The Reason Most Men Are Impotent And Depressed

How many guys do you know that read pickup or game related material yet don’t do a single approach? How many people do you know that want to be entrepreneurs yet work a regular 9-5 and haven’t even tried to start a side venture? Better yet, how many people do you know who want to lose weight yet still eat Big Macs and Ben & Jerry’s every day?

The one thing that all these people share in common is that they’re living incongruent lives. They aren’t living lives that reflect their values. They aren’t actually doing the thing that they’ve shown clear interest and intent on achieving.

Continuing like this will obviously prevent them from realizing their goals. Worse yet, it will tear them apart inside and lead to further decline across their life. When you decide you’d really like to do something but never even try, this incongruency will eat away at your emotions, will power, and general well being. This happens because you’re being a bitch… and you know it.

I. What do you value?

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The first step to living a fulfilling life is identifying your values. This doesn’t mean extremely specific goals like “in 2 years I will have slept with 100 women” or “in 6 months I will have lost 25 pounds”. No, this means picking general overarching themes that will guide your specific actions.

For me this means things like expanding my comfort zone, learning, building a strong and healthy body, creating new things, and enjoying regular sex.

Without identifying themes that you value, how will you ever know what you should spend your time doing?

II. What are you doing about it?


The next logical step is to put your values into practice. There are millions of ways to do this, and all that matters is that you choose a couple. I’ll use my values as an example.

1. Expanding my comfort zone

Aside from taking every new opportunity that presents itself to me, I incorporate this value into my life by simply approaching a few cute girls a day. If I see a girl who strikes me as particularly attractive, I go over and tell her so, and then try and set up a date.

2. Learning

I read books.

3. Building a strong body

Every day I lift weights, ride my bike, or play some basketball.

4. Creating new things

Regardless of what my “real job” happens to be, I should always be pursuing a new mission, whether that’s writing a book, a blog post, or creating a new product.

5. Enjoying regular sex

Luckily step 1 feeds directly into this. I incorporate this value by following up with all my leads from step 1.

III. Now do it every single fucking day


Fuck a todo list. If at the end of the day you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that you did X, Y, and Z and that those things are in line with the values you’ve chosen to live by, then you’re golden. You know that you’re being congruent in your beliefs, thoughts, and actions, all of which are moving you in the right direction. Fail to actually do things that reflect your values and you’re just another one of the blind sheep who’s destined to end up miserable.

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185 thoughts on “The Reason Most Men Are Impotent And Depressed”

  1. Some good points made, man. But I would wager why a lot of men are depressed and some impotent and depressed (the cause of impotence being psychological) is simply the realization after taking the red pill that life may not be worth it, and that just to get some little contentment today requires a fuck load of hutzpa that is not so easy to conger up these days. I’m no expert and I’ve managed to find resolve some how, but I can imagine a lot of guys have a difficult go at life in general these days.

    1. Agreed, the Red Pill is a stunning realization for those who have grown up in this society. It’s hard for them to believe that they’ve been lied to, and will even go into deep denial or dismiss these facts as BS.
      I started reading this site several months ago, and at first, I tried to ignore it. But I have realize that it resonates with me, and it finally makes sense.

      1. It’s a bitter pill, but once you accept it you can fight through it like Nietzsche and move towards the transcendental.
        Moving from the objective life of the slave to the realm of the imagination and of the subjective where possibilities are endless.
        A self imposed apotheosis. Man’s true potential. How sad that so few will ever reach or even attempt this climb.

      2. Damn right.This site has been a life raft for me. A company of men with similar values that can be accessed whenever you need it. ROK has helped me realise that my views, attitude and goals aren’t abnormal and I was letting social conditioning hold me back. We all have the incredible potential of masculinity. Like an older friend is fond of saying, ‘Life isn’t a rehearsal’. Don’t hold back, take the red pill.

        1. You just said a lot more than you even know!
          The exact same things have occurred to me, too. Social conditioning is a huge part of it.

  2. One of those articles that you don’t really need to read. Cause we know what we have to do anyway but we need to be reminded of. It’s so much easier to state a goal and not implement methods to achieve it. Thanks for the added motivation.

  3. This is a description of a man’s Plan B given that the Western world is completely fucked up.

  4. Most men can relate to and agree with this. But I disagree with the notion, “This doesn’t mean extremely specific goals like….”.
    Just the opposite: I absolutely that setting clear goals and explicitly stating them with oneself is very important, and much more valuable than foggy, generalized dreams.
    Of course, you may fail to reach that specific goal, but just in striving for it, you’ll still have achieved a great deal.
    Amongst many goals I set a few years back was to always approach two girls every time I went out anyplace (grocery shopping, a restaurant, anyplace). Sometimes, I didn’t achieve this because of fatigue or timidity. And sometimes I did it and my game was way off. But still, I’m very happy with the effort and results.

  5. I’d argue our wider culture plays a role in creating this problem for many people.
    Most people in our culture never even get the opportunity to explore their own possibilities. They never experience the situations that allow them to develop the strength and character necessary to take life by the balls and make it their own. When you cut through the bullshit, what do we really do with our young people?
    We force them into indoctrination camps by the age of 5-6, where they languish for 13+ years in an environment that is wholly opposed to their very nature, which reinforces mediocrity wherever possible and punishes independent thought. If they resist, we drug them into submission.
    Once they graduate from those camps, what do we do then? Do we send them off around the world, alone, for a year or two so that they have a chance to mature and define what it is they want from life? Nope. We push as many of them as possible into higher education, as soon as possible, where most of them will learn to parrot information that is absolutely useless in the real world.
    So they graduate and have a fancy degree. Do we then, finally, allow them the breathing room to define their own personhood? Nope. Can’t do that when you start out life with 10+ years worth of debt for a worthless piece of paper. By the time the average person is finished running on the treadmill they’re pigeonholed into by the culture around them, they have no other option. It’s time to get to work, slave, and create some tax revenue.
    That’s how society really works. That’s how you produce a nation of unhappy slaves who are absolutely lost in life, and going nowhere but to their master’s plantation five days a week . It’s only the strongest, and often the most stubborn, who grab the chicken and fuck it in whichever manner they prefer. For everyone else, there’s antidepressants, booze, and cable television.
    It’s rather dystopian in my view, but I suspect it might be the natural order of things.

    1. I’m with you on this 100%.
      How to step out if he herd and survive, that is the question.

      1. The herd will do anything it can to get you back in. It’s amazing that white knights will defend the very women who screw them over. They will call you a misogynist and a pessimist, and ignore the crap that goes on right before their eyes.

        1. Fuck aint that the truth….
          I can’t even believe I’ve seen that shit with my own eyes but I totally have…

        2. “The herd will do anything it can to get you back in.”
          So true. I’ve seen this myself.
          It pays to have a well-rehearsed act to use around your workplace blue-pill, hopeless, masturbating, athlete and movie star-worshiping corporate serfs. Don’t let them know you’ve checked out on this worthless system and are playing it to your advantage as a mercenary.

    2. Ha! I love it – you called these institutions “indoctrination” camps. Not to mention Barney, Sesame street and the likes of those are the same idea. I call them societal conditioners.

      1. Indoctrinators of the masses. Not everyone can be enlightened. we need stupid ignorant people to balance the scales. We need stupid people that make poor choices, it’s how the smarter people make their bread and butter.

    3. This is the most obvious cause. I’m wondering why it wasn’t really mentioned in the article itself.
      Maximum productivity and efficiency for our corporate overlords. There is no sense of community anymore. I think I’ve seen it referred to as “atomization” here. We’re not really part of a larger whole anymore.
      Women are duped into wasting their precious prime years into fucking random losers and working in a cubicle, all the while told they are “empowered” and “independent”. Then they enter panic mode when they realize they’re down to their last few eggs and go looking for the guy they shot down and mocked 10 years before, hoping he’s still waiting.
      Men are indoctrinated to believe that being the most productive and taking on the most responsibility is the way to get pussy, but it’s an outdated approach. In times past a productive, responsible man was virtually guaranteed a good woman. But now with women in the workforce AND benefiting from government largesse, they don’t need that kind of man anymore. The gubmint itself has supplanted us as husband and father.
      So they produce more, and they treat women nicely and all that good shit…and then wonder why it doesn’t work. Pussy has become the carrot on the stick that you can never reach, but always try…meanwhile others line their pockets with the money your efforts generate. And also fuck those girls you want. Prima Nocta all over again.
      Of course even if they DO find a woman, get married and have kids, they’ll still get cucked n’ fucked by the Divorce Industrial Complex.
      So you end up with a bunch of sad bitter people. Men who go unfucked and unloved and can’t understand why, women who get burned out on so many cocks and become incapable of real intimacy, and millions of human trash out-breeding their betters and feeding their bastards with your tax dollars.
      Time to tap out and go Galt.

      1. I just wanted to say thanks to RoK readers and posters…… and Roosh for starting RoK.
        It has helped me on more than one occasion when feeling fucked up to be able to come on here on a bad day and read posts like this. Helps me realize I’m not totally fucking insane……
        This is stuff that younger gents probably can’t even articulate to themselves yet. If I found RoK when I was a teenager that probably would have helped me quite a bit compared to the ways I lashed about with my frustration, sex drive, and anger (i.e. hard partying, drugs, relationships that crashed and burned).
        I learned all these RedPill truths on my own and drew my own conclusions… but when I hit rock-bottom finding RoK definitely helped. I pulled myself up with my own free-will, tears, and sweat, but knowing that at least some other people see some of the depravity out there for what it is really helps sometimes.
        I think this comment is warranted on behalf of more than one visitor.

        1. My story is very much the same. I was very self destructive in my 20s. Our perverse culture promotes and glorifies self destructive behavior.
          I slowly discovered the red pill after being burned one too many times trying to be a good, decent, nice guy. I’m a slow learner, but I’m smart enough to know when things are seriously fucked up and something just wasn’t right.
          Now I live for myself. I doubt I will ever look back.

        2. Ah, the good, decent, nice guy. Constantly fucked over by the womyns.
          My, how I’ve changed. I had 3 different women in my bed last week. Ruthlessly playing them all. Why? Because I tried the nice guy racket from age 16 to age 30. Didn’t work out.
          Turns out women really do love assholes. Don’t listen to what they say, pay attention to what they do.

        3. I did the asshole thing for years before I even discovered red pill. My experience was I was able to get laid a ton by some hot girls too, but something was empty about it.

        4. I agree…I felt empty about it too until I just stopped giving a fuck. Made a huge difference.

      2. If it was actually anything like “maximum productivity”, it wouldn’t be falling off the cliff quite so rapidly.
        It is maximum control for our overlords, not just corporate, but government, legal etc. as well, that is the current maxim. Exactly like it was in the Soviet Union. In their infinity vanity, the above coquetry of half literates are more than willing to sacrifice their own absolute wealth, as long as they get to remain in control. Cue the Soviets.
        People who wanted their underlings to be maximally productive, would find a way to teach them how to read, add and multiply; rather than women’s studies and some idiocy about assumed social benefits of rolling around playing STD exchange in the mud in Woodstock. And the economic benefits of five year plans.

      3. these are great posts and i really connect with them. there is such a quality difference per thread at this site. this is one of the “good ” threads.

      4. “Women are duped into wasting their precious prime years into fucking
        random losers and working in a cubicle, all the while told they are ’empowered’ and ‘independent.’ Then they enter panic mode when they
        realize they’re down to their last few eggs and go looking for the guy
        they shot down and mocked 10 years before, hoping he’s still waiting.”
        If you ask any woman after which date she would consider sleeping with a guy, she will always say on the first date with a guy she doesn’t “like” (alpha fucks), but upwards from the 2nd date with a guy she DOES “like” (beta bucks).
        Okay, so let me get this straight, women put jerks on a more frequent schedule of positive reinforcement than “nice guys,” and then they wonder where “all the good men have gone.” If they reversed this tendency, the “jerks” would be out of business because they can’t wait until the 2nd or 3rd or xth date, and “nice guys” would be getting all the pussy. Oh the irony.

        1. One other reason men with a sense of goodness and decency don’t get those things is because of these super-expensive seduction/game seminars most men can’t even begin to afford. Men can’t simply help out another man without a price tag being attached to it. I think this says a great deal about alpha males in general—heartless, mean-spirited, greedy, cynical, selfish, egomaniacal pricks. And I laugh when alpha males start talking about why women can’t just do more approaching of men because men making the approach is “the way things have always been done since hunter-gatherer days.” Who the hell cares?

    4. Not to mention if you try to enlighten the slaves to their plight, they vociferously attack you instead of their massas. I tried only to be called every name in the book and told I was the crazy one for realizing something was wrong.
      Carlin had it right. Fuck hope.
      Oh well. More pussy, freedom and fun for me, bitches.

      1. You can’t save people who don’t want to be saved. Why bother?
        Don’t be the guy that tries to bring the truth to people. People don’t want the truth. They simply can’t handle the truth.

        1. Freedom is a scary thing. The borders of your gilded cage can make you feel nice and safe. Why escape when prison actually has all you need to satiate your bovine existence. Just sell your soul to your masters and you’re good to go. Mooo!

      2. Stockholm Syndrome. The slaves have been Pavlov conditioned to bite the hand of the enlightened dissenters. No way are they gonna give up being fed the rapidly diminishing crumbs falling from the Massa’s table.
        We’ve got to resign ourselves to not being able to save everyone when we tunnel out of the gulag, i suppose.

    5. This is WRONG. Take responsibility!!! I also went to these brainwashing camps, aka public schools. But I CHOSE to follow my own path and seek truth.
      No one is putting a gun to anyone’s head and FORCING them to be a slave. It is no one’s fault but their own for being too cowardly to DECIDE to walk their own path.

      1. I think to call ALL betas cowardly is a little short-sighted.
        From another point of view they’d be cowardly for dropping out and not giving anything back to their families who may have made sacrifices so their kids could go to school and forge a better life. Good intentions.
        If the son of an immigrant family said “Dad I’m gonna go be alpha and fuck bitches and not work towards a decent income and self-sufficiency” that would be a walk of shame.

    6. However, do not forget that people in 21st Century Western nations are the freest slaves in history. Never before have so many options been available to the individual. Yet so many people choose to be lazy and squander those massive opportunities. I am one of them.

      1. resentfully, the brain isn’t irrationally stupid. the brain is a giant predictive engine, and it’s higher functions work all too well to serve it’s deeper arcane driving circuits. it’s purpose is to find the path to self-proliferation of heritage and genetics, and when that doesn’t exist, conserve during famine. ‘motivation’ is nothing more than a path traveled, rewarded, remembered, recalled, re-executed, and re-enforced, all influencing and modulated by predictions of profit for those deeper drives. less profit gained, over enough time, over enough repetitions, thus leads rationally to less drive – as it should. some communicative quirks allow projection of lessons/memories from one engine to another, initially allowing passed predictions to motivate, but such external motivations run out as those paths are tested and found to be unprofitable lies. functioning normally, this can lead to rational squandering, e.g. demotivation, since no true legacy/profit exists with the opportunities and choices present. if extreme and persistent enough, even ingenuity itself can fade.
        a younger version of me used to irrationally hate stupidity. but the more i understand it completely, the more i hate stupidity rationally instead. stupidity makes sense, in a sad way. and i just deeply hate stupidity all the more for it. it seems, then, that anger is always resilient to the process.

        1. I’m surprised your comment didn’t receive more upvotes, but I think that’s because what you wrote comes across as overly-verbose mush (it’s not, if read carefully). You’ve given me many points to consider. Thank you.

    7. “That’s how society really works. That’s how you produce a nation of unhappy slaves who are absolutely lost in life, and going nowhere but to their master’s plantation five days a week . It’s only the strongest, and often the most stubborn, who grab the chicken and fuck it in whichever manner they prefer. For everyone else, there’s antidepressants, booze, and cable television.”
      This is why society is collapsing and nobody is doing anything. Deep down, everybody would rather take their chances “with the wolves” because while the house burns down and open door is even more promising.

  6. This articles posits a question but doesn’t really answer it. Why are most men impotent and depressed? I think the answer is a combination of bad genes, bad diet (high fat and sugar content), and overstimulation from high dopamine stimulants like porn, the internet, video games, and media in general. Our human brains simply have not adapted to be able to handle this much stimulation without producing less dopamine receptors. We don’t get a rush from the every day anymore because of this and it greatly limits drive, desire, and determination in people. Hence, what makes men masculine is being eroded at a physiological level.
    There is an increasing body of neuroscience that supports all of this. Especially related to porn.
    The red pill helps us know what’s wrong and the symptoms, but understanding why is the key to actually solving our predicament.

    1. I think it’s deeper than that but you’re right that porn and constant neon distractions are a part of it.
      Learn to swim.
      Today my mom told me about her coworker and her beta provider husband… And the black married man she is having an affair with… Hearing that brought down my motivation for the day tbh.. It’s more than just the media… It’s the perception of a lack of options….
      No stable family life, no battles to fight, no truth, brutal financial situation, we’re a primarily secular generation and ppl feel isolated and without any clear paths.
      Jefe is right.. Go do what you really wanna do and quit bitching… The problem is figuring out what is worth doing.. Or just stop thinking and go for it.. Anything… Just get off your ass.

      1. A seriously consistent training program, meditation and clean diet gets your brain functioning well in no time. That and abstainining as much as possible from mainstream media and entertainment.

    2. I do think that part of it is genes, but there’s no denying that depression is in part the body’s way of telling you that you’re doing something very wrong to yourself and that needs to change.
      With your point about dopamine in the body, I believe that depression in the past was nowhere near as bad as it is today, because there was a lot more stability in the family unit, as well as a reliable life path that most could expect to follow as long as they played by the rules. Life was also very exhausting in its own, allowing for better sleeping patterns etc.

  7. I’ve come to really like your articles, Jefe. Always straight to the point and with a powerful actionable message.
    You are right: angst, restlessness, dissatisfaction..all that shit is your subconscious telling you to cut the crap and become what you are meant to be.

  8. I’m at a point where I am contemplating giving up. I am 25 and suffered through years and years of public school and its humiliation without achieving women. I have done more self introspection and self work than a half decent looking female could ever dream of having to achieve. Along with continuing to play the societal game as best as I can. And still I get to scrape the bottom of the barrel. 4’s. I don’t even bother of course. Sometimes it’s hard to keep trying without any positive results. I take steps backward in my development often. And yet I keep pushing forward. Tomorrow I will try to improve myself once more.

    1. What if I told you most women you’d deem as attractive are rough 4’s? Simply google “pornstars/actresses/models without make-up”. Thank me later.

    2. HAL, if you have any $$$ whatsoever, then simply get tuned into your local P4P culture. Why pay (dinner, drinks, movies, small gifts) and put the effort into fucking civilian 4s, when you can pay far less to be guaranteed to fuck 7-9s any which way you want??? An ironic spin off effect is that fucking escorts / hookers will vastly improve your game with civilians. Game both the system and women and then simply enjoy. Trust me, you don’t want a LTR live-in situation with 95% of women anyway (regardless of hot they are), so pay upfront to drain your balls on a semi-regular basis w/ professionals, then augment w/ some casual dating and 1 night stands with civilians.
      If you’re not relying on a woman to help nurture and raise your children, then they are simply not worth being around much. Male relationships (platonic, or course) are far more worthwhile, loyal and intellectually stimulating w/ a small fraction of the drama when compared to female relationships. If you are a bit of a social reject and can’t make friends easily, then I would recommend getting a small dog, such as a Dachshund — it’ll enrich your life immensely. Just my 2 cents in efforts to help, gent.

      1. I’m curious about your take on pay4play improving your game.
        Why do you say that? I imagine it would do the opposite but I don’t have any reference for that.

        1. If you rely on it, it can be a crutch. If you’re are a virgin, or augment php with game, then it’s a benefit.
          If you’re an experienced player, php can reduce thirst and increase outcome independence.

        2. “increase outcome independence”
          That makes enough sense…
          I think its funny how dudes have to break sex and intimacy down into a fucking science…

      2. Great post. Not sure what the OP is giving up on. Giving up on the LTR or even PUA scene is fine, but giving up life because of women is stupid.
        Wake up every day for yourself. No one else. Focus on what you want to accomplish, the rest be damned.

        1. Giving up on society and being someone I don’t want to be. I want to “try focusing on what I want to accomplish, the rest be damned” Focusing without sex is tough for me though.

        2. Its easier when you make good money. I dont do much better than you with women, but I make lots of money so I can spend it on all kinds of fun things that keep my mind off pussy.

        3. From what it sounds, your life is pretty together minus the females part. Keep working your BS job until you find something youre passionate about, then utilize money you’ve saved start a business or travel. I’m around your age and I’ve given up trying to impress women and climb the societal ladder. The only way I’m getting to the top of the ladder is if I take a risk and fly there. If I’m ever blessed enough to get up there, I’ll remember being sexually invisible for the past few years.

        4. Good advice. Money is quite the equalizer in life. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can get you pretty damn close.

        5. Fucking right. Nice cars, SUV’s, new computers, new clothes, Big houses and — ZERO CUNTS.
          Am I miserable?
          Answer that one yourself..

      3. Agreed. Ignore the social stigma bullshit that comes along with P4P. Thats just mangina and feminist shaming. P4P has been a man’s right since the beginning of time, and still is in many places around the world. Don’t fall for that ” only desperate losers who can’t get any pay for it.” Thats bullshit too. A lot of guys I know who fuck multitudes of women on the regular pay for it sometimes. Why? cause they fucking want it thats why. You don’t have to pay for water either, but you see fools walking down the street with their bottles all the time.
        Anglo countries are fucking twisted….

    3. Woah woah wait a minute buddy. Take this as you would any other advice because it’s a debated topic here. Have you ever thought about the Philippines or southeast Asian women in general? A lot of guys here are down on the LTR lifestyle, and rightly so. But you should do research my friend. If you want to fuck a lot of hot girls, go to the Philippines. If you want to meet someone that has better prospects for van LTR, make an account on a dating site and meet someone from the Philippines. I’m not here to herald these women as superior angels like you see some guys do- bear in kind that women universally have the same operating system and confidence, the ability to lead, etc are a must when dealing with women. What I am trying to do is present to you what is, in my opinion, a very strong option

      1. Thats a great option. A week or two bar hopping in Manila or Angeles City and you will come home and not think about sex for a year.
        I even had girls give me freebies just because they liked me.

        1. I wish more men knew. On one hand it’s a hidden gem of Asia but on the other, I see guys kill themselves over women never realizing that in some parts of the world they could pull hard. I’m going back in about a month myself

        2. Hey man I really enjoy your stuff. Yeah I’m just satisfied with the option and want to get it out there more

        3. Dang. Im jealous. Wanted to go this summer but am postponing trip until next year. If you go again next summer let me know.

        4. The only problem I have with all my girlfriends over there is I had too fucking many of them. Seems I spent all my time texting 24-7 trying to juggle them all.

      2. Good point, but the epicenter for hot, cheap whores in North American is Tijuana, no question. Don’t rely on P4P exclusively, of course, but mix it in every 1-3 months for sure. Grab a “pent up” buddy and consider some sex tourism overseas once a year for 2-3 weeks (PI, Thailand, DR). Better yet, grow some balls and go alone — it’s super liberating and excellent for your confidence and ego.
        Remember, mongers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, smells, and wealth, but remarkably, all are pretty fun to hang with because of a shared mentality.

      3. Good comment. Hearing some firsthand accounts of men who’ve been there is really encouraging.

    4. Fuck some 4’s then. You gotta start somewhere and actually doing some fucking will help you feel better, then you can go out and get some 5’s and repeat the process until you reach your peak (which may very well only be 4’s or 5’s, life isn’t fair). Learn to enjoy what you have, it’s all anyone can do.

    5. Well if it is any consolation, you’re not alone. What we often don’t realize is how many people share similar situations.
      At least you’re young, and have the advantage of changing your future and enjoying your coming years with the benefit of personal change now, instead of discovering those things later in life like some of us.
      At the end of the day (so to speak), it comes down to picking yourself back up in whatever situation you find yourself, and no matter how much you don’t want to, pushing yourself to stay on the right track.
      I honestly believe now (after doing the same, personal change) that those of us who are willing to pursue the truth & make ourselves better despite the incredible difficulty that it requires are far better men than our associates.
      Life is full of winners and losers. We all decide which we will become…even those who decide not to choose, have chosen!

  9. This article reads as another motivational speech from a Hollywood movie.
    Here are some objective reasons why men might be depressed and impotent.
    1. Popular culture portrays the modern man as an idiot and in general A negative view of life
    2. Ionizing radiation toxicity
    3. Alcohol drinking and drug taking culture. Marijuana, by the way, is one of the worst drugs.
    4. People spend less and less time outside
    5. Most men are loaded with female minerals such as mercury and copper. Their bodies are depleted of male minerals such as zinc and magnesium.
    6. Pornography is everywhere and promiscuity is actively propagated (including this very site)
    7. Lack of sleep
    8. Air travel and excessive bathing
    9. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs, and electromagnetic stress
    10. Moral relativism
    11. Gender bending chemicals
    12. People are ungrounded, and often the first energy center is poorly developed
    and so on

    1. 13. Lack of role models and positive roles to fulfill in society.
      14. Observing the misery of the precious generation and the fact that they continue their path out if sheer habit.
      15. Incidents of personal betrayal by friends and loved ones, especially over superficial shit.
      16. Seeing history in the making in the news and the fact that humans will never learn from history.
      17. Preservatives in food.

      1. 18. Being born with strong intellect and a desire for the truth. Nothing is more depressing than the truth.

    2. 6. Pornography is everywhere and promiscuity is actively propagated (including this very site)
      This is something that is often overlooked. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe sex should ideally take place in the context of a relationship. Look at the picture of that woman Jefe posted at the very beginning of his article to catch the attention of thirsty men. Does that human being have any value beyond a pair of fake breasts, possibly fake, pouted lips, dyed hair, visible make-up artistry and lingerie? I can’t help but cringe at the thought that many men would spend their time, their money and their energy becoming the kind of person that kind of woman would agree to sleep with.

      1. A focus on sex, even joking about it, is making the body very weak. Sex is best limited to once a week and never any more for any reason.
        I don’t care what the experts here say, too much sex is making people depressed and cowardly.

        1. It’s not about having lots of sex. It’s about with whom you have it, and whether you ejaculate or not.
          Having sex with someone you love is unlikely to yield depressing results. After you have sex with someone you don’t care about, you just want that person to get the hell out of your sight. This doesn’t result in joy.
          As to ejaculation: I believe more men would do themselves a favour if they read up on Taoism and how they approach sexual activity. We all know how tired we feel after an orgasm. The orgasm itself is not what fucks us up, but the release of semen.

        2. Agree on ejaculation but sex also wastes a type of etheric or subtle energy as well, that can never be replaced, or in most cases is never replaced.
          Another important problem in many, but not all situations, is that during orgasm, the aura or energy field opens up very wide, and both partners are mixed in a subtle energetic way. In fact, a degree of identity exchange takes place in all cases.
          Some people notice that after having sex they are somewhat confused, unclear about their identity, and off their center or base.

        3. Releasing it is good. Keep it in you and you will get prostate cancer.
          Semen is a carcinogenic. Get it out any way you can.
          I dont buy any of this crap about porn or video games. Their have been XXX movies and magazines around for decades, same with video games.
          Sheeple just buy into any MSM propaganda and biased studies they read on the Net these days…
          A guy needs to worry about making money, paying his bills and surviving first and foremost. Get some savings for emergencies. Fuck worrying about sex.
          If you are feeling depressed, lethargic or unmotivated first make sure its not about MONEY. If its anything else, look at diet, nutrition, exercise.
          Lots of great natural supplements out there for depression and stimulation.
          Take it a day at a time.

        4. What you say is interesting, where did you learn this stuff? Idk that I buy it but I’d like to read about it.

        5. Read Julius Evola’s “Revolt against the modern world”. Reread it until you cannot envision the world in any other way.

        6. You ought to know that science purposely ignores (and even worse, sometimes ridicules) everything which it can’t explain.

        7. I wonder what the spiritual consequences are in this over sexualised society. Your explanation does make sense, especially in the process of people becoming desensitised due to too much sex. Especially in the case of women, this is problematic.
          With a lot of guys its just like this never ending black hole, the whole pussy spell, they base their whole entire lives around sleeping with sluts. The pick up artists kind of gain some short term benefits from this as they actually do sleep with them. But most other guys don’t even get that, so they end up just like a dog chasing after their own tail, forever.

        8. interesting article, but does not prove in any way that semen itself is what causes prostate cancer.

      2. Great comment. It is especially very unnecessary to see when you are trying to stay away from watching porn. Coming to this site to gain wisdom while trying to beat old habits just to see seductive images like these. Beats the whole purpose

      3. Society also uses porn to bait and shame men. Young boys are subjected to this when they hit puberty, and this tactic is used on them their whole lives. They are subjected to photos of naked / semi naked females and then and then demonized for wanting to have sex with women. It’s a constant subtle abuse that every man has to tolerate.

        1. What “tribe” are the largest purveyors of pornography? Why do they endeavor in such a business.
          Its all about money. Money. Money. Money.
          Men are the “marks”
          Look around you. If you cannot determine who the sucker is…its you.

      1. Болгарский. Знаете ли вы, что “хуй” значит? LOL

      2. Good commentary brother.
        You Russian ? ”
        Just testing my Russian. Did I get it right ? ))

    3. I guess the sex reason is why most men men are impotent and depressed.
      From what I’ve seen with fellow men, the reasons of depression and impotence are:
      – Too much sex, and that too with the wrong women. So limit reasonably. This is in my opinion, the no.1 reason of depression with men today. True, we all want sex in today’s world, but at what physical cost? Sex is more beneficial for women than for men. Look at aged priests and nuns. The nuns usually look older at the same age – because their bodies can’t handle lack of sex, and thus wilt away faster as compared to the priest’s body. Also excessive sex weakens the first energy center.
      – Excessive masturbation (screwed medical professionals say orgasm is healthy but it is not). Same reason as above. Orgasm also weakens the first energy center and leads to lack of grounding.
      – Lack of sex (this however happens less frequently as compared to too much sex). Anger and impatience is usually the by product of lack of sex, rather than depression.
      – Porn. Fucks up the mind, and the sex drive.
      -Processed, chemical laden foods, and bad eating habits
      – Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
      – Bad or unsatisfying career
      – Lack of freedom in your life to do what you want
      – Lack of money. Money creates freedom to do what you want. No money and you get caged into leading an incongruent life as to your dreams
      – Bad, phony and toxic relationships.
      Wrong women, bad parents, materialistic siblings, and fucked up friends which all pull you down.
      I know this very well while growing up. I had a restrictive and manipulative blue pill father and an indifferent mother who made me lose a lot of my opportunities in my life. I grew resentful, angry and depressed around him.

      1. You have to explain “energy centers” and the whole sex is good for women but bad for men thing – how does that work?

        1. “energy centers” are part of metaphysics and are as real as the easter bunny or santa claus.

        1. Yes, really good points, thanks. The guy that says “semen is carcinogenic” has not a fucking clue.

      1. I don’t think Eastern europe is dirty. I actually find Catholic europe dirty.
        FSU and EE women are the cleanest white women. Anglo women need to take lessons in personal hygiene from them.

    4. “excessive bathing”
      – How should that be? I personally shower twice a day, and thrice during summers.
      And on the days I don’t shower, I feel like shit, unmotivated and DEPRESSED. Yep, depressed. Because bathing makes you feel fresh. A fresh mind can help you fight depression.
      Uncleanliness leads to depression. You see it in sluts.
      Have sex or orgasm and don’t shower for one day. And the longer you abstain from bathing in that stare after orgasm (or multiple sex sessions, or orgasm), see how shitty you feel.

    5. Some element of bioavailable copper is actually essential to human health. However I agree, some people have too much in their bodies which can be excreted with things like zinc. Look up zinc-copper ratio.

    6. “9. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs, and electromagnetic stress”
      Between laptops and ipads and smartphones the EMF health risk is probably higher than anyone is willing to admit considering nobody today can function without their electronic gadgets.

  10. A man is depressed when he isn’t doing whatever brings him closer to the goals he has set upon himself.

  11. I have depression running through my family, on both sides. Mom went to hospitals many times for panic/anxiety attacks. Dad’s side had lots of mental illness.
    I crashed at around 18 years of age. A terrible time to happen as I lost many good years of my youth that I won’t get back. I didn’t know what i wanted out of life, and had absolutely no clue about TRP and how to embody the kind of traits needed to obtain a woman I wanted. It took 3 years out of high school before I could hold down a job(people with depression know what I mean). Only my faith in God and fear of damnation kept me from suicide. I honestly hated every second of my existence, with normal activities being too psychologically exhausting for me to function normally.
    Fast forward ten years. I can say upon reflection that while I have lost a lot of my sex drive as a result of TRP, and am now leaning in the GYOW side of things, I now have a career that is rewarding and challenging, instead of being a warehouse robot/peon. I no longer dwell on what could have been had I not suffered my breakdown, and think that depression is something you just can’t explain to someone who hasn’t felt prolonged, severe episodes of it.
    I still battle anxiety regularily, and things like attention span and focus are so bad that learning a new skill can be extremely draining with other people looking at you like you’re actually retarded for having such poor memory or focus. That said I owe places like this a lot of credit for helping me better understand the world around me. Had I been more emotionally prepared for what ‘adult’ life would be like, instead of simply taking TBP at face value, then things would be a lot different, but places like RoK is surely saving a lot of young men from years of pain that I felt.

    1. Listen, my friend. Depression is not the illness per se, it’s a symptom. Many people feel depressed because they are simply tired or burned out. They have adrenal burnout. Depression is just the body’s way of saying it is too tired to want to do much or anything.
      It’s not your fault, you were conceived by the two already burnt bodies low in energy. Just make sure before you make children you correct your bodily chemistry.
      The good news is there are two things you can do straight away – eliminate sugar completely and get more sleep. Go to bed before 11pm and sleep at least 9-10 hours and beware of hidden sugar – it’s bloody everywhere.

    2. I had depression starting at about 10 but after a couple years of college I hit this sort of quarter life crisis like you are talking about. Lots of young men go through this; there is not a lot to live for when you have no hope for your future. Had about 2-3 years of the most miserable existence imaginable. Slowly had to work my way out of that hole and I’ve ended up stronger for it. I know what you are saying about not being able to hold a job, I went through about 12 in that time. Did a lot of reading and accidentally stumbled upon the “ladder theory”, things started to make sense. The realization that the drive to fuck women is primary force guiding humanity really puts things into perspective; it is hard to take life so seriously now.

  12. The “To-Do” list part I think is negligible. Sometimes I’ve just got so much going on that it would hamper progress to stop and make one. However, if I find myself slipping or getting off track, I revert back to making these in the evening the night before, or immediately when I wake up.
    The psychological result it has on the mind to cross off 1 item at a time as you complete them has a depression squashing effect on me, so I’ll never chop out “To-Do” lists entirely. The downside to making lists is the tendency to start making them for everything, which becomes a cluttered mess. If I make a list with 10 items, inevitably something usually associated with human contact disables me from completing 1-4 of the items then they get pushed off to the next day or re-prioritized.
    I don’t make them for completing tasks that are part of the daily grind i.e.: daily job/career operations, workout routines, hygiene, etc. Yet to maximize effectiveness with efficiency as its core, then yes, a “To-do” list is worth the thought, time, and effort for other more complicated activities like making 5 stops for errands in the best order and what to accomplish while making those stops.
    I’ve found that the primary cause of depression I’ve had is allowing others to project their problems onto me and worst of all, involve you in running to their aid. People will crutch on the hard work of others instead of learning to catch their own fish. This runs especially true of problematic family members. The larger the role these family members play (or should play) in your life, the worse off the depression tends to be. I.e., shitty parents is #1.

    1. Lol, that sums up nearly every Jefe article. I think one was titled “Stop being a bitch”. It sickens me he makes money off this c-rate motivational speaker crap.

  13. Why are a lot of (young, white) American men depressed? Mate, you kind of missed a lot of it.
    1. Shitty career prospects, when we thought we’d get degrees, find good jobs, and work our way up the ladder building a career. Then reality bitch slaps us and says, “Haha, you need 4 years experience to do a low level job!”
    2. Shitty marriage/dating prospects, when we grew up thinking women were moral and we’d meet some sweet girl, fall in love, have a family. Then reality bitch slaps us and says, “Haha, women are close to animals, morally! And have fun being dick number 16!”
    3. Shitty national prospects. We grew up thinking people want good things, smart futures, for our nation. Then reality bitch slaps us and says, “Haha, people hate whites, even if they’re white, and want to turn the country into a hispanic shithole while you pay for it with ever higher taxes, if you manage to get a job! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

    1. Agreed, but these things make me more angry than depressed. Two different things.

    2. Cui bono?
      … historically, Jews had always thrived in nations and
      empires with multicultural, pluralistic and tolerant environments, while
      they fared badly in strong ethnic or nationalistic societies. European
      Jews have always been the emblematic stranger or ‘other’. Therefore, by
      definition, a society where the stranger is welcome is good for the
      Jews, although they have not always appreciated this link. … The future
      of European Jewry is dependant on our ability to shape a multicultural,
      pluralistic and diverse society.
      Göran Rosenberg, author and journalist
      The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendent quality.
      Ben Wattenberg, writer and journalist
      There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure
      states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into
      the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.
      Wesley Clark, retired General who commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War
      The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia
      is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The
      day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would be more
      confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.
      Miriam Faine, editor of Australian Jewish Democrat

  14. No.1 reason why most men are impotent and depressed: Women.
    1. Bad marriages
    2. Bad girlfriends
    3. Shitty marriage and girlfriends prospects
    4. Shitty bang prospects
    5. No incentive for a single man to marry, and no incentive for a married man to remain married

      1. I don’t understand why guys come on here and say stuff like this. Do you intend to go the rest of your life without pussy? I don’t. Shouldn’t base your whole life around women, but a well-lived life includes them.

        1. You misunderstood me.
          I never said men should go the rest of their lives without pussy, and become faggot homos or MGTOWs.
          What I mentioned is often the real cause which afflicts most contemporary men today. The women in their lives, or rather the quality of women in their lives.
          Were our forefathers depressed as much as men today are? Definitely not. Because in those days, the main cause of depression was often money or resources, to feed themselves and their families. Atleast, those men had a family to fall back upon to relieve them from the stress in their day to day lives. And most importantly, they had a traditional woman to provide them comfort, who understood her responsibility as a woman to tend to her man’s needs.
          Fast forward to today’s world. Do you have such women around you anymore like our forefathers did? Nope. So what options you got? Self reliance. Which is finite, if you look at it in emotional terms, not material or even physical terms. You say a well lived life includes women. I second that, and I concur. But why should women be included in a male life today which focuses on self reliance? Because women provide comfort and pleasure for men, even if those things are fleeting. Men (or males) always want to build their clan. And women thus naturally become a part of that plan.
          We need women not because we base our lives on them, but because as human beings, we all have finite resources – whether emotional or physical. Women complement that. Man is indeed a social animal, unlike how MGTOWs would say. But the question is that what society is man living in today? And what quality women does he have? The more shitty women he has around him, the more crappy his attitude towards women (and life usually) becomes in general. Go online and see for yourself about the causes of male depression today. More often than not, relationship issues, or issues dealing with women focus there.
          And what I listed is a breakdown of those issues. Doesn’t mean I’m saying that men should give up on women. That list are the reasons why men suffer today. It depends how you look at it, but you can’t deny those reasons. Shitty women upset the whole balance of nature.

        2. Based on your article, how could you insult MGTOW, especially on a MGTOW blog?

        3. “Man is indeed a social animal”…man is whatever the fuck a man wants to be…if a man wants to retire from society´s bullshit and spends his days as he wants, then more power to him.

        4. Well gee “Bruce”…
          Thank you for insinuating that because my life doesnt include CUNTS that I am not living a “well-lived” life.
          Many men would give a lot to live the life I have..
          Which is totally BITCH free.
          You sound like a white-knighting mangina to me.

      2. Maybe it is more accurate to say that the quality of their lives is largely dependent upon it.

  15. Another “I’m awesome, now buy my books” article from Jefe…
    Jefe’s next book should be titled “How to Humble Brag on the Internet… Like a Beast!”

    1. Maybe he is awesome and maybe you should buy his books. You think there’s no market for this kind of inspiration in fatass/internet addiction USA?

        1. No, just read the articles which are fun to read. Maybe I’ll get his book on kindle soon.

        2. are you a chick? Seriously, I can’t tell. The things you say make it seem like Jefe took your ass virginity and now you’re his bitch out on the internet defending his garbage writing.
          If you are a male then seriously wtf is wrong with you? Why would you give this ass clown money? Am I seriously the only one that can see Jefe for what he is? Fuck, much respect to Jefe for conning these weak minded fools and making some money off it.

        3. I admit it, scammers like Jefe piss me off. I shouldn’t care though, people that buy into stuff like that are the same as people who buy into religion; it is comforting for them. The strong will always take advantage of the weak.

        4. I don’t ordinarily argue with people—and I won’t here either—but I can’t let those factually incorrect comments go without a retort.
          I didn’t buy his e-books because they’re “comforting” or any or feel-good reason.
          I bought them because they’re well-edited/written, and provide insightful commentary and ideas that any man with an open mind and a desire to better himself would appreciate.
          I won’t (knowingly) pay good money for something I think is a waste. I give fair acknowledgement to good work and fair criticism to poor work.
          In this case I was pleased with what I read.
          Self-improvement and facing one’s own inadequacies is very far from comforting. His material requires facing those personal inadequacies in order to become a better man, & reap the benefits of red pill knowledge.

    2. I bought 2 of his books so far. Clearly he didn’t write the article solely to advertise. No harm in mentioning them, however.
      I respect a man who has great advice and has earned his right to do so—by actually putting in the effort, and having experiences to write about.

      1. What are his books like? Because every article he writes on this site is just the same shit over and over again. It isn’t like it is bad advice or anything but he simply has no creativity; if you have read one Jefe article you have read them all. All he really ever says is some variation of “suck it up and get it done”, which is great but why the fuck would you pay someone to tell you that? Don’t you know that intuitively?
        Not to mention he is a personal trainer… nothing but a conman counting reps for fat people. He is in great shape but walk into any gym in the country and you will find guys just like him or better. His talent is getting suckers to buy shit they don’t need. You don’t need Jefe to tell you to workout, you have to do that yourself.

        1. His books (the 2 I’ve purchased so far) are very direct, honest, and make some great points, along with historical examples that support his ideas (ex.: Dominate especially).
          However, I can easily tell from your comment that you are biased and not in the right mindset at this point in your life for self-improvement. Therefore it would not be wise for me to waste my time and effort.

  16. A Jefe article on a Sunday evening or Monday morning is a great motivational kick in the ass, a push to start the week off right and reflect on the week that was. I am already making a list of what I want to accomplish this week.

  17. Look at the list of things men should commit to (I’m not complaining, I do all the things on the list and couldn’t live without them) while women can’t be asked to stay within 50 pounds of their high school weight 80-90% of the time. There’s a mootness in the air. You’d better do these things just for their sake alone.

  18. A lot of guys have figured out that the dice are loaded, and the captain lied…and that school is only about making kids into “good workers”. So they anesthetize themselves with sports, alcohol, drugs and video games. Oh, and online porn. That last one is why doctors are seeing an increase in impotence among young men, who should be total horndogs on their own.*
    The result? Men are dropping out:
    “I think the greatest, most astonishing fact that I am aware of in social science right now is that women have been able to hear the labor market screaming out ‘You need more education’ and have been able to respond to that, and men have not,” said Michael Greenstone, an M.I.T. economics professor who was not involved in Professor Autor’s work. “And it’s very, very scary for economists because people should be responding to price signals. And men are not. It’s a fact in need of an explanation.”
    Actually, there *IS* an explanation–men think, “Why should I invest in education**, and invest in creating a home and family when I can be cast aside in a “cash and prizes” divorce?” Men *ARE* reacting to market signals, and those signals are increasingly telling men to opt out.
    That isn’t good for men, it isn’t good for women, and it isn’t good for society…..
    À bientôt,
    *Viagra was developed from my blood. True story. 😉 Kidding aside, when I was 35 and at a bar, I listened to 2 bartenders argue of which one of them had the other’s “Tiger Woods Golf”, and I interjected that, “I *LOVE* video games!” They both looked at me quizzically and I added, “Because of video games, I can date 22 year old women!” Now that *IS* a true story. 😀
    **The price of a university education these days is *insane*. Back when I went, it was manageable with scholarships and work; now it turns students in to wage slaves for the rest of their lives. It’s CRAZY.

    1. Men are becoming more and more disposable in the United States, or so I’ve heard it said.
      I tend to agree that it’s true.

    2. Little more complex. Education is a huge scam, period. Academia is the cathedral and is a vanguard of feminism. But please note, all this education and it’s mostly fluff and incredibly expensive. If men are opting out its because the ROI return of investment is declining and, with emphasis, is a waste of time.

  19. 40 years ago all a man had to do was live honorably, get a good job, pursue his passion, make money, and he could have the beautiful house with the wife and kids, picturesque.
    Somewhere along the time women just decided that when they’re young they’ll humiliate the men that are not attractive. Even though this didn’t happen to me it was pretty obvious to me from the get go that women don’t care about potential to earn or any positive qualities about men other than their appearance. I wasn’t a fool in noticing that my mother, among other women, completely ignored Asian men, who are otherwise the best choices for reliable fathers. This was a pretty good fucking wake up call for me. Women give zero shits about raising a good family and only care about themselves and their primal urges.
    I saw how my good friends got ignored, and still get ignored when they’re close to 30, just because they’re too short or the wrong race. There are a couple of women coming back to them looking for a beta provider but it just doesn’t work out for them.
    We’re going to have millions of desperate, suicidal men with nothing to live for, since finding a good woman and having kids is the primary goal engrained in men for a VERY long time (I mean thousands of years) but now women are just fucking bad boys, humiliating men when they’re young, turning men into players or badboys who just work out and play video games (which won’t work as men get older and will just wind up alone and depressed, not wanting to marry some washed up slut), and women come back at age 30 to the men they cuckolded when they were young, asking for marriage. You’d have to be stupid to fall for this.
    It’s a recipe for disaster. Take away everything that makes a man a man, humiliate him, cuckold him, make him angry and seething in bitterness while women fuck alphas, out marry, or whatever, and see what happens. Just look at the asian male pattern. It doesn’t matter how tall or good looking an Asian guy is, he’s still shat on and humiliated by asian women.
    I have lost all sympathy for women and will not cry if the cities are burned to the ground with women and children in them. For now, women are the enemy and children are the product of aggressive sexual tactics that leave a lot of men out in the dust. I am dead inside and I hope the world will burn with all its cretins in it.

    1. I agree with much of what you’ve said. Despite all that often being true, unfortunately the few women who are sincere and worthwhile may very well pay the price as well, what with men becoming 2nd rate citizens.
      Frequently I see examples of behavior in which the “sisterhood” has become a “victimhood” collective, with those types of women becoming more and more outspoken. Unfortunately this demonizing of masculinity, the very thing women actually want/need, is driving a giant wedge between men and women.
      Very sad indeed.

    2. Are you by any chance related to Elliot Rodgers? Your post (while I agree with everything in it) sounds like an ER rant.

    3. I completely understand the sentiment but we can’t simply blame women for their natures. Men play an even larger role in this through facilitation. Women are screwing us to our faces, but they aren’t the ones who are ultimately pulling the strings.
      This is modern day psychological warfare amongst men.

  20. Why get an education and do a meaningful job if women have proven themselves time and time again to care about only themselves and the 5-10% of men that pass their lookism tests, and failing that, the rich guys (who wind up being cheated on, divorced, and never being loved in the first place)?
    Why have kids if the kids are going to lead meaningless lives if they’re men, and the daughter will merely be an unfaithful, hypergamous slut? Women are incapable of love, so why even try?
    Why not just drink yourself to death, do drugs, work out, watch porn, play video games, do your hobbies, and not contribute at all to society?
    There is no good reason for men to contribute a single ounce of effort to our current society.
    Zero reason at all.

    1. Yes. Even if you were trolling, I still agree with you.
      Just like that and the ball is in the women’s court at least for a very small, but quickly growing segment of the male population. Now it’s the redpill men saying ‘Give us a reason to spend our lives with you. YOU win US over this time. Get our attention, win our hearts, fight to keep us.’ Otherwise it’s a very satisfying red-pill life of healthy eating, lifting, books, worthwhile hobbies, minimalist spending and TRAVEL. Travel leads to foreign women….Game Over.
      Also, when I think about having kids; I wouldn’t want to have a boy or girl. I wouldn’t want an All-American white kid (white wife, enough said) and I wouldn’t want a mixed kid.
      I wouldn’t want to watch my boy grow up feminized, addicted to gadgetry and subjugated. “Teach him to be a man,” I can hear you all say. Well then how out of touch does that put him? Fine anyway, let’s try;
      He spends his youth off the internet, playing in the woods. When he’s tired of the woods that’s okay, he can go to the home entertainment center; a large, full bookshelf. He’ll be taught to keep his mouth shut, to have respect, integrity and masculinity. I’ll have him deadlifting and squatting throughout his childhood and will rarely allow him string more than eight words together until he’s read a 1000 books. Then he can start giving his opinions. That’s the boy I want. Great. What a weird little boy he will be in 2025 if that’s how I raise him. It would almost be unfair to do that to a boy; to raise him to be a real man in what will likely be a fully insane goddess cult society by then.
      I wouldn’t want to watch my girl grow up full of faux supremacy and hateful ‘grrl power’ entitlement nonsense. Imagine watching your own spoiled little bitch just sniff around for phony righteous indignation in a culture that hands EVERYTHING straight to her at the expense of boys. All of the education, government, money, legalities, and self-esteem resources that our country has goes to women first and foremost. Get one to admit that is even partially true. Good luck. Now you went out and fabricated your own little bitch-warrior. How would that feel?
      I wouldn’t want my half-Mexican or half-Brazilian kid to grow up full of ethnic identity b.s and go all “La Raza” on me either.
      All of this is assuming that I pull off a miracle and even get to raise my own kids anyway without having them taken from me.
      Fifty wrongs don’t make a right. There’s nothing in it for me. Raising a person to be good will be putting them way out of touch.
      I’m just going to hike, lift, read, travel, golf, wear leather shoes and silk ties, drink bourbon, smoke cigars and go spelunking on twenty year old Asian women until it’s time to bow out. I’ll tip my hat to the world and wish it the best. But it’s not going in the right direction and you’re crazy if you think it is. Millenials with their internet melted brains will pull us out of this mess? HA HA HA HA HA HA.

      1. You know getting children into weightlifting whilst their bones are still developing turns them into Tom Midget Cruise, right?

      2. Do you guys really think the all women are having this much sex? Not to say they aren’t sluts or aren’t opportunistic given the chance, but I would say a good portion of the women I know are having less sex than I am, or at least appear to be. A lot of them are simply focused on survival, their careers, etc.
        Also, I noticed there isn’t necessarily a correlation between how good looking they are and how much sex they are having. There are quite a few ugly broads that I know that are getting much more dick from a variety of different men just because they are more willing to throw it out there with no shame.
        I don’t know who’s more despicable, these ugly fat sluts, or the sheep who are servicing them.

  21. ” They aren’t living lives that reflect their values”. They aren’t actually doing the thing that they’ve shown clear interest and intent on achieving.”
    In order to see someone’s true values , look at their ACTIONS and not their words. Self-definitions and plans are just denial/vanity. Claiming that at some point in the future life will work it-self out is humanities way of escaping the present, always looking forward to the next best thing. Yes, sure, in the future some glorious and divine thing will inspire you and somehow you will change your ways, nope more like 20 years will go by and you will still be thinking that at some point you will work something out. People do the BARE minimum just to avoid the self-guilt.
    Your true values are what you are doing right now. You false values are the values which don’t even motivate you enough to act on them, certainly action and motive would define one’s value, so this article is not accurate.
    “intent on achieving”
    Whatever you are doing NOW! is your real intent. The rest is just some little delayed gratification-fantasy you created to feel good about being lazy, remember, every SINGLE human being you see walking around thinks that they are the exception to the rule, they are all legends in their own mind. The general population lives on “hope”, without which they go and beg for medications to numb themselves.
    What people lack is basically “psychological energy” you can build it up only so much with exercise and a positive attitude lol.

    Man, you’ve been banning me for no reason and have even deleted my posts. And look at the blog now being infested with gay porn images. Why is this shit allowed here. What the fuck is that, man?
    Moderation here sucks! Shame as it is otherwise a great place.


  24. It is Thoreau’s words that haunt me daily and force in me a hunger for immediate action: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. I have led a life of quiet desperation, unknowingly, for most of my life. One day I finally said “no more, things must change or I die having lived a life of quiet desperation.”

    1. I think about the quote often as well and it makes me hungry for action

  25. A person has to imagine the things that makes then happy, set a plan, have the discipline to carry it out and let no one steer them from it.

  26. I think the message here is no matter what path you choose, you’ll be missing out on something else. Each person in these 2 situations longs for what the other has, not realizing it’s 2 sides the same coin. There are pros and cons to each lifestyle, you just have to decide what’s important to you at this time of your life. That can also change as you get older-priorities always keep shifting, your interests change, etc…

  27. a politically correct way of saying this is “every man has their comfort zone”. Just take the red pill and do it.

  28. Roosh you should really get rid of the person posting gay porn in comments section! IP ban?

  29. There isn’t a SINGLE man on this planet that WOULDN’T benefit from Powerlifting. Heavy squats, bench, deads, 2-3 times a week. Every man reading ROK that is 150 lbs or more, could easily have a triple crown of 315/250/315 in the Big 3, if not way more. I’m in my early 40s and started three years ago. Best thing I’ve ever done.

  30. I appreciate the author’s effort. However, I can’t help but point out that there is a great number of well-meaning yet generic “rah rah” posts on this site that really do little to offer practical solutions. The profanity does little to lend gravity to the author’s point as well. In fact, it weakens the power of his words and makes him sound immature. This all to say nothing of the slightly obnoxious, barely concealed “tough love” of sarcastic phrases like, “I read books,” the implication being, “Yeah, you could do that too–ever thought about it?”

  31. I enjoyed this article very much. Whining about your problems don’t help you live the life you want. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to do or be what and who you want is letting life pass you by. I know you’re speaking to the men, but this year I came to the realization that you can either do or not. Since i started doing, no more depression. If you remove the cause of sadness and stress in your life, you can find happiness. As far as the sex, I think if you connect with someone, you can experience the best sex of your life. Sexual dysfunction can also be caused by health issues that lifestyle changes might not repair. In that case, you just have to find other passions in your life. As long as you take charge, you can ameliorate your situation. I’m pretty sure the OP doesn’t mean depression as in mental illness, which is another thing altogether, but rather a dissatisfaction that results in loss of confidence. In that case, seek the help you need. You don’t have to tell the other “kings”.

  32. Reason most men are impotent or depressed is because they have no sense of purpose in their lives. Most think with their penis instead of their head. Sex is rewarding, but only within the confinement of marriage. Other than than that it is detrimental one’s physical and spiritual and emotional being. My litmus test; if you want to know whether a society or civilization is heading progress or regression, look at the relationship between its male and female? Instead of putting god or an ideal the focus of their lives, women instead are, henceforth the feeling of impotence and depression.

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