Thoughts On The Red Pill From A 21-Year-Old Student

The younger generation, ranging from seniors in high school to college students, are a sorry bunch. They’re disillusioned with politics as well as politicians, they’re becoming more slutty and trashy or becoming betas, and they have little planned for their futures. As a member of this sub group, it really is beyond sad to look around and see what is happening. Men today are patted on the back by their friends and those around them for being an outright beta. The standard cries of “Chivalry is not dead” and “Another girl just friendzoned me” are common and considered inspirational as well as a part of the status quo. A good portion believe that if they are a “gentleman” (not in the red pill way), they will get the woman (or her pussy)… eventually.

On the other end of the spectrum is the ghetto mentality which is promoted through appreciation of mainstream rap and jail culture. This group believes that all one needs in life is money and that everything will be fine as long as you’re tough and become rich by being a drug dealer, NBA player, or a rapper.  In the end, all looks hopeless and most people wonder why anyone would even try to help these wayward souls, but the truth is that this group has the most potential—they will become the red pill of tomorrow. Sadly I’m not optimistic enough to say a majority will come into our fold, but nonetheless there is still hope. Here is where we stand in concern to availability of information, parenting, and women.


The impetus for this change is information. The ability to get information at the touch of a fingertip is outstanding, and most of the younger generation realizes that their problems are shared among them. Mediums of communication such as forums, Facebook, Reddit, and even 4chan, are available to this group. It is astounding. The progress that has been made in terms of technology is by far the greatest advantage they have to discover what they need. The Internet community, regardless of its negatives, is better than most real life communities in the Western world, especially the United States.

People gather together to share laughs, have fun, and most importantly of all to give solid advice. Browsing on Roosh’s forum and ROK has been one of the most interesting experience that I have had and the logical arguments I have been given in response to my opinions actually make sense and don’t reek of ignorance. I am given solid reasoning and support in terms of an answer to a question, and there is always someone out there to answer. Unless you’re a complete fool with a bad attitude and argue with insults rather than facts, your opinion is generally considered and appreciated.

Since I have talked of the positives of all this, it is also fair to state the negatives. The modern feminist movement (i.e. “the patriarchy is the cause of our problems” and “rape culture is real”) has also gathered notable amounts of support. People have also rallied around other failing prospective ideologies such as communism and fascism.  For every man swallowing the red pill, there are fifteen more becoming greater beta/pussies due to their shared ideals. The importance of this statement though, is that people are gathering and there is indeed a problem and than in and of itself warrants hope.



Mothers of the current generation of children have instilled in their kids nothing of value and have raised their daughters to emulate a partying lifestyle. Most of them cannot cook, and so a majority of the current generation, both male and female, have no real idea what a home-cooked meal is (luckily I was one of the few who has).

Feminism and blue-pill thought processes have been ingrained in this generation’s men at a young age. They were taught to believe that love will all work out in the end and that eventually, possibly at the age of 30, they will find a woman who loves them even if she has ridden the cock carousel for years. Now you may be thinking “Where was the father at?” The answer to this question is simple. He is usually out working most of the day to provide for a woman who is more than likely out shopping with her friends or cheating on him. The blue-pill mentality is expanded in single-mother homes where the young boy thinks their father abandoned him when it was usually the mother who let the father go with nothing, not even his own child.

The results:

On the other hand, those born into a lesser socioeconomic lifestyle clearly see how low value the modern woman is. They usually grow up in broken homes with single mothers. They usually don’t have a solid father figure to guide them in any way at all, and so are forced out into the streets and find meaning within a group setting listening to music which worships materialistic culture. They grow up listening to that, do not find anything of value, and worst of all, if they continue down their path or have bad luck, make the same mistake their own fathers did and jump ship.

More people are looking around and searching for the source of the problem as well as solutions. The first step to stopping a problem is awareness, and that awareness is key in getting society to change as a whole. I may be beating a dead horse when it comes to this example, but lets go back a 70-80 years. Nazi Germany was the pinnacle of the world. Head of the scientific community (to the point that both the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. employed their scientists after the war), surging economy, and one of the strongest military powers the world had ever seen. A good portion of the U.S.and Europe were sympathetic to the fascist cause, and notable people such as William Joyce and Charles Lindbergh received wide acclaim for supporting fascism even while World War II was occurring. All it took for that widespread admiration to go away were the news of German Concentration Camps for Jews, which was exposed during the Nuremberg Trials. All it took was awareness of what was really happening to completely change public opinion. Here is today’s awareness:

pig fatty

Women & Society

Finally, we come to the root cause and issue of the entire mess. The modern day Western woman is beyond a reasonable doubt the monster that caused all of this. I think RoK has done an exceptional job giving the reasoning behind this problem, but I’ll try my best to relay it from a younger standpoint. The modern Western woman is obsessed with the smallest and most idiotic of things, and they have the constant belief that they’re the most beautiful and wonderful thing that has graced the face of this world regardless of how morbidly obese they may be. They rationalize with their hamster that all the guys they have boned and sucked off are the issue, and they deserve a “real man” who will love them forever. When prompted as to what a “real man” is, the standard is usually someone like George Clooney or Ashton Kutcher whom they view as idols and whom would somehow love them.

Recently, I was walking to a girl in English class, and the topic came to life goals. When I asked her what her life goals were, she simply responded with: “I’m going to marry into a rich family and if that doesn’t work out I’ll become a stripper”. The fact that a semi-intelligent (I say semi-intelligent because she was in an honors course)  and fairly attractive girl could say something like this so frankly still boggles my mind. Society has deteriorated to the extent that it is socially acceptable to have something like being a stripper or gold digger as a life goal and even express it out-loud.

Women like this are everywhere and are even the norm. We live in a society which has amplified the problem and allowed for such deterioration to occur. The mainstream media and the social media have amplified the female, and enabled her to get a steady supply of beta orbiters who are more than happy to compliment their camwhoring selves to get a steady supply of attention regardless of what kind of woman they are.


The question now is: “How can the modern Western Woman become more like their Eastern counterparts?”. Well the truth of this is that the solution to this problem is already in progress. It is human nature in and of itself. Men will obviously be attracted to the more attractive female, and with the advent of easily accessible porn as well as models posting pictures of themselves repeatedly the bar is raised for women.

Women will need to provide certain amounts incentive to be more preferable than masturbation, and the truth is even the girl I mentioned in the story above knows how to cook. One thing that the feminist movement has unintentionally accomplished is that they have proven that women bring nothing to a long term relationship. They constantly highlight the ease of obtaining pornography, the cost of raising children, and that we as men don’t like fatties or sluts. Women, especially those hitting the wall, have realized that they themselves need to compete with these newly exposed societal factors.

Women themselves do not find feminism attractive, regardless of what they say on their Twitters or on Facebook for the world to see. Sure RoK received backlash for fat-shaming week, but women themselves slut-shame and fat-shame all the time. Being fat or being sexually promiscuous are still negative labels. Feminism tries to make being fat attractive or being sexually promiscuous acceptable, but the 99% of men still don’t see that as attractive, and, due to instincts, women themselves attempt not to exhibit those qualities.


I wrote this to confirm that the red pill is spreading. Young or old, black or white, Deist or Atheist, whatever label you happen to give yourself, we all stand together and it is our duty to educate people on what truly concerns all of us, life. If a man comes to you or to this community in hopes of bettering themselves, regardless of labels, it is in our best interest as fellow men to help educate them about today’s culture and help guide him towards a better tomorrow.

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275 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Red Pill From A 21-Year-Old Student”

    1. Agreed. But, he is only 21. God, it must suck being 21 in 2014. No wonder so many of these young dudes become transexuals. Being a dude is pretty much a lost fucking cause these days.

      1. Actually, it’s an opportunity. With so many men following a herd mentality of wanking to cam sites and trying to be sincere, an adroit guy can rise above the menial average.

      2. At the same time I pull women around me realizing the majority of guys are chumps. I benefit at their expense but it still makes me sad that it has gotten to that point.

        1. i feel your pain bro, i’m also an 21 year old in a similair position and yes guest it does suck to be 21 in 2014

        2. Trust me bro, it sucked being a dude at 21 in 1980 too.
          The only difference was that we didnt have stupid social media, smartphones, Twitter, FB and all the other stupid crap that bitches utilize to feel good about their mediocre selves today.
          Oh, but we did have good drugs and muscle cars to have fun with instead of video games : )

    2. Explain to me how my article was boring? Don’t post an opinion without any logical backing.

  1. Dude marrying rich or becoming a stripper is humerous and true to her biological programming. Though stating it as a joke is leading her toward the stripper route. Women are hypergamous never forget it.

  2. The answer is to ex-pat to a place where solid family values, the work ethic and artistic sensibilities are still extant and pay off;

    1. Yeah, some Bollywood star that’s White. lol With your assets you’ll likely get a black untouchable.This is what boys like you qualify for
      and just remember that if you’re a loser in the US you’ll be a loser around the world. Females worldwide can spot a pyjama boy.

      1. I think that’s what people don’t understand. Improve yourself and become attractive to women here in the U.S(or wherever else you mat be) first. If you’re a loser in the United States you’re a loser everywhere else too. Learning game in the U.S./Britain/Canada/Australia is also much harder might I add so it makes it that much more worthwhile(that is if you’re from around here I’m just sort of assuming). Learn game, get cultured, improve your body, pick up another language, and get out there first here and then over where ever you want to go.

  3. Women will never be happy. They are pumped and dumped by alphas and completely bored by betas. A beta is her only chance at mairrage and kids, but he will eventually drive her insane.
    A girl marrying a rich beta will not make her happy. She will *ONLY* be happy with a rich, commitment minded good looking man which is < .002 of the male population.
    Which is fine and all, it’s good to be ambitious, but in order to lock down this kind of man you will NOT be able to do it past the age of 25. Girls completely misuse the time of their peak SMV (ages 15 – 25) due to encouragement from feminism, and that is why they will never be happy.
    As a man I have much longer til peak SMV and can afford to wait it out for the best situation.

        1. See? Delusions. Show your real pic and women will judge what you are. Take pic in house so we can see where you live and what looks like.

    1. sure, right now, what we call alpha is not interested in family and kids, due to the fact that they seem to have little value and huge risk / expense…. and women wait too long and then end up in LTRs with older more beta men who get totally emasculated inside the family / LTR environment…..
      HOWEVER : if an alpha takes on the family and avoids some of the pits falls (it does need a lot of money and resources to hold down a wife and a couple of kids), or betas wiseup and start putting their foot down…..and/or women start to see the benefits of a happier stable home life that is run by a man….. men might just pull it off… men do all kinds of crazy things….
      there are worse things in the world than a wife and kids… a stable home can actually have advantages in the long run….

      1. Ray, I agreed with everyone of your posts until now. LTR advantages?-sure if your “future ex wife” is RICH. Having kids and being a beta father(every father is a bet) is not cool. Blow a load on her face, not in the pussy. You been eating the blue pill?

        1. extrapolate the logic…. a real alpha must surely know how to run a family, hold down a woman and bring up a couple of half decent kids – otherwise what’s the point ? if life’s just a giant fun park for purely selfish pleasures i might as well fly straight to Colombia or Thailand and blow my brains out on narcotics and hookers.. a few years of the most insane hedonistic pursuits is probably going to be better than 20-30 years of half measures…creaking along at 65 trying to pretend i’m still a player at 35 is not alpha…. i’d rather see how high i can get before i blow up….
          on the other hand…. to run a wife and kids on a reasonable middle class level, is only about money… a good alpha can see that as an asset of sorts, at least it’s an accomplishment of sorts… and an adventure… and a challenge…. and provided you don’t do it as a ‘partnership’ with the woman and expose yourself to 50/50 and family courts, and provided you are a half decent leader and can keep the baby momma in check….
          you’re all set….
          just because lots of men are bitter and failed in families doesn’t mean that the entire concept is a failure, it just means a different approach is needed…. women wrap you into their emotionally charged world… so firewall the thing and run a modest family home, while doing what you please as the man of the house… it is possible, it just needs money…… the right woman and a shit ton of male attitude……. the fact that feminism and the general social setting is against it succeeding, simply increases the challenge and the risk…. i love risk….
          it’s $5-10k a month of disposable income to run a family on the side… a good alpha can come up with that, and have another $10k a month for himself…

        2. “it’s $5-10k a month of disposable income to run a family on the side… a
          good alpha can come up with that, and have another $10k a month for
          Thats between 60-120K a year – net of taxes before we are talking 10K (net, im assuming) for oneself.
          I agree with you Ray. Marriage might be doable with an acceptable mate if the combined family income is 200K US a year or more. Barely.
          And if it is not, its a losing proposition destined for failure im afraid.

        3. yup… running a wife and kids costs considerable…. but not huge money…. wife and kids is for peasants with nothing to lose or high middle to upper class…
          unless you have the resources to keep the thing fire walled and maintain yourself as head of the family, she’s going wrestle control from you and turn it into a 50.50 partnership…. and then of course you land yourself in peasant town….
          it all comes down to money in the end….. but good alphas should be able to make money…. keep her at arms length due to status and business pursuits and have a family that is loving and supportive instead of a draining expensive distraction….
          UNLESS !!! we are all deluded and trying to rebuild the illusion of family we had when we were kids….. if that is the case, then the entire concept of family is just castles made of sand and you want kids then you are better off raw dogging as many third world peasants as possible and leaving your genes spread around the planet, like a male crocodile does…. mate and move on…..

        4. “it all comes down to money in the end….. but good alphas should be able to make money….”
          “Should” is the operative term there. It doesnt take much more than a corporate restructuring or realignment due to a bad quarter of earnings, a reduction in workforce, “workplace optimization” (outsourcing) for an “alpha” to find the game has changed on him.
          Males are at a distinct disadvantage in todays workplace unless them have some kind of extraordinary skills or talent. For most mid-level positions companies tend to go with females or minorities to meet diversity quotas.
          Having a wife with a good job helps, but if you lose and are unable to regain employment – that could signal game over.
          Women are not comfortable in the role of “bread winner”.
          They would prefer to go it alone / with their children.
          Its ok for females to “free-ride” off of the male, but not vice-versa.

        5. It can be huge money, especially you or your spouse have to convince your hired help to hide an otherwise well-concealed drug habit, but I digress …
          K-selection costs money, but r-selection doesn’t, you might say? That depends on how you allow the costs to be socialised instead of borne on the backs of individual families (or, more accurately on the whole, on the backs of individual men).
          I did the numbers for myself and came up with £550k for one kidlet, given certain socio-economic status elements, for twenty-one years. Add this to the cost of wifey and it isn’t unthinkable to go over £1 million, not including the costs of credit lines for buying off otherwise chatty help.
          Before you complain too loudly, ask yourself if wifey and kidlet’s indulgences can actually be capped at roughly £48k per annum, after which you might have a better idea of what your personal numbers might be.
          I realised I have better things to spend money on than what Aldous Huxley described in “Island” as basing a family on “one dissatisfied female” and “two (or, if preferred, three) small television addicts”.
          Then again, maybe Westerners will yet have Huxley’s “Mutual Adoption Club” out of recognition of punishing costs …
          Finally, I offer this counter-proposal via “The Spearhead”:
          The Spearhead —
          “Hello young men: A vasectomy is a thousand times less expensive than children”:

          Although the title might be a bit sensational, the numbers might be more or less right …

      2. I know a guy at work that just got engaged and he is marrying “up”. I guess as the pool of blue-pill males shrinks some females from more well-to-do families or those with higher earnings potential are dropping resources / provisioning from their “requirements” – and just accepting looks and personality instead so the can “save face” with family, friends and social circle and be seen carrying around that lil’ piece of “man candy” as they like to call it on their leashes. Good on those males for utilizing male hypergamy – but in the end their entire marriage sits squarely under the sword of Damocles. With a very thin horsehair.

      3. 1) Get a dog
        2) Get a surrogate mother to have your child
        3) Get a latina live-in maid to help raise the kid in your house
        4) Keep banging young tarts/prostitutes on the side
        Problem solved.

    2. You sound butt hurt bro. Girls don’t want to fuck you eh? Obviously the most attractive girls only go after the alpha men, so stop chasing them. If this website HONESTLY thinks 90% of females go after 1% of the guys, you are all fucking retarded. How is that even mathematically possible? The most attractive girls go after the most attractive males…get over it. Most of us will only be tagging 5-7s and a few 8s. Why don’t you step outside and look at couples…there all average. But your complaining about all women. It seems like men on her are just butt burt because they are not good looking enough to tag the top 10% of females….

      1. “It seems like men on her are just butt burt because they are not good looking enough to tag the top 10% of females….”
        One of the biggest mistakes I see in the comments section is peoples presumptuousness. If you actually read any of the articles on this site, and perused the comments section you would see just how stupid you reply was.
        Social media – being the greatest culprit – has allowed moderately attractive and marginally intelligent girls with below average personalities and social skills “self-inflate” their own perceived value in the sexual marketplace.
        So, no – 90% of women do not go after 1% of the guys, but they think in their minds that 99% of males are unattractive and unworthy of them.
        “Why don’t you step outside and look at couples..”
        I dont see many couples anymore..
        “But your complaining about all women.”
        I dont think the OP is complaining as much as making an observation.

        1. Agree. Rick is not looking at the bigger picture. Women have an inflated self value and thus ignore most men around them when they are young. Most of them seem to get a wake up call later, but when they are young and in their physical prime they tend to only pay attention to the ‘top men’.
          I noticed this dynamic more when i returned to study as a mature age student years ago. Whenever there was a group of women talking to 2 men, the more attractive got the most attention, always, even from women that were less attractive than both men.
          However, partnering up with your equal in your early to mid 20’s is possible. It’s just much harder than it used to be.

        2. Women now rely on what the Internet MSM tells them is desirable and attractive these days since they dont have the capability of basing a males worth on any other metrics — other than how many of her friends will be jealous and envious when they see her with him.

        3. I love who you are generalizing all women has having an inflated sexual value. First off, only the trashy club sluts who wear tights and piles of make up fit this category. Most women know their sexual value and if you honestly think they go throughout their life thinking they can snag a Brad Pitt, you are delusional. You can say men over rate their value because they go up to the hottest girls over and over again, get shot down and then come online and complain about how all women are “shallow and stupid.” Men are just as picky as women. Like the media manipulates a females mind, porn does the same to a man’s mind. Pick up is based on the fact that an average dude can score a stunner…and your saying only women have self-inflated egos? Lmao

        4. Again with the knee-jerk presumptuousness. Where did I “generalize all women” in my comment. Only a female would say something like that. Are you a female Rick?
          Here in a survey by OKC women rated 80% of men as unattractive.

          What you are saying is akin to me saying;
          Im just a normal average guy. But you are really an ugly and dumb loser.
          So there. I have not “self-inflated” my ego now have I?

        5. “Rick is not looking at the bigger picture”
          The person “Rick” is a female troll. It writes like a female, it critcizes like a female.”

        6. Woman makes her own judgement not what some nerdy pyjama boy thinks in his tiny omega brain is good. Woman knows best.

        7. Pick up is based on the fact that an average dude can score a stunner
          Pyjama boys are not average they are like bottom class of dregs. Women want man of quality not low quality man with delusions of grandeur playing some boy game pretending he is big man. Women laugh at these durak.

        8. OKStupid is for loser boy who is afraid to talk to real woman because he looks defective and talks like retarded patient in for real life.

        9. pickup makes sure an average dude can score a stunner and make her feel guilty and regret the next day. But it is a training step to reaching the level where you can score whatever if you think it’s worth it.

      2. They can’t even tag the bottom 10% and are butt hurt pajama boy bros.They all have big entitlement complex because a woman with Alpha + eggs does not want their inferior shem. She worries that her valuable asset will be born looking like retard kid and be stupid.

      3. They are indeed chasing those 1%. But some out of those 1% don’t really want or need every one out of those 90%. Too much effort for too little reward. If it’s too much trouble to go after that 9 when you’re a 6, why bother. Better get 3 of those 6 instead.

    3. I mean no disrespect but I am desperately fighting the urge to lol when I’m faced with PUA lingo. I cannot keep a serious face when I hear Alpha-Beta-Sigma-Prime Omegle. An image of a peacock appears before my eyes and I hear a voice of a certain man, going his own way.

    4. It doesn´t stop the “beta” from being fleeced of his money and being utterly crushed.
      I use ” “, I think a beta from 100 years ago would be appaled by today´s shenangians and was at least capable of heroic actions.
      Doesn´t matter. If sex is all she have to offer she will only be dumped after her 25th birthday for a younger one, especially if she marries one her age.
      For the alpha, the comittement have to go both ways, it is the woman herself that must not be boring.

      1. God, what a bunch of beta pussies! All of y’all. I could out-alpha all of you any day of the week.

    5. dude, you can be both. There is a huge grey area between Alpha and Beta and it’s a delicate balance, but I’ve found it.

  4. Good article, I agree. I’ve said many times that my father wasn’t really around when I was young (I’m 18, so we grew up pretty much in the same era). However, my grandfather, who had grown up poor during the Depression, was around. He taught me what actually being a man is, and the more I talk to him, the more I understand that he gave me the tools to internalize game and take the red pill. He didn’t lead me to them, but he (indirectly) put me in a place where he knew I would find them.
    Honestly, the saddest thing is seeing how many guys my age are ridiculously beta. I was at a party last night and gaming this girl. I fucked up and she walked away. Anyway, my friend said “Holy shit, ______, you’ve got some balls. Where the fuck is this stuff coming from?” As I’ve said before, there are a few guys in our generation who are willing to improve themselves. These guys tend to become my friends. The majority, however, are not. I tried to teach another guy game and he told a mutual friend “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
    Keep in mind, the guy I tried to teach is so beta that he’s 18/19 and hasn’t done anything with a girl, ever. Then he tries to justify it with talk about “chivalry” and how “chivalry isn’t dead.” He talks about “dates,” when in fact the girls just say yes because they feel badly.
    Chivalry is dead. I knew this when I was 13 years old, but I refused to fully accept it until I was 17. I wasted 5 years of my life (jr. high and high school) trying to fulfill the socially acceptable view of how you attract women. Then I learned game, and I’ve done more in the last 6 months than I did in 5 years.

    1. I know the feeling man. A friend of a friend called me creepy for approaching girls. How fucking pathetic is that?

      1. So many guys are so invested in the “romantic comedy” way of meeting women or some random shit. Cold approach is a very valuable tool to have. So is the ability to build a social circle.
        Seriously, fuck all the betas/omegas who believe in “oneness.” They can keep waiting for “the one,” who typically shows up after 10-15 years of guys like us. Sex to us is the most natural thing there is, and it’s simply fulfilling a biological urge.
        Sex to them is some sort of complex emotional ritual involving a long courtship procedure. See Roosh’s “Compliment and Cuddle” for a good laugh, actually.

    2. But your grandfather would have wooed, courted and dated women according to the old school chivalrous script.

      1. Again, I didn’t say that he gave me the direct advice (he still believes in being a “gentleman” and paying for women, etc., etc. But, he taught me that you need to not be afraid of whether or not you’re going to piss someone off, and that breaking rapport with women is a valuable skill.

    3. I agree with you wholeheartedly my grandpa instilled a lot of my red pill thinking in too me in the absence of my own father(thankfully I was from an immigrant family so my mom was and still is a feminine housewife who can cook as well as steered me towards red pill thinking). Some of the old guard wasn’t half bad. Too bad my dad became a lost cause.

  5. That’s a lot of insight for 21. You’re able to recognise high value, which is going to save you a lot of time. Namely avoiding energy-drainers, betas and all the rest of it.

    1. Thanks man glad to hear I’m on the right track. It is kind of a blessing to know there are people with similar mind sets out there.

  6. This… from a 21 year old? Excellent.
    Repeat, repeat, repeat. Show and present real world examles when ever possible once aware they see the frequency. Take a cultish approach with your influence but with the end result of awareness and open minded freedom. Some are receptive right away, many you need to plant seeds for later harvest.

    1. Went through high school and I realized the problems at that point. I began milking the system in college. I feel bad society has fallen so far, but at least I have my path.

      1. smart, I wished I had the red pill before college, so much time wasted trying to make a girl your gf.

    1. Checklist time.
      Drama. Check.
      I am womyn, hear me roar. Check.
      I am strong. Check.
      Male-bashing. Check-check-check-check.
      Sneering. Check.
      Blame others. Check.
      Not afraid of being challenged to grow by men HAHAHA. Check.
      A list of 7 male issues. Check.
      “We don’t want to compete with you.” Check.
      Mental dichomy, oh my. Check.
      Love. Check.
      Demeaning men. Check.
      Empower! Pioneering! Check.
      Call to “don’t settle”. Check.
      Hamster speed assessment: ludicrous speed.

    2. They are actually a minority. Most of the women I have met are self obsessed and post pictures on their social media to attract attention. They revel in beta attention more than actually espousing feminist ideals, but then again I live in the South right now. I know for a fact it’s much more prevalent on the East and West Coast.

  7. “The modern Western woman is obsessed with the smallest and most idiotic
    of things, and they have the constant belief that they’re the most
    beautiful and wonderful thing that has graced the face of this world
    regardless of how morbidly obese they may be.”
    Let’s be real here. These women only go that idea because of men like this;

    1. You know just because a guy has decent facial aesthetics doesn’t mean he’s not a socially awkward phaggot that has some type of mental disorder.
      He’s the male equivalent of the hot anime nerd girl who is awkward. She exists but not in any type of significant numbers.

      1. Sheer numbers hardly matter in the age of the internet when having a webcam, youtube channel and website allows these men to spread their message across the world, thus making it seem like they are far more in number.
        Exposure is everything in this day and age.

    2. Yeah, there’s a biiiig difference between×0/9/0/90069_ORIG-z6.jpg
      from this.
      all three show up under the same search result for “thick girls.” Some of these chicks be looking like the last one and are all “Yeah I’m curvy” and it’s like “no, girl, you’re just fat”

      1. Anyone know why this dude or chick keeps spamming the comments section with this Fat Admirer bullshit? Is this just some Troll campaign retribution for FS week or what?

      2. Well that’s my point. When you have average to above average looking men online praising morbidly obese women as “curvy” and “sexy”, even if their overall numbers in the population are small, because they are so vocal and visible on the internet, women get the impression these men are much higher in the population than they are and therefore toss in the garbage any idea they may have had about losing weight.

        1. That’s a sad state of affairs indeed. And the funny part? Those big girls still won’t want that man regardless!

  8. You people are impressed he’s 21? I’m 17 and know plenty others my age who’ve jumped ship. The youth aren’t lost; the dumb majority’s youth is just a lot more expressive in 2014.

    1. Not sure what you mean. “jumped ship” as in went blue-pill?
      And the majority of youth are a lot more “expressive”? In what way?
      I cant make sense of your comment, sorry.

    2. Good for you. I would say that about 5% of all men are red pill, and most of those are through game. I personally took the red pill at 17, so a year ago this month. It’s always fun watching ridiculous betas think that I’m a douchebag for not playing the “let’s keep it nice and safe and not talk about what I want to” card.
      As for our age group, most of us are dumb. The advent of social media has allowed people who know nothing to spread their views. Most people (male and female) were brought up on Disney movies and all the assorted nonsense they sow. I grew up on World War II movies, so I can say that I happily avoided some of the romantic nonsense.
      Now, just because I avoided some of it doesn’t mean it didn’t (and still doesn’t) affect me. For example, sometimes I get one-itis after a particularly good time with a woman. However, then I remember that there are literally thousands of other choices in my immediate area and millions in the US alone.

        1. Why are you feeding the troll? Don’t read or respond to her comments. Just skip over them as if they were not there. Attention trolls are looking for attention; don’t give it to them and they will go away.

  9. Caligula makes a good point. On the one hand, those of us who are in or approaching our 30’s, grew up in a exponentially better environment than guys his age when it came to boyhood and masculinity. The final nails were certainly beginning to be hammered into the coffin of such things towards the end of the 90’s, but it was nowhere near as rampant, mainstream, and ingrained as it is now.
    On the other hand, in that time, we lacked the means to find validation for our views and answers to our questions, because the internet really hadn’t taken shape in the 90’s. Fortunately we still had positive male role models to look up to, like O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton.
    I feel for guys that age and younger. They’ve been getting force-fed a lot of bullshit from day one of kindergarten, and they’re really the first ones to pass through that top to bottom feminzation machine that’s been erected over the culture. 20 years of it from all directions could turn any guy into a hapless bitch. At least some of them are making it out without a gaping maw between their legs.

    1. “Fortunately we still had positive male role models to look up to, like O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton.”

      1. I would say getting a blowjob in the Oval Office is a life achievement and pretty alpha in my opinion.

        1. I make my own values and live on my own terms. Why should I follow the ideals and values of a society that is instilling stupidity into the younger generation? I live on my own terms, and feel no need to show the good ol’ day values without proper incentive too.

        2. Oh man Ad hominem attacks. Haven’t seen that before. You must feel smart coming up with insults instead of explaining why I need to follow these so called “values” you speak of.

        3. Look, a bj in the oval office – who cares? It doesn’t qualify as “role model”. And OJ Simpson is a murderer. A murderer and a lying politician as “role models” reflects one’s own inner essence as a human being rather than anything “instilled” by society. I grew up in the same “society” and don’t recall even a single human being telling me to make murderers and politicians my “role models”
          Stop parroting nonsense.

        4. Okay you may not consider it an achievement, but I still find it impressive. It is YOUR opinion for not finding it impressive so not my problem.. Possibly the only redeemable thing he had. Also might I add politicians may be horrible, but you do realize they come from American homes and families(as George Carlin once said). The public sucks that is the end game. Also OJ was respectable until he committed murder. Before that I would argue he was respectable.

        5. Apparently some sardonic commentary about the Juice and detached admiration at one of the most absurd and ballsy moves ever committed by an elected official in his personal life are enough to give some dudes the vapors as if they were eldery victorian-era women seeing their first black cock.

        6. “It is YOUR opinion for not finding it impressive so not my problem”
          Of course! Because something, something relativism.

        7. Didn’t think he got the fact that I was praising Billy for being ballsy and nothing else.

        8. Lol. So was Hillary – “at the time”.
          Seriously though, Clinton was a good POTUSA that cared about people and knew how to work with congress. Had it not been for Greenspans poor vision our country would have been still on track in the world.

        9. Its definitely an alpha move, but as president of the US i would expect nothing less. In fact if it were me Id for damn sure expect a much more attractive, less fat face swallowing my rod.
          And as for the man himself..he’s a lying piece of rat shit that would to sell his own mother to AK 47 waving somali rapists if it would benefit him politically
          Taking note of certain behaviors is fine but looking up to pieces of shit like that is something I could never do.

    2. honestly, as a late 20s guy myself, i would rather have been born ten years later. why? cause i can still remember a time when girls were nicer, and now i shudder seeing what bitches they’ve become. the difference is huge and it’s disheartening. at least these kids nowadays don’t have the luxury of comparing, since shitty women is all they’ve ever known.

  10. Caligula, you’re way ahead of the curve. Nice work!
    By the way, here’s an example of how prevalent Fatism/feminism is in our culture: after I wrote the first sentence of this comment, I hit backspace because I had forgot the period. When the cursor got next to the last word in the first sentence, my phone auto-suggested “curvy.” Disgusting.

    1. That made me laugh and feel sick at the same time lol, but thanks man glad to hear I’ve got the mentality.

  11. Feminist Achievement Unlocked: proving that women bring nothing to a long term relationship.

  12. As a 28 year old man, I’m proud of you 21-year old young ‘ens. You’re undoing the damage caused by the worst worshipers to ever walk the Earth: Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers

    1. Right now we’re kind of split into two camps. Really huge betas and extremely powerful alphas. There is no middle ground as much for us.

  13. Ah, all those chicks who “want to get married… someday” but want to “have fun” (i.e., get pronged and cream-filled like a Twinkie by a large number of guys who won’t hang around) until then… and “Where are all the good men?!” (Sluts.)

    1. No surprise there. Scientific studies have show that human beings have a dual mating strategy: short term and long term.

  14. Hmm… the modern woman didn’t cause this. The modern woman is just like the paleo woman, a follower. Given the right conditions and she’ll become the shittiest thing in the world, but remove some of those conditions and you’ll actually enjoy her company.
    Women depend on men more that most realize, more than I once even thought could be possible.

    1. I agree with you in a sense, but I consider her the cause in every individual child’s life. She is constantly drilling this into the kids, and keeping the vicious cycle going. The cause of the current situation as a whole is much deeper.

      1. Of course. In the 80’s is when things started going down hill with men asked to become more ‘sensitive’ and media portraying the ‘sensitive’ guy getting the girl (after she was finished fucking the alpha asshole, quite often.)
        There are very few good examples of masculinity out there. So men do not put their women in their place (where she secretly wants to be.) And no, I’m not simply saying that this is the fault of all men, this is a complex topic that has many shades of gray (more than 50) and is not just black and white.
        Give a woman enough rope and she’ll tie a noose for you and her.

        1. Honestly I wouldn’t mind writing an article about the more complex reasons in the future. I’m with you in that regard, and I would personally love to see discussions on the topic. Getting to the deepest root of this entire mess has piqued my curiosity.

        2. Caligula, read my comment above. It started during slavery and peaked during Jim Crow.

    2. Feminism was invented during slavery and the Jim Crow Era when after jocking big black c*ck white girls would then cry “false rape” in front of their brothers and daddies who in turn would torture, lynch and murder the innocent, falsely accused black men.

      1. The problem with this is that it isn’t exactly as prevalent in the South. I think that is started on the East Coast with the Temperance Movement, Psychological Illness reform, and Suffrage Movements. Eventually it went beyond those two things to the feminism we know today.

        1. White knighting THRIVES in the South til this day.
          Anyway, explain what you mean by “psychological illness reform”. Zoloft instead of the Psych Ward?

        2. White Knighting does thrive, but feminists themselves aren’t exactly as common. By psychological Illness reform I’m mentioning Dorothea Dix and people like Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote the short story on the topic of female repression called “The Yellow Wallpaper”.

        3. When you think about it, imagine after the husband and kids run off to work and school in the morning and modern appliances making housework and cooking easy-breezy. Without the internet, what did these ladies do all day? Even the so called “home schooling and home steading” ladies auxilary of the Manosphere like SSM and Judgy Bitch are blogging all day, every day, with no break.
          I guess all that “home schooling and home steading” is not enough for them. Of course we know they are not homeschooling and homesteading, they are neglecting their kids and home to blog all day. So just imagine if these same women were stuck at home back in the 1950s with no internet!!!

        4. Without a doubt it did actually drive them insane and I can agree whole hearted lay with you about this. I think it would have been better if they read literature or were given something meaningful to expand their horizons. The problem is that modern feminists bring this up as an example to further their agenda when this age is long gone.

        5. Could we say that if the internet had existed back then that 2nd Wave Feminism could have been avoided?

        6. I don’t know. It would have given them something to do, like blogging. Just look at all the “ladies of the Manosphere” like Sunshine Marry, Judgy Bitch and Mina the Horse Lady. They have nothing to do all day but blog. They claim to be busy doing stuff like homeschooling and homesteading but those things take time and these women are blogging and commenting on blogs ALL DAY. (As well as attention ho-ing and flirting with their male readership. All while their beta husbands work long hard hours to financially support them.)
          Communist Jewish Feminists like Betty Friedan were at least less hypocritical.

    1. This article did a wonderful analysis on how and why this is happening. I think in every Long-term Relationship I’ve attempted or any repeated bang I’ve always told the girl that they were not a special snowflake and that they were replaceable any second.

      1. I found the article quite Kay Hymowitz-esque. Shaking the finger at all us “slackers” who don’t want to be a corporate wage slave in a cubicle all day long so that we can maintain some sort of consumerist mainstream American middle class suburban lifestyle.
        It assumes we *should* have the same values and desires as our parents and grandparents. They wanted kids. Most of us don’t.

        1. At the same time, the special snowflake mentality created the belief that they are intelligent despite their ignorance. The inability to see past the fact they have to improve themselves is the problem I got from this article.

        2. A world of Feminism, globalization, free-markets and outsourcing combined with misguided Fiscal policies, ultra-risky accommodation from Central Banks and shadow banking have made it so “improving oneself” can be a very minor determining factor in achieving happiness at best and an exercise in futility at worst.

      2. so extrapolate that attitude into an LTR …. especially with a kid involved and expecially as she passes the 40 mark….with women it’s all about game, and buying time…. once she realizes her time is passing – you got yourself a family home that is beholden to you…… you have a women serving your needs to meet her own….. it becomes symbiotic….
        the problem is not the women, as much as the way men handle them….
        if game in a nightclub will change the scenario from getting dirty looks, to getting her panties off …. then that same attitude long term, will change a family from bitchy entitled wife, to loving, serving bitch that does what you want…
        and now you have a chance to leave an impression on the next couple of generations… influence other families and mothers and children, and leave an imprint that goes beyond wet panties and used condoms…

        1. Exactly what I plan on doing Ray. Exactly what I plan on doing. Run game for a year or two more in the States and travel the world until I get tired of it afterward. Next thing I do is settle down in Russia, Japan, of Ukraine and start a family. A home cooked meal, loyal wife, and kids was a concept I entertained since I was little kid and the only blue pill thought I’ve kept.

        1. Denial is the strongest motivation. For me. If I am incapable of doing something or can be replaced it is better to strive to be better.

        1. I live with the mindset that there are a million other people more qualified than me and that I should continually strive to be better myself through their example. I also realize that people have gone through the same situations as me. I’m just another face in the crowd that may or may not be remembered, and I’m not special as well due to others being capable of the same things as me. Simply put I am not unique by a long shot.

    2. A comment from the article:
      “Um…actually I’m one of the last ‘Baby Boomers’. I was born in 1963 and
      my parents were born in the 1930s. They were born after the Great
      Depression; too young to have fought in WWII, and too old to have
      experienced the 1960s from anything but an adult perspective. They
      worked hard, had pensions, and retired comfortably. The New Deal and
      Great Society were very much part of what helped to make their lives
      good. By the time I finished high school in 1981, the politics of the
      US had shifted to conservatism, and has continued in that direction for
      the past 30 years. Obama would not have been considered a Democrat when
      I was a kid, he would have been considered a conservative Republican;
      the idea that somehow Obama is a liberal shows how politically deluded
      this country has become. Americans have decided that it is not the
      governments role to create jobs, and have left the fate of their lives
      to corporations. Unfortunately, corporations no longer have to hire
      Americans to make money. Although I managed to get a PhD, I have not
      done nearly as well as my parents, who had Masters degrees. The notion
      that only people in their 20s and 30s are worse off than their parents
      is nonsense. This trend began in the late 70s with the supplanting of
      common sense economic policies with Reaganomics, and a shift in wealth
      and resources away from the middle class to the uber-rich.”

        1. Well, “The Woman”, I found the article quite Kay Hymowitz-esque. Shaking the finger at all us “slackers” who don’t want to be a corporate wage slave in a cubicle all day long so that we can maintain some sort of consumerist mainstream American middle class suburban lifestyle.
          It assumes we *should* have the same values and desires as our parents and grandparents. They wanted kids. Most of us don’t.

        2. I’m in your age group numbnuts, that’s how I know about the article. Maybe you wouldn’t be so tough without that temp account to hide behind.

        3. You may be in my age group but the writer of the piece is not. And if he or she is physically in my age group, he or she is not mentally in my age group. My age group just does not care about the things that article insists we should care about. At least not anywhere near the extent our parents and grandparents did.
          Generation gap is a thing.

        4. They are in our age group, and they disagree with you. You’re proving them correct with your narcissism. Hormones are also a thing, dear.

        5. Again, its a “man up, go to college, get a job, get married, get a mortgage, and get miserable” sort of article.

  15. This chubby chaser and his fat girlfriend are offering “relationship advice” to a fat woman who asked them what she should do about her fiancee who told her “lose 130 pounds before the wedding or else.”
    You can imagine what they told her to do to him. I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it: its guys like this who’ve created today’s world.

      1. Lol. That website is a trip. Never realized the level of douchebaggery going on in colleges these days.
        The females are even worse. Lol.

        1. They’re douchebags but they’re doing better than betas at least. A step in the right direction.

  16. Twenty years ago I was a libertarian. I thought the system could be reformed. I thought that some parts of it “worked”… whatever that means. I thought that the goals were noble, even if not often achieved.
    The older I get, the more I see, the more I read, the more clear it becomes to me that the entire game is rigged. The leftists and the rightists each see half of the fraud. The lefties correctly note that a
    poor kid caught with cocaine goes to jail, while a Bush can write it off as a youthful mistake (they somehow overlook the fact that their man
    Barrack hasn’t granted clemency to any one of the people doing federal time for the same felonies he committed). The righties note that government subsidized windmills kill protected eagles with impunity while Joe Sixpack would be deep in the crap if he even picked up a dead
    eagle from the side of the road. The lefties note that no one was prosecuted over the financial meltdown. The righties note that the Obama administration rewrote bankruptcy law on the fly to loot value
    from GM stockholders and hand it to the unions. The lefties note that Republicans tweak export rules to give big corporations subsidies.
    Every now and then both sides join together to note that, hey! the government is spying on every one of us…or that, hey! the government stole a bunch of people’s houses and gave them to Pfizer, because a privately owned for-profit corporation is apparently what the Constitution means by “public use”.
    What neither side seems to realize is that the system is not reformable. There are multiple classes of people, but it boils down to the connected, and the not connected. Just as in pre-Revolutionary
    France, there is a very strict class hierarchy, and the very idea that we are equal before the law is a laughable nonsequitr.
    Jamal the $5 weed slinger, Shaneekwa the hair braider, and Loudmouth Bob in the 7-11 parking lot are at the bottom of the hierarchy. They
    can, literally, be killed with impunity … as long as the dash cam isn’t running. And, hell, half the time they can be killed even if the
    dash cam is running. This isn’t hyperbole, mother-fucker. This is literal. Question me and I’ll throw 400 cites and 20 youtube clips at you.
    Next up from Shaneekwa and Loudmouth Bob are us regular peons. We can have our balls squeezed at the airport, our rectums explored at the
    roadside, our cars searched because the cops got permission from a dog (I owe some Reason intern a drink for that one), our telephones tapped
    (because terrorism!), our bank accounts investigated (because FinCEN!
    and no expectation of privacy!). We don’t own the house we live in, not if someone of a higher social class wants it. We don’t own our own
    financial lives, because the education accreditation / student loan industry / legal triumvirate have declared that we can never escape
    – even through bankruptcy – our $200,000 debt that a bunch of adults convinced a can’t-tell-his-ass-from-a-hole-in-the-ground 18 year old
    that (a) he was smart enough to make his own decisions, and (b) college is a time to explore your interests and broaden yourself). And if
    there’s a “national security emergency” (defined as two idiots with a pressure cooker), then the constitution is suspended, martial law is
    declared, and people are hauled out of their homes.
    Next up from the regular peons are the unionized,
    disciplined-voting-blocks. Not-much-brighter-than-a-box-of-crayolas teachers who work 180 days a year and get automatic raises. Firefighters who disproportionately retire on disability the very day
    they sub in for their bosses and get a paper cut.
    A step up from the teachers and firefighters are the cops: all the same advantages of nobility of the previous group, but a few more in
    addition: the de facto power to murder someone as long as not too many cameras are rolling. The de facto power to confiscate cameras in
    case the murder wasn’t well planned. A right to keep and bear arms that far exceeds that of the serf class: 50 state concealed carry for life, not just just for actual cops, but even for retired cops.
    At the same level of privilege as cops, but slightly off to one side is different class of nobility: the judiciary and the prosecutors. Judges and prosecutors can’t execute citizens in an alley, a parking
    lot, or their own homes (“he had a knife! …and I don’t care what the lying video says.”), but they can sentence people to decades in jail for
    things that any clear-minded reading of the Constitution and the 9th and 10th amendments make clear are not with in the purview of the
    government. They have effectively infinite resources. They orchestrate perp walks. They selectively leak information to shame defendants.
    They buy testimony from other defendants by promising them immunity. By exercising their discretion they make sure that the bad people are
    prosecuted while the good people (i.e. members of their own clan) are not.
    Above the cops, the prosecutors, and the judiciary we have the true ruling class: the cabal of (most) politicians and (some) CEOs, conspiring both against their own competitors and the public at large. If the public is burdened with a $100 million debt to pay off a money losing stadium, that’s a small price to pay if a politician gets
    reelected (and gets to hobnob with entertainers and sports heroes via free tickets and backstage passes). If new entrants into a market are
    hindered and the populace ends up overpaying for coffins, or Tesla cars, or wine that can’t be mail ordered, then that’s a small price to pay if
    a connected CEO can keep his firm profitable without doing any work to help the customer. If the Google founders want to agitate for Green
    laws that make Joe Sixpack’s daily commute more expensive at the same time that they buy discount avgas for their private flying fuck palaces, then isn’t that their right? They donated to Obama’s campaign after all!
    I could keep myself up all night and into tomorrow by listing different groups of royalty and the ways they scam the system.
    …except “scam the system” is a misnomer. I am not listing defects in a perfectable system. I am describing the system.
    It is corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. From Ted Kennedy who killed a woman and yet is toasted as a “lion of liberalism”, to George Bush who did
    his share of party drugs (and my share, and your share, and your share…) while young yet let other youngsters rot in jail for the exact same excesses instead of waving his royal wand of pardoning, to thousand of well-paid NSA employees who put the Stasi to shame in their ruthless destruction of our rights, to the Silicon Valley CEOs who buy vacation houses with the money they make forging and selling chains to Fort Meade, to every single bastard at RSA who had a hand in taking the thirty pieces of silver, to the three star generals who routinely screw subordinates and get away with it (even as sergeants are given dishonorable discharges for
    the same thing), to the MIT cops and Massachusetts prosecutor who drove Aaron Swartz to suicide, to every drug court judge who sends 22 year
    olds to jail for pot…while high on Quaalude and vodka because she’s got some fucking personal tragedy and no one understands her pain, to every
    cop who’s anally raped a citizen under color of law, to every other cop who’s intentionally triggered a “drug” dog because the guy looked
    guilty, to every politician who goes on moral crusades while barebacking prostitutes and money laundering the payments, to every teacher who
    retired at age 60 on 80% salary, to every cop who has 50 state concealed carry even while the serfs are disarmed, to every politician, judge, or
    editorial-writer who has ever used the phrase “first amendment zone” non-ironically: this is how the system is designed to work.
    The system is not fixable because it is not broken. It is working, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to give the insiders their royal prerogatives, and to shove the regulations, the laws, and the debt up
    the asses of everyone else.
    Burn it to the ground.
    Burn it to the ground.
    Burn it to the ground.

      1. Oh please no. We already have a resident board conspiracy-theorist in John Doe. No need for more.

    1. the system is just a reflection of the sum of humanity……
      the real question is whether the institution of family and the ideal of some kind of decent society is achievable….
      or if we are just animals, fucking and fighting and screwing each other over, like a pack of sewer rats….
      if it’s the later, then it’s not worth contributing at all…. just load up on coke and hookers and blow your brains out…

      1. I doubt even sewer rats devour their own kind with the efficiency and magnitude with which we humans spring out of bed each morning joyfully murdering one another. Literally and figuratively..

        1. Sewer rats eat their babies.
          Mankind is vile by the standards of his philosophical aspirations, but with respect to the rest of the animal world he’s only about mid pack.
          Ants are nasty little fuckers.

        2. agreed but when you factor in how we are fucking up the environment we take the cake.

    1. Whoa, I missed this –
      “The question now is: “How can the modern Western Woman become more like
      their Eastern counterparts?”. Well the truth of this is that the
      solution to this problem is already in progress. It is human nature in
      and of itself. Men will obviously be attracted to the more attractive
      female, and with the advent of easily accessible porn as well as models
      posting pictures of themselves repeatedly the bar is raised for women.”
      As you can see from the above video, they already ARE like their “Eastern counterparts.” And what you say makes zero sense that because men will be attracted to “eastern” women in porn and posting their pics online, that will someone make western women become like the eastern women? Isn’t your complaint to begin with that western women are already doing porn and attention ho-ing via posting pictures of themselves?
      Think you need to age and iron out your thought processes a tad more, son.

      1. It is by no means as far spread. Eastern women at least act feminine. This is much less common over there. I think I can use the majority of RoK’s writers as witnesses to this.

        1. ‘Eastern women” means a white nordic female from Eastern Europe, not some Dravidian from Ceylon or some chubby chink from China or Korea.Philippino females are generally fugly too. These are the foreign females for poor guys.
          Japanese girls are better and are generally smaller and slimmer (at least the best ones that a man of substance would want). They also have fuller boobs in relation to their weight

        2. Japanese females are ok. I prefer a little darker skin tone. The pasty white is a bit off-putting for me. The ultimate combination is Filipina-Japanese mix. You get the exotic spice of the Spanish-Malaysian-Chinese influence of the Filipinos and the inherited good blood and breeding and mindset of the Japanese. Amazing mix, if you can find one. Im working on one right now albeit long distance.

        3. But then what would motivate a western woman to “change’ by seeing an eastern porn actress or eastern selfie? Its the same behavior, not different.

        4. You miss the point entirely. I was saying Western Women give us no incentive to marry. Can they hold a conversation, cook, and not be ignorant of their surroundings? Of course they won’t learn from their Eastern counterparts, they just need to give us enough incentive to marry. The MGTOW movement is one example of men not going into the sham that is “marriage” in the Western World. It is by far not the binding contract it was suppose to be. I’m just saying their Eastern counterparts are highly preferable to them.

        5. You’re not getting me. How are “eastern” women different? Particularly those that are so far removed from family ties and cultural pride that they would marry a complete foreigner from the other side of the world who shares no cultural heritage with them?
          High quality, cultured, and family oriented women everywhere are sticking with their socio-economic equals in their own countries. Many times their parents arrange their marriages and failing that, the parents at least approve and oversee the courtship.

        6. There is still a wonder that people have towards foreigners. Ever wonder how Roosh or Quintus do well overseas? The same reason we should be able too. We have to learn to adapt to foreign cultures, make ourselves look superior, and improve ourselves. You also fail to acknowledge we live in a global world and that they are so close minded to not even consider us? The high quality women will be even more enthrall end than they would be in there own because of this globalization. I suggest leaving this country and going out to see for yourself. Do you have any personal experience, read up from someone who has lived in that country, or any research from an accredited institution proving your points? I back up my claims because I am from an immigrant family who has gone back to see family overseas as well as having spent months in Eastern Europe and Asia.

        7. “Ever wonder how Roosh or Quintus do well overseas?”
          Roosh openly admits to not doing well in several areas. When he strikes out and fails to get a woman to sleep with him then he considers that the woman has been influenced by “American Feminism”. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but go figure.
          On the occasions that he does well and is able to get women to sleep with him in the limited time frame he desires, well, that CONFIRMS my point. You will only be able to get with women who are removed from their traditional cultural values.
          And yes, I’ve been all over the world and know that entering intimately into longstanding traditional family and social circles in foreign countries is not easy.
          “Pick-up” is easy amongst women divorced from longstanding, traditional family, cultural and social circles.

        8. Hmmmmm I concede you the point that it is not easy, and Roosh himself is not exactly doing as well as in the States, but all the same it is a much reasonable alternative nonetheless and any man is capable of doing it. Everything takes work and you CAN eventually succeed. I would much rather try overseas than over here for a suitable mate because there is actual incentive to do so. The rates of successful marriage with women in other countries is still much higher than the grisly 50% divorce rate in the States.

        9. I do concede that it is not easy and even Roosh himself is having problems overseas compared to the States, but nonetheless it is a much better alternative to living in the States with its failing culture and grisly 50% divorce rate. It may not be easy(nothing is ever easy) getting these women due to the cultural barrier, but it is still possible. I would much rather try harder overseas for quality rather than something devoid of positive values and for something I find attractive. The fact is that we need to improve ourselves and go towards that goal of getting the quality woman overseas. If people do not want to put in the effort then that is their fault. I would much rather attempt to get something worthwhile than game for the rest of my life and die a hollow sex obsessed shell.

        10. “We have to learn to adapt to foreign cultures, make ourselves look superior, and improve ourselves.”
          Making yourself look “superior” is hardly adapting.
          The obnoxious American coming to “save” the “noble savage” is so last century.
          Get over yourself. The rest of the world has.

        11. Who said India mate? Not my kind of thing. I’ve heard enough about how horrible it is in terms of women over there. I’ve heard enough from my Indian friends.

        12. Taken out of context. I myself from an immigrant family as I said above. I don’t think of them as savages. By superior I mean becoming better men and that goes beyond culture. Understanding another country’s culture and coming over like an ignorant dickhead is a different thing. Learn to take things into context. Way to post Ad homonym attacks you seem to be arguing point am I right? I myself have yet to insult you.

        13. I think being a superior man goes beyond cultural boundaries. I also by no means think of other people from different countries as savages(since I do come from an immigrant family as I have stated above). Understanding another country’s culture and coming over like an arrogant dickhead are completely different ends of the spectrum. Also you must enjoy posting ad hominem attacks? Definitely looking mature/having a blast, and it also somehow makes your arguments credible. Learn to take things into context, rather than assuming people are bigots like you who throw insults around instead of arguing.

        14. Who said I considered them savages in any way? Being a superior man goes beyond cultural boundaries. I myself am from an immigrant family(first generation in the U.S.) so I would know. Also you must feel really mature posting ad hominem attacks huh? Definitely gets your point across and lets you have fun right? Especially noting the fact that I have yet to insult you.

        15. ” I’ve heard enough about how horrible it is in terms of women over there.”
          Like the stuff she’s talking about?

    2. What country is this empty headed fucking monkey in? I was in AFG, Kandahar never seen a Muslim woman do shit like this…

      1. Then you should be able to read Arabic and know that she’s Libya. Apparently you were some low ranking cook or something.

        1. Daniel said Kandahar, which is in South Asia, not in the Middle East. Afghanis have their own languages, not Arabic.

      2. Daniel, why would you see it? Women do this in the privacy of their own bedrooms, not out on the streets. They do it anonymously (hiding their faces) in front of their webcams and then upload it. It gives them a sense of forbidden thrill. There’s TONS of videos like this on youtube of Arab women covering their faces with a scarf and shaking their asses.

    3. The movements of traditional dance assume and are thus designed for ankle length clothing. The reason for the particular motions of the dance are to induce pleasingly aesthetic movements in the fabric of flowing garments.
      All issues of morality aside performing them bare legged completely ruins the dance.
      It’s sad to see a native that does not understand this.

        1. And while she was waiting for the dress to dry, her bare legged public performance “just happened,” so she is not to be held in any way accountable for it.
          Yeah, yeah. I know the drill.

      1. She understands it. She wanted to dance half naked. In front of her kid. I’m telling you, stop pedastalizing “eastern” women.

  17. “The modern day Western woman is beyond a reasonable doubt the monster that caused all of this.”
    No, we are.
    All the greatest societies had men at their helms. This feminist bullshit went down
    on our watch. We let this happen and no one else is to blame.

        1. Divide and conquer. Red pill Alphas against feminists, while blue pill betas spec. Blacks vs Whites vs Mexicans. Jews vs Muslims… and so on…..
          Nothing happens without a reason.

        2. “Red pill Alphas against feminists”
          Alphas and feminists were made for each other. Hell, there the ones that created all this – for their benefit.

    1. “We let this happen and no one else is to blame.”
      Correct….MEN let this happen…and MEN will fix these issues….
      Those who want to join me and my colleagues in doing so? MBA is how we are going to do this.
      I have been waiting 4 years for me to start to realise that MEN are responsible for the mess and ONLY MEN can clean it us. So please tell more men exactly what you said here, and then ask them to register to the MBA….that is the vehicle for solving the vast majority of mens problems….as you can see the site has been sitting there for 2 years, just waiting.

      1. I think the problem is that men are so hypnotised by pussy that even when they learn game and start getting laid, they are still hypnotised by pussy only now they get it, whereas before they didn’t… getting laid is only a third of the problem….
        once you understand that women will behave however you frame them…… frame them as horny sluts and they will bang … great….
        now take it to the next step…. a bit like fight club does ….. you have to lose all your own bitterness and hatred…. you have to become the benevolent jedi….
        if you can frame women however you want…. then start framing them as decent housewives and decent mothers and decent family women, that hold down the fort for their man…… why is this any less alpha than just banging them in ONS ?
        you can’t complain about feminism and then start a process of game and getting laid and getting notches that is only 30% of the way to a final solution…. that’s like being a terrorist leaving car bombs in the street….. you’re just protesting and wallowing in anger…..

        1. Pussy, video games, sports, television…..carbs, food in general. Nothing clears the mind of clutter like starvation. But only two or three days, once you wake up you can eat again.
          Don’t ever let them sedate you, stay sharp as long as possible. Cortisol, catecholamines, adrenaline are the best friends you will ever have. They’ll keep you young and more importantly keep you from deluding yourself into thinking that there is someone on this planet who cares more about you than you.

  18. Men must learn to recognise social conditioning and to draw boundaries about what they want to accept and reject. Too often social conditioning tells men to behave in totally bullshit manners and this leads to them getting bullied and manipulated by highly predatory women.
    I recommend that all guys new to the red pill read the following books: 1) The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination 2) Sun-Tzu’s Art of War 3) The Predatory Female 4) Sperm Wars and 5) The Selfish Gene.
    Make no mistake. We are in a war here that will determine the future of our society and we must be prepared to fight it out not just for ourselves but for our future generations to come. The alternative is simply unthinkable.

    1. ” We are in a war here that will determine the future of our society and we must be prepared to fight it out not just for ourselves but for our future generations to come. The alternative is simply unthinkable.”
      About time more men started realising this is a WAR OF RETURN that we are in against a WAR OF AGGRESSION that has been waged against us unwanted and un-asked-for.
      I have personally claimed into existence a WAR OF RETURN against western women in about last November. I call on ALL MEN in the west to join me in waging a WAR OF RETURN against our women so that they clearly understand we are going to wage this as a WAR.
      I have made the only terms of peace acceptable to me to be when a quorum of 12 women, representing their constituents, come to my table and beg me to accept their offer of unconditional surrender.
      Nothing less than unconditional surrender is acceptable to me as the terms of declaring a cessation of hostilities, the declaration of peace to then follow the women accepting the terms of the peace that will be created by my colleagues and I.
      All men who are willing to join me in this endeavour to WAGE A WAR OF RETURN are welcome to do so. Act on your own conscience as to what you believe is necessary.
      Right now? I hope to keep this WAR OF RETURN peaceful. I hope that women shall see my resolve to accept no less than unconditional surrender and come to realise that surrender sooner is better than violent conflict and surrender later….for if we are forced to use force, up to and including deadly force, I will make the terms of the peace more severe for every man who dies in that conflict.

    2. “Future generations to come”
      Oh you mean the Muslims, Mexicans and Black Ghetto thuglets.

  19. That fucking “honey boo boo child” and her mother(!) are a disgrace. They are the TOILET of the entertainment business.

    1. What’s “sick” Tom is that the only reason the advertisers and networks go for this crap is because Americans are viewing it – by the MILLIONS.
      Face it, this is American culture because this is what Americans WANT.

      1. I get that. Before I finished my thought and clicked “post” that was precisely what was in my head. But why doesn’t “what Americans want” trickle up to Wallstreet or the military or parliament where it really fucking matters?
        So, I don’t think it’s REALLY *what America wants*.
        In fact, I would bet 6 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on that.
        It’s only what —>> THEY WANT US TO SEE.
        That shit is force-fed to me and you. Intentionally pumped into our homes against my own will. 3 years ago, I had 400 channels. One day I came home and picked up the remote. I went through every single one and by the time I got to 400 I shut it off because there was nothing on.
        “Hello Time Warner? Yes I would like to cancel my cable subscription immediately. Yes completely. No I don’t want the basic package either. Turn it all off. Now.”
        TW: “May we ask why you wish to cancel your service?”
        ME: “Certainly. Because I fucking TOLD you to. You will never again get a cent of my money for the crap you put on TV.”
        I now have +$4000 more in the bank.
        (That’s a lot of Krispy Kremes.)
        Now ask every American if they would rather have $4000 or throw their TV programming out the window for the last 3 years. If the poorest subscribers said “no way! give me more honey boo boo!!” then they deserve exactly what they get. No mercy. They are beyond sick.

        1. “That shit is force-fed to me and you.”
          Nobody forced you to buy a TV in the first place. What ever possessed you to do so?

        2. ?? I enjoy movies in all their 70MM glory and even have even created multimedia HD presentations and digital trailers out of interest. Somewhat of a entertainment hobbyist / video-phile, if that’s the phrase.

      2. we should round up ALL THE VIEWERS of these reality shows (including the actors in it) and send them to war.

  20. How many men are contesting their freedom? How many are licking the hands that feed them and allowing their chains to sit lightly. A good question.
    “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animated contest for Freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were out countrymen.”
    Samuel Adams.

  21. Here’s the reply-solution for young folks, which you Least expect, i guarantee ya! Listen to this brilliant yet simple song –

    You gotta be handsome, brave, strong. You see these evil womyn exist simply because you men are weak, you prefer video games, online stroking, you are affraid of taking risks. Get yourself a rock solid life frame and all this crap will melt away.

  22. not that far off topic.
    “The Dark Ages still reign over all humanity, and the depth and persistence of this domination are only now becoming clear. This Dar Ages Priosn has no steel bars, chains, or locks Instead it is locked by mis-orientation and built on mis-information. Caught up in a plethora of conditioned reflexes and driven by human Ego, both warden and priosner attempt meagerly to compete with God. All are intractably skeptical of what the ydo not understand.
    We are powerfully imprisoned in these dark ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think.”
    R. Buckminster Fuller.

  23. I wish i had access to all this knowledge when i was your age man. I suffered from way too much guilt about the supposed ‘mistreatment’ of women via pump and dumps that i avoided it. I passed up so many opportunities because of my naivety and general beta mindset.
    All you young guys out there, the time is now. The world is getting tougher to live in every day, but you just need the right tools to navigate this fucked up dating-hook up world.. By the time i figured it all out i was already in my early 30’s, but i did spend a few years in denial too, which didn’t help. But you guys have no excuse whatsoever.
    Best of luck. .

  24. Can we agree that the family dynamic is broken because religion is becoming much less ingrained in that paradigm?

        1. He asked a question. I gave the correct answer.
          I might also point out that we can’t just all be friends either.

    1. It’s true. Religion gave its followers a code to live by. Today those values aren’t being preached and that’s why America is the way it is. Is it a wonder such a great country was founded by Christians? Is it a wonder now America is being destroyed by godless people? I’m not saying repent or join a religion but live by those same values.

        1. At this point I expect most do.
          Myself, however, got to experience it personally under Franco and, sure enough, it took me totally by surprise.
          . . . I got better.

  25. Excellent article Caligula. With that said, women only pay lip service to anti-feminism. Yeah they may say they are not feminists, but the indoctrination and behavior is still apparent. Western women are just trash. There is no viable solution to this problem anymore without some sort of mass exodus out of the US or violent insurrection. Either way, the enemies of Traditional Western Civilization won out a long time ago and we are living in the aftermath of the downfall. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Western Civilization is nothing more than an empty shell. I’m even at the point where I’m possibly thinking, do we even still deserve to win? Think about it, if you would join the military could you possibly in your heart of hearts consider defending “American citizens”? The feminists, the beta manginas, the broken family supported by the state, homosexual marriage, women in the military, etc. Honestly what the fuck are we still fighting for? Our real enemies are in America. Do we want virtuous Arab and Persian women getting infected with our feminazism? I sure as hell don’t. To proliferate a system where a man can’t even speak up in his own fucking house, is just awful.
    The Cultural Marxists have won the day and their results have been apparent. The vapid materialism, idolization of the whore, single mothers, unruly children, and all manner of degeneracy promoted by the media. I completely understand your animus Caligula, I am also young and I really have nothing to be happy about in the holistic sense by staying in America. When you see the wreckage that has become your country, you can either take the blue pill and go back to sleep and pretend as if “this is the greatest country on earth, and I’m fighting for freedom,” or take the red pill and see the truth. But seeing the truth has some very harsh consequences on your outlook and way of life. You simply remain in a state of discontent and must, because no one who takes the red pill could ever go back. When you walk down the street and see the café liberals, feminists, ghetto thugs, open homosexuality, single moms, beta manginas walking with their baby slings/pushing strollers, and other nonsense does one come to the epiphany that this place is finished. Every true red piller lives in a state of discontent when they are surrounded by garbage. Doth not the soldier flanked by enemies on all sides feel discontent? His only options? Kill himself, surrender or fight his way out. Our only hope is to spread the red-pill in America, once spread enough, we will hope that our subverted government will realize they are sitting on a powder keg, and at that point they can either change or be changed.

  26. QUOTE: ” Men will obviously be attracted to the more attractive female, and with the advent of easily accessible porn as well as models posting pictures of themselves repeatedly the bar is raised for women.”
    Good article, man.
    There is the issue of the majority of men being brainwashed into saddling up with a fat chick, brainwashed into tolerated bs female attitudes brainwashed that sexual attraction and / or orientation is a “social construct”, brainwashed into never questioning female behavior.
    And it is this the greatest problem.
    They are already discussing establishing a “study on hate speech” which simply = censorship. The definition of hate will encompass anything that goes against the liberal elites ideology. And any terms they deem “sexist” will also fall under the hate category:

  27. Rok needs to limit the number of contributors to the site. So many new writers and 80% are trash, this one included.

    1. New writers have to test their wings. Noone was born a perfect writer. Some of them makes it, some of them not, but it is a good thing they are trying.
      The whole site is about testing and streching your abilities.

  28. Great piece. Wish I’d had some of this knowledge in college. To quote an old song “I wish that I knew what I know now. When I was younger.”

  29. you are all missing the root cause of the problem. its not western women’s fault. it is the lack of male authority. lack of male authority results in the bullshit you see today. let us, men, regain and exert our authority over women. then all feminist bullshit will be fixed.

    1. You don’t think their are real men who want to exert their natural patriarchal influence over women? Of course. It’s not the easy, the enemies of Western Patriarchy have won out a long time ago. Go ahead and try to exert your “authority” over women and see how much jail time that gets you. Western Patriarchy is finished. The only authority the Western woman respects is the state. The state has delegitimized and illegalized the power of the male and assumed his role.

    2. Women having the vote means that they have power. Exercising one’s natural male authority is a path to prison. That won’t change until women give up the vote.

    3. Cause of a cause. The lack of authority and cutting down on it early allowed for it to escalate, but that escalation is the cause of what is currently occurring. I see your point though. Well played.

  30. Take a semester abroad if you can. Travel to Europe, Asia or South America, it’s a good reminder that you aren’t insane, it’s just the U.S.
    It’s hard for me to see how a red-pill, game-aware, masculine guy can live a good life in most major American cities, without becoming indifferent and nihilistic. They are bastions of feminism, socialism, androgyny and consumerism. It looks like younger generations are going to be even worse off than those in their 20s-30s. Unemployment/underemployment/mediocrity/debt are going to be the theme for many years to come.

  31. Caligula,
    Great article, thanks.
    This is priceless:
    “Parents…Now you may be thinking “Where was the father at?” The
    answer to this question is simple. He is usually out working most of the day to
    provide for a woman who is more than likely out shopping with her friends or
    cheating on him. The blue-pill mentality is expanded in single-mother homes
    where the young boy thinks their father abandoned him when it was usually the
    mother who let the father go with nothing, not even his own child.”

  32. “The modern Western woman is obsessed with the smallest and most idiotic of things… They rationalize with their hamster that all the guys they have boned and sucked off are the issue, and they deserve a “real man” who will love them forever”.
    Brilliant observation; I have never, not even once, heard a woman say that m-a-y-b-e she is the problem, or maybe she did wrong, or something to that effect, something
    that at least implies some kind of responsibility from her part. NOT ONCE.
    All of them consider themselves perpetual victims and seriously, I do agree with you that Modern Women are the cause of today´s problems in society.

    1. I have to ask. Are you actually a woman?… because I find it hard to believe that any female could have that kind of insight.

      1. Hi Cody,
        Yes I am; I know what you mean and I understand the doubt, but yes I am 🙂
        You see, I have been thinking/searching for some answers for a long time about the harm that most women do to Society, this is how I ended up here.

  33. Every single article I read on this website just makes me want to punch myself in the face even harder in the hopes that it will free me from this cesspool. Do people actually believe this sort of crap?

    You’ve literally committed almost every logical fallacy in the book in this “argument”. Your opinionated article is really no more than a childish rant with no factual data or even the slightest hint of an attempt to use factual sources. For someone who seems to praise logic… You’ve certainly not displayed a hint of actual logic here, only ill-formed opinions based on murky low sample observations. I’m honestly not even sure if this is a serious article or just you “trolling” the internet… I simply cannot fathom the low level of intellect that would have been required to create garbage like this and call it “logic”.

    1. It’s not really an argument, so much as a clarification. Your failure to understand the genre of the post is at the heart of all the mistaken conclusions you’ve drawn here. It also suggests a touch of social autism.

      1. ar·gu·ment
        noun ˈär-gyə-mənt
        A statement or series of statements for or against something.
        -Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary
        You also imply that my conclusions are mistaken, which is odd. Because just to be sure I re-read this article and failed to find any factual citations or well made claims and I found nothing, which means at the heart of my argument my claims are actually correct… Nice try though.

        1. I’m not making claims necessarily(those have been done by other authors just refer to earlier posts), but instead I am simply observing from my own life experience in relation to what the other authors are posting. Take it up with them on the basis of my claims. Also if you disagree so vehemently, post a counter argument and I will be more than happy to respond with links as well as factual studies.

    2. I haven’t exactly given personal attacks. I’m more or less showing an opinion through my own eyes(an observation not an argument). You are free to disagree. Instead of saying that I’m throwing logical fallacies around(a blatant act of ad hominem on your part mind you), come up with a counter argument to prove me wrong. This was something I wrote on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in my spare time. I was simply giving my own viewpoint now please respond accordingly with a proper argument yourself.

  35. I normally enjoy the articles on this website but the first half the article shows how little the writer understands the true red pill ideology of the contemporary college aged man. I take the metaphorical dump on the idea that I am forced into categories that degrade my generation as lazy, incompetent and that I come from either a broken home or have an inept father who didn’t teach me how to be a man. Degrading and putting down the younger redpill generation won’t turn us into bluepill pussies, it shows us the petty “pumping and dumping” brainwashing mentality that the writer has tried to instill upon us. When trying to seduce a 10 if your tactics are exposed, all is lost. The attention you have grabbed from us will be lost and we will go elsewhere to find our redpill ideology with all the fat trimmed off.

    1. You realize that a majority of people are like this no? The divorce rate is at 50%, rampant ignorance(take a look at black America), and kangaroo rape courts mind you. I’m by no means degrading them. I am instead saying that they see failure around them and are striving to improve. Learn to read the in between the lines. How many people do you see giving girls likes on facebook for every picture and status? How many guys do you see that don’t even have the confidence to talk to a stranger and are instead absorbed in their phones? More than a few guys are waking up to the fact that we’re having problems here. Also mind you I hate the thought of “pumping and dumping”. My life goal is to start a family, and raise proper kids after travelling the world extensively and enjoying wonderful as well as intelligent company(both male as well as female). I’m just simply forced to cope with my surrounding and currently finding alternate plans to my goal.

  36. I believe it is important for college kids to stay involved in politics because someday they will be the generation that decides the outcomes of elections. But I don’t want this new generation to search for professional support or learn about essay writers service, and do that on a regular basis. You see, the essay helps students to develop critical thinking and research skills, as well as the ability to develop and logically defend a position. If young people can’t defend their positions, how in the world they can be involved in other spheres?

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