Meet More Women On Match, eHarmony, OK Cupid, and POF

ROK’s January sponsor is eDating Doc, a resource to help you get the most out of online dating sites like, eHarmony, OK Cupid & POF.

Whether you want to take advantage of the current increasing promiscuity of women online or looking for a relationship, is the ultimate resource for online dating strategy. A few things about its founder, Radio Wright, and its founder:

— A portion of all proceeds from go to Big Brothers Big Sisters where Radio volunteers his time as a Big Brother to young men in need of a masculine figure in their life.

— Radio is a valedictorian graduate with a degree in engineering and for 8 years has specialized in large-scale construction projects.

— Radio is also currently on date #71 of his 150 Date Challenge where he’s going on 150 Dates in 1 Year strictly from online dating sites and documents his journey for others to learn from.

— Radio was recently awarded “World’s Best Online Dating Coach” at the PUA World Summit in San Francisco.

Here is a clip about the 150 Date Challenge:

We’d like to thank eDatingDoc for their support of one of the most deviant web sites on the internet. If you are interested in becoming an ROK sponsor, visit our sponsorship page. You can also drop a couple bucks in our tip jar.

89 thoughts on “Meet More Women On Match, eHarmony, OK Cupid, and POF”

  1. Ha. A dating site sponsoring a site that has posted numerous times (in columns and their comments) how dating sites have made males more beta.

  2. The point of game is to create an optimal system or tool for us to acquire poon and relationships. Contrarily sites like OkCupid are shaky at best. The women will flake far more often because it is more about ego-boosting for them, like Facebook (GOTIS). Looks like a waste of time. Certainly not paying this guy any money.

  3. Yeah, I refuse to use online dating sites. I honestly think it is the recreant’s way out of actually approaching. I’m sure there are some that have great success with the additional options but it is just too artificial for me.

    1. i think the problem is that how you meet the girl is very important to her…. so if you meet her online you are weaker in her eyes than if you approached her and chatted her up old school style…. got her number and went on a date…
      if you just want notches fine… but if you want something more concrete and you want her looking up to you…. and you want to feel better about yourself….. then you should be doing cold approach….

  4. Is it April 1 already?
    Yeah right dating sites… any man who uses online personals has not learned anything from ROK. A fucking idiot.

    1. This reminds me of when Viz Magazine in the UK was paid by the producers of Freddy vs Jason to market their film. Wikipedia describes what happened;
      Recently, they were giving away a plasma screen television provided by the producers of Freddy vs. Jason. Viz poked fun at the movie, describing it as “shite” in the competition description, and described the runners-up prizes of
      DVDs of the film as “frankly worthless”, which led to the producers
      refusing to hand over the prize, for insulting their film.

  5. Dating sites are mostly for finding easy, desperate women to bang. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, you’re getting fish but you’re not really fishing. It does nothing for game. Its just for padding stats. Most men on dating sites are looking just to get laid (NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT), not a life mate. Its easy and requires almost nothing from the man in terms of game. Show up, smile, listen to bullshit you don’t care about, charm her, take her home (her house) bang her out. Rinse and repeat. Dating sites don’t require growth in game.

    1. to some extent i agree with you, not lease because this dating guru guy wants to go on 150 dates with 150 different women… which is a fucking waste of time – none of his focus in on banging them…. just on dating different ones and scoring the date…. that part is relatively easy…..
      if you get a chick’s number in a club or from day game and then phone her and go on a date…. how is that date going to differ from finding a chick online and going on a date with her ?
      to get the lay you have to play all the right games on the date and maybe go on a second or third date until you score…….. online or PUA…. getting the date it’s the same….. the only thing that’s different is how you organised the date which is almost immaterial really….
      unless the online dating game has now matured so much that all the decent women don’t online date anymore and you have to do PUA to find them…. that i could accept…. since i haven’t tried online in a long while….

      1. There’s no problem going on a shit load of dates from a dating site, but how far do you have to lower your standards to do so? I just signed up on Match a few days ago and the offerings are pretty slim
        (God don’t take that literally). Lining up some dates now so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t bother banging unless she gets my dick tingling, as I’m a spoiled lion. 😀

      2. My focus is on getting the cooler / hotter / whatever you like / women offline and on the date.
        There is already plenty of information about how to get a girl in bed if that’s your goal.

    2. Absolutely. I’ve said it once and I will say it again because it’s hilarious and completely true.
      NOBODY needs to go online to meet women.
      51% of people are women. That means even if you DON’T want to meet a woman, you are more likely to meet a woman. They are everywhere. Like trashcans.
      Never forget what a “dating” site is. It’s an email box and nothing else. It’s not pretty smelling hair. it’s not soft skin. It’s not hands to hold. It’s not a young firm ass or nipples pointing into the sky, and it will never replace the joy of sliding your meat ball deep right up into her steaming hilt….
      It is an abomination in interpersonal relations.
      Every Manswer to online dating should be NO. NO, and NO and let every woman know it. You will not PAY for the possibility of paying for sex. Treating women like prostitutes when dating them is already unacceptable… but paying monthly for the **possibility** of treating them like whores is a such tragic loss of man points, you should just turn in your man card, take a penis and put it in your ass.
      Remember MILLIONS of women sign up to e-dating because they think they have some control over when Mr. Right will just magically appear in their lives. They actually sign up and get plenty of responses and STILL manage to wonder “where is he?” while throwing 76152341 emails into the trash…. just because he didn’t type “hi” exactly as she hoped.
      That kind of delusion you will never see matched.
      dot com.

        1. That’s what it’s all about and why we are here. Changing the planet. One poor beta schmuck at a time.

        2. You guys are right. Scraping the bottom of the barrel indeed!
          There nothing on Match (in my age range) that whets my appetite. Looks like I’ll be opening a store soon to meet chicks. The product category I’ll be selling brings in lots of women, and when I sold the same items years ago there were always lots of ladies telling me how single they were (I was married at the time). I’m an alcoholic and bars are poison to me (I get so loaded that I start slamdancing and typically get kicked out by bouncers…that’s why I started tipping the bouncers when I entered bars, asking to be kicked out gently if need be…lol). I’ve been missing retail of late anyway (and yes, I can compete with the Big Boxes by offering a wider selection and I can match their prices no problem, and I have a very good relationship with the factory owner).

    3. This only applies to Western girls. You can find wife-quality women just by changing your search location.

    4. Just a thought, Mr Direct … I mainly chat online, but if you do date online, are these ‘desperate housewives’ bang-worthy?

      1. And the men they’re dealing with like the pyjama boys on here are like 2’s and 3’s

      2. Ronin Statistically there will be waaaay more 4’s and 5’s no matter where you are.
        That’s the middle of the looks bell curve.
        And just like you don’t approach the girl you’re not interested in at the club, the same goes for online dating.
        Just don’t email the 4’s & 5’s

    5. Everyone else says they send 10000 of requests and gets no responses at all and here you come with this fantastic new information that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
      It’s must really be because you so awsome.

    6. Spoken by a man rationalizing why he can’t get laid using the internet. If you could get laid from online game, you wouldn’t be hating on it. Plain and simple.
      This is classic woman-think. “If I can’t do it, then it must be someone else’s fault.”
      Sounds like you are looking for validation as to why you don’t do online game.
      That’s fine, but please don’t pollute ROK with this attention whoring.

      1. You’ve misread me, sir. I stated earlier On line dating does nothing for game. I didn’t say you couldn’t use it or you couldn’t get laid by it. on the contrary, its easy to get laid with online dating. I just said it does nothing for your growth in game. Its for padding stats.

        1. When I first started learning about game and doing my gazillion approaches I was bombing.
          That’s how it goes with learning anything new. I usually suck at the beginning. But I kept at it.
          In the mean time, I was doing online dating and going on a ton of dates. So by the time my cold approach skill started getting me dates, I was already really good at handling those dates because of online dating.
          I also dated some women that I would not have met otherwise:
          -Current NFL Cheerleader
          -Model on the TV Show Survivor
          -Hot nerd types that don’t go out much
          I’m not bragging, just saying there are quality women online.

    7. When I first started learning about game and doing my gazillion approaches I was bombing.
      That’s how it goes with learning anything new. I usually suck at the beginning. But I kept at it.
      In the mean time, I was doing online dating and going on a ton of dates. So by the time my cold approach skill started getting me dates, I was already really good at handling those dates because of online dating.
      I also dated some women that I would not have met otherwise:
      -Current NFL Cheerleader
      -Model on the TV Show Survivor
      -Hot nerd types that don’t go out much
      I’m not bragging, just saying there are quality women online.

      1. Still shooting fish in a barrel my friend. but good on you for dating and banging hot chicks!

  6. No, not insulting (definitely not my intent). I didn’t say don’t use them. I said they do nothing for game. It is always best to hunt. But dating sites can be used to pad stats.

    1. What do you think about using online dating it the way I mention in the response to your first comment?

      1. I can’t argue with your results. it would be stupid of me to do so and petty. Good job!!

  7. Um sorry, but no. Not after I’ve read the many, many delusional (but hilarious!) PoF profiles.

    1. I just don’t like this whole “if you aren’t online dating you are missing out” message all of these blogs are trying to get across.
      eDating doesn’t work for everyone. Learning game and approaching may.

      1. My mail-order bride was nonplussed when she met me in person, as compared to the male model pic I used in my profile.

    1. Shirtless pics work best, and there’s no rule you have to use your own pic. I’ve never put any picture of mine on an online dating site, and I have yet to be challenged about it.

        1. My original plan was to just “next” any woman who objected to the fact I look rather, um, different than my online profile pics.
          But it never happened. Maintain enough frame and the fact you’re a lying sack of shit just adds to your Dark Triad charm.

  8. Big Brothers/Big Sisters charity is counter productive. By volunteering as a Big Brother, all you end up doing is providing free babysitting services for a single mothers. If the single mother doesn’t like you teaching her fatherless son about masculinity and standing up for himself, she could very easily destroy your life by accusing you of child molestation. You’re supporting these criminals (single mothers) by volunteering to be a Big Brother

    1. I pick based on those who either have just a dad, or no parents at all and get bounced around between foster homes.

        1. Well, I got a “sneak peek” when my older brother and sister each did BB/BS.
          My big brother’s little is a kid who turned out to be a hopeless beta male. White mom, absentee black dad (… or at least that’s her story.) We still stay in touch. He gets his heart broken over and over by women who aren’t worth his time.
          My big sister’s littles turned into deranged skanks by age 14 or so, and their mother put them on birth control because “kids will be kids”. Eventually, my sister resigned out of disgust.

  9. I think online dating is a good addition to approaching in the real world. Nothing wrong with messaging a few girls after you come home from approaching

    1. I’ve met and bedded plenty of girls via online dating. If that is how you feel about online dating then you definitely need this sponsor’s services. Lmao.

        1. If I’m great at online dating, then why did I need online dating?
          Someone needs to take a Logic 101 class.

  10. I came across this girl’s dating profile. It said what you’d expect. “I value my friends, my family above all else. My dog is like my child…” Hiking pic, loves to watch movies (you don’t say??) etc. etc. Her profile picture had two girls in it, so I sent her a message.
    “There are two girls in this pic…you’re the one on the left.”
    “Yep yep! How’d you know?”
    “If you were the hotter girl on the right, you wouldn’t need a group shot. Figured you’d pretend to be her as long as you could get away with it.”
    With a “Fuck you” and a block, she was out of my life forever. Who knows? Maybe my comment inspired her to make 2014 a “new year for a new me!”

    1. Lol so true. When they put group photos, you can bet she’s the uglier one using her hotter looking friend to attract attention.

    2. It is telling that she sent you a “Fuck you” instead of just ignoring your reply…..which indicates a crazy bunny boiler aggressive personality to me…ie; the type of woman that will make your life a living hell.

  11. 150 dates!?!?!? Good Lord! I don’t want to go on 1 date! Sex without dating is my game goal.

  12. First off, paying for online dating is as stupid as it is wasteful.
    However, used properly, a free site like POF can be used to maximize conversation skills if you’re young and inexperienced, and also hammer out a handful of easy lays while you’re at it.
    I agree with other posters that online dating is not a complete replacement tool for game, but as an inexperienced lad years ago I used it to my advantage.
    Aside from all the free and easy sex (albeit most of the time with 5-7s. I had 2 8s out of a field of 20, and one 2 I accepted as a dare – 27 seconds, eyes shut, 6 drinks if you must know), the biggest point of learning you’ll get is a thorough lesson in female histrionic bullshitting. By the 10th girl, you’ll start noticing patterns no matter how much of a “nice guy” you used to be. Then the learning can begin with the rest of the game.

  13. Online dating has it’s place and
    it’s time…it’s a good radar system to see what the hunting grounds are like.
    It is a means to itself and not a means to an end. That said, what kind of
    moron spends money on a date doctor so that he can get 50 dates….50
    dates…woo hoo…you want 50 dates…lower your standards! Give me 5 dates
    with 5 women who aren’t chicken heads or fat fucks and who bring their own handcuffs.
    You want to get laid, develop yourself and take big risks like a real man.
    But if you are a nutless, gutless, spineless engineer then yeah hit the dating web pages like the true Beta you are!
    Can i get an Amen!

  14. Good luck chasing down those overweight, 30+ year old single mothers with 3+ kids. Wrap it tight =p.

    1. There’s a certain sick pleasure I derive from chasing these types and then rejecting them. It keeps my game strong.

  15. Thank you for sponsoring Return of Kings. If I was an active online dater, I would use your services solely for that reason.
    All the haters on online dating need to wake up. Its wintertime. This is prime season for an online fling. I’m in LA, so I still get to go out every weekend and find attractive girls. How does middle America meet girls in the winter? Half the country is 0deg right now!

    1. Joined POF for one month. Sent about 300 messages. Got about 2 replies. Zero dates.
      Oh, and Im not a bad looking guy either.
      Like I said, fake – scams – all of them.
      98% of those profiles are not even real.

      1. Where do you live? It matters.
        Also, try typing “gross” to 100 good looking women on POF, who you know are currently using the site. That’s it. Then come back and tell me that its fake. You can also tell me how much fun you had with it.

      2. If you don’t like POF, try Craigslist, Zoosk, OKC, or a zillion other sites out there.

      3. POF is the worst unless you’re in the southern U.S., (country towns) and a few places overseas.

  16. Want good advertising for your service? Why dont you offer it free to RoK readers and let us test it – then we can tell everyone how great it works.
    Doubt it would even get one reply, much less a real date.

    1. Sour grapes.
      He offers a money-back guarantee…that isn’t good enough? The man puts his money where his mouth is. Even if you hate his product, you have to respect that.

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