. Then I found that was not my goal. I wanted a quality relationship with a high quality woman and when that happened it came as a side-effect of the general self-improvement that immersion in the manosphere engenders.

    4. “their company does have unique ways of elevating your mood, however fleeting it may be.”
      shooting up heroin and coke will also elevate your mood and is probably cheaper and less harmful in the long run…..

      1. Hey, there’s always krokodil when you’re bored and you want your face to match your shoes …

    5. How do you get free coffee? lol I’m exactly like you, I don’t watch TV at all and enjoy relaxing at a coffee shop drinking coffee and eating a bagel with egg and pastrami.I read ROK everyday, but there’s usually only 3 new articles a day, so it’s really not that time consuming. Other than ROK, I also read the posts on TheRedPill/Reddit. But that’s all in the manosphere I read, no need for more than that.

      1. Most of the customers at this Starbucks are grumpy.
        I got to know the staff there and jokingly wheel and deal with them. They’ve given me discounts n free shit on multiple occasions.
        They have to pretend that a cup of coffee is worth 2$ but it clearly isn’t.

        1. Dunno about Star$ baristas, but some establishments give bartenders an allotment to treat patrons to a free drink.
          When I’m in a good convo with a bartender they often wave cost of drink and tell me, “they bought one.” When this first happened, I of course told them not to as I thought it was coming out of their pocket. They informed me they have % they can give away to patrons they like.

    6. I got really excited the other day when a co-worker emailed me an article from RoK asking my opinion on it. He didn’t even know I read the site. The manosphere is starting to take off.

    7. I read RoK daily as well so I can instill these ideas in me while unplugging from the MSM and the toxic feminism shit we are being bombarded with daily since our birth.
      You are in total control of your mind. Feed it wisely.

    8. +1 for replacing TV and News with manosphere.
      You will get more education from Mike Cernovich in a week than you will from television in a year.

    9. I feel ya, Clark Kent.
      Despite all the crazy and bitter guys who randomly show up in the comment section, there are some really cool regulars here.
      I feel that I am not completely red pill, in the sense that I am not obsessed with notch count or avoiding marriage, but the manosphere is still a part of my daily life because it is the only place where guys can talk honestly about ANYTHING, without a fuck given about PC, race envy, and ESPECIALLY WHITE GUILT.
      I had spent my whole life (pre-manosphere) feeling like I was a stone’s throw away from Hell, the white guilt and anti-male propaganda had gotten to me so badly.
      Now, for the first time in my life, I feel free to pursue MY OWN SELF INTEREST. I had always been scared to do what I desire in life, the white male guilt had affected me so. Every decision in my life had to be made based on some moral rubric that invariably was centered on satisfying/not disappointing my mother, girlfriend, underprivileged minorities, and other insecure, demanding victims of the dreaded white male-which is, of course, me.
      How can anyone be happy that way? Is it any wonder that I was a weak-willed, feeble bitch of a man? Not anymore. I just passed a shit test today, and left the girl blushing. My life has gotten so much better because of the manosphere, it is unreal.
      And if I go to Hell, so be it.

      1. You won’t go to hell. A spirit that is not setting you free is not holy; the holy spirit sets you free. Even if freedom may not be what you think it is… but that is a different story. 🙂

  11. “You come angry with women, your parents, the world, even your dog…”
    Yessssss. The red pill got a man kicking his dog.

    1. NOOOO! The dog doesn’t talk, commit monetary terrorism, text harass you all day demeaning you, lie to you, betray you, abandon you for some alleged bigger-better deal, threaten to call cops or lawyer on you… Poor doggie! 🙁

  12. “Eventually the monotony and predictability of game all but kills the thrill of the chase.”
    This is where I am at. And I notice a lot of other friends being the same way as they get beyond their mid 20s.

  13. Absolutely true that you’ll like women less. But it makes you appreciate good women that much more and who the fuck am I kidding no it doesn’t. Men are like dogs, women are cats, and now men are becoming cats, too. Read Adam Carolla’s “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks”.

  14. Keep in mind too that most women are generally the same beneath their looks/exterior, courtesy of red pill wisdom:
    1) Feigns being coy and innocent (Right. The sky’s green, too).
    2) Implies consistently that that “aren’t looking for a hookup” (until they find a guy attractive enough to whatever are their “standards” or lays on the right angle of charm they want to hear, of course).
    3) Repeats ad nauseam that they’re independent (because saying it is far more effective than actually showing it, as you know. Plus, apparently everybody’s out to take their independence from them so they need to drill it into your skull repeatedly about themselves).
    4) States how important their “career” is (until a Betatard is willing to shack them up then knock them up, when “being a good mother” kills any concept of returning to her illustrious career and the man is subsequently chewed up and spit out).
    5) Workout braggy (which never impresses a man. Ever!).
    6) Travel braggy (men know either Daddy or Sugar Daddy is paying for those trips to safe and sound Western Europe to take the token and trite Eiffel Tower selfies. And we don’t want one single gory detail about the trip and its requisite indiscretions that transpired. No thanks!).
    7) Selfie-posting obsessed (validates themselves, reinforces that they’re “beautiful in any shape/size/form/age”, inflates their ego by Beta Like-collecting, the comments that follow legitimize that their current outfit or haircut was worth it and should be pursued further, on and on).
    I am sure dozens more come could to fruition, that was just what I could exhaust right here right now. Here it is yet again, and it never gets old: Put on a blindfold and go out in public using just your ears and you won’t be able to tell one woman apart from all the rest. Read it on ROK, preached it ever since.

  15. some of this seems dumb. if my buddy told me he was wifing up a girl with two kids i would tell him thats a bad idea but i wouldnt laugh in his face. You can swallow the red pill and still be kind to the blue pill people in your social circle

      1. I agree. There’s no need to be a dick, especially with your friends. Although sometimes tough love is required and there’s no way to pick up a turd by the clean end (that’s the definition of political correctness by the way), you can still do it in a way that shows you care for them.

        1. I was just thinking how I ALMOST went down the self destructive path with an American woman well into my 30s. I was not red pill at the time, but still aware that most of society and government is bullshit and an overall pretty intelligent guys who reads a lot. It’s surprising that someone could be quite aware to the realities of the media lying, politics being bullshit, the education system being a sham, etc. but still not seeing the true nature of women.
          I wouldn’t insult a friend, but I do think I would try to show him red pill philosophy before he made a big mistake. Of course I am doing that on single friends now. I think if you tried it on someone in “love” they wouldn’t listen to you.

  16. 2. You won’t like women as much. That one resonates for sure. I used to think much more highly of them now I can’t be bothered most times unless it involves getting naked with them. It’s funny how you start seeing through the bullshit and know exactly what they’re up to. It’s just their nature though-I don’t think they’re all evil. Waking up to all this may be a bit depressing at first but once you can recognize all the shit tests, emotional manipulation and shaming for what it is, you can breeze through these situations instead of banging your head against the wall.

    1. I have to agree- my pet peeve is women who try cuttting the line, as if their time is more important than mine. I have never, NEVER, had a woman say to me “oh you have just 2 items,go ahead of me” when standing on a line, its always another man who offers…then again, Im in nyc, so maybe Im just bombarded by assholes every day.

      1. I think it’s because you’re in NYC where all the assholes live…. I’ve actually had women offer to let me cut them in line many times because they had a full cart and I only had a few items.

    2. Pattern recognition. It makes a man cynical when when he gains awareness that women are saying and doing different versions of the same thing.

  17. Love the pic of jennifer ruiz diaz. Any international playboys with info on setting up shop in brazil?

  18. Basically, it’s all fu**ed up. But hey, it’s a challenge that might make one more manly, vis vires. If it were too easy, it would have been too easy.

  19. Thank you ROK for giving me a safe place to turn to every day. Great articles, great links within articles, and great comments from the brethren (and I NEVER look at comments on any other sites, for there is often nothing but venom being spit back and forth or nothing to learn or gain in general). It truly is my safe place to relax, learn, grow and share stories and wisdom in this degenerate, pussified, Beta-thirst plagued nation. It’s just too bad Chinese, Russian, and Arabic are so hard to learn for English speakers, we’ll need them in our arsenal of wisdom before long as our empire crumbles!

  20. For the record, nobody here “hates” women, as is sometimes assumed, especially by sideline observers. We all love the women we are blood-related to first of all, we have that one or possibly two female co-workers who actually WORK hard for everything they have to their name, there are a few female CEOs and entrepreneurs we actually have great admiration for, we all have a few teachers or professors in our past that weren’t feminazi cuntrags that we remember fondly, one token “friend zone” female friend that gets us, helps us, listens to us when we need it… Come on, really now? As the cliche goes, “Hate is such a strong word”!

    1. No Man hates a woman. We were created for one another, and how can any man hate what gives him such great pleasure during sex? The SJW’s and feminists created Misogyny to try to stop Men from sharing ideas about women.Any Blue pill Beta is terrified of being labeled a misogynist, it stops them from questioning feminists. Man hating woman is an illusion.

      1. I mean, we hate trashy, manipulative, black widow women, but doesn’t everybody hate trash in general?

        1. I despise the manipulative,etc women in my blue pill past. The rest today have the sum total of my indifference. My hate is reserved for the truly bad.

  21. The Blue Pill is on a automatic dispenser for the masses, just turn on your TV and you will be bombarded With Blue pill thoughts and conformist ideas.Taking the Red Pill is kind of like The Right of passage that boys would do to become Men, except instead of a overcoming a Primal Fear, a physical obstacle or killing a wild beast with spear to become a man, The right of passage today is all a Mental battle. Once a man starts asking questions he takes the Red pill, once the red pill is inside so begins The right of passage. The rejection and a realization of old ideas the loss of friends the process of the red pill settling in and the man wrestling with himself as he comes to terms with his changed perspective of the now unfamiliar world around him. The Red Pill is the closest thing a man has now To The Right of passage and becoming a Man.

    1. What’s with the loss of friends? Just because you’ve gone red pill dosn’t mean you have to be in your face rude about it with other male friends and their bad decisions. If they want to waste time with a woman who treats them wrong that’s their decision. They’re just on a different part of the learning curve.

      1. Some may not loose friends at all. The loss of friends comes when you no longer except the old way of thinking but the friends are still trapped in the blue pill capsule. You don’t have to be rude to them, sometimes very politely being honest is enough to upset a blue piller. I’ve found it is best to surround oneself with like minded people.

      2. The paring down of friends comes from a newfound impatience with blue pill platitudes. Since most people are blue pill, most of them are going to seem quite annoying. Or, on the other hand, they will not be able to stomach red pill viewpoints.

    2. The Blue Pill Dispenser is like a huge manic Pez dispenser, but all it dispenses is sugar pills …
      Oh, wait, it is a manic Pez dispenser. 🙂

  22. “Addiction: You can’t go more than a few hours without reading ROK, Roosh V Forum, Illimitable Men, The Rational Male, ”
    This applies to me perfectly. Great article, man.

  23. “or asks him what he does for a living to gauge his potential to fund her useless life.”
    made my day. absolutely hilarious 😀
    but anyway, if you approach regularly you indeed lose the thrill. you talk a bit, you realise what type of personality stands in front of you and how to deal with her, the more you do this the more knowledge you get and the more boring it gets. im far from the point where i can live in asia and game some high quality, but the loss of excitement with woman does indeed hurt. the little compensation for this is also indeed the first, or second time you can bang her, because its always interesting to see what her body looks, smells, and feels like. but after you experienced that, it just gets so boring, its ridiculous.
    to the guys with approach anxiety: just do it. approach. there is a method called crash and burn, you do it by failing with cold approaches on PURPOSE. did it myself, worked really good! after a decent number of rejections i didnt care anymore. and that attitude, by the way, increased my game dramatically. your fear will only vanish if you go right through it, you have to endure it. if you manage to endure, it gets steadily better until it reaches a point, where it just disappears.

  24. I think that as time passes, the message of the Redpill will gradually begin to reach more and more people due to the speed at which it is proliferating in Western society. Despite all the misery and havoc that Feminism has wrought, it has also been instrumental in forcing men out of their comfort zones and into unfamiliar and alien territory that radically alters their worldview. This can all be attributed to the fact that Feminists have abandoned tact and subtleness and become too drunk on their own success. Instead of picking their battles carefully and strategically, they have opted to seize as much power as they can and have overplayed their own hands.
    Imagine if the machines in the Matrix got overconfident and inserted giant neon signs in their own complex simulations that point right to Morpheus and the Oracle. Thats essentially what modern Feminism has done. By becoming an extreme caricature of itself, modern Feminism has unintentionally and unknowingly become a purveyor of the Redpill.

    1. “I think that as time passes, the message of the Redpill will gradually begin to reach more and more people due to the speed at which it is proliferating in Western society. ”
      Good point, and what this means is that young boys growing up will assimilate red pill philosophy instinctively. The “girls have cooties” phase will stay with them long after their childhood.

  25. “Today, things could not be more different. First dates for men are something akin to job interviews, and the only flirting involved is when she gives him slut face, grabs his package, or asks him what he does for a living to gauge his potential to fund her useless life. ”
    Fuckin’ gold! LOL

  26. Another milestone is when a typical woman you’re fucking/dating/LTRing., finds out you read red-pill shit daily. That was an awakening. These hens will protect their sacred coven at all costs.
    When one of them whose spreading the western cancer discovers your true beliefs, GTFO immediately!

    1. Ain’t that the truth. My ex found my Rational Male book and saw I was on ROK and found it all “disgusting” and actually tried to forbid me from reading it. That’s why she’s an ex now.

  27. “Crimson capsule congruency simply will not allow a man to be a beta—it can’t be done. When a girl demands he buy her a drink, he blurts out “right after you buy me one” without even thinking. The same principle applies with your daily interaction with your family and friends.”
    I have an ex GF who asks to come over when I’m working in my garage and my answer is “Sure you can come over and make sandwiches and clean the place up if you’d like”.
    I seldom see her.

  28. Does Red Pill necessarily mean picking up girls, not having children, never getting married, etc? I thought it meant accepting the truth.

    1. Red Pill is awareness of how the world works, understanding government intentions, understanding how the mind of women works. … so yes, it’s accepting the truth.

      1. I accept that art has more permanence in this world than anything you’re going to do with a chick, so my art and craft come well before anything involving women …
        The intelligent ones understand this is how it must be done.

  29. I always had a bit of red pill albeit unconscious. I never thought much of women to begin with because I noticed from an early age how they always tried shaming men and we’re not allowed to say anything back.
    Nonetheless I pursued some of the nicer ones in my spare time when not working out or reading….
    Since I found ROK I’m a fucking red pill junkie. I can’t get enough of this site. Its really exhilarating seeing the writings of the men here..especially the comments. What i’ve read articulates what I knew in a very vague way.
    Finding this site gave me the same kinda epiphany and rush I got from watching Fight Club

      1. Hahahahaha!!! So true! Every person I’ve mentioned this site too is always horrified. I can’t help but think if this horrified them they must have loved when schools decided to do away classical reading like Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick, Gulliver’s Travels, The adventures of Tom Sawyer, to name a few.

      2. Yeah, but there you are, shooting the shit with some friends from Toronto, and out of the blue they say, “HOLY FUCK, JONES JUST USED PUA TERMS …”
        Eventually everyone talks about RoK. 🙂

  30. Looking back to my younger years I think I grew up ‘red pill’ i.e. my attitudes and views on what is wrong with the world is very similar. I ended up ‘swallowing’ the blue pill which led me to a few drugs here n there and a lot of ‘damage’. Heck I turnt beta as shit before reawakening and thinking back towards my old self.
    I found the red pill/blue pill concept sometime after and this site amongst others gave me the encouragement to reswallow the red pill. Gotta be frank with you. It tastes a hell of a lot better the second time round that’s for sure.

    1. I agree with you on that last part. The first time was a much less gradual process and helped me to get more girls but nothing much more. The second was a “Holy Shit” moment and combined with a gradual realisation that I might not have much time left in life, this wake up call meant I now see everything in ‘Red’.

  31. I swallowed the Red Pill when I was younger and there wasn’t a name for it, it was just part of PUA culture and often described as ‘Inner Game’. I then had to swallow it again in May 2013, when I fucked up a relationship. Now I find myself smiling, nodding and biting my tongue when people tell me about girls they’re trying to game, girlfriends, wives and all that shit. I am the ultimate cynic and TBH I often find that I cannot be bothered with women a lot of the time, which is bad considering I used to go out three times a week to try and meet new girls.

    1. The more you learn the worse off you become in relation to that optimistic pleasure seeker you once were.

      1. Definitely.
        I used to blow grands and grands on stupid, meaningless shit. Now I find myself saving money like no ones business. I used to put stupid amounts of Cocaine up my nose as well as other party drugs and I won’t touch it anymore. I once went out to bars and clubs for 30 nights in a row. Now I go out maybe twice a month. It’s better that way.

        1. I agree. There is a huge gravitation for the world now for sensational experiences. There is nothing bad with the external side off thing but pleasure seeking without an internal force behind it leads to borderline feminine life experience. The real meat to life seems to happen when internal rewards meet external rewards you get a truly memorable experience. I still remember some experiences with game fondly because the rewards came on two levels. Even more fondly than some lays.

        2. Sounds a lot like my life in the past. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. It’s pretty fun when you’re on it, but not so much when it’s 5 am and it feels like the world is crashing down on you. And your ears are ringing. You know how it is.
          I too drank for 30 days straight when I turned 20 or 21, I can’t remember exactly. Now, having finally turned 30 and immersing myself in red pill philosophies over the last 6 months or so, I find going to bars and hitting the social scene all of the time a total scam and a colossal waste of time. Clubs? No. Never. Like meth: not even once.
          How do you spend your time now?

        3. Yeah, I nearly threw my life away to that drug on more than one occasion. The fact I’m typing this now, is testament to the fact I am not actually a waste of space, contrary to how Cocaine comedowns make you feel.
          Clubs and Bars aren’t too bad if you can control yourself. Not buying drinks is the first way to save dough. The second is to find ways to get in for free. I find I’m better at game in places like that anyway so it is worth me going to places like that even if it’s just once or twice a month.
          What do I do now?
          I’m working on finally finishing my university degree and I spend three days of the week on my main income stream. I’m also working on my blog (Rorta.org), trying to become a better cook, reading and socialising with a small, choice group of people. I kicked two plates out of my life in the last month and now am back to one, so women don’t take up too much of my time. I will probably go full Monk Mode again come March as I find myself getting far to distracted at the minute.

    2. ” I often find that I cannot be bothered with women a lot of the time, which is bad considering I used to go out three times a week to try and meet new girls.”
      There was a time – 50 years ago when it was worth it to go out and meet women; they truly were not just fun to fuck, but fun to walk hand in hand with. It was SEX + ROMANCE which was the spice of life. Today it’s VAGINA + STDs, or STINKBOX + FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS, or something equally as virtueless.

      1. Young men receive advice from older men that is just plain fucking wrong and misleading.
        Your grandpa didn’t have to be a dancing clown to get a girl. Your old uncle didn’t have to text witty messages.
        Fuck, even dating in the 90s was probably a lot easier. Couple that with your mother/ other women telling you more bullshit it’s easy to see why guys are deep blue pill.
        Therefore, when youre young and ask for advice, it’s basically entirely wrong.
        Any man with half a brain can see the real nature of women always comes through tho.
        Fuck em and dump em,

        1. “Any man with half a brain can see the real nature of women”
          Then explain why so many men don’t.

        2. denial & inner goodness. A nice man assumes women are the same as men, and therefore as trustworthy and congruent.
          They don’t realize the inherent deception, passive aggressive manipulation, etc…
          Females are naturally amoral, it’s nature’s gift to them so they could survive.
          I was a nice catholic boy for a long, long time. When girls would bullshit me Id just assume I was going after the ‘wrong type’ of girls, then I realized over time theyre all like that.
          I didn’t want to believe it because it was too painful to believe.
          When you are meek and polite you want to assume everyone is on equal footing…..but overtime I realized women might as well be a different species as their emotional whims and deception are normal behavior.
          Every man needs to embrace his superiority

        3. – I was a nice catholic boy for a long, long time. –
          Ex choirboy here, can still hit those Latin hymns though, heh.
          – When girls would bullshit me I’d just assume I was going after the ‘wrong type’ of girls, then I realized over time they’re all like that.
          There is no ‘wrong type’ of girls. Any bitter fatty boomballaty who shamed men for wanting slender women will invariably pick tall rich men over short broke men if they were in the position to do so.
          – I didn’t want to believe it because it was too painful to believe. –
          Compared to men of any other religion, Catholic boys were inherently groomed to be blue-pill men.

        4. “Young men receive advice from older men that is just plain fucking wrong and misleading”
          In many cases that is a valid argument. Whereas there is certain wisdom that will be the same throughout the ages and can be passed along , other things such as advice on the current state of contemporary broken females is not anything any man from a previous generation can provide any useful advice. In fact I would eager that if one can take any “alpha” guy from the baby boomer generation (in his prime) and transport him to today, he’d probably crash and burn with women. He would probably have an exceptionally difficult task to adjusting to bring a third class citizen in today’s zeitgeist.

        5. The line here about there is only one type of girl, and she will fuck on the first date certain men, and the only difference is which men are the certain men or words to that effect really got me. The girl that rejects your advances as too much, too soon might have put out on the first with the last ten guys; it’s not whether she’s the wrong type of girl, you’re just the wrong type of guy for her. Level up and conquer.

    3. The reason people fall to cynicism is because cynics always end up being right. If you ask an optimist, a cynic and someone who says he’s in the middle what’s going to happen, whether that’s on a personal level or in society, the cynic is almost always right. That’s because the cynic is one who has taken off his rose-tinted glasses and seen the world for what it is. He’s also more likely to abandon social convention and just state the truth.
      And in time, you start to notice how the cynic works. You notice that the cynic has the most accurate predictions because his basic premise about the functioning of our species is right. He might not know it, but he’s well on his way to decoding the cues and power plays people try on each other all the time. The cynic knows what was and what is, and has distilled from that a handful of basic rules that are almost always valid, so given even very little information he knows what’s going to be happening in advance.
      In a way, this red-pill movement is nothing but cynicism. But once you are a cynic, there’s no getting out anymore, because you can’t effectively lie to yourself and fool yourself into believing that what you know to be true isn’t actually true. It’s a prison as much as it is an epiphany.

      1. When you’re at the bottom though there is nowhere left to go but up.
        There is still beauty in the world even after you take off the r0sey tintid glaSsez, just takes a little more effort to find it.

        1. Right, so when I had my “sunglasses” on in Vancouver and I kept seeing “MARRY AND REPRODUCE” on advert boards, that was normal …

      2. – The reason people fall to cynicism is because cynics always end up being right. –
        At least 70 years ago some Irish dude who goes by the name of George Bernard Shaw aptly put it ” The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it “.
        Another George but with the surname Carlin has his own interpretation ” Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist “.

        1. I always like Ambrose Bierce’s comment of
          Cynic, n: a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.
          I think I like Shaw’s better, and Carlin’s is too true to me personally to use.

  32. I have to say that everything, and I mean everything that the author states is absolutely true. This is a complete and thorough description of the red pill process.

  33. My sister got mad at me for being so inflammatory on facebook.
    But she’s always mad… Because she’s a redhead.
    The shrinking circle BEGINS!

  34. I read ROK everyday for the same reason alot of these guys do. I came here intentionally to laugh at the comments of these basement dwelling, fedora wearing nice guys who have failed with women too many times and decided to be angry instead, and I was pleasantly surprised to find, not only that, but more… Ive learned alot on this website. I’ve learned about men. While many of these articles may be a decent refection on what a modern woman is, you forget that not every woman was raised but a “modern woman”. I surely wasn’t and I don’t think, act, or react the same way most women do…None of it works on me, because I wasn’t conditioned to want it to work. I grew up in the woods, but im smart enough to know that this red pill stuff doesn’t always work, it isnt some miracle cure for your pathetic life. I’m sure it helps some of your feel less like losers ( the same way feminism helps lazy and frightened women feel less like losers) but its not a cure all and you guys should probably take it into account. I don’t hate this website or your beliefs…I think they are a little extreme, but maybe you need it…in the same way christians need god.

    1. I started reading your comment, not even seeing that you were a woman, and I stopped once I started reading “basement dwelling”. Instantly, I knew this was a women writing this. It is the same old tactics in every women’s post on this site:
      – NAWALT
      – Work hard for women to impress them
      – Man up/shaming tactics
      – Stop whining
      In all my interactions with women, I have never come across anything else. Ever. It’s usually the same wording, but the more interesting women (lol) will use unique wording. It is honestly sad that women are this pathetic, that they are so linear that I could have a conversation with 90% of women in my head, and I will be able to guess the kind of things the rest say. The saddest part is that there are men who will succumb to this unsophisticated manipulation.

    2. The red pill is biblical for the most part. I’m sure your backwoods teachings don’t allow you to think that works either.

  35. Thank you for the article. While walking the red pill road isn’t always easy, it was the best decision of my life. I am more at peace with myself, have a better relationship with my children, and feel better about life.

  36. One of the best articles i have read here so far. I discovered the manosphere a couple of months ago and basicaly it reflects on my views of the world. But one must be able to filter out all the information he gets and endorse the ones that agree with his logic. I dont find myself agreeing with some articles 100% but i take what i need from each one and adopt it in my daily life and way of thinking. Very well written article and definitely bookmarking this and forwarding to some mates as well!

  37. http://therationalmale.com/2012/04/10/the-bitter-taste-of-the-red-pill/
    The Bitter Taste of the Red Pill
    The truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make truth hurt any less, nor does it make truth any prettier, and it certainly doesn’t absolve you of the responsibilities that truth requires. One of the biggest obstacles guys face in unplugging is accepting the hard truths that Game forces upon them. Among these is bearing the burden of realizing what you’ve been conditioned to believe for so long were comfortable ideals and loving expectations are really liabilities. Call them lies if you want, but there’s a certain hopeless nihilism that accompanies categorizing what really amounts to a system that you are now cut away from. It is not that you’re hopeless, it’s that you lack the insight at this point to see that you can create hope in a new system – one in which you have more direct control over.
    There are no “Dark Arts”, this is simply one last desperate effort of the feminine imperative to drag you back into the Matrix. There is only Game and the degree to which you accept it and are comfortable in using it in the context that YOU define. If that context is under the auspices of a mutually beneficial, mutually loving, mutually respecting LTR monogamy of YOUR choosing, know that it’s the fundaments of Game that are at the root of its success or failure. If that context is in terms of spinning multiple plates, liberating the affections of women from other men, and enjoying a love life based on your personal satisfactions, also understand that it lives and dies based on your understanding the fundaments of Game.
    Just as Alpha is not inherently nobel or deplorable, Game is neither inherently good nor evil – the Devil is in the details and whomever’s defined context in which you use it. In the introduction section of the 48 Laws of Power, author Robert Greene explains the same about power. Power is neither good nor evil, it simply is, and your capacity to use power, your comfort in using it, doesn’t invalidate the principles of power. Likewise, your discomfort or inability to accept those principles does not excuse you from the consequence of having that power used upon you.
    The unwritten, 49th Law of Power, is denying the utility of power itself, or demonizing its use both moralistically and socially. With the wide dispersion of Game theory this has been the reactionary tact of the feminine imperative; appeal to the deeply conditioned moral, ethical, honorable, virtuous ideals engrammatically planted in men by a fem-centric society, while redefining the acceptable use of the same Game the imperative demonizes for its own purposes.

    1. http://therationalmale.com/2014/09/29/a-new-hope/
      The key to living in a red pill context is to unlearn your blue pill expectations and dreams of finding contentment in them, and replace them with expectations and aspirations based on realistic understandings of red pill truths.
      Learn this now, you will never achieve contentment or emotional fulfillment in a blue pill context with red pill awareness.
      Killing your inner Beta is a difficult task and part of that is discarding an old, comfortable, blue pill paradigm. For many newly unplugged, red pill aware, men the temptation is to think they can use this new understanding to achieve the goal-states of their preconditioned blue pill ideals. What they don’t understand is that, not only are these blue pill goal-states flawed, but they are also based on a flawed understanding of how to attain them.

  38. It’s true. I’m doing much better with girls, whether in approaching or in cutting that bitch off like K-Camp said last year, without getting all in my feelings about it like the old me. And, I’ve even raised my standards. I no longer approach average looking girls because to me, if I’m gonna get rejected or get in it will be from a hot girl, not from some average girl with an overinflated ego. Physically I’m better too. I’m a lot slimmer than before, and still going. I know this stuff works because I flirted with a waitress and she brought me free food. I still make some mistakes, like the other day when I met a foreign girl from Africa who was fine as hell, who was due to leave the state in three days. I suggested we do something the night before she left, and she said her boyfriend probably wouldn’t like it. I backed off, but she said something like “maybe I’ll still run into you” after I did. I should’ve still went for it because she would not have protested like that otherwise.
    A different girl told me she had a boyfriend, but added that she respected that I approached her.
    I’m pretty sure I’m about to have a girlfriend. I’m not trying to cheat, but I want to keep my “abundance mentality.” I want to keep my game sharp. I don’t want to pedestalize her like the old me. So I will still approach, I’ll still flirt, but if I get the number I will make it clear to them that I have a girlfriend (if I do).

  39. This article is great but taking the red pill can give you a very negative view off the world if you don’t practice some positivity in your life too, but I’d rather be awake an see how things arn’t right than live in ignorance.

  40. There are 2 redpills:
    The smaller redpill= Realizing we live in a gynocentric society and women are not the oppressed sex. It’s actually men who are treated like dirt.
    The bigger redpill= Realizing that women are parasitic entities who love the gynocentric society and who couldn’t care less about the fate of men.
    Examples smaller redpill (MRA level): http://i.imgbox.com/8LqHZA4i.jpg http://i.imgbox.com/YZhjj4Zj.jpg http://i.imgbox.com/cPcKkzsF.png
    Examples bigger redpill (MGTOW level): http://i.imgbox.com/7uDNGOlY.jpg
    Examples bigger redpill (MGTOW/wisdom level):
    http://i.imgbox.com/D5d1U5jl.jpg http://i.imgbox.com/UP8B4OCn.jpg http://i.imgbox.com/6A63GqIN.jpg http://i.imgbox.com/KjGvkiDi.png

  41. The red pill changed my life. If I hadn’t come across it a couple of years ago I would still have the belief that aspiring to middle management, buying a mcmansion and then finding a nagging wife to validate me. I have since started a business, only bang reasonable quality women and am much more comfortable in my own skin. Like the author says initially I was angry at my parents, teachers etc but I have realised there is no point trying to educate other men they just have to take the red pill themselves.

  42. Even if you don’t talk red pill truth, be prepared for insecure guys who don’t have their shit together to still get butthurt because you make them look bad by comparison. I never understood these kinds of dudes so filled with envy. When I’m around a guy who is better than me in some way, I try to learn from him even if it makes me look beta by comparison. I’ve always been like that, but I’ve found out very few people are. One byproduct of the red pill is realizing how many other men are beyond saving because their envy gets in the way of any teachable moment you can provide them.

    1. Great observation this happens to me as well.
      I also am willing to acknowledge when someone has a greater aptitude or more experience than me. If they’re doing something right, they’re the person I should be learning from not some self-absorbed asshole.
      Also a lot of the time those people are actually happy to share some wisdom with you. Great people start from scratch just like everybody else and I think it honours them when their junior is respectfully curious about how they accomplished what they have.

    2. Too often the sheeple are so programmed that when they encounter ‘outside the box’ thinking, their fingers knee jerk react and push the button for the ‘swat line’ hot-line to save them from thinking for themselves. All too often it is too late and damage is done to innocents by the heavy hand of the system. How many dumb bitches later regret drawing fire upon their home and wish they had mellowed and not vied to burn the place if they don’t get their way? Well many women aren’t wired to perceive regret while blowing in the wind but many around her have to regret FOR her. Female temperament has only been made explosive and deadly by the mangina white knight enablers. Truly feminism has resulted in the worst hostage crisis situation on earth.
      Many men refuse to be emasculated and taken hostage to feminism and thus have suffered the worst clusterfuck attacks in modern times by the state. Many of these men who have had a ‘hit job’ done on them forget the names and faces of the perpetrators and it all becomes a sad blur, but when the fog clears, the names and faces are BRANDED into your soul. We CANNOT forget the deeds of the white knight manginas. NEVER.
      IN THE NEWS lately you can see between the lines that numbers of the enemy are scrambling to make an exodus from the boat. I guess they sense they won’t likely be forgiven. The veil is coming up and those who fuck with the natural order of our species, with the sexual order and our reproductive rights and the core family are clearly more heinous than any petty criminal, thief or even killer. Jacking with the sexual order is tantamount to MURDERING OUR SPECIES. And that’s as overboard as it gets.
      . .I think I heard a ‘thump’ just then . . yup. It’s a heartbeat. The patriarchy is still alive. Whew.

  43. I still catch myself sometimes behaving BP. I’m 47yo, and I found the manosphere about a year ago. I think I’m still in a stage of BP recovery. It is much easier to understand and accept RP than to put it in to practice. Maybe it’s just because I’m an “old dog”.
    Younger men and even boys really need this info. Many older guys like me, who essentially grew up with no internet or cell phones, were absolutely unaware we were being conscripted in to the white knight army. I’d say that then, even if you were a natural alpha, or aspiring alpha, you were most likely to end up BP due to the explosion of feminism in the early 90’s. Only the super-alpha or lucky would survive with their sacks intact.
    Now, in a way, I feel a real sense of loss. Of the man I might have become if only I’d known the truth. And for the men who are younger than me that will be forced to live in a country where a truly strong family unit has no place.
    I feel as if I should apologize for something. But I really had no idea I was a being swept along in a silent revolution against men for the last 25 years. The attack was very well veiled until critical mass. I consider RP awareness as a tool in a war that men did not start, but could eventually win if we continue to expose the RP truths as consistant with the laws of nature and God.
    I hope the manosphere has the power to bring things back to equilibrium. I think it is making an impact. I feel like a new person since arriving here, and am doing my best to further RP awareness. Godspeed Brothers.

    1. Sincere….. right behind you John Wayne….I’m 43 although I always had some red pill in me just took the manosphere and ROK to make me realise it and now I’m expunging the remainder blue from my body and psyche…..

    2. I am 43, so not far behind you. I remember when I was 24 I was thinking about leaving NZ and heading to the Americas but had a pretty 20yo girlfriend with a big perfect rack who I loved and was thinking of staying to be with, using my shares options to buy a house instead of a ticket.
      When I said this to him, one of my father’s mates who had known me since birth and who had experienced an unpleasant divorce grabbed me by both shoulders and pulled my face close to his and said with an urgency I’ll never forget:
      “Don’t sell your dreams for a bit of front bum boy! Don’t do it!”
      I got the ticket, and spent the next decade travelling the world and fucking as many women from as many countries as I could.
      I still miss those amazing titties though, and she is still unhappily married to the next guy she dated.
      Anyway, the point is, when he said that to me, he was about my age I guess. You can redeem your mistakes by giving young men some time and the benefit of your experience. That man, Dave Young, died about 15 years ago, but he changed the direction of my life, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that.
      I’m married now with two young kids. My wife makes more money than me, so has a disincentive blow up our family and allows me time to work on creative things rather than buying shit for her.
      We don’t have the wall to contend with either, enjoy the rest of your life bro!

  44. Its similar to a detox. You arent taught this when you were a kid growing up. You arent taught this in college. And really the older you get the harder it is to let go when you do take the red pill.

  45. Never forget that in the beginning woman came FROM man, from the stem cell of his lower RIB. No wonder she seems incomplete and flaky. What clone wouldn’t be. Man’s domination gives her direction and her purpose and mission is realised. She is like an animated shadow of yourself. Only a transcended (mature ‘red pill’) man can see this.
    When interacting with a woman in any way, project to her and look at her like you are her authority and parent. Even with a feminist woman who is rebelling against nature’s law, you can still comfortably see right through them. Approach like you’re talking into a mirror to a vague ‘id’ of yourself and it becomes quite curious and natural.
    Actually your body IS COMPRISED of what you could term as her ‘parent DNA’. Feminists argue which came first – the chicken or the egg? And then they try to conclude who should be ‘ON TOP’. This argument BLOWS THAT ONE AWAY. The lower male rib is the only part of the body that if severed will grow back like a chameleons tail. In her genesis woman came FROM man firstly. THEREON AFTER THAT POINT it then became a dynamic process by which ”woman draws her life FROM man – then gives it back again.”

  46. The best sex is ALWAYS the first night. It never “gets better as you learn each other bodies.” The first time that built up tension is released, it has no comparison.

  47. While reading this article (quite a bunch of well-worded truths btw) I had to think of a concept my martial arts trainer puts at the chalkboard from time to time: the four stages of competence.
    In case you didn’t know this model, you should. It’s very well applicable to the red pill and many other areas in life.

  48. Speaking of family not understanding… when I visit the parents — my dad sitting there wearing his stylish camouflage crocks, I’ll tell him something specific about the latest girl I’m playing I mean dating and with his know-it-all grin and sarcasm, he asks “Which chapter did you learn that from?” …. Mr. Traditional thinking game is a joke and that we have one bible that we all follow.
    Right before I leave, he says he’s going to hit the sack. So he proceeds to go DOWNSTAIRS to his bedroom while my mom is sleeping UPSTAIRS in her room…

  49. This website is a godsend and this article came at a good time. I’ve reverted back to some old, crappy habits such as watching TV along with wasting my time with post Superbowl coverage and killing time on YouTube videos after I get everything done for the day.
    I’d also like to try to start a business some day down the line but I’m very green in that area and really don’t know where to start. Does anybody have some suggestions on this matter? Books to read? Important people to learn from? etc.
    I’m barely out of college, not even a full year into my career, and I’ve already experienced the savage corporate mass layoffs which serves as a cruel reminder that no matter how much work you put into a company, The Man will give you the axe and laugh about it an hour later (which actually happened with a few workers). It’s probably too early for me now, but at some point I’d like to be my own boss to avoid pouring in years and year of hard work into a company only to be rewarded with the “you have 30 minutes to clear your desk and get out.” corporate drone speak.

  50. The part about the stages of awakening was great. I can especially confirm the “shock” and “euphoria” parts. It is pretty hilarious, how we all could have spent so much time thinking we were crazy for being set at ill ease by gender relations and feminism, when we are actually more normal than we know.

  51. After taking the red pill a couple years ago, and truly internalizing the information, I can now see all the BS games women play. It is now a natural instinct to sniff out any and all bullshit.
    I have noticed that since taking the red pill, my former friends in high school who were a little better looking than me and got on more girls than me, that I am now smoother than them.
    My mom, dad, and younger brother can’t keep up with my relentless assault of truth.

  52. There’s another unintended consequence which I’ve just realized and it’s something I’m not proud of. Since going red pill and developing a ‘hard’ asshole attitude with chicks, I’ve found this has bled into my male friendships, damaging some of them. I find myself, without realizing it, AMOGing dudes who did absolutely nothing to deserve it or just acting too aloof than the situation calls for.
    Reign that shit in and be able to switch to your true-er self with comrades. I’m re-learning how to let down my guard with new acquaintances and be more accessible and, for lack of a better word, “nice”.
    Being nice to a woman is deadly. Being nice to other dudes is how you make friends. That’s some red pill wisdom from Kindergarten.

  53. Here are the things I’ve liked about ROK:
    1. ROK is the only site that has never censored any of my comments because it isn’t PC or ‘offensive.’ Even if people argue or disagree with me, no one has attempted to ban me from posting whatever I want.
    2. All the other articles here teach to not pedestalize women even though there are articles that disagree with each other.
    3. It taught me some healthy habits that I’ve applied such as taking cold showers. It isn’t only healthy and cheap but it makes me more motivated to start my day and makes me feel more like a man.
    4. Interesting articles to read and I learn from reading them everyday.
    5. It isn’t Jezebel (a site full of whiny feminists) or any PC bullshit site!

  54. It’s been quite a while since I have read and identified with such a close pointer article. I really needed this introspection to calibrate my compass a little bit better and to make myself sharper.
    Taking the red pill daily can fuck up some parts of your life drastically, and believe me, you ain’t prepared, but after the fire burns you, you heal, then it burns you again, and you already know how to heal, after a while of growing into the alpha man you become entirely immune to the ,,fires” of societal barrier morons around you.
    Cheers to the author !
    Author ! Author ! Author !

  55. I turn 50 next week and only took the red pill about a year and half ago, having suffered from low self esteem, oneitis, white knightism and general liberal beta relationship tendencies most of my adult life. I am fortunate that I am 6’3″ with a natural physique. Also got my work/finances in order. So, there has been some degree of success…but I have certainly not reached my potential. I have evaded jail, marriage, children and mortgage.
    Like others here, finding the manosphere back in 2013 validated and articulated many of my existing perceptions and personal tenets. I gave up network TV about 5 years ago, avoid mainstream news entirely and spend down time reading, reading, reading widely and deeply…mostly online. I don’t buy into anyone else’s belief circle…at least not 100%…not even the manosphere.
    I’m looking through and entirely different set of lenses now. Walking like I own the place wherever I am at. Definitely notice women of all ages noticing. Married chicks will follow me around different sections of the grocery store. I start up provocative conversations with all kinds of women in public I would never have the nerve to make eye contact with before. I’ll start very flirtatious conversations with super attractive younger women in crowded venues with better-looking beta men their age watching me in jealously. I do need to work on closing…but for me this is great exercise even if I don’t…and it is great to no longer be feeling dependent on the outcome because I don’t give a fuck. Online game was no success with a typical beta profile. When I changed to a simple, blunt alpha profile my inbox was instantly inundated. Online is a minefield at my age though…I preferring direct/indirect face-to-face approaches right now. I used to go for older women, which was great, but now the tables are turned 180 degrees and I am working on dialing things in.
    50 don’t mean shit…it will sneak up on you youngsters before you know it. If you remove marriage and children from your vocabulary 50 is an envious place to be.
    I insist on continuous improvement.

  56. I am the Man the author described. It happened almost exactly as he described it. For years i had an intellectual civil war brewing within myself, as i futilely tried to justify holding an elevated opinion of females while simultaneously being burned by them almost every time. I finally came to recognize that i suffered from “white knight” syndrome, where i was attracting/attracted to females who seemed to be in some sort of dire straits, almost always a financial one. This was even before ROK.
    It wasn’t even just in relationships, i came to wonder if i was actually becoming a mysoginist, because i ended up hating having to work and talk to females at work because of their incessant and puerile narcissistic tendencies. I wouldn’t say i was a total blue pill at the time, since i did approach hot women with passable game but i did that enough times where i fully got to experience the whole “sexual harassment” bs that most corporate females maximize to their advantage when they don’t want to be bothered with maturely turning a Man down. All i had done was ask a girl here and there out, but i did it once too often at my previous position where management made it clear in no uncertain words that i would be fired if i didnt essentially, stop being attracted to females. It was at this point, and especially with having to work in a corporate environment filled with obnoxious females, that i finally got my “morpheus moment” and went online to find some kind of peace of mind, to see if other Men were going through this. After reading enough horror stories of Dads getting screwed over by the Courts, Men getting screwed over by female bosses, i came across ROK and like a flash…or rather a BANG…it all came to make sense.
    I wasn’t alone.
    I was not crazy, or a misogynist to hate the actions of feminist or petty females.
    I was disconnected from the feminatrix, and i have never looked back.
    Welcome, to the real world.

  57. I just discovered this site today and I think it’s a great counter point to the feminist bullshit that has infected our society but from reading the comments I feel old. first thing I will laud is that this is one of the most civil comments sections I’ve ever seen so props to you guys for that but some of the ideologies I’m reading reek of twenty somethings who think they have life all figured out. I certainly understand a lot of the beliefs and even shared some of them at one point but all of this talk of manliness and game sounds childish. the thing is that this red pill stuff sounds as self contradictory and shaky as many feminist ideologies. first off it’s sounds like a lot of people here have a very narrow view of what it is to be a man. In zoology from where the term Alpha came it refers to the strongest member of a pack that the others look up to and naturally follow. the Alpha gets first mate selection and the interest of females who are attracted naturally to power for reasons of protection and security. that is a side effect however and not a defining trait of what comprises an alpha. Also going your own way and shrinking your social circle doesn’t make you an Alpha at all, it makes you a self superior social outcast who claims to be free from women yet is still a slave to a social paradigm that dictates a mans validation needs to come from women. the author said it himself when he spoke of how he got a charge out of the feeling of a girl going with him and how it wore off. that is because there actually is another side to sex and what that guy is describing is basically masturbating with somebody else’s’ body. Not all men are roped into marriage and not all women are useless skanks. ever think that women can grow out of the insufferable cunt stage just like some man grow out of the machismo obsessed douchebag stage many here seem to be stuck in. By telling men there is only one way to act it’s being as narrow as feminism is in trying to dictate women’s behavior by shaming their base urges. there seems to be an odd dichotomy here between hating on sluts yet relying upon them for validation. game is simply confidence and I never had a trouble picking up once I realized this, if you need a book or to memorize steps and boil it down to a process you don’t have game, you are pretending to be something you are not. true confidence is being true to yourself, doesn’t it make you feel like without these steps and techniques she might be disgusted with the real you? a common theme in pack animals is theres always a group of betas trying to be the alpha but at their core they are the same person. the alpha doesn’t need to try and people latch on to his natural confidence. All of this talk about machismo but being a man is not something so narrow as it’s being brought across. I doubt this group would be accepting of a man who would be willing to cry in public or show affection for something. a well balance person is a sort of yin and yang of masculinity and femininity. by trying to act a certain socially expected way one is simply demonstrating that women still have the power because you need to play to their expectations. the only men who are truly free of woman’s grasp are homosexuals and interestingly enough they don’t seem to hate women nearly as much. you aren’t breaking away from anything just squeezing yourself into a macho paradigm. All my ass is seeing in this author is a beta who talks about not caring about women yet going out of his way to get validation from them because lets face facts, if his techniques suddenly stopped working he’d have a crisis and his pride would take a hit. that’s no kind of freedom at all.

    1. But the thing is, the techniques of the red pill won’t stop working. Thanks to women and their nature. Even if feminism was abolished and women finally got their heads on straight, the red pill would STILL apply. The main reason is for the most part, it’s biblical.
      They want to be dominated. They want a masculine man to take care of them. They’ve just been brainwashed to think the opposite. They were put here on earth to make men happy. Granted we’re supposed to take care of them as they please us, as that was the natural order given by God.
      It isn’t about being pissed at and bitching at women for how they act. It’s about being your own man and determining what’s the proper course for YOUR own life. And once you find that course, you bring a woman along for the ride as they are to compliment our lives not be the focus of it. Going your own way and avoiding women all together isn’t the answer. Not for me. I love having women. No way in hell could I avoid women for the rest of my life. But I’ll be dammed if I’m going to be controlled and manipulated by one. They will be with me on my own terms or not at all. You should read some more. Check out some more blogs before you just blow the whole thing off.
      And use paragraphs next time.

  58. The manosphere serves as a red pill. As morpheus said in the film: If you are not one of us you are one of them.
    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re
    inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers,
    lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
    But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that
    makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are
    not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly
    dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

    1. no refutation or attempt at rational discourse while replying with ideological sloganeering and fucking movie quotes, yep these replies pretty much told me what I wanted to know, a lot of you dudes are exactly like third wave feminists at the other end of the spectrum. I’m done here

  59. Its nice to see other guys that aren’t filled to brim with BS feminist statistics logic.Man shaming and all the other BS crap we all have to confront on a daily basis. Its nice to see guys who call it what it is. This is a great place to learn new things and even, re confirm the things we all see, subconsciously already know and bring that information out where it benefits us as men. Once confused with women, there is no mystery at all, I’ve just been looking at it from a female requested warped perspective its like, they say meaningless nonsense in one direction and act completely in another. So i learned to tune that useless noise out. I wish i knew what i know now like 15 years ago.

  60. So alot of this is good but it’s based on the idea that pop-culture or what TV and the movies has portrayed woman or how to treat woman is correct. Basically if you aren’t a complete loser and have a little self confidence and self respect, most of this is common sense. I think men don’t know how to act and as a result follow what they see on TV or what some of there idiot friends think rather then it being based on how they actually want to live. Their has never been a “Curtain” around woman just like there’s never been a curtain around men. Men have idealized women but that’s just because a few screen writers decided that this is the way woman should behave like they decided this how James Bond should behave. Both are very far from the truth however not all women or all men are the same. I’ve met women that would sleep with anyone on the first date and I’ve met women that are still virgins at 25. When you talk about a girl buying you a drink, you’re talking about douche Club and Bar chicks, which is like going to strip club to find quality girls. Other places have much better quality women in which the whole red-pill douche game won’t work as effectively as there probably not serving alcohol at the place that you’d meet someone of quality.
    This is great advice and the article is well written but it’s based on a view of “I grew up in the dark” when in reality if you had good friend, a good dad and guidance you’d of known all of this without ever going down the pussification path most men do in modern society.
    Throw your TV away, stop going to clubs, stop drinking, stop trying and just starting living. Everything will be there for you.

  61. I might get downvoted to oblivion for this but I think it’s entirely possible to be too red pill. I might just be meeting guys who are perpetually stuck in the anger stage, but a sizable portion of red-pillers seem to have gone from one extreme to another. There’s a difference between not pedestalizing women and despising them. Women are human too. Different, and they serve different roles than we do, but human nevertheless. Also, this has already been stated, but red pill is useless if you don’t apply it in real life. Quit compulsively commenting on ROK and bodybuilding.com message boards and go outside.

  62. I feel such a relief. I thought there’s maybe something wrong with me. I didn’t have my father in my life so I didn’t get many manhood lessons. I found out this site couple days ago and it’s amazing, the articles and comments. I didn’t expect that I will find so many men thinking similar to me and even giving me good quality information. Just wanted to say: Thank You. I’m still digesting the red pill 😉

  63. Yeah follow this and fuck more girls, all good, but here are some real issues that we face as well. Men face the worse end of it in the U.S. also, but no one speaks up, there’re no organizations that fights for Men’s rights similar to the feminists organizations who fight for more than equal rights….here’re some examples of what I mean and it’s only a few, I can write a book on this topic if I cared to:
    I’ll post this again to show that society has double standards all around. Men should start fighting for their rights as well, since these double standards seems perfect to all feminists who helped implement them. What equal rights? Men do not have it better or easier. In the U.S. issues for men are just as bad, if anything worse. Here are some double standards that are overlooked and considered normal here.
    The Medical Field in general, statistically they say that men don’t go get check up as much as women, yet no one knows why or claim that they do not. Well ask any male and you’ll find out why. In the U.S. men are left on display for everyone to see, and it’s the norm here. Even in situations where there’s no reason to be exposed, they will if you’re a male. Most of the medical workers are female and they tend to cover up the female body right away. Men they leave naked (completely undressed) even if there’s no need, especially if you’re unconscious when you get to the ER. Most men just follow along because they don’t even know the basic HIPAA laws that hospitals don’t care about this when it comes to male privacy as well. The comparable would be a female exposed with legs wide open spread eagle….that’s the equivalent if you want to compare it to a male being exposed.
    Another one are female sports reporters being able to go into the men’s locker room even while athletes are completely naked. Their reasoning is that they’re being discriminated against due to being female and it’s unfair. The feminists movement fought for this and somehow got it to past legislature. Where are the male activists to fight against this? We have no one fighting for men’s rights, so things like this happens. Again the equivalent of this would be male reporters in the female athletes locker room while they’re spread open for all to see…..that’s the only comparison. See how ridiculous that sounds, that’s because it is, but yet it’s accepted as a norm for men to go through that, but not women. Also male athletes are the pinnacle of male society, not the same for women…..so really the equivalent would be the a male reporter inside the locker room of miss universe or other pageants while they were naked and spread…..think about that. Male reporters are not even allowed in the lockers rooms while the female athlete’s are undressed, let alone legs spread apart…..so why are female reporters allowed in locker rooms while men are naked and on full display? This should be illegal, and if not, then let the men inside when the female athlete’s are naked….then and only then it would be “equal”
    Another one in the U.S. is male circumcision. The main reason given is that left uncircumcised, men are more prone to infections and such, and it’s unclean. We all know that a vagina is a lot more “unclean” than a penis, why are women not subjected to parts being cut off? Another ridiculous feminist idea that everyone just accepted. Less than 5% of the U.S. are of the religions where this practice is a tradition, so why is the circumcision rated around 80%. The ironic part about this is that women are voluntarily cutting their vaginas themselves because when they get older or if it’s to “ugly” they want the option to make it look better. Look up vaginal rejuvenation, or Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty. So women make this choice by themselves, but they took it away from men, they make that choice for men also. How fucking boldface is that?
    All of this will change in time as later generations would see how backward thinking the people of our time were and they’ll look back in disbelief. An example of that in current day is now we look back at the days when men were only allowed to swim if they were naked or nude while women were fully clothed. Seems unreal but it’s true. Now a man would go against swimming naked, because it’s unheard of today. Isn’t being forced to swim naked in front of the opposite gender backward, wrong an invasion of your human rights? Which one of you all would do that now in front of women who’re fully clothed? So why are men not fighting for their rights in the medical environment or in the locker rooms. Male modesty is out there but the feminists only fight to take it away. They don’t fight for equal rights, they fight for more.
    Time changes everything, and the double standards that we see today will change as well. Later generations will look back and wonder what was wrong with ours. We’ll be labeled as a backward civilization just as how we look back and label past civilizations as such, and they’ll be right to say that.

  64. Just reached the six-figure mark last year. Working on getting some investment properties rented out. Things have been smooth for the first time since 1997. After my income streams become constant and I get my money up a bit more, it is over for these bitches.

  65. “But now that you’ve been let behind the curtain and can accurately predict most any woman’s behavior, they’re not quite as impressive or mysterious as they used to be. Plus, having intimate knowledge of some of their most nefarious traits such as their double-edged sexual strategy (alpha fucks – beta bucks) or how slutty they really are makes it impossible to look at them through the same lens”
    So true! Having been raised in a staunch feminist environment, between all my female siblings, media, and zeitgeist I was programed that my whole reason for being was to put the almighty vagina on a pedastol.
    It is weird when one unplugs and one realizes just how worthless women are. They’re oxygen thieves who only care about themselves and only consume, and give nothing in return. One thing a man should understand is that the only reason any man gives a female any consideration is because of her T&A which is a highly sought after and negociable commodity.

  66. A friend of mine calls them “dirty little things”and makes them sound like rats scampering around a dumpster in a New York alley on a filthy rainy day. After spending a good year in TRP, I realize he’s being nice.

  67. “They’ll certainly respect you and maybe even admire you, but red pill truth scares the shit out of people and makes them uncomfortable”
    Absolutely. Without even mentioning the migrant insurgents being brought in intentionally destroy europe, just mentioning that the EU will most likely break up causes many europeans to cry like babies.
    Fuck…. now that I think about it, just telling europeans that the USA has, with 25 years, a very good possibility to fragment into 2, 3,4 or 5 separate nation states makes them cry… globalist faggots.

  68. “This isn’t to say that you’ll despise them. Far from it. All of us here love the way women smell, the way they walk, the way they feel (inside and out) and the comfort and rejuvenating properties of genuine femininity. Even though they’re weird and wonderful, fantastic and fucked up all at the same time, their company does have unique ways of elevating your mood, however fleeting it may be.”
    So true. We need females at the very least to dump our loads into, and when the circumstances are right, actually interacting with them can be elevating. But these moments are always fleeting unfortunately, not unlike many pleasantries experienced in life.

  69. Good overview of the impact the red pill has on a man’s relations with women. I can particularly relate the The Thrill is Gone. Still fun to bang but the chase is not as fun as when women were women and not s/he’s.
    Always good to keep in mind, though, that the red pill isn’t just about women. They are just one of the more immediate and daily intersections with red pilled life.
    Friends, work, lifestyle, politics, philosophy and health (mental, emotional and physical) are all impacted by the red pill. I have let friends go and been left, not only because of my changing philosophy of vaginas, but also my increasingly low tolerance for BS and pretending I’m someone else to keep those friends. As I’ve drifted more to the alt-right, my friends didn’t. They drifted to the SJW and that meant bye bye in one way or the other.

  70. Nope, that was not dopamine…it was oxytocin, and it feels great
    “selfish”…the ones that mainly get released into a bloodstream at personal accomplishments, food, sugar, liquor, drugs, tobacco…
    “altruist”…the ones that mainly get released into a
    bloodstream at interpersonal interaction.

  71. Much of this is true, but not just red pill but conservatism in general. And this red pill lifestyle has had two huge effects on me. First the positive.
    1)I am more disciplined and self-actualized than ever. Walk 7.2 miles daily, meditate, garden, got out of debt, bought bug-out land, got concealed carry, study languages daily (French/Spanish), and even do a little strentgh training 2-3 times a week (ok, just a set of chin-ups pr push-ups before hitting the sack, but better than before.). And I spend less time on line, and am pursuing spirituality such as anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner and orthodoxy. And of course, hold down job, out of debt, home paid for, cars paid for and am manning up and paying son’s college. Have happy marriage.
    2)Now the negative. I say what the fuck I want, so I have pissed off my liberal friends. Circle of friends tiny. And it is hard to make new friends after age 50. There are plenty of meet-ups for SJW zombies, but not many for conservatives. Just noticed that the new group RESIST for recruiting SJW zombies to tear shit up already has meet-ups in every town. Probably funded by Soros to get that big that fast.
    I personally would like a conservative bible study group in a foregn language or a gun club, but with smart people. I love guns, but some of these groups are nutty. Ditto for preppers.
    I do not regret my new self-reliance and self-actuaqlization. It is normal that red pillers will be a little lonelier. As we each have our own views and our own agendas with authenticity. Unlike the army of zombies which can be raised and praised by NWO money such as moveon.org, or RESIST.
    Liberals can summon zombies from the grave with Soros cash and find fake friends in the hive mind. A good conservative friend interested in self-improvement based camaraderie is harder to find.
    But I would love someone who could discuss religion, clean guns toogether, practice languages, go shooting, talk chciken coops and survival, grill steaks etc.
    I have my son and a few conseervative friends I go to gun shops with now and then. But like me, they are busy with jobs and their own lives so we do not get together that much.
    If you are young, I recommend getting a solid group of conservative friends before you get older. It is hard for me as all my friends from youth are flaming liberals and I am rather “othered”

    1. Nice comment, but it rings true also for me and I’m younger. I’m in Europe so I’m totally isolated with a leftist moat on every side, but the thing is values and morals count more than popularity contests.
      I think it’s better to be right, and left to stand on your, than be wrong while supported by many.

  72. “As far as women go, the more you learn about them the more you realize how unnecessary they are to your overall happiness aside from the few minutes of sex you’re able to game out of them”
    Biologically – A person is “naturally” attracted and yes game will get you some but in the end; you still scratch your head and say…why I am involved in this?

  73. Well written article and most of it is true I’d say, perhaps not the conclusions though.
    When I bit right into the core of the red pill what I did was decide that I can and will have a family. After this I dumped my single mother girlfriend sexual acrobat, and then found a wife to be with no experience, married her and got her pregnant right away. Never been happier, now I spend a lot of my time playing with my son. And gaming my wife… that’s what this all taught me, not how to “get” girls which I knew already, but what makes them tick and how to keep one happy. That’s the real gold you can learn here…

  74. Once you take the redpill (the moment of truth) then you start to really identify who is your real friend and who is not.
    Unfortunately even your own family members might be against you.
    You are truly alone but with network with common men online.
    It is lonely feeling but also liberating to know that you know and accepted the truth.

  75. “Gone are the days where feminine women and masculine men engaged in the seductive mating dances of yesteryear………..”
    All too true….. Except in a few cultural enclaves. This right here is far more damaging than we know. Now, sluttiest wins. The clown wins. The virtuous woman is left out, the gentleman is deemed “boring” and is left out. The effects go into marriage (or lack of). Women ride the carousel for 15-20 years and are left with a house of cats. Men are thoroughly disgusted with women and either become players, or MGTOW. Those who do marry are more often than not, thirsty betas who support their precious princesses because that is what they (and their wives) are taught.
    How do we overcome this? As long as I have been here on ROK, I have been saying to follow the practices of yesteryear. Ask girls on traditional dates, take them out, have fun with them, play them off each other, just don’t have sex with them. Don’t award slutty behavior. Find the most virtuous girls you can, and go after them, just keep them virtuous. A date is about $20, the lesson you can teach a young woman is far more valuable.

    1. This is essentially what I hold out hope for, but tend to lose hope the more I see society for what it is and the more I embrace the hard truths of the world.
      I typically seek out women I think will make great relationship material which means I’m pretty selective and don’t get laid often if at all. Mostly its because I hate the clown game and parading myself around just to get sex.
      The problem in my estimation is that good women are either taken or they’ve been convinced that men are evil, so anytime a genuine guy asks them out, they run from it.

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