Is Circumcision Dangerous For Males?

Circumcision is a procedure done on men throughout the world. It is a controversial operation that some claim has many benefits with no downsides, while others claim circumcision is abusive and causes severe damage. Which one of these two beliefs is closer to the truth? First this article will outline the reasons circumcision is performed. Second, we’ll discuss the history of circumcision. Finally, we’ll talk about the two types of harm that circumcision might cause men.

Why Are Men Circumcised?


Why does the color of the USA match the colors of much worse countries?

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 30% of the world’s males are circumcised. In the U.S., circumcision rates range between 50-60%. For comparison, the rate in Germany is 11%, France 14%, and the U.K. 16%.

Why is the U.S. so much different than the rest of the Western world on this issue? Our rates of circumcision are closer to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel (80-90%) than Europe.

America has a long and strange history with circumcision. It is currently the most common surgical operation done in the U.S. and between 2-10% of circumcisions result in complications.

In the late 19th century, in the U.S., circumcision was widely promoted and was seen as a cure for masturbation. John Harvey Kellogg, a chief proponent of circumcision, advocated in Plain Facts for Young and Old (1881) that circumcision should be performed without anesthesia as the pain would have a “salutary effect on the mind.” The argument was that the pain associated with circumcision would deter the boy from touching his penis. In the late 19th century, Victorian-era doctors described the male foreskin as a “source of serious mischief.”

These doctors believed that masturbation led to insanity. They thought that the sensitive, responsive foreskin stimulated masturbation, and surgeons promoted “therapeutic” circumcision to cure young men of the “sin” of excessive indulgence and prevent the potential for, “masturbatory insanity,” a catchall phrase for various psychiatric and physical disorders that perplexed physicians.


John Kellogg believed his bland invention would suppress sexual appetite

Furthermore, John Kellogg invented Corn Flakes breakfast cereal in 1878. He hoped that feeding children this plain cereal every morning would help to combat the urges of “self-abuse”.

While today some say circumcision prevents HIV transmission and other risks, others say circumcision has long been, in America, a cultural practice looking for a medical justification.

Women’s Views On Circumcision


Don’t worry– she’s seen it all

Among women, uncircumcised penises get something of a bad rap, being described as unattractive and undesirable. The confluence of medicine and popular opinion serve to perpetuate the societal norm.

Still, it is an unnecessary surgery performed on a person unable to give consent. One might argue that it violates the most basic assumptions of medical ethics. Why are we allowed to perform an unnecessary operation on a human who is not yet able to provide consent? It seems odd that for Western women who are obsessed with consent, they are perfectly happy to perform a pseudo-castration on a boy without his permission.

There is a well-known stigma, at least among middle-class women, of uncircumcised penises. Some women claim that they are less attractive and are averse to giving blowjobs if they see that a guy is uncut. In this article in Cosmopolitan, several women are interviewed and while they say that they generally prefer the appearance of a circumcised penis, there also either a neutral or enhanced effect on their sexual pleasure when having sex with an uncircumcised man.

A couple of insightful quotes from the Cosmo sluts:

I feel like there is a little something extra when a man is not circumcised. It’s almost like being “ribbed for her pleasure.” I don’t think it necessarily makes it better than a circumcised man, but it is a little different. I also think the after-sex rituals are different. Usually, when a guy is not circumcised, he has to get up and clean off sooner.


I have a decent sample size of both intact and circumcised men, and while I have had circumcised men be able to get me off from vaginal intercourse alone, it’s only been after plenty of getting to know each other sexually. The uncircumcised men have been the only ones who I orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone easily, even during casual encounters. The gliding sensation from the foreskin just does it for me.

With the advent of digital porn, you can rest assured that whether your penis is cut or uncut, Western sluts will have seen all varieties of male genitalia by the time they are sexually active.

Two Types Of Damage


There are two types of possible harm that might be done to a male who has undergone circumcision as a baby: damage to the body and damage to the psyche.

The foreskin is densely filled with nerve endings and is an erogenous zone. By removing the foreskin, circumcision weakens the range of sensations that a man is able to have when having sex. It is also believed to serve other functions, like protecting and lubricating the head of the penis and maintaining its sensitivity, similar to the way an eyelid protects the eye.

There are multiple studies indicating that circumcision may have a negative effect on sexual functioning. In one study done in Britain, researchers found that the head of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. According to this study, circumcision erodes the most sensitive parts of the penis. If you leave a naturally moist and sensitive body part in the exposed air, it makes sense that it would grow less sensitive over time.

In another study, researchers surveyed 123 men who had undergone circumcision as adults. They found that following their operation, erectile dysfunction increased and penile sensitivity decreased.

Finally, an interesting study in Denmark found that circumcised men reported more sexual partners than uncut men. However, they were also more likely to admit to frequent orgasm difficulties, likely due to reduced sensitivity. Women with circumcised husbands more often reported incomplete sexual needs fulfillment and frequent sexual function difficulties overall.

The second consequence of circumcision on men is psychological trauma. Circumcision is frequently done on babies without anesthetic. One can imagine the severe amount of pain an infant experiences during this operation.

Research has demonstrated the hormone cortisol, which is linked to stress and pain, sharply increases during circumcision. Although some believe that babies “won’t remember” the pain, we now know that the body “remembers” as evidenced by studies which demonstrate that circumcised infants are more sensitive to pain later in life.

It seems that the claims of various organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that “the scientific evidence is clear that the benefits outweigh the risks” is a flimsy statement that is not entirely rooted in truth.

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  1. For all the obsession of Jewish conspiracies… I find it odd that Seventh Day Adventists, who, not only dramatically changed penises, but also tried and somewhat succeeded in changing the Western diets, for some reason get a free pass.

    1. “who not only dramatically changed penises”
      I suppose I could do some internet research, but when it comes to dramatically changed penises I’d rather not. What exactly do 7th day adventists change penises to? Or into, or whatever?

      1. Were you cut? I find many cut people try to justify the suffering forced upon them.

        1. No, if you must know. I was just curious as to what you considered amounted to a dramatically changed penis. Please no pictures.

        2. Damn those 7th day adventists. Actually I’ve studiously avoided that act. As well as those impromptu performances that seem to happen in public conveniences

  2. This is lies! Our cocks need to but cut and sliced for God! I’ll circumcise my sons in my basement if I have to! Barack Obama is going to take away our guns!

  3. In the military, our sergeant said there were aunt eaters and German army helmets. I am glad mine was the German army helmet. But when my son was born overseas, I did not trust any doctors to get it right. So he is an aunt-eater.
    I always wished I had had it done for him. As I think the German army helmet is better. I think Moses was right on that one, but in the Land of Buddha, I decided to do things the Jap way.
    But Paul Elam kicked me off AVFM for telling people they should follow the Lord.
    Not that I really give a shit.

    1. Hopefully for the girls, your german army helmet wasn’t a WW 1 Pickelhaube.

      1. No, but I have seen some condoms that have litttle tips like that on them. I never tried them out though. Supposedly, they provide the ladies with a little something extra.
        Normally Rok is a site for dudes, but on this particular isssue, I wouldn’t mind hearing a female perspective.

        1. I always turn my ribbed condoms inside out….fuck her, that shit is ribbed for my pleasure.

        2. I didn’t know. Was just kind of in the ether for me. But I believe it

        3. Ok, you did ask. I don’t have a big sample size but I have experienced both. Cut is more attractive, although I’m not sure that bias doesn’t form from conditioning, rather than raw aesthetics. In North America, cut is the norm. Uncut is easier to pleasure. Never noticed a difference with respect to pleasure received. Both are as hygienic as the man they are attached to. In other words, it’s a push. My husband is cut, I wouldn’t care one way or another. If we’d had a son, I would have left that decision up to him ( aside from medical reasons, obviously).

  4. I don’t know. This article is well written, logical and sound. However, anecdotal evidence though it is, I am cut and it has not had a negative impact on my desire, the ability to get a woman off or functionality.
    In fact, if my snipping negatively impacted my desire I am loath to think how bad I would have been unsnipped. Shit, if anything I wouldn’t mind a serious reduction in sensitivity and thus desire now….if my member had been numb since childhood I would be fucking emperor right now with the combined effort and thought I have put into putting my pecker inside of women with dubious morals.

    1. I got snipped at birth, and I have no complaints, nor receive them. I am proud of my ability to make women howl, and I enjoy the clean, spartan nature of it, just like I wear my hairstyle short.

    2. yeah, this is kind of where i’m at. i’m snipped and it’s not something i think about much. it is kind of hard to imagine sex feeling better and being more horny than i am already. i’ve talked to a fair amount of guys who have trouble convincing women to suck them off, which has never been a problem for me. maybe those guys are uncircumcised?
      i’m bewildered when guys freak out about circumcision and tell me i’m “half a man” or something like that. that said, if we ever have a son my wife and i aren’t planning on having it done to him.

  5. I’ve banged a number of EE women who have never seen the army helmet until I came to town. They say that they prefer it, but they’re women so they’ll say anything.

    1. I had this experience in France. Women who had never seen it swore they loved it and, lets say, behaved in such a way as to make me believe that they were thinking about worshipping it as a new god.
      That said, I have a feeling that that is just because they are women and a whole new brand of cock that they hadn’t seen yet was exciting. If I pulled out a square cock or one that looked like a guitar headstock or possibly an octagon they would have loved that with the same, ahem, zeal I suppose.

        1. I spent about a month thinking that my special snipped dong was the best thing in the world until the reality hit me….I must say, I enjoyed the false sense of being awesome.

    1. females don’t get circumsized in america, but they get their vaginas beat up pretty hard for like 40 straight years so, ya know, almost the same.
      By the time they are 30 most women will have a vagina that looks like the sleeve of a wizard….chewed and discarded bubble yum….silly putty which has been left to sit in gravel on a hot day… she stole the spiked morning star from the witch king of angmar and used it as a sex toy……like fidel castro eating a raw rib eye steak….ok i made this comment just to use all of those

      1. Obligatory mad props for the use of all the metaphors just to exercise the language a bit.

      2. “Axe wound” is the single best description I’ve ever heard for one of those beat-up pussies. Some of them really do look like that, no?

        1. Damn, did I forget axe wound. Yes, that’s up there with the best but j like diversity

        2. On the other side, for the perfect, clean, wonderful vadge I like “shinny new penny” or “a brand new whistle” though the racist Disney princess character in the brilliant, though short lived, animated reality show Drawn Together calling hers her “whites only drinking fountain” was priceless

        3. And on that score don’t forget all the stores in the mall like In and out burger, baby gap and lady foot locker

    1. this could only get better if the buzzfeed, gawker HR chief hired Roosh to write the termination letters for their outgoing sacked ‘journalists’. He would no doubt offer some very helpful career advice.

    2. I really enjoyed History Channel 2- it was replaced with VICEland. Its awful, and the ratings are 77% lower than H2’s…

    3. Salon ‏@Salondotcom Apr 13
      ‘I had to eat five of my seventeen cats’: Amanda Marcotte’s slide into poverty and desperation after being laid off from progressive blog

  6. It’s a stupid tradition that needs to die.
    Not to mention traditional jewish communities still do it the old school way with rabbies sucking of the foreskin.
    Some babies died becuase the rabbies passed them syphilis through saliva.
    Seriously this desert barbarity needs to stop.

    1. I read about that a few years ago. Don’t think the baby died, but it did get the clap from rabbi blow job which is pretty fucking disgusting.
      Those guys are really wild man. I don’t go to Brooklyn much so I rarely see them, but even when you see them on the subway you know something is fucked to death wrong.
      I always wonder if Jew to Crazy Blues Brother Baby Penis Blow Job Jew is the same relationship as Muslim guy to Terrorist Muslim guy. Some how I do not think so. I think the later are more closely related. I think it is more likely like normal christian guy to amish guy. Who knows.

      1. I was in Billyburg once at a club; as soon as the sabbath was over, some Hasidic guys rolled in, drinkin n smokin a J to some rap music…was surreal

        1. The whole Mattisyahu reggae thing was big for a while. I remember the ‘berg when it was just for the hasids with maybe a small outcropping of artsy people. I literally can’t step foot in the area. I went to Luger’s on good friday because catholics aren’t eating meat so I thought it would be easier to get a good table (plot spoiler, all the asians had the same idea) and being on the street for the 5 minutes it took me to walk from the bedford stop of the L to Lugers literally filled me with murderous rage.

        2. as a side note, my late grandfather used to, innocently and without malice, used to refer to the amish as “those Pennsylvania jews”

        3. Everybody goes on Friday. You just saw more Asians because there were fewer Catholics. Try going on Jewish holidays. Much easier.

    2. I think there’s good points to “scientific circumcision” ie, in the hospital, done cleanly, after birth. This rabbi dick sucking shit is weird, and it doesn’t need to be a fucking social event.

      1. There are no good points about any ritual infant genital mutilation, as “scientific” as you might want to put it, try as much as you want to.

      2. If you think so, cut your dick off since you obviously don’t care about the 118 boys that lose their entire penis due to circumcision in the US every year (in hospitals with modern equipment, outside hospitals one not counted).

        Now, you will appreciate the authorities’ delicate handling of this horrific pedophiliac practice. I wonder what would the establishment say if it would be compulsory in some “religious group” to have a “priest” cut and suck an infant girls’ clitoris because some “god” requested it. Funny, eh? NO ONE WANTS TO REALLY TALK ABOUT IT at government levels (or at almost any other level).

        1. No shit! Government doesn’t WANT to talk about anything unless it furthers their own (or whatever lobbies dick they’re sucking) goals/motives so they’re forced to. God forbid talking about anything that might force brainless consumers to actually hafta think

    3. Female circumcision = a crime that must be abolished.
      Male circumcision = it’s just great!!!

      1. I’ve never understood this bullshiat. I wouldn’t truck with someone cutting up a son, or daughter, at all. No way quack, leave them alone. It isn’t necessary, and I have zero reason to think you should be slicing up anyone’s genatalia much less on someone that can’t tell you what they want.
        Flat out wrong.

    4. Agreed. World wide it is only strict Muslims and Jews who practice this, but in America, for some reason it is done to the (slight, and declining) majority of Christian babies. In WW2, they would pull down your pants in order to tell if you were Jewish or not. Here, there would be plenty of false positives using that method.
      The good news is that the practice is dying out, and while it used to be like 70% of babies had this procedure it’s now down to like 40% and dropping, with many regions (the southwest) being far lower. The bad news is this hasn’t been stopped yesterday as an unethical and violent medical procedure.

      1. I wonder how much of this (popularity in america) is due to the large amounts of doctors being jewish

        1. There was a huge upward spike in circumcision rates in the united states americke in the 1930’s 40’s. Take from that what you will but a lot of Jewish names appear on medical endorsements for the practice of that time.
          Perhaps paranoia little Moses Silverstein might not blend in with the enemy.

    5. It wasn’t syphillis it was herpes that was transmitted to the babies. Herpes Simplex 1 ( cold sores) the virus not syphilis. A vile ,weird practice from the orthodox Jewish community.. Herpes causes a horrible meningoencephalitis ( brain infection) in newborns..

  7. “it is an unnecessary surgery performed on a person unable to give consent. One might argue that it violates the most basic assumptions of medical ethics. Why are we allowed to perform an unnecessary operation on a human who is not yet able to provide consent? It seems odd that for Western women who are obsessed with consent, they are perfectly happy to perform a pseudo-castration on a boy without his permission”
    This is the right argument. The issue of health benefits / costs is one issue, and can be argued one way or another depending on your views (I imagine there could well be psychological effects as well, which as far as I’m aware remain unexplored), but the consent issue should be the main one. This is interfering with young boys in a way that society increasingly condemns with young girls. I would have no objection to it being a choice for the adult, or for that matter young male to make.

    1. I think the psychological aspect of the circumcision itself probably is non-existent when done in a hospital by a doctor….however, when your family invites people over to watch while having a light lunch…that may really fuck a person up.

      1. probably. It would be interesting to explore though. It may or may not be traumatic at that age. But any kind of body modification is likely to have a psychological effect of some sort. If nothing else just reading the article suggests that men rationalise (both cut / uncut) in terms of the woman’s pleasure, which as far I remember is an argument used against FGM. So if circumcision is ‘better for the woman’ is that an argument for or against?

        1. “So if circumcision is ‘better for the woman’ is that an argument for or against?”
          Why would any man as a man give a flying fuck?
          Edit: previous sounded like it was directing to the OP which was not the intention.

        2. my point is that circumcision and to a lesser extent non-circumcision is being rationalised / defended in terms of female pleasure / convenience / health. That’s the issue I’m flagging up.

        3. You can tell its traumatic by the way the babies scream in agony before passing out.
          If you have doubts about the psychological impact, watch a video of a male circumcision being performed.
          No baby should scream that way. The sight and sounds will stay with you forever. Consider that before you watch.

        4. I will surely check it. But then youtube will put baby circumcision videos in my recommendations for all-time, and it’s lunch-time, and I’m afraid it might put me off my packet of pork scratchings

        5. I had forgotten until you mentioned it, but I did watch one once. The blood-curdling cry of the baby was unlike any baby screaming I have heard before. It was terrifying, which is why I tried to push the memory out of my mind. The important thing is for men to absolutely reject circumcision 100% of the time going forward. Do not even consider it, do not even debate it. No, your child is not going to be mutilated by doctors. End of story. This practice must die out in this generation.

        6. It is horrific. The worst part is when he was gasping for air so he could scream some more. No baby should ever sound like that. Its been years and I still can’t get the sound out of my head. If I’m traumatized by watching it…

        1. What’s the movie that has the nightmare of the german guys in spandex suits and hoods running around with big scissors?

        2. I knew I shouldn’t have gone to the massage parlor that offered a sad ending

        3. Not a clue mate, but a quick google search gives links to Japanese lesbian porn!
          What haven’t those Japs done?

      2. The psychological consequences for the person being circumcised are present regardless of the type of procedure and there is ample documentation proving that. In particular, there are areas of the brain that stop developing due to circumcision. Circumcision itself irreversibly damages the brain (MRI Studies: The Brain Permanently Altered From Infant Circumcision:, not the way it’s being conducted. Why do you think it is still considered so important if its collateral effects would be non-existent? Conversely, if it is not that important, why is it still being widly practiced worldwide mostly on religious grounds (the medical ones being too effimerous to even be mentioned)?

        1. Too bad. At the same time, funny how many comments you have been leaving in this thread concenrning “not an issue I care about.”

        2. Has it happened to you?
          I will say that it is one of the biggest crimes being visited upon men in the West and one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy that we see.

        3. It has.
          I don’t mind it. in fact, it’s not something I pay much mind to at all.
          Everything seems to work and I have counted it as my favorite possession since as long as I can recall

        4. That is purely rational. If you cannot change your condition there is no point worrying about it. As I say, the human body can adapt to any new condition.

        5. Yup. Plus, I have no desire for procreation so it’s not a question for me

        6. I think my male power is doing just fine. Well cultivated and everything. I am fine with my own circumcision and I don’t have nor do I want children so it isn’t a question I need to ask in the future. I would rather focus on more important things like my retirement or, for that matter, where I plan to have dinner tonight.

    2. In the United States it’s in many cases an actual castration since 118 boys lose their penis every year in hospitals when circumcisions are performed. (Baby boys). Jewish and muslim circumcisions done outside hospitals not counted.
      And the most common form of female genital mutilation (removal of skin around the clitoris), which is 80-90% of cases, and much less damaging, is illegal.

  8. Thank you for ths article. Even though it does not (yet) bring to light the darker causes and the more harmful consequences of the barbaric practices of infant ritual genital mutilations, it is a good step towards the right direction. It is evidence itself that all practices of infant ritual genital mutilation must be eradicated worldwide if humans… want to start being who they really are. Yes, the issue is THAT BIG. Mark my words. If you go look at some other comments I made in the past about this topic, you might be able to find out why (that is, if you have the courage to stand alone and are ready to swallow the whole of the red pill, not only the easy parts of it).

  9. The main focus is on female circumcision. I can’t see men getting a hearing on this in the current cultural climate. Boys are still an acceptable sacrifice in most areas of society.

  10. The one thing you can always be certain of with a Jewish guy is that you will get 20% off the top. 😉

    1. In the realm of Jewish conspiracy theories, one that I read was that Jewish doctors have been instrumental in making circumcision a social norm in the US in an effort to shield Jews from their experience in Nazi Europe where one of the ways in which the Nazis easily separated Jew from Gentile was by simply having a look at their willy. Personally, I don’t buy it but it’s got that hint of logic which gives it traction.
      I also heard from a Jewish buddy of mine that hands down, no group of men are bigger fans of blowjobs than Jews and he suggested it was because of deep-seated infant psychological pain that seeks comfort from the lips of a woman. I’m calling bullshit on that one because cut or uncut I doubt there is a man on the planet that doesn’t relish a good blowjob delivered by an attractive woman.
      I also heard that many Jewish girls (or at least Jewish American Princesses) don’t like giving head so maybe that has something to do with Jewish men’s longing for blowjobs – it’s the forbidden fruit that their women won’t give them. My experience is limited to a one-nighter with a Jewish girl many years ago and, although I’d had a lot to drink that night, I don’t recall her having any issues with fellatio so I have no idea whether there’s any truth to this or not.

      1. If the girl really digs you, she wouldn’t care and she’ll swallow as well. She’ll so ANYTHING you tell her to do. This is a good gauge to see if she likes you. It’s not 100% though.

      2. One reason I think the Jewish circumcision conspiracy thing is bullshit is because Muslims are actually the largest religious group that subscribes to it. Interesting though that in Islam it must occur before puberty rather than as an infant. I think most Muslims do it during infancy but I recall seeing a documentary showing a mass circumcision festival of 10-12 year old boys somewhere or other. Those scenes looked traumatic and horrifying… a bunch of dazed prepubescent boys walking around with blood stained gowns crying in pain.

        1. I had a Korean acquaintance who was cut as a teen. Said it was a horrifying experience.

        2. Jews and Muslims are basically the same religions, just one follows one brother and the other follows the other. But their practices are almost identical (with variations of course).



        1. Wouldn’t that sound more like “habba ya babba da babba ha yabbana”?
          I’ve never understood why people supposedly speaking in the ‘divine language’ always sound like mentally retarded monkeys.

  13. BAN THE PRACTICE!! It is a forced lobotamy on your little head. You are transformed from a whole man with a grand BIG HEAD commanding a brave LITTLE HEAD in the gunner’s turret into a battle shocked big head with a cripple little head in a wheelchair who drewels. A damaged little head needs a lifetime of special outside care from a mommy. Hence the mommyocracy in heavily circumcised regions and religions. It is the cornerstone of BITCH RULE.

    1. Very well said. And I want to add: make it worldwide illegal and punishable (unless there is a compelling medical reason for it, which is almost never the case).

  14. So I knew a guy who got circumcised as an adult. As I was cut as a baby and had no frame of reference – I started young but not that young – I asked him if there was any decrease in pleasure from sex without the foreskin. He said yes, but couldn’t really quantify it, but said it was maybe 85% as good as it had been before. His father, a doctor, had told him not to do it, but he had one of those weird Kraut surgery fetishes. It seems to me that they resort to some weird psychological things because they get that collective guilt shit beat into them from a young age. Or maybe they’re just weird.
    Supposedly, not having a foreskin makes it less likely that a man will “bond” to a woman. Has to do with getting woman-juice under the foreskin and soaking in (same thing happens to them with jizz), so that’s one positive effect…for us. Probably helps explain, at least in part, how circumcised men have more sexual partners, per the article.

    1. Those r selected circumsized faggots ! That explains everything !

  15. From what I’ve heard it’s usually the mothers who request their sons are circumcized. Perfect, a human who has never had a penis deciding what to do with someone else’s penis (Especially one who is just born and has no idea what’s going on). This is exactly what happened to me.
    The foreskin is a part of the human body and is meant to be there. Babies don’t have any other parts of their bodies removed at birth as far as I know. I’ve honestly been thinking of getting a TLC Tugger ( The creator apparently restored his foreskin with one and I’m wondering what it would be like to have mine regrown.

    1. I use the VLC tugger with Sizegenetics for length gains.
      The device is very comfortable, would recommend.

        1. I don’t use it for foreskin growth.
          There are 2 versions : TLC and VLC.
          The first if for foreskin, the second for guys that have foreskins but want to get longer penises. You put the cap and then you use a belt that comes with it or a Sizegenetics type device to stretch.
          If you use an all day stretcher your penis grows over time. I started at 7 inches and am at 8 now, aiming for 9.

        2. How long has it taken you to grow an inch?
          I’m definitely interested in the TLC tugger and wondering what I’m missing out on. I remember the first time I ever had sex thinking “This is it? This is what everyone makes such a big deal about?” I have no doubt that my sensitivity was severely diminished due to being circumcised, and I’d enjoy sex much more if I was able to have a foreskin.

        3. On average it takes 6 months to get an inch. It took me 9 but mostly because I wasn’t super consistent.
          The second inch usually takes longer to get, between 9 months and a year.
          After the second one you need to get into hanging since stretching alone will not give much.
          It’s best to combine all day stretchers with jelqing or a penis pump. I chose the latter so I don’t have to do manual exercises.
          My routine is using a water pump for 20 minutes in the morning then wearing the stretcher during the day.
          As for foreskin regrowth I saw some pictures on the internet, usually you need 1,5 years to get halfway there, it is a relatively slow process.
          Full regrowth should take between 2 and 4 years. Those who go all way through say it is worth it.

    2. I did it and the benefite were great. Receiving a BJ was noticably better.
      The experience was a pain in the ass (tugging, etc.) but I got the result I wanted.

      1. How long did it take you? And do you have to wear the tugger all day?
        I found some videos online of how to make a tugger and retainer out of simple items, I might try it out and see how it goes.
        (By the way, can you go straight into tugging or do you need to do a trail run with a plain retainer first? I couldn’t find a solid answer)

        1. It took around 3 years. I started with tape and a film cannister to get some slack. Then, I would wear the tugger on a stairmaster while exercising, so I would get an hour of strong tugs. I preferred that walking around with it all day.
          The best thing is to just start, do it every day, and forget about it. Then, a few years later…boom!

        2. So can you exercise with it on? I run a few times a week, but that might be too much stress on the skin.

        3. Yes, definately. The general rule is that if something hurts, then stop doing it. You have to get the “right spot” where there is just the right amount of pressure. So you will have to adjust it a few times as you exercise.
          But long story short, that kept me from having to wear the device all the time which I found to be uncomfortable.

        4. Awesome, I’ll try that out. It also sounds like you only need to wear the device a few hours a day at most. I work from home so I could easily wear it while working and while my roommates are out for the day.

  16. As a brit I’ve never understood America’s obsession with surgical penis unwrapping…

  17. I’ve been circumcised as a kid in the hospital. I was 2 years old so I don’t remember any pains but I can say you that I never had any problems because of it.

    1. This is the typical answer of circumcised people who feel hurt and enraged (consciously or unconsciously) for having had to undergo a forced genital mutilation and an irreversible mutilation against their will. The cells carry the memory even if there is not conscious memory. Under hypnosis you would be able to recall the whole horror, but in order to avoid it, you rationalize and shut down your critical thinking. This can affect other areas of your life, not just your sexual life. Unfortunately the damage has been done. Just accept it and realize that the ones who have decided against YOUR INTEGRITY have done so out of pure ignorance. Make the best out of it by making sure your children if you have any or if you will have any are going to be kept intact, and spread the word against infant ritual genital mutilation: that way and your sacrifice will not have been for no purpose.

      1. Hurt or Enraged? No, really not. I don’t remember anything of it. And I never had any problems because of it.
        Believe it or not, I also ran against tables and hurt myself in very many stupid ways as a kid and I don’t remember any of them.
        Seems like you have been circumcised and had complications because of it.
        Why the hell should I lie about it. I’m posting here with an anonymous disqus account on a blog. I couldn’t care less what others think of me here lol.

        1. That’s exactly what I mean. Thank you for your confirmation of my previous observations.

        2. So I’m right with my thought that you had a circumsize and had complications after that? Ok.

        3. I’m with you, man. It’s progressive argument tactic. “I’m fine with that.” “NO YOU’RE NOT, YOU’RE SCARRED FOR LIFE!” “Actually, it’s not even a thing.” “ADMIT YOUR VICTIMHOOD!!!” “Dude, really…” “YOUR CELLS KNOW THE TRUTH!!! YOU’RE NOT A MAN!!! YOU’VE BEEN RAPED!! MIGHT AS WELL CUT IT ALL OFF AND BECOME A WOMAN BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER BE A MAN!” etc etc etc.
          Quit hounding the guy about his dick having a circumcision….it’s kinda gay to talk about another man’s dong.

        4. As anyone can readily see you demonstrated again the correctness of my observations about the consequences of the barbaric and paedophiliac practice of ritual infant genital mutilation. Thank you.

        5. Same as above (i.e. evidence about the existence of the Circumcision complex in circumcised males).
          Thank you too.

        6. you’re never going to get anywhere with…what are they even called, the guys who freak out about circumcision. you tell them you’re fine and don’t think about it much, they freak out even more. they tell you you’re traumatized and not a man because you got your foreskin snipped as a baby, you bring up the numerous beautiful women you’ve held in your arms as they promise their undying love after mind-blowing sex, they crank the hysterical freak out level up to 11. it’s like trying to debate a feminist.
          that said, if i ever have a son i wouldn’t want to have him circumcised.

        7. your cells remember if you have been hit when you were a child so now you fear being hit that’s why you don’t fight with other men

  18. You forgot to mention that the studies showing hiv and other disease prevention are comparing uncut uneducated African men with African men who were circumcised and then drilled daily about condom use during their 3 week recovery. If circumcision was even moderately effective against hiv, why would Africa have both the highest hiv infection rate and the highest circumcision rate?

    1. The relationship between higher incidences of HIV and uncircumcised men is total bunk, it was a propanganda stunt with a hidden purpose. If you investigate you will easily find out all about it.

  19. Leviticus 12:3 is the only reason.
    That…and I’m not trying to have the fortress of solitude crystal growth on my shaft.

    1. With the same kind of scriptural justifications “humanity” has committed and keeps committing the most atrocious crimes. Indeed, except for technology, we have not yet changed much from the times we were dwelling in caves. Still, I hope you understand.

  20. It’s too late for me, but it is certainly strange how people are fine with cutting of pieces of their children’s genitalia. I’m not mad at my parents or anything; it’s not like I’ve suffered any ill effects; but it’s certainly funny how people like them can be anti-vaccine but not anti-cut-parts -of-boy’s-dicks-off.
    I feel like people like Dr. Kellogg were as perverse in their own way as homosexuals and the like, but in a very different way. I am not an advocate of masturbation, but it seems that taking such radical measures to attempt to prevent sensual pleasure it could be even more deviant in a way than unnatural sex. It is more unnatural and rarer to avoid pleasure than to immoderately indulge in it, although both are bad; so I wonder.

    1. I restored mine and it was much better afterwards. The practic was quite annoying and humiliating (hanging devices and tapes) but the results were worth it.

      1. Were you able to get it to self lubricate again? I’m thinking tiny tanks of wiper fluid.

        1. Yes, that is one of the major bonuses.
          Before, my exes would have to apply all the lube to “get it ready.” Now I rarely if ever need it.

  21. I had circumcision @23, so I can fill up some gaps here.
    Yes, it is somewhat less sensation after, but on another hand because of that you can do it way longer. For me it went (from insertion till orgasm) from 15 min to 35 min on average.
    That sensation lost not because of foreskin lost but because penis gland touches and rubs all the time over underwire and becomes rougher over the time. And that why you are less likely to get micro cuts during the act and get STD with that.
    Also I had an impression that penis gland became a little bit wider (a couple of millimeters) after circumcision. I can imagine that it could be even wider if it is done in childhood.
    I don’t know about “the severe amount of pain an infant”. There is a theory that nerve system is not completely developed on the 8th day yet and baby feel less that we could think of. I was honored to hold 3 baby boys on my laps during circumcision. None of them cried more then 20-30 sec. I remember one time when baby didn’t even wake up.

    1. All done in the name of some fantasy god. That’s how far we have come after 2.5 millions years or so of “evolution.”
      This “humanity” is doomed.

      1. 3 stages of development of faith in humanism.
        1. Believing in God.
        2. Believing in man-god.
        3. Believing in man (humanism).
        Then humanism died in trenches of Verdun. Stop kicking its corps. I don’t believe in it.

        1. I rest my point: THIS “humanity” is doomed. You might not understand. Don’t struggle. It’s OK.

    2. That is backwards rationalisation. You are grasping at straws to justify what has already happened to you. Furthurmore these babies are not old enough to give consent to have their genitals altered.

    3. No, you lost all sensation as all sensation is in the foreskin. The glans is non erogenous.

  22. Why don’t they just remove the appendix while they are at it? It’s more likely to kill you than any foreskin.
    They circumcise boys in the Philippines when they are pre-teens and call it a journey to manhood. All the relatives smile and giggle while the boys scream. The mothers and sisters especially seem to get a kick out of it. I’ve always thought of the Philippines as somewhat of an aboriginal cryptomatriarchy in the time I’ve spent there.
    If it’s not already clear, I am against the practice.

    1. I believe Crohn’s and IBS are statistically higher in people who have had their appendix removed. Which begs the question, will we discover in the future that the foreskin is more important than we think now?

    2. ‘Cryptomatriarchy’, describes it. White men sent man to the moon and it is white man that will abolish the insideous practice of dickchopping. The Pacific Islanders are more aboriginal than not and will likely stay under bitch control and tradition. In western lands, the cryptomatriarchy goes as far back as Eastern Star goddess worship and the symbol of the ‘mother holding baby’. The dickchopping goes back to the mystery religion battle for Earth. Widespread circumcision in western cultures is a relatively new phenomenon without the deep roots of the semites and aboriginals. White men here are beginning to reject the apostacy.

    3. That’s kind of how it is when they circumcise women in East Africa. But unlike male circumcision, female circumcision is a horrific crime.

    4. Being Filipino myself, I can attest this to you.
      This is a kind of wankershit I detest. And yet, the same cryptomatriarchy complains, “Filipino men are disloyal.” Wow.

  23. Unless there’s a specific medical reason circumcision is male genital mutilation.

  24. I got no problem with any man who wants to get himself cut, for aesthetic, medical or sexual reasons. But therein lies the rub: “Man”. No baby boy should have this barbaric religious custom foisted on them.

    1. I”d still ridicule and shame them, the same way I do to women who mutilate their bodies with piercings and tattoos. But yes, point taken.

  25. Usually you want to avoid unnecessary surgery because of the risk of complications. Infections and accidentally cutting off your penis being the main two. Even if you’re cut and are fine, you were exposed to that risk when you didn’t have to be. Why expose a newborn to unnecessary risks?
    This brings us to the real issue. If you wait until a boy is mentally able to consent, 99 percent of them are going to say FUCK THAT.

      1. Yup! As stated in the article some choose to willingly perform it as adults, although I really don’t know why

  26. I hope the moderator is going to accept my reposting of something I wrote in another thread because it is of particular relevance here and at this point in history.
    I think the topic is too important not to give people the opportunity to broaden their views on such matters.
    Here we go: a few weeks ago on ROK we could all read a fine article about the causes of terrorism, and I proposed to investigate the hidden psichological factors tied to circumcision and relating to terrorism. Please refer to the links below for deepening your understanding of this reality:
    1. “Terrorism and circumcision; circumcised first, then fanaticized (psychoanalysis of terrorism) (updated 03.27.2016)”
    2. “Circumcision, the Greatest Crime Against Humanity, Racist and Catalyzer of Fanaticism, Terrorism, Genocide and Feminicide”
    3. “The concept of the Circumcision complex allows rethinking of history. It rationalizes many of the most irrational social phenomena including interreligious hatred and explains them with the same factor. ”

    Only by healing the roots we can heal the whole tree.

  27. In the US were 20-30% of boys are circumcised today, and previously pretty much all boys, of those circumcisions done in hospitals (meaning not counting Jews and Muslims doing it outside hospitals), 118 boys every year in the US lose their entire penis due to circumcision. In the countries were it’s done without proper modern medical equipment this number is much higher. People talk about female genital mutilation, the most common form of female genital mutilation (80-90% of cases), is just removal of the clitorishood (skin around the clitoris), which is a less dangerous and less damaging procedure than male circumcision. When the male foreskin is removed about 25%+ of the nerves responsible for pleasure disappear with it.
    EDIT: And check up on David Reimer, that’s fucked up, first lose his dong to circumcision, then get castrated and raised as a girl thanks to feminist liberal gender theory.

    1. Yeah that’s pretty fucked up, we were taught our whole lives when growing up, that women are wonderful little angels who are repulsed by sex with anyone other than their husbands… What a fucking joke that “axiom” is.

  28. Circumcised Man here, all is well down below for me, i’m glad my parents obeyed the Lords command, i’ll obey it for my children too.

    1. Maybe a bot. Sad nonenthless. With the same type of scriptural justifications some people go out to kill “infidels” and teach their children to do the same. And if all started from “down there?”

      1. Not a Bot, I comment here quite often…Maybe your a Bot. Islam’s scriptures are not the same as Christianity’s. Not sure what your last sentence means. I’m a guy who is circumcised and have no problems, According to some who are against circumcision I should be crying victimhood, but I’m not, because I’m totally unaffected by my circumcision. Getting the vibe your against religion and throwing Christianity in with Islam to make a cheap point in a cheap argument , but you should know in many atheist governments they teach their children to turn their parents into the Government for being “Enemies of the State” for simply having a difference of opinion (Most atheist Governments are communist countries).

        1. Read up some interesting facts about circumcision and you might be able to understand if you really try. You will find links in my other posts.
          Thank you.

        2. Here’s a fact you might find interesting….I’ve never considered myself a Victim for being Circumcised…I do find it interesting in the debates I’ve had about circumcision that the uncircumcised are constantly trying to tell me i’m a victim….well i’m not…..The whole anti circumcision belief in the Manoshpere is really a wasted effort, there are more pressing issues Men face,that effect both cut and uncut Men, like divorce rape, laws banning men from seeing their kids after divorce rape, feminism, feminization of young men, Anti Male propaganda, etc etc… The Anti circumcision belief is really a waste of time IMO, and since i’m a Cut guy claiming there is nothing wrong with it, it’s kinda hard to find argument against it when many of the Circumcised themselves are fine with being Circumcised.

        3. Sorry, you are wrong again. Aside from being a sex crime, a human rights violation and a horrific barbaric pedophiliac practice, ritual infant genital mutilation daily affects millions upon millions of Men. It’s at the origin of countless problems, big problems, and it is the expression of deep disrespect for Men. The whole establishment wants Men to turn a blind eye to the huge damage this practice is doing to Men (and make sure that they condemn FMG!) There is really a lot more to say about why this practice needs to be banned in the name of being whole Men and not subjugated robots. It’s a huge issue. The very fact that it’s being constantly swept under the carpet proves it. There is a hidden interest in keeping it because it’s instrumental to creating human robots who will more easily follow orders and be manipulated by those who are taking advantage of that. I don’t know if you are working for the establishment of if you are critical of it, but one thing I can tell you: swallowing the whole red pill implies being AGAINST ritual infant genital mutilation. I know it hurts if you have been cut because it’s a desperate situation, you could not do anything about it and you feel impotent now since a part of you has been forever lost. Well, that’s one of the results the elites have wanted to achieve all along thanks to RIGM, to make males impotent so they can make them do whatever they want. It’s shit. But you are still a Man, and you can become aware of the issue in the right way, and you can gather your strength and your courage, and you can understand the rage, and you can use it all that, and you can contribute to eradicating the practice, and therefore you will contribute to making a better future for the generation to come, to ending unnecessary suffering and unnecessary acts of revenge. Please go read the material linking circumcision to terrorism etc., you can find it at the links I posted earlier. READ WITH AN OPEN MIND, not accepting nor rejecting, let the information sit, let it sink in. It takes time to realize things that deep and that important, as it takes time to heal pre-verbal scars, and if you take good care they will heal and you will be a Man who is another light among other Men instead of a little mouse who will simply keep running on the treadmill because it’s been told to by those who want you to just shut up work buy things pay taxes and pray to go to a fantasy land ruled (again!) by some fantasy god after you die exhausted because you’ve lived your “good-robot life.” NO! NOT ANYMORE! You are a Man, reclaim your whole MANLY Power! Some of it they physically took from you and you could not do anything against that. Well, make sure from now on no one is going to take any power from you (or from othe Men) anymore in ANY form!

        4. You can believe what you want. Take Care of your children as you see fit, I’ll take care of my children as I see fit..

    2. Are you Jewish or Hebrew? Unless you plan to follow Jewish rites and rituals, there’s no reason to be snipped.
      Gentiles have no reason to snip unless they wish to follow all Jewish traditions.

        1. “Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing. For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law. Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith. For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.”
          That’s from Galatians chapter 5. Circumcision of a child unfortunately means they ‘should’ live their life according to Hebrew traditions outlined in Leviticus. Unless one wishes their child to follow the covenant of Abraham, there’s little point in having them circumcised.

        2. When reading the whole bible it becomes apparent that some of the Jews thought the only way to salvation was through circumcision, Galatians 5 clarifies that is not the case. However it doesn’t make the argument against Circumcision and it doesn’t say ” No more Circumcision”. As I’ve said in previous comments It’s interesting the uncircumcised are trying to tell me I’m a victim. BTW Jesus was Circumcised Luke 2:21

        3. You are suppose to adhere to all Jewish law because you are circumcised. That’s what your parents bound you to when you were circumcised. Jesus was Hebrew.
          The verses are saying, Christians need not be circumcised; the Lord only commanded those seeking salvation through the Jewish way be circumcised.
          There was confusion because it’s said the old way is not erased. Many took that as meaning that Jewish rituals had to be followed along with a belief in Jesus Christ.
          What he was saying is there is now two ways to salvation. The first is the old way, the Jewish way. That covenant stands forever.
          The second way is through Christ, which is much easier as one does not have to adhere to Jewish requirements.
          Two ways exist.

        4. You can believe what you want. Take Care of your children as you see fit, I’ll take care of my children as I see fit.

      1. Very good point. Interestingly enough, that’s true even for Islam. Circumcision in Islam (a practice that’s been adopted from Judaism) is not mandatory in order to “be a Muslim,” contrary to Judaism, which makes it mandatory in order to be a “Jew,” although now you can find some “reform Jews” who try to retain their “Jewishness” AND their foreskin.

  29. In Europe it’s the other way round: girls think circumcised penises look like stupid, ugly mushrooms.
    Btw, what are these supposed “benefits” of mutilating your dingdong?

      1. Maybe another bot presenting the usual stupid mith of “cleanliness through circumcision” which everyone knows has been debunked long ago.

        1. Medical establishment propaganda of urban legends do not make good arguments for the independend thinking King.
          REALITY CHECK: medical advice promoted infection in uncircumcised males. A shocking number of doctors are uneducated about the normal development of the foreskin, and they (incorrectly) tell parents that they have to retract the baby’s foreskin and wash inside it at every diaper change. Doing this tears the foreskin and the tissue (called synechia) that connects it to the head of the penis, leading to scarring and infection.
          Misinformation was especially prevalent during the 1950s and 60s, when most babies were circumcised and people didn’t know as much about the care of the intact penis. Doing this to a baby boy would be like trying to clean the inside of a baby girl’s vagina with Q-tips at every diaper change. Rather than preventing problems, such practices would cause problems by introducing harmful bacteria. Remember that humans evolved from animals, so no body part that required special care would survive evolutionary pressures. The human genitals are wonderfully self-cleaning and require no special care.
          Ritual infant genital mutilation is simply a barbaric practice that needs to be eradicated.
          Chill down dude, and wake up.
          More here:

        2. An older male still has to be aware that smegma collects in the foreskin.
          He has to clean it. A build-up of smegma attracts bacteria and yeast.
          At the very least, it’ll make their junk smell funny if they don’t wash correctly. The body is not so self cleaning that it prevents the buildup of smegma in adults.
          (Smegma is easily cleaned. It’s no excuse to be snipping foreskins.)

        3. I’m sure you can lower your risk of skin cancer by cutting off all your skin as well. What an absurd thing to say!

      2. The foreskin has to be cleaned properly or there will be a higher chance of yeast infections and UTI.
        It’s no different then if a girl were to not clean around the labia major and minor; yet, we don’t cut off women’s extra skin because it’s an extra step in cleaning.
        In most countries, parents wash their children’s uncircumcised penis correctly and males are taught to thoroughly clean their junk just like females are taught.
        As far as less cancer… There’s just less there to become cancer. It’s no different then Depo-Provera preventing cancer because Depo-Provera destroys the endometrial lining. You cannot get endometrial cancer if it doesn’t exist. You cannot get cancer on your foreskin if it doesn’t exist.
        The cleanliness thing is true but with that logic then women should get snipped too.
        (I’ll add this into this post: adult males get smegma buildup if they don’t clean the foreskin. In females, smegma collects in the clitorial hood and labia. In males, smegma collects in the underside of the foreskin. Smegma can cause overpopulation of yeast and bacteria if smegma is left unchecked. However, once again, if we are snipping foreskins to protect from the horrors of smegma… It makes little sense not to remove lady parts for the same reason.)

      3. Nah don’t buy into that bullshit. The only thing you have to do is to retract your foreskin a bit when under the shower and its perfectly clean. Takes 5 seconds a day.

    1. Sorry, it’s a very big unnecessary deal. More than you can think of. See my post about circumcision and violence if you care and dare to know why.
      It’s also a human rights violation and a sex crime.

  30. Penn and Teller had a GREAT Bullshit episode on this. I lement not having 20,000 more nerve endings. I lament not having my body the way nature intended it.
    I even talked to my bi-but-mostly-gay neighbor who too was circumcised. he said intact ducks were just better.
    Spoiler for th Penn and Teller Bullshit Episode, circumcised vs uncircumcised was like having sex with a broom stick vs a well oiled piston.

    1. Yes, I remember that episode by Penn and Teller. It was well made. Unfortunately it was hurting the sensitivities of a lot of people at that time (now they would say “lots of people got ‘triggered’ by it,” so it kind of got swept under the carpet and dismissed as ‘unimportant’ (same thing that is still happening even here). Some stuff. I don’t think it’s even available anymore.
      After some digging around I came up with a link that works.
      You might want to see it (eventually again).
      Warning: graphic content with real circumcision surgery footage and other stuff that could cause bad episodes of ‘triggering.’

  31. I believe in the far past (Like, Old Testament times, etc) circumcision was helpful to stop diseases that could have potentially infected guys and their dicks (I mean it’s not like they had soap, or most of the time even a large source of clean water to bathe in).
    Somewhere along the line, morons hijacked the procedure as a way to stop kids from jerkin’ it. I still don’t get that. If slappin’ your salami had so many negative effects, what did they think was going to happen when it was cumming inside their wife’s pussy? Isn’t the exact same fluids and shit being expended in both activities?
    And why are guys so damn hung (lol) on women’s opinions about your foreskin? You, apparently don’t care that most women have had a longer and thicker dick than yours (unless you’re huge), but you still soldier along and fuck whatever women will let you, while everyone pretends that she’s not judging your size.
    SInce that seems to not be a problem, why is a piece of skin (and whether it’s missing or not) such a HUUUUGE deal then?

    1. Aw, c’mon. Do you think for 2,5 million years men were “diseased” and could not procreate because they had “infected dicks” and so it was “making sense” that someone should have given the injunction to rip the foreskin off “in order to keep clean?” It’s not even the reason given in the Bible! Please, use your brain and not the stupid arguments that have been fed to you since you were born. Humans on earth survived more than 2,5 million years without a bar of soap! The issue is not “a piece of skin,” or the “women’s opinions about your foreskin”, duh. It’s the consequence of removing it that is interesting. Someone found out that by doing that it was easier to create nice little human robots that would be eager to follow any absurd command some “higher authority” was going to give them. And the result you can see it every day. Ritual infant genital mutilation damages not only males, it damages everybody. And it’s a human rights violation and a sex crime. A barbaric paedophiliac sadistic practice that needs to be eradicated. And it’s about time that Men stand up for that primary right, the right to be kept whole from birth!

      1. Why is this so important to you? I don’t mind you being passionate, but tone down the SJW projection “you’re a victim and your body cries out for justice stuff” because it’s insulting.

        1. You just have not read well. Read again and maybe you will understand. There is no insult, it’s the contrary. You have to face a situation and accept it before you can change it. That’s not insulting. That’s intelligence and empowerment, and that intelligence and that empowerment is what is being transmitted here. Just read well, and you will understand. Besides, if you really so easily feel insulted from my simple words maybe it’s time to just leave, this is not a “safe space” for delicate flowers like you maybe.

      2. And who said I was arguing anything of that? And you have no idea the differences between our modern civilization with “soap” and a shower literally available to you in the next room, while some of these ancient nomadic civilizations had to survive months without a proper bathing.
        Sure humanity “survived” but the process wasn’t pretty. Times where it was normal to have 8 pregnancies, and 4-5 of the babies die of some disease.
        Times when it was “normal” to live with maladies (like fungal infections) for your entire life.

    2. The circumcision in the Old Testament is nothing more then esoteric in meaning; it is an act that binds a person to the covenant of Abraham.
      Masturbation in the Bible is a sin because masturbation cannot potentially result in conception. Homosexual procreation, sodomy with a women, masturbation… None can result in a pregnancy so it is sinful, it goes against the purpose of sex.
      One may mention that women are not included in the rules regarding masturbation, but that was because female masturbation does not ‘spill seed’.
      The rule still applies to women in that their periods are unclean. The period is a sin, it is a sign that an egg has went to waste, the same as spilling of seed during masturbation. Women were to lock themselves away and make a sacrifice just as if a male had masturbated or had a nocturnal emission.
      If an egg or sperm go to waste, it’s a sin. Life was not born.
      All I’m saying is removing foreskins and masturbation being a sin didn’t have anything to do with each other in biblical times or really any time before the more modern era.

      1. Spilling seed is completely irrelevant for a man. It’s not like we ever “run out” of seed. I mean, perhaps if you are jerking it like 50 times a day or something. But then I’m pretty sure the next day you would have more. Women, on the other hand, have a limited number of eggs, and I can understand the restriction re: women on their periods.

      2. I don’t think there’s anything about masturbation in the Bible other than “If you spill your seed you shall be unclean until nightfall” or something like that.
        The passage about Onan spilling his seed had nothing to do with jerking it. It had to do with him not wanting to bear his sister-in-law (who’s husband, the guy’s brother) a child (Back then by law, if someone’s brother died, you had to impregnate his wife if they didn’t have any children. His refusal to do that was what was the sin in that instance.
        The other stuff is easily explainable as “yucky bodily fluids need to be kept away from other people”. Hence if a woman was menstruating she had to be kept apart so those yucky fluids would not contact anyone else. Same for the guy who just beat one out. Those yucky seminal fluids had to be kept away from others.
        There are passages that talk about oral sex in the Bible, both for man and woman, and it’s not considered a sin as long as the couple is married.
        Foreskins had nothing to do with sexuality. It was a ritual to keep your junk clean. Adults that converted to Judaism were expected to have the skin sliced off just like Jewish adult males.
        Female circumcision does not exist in the Bible. Muslim fucks invented that shit to control women’s sexuality. So they get to marry a “virgin” that can never enjoy sex with the man, because it hurts too much and other shit. Talk about completely going in the other direction as the Western world.

    3. Those who have taken the “no fap” challenge do know that chocking the chicken does have negative effects. I know guys who are cut and not cut. Neither seems to report anything different when it comes to sex. But maybe there is a difference. The only thing I know for sure is that if you were to give parent’s the same power to circumcise women to prevent them from become western sluts there would be a nationwide outrage.

      1. I’ve looked into the differences before when I was more curious about it. Apparently women report that uncut guys don’t jackhammer as much. I believe that, because I’m uncut, and jackhammering makes me cum too fast. I’ve been too chicken to ask any women (they’re so stupid, you’re supposed to pretend that while in a relationship, your only experiences are with each other), so they don’t take kindly to being asked about previous men (apparently that would make them sluts, ha!) .
        As for the no-fap. I know that a lot of neuro-chemicals are involved in that high you get from busting a nut, not to mention all the nutrients that are ejected in your jizz. That’s certainly bound to have an effect on your well being, particularly if you eat like shit. But then what would be the difference in no-fap but busting inside a pussy regularly? Same neuro-chemical drain, but at least you enjoy it more. True no-fap would mean no orgasm. That’s tough.

  32. At this point I am going to say it again in a short form:
    Ritual male infant genital mutilation (Circumcision) is a sadistic barbaric pedophiliac practice, a sex crime and a human rights violation that needs to be banned and made illegal all over the world if we want to live in a world where peace prevails and if we want to achieve a higher degree of human evolution.
    The whole “Male Tree” will be healed if we heal its root hidden below the surface and covered by layers of clothing. Conversely, if we only take care of what’s visible and superficial, our results will be limited both in extension and in time, and sooner or later the whole forest is going to die and rot. It is already well in its way to that end. Maybe it’s too late already. Nonethless, let’s do all we can and with our intact wholeness ad Men.

    1. Sounds like a good point to bring up to SJWs when they start spouting their “equality” shit. So, would you call for a worldwide ban on circumcision for all?

  33. If circumcision ‘cuts back’ on one’s masturbation – thank God – else, I’d have done nothing but masturbate for 20 years. Every chance I got was more than enough sans-foreskin.
    I wonder…is there a minority race that would benefit by covertly pushing circumcision on an historically antagonistic race – the wealthiest, most powerful, just, dynamic, beautiful, and creative race on Earth – in order to blend in with and enjoy its unparalleled civilization while covertly conducting genocide against their hosts (as the latter is the only force that has consistently recognized and thwarted their will to enslave humanity)?
    Above thought scenario is a great premise for a multi-volume, millenia-spanning thriller of a novel. Working title: ‘World History’…or some such.

    1. Of course, masturbation will happen with or without foreskin. Kellogg’s “masturbatory insanity” prevention mesure was just a projection of his own insanity…
      The thought scenario you are writing about is something each and everyone ought to find out by oneself by doing research. It cerainly seems to explain quite a bit of what’s been happening since the so-called “human civilizations” have appeared on Earth. Historically maybe we can trace the origins of such evenments at around the 4th millenium BC., but personally I think they started well before that and they were not limited to the Mesopotemic regions. It rather was a global phenomenon which had been put in place and tried out on various humanoid groups, with the probable aim to see who could be more apt at becoming obedient slaves, something that seems to continue to this day (with the difference that now we also can count the “useful idiots” as being part of the general slaves’ population).

  34. I am snipped and don’t give a damn. It’s cleaner and looks better. Glad I am actually. seems the only people who care are uncircumcised men who feel some great evil has been done against those who are.
    Can we stop talking about this?
    Choose for your own kids. Problem solved. No one spends their life wishing they had a tiny flap of skin left on their cock. There are bigger issues at hand

    1. Should the law be changed to allow parents to snip their female children?
      At age 18, I can have a circumcision, the procedure is safe when performed by a medical professional just like male circumcision. However, were my parents to seek a circumcision from a medical professional for me as an infant, it would be declared an evil travesty and is certainly illegal. At 18, a woman can seek the procedure, a doctor can do the surgery with her express consent.
      A parent can seek circumcision from a medical professional for their infant male child and it is perfectly legal if not expected. It can be done without the person to be circumcised’s consent.
      Does that not seem a little messed up?

    2. No, we cannot stop talking about this until the barbaric useless stupid sadistic pedophiliac violation of human rights that is ritual genital infant mutilation is still being practiced. Period.

      1. Anothe docile robot. Maybe you can still discover the real power they tried to take away from you and want you to constantly give up by feeding you stupid one-liners to mindlessly repeat like the one you just used, which does nothing except showing how little self-respect you have been led to look at yourself with.

  35. Ethically, just like slavery, forced male and female genital mutilation are the same – a Human Rights violation and a Crime Against Humanity.
    The criminal medical profiteering perverts who assault babies belong in prison – their victims are emotionally and physically scarred and sexually sub-normal for life.(even though many suffer Defensive Denial Syndrome and won’t admit they are damaged)
    Circumcision is sick barbaric shit and it takes a strong man to break the chain of child abuse.

    1. There’s more to the slavery aspect than what is disclosed. Anyone who breeds dogs, horses, cattle or barnyard animals knows that the more genetalia you remove, the more broken and tame that animal becomes. You can take a raging tiger and depending on how much genetalia you clip or cut off, you can make that tiger so peaceful and tame that it will curl up in your lap like a kitty cat.
      That’s what it’s really about, TAMING MEN, and preventing them at birth from becoming autonomous and warlike. A circumcised man doesn’t become sexually self determinant but he can take orders and perform a violent hatchet job though without empathy. That is just what the state desires, but he cannot be driven by solely the biological drive to propogate his bloodline and to revolt autonomously against his captor state or institutions. Since he is not sexually autonomous, he is driven by his first boss, his woman who makes the booty call. Even chopped jews must go through customs with their princesses before they enter the gates and by then they’ve lost focus of the initial purpose to propogate bloodline. The jewish man will swim in whores on the side and still be challenged at controlling a single one of them. Still domestically with the jewish man, the excessive and obtuse negotiating for access to holes becomes custom and you rarely see a domestic jewish servant or slave woman, always a princess.
      Women who want more control over men will say ‘good, that’s what we need’. Governments and ruling elites who want control over surface rights and cooperative access to resources of a territory also say ‘good’. The powers need cooperation of the native inhabitants. The inhabitants must be tempered and made docile, thus the blanket circumcision across the entire continent of Africa, especially in heavily mined tropical areas and the southern region.

      1. May your words be heard and acted upon worldwide, and the TAMING of MEN will hopefully stop before it’s too late. Meanwhile, the mock death ritual trough genital dismemberment keeps getting performed in so-called civilized Countries too. As you so well say it, there are reasons why. And they know the ritual itself has to be kept under control as well. The connection of circumcision induced homicidal and suicidal rages is known, and it may be a reason the USA and U.S. Military personnel are highly susceptible to PTSD and suicide. If we fail to recognize the problem, we will express circumcision related violent behavior on a wider scale in order to return the sacrifice… Just as it is happening now in other places. And if the collective psychosis becomes strong enough, we will take with us the entire human race, which seems to be the direction we are heading to anyway.

  36. I remember, as a young boy, asking my mom why I was circumcised, and the explanation she gave me was that almost every boy my age had had the procedure done on them and that I would have been made fun of in the locker room for having an intact penis. There probably are some real health benefits to circumcision (like lower odds of conducting HIV), but it seems that too many parents have had their sons go through with it simply to fit in with the crowd.

    1. Parents can be ignorant and act out of that ignorance. It’s shit but it happened and the past is past, blame and regret are now useless. The most important thing now is to act to break the chain of ignorance and to protect the integrity of our male children. There are no benefits at all to ritual genital infant mutilation, none, only problems, ill effects and drawbacks. The practice needs to be banned, and every Man can contribute to making sure it will be by first and foremost refusing to let his child to be circumcised unless there are real and compelling medical reason for it (which is almost never the case).

      1. I would argue that blame is not useless. If my mother had had me mutilated on top of all the other shit she did to me, I would possibly have cut her the fuck back.
        Forgiving parents for being idiots is not on, and not good mentally to do either. Confront and demand a proper apology and if they refuse, shun them forever.

        1. What happened happened. Thre is no need to dwell on it, apology or no apology, we move on as Men do. Life is tough sometimes. We take that too, and we move on. Our shoulders are much stronger than what we have been led to believe they are. Let’s discovert it.

  37. Among women, uncircumcised penises get something of a bad rap, being described as unattractive and undesirable.

    No they don’t.

    1. I don’t know about US, no one in Europe except jews do it. In fact a girl is much more likely to be weirded out by a circumsized cock than otherwise.

  38. I was circumcised at 21 because I couldnt take the skin completely down in erection. The ring was too small and unable to stretch so yeah, medical reasons and doctors left half of skin to not rip me off from sensation. I feel great 😉 ofc I agree its bad if they do it to you without your consent.

  39. Consent. What about consent. And someone needs to prune the bot postings here.

    1. Consent only matters if it is a woman who drank too much and regrets decisions she made under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. When it comes to men no one gives half a rat’s a$$ about what happens to you. Could you imagine the uproar that would happen if parent’s could also choose to circumcise their female infants?

  40. Circumcision is an unnatural act perpetuated by a twisted and perverted religion. I will never forgive my parents for buying into that despicable BS. There is no justification for it. It is brutality and an affront to nature.

  41. If you want an example of the barbarism that is circumcision just look up the Jewish practice (not his is not an anti-Jew thing just a historical example of the practice). Not only is it performed by a non-medical professional the more orthodox versions of the ritual require the rabbi to suck the blood from an infant’s penis. How that is not child abuses I don’t know.

    1. It can be done, though it isn’t easy or quick – or complete. Several methods have been developed, the most popular involving stretching the skin that is left. Protective coverage can be restored (greatly enhancing sexual sensation as the glans recovers its original sensitivity), but the amputated nervous tissue (more sensitive than the tips of the fingers), which is unique to the foreskin, cannot. A search for “foreskin restoration” will find resources, the first (and best) being the National Organization of Restoring Men. Good luck if you give it a try.

      1. Thanks Philalethes, think I will wait on that as there has been enough cutting there… at least until they can regrow the original using stem cells.

        1. No cutting involved, only gentle stretching (actually “stimulated growth by tension”), which if properly done causes neither pain nor damage. The downside is it can take up to several years, and consistent application, to complete. There are surgical methods, but such are not recommended by the knowledgeable. Check out the link above. “Although we all want instant foreskins, it is just not possible.” As with many things in life, if it is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to do it right. See also here for more information.

  42. The Intactivism Pages
    Comprehensive information
    Circumstitions (Reasons Given for Circumcising a Male)
    Chronology of Circumcision
    History of Circumcision
    What is lost due to circumcision?
    (And what can be restored)
    In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child
    National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
    Interview with NOCIRC founder Marilyn Milos
    I will go to my grave hearing the screams of that tormented baby in my ears. As I watched in disbelief, I began to cry. The doctor looked up at me and said, “There is no medical reason for doing this.”
    Top 10 Ways Circumcised Sex Harms Women
    A woman’s sexual pleasure is dramatically decreased during intercourse when the man’s penis has been surgically altered by circumcision. (Note: book written by woman.)
    National Organization of Restoring Men
    Partial restoration is possible (many have done so)

  43. One thing I wish this article touched on is this: Sometimes circumcision is a medical necessity, like in cases of severe phimosis. (Just google it for some horror pics). But I suppose it goes without saying.. I mean, lopping off a leg or arm might also be a medical necessity, but don’t mean we should go around doing it to every man.

  44. To further broaden the understanding of History when we read it in the light of the culture-bound syndrome involving local patterns of aberrant behavior that is circumcision, I propose to all interested readers to go back to the 2012 news when in Cologne (Germany) the regional appellate court ruled that religious circumcision of male children amounts to bodily injury, and is a criminal offense in the area under its jurisdiction. That decision was followed by a huge upheaval with amazing and sudden worldwide ramifications… Jewish AND Muslim groups were outraged by the ruling, viewing it as trampling on freedom of religion AND as a human rights violation (!) and and and… you can imagine (actually, go find out). Finally, on 12 December 2012, under huge pressure by big names advocating the inalienable right to ritually mutilate male infants the Bundestag put in the Civil Code that it was permitted to perform non-therapeutic circumcision “under certain conditions.” Following approval by the Bundesrat and signing by the Bundespräsident, the new law became effective on 28 December 2012.
    It’s up to you to do the research and connect the dots while following the present situation in Germany…
    Ain’t History amazing?
    Thing is, it seems that everyone is more and more affected by Alzheimer… people forget too easily and too readily… one can only wonder why so much!
    This “humanity” is definitely doomed. Just sayin’…

    1. Sad, that many don’t understand what circumcision really is and how it explains this society with men being systematically indoctrinated:
      – Circumcision is rape: sexual oppression as being normal, while females are defined as the victims(and this is with everything else too, not just sex but everything, and historically). Emasculation of men(castration by the state).
      – Monogamy is castration too, as it hides our (totally) polygynous nature, but men would not believe this nowadays. That effective is indoctrination.
      – No-polygyny is correlated with no-status. No-status means males have no dominance, like omegas. Monogamy is required to give power to the state, it allows “anyone” to marry while the state rules like an alpha(and a pimp), and so men are not allowed to compete through merit, but through the rules of this artificial system. A worker.
      – Marriage / divorce, alimony, etc, are other types of castration
      – Homosexuality as being normal, is castration too
      – Single mothers raising boys. The state against fathers. Castration
      – Making females orgasm as a way to validate how macho you are, is the most pathetic thing that most males have been indoctrinated to believe as masculinity, when in fact it turns the male into a female, the penis as a vagina(circumcision = ok). And men think they are being like an “alpha”, when in fact it is the opposite. The clitoris is a vestigial underdeveloped penis, and vaginas did not evolve to have men making them orgasm but to have a man orgasm inside of her, but our culture worries so much about females being like men, that men being masculine is wrong and so it has been redefined(thus homosexuality, etc.).
      – Equality is about forcing the male to be as close as possible to a female, therefore circumcision being ok, meek creatures with low testosterone to inhibit their status seeking nature, censuring science, provoking in them guilt about females oppression myths, all are different types of castration
      – Courtship, chasing, seducing, romance, love, acting like a fool, learning how to impress females, etc, are also types of castration(female mating)
      – Prostitution and its many variations, to extract money from men. It is like using sucking machines on males to extract money out of their penises.
      – Sperm banks: men being treated as animals(cows)
      – etc.
      And you will see the reaction of men to all this, denial/defensive.
      Our society would not be like this without “male-denial”, and it is present everywhere even in forums like this. They fear to realize how emasculated they really are while they try to emulate a false masculinity. It would hurt their egos. Denial explains the decadence of society, and why men did not react historically. Because you have to ask yourself, how did men let all this happen otherwise ? Well, circumcision show us how it is possible to rape them, emasculate them, kill them, and steal everything from men.

      1. Thank you very much for enumerating those points.
        Please make sure if possible that you keep your voice loud and clear as much as you can and everywhere you can.
        Hopefully someone with eyes still at their right place and ears still sound will get it.
        It’s one of those last dreams/hopes still there which regularly and daily get wiped out…

  45. For a very interesting accurate in-depth analysis of the castration complex induced by circumcision further expanding the excellent observations presented by Homine (see below), let me remind the readers to visit the following link:

  46. everytime I read about this topic I see blood. It infuriates me to no end. It is satanic ritualistic sexual abuse and rape of children in broad daylight with the full force and support of governments and society. it is the very definition and proof of concept of “yes people really are that fucking stupid”.
    it is also the total and complete real life version of the short story “in the country of the blind” wherein a sighted man is nearly all but convinced he is the crazy one because he can see but no one else has eyes and so are all blind. in fact depending what version of that story you read he either goes through with the surgery to have his eyes removed by blind doctors for a woman no less!!! or flees at the last minute. It is also Platos allegory of the cave as well because if you see the light on this topic you will be mocked to no end. and mocked is a mild way of putting it.
    if you do this to your newborn son….you deserve a painful death. as for the bible….no this is not the “circumcision” of Abraham….it is illogical to assume that that same God that proclaims He made us in his image and that are bodies are temples not to be defiled would pull a “oopsie sorry guys foreskin was a mistake” so the only God you Jews and Christians circumcise for is Satan.
    this is a good book of 50+ men and their testimonies against this act.
    I am one of the proud 50 men in this book….anyone that can read it and feel nothing is a heartless demon. you are not human.

  47. someone once said this:
    “Circumcision is the greatest medical fraud ever perpetrated on the population of the United States ”
    this right describes it perfectly…DO NOT BE FOOLED FOLKS

  48. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m circumcised from Christian tradition. I pay my bills on time and I can hold a job. If I ever have boys they’ll be circumcised at birth too because I’m their father and I can decide that for them.

    1. What about all those baby boys losing their entire penis due to circumcisions going wrong?

        1. Source? And also, what does Tylenol (that has a warning label on it) that has use, to do with an unnecessary operation? Argument fail much?

        2. I would consider life without a penis a worse fate than death. Also, once again, what does Tylenol deaths have to do with unnecessary surgery? (As in the cases of those 118 boys every year that lose their penis due to circumcisions done in hospitals).

    2. Another tame castrated robot ready to propagate more tame castrated robots, also called useful idiots.
      Folks, the words from “clockworkelves” are the exact expression of the main purpose for which circumcision has been imposed on humans. Hopefully they were meant to be sarcastic.

  49. Circumcision isn’t ethical because the baby isn’t able to give consent. Feminists will babble on and on about how female genital mutilation occurs (which is nothing compared to the percentage of men circumcised) and don’t even mention male genital mutilation. Circumcision is equivalent to cutting the hood off the clitoris, which would damage sensitivity drastically and would be called immoral and sexist. With the amount of bullshit about women’s rights in the news, you think you would see one damn article on a mainstream news site that affects the mutilation of 30% of the male population’s genitals, huh? Fucking double standards.

  50. Got circumcised at 23 years of age and from my own personal experience it is best being “cut”.

  51. Disappointed to see this article. I thought the foreskin fetishism was confined mostly to the MRA nuts. Circumcision is not a big deal one way or the other. MRAs seem to focus on it just so they can say “US TOO” when feminists complain about female circumcision. It is a patriarchal tradition and not something that can be blamed on feminism. And it’s not just a Jewish thing, lots of tribes have practiced it throughout the world to distinguish themselves from neighbors. The overly emotional whining about this practice as child abuse is feminine. Many of the people obsessed with this issue seem to be a) gays into ‘docking’ b) Fedora atheists who wrongly believe modern circumcision in the US is primarily religious (it became popular because of the supposed health benefits touted by doctors, and is unnecessary according to Christian doctrine) c) 14/88ers who blame it on the Jews.
    Any health or sanitary benefits from circumcision are debatable at best. But the harm of it is greatly exaggerated by “intactivists”. Circumcised men still enjoy sex, and besides, focusing on the possible loss of some sexual sensitivity, with all the serious issues that men face, is remarkably shallow. Ultimately giving the state more power to prosecute men for following a patriarchal tradition is not in our interest. If I had a son, I would not circumcise. Your own son is your own business.

  52. Hell yes the baby is traumatized. Even if the man can’t remember the procedure, the pain and stress of the whole thing is stored as psychological trauma that affects him his whole life. My parents told me that the government, at that time, made it a thing to do. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But it was part of being in a “christian” country. Sort of like when they made everyone write right-handed. Supposedly it was to promote well-adjustedness, but in reality it was because of the war effort and needing right-handed soldiers. Who know? . . . Foreskins against Godless Nazi’s and Japs!

  53. My guess is that it’s obsolete. If I ever have a son, I don’t think I’d want to have that done to him.

  54. I’m non-American and was circumcised myself as an adult for medical reasons some 11 years ago. I hadn’t given it too much thought until recently, when I began to seriously wonder at how insensitive my glands are.
    I have only vague memories of what it was like pre-op, but they are sufficient to remind me of how decreased my sensitivity is.
    I’m terrified at the prospect of erectile difficulties in later life, and psychological issues like depression.
    I eagerly await the medical advances being hinted at through the media that suggest labs will be able to regrow a foreskin.

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