Need Motivation? Learn To Meditate

So you squat 355 for sets of five, have flags in over a dozen countries and have your alpha vibe down pat. Yet, something is missing. You missed closing your last couple of business deals, or the rejection letters for your writing keep piling up with ego-crushing “it’s almost there” notes.

Learn to meditate.


Meditation is not some New Age hippy trip where everyone sits around doing drugs and complaining about the man. My significant teachers included two ex-Marines, a street fighting Jewish tough guy from a bad neighborhood in Chicago, and a female Taoist adept who burned through four husbands because “they couldn’t keep up.”

What is meditation? It is a part of yogic practice whose purpose is one of two things: theurgy or thaumaturgy.

Theurgy is unification with the divine. This involves mind shattering things like experiencing states of being beyond space and time. The process of getting there will give you an iron like will and then some.

Thaumaturgy is often referred to as miracle working, or in a more modern parlance the art of getting shit done. Learning to shatter bricks with your hands, staying up for three days straight without getting tired, and generating enough body heat to melt snow while everyone around you is going hypothermic are all doable.

Granted, the expanded bubble of awareness generated by the process of getting there can save your life and is largely responsible for my having survived four wars without being shot or blown up.

Of course, the initiation rituals from the more traditional systems can be less than fun. Running for nine miles through a lightning storm in the open desert, or having one of my martial arts teachers teach me the golden bell techniques by locking me in a room and beating me senseless are things I will remember forever.

Okay, so what do real systems of meditation look like?

kundalini orbit

Kundalini awakening—this is the connection of the latent energy of the genitals to the brain, the safer systems do this in a kind of loop. This greatly enhances the durability of the physical body and endocrine system response.

Most forms of traditional martial arts use this as their power source. Training in this method allowed me to survive a 30 foot drop from a parachute canopy collapse on final. I can recommend the Kundalini Awakening Process system run by Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko.

Heart centric awakening—this uses the point in the center of the chest between the nipples and is the foundation of esoteric Mahayana Buddhism, Christianity, some schools of Hermetic practice, Judaism, and some Sufi schools. If you want to discover what universal love really feels like, this is the route to go. Linhai at has the most developed system for this in the United States.

Void awakening—this focuses on the throat and is the most uncommon of the four. Void based systems are primarily seen in some Taoist schools and as a subset of Vajrayana Buddhist practice.

These originated from a series of cave meditations and get very trippy very fast. I once ran into a monk who had been driven insane by this and was chained to the front door step of a temple in western China by his abbot as a warning to others. I can’t recommend a teacher at this time, but if you look hard enough you will find someone.

OOB proj

Out of body projection—schools too numerous to name, although it is the center piece of Theravada Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation and most of the more academic systems.

Famous practitioners of Transcendental Meditation include Clint Eastwood, Joe Namath, and Howard Stern. Transcendental Meditation reinforces the will through a process too involved to discuss here, but is good for people who are time constrained.

All of these systems take time, effort, and money to learn. Once you’ve added one of these to your skill set, learning anything else will be much easier in comparison. And the discipline you pick up along the way will take you anywhere you want go.

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39 thoughts on “Need Motivation? Learn To Meditate”

  1. Being alone with my thoughts tripped me out once.
    Granted, I always heard about meditation and always claimed I would do it but, I was just talking to be talking to be honest. I would always have some distraction that would keep me from doing it. Whether it was TV, music, books, chilling with people, etc. I never really got a chance to even cracked the surface of actually doing it. That is, until I stuck my toes in the water one day recently.
    It tripped me out just sitting there being quiet along with a thousand thoughts coming at me at once. I felt myself wanting to turn on the TV, listen to some music, read a book, etc. Do anything but just sit in the quiet. I struggled but I made it through. I started to think about life and what the fuck I was doing with myself. I thought about my death. I thought about Facebook photos and seeing how the people I grew up with are so far away from anything red pill that I felt like I was on a long extended vacation away from them. More and more thoughts and feelings crept up on me as I sat there in the quiet and let the brain just float man.
    At the end, I felt better. I truly felt unplugged and got a sense of what quiet ironically sounded like again. I just only had the sounds of cars passing by, birds chripping, and my breathing. It made me see just how much external stimulation I deal with on a day to day basis.
    Meditating can help not only with life but game with women as well. Sometimes its best to take a small break from learning new ways in how to get closer towards reality with the red pill, and just instead chill and focus on concentrating inside on how you feel about the world. How you REALLY feel about it without any outside force to influence or guide you.
    I try to meditate more when I am not reading, writing, hanging with family, or just taking a break chilling by having a quick beer. Its made me less stressed and worried about things that would of sent my brain into overdrive before. Especially when it came to women. Confusion on my part is starting to wane more and more each year with help from information like this, as well as hearing stories of others. Makes me see I am not alone in this confused cloud above us in life
    Howard Stern always seem like a dude that would do something extra as this. The way his brain worked and works makes it seem like a man that lets his words flow without restraint from outside static. Very good informational post man. I like the technical shit that can help me kill stress and relax the brain.

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    2. The thoughts are not coming.. They are going.. Let them leave 🙂
      You can only have thoughts of 3 attribute types:
      Vyakti – Vasthu – Paristhiti i.e.
      Person – Object – Situation
      Your system is releasing “experiences” and “impressions” so that your mindspace can become empty..

        1. Tom,
          It is a little late in the year for more snow where I live.
          That said, you can look up Tummo on youtube and there are plenty of demo videos of monks drying wet sheets wrapped around their body in sub-freezing temperatures at high altitude.
          Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko do teach the techniques involved in the level 2 part of their website coursework.
          Otherwise, if you are looking to learn how to endure great cold and heat check out the website of Wim Hof at
          He has set numerous world records involving cold exposure.

        2. I was in the mountains recently – you can see it in the picture in my profile.
          Went almost up to the peak, waded through knee deep snow for over an hour and an hour back with completely wet jeans.
          Have some pretty bad memories from the mountains where I got stuck and froze the whole night. Thus, on the way down, I was almost out of my mind, getting lost in hopes for my warm bed. I was certain I was beginning to have a fever and my teeth were clattering.
          At some point though, I decided not to be a sissy about it, not to be a victim. I was there with other men and I didn’t want them to carry the burden of my own stupid mistake by indulging in some kind of lost-puppy-mindset. That thought go me out of my fantasies and back into my body. Was thinking about Stockholm Syndrome back then and the ways of indoctrination through breaking down of the mind. That day made me realize I have to stand on my own feet and that my mind can be broken.
          After an hour of descent with wet shoes, I still could somewhat feel my feet, despite a certain numbness. Same with my hands – although they were weirdly swollen for days.
          Even though I couldn’t hide the clattering of my teeth, surprisingly, I didn’t get the slightest cold from that event. Unusual for me. I also enjoyed the rest of the day.
          So I do think there’s something the mind can do. Melting snow while others go hypothermic? I don’t know. I have only watched one tummo video and it was just a guy sitting on a cloth in a snowy place for twenty minutes.
          I will have a look at the references you provided, thank you.

  2. Fitting timing, I’m going to do 10 minutes of mindfulness soon. This will be my 9th day in a row of practicing. I used to sneer at this sort of thing, but there’s actual legit science relating to mindfulness (and it is growing in research output).

  3. Hello Mr. Phobos,
    Great article. Thanks for adding this info to the arsenal of “red pill ” thought/ action cultivation.
    I try to ohm/ mantra meditate in a sensory deprivation tank 1x per month the day after heavy workout. I find the results of relaxation/ fresh mindset are more potent when used after rigorous physical activity.
    I have been doing this for years, but I am still a novice. Any one else use the combination of meditation/ sensory deprivation? Any further advice on this technique?

    1. Capital,
      The sensory deprivation you mention falls into the category
      of meditation hygiene in the same way blacking out a room improves sleep
      hygiene. Start by blocking out all light and sources of sound where you
      practice. This will help a lot.
      In classical training, we spend a lot of time working with
      the senses to learn how to block out phenomena that disturb the meditative
      Additionally, working out hard tends to increase the amount
      of energy the body produces that feeds the meditative process as well. So it is a win-win in that regard.
      Take a look at my website for how
      all of this fits together.

  4. Thanks for this article. Spirituality is the most effective way to transform life to better so it’s great to have articles like this here @ROK.
    I’ve got one question: Do you have link or some book about “void awakening”? It’s new for me.

    1. VikingBlood,
      Sadly no books exist in English that address this training method directly. Check out my website at for more information and give me a call if you want to discuss it further.

  5. Good article, I have never tried any of these.
    Simple Buddhist meditation, commonly known in the West by its Japanese name, Zazen, is a few variants of a yogic asana. All you have to do is assume the position.
    The Burmese and half lotus positions are what most people should try. Most of us are too stiff to do the full lotus without getting pain in the knees. On the other hand, you should only use a chair or Seiza postion (kneeling on a little bench) if you genuinely have a medical condition that makes the Burmese or lotus positions impossible. If you are just a bit stiff, do some stretches. This is a physical exercise and proper form is important.
    There is no chanting, visualisation or any magical side effects. The common metaphor for its benefits is of a glass (your body) of water (your consciousness), cloudy with silt (the useless, undirected, undesired or unhelpful thoughts that are the source of our psycological suffering). All you have to do to make the silt sink and leave the water clear is to put the glass down on a stable surface. Zazen is that position for the body.
    A word of caution. After practising daily for some time, you may start to have some really far out, trippy experiences. These can be extremely pleasureable. You might feel Messianic. These are coming from the same place as any other mundane emotions and sensations, no different from feeling horny or thinking about your tax returns. They don’t mean anything special and you will gain nothing by trying to recreate them.

    1. That last paragraph was the best thing I’ve read in a while. Excellent way to bring this back to earth. Thank you sir.

  6. this is the music i put on as low as possible to help me mediate, its random but it really helps me keep my head empty of thoughts. 35 mins is a good amount of time too for a mediation session

  7. If eastern mysticism doesn’t float your boat, there are many western forms of meditation such as the Lectitio Divina that have absolutely nothing to do with eastern mysticism . Western forms typically do not empty the mind. To clear the mind of chatter, you fill it with an idea which you contemplate in a focused way. Counting sheep is a simple example of this form of meditation.

  8. I used to be a competitive swimmer and most swimmers can relate to going into a sort of trance like state of meditation while swimming.This is because during practice being that you have your face and most of your head underwater for long periods of time (especially in long distance swimming) you naturally zone out and think or focus on other things. This becomes like second nature. You don’t need to sit in any strange positions like lotus. It gets to where you can do this even while out of water at any time.

  9. Good article but these meditation techniques seem pretty esoteric. I thought the simple act of sitting and closing your eyes and counting your breaths is the simplest form of meditation. I think it’s the Japanese zen style . You count breaths and let discursive thoughts “pass”

    1. Gladius,
      The technique you are describing is one of the basic training methods used by virtually all forms of meditation to learn to focus the mind. If you look up the works of Franz Bardon his book Initiation Into Hermetics includes this in the first chapter as a part of what he calls Thought Control.
      In general, complete systems of meditation focus on one of two things: unification with God or the practical accomplishment of concrete goals (i.e. the “miracle” of the smashing of the bricks/iron palm training).
      To achieve either of these two things requires some kind of power base with which to do this. The four systems I described in this article basically center on how to achieve the power base necessary to either project your consciousness into those states beyond day to day life or to amp up your physical abilities to accomplish something more concrete.
      You can read up on this at my blog

  10. Need motivation – create challenges and invite your friends to compete with them.
    There is nothing that motivates you more than winning over a friend.
    Here is an app:
    With the help of this app you can create challenges and set up habits.

  11. Can you start flying once you reach a good level?
    Just kidding I was pretty skeptical at first but something called cardiac coherence really helped me calm down, it’s not exactly meditation but it helps.

    try it out guys, takes 5 minutes

  12. Jiddu krishnamurti explains this topic best , the very word meditation has been corrupted . Attention listening , not concentrating or focusing. None of this kundalini stuff or systems . It’s about seeing , listening , attention … Actions without movement or directions . It’s dying to the self not “self improvement ” propagating the “self” the “me” I recommend krishnamurtis lectures on this subject . It’s nice that R.O.K brings up the topic once in awhile though

  13. I found a video from one of the guys you recommended on avoiding ejaculation… very interesting.

    I have to say I have felt a reduction in energy as he mentions.

  14. Current trends predict more women than men will be getting degrees in the hard sciences in the near future. Meanwhile, the manosphere is telling us that astral projection is totally real and will cost money to learn, but it’s worth it. The only thing this is missing is a link at the bottom to a firewalking course. Sometimes I think ROK is a false flag operation by feminists designed to prove that men aren’t more rational than women, but then I remember it’s all just a place for Roosh to sell ads for scam products.

  15. Meditation is calming –
    but what a lot of Americans need is an Entrepreneur Spirit to start & run a new business.
    Calming & relaxing is good,
    but earning a few extra hundreds of thousands of dollars would be even better !

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