Why Rejection From A Hot Girl Isn’t Always The End

A lot of game content concerns itself with rejections and rejection-handling. The assumption behind most of it is that pick-up is a binary activity—that you either pull the girl or you are rejected and that there is nothing in between. Most of the time this is the case. However, there are sometimes occasions when a brush off can mean “not now” rather than “never.” If you are looking to take your seduction skills to the next level it is important to learn to recognise these scenarios and play them to your advantage through “long game.”

Girls Who Rejected Me That I Later Slept With

Disclaimer: I didn't actually sleep with Bar Rafaeli, but you get the idea

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually sleep with Bar Rafaeli, but you get the idea

When I think back through my game career, a number of girls come to mind who rejected me at first, only to have sex with me at a later date. I’ll relate a couple of these anecdotes now.

The first concerns a stripper called Kelly who I met out at a club. Having seen her before at this particular event and admired her all-but perfect body, I approached her and introduced myself. However, it turned out she was with another guy who was hovering nearby. After I’d chatted to her for a moment or so (she was perfectly friendly) this guy came over and told me in no uncertain terms to get lost. An argument ensued when I told him to mind his own business. Later, I saw the girl alone at the bar and chatted to her again. She told me politely but firmly to “have a good night.” I got the message and moved on to other targets.

A couple of weeks later, though, I saw Kelly again in another club. Undeterred by what had happened I approached her and chatted her up once more. This time she was more receptive. She was waiting for the guy but she had a little time—he wasn’t here yet. This time we ended up making out and she gave me her phone number.

This presaged a season of “long game” where I pinged Kelly on WhatsApp from time to time, sometimes receiving an encouraging reply, sometimes getting no response at all. I kept up the cocky-funny messages periodically, though, while enjoying other girls in the meantime. Eventually, Kelly came through, agreeing to my suggestion of drinks. We met up on a Thursday evening and had one cocktail before going back to my place for a night of sex.

Another example of this same phenomenon is an ex-LTR of mine, Becky. I first met Becky when she was a student based at a University near to me in London. I’d cold approached her in the street, she’d given me her number and we had gone on a couple of dates. She had not, however, been prepared to come back to my place or otherwise move things forward. Again, there was a period of ‘long game’ where I pinged her from occasionally and she would reply. Finally, she invited me out to a party with her friends, which I attended. Later that evening we ended up in bed for the first time. We proceeded to date for over two years.

How To Tell If She Likes You Despite Rejecting You


The lesson from these two stories is that not all rejections are equal. Of course, most of the time when as girl holds her hand up in your face when you approach her in the bar it’s a signal that she is not interested. However, there are other situations where a girl may turn you down ‘for now’, but would be willing to reconsider at a later date. The bad news is that it takes skill and experience to differentiate between the two. The good news is that it’s not rocket science, and if you can get her contact details then you will at least have a chance of reigniting things later.

The anecdote above concerning Kelly is the more recent of the two. By that time my social awareness was very highly tuned, so I could tell almost by a sixth sense that she was interested in me even as she turned me down. It was, I think, revealed most strongly in the gentle way in which she told me to ‘have a good night’ at the first club. While it was certainly a brush off, her tone of voice intimated on a barely discernible level that she was slightly regretful all the same. But although I tried to number-close her that night, to be honest it was sheer luck that I bumped into her again later at another venue.

With Becky—well, I knew she was at least attracted to me since we had made out several times. But that in itself was no guarantee that she would eventually part with her underwear for me. But given that there was at least a small glimmer of hope I stayed in contact with her on social media while pursuing other conquests elsewhere.

Always Be Playing “Long Game” With A Select Few Girls

The very last thing I want to accomplish with this article is to encourage guys who are engaged in lengthy, oneitus-fuelled attempts to pull “that one special girl.” That’s not what I’m getting at here at all. As I’ve made clear, in the vast majority of cases if a girl makes it known that she is not interested in you then she is not interested, and you should next her and move onto a more receptive prospect.

That said, if you have a near-miss with a girl who you feel might be interested were it not for circumstances (a boyfriend, exams, living in a different timezone or whatever) then by all means keep hitting her up on social media periodically and trying your luck. You have nothing to lose and it could very well pay off.

My top tip here is to ensure that your messages remain brief, humorous and sexualised. Don’t, whatever you do, fall into the trap of sending dull, vanilla missives about how she is doing, what’s happening with your job, etc. No. Your aim is to remain on her radar as a fun, exciting sexual option so that when the right window presents itself (she gets dumped by her boyfriend, she visits your city for a business trip) then you will be the one she reaches out for first.

Whatever you do though, make sure that your long-game is practised in the background and doesn’t get in the way of approaching fresh new prospects. Remember, the chances of a long-game prospect coming off are comparatively low, so keep filling your pipeline regardless. At the same time, if you sense that there is “unfinished business” between you and a girl you’ve met, it takes hardly any time to send her the odd flirty message, and you never know where things might lead.

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156 thoughts on “Why Rejection From A Hot Girl Isn’t Always The End”

  1. One thing, even if it is the end, and you never see her again, you tried, and that is respectable. Don’t get hung up on a single girl.

    1. Don’t get hung up period. The attitude will stick with you and women can spot it from a mile away.

      1. True, even after 14 years of marriage, I will still flirt with the waitress. I won’t cheat, but women thrive on competition.

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        2. you nasty little tart, not only are you selling your body, you are selling your soul as well.

        3. That’s the thing these young bucks take forever to learn. I know, I was one.
          DON’T CARE!
          Simple. Just stop caring about useless, drama filled interventions to save women from themselves. Even your wife.
          And above all….MAKE A DECISION!
          No one, least of all a hot woman you may want to spend the rest of your life impregnating, and telling her and her nagging to kick rocks, will appreciate an indecisive man.
          This guy here, the writer even if he doesn’t know it, is still trying really hard to impress women. Granted, it is only to sleep with them, but still he is investing much time, and energy, trying to rotate all these women in his life.
          A real long game approach in this context is built up over time with women who know you don’t care, but still stick around. That’s when you are not looking to marry. If you ever do. When you do marry, who wants an open relationship? I’ve seen those “HOT WOMEN” in open relationships. They are scraggy, scraggy, scraggy scrags. Never will I do that. Really attractive women tend to have a whole army of men for different purposes. Some for sex, some for “LTRs”, some for being used for dinners and gifts before going to the ones for sex.
          Claiming to not put women on a pedestal, but still bang a lot of them, is still pedestalizing women. Even though she is aware that she is never going to be “the one” she knows that you still desire her.
          I prefer the command and control version. Where they know that they can leave at anytime. They are not going to change me. Honestly, save for a few, I was never going to hit it more than a few times anyways.
          I could, and still can, totally go without a super hot chick. I will just find another. I am disillusioned about women. But I put up with NO delusions they may have, or anyone else for that matter.

    2. Many women like to keep some men “on deck”. Even married women. If something happens to their current interest/boyfriend/husband they usually have someone already picked out as a replacement. It’s a possibility that by keeping on the stripper chick’s radar that she eventually hit a rough spot with her current beu and decided to see if she could move on to something better.

    3. “One thing, even if it is the end, and you never see her again, you tried, and that is respectable. Don’t get hung up on a single girl.”
      I’ve said this before, that the top guys who are successful at bedding chicks get a fuckload of rejections – it’s simpy that nobody is around to see it – but it does happen.

      1. If smart can test the waters without directly flirting so to say, why give a random girl any power. Let her touch your arm, make a comment always sees you in a jacket, or babble in circles as if drunk. Let her wonder and probe. Then escalate at your leisure, every bit of eye contact every exchange of words will drive her nuts.

      2. My uncle is a very successful stock broker. He spends about 8 hours every day on the phone. I asked him how often he makes a sale. “Maybe one or two a week”, still he is persistent and has a multi-million portfolio.

  2. “There are sometimes occasions when a brush off can mean “not now” rather than “never.”
    Asian chicks do this all the time from my experience, whether of the homegrown or the 2nd generation western variety. It’s annoying of course, but they are generally so much more polite and forgiving of less-than-stellar game on a particular date and won’t automatically disqualify you.
    I’ve had more than a couple of these experiences ultimately convert into lays when I “thought” that I was done for by either getting the cheek or an outright “what the fuck are you doing?” kind of look.
    With most White women however, you’ll be toast. Especially among Australian or Kiwi women who seem to demand 100% Alpha Douchebag game every friggin’ time.

      1. yes, but they are in milan or paris having photos taken of them by professionals inbetween bouts of starvation, near cocaine overdose and power fucking

        1. speaking of near starvation models.
          During the summer I do tourist stuff – wake boarding, horse riding, etc…And I very much get physical -> throwing them around, teasing etc…
          Dude brings along 8 skinny young women…
          When I push the boat of the beach, I say
          “how much do you guys weigh?” – -just messing around.
          They snapped their heads around at me – and I realized -oh shit big problem…
          later I overheard them discussing their modelling managers chastising them about their weight…
          Seriously they were all stick insects.
          One time I am sympathetic to a women’s problem.

        2. I love my models….skinny insanity and all. Where do you do wake boarding local? I do surfing out in ditch plains but that is a bit of a trek.

        3. I take the train out (LIRR) with my surfboard. Always, always, always meet girls on the morning train.

      2. A size 4 in the us is a size 8in New Zealand. There are plenty sexy bitches over there.

        1. A lot of people are down on Australians and I have a lot of first hand evidence from this site, but I just find it hard to believe that a place with that much surfing won’t yield at least a fair number of hot, in shape surfer chicks ya know.

        2. Australian women are on average better looking than Americans. I have been both places

        3. that was always my feeling just based on the surfing if nothing else. I have only met a handful of aussies in my life. Most of them have been guys and they have all seemed really cool and the couple of girls I met in my travels have been 8 or better.

        4. I felt from the SJW invasions of Sweden, and Australia, that the women had devolved into man hating fatties…
          Just like USA – there are plenty of both – I suppose

        5. You can just look up average size/bmi and tell. Kiwis and Aussies have better bodies than girls in the states. You are correct.

        6. There’s always something somewhere, regardless of whether or not there’s lot of it.
          I think a good bit of men are either beaten down, quitters, narcissists, or some combination of the above.

        7. SJW also do the vegan/yoga thing. So they may think like a crazy feminist but will be active and have low calorie diets.

        8. averages are unfair, however, when talking about Americans. Places like Miami, LA, LV and NYC (otherwise known as the only places in the united states that the Kneeman would visit on a dare) would have a VERY different average to the rest of the country.

        9. No. you just use average bmi per square mile. Then you figure out where in Australia and where in the United States you should be.

        10. Quite frankly the best bodies in the pacific belong to the Japanese. Average bmi of 21. Australia is better than the us. But still are too big.

        11. Will that last white woman in america under 125 lbs. please turn out the lights and lock the door.

        12. Lacking? You just like jugz and ghetto booty. I’m fine with a firm b cup and a tight rear

        13. Yup. I had my first experiences with asian girls while at college in northern cal. The expression “You like this. Ok!” still brings me smiles. So agreeable.

    1. Don’t be so defeatist. Women change their minds every 5 minutes. Even Aussie and kiwis

    2. Asian women are much easier to please on dates. Compared to dating white women, it’s night and day. You can actually be yourself around them (within reason).
      I went out on a date last week with a Malaysian woman in her late 20’s (I’m 38) and it was a complete breeze. I didn’t get laid but I had a good time.

  3. I like the term long game Troy. I have been calling it “waiting game” but will switch over to yours. I have had similar experiences, one just recently. I met a woman at my friay night spot and she seemed like she was going to blow me right there at the bar. I had a girl I was meeting (I always get to a place 30 minutes early to have a drink and chat with people to warm up) and so I gave her my card (really hot bird) and then when my date showed up I introduced my date to her and then proceed to ignore the new one and focus on the date (pro tip…this always works, really confuses the fuck out of women).
    Anyway, a week later on Friday there she is again but this time with her guy. I am alone this time and she totally ignores me. I give her a little sneaky smile while she is talking to her guy and I am totally shot down. About an hour later she walks up to me and starts talking to me (her guy went to the bathroom) and told me she is sorry and didn’t want to seem rude but yadda yaddda yadda….so I told her that our timing seems bad and maybe the stars are aligned against us…” her response (and remember, this happened over two consecutive Fridays with zero talk between) “i don’t know, maybe we will both be here next Friday alone” That was last Friday.
    Long game, when done right, is actually the most effective because nothing shows simultaneous “i don’t give a fuck” and “i really want to fuck you” quite as well. If you are cool about it and just let days or week or weeks pass without even bothering she knows you have other options, but if you remember her and consistently put your normal effort in it will tingle her in the “i am wanted zone”
    Nice article and nice neologism Troy

    1. My wife was like that. She was one of the first girls I went on a date with after moving to college. (I had a good friend that we had a weekly double date planned on Fridays, usually lame activities like bowling, museums, etc. It is Mormon culture). The following Friday, I already had someone else booked, so I took the other girl.
      I run into my future wife at church, and she tells me she is busy the next week (whether this was true, I don’t know) this keeps on for quite awhile. Sometimes I take her out, sometimes someone else. A year of this, and at some church activity, she tells me she is leaving on a mission but she wants me to write. I decide to do the same. I spend two years in Ireland, she goes to Florida. We keep in touch by letter, but still I don’t know if there is any real attachment.
      Just prior to my coming home, I set up a date with this other girl by letter. Back in the college singles congregation, I notice my future wife and we make eye contact, but I completely blow her off. The following day, she corners me and asks if I wanted to take her out. Within a month, we were engaged.
      The cat and mouse thing is tough to wrap your head around, but they like it.

      1. it is funny, but the more things are different the more they are the same. You couldn’t possibly find a more different lifestyle to mine than Mormon communities, churches, missions, engagements etc but at the same time it is all the same thing. The way women’s brains work, the things they eat up, the things that men do…..no matter what, when done correctly it is all the same thing. It is a funny old world.
        I had an friend growing up who lived with his uncle Italo. The stories of Uncle Italo could fill an entire book. You want to talk about red pill wisdom, find a drunken off the boat Sicilian mason. He said to my friend and I when we were kids….”yo boyz allayz re’memer……alllll women iz slut” I think what Uncle Italo was trying to get at in his own blue rough sort of way is that in the end, cultural, economic, religious and even racial differences don’t matter…what works works….

        1. now I am going down memory lane with uncle italo thoughts. Here is a classic one. Uncle Italo used to walk us to the elevated platform of the subway to wait for the train. Back then you could smoke on the platforms, indoors or outdoors, but not if Italo was around. He hated smokers. Some woman was smoking near us and he turns in his super heavy almost comical Sicilian accent “I DONE WANEEEETTTT I DONE NEEDEEET…..I done wanno secon han smoke from no secon han beetch”

        2. I think my grandpa was big in teaching me red pill wisdom. He was a horrible tease with various girls. He never cheated, but he was always making some comment. My grandma would roll her eyes or make some comment at him. Still even in his 80’s, he would bring her flowers or take her out. Life is short, make it fun.

        3. Goddamn, lolknee, you have cool uncles. My uncle told me, with a straight face, “Happy wife, happy life.” Then he just went about his business serving his wife, my aunt (who is very nice, btw, but totally helpless).
          My other uncle suffers from depression. That’s it for my uncles.

        4. It could be the certain age. Most that went through the 60’s got the beta man ideology beaten into them. My dad is the same way.

    2. The beam of light that shines upon their face when they are so happy to see you again… you can spot it a mile away. I guarantee you that sneaky smile jump started the tingle generator.

      1. this is true. I have been told by several that I have a “devils smile”
        One girl told me not to long ago that when she was introduced to me (I was best man in a wedding and she was maid of honor) that as soon as I smiled she knew not only that she was going to fuck me but that she would eventually regret it. I took that as a great compliment.

        1. Smiling, even forced, really changes the world around you. Ending simple daily conversations with one completely redirects an interaction into a positive experience with the recipient.

        2. this is true. I know it sounds dumb, but men should always have a good, natural smile. If it doesn’t come to a man naturally he should practice it.

        3. Yep. As a generally morose, introverted man, it took a good bit of practice. Still working on being photogenic

        4. It isn’t easy. I am have a good natural smile…kind of like a boy who just got caught stealing candy but the person who caught him was grandma and not mom so he knows he isn’t going to get in trouble……(like the greeks say gnothi seauton)….but I have practiced hard making sure I can give it on command when I need it.

        5. There are two types of smiles, the happy clown smile, which is great when you just want to be a goof. Then there is the shit eating grin, which tells her (or whoever else) that the cogs are turning.

    3. Thanks man! I can’t actually claim copyright for the term ‘long game’ – someone else coined it although I forget who.
      I think a few have missed the nuance here. I’m not talking about begging or orbiting, simply being on the radar for when the next fuck eclipse happens. I wouldn’t play long game with every girl, only those very hot and with whom I sense there is unfinished business.

  4. Yup. Most often no doesn’t mean no. It just means no right now. It could be hours, days, weeks or months. Use the back burner.

  5. Its not rejection if a stripper tells you she already has a boyfriend. She’s being honest they all have multiple boyfriends. The correct response to that is: really… how many…do you want another one?

    1. The term ‘boyfriend’ when used by a stripper refers to the guy giving her more resources than any of the (many) other guys she is currently screwing.

    2. One of my best friends I used to run with back in Atlanta had the best stripper game I’d ever seen. We had to avoid certain clubs on certain nights because his exes were working. There is a lot of skill and patience required when dealing with strippers (unless you’re providing them coke, then you’re in).

      1. Strippers are much easier to deal with when they aren’t at the club. I can swim upstream but why?

        1. This is very true. I was talking more about pulling them in the club, but yes, this is swimming upstream. She’s there to make money, not to fuck customers (unless they’re paying, of course). Outside the club, they’re actually quite easy.

  6. I am so out of practice in something I was never expert at…
    however, 35 years of imperfect practice has made me a happy boy – -at times…
    The plethora of pick up advice is amazing for you younger guys…
    Don’t know how I got laid without it…
    In any case spoke to two perfects in the last 2 days, and blew my self up in shock that they were very sweet and plate-eyed.
    One was 6′ skinny Slavic 10 walking towards me.
    And today was tiny, sexy at Starbucks– but on her way to college( this is what shocked me – too young and confused why is she still interested –started stuttering)
    these two are most likely not repeats as the article suggest, however, I was very fast and moving just flirting a bit.
    “messages remain brief, humorous and sexualised.”
    I am more happy go lucky, talking to plenty of them during the day.
    Such abundance around here…
    When I was younger and handsomer there were many that left their boyfriends to visit…AWALT

    1. it is a lovely city is it not. I think that people outside the city think starbucks and think fat cows calling milkshakes coffee…but it really is an inexhaustible source of hot women to be day gamed here is it not?

      1. My (ex) girlfriend yelled at me for being a hypocrite.
        I used to mock people standing in line at Starbucks…
        But, I’m not there for the coffee!
        Actually I am addicted to the “Flat White”

        1. I like the cold brew black. Not great, not terrible. But there is one near where I live now that I love in the summer. It is 2 blocks west of park, 6 blocks east of another park, there is an equinox gym around one corner, a uni wax cunt waxing place and a yoga studio on one side and a nail salon and one of those boot camp training joints on the other. There is an outdoor courtyard flush with wifi and comfortable seating and they give free refills on iced coffee. How can anyone seriously put that down?

        2. not sure that a starbucks near an equinox in nyc counts as doxing you are probably right.

        3. btw how are you feeling about the Nespresso joints that are popping up?

  7. Similar incident regarding aggressive orbiters. Not long ago in the club, I approached this gorgeous bombshell who for sure had already been approached by her fair share of “Can I buy you a drink?” providers, when only a few lines in this chubster butts in and tells me “I was here first pal.” (I’m not kidding, he actually said that).
    I wait until she blows him off again, rather politely and not registering as a rejection in his beta mind, and she starts reciprocating by dancing with me on the floor. Her thirsty orbiter, obviously not pleased that I decided not to follow his orders, slugs me from behind, knocks me to the floor, and does his best to pummel me while simultaneously batting away a chaotic dance floor of drunks and oncoming security. The bouncers toss us both out the door, because I was fighting back and they had no idea who the aggressor was, and this slob calls me out in the parking lot. He rips his shirt off to intimidate me with his chiseled Seth Rogen like physique, and at this point it’s obvious he’s had one too many. The bouncers return and tell him to get lost, in which he responds by taking a swing at the guard twice his size. They tackle his ass, and I exit the scene with only a scuff on my shoe.
    Only the day after, I see this girl again at a nearby bar, in which she approaches me and asks about what happened. Apparently I set off quite the impression by not giving the guy the time of day. I got a number and a few days worth of rather romantic texting, but nothing ever evolved after that. Luckily, this is the worst I’ve ever had when it comes to cockblocks.

    1. between “I was here first”
      “….his chiseled Seth Rogen like physique”
      – The funniest shit I’ve heard today.

  8. If you want to sleep with hot women work security at an upscale bar or music venue. Bagging them, for average men, is not a matter of looks but of time and place.

    1. Bar tending is another good one (pretty much the same). With the hours you work, your schedule matches with theirs, plus it’s easy to get them out to an after hours club or bar. “Tonight’s sucked. Let’s grab a drink after work.” Shit, when I bar tended, going out afterwards was expected.

      1. I knew a sleezy type of guy that was always trying to hit on any chic in sight. He was brilliant though. He wanted to be able to have more access to women, so he took a job selling women’s shoes at a mall. LOL. True story. And he hooked up with quite few women that way, had some good stories.

  9. back when I was bar-tending on the Upper East Side – “hottest saloon area in the world young Flannigan”
    Plenty of stories from me, and everyone I knew.
    One night a pretty, and sweet little young thing was dancing on the bar and flirting with me…getting hotter and hotter – -was going to be the nights take-home, for sure.
    But her boyfriend came along and dragged her out. he was far more handsome, wealthy, and educated than me…
    But, she just came back the next night to visit…
    Once they get an idea in their head they will Shawshank out to you…
    or from you.

      1. they will swim thru a mile of sewer pipe to get to you.
        So when they say: “I’m washing my hair” – -they aren’t interested (tonight)

        1. yep. I have an immediate punch out maverick position wrt the moment I feel they aren’t interested. If a girl cancels plans on me one time, I don’t care if it is because her mother died, that is the last she will hear from me. I am not looking to waste their time and, infinitely more importantly, my time.

        2. I witnessed a friend when we were kids get the “I’m washing my hair” treatment. to his credit, he pushed his luck and asks “well what about Saturday?”
          And she says, without hesitation: “I’m drying it.”
          Such is youth.

        3. What are you doing Saturday night?
          Committing suicide
          What about Friday night?

        4. Eh. Sometimes girls are unsure. When they find out how much fun you had without them next time they will blow you or bring a friend who will blow you.

        5. if they come scampering back then I will let them back in and be in an already had position of power assuming that they compensate for former disinterest or unsureness by going over the top being willing to do anything. I walk away from any infraction. I have literally stood up during dinner, taken out money, left it on the table because of bad table manners or rude behavior. I have taken abundance mentality nuclear my friend.

    1. I love the UES for bars btw. It isn’t the same as downtown….but I like the differences. For instance, all those Russian (I just call all eastern Europeans Russian. I don’t have patience to learn their fucking soccer teams) models who are skanking it up in Chelsea live in Yorkville (usually 3-5 to an apartment) because modeling pays shit. A lot of them will go out to the high end restaurants or the bars in the hotel triangle on Madison avenue, buy one 25 dollar drink and sip it slowly until someone with money offers to buy them their next round. Other than them you get the upwardly mobile corporate fuckers…25 year olds with an MBA from some school or another who are trying to network with men in corporate world, you get your socialites (and I do enjoy clubbable women), you get wealthy tourists and the bored children of old money. Of course this is spotted with cougars, straight up old broads, bored housewives etc etc etc but I like it for fertile hunting grounds.

      1. “buy one 25 dollar drink and sip it slowly until someone with money offers to buy them their next round”
        That’s exactly what happens at the Sheraton Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

        1. It is pretty much what happens in every high end joint I go to. I don’t mind either. If the girl is pleasant, hot, well dressed and going to fuck me and if the price of admission is being charming and paying for drinks I’m in.

        2. yes, this is what I have heard. If you show up to Moscow, have a friend who knows everybody and don’t look at the bill when you hand over your amex it is a great place to be

      2. “models who are skanking it up in Chelsea live in Yorkville (usually 3-5 to an apartment) ”
        I like day game — too old to wait around for 4AM action…maybe good idea to wonder around at 2Pm when they come down for breakfast

        1. Hahaha “breakfast”
          I like day game too. I haven’t done Chelsea since I was a young buck. Maybe I should give it a shot

  10. Watch out for the women who feign interest to stoke her ego. These are the ones who will keep you on the back-burner until they need a favor. Don’t fall for it.

    1. It really doesnt matter if that happens because theres an easy way around it. As soon as she asks you to start doing shit for her you either quit responding or just tell her no. If she doesnt like it she can fuck off. Never do favors for women you havent fucked.

      1. The more guys view sex as the be all and end all of things, and the woman senses it, the more she will hold it back. Guys need to focus less directly on the subject (that is working on it without been too obvious). Men should emphasize more on improving themselves, and that by default will make them more attractive to women without the need to jump through to hoops.

      1. Americunts have the memories of gold fish. They can barely remember anything about the guy they gave a BJ to in the club bathroom last weekend.

        1. You are confusing memory with attention span. They can remember, but most do indeed have raging ADD

      1. I do, just not for long periods of time. Ball goes in their court, if they don’t show sufficient interest then it’s block, delete, and next.

        1. why block and delete? Just make a note and move on. As long as you don’t let her friendzone you, there is nothing wrong with keeping her in your black book.

        2. Be the change. I try to make them accountable for their behavior. Maybe petty, and probably only hurts my own notch count, but I firmly believe weak men fuel the feminazi revolution. If there were consequences for Americunt behavior, it would change. As it stands there isn’t so they have no reason to change.

        3. What?
          Weak men are those who date/marry sluts, not those who fuck sluts. What enables sluts is subsidies via government/marriage…. keeping a sluts contact information is not encouraging slutty behavior, it is simply taking advantage of slutty behavior.

        4. Not necessarily “weak” on it’s own. I think attention is the ultimate currency for Americunts and should be doled out at appropriate levels. I don’t believe it is and therefore, promotes much of the Americunt behavior we hate. Government programs/marriage is another form of attention for women.

    1. you don’t really need patience. The trick is to always have a couple in long came, 3 or 4, at all times. If one goes from long game to actionable fuck, add another long game. If you are at it long enough you will get the handle of the timing and pretty much constantly be in the act of having new pussy show up. Between your ONS, your plates that you spin regularly and long terms that pop in and out you are basically turning down pussy.

      1. I don’t doubt it’s a weakness in my game. I just can’t bring myself to provide long-term attention to biddies unless it’s convenient to do so. I could see it if they fell into my normal social circle. But as it stands now, I’ve only recently moved back to the US and don’t have many connections yet.

        1. that is fair enough. I guess it also depends on habits. I am a huge creature of habit. I go to the same places at the same times every single weekend. This means, very often, I see a lot of the same people. So for me long term game can be some flirtation and that’s it. Not even a number switch. Always keep up the charm. Escalate. Emasculate her hipster date just a little bit. Maybe send her over a drink one night. Maybe ignore another. Sooner or later she will just fuck you. Now if you do this for years and years there is pretty much just a steady conveyer belt. The best is when some white knight tries to tell them that you are a player or trouble…I shit you not I have, without breaking down and laughing, been told that “the bartender said I should watch out for you because you are trouble” and, really, kid you not….I have said “trouble is my middle name” When I left with the girl I left the bartender a 50 dollar tip and gave him a little friendly slap on the cheek Sinatra style and said “thanks for the help bud” and told the manager via text that I didn’t want him as a bartender anymore because he has a big mouth…..never saw him again.

        2. I see what you’re saying. It’s good advice and certainly something I develop once I get into more of a routine. Right now I work irregular hours and have no schedule.

        3. Him telling the girls you are trouble is good. It makes them interested and they want to see what all this trouble is about. It’s like going to a party and being told that Becky is a slut. Um… guess who Is going to try and bang Becky because of the heads up?
          He gave you a layup and you punished him by having him fired? 😂

        4. Yup. People White knights have been warning chicks to stay away from me since high school and without fail it has always helped. One day I’ll write a song about it

        5. Wait that wasn’t white knighting though. Unless it was done with a malicious intent to cock block you. Sounds like he was social proofing you and doing you a solid, no? Literally bringing pussy to you.

        6. It certainly was done maliciously by a little fag who had seen me leaving with different women and who thought he could be mr nice guy. That’s why I had him fired

        7. I see. Well in that case it makes sense.
          Speaking of writing songs about it… never mind. I already know the answer.

  11. A woman has every right to reject me. But if you go back begging then you’re a desperate fool. And what’s worse, you’re boosting the already over inflated sense of entitlement that these women have. Get a grip.

      1. I agree – don’t go begging but keep it qucik and playful and open for another opportunity.
        I never text twice. However, I am new to it and still calibrating.
        Met a fitness model type on the beach, a few times, then got her number .
        When I texted her — no response.
        It was 14 months later – but fuck her

        1. Yup. I think too many guys miss nuance. “No means no is feminist bullshit, but dudes internalize the indoctrination.
          In actually it’s “No”one day. And then 6 months later my dick is in her ass.
          And flirting is not begging.

  12. “I don’t always get rejected by vaginas, but when I do – I fuck their friends, or their sisters, or their moms…”

  13. “Your aim is to remain on her radar as a fun, exciting sexual option so that when”:
    She’s bored and has literally nothing else to do,
    She’s between her preferred choice in men,
    She’s been dumped by a guy she really liked,
    She wants an ego boost,
    She missed the last train and needs a place to crash for the night,
    She’ll text you.
    Guys, don’t be that guy. To the writer this may seem like an alpha strategy but I can guarantee you, for the vast majority of women, it’s not seen as desirable.

  14. I’m definitely not a good player, but I came to the conclusion, after many years and many failures (and a few successes) that life is short, so whenever it does not work on a first attempt, I simply say “Next!” and I keep moving forward.

  15. Not worth my time. Why would you want to go after a woman that already told you NO the first time? Dating is a numbers game and if a handful aren’t interested its ok, that will keep you on your toes to fine tune things on your end. All in all, it is always better to go after those that demonstrate the highest interest from the get-go. You don’t want a woman that is on the fence deciding your worthiness.

  16. Would you feel anxious/embarrassed/angry/nervous when you ask a 5 year old girl
    for candy and she refused? or she calls you names.
    So why should rejection phase you?
    It’s just another cold call sales.

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  18. Or, sometimes you realize, well after the rejection, that the girl may not have been such a good choice after all.

  19. Even the top guys who are successful at bedding chicks get a fuckload of rejections – it’s simpy that nobody is around to see it – but it does happen.
    And one could argue that each rejection means one less opportunity you’ll contract the herp.

  20. “Disclaimer: I didn’t actually sleep with Bar Rafaeli, ”
    I believe you Troy 🙂
    One thing about rejection is that with the quality of beauty in American females drastically falling wayside, 90% of the time a dude who gets rejected is NOT getting rejected by a supermodel looking chick. Most of the time he is getting rejected by the snouts and entrails:
    And let’s face it: rejection from one of these garbage females is much easier to deal with.

    1. I discovered the Bye Felipe website… it posts rejection texts by women, clearly some dudes snap at it (you don’t want that) but also shows the diva mentality these entitled trashy brats. (Obviously they get triggered when they’re called out on fattty-ness and bitchiness) instagram com /byefelipe

  21. Lulz stripper wasn’t giving play then saw her drunk at some other club. Fuck that shit and long ” game ” too. Why get flattered when a girl basically picks other men over you, then in time hops on the backup cock. All or nothing here and now. Next time see me will be with a better girl, your loss girly girl.
    Anyhow a trash ass stripper should be aggressively approaching you outside a club enviroment…even buying you gifts and dinner with her long game stupidity.

  22. Sometimes you have to look at what you did accomplish instead of what you didn’t. For instance, a girl out of you league even gave you the time of day, or even agreed to go on 1 date with you even if you didn’t get a second. Consider these small victories instead of defeats

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