Are Long Distance Relationships Possible?

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Long-distance relationships are a common phenomenon today. Firstly, this is due to the popularity of online dating websites and apps that people use to find their potential partners. There are some happy remote daters who met online and have been keeping their relationship for several years. But if they have never met offline, it can be hardly called a real relationship, rather platonic love or friendship.

Sooner or later, an online relationship goes offline (if partners really want to be together). Secondly, this is due to the mobility of today’s world. A new job or promising internship in another city or country makes couples deal with a long separation. These couples used to live under the same roof or at least, date regularly but now they are miles away. Keeping a long-distance relationship is a real challenge for partners. Lovers get 80% of information non-verbally. To put it another way, words are not as important as physical presence. There is an adage that only a real love can stand the test of a long-distance relationship. Separation makes true feelings even stronger and kills the weak ones. Anyway, if you believe that you can make your relationship work being geographically separated, here are some tips prepared by Russian Women from to help you.

1. Communicate as often as possible


Thanks to the technology, it’s not a problem to stay always connected. Phones, social media, chats, Skype – you can use all of them. Don’t be afraid to overdo it. While in real life it’s considered too much if a guy texts his woman from his office in the morning, chats with her online during lunch, and calls her on his way home, this is what a long-distance couple should do. You should stay the closest and the dearest people no matter how far away you’re from one another. And don’t even think to complain about the international calling rates.

2. Do something together

Funny couple laughing with a white perfect smile and looking each other outdoors with unfocused background

Since you can’t be physically near your partner, you can create an illusion of presence. For example, call your loved one while cycling in the park and comment on everything you see around you. Ask her to help you choose a new tie sending her photos from the fitting room. You can even set up an online cinema: start watching one and the same movie and comment on it via Skype. It may sound weird but you should do your best to create the effect of presence.

3. Learn to deal with misunderstandings

For many people, indirect communication (not face-to-face one) is hard because they need to see their interlocutor’s reactions to their words. Since a great part of your interaction will be in writing, you should be more cautious with words. Women tend to look for the subtext and hidden meanings in the text even if there isn’t any of that. If your significant other misinterprets your words and gets offended, don’t blame her for being a hysterical woman. She misunderstood you because you were unclear. Just accept it. How can you avoid those conflicts? First of all, make use of emoticons (don’t think it’s lame). Secondly, watch for any suspicious signs in her behavior: if she gets caustic or ignores your messages, call her immediately and ask what you did wrong. And thirdly, double check your message before clicking the “Send” button.

4. Surprise her

Repackaging 4 - Gift-wrapped package

It’s important to keep romance alive being away from each other. Your woman should feel your care and attention. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to order the flower delivery in her city. She’ll be pleasantly surprised and touched when she finds a bunch of flowers in her office. It’s important to give positive emotions no matter how far you’re. You can also send her a gift. If she mentioned that cute dress she saw in a magazine and you got the hint, buy it and have it delivered to her.

5. Plan your visit

Staying connected 24/7 is great but there is no substitute for a face-to-face communication. Grab every opportunity to visit your loved one. If suddenly you get two days off, go to your woman or agree to meet on a “neutral” territory. Your meetings will recharge your relationship. They are necessary to keep your passion alive. If you feel you can do without real-life visits, it seems that you’re failing the test.

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157 thoughts on “Are Long Distance Relationships Possible?”

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  1. Well, at least it was acknowledged that this was a sponsored post. Do what you gotta do to pay the bills.

    1. The nice thing about Sponsored Posts, and I’m sure that somebody approaching Roosh for sponsorship has to know this, if he reads the site, is that these threads are for jokin’ and smokin’. And occasionally, very occasionally, some good advice or product will appear.

  2. Sure it is possible, but it is also risky, and a pain. Why would you want to invest so much into an image on skype? If you are already engaged, fine. Otherwise, keep your options open.

    1. Be prepared for it to fail. Because, odds are good, it will.
      I’m keeping mine functional with my travel budget and relatively location-independent work, but as you noted I’m engaged and we’re working out how to get back together on a permanent basis. Take it from a “good” LDR member – it’s nowhere near as good or as easy as being together on a permanent basis.

      1. Been there. Done that. Watched the ship get capsized. Can’t warn people enough against doing it. Or at the least, employ some way to drain the pipes. If there is anything I regret about long distance it was the idea of staying faithful. Engaged or not.

        1. I live in both fear and acceptance of the potential failure. It’s actually been great for my Game – every time I go back, I have to be at top form or I know it’ll end.
          And I’ve got my eyes open at all times. When it ends (hopefully “if”, but pessimism breeds preparation), opportunities will be there.

        2. I agree. It isn’t easy to find a partner you like, so I don’t toss the idea out entirely. Just have an understanding that long distance is the most business like dating you can apply as it is only a slight return on emotional investment but a detriment on physical investment. Not cheating enough was my only regret. Good luck.

        3. I tried it once long ago and it failed, but not after wasting a lot of time. Biggest regret was for passing up oppotunities with other women.

      2. While engaged, my now wife worked over a summer while I was in college. We chatted on the phone and I visited often, but there was a strain.

        1. The strain is real. I do not encourage it.
          But it can work, as I assume you demonstrate. It just HAS to be temporary, with real expectation of getting back together before you grow too far apart.
          (Kids going to college, this route is never for you. Ever. Break up over the summer.)

        2. I did a 2 year mission, I was amazed at how many 19 year old kids dated and then got the “Dear John” letter not three months out. Not 10% were able to go home to their girlfriend. And even that, I doubt 1/10 of those ended up marrying.

        3. Plus in your time, wasn’t it like a physical effort to get the dial on the phone to run around and back that many times? Heh.

        4. Same experience in the Army. Lots came in with “girlfriends” and “fiancees”, but only a few left with anything other than regret and a pained heart when it came to the girls back home. We had a name for the dude that takes your woman once you hit basic, his name is Jody. And he is one sly, slick little motherfucker.

        5. Third week of basic training the John letters hit. The only time my senior DI spoke to us like human beings was the second day when he said, “forget your girl back home. She is fucking your best friend as we speak. Yeah yours too. All of them. Besides even if she really did care about you, she can’t help you here.”
          He was dead right.

        6. sounds like about the same timetable, even with the “good” girls who wait for marriage for sex. It just takes a little longer to get engaged than to put out. AWALT

        7. Ain’t no use in looking down, there ain’t no discharge on the ground.
          Ain’t no use in looking back, Jody’s got your Cadillac.
          Ain’t no use in feeling blue, Jody’s got your lady, too.

    2. If you really want to do it you must invest in an engagement ring and make it real….(that and perhaps a spycam in her bedroom) – if you’re gonna waste money and time on something that’s far away, do what you can to put a lock on it….

      1. If you have to put a spycam on her, then maybe consider *not* getting the ring and instead going out and buying a nice new motorcycle or car or nice rifle and enjoying life without her.

        1. I agree with GoJ. Spend a few bucks on the spycam and then you’ll never have to flush the big bucks on the rock down the toilet.

  3. LDR’s are temporary arrangements. They work great, but only so long as both parties are invested in keeping together.
    That time frame can be reset with frequent visits, but it doesn’t last long.

      1. To rely soley on nature to justify virtue won’t get you far. Self aware sentient beings, such as we are, crafted ways around our baser impulses. Unfortunately, thanks to Karl Marx and then all of his followers, up to and including feminists, this has all been flushed down the commode of l’histoire.

        1. I’m actually not a heathen, but I tell you, religious girls are too prudish and high maintenance. Sure, I’d love to find a girl that I could “court” rather than either bang now or forever hold your “piece”, but they just dont make em like they used to. And as a recovering catholic, I’m done with organized religion.
          However I do strive to live up to Christ The Teacher, and I often am the only one who will tell it like it is and be a righteous dickhead when whatever needs to be said or done calls for someone to rise to the challenge.

        2. I like to remind people of the story of Christ going and smashing the shit out of the solicitors at the temple, as an example that most of the time the reason evil is allowed to fester is because good men stand by idly and dont want to make waves or be the dick or whatever. Fuck that. I know my power for good and I’m going to exercise it.

        3. The Hippy Jesus sold to us since the 1960’s is a fabrication out of whole cloth. The dude meant business and told us he was coming back as a lion (warrior). And last check, the Crusaders were freaking badasses who didn’t apologize for defending the faith with martial might.

        4. Yup,
          15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
          16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. – Revelations 3:15-16
          So many people think that saying a few prayers and going to church on Christmas and Easter only will save them. I think they will be in for rude awakening when they find their lamps have not been prepared and the door is shut.
          If you believe in Christ, doesn’t that include believing in his teachings?

        5. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” – Jesus
          “Faith without works is dead.” – James, the brother of Jesus
          “Be ready, in season and out of season” – Paul
          “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto
          whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within
          full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” – Jesus

        6. “If you believe in Christ, doesn’t that include believing in his teachings”
          I hear what you are saying, Jim – but I still swear at times (use the Lord’s name in vain) though I do not kill – yet acotding to the boble all sin is equally bad – so someone who white lies is equally bad as Adolf Hitler.

        7. Like a friend used to say…
          ,,If you can’t do it right, then you can take it to the poubelle.”
          True story.

        8. granted, we all sin and fall short. The big thing is what direction are we pointed? Are we intentional in trying to improve our lives? I see someone like that Iron Man guy who was a serious drug addict and turned his life around, then I look at someone who is coasting along and just living life. I would prefer to be the guy that is working to improve, even if they have more problems.
          There is a story in the Bible where some Pharisee entertains Jesus. This woman comes in and kisses Jesus’s feet and uses her hair to clean his feet. The Pharisee asks Jesus why he would let her do this, being a sinner. He says something like “we are all sinners, but she anoints my feet”.
          Christ paid the price for our sins, our repayment to him is a “broken heart and a contrite spirit”.

        9. “I see someone like that Iron Man guy who was a serious drug addict and turned his life around, then”
          You mean the actor Robert Downey jr? I hear you – i admire that he turned himself around assuming he didn’t have to blow a goat at some hollywood satanic ritual – seriously. Roosh did an article a while back on the supposed demonic shit that goes on when casting time comes.

        10. The whole Hollyweird satanic rituals is still speculation. But if it is true then that means that every A-list star had to do something horribly demeaning to get casted in a major role:

          Does The Hollywood Elite Use Rituals And Sexual Blackmail To Keep Its Stars In Line?

          For the same reason you mentioned, I’m a fan of Robert Downey Jr. and I hope that his casting in Iron Man was not a result of being fucked in the ass by queen Latifa at some Hollywood initiation “get together”.

        11. No doubt hollywood actors prostitute themselves to land the roles. It is no coincidence that you cannot find a moral actor anywhere except in independent films.

  4. I dated this one chic for about 2-3 weeks, total siren, found out she was still with her “abusive” regular LTR boyfriend, and I later found out she also had simultaneously hooked up with my cousin’s boyfriend, and this was all within about 6 blocks radius. Then she moved 2000 miles away and the dude still thought he was seeing her..if she can’t be loyal down the street she aint gonna be loyal across the continent! LDRs are a joke. Woe unto him who engages in a LDR.

    1. The “abusive ex-boyfriend” routine is a favorite game of women. It’s extremely useful since it both attracts sympathy from orbiters and prevents the current boyfriend from comparing notes with the “ex”.

    2. “..if she can’t be loyal down the street she aint gonna be loyal across the continent! LDRs are a joke. ”
      Quoted For Truth.

    3. Preach it. I had a friend who dated a girl that lived a few states away from him, he kept making excuses for her still keeping in touch with her ex(in person), and then he was cucked.

  5. It could work, but the sacrifices aren’t worth it. The time, the cost, the stress, the effort. And you basically have to assume she will unfaithful, especially in today’s world.
    Really, why bother? There just is no upside to it in our current culture.

    1. “And you basically have to assume she will be unfaithful, especially in today’s world.”

      1. one of my favorite bluesmen, elmore james, sung about this with regard to women who had their men off in the war in his song Walking Cane
        Your husband went to the war
        baby I know it was rough
        I don’t know how many mens he killed
        but I know he done killed enough
        so look on yonder wall
        and hand me back my walking cane
        I got me another woman
        and yonder comes your man

        1. I am not an expert, but I know what I like. Elmore does it for me every time.

        2. From that era, I like Big Joe Turner and Fats Domino as well. After years of listening to nothing but what is on the classic rock stations, I am trying to expand my knowledge.

        3. I really like Bug Bill Bronzy and Bljnd Lemon Jefferson. T bone walker is particularly awesome and Sonny Boy Williams is my go to for fornication sound tracks

        4. There is so much out there between 1920 and today, I don’t know anyone can scratch the surface in their lifetime.

        5. I’ve been a singer for a long time, so I have likely listened to more songs in my short time than most do in their entire lives.
          And I’ve still not gotten all the way through the top-100 charts for classic rock alone.

        6. One thing I have learned is Rock and Roll didn’t start in 1955 like is portrayed in “Back to the Future” there was some pretty rocking and rank stuff out there clear back into the 1910’s, although sound quality is horrible.

        7. Then we’ve got the rock that came out of Motown, the rock present in the Jazz scene, metal of many strains, acid rock, pop-now-called-rock, rock-now-called-pop…
          And this is all in the “rock” genre alone. I filter only for the most popular hits over the ages, and I’m still overwhelmed.
          What a wonderful time to be alive – I can listen to all these things on demand thanks to a magic screen that lives in my pocket.

        8. and what the hell is this new form of country/hip hop conglomeration? Merle Haggard must be rolling over in his grave.

        9. Abomination is more the word. They keep some of the trappings of country without any of the meaning and depth that defined the genre.
          Speaking of trappings without substance, Christian rock. It’s a place for inadequate musicians to write blue pill, anti-Christian drivel and make bank.

        10. Maybe I missing something but it sounds like a happy story…
          Ok just as I finished typing that i think I realized the message. The woman he’s talking to and hands him back his cane, is his new woman, but yonder comes his man who was at war.

        11. Right the song is about all the women who had husbands and boyfriends off at the war that he was banging and how now that the men are coming home he is done with them

      2. not if She started and wanted the relationship
        Really, I have to say. If a man is a good f#cker, and has also good future perspective… Then the women start to CHase him.
        Unfaithfulnes? Not if the woman has to be afraid to lose the man at FIRST because he could have have all these other options.
        I mean, still this can always happen. But if you are an intersting and confident man and still value this kind of relationship with this special woman, and stay true to her, then she does the same for SURE.

  6. long distance relationships only possible with kratom as kratom will make your dick grow the exact number of miles it will take to bang out your girl

      1. Oh no, kratom operates on a whole different level than the chemical stuff. Just the other day I freebased some kratom and every girl I have ever fucked in my life simultaneously had a squirting orgasm.

        1. Really? I am a chick….what is your number? Oh wait, first I need to find out what you do a living.

        2. nah. The kratom ads were pretty funny about how great it was. The only good thing to come from kratom is the jokes. But the jokes are GOLD

        3. All of the jokes have merit.
          The actual substance on the other hand, I have no idea. I’ve heard mixed results, some glowing positive and some “Eh, why did I do this again”.

        4. It’s a mild stimulant of which some strains help reduce anxiety. You can usually expect a mild improvement to focus, which is often enough to get a project done. Taken as a leaf or a tea, it’s among the most disgusting things I’ve ever had in my mouth.
          It’s best use is as a viable alternative to freebasing coffee and taking Adderall. Apparently it’s also useful for getting off heroin, for some reason.
          But, here, it makes the impossible possible. RoKratom is superior to the real stuff.

        5. Really, I think a solid workout program and proper diet is more effective than anything. That, and stay away from porn.

        6. The ECA stack (ephedrine, coffee, baby aspirin) makes a better stimulant.
          L-Theanine and meditation makes better focus.
          Diet and lifting makes a better you.

        7. As to porn, one of you illustrious pseudonyms (my gut says GoJ) gave me the best line (paraphrased to fit my personality):
          Watcing sports is like watching porn. It’s amusing, but I’d much rather be the guy on the screen than some loser on the couch.

        8. Kratom is theoretical physics, the kamasutra, and “ride the lighting” era Metallica with a hint of johnny cash concentrated into powder form

        9. You really fooled the Japanese. They thought it was an earthquake that caused the tsunami.

        10. “…, it’s among the most disgusting things I’ve ever had in my mouth”
          There’s a joke in there somewhere, I think it’s still coming…

    1. Why do I get the feeling Roosh is making a crapload of money off of Kratom and this site is designed solely to promote it.

      1. I also hope Roosh realizes too that the advertizers will be subject to criticims in the comments section.

        1. Sometimes I wonder if his ridiculous PR stunts (like that article he wrote about legalizing rape) are designed solely to attract page views and deliver money from advertisers.

    1. that is the thing where you fuck the same woman for months at a time and pretend it isn’t disgusting.

        1. when you care enough to send the very best is tattooed on my dick

      1. Eh, months at a time works out well if it’s casual, and she’s smoking fucking hot. You meet up, you fuck, spend the day doing stupid goofy things, or just hanging at her house fucking until it’s time to head out to the pool, where you get a suntan and then go back and fuck some more, and then you leave and don’t see her again for a month. And by that time, assuming she’s super hot, you’re looking at her going “Oh hell yeah, gonna nail me some of that shit again” and you’re off to the races. Coordinating this between 2-3 other girls, with the aforementioned space in seeing, works out really well.
        But the real relationship thing? Depends on what you make it. You eventually come to realize, in a real relationship, that it has to have a clear set of goals and boundaries. Without those, why the fuck would y’all be getting into a relationship in the first place? So plan to have kids, or have some kind of business venture where you fuck occasionally, but otherwise, what’s the point?

        1. You lost me at “spend the day”
          That would fucking literally (hitler) be the death of me. I meet at 7 pm and like them out before 2.
          Spending a day with a woman doing stuff seems brutal

        2. The women I’ve had in my life have all been really quirky and interesting, and I don’t mean that in the sense that women mean it. I mean they like to go out shooting, or they’re actually really submissive and want to cook you something for lunch while wearing nothing but a thong, or whatever. If she has positive feminine energy, it’s really not such a bad thing, and if she keeps quiet except to compliment you or laugh at your jokes, you’re golden, and if you can have a discussion with her about the minor gods in the Norse pantheon, you’re set for the day. I’ve had some great day-long things in my time just waking up, screwing like bunnies, grabbing something for lunch then riding around the countryside with her on the back of my ride, or even hiking in a park and screwing her off the trail for kicks. It’s all in what you make it.
          But some constant rambling mouthy NY/East Coast girl? Dude, I am totally down with where you’re at. I can’t stand to hear them talk about anything, it just annoys the fuck out of me, and the vapidness is palpable. Given the kind of girl that I know that you are attracted to, I can totally get why you couldn’t spend longer than the time it takes to cum inside them, they’d drive me batty too.

        3. I don’t even mind hearing them talk in a certain context and about certain things. I don’t care how in they are, just the act of being in physical proximity bugs me. I’ve dated every type imaginable up and down the specturm….injust want them to show up where I tell them timely, look a certain way, be charming for a few hours, fuck and leave. The very notion of going to do something that doesn’t involve eating drinking or fucking is mind boggling to me.

        4. We’re a bit more outdoorsy and hands on here. No small number of my biker buddies will take weekend women, usually either strippers or girls who aspire to be strippers, on long weekend cruises. Her role is assumed; she fucks him, she is as naked as possible in public without being arrestable, and she doesn’t cause drama. When he drops her off on Sunday, she fades into the void and he moves on to other broads. It’s actually a pretty good arrangement.. When you’re out cruising, it’s good to have a pretty seat cover who will blow you behind the gas station when you stop for gas, and who otherwise provides value in covering your bitch seat. These are all group rides of course.

        5. See that is a life that I’d just as soon avoid lol. To each man there own but this description of a weekend is pretty close to what I would consider “punishment for mortal sins”

        6. Riding on the open roads, wind in the hair, hot girl on back with her tits against your back, surrounded by a pack of fellow compatriots, just seeing what’s out there?
          The gas station thing is pretty sleazy, but otherwise, it’s a good gig.

        7. I think that’s what love boils down to. If you can stand to look at her after you blow your load… then it’s probably love.
          That, or love is when you find that special someone who you can finally share you deepest darkest racism with.

  7. In hindsight I think the LDRs I had in college were pretty ideal for me at the time. Talking on the phone or AIM/ICQ(dating myself here) and traveling to see each other and screwing like rabbits once a month fit in much better around homework and jobs with oddball hours. A lot of my friends spent every possible waking moment with their girlfriends and I always wondered how they got anything done.
    I’m digressing. As far as long-term stability goes, I think the most important thing is that there’s an end in sight. IE, you’ll get married as soon as the visa comes through or you’ll both be in grad school together next September. An LDR with no end in sight is doomed.
    (I’ll be polite to our sponsor and refrain from making jokes at their expense. I would urge anyone interested in finding a bride overseas to use their common sense and read the article from a couple months back about the Dutch guy getting stood up in China.)

  8. no and hell no. They do not work. At some point, someone has to move and it ends. If you just want a f buddy; than they are great. The odds of a mental flake are about 99%. You can milk the cow for a year or two but it gets tougher after that.

  9. Why would I want an exclusive relationship with something I can’t put my dick in at least once a day?

    1. and thats the deal.. how can you game a gal who might be really horny 5-10 days a month and the rest is beta blis…. you miss a weekend or two because of some mental excuse and your out a month or more.. at that point- what is the point. The worst part is if you press for it or line it up in advance; she is more likely to flake on you because part of the game is to walk away. You don’t win this deal. The fact this guy is proposing this shows me he is likely headed for a oneitis and about to get his b cut off. I think the idea of anything over 20 minutes away as likely not worth it. This guy is being used as an orbiter with minor benefits at best.

        1. This guy has the worst beta blue pill chump post on this site I have seen in many years.

        2. Meh. It’s not that bad. Not as bad as men bragging on HuffPost about their girlfriends getting railed by other men,

  10. I am surprised to get blue pill tips on relationships here.
    Long distance relationships? Seriously? What is the benefit? Jacking off to each other on skype?

    1. because of an incredible romantic time abroad in another country (speaking of europe) and the wish to come together after study because you want to keept that special person?

      1. nah I dont believe in romantic love Disney style. I am better off looking at it all more rationally

        1. do you really think reason speaks against loving relationships? 😀
          Look, what is more efficient:
          1. finding an almost perfect match after some years of promiscuity and waiting for 1-3 years to move together or
          2. abandoning this almost perfect match and going through everything again… The hunt.. then you find a girl which matches.. then she is not.. then another girl… she matches.. then getting to know more closely for 2-3 years till you get more confident in her…
          Option 1 is faster and more fun .:D
          But maybe it also depends a lot on your age. If you are college, then have fun. But if you’re around 30 then you have to start to plan your future.

        2. I get your point. And I am already in my 30s.
          Look, there is nothing wrong with having romatic, loving relationships. Who am I to tell other people what to do? But lets be precise and honest here:
          How long do “perfect matches” stay “perfect matches”?Assuming that they are existing, which is something I highly doubt. I often times felt a very strong bonding to women that completely bored me some months or even just weeks into the relationship.
          Thats the reason why planning my future has nothing to do with women at all. Once you are stuck in alimony or divorce *ape your future is essentially over.

        3. What’s the reason this is happening? Because both men and women have become focused on their own “happiness” so much that they forget this is not the only purpose of marriage. They want to be life fun, happy, without flaws. Fulfil their dreams, “express themselves”(whatever this bulls#t means). As soon as there come some serious problems in life as so often, it’s not fun any more and the egoism wins over duty for the family.
          Looking at this behaviour, I think a loving (but I mean stil reasonable) long-distance relationship is a good test if you really want to keep this person all your life—– without the sex googles!
          So I think this is one of the best tests possible, because if you haven’t sex with this person for Months!, and this again and again, you have to rely on other qualities to upkeep the relationship, like common things, talking, personality and so on. Can there be a better stress test? 😉

  11. “Long Distance Relationship” is an oxymoron. And this article belongs on Buzzfeed, not ROK. But whatever, ROK needs to get paid and it’s a sponsored post. “Surprise her with gifts! Constantly communicate! Show that you’re willing to spend hundreds/ thousands of dollars on travel just so that you can see her! She totally won’t use you as an emotional placeholder and then lose interest when a ripped guy with tattoo’s hits on her and then say that you guys are ‘growing apart’.” Yeah, sounds like a real recipe for success there.
    I guess it’s possible if it’s a regular relationship that has to be long distance for a fixed period of time. But even then it’s a case-by-case thing. One friend of mine had to move like 100 miles away for a semester because he HAD TO to finish up his lucrative degree in a medical field. And it was close enough for them to drive on weekends to see each other. That’s no big deal. Another friend’s girl did a study abroad program in a foreign country for a semester, just because she FELT LIKE IT. She cheated on him there.

    1. There’s no such thing as a long distance relationship. Every girl I’ve nailed college gave up her LDR a few weeks after arriving, some in order to nail me.

      1. Typically an LDR in college that started in high school lasts 3 months at the most. But in the college years nobody realistically is going to be settling down, so it is expected that everyone, boy and girl forget their high school phase and get on with the next chapter in their lives.
        The sponsored article is aimed at adults, addressing how to maintain a relationship when a western man meets a foreign female via electronic communication or perhaps when he visits a country and meets a chick naturally, and then returns to his home country.
        LDR’s are not possible – unless the relationship is with a toothless, aged bubushka with no other options. But with a young hottie? She’ll dump any man the very second she hooks up with the next oligarch.

        1. maximum 3 months?!? xD
          Have you ever seen an european college from inside?
          And I don’t believe the U.S. girls are soo different.

      2. Wisdom in these words! My oldest son got into an LDR – with a girl who first decided she was his FB, then they decided to date, then he got into the relationship. He went to one college, she went to another. Son wouldn’t listen to my warnings, so …
        He had a ton of opportunities for getting laid at his college town, but he was being stupid. Meanwhile, where she was, as active as she’d been ….
        Yeah, the result was predictable. And of course, when he asked her if she was being faithful, he didn’t ask the question right, so she got away with lying about cheating.
        His little brother, who reads, eats, and shits red pills, laughs at him and points out the problems. At least one of them listened to me.

      3. Wow that’s really cool that you like to nail only Ex-girlfriends. You must be such a stud. But where is your point? 😀 😀
        You should read something on “logical argumenting”

        1. It isn’t about that. It’s about showing that a lot of women couldn’t care less about relationships.

        2. In my experience a lot of girls care much about relationships, much more than guys.
          I know a couple, one lives in South America (but wealthy) and the other in Finland, both very attractive, and they declared a relationship after they got to know in an exchange program. And they seem to have serious plans.
          Then I’ve heard about a Pickup-Artist who has a girl in Alaska.
          If women really want, they can live without sex for a very long time…. Of course, for men this is difficult.

  12. Speaking in terms of foreign/international LD relationships…
    It’s possible before a meeting to do this, but after you tell a girl goodbye albeit 1-6 months of dating she is unstable & can emotionally detach any day a new man walks into her life or hits on her.
    Women move-on much more quickly than men & if a woman is high quality (young, hot, in her prime) she will be less willing to take back a man that got onto an airplane & left her when he did not really need to. She does NOT care of your circumstances, only her own.
    So, yes, for a “fresh start” it is all possible. But she will be less trusting of you & willing to leave you any day a new guy comes along

  13. LDR??! no fucking way!!!!! i made that mistake not once but twice. shoot me if i enter another LDR.

  14. Nothing I can’t touch can compare with something I can. Expending energy, thought, and lulz emotion for emails / text / vid chats while jerking off on the wall…hell no. Maximum effort minimal results. Blow off women in person cause have online romance. Fantasy land, maybe can pay pal the bitch some money cause so in love.

  15. No. It is not possible to have a long distance relationship, period.
    If a man is not phydically there to keep her constantly entertained 24/7 then he is done.
    And don’t get me going on the total FAIL of international dating sites. From what I understand from guys who actually used those sites – the services may not be scams but the product (i.e hormonal driven beasts) are walking scams.
    That video BTW is not complete. They forgot to add the part at the end where she fleeces the chump in divorce court after she acquires her American (or western) citizenship.

  16. The words ‘online’ and ‘relationship’ really don’t sit well together. It’s just virtual bullshit. I’d rather have my woman next to me in bed than whacking off via a webcam whist some woman plays with herself a few thousand miles away. Long distance is a waste of time. Find somebody nearer to home.

  17. You should be spinning plates at all times, especially in a LDR. This way, you prevent yourself from getting stung by having all over your honey in one hive far far away.

  18. for deployed men in the serivice this is a common, you dont get to text or skype all the time and the quality may blow. if your a ROK reader then your a red pilled man, and if your a red pill man in a long distance, create an agenda for her to abide by and stick with it. a book list (sex novels, so she can touch herself or whatever) is good for you to implement or something you can discuss (talk about her masturbating to word porn). the point is you are still running the show and keeping her accountable. if you dont want to do that, then move the fuck on and bang some strange, you’re gonna lose her to jody, hell you may anyway even if you do it. but we dont love these hoes

    1. I always felt that the smartest guys who wanted to keep their girls while deployed married them and stuck a kid in them right before leaving. It would seem to me that if you have to be away, military or not, you should either next the girl or knock her up

      1. My husband and I are both military. First, I’ve seen just as many husbands and wives be faithful to their military spouses as cheat. Second of all, apply some logic here. You suggest that a man in the military should do the same to keep his lover from leaving as most of the men on this site are terrified of a woman doing- trap his partner with a pregnancy. Shameful.

        1. Actually I was suggestion that a man Marry and get his bride pregnant before deploying. The pregnancy and new born baby will fill the void left by the absence of the husband. I am not an advocate of having children or being married but I would imagine that if you were with someone you cared about keeping you should get that done before hand and if you really don’t care all that much about her you should just break up.

        2. If that’s true, that’s another generalization that doesn’t hold up in plenty of cases. First of all, military spouses who follow the military member are frequently ripped from their family support structure. If the wife has a kid before she deploys or her husband deploys and she becomes pregnant, there is no guarantee that that baby will “fill the void left by the absence of the [spouse].” In fact, he/she may find it more burdensome to birth and then raise a child alone, especially if the spouse was working or going to school beforehand.
          Second, a child is not a measure of a spouse’s devotion to their wife or husband. Case in point right here; neither my husband nor I want kids, but we’re both devoted to each other. Choosing to not marry and/or have a kid immediately before a deployment is just a sign that one person or both people don’t yet want that in their lives, or want to think critically about that next step. It doesn’t say anything about whether or not they care about each other.

        3. whatever sugar. Glad to know that like all women you know everything. All I suggested was that men who have a girlfriend that they wish to keep should get married and get her pregnant. I don’t think it is that outrageous. However, like all women you know better. Enjoy your devotion with your husband I wish you both the best.

        4. “If the wife has a kid before she deploys”
          Oh, yeah, one other thing…this is probably right for military nurses. Other than that there shouldn’t be women in the military anyway.

        5. And I was simply suggesting that are some reasons you might be wrong. How you got from there to “like all women you know better” I neither know nor care.

        6. Well then please. If you think you’re better equipped to manage maintenance of the F-35 (current job) or would make a better launch officer (previous job), you should apply to be an Air Force officer. I’d be happy to let someone take the reins and not have to live in remote locations all of the time. Oh wait- SOME MEN don’t want to do that, while women like me do. You’re entitled to your opinion that women SHOULDN’T serve, but we’re here because a) the right men didn’t step up to the plate and b) we’re more fit to serve than the men we competed with for these spots.

  19. I had an LDR back in the early 90s while I worked in Japan for a year. She was a real decent person from a good family, young and pretty, although really jealous and insecure. We had been physically together for 3 years prior to me leaving for overseas. In that year abroad, I ended up nailing 2 gals and she was eventually nailed by one of her “dorky” workmates who had always pined for her — which I found out about within a few days of returning home. I never told her about my sexual adventures though. We broke up of course, but I eventually nailed her a few more times about 6-7 YEARS LATER when our paths crossed in a different city!! Strange, but true and a good example of “long game” that Troy writes about.
    The main problem with the LDR was having to call her every week for an hour (this was before the internet) and listen to her listlessness and general hopelessness of our situation, as well as all the regular venting and bitching that women always spew out. It nearly killed me and I dreaded those calls. I brought her over to Japan for a few weeks at Christmas, and we fucked like rabbits, but I was pretty happy to see her leave to be honest. If I had to redo it over, I would have broke up with her initially, but invited her to Japan for a week or two of pure banging — without any weekly phone calls.

  20. ‘jump4love’ is an east europe date site, some pretty hot girls on here, anyone in the comment section here actually USE this site though? Any advice one way or other about doing an international thing – any chance the girl could be legit?

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  22. Long distance relationships can work among certain types of people, specifically Asians.
    I see this all the time: the guy is from China or Taiwan studying in the US and has a long-term girlfriend back home. She flies and visits him once a year on break for a week or two.
    It will not work involving Western women, particularly not with white women. Hell, a white woman will cheat on you when she passes suggestively shaped produce at the grocery store or the pet store.

      1. Huh, my husband and I aren’t Asian and we don’t behave “like rutting animals in heat.” I once dated an Asian guy who DID behave that way. Weird…

    1. Actually, you can’t generalize. My husband I have been in a long-term relationship since April and while we both (obviously) miss sex with each other, neither one of us cheats.

  23. I use to be one of those people who thought long distance relationships could work but goddamn was I wrong. Unless he or she plans on relocating to be closer to their “significant other” their wasting their fucking time because it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone you can’t hug,kiss,or fuck especially if their thousands of miles apart and if anyone else says otherwise is a liar. Attraction and relationships are built only through real life interaction not over the Internet or text messages.

  24. Although most men are scared to talk to your girlfriend or even flirt with her, there has to be only one or two guys who have the guts to steal her from you. That is: when the relationship is weak, like in a LDR. Even when you see your girl regularly, 3, 4 times a week, things are never secure. She has those moments, commuting, being at work, walking trough the city where guys will be preying on her. It’s just biology and if your bond is not strong enough she will go for the best looking opportunity.
    You know what is secure? You having a lot of money and her being physically unattractive. That combination is BS by itself.

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