5 Reasons I’m Not “Friends” With Girls

1. I Want to Fuck Them

I absolutely love having sex with multiple women and simply put, girls do not fuck their friends. If you didn’t know that already or if that is a confusing concept, let me make it clearer for you. GIRLS DO NOT FUCK THEIR FRIENDS. I deplore the friendzone, it’s a cold and desolate place, full of unsolicited invites to help organize events for people you’ll never care about, frustrated nights of platonic cuddling while watching Grey’s Anatomy. This is followed by a long depressing masturbation session to facebook pics pornhub videos. But let’s not get into that.

My solution: I’m always sexual with girls, I escalate verbally, physically and most important, early. This leaves her with two options. To fuck me or not to fuck me, I negate the friendzone completely with my actions, I do not let her decide for me.

2. I Crave Intelligent Conversation

I’m almost three years into this thing we like to call game, into the manosphere, into “The Red Pill” if you will. That means I’m over that initial psychological barrier of doing whatever it takes get laid. Right now, I do and say what I want and whether that means a lady doesn’t spread her legs for me, then so be it. Ironically, more often than not she does anyway. That means if you’re stupid and/or boring, I’m going to tell you that you’re stupid and/or boring.

Recently, I was out with some friends at a lounge and I start chatting up a lovely young lady from New York City. The conversation was directed towards the New York social life, more specifically socialites. I made a comment about the socialite lifestyle being superficial. Despite not being a socialite herself, she threw a fit about me not knowing what I was talking about and how socialites have a really tough existence. I calm her down and tell her there’s no need to turn a debate into an argument. She had presented her points, my rebuttal.

Me: Just to clarify, we’re talking socialites as in millionaire heirs and heiresses, that never had to work for anything in their lives, right?

Her: Yes, they have rough lives, I’m friends with them.

Me: So let’s say you have a socialite in NYC and you have a man in Zimbabwe, Africa with a wife and 3 kids making $100 a month, barely able to afford meat for dinner once a week. Who has a tougher existence?

Her: (Without missing a beat) The socialite…

Me: (Sarcastically) It was nice meeting you, have a goodnight (I walk away).

The King Kong sized balls on this girl—really she’s a hero for holding her frame so strongly. I could learn a thing or two from her. My point isn’t that all girls lack intelligence and that men are all geniuses but in my experience, I’m more likely to come across men I can have insightful stimulating conversations with. Why? One, of reasons has to do with the roles we are given growing up but I’ll expand my thinking behind that in a future post. My point is that more often than not, girls be stupid and boring.

3. I’m Emotionally Stable

It’s traditionally known, that men tend to play the more stoic, emotionally solid role in relationships while women deal with the more emotionally expressive aspects. Without fail every time I go a date, the range of emotions I can see my au pair experiencing is quite amusing and astonishing at the same time. From nervousness to joy, excitement, anger, defiance, curiosity, arousal, hesitance, and finally ecstasy and subservience. I’m exhausted just typing that shit out!

My emotions rarely fluctuate, I do have highs and I have lows every now and again but on a scale of 1–10 with 1 being suicidal, 5 being passively existing and 10 being first man on the moon high. I consistently stay at 7; happy, motivated but grounded. The only people I see going from 0–10 in 60 seconds and vice versa are girls, emotionally unstable men and blue pill men who have succumbed to the will of an emotional vampire (girl).

4. I Do Not Like Texting

Aah, our instagram, twitter #generation. Call me old school, but I prefer to pick up my phone and call people or even more radically actually converse with them in person. In my opinion, the reasons why people tend to gravitate to these 140 characters of data are because they are either intimidated to chat over the phone or feel they do not have much to contribute in the way of conversation. The frequency at which I’ve seen girls engaged in a thumb war with their smartphones when they are surrounded by actual humans is actually quite distressing. If you agree to meet people for a social interaction quite frankly, shit or get off the pot. Now if you want to talk about my selfie game, that’s another story.

5. I Actually Read

Twilight Team Jacob

I’m not a snob but let’s face it—those future pieces of recycled toilet paper rolls girls call novels are nothing more than white noise between the next episodes of True Blood and Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I’m talking about you Twilight, The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades of Grey sheeple. OK, I’m a bit of a snob but I have nothing against fictional novels low and high brow, some of my favorite reads have ranged from Batman Year One by the almighty Frank Miller, to South of the Border, West of the Sun (Haruki Marukami) to the classic Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss). All you have to do to balance out the mush, is throw in a few gems like, The 4-Hour Workweek (Tim Ferriss), Predictably Irrational (Dan Ariely), or 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene) ever so often.

The next time you find yourself entering a platonic relationship with a girl, that you find attractive, ask yourself what value she’s actually bringing to your life. Is she actually “hilarious?” Are your conversations really that “deep?” Or are your hormones playing you for a fool? Are you subconsciously living out that age-old blue pill romantic comedy fantasy?

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186 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m Not “Friends” With Girls”

  1. The first reason is the real reason why I am not or will never be friends with girls.
    The only friends in my life are my male buddies.
    I only limit my interaction today with women either only for work, social acquaintances or sex. And ever since I did that, I’ve cut almost 95% of unnecessary shit out of my life. Life’s has now become more focused, disciplined, and intellectually + emotionally fulfilling.

    1. Nothing is more tedious than having to listen to a woman talking about herself or the things she finds interesting.

      1. I have just the one female friend, known her almost 20 years now, never felt like fucking her (land whale). She got her first kid 2 years ago (@28) … She can only talk about one thing … the fucking kid and sometimes the father, before she could only talk about her relationship problems. Talk about being monomaniacal: dicks and kids.

        1. Women always gather in collectivist herds. They’re constantly dragging any individuality out of a person by claiming a consensual reality where everyone is the same. This is why women in groups tend to empathise with each other and agree with each other even when they know they are wrong.
          Women enjoy group activities that have nothing to do with mastering a subject or any kind of individual differentiation or self improvement. Their ideals consist of harmony and group bonding over competition and character development which are masculine traits. They also habitually lie and gossip with endless drama.
          Intelligent conversation is practically non existent in an environment that allows no deviation or dissent. They tend to do this to men who they befriend, creating effeminate fops who are not capable of asserting themselves in any possible way. Worse, they do it to their own sons.

        2. Bro I friendzone women… not the other way round.. I have the same deal… about 20 odd years and she’s still trying get with me. Nice lady but honestly if it was going to happen it would have been 20 years ago.

        3. I have that ability as well. Strangely, I respond to attractive females I’ve “friend-zoned” the same way females respond to their orbiters – use and enjoy them for just about anything but sex while constantly leading them on. I understand why females do it. It gives one such a ego boost.
          Especially when you play them against females you DO want to lay. Just don’t give into you dick and smash…they go from zero to ‘I’m crazy in love with you’ before the semen dries on their face.

        4. piercing insights. women have constant drama among each other because in the west the laws and the politically correct culture of leeching nanny state have completely eliminated masculine men from the competition. It is now unthinkable for a man to stand up to a woman in any kind of non compliant way in the U.S…. One amazing observation for me, having arrived in America in my early 20s, was how the 99 % of the population there seemed totally blind to this dystopia… still a bit curious how the west so easily, quickly and even willingly could spiral into the male castrating wasteland it is today…

      2. Natter, natter natter. Natter? Natter, natter natter. Oh and natter, natter natter.Did I tell you about the natter? Well natter, natter natter…

        1. When a woman accuses me: “You don’t listen to me!” or similar, the best reply is “Sure, I’ll have another beer babe!” said brightly with a smile. Drives ’em up the wall, hilarity ensures (for me), as her hamster has a melt down while I ignore her.
          If she threatens to leave in a bitchy way I say “Please!”.
          I am considered a world-class jerk in most social circles, because I shamelessly date much younger women and could not care less about the older ones “shaming” tactic. They exclaim “What could you possibly have in common with her besides sex?”, I say “There are other factors?”
          I run hard-core aloof/asshole game, it works for me, who cares what others say. Friends don’t invite me to their mixed events anymore, boy am I really sad about that, I might have to stifle a tear.

        2. Its good to ignore what your woman says and overrule her when you do pay attention. Keeps her feeling uncertain and unworthy. So then when you actually do pay attention she’s overawed!

        3. These older women that shame you? Next time they ask that question ask them “what could I possibly have in common with a woman your age?”

      3. How about watching a guy talking utter shit because he’s sad he can’t get laid?

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with point #1. In the past, I’ve even told women that’s why I’m “friends” with them. Hey, just putting all my cards out there.

  3. Downvote. As I’ve said many times on the forum, female friends will lead you to other women. That’s essential for a pussy network. I knew this even in high school. Worked then and works now. Most of the women I’ve gotten with I’ve met through other women. I will agree that having female friends for the sake of it is useless, but my ulterior motive, I think, has always been a good one.

    1. Female acquaintances too can serve that purpose – if you’re talking about pussy network.
      In the past, I’ve actually been cockblocked by female ‘friends’ who saw me making a move on their friends. Today, I use acquaintances or work place contacts to unknowingly set me up with their friends.
      Female ‘friendship’ usually works if you’ve already fucked her before. If you haven’t, it’s usually like doing a ropewalk.
      I agree with this article.

    2. I think the miscommunication about this concept is that many men don’t have true female friends as in acquaintances that serve as casual social companions. They have had or have girls that use them for favors and treat them a type of subject.
      So when the advice of ‘Don’t be friends with girls’ comes out it’s pertaining to don’t be her servant.
      One thing to note is that when you won’t be her servant ‘friend’ she probably won’t want anything to do with you which is why men take that position to begin with and if she does like you, you should be pushing for sex anyways. So being true friends with girls usually comes with belonging to a social circle and isn’t from running game.
      Also if you are friends in the manner first described it is definitely possible to get laid. You’re not in the ‘Friendzone’ in that instance.

      1. What you really mean is that the author of this piece is likely a creepy loser.They don’t see someone who is interesting or who puts them at east. More importantly, they don’t see someone who enjoys the company of women.
        If they are reasonably smart, they see his anger for what it is: desperation. And decide to exploit it.

        1. No, it didn’t mean that at all. The author isn’t creepy and he just listed his reasons on why a man shouldn’t be ‘friends’ with girls he really doesn’t want to hang out with if there isn’t anything for him in it for him.
          I just gave my two cents on what the ‘Don’t be friends with girls’ rule comes from and clarified what it means.

        2. I agree that having a few women around who can either introduce you to their hot girlfriends or provide social proof in a nightclub/bar works. In fact I have a couple girls around that do that for me, the only thing is I’ve already fooled around with them or fucked them. I can’t be bothered to invest any real effort into spending time playing sports, traveling, or attending Toastmasters with them; the way I do with my guy friends. Generally, women do not introduce me new tenets of self-development or business, they don’t have those interests. I can never really consider them as “friends” in the traditional sense.
          As FF mentions, “One thing to note is that when you won’t be her servant ‘friend’ she probably won’t want anything to do with you which is why men take that position to begin with and if she does like you, you should be pushing for sex anyways.”

        1. What’s most disturbing is that they in fact DO fuck these guys sometimes. I knew a couple chicks that fucked a friend of mine after he spent years in the friendzone.
          He’s one of those guys that spends 100% of his time laughing at their unfunny jokes and basically pumping up their egos, doing favors etc., really exhausting to experience. He kept pressing for this one chick (knew her 7 years) and she was so addicted to the attention that she caved and “let” him fuck her.
          He said she laid there and did absolutely nothing, then asked him if he liked it. However, he said she wouldn’t let him do it again.
          The other chick got dumped by a guy and was actually trying to get with me but I didn’t want to get involved because I knew my friend liked her and she was just a pump & dump anyway. He eventually got her but he had to put up with extreme disrespect and when she asked him to become official (slave) he declined.
          She immediately called up a back up and got pregnant.
          Crazy shit.

    3. But… we have so many life lessons to learn from this 22 year old. He teaches English in China. Only the best of the best get that far!

    4. social dynamics has changed so much that there is something called as cold approach which takes care of everything else. Ofcourse, for some men,they want to stay in their comfort zone and play social circle game coz they are too scared to put their balls on the line.

    5. This may work for you but it is not essential. I have no time for female “friends” or their friends. I’m busy. I can build my network without their help. Plus women suck at introducing you to “hot” friends. By and large they introduce you to the fugly ones.

    6. Yeah, but make sure to not spend too much time and effort in her then, many orbiters run anytime their “friend” ask for help and rationalize it with “I do it for her girlfriends”.

    7. yep, the best ‘wingman’ is an attractive girl. When you walk into a place with her, but you aren’t ‘with’ her, it provides instant social proof, and DHV’s you to all the other women present, instantly. My last girl had 3 Russian hottie friends from work, the sight of the 5 of us walking into a club was enough to cause a sensation. Every male eye swivels to the hotties, and every female eye regards me with intense interest, I can literally see the hamsters running as they wonder how much equipment I must have to be with “her”.
      I use them as a social prop, they always ask “Is THAT your g/f?”, I reply with “Nah, we’re just friends” dismissively, which gets the hamsters going at light speed.
      Plus women talk to each other, when you bang out one properly, she confesses to all her friends how great it was on the hamster network, and you notice them studying you with intense interest.. Play your cards properly, and 1 girl can be entry pass to a lot of other love tunnels.

    8. “Downvote. As I’ve said many times on the forum, female friends will lead you to other women..”
      I was hoping you’d then continue with “then I stopped being a dumb fag…”
      I’m just poking fun at ya, bro. But I have to be honest and say that having female friends has been nothing but a waste of time for me. And I know no man who has benefited by having female friends neither.

    9. hmm…not in my experience. The girls I knew in social circles were grossed out because I would bang many different girls. There are plenty of ways to meet girls these days, without having to “friend up” a bunch of insufferable cunts.

    10. I agree that having a few women around who can either introduce you
      to their hot girlfriends or provide social proof in a nightclub/bar
      works. In fact I have a couple girls around that do that for me, the
      only thing is I’ve already fooled around with them or fucked them. I
      can’t be bothered to invest any real effort into spending time playing
      sports, traveling, or attending Toastmasters with them; the way I do
      with my guy friends. Generally, women do not introduce me new tenets of
      self-development or business, they don’t have those interests. I can
      never really consider them as “friends” in the traditional sense.
      As FF mentions, “One thing to note is that when you won’t be her
      servant ‘friend’ she probably won’t want anything to do with you which
      is why men take that position to begin with and if she does like you,
      you should be pushing for sex anyways.”

  4. Periodically I will go through my phone and do a little house cleaning. When I come across a woman’s name, I ask myself four questions about her:
    1. Am I fucking this woman?
    2. Am I trying to fuck this woman?
    3. Is this woman introducing me to her friends so I can potentially fuck them?
    4. Is this woman my mom?
    If the answer to all four questions is no – then she’s deleted.

    1. I need you to go through my phone and do this for me. I so rarely go into my contacts section. Anyone important usually calls me.

      1. “I need you to go through my phone and do this for me”
        Yes i dont even bother allowing any memory space on my contacts list to useless females.

    2. Yeah I feel ya. Just deleted my mom, she was so not coming through for me on number 3.

    3. I’ll also do it if a girl is just wasting my time while I am trying to fuck her. I don’t spend much time on them unless it seems my agenda is advancing. NEXT!!

    4. “If the answer to all four questions is no – then she’s deleted.”
      Well said good sir.
      After becoming red pill and realizing women’s true nature, I have no use for a female unless she and I are fucking, or she’s making me a sandwich, or cleaning my toilet.
      Women have no use for a man outside of her material needs.
      Love is not dead; it never existed to begin with.

      1. “Love is not dead; it never existed to begin with.”
        Comment of the..

    5. #3 would be the only reason I would be friends with a girl. To use her as a “stepping stone” to fuck her hot friends.

    6. Truly excellent and well said. It’s a waste of breath to even talk to a woman your not having sex with.
      With the exceptions of family and strictly for professional reasons.

  5. Reason 1 is the only one that matters.
    The reason you should not be in the friendzone is to maintain your dignity. LJBF is the greatest humiliation for a man, the greatest attack to his ego. The woman is communicating that he is not worthy of passing on his genes, the greatest humiliation.
    No matter the quality of the girl, no matter how attractive, no matter how nice her personality, LJBF is the one place a man should always refuse to be. Fuck, or walk.

    1. This is spot on. I consider LJBF to be an offshoot of cuckoldry, to be honest.
      To be an emotional tampon/moneylender/free taxi/etc, while other jerks get the pussy is sort of Cuck-Lite. It is absolutely unacceptable.

    2. “The woman is communicating that he is not worthy of passing on his genes, the greatest humiliation.”
      Quite frankly, that felt like a kick to my “jewels”. I guess its because it pertains to such a fundamental instinct of us men. To perpetuate our genes.

  6. 4hr Workweek and Ferris in general are so full of worthless shit that if you call it a “gem” then i guess your intellectual match is a female blonde with an extra copy of chromose.

  7. It’s true, You’ve gotta be all business when it comes to women. Either I’m trying to get with her or I’m not. 1 or 0.

  8. Ahhh… youth. Sweet submission to the calls of nature. Someone once said, famously, that youth is wasted on the young. Glad to see one who’s tasting deeply of all it offers. When you’re old, you won’t regret, trust me. Imbibe deeply.

  9. The thing is, if you have tight game, you can pretty easily bang female friends. Yeah, they make shitty friends and I would never call them at 4am drunk and lost two towns over, but hey, be alpha, get them jealous horny and liquored up, and pussy in the lap.

  10. Those who claim to have female acquaintances and not friends are just playing with semantics at this point. I know there’s a difference, but it’s fluid. If your acquaintance is cool as hell, and has a positive impact on your life, are you going to deny her friendship?? I have female friends mainly because they are cool people that share the same interests as me. Most are not attractive. The couple of attractive ones, I’ve hit on and was rejected. We’re still cool regardless.

  11. I had two female friends….one wanted to bang me, and i wanted to bang the other. This was when i was in college…God I could have cleaned up in those days if only I knew about this. Live and learn.

    1. Just curious… why would you have a profile pic of Louis the XVI ? Dude was a weak ruler who got guillotined.

  12. If you aren’t fuckin her you’re just another one of her girlfriends.

  13. Number 1 is the only legitimate (and the only necessary) item on the list. The rest just sound like bullshit generalizations.

  14. While I find little to criticize in this article are we really looking to 22yr old millennials for advice?
    I guess it just seems silly to me that this guy is writing articles about game when I have tires on my truck that were purchased when he was still a virgin AND they have a few years of use left in them.

    1. Don’t rip on millennials, baby boomer. You talk like people should embrace the red pill mentality only after they go past 25.

      1. The baby boomer generation has no right to talk bad about any future generation. The baby boomers are the worst generation in the history of america. Financial debt, hippies, the rise of feminism, spitting on vietnam vets, tuning into tv all day, glamorizing athletes,… the destruction of america. Thanks old guys…my generation will enjoy fixing what you destroyed while you drive your mobility scooter around a gated community in Florida.

        1. But the current and future politicians are being indoctrinated to accept feminist ideology.I don’t see any improvement in our future unless this red pill movement starts to have an impact in the near future.

        2. No shit, today’s ‘millenials’ are just about the most useless in history, unless you count being an expert video game player, or being able to post on a ‘social network’, as worthy life skills.
          I worked with a large number of ‘youth’ recently, and as a group, I would say they likely couldn’t unplug a toilet, never mind “fix” anything important. Unless it can be done with an iPhone, otherwise they are lost, and would have to call somebody in.

        3. On reflection I was over the top there, I do actually know a couple <20 guys who may show promise in time Still have to scientifically guess their cohort is about 75% useless (the ones glued to their gadgets) in most practical things, like fixing machines or complex tasks. The young girls are actually much better workers than most of the guys.

        4. I’m a baby boomer and posted a comment in response to something similar some months back on ROK. Yes, some of your criticisms have merit. However it’s not the entire story. One of my grade school classmates went to Vietnam and came back in a body bag. One of my high school pals went to Vietnam and came back with Agent Orange, suffered in silence like a Gary Cooper old school man and died three decades later with his dignity intact. All lot of shit was thrown on those of us who wanted no part of it. Affirmative Action, the rise of the feministas, an American economy that went into stagflation in the 70’s. A horrible recession in the early 80’s that destroyed the rust belt, and indirectly caused the premature deaths of many, I was personally acquainted with 2 of them. In short when we were born the country was at its zenith and as we came of age it went into the shitter, never again to return to its former greatness. You won’t be fixing anything, in fact you will look on this time as the good old days. My generation has more than its share of assholes and and asshole tendencies but compared to what comes after us we are geniuses. The sad thing is the first wave is our children. Now as for me the last competent and productive generation was the one sandwiched between the WWII generation and us baby boomers. The so called “silent generation” born between 1927-45. A smaller generation, due mainly to the Great Depression, but not flashy, no nonsense and in general intelligent and productive in the workplace. Silent generation bosses were for the most part great to work for. I miss them and am relieved that I haven’t worked for a boss since the late 90’s. No my friend, you aren’t saving anything.

        5. Lee you are spot on. We left a mess for sure, but we knew not what we were doing. Beware that your generation will fuck some shit up that in hindsight will seem so obvious but at the time seemed like the best course of action,,and so the chain stretches back into the dim past and into the unknown future. We are men we fuck shit up it is how we do.That is how we progress as a spices.If it were up to the ladies we would still be living in mud huts. Battle on men

      2. Not everyone who rips millennials is a boomer, some are Gen X or even the eldest crop of millennials who relate a bit more to Gen X than they do the millennial generation.
        In all fairness, the vapidity of the modern female is a consequence of millennials allowing women to set the frame, by achieving higher heights in academia and the workplace. There is a fair critique to made about the generation as a whole (with all proper deference to the reality that not all members of a collective group demonstrate the tendencies of that group in aggregate).

    2. Talk shit all you want about “millennials” just know you are getting old and no one gives a fuck about your trucks tires you small dick faggot

      1. While I agree with the above, and I am a boomer, I also have to say that often enlightenment takes time and experience. The millennial have huge advantages that we boomers did not have when we were in our early 20s. For one there was no internet to find the pearls of wisdom found on sites such as ROK. Secondly it is clear in 20/20 hindsight what an abortion feminism has been and what it has done to the country and the culture. It was not so obvious prior to the horrendous past 40 years. The millennials benefit from the experience of their elders and then blame the elders for not having been able to see what time has made clear.
        What I am really getting sick of is ignorant (a correctable condition, unlike stupid) millennials blaming boomers for things that happened before we were born or while we were children. They just have no sense of any history that occurred before their birth. The crack in the marital dam was the “tender years” doctrine, which occurred in the late 1800s. No boomer had anything to do with that. It led to the presumptive mother custody we have today. Unilateral no fault divorce just made de jure what was already de facto (google is your friend), however that was first introduced in, IIRC, 1969. I was 14 at the time and I was born at the peak of the baby boom. What exactly should we teenagers have done to stop this scourge? Most of what you think was done by the boomer generation was done while we boomers were children. We had no say in this stuff. I don’t mind getting shit on for what I had some say in, but really object to getting shit on for allowing something to happen which I opposed at the time but had no control over.
        Your generation will correct many things and screw up many things; you just haven’t had any time in the arena yet.

        1. Really its not about which generation you are from but which way are you personally taking the world. What example are you setting for your children and the children of others? This young man is moving in the right direction, callow or no. Only a fool blames his elders but only the jealous blame the young. Really they blame themselves for achieving less than they think should have at their age. The true judge of experience is learning the lessons of it, rather than being to proud to admit you were wrong.

        2. I have sons his age. I try to instill red pill reality into them. They mostly have taken it up. They were not lied to as I was as to the nature of women. It did help that their mother died while they were young and I raised them by myself.
          I don’t blame the guy. I agreed that the truth is the truth no matter the source or age of the person expressing it. I have a problem only with those trying to lay the blame for all their troubles on another generation.

  15. In the beginning, I remember this girl (I desired for a time) specifically saying “we’re friends right, you can help me” and me “no no no no, I am not your friend”, the look on her face was priceless “what do you mean??”
    Muahaha. I’m not your servant bitch. Since then I stopped answering her calls, texts and basically abruptly ceased all communications. Best or worse part is, she was the one trying to approach me afterwards sexually but she kept only hitting a stone wall (thats is when I understood a tiny piece of game). Too late entitled cunt im not one of your gazillion slave dogs.
    Nonetheless you can keep good friendships with women. I have dropped most people in my old social circles, but I kept two girls, they do bring value, especially if you make the terms of the relationship clear. Trust me they are not used to the sentence “lets just be friends” being tossed by a man at them, but it is better.
    But honestly having a female friend is a huge red pill, the amount of information you gather, women are horrible deceiving creatures, and you cannot believe what comes from their mouths. And oh, they are jealous creatures, even if they can’t have you, they hate seeing you with another woman especially if she is prettier. Plus I don’t mind the numerous meals that get cooked for me, restaurant reservations, female friends introductions and all the added benefits.
    Last but not least, I still think it is better to bang them then befriend them (provided they are bangable). I really have to learn how to do that.
    How do you bang a girl and keep her in your life (either sexually or as a “friend”) while having the liberty of pursuing other women? I hate seeing beautiful creatures going to waste.
    This is what I want to accomplish with game, but It seems difficult, still a noob.

    1. A gorgeous black chick who is new to the city blew off evening plans last Wednesday but asked me the next day if I’d help her buy a car.
      Just told her I’m too busy and don’t have time for that shit.
      I have female acquaintances as well but snuggling and watching movies when I wanna bone??? Fuck that shit…

      1. RIGHT ON! Set your frame and set it hard. Nicely done……nicely done indeed.

      2. “A gorgeous black chick who is new to the city blew off evening plans last Wednesday but asked me the next day if I’d help her buy a car.”
        Callous bitch.

    2. “Best or worse part is, she was the one trying to approach me afterwards sexually but she kept only hitting a stone wall (thats is when I understood a tiny piece of game). ”
      Did you ascertain that her friends got to know of it ? In that case it would be somewhat similar to a fighter making an example of one opponent to keep other potential opponents in line.

  16. Minimize contact with women unless you are exploiting the situation for your own gain.

  17. Men only make up 20% of the fiction reading market. Although 80% of fiction is being consumed by women, leading you to believe they are better read, most of what is being bought off the shelves is pure shit stuffed between tacky cover artwork. Don’t believe it, go into any Barnes and Noble and look at the best sellers and see if you can stomach the book description, let alone a page or two. Pure and utter shit designed by women for women. But not just any women; the most most vapid and thoughtless of women. Sadly, men aren’t doing much better sticking to Clive Cussler novels.
    The modern classic is mostly dead. Where are the Salingers, Hemingways, Fitzgeralds? The Bronte sisters and Jane Austen were more “red-pill” than any modern male fiction writer I can think of.

  18. Break the circle and you die.
    Every man who proposes to a western woman should have his head smashed.

    1. “Every man who proposes to a western woman should have his head smashed.”

        1. I ain’t a western man, neither living in the western hemisphere. Nor am I retarded enough to propose to a western woman.
          Secondly, would you first make a blue-piller aware of the red pill or just kill him at the very first time? You advocate the latter it kinda sounds stupid.
          Oh, and you certainly could try and smash my head in, if you don’t mind becoming handicapped in the process.

  19. “So let’s say you have a socialite in NYC and you have a man in Zimbabwe, Africa with a wife and 3 kids making $100 a month, barely able to afford meat for dinner once a week. Who has a tougher existence?”
    This is interesting; you specify the African’s situation but not the socialite’s. In that context the answer is obvious, but what if it were a socialite with a bad cocaine habit? You could make an argument for either side.
    Having money can’t kill all the demons. Many studies suggest that happiness peaks at around 80,000 dollars per year; after that, it’s superfluous shit. Newer, more abstruse problems begin to emerge, and your bank account isn’t helping. “I’m sad because I am hungry” becomes “I’m sad because I am.” Hunger has a clear solution, even when it’s hard to allay. Many poor people are so busy busting their asses they don’t have time to bitch. Bitching makes you even less happy. “The busy bee has little time for sorrow,” or whatever.
    When the poor satisfy their hunger, they feel ACCOMPLISHED because they worked for it. This is something the rich (especially those born rich) often lack or are desensitized to: appreciation for the little shit in life. They’ll up the Prozac dosage and move on. Problem solved!(?)
    I love comfort, so don’t get me wrong. I just find it hard to believe that ‘superficial’ lifestyle, as you correctly put, can satisfy anyone with the self-awareness of an inflatable toilet seat. Maybe I actually *want* a tough life — somewhere in between Mr Djumario and the guy who uses 100s to wipe the cum from his navel.
    Good article.

    1. You’re letting the modern feminist pablum and fixation on narcissistic happiness set the frame here. Sure, the millionaire heiress may indeed have with her money the tools of her own demise and find that simple pleasures are more evasive because of the realities of the “finest” things in life being commonplace. The whole notion of all wishes being granted destroying all dreams. The man of modest means can still dream.
      But the question isn’t who has the happiest existence, rather who has the tougher one. The man struggling to make ends meat and provide for his family certainly has the tougher go, and he has the added burden of being responsible for his progeny.

    2. “I’m sad because I am hungry” becomes “I’m sad because I am.”
      I would hardly be the first to note that The Problem With no Name is a problem of the privileged.

    3. “Good article.” Cheers.
      In that scenario I could easily flesh out the plight of the socialite, like having a bad cocaine habit as you said, but it doesn’t really change the argument. As The Dissendent points out, “the question isn’t who has the happiest existence, rather who has the tougher one.” My opinion is similar to yours – money can only make you happy to a certain extent, after that you have to look within for happiness. As all Red Pill men know, while having the ability to seduce multitudes of women makes you more confident or “happier.” It doesn’t make you “happy” you can’t derive your self-worth from the quantity of women you can seduce solely.
      Who’s happier between the socialite & the Zimbabwean? Logic would dictate the socialite is, but with suicide rates being higher in rich neighborhoods who knows for sure. What I do know is that, it would be much tougher to provide for a family on $100 a month than going to a fancy rehab to kick a cocaine addiction.
      Personally, I try to fill up my life with more meaningful things solid friends, living in different countries, learning multiple languages, crafting unique memories and money. I always strive for more of as it enables me to have all other things I enjoy, but I also view it as just ONE OF the multiples to my level of happiness, not the solitary one.

    4. “Good article.” Cheers.
      In that scenario I could easily flesh out the plight of the socialite, like having a bad cocaine habit as you said, but it doesn’t really change the argument. As The Dissendent points out, “the question isn’t who has the happiest existence, rather who has the tougher one.” My opinion is similar to yours – money can only make you happy to a certain extent, after that you have to look within for happiness. As all Red Pill men know, while having the ability to seduce multitudes of women makes you more confident or “happier.” It doesn’t make you “happy” you can’t derive your self-worth from the quantity of women you can seduce solely.
      Who’s happier between the socialite & the Zimbabwean? Logic would dictate the socialite is, but with suicide rates being higher in rich neighborhoods who knows for sure. What I do know is that, it would be much tougher to provide for a family on $100 a month than going to a fancy rehab to kick a cocaine addiction.
      Personally, I try to fill up my life with more meaningful things solid friends, living in different countries, learning multiple languages, crafting unique memories and money. I always strive for more of as it enables me to have all other things I enjoy, but I also view it as just ONE OF the multiples to my level of happiness, not the solitary one.

  20. If I may post a book recommendation: The Pity of War by Niall Ferguson. We’re approaching the centennial of the start of WWI next week, a remarkably consequential conflict that is often completely overlooked by my fellow Americans; a conflict that laid the foundations for the decline of the West. I’m a third of the way through and have found it fascinating. In light of RoK’s look at conquest and dynasty and such this week, it seems a logical fit.

    1. ” . . .a conflict that laid the foundations for the decline of the West.”
      The world, particularly the western world, went mad, a madness from which it has never recovered. I generally recommend, in these very pages in fact, that people who wish to understand the 20th century, particularly the 60s, read The Razor’s Edge.
      This clusterfuck of public space architecture, built in 1968, is a direct result of WWI:
      As is this:

  21. Bane’s 5 reasons:
    1. Most women are annoying as fuck and can only talk about stupid things.
    2. Most women aren’t really smart. Sure, they get better grades than men, but that doesn’t mean anything.
    3. Loyalty, honour and unconditional friendship are only a given when you have a male friend.
    4. Women are usually not funny.
    5. Refer to 1.

    1. Print this post
      Absolute Woman:
      A Clarification of Evola’s Thoughts on Women
      Amanda Bradley
      3,470 words
      Portuguese translation here
      One of the central concepts of Julius Evola’s philosophy of gender is
      the distinction between absolute man and absolute woman. But he seldom
      gives explicit definitions of these terms. Absolute man and woman can be
      likened to Platonic Forms, thus defining them can be as difficult as
      defining Justice, Truth, or Love.
      The term “absolute woman” inspires more controversy than “absolute man.” Since
      the male principle is associated with light, goodness, and activity,
      whereas the female principle is associated with darkness, evil, and
      passivity, feminists can easily claim that Evola’s views are inherently
      misogynist. Another point of controversy is Otto Weininger’s influence
      on Evola. Evola himself admits that Weininger must be read critically
      due to “his unconscious misogynous complex” (Julius Evola, Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex [Rochester, Vermont.: Inner Traditions, 1991], 157–58).
      It is important to address Evola’s writings on women so that his
      views are correctly understood. Since he was opposed to the emerging
      feminism of his day, it would be easy for those unfamiliar with his
      ideas to infer that Evola also was anti-woman. By explaining his views
      and not glossing over any points that do in fact sound misogynistic (as
      is the case with some Evola devotees) the New Right can set the terms of
      discourse and accurately elucidate his position.
      Evola on the Composition of Human Beings
      The simplest definition of “absolute woman” is the female principle,
      the feminine force of the universe. Individual men and woman have
      varying degrees of the absolute man and woman, although the feminine
      principle usually is the underlying force in women.
      In the modern world (the Kali Yuga) these forces appear in more
      degenerate forms and also do not always manifest properly. In fact,
      Evola said that “cases of full sexual development are seldom found.
      Almost every man bears some traces of femininity and every woman
      residues of masculinity . . . the traits that we deemed typical for the
      female psyche can be found in man as well as women, particularly in
      regressive phases of a civilization” (Eros, 169). In addition, these “manifest differently depending on the race and type of civilization” (Eros, 168).
      To understand the influence of the “absolute woman,” it is first
      necessary to understand Evola’s conception of the human being. He held
      that humans are comprised of three parts:
      the outer individual (the personality, or ego).
      the level of profound being, the site of the principium individuationis. This is the true “face” of a person as opposed to the mask of the ego.
      the level of elementary forces that are “superior and prior to the
      individuation but acting as the ultimate seat of the individual.” (Eros, 36)
      It is at the third level, that of elementary forces, where sexual attraction is aroused (Eros,
      36). Thus it is here that the elementary forces that comprise the
      absolute man or woman are located. This matches Evola’s description of
      some modern women, who are able to develop “masculine” skills such as
      logic or intellectualism. He says they have done so “by way of a layer
      placed on top of [their] deepest nature” (Eros, 151–52). However, they have not succeeded in altering their fundamental nature, only their superficial personalities.
      A Metaphysical Starting-Point for Male and Female
      According to Traditional doctrines, the sexes were metaphysical
      forces before they manifested in the world. Absolute man and woman exist
      from the beginning of time, when the Universal One splits into a Dyad,
      which then causes the rest of creation. In most forms of Hinduism,
      Shiva, the male principle, is identified with pure Being. Shakti, the
      female principle, is identified with Becoming and Change. In a similar
      vein, Aristotle associated the male principle with form and the female
      with matter. According to Evola, form means “the power that determines
      and arouses the principle of motion, development, becoming” while matter
      means “the substance or power that, being devoid of form in itself, can
      take up any form, and which in itself is nothing but can become
      everything when it has been awakened and fecundated” (Eros,
      118). In the Far Eastern tradition, yang (the male principle) is
      associates with heaven, while yin (the female principle) is associated
      with the earth (Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World,
      trans. Guido Stucco [Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions: 1995],
      157.).Thus, form and matter combined to create the manifested universe.
      And from the coitus of Shiva and Shakti “springs the world” (Eros,
      122). (This is in contrast to Oswald Spengler, who believed that
      becoming was the essential element, rather than steadfast being.)
      The male principle is associated with truth, light, the Sun,
      virility, activeness, and stability. Sometimes it is associated with the
      Universal One that existed before the Dyad. The female quality is
      associated with deception, changeability, the moon, the earth, darkness,
      wetness, passivity, and dependence on another. In Evola’s words:
      What the Greeks called “heterity,” that
      is, being connected to another or being centered on someone other than
      oneself, is a characteristic proper to the cosmic female, whereas to
      have one’s own principle in oneself is proper to the pure male. . . .
      female life is almost always devoid of an individual value but is linked
      to someone else in her need, born of vanity, to be acknowledged,
      noticed, flattered, admired, and desired (this extroverted tendency is
      connected to that “looking outside” which on a metaphysical level has
      been attributed to Shakti). (Eros, 157)
      These forces then manifest in actual men and women. But Evola is
      clear to maintain that absolute man and woman are not simply aspects of
      character. Instead, they are “objective elements working in individuals
      almost as impersonally as the chemical properties inherent in a
      particular substance” (Eros, 152). As Evola says:
      before and besides existing in the body,
      sex exists in the soul and, to a certain extent, in the spirit itself.
      We are man or woman inwardly before being so externally; the primordial
      male or female quality penetrates and saturates the whole of our being
      visibly and invisibly . . . just as a color permeates a liquid. (Eros, 32)
      As such, the absolute woman is not simply an idealized concept of
      woman. She is defined from the divine down to the human, and is not a
      human conception of something divine.
      Evola’s Description of Absolute Woman
      The absolute woman is the rod by which all women are to be measured.
      Evola writes, “the only thing we can do is establish the superiority or
      inferiority of a given woman on the basis of her being more of less
      close to the female type, to the pure and absolute woman, and the same
      thing applies to man as well” (Eros, 34). In addition,
      superiority is defined by how closely one realizes the absolute woman or
      man. “A woman who is perfectly woman is superior to a man who is
      imperfectly man, just as a farmer who is faithful to his land and
      performs his work perfectly is superior to a king who cannot do his own
      work,” says Evola (Eros, 34).
      Many more characteristics are associated with the female principle
      than those described below; however, these are the primary ones
      highlighted by Evola in his writings on the subject.
      The Waters and Changeability
      The fundamental feminine characteristic is changeability. Thus, the
      female is associated with water, which is fluid, and adapts to whatever
      form it is put into, just as matter/Shakti is shaped by form/Shiva.
      Evola writes that woman “reflects the cosmic female according to its
      aspect as material receiving a form that is external to her and that she
      does not produce from within” (Eros, 153). This fits in with
      Carl Jung’s description of woman’s animus, which is not self-created,
      but instead is a subconscious collection of the thoughts of men.
      This changeability is related to woman’s tendency to live for someone
      outside of herself, due to the fluidity and changeability of her
      nature. For Evola, this means following the path of a mother or lover,
      fixing herself to a virile force in order to obtain transcendence. In
      contrast, “modern woman in wanting to be for herself has destroyed
      herself” (Revolt, 165.). By believing that she is merely her personality, she loses her transcendent aspect.
      This changeability is seen in the association of the female with
      water. According to Evola, water represents “undifferentiated life prior
      to and not yet fixed in form,” that “which runs or flows and is
      therefore unstable and changeable,” and “the principle of all fertility
      and growth according to the analogy of water’s fertilizing action on
      earth and soil” (Eros, 119).
      Evola also describes the correct relationship between the principle
      of water and that of fire, associated with the male: “when the feminine
      principle, whose force is centrifugal, does no turn to fleeting objects
      but rather to a ‘virile’ stability in which she finds a limit to her
      ‘restlessness’” (Revolt, 158).
      Evola assents that certain modern women may appear very unchangeable, but stresses that this is at an outer level of her being:
      a possible rigidity may follow the reception of ideas due precisely
      to the passive way she has adopted them, which may appear under the
      guise of conformity and conservatism. In this way, we can explain the
      apparent contrast inherent in the fact that female nature is changeable,
      yet women mainly show conservative tendencies sociologically and a
      dislike for the new. This can be linked to their role in mythology as
      female figures of a Demeter or chthonic type who guard and avenge
      customs and the law—the law of blood and of the earth, but not the
      uranic law. (Eros, 153)
      Thus, a woman may be quite unchanging in her beliefs about society,
      etiquette, and morality, but will lack an attachment to a transcendent
      truth. Many of women’s ideas regarding social truths such as honor and
      virtue are “not true ethics but mere habits,” Evola says (Eros, 155).
      This changeability of women explains the notion that women are at the
      same time more compassionate and more cruel than men; as woman is
      associated with the earth, she expresses both the tenderness of the
      mother and the cruelty of nature. The best example of this duality is
      the Greek goddess Artemis, who was both the protector of wild animals
      and the huntress.
      Woman’s Lack of Being or Soul
      Perhaps the most controversial characteristic of Evola’s absolute
      woman, which he gets from Weininger, is a common conception throughout
      history: that woman has no soul, or being. Weininger states that woman
      has no ego, referring to the Transcendental Ego of Immanuel Kant, which
      Evola describes as “above the whole world of phenomena (in metaphysical
      terms one would say ‘above all manifestation,’ like the Hindu atman)” (Eros,
      151). In some schools of Hinduism, the atman (or “higher self”) is
      identical with the Brahman, the infinite soul of the Universe. In other
      Hindu conceptions, the atman is the life-principle. As manifested
      existence would be impossible without the atman, this description of
      woman as lacking a Transcendental Ego should not be taken to mean that
      women are incapable of developing and solidifying this aspect, though
      they may be at a disadvantage to men. Also, in the Kali Yuga, all people
      are the furthest removed from the divine, so modern men and women are
      likely in the same starting position in terms of development of Being.
      Evola expands on the notion, stating that if soul means “psyche” or
      “principle of life,” then “it should signify in fact that woman not only
      has a soul but is eminently ‘soul,’” whereas man is not a soul but a
      “spirit.” He continues: “the point we believe settled is that woman is a
      part of ‘nature’ (in a metaphysical sense she is a manifestation of the
      same principle as nature) and that she affirms nature, whereas man by
      virtue of birth in the masculine human form goes tendentially beyond nature” (Eros, 151).

    2. Item #2, better grades then men? I think that needs a lot of explaining. We must note that education (namely public) is female-centric…that said, going back to teaching ABC’s and 123’s (ahem 2+2=4) with recess, males do very well. Oh, and if females get better grades its in a “system” that literally says that 2+2 may not have to equal 4, so long as you can emote a reason as to why its not the case.

      1. The only reason that 2+2 does not equal 4 is if you are paying me good money. Then I will make 2+2 be whatever you want it to be.

      2. It seems women are good at doing what they are told, what they are “supposed” to be doing. Do this, mug that, mug this fact etc.

  22. Why you shouldn’t be friends with women?
    Because most females out their don’t bring as much value to the table in any relationship as a man does

  23. Straight up women are boring. If they didn’t have boobies and a vajajay we would not tolerate them or be with them. Adjectives to describe gals: inane, vapid, superficial and often silly. I don’t expect a lady to talk about gutting fish but say discuss philosophy and existential stuff ? Never. Politics forget it. I’ve been dumped a number of times cause ” I’m radical” politically which is to say I HAVE an opinion and keep informed.

    1. You need to go to Eastern Europe. Far more interesting and far more beautiful women.

    2. never, ever say “vajajay”
      Say gash, cunt, slit, fuckbox, vagoo, box etc
      As for the rest of your post, agree completely

    3. then maybe the trouble lies with the US. Here in Europe I had wonderful and hour-long conversations with female friends of mine about almost everything, from socialism to agriculture.
      (BTW, the sheer pack mentality and testosterone levels present in the coment section are making my conscience shiver. I hope you’re all exaggerating)

    4. Wrong. I know plenty of women with whom riveting conversations can be had regarding philosophy and politics. In fact, all of my closest friends are well versed on these arenas and hold strong yet nuanced opinions.
      I never understood why shows like Sex and the City in all its claims for female empowerment, only showed the four women talking about sex and men. I can’t remember even one scene wherein they spoke of something pertaining to the world at large, beyond their own romantic lives. I found this frustrating, disappointing and not a fair reflection of women.

  24. Ah texting… The only thing I hate more than texting is phone calls. I hate phone calls with women because they go on and on about nothing. I’m just too busy for that bullshit in the evenings.

    1. Use the phone as you would texts……to set up in person conversation and interaction. Get off the phone as soon as you accomplish your goal of setting up the in-person meeting.

      1. Yeah I do that with guys on occasion because I know they won’t tie me up with bullshit. But girls, before you know it, they want to talk about their day, their new dress, the bitch at work trying to destroy their life and so on… I’d rather not be in that situation in the first place.

  25. I wish the front page listed the age of the author so I wouldn’t waste time. For every Quintus Curtius this site has three or four manchildren.

    1. Its called read the author’s description. Try harder with the shaming language next time.

  26. I don’t think everyone is replacing phone calls by texts because they’re intimidated, even the most socially savvy younger guys embrace it.
    Older men are complaining because it’s something they’re not used to, but I’m sure many people complained when phonecalls replaced letters.

    1. I remember being on landlines and talking to my friend. Now if you talk to a woman under 25, it’s literally like grinding nails on a backboard a lot of women just don’t have the savvy to carry a conversation either

  27. I agree with the fact that men ignore women they don’t want to fuck. So if you are a man in a friendship with a woman, you are probably not being honest with yourself or her. And it is a fate worse than deaths to be in relationships where you can’t be honest, especially with your family.
    Finding intelligent conversation in a bar or club is like looking for a Mensa member at church. Furthermore, you did not properly define a ‘tougher existence’ in your discussion. Did it mean satisfaction in life? If it meant having a loving family, the poor farmer could have it much better than the spoiled socialite. Part of a good intelligent conversation is allowing her to feel safe in disagreement. If she feels like you can argue your case without getting angry at her, she will be want to be in your company.

    1. I just had to comment because militant atheists are so obsessed and fanatical about their beliefs that they have to stick it into completely unrelated topics through snide remarks. There are many reasons why many intelligent people may be atheists, but often its not because they are after truth completely objectively. They usually subscribe to conform their views to others in their circles who will judge them if they believe otherwise. They are overwhelmed with the plethora of religions and just decide none really make sense without examining each of them carefully with due consideration.
      An atheistic weltanschauung does not mean intellectual supremacy. Great minds before you and have wrestled with the topic and come to different conclusions. Your decision is most likely based on emotional reasons, such as freedom from guilt and hypocrisy. Your namesake, Socrates believed in God.
      “It is true, that a little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion. For while the mind of man looketh upon second causes scattered, it may sometimes rest in them, and go no further; but when it beholdeth the chain of them, confederate and linked together, it must needs fly to Providence and Deity” – Francis Bacon
      But on to the topic. Intellectualism among women is almost non-existent. Most of their interests are completely superficial nonsense or practical life matters. Their conversation is about sharing personal details, practical information, or entertaining themselves.
      Yes, women can do thrive in their school and careers, but they are not truly interested in any subject. The only topic women ever talk about on an intellectual level with some sophistication is their line of work. They have no other intellectual interests, theology, philosophy, history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and on and on. They have no thirst for true knowledge. They have no intellectual curiosity beyond what Tom Cruise ate for dinner last night. They would rather talk about their favorite band then the mathematical underpinings of the universe. They might be the top of their class in medical school, but its because they want to learn the material for some other reason (earn money, serve humanity, follow father’s footsteps, status, social norms, conscientiousness). All the subjects they are interested in either are solipsistic, social, sentimental, or emotional in nature (gossip, sharing personal life, fashion, shopping, music, movies, flowers, fiction), or practical (health, fitness, nutrition, home, decor, food). I have never met a women who wants universal knowledge, interested in numerous topics, interested in how the world works.

      1. where the fuck do you all guys live? I know plenty of girls (talking range from 19 – and I’ve met them as they were like 16 – to 25+) capable of putting you all and me to shame in a philosophical debate, even though they were never requested to bother with philosophy in the first place (except for philosophy class in high school). might be that the reason for such a surge fo shallowness is to be found in your own educational system? I don’t know. But I tell you, underestimating a girl’s interest is NOT going to happen after a 3-hour philosophical debate on “the right to rule, socialism and the dangers of authoritarianism”.
        BTW, what you’ve spitting about religion is just a pile of crap. G’day to you, sir.

  28. I hate texting some annoying little brat called a ‘women’ over and over again. What is up with women obsession with texting anyway?

  29. Funny I remember Distant Light and I arguing this very premise against Rollo Tomassi in 2008. How naive I was, back then but alas I was just a arrogant Noob then, Rollo’s wisdom reached me sooner then later. I do agree with the OP that men should not waste their time with women their not smashing/dating etc. Sure there are social circles but in that end it’s because your part of a group but even then how deep is the friendship? Op is right it’s all superficial and status based
    My philosophy with “women friends” (ha ha at that term) is simple. If she is hot and has other hot friends or some connection that I want. Exploit it, women do the same. I view women as “associates”. If she is not an associate then she is an acquaintance at best. I remember back in my super beta days I use to have “Girlfriends” we would talk on the phone about relationships, working out, dumb crap etc etc and then as soon they found a boyfriend *POOF* that friendship was gone. I basically filled that role minus the fucking. I learned very quickly
    In the words of Rollo Tomassi
    “If you’re not fucking her then you are her GIRLFRIEND”

  30. My first response was your first point: women don’t fuck their friends. Then it occurred to me that there’s another really good reason not to be friends with women. The reason is that women don’t actually have friends, in fact most of the world can fit into 3 categories for a woman:
    -People they’ve never met
    -People they are currently bad-mouthing and fucking over
    -People they are working toward fucking over in the near future.
    …this last is what passes for “friendship” among women.

    1. My experience with many women over many years is that women do not have friends of either sex. So, if you are a man and think you are friends with a woman she has completely fooled you.

  31. If you have a reputation for being reasonably handy, can maintain your own vehicles, home and property, then you should avoid female “friends” like the plague.
    Females can only do one thing for you, and nothing for themselves, so they will call you for favors and pass you around to their friends as a free handyman. They feel entitled to using your body and mind without reciprocating. The “nicer” ones will attempt to call it even by sending you home with a poorly cooked meal.
    A woman “friend” will NOT set you up with one of her friends, because being in a relationship might impact your availability as her slave.
    Let them hire professional men who bill out at three digit hourly rates. I don’t care if women earn 75%, 105% or 200% what I do, their uselessness ensures most of their income will find its way to men.

    1. Where are you located sir? I’d love to be getting 3 digit hourly rates for my remodeling time!

  32. Generally I agree and for certain I won’t be friends with someone I actively want to fuck. I think there are a couple of exceptions:
    1) Women I have worked with in the past and that are extremely intelligent. From a networking standpoint I have often found them very helpful. Additionally, the very intelligent and successful women tend to be more “guy like” in general.
    2) Exes. One of my exes is extremely attractive but also bat shit crazy. We dated for two years (back when I was dumb enough to be monogamous) and I do care about what happens to her. She watches my dog for me when I travel or business (saving me $75 a day) and often buys me dinner when she comes over. Additionally, she helps me DHV with new women since she is still extremely beautiful.
    I do also have to take issue with texting…texting is far and away the easiest way to sexually escalate with the least chance of blowing up and the least amount of time investment.

  33. Number one is hit or miss. Ive had (and still have) female friends that introduce me to their friends….and i fuck them. My homegirls know what i want so they dont mind doin that for me.
    Their friends they introduce me to will then brag to my female friend(s) about my pipe game….and this has lead to me even fucking my homegirls a few times. They became curious etc.
    Having a GOOD LOOKING female friend or two is highly beneficial if you do it right

  34. Great article. As I see it, it’s very simple: you’re either fucking that girl or you aren’t. There’s no middle ground.

  35. I love to see the looks on the faces of women when I tell them that friendship with a female is essentially useless. Women benefit way more from these platonic relationships as they get what they call “male insight” so they recognise game and try not to get fucked by whatever guy is chasing them. They also claim they like being friends with men because there is “less drama”.
    Fuck that shit. I’m not gonna stick around so you can learn how to spot the signs of a player or lower the “drama” in your life that you caused in the first place. I have 2 female friends from my pre-game days and I won’t be adding to that number. If I try to hook up with a girl and I strike out but they still persist to talk to me, I tell them straight up I’m not interested in their friendship. Their disbelief is always fun to watch unfold.

  36. I’m surprised you can’t find girls to have those “insightful stimulating conversations” with, you seem like suuuuuch a catch.

    1. “you seem like suuuuuch a catch”
      Thats the kind of soppy bitching that acts as a bar to insightful conversation.

  37. im just gonna add to this arguement, dont ever get into an LTR or a marriage with an Australian women, im utterly convinced they are worst of all anglo saxon derived females. the 4s think they are 8s. they demand only the most fit, heavily tattooed and attractive men, utterly ignoring all others and still have the audacity to say “Where are all the good guuuyyzz?” ive included a few photos for you guys to judge. also observe the beta orbiters, i really doubt the obese guy in the third picture next to the girl in red and black hair ever is gonna touch her pussy let alone any part of her.
    Australian women are covered in tattoos that make a biker look like a puritant, have at least 20 beta orbiters behind them, have sexual partner counts in the double digits as the norm when they reach the age of 18, most fuck men AND women (usually from their BFFs after spending each weekend drinking all day and night), smoke and drink excessively, swear too much, and pretend to be men. they are disgusting. Id rather go save up money and get an eastern european woman as a mother to my children and LTR then the women here. I still will have to game the euro girls, but they will be a hell of a lot cleaner and feminine then the females here.

    1. Damn, I believed that Australian chicks look like those girls from McLeod’s Daughters…

    2. At least you Aussies have legalized prostitution. American feminists say any sex with a man is rape.

  38. The only reason I befriend girls sometimes is to get into parties and be introduced to other girls by them, which has worked really well.

  39. Nice list, except that I disagree with this idea and especially number one is not true.
    I have fucked a bunch of my friend girls. Ten, to be exact. A couple of them just twice, but most of them several times and occasionally during a long period of time. With most of them we had been friends for three years or so, some were a little newer acquaintances of maybe 6 months. One of them lived nearby, so every Sunday after a party night I used to call her and invite her over to hang out and watch movies. We’d hang out and then she’d suck my dick and I’d watch the movie 🙂 Until I turned her around and banged her, of course. The beauty was that I had often been out with one of the other chicks and banged her until 6am when we had come back to my place from the bar. Oh the memories. Still great friends with all of them and none of them have freaked out or caused any jealousy drama, ever, even if I’ve been on dates with other chicks – they’ve actually set me up with some other girls in the past. They’ve also been out with other dudes and it’s been all cool.
    And I happen know this is not uncommon amongst my other friends, too.
    Fucking your friends is great, actually. It’s comfortable and low effort – you don’t have to take anyone out on a date or spend money, buy drinks or try to impress the chick. Highly recommended.

      1. Hehe, you wish it was.
        I don’t live in the US though, maybe that makes a difference. Or the type of chicks you befriend – ours was a social circle where “minding about stuff” was considered embarrassing or sort of weak. In all honesty I do think they all felt jealousy or some shit like that if I paraded around my other dates, but it was not socially acceptable to show or act upon it in our social groups, especially since the premise of our relation was friendship.
        It’s actually very similar to being fuck buddies in many ways, except that you don’t limit the interactions to sex and you actually enjoy each others company but with no strings attached since you’re friends.
        For sure you need a certain type of relation and good amounts of alcohol on the first time, but I often initiated pretty bluntly by either suggesting that we have sex or just going for a kiss. If questioned for it, I said stuff along the lines that I’m bored, kinda horny, we’re good friends, I like her as a person, it could be good etc.
        Case in point: The chick who lived nearby, I went for a kiss after an evening of drinking and reading a magazine, sitting very closely on a couch. 15mins and we were in my bed. And this became a weekly thing.
        Another chick was away for like a semester from her uni and was coming back for Christmas, so I told her that since I’m a dear friend of hers, she should bring me a Christmas gift. She asked what I wanted and I said that she should come over to my place and stay for the night so I can give my present to her – in bed. And she did.
        Third one had moved to another city for a while and I went to see her during a business trip. We stayed at her place drinking, until I suggested that we go back to my hotel. She asked why and I said that I have a bigger bed and that we should sleep in it. So we did and she came over the next night, too and when she moved back, we did it a few more times.

  40. I have female ‘friends’, not remotely the same as the male friend dynamic though. How many female friends will endure mildly racist abuse, have their paternity questioned then buy you a beer? Not many!

  41. The friend zone is easy to get out of provided you do the right things. Social circle game is far more productive than cold approach alone. You can be friendly with women and still fuck them…

  42. “…she threw a fit about me not knowing what I was talking about and how socialites have a really tough existence.”
    Ahahahaha…I wouldn’t even be able to get it up for a girl like that.

  43. I learned all I need to know about dealing with women from Mike Tyson. See for your self:

  44. i’m surprised to be sticking up for them on this site, but the most voracious readers of fiction that i know tend to be female. as for non-fiction, that’s more the domain of the guys (at least in my experience). the point is though that these women read … some of them in huge amounts.

    1. Alphas may not be life coaches. But whether Alpha or Beta, everyone deserves to be set free of false beliefs and norms that allows women to manipulate men without any remorse at all. The author of this article may be Alpha or a Sigma (the lone wolves) but the fundamental premise of his article that if the woman in question doesn’t bring at least as much value to you as you bring to her then the “friendship” isn’t worth pursuing.
      As for “Alpha males aren’t life coaches.”, how can you say that about every single Alpha. And quite honestly I have noticed this thing going on in this website that those who are red pill are Alphas and those who are blue pills are betas.
      Quite frankly, as far as I know, to be called Alpha, you have to be more than just an advocate of the red pill for the definition of Alpha also involves your dynamics with other men. A dude may be a beta and still be red pill ie have understood the real nature of inter-sex dynamics. Red pill seems to be simply a framework of certain truths that every male should be aware of whereas Alpha, Beta etc. aren’t only about the mating dynamics but also capabilities, attitudes and power dynamics. Quit mixing the two

  45. People on this site are demented. Fucking hell. Or maybe 12-year olds masquerading as functioning adults by spouting things they heard from their friends that just discovered jerking off.

      1. Ooh, touché, eh? Well I’m not arrogant, at least.
        Honestly, this article is pretty damn biased toward a very stereotypical kind of person. I mean, really, the reading bit is just downright smug. Is he implying 3,5 billion people never read anything actually good? Hah! Every girl is also dumb, uninteresting texts a lot and wears a designer handbag because they can one-up their friends that way. Ugh.
        Also, I don’t want to fuck everyone I meet. Sure, some, but not all.
        But this also bugs me: instead of accepting that certain people are more emotional and some are not REGARDLESS of gender, he goes on about some “…men who have succumbed to the will of an emotional vampire (girl).”
        We are literally all the exact same person, yeah?
        …Yeah, good going with that.
        And this….. he seriously used the term “friendzone”. I’m not even going to say anything, that’s ridiculous.

  46. maybe you should add some classics to that reading list. and check your grammar. (“girls be”, really?)

  47. just because you conform so strongly to gender stereotypes does not mean all females do…as a female, i’ve got to say i feel sorry for you if this is what your lifelong experiences with females has taught you about our gender. while many females may fall into these annoying stereotypes you described, some of us hate that shit too! perhaps you may want to re-think your attitudes and approach strategy toward females…might help you attract the kind you’d really prefer to meet, rather than the shallow, dumbass bitches you’re describing.

  48. You do know that there are women who read literature right?
    I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey or any other ridiculous drivel.
    Anything that is enthusiastically consumed by the masses is usually terrible.

    1. I love you Bree, 50 shades of grey is 50 shades of wrong on so many levels. Unbelievable plot and setting, unrealistic characters ( a virgin willing to dive headfirst into a BDSM relationship? wtf) and the worst BDSM i have ever read because it is purely incorrect. I can’t believe they are making it into a movie

  49. #2 hit home for me just recently. I had a conversation with a girl about a large black vulture that landed on the roof of my house. I talked to her about the enormous size of the vulture and that I had never seen anything like it before. She was amused until I made the joke that the vulture must have been looking for tasty road kill for lunch, and then she was disgusted. She found it morbid and disgusting how I could acknowledge the fact that vultures are scavengers, that scavengers pray on animal carcasses, and that road kill makes for a convenient food source for them. They also play an extremely important role in the ecosystem that benefits human beings.. She was so disgusted that I haven’t heard from her since.

  50. Are you guys serious? Is it fun to play a different personality on the internet, or do you really not view females as humans?

  51. What a mysoginistic jack ass. I for one read books that consist of quite intellectual themes (currently reading A song of Ice and Fire series) so that negates that point. I also have a high IQ and can have an intellectual conversation- so that makes that point superfluous. Therefore one can only conclude that you Sir, waste your time with vacous bimbos in your exostential need to get laid and therefore generalise all women for being this way. What a jack ass.

    1. Anyone who puts up A Song of Ice and Fire as an example of a book with intellectual themes is not reading widely enough or deeply enough.

  52. Why don’t all these assholes pick on someone their own size, instead of acting brave behind a computer screen

  53. Yep.
    Being relegated into the friendship zone by women entails going home with ‘Mrs Palmer and her five daughters”.

  54. Rule number 1 also holds true for homosexuals – can’t be friends with them. Assuming you even know one that you can stand to talk to for more than a few minutes, friendship is a losing proposition. They and everyone else may assume you are closeted and keep hoping one day for their chance to fuck you. That ought to be enough to limit your future interactions with them.
    “I’m always sexual with girls, I escalate verbally, physically and most important, early. This leaves her with two options. To fuck me or not to fuck me, I negate the friendzone completely with my actions, I do not let her decide for me.” Best policy, hands down.

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