7 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina At Least Once In His Life

In the opinion of your humble correspondent, Latinas are far and away the superior breed of woman within the context of any sexual relationship, and it’s not even close. From wives to fuck buddies and everything in between, these chicas blow away (literally and figuratively) all other females in just about every way imaginable.

Though I haven’t traveled abroad as much as some of my fellow writers I have still been able to have relationships of varying degrees with many different nationalities of women. I have found that the feminine qualities of Latinas seem to hold up the longest in the American cesspool and this, among other reasons, makes them the undisputed queens of arm candy.

Whatever the reason may be for their longer feminine shelf life, I strongly recommend that every man game, date, or fuck a Latina at least once in their lives because they will change your preference and taste in women. Here’s why:

7. They consistently embrace their femininity

They ooze femininity now but it’s a different story on Tuesday

Girls of all races embrace their femininity when shaking their asses at the club. They know that men like feminine women regardless of their public advocacy of the “strong and independent woman.”

Latinas, on the other hand, tend to carry their ladylike auras everywhere because it is who they are. They love being sexy and take tremendous pride in their femininity.

High heels and long beautiful hair are mainstays for these girls because it is embraced by their culture. Even when popping over to the store around the corner they make sure they’re looking good. They enjoy being feminine women and it shows.

“Well what about their loud bitchy temperaments? That’s not very feminine at all!”

You’re absolutely right, it’s not. However, the intoxicating girlishness that exudes from their appearances comes at a price. That price is raw masculinity which leads to the fact that…

6. They completely submit to boldness and dominance

Girls like this only submit to dominant men

Chicas are a fucking handful—trust me. If you’re not equipped to handle their spirit, passion, or their hair-trigger jealously (which escalates quickly and loudly regardless of game, frame, or venue), they will chew you up and spit you out.

Latin women can be very intimidating. Their fiery personalities are another part of their culture they embrace. Incidentally, this acts as a highly effective beta repellent. Step to a mami with weak game and she will blow you out like a bad tire. I speak from personal experience.

Tight game, rock solid frame, and demonstrating high value gets you in the door. But when you establish true dominance she’ll go from Tiger to kitten right before your very eyes. Her expression and voice will soften, she’ll relax, and will completely and wholly surrender herself to you. It is a beautiful thing when this happens.

Now this is far from easy. Latinas are some of the wildest fillies out there and it is very, very difficult to break them. They want to make sure they’re dealing a man and will often vocalize this in no uncertain terms. They test your mettle with intensity from the jump…count on it.

A personal anecdote

A couple years back when visiting my brother in Atlanta we decided to hit a Latin club one night. We were chatting up a couple mamacitas at the bar and having a great time. I was making what I thought was pretty good progress with one of them when without warning she ordered a drink and told the bartender to put it on my tab.

I quickly told the bartender I wasn’t paying for it and to charge her for it. The girl looked at me incredulously and said “You don’t buy drinks for ladies? Your mother didn’t raise you correctly did she?” Her heavy Mexican accent didn’t hide the bitchiness and disbelief in her voice.

I responded, “No, but my father did,” and turned to face to bar, away from her. She turned her back to me and started talking in rapid Spanish to her girlfriends. The little Spanish I did know at the time allowed me to pick up “Can you believe him?” and something else about another club in town.

Solid club if you’re ever in the ATL

A few seconds later I feel her hair whip across my face. I ignored it so she did it again. I smirked at her and recited one of the few Spanish phrases I’d rehearsed ad nauseam: “Cuidadosa. Soy un extractor de pelo.” (“Careful. I’m a hair puller.”) to which she responded in English “Is that right?” This time there was intrigue and mischief in her voice and it was was on from there.

Long story short, she went out of her way to be kind to me the rest of the night. She even bought me a drink and joked “my father raised me correctly too.” She was very touchy-feely, which allowed me to escalate very quickly. Needless to say it was a great night.

When you establish yourself as a dominant male who is unafraid of their feisty temperaments, the rewards are well worth it. The bottom line is that a tamed mujer will treat you like a king. And one of the benefits that comes with that royal treatment is that…

5. They will cook for you

Cooking crosses all generations of Latinas

This is another cultural element that Hispanic women take pride in. The ability to cook for their men is something they outwardly brag about to their amigas and familia. The old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is drilled into their skulls from a very young age.

This characteristic crosses all generations. I’ve dated Latinas of all ages and just about all of them had above average culinary faculty. Hell, even the slut buckets I messed with could throw down in the kitchen. Pleasing their men with food they prepare is something they all have in common and neither age or notch count seems to make much of a difference.

I would, however, say that one drawback to this is that most of their cooking skills are usually limited to their native country. I dated a Dominican girl when I lived in down SoCal and the girl could burn, but I’ll admit that after a while I got a little tired of tostones, black beans, and rice as a side to every single meal. However, it was still a welcome alternative to the TV dinners white girls slaved over the microwave to prepare.

4. The way they dance and move

Salsa is an easy way to get close to Latinas

Ever watch a Latin girl dance? Ever seen anything hotter? Me neither. Watching these hot blooded honeys move with the passion and spirit they do on the dance floor will take your breath away.

Their seductive, provocative movements and the utter disregard for their or their partner’s sweat is something akin to soft core porn as far as I’m concerned. Then add the facial expressions they make as they get lost in the music—hypnotic, my friends.

This quality also sticks around outside of the discoteca. The feminine movements they exhibit on those weekend nights influence their movements during the day. I’ve rarely seen a Latina who didn’t move like a woman. Their natural femininity and sexual aura displayed even in their most subtle movements is enough to drive any man crazy.

Watching Latin girls dance has motivated me to start taking salsa classes myself to step up my game. Though things are coming along slowly (very slowly), it will be well worth it when I can join their sexy asses on the dance floor and swap sweat with ’em in close quarters all night long.

3. They are very passionate in bed

Most men can attest to the terrible attempts Ameri-cunts make to mimic porn stars. All the over the top yelling and screaming and rehearsed lines from bad porn is both hilarious and pathetic.

Having sex with a Latin girl, however, will change your life. The passion they exhibit is real, raw, and authentic. They live to please you between the sheets and have an insatiable desire to be dominated.

The moans that emit from them are as genuine as it gets so long as you are passionate and dominant. Similar to approaching them, this takes a little practice. Learning to balance the delicate blend of the rough but romantic sex they crave is important. Once you master this she will pursue you for some Latin style lovin’.

Making love to a Latina is like nothing else you will experience with any other woman. Especially when they call you “papi.” This alone is enough to take one for a test drive.

2. Latin girls are fiercely loyal

Maybe not this loyal but damn close

So long as you’re maintaining frame and dominance in an LTR, any girl will stand by your side. Latinas, on the other hand, take it to a whole other level. They’re not just loyal to you—they will ride or die for you.

If you’re in jail they’ll drop what they’re doing, contact your bail bondsman, and accompany him to the jail where she will sign her name to get you out. If you’re in a verbal or physical confrontation, she’s got your back and will (loudly) convey this to your assailant(s). She will also dutifully assist you, often unsolicited, with whatever it is you’re doing—legal or otherwise.

These girls understand that you are the leader and that they are your first mate and will jump into that role without reservation or hesitation. In my experience, the allegiance of a Latina is unparalleled.

Yes, I’ve had other girls assume that role here and there but it’s rare on account of their outright selfishness (thanks feminists!). But Latin girls take to it with a fervor and enthusiasm the others don’t match, and they do it at a much higher clip. I’ve been in all kinds of situations with many different kinds of women including the examples above, and the mamis consistently out perform their female competition.

As great as this is, it can be a bit of a nuisance at times. When you leave them out of something you’re doing they often take it personally and start to question your trust in them as your woman. It can also be embarrassing when some drunk knucklehead says “Your girl looks like she’d put up a better fight than you would.”

But at the end of the day it’s nice to know you have a woman who will ride for you no matter what the circumstances and that more than makes up for the few times their loyalty can cause minor inconveniences.

1. They will quickly tighten your game

Puerto Rican girls have THE lowest beta tolerance

Put simply, Latin girls will make a man out of you.

I mentioned earlier that it can be very difficult to bend these chicas to your will. But after some experience with them you’ll find that your game improves and at a much faster pace than with other girls.

The reason for this is that their fire cracker personalities combined with their low tolerance for beta bullshit forces men to adapt if they want to be successful with them. After a few months (or years) of regularly gaming them you’ll find that your player power level has raised quite substantially.

Now this isn’t evident at first. Especially when your nookie nourishment is exclusively Latinas for any extended period of time.  But when you jump off the beaten path and approach other nationalities of women you’ll find it much easier to slither into their panties. Why else do you think Latinos bed white girls so easily?

If you put in the work necessary and baptize yourself by fire by approaching, failing, and interacting with them on the regular, you will quickly discover that the benefits are well worth the effort. And even if you decide they’re not your cup of tea, your dick will be appreciative of your new and improved game.

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407 thoughts on “7 Reasons Every Man Should Date A Latina At Least Once In His Life”

  1. I would start to shiver in my panties now if I was a typical Anglo iphone glued feminist girl. Stories like this, more and more spreading the word, cheap airfares = disaster for them waiting to happen.

    1. Think about it, the average brow beaten guy who may be as high as a 7 and a half, but whose wife treats him like shit, could get the girl of his dreams on 2 or 3 separate continents.
      I hope this becomes a thing

  2. Latinas today? Shoulda been an article on Irish women. Happy St. Pats.

  3. All women are screwed up in their own special way, but Latinas are definitely the best from my experiences. Gimme those taco-flavored kisses honey!

  4. This is point by point dead on. For those of you who have not dated a Latina, I endorse my colleague’s recommendation. Just be prepared for some fiery attitude as he so accurately states.

    1. Argentina is ridiculous for the amount of hot women, if never seen so many gorgeous women just walking down the street at one time than Buenos Aires. But yes it’s true, many of them have attitudes and standoffish. Strange, it’s different to the rest of South America.

      1. Try Costa Ricans. Very beautiful and attractive women! also, Mexican women from the north (Guadalajara) are also very stunning; blonde hair, green eyes, light skin.

        1. Costa Rica one of the best places you could live if you love nature. Super safe, stable, good clean living, good fresh food, great coffee.. Never found a way to meet women while I was there. Well, met an older teacher with a kid, but that’s it.

        2. I was there in vacation. One of the local female bartenders bought ME a drink. That would be a rarety in the sates, especially in Los Angeles.

      2. One might think it is due to the fact that argentina women are the prettiest in south america. But in Chile – Santiago de Chile, the women are short and dumpy and many look half ape like (heavy indegenous ethnicity) and even they walk around all haughty.

  5. Interesting, will keep this in mind. Have always wanted to try out latina women. The fact that on average they KNOW how to cook, fuck and have feminine passion makes them a good head and shoulders above their western counterparts( americunts; Britcunts)

    1. I don’t know where you live, but find a woman that is from her native country. US born latinas suck. The girls that transfer here, breath of fresh air. Once you land one, all you have to do is show them some attention and give them a good fuck everyday; they will take care of you like a king.

      1. Definitely tread lightly with the ones born here, or are second generation; might as well date a white girl. Also, in some rare cases, some latinas are raised in a matriarchy, good thing is that those are easy to spot.

      2. They might not be quite as desireable as native-born but many of these qualities are passed down through their tight-knit families and strong traditions. My friend Louis tells me that in the US there are certain latin ethnicities to stay away from and those to favor. Puerto Rican and Dominicans are the ones that will become just as bad, if not worse, than your average American girl. Columbians are the most desireable and will hold the best of their qualities. Mexicans are great too, regardless of stereotypes.

    1. Many of them don’t have very pretty faces, I’ve been to both parts of the world and Latin American wins hands down.

      1. I mean women in the Ukraine proper. Not people that go elsewhere.
        And I am not sure what you mean by not pretty. The girls I see here are in general attractive in appearance and in character. The only Latin girls I ever saw were in the USA and I was not very impressed.

      2. I don’t like their faces either…most of them are owl-faced. The cuter ones are more mouse-faced. I don’t like their deep voices either.
        But it’s personal preference. I remember guys gushing about Alina of 90 Day Fiancee calling her a 9…to me she was a 6 (or lower…when I heard her deep voice).
        They do have a certain sexiness about them so I can understand why many guys like them.
        I think Slavic girls are like Asian girls in the sense that guys are either into them…or not.

  6. Compare Jesse Pinkman’s two girlfriends throughout the whole ‘Breaking bad’ series. Who was the typical dour-faced bad-boy-loving Americunt, and who was the polite and caring one who smiled regularly? The White chick or the Latina?

      1. The way that bitch put WW through hell when he was just wanting to see his son, was on point red pill truth.
        He did what he did for his family, and she didn’t understand until she started getting benefits from it…typical female.

        1. You must not have seen the final season when Walter admitted he did not do what he did for his family. He did it for his own selfish reason.
          Watch it through again and you will understand that Walter was ultimately a weak and vainglorious man.

        2. They tried to make a classic Beta becomes Alpha story, but I agree he never quite made it.

        3. yes, my takeaway was that walter doing it all to satisfy his own pride was the whole point of the show. if he had just been interested in taking care of his family, he’d have accepted the financial help that schwartz offered him.

        4. Not only that, he would not have let a woman come between him and a fortune. I.e. he would have been in business with his friend and not sitting back being jealous of him.

        5. I remember that. I also remember the hell that dealing with Gus put him through. I think that was Heisenberg speaking, not WW.

        6. I think that was just an effort to give his wife some peace, rather than try to continue telling her the truth. Even so, he had a severe lack of control on the alpha inside. It was sad…that he just couldn’t let it all go — all because he was held by the balls by his wife the entire movie

        7. You know, that’s an interesting point, but I think that scene is him just telling his wife what she wants to hear. I believe firmly that his actions in the series were motivated by his love for his family – this is clear in the exchange with Gustavo where he says that a married man is captive to his social obligations.

        8. I don’t buy that. He used to make me cringe with the lies he told his wife. I don’t see that as a strong man. Let’s not also forget that both Gus and his right hand man saw through WW’s bullshit. And his son hated him in the end. In my opinion, Gus was the only true alpha in that show and Walter fucked up a smooth running operation and lost his life and family in the process.

      2. I don’t think so. Early on Skylar had Walter’s back. It was only when he revealed his weak character that she became a bitch. Any woman will lose respect for you when you become a chump.

        1. Yeah she had his back when he was a beta simp who never questioned her.
          Then Heisenberg was born.

    1. The white bitchy ‘hot’ female could “afford” her attitude – no kids, high smv (apparently) and an enabling dad who failed somewhere down the line..
      As for Andrea: she knew how tough life was with a kid in tow and little support, and she also wanted a positive role model for her son.. so it could be said she had less incentives to be bitchy. Too bad Jesse was a kid himself. Yeah bitch.

  7. Correction: This should be titled “Why you should ONLY date Latinas, and primarily South American women”
    South American women are the ideal for a female: a woman’s body with bigger breasts, hips, and ass, yet with a thinner waste; very in touch with their femininity; fiercely supportive of their man; love to cook; keep their body in great shape. I’ve seen Latinas in their 40s that put white women their 20s to shame. Latinas, when married, continue cooking for their man, keep their hair long, wear heels all the time, and most importantly, don’t gain weight, even after pregnancy.
    Now most Latinas are great, but avoid Puerto Ricans. They’ve been tainted by black culture, the women are predominantly land whales, and they have the worst attitudes.
    The only issue is that some South American women have been so brainwashed by the socialist/Marxist attitudes in their home countries, that they may be a little wacky. Don’t fret. They’ll quickly get in line, and if not, just drop them. You have a whole continent of women to pick from.
    As stated in the article, a key with any Latin woman is to be dominant. If you’re not the dominant type, maybe hold off. They want a man. Strong, masculine, and in control. You don’t have to be in the best shape, but you have to hold your ground.
    If you’re the type that is looking to produce offspring (whether married or not), the Latin, and especially South American, look is almost universally accepted. I know a lot of guys on this site push Asian women, but Asian offspring are at a disadvantage,
    especially when dating. Think about your Asian guy friends: they have to work a
    lot harder than their white counterparts. Meanwhile your Latin friends are almost at the same mating level as a white counterpart. This is not racism, it’s reality.
    Saying all of this, while Latin women are great, don’t cross them. They are fiercely passionate, and can be VERY possessive. I personally like that. They’re troopers. But if you dare cheat or lie to them…just don’t. Break it off and move on. Otherwise you’re in for a level of revenge you may not comprehend.
    And finally, if you want the best looking of the bunch, pick Columbian women. From Sofia Vergara to Pao from 90 day fiancé (instagram.com/pao8705 ), they’re amazing looking and stay that way.

      1. WOW
        That’s sexier than anything a white woman can do naked.
        Haven’t been out salsa dancing in a year.. time to get back.

      2. Latina’s (and frankly most women) love it if you know how to dance very well! Your dancing moves will do ALL the work, their pussy will start tingling in a matter of minutes! And another thing, no matter how “strong” and “independent” she thinks she is, always run alpha game on her; challenge her. Dismiss her ‘strong’ woman tendencies and behavior, they may seem bothered at first, but they are loving every minute of it. Demonstrates confidence and masculinity.

      3. i cant see anyone on instagram anymore without thinking they’re dubai porta potty hotties

    1. I exclusively date latina’s and play with fire all the time. They don’t handle dishonesty and cheating well, but you have to be good enough to make sure they don’t find out. Also, most can be very possessive, i personally do not like that. Quickly put them in their place if they get out of hand; never enter their frame.

        1. This is a sampling of a) Decendants of peasants and B) most likely inner city Puerto Ricans who were raised around Blacks. I am half Puerto Rican and NO One in my family looks like this. These people are very Low Class. Unfortunately most, migrants, immigrants or descendants of them in this country come from the lowest stratum of society in their countries with the exception of people in exile, diplomats or investors.

        2. I would consider PR’s to be the spanish equivalent of white trash, for this and other reasons. It’s funny because native PR’s tend to look at the american (or americanized) ones as complete gutter trash, with good reason.
          My sister is half PR and she definitely fit the bill when she was younger.

        3. Hey dude have you seen the pictures of typical white women on other articles? They are even worse than this lot. I guess we have all been “tainted” by black culture.
          Every winner of a beauty pageant is an exception to the rule by definition.
          You need to change your name man, you don’t deserve it.

    2. Jesus, my Uncle married a Columbian woman quite a while back, she is in her mid 40s and still hot. And of course she cooks, takes care of the house, kids and works part-time to help out. Great catch.

    3. “Now most Latinas are great, but avoid Puerto Ricans.”
      So true. I learned this the hard way. They are the spanish version of white trash.
      “The only issue is that some South American women have been so brainwashed by the socialist/Marxist attitudes in their home countries, that they may be a little wacky.”
      I don’t think that’s the reason; females in general act wacky as a matter of habit. I think it has more to do with biology than any economic application.
      You should see my ex, i put her pic somewhere down here. She is hotter than SV, in my opinion 🙂

      1. My experience was a 28 year old Puerto Rican that moved to the States. She was a virgin when I met her as well. She had the temper body and loyalty along with it. She was awesome. Lots of family value too.
        Younger and stupider me let that one go. and I had her primarily as a fwb setup as well.

        1. The ones that are native to PR are different from the americanized ones, most definitely.
          Although that temper seems to be the case in either regard.

    4. Tainted by black culture, what exactly is black culture? If I remember correctly black women were tainted by white feminist. Today you have the end result.

      1. No, black women have been tainted by white welfare. Black women are the fattest people in the USA. 4 out of 5 are obese. 1 in 4 has diabetes.

      2. There’s no point in even asking the question. The man is of a primitive mind. He is throwing that in there because he thinks that unprovoked insults are an indicator of strength rather than weakness.

    5. The real question is… Where do we find these exotic latinas? Certainly not in America :c

      1. There are a few legitimate online introductions sites where “normal” latinas are seriously looking for western men. The Cupid sites are pretty good in general.
        I’ve done it a few times myself with good results. (you have to put in the effort).
        Or just be a moderately attractive guy who’s outgoing and can speak a bit of spanish… and get on a plane. I guarantee if you’re friendly you’ll meet women during your trip.

    6. Puerta Rican women are awesome. What are you trying to wife her up? Just fuck the bitch.
      Yeah I’m being chased by a Colombian woman right now, single mom… tainted by…?
      And once I briefly messed with a girl from El Salvador… most of her friends were ahem…. land whales as are many Latina women based on the food they eat.
      So the point being? My friend you are full of shit.

      1. Or Mexican Chicanas. A lot of fat overbearing clucking hens there.
        I am getting a lot of commenters here are from an East Coast Gringo background. They have probably never had to deal with chollas, indios, of chicitas named “Angel” before.

    7. I don’t agree about the bigger breasts part. From what I’ve seen unfortunately that’s often not the case, except for Dominican women. But booty? Yes, definitely.

    8. colombian women and most latinas cheat like crazy so this loyalty stuff is just crap.they also are always testing you and that shit gets annoying.if ou like peace and quiet with good sex and real loyalty its asian women all the way.

    9. only Argentines and mulatto latinos like Haitians,Prs,cubans and afro-latinos like pacificos are goodlooking…most latino men are just as disadvantaged as asian men because they are just as short and narrow shouldered,beta features etc anytime a latina is in proximity to a Black man she leaves her own latino men and PR women are cuckolding their men in high numbers.lol
      women actually have a fetish for some asian men if they are into anime or kpop…whereas when women say they like latino guys they only mean 6’1 white looking eduardo verastegui types.lol
      not george lopez.

  8. Meanwhile in single white girl land, the Washington Post tells us that single moms are awesome because that way they don’t have to put up with men’s pesky opinions while raising a little boy:
    Give me Latina attitude any day over someone as insufferable as this.

    1. Governments are gonna have a real issues soon if men start refusing to marry up and financially support single moms.
      It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

        1. There isn’t enough tax payers’ money to go around.
          This is why I think laws will be contrived to mean that women can just name random men
          as the Father, leaving him financially liable.
          This is already creeping in

    2. What kind of a psycho would seek to be a single mother? I’ll bet you anything that if she has a boy, he gets a double daily dose of suppressant drugs.

      1. Of course! That’s why she doesn’t want the interference of a man. She knows best. Academic research be damned.

        1. “The Days of Wine and Cock” I think that was a jack lemmon movie.

    3. Soon the Washington Post tells us that single dads are awesome too, because that way they don’t have to put up with women’s pesky opinions while raising a little girl.

      1. Careful, this kind of talk will soon result in you being thrown into prison for idea-rape.

  9. This subject was covered yesterday in the Toronto is the worst city for men article. Most girls in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru are gorgeous and much more approachable than girls in the States, UK and OZ. I recommend any man who hasn’t been to these countries, to go there.

  10. Spot on. Dated women from mexico, peru, and argentina (here in the U.S). They take pride in looking great…hair, nails, make up, perfume, clothes. They know how to cook, and love it doing for you. They know how to dance, and that translates well in bed too, these women can ride a dick, they are just the best. They crave sex, a lot. They always want a good dicking. They treat you like a man, you treat them like a woman, they know their roll and you know yours. They do so much to please their man its totally different than these American sluts. Basically, it is the way it should be.
    Edit: fuck Puerto Rican women. Stay away. They are the absolute worst of both worlds. Thick headed, ALWAYS RIGHT, high sense of entitlement, bad attitude, no manners. They also seem to think the louder person in the argument is obviously in the right.

      1. Maybe mexican-americans are, but not chicks born and raised in mexico. There is no copying rican women, they are in a league of their own.

        1. As a mexican man let me tell you something….
          Obviously, Mexico is not nearly as bad as they are in Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and the UK, however, IT IS indeed a feminist country.
          DV is something that is blamed ENTIRELY on men with women seen as its only victims. The world of Academe and Universities are completely infested with feminist dogma and indoctrination. It is politically correct to insult, mock, ridicule, be violent and hostile to and threaten men. I’ve seen it countless times.
          The VAST majority of parents circumcise their sons and that’s the way it’s always been, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to change.
          In my city, a wife can blame her husband of DV and without the need to prove it, he gets arrested and she gets a pension, payed for from the money of the tax payers. There are buses and subway cars exclusive for women. No matter what, a man CANNOT enter them. There’s been violence directed towards men that have attempted to do such a thing when they have no other option.
          Men’s and boys’ rights and issues ARE NOT something that’s talked about AT ALL.
          A lot of State Governments, (including my city’s government) are OBSESSED with ending violence and murders (or, as they call them, “Femicide”) against women, however, you’ll NEVER hear anyone say anything about the violence men are victims of.
          There was a radio and TV ad payed for by the Government of my city where there were a bunch of women gloating and smiling and laughing about the fact that female births are more than male ones and about how there are less and less men each time in the professional world.
          There are ABSOLUTELY NO RESOURCES for men victims of DV and much, much less of any kind of sexual violence. Those men are ABSOLUTELY invisible here.
          Regarding the public attitudes towards “women’s issues” and problems and health, they are the same as in the USA and Canada and Australia and Scandinavia, etcetera, etcetera. We have Pink Ribbons all over during October. Needless to say, NO ONE cares about men’s health, NO ONE cares about Prostate Cancer.
          All my life I’ve seen men being victims of violence (many times at the hands of their mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives), but not a single time have I seen a woman being a victim of violence.
          I have to say, México, my country, IS a feminist country and IS NOT a men’s issues-friendly country.

        2. Well, I never argued that. I just like your women, or at least the women I have met.

        3. Well I will tell you this: many mexican female immigrants know how to hide the demon inside of them.
          But If youre into them I wish you the best of luck to find a loyal girl.

  11. They make fantastic slaves.
    Definitely not kidding. SAM as hell, extremely high trainability threshold, not overly intellectual, and low divorcement from a scene.
    Yeah, super high maintenance, and tough to break in as one of a pair, but once you have, they are naturally submissive as hell, with the occasional flash of spirit to keep things lively.

    1. Yeah, and I don’t care if they can’t speak english perfectly either; I love the accent. Loads of fun talking with them thanks to a LOT better attitude and a nice smile and responding well to me as opposed to the local gringa princesses.

      1. exactly, they dont have time to argue SJW issues while they are still learning how to conjugate verbs properly dahahaha. & I mean that in a good way, it is too cute.

  12. “Cuidadosa. Soy un extractor de pelo.”
    Jesus, lol. I know it worked for you but go with “Cuidao, yo halo pelo.”
    You told her you’re a hair extractor. That just sounds odd.

    1. Ha ha. Thanks for the correction. I wasn’t 100% sure it was the proper translation when I said it but she knew what I was trying to say and probably found it “cute” I was trying to speak to her in her language. I’ll add your version to my arsenal.

  13. the sex is top notch….they are hornier than most other races/ethnic groups. The downside; many of them have kids at an early age , thus, many of them are single mothers after age 25. TV influence has infected all females these days.

      1. Don’t forget about GILFs. That’s right boys, I said it! Talking to a 37 year old GILF. Great tits and ass. she hits the gym quite often.

  14. The Latinas I see here in the US are not like those pictured in the article. They are like the pan handler along the bridge as you walk across the border to Tia Juana. They do have a bitchy attitude with rolls of gut fat like the Michelin man.

    1. NO one in the US is safe. The US is a land of immigrants, but within 1-2 generations the toxic culture here destroys the personality and soul. We are talking about true Latinas from Latin cultures. There is a reason Roosh goes to Poland to find Polish girls instead of just looking for Polish immigrants.

      1. Precisely! I’ve been to Central America and they are vastly different in all facets to their American counterparts.

      2. I tend to visit Colombia a few times a year to catch up with family and it’s always hard to stay loyal whenever i’m in a relationship here. Not to sound like a cad, but the flesh has been weak often. The Women there are just friggin droolworthy. Sophia Vergaras are everywhere lol
        Not to mention the fact that they appreciate a real Man that doesn’t act like an anorchous mangina.
        I’m in a relationship now and in a few months i will be heading back…i hope i can do better!

        1. ‘Sophia Vergaras are everywhere’
          This is BS. Although I do like Colombia and the people are very friendly. The beauty of women there is very overhyped. Sure you can find some hot ones but when walking around it will be like finding a diamond in a sea of regular to ugly women. Of course, compared to Peru, where the women have faces like you see on a totem pole it will seem great. The truth is for quantity of hot women Mexico probably is the best bet. Argentina also but I consider them essencially white people.

        2. Dude i have seen it myself. I’m exaggerating of course but there are still plenty of attractive Women to be found.
          Have you been to Cali, or Bogota or Medellin? I haven’t been to every place but i have family scattered all around. I always see at least a few gorgeous Women walking around and always very friendly.

        3. This site asked 13,000 Men which country had the sexiest Women…Colombia came out on top. https://www.misstravel.com/blog/the-sexiest-nationalities-according-to-misstravel/
          Not only that, but i looked through 9 other sites and found rankings for Colombia at 1, or in the top 3, with the lowest ranking being #5. Mexico didn’t even make the cut except for one poll or two.
          Instead of listing them all here, i’ll just post the main search i found them through
          So yeah, watch who you consider as bullshitting because you might just be the one who is talking crap in that regard.

        4. On the links you posted I didn’t see anything about them polling 13,000 men and regardless, even if they did we don’t even know if these men have ever been to any of these countries let alone all of them, which would be the only way to be able to make a real conclusion. Also you can find these top ten lists of countries with the most beautiful women all over the internet with practically any country you want to be on top. I’ve seen some that have Sweden and Norway on top, while others have Ukraine on top. Others have Brasil on top and I’ve even seen others with South Korea and Japan on top. Needless to say these lists don’t amount to much.
          Look there are hot women in Colombia, all I’m saying is that it isn’t as good as many people are trying to make it out.
          There is one simple and more effective way to try and prove your point, while in Medellin or Cali (those two cities are generally considered the best in Colombia for hot women.) go to a place where a lot of people are walking around like a mall or even a club, set up a video camera and just film. This will give everyone a good idea of the average women in Colombia. If I ever get back to Senaloa Mexico I can do this also and everyone will be amazed at the talent of the average women there.

        5. Oh good grief. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/09/hottest-men-found-in-britain-ireland-brazil_n_3246697.html
          “MissTravel also surveyed 13,259 single American men, who reported that the sexiest women could be found in Colombia, Brazil and the U.S.A.”
          Other articles have also corroborated the 13K number but i suppose i can write to “miss travel” requesting more info if you are still unconvinced of that number’s legitimacy.
          While i understand your first point, bear in mind that the second link i posted is a main link to several sites that consistently rate Colombian Women in the top 1- 5. It’s therefore not just me ranking CW at the top or near top, it’s a lot of other Men.
          “Also you can find these top ten lists of countries with the most beautiful women all over the internet with practically any country you want to be on top.”
          Dude i already did the research, which is why i said that Colombian Women generally post within the top 5 (i think one poll had them at 7) Of course they aren’t going to be in the same spot depending on the poll, that goes without saying. They still poll higher than MW though.
          The point i am making here is not to say that Colombian Women are THE most beautiful in the world, since that is a subjective opinion and completely in the eye of the beholder. The point i am making (which i made because you challenged me on it when you said my first and obviously exaggerated “sophia vergaras are everywhere” comment was “bullshit” is that a LOT of beautiful Women can be found on the streets of Colombia, but it doesn’t mean that that is going to be true every minute of the day, every day of the week, obviously. Absolutes are hard to prove.
          I don’t know what your experience is, but i can just as easily turn this level of incredulity on you: you are quantifying their ranking based on your own personal experiences, when that too is subjective.
          Where are you going? What places in Colombia? I have been to some but not all. Cali, Bogota, Medellin mostly. I have never been to Barrranquilla since i have no fam there and i hear it’s slummy. Maybe the places you are frequenting play a factor as well. Have you considered that?
          With regard to Mexico: maybe it’s different for you there, maybe you’ve been there enough times to know where to look for the hottest ones. I’ve never been to Mexico so i can’t speak too much on native Mexicans from personal experience. I’ve always the American born ones to be pleasant to talk to although my experiences with them are limited. My comments were never intended to say that they weren’t beautiful in their own right, i was however accurate in saying that Mexican Women do not top Colombian Women consistently on polls. I stand by that.
          When you called my comment “bs” you are directly challenging me and i don’t back down from challenges.

        6. LOL! EXACTLY! That alone glaringy illustrates how these ‘polls’ don’t prove shit. Most of the guys polled have probably never even been to Colombia and were just shown cherry picked photos of models like Sofia Vergara.
          Using ‘polls’ to form an argument is like the guys that claim Venezuela has the best looking women in the world because they’ve won the most Miss Universe pagent

        7. So you’ve never been to Mexico and what other latin American countries have you not been too? That explains alot.
          Your comment was BS and the only way you can prove yourself right and me wrong is by producing the video I suggested and then let the viewers declare who is right or wrong on this issue.

        8. Well there are beautiful females here since America is basically a melting pot, the problem is most of them are stuck up cunts.

        9. I never said i had been to other countries, so your “that explains a lot” is a strawman.
          “Your comment was BS and the only way you can prove yourself right and me wrong is by producing the video I suggested and then let the viewers declare who is right or wrong on this issue.”
          Ahh i expected this. an online cockfight challenge lol. I don’t have to prove anything to you “billgoode.” you can think whatever you want. You brought up the whole video thing because you got butthurt that i said Colombian Women outrank Mexican females in most polls. (and backed it up)
          Yawn…modus vivendi anyone?

        10. No but you just created a straman though. When I said that explains alot, I’m referencing to the fact that you’ve never been to Mexico or any other latin American country other than Colombia and thus that explains why you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
          Your comment that ‘Sophia Vergaras are everywhere’ in Colombia was BS and you pretty much conceded this point when you said it was an exaggeration. (No shit!)
          I’ve already illustrated how using polls is weak and faulty, you can find a poll to support anything you want. And as the commenter above pointed out, the United States was listed as #3 on your own source. LOL!
          So are you seriously going to tell us all here that the US has the most beautiful women in the world other than Colombia and Brasil? In order to be consistant with your argument you have to say yes.
          “i expected this. an online cockfight challenge lol. I don’t have to prove anything to you “billgoode.”
          Oh but I though you never backed down from a challenge? Evidently that was BS also.

        11. I didn’t “create” a straw man, you did. Identifying a straw man in itself doesn’t mean I created a straw man. Nice try sport. You need to look up what the term actually means.
          Let me break it down for you son, you said “that explains alot” when i said I’ve never been to another country but colombia, when my comments never included going to another country. I simply mentioned going to Colombia. Do you get it now, or should I draw you a map?
          Only an idiot literalist would assume that my comment “sophia vergaras are everywhere” would be taken at face value, especially given that i put an “lol” at the end to imply I was JOKING. I suppose one should never use any kind of metaphor or analogy around you, since it’s obvious you were born without the ability to distinguish the figurative from the literal. So I take it someone like you would take the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs lol” at face value correct? And therefore take it as bullshit? Well congrats son, your mind is like a steel trap and nothing gets by you 🙂
          But let me clarify some bullshit in your comments with regard to mine
          A: my mention of polls was to show that colombian women rank consistently higher than Mexicans and they do. I never intended to prove anything else so I call “bullshit” on your “weak and faulty” comment
          B: you conveniently ignore my second link, which listed a whole page of links showing colombian females ranking higher than mexican females.
          C: only an imbecile would take the inclusion of american females on a beauty poll as some sort of “gotcha” moment, since America is a melting pot of many different races and nationalities. Epic fail junior, especially when you make such a grand assumption off of someone else’s brief remark.
          “So you are seriously going to say…” what im going to say (and ill thank you not to put words in my mouth) is again, America is a melting pot representing many races and cultures from all around the world so there ARE beautiful women from around the world here. Now are they the “most” beautiful? That is in the eye of the beholder and it’s also an absolute and i dont deal in absolutes in that regard. By the way, to say that one country has the most beautiful “other than another country” is a logical fallacy in case you didnt realize it 🙂
          Finally, I didnt back down from your challenge to my remark. I would think my continued response to you indicates that. The irony here is that your whole reason for starting this pedestrian exchange was to call “bullshit” (as you so colorfully put it) on a remark that anyone with a functional brain would realize was an exaggeration (the lol should have been a clue junior:) and in the process injected bullshit of your own.
          It’s really a shame. Ive read your comments elsewhere and I think you’re a fairly intelligent fellow, which is why your shortbus “logic” here is such a surprise and such a disappointment. You’re arguing over a triviality that anyone with common sense wouldn’t need to argue over.
          I guess the fact that Mexican females dont rank as high as Colombians irks you, most especially if someone accidentally implies it. Take some prep H for that butthurt and call me in the morning:)
          Well come on son, let’s see what you can respond with now. You want to drag this on? Let’s rock.
          Oh by the way, maybe you aren’t seeing enough attractive Colombian females because they are avoiding you. If your looks are anything like your personality that would certainly make sense :p

        12. You’re a master of sophistry I’ll give you that much. You also seem to like to argue just for the sake of arguing. So this will be my last response on this issue and the viewers can decide for themselves.
          I called your comment BS not to attack you, rather because you’re perpetuating this myth that Colombia is some kind of paradise packed full of beautiful women. Most of the guys who built up this myth are and were old gringos that had went to Colombia and recieved attention from women that were better then the hags they would have to settle for backhome. So naturally the BS stories began.
          I too had believed the hype before I went. I expected it to be better than Mexico with more beautiful women, however to my dismay they weren’t on average and I’ve been all over both countries.
          Most guys don’t consider Mexico anymore because it’s too played out. And even I’m sick of Mexico.
          So to any viewers, you can take the opinion and advice of Daniel Ramos, a guy who has only been to Colombia on a couple of 2 week vacations, staying in probably one city, has never been to any other latin American country and forms his opinion based on online survey polls.
          Or you can take the opinion and advice from me, a guy who has actually lived in several latin American countries, Mexico 2 years, Peru 5 years, Colombia for several months and has traveled all over these countries and many more.
          If you elect to follow Daniel, do me a favor and post all of the Sofia Vergara quaility women you come across while in Colombia.
          have fun and Chauu!

        13. And your cognitive dissonance sir is of biblical proportions. There is no “myth” of Colombia being full of attractive Women, that is practically a FACT. Roosh for his part mentioned them in his article “http://www.rooshv.com/top-5-south-american-countries-with-the-hottest-girls” so if the creator of ROK thinks them attractive enough to put on a top 5 list i think it’s same to say that Colombian Women must have enough attractive Women for a globe trotter like Roosh to remark on 🙂
          Let me give you a brief lesson on etiquette son: you don’t call someone’s comment “bullshit” and not expect it to be perceived as an attack. You could have said i was exaggerating, or i must be joking, and i would not have taken offense to it. But now you want to come and say you weren’t attacking me, as if “bullshit” was the equivalent of a courteous gesture of incredulity…i call bullshit on that and offer the equally “courteous” FUCK YOU as an appropriate response to your non attacking gesture.
          “Most of the guys who built up this myth are and were old gringos that had went to Colombia and recieved attention from women that were better then the hags they would have to settle for backhome. So naturally the BS stories began.”
          You still haven’t answered what nationality you are so excuse me if i don’t smirk at a potential gringo telling ME a Man of Colombian genealogy what “myths” were used by gringos to create the “myth” of beautiful Colombian Women lol! Sorry dude but all this comes off as sour grapes to me. (if not solipsism) I really think you had some bad experiences with Colombian Women as opposed to Mexican Women which is again why you’re all butthurt over my remarks.
          “Most guys don’t consider Mexico anymore because it’s too played out. And even I’m sick of Mexico.”
          Well given that little gem we can extrapolate that you aren’t quite as successful in Mexico as we were originally led to believe. So the common denominator of your Colombian AND Mexican sexcursions is a possible equal failure with both Women. Thanks for that submission.
          “So to any viewers, you can take the opinion and advice of Daniel Ramos, a guy who has only been to Colombia on a couple of 2 week vacations, staying in probably one city, has never been to any other latin American country and forms his opinion based on online survey polls.”
          Again BULLSHIT! I never said i have only been to Colombia on a couple of 2 week vacations, i’m almost 40 dude and i’ve been there since i was a baby. Also, i clearly said i had family all over and that included the mention of more than one city. Again Bullshit if not horseshit or rhinoceros shit. I did say i’ve never been to any other country but so what? I wasn’t saying Colombian Women were the most beautiful on earth so your “point” there is pointless, junior.
          As for “forming my opinion on public polls”, you dumbass, i cited those to REINFORCE my opinion, which means my OPINION existed before i went to those polls! Again, more elephant shit on your part.
          “Or you can take the opinion and advice from me, a guy who has actually lived in several latin American countries, Mexico 2 years, Peru 5 years, Colombia for several months and has traveled all over these countries and many more.”
          Aka “you should believe me billbutthurt the gringo goode over Daniel the COLOMBIAN because i am a gringo who has globe trekked all over and found Colombian Women to be ugly because i didn’t score as well as i thought because apparently Colombian Women aren’t attracted to assholes” lol
          And by the way, what were you doing living all over? Were you dodging the police or something? Just curious 🙂
          “f you elect to follow Daniel, do me a favor and post all of the Sofia Vergara quaility women you come across while in Colombia.”
          What an arrogant p.o.s…nobody on here has to “follow me” to agree with me numbnuts. They are red pill enough to make up their own minds which includes agreement and disagreement.
          Since you are now backing off after initially rejecting my olive branch i will hold you to your word of this being your “last response” and ask you not to bump your head on that high fucking horse you rode in on. Thanks.

  15. Spot-fucking-on!!!
    First chick I ever banged: Latina
    First chick that played with herself in front of me: Latina
    First chick that mentioned a MFF threesome to me: Latina
    The overall hottest, filthiest “ice down your balls and cough up blood” sex I’ve had has been with Latinas.
    They can pull off the “whore in bed, lady in public” thing to near perfection.
    If you haven’t indulged, do it ASAFP!

    1. Honestly, no other woman interests me after sex with a Latina. I view them all as just place setters until the next time I can meet some hot Latina girl. The first time I had sex with a Latina (couple of years ago) it was like I had been a virgin all my life. It was worlds apart from anything I ever experienced before.

      1. For “hotness of sex” I agree. I’ve had some FSU-types and although they might be better looking, they weren’t as hot in bed.
        Latinas win the pussy contest lips down.

  16. I am a Latin man and I must say, #5 and #2 are quickly disappearing. And they most definitely love it when the man is dominant.

      1. Consider yourself lucky. Most do not want to cook or refuse to learn. My ex refused at all cost! She was however very loyal. Side bar: I had a white girl cook for me every time we “hung out.” The irony!

    1. I seen your posts before. Didnt know you were a hispanic brother. Good to know im not alone on this site.

        1. Only have one latino friend, but he’s probably the most red pill of any. But he left the druglord towns of Mexico to get here, so he knows whats up.

  17. Agreed. Latinas will put spoiled white cell phone narcissist addicts on the endangered species list. Ive only dated latinas with the exception of a couple white girls and the white girls were probably the biggest mistake. Latinas Mexican women are the ultimate WOMAN. Sexy, feminine, loyal, great in bed, curves for days etc.. Jealousy is hard wired in their brains since Latin guys think cheating is a virtue of being macho so your always going to have to deal with always proving fidelity. Chances are their fathers were philandering cheaters ,so its only natural that the’d think that most men cheat. You get a lot more bang for your buck with a Latinas especially Mexican women than you can with any other nationality. You dont even need to rake in over 100k to get a hot one like you do with any other nationality.All you need to be is masculine and have a job! As with any shit tests like dealing with jealousy,Ive found staying calm and cool and changing the subject is the best way to deal with jealousy. I can’t emphasize that tactic enough. If you are a compulsive cheater with issues regarding sticking to one woman and believe being macho involves cheating, continue dating white, black, asian women. Latinas are a special breed and they dont need any more bad programming than they’ve already had and leave these thoroughbreds to guys that can handle them.

    1. With latinas, you always have to hold your frame and keep your composure. They hate it and love it!

      1. Yup! I highly recommend Carlos Xuma programs like Girlfriend training Program or Alpha Masculinity as far as molding and creating a good foundation for a solid relationship and how to develop yourself into something unshakeable as far as frame goes. As for keeping them highly sexual all the time David Shade’s stuff is amazing.

  18. Be careful about bringing them back to the US. Their weight can explode with middle age. Check out their mothers. I think east asians age better this way.

  19. the key is to get them while they’re young (18-21). they’ll stick with you through thick and think, just make sure to keep your game up.

      1. So, get another one. in all sincerity, I sympathize with you. Hope you are having better luck now and focusing on yourself. remember, you’re the prize!

  20. Latinas tend to have a Catholic upbringing right? Like Filipinas?
    You can make fun of the Catholics all you want for worshipping the Pope but at least their women can keep a family together.

    1. Yes, although I see much more valuing of virginity in the Asian cultures. I met a girl from Vietnam the other day, and she quickly volunteered after a few minutes that she was sorry, she wasn’t a virgin, she knows that’s what most men want, but she had sex with her last boyfriend. This was pretty shocking to hear. I think it would be tough to find a Latina that saved herself for marriage.
      My only warning would be to be careful with Latinas whose parents aren’t together, she can have a nasty opinion of men if her dad wasn’t around (this goes for all races of women though).

      1. I’ve noticed this in Toronto actually.
        Latina girls without fathers tend to be lazy drunkards who dress like shit.
        They are the quickest to date “alpha-bad-boy” and then complain that there are no good men.
        They go to feminism here like flies to shit… But nearly all the women here do so whatever…
        They are not immune to western culture that is for sure.

        1. And they buy-in to the whole SJW bull shit! That’s my beef with them as a latin man.

        2. Yeah it’s a damn shame kuz they’re typically more attractive than the white-bread Anglo bitches here.

    1. The epidemic did spread a long time ago. There’re lots of social-media pages like that and average latinas have also learned how to post selfies and get lots of compliments from thristy betas.

  21. This article was spot on, although missing one vital component:
    #8) Latinas will worship you.
    The red pill teaches us that we MEN are the catch, that we are the real prize, and no single woman is worthy of much of our time or effort, but instead, they should be happy and thankful to be in OUR presence. This is absolutely true with Latinas. With the last 2 latina girls I have dated, we would stroll through the park, arm in arm, and they would look up every few moments just to tell me how handsome I was, how happy they were, etc. This happened every day and was addicting. And of course I was much more aware of everything she did, her hair, her lipstick, her nails, her shoes, and the compliments were mutual. I never get this kind of emotion from white women.
    I never personally experienced #2, but the rest are completely spot on. I can also stress #6. With one of my Latinas, she was a bit more reserved, sweet, shy, and I treated her more like a beta, kind, didn’t push or escalate, and eventually she got bored and found another guy. With the other Latina, I pushed immediately as far as I could and within just a couple hours of meeting she came very close to fucking me at a waterfall we hiked to, only postponing it until that evening because she was afraid of getting cold in the water (really petite body and she gets cold at temperatures below the tropical 80 Fahrenheit she is used to).

    1. “With one of my Latinas, she was a bit more reserved, sweet, shy, and I treated her more like a beta, kind, didn’t push or escalate, and eventually she got bored and found another guy.”
      So true. The hotter ones almost demand that you bring out your inner asshole in order to keep them intrigued.
      Everything else you said is accurate as well.

  22. Obviously this refers to Latin women who haven’t immigrated/snuck in illegally to America. Do you recommend dating a Latina woman who’s lived in the US for, say, under 1-2 years?

      1. I don’t have one in mind, I’m just wondering what the protocol is for Latin girls in the US, as I won’t be travelling outside the country for 15 months.

        1. We have a lot of undocumented people in America, that was a crack on that.
          My point: if the Latin women live in the US for more than 1-2 years, is it worth pursuing her? Or better to go outside the country?

        2. Yes, but it depends. If she is raised by her Mother who is from another country, chances are her Mother taught her old world values where the Man is supposed to be in charge.
          If she was raised by a female who was born here, forget about it. The feminist damage takes effect when the spanish female is at least twice removed from another country.
          Of course, going to the original source is always best. I can’t speak for non hispanic Men but i always did well whenever i went to visit fam in Colombia.

        3. This is a great comment. 2nd generation women are often a lot different from their mothers.

  23. As a mixed Man of Colombian Italian heritage, i can tell you all that the writer of this article is spot on. Despite the fact that Black Women are my personal preference, Latinas are a strong second, with Colombian Women being my preference in that regard.
    Every single point in this article is correct, and i’ll address them each of them through my own experiences with my hottest ex (and to a lesser extent, other Latinas)
    7: They consistently embrace their femininity.
    So true. Latin ladies enjoy being feminine in the way they talk, smell and most of all, the way they interact with Men. I never dated a latina that didn’t take pride in her feminine stride. The hottest Latina i ever dated is in charge of a local modeling agency, and she and i still get together every now and then when i’m in town. I NEVER saw her in sweats, never saw her with her hair as anything less than on point unless she was going to sleep, and even then she’d take steps to make sure i didn’t see her hair unkempt.
    6: They completely submit to boldness and dominance.
    OMG yes!!! My ex is an uber old school Woman…she likes to be dominated by a real Man. She is like a litmus test for betas…if she senses weakness in you she will walk all over you. I know this because she told me. She hates weak Men and likes it when a Man takes charge and tells her what we are doing, where we are going, etc. She is like a child in that regard (a fact which i joked about) but her response (in spanish of course) was “real Men make me feel like i can just relax and be a girl.” When we first dated i remember her pulling test on me…we went to a restaurant in NY and she tried to order for me, tried to tell me what to eat and i put that in check real quick, when she whined that i wasnt getting healthy food i told her that if she wanted to date a fitness instructor i would walk out so she can look for one in the restaurant…that shut her up pretty quick. The only downside to this is that i sometimes felt like i was with a child, because conversations would sometimes get annoying whenever i felt she was acting too much like a spoiled little girl. I didn’t mind driving her car whenever we went out but it felt like she would test me on occasion to see if i was Man enough to have her. With regard to point 6, don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that once you pass her beta test, you don’t get tested again in the future. Super hot Colombian females tend to give you beta tests often, just to make sure you are really an Alpha. Check your sensitivity at the door, Women like this will devour you over that faster than sharks do with chum…they despise weakness.
    5. They will cook for you.
    I couldn’t believe it…my ex is hot AND she is a damn good cook! I felt like i was in heaven. She would cook for me and she enjoyed it! She didn’t do it often because of her obligations (this girl is practically a local celebrity and has more side hobbies than any girl i’ve ever dated) but whenever she did it felt like i was dining in a 5 star restaurant. I asked her about this once and she said her Mother taught her to cook for a Man to keep him from going out for other Women’s food. That and her body were enough to make me visit her place every day i could.
    4: The way they dance and move.
    Again, so true. She is sensuous and alluring. Dancing with her is a workout, because her fire and passion come out at once on the dance floor. Dancing for a spanish Woman is like simulated sex, and she deduces (for better or for worse) how good your bed game is from the way you move with them. I learned how to keep my dancing strong with her because of that. I would often see guys checking her out and looking at me as if they were waiting for me to screw up or get tired…it was like an Alpha predator dining on a meal with all the betas looking around waiting for him to get full and walk away. They are a handful in this regard, so if you don’t know how to dance i strongly suggest you check out youtube or take some formal dance lessons.
    3: They are very passionate in bed.
    That is an understatement bruh. I’ve dated lots of latinas but my ex is by far the best. She is a 3 input Women, would swallow generously, and she liked to be dominated in bed. She would tap me on the shoulder for more sex after i fell asleep. Not to get too graphic but, she would wear me out more often than not. Her sex drive is incredible. As i said earlier, i could never show weakness in front of her so i gave as good as i got. If you expect to be with a Latina and especially a super hot one, bear this in mind. They want bullies in the bedroom.
    2: Latin girls are fiercely loyal.
    This is true. I dated a few puerto rican girls and i have to say they were damn near homicidal…if they even suspect a girl is checking you out they will curse openly about “cutting the bitch” and they aren’t shy about raising their voice about it either. I stopped dating them because they can end up being too much drama….they will give you hell if they even think you are cheating. My ex is more demure than that, but she won’t back down from making a comment if she felt i wasn’t seeing her almost every day. She would text and blow up my phone whenever i was unavailable, to go to this event and that event, and would throw a hissy fit in private if she felt i was checking out another girl there. I wouldn’t say it was insecurity so much as it was jealousy…latinas can be extremely jealous if they feel they are not the sole focus of your attention and she was certainly no exception. Again, if you are not a consistent alpha you will get eaten alive.
    1: They will quickly tighten your game.
    Do you want to know if you are really an Alpha or not? Date a latina and find out. My ex would flat out tell me she hates weak Men, because she doesn’t want a Man to talk to her like an equal. In spanish communities where the daughter is raised by a Mother born from another country, the females are still raised to believe that the Men should take charge and dominate in most of the day’s endeavors. Sure, my ex would pitch a fit if she didn’t get her way, but that was to be expected with females since they tend to act like children, but she stayed attracted to me because i didn’t always let her have her way.
    This is her at a Dewar’s event..and by the way, her younger sister is just as hot.

    1. I’m also half-Italian/hispanic and absolutely love quality black women…
      I wonder if its a genetic/historical thing…

      1. Possibly. I just don’t like helpless females, which is what a lot of these so called modern females turn out to be, whenever life exposes their “empowered” hypocrisies.
        I don’t mind so called strong female so long as she understands she will never be stronger than me. I suppose that’s what appeals to me about Black Women, beyond the eye candy. With latinas it’s different, they act like children (except puerto rican but that’s another story) that want to be dominated (if they’ve been raised by a Mother from another country) which is good in its own right, but after awhile you get tired of playing the daddy role even when the sex is incredible.
        Maybe it’s just me, but it feels weird for a Lady to make me feel like i’m both her dad and her lover.

      2. Im Bobby DeNiro’s publicist, and he would approve this message
        (I’m not his publicist)

      3. Another half Italian/ half Hispanic guy right here….When I was in college, I was known as “that white guy,” the one that constantly dogged the hottest black girls he could find ON Friday night…so, yeah there is probably something genetic in us and Robert De Niro/Bill De Blasio that makes us want to bend a black woman over….LOL
        Ramos, I Have to agree with you/the article about these women. Pretty Latinas are a fucking handful. You always have to watch your back when with a PR only gone out with two REAL PR girls (PR is one of those ethnicities that many tends people claim to have but have very little of that cultural influence), they are alpha femmes. So if you want to be with one of these girls, get ready to be MAADDDD- Alpha or she will tear you to pieces. Good read.

      4. Yeah so did I. But not for LTR or marriage. Hell no. And I am a dago as well. Black women in LTR or wife role? Hell hell hell no. Loyal? Oh yeah they are loyal as all get like Latina women. But unlike Latina women black women like Alpha men and try and make them beta men. They emasculate their men. But for casual relationships? Or pure bedroom fun? All day. Marriage? Or LTR where love is involved? Latina women cannot be beat. You get the loyalty and sexual passion with lots of extras.

      1. Possibly, but regardless my points still stand. The behavior transcends color if the conditions are just right.

    2. 8. They Dress up every where they go?? Is this true?? I’ve heard from friends that Latin ladies will dress up just to go to the grocery. They will get dolled up every time they step foot outside with the spike heals, tight jeans, nails and makeup. No yoga pants and pony tails for Latin gals I hear. I got to talking to a South African bush pilot at a bar. He flew a 2 engine 6 passenger plane. He was flying a group of Argentines to a resort somewhere. He said these Argentine gals were dressed up like they were going to a club.

      1. Yes they do BUT only the ones that have been raised by a spanish Woman that WAS NOT born here. Once the genealogy goes beyond one generation, the risk of feminist indoctrination increases exponentially.
        (This is true with most Latinas but not necessarily with all. I would avoid PR’s if i were you…they tend to be trashy regardless of the origin of their parents.)
        In other words, if you’re looking to date a (hot) latina, find out where her Mother is born. If the Mother was born outside the US, you will be good. (in most cases) If however her Mother was born here, the old world style of teaching Women to know their proper place will be replaced by the bs feminism that passes for the norm here, through direct parental application and of course peer related influence.

        1. Good advice… Avoid PR check. What country would you say the best Latin gals reside?? You mentioned Columbia. If you were going to visit a country where would you go??

        2. Well i’ve only been to Colombia since my family is there. My ex and i will sometimes plan our trips there to visit our families. I’ve never been to other countries since i’m not a globe hopper like some of the other good gents on here.
          So i guess my answer is “Colombia” but that may be a bit biased lol. You may want to ask the other gents that have been to multiple spanish countries for their advice.

        3. They aren’t trashy or as trashy as the ones born here. I’m more familiar with the latter and they were ALL Drama.

        4. I think the answer is broad, and there is not a single best place. Several sites like Rooshv.com and some others generally have good opinions and often mention the same countries: Colombia, Brazil (i’ve never been), and a few more like Venezuela.
          If you want more attractive women, countries like Colombia, Panama, and maybe the DR (if you are ok with Dominican women). Overall those were nice when I went. Colombia especially.
          I think Colombian women have better faces and often the whole package more often than other places. Also I prefer “cinnamon” colored skin, too.
          It seems like a trade off sometimes. For example, Peru is really easy but less attractive women, but most would make great wives/girlfriends. But obviously Colombians are more attractive on the whole/different style that I like a lot but maybe more work to filter out the bad ones.
          Colombia & Panama both have a wide range of women in different shades, if you like a woman with more “exotic” look, too.
          Last time I was considering going to a different part of Colombia, all things considered. If that helps.
          My $.02.

        5. I think you’re right; on the whole looking at everything I think (unless I had a reason to go elsewhere) I’d go back to Colombia and try Medellin, Cali, etc. maybe more.

        6. I am a Puerto Rican, born and raised in the island, and even though yes, many female Puerto Ricans are trashy, this is more common for “New Yoricans” or Puerto Rican women that were born in or have lived in the US for a very long time. I have never lived in the US and I personally am obsessed with looking as feminine and ladylike as possible. I also know many females here who act and dress like models 24/7, even though they aren’t.

        7. You are correct. I should have fleshed that out in the response you responded to. My mention of PR’s was exclusively regarding American or Americanized PR’s (regardless of where their Mothers originated) and not native PR’s. I’ve never been to PR so i can’t directly speak to how classy they are, but i have heard that they carry themselves with more class and femininity than what passes for PR here.
          I can say from your classy response that you have confirmed the rumors that i have heard. Thank you.

        8. Actually Bianca i made mention of this as well, to Paul. It’s directly under my other remark to you.

        9. Black women are absolutely gorgeous and bodies are too die for I also love Latina women.

      2. They do gladius, most of them at least. In fact, if they are lousy dressed, their own friends would look down on them.

      3. I don’t agree that they get dolled up for just going to Wal-Mart for example, but I would say that “on the whole” a lot of them do more more effort to look nice than the average American woman.
        Once you have spent time with (native, 1st generation) latina women especially abroad, your frame of reference will change and you’ll notice very easily that what goes for “dressing up” now in the USA is quite sad compared to latinas.
        I have seen average Mexican women wear average clothing but any number of days they do go shopping with some nice shoes, good jeans that complement their figure, and a nice top/shirt/etc. And some earrings. Much less “frumpy” than women here.
        The Colombian/other women from places where they dress more “hot” do it sometimes as well, maybe some nice jeans and a top but in that case a better body and perhaps more attractive features.
        My ex was from Panama and one of the types to dress quite well and color-coordinate her earrings to her clothes, with accessories, etc. She really stood out. So it all depends.
        One of the comments (from latinas) I’ve heard before is that how bad American women look and how lazy they are about putting effort into looking good. This is very true, and I realized right away that American culture is to blame.
        It always depends on the type of latina you are talking about but I think you’ll find them in general to be more sexy, feminine, and putting more effort into looking good.
        Get a good one and you’ll be very happy to be seen with her when you go out, I promise.

    3. Nice. I’m not into black chicks but I think she could convince me to sample a bit. Great dissertation.

      1. Yes she is Latina Black, although she only holds to the identity of the first.
        Some people reject being called “Black” because of a self perceived stigma. It’s a curious phenomena.
        Oh and thank you good sir.

        1. I always tell people that Dominican women aren’t “black”, they’re latina anyway. Not quite the same, many different traits (although I realize Americans usually don’t understand it).

        2. Never call a DR female Black. They take exceptional offense to it.
          I’m sure you know this already though.

        3. I’ve always referred to them as “morena”, “canela”, etc, but point well taken.
          Honestly I never heard that come up before, that’s interesting. (I’ll definitely remember that LOL).

        4. Just for kicks, randomly ask 10 DR females if they are Black.
          Make sure to keep at least 10 feet away when they respond.

        5. LOL I’ll just trust you on that.
          Additionally, I have seen black American women who claim to be part or fully Dominican, when they clearly are not, for the “exotic” factor.
          And they can’t speak a damn word of espanol.

        6. It never ceases to amaze me how some people will deny or otherwise embrace a personal race or ethnicity identification because of some self perceived benefit.
          Personally i care naught for labels which bear nothing more substantial than superficial understanding.
          I’ve been called italian, russian, colombian, puerto rican, mexican etc. I just shake it off so long as the person isn’t deliberately trying to offend me.
          Some people get too caught up on labels. The only race that matters is the human race, the only color that matters is red, as in the red blood that we all share.

        7. that’s bs. If they don’t open their mouths, at first sight, most people see BLACK. Hell, look at Sammy Sosa. Idiot trying to lighten his skin.

        8. Not trying to label myself, but I might as well mention that I’m of Irish, English, and German heritage, but I also tend to simply identify as human.

        9. There is a confusion and missunderstanding of the term… to hispanics, speacially on the Islands lile D.R and P.R. they associate Black as to mean “African American”. For mix races, even if they clrearly look a certain color most presfer to ide ntify by nationality because that says more about thir culture and background than just a skin color. It is just cultural differences, because this Islands have the strongest African heritage and traditions when comparin it to the U.S.

        10. Same with whites, the term “white” usually used to refer to a White American. Obviously, that’s is not to say that there isn’t any racism but in this case is more of a xenophobic remark than a racist one. They don’t want to be associated as an American, period, and in the U.S. is more culturally common to identify by color than on the Islands, because what do you call yourself when your whole family is a wide range of skin shades? Form your Mulato grandparent to your blond blue eyed cousin and everything in between. In Puerto Rico there is a saying from a Poem against racist “Y tu abuela donde esta?” The poem was to confront the racist who thought that they where of pure white Spanish blood when in fact the whole population on the Island has African blood as well as Indigenous Taino (more than 60%). Now that saying is used as a pride of our African roots no matter our skin color. Never met a black Puerto Rican who wasn’t proud of their skin color and ancestry on the Island. The stereotypes that people have of Puerto Rico are based on NewyoRicans and it is unfair to the people of the Islands because there is a huge difference between the 2, specially women.

        11. “The stereotypes that people have of Puerto Rico are based on NewyoRicans and it is unfair to the people of the Islands because there is a huge difference between the 2, specially women.”
          The Newyoricans tend to be trashy, especially in the way they speak and carry themselves. Just look at Jennifer Lopez. She is their idol.

        12. Yes. but the people from the Island for the most part are not like that at all. I mean they are trashy people in every Country but NewyouRicans and Puerto Ricans are actually very different. Not all Puerto Ricans look like J.Lo, act or speak like her. She only started visiting the Island when she married Marc Anthony… A NewYorican that visits the Island tend to feel like outsiders. Mostly because there parents did not raised them to speak Spanish (something we on the Island tend to judge because most of us are raised bilingual from the get go) and their culture is very much American and when they visit families on holidays you usually see them in the corner not having a good time while the rest are laughing, dancing , drinking rum and ‘coquito’ and talking in Spanish. Not every Puerto Rican loves reggeaton or hip-hop and for the most part women are well spoken, well dressed, well educated with good family values.
          Also I have heard that in New York they have this P.R. vs D.R nonsense while on the Island we get along just fine. My mom has Dominican neighbors , I have worked an grew up with a few and are great people, very funny too.

        13. What an interesting history! Criollo, mixed or native? I hope you don’t mind my asking. I have never been to Columbia, but I have been to much of Latin America. I thoroughly enjoy the people and the history.

        14. Mixed. Not at all.
          Gotta love ancestry.com!
          Although i would hate to find out it’s probably some nefarious front organization collecting genetic information for a shadow world government.

        15. After my father died when I was sixteen, I travelled to Ecuador, the country where my mother was raised.
          Beautiful country.

        1. The girl in the photo. your ex. good god – it implies: incredible. She looks incredible.

        2. Yeah she is pretty stunning. It’s a shame we didn’t work out but we are too diametrically opposed. Since no one asked i’ll say why we didn’t work out.
          Our political beliefs are like night and day (mid day at least)
          I am a hardcore traditional 3 C’s conservative (capitalist, constitutional, Christian)
          She on the other hand is a left wing liberal who routinely works with local dems. Since she was raised catholic she is religiously conservative so she is opposed (neutral would be more accurate) to certain social issues like homo marriage and abortion but on fiscal entitlement programs and mandatory health care, she is totally on board with the D’s.
          She also loves obama and thinks he is the greaters person ever…that was enough to send me into full meltdown in the past.
          I’ve worked with R’s in the past but right now i’m more about philosophy than party.
          In addition, she runs in circles where she encounters celebrities on certain occasions. I can’t stand celebs as well as the pomp and pageantry involved at media events. She would have me take photos of her at these events and i felt like her damn paparazzi.
          Have you ever been in a relationship where you and the girl were passionate physically and oil and water mentally? That pretty much sums us up.
          We have a truce not to bring up politics which is fine for the occasional hook up but anything more than that is asking for trouble. Two people marrying and raising kids from polar ends of the political spectrum is a great recipe for a later divorce not to mention confused kids.
          I wanted it to work out but our views are just too different. I couldn’t compromise on my beliefs and apparently neither could she.

        3. That’s a very well thought out and honest assessment – I admire the fact that though she is hot you are holding your values and not settling for the bullshit because she is hot.

        4. Thanks brother.
          If i had met her in my beta 20’s i probably would have folded. As a 30 something man approaching 40 i cant settle down with someone who will drive me crazy at all times except when we are in the bedroom.
          I don’t know how old you are good sir but if you are in your 20’s let my life be a lesson to you: Make sure the person you are passionate about doesn’t turn you off 180 degrees mentally, because if you hook up with someone based solely on looks and God forbid, you have kids or marry, those mental turnoffs are going to come back in your life with a vengeance and bring you both chaos and strife, not to mention the poor kids stuck in the middle of that mental warzone.
          I was lucky we didn’t have kids or marry but i have heard horror stories that ended really bad with both.

        5. I had a similar experience with a Colombian girl 5 years older than me (i was 29 at the time & she was 34) we were a good match physically but she was left leaning in her politics and turned out to be a feminist(she came here when she was 5)and we butted heads over senseless stuff all the time it got tiresome in addition to her style of endless argument I had to let her go… My question is how exactly do you handle a Latin girls temper and fiestyness? I found it extremely taxing since I myself have a short temper, being Indian I’m used to being the head of the household, every now and then I’ll feel a pang of regret that I let her go…

        6. “My question is how exactly do you handle a Latin girls temper and fiestyness?”
          You neither argue with them nor indulge them in their temper tantrum. You keep your cool while she is running her mouth.
          There are two options you can take:
          1: Once she has run her mouth, explain to her calmly and coolly that you aren’t going to put up with bullshit (you can use another word instead of bullshit if you like) because you don’t have time for it, and when she is ready to talk she can reach you by cell. Then walk out. (hopefully you don’t live with her lol)
          2: If you believe she is just going to go on and on and you feel your temper peaking, the best thing to do is walk out mid sentence before you lose your cool, which only makes things worse. Before you go, give her a quick point to your cell along with the “let’s talk” hand sign so as to acknowledge with undeniable body language that you’re not going to just stand there while she scolds you like a child.
          I mostly go with one but i have been known to go with option 2 when the girl i’m with at the time just won’t shut her trap.
          This also is assuming you are not actually in the wrong (cheating on her, hitting her in the face without provocation, etc)
          Be prepared not to talk to her for a few days and even for the possibility that you two are done. The point is to make her well aware that she needs you more than you need her…any female you want to invest anything more than reproductive fluid on MUST BY NECESSITY see you in this light, otherwise she will see you as merely optional or worse, see you as a sugar dummy aka “special friend” that she will financially milk for all you are worth.
          It is in every female’s nature to try and test the waters regarding how much she can get from a Man, but if a female has established in her mind that you are not going to indulge her in that bs, she will not be so quick to do that with you often.
          Females are emotional creatures, be they Black White Latina etc which means when they are angry they tend to get especially emotional and there’s no point trying to reason with them because they aren’t operating on logic only “my feelings are right” emotion.
          Once that anger passes, and if there’s any real caring at all for you, she will either get sad or even depressed at you not talking to her, and will text/call you to verify that you have not moved on.
          You can choose to milk that for further benefit if you wish, that is also an option 🙂

        7. What is the “let’s talk” hand signal? It’s been 4 months since we broke up, she didn’t like me hanging out with friends on my own, i couldnt tolerate her argumentative nature any longer, so I fear it’s too late in this case, however i shall keep this in mind next time..

        8. You extend your thumb and pinky fingers out to simulate a cellphone, and rotate the hand a few degrees in opposite direction to indicate a call.
          You’re better off without her dude. It sounds like she was a real control freak. She probably has daddy issues.

        1. Yea I was thinking Dominican but I can see it I’m black and Costa Rican mix I use to have a beautiful Colombian gf I cheated tho and she hated my guts for it but now I’m with a beautiful middle eastern girl from Iraq she’s truly stunning

        2. From Columbia or simply of Columbian heritage?
          I could be wrong, but I think I’ve heard of Columbian girls being sort of shady (no offense)-something about drugging guys and emptying their bank accounts.

        3. Colombia, not “columbia.” 🙂
          Lol i wouldn’t put it past shady females there or anywhere else. I never knew anyone going through that, thankfully.
          My Grandmother used to warn me away from visiting Barranquilla but she and my Mom grew up in Cali and my Father grew up in Bogota, so think she was just cherrypicking there.
          I do know that if a gringo goes to these and a couple other places they should be very careful not to wander into the wrong areas alone. Kidnappings are still high over there despite all the efforts involved by the government and police to curb crime.

        4. Yeah, crime is usually a problem in countries with corrupt governments. Do they specifically target gringos/whites because they see them as rich tourists?

      1. Idk why it’s not posting on my original thread, but it is here. (?)
        this is a slightly different pic than the one i originally posted.

  24. I used to wonder why some Latin dudes had temper issues.
    Then I dated a Dominican woman.
    With BPD.
    I served in the military, and surviving that relationship was harder then 0 week of boot camp.

  25. The ones here in northern Virginia are mostly mestizas from El Salvador. But they love it when a white man speaks some Spanish to them. They say my accent is cute and sexy (never heard that about American accents and thought they sounded dorky to most people).
    The ones I know from South America seem to be mostly white or white-ish but are still as the article suggests – sexy, non-feminist, friendly and they like pleasing men.
    For those thinking of leaving the declining US, South America ranks up there with Eastern Europe as the top spot IMO.

  26. This article brings up a question:
    How long will American males still have the right to bring sexy, feminine foreign women back and marry them? I’m honestly shocked that we have the right to find any women worldwide and bring them back here as automatic legal US citizens. Seems like the cuntocracy would just force us to marry the local land whales.
    (Not that I advocate bringing them here.. America is dead. Find a nice girl abroad, marry her if you wish, stay there).

    1. If anything, it makes more sense to take a decent XX you find here and take her out of this feminist cesspool we call America.
      Foreign Men shake their heads at the bs others in the US have allowed and we in the US deal with.
      I remember watching Hostel part 2, with a scene where the stuck up white chicks were traveling abroad to some slovakian village via a train.
      I don’t remember all the details but on the train one of the two SJC’s (social justice cunts) basically turns down some foreign guy’s flirtations and he gets all upset about it, and she gets in his face and starts yelling at him. The other SJC then pulls her aside and says something like “what are you doing? This isn’t an american school you aren’t protected here” and then the other SJC backed off when she realized she was right.
      That just stuck in my craw. It speaks volumes about american “culture” when an american movie basically highlights just how coddled american females are.

    2. But how do you guys escape the taint of the internet? Its global and pocket-sized these days…

  27. Looks wise they’re either smokin hot, or not worth a second look. I tend to prefer Latino over Mexican Hispanic. – Come to think of it, I’ve only dated one pure bred Latina, and in the US rather than her native country.

  28. Can somebody please elaborate as to which country is the safest and cheapest for staying a few months in? Been to Mexico and Chile, I clearly felt safer in Chile but it was leaps and bounds more expensive. Where else can you recommend?

    1. Costa Rica and Cuba are pretty safe. Despite it’s former reputation, Colombia is pretty safe.

      1. Yes, people make comments about it being dangerous yet they’ve never even been there. A guy at work did that. Very silly. I told him it was fine, that’s all exaggeration.
        Definitely was worth the trip! Food was good, too!

    2. Peru, Dominican Republic, and Panama are pretty safe too but Peru has lots of petty theft in the street. Same rules about being smart apply to most of these countries you’d travel to.
      Peru and the DR (outside of tourist areas) can be pretty cheap I know for a fact. But flights to the DR are cheaper than some other countries. Colombia is far better in terms of women, however.

  29. I’m not sure how much validity this line holds: “Why else do you think Latinos bed white girls so easily?” I don’t see this occur too often. My best friend is latino and he tends to struggle more with white girls than latinas. The ones he does bed tend to be of lower value. His game is of persistence and cheesy smooth-talking. He’s often tagged as creepy.

  30. Well, another ridiculous article. Spic women are loudmouth whores with corns on their toe. I have never met this legendary creature, this epitomy of femininity. The semi-hot ones are cunts just like in america, the super hot ones are 10s who marry superstars and the homely ones..who gives a fuck about them? If these supreme women exist only on spanish countries then I really dont give a fuck because im not moving to those piece of shit countries.
    Next month there will be an article hailing russian women as the greatest. The month after, asian women.
    The only good looking “latinas” are the ones with european blood.
    Hispanic men from all filthy spanish nations (excluding Spain) are loudmouth lowlives who drink too much and love grotesque huge ass’d women with huge legs and calves and ankles too much makeup. Latinas wear piles of makeup.
    Thia article is dumb as shit.

    1. Being a Hispanic Man i strongly disagree with your sterotyping. I am a well spoken college educated self employed artist. I rarely drink and take great care of myself. I perfer my women slim, toned, and naturally pretty. Good day to you sir!

      1. As an university educated south american I disagree too. But I also think that the article overidealizes “latinas” (If you want to call’em so). Not all of them are hot and curvy, dance-floor breaking, heck of a cook and pinnacle-of-feminity “mamacitas”. You will see way more Ugly Betty than Sofia Vergara-like women in almost every central or South american city (maybe with the exception of Argentina or Uruguay), most of them pathetically dressed with leggins or yoga pants that only emphasize their body fat. Not everyone loves salsa, actually more than a few are pretty lousy dancers. As for cooking, spoiled bitches who never put a foot into a kitchen (’cause they think only maids do that or they believe some bs about “ending patriarchy and traditional gender roles” and so on) are not rare either.
        And most of the issues that are talked about in ROK are also taking a strong grip in our societies. All the usual feminist speech is repeated once and again by the media and in government-sponsored campaigns. Divorce and parenting laws have been modified to benefit women, alleged sexual harrasment or date rape is prosecuted, there are gender quotas for public elections, the number of single over-30 women is skyrocketing, and is not hard to find those who think that they’re entitled to nothing less than a top manager in a big company who’s also a thriatlonist, a superb dancer and an exquisite cook, regardless of them being less than average (as I found out the time I went to an speed dating sponsored by an over-30 singles club).
        Granted all of this, I must admit that latin american girls try to be femenine, wearing make-up, and jewelry almost all the time and almost universally prefering to keep their hairs long. And they’re really caring about you, mi current girlfriend, as an example, is actually too caring for my liking: she puts sugar in my cup of coffee before I can even seat at the table, runs for an scarf if I sneeze twice and things like that. And she’s an educated woman with a literature major who reads at least two books per week.

    2. Your comment was waaaay off.
      It depends a lot on the country and ethnic background but in general some of the most attractive latina women I’ve seen (overseas, occassionally here too) are of mixed ancestry. There are certainly always beautiful light-skinned latinas but by and far those are more of an exception.
      I do agree that the opinion is held by many women in foreign countries that their men are heavy drinkers and/or cheaters. Unlike here in the USA, more often than not the average latina still looks good in casual clothing if they take care of themselves. No sweatpants and a dumb t-shirt, which is what the American woman wears now quite often.
      Also on the whole I’ve seen that latinas tend to have better booties that most white or slavic women.

      1. The only area where Latinas generally beat white or slavic women is the booty.

        1. You forgot skin color.
          I don’t have experience yet with slavic women (well, at least not good examples of them) so I can’t speak for that part.

        2. Skin color? That’s like saying whether you like blondes or burnetts or blue eyes or brown eyes. the color of their skin, hair or eyes doesn’t really have anything to do with their beauty. It may add a little frosting to the cake but if the cake is shit then just by having pretty blue eyes wont compensate.

        3. The color of the skin can have a great deal to do with their beauty, depending on the man in question. That “exotic” look is very striking in some cases. I speak from experience. There’s quite a wonderful range of shades latin women come in.
          That doesn’t mean I don’t find slavic women attractive either, however, I can’t deny that a wonderful skin tone would be missed. Naturally, of course this is personal preference.

    3. ‘The only good looking “latinas” are the ones with european blood.’
      This is true, any positive qualities or attributes both physical or mental come from their white genes. If anyone wishes to disagree, then show me a pure native American Indian woman that would be considered universally attractive. Indian women don’t have nice tits or asses either. The Latinas that are considered beautiful have caucasoid cranial facial morphology not mongoloid.

  31. A good friend of mine is married to a Brazilian lady. She is awesome but I did not choose to go down that path. I got myself a bad case of “yellow fever”. I think I can justify that on completely rational grounds. To my mind, Chinese girls are the best.

  32. Soo… who are the best?
    Some articles have said the Latinas, others say the Russian chicks, and others say the Filipinas, and others say Oriental chicks.
    P.S. I can attest to the accuracy of this article, given the fact that I am the son of a Mexican woman and a Gringo padre.

    1. I think the article is making the distinction of Latin Women in America, whereas the other articles would have one go to other countries to find the best type of other ethnicity that isn’t feminized like the american versions.

    1. Caribbean, mexican and Central american mestizas like the hot puerto rican in the last picture tend to gain weight fastly when they cross the 30-mark, if not taking care of their bodies. In south america obesity is not such a widespread issue, but most of the women are short, either overweight or too skinny and not very attractive, because of their amerindian genes.

  33. For the last few yrs I’ve been with nothing but latinas. Phatass, big tits, feminine, loyal, what more could a man ask for? When you go to a country full of them they have no choice but to have their a game on.

  34. Every word of this article is true. I once worked with a beautiful Columbian girl who lived with her boyfriend. I have to think that this guy had his life together when they met but by the time I entered the scene, this guy was a no-job bitch that obviously couldn’t take care of her. Our chemistry was perfecto. Her and I would go out after work to bars and clubs and have a blast. The frequency of this escalated to the point where she began having to lie about her whereabouts. One night, I finally laid my cards on the table and asked her what was going on here despite already knowing the answer. She smiled and said, “I don’t know, I…I’m…I…,” followed by, “We should kiss to see how it feels.” My thoughts exactly. She set my lips on fire in a way no one has before or since. I ripped her to shreds that night in my Jeep out in the parking lot of the bar we were at. What followed were the best several months I’ve ever had with a girl. It was just a blur of fun and blistering hot sex, all under the radar of that douche of a boyfriend of hers. Nothing good lasts forever, but she left her mark. I was changed forever. Every man should game/date/fuck a Latina at least once in his life. You will never look at females the same way again. The bar will be permanently raised.

    1. In my experience latinas love car sex. It’s almost like it reminds them of the burros of yore- a bumpy ride to enjoy.

  35. Latinas have been the best for me as well. I went beta on a Columbian chick for literally 5 seconds after a 2 year relationship, and she (rightfully) made me pay for that. That one in particular was good practice for future women.

      1. Make sure she doesn’t see my misplelings? Lol yea, while I’m at it, i’ll make sure she gets flowers and candy today tooo.

  36. You won me with the red head at the top of the article. That girl, oh yeah.
    No fucking clue what it is with red heads. They’re all nuts. And yet…
    Had my share of Latinas during my time in the military. Article is correct. Had I not found an F1/F2 generation German chick, that would *easily* have compensated.

    1. “Chicas are a fucking handful—trust me. If you’re not equipped to handle their spirit, passion, or their hair-trigger jealously (which escalates quickly and loudly regardless of game, frame, or venue), they will chew you up and spit you out.” ~ This article is pretty dead on from what I can tell. My friend of 30 something years married a German while stationed in Germany, divorced her then married an American redhead who was totally nuts, divorced her and then married a Brazilian. His German wife was pretty cool, his American wife wasn’t. Currently he is hen pecked by his Brazilian bride and her CONSTANT jealousy. He can have that handful if you know what I mean. You really nailed it about redheads, redheads are real nut drainers. Something special about them. I have never dated a Latina and do not think I would enjoy it very much. I particularly do not like the way they always call your masculinity into question as soon as they do not get their way. “A reel mane wood FILL IN THE BLANK/DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO, wats wrong wit chu? Chu a faggit? Chu ar no reel mane.” Pure emotional manipulation by attacking the mans ego. But then again who knows, perhaps I missed out on some spicy quesadillas that I would have really enjoyed.

  37. Ever watch a Latin girl dance? Ever seen anything hotter? Me neither.
    Watching these hot blooded honeys move with the passion and spirit they
    do on the dance floor will take your breath away.

    From Dusk Till Dawn. Her (Selma…? Hayek? Not sure). You know who I’m talking about. That’s accurate of a hot Latina. She didn’t do anything special she just was herself with music.

  38. The article is spot on. Colombian women are the queens of the Latinas, by the way. Brazilian girls are also out of this world. Some guy was mumbling about black women? WTF? Maybe if they are 90 percent white or mestiza. Frankly, it just isn´t done, my lad, unless you are way too kinky. The dominance thing with Latinas is true. If you do not show them who is boss they have utter contempt for you.

  39. As someone who was born and raised in a latin American country and now lives in the usa as a young man…I can tell you..you been watching way too much movies..
    And you have it totally wrong
    latin MEN make latin women the way they are not the other way around

    1. Yea right, like there’re no betas in Latin America (that’s watching too much movies too…) just check at any spanish-language social network all the comments that overweight, flat and skinny or plain unattractive women get from thirsty and rather desperate males

  40. You know, I just don’t get the importance of getting a woman to cook for you. I graduated from culinary school but instead of working for ten bucks an hour as a line cook, I chose to pull down a six figure salary in the tech industry. As much as my husband loves my cooking, I think he likes my paycheck better. I’ll let you guys in on the secret to being a great cook: pick a recipe, buy the ingredients, prepare and cook according to instructions. It ain’t rocket science.

        1. Not fair lewis f. You know damn well she can’t answer that question…lol

    1. You know, I just don’t get the importance of getting a woman to cook for you
      …and therein lies the problem…
      A woman who thinks like that is not a woman I’d recommend for long-term committment.

  41. I live in Latin America, with my Latino wife. My girl smokes any US chick I ever dated. I am the man, she is the woman. She embraces her role, and it runs like clockwork.
    Let me also throw my two cents in.
    1.) Move here (figure out a way to make income online).
    2.) Find one with no interest in coming to the States (no relatives, etc.).
    There are other small things, but these are the two biggies.

  42. If you’re looking for a little Latin fire mixed with Asian grace, go Filipina. Most of them are mixed with Spanish blood due to the rape and pillage of their nation by the Spanish for 300+ years. You can have the best of both worlds.

    1. Yes but the majority are unattractive, right? Otherwise I see your point, there are good things about like like you said.

        1. Interesting. I scoured though a couple of hundred pics on a bigger site and very few were above a 5.
          But I’ll take your word for it. Maybe there’s a reason the more attractive ones weren’t on there.

        2. Ok. I try to get an idea of the “average” but I suppose like everything else, it has it limits.
          No substitute for going there. 🙂

        3. Filipinos are essencially hispanic themselves. Spain had control of The Phiippines for 350 years, mixing with them during that time. Some Filipinas look like latinas/mestizas, with more caucasian facial phenotypes and better bodies (tits and asses) than other asians.

  43. I LOVE the Brazilian flag. I’m not even sure why. Balance of color, unique design… It just the most beautiful flag in the world.

  44. What a timely article. I was basically raped by a hot Latina last night. This woman licked just about every part of my body. She wanted her hair pulled, not just while fucking, but even during foreplay.
    I honestly do not know why any man settles for a white American sluts (e.g., which constitutes all white woman in America). So far this year, I’ve had a Filippina and a Latina. Both are hot, thin, submissive, and total rides in bed.
    I’m going to try out an Eastern European or two this summer since I have yet to do that in their natural habitat. That’s about the only region where I will stick my dick in a white woman.
    Getting to escape the feminist wasteland of America to find quality pussy is at least one good aspect to globalization.

  45. That bulldyke Michelle Rodriguez gif has absolutely NO business being up there if you’re talking about, atractive, FEMININE Latinas, cause there is nothing attractive or feminine about her.💩

    1. Can’t stand her either. Way too popular given her masculine face. I rather fuck me a Sofia Vergara or any weather girl from Univision.

  46. I had a half chica, half russian flight attendant who was working my flight come on to me a couple days ago. Another white flight attendant came on to me a day before that! (another story) And they’re both married! Just for my amusement, I escalated with the chica as far as I could get just to see her reaction. It took some doing to hold frame with her as I saw the firey personality and she’s only half chica. Long story short, if she wasn’t married she was DTF. But she’s not going to fuck up her stake in her husbands pension from work though. That came straight from her mouth.
    Bitches ain’t loyal for shit. No way in hell will I get married again.

  47. Had a bunch of latinas. They are not intimidating at all. They are soft as kitten shit. I can definitely vouch for their passion in bed. The last one I was with left claw marks up and down my back. When I saw my other girl later that day I had to keep my t-shirt on.
    They are definitely very lady-like but they won’t disrespect you unless a) you show weakness or b) they have issues (like being fat). It is only the fat latinas that are rude to me.

  48. One of the most feminine women I’ve ever been with was a full blooded Paraguayan Indian. She would whisper things into my ear like they were a magic spell. I thought I had done everything you could do in a bedroom, but she actually managed to make me blush with her enthusiasm. Beware your first time dating one, I’ve seen alot of guys get the possesiveness and jealousy so bad they actually drive away a girl who was happy and faithful to them.

  49. Most of the article is spot on.
    However I must give you warnings, at least with regards to Argentinean women. Yes, they are beautiful even in their 40’s, but feminism is quickly gaining space(and the minds). A former very traditional patriarchal society now pretty much blames men for being men or at least that’s what their actions say while actively encouraging women to get a career and a job outside home.Short hair, tatoos, a growing tendency of fatness(many blame the hormones…..yeah, right)., they drink a lot on weekends and they dress every weekend the same way the sluts dressed barely two years ago.
    This is not much surprise considering that we know that regardless of her size, a woman can get a boyfriend pretty much anytime she wants, and this is something the argentinean men are to blame for.
    Now having said that, when a young lass takes care of herself, keeps her hair long and isn’t a bitch, then yes I assure that the women in Argentina are probably in the top 3(if not 1) of the most beautiful women on earth.

  50. Great article. Pros and cons. I dated a GILF from Brazil briefly and OMG – she about broke my bed. I would not want to deal with that level of passion on a regular basis. I brought her home, put on some music and started dancing with her. She orgasmed in my arms just from dancing!
    Then there was the skinny PR girl I met at a bar. Took her outside to talk and kiss a bit. Walked her to her car and wound up finger-fucking her in the parking garage! She shit tested me, so I was ready to say good bye, but then she surprised me by wanting to fuck. I gave it a shot, although she was so skinny, I had to use a pillow under her ass to do the deed. She was already in a committed relationship with another guy, but that did not stop her from having some fun on the side.
    Frankly, this article applies to Asian women too – my favorite. The shit testing, acting like little girls, emotional drama, demanding, jealous. You can keep it. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Just not worth it to me. Although, taste-testing is still fun.

  51. I’ve been living in Peru for 5 years and lived in Mexico for 2 years prior and have traveled extensively thoughout latin America. I’ve been with many latinas and for the most part, the whole ‘latin lover’ thing is horseshit. Brasil women would be the only notable exeption. Heck Asian women I’ve been with were better in the sack than most latinas.

    1. Yes but Peruvians are a bit different. I think it depends greatly on the individual woman and their background, too. But on the whole with other latina women (once including a Peruvian) they were a lot of fun in the bed, at least more than women here, except for slightly crazy women.

  52. Lol your views of south american/latina women are so skewed.
    Literally, this has to be one of the worst articles i read on ROK. You guys don’t live here to know about our women, besides what you see on tv and the stereotypes.
    Most of you wouldn’t stand a chance gaming one of them. Game in USA is so much easier than down here. If you grow up here getting girls, gaming american girls is a joke. Seriously. Most of you guys are complaining with a full belly, lol.
    Plus, with the exception of Chile, all of south america is (unfortunately) of left wing political view, so feminism is very, very strong here since the 90’s. Yes, it includes the majority of hot women.
    “They will cook for you” was the funniest. LOL. Poor you.

    1. You guys don’t live here to know about our women, besides what you see on tv and the stereotypes.
      Absolute bullshit, as was most of your comment.
      I was married to a woman from South America (got married down there), and was involved with several in a few different countries there and in the DR.
      I’d wager that most of the men here with legitimate comments have spent time overseas like I have.
      This is a place where men who have real experience are able to contribute real stories and give insight into experiences with women and others to share their insight as well.
      I vouch for the author’s points, and speak from experience when I say I agree with most of the points he’s made (caveat: it always depends on the woman, some are a bit different, depending on their background)
      No se por que tu eres muy sensitiva como una mujere. LOL

      1. Hah.. yes typical female bitching where all you do is attack others and have no real point… if something in the article is not what you see, then correct it, otherwise stop whining.. whether an anonymous internet poster can game them or not, Latinas are quality, feminine, sexy, sexual women.
        What happened to your marriage to the latina, GetitGoing??

    2. Totally agree. Feminist speech is taking deep roots among middle-to-upper-class and/or university-educated latin american women. Even in small andean countries there’re Slutwalks, government-sponsored “no means no” campaigns, and lots of talk about “breaking traditional gender roles”, “empowering women”, “end patriarchy” and so on… Tattoed and pierced girls with strange hair colours are not such a rare sight in main cities. Even so the average girl is still femenine, cares about her man, many of them still like to cook and so on. Of course if you climb down the social ladder you will find more stereotypical latino girls, at the price of a huge cultural gap with an uneducated lady (that’s the reason I avoid going down there), social gaps are more deeper in LatAm that in the US or Europe, take that into account before going for that hot brown ladie with huge lips and big tits.

  53. Latin girls are a rarity where I am from. That adds much to their appeal. I suppose the inverse would happen if I took a trip to South America. Playing ratios like cards.

    1. I’m from a very small place where they think everyone hispanic is Mexican, more or less. Almost NO exposure to latino people, unfortunately.
      The first time I went overseas and spent time in South America and met women there it rocked my world. Really changed my opinion quite a bit about what I should seek out in women.
      A decent looking guy will get attention from women. A man who’s in shape, looks good, and dresses well will do even better. Not looking like a tourist, basically, helps.

      1. I imagine looking a little exotic helps your game. Not to the extent of a stereotypical tourist with a camera, sunglasses, shorts, etc… That would probably make one an easy target for pickpockets too.

  54. Great article. I’m a huge fan of Latin women. The modern Western woman has no clue how to embrace femininity anymore. As a man, Latin women who embrace it have a certain innate power when they walk by, and even when they speak. The right Latin women with the right Attitude can literally suck the oxygen right out of you (in a good way). If you appreciate a Latin woman who has “it”, i.e, that je ne sais quoi, I’m sure you’ve felt it when they walk by and command your full attention without being an attention whore. You can be in mid conversation and when a Latin woman described above simply walks by, the entire world you know stops. Western women will never know this power.

  55. The problem: the Latina category also includes Mexican and Chicano women.
    Every been around Chollas? ‘Nuff said.

    1. True. VERDAD.
      Las gorditas…umm no me gusto.
      (the fatties, no I don’t like).
      Also the ones with gold teeth, uff.

    2. Some of those hoodrats look good too. They always end up with 5 kids and fat by 23 though.

  56. RoK should do a piece on Madagascar women.thats exotic shit right there.not this rehashed latina,asian shit.

  57. They will cook for you?
    Not if they’re a middle class and more Brazilian girl they won’t ..they’ve got maids that do that.They don’t know how and most have no interest in learning!

    1. Most middle class latinas avoid the kitchen, leave that place to the maids or expect their man to take her to lunch on weekends. Not so diferent from US or european women

  58. I was dating a Colombian girl that regularly demonstrated the loyalty you speak of. Example: one day I was heading to pick her up (she was between cars at the time), and I got in a wreck. I called her and said I wasn’t going to make it due to the accident.
    She said “where are you,” hung up, then showed up 15 minutes later riding with some woman I’d never seen before. When I asked who it was she said “I don’t know. I ran to the street and flagged down the first car I saw to get to you.”

  59. Sorry, I live in Latin America and girls here are turning little by little into entitled bitches.

  60. Sounds like a decent time to try out something than the run of the mill American feminist fodder. Great article!

  61. Latina is a difficult term, it’s more of a cultural designation rather than an ethnic one. There are white latinas, black latinas, and the typical mestizo ones. I personally love those Spanish women, and the white Brazilian girls are outstanding.
    I’m not about to hit up a black latina girl though.

  62. Although I generally agree with you, you’re still speaking of stereotypes. I’ve married 2 Latinas – so I’m pretty comfortable in their world and I can tell you as a fact, they are not all as they appear. They are still my favorites though. Knowing how to dance salsa/bachata is a HUGE factor as well, I learned that many years ago.

  63. my experience with latinas has been exactly the same……..once they see you’re not a milk-toast beta white candyass pushover, they’ll go to their knees

  64. As a 1/2 Mexican 1/2 Puerto Rican female, who grew up/lived in both countries/island along with the U.S. (TX & FL), I mostly agree with this post. Although I don’t appreciate the bashing of U.S. born/raised latinas, coming from the various comments, I can agree for the most part that 2nd/3rd/4th generation latinas are completely different from the native borns. I have to defend my Puertorican sisters on this one.
    Puerto Rican women who are raised in the island, are some of the most beautiful women in the world. PR was once titled, the “land of the abs”, referring to the many women who wear revealing clothing to accentuate their trim bodies. Many are traditional, fashion conscious, kind and educated. Since the recent mass immigration of ‘Ricans to Florida, you can find in places like Miami and Orlando some of the most beautiful latina women who happen to be ‘Rican (along w/ of course cubans, dominicans, etc). Cities like New York, where the vast majority of Newyoricans live are not at all representative of the traditional Puertorican females (& males) that I know; yes many are 2nd/3rd/4th generation who are descendants from families who were of lower economic status during the first wave of PR immigration, (compared to the recent wave of educated migrants to FL), but they have their own culture and identity that is completely different from a native Puertorican and should not be lumped together as one; especially for those who have never visited the island and are basing their assumptions from encountering 2nd/3rd/4th generation Puertoricans.
    The same goes for Mexican Americans vs native Mexicans.
    Just my thoughts, please no mean comments.

  65. You basically told her you were a hair extractor. As in, taking the hair off her head, not pulling. That would creep me out.

  66. How to tell someone is full of shit: They claim to have uttered the words “Cuidadosa, soy un extractor de pelo” at a Spanish-speaking woman and ellicited anything other than a confused stare followed by uncontrollable laughter. Unless said woman actually had a fetish for hair plucking machines, which is what “extractor de pelo” sounds like.

  67. I’d say you can get the vast majority of that in eastern europe with an order of magnitude less bitchy attitude. In fact, I feel like most of the stuff mentioned above is the rule rather than the exception in huge swaths of the world, just not in wealthy western countries that have been deeply infected by feminism.

  68. In my personal experience, I’ve fucked more Latinas with Latin bf’s believing this lie than any other race. Not to toot my horn, but from what I’ve seen personally seen, the exact opposite is true.

    1. There are a lot of shady hoes out there. lol… They’ll never admit it too. “So basically, we’re just talking chu know, it’s nothing serious…”

  69. As a girl born and raised in a latin country (European parents, american relatives) I’ll say – this guy is right-
    At this moment I’m divorcing my american husband, I truly love him, but I’m done because I feel that he just can’t be the man in our relationship

  70. As a girl born and raised in a latin country (European parents, american relatives) I’ll say – this guy is right-
    At this moment I’m divorcing my american husband, I truly love him, but I’m done because I feel that he just can’t be the man in our relationship

  71. As a Latina, it was super annoying how you kept saying “Chica”, “mamacita”, “mujer ” …. Just stop. It’s so cringe and cheese ball and sounds like you’re trying way too hard and a lot of latinas don’t like when non Spanish speakers call us that. It comes off as condescending.
    Also, the phrase you rehearsed so much was incorrect lol lol
    We don’t say “extractor”.. And “cuidadosa” means when a girl is careful it’s not the command to be careful. That would be “cuidado”… What you meant to say was “cuidado, me gusta jalar el pelo”
    You can’t transliterate. It won’t make sense in Spanish.
    So just be your white self and stop trying too hard. Personally it’s unattractive.

    1. You won’t admit it here Brynn, but in moments of extreme ecstasy while you’re getting pummled in the sack, and both you and he are sweaty you’ll exude sounds not from this earth. Hell, half of what you’ll be screaming won’t even be coherent, yet one world will almost always come from a latina women’s mouth if you’re hitting the right spot, and that word is PAPI.
      Every latina I’ve slept with has said this. Just because you and your cholas act like you don’t doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I am telling you, you women keep shit from each other, and one of them is how you submit to masculinity when it’s in front of you. The whole mami, papi thing… yeah, it happens.

  72. This is fucking machista x) Im Latin and I wont cook for any man, i don’t shake my ass in the clubs, and i wont scream PAPI while having sex x) THATS so fucking cliche, i guess taken from watching idiot reggaeton videos. THink a little bit about women’s brains ; )

  73. this is a very bad and awful post. Omg I can’t believe I read it (not all but some). For the guys here trying so hard to get a Latina NEVER EVER EVER call her MAMI, or mamacita, trust me and don’t expect us to call you papi, ugh that’s so disgusting and no, we all don’t go to bed easily with white guys, we have sex with the people we like, and NO you won’t be the leader never ever, how can you believe this? If you date a Latina even if you don’t know it the girl will always be the leader 😉 you (without knowing) will do what we want, how we like and where we like. I honestly find this post so lame, it seems to be wrote by a guy around 16-18 years old or the type of guy that most of us find very easily in the club/bar/disco so annoying. You will need more than being an asshole to get us, or I don’t really know what kind of Latin are you talking about. You will never win easily all the things you named here, you need to live so much more papi, and you need to meet more Latin girls to talk about us.. You know nothing yet 😉

    1. All the latina women I’ve been with LOVE being called mami, and yes the Papi thing is true too. Nearly every latina girl I’ve slept with has called me papi in the past. Just because YOU don’t do it, doesn’t mean all other women don’t.

      1. Well Detective John I dont know what kind of latina girls you slept with and I dont really care but Latinas DONT LIKE BEING CALLED MAMI, ugh thats awful, we always laught about that and found it very disgusting.. And papi, not even to my dad lol
        Papi is a popular way to call your friends in Cali (a city from Colombia), Is not a good thing to call a Latina mami or ask us to call you papi lol
        thats such a turn off, just dont do it… lol

      2. Oh and Im latin, living in a LATIN COUNTRY, yeah there must be girls that call others papi but I havent met one in my entire life so i doubt it lol. This post is very wrong because it make others believe that must of us like and WE DONT.

        1. Yes you do mija… Thing is, as men we see a different side of women that you guys don’t show to your fellow girls. Women around women act different than a woman alone with a man.

        2. first of all dont call me Mija because you arent my dad or mom, thats the way parents call us not totally strangers, second, just because you are a guy you know how girls are in real life? LFMAO yeah sure so you know more about girls than a girl? Sure guys know it all 😉 Dont generalice us just because you share a bed with a few.. Dont look yourself look like a total idiot.

        3. Calling me an idiot when half the words you used where misspelled. You know the little squiggly line underneath a misspelled word lets you chose the correct spelling, right?
          I’ve been bedding Latinas since I was 18. That was 11 years ago I’ll be the first to tell you, all of you love the same shit. Hard spanking on the ass, rough hair pulling sex, complete physical dominance. I doubt any of the stuff I’ve said you would disagree with if I were in front of you. This is just your fiery latina personality coming out. It’s part of what we like about you, but part of what we can’t stand about you. Calmate los huevos mami.

        4. & like I’ve said, unless you have fucked a latina, you don’t know how men like me are treated by you nasty little sex kittens.

        5. You must be a fat chick then… All the fine latina honies love the word MAMI. #dalehuevo


  75. 100% true. Married a Latina woman. 13 years married 16 years together two boys and still passions are amazing. The loyalty Latina women exibit is off the charts. Crazy down for their man and bitch shield up for ANY other dude who try’s to make a move. I could write a book about the epic level loyalty my wife has showed me from day 1. We started dating young her 18 me 21 and I was hooked. She also is the most devoted mom ever to our boys. She is 33 now and me 36. And still sex is amazing and consistent. Passion and love is still like we are 18 and 21. She cooks amazing she dotes on me and makes me feel like a man and wants me to be a man not some weak sit when I pee wanna man. Don’t be fooled that this means no romance from you. No they want you to be romantic and open hearted with THEM. They do want to be your queen and like intimacy and romance. But it really is no fairy tale Latina women are the very best women. And if you want to marry and have a family? Even more so the better women. And my wife takes care of herself. Works out eats healthy wants to look sexy for me still on a nice Friday night. Nighty on hair done smelling good and waiting in bed with a… I am going to tear you up look on their face. I dated white women before I met her. And sorry they were ALL worth shit. Loyal to no one not even themsleves, complained all the time, wanted to be the man, figured YOU should cook, clean, make the money, take care of the kids ALL of it while they sit around and bitch how so and so has it better than her. No thanks.

    1. I am English and my wife is Brazilian. We have been married 16 years and I agree with everything you have stated above…..exactly my experience.

  76. Haha ok so this article is: Racist, sexist, ignorant, and white washed. This dude sounds like a creep talking about slithering into women’s is panties with expertise after taking their turns with multiple women of Hispanic/Latinx culture. I’ve never read something more ignorant….

    1. Probably because your incessant indoctrination of looking at women as special snowflakes, and therefore inferior creatures that deserve your utmost respect and courtesy has plagued your brain since childhood. Truth is, women are just as human as any man. With that in mind, we must speak about them and to them as if they are our equals.
      What do you think a gaggle of fine women talk about when they’re in the shoe section of Macy’s? They aren’t talking about shoes, they aren’t talking about the party last night. They’re talking about how well hung they think the man behind the counter is, and if one or both of them can flirt enough to get him to ask for their numbers.
      You see, women are just as sexual as we are. There is nothing creepy about sex or about those of us who chase after it like it’s supper. We’re men, and as men we love to chase after the things we like- in this case, fiery latina women who love fucking.
      I know what I’m talking about, latina women flock to me like moscas on mierda.

  77. Some guys think that it takes Brad Pitt looks to attract beautiful women. But once in a while you can see this very average looking but well-rounded guy going out with a gorgeous girl. So what is the secret here? There are countless how-to guides on attraction flooding the web, yet most of them won’t be really useful. So here is the solution: My Bunny Date is definitely a great place to meet nice and generous guys and of course gorgeous girls. The site also has the “wink” feature, where an Attractive can invite a Generous to make them an offer. Online dating is now the second-most common way couples meet. Of course first dates are a little nerve-racking to begin with: where to go, what to say. First dates are kind of like playing the lottery; but regardless if you are an introvert or an extrovert, http://www.mybunnydate.com would work for you! The site ( online dating auction) divides users into two categories “the generous” mostly men who are willing to shell out some cash and “the attractive” usually women who want to get paid for the first date..

  78. As a brazilian I can’t really say if latinas are that good because I never dated foreign girls. But I do think that brazilian girls are very different than american girls. Reading ROK articles I was surprised to see that american girls are too much liberals at sexual things. Brazilian girls, even the sluts, have the notion that the higher their sexual experience, the less they will be valued by men.
    American and european woman seems to have lost this thinking.
    I understand why is so hard to find a good wife in US.

  79. Don’t call a girl “mama”, I know a lot of younger gen girls (under 30), my gf included, hate that…rightfully, so. So cliche and outdated. That is all. I won’t touch some of that other stuff…

    1. “Mami” and “mama” are totally different. Latina women who are comfortable around you after a couple of drinks, and are grinding on your dick at the club won’t mind if you lightly pull their hair and say “Can’t wait to see what you can do with that ass later tonight mami…” Hook-Line-Sinker.

      1. Yah, maybe if she is some trashy girl who is looking to see what she can get out of you….I have a gf (soon to be wife), she hates mami and told me most of her friends can not stand it either. They are chill just the same, but find mami to be stupid. Than again, these are girls with class and are college educated at good schools….

  80. Year old article taught me very much. I’m a older white dude, my wife passed away from health issues. Now I am single with zero game cause marriage domesticated me and the wolf lost its fangs. Happened to have some chemistry with PR girl in her 20s but I am worried cause I think she just wants my paper. She is tiny except that ass and I might be fucked up over this chick cause she is sexy as hell and I am a sucker. Daniel thanks for dropping so much knowledge.

  81. What a truck load of shit. LOL! Plenty of different types of lari as out there and all of this is sexist bullshit.
    Sounds like a white guy with stereotyped fantasies wrote it…
    Reminds why, as a Latina myself, I don’t buy that bullshit and even less from white men…..
    Tiny packages with little delivery and no clam shell skills unlike Latino and some very talented Asian men….

  82. Much generalizations huh? Im cuban and while yes, i can dance and im beautiful, im a feminist and dominant and i prefer shy submissive men that give me money. Thankfully most men are pussies

  83. I’m a white guy and I’ve been out with white, black, Asian and Latin women. Latinas are #1 in my book, hands down.

  84. This is 2017, go Chinese, Korean, Taiwan…latin women have to much lip and may get fat over 45 years of age.

  85. This shit is not all true just stereotypes I only dated Latinas and married one they do not all cook better than American girls and some are not fiery in the sack but some are

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